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THURSDAY, MAY 15, :899.
•VOTE -All advertisers Intending to make
-iiiiuKM in their ads. hhoold notify us of
their intention tod.' MI >1 >t later than Mon
day uiornlnu.
Auditor's Notice, estate of Elizal>eth
Dissolution Notice, Barnhart & Sons.
Application for Charter.
Stein's New Shirt Waists.
Pape's Summer Millinery Sale.
Ed. Colbert's Furnishings.
C. & T's .Tnne Sale.
Evans' Bikes.
Adminlsiiators and Executors of estates
ran secure their receipt hooks at the CITI
ZEN office, and persons making public sal.-s
th2ir note books.
—lf you have a -bit of money to in
vest in property, now is your time.
—The list of applications for license
will be published next week; and li
cense court will be held June 20th.
—The Salvationists have arranged
for a tented meeting place on the Krng
lot on McKean street, near E. Cnnning
—The residence of Hiram Grossman,
of Slipperyrock twp, was struck by
lightning, during the storm of Wednes
day of last week.
—Co. E, 15th Pa., Vols, will meet at
the Armory at 10 a. m.. Decoration
Day, in civilian clothes for the Waters
monument ceremonies.
—The construction trains of the A.
& W. now rnn from Butler to Craigs
ville. where an immense boarding
house has been built for the construc
tion crews.
—There was some frost Monday
morning, where the fog did not prevent.
It did not see TO to do much damage,
however, which some say was due to
the "light of the moon."
—People who live along the road from
Parker to Hilliards think there should
be a licensed house in Hilliards, as the
boys make too much noise going home
at night from Parker.
—A large number of Butlerites at
tended the lawn fete of the Chicora
Hose Co., at that place. Tatter's or
chestra and a drum corps furnished
music for the occasion which was a
success in all respects.
—The Memorial Sermon will be de
livered in the English Catholic Church
on McKean St., next Sunday evening;
and the Memorial day services will be
held in the Opera House. Tuesday after
the parade. See notices.
—At North Washington this evening
an entertainment is to be given by
Miss May Wilson of Fairview and Miss
McKuv and Prof. Poehlman and wife
of Grove City for the benefit of the new
Fairview 17. P. church.
—A curious invention for the pro
tection of bank checks has recently
t>een patented. It consists of a num
ber of disks, so arranged that
any combination of numbers may
be formed. The characters
are heated to branding temper
ature by means of electricity, and, cn
being pressed to the surface of a check
or similar paper, the amount named
thereon is burned by a process which
defies the usual methods resorted to by
check raisers. Devices are provided so
that the work can be done quickly.
—A writer in the Scientific American
says he has cleared his premises of ver
min by making whitewash yellow with
copperas and covering the stones and
rafters in the cellar with it. In every
erf vice in which a rat might go he put
the copperas and put it in the corners of
the floor. The result was a complete
disappearance )f the rats and mice.
Since that time not a rat or mouse has
been ne-ir the house. Every spring the
Cellar is coated with the yellow white
wash ns a purifier and rat exterminator,
and no typhoid, dysentery or fever at
tacks the family.
—A little boy in a western town was
required to write an essay the other
day. "The newspaper" was his subject
and here is the result: "I don't know
how newspapers came to be in the
world. I don't think God does, for he
ain't got anything to say about them,
and editors is not in the bible. I think
the editor is one of the missin links you
read about, and stayed in the brush un
til after the flood, and then came out
and wrote the thing up and has been
here ever since. I don't think he ever
dies. I never saw a dead nn' and never
heard of one getting killed Our paper
is a mighty poor one and the editor
doesn't wear f.ny socks. Pa has not
paid any subscription for fifteen years.
—ln driving over Bntler county one <
generally finds a very good roadway,but i
it is snrprising and startling to notice
the large number of really dangeious
places which the supervisors and road
makers either overlook or neglect. A
culvert not as wide as the roadway,
with a deep gutter at each end is one of
the meanest places the driver has to
watch for. , There are large numbers
of them in Butler county. When there
is a mndhole on each side of the culvert
it is atill worse. Deep gutters and steep
banks with no guard rails are another
menance to the travelers' safety. Then
the ordinary unfilled chuck hole and
rut are almost omni present. This is
the time of year to improve our roads,
aud it is a necessity that it does not pay
to neglect, as is plainly evidenced by
the late verdict of $3,000 against Cherry
township and that against Franklin
township a year or two ago. Town
ship supervisors have a most import po
sition and are under great responsibili
ty to their fellow citizens. Sometimes
a traveler can mark the boundry lines
of townships by the condition of their
roads, and the roads are just what the
Htqiervisors have them made.
Both agencies are still paying sl.lß.
MARION TWP.- Tebay & Co. are
drilling on the James Med berry, and
Amos Seaton farms.
CLEARFIELD TWl\—Hoch Bros. &
(Jo's, well on the McCrea is holding up
well. It did 200 bbls. last Sunday, and
has been doing about 1(>0 bbls. a day
MUDDYCREEK—The Forest will drill
on the Eicholtz. adjoining the Kline to
the south, which is doing some oil.
For l£arly Closing.
We the undersigned merchants of
Bntler agree to close our respective
places of business every evening, except
Saturday, at six o'clock, beginning May
15, IW.I, and ending September 30 189'.):
Douthett & Graham
T. H. Burton
11. Steele
J. N. Patterson
Schaul & Nast
Seliloss Bros
Harvey Colbert.
Of Interest to You.
Parties wishing to engage in the ll7ery
business, call on Walker & Wick for
location and outfit.
Mrs. Thomas Klingensmith is visiting
friends in Reading
Dr. Clarence Caldwell of Baker-town
was in town yesterday.
Mrs. Poll}* .Tones, of Franklin town
ship, is serionslv ill.
L. M Goldinger. of Clearfield twp ,
was in town Saturday.
Mrs. Mary Parker has been appointed
P. M. for the office at Six Points.
Dr. S. A. Johnston has sold his den
tistry office to Dr. M. D Kottraba.
Misses Mame and Kelt McCollongh
are visiting friends in Washington.
James M. Galbreath. Esq. will make
the Decoration Day speech at Petrolia.
Mitchell McCaslin and W. J. Thoinp
son. of Clay township, were in town,
Mr. Bole has the foundation laid for a
new residence at the foot of Main St.,
W. A. Stover has purchased the Will
Morris house, lately damaged by fire,
on W. Pearl street.
Miss May Negley. of Philadelphia,
formerly of Butler, is visiting friends
and relatives here.
J. C. Dodds, of Shore street is agent
for the "Gray Mineral Ash an insect
destroying fertilizer.
Mrs. Emmet Bis3ell. of St. Peters
burg, Pa., is visiting John \V. Coulter
and wife of Fairview Ave.
Mrs. Margaret Heyl. Mrs. John Heyl,
.and Miss Margaret Heck, of Prospect,
were in town yesterday.
S. C. McGarvey, of Fairview town
ship, passed through town, Tuesday,
on his way home from college.
T. B. Ewings of Bruin was among
the many residents of that neighbor
hood attending court this week.
N. S. Snow and wife of Elm St. en
tertained H. C. Falcher and wife, a
newly married couple at dinner, Tues
Jedergej Biskup and Floryanna Hen
reik of Derry bronght their names to
Butler last week and secured a mar
riage license.
Misses Josephine Criswell and Millie
Sherman visited Miss Criswell s sister,
Mrs. Katharin Stevens, at Crafton,
Pa., last week.
Chas. B. Stewart and son Frank, of
Cross Roads. W. Ya., are visiting Mr.
Stewart's mother, near West Sunbury,
during her sickness.
Chas. Stauffer, of Harmony, Lewis
Hartman, of Cranberry twp.. and
Henry Hartman. of Petersville, were in
town last Thursday.
Joseph Hauck, who is following hi#
trade as a tinner in Parkersburg, W.
Va , is visiting his mother and brothers
on S. Washington St.
Rev. McLure and Y. F. T. Kelly, of
Bruin, passed through town. Monday,
on their way home from Apollo, where
Rev. Daubenspeck was installed, Sun
Drs. Pillow, Bippus, Atwell. Hocken -
berry and Howe were among the But
ler county physicians at the State Med
ical Convention at Johnstown, last
Harvey Turner and tamily, after a
two-weeks visit with Butler county
friends, left yesterday for Lavaca.
Nebraska, where he has a ranch, and
will engage in the stockraising busi
The manv friends of Edward Harley,
son of C. Harley. will be pleased to hear
of his marriage at W. Ya. to a young
lady of that place. Ed. has been work
ing there as a machinist for several
years past.
Josiali L. Seaton of Euclid visited bis
aunt, Margaret Bailey in Marion twp.
who is in poor health, last week, and
also attended an infare at the home of
T. K. Speer. whose daughter was mar
ried lately to Mifllin Smith of Washing
ton twp.
Miss Luella Baker, of Petrolia, won
first honors, and a silver medal, at the
oratorical contest of the Legion of Hon
or, held at Petrolia last weeks. Miss
Irvin, of Slipperyrock. took second hon
ors, and an excellent lx>ok. There
were a dozen contestants,
Arthur Black, of New Castle, spent
last week with friends in Butler, while
nursing a sore hand. He is employed
in a steel works in New Castle, and re
ceived a slight wound in his left hand,
which caused the hand to swell and
beal. In making steel a poisonous acid
is used which makes it very dangerous
to handle.
Walter M. Hall, of Kansas City, Mo., |
was married to Miss Anna C. WJlff, of .
Kansas, on Tuesday. The wedding
took place at the home of the bride in
Kingman. Mr. Hall is a brother of
Loyal and Alvin Hall of Butler, and
was a resident of this county until (
about ten years ago. A abort time ago ,
he was appointed Superintendent of (
"Station A" in Kansas City, where he (
will make his home in the future.
Memorial I>ay Orders.
A. G. REED POST 105, G. A. R. f
All members of A. G. Reed Post will
assemble in full uniform at the i>ost
room on Tuesday. Maj 30th, at'Jo'clock
a. in. Details will be sent to decorate
the graves of comrades in the south and
east cemeteries, after which the post
will proceed to the North cemetery,
where the graves of comrades will be
decorated, when the post will partici
pate in the dedication of a monument
the memory of Albert Waters, late
of Co. E, 15 Reg't, N. G. P. In the
afternoon all members of A. G. Reed
Post will assemble at the post room at
1 *BO p. in., where the post will form,
nd under escort of Co. E and Co. G,
21st Reg't, N. G. P., will march north
ou Washington street to West Penn
street, thence east to Main street,
thence south on Main street to the
Opera House on the Diamond, where
the memorial dav exercises will be
performed as per program that will be
arranged for the occasion. All soldiers,
whether members of grand army or not,
and all the people are requested to join
in the exercises of this day in memory
of those who in early manhood gaye
their lives and services that the nation
might live.
W. A. LOWKV. Adjutant.
Commander Pro. Tem.
<J. A. It. Notice.
All members of A. G. Reed Post No.
105 G. A. R. will assemble at the Post
room in full uniform, on Sunday, May
28th, at 7p. m. to proceed to the Eng
lish Catholic church, where the 'me
morial sermon will be preached.
W. A. LOVVKY. Adjutant.
Post Commander Pro. Tem.
I'. O. Notice.
Tuesday, 30th inst., (Memorial Day,)
being a legal holiday, the Butler post
office will lie open on that day as fol
lows :
Gen. Delivery window from 7:30 a. m.
to 12 m. and from <» to 7p. m.
Carriers window from (i to 7 p. m.
Money Order and Register window
from 8 a. m. to I*2 m.
Regular morning collection and de
Lobby open from <! a. m. to 10 p. m.
M usical College.
The summer term of the Musical
College, at Freeburg, Snyder county,
Pa , will begin on Monday, July 17, a
term of six weeks for $33, including
. beard and tuition. As all schools have
vacation at this time, it will give a
' good opportunity for public school
; teachers and school children to attend
this term. Parents desiring a progress
• ive and home like school for their sons
and daughters should investigate the
merits of the College. For catalogue
address HENRY B. MOYER.
AMY BROS, are Selling out to QUIT
BUSINESS. Their entire- stock of furniture
is for sale, including all goods en route,
nothing reserved, wonderful bargains,
TKKMS STKICTI.V CAS.I, Store open ev
ery evening.
New, four-room house for sale In
quire at this oltice
Com. vs James E. Crawford, f&b. a
true bill.
Com. vs Annetta Caldwell, setting up
and maintaining a nuisance, a true bill.
Com. vs James, Yal, Tina and Rue
Heenan. a&b and surety of the peace
true bills in all.
Com. vs Josephine. Chas. and Wil
liam Angert, a&b and surety of the
peace, not true bills and county pay the
Com. vs Edward Xorris. A. T. Stew
art and J. Norris. forgery, true bills
(three counts) against all.
Com. vs Chas. Maxler. a&b. with in
tent to commit rape, a true bill.
Com vs Wm. Weigle. fraudulently
secreting and removing property, a true
Com. vs Mat. J. McCandless, agg. as
sault and battery, a true bill.
Com. ys Thomas E. Allen.fraudulent
ly making and uttering written intru
iiients (eight counts), true bills in all.
Com. vs Wm. McGuirk, agg. assault
I and battery, a true bill.
Com. vs S. W. Kuhns, agg. a&b. not
a true bill and county pay costs.
Com. vs A. S. Cannon, entering dwel
ling house with intent to commit
felony, larceny, receiving stolen goods,
arson, true bills in all cases.
Com. vs Wallie Coe and James Redic,
assault and battery, and larceny, true
The Presentment states that the
Grand Jury acted upon '-'A bills, finding
28 true bills and ignoring (5.
They recommend that the County
Commissioners build a new bridge
across Muddy Creek on the Graded
Road, in Clay twp.. and also across the
Connoquenessing connecting Wayne
street with Negley Ave. in Butler.
They l>elieve that a watchmen should
be placed at the P. & W. crossing on S.
Main St., Butler, and at the Kearns
crossing in Butler twp ; that the poor
farm buildings should be built a little
east of the location proposed at present
nearer the crossing of the Freeport and
Butler road
Additional shelving was recommend
ed for the Prothonotary's office: also
that the Diamond be beautified with
flowers, etc.
The county buildings were reported
to be in good condition, and thanks was
returned the Court. District Attorney
and other officers for kind and courte
ous treatment.
Ex-Prothonotary Samuel M Seaton
was foreman.
The May Quarter Sessions opened
Monday morning, with a crowded
house, which included three dozen wo
men and a sprinkling of babies. Nearly
all the jurymen answered to their
names, and the first case taken up was
that of the Com. vs Thomas McGregor,
a railroad contractor, accused of ob
structing a public road in Forward twp,
but as he had built a road to take the
place of the one destroyed the jury ac
quitted him and put the costs on the
Monday afternoon Minnie Cohen was
put on trial, charged by Benj. Levy
with larceny of his wife's dresses and
jewelry. Mr. Levy and his wife since
March have been conducting a variety
store in Mars. About the 20th of that
month Mr. Levy met Minnie at the
house of a relative in Pittsburg where
he was buying goods and sent her out
to Mars as a domestic. After living in
the Levy family for a month Minnie
disappeared and also some valuable
jewelry and dresses. Minnie was arrest
ed on Wylie Ave. after a lively chase on
information made by Levy. After be
ing lodged in jail in Butler she made
charge of adultery against Levy. After
the jnry retired in the larceny case Mr.
Levy was put on trial on the adultery
charge. On the stand Miss Cohen said
she guessed she was born in Jerusalem,
and swore that Levy committed adul
tery with her every while she
was at his house. A large number of
Levy's Pittsburg friends appeared for
him and established his good reputa
tion. The jury in the larceny case
found Minnie "not guilty on account of
irresponsibility," and Levy was acquit
ted of adultery and the costs put on the
On Tuesday Judge Barker of Cambria
county, came to Butler, and has been
assisting in the trial of both civil
and criminal cases during Ihe week.
Wednesday evening the case against
Wm. Weigle was continued till Sept.
term, and Mat. McCandless i>lead guilty
to assault and battery and will be
sentenced, Saturday.
David Meals, A 1 Meals and John
Fleming, all young men of the vicinity
of Hilliards, were put on trial Wednes
day for assaulting and robbing Christian
Stoner in his house at Parsonville some
time ago. The Commonwealth could
not make out a ease and the prisoners
were acquitted by direction of Judge
Wednesday afternoon Archie Cannon
was convicted of burglary and larceny
of goods from the house of Reuben
Collar in Parker twp. Cannon was also
charged with arson, but this was with
This morning Neal McCool, of Butler,
was found guilty of furnishing liquor
to intemperate and intoxicated men
and Walter McKay was acquitted of
the same charges.
The f&b. case against James Miller
of Clay twp. is on trial.
The Little Traveler Fence Co. for use
of J. Berg & Co. vs W. J. & W. M.
Brown, appeal by deft, from judgment
of $207.80 rendered bv Jacob Keck, J.
P., of Butler.
Annie L. Reed has applied for divorce
from her husband, Charles Reed.
George Trimbour of Summit twp.
will have a bill against the county, as
dogs killed two and worried seventeen
more of his sheep a few nights ago.
Earnest Dale plead guilty to surety of
the peace and was sentenced to pay the
costs and enter his, recognizance in
S2OO to keep the peace last Thursday.
Dr. Murray, of Sewickly, was sen
tenced to the pen. for four years for
killing his father's colored man.
John H. Negley, Esq., has lieen ap
pointed auditor to distribute funds in'
the assigned estate of A. A. Kohlmeyer,
of Allegheny twp., to J. M. Black, for
benefit of creditors.
The will of William Denny, dee'd., of
Winfield twp., has been probated and
letters testamentary granted to John
Edward Mclntyre, of Butler, entered
recog. in S2OO to appear when wanted
by the Court. He was charged with
surety of the peace by his mother.
Stella Speiker, of Butler, has plead
guilty to larceny.
County Superintendrnt Howard I.
Painter lias taken his official oath and
entered upon his duties.
E. H. Negley, Esq.. Dr. J. C. Atwell
and John (i. Christy were appointed a
committee to inquire into the mental
condition of Milton Hays, of Allegheny
The assault and battery and larceny
cases against James Redic have been
A. H. Cannon, of Eldorado, is await
ing trial charged with robbing and
burning a small oil-county house by
Reuben Collar.
A citation has been issued upon the
heirs and legal representatives of O. H.
P. Graham, dee d., of Cranberry twp.,
to show cause why partition should not
be made of his real estate.
A citation has been issued on D. B.
Douthett, executor of John Klingler,
dee'd., of Forward twp., returnable,
May 29.
John Stillwttgon, of Butler, who
struck John Taylor, plead guilty to
assault and battery.
A compulsory non-suit was granted
by Judge Win. Barker in the suit for
*3OOOO damages of Mrs. Rose B. Copley
vs the P. W. Ry. Co. The suit was
brought to recover for the death of Mr.
Copley in the Paint creek accident in
1897. Mr. Copley was mail agent on
the train, and as mail agentsare classed
with employes and assume the reason
able risks of their positions, this was the
basis of the non-suit.
j Letters of administration 011 the es
j tate of John W Kenned}*, dee d, of
1 Franklin twp have been granted to
■ Adalinr- Kennedy.
The commission appointed to inquire
j into the mental state of Milton Hays of
: Allegheny twp. examined Mr. Hays
| and witnesses at his house and at Dr.
Atwell's office in Butler and decided
that he was not of unsound mind.
I Wm. H. Walker, surveyor, Frank E.
j Mlt'-hell and Lewis P. Walker were ap
! pointed viewers on a petition of citizens
j of Winfield tw p. for a change in the
| public road at Saxon Station.
| P. W. Lowry. Esq., has been appoint
ed auditor to make distribution of funds
in the estate of A. J. Sloan, dee'd. of
Allegheny twp.
Wm A. Graabe was appointed tax
collector of Jefferson twp. vice S. M
Barr, resigned.
On petition of Wm. Woods the Court
referred back to the viewers for further
I action.the petition of citizensof Clinton
twp. for a new road.
Last Friday Sheriff Dodds sold the
Chas. A. Leslie property on Penn St..
Butler, to the Guarentee L. I Co. for
The sale by the executors of S. A
Kennedy, deed., of Mars, of the 10?
acre farm of Samuel. Ester, and Jane
Greer in Pine twp., Allegheny Co. to
John Martin for *SBOO has been con
firmed. Kennedy had held mortgages
against it.
J. B. Kennedy, admr. of Evander Mc-
Candless, has been granted permission
K) sell at public sale 25 acres in Franklin
twp. for payment of debts.
Mat. McCandless and Archie Stoner
were each sentenced six months to the
workhouse this morning.
W. J. Boyd to Frank Baker 11 acres
in Brady for *BOO.
Wm. Wiehl to Annie H. Clow lot in
Zelienople for $250.
P. Daubenspeck to Hannah V. Rupert
lot in Butler for *1450.
F. P. Brackney to J. W. Hutchinson,
quit claim, to property in Butler for
Henry C. Welsh to P. & W. By. Co.
lot in Forward for *l5O.
Cephas McLaughlin to Louis Fulmer
II acres in Fairview twp. for *IOO.
H. H. Daubenspeck to Minnie E.
Adams 1 acre in Washington for *SO.
John A. McCandless to Alex Bell 4
acres in Clay for *325.
Jacob F. Shaffer to J. R. Bonzo lot in
Zel'enople for *2OO.
John A. Taggert to A. E. Francis 50
acres in Brady for *IOOO.
S. O. Wright, assignee, to Jacob Gel
bach lot in Zelienople for *6O.
Marriage Licenses.
Jederzej Biskup Deny, Pa
Floryanna Henriek
Wm. A. Campbell Peachville
Anna M. Wiles Baldwin
E. J. McKean Rose Point, Pa
Nettie Yogan Muddycreek twp
Joseph Gerard Butler
Rosallie Lefevre "
Chas. J. Wnrster Oil City, Pa
Emma Becher Chicora
James A. Buchanan... .Allegheny City
Clara J. Scott
John C. Duffy Pittsburg
Mayme E. Sweeny Carbon Centre
Peter R. Double Butler
Mary E. Rodgers "
Henry J. Fieckers Allegheny City
Mary Agnes Minster St. Joe
Harry R. Sutton Butler
Gertrude Garvin Cranberry twp
S. L. Wimer Butler
Maggie E. Martin.... "
M. M. Banks Baldwin
Clara Rinker Petrolia
At Franklin— Robert W. Miller of
Glade Mills and Grace Mattern of Hood
At Pittsburg, Tuesday, James C.
Smith of Braddock and Martha E.
I Glasgow of Flick.
i>ynuiiiitiiig Hurglars
The little, burglar-proof safe in the
office of the Penn'a R. R. Co. at the
station here had a remarkable experi
ence last Friday night.
Some fellows, who got into the room
through a window, placed a large dyna
mite cartridge under it, lit the fuse and
then went out—went out of the room or
they would likely have been there next
morning. The explosion that followed
shook that whole section of the town,
aud tore the bottom of the safe into
fragments which shot out in all direc
tions, but as the floor under the safe
offered but little resistance, the explo
sion spent part of its force in that direc
tion, and the safe was not split open —
as the operators no doubt intended.
Fragments of the safe were shot into
the wall and ceiling, and one piece
ricochetted from the wall to the win
dov.' frame and then across the yard
and street to the front of the Davidson
& Gilghrist grocery where it made u
big hole in the plate glass window, and
another piece is imbedded (flat) in the
pine lining of the room and will be left
there as a curiosity. The explosion oc
curred about 2 a.m. but very few people
knew where, until next morning. The
safe is completely ruined. It dropped
into the hole made in the floor and was
pulled out with block and tackle next
To tin- Sunday Si-lioals of Mars.
We ask your hearty co-operation in
making the County Convention, to lie
held here June 1 and 2. a success. Each
officer, teacher and scholar should pro
cure a badge and take a personal inter
est in the work, look after the comfort
of the delegates and visitors. The
badge should be the introduction. The
Local Committee met last Wednesday
evening and will meet Tuesday evening
of this week to complete arrangements
for the Convention. The reports of
committees show good work, and the
people of this community ready for as
many delegates as may be sent. Don't
be backward, come, the town is yours
during your stay.
Has your school elected delegates?
Has your report been sent in ?
Have you paid your assessment?
I Mr. Superintendent, will you be
Rev. Pastor will you be there?
County and District officer, will yon
be there?
Speakers will you all be there?
Have you prayed for the Convention?
What part do you intend to take in
the Convention?
Which conference will you attend?
What kind of a report will you give
to your school ?
Do you expect a blessing if your
answer is "yes?" You have done your
duty. If not, why not? Longer delay
will hinder the work.
How familiar are yon with the Home
Department and the Normal Class?
Friends but one week remains, let us
use this week in seeing that our whole
duty toward the Convention has been
done. Places wishing the Convention
next year should instruct their dele
gates to inviteit.
I pay the highest market price in cash
for wool, haye no merchandise of any
kind to exchange, am located at same
place as last year, Graham Bros'. Grocery,
just across the street from Troutuian's
dry goods store.
Decoration Day.
Excursion tickets oetween all stations
on line of the P. B. &L. E. It. R. will
be on sale May 29 and 30, at one fare
for the round trip, on account of Dec
oration Day. Return limit May 31.
Any of our readers needing gas stoves
or gas ranges, gas fronts or any gas sav
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ing to call at the store of W. H.
O'Brien & Son. 011 Kast Jefferson St.
and get prices on the extensive line they
have on exhibition. They are also
agents for the celebrated Welsbach
Light, of which more than 1200 were
sold in Butler, last year.
Another Chapter in Color*,
On Thursday last Mrs. Sadie Steel
smith Brann. in response to a rnle filed,
an affidavit charging her hnsband. W
F. Brann. with being criminally inti
mate with a girl named Albtrta Black
in Pittsburg, and also with being un
kind to her, refusing her money, etc.
This was answered by Mr. Braun. in
an affidavit tiled Monday afternoon de
nying the new charges and alleging
that Mrs. Brann and Mr. Bine roomed
together at Brann's house during his
absence about S'ovember. lx'J7, and at
: one time Blue came to the house about
, 'J o'clock in the evening and remained
until 4 o'clock the next morning.
It is averred that Mrs. Braun rented a
furnished room to Elmer C. Blue during
her husband's absence; that when he
learned of the matter he compelled
Blue to vacate, and on returning home
from his business, which kept him away
a good part of the time, he found his
house closed about February 12, 18SM,
and the libellant gone, taking with her
their only child. On inquiry he found
that she was living in Chieago with
Nettie Rickman. a sister of Blue, under
the name of Mrs. Sadie Steelsmith,
which he claims to be able to show was
under an arrangement with Blue. It
is claimed that Blue and Mrs. Brann
wete frequently together here, bicycle
riding, buggy riding, at skating rinks
and various other places.
Braun says that a reconciliation which
was effected was not sincere, but was
the result of a conspiracy to effect a
condonation of the conduct between the
libellant and Blue. He then speaks of
his wife's language and actions as car
rying out this conspiracy. He says
that when his wife left him it was the
understanding that the divorce would
be secured without scandal, notoriety
or reproach to either of them. He al
leges that perjury was committed in
support of some of the charges made by
witnesses, whose board is now being
paid at hotels in Pittsburg.
One of Wednesday's Pittsburg papers
contained a copy of a letter said to have
been written by Mrs. Braun to Mr.
Blue, and coming to Butler on the
train that day Steelsmith assaulted
Braun and threatened to shoot him if
he forced the production of the letters
in question, for which action Braun
made information, and Steelsmith gave
bail for Sept. T The divorce case is
011 the trial list for tomorrow.
Last Thursday night fire destroyed a
small unoccupied house owned by John
Cress on West Penn St. The loss was
about $250. The neighbors say the tire
started under the rear end of the house
and express belief that some one set it
on fire. Considering the cool, wet
weather we have had lately this is a
plausable theory. Scarce a month be
fore this the W. H. Morris house on W.
Pearl St. also unoccupied and not more
than one hundred yards from the Cress
house, was also burned. Neighbors said
they saw boys leaying this house less
than an hour before the fire broke out.
No doubt the "arsonites" —who ought
to be in the penitentiary or the reform
school,according to their age will soon
attempt to burn the whole town unless
gathered into the paternal embraces of
the law.
Another source of comment in con
nection with the Cress fire was the fact
that our fire laddies dragged their sev
eral carts a mile more than that for
the South Side boys— to the tire. A
good part cf this was over streets very
muddy from the late rains and it is safe
to assert that the damage to clothing
was as much as that to the house.
Volunteer fireman earn all the glory,
suppers, etc. they get and more too.
The barn of Homer Keister of Slip
peryrock twp. was struck by lightning
and destroyed by fire on Wednesday
evening of last week.
During the late storms lightning
stmck Maxwell's livery barn in Bruin
any passed from the barn to Wm.
Young's house nearby, setting tire to it.
The flames were extinguished before
much damage was done.
During the storm of last week, the
house of F. P. Gormley, of Fenelton
was struck by lighting and set on fire,
but the flame was promptly extinguish
The Presbyterian Ladies Missionary
Society of Butler met at Harmony
church in Harrisville Tuesday and
English services will be held in
Heck's school at Carbon Centre on next
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
At the meeting of the congregation
of the Second Presbyterian, Mpnday
night, it was decided to purchase the
j Mrs. John Graham lot at S. E. corner
of the Diamond for a site for their
church. The price asked is SBOOO.
Evangelist L. L. Sieber, of Gettys
burg, Pa., completed last Sunday a
very successful term of revival meetings
in the English Lutheran church at Mil
lerstown. He is expected to conduct
meetings in Butler during the coming
Wheat. wholesale price $ 65&70
Rye. " 48
Oats, " 32
Corn, " 38
Hay, " 8 00
Eggs, " 10
Butter, " 12
Potatoes. " 50
Apples, " 1.00
Tnrmps, *' 40
Green onions per doz 15
Rhubarb per doz 25
Lettuce per It, 10
Spinnach, per bu. 60
Radishes, per doz bunches, 155
Flour retails at 90(op $1.20
"The week of speeches and flowers"
is the pretty and significant phrase
used to indicate the last week of the
season at the Pittsburg Grand Opera
House. It is so called because the
thousands of admirers of the famous
stock company located at that house
make a point of attending as many of
the performances as possible.and of call
ing upon the individual members of the
company for speeches. This gives
them all an opportunity to personally
address the audiences, thanking the
public for attentions shown them dur
ing the season. Almost every lady
present has her particular favorites in
the company, and they come prepared
with bunches of flowers which they
send back to the dressing rooms or
through over the footlights.
Stop-Overs at Philadelphia, Bal
timore* ami Washington on
Pennsylvania I (ail road
Through Tickets.
In addition to its excellent train ser
vice, the Pennsylvania Railroad offers
the travelers betweeen New York and
Chicago, and New York and and St.
Louis the privilege of a stop-over of ten
days at Philadelphia, Baltimore, and
Washington. This stop-over is granted
; on all through first-class tickets reading
via those cities. Persons desiring to
stop over mnst deposit their ticket with
the station agent immediately on arri
To those who have business to tran
! sact in these cities, or to persons who
have never visited the National Capital,
this privilege is a valuable one. aud
should appeal to all through travelers
between New York and the West, and
Chicago or St. Louis and the East. The
s stations of the Pennsylvania Railroad
| are centrally located in Philadelphia,
Baltimore, and Washington, and acess
to any section of the cities is easy, by
' either the regular street car lines or by
\ the Pennsylvania Railroad cabs to be
( found at the Philadelphia and Wash
t ington stations.
: —Music scholars wanted, at laS W
Wayne St.
M:i<;illl0!tll04H> NOTKS.
Speeking of the storm of Wednesday
of last week an Emlenton paper said:
"Hail as large as walnuts fell, perfor
ating tin roofs, breaking slate roofs,
smashing the windows on the one side
of the houses mining gardens and strip
' ping the trees of their foliage. After
the storm hail stones were shoveled up
in piles."
While engaged in his -to::e qnarry
in Pike county, tbe other day. Mr .fndd
Case came upon a den of lti bla< k ami
nine rattlesnakes. They were rolled up
together in a torpid state. All lost
their heads in short order. The en
trance to the den over hard rock wa
worn as smooth as glass, showing tint
it had probably been used by the snake
family far centuries as a winter resort.
Our neighboring town of (ireensburg,
is celebrating the centennial of its in
corporation today. The town is in
holiday attire and twelve brass bands
and a lot of martial ones are in the pa
rade. A (,'onestog.i wagon. 100 years
old, the military companies of tbe neigh
borhood and the school children are also
in the parade.
Harry Cnmberlajd of the :>d ward
cut his knee while trimming a tele
phone pole, a few days ago.
Alfred Bryan fell from the bleachers
at the Ball Park, Tuesday, aud was in
jured internally
A Southside boy named Lane had a
leg broken Tuesday evening, by a blow
from a brick thrown by another boy.
Sunday excursion to Allegheny.
Beginning May 21st 1699 and until
further notice the P. <N * W. Sunday ex
cursion train will leave Butler at tt:o.»
a. in. Butler time arrive Allegheny at j
9:35 returning train will leave Alleghe
ny at 5:30 p. m. arrive Butler at 7:03.
rate 75 cts.
—For bargains in valuable and desir
able residences inquire of Walker & 11c-
It you want a Bicycle or your old one
repaired go to White Walter & Co. |
largest stock in County. Bicycles for
II redelivered to all part.-, of the
town, every day.Leave or
ders at
in Main St.
t Commencing June Ist >
( we will offer any goods/
C unsold during our \
? Dissolution <
Sale J
pat such prices as will;
/ move them quickly. c
v We are anxious to show J
( a new stock by r
jjuly Ist,l
C and we intend selling the x
/ marked down goods at)
/ prices that will certainly b
/ sell them before the above /
f date, c
The reduction will not \ '
J apply to such goods as we )
C have added to the stock)
\ during the Sale, but only C
Cto those bearing the \
/ yellow sale ticket that we \
/ used during our j
| Dissolution |
| Sale. |
TIRES Repaired
and made as good as new at
White, Walter & Co's
Bicycle and
I Supply Depot,
Corner Main St. and Diamond,
Butler, Pa-
With our new Vulcanizer wu
can repair any cut or puncture
in a tire, with purr guru, and
make it stronger than before.
We repair all parts of bicyrlcn,
simply new parts at reasonable
prices. •
We are the cheapest plaee In
town, mid cannot be undersold.
We have seventeen wheels for
sale at bargain prices.
a postal card to,
11K11 r or call U l } No 41
new wagon, ruuning to and from his
Steam Carpet-Cleaning
1 establishment, will call at your house,
take away your dirty carpels and return
them in a day or two as clean as new.
All on a summer morning—Carpets,
ruga and curtains thoroughly cleaned on
short notice.
Trusses for Ruptura are
necessary. The only ques
tion to consider is "where
can I get the b-st truss for
the least money?" We sell
trusses on the "no charge f> r
fitting" plan. Wf charge jou
simply for the truss. We go
further, we guarantee a fit
and guarantee satisfaction.
There are many different
kind of trusses, and one
great thing is to know wliiit
kind is best to use. We
have had enough truss sell
ing experience to find that
out. Our stock of trusses is
not excelled in this vicinity,
but that is not the point for
\ou to consider. Your con
sideration as we said before,
is stated aljove. Men we fit
here. We give direction
for self measurement to
C. N. Boyd.
Diamond Block. Butler, Pa.
lii re-final account of In the Orphans*
Samuel A. Leslie. Admin- Court of Itutler
Istrator of Kllzabeth oovsty, JCo.
linker, dee'd. 1 Sept. Temu
And now. Mav . 1 xyw. on motion of Wil
liams & Mitchell, Att'ys.. for accountant, the
Court appoints J. I). ilcJunkin, Auditor, to
distribute funds, in the hands of the admin
istrator. amontr those entitled thereto.
Certified from the Record. May 2£nd. I*W.
Those interested will please take noti e.
that I will discharge the duties of said ap
pointment on the tfth day of June. at
my office in Butler. Pa., at looVlock a.m. of
said day at which time and place they may
attend if they see proper.
,!. I). McJt:XKIN.
May 22. |N9B. Auditor.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership heretofore existing between
Rudolph Barnhart, VV. A, Barnhart and
Fred. S. Barnhart in the business of
merchandizing and keeping a general
store in Connoquenessirg boro.. Butler
county, Penn'a., is this day mutually
dissolved, W. A. Barnhart retiring. All
claims and accounts due and owing the
firm will be collected by the remaining
nienbers of the firm and all debts owing
by the firm will be paid by them.
The business will be lieieafter carried
011 by Rudolph Barnhart and Fred. K.
Barnhart under the firm name of R.
Barnhart & Son.
Connoquenessing, Pa.
May 19th, 1599.
In the Court of Common Pleas for the
County of Butler, Penn'a.
Notice is hereby given that an application
will be made to the said Court on Wed-
nesday the 21st day of Jnne, 1599, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a m., under the Act of
Assembly of the Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, entitled "An Act to provide for
the incorporation and regulation of
certain corporations," approved April
29, 1874, aud the supplements theteto,
by John '.V. Ihown, J. S. Jack, John A.
Kirk patrick, et. al., for the charter of an
intended corporation to be called the
Second Presbyterian Church of Butler,
the character and object of which is the
support of the public worship of Al
nughty God, according to the faith,
doctrine, discipline, and usages of the
Presbyterian Church of the United
States of America, and for these purpose
to have, possess, and enjoy all the rights,
benefits, and privileges conferred by the
said Act and its supplements.
The proposed charter is now on file in
the Prothonotary's office.
Notice is hereby given that Patrick
Logue has filed his final account as
Committe of Mary Mcßride, a lunatic,
at Ms. D. No. 8, June Term, 1883, in
the Prothonotary's office, at Butler. Pa.
and the same will be presented for con
firmation and approval, Saturday. Sept.
!), 1899.
. Prothonotary.
Letters of administration in the estate
of Henry Dutter, dee'd., late of Franklin
twp., Butler Co., l'a., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to ssid estate
will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated ior
settlement to
MARY E. BOI.TON, Adm'x.,
Whitestown, Pa.
J. D, MCJUNKIN, Att'y.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John L. Shannon, dee'd., late of Conno
quenessing township, Butler Co., Pa ,
ha\iug been granted to the undersigned,
all persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to
u. G. SHANNON, Ex'r,,
Connoq lenessing I'. O ,
Butler Co., Pa.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Samuel McGregor, ilec'd., late of Clinton
twp.,Butler Co., Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment and
any having claims against the same will
present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
JOHN WII.EY, SR., lix'r..
Riddles X Roads.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Adam 11. Gold, dee d., late of Middle
sex township, Butler Co., Penn'a., hav
ing been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them properly
authenticated for settlement to
Denny P. 0., Butler Co., Pa,
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Daniel Heck, dee'd., late of Centre twp.,
Butler Co., Pa., having been granted to
the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
JOHN C. MOORE, lix'r.,
McCandless, Pa.
J. D. MCJUNKIN, Att'v.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the partnc r
sliip heretofore existing between O. W.
Stoughton, J. W. Shaffer, N. S. Gross
man, S. E Wilson, and David West,
under the firm name of "Prospect
Creamery C 0.," was dissolved bv mutual
consent 011 Saturday, April 15, 1899, O.
W Stoughton retiring.
The business will be continued under
the same firm name, and all accounts of
the late firm will be settled by the new-
Prospect Creamery Co , .
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A Taiicr IVla-ie Suit?
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