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VOTF.-All advertisers inteadlnjc to
•h»nßes 111 their ads. sh.ald notify as ot
l»-ir iutt'iillon to Uc ■ ot it«-r tb:iu Man
_l Ay niornititf.
Executor s notice. estate of Gebharl
Dissolution notice. Arthurs. Dunn &
Ruff's Big Shoe Sale.
Zimmerman's Clearing up Sale.
Ed. Colbert's hats. etc.
Douglass' Kodacs.
C. & T's yuick-aelling Merchandise.
Buffalo Acetylene Gas Co.
Administrators ari'l Executors of estates
can secure their receipt books at the CITI
ZKN office, and persons making pubil 'su ■>
th'lr note books.
—When all yonr bones are aching.
And your "brain seems quite on fire,
When yonr nerves are weak and shaking
And your lungs can scarce respire.
Yon will know then what a cough 1-.
And you'd better take a trip
To the nearest doctor's office,
For you surely have the grip.—Ex.
Meeting of the Humane Society, in
Court House next Tuesday evening.
—An order was issued yestenlav fix
ing January 31 as the 15th Pa s. muster
ing out day.
—According to report a thousand der
ricks were blown down in Western
Pennsylvania last Saturday.
A P. O. inspector was in town, late
ly, trying to tigure out who has been
stealing letters from the boxes.
—Annual meeting of the Board of
Trade in the Conrt Room this evening,
for the purj>ose of electing officers
- Lota of girls look so melancholy
they get credit for possessing poetic
natures, wheD it's only a case of corns
—W. C Coovert, who was dangerous
ly injured at the Flinner coal mine near
Portersville, a few days ago, is reported
to be recovering.
—The State Board of Charities has
recommended an appropriation of $2500
by the State* for the Butler General
Hospital The officers of the hospital
ask for 120000.
The Pennsylvania Torpedo Co. con
templates establishing a branch office in
the neighborhood of the Rosenberry
pool, in the northern part of the county
in the near future.
- On Saturday last Ben Masseth sold
(wild his horse, "Donatella'" to a Chicago
party for $8,500. During last season
out of ten entries he won eight Firsts,
and two .Seconds. At Lexington, Ky.
he made 2. 18j.
—With the two courts going this
week, there has been no room for the
Connty Auditors in the Court House,
so they were bundled off to the jail,
where they have been pursuing their
labors in the front room.
—lt costs about $75 to rebuild a der
rick and if three-hundred of them were
knocked over by the wind last Satur
day, the rebuilding of them will put
about $20,000 into the pockets of the
rig-builders of this connty.
-Bntler is a remarkably healthy
town, and part of the credit is due to
our Board of Henltb, which has been
doing more work than it is given credit
for. Small-pox has appeared in some of
the neighboring towns, and the Board
requests everybody to get vaccinated
—The fact is vouched for that a man
who took a city paper because he could
get more reading matter than in his
home paper, rtad an advertisement of a
pocket fire s rape and sent a dollar for
one. In a few days he recived a New
—Vo. O left for Harrisbnrg on the
2:H5 Monday afternoon and lay at
Blairsville till about 10 p. m. when
their car was hitched on to a section of
the Philadelphia Express which arrives
at Harrlsbnrg abont 8 a. m. The Co.
inarched in the Inauguration Parade,
Tnesday, and came home that night.
I If this attracts your attention it is
1 to remind yon that, provided yon
Al have received a bill of your indeht
IVedness from us. either for snbscrip
V tion or job work, or. if yon know
yonrs'df to lie in arrears with us. that \
we wonld be greatly obliged if you'd 1
make prompt settlement, either by J
calling at the office or sending the/l
amount, and recive proper credit. V
- -There was a fellow around town
a few days ago picking np tobacco quids
and snipes from tb< gutters, which he
put into a sack. The collections of
second-hand chews are sent into the
large cities and worked over with a
little fresh stock. The mixture in
dragged and made into cigareta. A
tfiri takes a good many chances when
ahe kisses a cigaret smoker, Titnsviile
Conrier. Think of it girls.
—Any one who live* near a water
course can at an expense if $lO build an
ice bouse capable of containing a cube
of the crystal luxury ten feet square
Rough boards for the outer wall, slabs,
for the inner, with a tilling a foot thick
of tan bark or saw dnst. a layer of the
aarne thickness on the top a clapboard
roof, a drain to carry of the drippings
from the ice, and then pack in the ice
cloee and compact, cover it with saw
dust, and the work is down Such a
ntore will furnish half a dozen families
with hard bntter, cold water frozen
custard", and all the luxuries of a first
claes ice cream saloon for the whole
Washington county enjoys the dis
tlnction of having bad five sheriffs in
one year J. Vemer (.'lark stepped ont
as sheriff on January it, IHW. His sue
ceseor, John A Kennedy, died in June
following, and Coroner Fltr.patrick by
virtue of bis office became sheriff. lie
was succeeded iiy John A. Kennedy,
non of the deceased sheriff, who was
Appointed by Governor Hastings to
nerve until the official elected at the
November election should take hold.
Joseph T Hemphill, who was elected
for a fall term, took the oath of office
on Saturday and assumed his duties on
Motility, Thi-t is a state of affairs
which perhaps has never occurred in
any other county.
Dr Bull's Cough Syrup cures bronchi
lis. Why suffer when this wonderful
remedy can Ist had for only Jsc, a bot
By the way, speaking alxiut Hour, w«
might just say we can furnish it from
75 cents per sack np to $1 20 iter sack.
Our flour needs no commendation to
those who are using it. as for others a
trial is all we ask The quality and
quantity are guaranteed.
Q»i. WAbrr.it <v so.vs
Any of our readers needing n»* stoves
•or %nn ratio's K** front* or any »av
ttiK appliance will find it a financial sav
ing to call at the "tore of W. H.
■O'Brien &. Son Hast Jefferson St.
•lid get price* on the extensive line they
ihave on exhibition. They are also
agents for the celebrated Welsbach
Light, of which Wore than laoo were
©!< l in Butler, la*t year.
Trj \l List.
Friday aftern in the jnrv in the
iof E McCafferty, admx of Francis Mo
Cifferty vs the Penn'a. K K Co..
brought in a verdict for the plaintiff
for *4104. This was the third trial
The first was before Judge Shaffer, of
Allegheny Co., and the verdict for plf.
was $1001). Axain last Jane this case
was tried before Judge Reed, of Clarion
Co., and the verdict was $.-to«H). On the
plf. not conscenting to have the verdict
red ace to $1"; n he granted a new trial.
Galbreath and Campbell were attorneys
for McCafferty.
The snit of W L Jamison vs J L Mc-
Narnee, trespass, was settled.
The four assumpsit casts of the
Capital City Fire Ins. Co.ys C H Bogss,
G I) Swain et al were continued.
The two cases of Kearns vs Butler
Water Co. w ere continued.
The case of Fred Turner vs P C
Martin & Co. wa- settled: also the as
sumpsit case uf Mrs. S Ii Altman vs
Grady, Cody & Co.: also that of A W
Root vs Butler boro.
The assumpsit suit of John Furer vs
Webster Keasy was held over until
March 17.
The ejectment suit of W L Curtis vs
B L Wise was fixed for trial March is.
In the assumpsit case of Fred Ransc-b
--er et al vs John <t McClimans et al, the
jury gave a verdict for the defendant
for slOl 41. A contract has been made
between the parties by which McCli
mans was to furnish from his quarry on
the Addison Gold farm in P.nflalo twp.,
pink and white stone used in building
the new English Lutheran Church in
Butler. The stone furnished was con
demned by the architect andßauscher
refused to receive more of it and con
stracted with Geo Schenk for stone to
finish the church at a higher figure
than he was paying McClimans. Ho
brought snit for some SSOO, the
amount of difference between the price
he had to pay Schenk and that which
he would have had to pay McClimans
had he fulfilled his contract. The de
fence was that 110 chance t.j fufill the
contract had been given.
In the case of M H Thompson vs Geo
Miller, assumpsit, the jury gave a
verdict of $17.80.
In the case of John C. Kelly vhi Henry
Foltz. trespass, Tut -day the jury gave
a verdict for the plf. of #45. The suit
was brought to recover for damages
done the plaintiff's land in For.vard
township by salt water flowing over it
from the deft's oil well.
The mechanics lien cases against th<*
Slipperyrock Normal School have l»een
continued: also the Hemphill ys Dnprey
and the Kiskaddon vs Martin
Th" cas*' of (b- >. Reiber vs the P B &
L E Ry Co, was taken up Monday
morning, before .Judge < 1 C Criswell, of
Venango, Co., and occupied the Court
until Wednesday evening, when the
jury returned. The suit is an action in
trespass brought to recover damages
done to the plaintiff's land in the east
era part of town by the defendant, con
■stiucting a railroad over it. The land
in question is a long strip lying !*•
tween the P <fc W and West Penn
tracks and Jefferson St extension, and
and extends from Kittanning st to the
old salt works. The railroad runs
through its entire length, close to one
dwelling house and through the old
Reil>er homestead. The plaintiffs wit
ness placed the damages at from f 20,000
to $:s">,000. and the defts. witness at
from $2,000 to $5,000. E Mc.Junkin,
Campbell and (Jalbreath are attorneys
for the plf. and Vanderlin
and Forquer Bros, fur the defts
This morning the jury brought in a
verdict for Reiner for $4400
The ca-e of J C Fry of Rochester vs J
I) Wolf, trespass for malicious prosecn
tion is on trial and that of P C Martin &
Co. vs East End Oil Co. comes next.
Both cases have been throngb Superior
The suit of Dr Kistler vs Eli May and
II Bickel has been settled.
In the suit for damages for slander
of Olive Matthews, vs Levi Slater,
both of Butler, the jury gave a verdict
for the plf., for $1,950 this morning.
Purer vs Keasy is on trial.
Geo Bishop vh Mary Donley, sei fa
Hiir mechanics lien, plaintiff * claim
s92#. 07.
A T Black, aduir. of lames McEl
haney, dec'd., now for use <.f L E Me
Elhaney ys \V G Christy ami C F
Pierce, sci fa mir judgment.
Same vh VV G Christy. sci fa Hnr
Emma E Gold vh .1 G McClimons
deft, and Fred Kanclier and CC Shira,
garnishees, execution attachment to at
tach and levy on debts. and good* of
«l/;ft in hands of garnishees.
Laura L Jewett. of Forward twp. vh
R 1' Jewett, lilw-1 in divorce liecause of
J Berg & ( 'o. vh D.tn'l Duffy, deft
and Batler Co. N'tl Bank garnishee exe
cntion attachment on deft's goods in
garnishee's hands.
J I) Marshall Esq has been ap|*>inb<d
guardian of Susie M and Pearl E
Wright, minor children of Samuel
Wright, deed., of Connoqnenessitig
twj>; itl ho of Maud Dunning,nee Crooks,
minor child of John ,M <' rook H , deed,
late of Middlesex.
On petition of the pc rents, A .1 Kind
and wife, of Middlesex twp., H \1 Leslie
han heeu appointed guardian of Samuel
Kind, who received a legacv under the
will of John Mcßride, dee d
The will of William Starr, late of
Concord twp., han been prolmted, no
On petition of F VV ShuHter. the fol
lowing -ommission in lunacy wan ap
(Hiin ted on liih sister. Elizabeth, of Bui'
falo t.wp Ad Williams Esij, I>r .1 M
Scott and John Wade.
On petition of Mrs. Alice W Erwin. a
citation lias been issued on J M Mr
Burney, of Washington, Pa . execntor
of the will of Rev. (100 A Wenzel,
dee d . late of Zelicnople, to show cause
why he siiall not Ist required to give
security lie removed, or file bin final
Court for the hearing of arguments
on equity and other cases will convene
Monday morning, February •>.
Beoj R Williams, son of A <« Wil
lianiH Esq., has registered as a law
J I' Shirley and wife of the Park
Hotel have adopted Maty Etta, aged
two years, daughter of Oeorge Graham.
Our County Commissioners have
selected Mr Owsley, of Yonngstown.
to l»e architect of the proposed new
jkvit house. A report was current, laHt
week that the Commissioners had pur
chased the Itobt Stevenson farm, but it
whs incorrect.
The Stall- Supreme Court has alJlriii
ed the death sentence against Win Hill
man for the murder of Bertha Spiegel.
The election place of I'eiin township,
north precinct, has been changed to the
little church on North St . Renfrew.
It had been in the K O T M hall lately
A subpoena in divorce hasli.-eQ grant
ed In the ease of Laura L Jewett vs li
I' Jewe tt.
On petition of John Findley. ad hit
of II C Black, a rule was granted or
Alex Russell, receiver of the firm of II
(' Black X. Sons t<> tile imd ■ ttle an ac
count as receiver
The petition of John I: Kiester and
Ja<*oli O Roenick. e\r of John'Kiester,
dee d, of Slipperyrock twp . for leave
to grant right of vpnf to tiie p BSt L K
has been granted.
The Evans City Water Co has pro
sen ted a petition asking for its dissolu
tion. The petition will he heard Marcl
The will of JHIIItm l> Anderson. der'd,
of l'enn township, ban lieen probated
and letters t«staiiienti»ry granted to
llobt M, .lohn F, K II and Win (' An
diirwio. sons of the «!••«■«■■ I• •nt lly tint
tortus of the will llobt M. in addition
to what lie h*H already roceivud. it» to
K«t #l<hm>, J 1 and K II iin' to receive
eaeh and the Hart/.0l farm of MO
acre* in I'eqn twj>. as tenants in coin
! mori; the taotfiestead farm of 125 acres I
in IVtwi twp. is derisftl to Wei C. he to
pay ?"i<*oo to the executors within two
years after the t.-tator - death. Three
daughter- Mr- Elizabeth Martin. Mrs
i Florence Graham and Mrs. Mary Sea
' man each receive 111 ' profit- and
' any residue of personal estate are to
divided equally.
J. M. Sloan has petitioned for a c-it i
tiou on Lycurgus Sloan, to file account
as executor of A. J. Sloan, deed., of
Venango twp.
Elizabeth Shuster was adjudged in
sane by the examining commission and
will bo taken to the Polk Pa.. Institn
A petition for partition of the estate
of Amos Pyle. dee d, of Muddycreek
twp has been presented by E II Pyle
The estate is In ) acre farm.
Judge Kohler decided at Akron 0.,
that the flirting which Miss Gertrude
Jennings may have done during the
trial of her damage case against the
Akron and Cuyahoga Fall- Rapid Tran
sit Company with one of the jurors was
not enough to help her case materially,
and refused a new trial asked by the de
fendant. He did believe, however, that
the damages were excessive, and re
duced them from £4.500 to * ',500.
The decision of the Supreme Conri a
few days ago upon a test case from Lan
caster County means thousands of dol
lars increase in the cost to counties of
the State, and at the same time greater
revenues for the constabulary. C .n-sta
ble Price, of Lancaster County, claimed
50 cents infees for each witness subp<ena
ed and 10 cents for every mile he travel
ed. The Commissioners refused to pay
the bill, and in a suit to recover. Jndge
Livingston, of the lower court, decided
that the constable was entitled to but
50 cents, no matter bow many names
were in the subpoena, and in mileage
wan entitled to each and every mile lie -
easarily traveled in the service of the
writ. The Commissioners appealed t>
the Superior Court, which reversed the
lower court as to the subpoena, gaye
the constable 50 cents for each and ev
ery witness on bis subpoena, and held
that the constable was only entitled to
10 cents per mile traveled one way way.
The Commissioners next appealed to the
Supreme Court, which has just affirmed
the decision of the Superior Court
Those familiar with the Quarter Ses
sions cases know that there are many
witnessess, in each trial, and that the
costs for criminal cases will now be
largely augmented. Prior to the change
in the law making 50 cents the legal fee
for subpoenaing witnesses the fee was
15 cents, which was considered fair
compensation. Ex.
PKOI'EKTY Tkansfeks.
I> W Zeigler to Wilimena Nixon lot
in Evans City for #1450.
John W Ekas to ( has Shaver lot in
Butler for $*2500.
J A Stoughton to Janette E Carnea
than lot in < 'lay for S2<MM».
Sophia Johnston to John Johnston lot
in Butler for SIOSO
H W Montgomery to Eliza J Hoffman
lot in Winfield for $525.
Thos L Huselton to Jas T Marshall
1«j acres in Penn for SOSO.
Margt A Brewster to Mary E Brown
100 acres in Centre for $2207,09.
Bernard McOrea to Rachel E Hays I
acre in Clearfield for SIOO
RB Rhodes to F L Forrister lot in
Centreville for $125.
Jacob J Fiedler to Cath Eichholtz 100
acres in Jackson for SOOOO.
Sadie Allen to ('has W Allen lot in
Franklin for SIOO.
Jefferson Allen to B M. Stei ndorf,
lot in W. Snnbury for s.{<«).
Marriage Liceuacs.
Fred E Wagner. .New Kensington, Pa
Araminta Warwick Saxonburg
Blasius Bshibel Butler twp
Catharine Baxter Butler
Win W Scott Dnqnesne, Pa
Jennie A Watson Natrona, Pa
Edward Schnler Clearfield twp
Maggie Heasley
Frank D McChesney Jefferson twp
Blanch M Burtner
.las N Mcßride Venango twp
Luella E Snyder Forestville
Casper Paul Toledo, O
Anna Lorenz Bntler
\t, Yonngstown, 0., H. J. Brownßeld
and Grace Enoch of Chicora.
At Mercer. John Dyer, of Grove City,
and Minnie Viola Bell, of Harrisville.
Tiik Market was dropped by the
Standard last Thursday afternoon to
$1.17, the Producers still holding to
$1 20, but. next day the Standard drop
ped to sl.lO and the Producers to $1 17.
This morning both agencies are pay
ing $1 10 for oil
M iddt-ESKX The well on the Geo
Rebel was expected in Monday. It
may open up some new territory.
Some sixty rigs are down in the CoopJ
erstown field.
i'KOWVgUAtjK Stoner & Albert have
completed a 40 lill well on the Geo.
Ilarliing. Stage's well on the Nancy
Adams in holding up at 75 blls rigs are
ap on t.he Hays, Oalloway and Hartley.
Makh J. I.}. A. Kennedy lian a well
on the Wm. Davidson
Zkukshl'l.k The Home Oil Co'sNo.
!!. in tiie Zcr o Goehririg iH |»111. at 15 blls
and the Shaffer Oil Co's well on the
Henrv Shaffer at. the same.
Ar.MCCfiKNV'twp. The Sadie < >il Cos
No Son the J. J. Mil ford looks like a
ten bll well or better; and Klingier <fc
Co's No. I on the Joseph looks like i«-
fair producer. Daugherty, Goodwin
& Co's No. I; on the Joseph is rated at
15 blls
Scio, Ohio, in the boom oil town, just
now. The Dispatch says "The high
est bonus paid for a single lease was the
lames Scott farm, located east, north
eaat and north of the town, and consist
ing of abont 2'K) acres. It was leased
by E II Jennings & Bros , Lecomte,
Bruner and Stewart Bros. They paid
$25,000 for the lease, and one of the
principals stated that he considered it,
the best hargin in the Held. The first
well will be due thin week.
Leasing is still active in all directions
from Scio. At Cadiz, and for a distance
of eight miles went, the territory han
been tied up in the pant few weeks.
At Morfleld thousands of acres have
been leased For a distance of 10 miles
southwest of Scio the territory has been
taken up. Some pin their faith on an
extension of the Scio field to reach them
and others have faith in the discovery
of new jif>ol«.
Scarcity of territory has caused a
centralization of oil men at Scio. • )ne
meets operators from the Lima and In
diana fields, Histersville and the lower
Houthweit, Bntter, Allegheny and
Wanhington county talent is well
up to the front of the possession, and an
occasional wander from Oil City. Brad
ford and Titusvllie turns up, bringing
witli him money and experience.
I''I,OICI I > \.
The midwinter exodus has begun.
The discomforts and dangers of our
Northern winter are directing attention
to the sunny lands of the South
The first Pennsylvania Railroad tour
to Jacksonville, allowing two weeks in
Florida, will leave New York and Phil
adelphia January 24.
Excursion tickets, including railway
transportation. Pnllrnan accomuioda
tioriH (one berth), and meals en route in
Isith directions while traveling on the
special train, will be sold at the follow
ing rates: N'ew Vork. $50.00; I'hiladel
pbia Baltimore, and Washington. SIH;
Pittsburg, ssl! 00, and at proportionate
rates from other points.
For tickets itineraries, and other In
formation apply to ticket agents. Tour
ist. Agent at lIWI Broadway, New York,
or to Geo. W. Boyd, Assistant General
Passenger Agent, Broad Street Station,
To those preferring a spring wheat
flour we would say our "Best Patent
GfJO. WAI'TKIt <fc SuNH.
I'or bargains in valuable and destr
able residences inquire of Walker & Mc-
Our "Eagle Brand" is the tuv.M, win
ter wheat flour. Try it.
Oi7). W U/l'Klt «V, SiiN'.s
II von want a lllcyrle or your old one
repaired go to White Walter (Ui
largest stock in County Hicyoles fur
Dr. N. M. H over is suffering from
the grip*
J p. Whiteside, of Middlejex, was
in town. Monday.
Charles B. Glasgow of Middlesex twp.
was in town. Tuesday.
James Findley. of Franklin twp., 4
was in town, Monday.
W. M. Wigfield, of Jefferson twp.,
was in town Saturday.
H. M. Grossman, of Slipperyrock
twp.. was in Butler. Friday.
Archie Marshall of Portersville sold
his drug store to Marion Hay.
Joseph W. Patterson, of Jefferson
township, was in town, Tuesday.
James T. Marshall and daughter.
Miss Olie. of Penn twp, were in town,
E. M. Whippo, of Pittsburg. is visit
ing his father C. O Whippo of \V allula
Ave , S. S.
R. J. Conn, of Euclid, has retired
from the firm of Arthur, Dunn and Co.
See notice.
Jacob Whitmire, of Oakland twp.
and John W Meyers of Middlesex were
in town. Friday.
M. H. Davis, a brother of Morgan
Davis, of Butler, is lying sick of tj -
phoid at Singtown W. Ya.
Harry Schmerker, of Marietta, O.
came home to attend the funeral of his
brother-in-law, Charles Haunon
J Q. A. Sullivan, of Buffalo town
ship, nas recovered from a long sick
ness, and was in Butler, Tuesday.
Judge S- S. Meharg. of the Pittsburg
bar is in town today, as counsel for the
deft, in the case of Frv vs Wolf.
<'has. Shoenfelt, of Fairview.on Mon
day started for Kentucky, where he is
running several strings of tools.
Perry Black, of Cambridge Springs.
Crawford <'o.. visited his brother Bra
den Black of Butler over Sunday.
Fred Leidecker and Geo. Cypher are
investigating the oil fields of Texas,
and incidently intend shooting some
W. W. Hill of Valontiiq, got word,
while at Norfolk. Va., of the muruet of
his uncle John Blevins of New Castle,
and came home to attend the funeral.
Miss Jean Itunyan an<l J. M. Pringle,
both of Hutler were married in Pitts
burg, Tuesday. The happy couple
have the bent wishes of a host of
friends. Mr-iPringle is an employee of
the Forest Oil Co.
H. E. Rice, formerly of Middle Lnn
carter, was burned to death last Tues
day night, in a house near Kane. H
was a mail carrier.
Flarry Shrader, son of Prank Bbinder
of Institute Hill ,a carrying in boy of
the Hamilton Bottle works, was very
badly burned about the face NVednes
day afternoon. He was looking into
the furnace when the burning gas puff
e<l out striking him iu the face.
Dan'l Daubenspi-'-k had a toe so badly
smashed by an anger falling on it while
at work at Wildwood Wednesday that
amputation was necessary. He came
to Butler and had the injury attended
to by Dr. Atwell.
Ford Braham of near Harrisville had
a remarkable adventure on the Lake
Shore Ft. ft. np near Polk, Venango Co.
last Saturday night. Ho had tnken a
load of produce in a sled to Franklin
that day, and was returning home; but
at a point near Polk the public road
crosses the It. It and for a distance
runs parallel with it. Ford's team took
up the railroad, and as he was lying in
the sled he did riot notice the difference
when a freight train thundered down
npon him, killing both horses, and
throwing the bed of ihe sled with Ford
in it a distance of 175 feet (according to
report), without injuring Ford in the
least. Ford Braham is a son of Hugh
Braham, dee'd, and his home is in Pine
twp , Mercer county, near the Mercer
twp. line.
('r>inu)nnion services were observed in
the U. P. church last Sunday and five
new member* received into the conjure
A H«i|»i»«*r will lie given in the lecture
room of the U P. church Friday even
ing by the Ladies' Missionary Society.
Twenty five cents worth of t;ood food
and g'»od fellowship are promised to nil.
In Forward township, last Friday
night, Fred Dainbach's straw st.raek
was struck by lightning and bnrned.
The McCatiley Pat ton Co at our
Opera House this week is playing to
lull houses and giving good satisfaction
They are clever people and make great
fun At the matinee Saturday after
noon for children, each child present
will receive a present, some of which
can lie seen 011 exhibition in the
windows of the Telegraph < )flice.
Popular prices and lots of fun.
111 • r
The <hand Opera House has achieved
such an enviable reputation for the
maKnilicence of its productions that
when it is announced that one of W. P.
Pinero's daintiest comedies, "The Ama
son," is to be given next week, every
one knows that the presentation will be
perfect in every detail. The piny was
origion.Uly done al the Lyceum Thea
tre, New V'ork, and ran for a season
It was pronounced by the critics the
■ very best thin« that < ver was written
by Filmland's very tiest playwright.
The humor is exquisite in its subtlety
and effectiveness. The love episodes
are natural and go straight to the heart
As the name i<f the place suggests, the
«irls wear masculine costumes and are
as remarkable for their athletic prowess
as for their beauty Miss Lizzie Hud
son Collier, Miss Jessie Izett, and the
Orand's new ingenue who has already
made a great hit in 'ln Mizzouri", Miss
Antoinette Ashton, will be the three
Amazona. There is great opportunity
for fine scenery in this piece, and it is
intended that it shall stand forth as
the handsomest production of the pres
cut season. The performance is con
tinuous from I p. 111. to II p. m.
From the comedy of Henry Ouy (Jar
leton to the comedy drama of Archi
bald ( 'layering Ounter, is a wide sweep
and one that fully teats the versatility
of the Avenue Stock Company. "Mr
liarncs of New York" is a play from
the novel, the author of the bo.ik hav
ing made the dramatization that when
first presented in New York caused no
end of sensation and was the means of
britiKi UK into histrionic prominence
several of the leading actors of the day.
Special interest will be attached to this
production from the fact that it will
introduce the new leading lady of the
Avenue, Miss Ueryl Hope. It should
be born in mind that the prices of the
Avenue are lower floor, reserved, Jtfic,
with a few choice seats at 50c, and the
entire balcony, reserved, 'itir. Hut two
matinees are xiven weekly, one on
Wednesday and one Saturday. The
matinees have grown to be quite popn
lar for ladies and children.
A Wonderful Success.
The Buffalo National Acetylene Oas
('a. of liuff'alo. N. Y, are placing on the
market on thirty days trial, a machine
for the manufacture of Acetylene Oas.
which is bound to take the place of all
other illnminatits. This machine is
the latest improved and is recomended
by all standard insurance companies.
They light churches, stores, factories,
residences and country homes. They
want good representatives.
The Year 1899 Should End
with your having a »nu>{ deposit in the
Pittsburg Bank for Savings No. 210
Fourth Avenue, Pittsburg. Write the
Hank ami a new book of explanation
will be sent you. Your money will earn
you 4 per cent, interest.
Highest cash price paid for Buck
wheat,. Wheat and Kye.
Of the Ist Ward.
Subject to the Republican Borough
Primary. Saturday, January 21. 1 S9'«>
Local Primaries,
'j Bntler boro—all five wards -at the
! usual polling places, next Saturday.
An Overseer of the Poor, three Audi
tors and a High Constable are to be
I elected by the towh; besides a School
j Director, Councilman, Constable and
I Election < )fficers for each Ward.
The Republicans of Clay township
will hold their primary election for
| township officers at Euclid on Saturday,
January 'iS, from I to 4 p. m.
1 Penn township Republicans will hold
its primary at Maharg and Renfrew
next Saturday. Xurth Penn will here
after vote at the Little Church on
Mont St
The Republican Primaries of Jeffer
son township will be held on Saturday,
Jauuary 28th, 2 to 4 p. m. at Jefferson
Tlio Palaoe ( lull.
One of the most pleasant events that
has ever happened in butler was the
banquet and entertainment given to
the members of the Palace Club at their
rooms on S. Main St.,last Monday even
ing by their President and Secretary.
George C. liiehl and George W. S trick
Excellent music was furnished by the
Keystone < )rchestra of Butler, match
games of billiards and bowjing Ijelped
to pass away the time pleasantly, in<l
late in the evening a splendid layout of
roast chicken, chicken-salad, etc. was
provided, followed by lining up for a
picture bv Mr. Findley, the artint pho
The Club has two large rooms in the
Stein building, one of which is a bil
liard room and tbeotlier a bowling alley
Everything is new and up to date. No
drunkenness, disorderly conduct or pro
fanity is allowed in the rooms, aud the
( 'lull BOW numbers two hundred mem
The billiard contest that eventttM w«r>
won by John Vogel, the pool contest by
O. S Slerriman; the bowling contest by
Peter Kihn, and the three-pin contest
by Mark Nay man.
One of the members, John Stein, pre
sented the Clnb with a pretzel about
three feet long, an.! all the members of
the Clnb are requested to be at tht*
rooms at D o'clock, this evening to show
their appreciation of it
CL A. It. Officers.
The following officers of A G. Reed
Post 105 G A. R. were installed by
Comrade Newton Binclc on Friday
Commander J. L. Henry.
Senior Vice A. G. Morrison.
Junior Vice Win. Snyder.
(.Quartermaster -I J. McCandless.
Officer of the day A. B. Richey.
Officer of the Guard Isaac Hawk.
Sentinels Samuel Miller and John
1} Mc( urdy
The memorial sermon will be prpach
edinthe English Catholic Church on
May 'X by Father Daniel Walsh.
(inr grocers are paying 17 to 20 cents
for butter. 20 for eggs, 50 to 00 for
onions. 40 for potatoes, ISO to HO foj
apples, 50 for parsnips, carrots and
beets, i{o for turnips, and 1J a lb. for
Public Sale.
The weather has been rather fresh for
sales and but few are advertised. We
note the following:
January 24th, at Fred Herald's in
Centre twp., near Butler.
Ladies Are Always Economical.
If they keep their savings in the Pitts
burg Batik for Savings, No. 310 Fourth
Avenue, Pittsburg, tliey earn 4 per cent,
interest, compounded twice a year. You
can send your deposits by mail.
America is a great country. In va
riety and grandeur of natural scenery
it is unrivaled. To traverse it, to be
hold its diversities and its wonders, is a
liberal education, a revalation to the
immured metropolitan citizen. The
Personally-Conducted Tour to Califor
nia under the direction of the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company, which leaves
011 February 11, affords a most excellent
opportunity to view the vast variety
and boundless beauty of this marvelous
land. The party will travel over the
entire route in the model Pullman train
of smoking, dining, sleeping, and ob
servation cars exhibited at the World's
Fair, ('hicago, and subsequently at At
lanta, Nashville, and Omaha. This
train will be placed in service for the
first time on this occasion, and will lie
in charge of a Tourist Agent and Chan .
eroti, who will look after all the details
of the trip, as well as the individual
welfare of members of the party.
Stops will be made at Mammoth Cave,
New Orleans during Mardi Oras Garni
yal, HI Paso, Los Angeles, San Diego,
Redlands, Riverside, Pasadena, Santa
Barbara. Monterey, Del Mont, Santa
('ruz. Mount Hamilton, Mcnlo Park,
San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Glen
wood Springs, Colorado Springs, Mani
tou and Garden of the Gods, Denver,
and ('hicago Nineteen days will be
spent in California Round trip rate,
including all necessary expenses during
entire trip, $ 1 00 from all points on the
Pennsylvania Railroad System east of
Pittsburg, $;{!)."» from Pittsburg. For
itineraries and full information apply
to ticket agents. Tourist Agent, 11IW
liroadway, New York; or address Geo.
W. Boyd, Assistant Genera) Passenger
Agent, Broad Street Station, Philadel
New, four-room house for sale. In
quire at this office.
Of Interest to You.
Parties wishing to engage iu the livery
business, call oil Walker Kt Wick for
location and outfit
.lol> Work,
If you want Posters,
If you want »Circulars,
If you want Sale Bills,
If you want Fnvelopes,
If yon want Bill Heads,
If you want Price Lists,
If you want Statements,
If yon want Note Heads,
If you want Letter Heads,
If yon want Address ('arils,
If you want Business Cards,
If you want Invitation ('arris,
If you want any kind of Printin
done call at the CITJ/.KN office.
Music scholars wanted, at 128 W
Wayne St.
II delivered to all parts of the
I to sn, every day Leave or
ders at
1.12 Main St.
Illglwst cash price paid for Buck
wheat, Wheat and Itye
They Say That
is headquarters for photos of
all styles, artistic posing
and up to date finishing.
Framing Done to Order
All the latest designs tn
Waller ColoirJaud I'nstels a
speciality, Copying and
P. O. Building, Butler
SubscrilH) for the CITIZKN
Doings of tlio Storm.
The bisrh pole made of casing and
' tubing broke at the first joint from the
j ground, during the high wind of last
Saturday, and fell to the ground the
roof of Lew Wick's planing mill was
moved by the same wind, but was
quickly tied and weighted.
The high pole at Glade Mills was
J saved by guying it with the Hag rope.
The Forest Oil company lost SO rigs
in the Glade Run field: one ganger at
Evans City reports 41 rigs down in his
district Xorth of Butler tae destruc
| tion was not so great. Troutman re
j ports only six destroyed. Iu the Pros
pect. or Muddy (.'reek field 37 rigs were
The Lutheran church in Jefferson
twp. was unroofed, and the rest of the
building injured
The high wind of last Saturday
blew down about a hundred derricks 11
the (ilade Run fields and a dozen more
each in the Dilks and Rosenberry fields
This w'll keep the rig builders busy for
some tunfc. "It's an ill wind that blows
nobody good."
Auditor's Notice.
11l re. Ist Partial Account In the Orphan's
of Owen Brady Jr.. Ad- Court of Hutli-r
ministriitor of Owen County, l'a.. No. I
Itrmly >r . di-.-. II. March T..
Now. to-wit, tin- - J2d day of I>eeeniiH*r. ls'.i*.
on motion of I.i vi M. Wise, Ks«i . Attorney
for accountant, tht! Court appoints Oeo. \\ .
Klwjrer Ksi|.. au auditor to rciMirt ilKtrilm
-1 lon of the funds In tlie hands of said ac
coiii)tlii|t lo 411'! tuition;; tin- pa| tjt s rnll[ I<ml
Ui<M>lu. Bv ri'F Oi.Ji'lif
lirri.ru < in HT» .^1
Certilied from the record this 2lnd day of
I>ec.. lsilK.
Is* M P \(.S,
1 |oi kill
I will attend to t in* duties of tlu- above a;>-
poliilnu'iil at my offlce In Kutler. I'a.. oil
Saturday, the -Ist day of January. KM, at 10
o'clock a. m.. of which all parties Interested
will take notice.
CiKO. w, I*l. KEG Kit.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership helofore existing between
Arthurs, Dunn & Co., dealers in general
merchandise at Euclid, Pa,, has this day
lietn dissolved by mutual consent, R J.
Conn, retiring. The business will be
conducted at the old stand by Arthurs &
Dunn, who will pay all old bills and col
lect all accounts.
Euclid, Pa., Sept. 18, 189 S.
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given, that the part
nership between Noble Montgomery and
Ida M. Mitchell, under the firm of Mont
gomery <fc Co., owners of the Drug Store
in Butler, Pa., known as People's
Pharmacy was dissolved on the 16th day
of December, A I). 189S, by mutual con
sent, the said Ida M. Mitchell buying the
interest of said Noble Montgomery in
said Drug Store. All debts owinij to
saiil partnership are to be received by
the said Ida M. Mitchell, and all de
mands are to be presented to the said Ida
M. Mitchell, who is to settle and pay
the same, she assuming all debts of said
IDA M. MiTCHKi.t«.
Dec. 16, iSqtJ.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Gebhard Wagner, dee'd., late of Butler,
ISutlerCo., Pa., having been granted to
the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment and
any having claims against the same will
present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
Butler, I'a.
Letters of administration 011 the estate
of Pearson Covert, dee'd., late of Brady
twp., Butler Co , Pa., having been grant
ed to the uudersigncd, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment,
and any haying claims against the same
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
A. L. Cooi'KK, Adinr.,
Slippery rock, P. O ,
Butler Co., Pa.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
VV. P. Smith, dee'd, late <>f Centre twp.,
Butler Co., Pa., having been granted to
the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against the same will
present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
Butler, Pa.
letters testamentary on the estate of
James A. Gallagher, dee'd, late of Cal
averas Co., California, having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
ments, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for payment to
Prospect, PA.
Letters of administration on the estat •
of George F. Miller, dee'd., late of
Clint-Hi twp., Hutler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
|M'ritoiiH knowing themselves indebted to
►aid estate will please make immediate
payment, ami any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for pa) merit to
Saxonburx, i'a.
Letters of administration on the estate
of John 11. Peters, dee'd., late of Clinton
Iwp., I'.utler Co,, Pa., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
Riddles X Roads,
Hutler Co., Pa.
S. F. & A. L. llowsKß, Att'ys.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John Crowe, dee'd, late of Forward
twp . Hutler Co., Pa., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said eftatc
will present them, properly aiilhentieat
ed for settlement to
Warren, <).,
JA.4. M. DotiTllKTT,
W. I>. BRAN now, Att'y.
letters testamentary on the estate of
liavid F.. Pearee, dee'd., late of Hutler
twp., Hutler Co., Pa., having been giant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
iiu; themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payui'-nt,
and any having claims rigaiust the same
will present them duly authenticated for
payment to
CL'llTiS S. I'KARCK, or
Hutler, Pa.
COVl.tK# & HAKKR. Att'ys.
For Baby's Sake
You to guard
against ailments
that improper foods
induce. Everything
depends on what
baby eats. We
keep oily the reli
able makes of Baby
Food and warrant
them Fresh.
Eskay's Food,
Malted Milk,
Laetated Food.
Mellin's Food,
Ridge's Food,
Just's Food.
Condensed Milk.
Baby's Mother
Ought to take sorno
Heel,lron and Wine,
so nourishing to
nursing mothers —
ouvs contains Beef
We sell it for 75
cents per pint.
Diamond Block, Butler, Pa,
i Cent a Day
Chronicle Telegraph
Special Features ivY,"-
graph the greatest Paper published In Pittti
.\ th- iroi|i*li i« port of 1 t *v<» <*l 1 It's and sur
rounding towns.
We publish more sporting news than any
other IMttshurg paper.
The society columns are always complete,
and give a full account of t he movement
of t In- social world.
The woman's page always up to date with
the latest styles and suggestions.
The Associated I're.ss furnishes t he Chronicle
Telegraph with a complete report ».f the
telegranhjc mi\\s «;f the world.
The editorl'ils are rleau. clear and compre
The most eomnlete tiuanclal reports dally.
Special attention is given to the selection of
short stories,
t'rlsp and Catchy curtoons.
• The Talk of the Town," "Chats with the
"The Comic Page/* "Things Heard and
Seen," and many other spt.c.lal foaiuh's
go to make up
The Chronicle Telegraph.
IH'livurt'd by \Kcnt». In all surrounding towns
FOR 1899
ROUGH RIDERS" [illustrated
serial], and all his otlier war
_ writings.
| never before published |, edited by
and special articles.
1 otters: Short Stories.
story of New Orleans, "The Ento
mologist" Illustrated by Ilcrter.
SENATOR HOAR'S Reminiscences
MRS. JOHN IIREW S Stage Reminis
cences illustrated.
j lection of Stories. "The Chronicles
of Aunt Minervy Ann."
Q'S SHORT SERIAL. "A Ship of Stars."
ROBERT (IRANT'S Search-Light Letters
Common-Sense Bssays.
SIDNEY LANIER'S Musical Impulsions, j
C. D. OIBSON'S The Seven Ages of 1
American Woman and other nota-
Ide Art Features by other artists.
The lull, Illustrated Prospectus,
Including Descriptions id the
Above, sent Free to any Address.
Till! MAfiAZINE I* $.1.00 a Year;
25c, A Number CHARLES
SCR IHNI R'S SONS, 3 57 Fifth
Avenve, New York.
I*. «!fc 11.
when prices
are lowest
is the time to buy.
That's what's making this Shelf
Kmptying Sale such an event —
1 haute t<> j;et good, useful goods
,it the lowest prices ever known.
Thousands of people taking ad
vantage of it through mail orders.
Mostly odd lots anil broken
lines of winter silks and Dress
Goods not lo be carried over—
that's why they're being sacrificed
—almost thrown away as to
Htil there's variety—and Ihc
goods are choice—kinds that are
useful for now and later.
Loss to us is big. selling this
way—you gain all we lose.
(let samples—let them prove
Large lot, broken lines 45 and
50 i cut Novelty Dress Goods and
plain Mixtures 3(1 lo 44 incites
inches wide—2sl
Splendid strictly all wool 44
inch, 75 cent I'laids, 35c.
Lots of other Dress Goods at
shelf emptying prices that make
it important— 15c, 35 c > 5 0t: -
75c and dollar silks 50c.
and $1.50 silks, 75c.
Great opportunity to gel silks
for dressy spring waists —girls
who will lie graduating this
season can get light evening
shades, elegant silks, so far under
price in this sale as will pay them
to heed promptly.
800 I i 11111
Department X.
Which Can't Be Met!
All Wool Men's Suits $5 00
Scotch Mixtures ami Neat Casstmere Effects.)
All Wool Men's Suits 15 00
I Hue at:<l Blfck Cheviots.) JX
All Wool Double-breasted Suits S5 00
Black and Blue Cheviots. *
All Wool Men's Overcoat «cnn
Black aml Hlue Beaver.
Boys' Knee Pant Suits, Double Brasted . ii nn
, Si7.es S to 15.) *A.UU
Boys' Knee Panta 9 c.
(Si—cs 4 to 14*)
Boys' Knee Pants, all wool mi
(Double Knee. )
Men's All Wool Pants
Cheviots and Cassimere. >
Men's and Boys' Jean Pants. Lined *n/»
Winter Weight Ckkxli.)
Merino Shirts and Drawers 05-
l Sizes 34 to ,14.) tOW
Heavy Wcolen Gloves and Mitts o«m,
( Men's anil Boys'.)
Winter Leather Gloves and Mitts OV
(Men's anil Boys'.)
Schaul & Nast,
~~ vSg- ~ ; . 1 . I ■
M Reasons-^
fbree reasons whj* Douthett & Graham sell clothing for .
less money than ever before. '
Ll FIRST: Everybody knows that we sell more goods than
Wa l any other clothing store in Butler. "
LN SECOND: Beciuse we have two stores and buy goods wM
WA "> r '>Jth at the same time, and buy more than if we had but <
TM C 3 one store, therefore we buy to letter advantage.
W2 THIRD: "We pay spot cash for all our noous, take off all 14
r J 1 discounts, and still jjet extra discount for unexpired time. .
k 1 We do not add these discounts to our profifs.but our patrons
& j get the advantage of them. <
In :ul(lltloii to tin l reasons, our eustoniors are not 1^
WA I you aro buying. If you want t.> lost ilio truthfulness of our V
WM J statomonts t-ouo in and look at our sl. 95.30. $7. $s and $lO suits and
Li overcoats. Wo do not hesitate to say tlioy are the liest offered In r J
wA Perhaps you aro looking for Holiday presents. Wo liavo the C
¥ A largest line of hats, shirts, invktles. gloyos, suspenders. Ac, wo
k ■ liavo ovor shown. JusHu -li things as mako iiraotloal. accept- Pj
ablo present k. t*omo in and see the groat reductions and still M
VJ greater Largalns. M
Of Goods Bought at J. McD. Scott's
Assignee's Sale
Now in full blast, is a great success. Have you seen the
bargains wc are giving? Cut out our advertisement and
bring it with you. If wc do not produce all goods just as
advertised, we will pay your expenses from any part of Rut
ler county. Our competitors arc confounded. Our prices
are beyond competition, Their perplexity is your oppor
tunity. Come to the greatest shoe sale ever attempted.
Below we name you prices on a few goods such as are
sold daily, but wc want you to know that these arc only a
few of the bargains wc offer. Our shelves and counters arc
loaded with lots more, plenty of them better bargains than
Ladies' Fine Flexible Sole,best quality Silk Vesting Tops, Lace;
this shoe would be a bargain at $3; sale price $2.00
Ladies' Vici Kid, Laee, an up-to-date dress shoe 2.00
Lsilies' Hand Welts, extension sole, made in latest round toe.. 2.00
Scott's Ladies' $3.00 Shoes, price stamped on bottom; this shoe
is made with Don go la Vamps and Silk Vesting lops, best
white oak outer soles, Dongola Coin Tip, sale price 1.45
Ladies' Fine Kid Coin Patent Tip Lace Shoes «^5
Ladies' Genuine Dongola Kid Patent Tip Button, 3 to 7 75
Ladies' Black or Tan
Men's Heavy-Soled Winter Tans l -7S
Men's Heavy-Soled Calf Lined Hlack Shoes '-75
Men's Heavy-Soled Vici Kid, lace, kid lined. 1-95
Men's Wear Proof Calf Shoes 1.50
Men's Satin Calf Dress Sooes
Men's Working Shoes, all sizes, as low as 5°
Men's Two Sole and Tap Leather Hoots **3s
Misses' Kid Patent Tip Dress Shoes 75
Misses' Oil Grain School Shoes 5°
Hoys' Dress Shoes 75
Gokcy's Hoys' High Cut Copper-Toed Shoes at $1.40 and 1.25
Children's Spring Heel Shoes, sto 35
Infants' Kid Patent Tip Shoes, 2 to '5
Children's Rubbers, spring heel 10
Misses' Rubbers, spring heel '5
Ladies' Strap Rubbers, }u«»t a few sizes 9
Ladies' Croquet Rubbers, (Candec make all si/.es '5
Hoys' Rubbers, (Candcc make) 20
Hoys' Huckle Arctics 5°
Youths' Rubbers ®5
Men's Low Rubbers, (Candec make) 3°
Men's High Cut Rubbers, (Candcc make) 4°
Men's Low Arctics 5°
Men's Rubber Boots 5
Men's Felt Boots and Buckle Overs, some sizes only 125
Men's White Felt Moots and Buckle Overs l -75
Men's Genuine Knit Hoots and Buckle Overs '-75
Men's Best Heavy Buckle Arties •••' 9°
Ladies' Rubber Hoots
Misses Kubbcr Hoots 5
High Grades.
Low Prices
News ami Opinions
National Importance
The- Sun
Dally, by mall, - - • $6 a year
Daily and Sunday, by mall, $8 a year
The Sunday Sun
is tin- greatest Sunday Newspaper
in the yorld.
Pi it <■ sc. a copy, "y mail, a year
Aiidrra* i'llli HUN, New York.
A Short Time Only.
Just to introduce them.
A practical Camera.
Small ami Compact.
Till* offer never equaled.
We will prepay charge*
Kcmii fi.oo—no more.
4.14 sth Ave., PittaburK, Va.
whi-rc for "Tlii-Hlorjr of I In- I' 111 11
|IV MllllH 11 It |Ht I 111. lljT tllll
fii>vi* rii mi'ii I hi i > til - ■ 11» I II uinr hm In tlin Wiir
11. |>ll rtii>•'nt Tltti IMHIU WII« written In urtiiv
i HiniiK nt Hmi Kraiirlwo. on tin* I'wlllc ttltli
ili'iii'tnl Mi-rrlll. In tin' liiiHpltul* nt llono
iu I 11. In llniiK Komi.ln tlm Amiirlraii treacbt*
ul Muiillt, In tin' ItiHtirtti'iil ramp* wit Ii
AItII IH ii lit", mi Hi- ili ' li of I In' w .";'
I ii'Wr v, mill In t lir rimr»f liatllo Ht lilt) full
■if M nil 11 it lluiinuia fur aai'tiU. Hrimful of
orliiliial lili'lun - lalnti l.y Kovernnmnl pho
touraiilier* on I In- •l"'l r*** ... m
■■rt. i'« III* iiroHto Iri litlit imltl. J n Ull
Lu.'i. l>rop nil iru-hy 111111111. liil war l«ok».
Out 111 f«" Atlilrvaa. »' I llnrbur. Hoc y
lusuiaucv WUIK.. Chicago,