Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, November 17, 1898, Image 2

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WILLIAM C. NEGLEY ~• Publisher
The total vote in this State was 958,
816, divided as follows:—Stone 473.068,
Jenks 353,742 and Swallow 132.006.
Swallow carried but one county.
Lackawanna, and his total vote is hut
13,000 more than last year's.
In this county Stone's vote is 4465,
, Jenks' 4048 and Swallow's 964 For
Lieutenant Governor John P. S. Gobin
had 4736 votes. Win. H. Sowden bad
3974, Emmet D. Nichols 582. Jnstice
Watkins 59 and W. H. Thomas 11: for
Secretary of Internal Affais. James W.
Latta 4806, Patrick DeLacey 3931, Ster
ling W. Dickson 531, David Logan 37,
Henry Peters 8 and A. P. Hutchison 20 ;
for Judge of Superior Court Wm. W.
Porter 4882, Wm. D. Porter 4782, Wm.
Trickett 4457, Calvin M. Bower 3873.
Lewis D. Vail 494 and J. N Huston 67:
for Representative at Large in Congress
Galusha A. Grow 4887, Samnel A. Dav
enport 4793, F. P. lames 3889, Jerry N.
Weiler 3906, Geo. H. Garber 477, P. E.
Sharpies* 448, D. E. Johnston 36. John
R. Root 11, D. L. Monroe 10, J. Acker
Gnss 18 and C. P. Shaw 16; for Congess
J. B. Showalter 1676, M. L. Lockwood
4389 and J. A. Bailey 348: for Assembly
Jamee N. Moore 5074. John Dindinger
4822, A. V. Cunningham 3954, Alphons
Krause 3852, O. M. Russell 440 and
Wm. Braden 420; for District Attorney
J. M. Painter 5014 and R. S. Cornelius
4344; for County Surveyor F. E. Mc-
Quistion 4890 and Jesse Heydrick 4454.
The next State Senate will consist of
38 Republicans and 12 Democrats; the
House of 127 Reps., 74 Dems. and 3 In
dependents-making in all 160 Republi
cans, 86 Democrats and 3 Independents.
Eighty-three votes will control the Re
publican caucus, and before Quay and
Penrose started for Florida last Thuis
day Quay expressed perfect confidence
in his re-election, announced his candi
dacy and offered a reward of *IO.OOO for
information leading to the arrest and
conviction of any person attempting to
bribe a member of the legislature, and
next day Wanamaker offered $20,000.
The election in the26thCongressional
District, composed of Crawford and
Erie counties, both formerly strongly
Republican was a remarkable one.
Crawford county gave Gaston.'.he Dem
ocratic nominee, a majority of 984 over
Higgins: while Erie gave Higgins, the
Republican nominee, a majority of 888
over Gaston, to which must be added a
majority of 48 in the 15th Reg., but this
leaves Gaston about 20 votes ahead, and
the district will be contested.
Jerry Simpson was defeated by a Re
publican in the 7th Congressional Dis
trist of Kansas.
Up in Venango county nobody want
ed the Democratic nomination for Sher
iff, last Spring, and it went, almost by
default,to John Runninger.the base ball
pitcher. Then came the Sibley cam
paign, and Runninger is elected Sheriff
over Sutton, the Republican nominee,
by 1133. Sutton worked hard for his nomi
nation for years. He is related to the
Suttons of this county.
The highest vote polled in Mercer
county was that for Dr. J. M. Martin
for Assembly, 5303. Caldwell had
crate had from 3748 to 3967 and the Pro
hibitionists had 534 to 577. Stone had
4896 and Jenks 3872, and the rest of the
State ticket about the same.
In Penn twp., North, R. O. Thomp
son had 1 vote for Gov., W. C. Hill 1
for Lieut. Gov., C. C. Cooper 1 for Sec
retary of Internal affairs, Philip Millet
1 for Judge of Superior Court, and W
P. Bricker 1 for Congresa-at-Large.
The vote in Mars on the question of
issuing bonds was 91 for and 52 against
Congressional vote—soldiers' vote not
Showalter Lock wood Bailey
Bntler, 4675 4389 343
Mercer, 4900 4149 552
Lawrence. 4032 2710 (136
Beaver. 4587 4023 475
18194 15271 2006
The delegates, Messrs Triford of
Beaver, Madge of Mercer. Rose of Law
rence, and Mnrphy of Bntler, met
in Court House, New Cast
le, Tuesday. A recess was taken
until Friday, December 2, to count up
the soldiers vote from Manila. No re
turn will be made until this vote is re
Polygamist Roberts, of Utah, was
elected to Congress. He has three
wives, one of whom lately gave birth to
twins. One of the Salt Lake City
paoers printed, beneath the announc
mint of his election, the following
Ha, Ha, Ha'.
Pa. Pa, Pa!
He'll go to the Congress
But he won t take ma.
IT will be remembered that thi
CITIZEN predicted that the soldiers
would not be taken south from Cam i
Meade until after the late election.
Next day a Democratic collague hac
some cute comments on our prediction
Subsequent events have verified oui
surmise. Now we wish to say to on:
astonishing friend that whatever wer<
the reasons for keeping the troops ii
Pennsylvania until after the election
defeating the Democrats was not one of
them, for the brainy Democrats can al
ways be depended upon to beat them
Saxon Station.
The Dietrick brothers are drilling a
well on the D. A. Crookshank place,and
the Watson boys arc sawing a lot of
1 amber on same place. The two crews
have a race on hands to see who can
finish first.
Lew Falkner has been kept so busy of
late that he has employed an assistant
blacksmith, and the two have to work
night and day.
Oar two schools are prospering this
year. Everything is satisfactory. Mr
Ekas has taken all the boys to task for
swearing, and has stopped the practice
The lamp black works are running
fall time. Their outpnt is immense
The works at Sunset, owned by same
firm, are being remodeled.
The Methodists like their new preach
er, and are painting and repairing their
THE failure of the airbrakes to work
while a heavy train was on a down
grade on the Lehigh Valley R. Ft. last
Thursday night, caused two great pas
senger trains to collide, and three
engines and a lot of baggage cars were
smashed. Five men were killed and as
many more hnrt.
IT now is certain that the Maria
Teresa did not go down after being
abandoned by her crew but drifted
about and stranded on Cat Island, one
of the Bahamas which belong to Eng
land, who now clsuma and has legal
right to tbtj ship as a derelict.
Butler County Election Returns, Nov, 8. 1898,^'Official.
. | Governor j Coogrew I Assembly. D. Atty., Sury.
► \ II f - " > =
DISTRICTS. 2 3 S £ o 2- ■:; = = ? = S =• , § £ Z
: : | : •» £ : : J : * £' 1 :** •
77 ~ 74 4M 30 70 79 3 84 82 61 54 9 12 81 68 82 68
'»j amS -Hi 26 26 49 37 9 63 62 27 23 9 9 63 33 62 35
S « Mns :{0 g H4 lu 25 a.,! s 7 114 32 106 40
jw 39 3 15 y lM 36 51 3 1 163 37 109 42
Buffalo ' - 4 joo w 7S 113 111 8 7 83 118 74 125
' .. -- 5 81 7 ,, 4 ,- ( 39 h 11 75 53 78 5 2
Brady ' ' „ 53 go5 > o 4 - 4K gg 90 2 2 47 *9 4-"> 92
Clearfield .>!, !)8 23 o 102 «7 20 36 2 2 UK) 24 99. 24
Clinton j s ~( j 31 3 jj«» 2 s 2 >>i 8 2 123 29 116. 35
Concord Vi w 10 n7 113 33 29 10 9 120 37 118 40
Clny }„:> 45 3 99 49 1 105 102 42 40 2 2 104 45 97 50
Centre ™ 4 27 2 39 4,, 2 .-, 03 2 2 46 22 421 24
Cherry N 6 „ 61 35 61 60 37 36.... .... 62 37 62 36
Cherry " of . 1 74 2 * l 75 72 30 26 1 1 75 27 .3 31
Connoqr.enessing ' 4g 4 4S j 47 47 .-,1 51 2 2 47 53 48; 52 |
Connoriuenessing M 17 95 10 o j 10r) 90 83 1 3 106 87 106 *9
Cranberry V-. ..><, 4S 12 £ 49 49 125 125 3 3 50 127 4> 130
Donegal ' rg 19 v - 55 7 157 j.-yj 5t 49 12 12 158 61 151 69
Fairyiew n2 j |g , 5 ng , 04 3n7 n6 1IM) 97 5 6 118 104 117, 104
Forward ~ - () 14 10ti 74 1(w 105 7 6 72 6 6 109 77 109 77
Fr.rnklin 12 g 14 54 3 13 17 51 4* 3 2 15 52 17 53
Jackson , 4 j ( jj ;> 60 05 101 H7 3 3 6. 9i »•*> 90
Jackson W 54; j fi 7 o 77 162 169 2 282 165 83 l«.i
Jefferson ' 4 - H 107 \ T1 73 ioh 103 •> 2 73 107 73 107
Lancaster ' 6& , )g 155 T<i 15 1W 100 66 69 15 16 162 84 1611 84
Middlesex s - K , K) 9 , r> k4 84 8 8 73 84 63 93
Marion..... K1 44 , 2 80 50 7 K» s 4 44 44 8 7 85 53 861 51
Mnddy creek .. 18 47 59 H t7 47 57 55 8 8 48 66 49 *1",
Mercer -- Ts 68 74 74 1 1 68 75 70 74
Oakland ' 0() fi - 125 11H 07 1T 37 30 122 55 il7 60
£ arker - 54 38 35 60 57 10 67 62 30 32 1* 14 71 46 62 50
£ | 116 44 5 116 44 4 119 117 41 41 4 4 120 44 t lB 45
Penn „. 14; , 04 . . >5 24 143 143 29 i 39 29 140
Summit go °1 88 94 8 92 92 87 85 9 9 97 92 93 94
Slipperyrock 4 - | )s .1- 4<) .> H -■> -> ; )7 -> 8 «8 65 112 58 121
Venango ' L. ' ll4 sr , 2 104 s6 79 119 2 2 117 82 114 86
Winfield. , 4 35] 4 46 33 1 50 49 31 31 1 1 53 29 47 ?A
Washington , - 14 13 101 j* r> 103 104 15 14 5 4 107 17 iO3 21
Washington * 14 f(1 lt)1 7 93 1(M p !H) s9 11 11 85 lIS 99 101
Worth n ~ 17 - fr , 157 204 19 i«5 169 163 156 33 28 182 i96i 74 192
Butler Ist ward " 000 173 0 17 i> 2 00 177 199 198 12 11 204 003 180 2*27
Bntler 2d ward * 7>> lo; 177 17 i 74 m 151 140 i > j23 196 i 74 145
Butler 3d ward ' 14 y 137 14s 6 141 125 125 « 7 149 i 43 i3B 155
Butler 4th ward ..>1 T 0 147 - 228 185 98 106 15 9 189 i 39 160 160
Butler sth ward "... an 73 e 7 7 S9 76 49 43 7 7 67 69 79 58
Centre ville y - 51 39 5 3) 32 33 32 8 9t 35 39 30 44
Harrisville f.\ % 9 44 o 7 5 43 43 27 25 7 6 44 32 42 34
Prospect * 46 25 12 40 56 24 42 25 41
West Snnburv " 77 ~ j 2O -4 j 107 97 69 65 6 4 109 67 92 84
Millerstown. o 3 jg >3 09 11 31 31 20 20 13 12 36 28 27 37
Petrolia .X, "Jj 7 35 ~8 2 35 36 6 4 2 2 87 6 35 8
o 7 9 ■>] 30 1 20 21 28 27 4 4 20 31 20 32
Karns City o 3 93 193 10 87 h7 109 100 10 12 86 118 84 120
Evans City (; ., 2C 35 86 4 42 39 85 64 4 7 45 75 44 75
Harmony oq 00 35 ir,H 2 34 68 164 116 3 1 54 i 36 50 140
Zelienople Vo 54 ;1 7 66 69 8 87 74 51 46 14 14 75 68 72 71
Mars j6 i 17 21 3 27 23 16 13 1 2 19 22 23 18
Porters ville 7 r> t jo 2 0 8 1 24 24 4 i*. 1 2 23 3 28 4
Valencia I jo jq 3 -> ik 4 33 32 11 12 8 8 34 18 33 20
Connoquenessing | ' 0 ~ ™ r J i ( ; 1 41 37 8 7 1 31 22 36 16
C/O. E, 15th Reg. P. V j "l 2 I 3 5 5 o 4 4 2 2 3 3 4 2
Trtta , 4465* 4048 964 4675
Harmony ami Zelieuople.
On Friday Nov. 11 Mrs. Lewis Goeh
ring of Jackson township, died, after
having an operation performed, which
was the last means resorted to for her
recovery. . ,
She was born in Pittsburg in 1836 and
was the daughter of Jacob Buckow,
who afterward resided in this county
In 1855 she was married and with her
husband settled on a farm near Pros
pect where they lived until 1880 when
they moved on the farm which they
now own in Jackson township formerlj
a part of the Jacob F. Wise farm.
They were blessed with eleven children;
nine boys and two girls all living at
this time. lowa, Nebraska, Tennessee
and our state are their respective
homes. . .
The deceased was an active member of
the Presbyterian church at Zelienople_
The funeral services were attended
by many more than could gain entrance
into the church. Rev. P. J Slonaker,
her pastor, preached from ' Precious in
the sight of the Lord is the death of his
'""'•"he missionary society of which the
deceased was a member, as a tribute of
respect, decorated the remains with a
beautiful wreath of flowers.
After the services the remains were
laid to rest in the Zelienople cemetery.
How beautiful is a life spent in the
service of the Master.
The contractor of the new Pittsburg
and Western branch to Maple Grove
near Eidenau, arrived at Harmony last
Monday with 17 teams, tents, tools and
laborers. .
Work will be commenced this week
on the Geoige Bame farm where they
will change the course of the Conno
quenessing creek in order to avoid two
Mrs H. A. Hallstein and children of
Harmony visited relatives in Pittsburg
over Sunday.
Mrs. John Starnrn of Fombell who
has been sick a long time is nearly well.
James M. Grier and wife of Pitts
burg were in Harmony last Thursday
calling on friends.
A. E. Peffer and Mr. Riley of near
Brownsdale were in Harmony and
Zelienople last Thursday, calling on
voters. Mr. Riley is a candidate for
a county office.
S. L. Chcesman, county superinten
dent was in our section last Friday.
Last Friday at two o'clock workmen
on the railroad at Eidenau placed fifty
pounds of dynamite on a huge, hard
rock and covered it with sand and ex
ploded the same to break the rock; the
rock waß broken and with it a larire
number of window panes in Winters
mill, and houses nearby.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Christo
phel in Harmony las" Friday, a girl.
Mrs Rev. J W Otterman of Zelie
nople left on Wednesday of last week
for St Paul Minn, where she attended
the National W. C. T U. convention
which was in session, Nov 11 -1..
Mrs. Otterman was a delegate from
Butler county which is tue banner
county of L. T. L. work in our state.
Ex-senator Calvin Brice went
through Harmony on a special train
last Monday viewing the Pittsburg and
Glora Items.
Mrs. K 11. Miller, of r,utler. siH-nt a
few days last week visiting her mother,
Mrs. Jane C. Thompson, who is quite
low at present.
Our school is progressing finely under
the effecient management of Will Rals
Miss Lettie Thompson, who is teach
in# Barnes' school spent Sunday with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs L. R. Thomp
Miss Jane Kerr and Miss Elsie
Thompson, of Slipperyrock, visited
Flora friends over Sunday.
Elmer McJunkin and wife, of Sisters
ville. with their children have returned
to their home after a month s stay with
friends here.
Elora welcomes Walter McCurdy and
family, who have moved into the house
vacated by Mrs Wimer.
The smiling face of Cash. Rodgers,
of West Liberty, was seen on last Sat
urday night in our town as he was call
ing on his many friends.
Mrs. Jos. McDougall and daughter
Lissa were Slipperyrock visitors on
Burt Hockenberry. of Bradford, and
sister. Mrs. Glenn, of Harrisville, visit
ed their sister, Mrs. J. N. Thompson.
George Varnmn. wife and daughter,
of Unionyilie. were vieiting friends
hereon Tuesday.
L. C. Hall, formerly one of Flora's
teachers, but now a Senior in Slippery
rock Normal was calling on friends on
Monday and distributing bills for the
Temperance Drama 'Under the Spell'
to !«■ giyen at Slipperyrock on Thanks
iriving evening, Nov. iltli.
We are sorry to note that o?)t* of our
enterprising fanners, Curtis Sn„.der. is
soon to K° from our neighborhood, he
has bought a farm in Oakland tov n
-hit> Flora shall miss the family very
much W« tapp our loss will be your
[gain. Curtis.
O- S. Dell and Eli Patterson are visit
ing in Clarion Co.
The wedding l>ells hav«* "gain rung in
onr quiet town. Brim McClure anil
Miss Barnes l>eing the happy couple.
Esq Thompson tied the knot, and sure
ly he will soon be an adept. Consider_
ing the number of weddings he has had
of late.
Brady Township
Again we ask room in your paper for
the report of the second month of Holi
day School. No. 2, which closed on Fri
day. Nov. 4, the per cent, of attendance
is 97*. those missing no days are as fol
lows"; Cleo, Mary and Buna Grossman,
John and Frank Laughner, and Flora
Jack. Those missing i day are James
and Linn Grossman and those missing 1
day are Charles aftd Eva Snyder, and
Clyde Stoughtoti missed li days.
The visitors during the month were
A M Cornelius, of Butler, and Charles
Pflngh, of Hiekery Corner.
EDITOR CITIZEN.— We are told thai
"whom the gods would destroy the*
first make mad."
This seems to be the best excuse for
souie phases of the State campaign jnst
It occurs to me that, looking over
the recent past, the time had full}' com
for Mr. Van Volkenburg & Co. to retire
and give the public a rest. Yet I notice
by the papers that he has been visiting
Pittsburg people with a view to con
tinue the contest against the re-election
of Senator Quay. Surely the time has
come when the curtain ought to be let
down on this farce.
During the canyass for the succession i
to Senator Cameron's seat, Mr. Wana j
maker, being an applicant, the Business
Men's League of Pnilidelphia - compos ,
ed of a few of the wealthy merchants, j
with a few others attached to do the
work, opened headquarters in one of the
finest buildings in Harrisburg.
It was well provided with everything
deemed necessary for the comforts of
its guests. Here the celebrated "76
were supposed to meet, though some oi
them played shy of it- After a hot
contest, Mr. Wanamaker was defeated
and, as was natural, he repaired again
to the "city of brotherly love." The
session went on slowly. Senator Kautf
inan standing for the "reform" people
in the Senate. Finally the Legislature
adjourned —in the dog days-and in due
time the Lancaster Senator became a
canidate for re-nomination. This he
was refused by his constituents—-being
nis neighbors. He was angry.
Finally the primary election in Phila
delphia came off and Mr. Graham was
refused a re-nomination he had held
the office of District Attorney fur 18
years. These three gentlemen got
"mad.'' Thev thought it impossible
that their respective constituencies
would go back on them unless influ
enced by some evil genius, possessing
super-human power.
They finally lit on Senator Quay as
their potent enemy. They at once de
termined to extinguish him. Graham
»vas to lie low until the proper time ar
rived; Wqnarnaker and KaufTman took
to the country (and towns too) They
discussed the degeneracy of the times.
They called the Republican organiza
tion of the State "the Quay nnebine."
They moved through the country
frequently on special cars—paid for,
doubtless, out of the princely fortune of
Mr. Wanamaker. What a grand sight
it must have been to see these gentle
men moving eastward along the Penn'a
Central, through Westmoreland coun
ty. stopping at little towns along
their route—arousing the people ty the
threatened danger; and calling on theaj
—here as elsewhere throughout the
State, to assist in the defeat not only of
the State ticket, but also the Republi
can candidates for tho Senate or Assem
bly, where-ever they were kuown to be
friendly to Senator Quay.
What grand campaigns these twin
reformers have held and what othersare
yet being formulated- In their minds.
What a grand Don Quiipt? John Wan
amaker makes! and how gallantly he is
supported by his Sanche Pauza (Sena
tor Kauffman)!
What is the use of feeling depressed
by defeat when one's imagination can
make him happy .'
But to conclude what have these re
formers accomplished * The State tick
et that they hoped to defeat comes out
of the contest 118,000 votes ahead "f
their Democratic opponents.
The Senate has 13 Democrats and :SH
Republicans. In the House thu Demo
crats have 7« and the Republican* 131.
giving the latter a majority of *4 on
joint ballot.
Of the Republicans elected
Wanamaker says 9'J of them are
friends of Senator Quay,but a more lib
eral anti-Quay authority concedes him
' 111).
The old adage teils us that 'order in
the first law in Heaven." Parties act
through conventions and whatever is
done by a majority of a convention is
accepted by all fair minded men. Par
ty action in legislative bodies iscontrol
led by caucuses a majority here also
being accepted l>y ttl!. It. is admitted.
even bv enemies that Senaro. Quay
will lie nominated in caucus l>y a vote
of at least 110 to .% of the field.
It will U? muol» better than this as
will be found later Undiir tb«? circum
s: mc.es would it not he wise for lUe
opposition to snuside'.' Surely Mr. Van
Vol ken burg could timl some private
business to entertain him for n short
titne at least Mr Wanamaker may
need some fresh orders of foreign tfoods.
and Mr. Kauflman might find—well
no matter about him—he voted for the
Wood's water bill—any old thing will
snit him. -
Some who nave Wt unfriendly to
Senator Quay in the past may wonder
why it fc that the Republicans of the
State adhere to him so closely—even in
the face of sach voljeys of hot shot as
these "reformer" have been pouring in
to his lines. The answer is a plain one.
viz: that, whether in the Senate or else
where, he has always stood up for the
interests of the great and varied inter
ests of the State. He is always a Penn
In conclusion let me say that if any
of these gentleman should have the pre
sumption to offer to vote at a Republi
can primary election they would be
' treated rightly if they were rejected
with scorn
Yours, etc,,
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vholesome and delicious.
w ifli
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Department X.
Boarding and Day School for Olrls. New
and Klegant Building ready for !■ all Term.
Regular. College Preparatory, and Elective
Courses. Special advantages in Music
l.loeut ion and Art. For catalogue address
MKS. M. N. Mc.MILLAN. Principal.
COYLE—At the taoive of TF. Soheerer
in Summit twp.. I*. 1
Thomas Coyle, » window-fastener
agent, aged 53 years.
McGAFFIC —At the home of his prund
daughter. Mr- Jennie Langhner in
West Liberty Nov. 9. 1898. Thomas
McQaffic, in his With. year.
Mr MoGaftic moved to this county
from Crawford Co. in 1860, and pur
chased the Judge Stevenson farm, ad
joining Oentreville. Four sons. \N in of
Bntler. James of Kansas, and Thomas
and Jessie of New Castle, and three
daughters. Mrs. Lilly of W esc Liberty.
Mrs Rhodes of Slippery rock and Mrs.
Sturdevant of Kansas survive him.
KEISTER—At his home at Keister sta
tion Nov. 9. 1898. John Keister. aged
80 years.
BAUGH—At her home in Sank Centre,
Minn Nov. 12, 1898 Mrs Amanda
Smith Baugh. formerly of Butler.
Mrs. Baugh's death was caused by
typhoid Her remains were brought to
Butler Tuesday and funeral services
were held at her father's, John McQ.
Smith's house un S. Main stret-t. Tues
day afternoon, interment in the South
cemetery A host of friends sympa
thize with the bereayed husband and
KITTLE—At her home in Ohio, Nov.
13, 1898. Mrs. J. F. Kittle, formerly
of Butler.
NEELEY—At his home in Worth t wp.
Nov. 10, 18iW, Peter Neeley, a eed
about 65 years.
Mr. Neeley was a very tine man. and
good citizen His neighbors speak very
highly of him.
POWELL -At his home in Buffalo twp.
Nov 12, 1898, David Powell aged 41
Mr. Powell lived on the old Powell
homestead, and was greatly esteemed
by his neighbors. His death was caus
ed by consumption. He is survived by
his wife and three children.
CROWE—At the hom sof his nephew.
Rev. S J. Crowe, at Warren, Ohio.
Nov. 14th, John Crowe, formerly of
Brownsdale, aged 83 years
Funeral was held on the l(>th inst.
from the David B. Crowe, homestead
Is weakness of the stomach. It is the
source of untold misery. It may be
cured by toning and strengthening the
stomach and enriching and purifying the
blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Many
thousands have been cured by this medi
cine and write that now they "can eat
anything they wish without distress."
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is prepared by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by druggists. sl. six for $5. (let Hood's.
Hood's Pills cure all liver ilis. 23 cents.
Jury Lists for December Term.
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this 7th day of November.
A. D. 1898, to serve as grand jurors at a
regular term of court commencing on
the first Monday of December, A. D.
1898. the same being the sth day of said
Anderson, O. 11., Allegheny tp, farmer
Bover. William, Lancaster tp, farmer.
Campbell, Jos. M, Fairview tp, farmer.
Campbell, O. P.. West Sunbary, far-
Campbell, Levi, Parker tp, farmer.
Gillespie, John, Middlesex tp, mer
Kelly, Joseph, Cherry tp. farmer.
Kelly, John C.. Butler tp. farmer.
Klingler, Fred.. Butler, 4th wd, miller.
Murphy J B, Butler sth wd, carpenter.
McClynionds R C, Centreville, editor
McMichael Zenas. Zelienople, laborer.
McCollough J M, Fairview tp, farmer.
Quigley D D, Penn tp, farmer.
Ramsey W S, Jackson tp, farmer.
Storey William, Faryiew boro, fanner.
Shannon. Q G, Connoquenessing tp,
Smith H J, Butler 3d wd, merchant.
Stoops Warren. Concord tp, farmer.
Walley Plnmtner, Parker tp, farmer
Womer J L, Alleghenny tp. farmer.
Walker James, Jefferson tp, farmer.
Wallace James. ZelienopK laborer.
Wick J M, Butler. 2nd wd, gent.
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this 7th day of November,
A. I). 1898, to serve as petit jurors at a
regular term of court commencing on
the second Monday of December, A.
D. 1898, the same being the 12th day ot
said month:
Andre Daniel, Butler tp, laborer.
AidingerCA, Millerstown. shoemaker
Bicker Louis H, Winfield tp, farmer.
Bennett W S, Allegheny tp, farmer.
Barnes R L. Harrisville. contractor.
Barron Robert, Worth tp. farmer.
Barr John C. Adams tp, farmer.
Bell W E. Mercer tp, farmer.
Brown William, Concord tp, farmer.
Boggs James P. Forward tp. farmer.
Bjers William, Millerstown, carpenter.
Boyer Levi, Lancaster tp. farmer.
Cranmer A W, Clay tp, farmer.
Conley James P. Adams tp, farmer.
Chesney W C, Saxon burg, producer
Criswell Joseph, Butler tp, farmer.
Dodds David, Penn tp, farmer.
Dnnlap Morrison, Mercer tp, farmer.
Easley Joseph. Butler, 2d wd, laborer
Eytli Frank. Centreville. hotel keeper.
Fleming Michael, Clearfield tp, farmer.
Fullerton M G, Clearfield tp, farmer.
Forrester James, Prospect, farmer.
Fowler John, Forward tp, farmer.
Graham Thomas, Butler, 4th wd, far
Graham Walter L. Butler 4th wd,
Gilchrist James, Worth tp, farmer.
Graham Charles, Penn tp. farmer.
Hockenberry Charles, Cherry tp, far
Hockenberry Mont, Cherry tp. farmer.
Heckart William, Clinton tp, carpen
H M, Butler. Ist wd laborer.
Kerner J P, Butler Ist wd, driller.
Lanij Earhart. Winfield tp, farmer.
Milligan E S. Clearfield tp. farmer.
Mnrphy Oliver T, Worth tp, farmer.
McNamara John, Parker tp. farmer.
McFadden Hugh, Donegal tp, farmer.
McQnistion W W. Butler, -id wd, gent.
Scott J C Prospect, painter.
Starr John. Butler, 2d wd. laborer.
Shaner A F. Muddycreek tp. farmer.
Shorts William, Butler tp, farmer.
Thorn Cyrus. Cranberry tp. pamper.
Turner S C, Parker tp, driller
Thompson Joseph, Franklin tp, farmer
Vanderlin H N, Butler. 4th wd, student
Wilson Alexander, Allegheny tp, far
Has all the elements Necessary
for an Ideal Health Resort.
ikillful Medical Service,
Invigorating Mountain Air,
Pure Wattrs,
Scenery Unsurpassed in America.
Only three hours' ride east from
Pittsburg, in the Allegheny mojn.
OptMi sill the year, under tin? mediral <*on
troi «>f Mr. K. O. ('rossrnan. of I Di
versity «>f Vermont, assisted i>y skillful pliy
steiavi** Ap|M»lntim ntsof tie* most approved
kinds, and tirst-elass In ev«sry rrsiM-ot.
Treatment l»y me<lleines and baths or all
kinds, massage and fleetrlelty- Hot, and
eold, saU Turkish, Roman,
therrnal, elwtro-ehemlear and net'dlo oatlm.
BulldliiK with liot water, lit?ut i»y
«*lectri«'lty. supplied with pure mountain
water, surrounded l»y cjuhM. ri'stful mnun
tain seenery. Lo<*at<»d on I'ittsl.uri* division
of li. <>. il. R., which eonnei'ts it with the
principal eitl<*s and their railroad systems;
Jilso with tbe Pennsylvania railroad at
ilyiidman, Johnstown. <'onnelsvllle. ur-io
do«*k. Terms resisonahle. Special rates tor
ministers, missionaries, teachers, physicians
and t heir families
For further information and drentiers
1 u 1111 % -
Markleton, Somerset Co., Pa.
Fi-stclass Rigs and hordes.
Rear of Hotel Butler, South Main Bt.
i Bell Telephone 92.
By virtue of sundry writs of Von. t*.. Ft.
Ka . Lev. Fa.. Ac., issued out of the Court of
Common PU as of Butter Co.. Pa., and to mj
dire<-t«-d. thorv will i to public sale
at the Court House In the tx>rou)rh of Bntler,
Friday, the 2d day of Dec. 1898.
at 1 o'clock, p. m.. the following described
property, to-wit:
E. D No. December Term. Ralston
j A Greer. VF. C. Findley and W. 11. Lusk.
An y
' All the right, title, interest and claim of
Jamison < 'arot hers. of. in ami t«> all that cer
tain piece or parcel of land, situated is t lay
twp.. Butler county. Pa., bounded as follow*.
| to wit: Besmuiing at the northwest corner at
1 a stake, thence along the line of lands of
John Allen and Black south S3 cleg, and
30 min. east IrtT 71M00 perches to a post on the
I line of lands of Black, thence alone
, the line of land <>f limy Carothers south l
! deg. west .52 and 12-100 perches to a post.
J thence along the line of lands of lluey Car
; others south l \ deg msi ~ indlS-100 perch
i es to a post, thence along the line of lands of
Huev < arothers south M cleg l' l min west
; and 52-100 perches to a post on line of lands
' of J. Walker, thence along line of lauds of J.
Walker north 1 ** degeast and 87-100 perch
: e> to a post, the place of beginning, contain
j ing 32 acres and 121 perches*—the above de
• scribed tract of land t»eing part of a larger
I tract owned in fee by A H Carothers. deceas
ed. who died intestate, said Jamison Caroth
' erst* Ing one of his heirs at law and the title
j to the afore described land became vested in
I him by sundry deeds of conveyance from
| the other heirs of said decedent. Seized and
j taken in execution as the property of Jami
• sou Carothers at the suit of J H t'arothers.
Mrs. Elizabeth Gilkey et al.
F. D. No. 27. December Term, ls&v W. I).
Brandon and W. A. & t". J. Forquer, Att'ys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Alvln Carothers. of, in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in Clay twp.,
Butler county. Pa., bounded as follows, to
wit: Beginning at a post at the nortnwest
corner on line of land of J Walker, thence
north >7deg 10 min east 204 ;J2-100 perches to a
post in the centre of the Beaver Dam ltoad.
thence along line of Beaver ham ltoad south
.1 deg east ad perches to a post on line of
lands of James Kildoo the southeast cor
ner. thence along the lands of James Kildoo
and W C McCaudless north sS deg 3T» min
west 205 and H7-100 perches to a post the
southwest corner, common to W C NlcCand
le»s and J Walker, thence north lfe deg east
c; and s6-!00 perches to a post the place of
t>eglnning. containing i 2 acres ana 121 per* h
es. Indng part of a larger tract of land of
which A if Carothers died seized in fee, and
bv sundry deeds of conveyance of the heirs
of aforesaid decedent, the title to the afore
desc ribed land vested in said Alvln Caroth
ers. he being one of the heirs at law of said
A H Carothers. deceased. Seized and tak» n
in execution as the property of Alvln Caroth
ers at the suit of John Berg &. Co. et al.
K. i). No. 2s. December Term. IS9*. W. C.
Findley, W. A. F. J. Foniuer. Lusk and
Brandon. Att y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Huey Carothers, of, in and 10 all that cer
tain piece <>r parcel of land, situated In Clay
twp.. Butler county. Pa., bounded as follows,
to-wit: Beginning at the northwest corner at
a stake on line or lands of .1 \\ alker, t hence
along line of lands of Jamison Carothers
north «S4 deg 10 min east and 52-100 perch***
to a post, thence along line of lands or .1 anil
son Carothers north l\ deg east and 12-100
perches to a post on line of lands of
Black, thence along line of land of
Black south *3 deg and 20 min east 21 and 20-
100 pe**ches to a post In centre of Beaver
Dam Koad. thence along said road south 21
deg east 1M perches to a post on said road,
tnence along said road south HO deg east 47 5-
10 perches to a post in the centre of said road
thence alot*£ the line of lands of Alvln Oar
others *7 deg west 20432-100 perches to a j»ost
on line of lands of J Walker, thence north
1\ deg east 20 40-100 perches to a post the
place of l>eginning. containing 44 acres and
121 perches.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel ot
land, situated in Clay twp. Butler county.
Fa., lH»iinded and described as follows, to
wit: North bv Hickory mill and Sunbury
road, east by .lames Kelly, south by James
Kelly, and on the west by the Beaver Dam
Koad. containing 8 acres. The above de
scribed tracts being parts of a larger tract
[of land owned in fee by A H Carothers. de
ceased, and winch vested in his heirs at his
death, and the afore-described land by sun
dry deeds of conveyance of the heirs be
came vested in said Huey Carothers.
>eized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Huey Carothers at the suit of John
Berg et al.
E.D No. 145. December Term, 1898. W. A. &
l ..i. Port} nor, Attorneys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim ot
Sarah A Milliard and I N Milliard, of. In anu
t > all that certain piece or lot of land, situat
ed In Marlon twp.. Butler county. I'a., bound
ed as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the
southwest corner at lot of W C Painter at a
post, thencotiorth Hi deg east 180 feet to a
post by lands of W II Painter, thence by
land of Keuben Byers souths deg east It*■
feet to a post, thence by other lauds of Heu
ben Byers south lii deg west 180 feet to a post
at public road, thence by said public roaa
north :ildeg west 100 feet to the place of be
(flftnlng, containing !4 of an acre, more or
less, together with a two-story frame dwell
ing house (used its a hotel), a one-story frame
building used as a meat market, stable ai>u
outbuildings thereon; also, together with
fche right-of-way to convey water from said
lot across lands of Keulien Byers by a ditch
not to exceed two feet in depth to a point oi
the Butler and Franklin road and being the
same land conveyed by Keuben Byers anu
wife to narah A Milliard by deed dated Aug
ust 'J. lstt'i, recorded In Deed Book I;>7, page
.1211, and the same land and property mort
gaged to S K Williamson-by said Sarah A Mil
lard and I N Millard by mortgage recorded
in Butler county, l'a.. in Mortgage Book 4«.
page 430; the judgement from which this
writ issues being entered upon the mortgage
nonu mentioned in said mortgage, and this
property to be same upon and by virtue ot
said mortgage liond, and date being contract
ed for by said Sarah A Milliard, and same
mortgage and bond given therefor.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Sarah A Millard and I X Millard at
the suit of S K Williamson.
E. D. No. 102, December Term, 1808. \V. 11.
Lusk. Attorney.
All the right, title. Interest and claim ot
Charles M Covert, of, In and to all that cer
tain piece or tract of land, situated in Adams
twu.. Butler county, Pa., bounded as follows,
to-wit: On the north by lauds of Thomas
Anderson, John Belfour and C Bolhorst, east
ny lands of Samuel Parks and Crlswell heirs,
south by lands of Newton Lertor, T W Ken
nedy heirs and McMarlin farm, west by lands
of John Whltmlre and Thomas Anderson,
containing ijuo acres, more or less, having a
large frame house, bank bam and two orch
ards therou.
Seized and taken ill execution ss the prop
erty of Charles H Covert at the suit of The
AleCormiek Harvesting -Machine Company.
E. 1). No. 144, December Term. I*9*. Williams
.V Mitchell, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of J
W and Kelmcca .1 Davis, of. in and to all that
eertaiu piece or lot of land, situated in the
oorouffh of Butler, on Institute Hill, Butler
county, l'a., bounded a.-, follows, to-wlt: Oil
the north l>y lot No. M in same plan of lots,
east by and an alley, south by lot .No. 4(1. ano
west by Second street, having a frontage oi
>0 feet on Second street, and extending
thence eastiraru perservlng the same wldtu
100 feet to tin,' alley, being lot No. 40 in block
10 in plan of lots In said borough of Butler a*
surveyed and laid out by James Dunlap. I'.sq
and having thereon erected a two-Story
i rame slate roof dwelling house, frame stable
and other outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of.l W Davis and Rebecca J Davis at
the suit of John Bergoichler.
j£ D. No. 151, December Term I*. Williams
& Mitchell, Att'ys.
All the right, title.. Inturest and claim of
Mary Jane Jones and Burton Jones, of, in
and to all that certain piece or parcel of land
•situated in Allegheny twp., Butler county,
l'a., bounded as follows, to-wlt: On the
north by lands of Eli Osiuan, east by lands ol
Daniel Jones, south by lands of heirs of Dr.
A WCrawford, and west by lands of James
McDowell, containing 2V acres, more or less,
and having tliereou erected a one and one
half story double board dwelling house of
six rooms, a frame bank barn and outbuild
ings; also, small orchard thereon; mostly
cleared, and lielng the same land and prem
ises granted and conveyed unto Mary Jane
Jones by William V Black et u.v by deed
dated Septembers!, lss.",. and of record In the
itecorder's otti.-e, in and f<T Butler county,
In Deed Book No. 157, page 463
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Mary Jane Jones and Bljrton Jones
at the suit of John Forcllt,
K D No. 110. Deoemlier Term, IKBN. Wil
liams .V Mitchell, Attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Chrlstena fc. McConuell aud John II McOon
n.-II 'if. In and to all thai certain piece or loi
~t land, situated In the horo of Butler, But
ler county l'a., bounded as follows, to-wlt:
On t lie north by lot of Uco W Shlever, east
oy lotof Brackney, south by Lincoln
street west by lot of J A Hlchey, the same
having a frontage of :»i feet on Lincoln street
and extending northward perservlnp the
same width. 100 fee, 0 luches, to lot >'f tieo «
Shlever. having thereon erected a new two
story frame dwelling house and outbuild
logs. . t -
ALSO Ail that certain lot or parcel oi
ground, situated in Coaltowu, Cherry twp.
Butler county, l'a., bounded and described
as follows, to-wlt: Ou tiie north by lauds of
•loliu lvtester, on the east by lot of Bovard
Bros., on the south by a public road, and on
the wt'.st by lands of John Klester, said lot
fronting fts feet on said public road on the
south, and being 100 feet on the east side aud
west side, respectively, and ha* lug thereon a
two-story frame building with brick base
and taken in as the l>ron-
I erty of Chrlstena Hi MrCuonell al»d John H
McUunijeli at the suit of V A Abrams.
E, I>. No. 159, December Term, WOB. F. A
A. L. Bowser, Attorneys.
All the right, title Interest and claim of
Marv K McKlnney and M 11 Mchlnney. of, in
and to all that certain piece or messuage of
land, situated In I'eiin twp., Butler county,
l'a., bounded as follows, to-wlt: <>n the
north by lands of (ireen llclus, east by lands
«,f John Kllngler formerly, now llnnrv Ken
nedy, south by lands ..f t r )aud Oerrydfoim.
1 erly. now Mrs. .Minerva I Davis. N Mangel
aud public road, and west by land, of t.eo
Mushrush. containing 40 acres more or less.
With one and one-half story dwelling house,
trail... barn and outbuilding thetnsm erected,
i.aid tract being mostly cleared and under
fence with orchard of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Mary K M.'Klnney and M II M.'Kin
ney at the suit of I'hlltp Daubenspcck.
j.- I). No. 1.16, Term, IS9S. S. I". &
A L. liowser, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
John T Davis and |di» J Davis of MI aud <•'
1.11 iliut e..M»Ii4 piocu o; n.' ssuage of land,
situated In < h3rry towp'-hlp. Butler county,
l'a., boundVd as follow-, to-wlt: On the north
bv a public road leading front I Ive I olnts to
Kelster, east bv lauds ..f lluiih t.rossman.
south by lands of Mary A Dobsou. and «esl
l.y lands of Uolx-rt 1t... .si*' and Joseph
Kelly, containing Zi a r* ». more or less, with
;i two-story frame dwelling house, frame
stable and outbuildings thereon erected;
most I v cleared and uuiit r fence.
Sel/.ed and taken In execution a> the pron
ertv of John T I':!V!- mid Id:. - D;ivU at tu*.
,U,l HUSK', for js t ... LV»
E 1). No. 138. December T'rm, IWS. Mc-
Juukln i Oalbreath, Att vs.
Ml the I'zlit. tl'.le, an"a Clalm ui
fcll.abeth MUiLuons, of, in and to all thal tir
tulu piece or parcel of land ( bUuitxu lb
Franklin township. Butler county, I a.* J
t. Un led a- f * - ♦•»-'* it B< - " '-* at
the northwest ctirncr. thence along a private
road and lands of Jones* heirs north v* dec
east |S\ perches to a p<*st. then**** hj and* of
J D Albert 1 deg east 29 2-10 perches to a post,
thence by lands of David Mt n heirs
south SV deg west parches to a post,
thence by a private road north 1 d**g west .
2-10 perches tot he place of beginning. con- j
tainln j 12 acres, more or less
Seised and • • • ' .- ' • JT •;»-
ert v of Ellzabet u Simmons at the suit of !■
F. D. No. IfiO. IV .'ember Tern. l"**s McJunkin
\ lia I breath. Att ys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
George English, of. in and to all that certain
pie* *-or par of land, situated in Muddy- I
creek township. Butler county. Pa . bounded |
as follows. t«»- wit: On the north by lands of I
William Mc Daniels, east by lands of Harvey
Cooper. south by lands of John Stick el and
Oren Stewart, and west by Pittsburg and .
North Liberty road, containing ltf acres. J
more or less, with frame dwelling house, f
barn, and orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution a> the
erty of George English at tne suit of Mrs.
Parmilia English.
E. D No. 147. December Term. Isi*. A. M.
Christ ley. Att'y.
All th** right, title, interest and claim of
Amelia C C;isteriine. of. In and to all that
undivided ninth part of that certain piece or
tract of laud, situated in Jefferson tw p.. But
ler county. Pa., bounded follows, to-wit .
on the north by lands of John liunst, east by
lands of John Gunst and Fred Sachs, south
by lands of l harl« *» Bu<*hatian. public ro;ni.
and Sweeny, and west by lands of Win.
.dontag, Edward Mon tag. l'rank Furst and
Hill, containing acres, more t»r less.
and being the land of the .ate Charles II
Ureeuort. dee'd. haviug thereou a dwelling
house, part !<>g and part Ixwirds. I«>g barn,
other outbuildings, and several producing
oil wells.
Seized anil taken in execution as the prop
erty of Amelia c Caster line at the suit of S S
Gill, now for use of Isaac Meals.
E. D. No. 133k December Term. A. M.
Christ ley. Alt y.
Ail the right, title, interest and claim of
Thomas M Hutchison, of. In and U> all that
certain piece or parcel of land, situated in
Cherry twp. Butler county. Pa., bounded as
follow, to-wit: On the north by lands of
Thompson Kyle, east by lands of > V Hutch
ison. south by lands of Miles Hutchison, and
west by lands of Robert A Hutchison, con- ,
talning .10 acres, more or less, with frame
house and other outbuildings erected there
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Thomas Hutchison at the suit of John
F McCoy, adm'r. of H C McCoy, dee d.
E. D. No. 117. IVcember Term. l«W. J. W.
Hutchison. Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Joseph Greuue. of, in and to all that certain
piece or lot of land, situated in Connoque
nesslng two. Butler Co.. P i., bounded as fol
lows, to-vn Rnflnnln al ■ bUnm in the
public road, southwest corner, thenee by
lands of K F Eklti north 2 t deg weat 22 and
»-10 perches to a post, tlierce, by land of
Thomas Galloway south ss deg east 4S
perches to a stone, thence by land of Thomas
Galloway north 1 deg west perches to a
stone, thence by land of Mrs E J Greuue
south2 deg ean ;i and <5-160 pncheitoi
post, thence by same south 71 deg east 1 and
4-10 perches to* a i>ost, t hence by land of Mar
garet Ekin and Mary H Ekin south l.v, deg
west 4 p«*relies, thence hy same south 44 deg
west 4 and 25-100 perches to a white oak on
the north side of the road, thence by same
.»n public road south deg west 20 and 3-10
perches to a stone on the south side of the
road corner of K F Ekin's land, thence by
land of K F Ekin north 71 deg west and 2-10
perches to the place of l>eglnnlng. containing
10 acres anil :« perches, strict measure.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop-
erty of Joseph Urenae at the >uit of Chris
tian Henchberger.
E. D. No. 110, December Term, H;iS. Thomp
son Si Son, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Kred Stoll. of, in and to all that certain piece
or lot of land, situated at Boyer Station,
Marion twp. Butler Co., Pa.. bounded as fol
lows, to-wlt: On the north by lands of \\m
Mayt>old. east by lands of same, south by
public road, and west by lands of M T Mc-
Clain, with frame store, frame house, barn
and other out buildings; lot ft feet front, ex
tending back 130 feet
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Fred Stoll at the suit of Ed Mayer
et al.
E. I>. No. 112. Decernl>er Term. 18H8. Mates &
Young, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
John W Hartley and Mary I. hartley, of. In
and to all tliat certain piece or parcel of
land, situated in Clay twp, Butler Co., Pa.,
bounded as follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a
post at northeast corner, thence south 1 J »
deg west IHT> perches to a post formerly In
lands of Samuel Louden heirs now .lohn Bern
et al. thence south 84 V 4 deg west W and 2-10
perches to a post by Uuids of Black heirs,
t hence north 2 deg east lrt4 and 2-10 perches
to a post formerly Or II I) llockeuberry now
Joslah Christie, tnence north H4' * <le« east 51
and 4-10 perches to a post by lands of James
-mlth and John Berg the place o' beginning,
•ontalnlng st! acres, more or less, and having
thereon erected a frame dwelling house and
frame stable.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of John W Bartley and Mary I. Bartley
at the suit of A 1> Frailer.
E. D. No. 131. December Term, lt«s. J. 1).
Marshall. Att y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of S
11 Walkerand Mrs L E Gilleland, of. in and
to all that certain piece or lot of land situat
ed in Mars liorough. Butler Co.. Pa.. liounded
as follows, to-wit: Oil the north by Wood
street, east by right-of-way of P & W it It Co.
iouth by I horn Oil Company lot. and west
oy Main street or Graud avenue. fronting 13t>
feet, more or less, on Main street. ba<*k 170
feet, more or less, oi. right-of-way of 1' & W
It K Co. together with frame livery barn and
ware room.
Seized and lakcn iu execution as the prop
erty of S It Walker and Mrs L E Cllteland :it
the suit of J A Kennedy and T C Keunedy,
E. I>. No. 10h, December Term, IsSfrt. S. F
Bowser Attorney.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
) B Orblson and Charles Wostsrman, assig
nee, of. in and to all that certrln piece or
tract of land, situated in ltojegal twp.. But
ler county. Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit:
On the north by lands of Mlcnael B«reeney
and Mrs. Mary Kllev. on the east l>y lands of
Patrick Boyle heirs, sout h by lands of Jacob
Fredrick heirs" and west by lands of .1 F
Jones lielrs and Fetzer and Myers, contain
ing 161 acres, more or less, with dwelling
house and two barns thereon, mostly cleared
and under fence; also two producing oil
wells thereon with two engines, l»iler. wood
rigs, easing, tubing, tanks and all fixtures
and connections complete belonging thereto.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of J B Orbison and Charles Westerman.
assignee, at the suit of |{ B Sybert.
E. I). No, I<»7, December Term. 1 99R. W. C.
Fiudley, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Barbara A .Jorland and A M Borland, of. in
ind to all that certain piece or lot of land.
ill II a ted in the borough of Butler, Butler Co,
l'a.. iHninded as fallows, to-wit: Beginning
•it a post at the northwest corner on Ash
alley, thence north 70 deg east 40 feet along
-.aid alley to a post, thence south 13 deg and
in min along the line of lot No. Is lt>o to a
,)o-,t on Summer avenue, thence south 70 deg
west 40 feet along said avenue, thence north
i:i ileg and :») mill west PHI feet to a [Hist at the
,)lace of beginning, being lot No. 1(» In Thomas
Robinson's plan of lots in the borough of
Butler, l'a., and being part of a larger tract
if land which W t) Breckenrldge and wife
•onveved to the said Thomas ftolilnson by
leed dated March is.nl, and recorded In
Hel d Book No l". of Butler county on page
130. containing 12 acres and H perches of land,
and then situated in Butler twp. Butler Co,
Pa., adjoining the borough of Butler afore
said, and the above described lot No. 13 was
conveyed to Barbara Borland, party of the
part hereto, under the name of Barbara
\ Borland by deed of Thomas Boblnson and
wife dated March 11. lstm, and recorded In
Deed Book No. 11" of Butler county on page
at. said lot having erected thereon a two
story frame dwelling house and outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Barbara A Borland and A M Borland
at the suit of Duquense Sayings and Loan
Association, for use of tb«) Guarantee Loan
and Investment Association.
TERMS OF SALE The following must be
strictly complied with when property is
stricken down.
1. When the plaintiff or other lien creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on tin' writ
must be paid, and a list of the liens, includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold,
together with such Hen creditor's receipt*
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion t hereof as he may claim, must
lie furnished the Wheel IT.
2. All bids must be paid in full.
3. All sales not settled Immediately will be
continued until one o'clock, P. M., of next
day at which time all property, not settled
for will again be put up and sold at the ex
pense and risk of '.lie person to whom first
•See Pardon's Digest, SRh edition, page 440.
and Smith's Forms, page :is4.
WILLI\M B. DODDS. Sheriff.
Sheriffs Office. Butler. PH.. NOV. 10, IWW.
May seem dear at the star:,
and prove remarkably cheap
before you've worn it out.
It's the long time satisfaction
you yet from it that decides
the superiority of our make.
It does pay to buy good
clotlv s. Our fall display is
of the kind you would expect
to find only in the large
COCOA- and / V
mil UTING DRINKING, i j( yjfi . j
Putty at Moleni) and > i, ' I hi
Oefiuocitess *flirsr 'licvrW £ UVH
Bubecribt) tor tbu CTXIZKN
Short Talk About Advertising.
Talking through the newspaper is p g<vx! way of talking to the people if it ia
not abused—if you tell the truth, A long list prices does not amount to any
thing urle-s vou have confidence in the hou> • ick* the prices in their hones
ty ami reputation they sustain.
What Would Your Paper Dollar
be worth to vou if it was not backrd by Uncle Sim Vou have got to take the
dealers won! in buying Footwear. You are • ' a judge as to values in this case.
It is wise to buy from the house you have confidence in.
We doj't depend upon prices alone to ".-itch" customers, it's the absolute
safety of the goods, allied to low prices, that : us the advantage.
in veal, oil grain and kip.? soles aud tap. , fashioned on th» swellest lasts, lace or
high cut at-- *t, *1.25 and *1 50. button, at 85c. sl, *1 25, $1.50, ft, $2.20
Men's box calf, russets, enamels, cordo- nrd s'-. in kid, box calf, kangaroo and
vans, heavy soles on hull dnjj, cil\ and c:.ick-proof calf, oil grain, veal unlined,
Cornell lasts the S*ogger styles—s2 k- '.heavy soles, tip or plalu toe, heel or
and $2 50, $3 and $3.50. spring.
are all fresh made to our order No old in stock. XD old jobs to sell.
Good Boots und Rubbers at $1.50, #1.75, $2, <; 25 and $2.50.
Warm Lined Shoes for Elderly Ladies
at 50c, 75c. $1 and $1.25. Try this stare think you will like it.
Butler's Leading Shoe House. Opposite Hotel Lowry.
We Are Sole Agents for the Jenness Miller Shoes for Butler.
Now Is Your Time
To Buy
Winter F ootwear
We find we are overstocked- too tniny t; > > is. Yes, entirely tv> miny ev>l»
and we must reduce our stock aud reduc-; it cju' "V, u*ed rn viey and we are
going to close out a great in my goods in the n fV-.v weik? and taey are g->in*
very cheap It will nay you to couie miles to 1 this great .Shoe Sale for here
ire the very low prices they will GO AT:
Boy's Oil Grain Shoes 50c Ladies' Rubber Boots $1 00
Men s Heavy Kip Shoes 50c Bov s Rubbsr Soots tj 00
Youth's Oil Gram Shoes 50c Men's Rubber Boots 11.50
\}? a s 1 Cox Toe Shoes $1 15 Men's Felt !5 *ots and Overs fl.jo
Women's Kangaroo Calf Shoes 75c La i s' Fine Dongcla Flexible Sole
Misses' Kangaroo Calf Shoes 50c Shoes sl.lO
80-" s Kip Boots fi.oo Mis rs' Kine Dress Shoes 75c
Children's Fine Dreas Shoes ..40c
Complete stock of Rubber and Felt
Goods of all kinds Boots and
Shoes made to order. At all times
a full stock of sole leather and shoe
makers supplies of all kinds.
Promptly Done.l^
Is a winner and no mistake. Past experence lias taught us that there are many poor tooth
brushes that look like good ones but fall short when tin* real test comes, bristles fall out or
break off which make them unpleasant to use. Air many attempts we have finally suc
ceeded In finding one to prove satisfactory, and we now buy them In large quantities with
our name stamped ou each brush as a guarantee .>»>«• as we claim or we will give you a.
new brush f.-ee, we Just received several gross a w davs aero. consistiujr of several size*
and many ditrerant styles. 'I nis however, is not . first lot ~f these brushes and from th©
amount we sell a.id the satisfaction they give w» .re led to believe there is not a better
brush made, only lu buying large quantities an- we enabl. d to sell tlium at prices usually
asked for ordinary brushes.
Prescription Druggists.
Office on South Diamond Street.
Office in Mi chell building.
Offic? with Newton lilack, Esq. South
Diamond Street.
Room 8., Armory lmildtu,,.
Special ittention given to collections
and business matters.
Reference: Butler Savings Bank, or
Butler County National Bank.
Office on Alain St. nea f Court House.
Room J. —Armory building.
Office between Po»tofLcc and Diamond
Office at No. 104 East Diamond St.
Office near Court. House.
Eye, ear, nose and throat a specialty.
132 and 134 S. Main Street, Ralston
\ Tf H. BROWN,
Office 236 S. Main St., opp. P. O.
Residence 315 N. McKean St.
200 West Cunningham St.
New Troutman Building. Butler Pa.
Office No. 4S. S. Main st-eet, over Citv
137 E. Wayne St., office hour*. 10 to
12 a. tn. 1 and to p. m.
Artificial Teeth inserted on the latest
improved plan. Gold 1-illinjfs a spec
ialtv. Office over Miler's Shoe Store.
"|\R. J). A. JOHNSTON.
Gold Fillings Painless Extraction of
Teeth and Artificial Teeth without plates
a specialty, Nitrous Oxide or Vitalized Air
or Local mestlietics used.
Office over Millers grocery, east 0\ V° w "
:y house.
Formerly known as the "Peerless
Paiuless Extractor of Teeth." Located
permanently at 111 East Jefferson St.,
OpjHiiite Hotel Lowry, Butler. Will do
dential operations of all kinds by the
latest deuces and up-to-date methods
Painless extraction—No Gas---CW>wa
ami bridge work a specialty.
Office—Room No. 1. new Biekel build*
Walker & Wick,
Butler Business College.
Butler, Pa.
Several New Courses.
New Managements
Musical Department under the di
rect*.): ship of L'rof. E. Otto Davis, a
graduate of the leading European
ami American Conservatories of
and a finished musician. One
of the finest in the state. Piano,.
Voice, Violin, Orchestration, In
strumentation, Composition, Piano-
Tuning, Etc. Everything und»r the:
licari 01 tuusic
Business Department.
Reporter's Shorthand Course, giving
the graduate an average speed of 175
wards |« r minute. Expert Accountant's
J-.'i..k keeping Course, which prepare*
the graduate for any kind of book-keep
in:; and expert work, and deals especial
ly with Joint St<vk Company ana Cor
jor tiou Accounting.
Students can enter at any time Call
01 write for prospectus. Call on or
A. F. REGAL, Prin.,
327 S. Main St., Butler. Pa..
Peoples' Phone 271.
Bell 174-
I fc>o YEARS'
Invi-nil -i is |iro ls ll ',, p f uSiaikZprtS
tl'.ni Mi Ictlr .K.nM«nttaL
enil fro. Oldest tuioncy fur
•- takoo tTirouih Mann A CO. rtOliTt
pt" t'Kil if f ir, without cWje, Ui tb«
Scientific HnKrkJW.
A hundsomalr w*kl*
MUNN & CQ°°' B ~*~' New Tort
"K "1 Y Bt, WMhtastop. D.C.
•lob Work.
If you want Posters.
Ji yon want Circulars,
If yon want Sale Bills,
li you want Envelopes,
If you want Bill Heads,
11 you want Price Liata.
It you want StatvuieuVfc.
It' yon want Note H»»da,
11 \on want Lettei Heads..
If yon want Address Cards.
11 you want Buaine&s Cards,
j<»u want Invitation Card*
It von want any kind of Printing
done call at ths CITIZEN office.