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Republican County Ticket.
For Slier ill'.
For Prothonotary.
For Register ami Recorder.
For Treasurer.
For Clerk of Courts.
For County Commissioner.
For County Auditor.
For Coroner.
The Republican State Convention to
be held today at Harrisburg, will prob
ably be a tame affair.
Senator Penrose is slated for tempo
rary Chairman and is to make a strong
administration speech. He took the
draft of, the '-Platform'' from Philadel
phia to Harrisburg, Monday, and it was
put in final shape. Generally speaking,
it indorses the administration ot Presi
dent McKinley for its record on finances,
the tariff, and its conduct of the war
with Spain and with the Filipinos.
The Pennsylvania soldiers are commend
ed for their services in Cuba. Porto Rico
and the Philippines. The State admin
istration is indorsed, with a declaration
for economy in all departments of the
State government. The Dingley tariff
bill will be indorsed as the main factor
in the country's present prosperty, and
the money plank will, it is said, de
clare for gold as the only satis
factory basis for the Nation's finances in
the interest of labor and business. Col.
Quay will be indorsed as the Republican
party's choice for United States Senator,
but it is said that there will be no con
demnation of those Senators and Repre
sentatiyes who refused to support him in
the last legislature, the desire being, as
one who is engaged in framing the plat
form says, to "say nothing that will be
offensive to anyone." There will prob
ably be -a plank declaring for prompt
payment of the school appropriation.
The ticket selected by Quay i. e. J. Hay
Brown of Lancaster for Supreme Judge;
J, R. Adams of Philadelphia for Super
ior Judge and Lt. Col. Barnetc of Wash
ington Co. for State Treasurer, will prob
ably be nominated without opposition;
Frank Reeder is said to be slated for
State Chairman.
A dispatch from Ilnrrisburg dated
last Friday, said that Goyemor Stone
has fallen into line for the machine slate
and he is doing his best to have it ratifi
ed by the State convention. He has
finally endorsed ex-Senator Quay 's selec
tion of J. Hay Brown for Supreme Court
under protest. The Governor would
have preferred either Superior Court
Judge Porter, of Pittsburg, or Judge
Archibald to the Lancaster lawyer. His
first choice was Judge Porter, and when
he saw there was no chance for him he
threw his support to the Scranton aspir
ant. But neither Porter nor Archibald
has a ghost of a show and there was
nothing for the Executive to do but
turn in for Brown.
Thomas B. Reed sent the following
short notice to the Governor of Maine,
PORTLAND, Me., Aug. 21.
To the Governor of Maine, Augusta:
I hereby resign the position of mem
ber of Congress from tne First District
of Maine, to take effect on September 4.
Very truly yours,
Judge Wallace of New Castle was "in
the hands of his friends." He passed
I^jf j fllmw r I' IUU*. I"" ""'if
Judge. "I am still a candidate, and
will be in the contest for the nomina
tion unless the delegates from North
western Pennsylvania, who are giving
me their support, decide that my
name shall not come before the conven
tion. These delegates will caucus in
Harrisburg and their action will deter
mine whether or not lam to be voted
upon in the convention. My candidacy
is in their hands, and their jndgment is
supreme with me."
African Republic has refused the Eng
lish Secretary's demand for a court of
inquiry, an'' again it looks like war in
that country.
Itiots in Paris.
The Dreyfus trial, whicn is exposing
the rottenness of the Army Bureau; and
what of the they call the "Gueriu affair''
over there, are making trouble in
France. On Saturday last the "Jour
nal of the People" edited by Sebastian
Faure, published a manifesto denounc
ing the military party, the anti-Semites,
the monarchists and the priests, and
urged its supporters to meet force with
"Should Dreyfus be convicted," said
the manifesto, "it will be the triumph
of bandits. Should he be acquitted, the
military section will be open to rebel
The paper called on all anarchists to
demonstrate against the priests and the
Jesuits. Copies of the manifesto were
scattered broadcast, and the result was
that the anarchists flocked into the
streets singing the. "Carmagnole" and
crying "A has Rochefort!" "A bas Dm
mont!"and "Abas Guerin!"
On Sunday great numbers of people
assembled in the public squares and
then marched from church to chnrch
destroying the furniture and breaking
the windows. The police attempted to
stop it; there was fighting all day, and
some four hundred people were hurt.
Taken all in all the situation in
France just now is critical and unique.
Momentous events hang upon the out
come of the Dreyfus trial. Should
the prisoner be acquitted there
is danger of a military revolt, for those
who control the army are the bitterest
foes of the persecuted Jew Should he
be convicted the public opinion and nat
ional conscience of France would be so
outraged and wounded by the verdict
that a revolution would be almost in
evitable. On the one hand is Scylla on
the other Charybdis, and to steer the
ship of state safely between the two is a
difficult task.
Washington Notes.
An order has been issued directing
that 10 additional regiments of infantry
volunteers be organized for service in
the Philippines. The regiments will be
numbered from 38 to 47, and will be or
ganized at the following places in the
order named: Jefferson barracks. Mo.;
Fort Crook, Neb.; Fort Riley, Kansas;
Camp Meade, Pa.; Fort Niagara. N. Y.:
Fort Ethan Allen, Vt.; Fort Leaven
worth, Kan.; Fort Snelling. Minn.;
South Framingham. Mass. The Colo
nels and Lieut. Col's have been named,
and this will increase the Regular Army
to 93,000. _
One Forcible Opinion.
ED. CITIZEN: —In an article in the
CITIZEN of last week, written by J. 11.
Negley, asking for opinions as to the
proper time to hold our centennial cele
bration, or when is the county one hnn
dred years old?
The writer then says, "On March 12,
1800, the Act was passed creating But
ler county, or rather taking it from
Allegheny county, but that it remained
attached to the mother county for judi
cial purposes until 1808."
A simple comparison or illustration
will solve the difficulty: A child born
on March 12, 1800. but remaining with
the mother for nursing and care until
1803, then weaned; when would the
child lie one hundred years old? From
the time of birth or when it was wean
ed? On March 12, 1800 the umbilical
cord was severed uniting Butler to
Allegheny county and hence on March
12, 1900, is its centennial birth day.
A Few Words from the County
Iu a few more ilaya the schools of otir
county will again be in session. Anil
now before the school term logins I
wish to sav a few words to the direc
tors, teachers and pupils of our school*
in Butler county.
First, then, to the several directors let
me say that yon have lieen chosen by
your fellow citizens to look after the
public school system of our county. A
trust has been placed into your hands
that demands a vigilant care Great
responsibilities are resting upon you.
You no doubt have already hired your
teachers, secured the necessary books
and supplies for the year. Yet your
work as a director has only begun.
That teacher into whose care and keep
ing has been placed the school you es
pecially represent, needs your hearty
co-operation from the day she is hired
until the term's work has been finished.
The regnlar monthly visit to your
school is not enough. A few words of
encouragement, a show of your appre
ciation and some heartfelt sympathy,
will do very much towards helping your
teacher to teach her school well. Di
rector, your work is difficult; your
grievances are many: your pay is poor;
yet I assure you in reality, that your
office is one of the most important, and
honorable in onr county. Do your
work faithfully and the reward shall be
And here I might say to the fathers
and mothers, as patrons of our schools,
you, too, can help your director in pro
viding a good school for your children,
for the teacher very much needs your
sympathy, good will and help. Ite 11
you that the cares, and the trials, rest
ing down upon the school teachers of the
land can be carried successfully only
when the fathers and the mothers join
heart and hand with the teachers in
their work. Parents teach your child
ren whilst at home to respect and love
their teachers and their school as
they do their own parents andtheirown
This kind friends is what school lite
should be. and can be if we all work to
gether. Do not expect too much from
your teacher and remember that they
are but human and may make mistakes;
"for to err is only human, but to for
give is half divine."
To the teachers of our county let me
say, the work in which you are about
to engage is a noble one. What one
term of school is worth to a communi
ty, no man can tell.
The seeds you shall sow in the hearts
of your pupils will bloom and ripen in
this world, but will be garnered in eter
nity. We boast of our free school sys
tem. and well do we do so, for we be
lieve it to be the great corner stone of
our nation and the strong hope for its
future greatness. Teachers remember
your word. Be honest with it; be in
earnest in it; and ever have before you
the desire to teach not only the lessons
found in the text book, but to teach al
so the grand, everlasting principles of
honesty, truth, temperance, love for
God and love for home
Boys and girls you who are to be the
pupils of our schools this winter let me
remind you that the schools are for you
and you are for the schools. The day
is here when you must have a good
practical education if you wish to
take part in the world of usefulness
around you. For without an education
you can fill no useful station with the
rising generation of the "Keystone
State." Be in school every day this
term if possible, and always remember
that every day of school yon miss is like
the broken link in a chain —that part
you missed may sometime be found
Again, I ask pupils teachers, parents
and directors, let us one and all join
heart and hand in our school work here
in Butler county, and if it is possible,
let us put forth better, nobler efforts in
the work this year than we have done
in the past.
As Superintendent of Butler county
schools I promise to put forth my best
efforts in the work, and 1 do most earn
estly plead for the heart}' co-operation
and support of the people in this coun
ty during my entire term's work.
Yours very truly,
Doutlictt's Father will Settle.
D. B. Douthett, father of Marshall B.
Douthett the defaulting clerk of Wil
kinsbtirg borough, whose total deficit is
meiir Willi in<T FiriSßHrg Trust Com
pany for the payment of the £3,100
which his son secured some months ago
from the trust company on forged war
rants of Wilkinsburg borough. Mr.
Douthett has told those who were vic
timized that he will settle all losses sus
tained throngh the criminal action of
his son. He said last night he was anx
ious to get the matter settled up as
soon as possible, "so thai my son can re
turn and begin a new life.
Mr. Donthett stated that he had not
secured almost SI,OOO that had been de
posited to his son's credit with the Pitts
burg Trust Company for the reason that
no such sum had been dei>osited by his
son with the company. There is such a
sum in the hands of a well-known lmsi
ness man which will be used in liquidat
ing some of the defalcations.
The suit of the Butler County Nation
al bank, on which it obtained a judg
ment against D. B Donthett and son
for several hundred dollars, has been
satisfactorily settled. The indorsement
on the uote on which the money was
given, Mr. Donthett declared to be a
On last Monday Mr. Donthett and Dr.
H. S. McClymonds. his son-in-law,
bondsuten for young Donthett as Boro.
Clerk in the sum of $5,000, deposited
that amount in the First National bank
of Wilkinsbnrg to the l>orongh under
certain conditions. These were that
the two bondsmen should have permis
sion to make an exmauination of all
warrants and receipts. This demand
was granted by a resolution of council,
and the money was deposited in the
bank. Some of the members of council
afterwards wanted to collect the money
without allowing Mr. Donthett and l)r.
McClymonds to see the receipts and
warrants. The warrants have never
been examined by the two liondsmen.
and until they are the borough will not
receive the amount of the bond.
When asked last night if there hud
been any agreement made to pay the
forged warrants held by the banks. Mr.
Donthett said: "There has been no ar
rangement made yet, but if any ami
cable airangement can be reached there
is no donbt but what they will be lift
ed.—Saturday's Commercial Gazette.
Miss Callie Jennings returned from
Cambridge Springs, Wednesday.
Mr. Stevenson's daughter, Hattie, of
Pittsburg is visiting in Petrolia.
Mrs. McCormick of Emlenton it- visit
ing her sister. Mrs. Buch.
Mrs. Dave Burns is visitiug friends
in Petrolia
Mollie Givens expects to go to Toron
to this week to take care of her aunt,
who is sick.
George Kilcheustein of Pittsburg was
up over Sunday to visit his mother.
L. of L. will give an entertainment
Friday eyening. Good program pre
Excursion on Monday to Pittsburg.
Train leaves at 7:00.
Mrs. Jamison gave a garden party
THiesday evening for the benefit of the
U. P. chnrch.
Mrs. S. E. Brown is going to McKees
Rocks on business, Friday.
Eil. Miller is going to the Kittanning
Fair, an<l visit his father in the coun
try. ,
Misses Minnie Christy, Eva ('amp
bell, Ada Conlter, Aldine Brown, Ada
Markwell and Detmer Kuhn, A. L.
Brown and McClain Christy attended
the C. E. convention at Prospect.
Eliza Jane, wife of Wm. McCaaliu
formerly of this place died in the hospi
tal at Dixmont last week, and the re
mains were bronght here for interment
on Friday. Si LEX.
On Tuesday, M. Lahori was able to
be in the Court-room again, and put sev
eral of Dreyfus' enemies in a hole.
THE death list by the huricane in
Porto Rico now numbers S.SUO, and
may m»cb cooo.
Harmony ami Zelienople.
Wui. Kavenaugh of Zelienople was I
very sick recently but r.t present is
Prof .T. E. Kocher. princi]>al of the j
Zelienople schools was married on
Thursday evening, last week to Laura J
Sloan of New Brighton. We w.sh for
him and his bride a happy married life
The two daughters of H. J. Mitchell
of Pittsburg are visiting their aunt Mrs.
H. M Bentle at Harmony at present.
Miss IVarle Weigel of Harmony is
visiting friends in Pittsburg this week
Col. Wilson. Post 4W> (j. A K. of
Zelienople buried the remains of Kph
raim Erb. one of their members, at
Middle Lancaster on Thursday, Aug.
17th. A vtrj large number of people
were at the funeral.
Misses Carrie Blake anil Jessie Mc-
Kinney who have been visiting relatives
in Butler county for tome time left for
their homes in Racine, W is. last 1 hurs
day on the Chicago train, boarding the
train at Harmony.
Rev and Mrs. John Sill Blaney of the
Hayesville and Glenfield Presbyterian
churches were the guests of the D. 1
Boifgs family for two weeks. Last
Sunday Rev. Blaney occupied the pulpit
of the Presbyterian church at Zelienople
for Rev. P. J. Slonaker.
Fred PeiTer and family of Elwood and
Wesley Peffer of Zelienople were the
guests'of their father and mother. Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Peffer in Lancaster twp
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. .1 S. Huff of New
Brighton were the guegts of r red
Weigle and family at Harmony on
Friday night.
Mrs. Rev. W. H. Rodenbangh <>f
Avalon is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Rodenbangh at Harmon} this
Mrs. Clara Weigel, net- Hunter wife
of Wesley Weigel died in the hospital at
Spokane, Wash on Friday Aug. l M th.
She WHS sorely afflicted for over one
vear. The husband and three children
survive her in that far off land. The
remains were laid to rest on Satnruay.
It isthousht Mr. Weigel and the child
ren will retnrn to Harmony where he
formerly lived and where his relatives
On Thursday Aug. l<th Bastian :
Swope another of Harmony s octogen- J
arians died.
He was born in Germany and uvea to |
be S- vein's old. His wife aged 84 years |
and one son Miehael of Pittsbnrg, and
two daughters. Mrs. Henry Leise and I
Mrs. George Klinefelter both of Har |
niony survive him. He has been blind j
for 15 years and nearly deaf. The
children all were devoted to their aged
father and mother. Formerly they
were connected with the catholic laith.
but lately Protestant pastors ministered
to their spiritual welfare.
Rev. J A. Lenzinger of the Grace
Reformed church of Harmony preached
the funeral sermon on Saturday after
which the remains were interred in the
Zelienople cemetery.
A very welcome but exceedingly
heavy rain fell at Harmony on Monday
Miss Lizzie Jones. Miss Rosa Zink of
the South Side Pittsbnrg and Miss
Amelia Hegert of Allegheny are the
guests of A 1 Silter and family at Har
mony this week.
Miss Edith Newton and Prof J. C.
Dight of Zelienople and Rev. J. A.
Lenzinger of Harmony appeared at the
county C. E. convention at Prospect last
On Friday one load from Zelienople
and one load from H*rinonv beside
other C. E. workers drove to Prospect
and returned after the evening session.
Sarvcrs Station.
Died, at her mother's home, Mrs.
Pearson, Saturday, the l'Jth inst, aged
about 35 years. Mrs. Pearson was the
daughter of Mrs. Tbos. Fleming.
Sarver Station Academj begins the
fall term, 18 weeks, if the way be clear,
Sept. 19th. Principal, Gardner C. Low
ry. A. B
Preaching services in Buffalo church,
next Sunday at 11:00 o'clock: V P
fe er *.s visjten -«i-»
Simon's father, John Cruikshanks, last
The children are being vaccinated to
comply with the school laws.
Milford Davis has gone to the city to
a situation in Brown's Iron Mill.
German will be taught in the Acade
Dr. and Mrs. McCafferty of Freeport
visited at the parsonage, last week.
Wm. Meals of Worthington passed
through here, Monday, on his way to
visit his Butler county friends.
The young ladies of the Buft'al o church
are to be congratulated on their social.
Tlic Tentli.
The regiment was paid off and mus
tered out of service at Camp Presidio,
San Francisco. Tuesday afternoon, and
that evening the special trains contain
ing all the regiment excepting the three
sick men, left San Francisco for the
East. The boys are to ride, day and
night without stopping for any length
of time until New Brighton is reached,
Mondpy morning, where they are to
take breakfast, and then go on to Pitts
burg, where a great reception has been
arranged for them. They are to dis
embark in Allegheny, and inarch to
Schenley Park.
On Tuesday a contract was given to
a South Side man to serve a 1000 dinners
in Schenly Park for members of the 10th.
BAKER —At Canon City. Colo.. Aug.
18, 189!), Wm. Baker, aged about 20
McDIVITT- At her home in Centre
twp. Aug. 17, 1899. Mrs. John Mc-
Divitt, nee McAually, aged about 55
HORNER At Avonmore, Allegheny
county, Aug. 15, 1899, Adam Horner,
aged 60 years.
The funeral took place, Sunday, at
the residence of hi* son-in-law, George
Schultz in Allegheny.
OBEIi—At his home in Summit twp..
Aug. 21, 1899, John Ober. aged
Mi'GINLEY--At her home in Butler,
Aug. 22. 1899, Mrs. Katharine Mc-
Ginley, aged OS years.
Mrs. McGinley lived on S. McKean
St., and her death was caused by a fall
the previous Saturday.
Hood's PHIs
Are prepared from Na
ture's mild laxatives, and
while gentle are reliable
and efficient. They
ROM&O the Liver
Cure Sick Headache, Bil
iousness, Sour Stomach,
and Constipation. Sold
everywhere, 25c. per box.
I'repared by C. 1. Hood & Co.,Lowell,Muss.
Notice is hereby given that Patrick
Logue has filed his final account as
Committe of Mary Mcßride, a lunatic,
at Ms. D. No. 8, June Term. 1883. in
the Prothonotary's office, at Butler. Pa.
and the same will be presented for con
firmation and approval, Saturday. Sept.
9, 1899.
H. C. l'ryor, of \V. Sunbury, hereby |
gives notice to the public that owing to '
the death of his father-in-law, John '
Mecbling, he will not 'cave his business j
as had been intended, but will continue
to carry on the livery business at the old
stand. Good rigs furnished at moderate j
price. H. C PRYOR. !
A little match-seller in Pittsburg
made trouble in several families by bor ;
rowing thtir kids, and taking them
with her on her daily jonrneVs She :
found cut that she could sell more
more matches when she had a child
with her. and she wasn't particular as
to whose child it was or how she treated I
it, and now all Mulberry alley is lavinsr j
for her.
For nearly two hours last Thursday a
woman sat in the corridor of the 11th
tloor of tile Park building in Pittsburg,
and warned people that the doctor said
she had the small pox. and then she was
taken to a hospita. She lives in Alle
gheny. and has not been feeling well for
some time, and the doctor she called
ujK>n promptly pronounced it a case of
In spite of the industrious efforts and
strict vigilance of the Allegheny health
authorities to-keep the small pox epi
demic on the Xorthside from spreading,
and confine it to the Eleventh ward, it
has appeared in the Tenth ward, where
a case has been under quarantine for
several days.—Dispatch.
The excursion from Clarion to the
Kinzua bridge, Sunday, took with it a
freak from Marienville. who retnrned
home a sadder, wiser and much bejol
lied man. He was evidently a little the
worse for booze, and in a moment of ex
treme hilarity bet f-"> he could climb
from the bridge to the gorge below, a
distance of 301 feet. The bet was ac
cepted and he began his descent.
About a third of the way down he be
came frightened and clung tremblingly
to the girders, afraid to move another
step. His friends sent for a man who
cliined down and tied a rope about him.
and then they hauled him up,
Simon Sum.
The big island east of Cuba is called
San Domingo, and it is divided into two
parts called Haiti and Dominica. The
President of Dominica was assassinated
a few days ago, and as that goveruient
and that of Haiti are-probably alike, the
following account of Haiti by John X.
Purviance, formerly of Eutler. and who
has lately visited relatives in Pittsbirj;
is interesting.
"I first went to Central America,
to rnn a coffee plantation, but the na
tives had the pernicious revolutionary
habit so badly that I was not sorry
when I was able to sellout at a fair prof
it and come back to the United States.
Not long afterward I was asked to goto
Mexico and take charge of several arte
sian wells which were being drilled ou
the estate of the Cueves Brothers, near
S,m Luis. Potosi. You can get some
idea of the extent of aMexican farm when
1 tell yen that the one 1 was drilling on ,
was as big as the whole of Butler Co.
My headquarters were in a cornfield
that was eight miles long. Maybe that<
wouldn't make some of our Pennsylva
nia farmers open their eyes.
"Last November 1 went to Port-au-
Prince, Haiti, to drill wells on a sugar
plantation near that town. To begin
with I will say it is not a white man's
country. The people and those in
charge of theGoverir.ent are all negroes.
They are very jealous of their country,
and every stranger is subjected to the
closest investigation on his arrival, :*nd
during his stay is under a syatem of es
pionage that is somewhat galling to a
free-born American. Although the
( i overmen t is supposed to be a Republic,
it is virtually a monarchy, as old Presi
dent Sam will never give up his office
as long as he can hold ifc by force. His
White Honse is surrounded by parks,
filled with artillery, and a cordou of
soldiers, which it is impossible to pass
without giving strict account of one's
self. He is suspicious of everybody,
and I have been told that he lives in
constant fear ol' assassination. When
ever he appears in public he is attired in
the most gorgeous uniforms, and tries
to impress the common people with an
idea of his great importance.
French is the language of all. and al
though as a general thing the natives
are intelligent, they are very treacher
ous and cruel. They seemed to me to
lie of a different type of negro from
that in this country, and they appear to
think that the white people of all other
goyeruients are trying to roh them of
their independence. Some of the bet ter
miens of manhood, and have received
good educations, but the officials .of
President Sam's staff are careful to see
that no man or set of men liecome too
• They do not desire to trade with
outside merchants to any extent, and
they are very chary regarding innova
tions. Merchants or traders who try to
send goods into the island find at the
start that a tariff which is practically
prohibitive will shut them out.
" I left thore only a few weeks ago,
just before the assassination of the
President of San Domingo, and even
then I noticed in Haiti a feeling of un
rest among the natives for which 1 was
at a less to account. Ido not know pos
itively that they knew of the revolution
ary feeling on the other end of the is
land. but judging from what I know
now the Haitians must have been aware
of the plot in San Domingo. Down
there it is simply a question of which
side has the strongest force, and might
makes right in that island. Although
white men are not disturbed, they are
not welcomed to any great extent, and,
taken altogether, it is a fair sample of a
black goverment.
"Unless President Sam is killed I
think he will be able to hold the reins
of government indefinitely, as be has
apparently taken every possible nrecau
tion to put down rebellions wirh a swift
and merciless hand. No clemency is
shown to enemies of the existing power
in Haiti, and 1 pity the men who go
after the President's toga and fail to
get it.
New Drug Store.
MacCartney's Pharmacy
New Room.
Fresli Drugs.
Everything new and fresh.
Prescriptions carefully com
pounded by a Registered
Try Otis - Soda
R A, ilacCartney
I uneral Director.
337 S. Main St., Butler.
The Keystone Orchestra,
Is now ready for engagements for I'ar
ties. Picnics and Dances, and Guarantee
tlie best of music at reasonable rates.
Prof. Gus Wickenhagen,
22S Ziegler Ave., Butler ,Pa
Walker & Wick,
By vlrtm- of sumlry writ» >f V«*n. Kx.. 11- .
Fa . I.c\ I'a.. &c.. Issuctl uut of tin- Couit of j -
toninum Hons of ltutler <■> . I*:t . ami to me '
directed. there ill be e\p<»>•••! to public sale [ ,
at the Court House iu the l*»rougli of Butler. |
Friday, September 1.
:it lo .-lfH-k, p. in., tli*' following described
property. t«»-wit:
E I>. N«». I«k 4 v iou. Sept Term. l*jy J W. :
Hutchison. Att'y.
All tin-right, title, Interest and claim of ,
James W. Bucanuoti of in and to nil that cer- ,
tain pi« «•» or parcel of land. situated in M« r \
eer township. But ler county. I'a.. Uratided as \
follows to wit; On tlie north by la.ids of}
G«?orge Brown, on the east by lands of Dun- s
lap heirs. • m the south by lands of Flier and ]
William Bucannou heirs, and on the west l»v
Mircer <'•>.. I in* or lands of Samuel Bucan- j
non heirs. l»eing the undivided luterest: •
containing nlnetv-four acres: having tlieron |
erected a frame house barn and out buildings »
alsoa go«xl orchard and being the lands of j
which Hamnel BUcannon died Mixed And be- ,
ing the interest of .las W Bu<»annon as broth- I
er And heii . n »f Samnel Bucannon de'ed. I
Seised and taken In execution as tin prop
erty of Jas W Bucannou at the suit of Harris
Morrow for use of Caroline Morrow »*t al.
E. D No. 140 Sent . Term 1-ini. Black 5: Mc
.l uiikin. Att'ys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim «»f J.
11. Bi-ighley dee'd. Margarett Beighley Admx
of J. 11. Befgliley dee'd. of. in and to all that
certain piece or parcel of land, situated in
Lancaster twp.. Butler Co., I'a.. bounded as
follows, to-wit: On the north by lands of
v'onrad Miller, .ami John Klinneroii the east
by lands of Neely et al. on the south
by lands of 1 red Miller, ami on the west by
lar.ds of Mrs. Mariraret Beighley; containing
about 47 acres and Indnsr the remaining part
of the tract of land which the said J. 11.
Beighley died, seised ««f tho widow having
eleeted t«» take ten a. res of land of >.aid
Seized and t a ken in execution as the prop
erty «»f J. II Beighley deed. Margaret
Beighley Admx of J. H. Beighley de<fd al
the suit of John H. McJuokin.
E. I). No. w & 70 Sept. Term.
Lowry. Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
! Scott Campbell of. in ami to all that certain
piece or lot of land, situated in Sunbury boro.
I But ler county. I'a.. liounded as follows to
wit. On the north by lot of Kelvin Shorts,
on the e;i t l»y Main Sl .on the south by an
alley and on tlie west by an alley; l»eing tie
feet front on Main street and extending back
west i" 1 lej MO feel more or less* bavins
t hereon erected 1 frame house stable mm
out buildings.
Seized and taken iu execution as the prop
erty of Scott Campl»ell at the suit of Mr> L.
J. liartier for use et al.
E. I>. No. 12s Sept.. Term. IsUO. Kalston
Greer. Att'ys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
James I erry of. iu and to all that eertain I
piece or parcel of land, situated iu cherry!
twp . But ler county. Pa.. bounded as follows,
to-wit: <>n the north by lands of heirs of I
John llall dee'd. on the east by lands of John j
t v >uiun dee'd. on the south by lands of H. O. 1
Konnell tsustee. and on the west by lands of |
Douaghy and Bredin; containing ti! acres
more or'leSs and lK'ing the same lands con-!
vey ed to James | Vrry by deed from Charles
Quimi et ux. Deed Book 7'» page PC>: having
t heieon erected a one and one half story
frame house, barn and out buildings also or
cha rd.
Seized and taken in execution as tin- prop
erty of Jam* s Ferry at the suit of Catherine
Bovard for use et al.
E. D. No. lig! May Term and 71. 1"» and 1"»
Sept. Term. I*lW. Levi M. Wise, W. I>.
Orandon and W. 11. Lusk. Attorneys.
All the right. t:tle. interest and claim of G.
H. Knautf and Casper Knauff of in and to all
that certain piece or lot of land, situated in
/.e lie nop I e Boro. Butler county. I'a.. bounded
as follows, to-wit: On the north by a public
roTid or street-, on the east by lands of Valen
tine Paffbach. 011 the south by lot of II
j KnaufT, and on the west by Main St.. Iwing
I 100 feet on s;iil Main St. and extending back
| *JOO feet to the lands of the said V ilentlne
Patfbaeli of a corresponding width of 100 feet,
having tlireon erected a frame two story
I house, frame b:irn and out buildings.
. Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of G. 11. knaitil and Casper KnautT at
the suit of The Capital 11. \ L. Ass'n Louis
K. Grinn Receiver tit. al.
D. No. I »•' Sept. Term, ltfJO, William.-* &
Mitchell. Att*vs.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Matthias llinchberger and Amanda llluch
herger of. in and to all t hat certain piece or
lot of land, situ ited in Butler Boro. Butler
county. I'a.. bounded as follows, to-wit: Be
ginning at a peg. corner lot No. 3SO on Centre
Ave., thence along Centre Ave. eastwardly
til) feet to a peg the corner of lot No.
thence along line of lot No. -W* 147 feet to a
pin 011 an alley, thence along said alley,
IK) feet to a peg on the corner Of lot No. &*)
and thence along line of lot No. 3M) 147 feet
to centre Ave., the nlace of beginning, being
lot No. *>s 1 in W. >. Boyd plan of lots in Spring
dale; having thereon erected a two story
frame house and out buildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Matthias llinchberger and Ananda
llinchberger at t he suit of John Bergbickler.
E. D. No. l io. r>7 Sept. Term. ISO?). L. M. Wise.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Casper Oarlach survivor and Casper
Garlach, with notice to E. M. IVrrin
committee, etc., of, iu and to all that
certain piece or parcel of land, situated in
Conn«M|unessing twp.. Butler county, i'a..
bounded as follows, to-wit: On the north by
lands of Gabriel Barn hart, on the east by
lauds of John HolTrnan, and the creek, on the
south by lands of George lletzel and 011 the
west by same; containing 00 acres more or
less being lands conveyed to Caser Carlach
by Peter Sleppy et ux. see deed book 111)
page :Mi. frame house and log stable erected
I.iuoxu niut » m CAieuuun as tne prop
erty of Casber Garlach survivor, and Casper
Garlach. witli notice to E. M. I'errlne. com
mittee. etc.. at the suit of Henry Wagner sr.
now for use of Mary Wagner, and Gertrude
Garlach for use of C. I». Albert. Admr.
E. I>. No. U\ I**3 Sept. T, I». Marshall,
and L. M. Wise, Attorneys.
All the right, title. interest and claim of S.
E. Baker of. in and to all that certain piece
or parcel of land, situated in Jackson twp.
But ler county. Pa., bounded as follows to
wit: Beginning at a post on the Harmony
ar d Butler road, t hence by lands of Daniel
Fiddler formerly Elias Zeigler south 80 cleg
east'<l perches to a post, thence by lands of
Daniel Feidler south ss.r» deg. east 7*J perches
to a post, t lience soutli deg. west 11 perches
to a post, t hence by lands «»f Peter Nesbltt
heirs, south 41.a deg. west perches, to a
post, thence south 75 deg. west 24 perches, to
a post, thence north 7s deg. west perches
to a post, thence by lands of John Shievc r
formerly John Pearce north 3.a deg. west II
perches to the place of beginning, containing
twenty acres and 126 perches strict measure,
having thereon erected a board house, lxiarcl
stable and out buildings.
Seized jtiul taken in execution 21s the prop
erty of S. K. li.akcr on :i Imuhl :u:coni paninjr 21
mortgage recorded in Mortgage Book 17. pag«
U>2. at tin* suit of Wm. 11. Stauitn for use of .1
c. & II Millemau partners &c.
K. I>. No. KJ, September Term. Isw. I*. J.
Forquer. Attorney.
All the right. title, interest and claim ol
W. !:. Kedd. ilee- !.. Katie VKcdd. Admx. ol
W. Ki dd. dee'd.. and Katie A. Kedd of. in
and to 2iil that certain piece or lot of hind,
sitnated iti Mlllerstown lioro., Ituilcr county.
I 1».. bounded as follows, to wit: lb-ginning
21t theeornerof Westernjan heirs lot on SHj:-
peryrock street and running thence along
salu st reet in a westerly direction twenty
eight feet to lot of H. J. Forquer, thence
along lot of It. .1. Forquer north seventy-five
feet, thence es.st by I«>t of said It. J. Forquer
t weiity-clght feel to lot of Wcsterman heirs,
thence by s:iid lot of 11. L. \Vesterruan heirs
seventy-five feet to the place of beginning!
having thereon 21 twy story l»ricK store
ALSO Uf, in and to all that certain piece
or lot of land, sit uated in Millerstown boro.
Hut ler county, P21.. hounded 21s follows, to
wit: Chit lie nort hby Mill si reet, 011 t hi' east
by 2111 alley. 011 t he sout h l»y an 2tlley. and on
the west by lot of James Dolin; fronting on
said Mill street ninety feet by si\ty feet
deep, extending hack from said Mill street,
havlug thereon 21 frame dwelling house and
out buildings.
Seized and taken in execution 21s the prop
erty of W. K. Kedd. dee'd.. Katie A. Kedd.
Admx. of W. K. Kedd. dee'd.. and K.itle A.
Kedd at the »uit of w. L. I>e\Volf for use of
W. A. Forquer.
K. I>. No. 1"»4. September Term. isw. L. M.
Wise. Attorney.
AIM he right. t it le. interest and claim of A
M Lusk and L T llaslett of. in and to all that
certain piece or lot of land, situated in
l!:;i ninny boro. Hut ler county. Pa., hounded
2is follows, to-wlt: On the north hy lot now
or formerly of l>r J s Lusk, on the e2ist by
Wilson's alley, on the sout hby Mercer stree't
and on the west hy the ILariiiouy public
school lot: fronting on Mercer street for
forty feet, more or less, and extending back
the same width one hundred and two feet.
It being part of lot No. iVi in General plan of
Harmony Intro, .see deed book 4~>. page 2i»s.
having thereon erected a two story brick
dwelling house.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of A M Lusk and L I 1 lla/lett owners or
reputed owners and A M Lusk. contractor,
sit the suit of II W Leise.
1.. It. No. 171. September Term, l s '.w. W. A. \
F. J. Forquer. Attorneys.
All the right. title, interest and claim of
John S. McPevitt of. in ami to all that cer
tain piece or parcel of hind, situated in
< 'cut n township, Butler county. I\a. houml
fd a - follows, to-wit: (>lll he north hy lands
of Thomas Mchevift, on the east hy lands of
Joseph McAnalleti. on the south hy lands of
Moses Thompsom formerly now Ben nick,
and on the west by i2inds of Jackson Hutchi
son: containing fifty 21cres. more or less;
having thereon a log stahle. log 2ind frame
house and ot her out buildings.
Sfi/fd ami taken in execution as the prop
erty of JOIIIIS McDeyitt at the suit of John
IVrg & Co.
E. I>. No. ss. si». «#>. i:» 2. SeptenilKT Term. lslK>.
Williams Mitchell. S. F. Si A. L. Bowser
and llarrv L. (.'raham. Attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Charles Ooehnin of. in and to 2111 that cer
tain piece or parcel of laud, situated in Con
cord township, liutler county, l'a. bounded
iui follows, to-wit: Beginning at the south
west corner .it a Chestnut tree, thence by
lands of Matthew Morrow, south s> deg west
eighty perches to »» post, thence by lands of
James Kelly .and Henry Kuhn north 'J deg.
west one hundred ninety-seven and one-half
perches to a white oak. thence by lauds of
(•eorgeC Conway north ss deg fjist eighty
nerchfs to a post t lien e by lands of John
Murtlaud south 2 deg east one hundred
ninety-seven and one-half perches to the
place of beginning: containing ninety-eight
acres ami 1~" perches, nine or les*: having
(hereon erected 21 frame bouse. fr2ime barn,
orchard and a producing gas well.
A I,SO Of. In and to all that certain piece
in parcel uf land, situated in Concord town
ship, liutler county. I'a. hounded as follow*,
tii-wlt ■ On tin- north l>y lands of John
Kamerer, A. I> Kuhn and William II Camp-
I „.11 ~n | j„. ~|i,i by lands of l'eter and .luliu
Kamerer and Marry Hlalr. on tin- south hy
land-, of Coulter Kolih, Henry Itlalr and
Samuel I'atlon and on the west liy lauds of
Jeplha Gold: containing one hundred and
two acres and •">!» perches. more ur les«.
Seized and taken in execution as the proin
ert v of Charles Cochran at the suit of
• ieorKi K Ileum. Linda Cochran. Mary Mc-
Ivaln, et al.
) 1» \. I- >»• pt« uitt-r i• r n.. I*" Mates
\ «»ung. Attorm ys
All tin- r t- r ht. tit* interest and .:un» • f
Mr-*. Matilda II Borer and .! ** Boyer of. in
and to all that certain ptojce »r \>>\ of land.
•, t ;tt«■<! it. Butler tioro. Ist ward. Butlt r «
Pa U>uude«l follows. to-wit: Beginning
at a p*si «>n summit alley at the int« r- ctjon
~f No and 54, ihenrf romiliif dw
wi M var d along line »f said lota i » feet WJ
a i m i«»t on t.utield avenue. thence north
forty feet t.. .. post on said aj t nu.; f . t Hem*
<lu. • i.l ward 11 • »- feet House I !*»•* of 1 - v
••4 ami '• to ;t on Summit ai Ley. tl»« nc»
>*v N
Ki' »in — »m » c lit. f tu sprlntfda ••
M.mi of. in and to all that certain pl« «'•
or lot of oni. situ ated In Butler hcm». Ist
ward. Hull* i unty. I'a. tioiinded fo.lows,
to-wit: iVunrnfii-'inir at a post at tin- inU*r
sn tion lot*. N • -4 and *£» and runnlnu
aU»i-: line or said lots westward ll i.rVi feet t«
a post on Garfield avenue. thence nortl
along said avenue forty feet to a p«»*t. thencr
du» rust - -i fe.-t to a post on Summit alley
t hence al<>iivr said alley southeastward 4t. ►
f.-;:,. A post the pla«*e of beginning. au«
having thereon en ted a two story franc
house. frame stable and out buildings: »»eim!
lot No. 25 iti the Thomas lloblnwon s plan «»i
Sprlnsrdale lots.
belied and ta ten In execution a- Wn prop
erty of Matilda II ltoyer and .1 > lioyer at
1 lie* suit of 1 roil t ity Savings and Loan Ass'n
; of ritt&birc. I'a.
I K. !>. No- l.V\ September Term. H. E
Coulter, Attorney
i All *he right, title, interest and claim o:
Mrs. NannieHteinmetsof, In and to nil that
certain piece or lot f land, situated in But-
II e r l»oro. Butler county. I'a. bounded as fol
lows, to-wit. tin the north by hii alley, o:
the east by Frank iin st reet. •>n the bj
North street, and on the west by lot a
I Kemper heir>: fronting sixty f- • t on Nortl
street and extending back to said alley om
hundred eighty feet: haying then'on a tw»
story bri U dwelling house and out buildings
Seised and taki ten utlon as the pn rp
erty of Mrs. Nannie >teinmetaat the suit ot
Hut ler borough.
£. I>. No. l.V>. >• ptemlwr Term, l v *.» M
Junkln & Gal breath. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim o
John Bricker. dec'd.. Nancy Brick< r am
John T Bricker Kxrsof John Bricker. dec'd
of, in and to all that certain piece or nam*
of land, situated iti Buffalo township. Butlei
county. I'a. bounded as follows, to-wit: oi
the north by lands of < 'rulkslianks. on tin
east by I'reeport and Butler road, on tin
south I>y Pittsburg and Kittanning road, am
on the west by lands of John Martin et al
being hvated one and one-half miles fron
-.! v .•!'s Station; containing rixti acres
more or less, having thereon erected a fratm
house, large frame t»am and out buildings
also a gi>od orchard.
seized and taken in e\« ution as the prop
erty of .Vohn Itrieker. d, Nancy Bri«*l»e!
and John T. Bricker, dec'tl. Nan«*y Briek»*
and John T Bricker. F.\r> of John Bricker
dee'd, at the suitof James Walker.
K l». No. i May. an i 158, IS, Bj ptemlw
Terms. WW. L.evi M. Wise and \S . 11.
Lusk. Attorneys.
Alt the right, title, interset and claim «»
("asper Knautf of. in and to all that certaii
pi«»ce or pan*el i>f land, situated in Jacksor
township. Butler county. l*a. Uiunded as fol
lows, to-wit: Heginnlug at the Evansbur;
road.thence running west twenty-six ner«*he:
by lands of Willian Be«»d the grantor hen of
then e uorth thirty-nine perches by lands o
Geortre Knaufftoa im»sl. thetice twenty-si?
perches by lands of llenry Gre«'iiawalt t«» i
j>ost. thence south thirty-three perches t»
the plai-e of beginning: containing five a -re;
and one hundred thirty-six m»r«*lSes with im
provements. see tleed Invok 41. page lii"».
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of t'asper Knauff at the suit of Join
Nick lass.
Friday, Seotember Bth, 18 q 9,
E. I' N<>. 10'., September Term. 1 v!l1 . R. I 1
Seott. Attorney.
All the title, intest :in<l eluiuiof Job!
Kloyd of. in iinil to all that certain piece 01
lot of land, sitiuiteil in I'arker township
Uutler county. I'a.. bounded as follows, tit
wit : t)n the north l>y a public road, on tin
cast by lands of \V A Allen, on the south
lands of W A Allen, and on the west l>y loi
of Josephine Floyd; containing one acre
more or less, having thereon crecied a frami
ALSO All the right, title, interest ant
claim of John Floyd living a life interest of
in and to all that certain piece or lot of land
i situated in I'arker township. Butler county
I'a. ijounded follows, to-wit: On the nortl
liv a public Mi:id. on the east l>y lot of Join
Floyd, on the sout hby lands ol \\ A Allen
<m the west by lands of W. A. Allen; Ix-int
■ sixty bv one hundred and ninety fi-et. hav
ing thereon rrected ji fr:ime liouse and out
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
ertyof John Floyd at the suit of M.S. Anaius.
E. l>. No. ItE!. September Term. 1-W. Stephen
Cummlngs. Attorney.
[ All tin' right, title, interest and claim of
j Frank M Wallace and T C Wallace of. in and
to all that certain piece or parcel of land.
I situated in Forward township. Butler coun
[ ty. P:». Ixmnded as follows, to-wit: On the
north by lauds of Hugh McNally. on the east
by lands of Henry Shilling and 11. Foltz. on
the south by land* of John <' Kelly and on
the west bv lands of James Crow; containing
seventy-nine acres, more or less, having
thereon erected a frame house, a barn and
out buildings.
Seized and taked in execution is tin' prop
perty of Frank M Wallace and T <' Wallace
at the suit of Flora M Wallace.
E- I*. No. 130 and 14ii. Sept. Term. islH). A. E.
. i Heiber. E. McJunkin and Williams &
.Mitchell. Attorneys.
AH the right, title. Interest and claim of A
W Thompson and Esther M Thompson of, in
and to all tli at certain piece or lot of land,
situated in Butler l>oro. Butler county. Pa.
iHHinded as follows, to-wit: On the north by
Howard street, east by Elm street, south by
lots of Charles Rebhun and Mary Kebhun
and on the west by Charles Kebhun and
Mary Kebhun; fronting twenty-three feet
on Elm street and extendjugbackby parallel
"tViereon erected ~*a frame house and out
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of A W Thompson and Esther M Thomp
son at t he suit of Caroline Keck, et al.
K. I>. No. 161, September Term. 1809. J. I>.
Marshall. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest aud claim of
Birdie L Stoughton now Birdie L Levering
of, in and to all that certain piece or lot of
land, situated in Harmony l>oro. Butler
county. l*a. bounded as follows, to-wit: Be
ginning at the northeast corner on Mechan-
street, thence along said street south HO
deg east 1"».7 perches to lauds of Miller heirs,
thence by said lands of Miller heirs, south s
deg west 28.4 perches to an ally, thence along
>aid alley north seven and ~»-l<) deg west 1a.2
perches to lot of Hart mau, t bene*' along said
lot north si deg. east tii». 1 perches to the place
of beginning, containing two acres aud
eight-three perches, more or less, having
thereon erected a brick dwelling house and
out buildings.
Seized and taken in execution as tin* prop
erty of Birdie L Stoughton now liirdie
L Levering at the suit of Mary J
1 Stoughton.
E. D. No. lot. September Term, IHW». A. M
Christ ley. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Lena Liston and Jacob Liston of. in and to
all that certain piece or parcel of land, situ
, ated in Washington township. Butler coun
ty, Pa. bounded as follows, to-wit: Com
mencing on t lie road leading from Burnett's
Station toSunbury. thence south ss deg east
»».;* perches by lands of E. McJunkin. Esq..
thence south '1 deg west its percncs along Mc-
Junkln wegl tine, thence north H8 deg veei
.{l.r» perches to a post and centre of almve
said road, thence north IS deg east 40 perches
to the place of l>eginnin&r: containing sl\
acres and sixteen perches strict measure;
having thereon erected a frame house, frame
stable and out buildings.
Seized and taken in execution as tin prop
petty of Lena Liston and Jacob Liston at the
suit of A and James Burnett.eta! now for use !
of.lames Burnett.
TEKMS OF SALE The following must be
strictly complied with when property is
st ricken down.
I. When t lie plaintiff or other Hen creditor
becomes the purchaser. theco>ts on the writ
mnst be paid, and a list of the liens. Includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold,
together with such Hen creditor's receipt*
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
be furnished the Sheriff.
All bids must be paid in full.
Ail sales not settled immediately will In
continued until one o'clock. P. M.. of next
day at which time all property not settled
for will again be put up and sofd at the ex
pense and risk of 'hi* person to whom tirst
'See Pnrdon's Digest, 9t li edit ion, page 4ltf,
and Smith's Forms, page 3*4.
WILLIAM It. IH >1)1)S. Sheriff
Sheriff's Office. Butler. Pa.. August 10.
Our stcck .of jewelry for fall trade is
now complete. The variety is boundless,
the quality unsurpassed and the styles
the latest. Call on us for anything to
be found in a first class jewelry store—
watches and rings a specialty—we also
sell Cameras, l'iioto supplies, Grapha
phones and Records.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next to Court House.
K" i nd J e\ r 's
Is Headquarters for
Artistic I'hotos, Crayons
Water Colors ami Pastels
also a full line of frame
aud mouldings of the
latest designs always on
Branches 1 E^s"
Open for business at Evans City Friday
of each week, Mars ou Saturday.
>*v , v*v > v > >*v > V*>*>*> , >*>
Why pay eihorbitant prices or send
away for Busies when y>u can buy
right here »• home at wholesale price?.
Have you a price list from some factoiy-
If -ou have briug it along, read the de
scription ami com; are prices with ours,
if we cannot suit you letter don't buy
from us. We have been in the business
twenty year# and know what we are sav
ing when we say we can give you a
l>etter Buggy for the price than is jkjs
sib'.e for you to get i»nyw here else, all
we ask is a trial We pay no rent,have nc
borrowed capital, our expenses arc low,
we are the largest wholesale dialers in
our line in the State, we buy at the right
price?, our experience in tlie business
serves us to advantage in judging both
quality and price and now for the next
thirty days we will make you wholesale
price on anv Bnggy or Surrey you may
select from our stock. Come and see u.<
S. B. Martincourt & Co.,
128 E. Jefferson St..
Butler. Pa.
S. B. Martincourt.
J. M. Leighner
and Optician, s
\ 125 S. Main St, /
( Butler, Pa.
RG ( vte(ViF*eß,
If you buy :i ( IIASF. «»r H.\( KI.KY Pi aim >
You get :in instrument that i> MAI»F. AM
FArTI'KEUS OF I*l AM>>. Ask your bunW» r
1. as their ropresentatlfe. am here to s«*l
you :i raao on
your convenience. Either cush or small
monthly payments. You get your Piano
direct from the factory, 1 can save you
dealer's profit. <'all and investigate for your
own satisfaction. I take Pianos and Organs
as part payment in exchange. fan sell you
anything you want in the musle line—easli
or time Organs, tiuitars. Mandolins. Ac
cordions. Han J os. Violins. All small gi*»ds
and their fittings. Strings of all kinds.She« t
Musie, etc. 1 have engaged Mr. J. I'. Caner.
an expert Piano tuner and repairer. Orders
for tuning or repair work of any kind will
receive prompt attention.
All work warranted.
317 South Main street. Butler. I'a.
Cistern Builder
General Cement\:Worker.
Worker in White, Portland, and
Hydraulic Cements.
( '<i 20 Years Experience.
349 Ist Street, I'. Tel. 381
Will be paid for information leading
to the arrest and conviction of party or
parties who set tire to No. I School
House of Marion twp.
By Order of School Hoard.
Address \V M . Gii.more, Treasurer,
Clintonville I*. 0., Venango Co., I'a.,
or G. H. REA, I'resd't..
Boyer I'. 0., Butler Co., Pa.,
Robkrt Iveix, Shc'y.
A Limited Special Offer Which
Will Last for Ten Days Only
world-wide reputation. It is almost im|x»s
sihlc to distinguish them from genuine dia
monds costing hundreds of dollars each.
Thc»y are worn hy the In st people. We will
forward a tiK.xriNK Hakkios Di amond j
mounted in a heavy rlnir. pin. or stud to any
address u|x»n receipt « *f price. {1 <*> eaen.
Earrings, screws or ifrops. per pair King j
sfttintfH are made of one « otitinuous pie«*e of j
thick, shelled gold, and are warranted not to
tarnish. Special combination offer for In
days only! King and stud sent to any ad
dress u|mui receipt of sl.."«<> In ordering ring
give finger measurement 1»y using a pitti* «»f
string also full particulars. Address plainly
11*1-11*1 Broadway.
New Vo»k
iT\ > l postal c.iril to,
uHUr ° rcail u p n "-4'
WIIVI of the Peoples
new wagon, running to and from his
Steam Carpet-Cleaning
establishment, will call at your honse
take away your dirty carpets ami return
tlieni in a day or two as clean as new.
All on a summer morning—Carj>ets,
rugs and curtains thoroughly cleaned on
short notice.
The John I,awall place in Leasureville
—consisting of thirteen acres, all cleared,
good seven-room house with j>antry ami
three porches, and well alongside, good,
large and new hank barn, good orchard
of all kinds of fruit trees is offered for
For terms inquire of
Leasureville, Pa.
Everything that is new ami attractive
in Watches, Rings, Diamonds, Clock*.
Silverware, Cut Glass, etc.; also Cameras,
Bicycles and Grapbaphones.
Next to Court House.
D. J. Wadsworth. W. Wadsiorth
Wadsvvorth & Bro. t
Bricklayers and Builders.
Brick and Cement Work
In all of its Branches.
Heater. Range and Boiler setting e»
j>ecially done at reasonable price*.
All mail orders promptly attended t
Subscribe for The Citizen
Office 106 W I>um .-.ill St. (D»
,'.raham'« old other j
Il ui» 7 to v • m *'' l ■ to 3 ami 7 lL
- p. m
. lI(llil>Kl'r«TIII<. ANL
Office 136 S. Main St.. opp. P. O.
Night calls at othce.
j<w Wes' Cunningham St.
New Troutman Building, Butler Pa.
Kyf, ear. now ami throat a specialty.
340 South Main St.
Office No. 45, S. Main street, over City
137 E. W avne St.. office Doan. 10 to
12 a. m. 1 anil to 3 p. m.
Has located in the new Stein building,
with all the latest devices ior Itenta!
" • Onmn.
Artificial Teeth inserted on the latest
improved plan. Gold Fillings a spec
ialty. Office over Miler's Shoe Store.
Formerly known as the '" Peer 1 r*i
rainless Fx tractor of Teeth." Located
permanently at in Fast Jefferson St.,
Opposite Hotel Lowrv, Butler. Will d«j
ilential operations of all kinds by the
latest <levices ami up-to-date methods
Now permanently in Bickel Building,
with a reliable assistant, and facilities
for best and prompt wotk.
People's Phone for I>rs. V. or J. Mc-
Alpin—House No. 3.30; office No. 34a
Successor to Dr. Johnstun.
Office at No. 114 F. Jefferson St.. or«l
G. W. Miller's grocery.
Office in the "CITIZEN" building.
Wise building, N Diamond St.. Butier
Special attention gi\«n to collection;
and business matters.
Reference: Butler Savings Hank. 01
Butler County National Bank.
A. T. BLACK. I*.t MrJrilis
I) Attorneys at la«r.
Armory Building, Butler, Pa.
Office in Mi cliell building.
Offic.- with Newton Black, S»utli
Diamond Street.
V Attorney A: ».«W.
Room 8., Armory buildup.
OtTice at No. S. West Diamond St. Hut
lcr. Pa.
Office ou South Diamond Street.
Office on Main St. near Court House.
Office between Poatoffice and I h anion.
If you would know
the secret of your neighbors AIM
appearance, ask him the nam*
of his tailor; ask him, t«x>, how
n.uch a >e.ir he spends for hi?
clothes and subtract the amouni
from the cost of your own. Yoi
will be agreeably surprised
more so if you will prove it b)
j*ivin:j us your measure, as hi
diil. Our new fabric* for sprint,
and summer embraces tht
choicest products of the loom
Want a Kodak'
Want a Camera?
Want a Karelin?
Want • Book?
Want i Bicycle?
Want a Piece of China'
Want a Fine Picture?
Want the latest in Stationery*
Want anything in Fancy Goods or
Art Line 1
The only place a. Bonk Store
There are liar>»ains every week.
There are low price* all the time.
Visit every day at
Near P t)
Peoples Phone I6J Burler, Pa
TIRES Repaired
and made as good as new at
White.W alter & Co's
Bicycle and
Supply Depot,
Corner Mam'St and Diamond,
Butler, Pa
With our new Vuk*aaltrr w»-
ran n pair unv cul or pancturt
In a tire. with pur«- cum. ami
make it <»tr«»ftj|rr than Irfori
We rvpatr all parti <>f w«
supply urw partial rvaxfialiU*
Wean* th* <*l»eaM»»t pla*-r In
town. aadcannot rr un«!» r*ol«l.
W#» har«' rrnt««ea wh#*»'!i for
vile at bargain i»rl«****.
H. 0. HAYS. L. H. HAYS
[Hdvjs flros-'l
Livery and Sale Stable
•Jest Accommodation* in Town.
Vest Jefferson street. Uutler, Pa
People.*' Phone 109.
Bell's Phone 59.
[Value of
Advertising \
» Is regulated by its truth" /
i fulness. Any mistake or /
S. lapse from the truth is /
\ expense to the advertiser. j
I The object of our adrer* \
/ tiscmcnt that appears each S
) week in this paper is to C
) sell goods and we consider !
) it good business policy to f
\ tell you the truth ?
S Carpets. )
X T 'ii nt-ed a brd VH*. f
/ dxain* room or aiTtrag km X
* carpet we hare a few piim* 9
/ of H.V Ingrain* that nM he V
J Ho***! ont Pattern* are no* /
/ liw best, but better thaa the \
\ tT'w Th«* It ao better a
/ time to hny ait Ik* priem of X
» all mrpfU are if /
I Ton want '(IMIIIT at a low V
I pr >• yon <et it in thi* <-arpet r
( Price 50c)
/ Mattings. v
i Nothing wore refreshing for V
C a "iimmrr tk«>r ■-ovennjf awl #
J many people j«-rfrr tbem the #
y«-ar roand t«> heap carpet* /
t B>W hoik the • 'tuna and*
\ Mstimip any price V
| fr Have vm» W
V nnmbw in China mattratcC
J that we think exr-epooaallT )
/ Price 25: \
r Iron and Brass Bedsteads S
{A re the n.-ati-Ht anil dmM *ati»- V
1 factory B«1 made mow tttm- /
/ tive than the w<wi M nut V
1 easier to keep i-le*n Always a /
I complete amtrtment for Ton to \
% «elect from here
/ sprin its coat £'■ <»»to#.vm». v
/ 53,75 up v
\ Bed Springs
\ Any person can Iwve a omifort
) able Bed if the ifpnne* aad Mat /
X tre-w are right Mu«t important p
%is the *pnm; We hare them f
V HII np to $5 »»• bat oar I
J tempered Spring ptwitieely the J
\ beat vnlne made Take aad rvse V
V them ilays if not satisfactory. #
/ send It hacit C
\ (Intended for Wood Bed* nntr )
jPrjce s4j
fr I S
for school dresses.
Odd lots 75c to $1 00 Dress
Goods 35c yard—imported suit
ings among them.
Odd lots 25c to 35c Dress floor's
and wool Suitings, 10 And |sc a
L»t double width Drm GoxLt,
5c a yard.
The season's Dress Goods be
ginning to arrive now—and there
must he plenty of ro< m made far
them doable quick. So we're
hurrying out all the broken am!
surplus lines—prices, as tbme.
that will make them go. an.l give
any n imber ot |>eople who ire
planning h.r gtrls' tail school »ear fc
and tor skirts and splendid every
day gowns, good goods at
throw-away prices. Styles and
i; i.tlities t(».it all who jjet samples!
and sec will say is a decidedly!
nc* experience to yet l«>r such lit !
t!e money. I
Handling odd lots of silks justr
as vigorously. Rich Fancy Taf-I
k tas 50c yard that will be |»nx>fi
I j»t of choice WMkgmxb 5c
yard—g'Mh 1 style »•- i r » :
year "round
Send for samples
Bo<£jLfS& Hi I 111
Ucpartivcnt X
I*. j. j. c > .1. A a •« -«» -at ii If a ar ■—■ -■* '«■ Ji .«« J.
Vtr rrrT JFR W m if* m W*- H WHE *
< o\r«<A« TOR fS II
j Cleveland Berea Grit
iwitahlr for Ruildtnir,
-# * inunH nUI .D>l
f Paving purpxwrs.
I This Stole Will Rot "SHI Of |
J Prices nmnaMe.
\Vi*k <k>oe well
* atwl promptly.
Stone y.ir>U on
* Ma>t Ktn.l street. Z
I ■
J R<-»»«leaee «u
J Marten avenue.
People'* Telephone 3JO
JW! Meais Served at AU Mourn.
Good Stabling in Connection