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\OTE-AU advertisers Intending to make
hanKes in their ads. should notify us ot
heir intention tod.- so. not later than Mon
ay mornlne.
Election Proclamation
Boyd's Infant Foods.
C. & T's Furniture.
Notice in Divorce. Brackney vs Brack
Colbert's gent's furnishings
Administrators anil Executors of .'states
i'an secure their rweipt t**>Us at the CITI
ZEN office, and persons making public sales
th?lr note books.
—EI Capitan,
—At Park The..tre,
—Tonight. Thuraiay
C —"Squaw winter
—l2 oil, predicted
—Hallowe en next Monday
—First snow October 27 13SW
—Special Thanksgiving today.
- The Pittsburg Expo cleared *4O,
000 this year.
—'"l am no hog I have had enough,'
is the legend on a returned soldiers hat.
—Ben Masseth's trotter, Bonatella
took first money at Newark O. Tues
day, best time 2:195.
Monday evening the 31st is the date
of the First Ward Hose Co s "punkin
pie supper" in the armory
—The best speech nude at the Peace
Jubile« in Chicago last week is said to
have been made by a colored man.
—Two Centreville liveryman named
Logan and Sayer now run daily ha'*ks
between that town and New Castle.
—Anybody wishing to purchise a
good and new, four room, house can
hear of a bargain by catling at this of
—Elward Groetzinger. the Pittsburg
carpet man has gone into bankrnptecy.
He indorsed big notes for his brother
the tanner
—Two men. working on a narrow
platform seventy feet above the ground,
at a steel mill in Pittsburg, last Satur
day, got to quarreling with and slug
ging each other. A great crowd gather
ed to see the fight, expecting one or
both of the combatants to fall to the
ground, but neither did so.
Different men have different ways
of putting things. For instance, a
crowd of men were standing around
another who had an nnusnallv large
stomach, the other day, and the
Justice of the Peace gently reminded
him that he ''looked like a poisoned
pup," the editor suggested that he hurry
home and go to bed, and the minister
advised him to mend his ways, while
the lawyer gracefully referred to his
extended stomach as being a physical
wonder indictiye of excessive feeding
and exceeding good nature.
—The volunteers who wtwt to war and
put up with four month's cooking by a
man who didn't know a stew pan when
he met it on the road, will hereafter have
some idea of the snfferingof a man who
marries a girl who can't cook and
doesn't learn Thoughts of having to
put up with that kind of cooking until
death steps in should make the return
ing soldiers very cautious in selecting
wives. The law doesn't promise a
mustering out process for a man who
has no other reason for complaint than
that his wife's meals don't suit him.
It is an enlistment for life
Lutheran Entertainment.
The of the Reformation which
has been in the course of preparation
and which has attracted such wide
spread attention is almost ready to give
the finest home talent entertainment
ever given in Butler. With such a
large number of participants success is
assured, the sale of seats is very flatter
ing and it is safe to say Park Theatre
will be crowded both nights
Mrs H E. Monroe the renowned Phila
lecturer will attend the final rehearsal
on Thursday evening in the Y. M. C. A.
Hall. Butler should be proud of its tal
ented yonng people. Great dramatic
talent is displayed by the leading char
acters while the singing is particularly
Tne Monk and Choir men's scene is
very pleasing,the Monk very well taken
by A. B. C. McFarland and the vested
choir being represented by 21 of the
best male voices in Butler under the ef
ficient leadership of Prof. Davis. This
scene connot fail to please. It repre
sents the Erfnrth Monk trjjj to intro
duce church music in a pnage the
common people could nn£p''tand. also
introducing two pieces otflSsic.
The "Boston Hearld' says "Some
thing good had been promised, but the
entertainment exceeded in beanty and
interest every promise made for it.
Was intensely thrilling, most impres
sive. a splendid success and the best re
ligious entertainment ever given in this
Reserved seats tor Saturday night can
be checked Friday at 9A. M. And for
Friday are now on sale.
THE MARKET— On Mondaj the Pro
ducer's advanced the price of Pennsyl
vania oil to $1 25, the Standard was
paying sl.lß, and those prices remain
unchanged since.
TKOUTMA.N —The South Penn'a No.
11 and 12 the J. I. Campbell were com
pleted last week and are doing 7 to 8
blls. each; McGill & Co's. No 12 on
Brown heirs was expected in Tuesday
of this week: the south Penn is cleaning
out a well in the Chas. Cochran: McGill
& Co. are bnilding a rig for No. 13,
and the South Penn Co. for Nos. 13 and
WASHINGTON TWP.— The Linesville
Oil Co s. well drilled by John Clark and
S. E. Painter, on the Horace Glenn, was
Computed last S tu day week, and s
doinij about 12 blls a day from the stray
or Shira sand. This is old territorry.
ZELIENOIM-K -Lamberton & Co. have
a 50 barrel well on the Zeno Goehnng
FAIKVIEVV —Jack Mayer. Elmer Keep
and others are drilling on the Elmer
Reep farm.
CONCORD Campbell and others have
a rig np on the Robt. S. Campbell.
Miss Tillle Logan, of Jefferson twp ,
fell last Sunday morning and broke her
arm for the second time.
Mrs. Knox, an aged lady of Winfield
twp , was killed by a West Penn pas
senger train at Lane station Tuesday.
Charley Fisher was terribly injured
Tuesday near Springboro Mercer (Jo.
He was out with a party of chestnut
hunttrs, and falling from a tree, be
came wedged in a crutch between two
limbs and was suspended for over an
hour. He may die.
State Senator Win Flinn was thrown
from his horse in Pittsburg. Wednes
day and sustained a broken arm and in
ternal injuries,
The Fourth Sunday School district of
the Methodist Episcopal church holds a
convention at Bruin, Friday the 28th
Thanksgiving services will be held in
the IT P. church this evening at 7:30 in
accordance with Gov. Hastings procla
niation appointing today for a social
thanksgiving for the return of peace
Music scholars wauted. at 128 VV
Wayne St.
H (' Perry of Fannington is in jail on
a charge of false pretense
A certified copy of the will_ of Lucy
Hewings. late of Penn Yan N. Y has
been filed.
Letters of administration on the es
tate of Jhih (> " Kelly late of City twp ,
have been granted to ,1 C. Scott.
W. I). Brandon has issued an execu
tion attachment vs Dan'l Iman. deft,
and the Forest Oil Co.. garnishee.
Letter- of a'lm'n wer- granted to
Susannah Patridge on estate of Benony
Patridge. late of Millerstown.
The election pi a <• <«f Clay twp has
been chanced from Centre school' to
the house of C E Broadhead.
P. C. and I E Martin have appealed
from a judgment given against them
for in aa assumpsit suit brought
by E<l Turner before Esq. A F. Coch
ran of Hooker
Butler borough has filed a si fa Mir
municipal lien for $440 -JO against the
Butler Public Cemetery lor and the
heiis and devisees ol Norbert Foltz and
Samuel Cunningham
The Superior Court has reversed the
; judgement of tha Court of this county
tn the case of Fry vs Wolfe, and ordered
a new trial .T M. Qalbreath is attor
ney for Wolfe, the successful appel-
I lant.
W J Benson of Millerstowu.evidently
crazy, was taken in charge by Sheriff
Dodds, Wednesday. J W Coulter Esq.
Dr J C At well and John Ci Christy were
appointed to inquire into his mental
At the hearing of the alleged case
against Dr Atwell last Monday before
Esq Keck the charge of rape was drop
ped, but the Esq. surprised everybody
by holding the voting doctor on a charge
of fornication.
C. H. Matter son of Foxburg has tiled
a bill in equity vs VV. L. Kier. W C.
Bovanl. J H. Chambers an«l S. M.
Jackson, his assignee W. (J. Chambers
Mary and A! He.k, Mary J. and Jauies
Marshall. I- ittie and Wade Chambers
and the S.tf« D«-p<-it and Title Gnnrnn
ty Co. of Kittanning The bill sets
forth that .Mr. Matterson and the rtefen
dants are tenants in common of a farm
of 153 a res, partly in Allegheny twp..
this county, and partly in Armstrong
county. he owning seven eights and the
defendants one-eighth among tnem
He asks that a decree of partition be
made and a Master appointed to divide
the estate. The Guaranty Co i« guar
dian of the Chambers children.
The Unite I States Supreme court has
decided the joint Traffic association
railway case in favor of the United
States and against the railroads. The
case is considered one of the most iiu
fiortant that has ever come before the
Supreme court,not only to the railroads
but to the general public, and because
of the vast railway properties represent
ed by the traffic association.
The association was formed on No
vember 19, 1895, by 31 railways, re
presenting the great trunk lines and
their network of branches The pur
pose of the association as stated in the
articles of agreement was to establish
and maintain reasonable and just rates,
fares, rules and regulations on state and
interstate traffic " A similar associa
tion on a smaller scale was established
among southwestern roads, known as
the Trans-Missouri association.
These associations wore soon attacked
in the courts on the ground that the\
were in violation fit the Sherman anti
trust law and also of the interstate com
merce law.
The hearing in the case of Geo. Rei
ber versus the P B L E. R R- com
panv for land taken near the transfer
station developed some remarkable dit
ferances of opinion.
The railroad use* about three acres of
the old Reiber pla<v and the three Rei
ber boys testified that they were dam
ages from $35,000 to $37,000 and two
witnesses for th-'-.a Messers Hartman
and McKee put it at S3O.<X)O to $3.1,000.
which would make the land taken be
valued at SIO,OOO to $12,000 an acre.
One of the witnemea for tbe R R Go
thought that *2,O(H) would be very lib
eral damages, another put it at $2,100
John C. Graham went into details and
estimated that the 8 acres of the old
placed inside the borough could l>e cut
up into 100 lots which, in the course of
time, would all sell at SSOO per lot or
$20,000 in all that the Railroad used 12
of these lots or $2.100 worth; to which
he added S4OO for moving tbe house
s'2oo for a new wall. SSOO for sliding
ground and SSOO more for a new road
making $4,000 in all, and the viewers
awarded $1,009 09 to his estimate and
made it 5.009.69.
The viewers in the case were S. M
Seaton. G. D Swain Alphonwo Krause
S. N. McCollough. Wm Marks, and J.
D. Magee The case will be appealed
Trial list for civil conrt banning
Monday, Nov. 14. A \V Rw>t vs W
J. Marks, issne awarded by the Court;
A. II Burr vs W. H Cracty same:
Mary E. Broman vs Ntl Supply Co
same; ( May vs It Sieliert, same; Nancy
UC Hill vs ( C Johnston for use
same; D Wilson vs \V R Bard, same;
Mrs E A Steele vs ,T A Ritchey, sauie:
S B Vandermirk vs 11 (' Litzinger; 1'
Dnncan vs 11 Fnlt/., assumpsit; Butler
Water <"o fur use v • !•' ."i < 'lark, apppeal
plea, non-assnmpatt. W H Weigle vs A.
C Waters, assumpsit; G H Harley vs J
F Yonnkers. assumpsit: It Hogg vs W 1
Bailee. tr'-sj. is- E.i « row et al exr». v- j
A Wick, appeal; .1 Bushier vs J Ziejilei j
trespass; C Lot/. vs V M Ziegler. trew j
pass; U S Hindman iidin'r vs C S Stoner
sci fa snr jud^euifut; W. A Goehrinj,' j
for us*. vs A V Cunningham, assumpsit: j
S J MeCall vs S W Glenn, ex. attach
ment; Laura PfalT vs W. M. Cowan,
trespass: S O Ramsey \ s S C Ramsey,
sci- fa sur jndgt- A Cannon vs S R
Walker, trespass; <i D Roach vs K
Jones, appeal; E Sproul vs A M Gonld.
summons iii ilii»'«r; M II Thompson vs
G Miller. apiH'nl; A E Duel! vs M B
Kerr, tre pass, J E McCutcheou vs A B
McCandless, appeal, A L Weibe for nse
vs Carner <fc Johnston assumpsit; C
Kennedy vs Butler (Jo. issue awarded
by Court: H Basnecker vs Same, same;
J C McConnel vs Slipperyrock State
Normal School, mechanics lien; J L
Cooper vs Same, same; First Ntl. Bank
of Greenville vs J A Turner, trespass;
W II Neyiuan vs M Norns. trespass;
J M Headland vs N B Dnncan, appeal.
W C Jamison vsJ S McNamee.E Kirch
ler vs Gantz. appeal; N Gormley vs
vs.! M McKee ejectment; I) G Kelley
vs G Kelley appeal; M M Bowers vs
G (' Reabel trespass; X J Douthett vs
II S Gibson: I) Burns vs E G Fredrick,
assumpsit; C J IJ Strohecker vs E Ram
sey. trespass; Thos Robinson vs Penna
R R Co trespass; H A Stautfer vs Wells'
Ftt|o Co, appeal; A Miller vs .1 Berg,
assumpsit; W Eicholtz vs Mrs. C Horro
i bin. appeal; Butler Water Co vs G Arn
er. appeal: Rose B Cope.ley vs P & W R
R, trespass; E McCaft'erty admr'x vs
Penn R Co. trespass; A C McQuistion
vs P Winter, assumpsit: .T M Wilson vs
II Seat.m. appeal: .1 Bresleham vs J Mc-
Laughlin, trespass; G Eoher vs W C
Haw n trespass.
Property Transfeus.
O. L Snyder to Danl O'Conner, 48
acres in Centre twp . fur SIOOO.
Thos Carlin to It E English lot in Pe
trol i a for s<2s.
C F Helmbold to Hedwig Helinbold
51 acres in Clinton for #l.
i Mahoning V*llev Iron Co to M H
: Thompson 32 acres in ' herry for
.1 L Botsford to M H Thompson :!2
acres in Cherry for sl.
i Home Nat Gas Co to F W McKee 4
acres in ('learfield for #Hlt.
M H Hockenberry to C Hockenberry,
-5 acres in Slipperyrock for $2,000.
Murriagr lilceiiwti.
Alfred M Patterson Harrisville
Margaret A Bell Mercer Co.
Verner M Ralston Anandale
Nettie M Hutchison "
Andrew J Haggerty Marietta, (»
. Minnie Hammel.! Butler
; A C Croup Butler twp
Mary P Kiefer "
At Pittsburg Ross Glasglow and
Mi nnie Harbison jf Bakerstown.
The New Booklet Explains.
the m stem of by mail wi'.ta the
Pitishurg IJ nk of savings, No. 21c
Fourth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. Write for
il and •am 4 per ecu-. interest 011 your
I couijM.aj'.lvi evuiJ-smuuiflfy,
J V. Ritta. anil wife. 'took in
the Omaha Expo.
W J Campbell, of F.isrriew twp, was
in town. Tueslav.
John Cliirt. of Washington twp , was
in town Saturday
Ethan McMichael. of Clay twp.,
was in town Saturday.
J II . Walley, of Parker twp , visited
friends in Pittsburg thi- week.
Mrs. Levi Logar. is visiting friends in
tbt- city She is in poor health.
J. II Pisor and J. H. Morrow of
Wt rt'a twp. were in town, Monday.
J awe, Raukin aril wife of Penn twp.
did home popping in town, Monday.
Deputy Sheriff James Dodds. down
with tvphoi 1. is steadily improving
ITa-ry aud James Flemings of Boffilo
twp, wt-re in town Monday
David Speuce. r>il Republican f
Evans City attended Momday s conven
C L. Wilhelm, has 111 .ved from oil
City toxßvtler, and a living en Oorin
E. H. Morgan, of Bruin, has returned
to Sistersville, W. \ a ait. r a ulea.-aiit
visit home
Mr. and Mr- L M W;->- were made
happy by t ie arrival anotner bal>\
boy at their house, Monday.
Corporal Webb Brandon, of Co. F,
15th, stopped in Butler over Sunday on
his way back to Camp Meade.
Hon. John Dindinger of Zelienople,
Dr Crawford of Cranberry and Dr.
Barr of Mars were here, Monday.
Paul Smith and Alfred Black of Co.
E t»oth sick with fever have been sent
from Catnn Meade to city hospitals.
Fred Roessing, of Co. E, was dis
charged upon his own application, last
Friday and arrived home next day.
M Sullivan Esq. has returned to
Bradford after a two weeks visit with
his mother and his sister, Mrs Shaw.
Miss Lon Mitchell entertained a num
ber oi' her friends Tuesday evening at
the home of her aunt Mr*. Yia Lyon.
Prof A. A. Knoch It-ft for Jackson
ville. Flu., Tuesday, h ving secured :v
[H'sition viola and euphonium Soloist.
Miss Liz/i«- D. W:Cson, is visiting
friends in St. Louis Her nncle. Wm
Marshall, formerly of Butler. lives
.1 F Mephcrson of the First Ward
won the voting c<> ite-u which entitUs
him to a shorthand scholarship 111 But
ler Business College and which closed
on tne 15th.
Thos. L>. « freer and Alphonse Wanliu
cam* home Sunday on live-day fur
loughs They had left camp Saturday
belore the news of the muster-oat
orders came.
J. D. Wilson was in town on business
yesterday. He has sold hi- gas plant
and real estate in Saxonburg to O. O
Hammer of Pitt-burg, formerly of But
ler, and will move to Ohio.
C'apt McJunkin of Co. E 15th Reg.
came home last Thursday, and Lieut
Col. Mechling of same regiment. Sun
day. Both went back, Tuesday, to take
part in the military parade at Philadel
phia today.
Howard Harper, of the 16th Reg., ar
rived in Butler, last Thursday, and is
looking well and felling well. He at
tended tli" banquet in New Castle
Tuesday - rid went 011 to Philadelphia
next day with his company, to march
in the Pea- e Parade today. He did not
form a very favorable idea of Porto
Rico, on account of its people being so
many ages behind the times, but says
the soil is very rich A Mauser rifle
that he brought home is on exhibition
in the show-window of the Campbell
hardware. It is a heavy, substantia'
weapon with a "mall liore. and is made
in Berlin It sho«.is aloug,steel-capped
bullet. 7.l'ich will kill a man a tnile or
two off.
Our grocers are paying 17 cents for
eggs. 17 to .0 tor butter, 40 to 45 for
potatoes. 25 tu 40 for apples. 50 for par
snips and ckrrots, 40 for tn*ets, t>o for
onions, 75 for pears, 40 for walnuts. $1
for hickory nuts, J"?, tor ehestnuts, Ic.
a pound for cabbnge, 12 for dressed
chicken, and 12 to 14 for dressed turkey
Our dealers are paving 60 and 05
cents for wheat, 40 for rye, 35 for corn
25 for oats, and 35 for buckwheat.
The following is what the Wilkea-
Barre Tunes, of Sept. 14, has to say of
this company,s appearance in the
Grand theatre, that city: "Rice &
Barton s Poodle <fc MeDoodle company
entertained another large audience at
the Grand last evening and the merry
skit was received with even more en-j
thusiasm than on the ojieuing night,
Mr Mullen, inspired by the generous
reception of thts night previous and en
couraged by the applanse of those in
front, was in Ins element and those
present heard considerable "new stuff,"
which not only convulsed the audi- j
encc, but upset his t\ How actors and [
actresses, but as everything goes in this
amusing play, it w is more greatly en I
joyed 111 couse<|ueuce of these uuexpect ;
ed additions. That he is a prime favor '
ite among the show goer.- of the city
goes without saving and he is alvvays j
sure of a warm welcome here. Berry j
6c Hughes were also well received ami .
were deservidly given a couple of en-J
thusiastic recalls. Their musical turn
is atniHt enjoyable fe iture of the bill.
Hanson & Dr>-w also pierscd as did the
rest of apable specialists Those
who have not seen Poo-lle & MeDoodle
[ should see this company
I'llblic Sales.
Wednesday Nov. 2nd. at farm of R.
H. Gold in Washington twp., horses,
cattle, pigs, farm machinery, grain,
hay, household goods, etc.. sale liegins
at 9A. M. See b lls posted.
(icttj sburg-Washington
The last of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company's five day personally condact
led tours from Buffalo, Erie. Pittsburg.
, and principal intermediate points, to
j Gettysburg and Washington, will leave
Noyetnber 7
Round trip tickets, including trans
portation, Pnllman berth in each direc
tion, hotel accommodations and car
drive over the battlefield at Get
tysburg, and hotel accommodations at
I Washington in short, all necessary ex
j pen-es will be sold at rate of $25.00
1 from Suspension Bridge, Buffalo,
| Rochester, Syracuse, aid intermediate
, stations on the New York Central and
1 Hudson River Hi Irond $24 00 from
I Elmira; $25.00 from Eric uud Corry
I $21.50 from Williainsport. $23 00 from
Pittsburg and Altooun and proportion
I ate rates from other points.
| Tickets will also be good to return on
1 regular trains until October 27 and No
vember 17, but without Pullman
! accommodation®.
Descriptive itineraries and full infor
mation can l>e obtained of Ticket
j Ageh;-: B 1' Kr.is.-r. Agent
Buffalo. N. Y.; E. S Harrar, Division
j Ticket Agent, Williainsport; Thos. E.
Watt Pi Monger Afnrt Western Dis-
I trict, l'ittsburg; or Ceo. W. Boyd,
j Assistant General Passenger Agent,
, Philadelphia.
Job Work.
j If you want Posters,
1 If you want Circulars
If you want Sale Bills,
1 If yon want Envelopes,
If you want Bill Heads,
If you want Price Lists,
If you want Statements,
If yon want Note Heads,
; I f yon want Letter Heads,
| If you want Address Cards,
If you want Business Cards,
If you want Invitation Cards.
If yo 1 want any kind of Printing
1 call at the CITIZEN office.
| -jf* delivered to ail parts ->f the
tovvn, every doy !,eave or
ders al
149 M&ru ftt.
The Goo«l Will Hose Co.
In October 1378. the Good Will Hose
Company, volunteer, of Butler was
organized- Tuesday evening twenty
years had rolled by and the Company
celebrated the occasion in a fitting
minner The Company appeared in
uniform at the Hose house oa Jefferson
street and at eight o'clock, headed by
the Germania band marched to the
Park Theatre to hold an open meeting.
A few hundred of the Company s friends
were preeent. but not half of what
should have been there. The fire boys
must not take the number in attendance
is indicative of the whole esteem in
which they are held by the people of
Bntler. The Town Council attended
and occupied front seats.
After an overture by the band the
rnrfain rose and discovered a stage
decorated by "Old Glory, the
biMiner and colors of the Hose Co., and
specially by the handsome, well nni
formed fireman.
President Walt. Ziegler brought the
m>eting to order and Secretary C Cron
env->-tt called the role to which eight
retired and thirtv-six active members
re-i}>onded. G. Wilson Miller then in
troduced Judge Greer, who told of the
iisefullnew and self and the
.food done by the Butler Fire Depart
nient. Lev Esq . under the
subject of "Volunteer vs. Paid Depart
ment" paid some high compliments to
onr firemen. The moat interesting
event at the Theatre was the reading of
a history of the Good Wills by Secre
tary Carl Cronenwett. He told how
they were organized, how they respond
ed to their first fire, that which destroy
ed the "Union block'' in November. '7B,
how hose had arrived but had not yet
been issued by the Town Council, and
how they broke into Campbell's hard
ware store, secured the hose and put it
in use. In twenty years the Co lias re
sponded to 206 alarms and has often
worked all day or all night at one fire
Neirly all the Co s charter members
are living and death has struck into
their ranks but twice, John Orr dying
during the first ten years, and Fred
Reiberin 189fi
Three are at present in th»*
service of Uncle Sam. vis Col. W. T
Mechling. Chan Bnrckhalter and Ernest
F*!>er. The present officers are Pres.,
T Walter Ziegler: Vice Pres , Lewis
Keck, Sec., C. Cronenwett; Asst. Sec.,
i: Faber: Treas . J. B. Mitchell, Fore
man, .T. C Bnrckhalter and Asst. Fore
ii:.-,n, -T<dm Lefevre.
Alter thin program the (iood Wills
and their tpiests. the speakers of the
evening. Council, the Germania and
i representatives repaired to the
H tel Lmvry and partook of a banquet
unexcelled "in variety, preparation and
faultless in service. Messrs. McCrea &
Mi Cafferty have reason to be proud of
rLf'ir board.
The followiag toasts were then re
sponded to: Tnrn on the Water." A
E Reiber; The Oood Wills," S F Bow
ser: "The Council," W Z Marrin; "The
Fire Policeman." Bnrgass. T S NcNair;
"Shnt er Off." J C Burckhaiter, the
foreman of the past ten yenrs.
Then the banqueters hied themselves
off to their little beds thinking better
of and holding mere good will toward*
the Good Wills than ever before.
The charter member* of the organi
zation were Lewis Keck. John Le
fevre, W A Stein, George J Smith.
James B Mitchell, G Miller, J
M Moffit, George J Reiber, Val Aland,
A 1 Ruff, J C Burkhalter. Adam Hoffner.
J H Troutman. Leonard Nicklas, Q C
McQuistion. Andrew Miller, John P
Orr, John Sykes, John A Richey, Alex
Baxter, H C Moser and A Smith, all of
Bntler; Phillip Bauer and Benjamin
Bauer,now of Bennett; B F Klee. Henry
Shreiber and John Irwin, now of Pitts
burg, and < asper Rockenstein, of Alle
The Fall and Winter Term of the
Pittsburi; Dispatch Home Stndy Circle
opens on Saturday, Oct. 15. It will in
terest every family, and not a number
should be missed. There is no expense.
All that is necessary is to have the Din
p.toh the best and cheapest paper
published—lo cents a week.
F< >R RENT—A good, substantial
stable near Court House; four large
stills, carriage room and mow. Inquire
at < ill ZEN office.
Highest cash price paid for Back
wheat, Wheat and Rye.
Any of our readers needing gas stoves
or gas ranges, gaa fronts or any gas sav
ing appliance will find it a financial sav
ing to call at the store of W. H.
O'Brien &. Son. on Fast Jefferson St.
and get prices on the extensive line they
have on exhibition. Tbey are also
jgents for the celebrated Welsbach
Light, of which more than 1200 were
old in Butler, last year.
Sunday Kvcurshms to Allegheny.
Commencing Sunday May 22nd and
until further notice the Pittsburg and
Western R R. will sell excursion tick
ets to Allegheny every Sunday for train
leaving Butler 8:15 A. M. city time
good to return on afternoon trains date '
of sale. Fair for round trip 75 cents.
Notice to Wool-Growers.
Messrs. Troutniau's Sons requiring all
the room they have for their own busi
-11: ss, 1 have changed my location to
( ,r.tham Kros.' grocery store, just across
th, street imm my old location with
Troiituian's. where I will be glad to see
all ray former wool friends, aAsuring
t in of fair treatment, and the market
'oc in cash for their wool. Troutmans
v. Uli to state tl.at they have gone out of
tir. ivool-bnying business altogether
—For bargains in valuable and desir
able residences inquire of Walker & Mc
i Elvain.
11 you want a Bicycle or your old one
repaired go to White Walter <fc Co.
largest stock in County. Bicycles for
For blank applies ions and instructions
how to apply for reduction of 80 per
cent, of taxes on timber lands send 25
Cents to J. A. HEYDRICK & SONS,
Civil Engineers,
Butler, Pa.
—Highest cash price paid for Buck
whtat, Wheat and Rye.
Of Interest to You.
Parties wishing to engage in the livery
business, call on Walker K McKlvain for
location and outfit
FOR SALE A graduating tuition
contract for Butler BnsineHs College,
t cost SSO; either shorthand or commer
! rial course Inquire at this office
farm for Sale
I want to sell my farm of 235 acres
in Oakland twp., adjoining Royds
town, six miles north ot Butler.
There is no better land for all kinds
of crops in Butler county. My wheat
and grass, this year, cannot be beat.
Come and see them.
Two good orchards, some young
timber, and an abundance of the
best of Spring water
The builbings 1 onsist of a good,
six room, frame house; one large,
new, modern tarn, and a large old
one; also all the necessarv outbuild
ings, including a summer kitchen.
I want to quit fanning because 1 am
alone, and will sell at a bargain on
easy terms.
A part of the farm is underlaid
with three and fonr feet veins of
coal, with one bank opened; and the
new railroad is surveyed within
J too rods of the bouse.
For terms address or call upon,
Peter Whitmire,
SO NOR A. P. 0.
The State 8. S. Convention.
The iHth annual convention of the
Pennsylvania State Sabbath-School
Association held in the first M E.
Church at Johnstown. Pa., Oct. 18-30
was a decided success from even- point
of view In this brief article an at
tempt to describe it would prove futile.
Over two hundred delegates from over
the State with a number who attended
the World's S. S. Convention in Lon
don last summer, and visitors from re
mote parts ot the Union and the efficient
field workers present at once proved
snfficent material to generate enthusi
asm in the cau.se sufficient not only for
the convention but also for each visitor
to carry home with him and thus be a
powerful disseminator of fundimental
church work
The delegates were met by Commit
te«s at the depots and escorted to the
Sunday school room of the first M. E.
church where they registered and after
ward had places of entertainment
assigned t-> which th»y were escorted
by voung ladies and introduced to
their hosts. The homes prepared for
entertaining delegates were not all
The address of welcome was deliver
ed by Prof. J. M. Berkey, city superin
tendent of schools and Supt. of the first
Lutheran Sunday school of Johnstown.
We give a few extracts from his ad
dress .
"We esteem your coming an honor
to our people, your entertainment our
privilege, and your mission our mutual
"This valley, known to the world
only in its fateful history, is to-day the
scene of great industrial activity; the
home of forty thousand busy and pros
perous people. The smoke of many fur
naces, and the hum and rattleof machin
ery and the rush and worry of business
all combined to monopolize our mental
and physical energies. Bait we are
never so busy. I trust, that we shall not
be able to find time to entertain a State
Sunday School Convention in the mid
dle of the week.'' "Probably no class
of representatives can embody higher
interests in church work and more vi
tal forces in Christian cultnre than an
association of Sunday School workers
Surely no class of people can have more
sacred trusts, a higher mission, or
grander possibilities than lie in the
pathway of those who work in and for
the Sunday school."
' It is a matter of history, read and
known of all men. that only since the
Sunday schools have been universally
established has the church made rapid
strides in Christian civilization.
Only in the last centnry has the mis
sionary of the Cross found permanent
foothold upon heathen soil, and loni*
ago has he learned that Christian teach
ing and living must begin with the
boys and girls. '
The Indians of the West character
ized Phil Sheridan as "that ohtinky
fellow who means business " This no
] donbt was the opinion of those who saw
and heard Hon. John Wanarnaker when
he delivered his annnal address as pres
ident of the association. Kain was fall
ing in torrents, yet 1200 people were
packed in the auditorium of the M. E
church and an overflow meeting was
held in the chapel of the churoh. H. J
Heinz of Pittsburg presided of the
main meeting and ic fitting words
introduced Mr Wanamaka*. The
speaker reviewed the work of the year
and the future work, through which he
carried the figure of a railroad, which
was suggested to him at the car win
dow, He referred to the editor of the
"Ladies Home Journal", and said he
acknowledged the article was unjust
which he published last winter in
which he attacked the Snnday school
He said we become less sentimental and
more practical as we grow older.
In touching on the late conflict he
said: That was a sail night for Spain,
when the battleship Maine shaped it
self into a great coffin. The spirit of
Valley Forge wasieyived;a new pat
riotism was born. In the southern
waters were those who left the plow in
the furrow; ledgers were closed; idle
men of culture and wealth with soft
hands-no hardships too great; splenoid
young fellows from Yale. Harvard, etc.
Volunteers filled with enthusiasm to
free Cuba.
All honor to Dewey. Hobson and
thousands of un kissed heroes and
thanks to God for Manila. MoroCastle.
Santiago and Ponce, 1 sound the bugle
to this new patriotism and eall for
volunteers in a war far more wider, far
more serious—a war against bossism
and corruption, for good citizenship, I
call tor a show of patriotism --a chris
tian patriotism." Mr. C. D. Meigs, the
energetic State Sec'y. of Indiana, made
addresses on 'Why am 1 in the Sunday
School work?" and The Front Line
Sunday school".
Mr. Meigs is editor of "The Awaken
er" a live monthly Sunday School jour
nal published at Indianapolis, and has
an international reputation as a speaker
at conventions; wit and humor border
ing on ridicule are his national weapons.
He is the life of a convention. Mr. Is
rael P. Black Sec'y of the International
Union of Primary S. S. Teachers of
Phila., Mrs M. G Kennedy, Pres
State Primary Council of Phila , Miss
Elszabeth Gulp, Instructor Pittsburg
Kindergarden College, Miss Eleanor
Baldwin Pres. Pittsburg Primary Un
ion and the talented State Primary
Superintendent. Mrs. J W Bamee
who attended 345 conventions and
traveled 25,000 miles the last year with ;
many others offered their tributes and j
said with Froeble. "Come let us live for
the children".
The convention while in session ex
changed greetings with the following
assemblies: Baptist Anniversary at
Harrisburg, Maine State S. S, conven
tion, Rhode Island State S S. conven
tion and the Southern California S. S
convention, all in session. The Snnday
school parade was a new feature and
proved a success; abont 4.5<t0 workers
were in line children from four years
to seventy five made a gieat impression
on the immense crowd on the side
walks. The Methodist. Presbyterian
and Lutheran chnrches were filled with
children after the parade, and addresses
were made by prominent speakers.
J. Wilbur Chapman D D. of Bethany
church Phil a. gave several of his excel
lent bible readings in which great
Spiritual power was manifested; he also
spoke on "Reeping in the Sunday
; School".
The Gen. Sw Charles Roads D D.
gave a superb address on "State Nor
mal work". A class of nine from A 1
1 tocma were presented with diplomas
there will be two handred graduates in
[ the State this year. The work has in
creased so rapidly that Rev. H. A
Bomberger of Phila has been secured
to assist Dr. Roads this year.
The Home Department is revolution
izing Sunday school work and in con
nection with primary graded work is
being pushed with great energy.
$lO, (XX) will be used in state work this
The two merchant princes of Penn'a
H. J. Heinz in the west aud John Wan
amaker in the east have l>een re-elected
to the office which thev held last year
and are live workers as well as distin
guished aud powerful financiplly.
This organization interdenomination
al. aud international is moving the
Butler Business College.
It is desirable that the people of But
ler and Butler county and of the sur
rounding country become acquainted
with the fact that the Butler Business
College is now owned by. and under the
management of. Prof. A F Regal who
for the last year and a half has been in
charge of the Business department of
the institution. Prof. Regal has found
it advisable to add a Musical Depart
ment to the institution, and for this
purpose has secured the services of
Prof. E. ()tto Davis, of Bntler. Pa., who
has entire charge of that department.
Messrs Regal and Davis propose to
make things hum. Two new courses
have been added, viz: Reporter's Short
hand Course, and Expert Accountant's
Book keeping Coarse Fcr further in
formation concerning these courses, see
our prospectus which will be ont soon
School now in session day and night.
Any one wishing to make arrangements
to attend the institution will please call
on or address
A F REGAL. Prin ,
H27 S Main St., Bntler, PA
ttutarrfbv for ttv umuir.
The barn of Quinn Redick in Parker
twp, with all the contents was destroy
ed by fire last Saturday night
The barn of John Walters in Buffalo
twp. was destroyed by fire, with all its
contents a few nights ago. Xc insur
a nee.
The Murtlaiul M. E. church, east of
Millerstown was again destroyed by
fire one night last week, and the second
person at the fire discovered that two
buckets of oil had been placed in the
church. An effort will be made to dis
i coyer the incendiary.
At 10:15 last Thursday night fire was
discovered in T H. Morrison's bake
house, a two story frame in the rear of
his store room on S Main St. The fire
men responded promptly, confined the
flames to the second story and roof and
iin half an hour had the fire out.
"Spontaneous combustion." is the cause
! assigned. There was a fine pressure
j of water on. one stream was thrown on
the roof of the three story Campbell
building, next door north of the fire.
The building was part of the Hotel
I Arlington property owned by Capt Lie
bold. The loss on it probably $250, is
covered by insurance. Mr. Morrison's
loss about S3OO. is partly covered by in
> snrance. The bake oven was not in
| jured and was ready for use the next
day Adam Shimmel, the baker lost
about £SO in personal effects.
Early yesterday morning (between 4
and 5 o'clock) the U. P. church building
in Fairview borough was discovered to
be bnrning. The alarm was given and
the whole town turned out, but by that
time the whole interior and the roof
were in flames and as the town has no
water pressure nothing could be done.
An hour or two more and nothing re
mained but the brick walls The build
ing was one of the largest and best
church buildings in the county. It was
built during Rev. McFarland's admin
istration, in 1881!, and cost $16,000. It
was heated by a heater in the basement,
in which gas was burned, and it is sup
posed that the regular got out of order
and caused the heater to become over,
heated. There was no insurance, and
it is said that the Insurance Companies
refused the risk on account of gas be
ing allowed to burn in it continually.
Rev. Sheirard is pastor at present.
P., Bessemer & L E.
Trains depart: No. 14. at 9:40 A. M;
No 2, at 5:40 P M. Butler time.
Trains arrive :No. 1. 10:00 A. M; No.
11. .1:00 P. M. Butler time.
No. 14 runs through to Erie and con
nects with W. N. Y &P. at Huston
Junction for Franklin and Oil City,
and with N. Y. L. E. & W. at Shenan
go for all points east. No. 2 runs
through to Greenville and connects with
W. N. Y. P. for Franklin and Oil
City W. R. TURNER, Ticket Agent
Railway. Schedule of Pas
fmger Trains in effect Oct. 2d,
; Depart. Arriv*.
.T!ir((benj Accommodation *» i R » A.M 17 A.M
EXPR***.. . BLO 44 9 '.i2 "
New (untie A« < oiuuuxlation 'J 1" 14
AKRUN Mail V 1 i I M 7 6T P m
Allegheny Accommodation 1<» ft"» 44 12 '*
Allegheny CxproM 3 L."> I- M . R > "
Allegheny "Flyer" 1 "
Chicago Ex|ir«W II 25 " 12 18 "
Allegheny Mail 542 " 74. "
Allegheny "Flyer" 703 "
Kllwoud Accommodation 5 42 7 "
Chitag* LIMITED . R » 4- " 917 A.M
Kane and I!iadfoid Mail 0 ."»•> A.M 5 20 r.M
(Marion Accommodation 6 35 P.* '* -V» A M
New ('untie Accomiu<MlatJon 1 10P. M
Allegheny Exprw X 1"» A.M 9 32A.M
\ilr*gh**ny Accommodation 42 P.M /» 27 R.M
SEW ('turtle Accommodation. ... 8 15 A.M 7 44
Chicago Kxprem 4 15 r.M ft 27 44
Accomm<Nlatinn j 7 03 44
Train arriv ITS at 5.27 p.m. leaven B. ± O. depot*
I'ittnlmrg at 3.50 p.M and P. £ W., Allegheny at 4.00
p. M.
Additional train* leave Allegheny at 11:30 P. >l. for
New CaMl»\ and connect n for Butler on Tneedayn,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
Pullman sleeping cam or» Chicago KxpreHtt between
Pittnhurg and Chicago.
For thruugh ticket* to all point* in the went, north
went or noiithwent and information regarding routes,
tune of trains, etc. apply to
K. H REYNOLDS, Bawr, Pa.
Foxburg, Pa. C. W. BASSKTT,
<». P. A.. Alleghery, Pa
TUMIMXE IN Krrrcrr Nov. 2JF, 1897.
A M A.M. A. M P M P. M
BCTLKK Leave 6 2ft 8 OT» 11 lft 2 3ft ft Oft
Haxofllmrg Arrive H M 8 Wll LIK 3 (*► ft 'M
Butler Junction. . 44 7 27 3 R »3 12 02 3 25 ft 53
Butler Junction. . .Leave, 7 :V> 8 53 12 22 3 25 ft 53
Natrona Arrive 7 IW !# 01 12 IB' 3 35 (i \TI
Tarentum. ... j 7 42 9 07 12 35 3 M G 07
.4priiig(lule 7 50 9 16 12 45 IJ ft 2 ....
.Shai'imhurg H 07 9 36. 11l 4 12 6 32
Allegheny' 8 20 Y 4* 1 25 4 26 6 43
[A. M. A M P. M P. M P. M.
BUNDAY TRAINS.— Leave Butler for Allegheny
City and PRIORI}*! intermediate nUtionn at 7.36 a. *u.,
■%N«I FT.oo p. m.
A M. A.M. A M P. M P. M
Allegheny City . ..leave 700 9 '«> 11 25 2 6 10
.Sharpaburg 7 II 9 12 11 37 2 45 ...
«'..iremoßt | 9 19 II 44 2M 1 ....
Spriugdale 9 30 11 66; 3 lo: 6 17
IxrvitiH 7 84 9 WU 0! 528 648
Natrona 7 39, 9 43 12 12| 3 31 J 6 ftl
Butler Junction .. .arrive 7 46 96012 22 345 100
Butler Junctiou. .leave 746 95012 25 407 700
IUOKI RG B IFT 10 16 12 491 4 361 7 21
BCTLIR. arriv.. 8 4«. 10 38 I 17 fi 'K%' 7
A M. A. M. P. M P .D p. M
SUNDAY TRAINS. — Leave Alleghany CITY for But
ler MM I printijal intermediate stations at 7rft» a. RN. ami
<H|O p NI.
P M A M.J P. M P M
2 35 ft 26.1 v Btrri.r.R. SR I 17
H 2ft 7 27 ar Butler Junction LV 12 25
480 7 46111 ML« .I'll, tkm ÜBl9 18
4 >».'• I 4TF ar FLMFWL 8 28 42 61
4 *l9 7 MI " Allegheny Junction 8 24 12 OL
421 8 IT4, 44 Leech burg " 8 (>9 11 49
440 8 21 " Paulton (ApoHt) 44 7M IL U
6 08 8 51' " Saltnburg 7 3O 11 09
ft 41 9 221 " ltlalmville 41 70010 40
ft 50 9 44 Itiairnville Intersection. 44 5 6ft LO 10
88011 38 " Attn na " »16 BUO
1 00 3 10 " ilai - .I-burg 41 11 45 3 10
4 :V* 6 23! " Philadelphia 8 30 11 20
A.M. P. M.j A.M. P.M
On Sunday, train leaving Butler 7 35 a. tn., connects
tor ilarriftburg, Altooua and Philadelphia.
Tlinuigh train* tor the «ant leave Pittnburg (Union
Htatiou ), an follow*:
Atlantic Lxprenn. daily 2:.'>o A.M
Pen uny I van ia Li mi tod 44 7:15
Day Kxprean, - 7:30 "
Main Line Express, 44 8 : oo 4
I'bila lelphia Kxpren, .. ,4;.' M» r.M
Eanteni Express, 44 ... ,7(*5
FaMt Line, * 8:10 44
Fhilad'a Mail, Sundays on.y B:4R %.*
For detailed information, address Thon. E. Watt, Pssn.
Agt Western District. Corner Fifth Avenue and Smith
field Stieet, Pittnburg, Pa.
General Manage. Gen* 1 ' , I^N R Agent.
Farm For Sale.
120 acres situatt<l in C ran Kerry twp.,
a<ljnininj; Beaver county line, known
as Jolin Keffer farm, 20 acres wood
land, balance in good tillable con
dition, modern buildings, good
water, underliid with coal vein, 15
acres in prime orchard. No oil
lease. This farm must be sold at
once to settle tstate. Address
29th St. & Lil>erty Ave.,
-yes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
I Ddor W OJOft J*.
For Baby's Sake
You ought to guard
against ailments
that improper foods
induce. Kvcrj thing
depends on what
baby eats. We
keep 01 ly the reli
able makes of Baby
Food and warrant
them Fresh.
Eskay's Food.
Malted Milk,
Lactated Food,
Mellin's Food.
Ridge's Food.
Just's Food.
Condensed Milk.
Bady's Mother
Ought to take some
Beet,lronand Wine,
so nourishing to
nursing mother?—
ours contains Beef
We sell it for 75
cents per pint.
Diamond Block, Butle - , Pa.
Notice in Divorce.
| In the Common
W. 11. Bractney, P'eas Court of
vs. Butler Co., at A.
Emma E. Brackney. j D., No. 10, June
T., 1898.
Book 19. Pi{. 215.
To Emma E Bracknev:—
Two subpeenas having been returned
N. E. I. You, the said E-nma E. brack
ney, above named defendant are hereby
required to appear in said Couit of Com
mon Plea; of Butler Co., Pa . to be held
at Butler, on Monday, the sth day
of December, 189S, b.ing the first day of
next term of Court to answer the said
complaint and show CMise, if any you
have why a Divorce Absolute from the
bonds of Mat itnony should not be grant
ed to the said \V. H. Brackney.
You are also hereby notified th«t testi
mony 111 above case will be taken before
the said Court on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 1898,
at which time and place you are notified
to attend.
Wit,HAM B. DODDS, Sheriff,
In the matter of the final account ot J
L. Purvis, et al, executors of Menry
Sefton, late of Clinton tap., Butler Co ,
Pa., dee'd ,O. C. No. 41, D*c. T., IS9B
The undersigned having l>een appointed
by the Orphan's Court of Butler county
as ;tn auditor to make distribution of the
assets of the above estate in the hands of
the executors thereof, as shown by their
final account filed at the above term and
number, hereby gives notice to all parties
interested that he will attend to the
duties of the said appointment at his of
fice in the Armorv building. Butler, Pa.,
at to a. m., of Fridav, the 4tl day of
November, IS9S, when and where al!
may attend if they see proper.
Letters of administration or the estate
ot Lizzie Baker, dee'd., late of Middle
sex twp., Butler Co , Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immtd'ate pay
ment, an<l any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated /or settlement to
SAMUEI, A. Adm'r,
Maker."town. Pa.
letters of administration on the estate
of Mrs Valeria Sullivan, dee'd., late of
Buffalo twp.. Bntler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
ihent'cated for settlement to
JOHW Q. A. SUI.MVAN, Adm'r.,
Sarversville, Pa.
H. H. GOUCHER, and
Letters of administration on the est He
of John M. Crooks, late of Middlesex
township, Butler county. Pa., dee'd.,
having been .ranted to tiie undersigned,
all persons knowing themsetves indebted
to said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
sa-d estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to
WM. R. THOMPSON, Adm'r.,
McFann P. O , Butler Co., Pa.
J D MARSHA M,. Att'y.
Kstate of Isaac Heeler, late of Oaklatiil
township, deceased, 11 lice is heieby
given that letters of administration upon
the 1 state of .-aid decedent have been
granted to the undersigned All persons
indebted to the said estate are requested
to make payuvnt, and those having
claims or demands against the same will
make them known without d- lay to
Carbon Center, PH.
Letters testamentary 011 the eUate of
John Sipe, dee'd., 'ate of Clearfield twp.,
nutler county, Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against said estate
will present them, properly autenticated
for settlement to
Coylesville, Pa.
betters of administration on the estate
of Kmrtia Shrader, dee'd., late of Butler
borough. Butler Co., Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
, knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
ment,and anv having claims against said
estate will present tliem duly authenticat
ed for settlement to
W. B. SHRADER, Adm'r.,
Butler, Pa.
W. D. BRANDON, Att'y.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Isaac Kepple, dee'd, late of Fairview
township, Butler county, Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make imm diatc
payment, and any having claims against
the same will present them for settle
ment to
WM. L. KEPPT.K, Ex'r.,
Peachville, Pa.
j 0. WALKER, Att'y.
Letters testamentary 011 the estate of
Matthew Thrower, dee'd , late of Clinton
twp.. Butler Co., Pa., having lieen grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
•vill please make immediate payment.
«nd any having c aitns nguinst ««ai'l eMnte
will present ti em, properly authenticat
ed for settlement to
Sajtuuburw, p«.
-S <;
t- Jrt i , ®
0 £ ""0»5
1 I—.' 2.
II S2 M 8 S
2 5 ~
O) I § 1(0 O
.E » £ 90 = 3:* 2
-S , <» gS n-S^S
-2 «^=^? s o " S
r HJ 6 3 5 i-4-
_ * C 3 - co I
= C/ 5
£ O C/5v3
u f r\ r— ■ h-"<
j! C/? eo p
£2 S K.
gS ee
uj ,__ <5.
—SdV3 aMV i
A A dl #j
Our Line of Fall and Winter 4
Clothing is now in our Shelves. J
To many of our patrons, this announcement
is sufficient, but for the benefit of those who A
do not know us yet we will say, come in to
see us, we want to get acquainted with you A
and in addition to that show you the hand- *
somest and best line of clothing, hats and
men's furnishings in Butler, don't take our %
word foi it, come and see for yourselves, we
1 will show you up-to-date goods at moderate 4
4 prices. K
/ Car Load of Bed Room /
y Suits arrived last week. J
That \
( Time is hard on poor furniture \
f mnl leaves its imprint early. A [
J bright idea is to get the thorough- S
ly trustworthy kinds fiom reliable X
} makers who guarantee every piece, f
( We unhesitatingly guarantee be- /
r ca' se we buy the reliable kind. X
f and krow the quality is perfect, f
) Especially true in regard to uarlor j
C and upholstered lin- s. Buy where f
? you can depend on a perfect pur- 3
1 chase, because "Time will Tell." #
(A FivcPicce Parlor Suitr
•is Mahogany finished, carved I
1 frame; consists of Sofa, Divan, f
C Arm, Rocker and Wall Chairs; S
/covered in high grade Tapistry. f
/ Price *35.00. >
\ A Complete Carpet Store. J
J We wou'il ii'•! tMiiiitenance any
/ other kind. And it would lack f
J completion if quality and prices X
/ were not better than at other '
\ stores. Bv better prices we m- an C
/ lesser price« Each w> ek registers P
\ a saving to buyers in Carpets. S
/ Kugs, Mattings, Linoleums and /
J 0.l Clo h, and ses the markets
/ guessing how we do it. Best Body f
\ Brussels at SI.OO per yard. \
i Do You Know \
C That we can furnish your chamber X
J handsomely for little money? Come f
/ in and let's talk about it, and we X
X will show you our splendid stock X
J of bedroom furniture. The bed, f
I the dresser and washstand are es- \
f sentials, when you have those your r
f room is practicallv furnished. It
j would perhaps l>e wise to choose I
I your suite of a wood that lights np C
1 well—oak and bird's-eye maple 1
\ are most in favor for that reason - t
C though we have magnificent snites J
vin the darker wooos. Our hand- f
/ some 5-piece suites run from #l6 J
Xio SSO, and on up as high as y>u X
J please. We can give you a nice, *
well-made suite in antique finish S
f only, for $14.00. /
< <
Aliout 75 patterns of Wall Paper in—
—lots of 6to 12 double bolts. Grades—
—that we sold at from 50c to 80c per- -
—double bo't and wich we will n-iw—
sell at toe and 15c per double l»lt. —
—They are all choice patterns of—
fine stock and will not laat long.—
—We want more room for our—
— Books, China and Stationery, at—
Douglass' Book Store.
P> >ple s Phone 167.
Autwmtto lenr Cmuit.
One Glass Too Many <||||ll»
Is the glass into which the
man looks who is dissatisfied
with his attire. The dictates
of dtess often mar or make
the general effect. In Hats
and Men's Furnishings we
lead. Our goods are not
only reliable but up to date,
and the best quality that can
be purchased for the money.
We give you the best we
can for your dollar Not
the cheapest thing we can
get your dollar for.
Ed. Colbert,
Successor to
Colbert & Dale,
242 S. Main St.. Butler, Pa.
Clearance Sale.
invoice Nov.
15th, and want
to reduce our
stock as much as
possible and will sell
until that time or while
they last. Top Buggies as
low as $30.00. Buggy
Harness, our own make, with
curved breast collar $9 00. Good
Harness Oil 50 cents per gallon.
Horse Blankets as low as 50
cents. Buggy Cushions 50
cents Horse Brushes - 15
cents. Axle Grease
6 boxes for 25
cents. Plush robes
$ 1.50, and eveiy
thing else in
If you want a sleigh come
now and get one at
wholesale prices.
Yours truly
No. 128 E. Jefterson St.,
Insui anct* and Real Estate
117 li JEFi'uRSON.