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NOTE—AII advertisers Intending to make
changes in their ads. should notify us o!
their Intention to dc x>. not later 'han Mon
day morninir.
Sheriff " Sales for Dec. 2nd.
Jury Lists for Dec Term.
Executor's Notice, estate of David E.
Mitchell's Restaurant.
Markelton Sanitorium.
Butler Business College
Huyler's Cocoa.
Huselton's Shoes.
Redick & Grohman s Tooth Brushes.
Administrators and Executors of estates
can s*?cure their receipt books at the CITI
ZEN office, and persons making public sal**s
their note books.
Important Notice.
For a short time only we will re
ceive subscriptions for the CITIZEN" and
Ohio Farmer (Combined; at fl 50, per
year, in advance, for both.
—Have yon seen Richey's new Oyster
parlor. It's cosy.
—The Hilliard Valley coal mines
have started up again, full blast.
—Manila hemp is made of a fiber ob
tained from a plant resembling the
banana tree.
—The J. F. Lalus foot ball team of
Pittsburg plays the locals here Thanks
giving afternoon.
The local Institute at Saxonbnrg,
fixed for Nov. 19th next Monday, has
been indefinitely postponed.
—Butler is dispensing with many
free lodgings this cool weather. Tues
day night twelve tramps slept in the
—Mitchell's Resturant on W. Jeffer
son street —Ed Goss' old stand -is doing
a good business. They set up a great
meal for 25 cents.
—The town of Athens is located in
the north-eastern part of Georgia, about
sixty miles east of Atlanta. It contains
about 8,000 people.
—Rev. G. H. Crawford lectures this
evening in L T . P. church on temperence.
He will speak the next two evenings
and preach on Sunday
—Edward Beilstein fa brother of
Bertha, who killed her mother and
then attempted suicide some time ago)
committed suicide last Sunday night by
taking poison.
—The barn of Casper Fehl, of Con
noqnenessing township, was burned
Wednesday night The stock and
everything were burned. Loss $2500.
Insurance with Abrams & Dale for
—While a Butler man was driving
through Ohio lately, he noticed an odd
sign at the entrance of a farm lane.
It read, "Hunt all you please on this
farm, and when the bell rings come to
—Hart Graham says that the opening
o f their new store in Yonngstown last
Saturday was a great success. The
toreroom was crowded until midnight.
Hart intends removing his family to
h?t place.
—Before a youth starts out to fiftht
the bread-and-butter battles of this
cold and friendless world he should de
termine in his own mind whether he
wishes to become a good whistler or a
good office boy. He can't be both
—C. B. Wuller has moved his drug
store from Centre Ave. tc 345 8. Main
St., in the new Stein building, and now
calls it Tbe Standard Drug Store.
Charley rented the entire room and
cellar, and has partitioned the rear end
of the store-room and will live there.
—The Penn'a R. R. Co. is now run
ning a train from Pittsburg to New
York in ten hours. It leaves the Union
station, Pittsburg, at 10 P M. and ar
rives at Jersey City at 8a m. The dis
tance is 444 miles, and tbe speed man
tained nearly 45 per hour.
—Not long ago one of the employees
of the Plate Glass Co. lost his time
voncher, and went to the paymaster
and wanted another, but the paymaster
would not give it to him. These
▼ouchcrs have been passing as cash
without endorsement, and, according
to custom are good in hands of bearer
—A musical recital of rare excellence
will be given in the M. E church of
Butler, and with the use of its great
naw pipe organ, on Friday evening,
November 25, by the McDowell R-natal
Company, of Allegheny. This organi
zation includes some of the finest music
al talent of Western Pennsylvania,
and its artists have achieved great suc
cess both at home and in distant towns
and cities. Their engagement for a
recital in Butler is most fortunate for
lovers of music here. Tickets to the
recital will be sold for 35 cents.
—The 15th rog. left Camp Meade,
early last Friday morning, went South
over the Cumberland Valley and Nor
folk & Western railroads, and arrived
at Athens, Ga. Sunday morning.
The camping ground is about a mile
from the town. Three "wall" tents are
■et end to end with a place for fire in
the middle tent. Six men occupy the
tents. Matched flooring is used.
Serirt. Joseph F. Moore, of Company E.
has been promoted to first sergeant.
Corporal John J. Mnrtin has l>eeu made
quartermaster sergeant and Private J.
H. Jackson and J. T. Morgan have
been made corporals.
Dr. O Newlove of Philadelphia has
been made surgeon in the 15th vice, Or
J. M. Martin resigned.
—ln addition to the appeal made last
week to the farmers of the county for
donations to the Butler County General
Hospital, the ladies of the Hospital As
sociation decided at their annnal meet
ing on Tuesday afternoon to make an
appe.il also to the people of Butler each
year for a Thanksgiving offering to the
.Hospital of such needed articles as they
ican spare for the nse and care of its
patients. For this year's donation the
Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day is
appointed. The members of every fami
ly in Butler are solicited to leave on
their front porch or at the door about
9a. in. of that day an offering placing
upon it a card with the name of the
doner. During the forenoon, wagons
will be driven around the town for the
. collection of these offerings and their
delivery at the hospital.
At W. Sunbnry. Saturday, Butler 11.
Academy 0. W. Sunbary has a good
clnb. but the boys are not up to all the
points in the game
At Grove City, Monday, the score
was. Grove City 80, Slipperyrock Nor
mal 0.
In Allegheny, Tuesday, Grove City
12, Western University 10. This was
a hard fought game. Shannon of
Grove City kicked two Goals. while
Rosenblooui of the W Us missed two
and lost tbe game.
6'jmwrioe to' tie CJTUKN.
! A term of civil court to last tw i
' weeks began Monday morning I-ifty
five cases were on the trial list. Of the
jurors. Wm Hamilton of Middlesex,
twp R H. Hilliard of Parker twpl J.
•T. Showalter of Miller town and \\m_
i Watson of Franklin twp.. were excused
!on account of sickness. Mr. Watson is
1 sick himself with typhoid fever and h.is
two sons down with the same disease.
Lawn Riddle of Karns City hns moved
| froiii Butler county and of course did
pot report. ' George Kittle. Butler.
3d ward, clerk" was one of the names
i drawn. Constable Knittle of the -Id
waid and Geo. Ketter. Jr the furniture
man, of the 3d ward both answered to
this name and both were excused.
1 The following cases were marked
I settled: A W. Root vs W. J. Mark-. A
' H. Burr vs W. S Crattv. N. Douthett
ivsL. S Henry. S. B. Vandemark vs
H. C. Litzmger. L. Pfaff vs W. M.
Cowan. G. D Roach vs K .Tones. J. L.
} McCntcheon vs A. B McCandless. and
Neal Gormley vs J. M. McKee.
I The case of S. J. McCall vs S. V,
Gleun was ordered to be placed on the
; Dec. argument list.
The first case up was the Ntl. Supply
Co vs Mary E. Broman. issue awarded
by the court.
By the direction of the court a ver
dict was rendered for the deft, a mar
ried woman who had signed as bail a
note which was the subject of the suit.
Geo. C. Hull vs C. C. Johnston for
use of Nathan Brower, by direction of
the court yerdict for the plf. for proper
ty described in the writ.
Tuesday the case of Mrs. E. A. Steel
vs J. A. Richey was marked settled.
Charles May sued Reuben Seibert for
a balance due. Mr Seibert alleged he
did not owe anything because he held
two notes from M«y aggregating TIW J
May declared the notes were paid. Ihe
case was tn**d Monday, and Tuesday
morning, after being out all night, the
jury brought m a verdict finding that
the notes were not paid.
In the case of Presley Duncan vs Hen
ry Fultz. an assumpsit suit for a balance
of $52.50 due for plastering done In 1892
with interest. The jr.-y gave a verdict
for the plaintiff for the principal, strik
ing off the interest. The defendent did
not appear in Court at all.
The cases of E. McCafferty, adm'i
vs P R R Co, trespass and of J. Bresle
ham vs J McGlaughlin, trespass, were
held over until the January term of
The cases of J C McConnel and J S
Cooper vs Slipperyrock State Normal
school, mechanics liens, and I" irst Nti.
Bank of Greenville vs J A Turner tres
pass, were continued.
The cases of A Cannon vs S R Wal
ker, trespass, was discontinued by the
G F Harley vs J F Vonnkins. assump
sit, was settled.
An order has been made for a term of
court for the trial of civil cases to com
mence Monday. Jan. 9.
The assumpsit suit of W H Weigle vs
O C Watters was tried Tuesday. Mrs
J M Leason gave Weigle an order on
Watters for $350. Watters was to get
a credit of about S3B H7 due him from
Weigle for coal. Watters would not
honor the order and suit was brought.
The jury returned a yerdict for the
jilaintiff for $232.18.
George Reiber vs The B. &: P. It. R
Co. with notice to the P. B. & L K R.
R. Co., appeal by the plaintiff from
award of viewers.
Mrs. Jane Marshall vs W. H. Hamel.
execution attachment to satisfy judg
E. J. McDongal vs John R. Cunning
ham, ex'r of Margt Gunriip, issue
awarded by the Court to test title of
property levied upon and claimed by
the plaintiff.
Mary E. McDougall vs same. same.
W J Hays vs Ellen Hays admnx of
Joseph Hays, dee d summons in assum
psit plaintiff's claim $209.43.
Jas A Hays vs same, assumpsit plain
tiff's claim §324.10.
Thos. W Hays, vs same, same, claim
Carner and Johnston vs A J White
deft and Lambing Bros garnishes, ex
ecution attachment in satisfaction of a
Ntl. Supply Co vs Mary 'E Broman
summons in trespass with fraud and
John and Henry A. Berg vs A J
White scire facias sur mortgage (two
suits.) The deft accepted service and
confessed judgement in both, the first
for $2107.50, the second for ?3172.
Mary E Helinbold, adm'x of Tbea
dore Helinbold, deed vs Geo S Gibson,
sci fa sur judgement of $595.41.
The Butler Lumber Co now for use
of '"lizabeth and W S Wick vs John
Grier, assumpsit, plaintiffs claim $823.
The will of David E Pearce, late of
Butler twp has been probated and let
ters granted to Curtis S Pearce and
Mary J. Stiefel. He directs bis farm
to divided among his children. Margt
E. Murphy, T. A Pearce. Mary J Stie
! fel, Mary Ellen Stiefel and Cnrtis S.
Pearce. A mortgage of SIOOO is left to
Harvey D. and Anna V. Kirk, who is a
daughter. The oil and gas income of
the farm is to be divided equally among
his children, as are also the proceeds
from sale of his personal estate and any
remaining real estate.
The will of James Hamel late of Penn
twp. has been probated and letters
granted to Adam B. Hamel
Letters of administration on the es
tate of Patton Bell, late of Washington
twp. have been granted to Thomas M
The Court granted a petition allow
ing the election ballot box of Centre
twp. to be kept at the house of Thomas
R Hoon, instead of with the nearest
Justice of the Peace who is two miles
away from the election house
The Assessors outfits for the Decern
ber registration of voters are now ready
in the Commissioners' office for deliv
Sheriff Dodds moved into the jail
building last week His son James is
steadily improving.
Saturday morning W. K. Tbomburg's
liquor licen.se for the Central House of
Evans Cifv was transferred to William
Wahl, who is now in charge.
An order has been made to till the
jury wheel with the names of 000 k l ">d
freeholders of Butler county to serve
during the year of I*!MJ.
On petition of Mrs. Mary E Gibson
an order was made on M It Morgan
trustee of the Foxburg Ntl. Bank to
appear on the first Monday of Dec. and
show cause why a mortgage on a 200
acre oil and gas lease on the R H An
derson farm in Allegheny twp. should
not be marked satisliea. Mrs. Gibson
bought a half interest in the lease from
O 11 Anderson for S4OOO with the under
standing that a mortgage given on the
property by him to Morgan in trust for
the bank had been paid, which does not
appear on the record.
F 11 Murphy Esq. was appointed
return .judge to compute the vote of the
25th Congressional District with the
other return judges at New ('astle and
his commission, Tuesday the 15th.
LJ John Kennedy of Bntler, a veteran of ['
the 103 d Pa Vols, has been granted a . 1
peddler's license. <
Attorneys S F Thompson J D! j
Thompson, Miller. Mcßrule and Coch- ; j
; ran of the Mercer County Bar are at ' ,
tending the hearing of the Wilson-Bard
suit which went on trial here Wednes '
day afternoon.
Dr. 11 D Hockeuberry ami wife of W.
Suuburv have adopted lianiia, the four
year old daughter of < 'harles Beachein
and his wife Ann who is deceased.
Letters of admu on the estate of Dan
iel Rape late of Jackson twp were
granted to Malinda S Uajte.
George H Graham, Win Wilson and
.All liu Mm were wo pointed viewers to . <
t i
act on the petition of citizens of Parker
twp. asking that a low marshey piece of
road near Bruin leading to the State
road be changed.
Wm Gibson has been appointed tax
collector of Fairview boro vice Andrew
Gilbson who neglected to qualify.
Thomas Miles was appointed guar
dian of Collin- A Weaver, minor child
of Mary M Weaver, dee'd.
The petition of Sain'l A Leslie, adtn r
of Elizabeth Baker to sell real estate in
Middlesex twp. was grr.nted.
Geo B Turner of West Sunbury.
adtn'r C T A of Clara Campbell. de»-'d.
was granted leave to sell real estate. j
A M Nichols and G M Hammers,
adm'ra of Thos Iman. deed, having
fully administered the estate, were dis
The petition of citizens of But
ler for a connty bridge wa- j
amended as follows: over the Cor>no :
ijuenessing creek in borough of Butler, •
at such point as will best accomodate ,
the public travel at or near the east rn
end of Negley Ave.
John Vounkins was appointed guar
dian of Ralph I) Heeder, of Butler,
minor child of D T Reeder, dee'd.
W.T Hays to Geo Slang, lot in Valen I
cia for >.
H E Pinkerton to Gellert Goehring. :
lot in Zelienople for $375.
M .1 Kellev to Chas B Mcßride, 4
acres in Venango twp for $l5O.
John Nigh to A A" W Rv Co 5 acres i
in Summit for SWHK>.
A F Grine to Anna A Grine. lot in I
Centreville for sl4'»<>.
John P Crawford John W Sharp, 41
acres in Allegheny twp. for $3650.
J N Ifft to Edward Meeder. lot in
Evans City forslßoo.
Edward Bauer to H L Graham, lot in
Butler for sl.
H L Graham to .Sarah A Bauer lot in
Butler for sl.
Gee L Ehmer to John C Ehmer quit
claim to 80 acres in Butler twp. for
John Mohr to Blasius Bshibel lot in
Butler for SSOO.
Butler Mfg Co to A C Steel, lot in
Bruin for 1750.
A C Steel to E E Davis, lot in Bruin
for S3OO.
C E Tinker to Sadie M Tinker lot in
Butler for sl.
W H H Riddle to I J McCandless lot
in Butler for $2800:
Oliver C Walters to John Clark 17
acres in Adams for SIOOO
.Marriage Licenses.
Frank W Prutzy Slipperyrock
Ida M Williams
J A McFeatters Allegheny City
Sidney E Smith Freej>ort
Purvis Wirner Worth twp
Estella Vogan Muddycreek
Milton C Burr,.. .Connoqnneasing twp.
Edith E Cashdollar Myoma
John C Howard Gibson Mills
Mary S Hillard Hillards
James Dittman St. Petersburg Pa
Bertha K Reiss Pittsburg Pa
Albert X Reott Clearfield twp
Mary M Morian Summit twp
John W Crnmay Bakerstown
Minnie J Johnston Butler
At Pittsburg—William A Dunbar
and Ida M Hughes of Glade Mills.
At Mercer John Wolford of Slippery
rock and Miss Pearson of London Pa.
Union Thanksgiving services in Em
ery Chapel in Eakastown, Nov 24ih at
10 A. M.
Rev. S. P. Long, of Lima College,
Ohio, will speak in St. Mark's Lutheran
church on Sunday evening.
Rev. W H. Collins has resigned as
pastor of the Baptist church of El wood,
and preached his farewell sermon Sun
day Mr. and Mrs. Collins expect to
leave today for Devonshire. England,
where Mrs. Collins expects to be bene
fitted in health.
Services will be held in the Bethany
Reformed church next Sunday morn
ing and evening- Sunday school 15
Preaching by Rev. Harting of Har
mony Pa., at 11 o'clock A. M. C. E.
meeting at 6.15. Preaching by the pas
tor at 7 o'clock P. M.
Our grocers are paying 17c for eggs.
IN to 20c for butter. 40 to 45c for pot a
toes, 40 to 60c for apples, 50c for onions.
40 to 50c for beets, parsnips, and car
rots, 50c for spinnacb, 25c for turnips.
25 to 30c a doz for celery, 2 to 5c a head
for cabbage, 10c and 11c for dressed
chicken, and 12c for turkey.
Our dealers are paying 85c for wheat;
40c for rye 35c for cora; 28c for oats and
40c for buckwheat.
Thursday 24th inst. (Thanksgiving
day) being a holiday, the postofHce in
Butler, Pa. will observe following
hours: General delivery window open
from 7-30 to 11 a. m. and from •> to 7 p
! U1
M. O. and Register window open
from Bto 11 a m.
Carriers window open from <! to 7 p.
Rt-gnlar morning collection and de
livery in all parts of town.
Usual 0 p. m. collection in business
portion of town.
Lobby open as usual.
P. M.
A veritable feast of good things will
lie offered at the Park Theatre next
week for those who haye a penchant
for combining dramatic and vaude
The preformauco offered by the
Brosnahan Jackson Comedy Co. is of
course similar in some respects to other
popular priced organizations bat it
differs in that the specialties are not
furnished by the members of the dra ;
matic company but by a corps of
vaudeville performers specially en
gaged to fill in the waits between the
The plays have been selected with
great care and good judgment and the
list includes. "Maine <SfcGeorgia;" "For
given" "Only a fanner's daughter, '
"Child of Destinv," "Daughter of the
215t.," and "Turned Up." which are
all mounted with scenic effects and
The company is headed by the ver
satile actress, Minnie Stanley, and the
supporting company is an efficient one.
illustrated songs, war views and an
orchestra of soloists will aid in mak
ing the performance varied and pleas
Daily band concerts will be given at
11:20 A. M. & 7:30 P. M Ladies
tickets for Monday only 15 cents. A
holiday matinee will be given Thanks
giving afternoon at which the pleasing
play East Lynn will be given in which
Miss Stanley has been highly praised
for her interpretation of the title role.
Next week that farcical comedy,
"Confusion" first made famous by Mr.
Nat Goodwin, will be the play at the
Grand Opera House lor the holiday of
fering. "Confusion" is made tunny
from a mix-up that follows the loss of
a dog and a baby. The situations and
climaxes are uproarious and the flow of
laughter never ceases from the time the
curtain rises until it falls on the final
Stage carpeuters, scenic artists, cos
tutnersand property man have been in
dustriously at work for some time pre
paring for the production of "Cyrano
de Bergerae" at the Grand Opera House.
It is now definitely announced that the
play will be given the week of Novem
ber 28th. It will require 250 people on
the stage and it is said will be the most
elaborate production ever seen in Pitts
Any of our readers needing gas stoves
or gas ranges, gas fronts or any gas sav
ing appliance will find it a financial sav
ing to call at the store of W. H.
O'Brien &. Sort, oil ivast Jeffersuu iit.
and get prices ou the extensive line they
have on exhibition. They are also
agents tor the celebrated Welsbach
Light, of which more than 1 200 were
old tu Butler, iasi year.
.T. C. Kaylorof Fairview twp. was in
town, Monday.
E. J. Snyder, of Brady twp.. was in
town. Satnrday.
Miss Annie Tiuiblin of New Castle is
visiting friends in Bntler.
Miss Hoy of A 1 toon a i- the guest of
Miss Bowser of North Main St.
Jauies Cochran and wife of Clay twp.
did some shipping in town, yesterday
Joseph MeMichael and daughter of
Clay twp. did >OlllO shopping in Bntler.
T nesday.
Frank Mvers of Lancaster twp. was
in town. Monday. Will is on the jury
this week
Esq. Button of Evans City and Enos
McDonald of Mt. Chestnut were in
town, yesterday.
Robert Hamilton, of Concord twp,
has rented a house on Plank Road St..
and has moved here.
Alfred Black of Co. E. son of Dr. L
Black, is houie on a 80-day furlough, af
ter a tussle with malaria in the Colnui
bia. Pa. hospital.
Prof. Regal is making a success of
the Butler Business College. The at
tendance has increased one hundred
per cent within the last sis weeks.
R S. Campbell, Jr. of Concord twp.
and wife were in town. Monday. His
father is now in the eighties, and is in
pood health. On his S<ith birthday he
plowed all day.
James Hall of Armstrong county vis
ited friends in Butler, this week. He
is the father of Prof. Hall, and is a
brother-in-law of Renben McElvain
Fifty years aso he kept a book store 111
the log building that stood on Main St..
adjoining the Heineman building.
Ol 1, .NOTES.
THE MAKKET —The Standard drop
ped i cents Tuesday, and one cent yes
terday. making their price *1.15. The
Producers dropped to $1.21 and these
figures remain unchanged up to 10 a m
today. The new 50.000 barrels a day
well in Russia is doing it.
FRANKLIN TWP.—A party said to L>e
representing the Forest Oil Co. is leas
ing 500 acres in the northern part ot
Franklin twp. and is paying a dollar a
year rental.
MAGIC--' Younkins Bros, and Thomp
son are drilling in the Brown heirs.
Evans City.
The Baptists closed their series of
meetings. Friday.
The Methodists sti'.l continue with
their meetings with crowded houses
Evangelist Carlysle holds the crowds
Harvey Sutton and family are moving
this week to McKees Rocks. He is
cashier in the bank at that place.
Wm. Geohring from out near Glad
has moved into his new residence ii
Evans City.
Theives visited onr town Sunday
night, and a satchel containing notes to
the valne of S2O,O<H) was found on the
premises of Fred Rahiser. under his
drilling machine.
The Local Sunday School convention
will meet in the German Reformed
church, Friday, Nov. 25. All are invit
Had the water linen been completed
they would of had a chance of usirm
them Monday evening, just about the
time every one was enjoying their sup
per the planing m il whistle set up it*
roaring noise of fire. Everybody hur
ried out for. of course, they thought i!
was the planing mill, but on investiga
tion it was found to be at the old Broom
Factory. Some Italians shanty in n
and their stove is only a part of one and
they made too large a fire and the flooi
caught, but was easily extinguished.
Mrs. C. M. Dunbar of Butler visited
friends, one day this week.
Mrs. W. D. Ri{.gsand daughter Flor
euce went to the city today.
Harry fiaibison of New Castle and
C. W. ilTt were out on a hunting expe
dition, Monday.
.T C Keister and Jos Mechling are < 11-
gaged repairing H. Sherwit'e house
Rev. Martin of Grove City preached
in the school house here on the (ith inst.
Mrs. Jane McCall is visiting at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. .fas. Mc-
Arthurs, Dunn & Co. shipped two
car loads of apples this week. There
has been a good demand for apples this
Fall and about bushels were ship
ped from this point.
Jos Seaton and wife were at Butler
one day this week.
Walter Campbell has erected a new
barn on his property.
Wm Christley attended the funeral
of John Kiester on Sunday.
Geo Walter & Sons of Butler loaded
a car of buckwheat here this week.
Mrs W R Baker of Fredonia visited
her parents. Mr and Mrs Robert Rals
ton, recently.
Oscar McCall is attending school at
West Sun bury Academy.
Ross Conn intends moving soon into
the new house he has erected near West
Sun bury.
I'ublic Sales.
Nov. 28 -At J. W Monks'in Middle-
Bex twp . near Flick P. U.. stock, farm
Ing implements, etc. See bills posted.
E. & A. M. Gribben will sell oxl Tues
day. Noy. 22d, live stock, farm ma
chinery. hay. grain, etc , at their prem
ises in Jefferson twp.
Take Advantage of Prosperity
by saving some of your earnings in the
Pittsburg Bank for Savings, 210 Four h
Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. It will pay vou
per cent, interest compounded semi-an
nually. You can bank by mail.
The James Criswell farm in Adams
twp., near Mars, was not sold on the
22nd of (Jet., nor on the sth of Nov.,
and persons wishing to know about it
before next Court will please inquire of
Mars, Pa.
The Fall and Winter Term of the
Pittsburg Dispatch Home Study Circle
opens on Saturday, Oct. 15. It will in
terest every family, and not a number
should bo missed. There is no expense.
All that is necessary is to have the Dis
patch the best and cheapest paper
published -10 cents a week.
Highest cash price paid for Back
wheat. Wheat and Rye.
For Sale.
One brood sow and seven pigs.
<». M. Gkaham,
Buttercup, Pa.
—Music scholar* wanted, at 128 W
Wayne St.
1 f\ r pure si' ring water ice
!II I" delivered to all parts f the
to. 11, every day. Leave or
ders at
i«i2 Main St.
FOR RENT A good, substantial
stable near Court House; four large
' stalls, carriage room and mow. Inquire
at Citizen otlico.
i Highest cash price paid for Buck
j wheat, Wheat and Rye.
Sunday Excursion* to Allcglieiiy.
Commencing Sunday May 22nd and
until further notice the Pittsburg and
Western R. R. will sell excursion tick
ets to Allegheny every Sunday for train
leaving Butler *:[.» A. M. city time
good to return on afternoon trains date
jol sale. Fair for round trip 70 cents.
Daniel Rape, of Jackson twp . was
struck on the head by r, falling limb in
his father's woods last W til nesday and
so badly injureil that he died next
morning. He was about 40 years of
age. was married to Lida Goehring,
and was the father of four children.
George Miller, of Clinton twp was
thrown from iiis wagon, and instantly
killed by having his neck broken, ou
the Natrona hill. last Wednesday after
noon He went to Natrona that ui >rn
itg with a loa 1 of produce, sold oct an 1
was returning home at the time. A
man husking corn, saw him driving
fast down the hill. l>nt did not see him
fall. The wagon-wbe»-l probably struck
an obstiele. and Miller was thrown
out. and the team ran away and was
not found until next day.
Geo. Miller was about 10 years of
ag*>. was married, and has a family.
He was the only son of Joseph Miller,
deed, of same twp.. and lived on the
old homestead.
Albert Johnston of Summit twp. was
shot in the arm. and dangerously
wounded last Saturday.
Tuesday an express train crashed into
a freight train on the Grand Trunk
railroad near Trenton. Ontario, anil
twelve people were killed and a dozen
more seriously injured.
For blank aj.plica ions and instructions
how to apply for reduction of So per
cent, of taxes on cimber lands send 25
cents to J. A. HKYDRICK &
Civil Engineers,
Butler, Pa.
Of Interest to You.
Parties wishing to engage in the livery
business, call on Walker & Wick for
location and outfit
Consider its Reliability
when you place your money in a bank.
The Pittsburg Bank for Savings, second
oldest bank in Pittsburg, Pa , has assets
of over #3,500,000, and always pays 4 per
cent interest. The new book explains
how to bank by mail.
—For bargains in valuable and desir
able residences inquire of Walker & Mc-
It you want a Bicycle or your old one
repaired go to White Walter & Co.
largest stock in County. Bicycles for
FOR SALE A graduating tuition
contract for Butler Business College,
cost SSO; either shorthand or commer
cial course. Inquire at this office.
Notice in Partition.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
to William B. Dodds, High Sheriff of
■utler county, Pennsylvania, Greeting
WHKREAS, on the sth ''AY of April, i 1
the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and 93 before the Honorable
Judge thereof, the Petition of Mary
temple, daughter of Mrs. E. J. Dunlap,
dee'd., was fi'ed. setting forth, that
".Mrs E. J. u'inlap left surviving her
two sons, Tho«. Dunlap, New Martins
ville, W. Va., and Perry Dunlap. of Cal
lery, Pa., and four daughters, Margaret
Dunlap, of West Sunbury, Pa.; Adelia
now Crtig, of Mars; Jemima Pllipps, of
West Sunbury, Pa.; and Mary inter
married with c. Temple, the petitioner
the widow and children of Wintield
Dunlap, dee'd., son viz Ellen Dm lap
widow and Jennie Dunlap aged iwentv-
1 wo, Wm., Leonard, < .ertrude ami
.icphia minors, of Wilkinsburg, I'a., oi
.\uoni Isaac Meals is guardian, and also
the children and husband of Sarah
Temple, a deceased daughter viz * .
temple, husband, J3dw«rd and otlie of
lull age, Scott, Mable, Frank, Elmer,
John ana Alary minors of whom Isaac
N'.eals is guardian; also the children of
John liunlap, adeceased son, viz Harry,
Oscar, Floyd, I.ec, of Redkey, liul , up
on which petition was issued a writ 01 I'/tr
ition returned, &e, and Sept. 7th.
Painter & Murrin. Att'ys., move the
court for rule on the heirs to accept or
refuse the premises a* the valuation, &c,
ujKin which motion the court made the
toll, wing order,and now, Sept. 71b, IS9B,
the above motion piesented 111 open
court and a ride is grunted 011 the heirs
and parties in interest as prayed for. re
turnable to December Term next.
By thk Court.
The property consists of a house and
iot in WestSunbury boro
These are therefore to command yo ,
he said heirs of Mrs. E. J. Dun lap to be
ami appear before the said Judge at a
Comt to be held at Butler, for the said
ountv of Butler, oa the lit Monday of
December, 1898, at 10 o'clock in the
of said day, to show cause why
premises of Mrs E J. Dunlap, dee'd.,
should not be sold and to submit to such
other orders and deciees as the said court
■.hall make touching the premises.
Witness the Honorable John M. Greer,
President of our said Court, the 9th day
ot December A. I). 1898.
Clerk O. C.
When in Butler stop at
Mitchell's Restaurant
Everything NEW
Room formerly occupied by lid. Goss,
116 West Jefferson Street, Butler.
Braun's Pharmacy,
Cor. 6th St and Duquesne Way,
Pittsburg, I'a,, L. D. Telephone 2542.
Wholesale and Retail.
Impor er andjobberof Drugs,
Chemicals, Perfumes, Soaps,
Biushes, Etc.
The only house west of New
York carrying a full line of
Meyers' Grease, l'aints and
theatrical goods.
Physicians' Prescriptions
Compounded Day or Night by
"Registered Pharmacists."
Only wholesale and retail
dealer in Lubricating and
lllurnniating < ils, Capital
Cylinder, Dynamo, Water
White and standard Gas
Engine Oils, Gasolein, Ben
zine, I'araffme Wax and
Address all mail orders to
W. F. Braun.
A Pleasant Palatable Remedy
FOR all
Manufactured and Sol i by
Butler, Pa.
Born to Win Duffy and wife a
bouncing baby boy on Monday 14tl:
Revival meeting-- are held this w«-t
at the Greece City M. E church tindet
the lead of Rev. Mclntvre. of Kara-
L. L. Daubensi>eck formerly of
Parker twp but late of W. Va . is visit
ing relatives in this vicinity.
Milton Campbell, John Kuhn and
George M.>ser are cutting timber for
•las. Thompson near Butler, and H. J.
Ciark and Linn Cu::«l rlin are hauling
for Mr Thompson
Ihe Standard Oil Co. has erected a
new station at Troutman built on the
modern plan and supplied with a gas
Daring the high winds of last week
the roof was blown off the barn of Mrs,
Susan Pisor. who lives one half miie
northwest of town.
Among the sick J. C. Murtland. Mrs.
J. 1. Campbell. J N Geyer are getting
some better. Mis-Sadie McCracken is
not quite so well. Mrs A. F. Cochran
remains about the same. Two more of
Josiah Bvers" children are down with
fever and possibly James Campbell's
little girls.
Mrs. A. Madison died on Monday of
typhoid fever at the home of her father.
Adam Crawford, of Troutman. The
interment took place on Tuesday at
Zion Lutheran cemetery.
$25 PerCent \
S to ;
<; Dividends.)
S If you were told by some one )
\ who knew ,ind on wl#>rn you could V
J depend that this is the time to buy f
S :« certain piece of real estate at a
( price 25 p~r cent, to 50 per cent. J
1 under its market value; or in other i
V words that you could make over V
% *25 to <SO on even hundred in- V
C vested, wouldn't you take adviit-C
J age of 'he opportunity, if you J
\ could? There's a time to buy \
V furniture just as much as there is a 1
r time to invest in real estate or any X
f other security and when we tell (
J jim that this is th' most advant-C
S lgeous time, that you can save J
\ from 25 per eetit. to 50 per cent. \
/ 011 your i n vest mt tit, we tell you 1
Swhat we know t,> be true, and 1
C what you can verify by actual lest. V
/ Book Case. \
s /
S frs f
c Ti if >
fa w S
) 31 I
\ r*** ps» !
i /
\ Well made, mahogany finish, X
/ doub'e glass doors; was 125 ou, re-x
\ duced to $lB 00.
C Combination Bock Case C
/ and Writing Desk, i
) Welt made, mahogany finish. A }
/ fine first-class piece of furniture; /
\ «ss now re uced to X
/ $20.00./
\ Combination Book Case \
\ and Writing Desk. /
x Mahogany finish Quality first-/
f class; was $25. cx >; u*> w reduced to v
C $15.00.)
C Side Boards, S
\ In antique oak; quality is right, \
\ but we have too many; was IJSO 00; \
C reduced to $35.00. S
) Parlor Cabinets. \
J Mahogany finish. You
V tell it from solid m hoifatu ; was)
/ >40.00, reduced t<> $20.00. \
S All Marked Down Goods on )
\ First Floor S
) Ifc'. .SEE S\MPLES ill Show \
J Come and see if we are doing as »
\ we advertise. /
Clearance Sale.
invoice Nov.
15th, and want
to rci.uee out
stock as much as
possible and will sell
until that time or vhile
they last. fop Buggies as
low as $30.00. Muggy
Harness, our own make, with
curved breast collar S9OO Good
Harness Oil 50 cents per gallon.
Horse Blankets as low as 50
cenrs. Buggy Cushions 50
cents Horse Brushes 15
Cents. Axle Grease
,6 boxes for 25
cents. Plush robes
$ 1.50, and eveiy
t itig else in
If you want a sleigh come
now and get one at
wholesale prices
Yours truly
No. 128 E. Jefferson St.,
S. B. Martincoi ht, 1 ~
J. M. Likghnkr. f
A Short Time Only.
Just to introduce them
A practical Camera.
Small ami Compact.
This offer never equaled.
We will prepay charges.
Rtmit si.oo no more.
buburcibw tor Tbe^Oiuzeu.
For Baby's S
a. ailments
r :• * <ds
in everything
d on what
ba its. We
kt the reli
al •> of Baby
I" i warrant
th. sh.
Esk Food,
Mi) it ttilk,
La d Food,
Mel3 . 3 Food.
Rid Food,
Jus "ood,
Co: d Milk.
Bady's Moth
Ou take some
Ik. and Wine,
so rishing to
nut nothers—
our> 1 tins Beef
We -c it for 75
cents i r pint.
C. N. BOY ,
Diamond Block, iutle , Pa.
Notice in t. oe.
•he Common
W. H. Brackney, Court of
vs. Butler Co., at A.
Emma E. Bracknev. N 10, June
V . .S9S.
1 . 19, Pg. 215.
To Ei'ima E Bracknev
Two subpoenas has :i returned
N. E. I. You, the sai ; I E. 1 brack
nev. above named def< .re hereby
required to appear in ; t of Com
mon Pleas of Butler C , So be held
nt Rntler. p a., on Mor. ! j SUI day
of December, 189S, I>. rst day of
next term ot Court i > the said
complaint and show c any you
have why a Divorce A fro in the
bonds of Mat imony s . >t be grant
ed to the said W. H. Br.
You are also hereby : ' that testi
mony in above case en before
the snid Court on Tm 6. IS9S.
at .vlnch time and pla ■ notified
to attend.
WILLIAM B. ;3, Sheriff.
Letters testament irv estate of
David E. I'earce, dee'd of Hutler
twp., Butler Co., Pa., i en grant
ed to the undersigiii d, ms know
i«ivl themselves indebl >:d estate
will please make inn payment,
and any having claim the same
will prest ut them dui ca'.fd for
j>a\ ment to
Curtis s or
Butler, I'a.
j Couvter & Baker, At
Letters of administi. the estate
of Lizzie Baker, dee'd. ' Middle
sex twp., Hutler Co , % 'nj{ beeu
to the und»*rsi ..II persons
knowing themselves d to said
esta:.e will please m.tk d'ate pay
ment, met any havu us against
said estate will pres.: duly au
thenticated for settle:
Samuel A. L \dm'r..
town, Pa.
W'ai.iAMS & Mitchi.i vs.
Letters of administra the estate
<>f Mrs Valeria Sullivan. ! , late of
Buffalo twp.. Rntler l*.i , having
been granted to the signed, all
persons knowing them indebted to
-.awl estate will plea immediate
payment, and any hav ins against
said estate will presei tn duly au
ihent'cated for setth ui
John Q. A. Sui Ailm'r.,
ersville, Pa.
John C. Ghailam, Att •
Letters of administr. l the estite
of John M. Crooks, t Middlesex
township, Hutler cou " t., dee'd.,
having been k ranted t us;, lei signed,
all persons knowing tl; s indebted
to said estate will plc.i immediate
payment, and any haviv utns against
sa'd estate will pre ; hem duly
authenticated for sHth )
Wm. R. Th< n \dm'r.,
McPann P. <» !er Co., I'a.
J. I). Marshall, Att >
Estate of Isa&c Ilepl 'f Oakland
township, deceased, 11 is heicby
g'ven that letters oi »■', i ition upon
the estate of .»aid de have been
■granted to theunders: All persons
indebted to the said < I ' requested
to make payment, a::, • having
claims or demands agai same will
make them known « it iav to
I 1; HI-.l'lhr,
< 11. . Center, Pa.
Letters testamentary estate of
John Sipe, dee'd., 'ate rfield twp ,
Hutler county, Pa., ha.. 11 granted
to tl.e undersigned, all s knowing
themselves indebted t<> estate will
please make itnmedi; ment, and
anv having claims ae said estate
will present them, pro; tentieated
for settlement to
Emkuni: . ita'x.,
C ville. Pa.
Letters of administi, the estate
of Emma Shrader, dec. of Butler
borough. Butler Co., ' itig been
granted to the undersi all persons
knowing themselves d to said
estate will please tnak. Kite pay
ment,and anv having 1 I,llst said
estate will present thei Jienticat
ed lor settlement to
W. B. Sukai 'vdtn'r.,
ull er, I'a.
\V. I>. Brandon, Att'y
Letters Ustamentarv estate of
Isaac Kepple, dee'd, Falrview
township, Hutler com i's., having
been granted to the igned, all
persons knowing them indebted to
said estate will please imm iliate
payment, anil any havi' ns ag.iin-t
the same will present : .settle
ment to
Wm. L. K Ex'r.,
He, I'a.
C. Walker, Att'y.
Letters testamentary 1 estate of
Matthew Thrower, de< ~f Clinton
*.wp.. Butler Co., I'a., h eu grant
ed t<. the undersigned, ,ns know
ing themselves indeb: ud estate
will please make nn payment,
and au> hav ing c aims ud eftatc
will present tl.em, prop- then Heat
ed for settlement to
Thomas A wer,
John E I"i ,1, i;x'rs..
l urg, I'a.
Ralston & Creek. A;
M/e.n:i) shi.hai. tki ixhsoss
I'* litis Mate to malt lie In
t lielr own and nearby . 1 ilnly
i "111 • work eiuifliieti'd >ul»ry
| stralgiii iwJu a year *n . ueimuV,
I 0011 .iii,i*>. no ttmrt*, no I.' Monthly
I • Kef. nin I Km >lili> s-,.-ii
Ii iamj,, ii envelope, Uv i'rvpt .
pept. M. CUICUJiW,
w£ £- - • -n J
J— J. p.
15 CO -S 11
£U. < ffl -|
O) 1 | f O S S
. E « «- °0 f. E H". -* <»
r— - -*" "Z? ■■■■ 09 *: ™5 !
so —— Y. CD <■—> o o
° * - JS= - 6 = 00 S
0 s # -c: Z3 = *2"
s r h- =■ c/ 5
d = j «=
: s ca " 005
i" r r\ I
5 C/ 3 eo *-< _
— ~~ CD* ST
® - w sr
> <=> CD
u&j S3.
►J 1
? 1 Our Line of Fall and Winter <
: 1 Clothing is now in our Shelves. J
jj <
J To many of our patrons, this announcement >
. l is sufficient, but for the benefit of those who <
J do not know us yet we will say, come in to
see us, we want to get acquainted with you
A and in addition to that show you the hand-
somest and best line of clothing, hats and
f a men's furnishings in Butler, don't take our i
€ word foi it, come and see for yourselves, we >
?A will show you up-to-date goods at moderate <
1 - prices. rj
Forced to Vacate. j i
Will Have to Give up lie Rooms at Once!;
Boots and Shoes Cheaper Than Ever. < >
Tlic two rooms in which we had our surplus were rent- >
ed to Dr. Boyle for offices We are forced to vacate them
at once, so we had to move the balance ol that PittsLurg , .
stock, "which we bought at Half Price," down in our store
and we are crowded; we actually haven't working room.
We are going to sell 2000 pairs of these shoes very quick
and very cheap, and if you are not a customer of ours, we '
want to make your acquaintance right now.
We Are After Your Cash.;;
And we are going to give you for it good, stylish, season- < >
able, footwear at about Half Price This is the rime of the i
year you need a good many shoes and you will have to buy ( I.
soon if you want your goods at Half Price. A chance like
this don't come often. We are selling case after case of
Ladies" Welt and Turn Shoes for •#'1.48, former price $3.00;
and for $1.24 we have an elegant line of fine Vesting Top
Shoes worth all of $2.25. Such shoes as you have been * >
paying $1.50 and $175 for we sell you for 98 cents. ►
Bring on Your Boys. ;;
They are kickers, we know, but we want them just the < >
same. In this big deal we got over 200 pairs of Boys' < >
Good Box Calf Shoes. They are on sale at $1.25; the 4 >
leather in them cost more than that. Men's Shoes, dress < ►
or working shoes, going at about Half Price. 4 >
We Are Strong on Winter Stuffs. !:
We bought our Rubber and Felt Goods before the 4 >
advance and can sell them cheaper than any other house in 4 >
Butler county. We are doing the shoe business in Butier y
today; there must be some reason for it; come in and find j
out that reason. > .
Repairing Done Same Day Received. \ \
215 South Main St., Butler, Pa. 1 [
No. 416 W. Jefferson St.,
Butler, Pa.
A Hi <■ of latest Foreign
ami I>oim■■•tie HultliiK*
always lu sttx-k.
Kit. ht.vlo and Work
manship guaranteed
to give MitUfai tloli.
F neral Director.
31.7 S. Mam St., Butler.
The limited partnership association
heretofore existing and known as the
Bruin Manufacturing Company, Limited
was by a unanimous vote of its members,
passed on the first duy of November,
INIJS, dissolved, and notice of its dis
solution urn cted to be x'ven according
to law. All parties indebted to this
company or having claims against it will
pleaac present tliein at the office of the
company in liruin, l'a., by order oi the
New House. Mew Furniture.
Central Hotel,
Opposite Court House.
Next Dour to fiW|tre,