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WILLIAM C.NEGLEY - - Publisher
r. S. GOB IN. of Lebanon.
J AMCri W. LATTA. of Philadelphia-
W. D PORTER. of Allegheny Co.
OA LUSH A A. GROW, of Susquehanna Co.
run tuHUfttoa.
DB. J. B. -HOWALTEK. of Miilerstovru uoro
JAMES N. MOGRF-, of Butler.
JOHN DINDIXGEB, of Zelieuopl*.
On Friday our army entered Guay
ania, ai'ter a skirmish, tiie Spanish
forces retreating, and, according to re
port throwing their dead into a well.
The Spanish Cabnet was yet consider
ing the terms of peace and McKinley
and his Cabinet were anxiously await
tho answer.
During the latter part of last week so
many cases of yellow fever appeared in
the army at Santiago, that it was de- 1
cided tc send Gen. Shafter's army home
as soon as the Spanish prisoners wure
embarked for their own country-. Two
regiments of cavalry left for
the U. S., Sunday.
On Monday the reply of the Spanish
government to the peace conditions
arrived in Washington in seven sections
—all in cipher—and the French em
_ . baasy was kept busy deciphering it
A fight occnrred that evening in the
outskirts of Manila between some Span
ish troops and the 10th Beg P. V. I. in
which the Spanish were repulsed with
heavy loss. Our loss was put at 9 kill
ed and 44 wounded.
Tuesday afternoon the French minis
ter at Washington and hi:i secretary,
appeared at the White 'House and pre
sented President McKinley with a copy
of Spain's answer to his peace terms in
English. The President and Secretary
Day discussed the matter with the two
Frenchmen for an honr and a half, but
afterwards gave out no news. The
Spanish reply is understood to have
been very lengthy, going into details,
and insists that the United States
retains control of Cuba in order to se
cure Spanish interests in the island.
On Tuesday word reached this
country via Hong Kong of a battle
that had been fought at Manila on July
81st and Aug Ist and 2nd between three
*or four regiments of our volunteers and
8000 Spanish troops, in which we had
13 killed and 10 seriously wounded,
while the Spanish losses we put at 350
killed an .I and 900 wounded.
It seems that the Spanish garrison at
Manila took advantage of a local feast
or holy day to attack our lines, when
the insnrgeants would not ;fight, but
they were repulsed. The battle was
fought daring a tremendous rain storm.
Several members of the 10th regiment
whose homes are in Washington and
Westmoreland county were killed.
Yesterday Secretary Day and Ambas
sador Cam bon agreed upon a protocol
of peace which includes the evacuation
of Cuba, the cession of all the other
Spanish West Indies to the United
States, and the cession of the Ladrones
to the U. S.,—the Phillipines and other
matters to be left to Peace Commission
This protocol to be agreed to by Spain
within 4# hours or all negotiations to
The laying of the corner stone of the
new capitol took place at noon yester
day in the presence of a large gathering.
The grand lodge of Masons of Pennsyl
vania were in charge, and some of the
moat'distinguished men of the State
were present to honor the occasion. A
heavy rain fell daring the ceremonies,
and yet it did not dampen the ardor of
those who took part.
The corner-stone is that used in the
historic capitol destroyed by fire in Feb
ruary, 1897. The guests of the capitol
building commission included State
officials, jndgea of the supreme and su
perior courts and members of the Legis
At the close of the ceremonies a colla
tion was served in the supreme court
chamber. Colonel A. K. McClure, of
Philadelphia, who delivered the oration
at the laying of the stone, was enter
tained at luncheon that afternoon by
Governor Hastings at the executive
FOLLOWING close on the death of
Bismark comes news of the destruction
by fire of the city in North Dakota nam
ed after him.
Keiuain Outside.
[Published by request. ] ,
lanes suggested by seeing young men
outside the church during service.
As we todav in the church did meet,
We marked, oh many a vacant seat,
And sadly thought of the painful trnth,
That the companions of our youth—
The pride of many a parent's heart,
Could thus with the scoffer bear a part;
And letting the precious moments glide
So thoughtlessly,
Still remain outside!
We saw with pride that a few there were
Whose brows were not marked by age
or care.
Who waited to hear the word today;
Nor did with the thoughtless numbers
And we felt thoir lives would brighter
And happier far, their eternity
Than their s—though the doors be open
Who still will choose
To remain uutside!
But, oh! young men, when your youth
has lle<l,
And its brightest hopes are withered
and dead -
When age has drawn its lines on yonr
And your limbs are no longer as active
as now—
Will the thought of the hours now idled
Brighton the hours of declining day?
And will you recall, with pleasant pride,
The days when yon choose
To remain outside?
And when death has stilled your now
beating heart.
And from all your loved ones on earth
you must part,
And yon at the bar of the Just must ap
To render an account of the deeds done
And when you gaze on the land of the
blest - ■
See others aiter into the place of rest,
And see the pearly gates, as they open
Will you then be coutent
To remaiu outside?
C». E, l»"»tb R«*gin»«ftt, Fort
Wa>liinyto«. M«t.
Augu=t K . 189 H.
What T.MI probably be the great event
oi rr.o mouth U> us jCCHrred Friday we
received our July par and then each
man proceeded to do with n:s pittance
for enduring this arduous. exhausting
soldier life* as pleased him be*t. Hard
ly more than twenty five ut Co. E ate
supper in quarters that evening. the
rest were tieating themselves to
square civilized meals at Marsha.l lia.l
E'venriew. Alexandria or Washington.
Muuv bought firstclasa groceries and
canned dainties from the post commis
tarv at wholesale prices The regiment
ranieeu wa*> crowded "* r th men :iiter
beer sold under Uncle Sam.- super
vision. is this a credit to the o. fc>.
governments The shanty saloon just
ouUia«lht iddervatwm was F.llwl ..n«l
surrounded by men as a hive is by bees.
Some sharpers appeared on tbt scene
with chnckaluck games and ' wheels
of fortune, ' but after they had beer in
operation a short time an armed detail
appeared to arrest then* and the gam
biers quickly disappeared in the woods.
After the detail was marched back to
camp thr uierry games went on as be
fore. , , ,
Geo. Thompson celebrated pay day by
getting stung on the cheek by a hornet.
George is siim in face and figure, but
an Lour after the sting he bad a face on
him big enough for the fat man of a
museum. Ammonia baths reduced the
Saturdav privates Graham. Stroup.
Ero«u and Strawick left for Butler, the
first tw„- on sick leave. Brown went to
»e«; his sister *vho was struck by a P. B.
& L. E. train lately, and Strawick re
ceived a letter statnig that his father,
Hugh Strawick, of Butler, was quite
ill. Private John Williams leaves for
home Tuesday.
With the exception of Albert \V aters.
whom we are sorry to say is in a criti
cal condition, all our sick men arc gc*
ting along very well. Hazlect and I _
E. Smith are up and dressed. They and
Mrs. J. M<*i- Smith start lor Butler
Friday Metzger went to the hospital
but he reported for duty again Sunday
Faulis, Campbell and Krng are in the
hospital with slight fever attacks
Harry Cook took his place in the ranks
and Krug was detailed to take hid place
as hospital attendent and took sick
while tending others.
Saturday the civil authorities of
Prince George coiinty—in which this
reservation is—were notified by our of
ficers of the gambling near camp That
afternoon the Sheriff and a 'Squire ap
peared to arrest the gamblers, and
Corporal Jackson with privates Morri
son, McDowell and W Tyler made a
very neat job of it for them. Two men
and rnanv wheels, dice, etc., were
captured." That evening the Squire
established a court in Col. Mechling's
office, tried and convicted the culprits,
sentenced each to pay s•><) fine and costs
—which they did- and ordered them
to leave the country. The hospital fund
received $42 of the fines. The trial last
ed till nearly midnight and court had
hardly adjournal when a sentry yelled
"Turn out the guard, fire? The bar
rrcks outhouse, burned down, furnish
ing excitement and conversational sub
ject for five hundred men for an hour
or two.
Wednesday last we received Webb
belts with fifty cartridge looi»s extend
ing entirely around the body, also
bayonets, scabbards and other equip
ments We are now all ready to take
the field—but the war is over. All we
expect to ever have to do with our
equipments is keep them clean and turn
them in again when discharged.
That evening at dress parade acting
adjutant Spencer proclaimed the court
martial sentences. Three members of
Co E received nominal sentences ot
fines or imprisonment for disorderly
conduct or absence without leave.
Sunday our chaplain did not come
across the river and we bad no church
services. He does not tee in to care
much about our spiritual wellfare. in
the evening we stood in the company
streets and watched a lady ascend by
baloon from Riverview aud then drop
with a parachute.
For over a month past a lar?** num
ber of Philadelphia Times have l>een
coming to thi« post, a gift from the
publishers which we surely appreciate.
Aliout twenty copies come into Co. E
and this is the principal source of our
daily news.
Tomorrow a squad of Butler visitors
is expected to reach camp. W« will
be glad to see them. Wallace Rimer
and Kcllen. both of Butler are re
cruits in Battery K. 4th artillery, at Ft.
There is very little to break the mo
notony of our catnp life. The same
aimless round of duties are preformed
every day, they give us exercise and
help to get rid of our time. There has
been a rumor lately that we will lie
moved to the barracks at Washington,
but it is likely only a rumor.
Holly Wilson came over from Ft.
Sheridan to see us today Je>e Kitter
came down on the morning mail boat
and will spend a few days with his
brother, Will.
Charles Albert Walters died of ty
phiod fever in the hospital here
early this morning. The deceased was
taken to the hospital July 11th, and
had been sick for several days before
that. There seemed to be chances for
his recovery until during the past week
when it l»ecome apparent to the doctors
tliat he could not survive.
Comrade Waters was born in Liberty
town Md., thirtyeight years ago. He
become a resident of Butler about 1877.
He joinesd the National Guard of
Pentia in 1«81, and with the majority of
Co. E, answerd the call for volunteers
last April. He enjoyed the distinction
of !>eing the only colored man enlisted
in the Pennsylvania troops.
He was married to a daughter of Rob
ert Homes of Butler and she with four
children, two boys and two girls, mourn
him. In religion he was a Methodist,
lie was r faithful and efficient soldier,
true and companionable comrade and
an upright righteous man.
The remains are l»eing shippejd to But
ler to-day. Ceirporal Jackson and a
squad formed an escort as far as Wasli
Logan Valley.
Paul Smith, of Co. E. is home on a
Edd Say is home from Virginia.
j Grace Barrett is visiting at Me
Nannie Burtaer came homo last week.
Lueinda Ziegler is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Joe Blakeloy.
Zella Graham visited J. N. Burtner's,
Mr Dyke called cn his friends here
T. Harbison and family, of Butler,
are spending a few days with W It.
Mrs. Tinker, son Fred and daughter
Vella, has left for a month's visit to
friends at Ravenna, O.
Miss iiattie Moorliead, of Kansas
City. Mo., was the guest of John
Emerick's family last week.
Mrs. Carrol and Mrs. Emil, of Alle
gheny, wore visitors at Levi Logan's
Mrs. S. 11. Bowman and Miss Lud
wiek, of CeK»perstown, visited friends
Miss Jennie Miller,of Allegheny City,
has been the guest ef N. Burtner's
family for sometime.
a jolly "Haying Party of But
ler visited the home of Calvin Logan
near Jefferson Centre on Tuesday eve
ning, August 2nd. Class this as one of
the enjoyable events of the season
>1 ultllc Lane-aster.
Squire J. L. Moritz died of apoplexy,
Aug. 2, after two weeks illness
Ch<iS Warner of Lancaster twp. fell
from a pear tree on Monday and strik
ing a stone fractured three ribs
Fred Uhl of Lane-aster twp. had a val
uable cow killed by lightning recently.
The friends and neighbors of Mr. and
Mrs. A. G. Sieg surprised tbeui on
Tuesday, the loth annivertary of their
Life in Porto Rico.
According to -t Porto Rican now in
j New York the latest estimates of the
i population of the island put it at about
i 9' of whom 14,0(10 are penint>ulares
j or u_:ives of Spain, and from VJ.'XH) to
i 14 <sVi foreigners mostly Fiecchmen.
| Italians. (Jennans, English, ar.d Anion
I cans, ether nationalities Ix-itij, ver; little
'represented The native population it
composed of two thirds whit* - descend
anti ,-.f Spaniard.- a:-.d people of other
European countrie- and on; third ne
groes and mrlattoes >r neople of mixed
Then, de >f lift is Try -i li'ar to
that of European countries .xcept for
some slisrht differences due to he h<>t
climat". Fashion? for TTT. and wo
men urn introduced from Spa.n.
especially from Pans and London The
v.ell-to-do in the principal towns dress
just like people in European countries
men wearing woolen clothe- all the year
round The young women dre s very
elaborately, and all wear hat 3, the u
isb mantilla beins? worn only by elderly
women. In th° small tow us men dress
after the fashion of the ciries. but wear
hnen fabrics, as woolen clothes are very
uncomfortable, are considered a luxury
and arc Torn on holy day? and Sundays
only. Laborers and fann hand.- do not
wear conts or shoes. They do not
to do 80, if they did tbev could not af
ford to as their wages are very small.
Life at San Juan and the other princi
pal towns is very monotonous, the onlv
amusements l>eing retreta or concert by
the millitary bands twice H week aud
theatrical performances tlire- or foui
evenings a week, matii:«f>s being given
very seldom. The theatres are owned
by the cities and rented by F-uropean
companies tra\eling thresh the i.dand
at s") much an evening
The principal town? of the island are
San if nan, the capital, on the north
Coast, with 31,250 inhahitants. Ponce,
oi« the south'»a3t, with 14,500 inhabi
tants. Mavaguez, ou the' west coast,
with 29,500 "nhabitants; Agnadilla, on
the same coast, but inore to the north,
with 14.000; Arecibo, on the north coast,
with 9,800 inhabitants: Hnmaco, Arroyo
and Fajarilo, all -seaport". Other irn
portant inland towns are San German.
Yauco and Gauyama
The popnlation of San Juan i« that of
the town and its suburbs, bat that of
the other towns named includes all the
inhabitants of tha dlstricto, that is to
say, the country around the town San
Jnan, built on a small island connected
with the main land with the San Anto
nio bridge, ifl quite a beautiful citj,
with straight bat narrow strtet? and
many tine buildings. It has venil
public institutions and colleges several
churches, and seven email parks, among
them the Plazuela de Santiago, with a
very good statute of Columbus. The cits
is lighted by gas supplied by an English
company and by electricity supplied by
a local corporation. There are eleven
newspapers of all kinds, principal one
fct-ing La ConvspoiKleucia, a daily polit
ical paper, with a circulation of about
7.IHK) copies, which is equal to that of
the other papers combined. There is p
local telephone company, but no watei
except that of the cisterns. A reservoir
was projected and the plan was appro
ved by the Government some fifty yeavs
ago, but owing to the manana system it
hss not been finished yet.
The history of the Spanish adminis
tration m the island is one of cruelty
and corruption. The Spanish began by
exterminating the native Indian popu
lation, which some historians place at
5W.000, in less than a century. Every
branch of the administration of the is
land is conducted nr>der a system of
corruption, the law is constantly violat
ed by the Spaniards and the natives are
derived ot their rights At the
elections the Spanish or Conservative
party aJways wins, notwithstanding the
fact that it is a lartre minority.
The liberty of the press is unknown.
Articles printed in the Madrid or other
Spanish papers attacking the Govern
ment cannot lie reproduced by any
Porto Rican papers without the editors
being punished, even if the article in
question has not been considered ground
for prosecution by the authorities in
No more than nineteen persons are al
lowed to meet in any place oti the island
without special permission of the Gov
eminent, and a representative of the
Mayor of the town must attend m<-et
ings to see that nothing is done e>r sanl
against "the integrity of the nation
Licenses are required for every t' ng
even for a dancing party.
These are se>me of the things which
caused the people at Ponce to cheer the
Aiiiericans who took possession of the
"THE Red Cross Society is oar ar
my's efficient ally in Cnbfl But for it
the suffering and <!' u'b among tiie
troops wonld be far gr;.* i ter than they
are The Red Cross receives no aid
from the Government, and has nothing
to do with politics."—Philadelphia
Contributors of relief supplies to the
Red Cross of Philadelphia, for the ship
to sail South from Philadelphia about
the loth inst. can secure the the follow
ing freight rates: Carload lots, 2-"i per
cent, discount from tariff rates; less
th'in carload lots, 15 per cent, discount
from tariff rates. Address
15<tl Chestnut St.
Sea Watrr and CJolil Itrie-ks.
Extracting gold from sua water is not
a new inventior. and neither is extract
ing good money from gulli'.ile people by
selling them shares in a company pos
sessed of a secret process for getting
rich. But combining the two processes,
to the enrichment of those working the
combination, may be :iid to be new.
A Baptist ex minister by the name of
Jernegan, who hain't worked at his
profession mnch ot late, seems to have
used his clerical reputation to work a
lot of nnsnspecting New England
people out of their savings by -telling
them stock in the Electrolytic Marine
Salts Company, organized for the pur
pose of extracting gold from sea water
by a secret process known only to
Jernegan. The works were located at
Lube - Maino, and an office was opened
in Boston, to which an occasional gold
brick was sent as a sample of the pro
duct of Maine sea water submitted to
the Jernegan secret process. These
specimen gold bricks made shares of
stock sell like hot cakes, and induced
reputable and well-known people to in
vest their money and interest them
selves in the management of the con
cern. It is claimed that one million
shares of stock at one dollar per share
have been sold, and that of this amount
the people of Newbnryi>ort, Massachu
setts, have subscribed one third
The latent, development in the manag
euient of thi« gold from-sea-water cor
poration is the departure tor £nrope on
the a team whip Navarre of Promoter Jer
uegan under the name of another man
booked from a Chicago address that
dots not exist, carrying with him gov
ernment bonds reaching into the hun
dreds of thousands of dollar* purchased
in New York by a confederate under an
assumed name who tnrns out to be
a brother of Jernegan. Jernegan'a as
sociates iu the gold-extracting procc ♦,
to whom he profet<s».d to have inpart 1
his secret, claim that he has gon«i to
Europe to purchase special apparatus
wlticL he could not obtain in thin conn
try. The exposure of the manner in
which he secured the bonds has led to
popular impression that he won't find
the apparatus, and that wbm once on
fluroi>euu ooil ho will t to returner
'send any part of the money so carefully
invented :n bonis back to th- 1 managers • .
and -I ' '-holders of the company
Xev* England people are n- 'ed for i
being pretty -nrc-Jrd, hut .Ternegan . .
seems to have hypnotised them A ■
genutn r Vaakee in fall possession of hi
five senses would have thought of r- ah- j
ing but salted mines when the nam* of ]
the E ctrolytic Marine Sal: C nnpany j
was suggested to him and the i>eriodi- j
csl appearance of tiie goid brick at the < <
Boston office won In have warned iiiin to !
k"*>p his money in his pocket and semi .
for thj police. —Philadelphia Tnu,-
Harmony and Zelienople.
About M L t> O. F bofl of our town
attended the funeral of J. L Moritz it |
Middle Lancaster ia»t week Brother i
Mo:i:z was secretary of and was I
oiu ; .i by his lodge A handsome flo t
ral emblem of the was a tribute ■
of respect from his brothers.
Mr« F. W. Levei .ap of Columbus O ;
'I visiting hr parent' Mr. and Mrs W. j
< > Stonyhton in H-:rrnory
Rrv. P J. Honaker pastor of the
Ptv;bytenan charch is off with his
fam.iy f< r three weeks vacation Tkej
are attending tb" Grove City Bible
School and will al?" stop with relatives
at Frankiin.
L. A Dimiinger and Howard Wise of
Harmony left last Monday for a two
weks trip to Atlantic City New York
and Cambridge Boro.
On Tuesday of last week U Winters
of Eidenau took a '.irge load of Hour tc
Mt. Chestnut and oh his way home
while driving up the grade at Swain s
bridge, one of the hui>es of his large
bay team was overcome and fell, medi
cine was at once given hiiu, and after a
short time the horse while trying to tret
on his feet struggled over a bank 8 ft.
bigh and shortly afterward died
Tfce hors" was valuable.
Miss Lanri Swain returned last Sat
urday from a visit with the Misses
Mitchell at New Caatle.
Amzie Ziegler 3 farmer neur liar
mony ib sick with the typhoid fever at
xiev. D. V. Mayers of Poland O. has
accepted a call at the North Sewickley
Presbyterian charc-h in Beaver county.
Miss May lseman of New Castle was
in Harmony last Monday.
Last Monday morning while Charley
Warner of Middle Lancaster was pick
ing pears at his new home he fell about
8 feet upon a cellar way stone on h;s
side anil broke two ribs and splintered
Dr. J. A. Osljorne was called who
dresaed the wound. It will be some
time before Mr. Warner will be around.
Mrs. E. P Titzel of Millerstown who
has been visiting in Harmony and
Zelienople for some time returned home
this week.
Mrs. M. H. Sit ler of Jackson town
ship who bas been serio'isly ill for some
time is improving at this writing.
Mrs. H W. Bame and son Edgar
visited Mr. and Mr:s. Joseph Stuart in
Allegheny City several days this week.
D. M. Sianun and family who have
been visiting with friends about liar
monv for two weeks returned to their
home in Marietta, O. last Tuesday.
The 134 th regiment of Pennsylvania
Volunteers m e t in Harmony oc Thurs
day of this week:
J. A. McGowan Distrk-t Deputy, I.
O. O. F. of Prospect was in Harmony
on Thnrsday evening of last week and
installed officers in »548.
Henry Dambaugh, the El wood Mer
chant. passed .through our towns last
W. M Steele of Zelienople drove to
Pittsburg one day last wrc-k.
Rev J W. Otterman of Zelienople,
will commence the second p.nnnal camp
meeting one mile east of the Knob in
Beaver county on August 10th and
continue over two Sundays.
A NOTED and dreaded robber and
murderer who was run down and cap
tared in South Dakota a few days ago,
turned out to be the lo<"il preacher and
Keist'T Itfins.
It has been such u long time since you
have heard from Kiestcr, we thought
v." would give you a few of the hapen
iaga of the village and vicinity.
We have any amount of wot weal her
the fanners are in u great way about
getting tb"ir oats in the barn
Mr. Wm. Sankey sua of Thos. Sankey
returned home last week from Colorado
where be lias lx nr\ located for the past
13 years, he is looking well and was
gla i to see his friehds and relatives
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins and daughter
Minnie from Shai juville arc the gne.-ts
of their daughter Mrs <J. W Hosack
this week.
Some, of the young folks took in tVio
P. IX. C. excursion to Conneaut Lak_.
All report a gay time.
Miss Myrfli Mershitner, our new post
miatress has made qnite a number of iui
provoments since she took charge
Amos Hall ot' Branch ton passed
through town one day last week.
One club of campers got weary ot so
much wet weather and relumed home,
we were sorry to part with them so
soon an they had some very tiue music
with them, which the people of Ki»ster
There are two more clubs here yet,
but they do not have any instrumental
music with them.
The Empire Brick and Tile Co., are
doing a rushing business, any person
wan'ing to build a brick house should
give this firm a trial as they are putting
out a fine lot of brick and tile this
Miss Mable Wigdon visited her autit,
Mrs. Dickey, at Branchton, one day this
Grandpap Keister ia able to walk as
far as the depot. He seemes to be im
proving in health.
Mrs. Ilavs entertained company from
Anandale last Sunday.
Miss Ella Collins, of West Virginia, is
visiting friends and relatives in this
Mr-". Matilda Keistervisited the conn
ty seat one day last week.
Callen Armstrong of Co. E HI Regt.,
was home on a ten day furlough. He is
looking well, to bo fed on hard tack.
Notice to tax payers are seen tacked
up almost every where you look. Any
person or persons knowing themselves
indebted to this man had lietter hustle
around and see him.
We have everything in Keist.-r but
a store and do wish some good person
full of business to the eyes would move
here and start a store.
The fruit crop is good in this locality.
There are some N.». ! gardens i:i town.
Almost everything you could mention
in them.
H. G. Chriitley, of Santiago called on
his uncle John Keister one morning tit is
Mrs. Lnretta Wigton made a bufi
ness trip Butlei last Saturday,
11. R, Blair is home on a visit.
I Tim Dobson is home now as the well
lue was workingon was a duster He <•
oects to go to work soon on another one
on ♦' If "nick farm. Jim w<- want some
oil, tiy your best
Jaeksvilh Votes.
Mrs. Jacob Stickle of Prospect is
visiting Mr. and Mis. A. Stickle.
Mrs McDonald of Slipperyroek has
returned to her home after spending a
few days with het mother in Jacksville.
Mrs. Eva MeNees of Kittaning in the
(jtiest of her mother and brothers n- ai
Mrs. S. J. Fnlmer of Conneaut Ohio
is visitint? her sister Mrs. M. C. Searinar.
T_ie gas well on the farm of Jacob
McCraken proved to be a sood one,
another will be drilled on the farui
adjoining as soon as possible, prepar
fition.- <»r. also oein:; made to drill
oo the farm of A. J Brandon south
west of rect-nt ('••velopements.
Or. Mcif'.chae! iad two sons of
Eaiu Clair", pas»ed through our town on
Saturday last
Mr. Ileberling nr.d . "U of Portersville
W%re T".r. * • IN Tacksville MOD
Mr and Mrs Stephens JU of W 'ck
visited Mr. and Mr* Oavid
on Sabbath.
Miss Elizabeth Boyle • i" Prospect is
visiting her oou*m Miss Ha*rah M
H L Kelly is our acting Justice of
Po*> " and .°r>v l«g?l bu: mess will be
<-:ir iuily attended to
Cooper Bros ar busy threi-uiug au.l
report a fair »1 1 of grain of all kind
<utside work has been delayed by th -
raiay weather.
We wait patiently t.» hear be oosdn
fion oi ptiiM.*'* negotiations with Spain
rnd hope fo mt h°pp> period, whe
■he swoida ..iiali li - .'tm into plow
-h.»es and umvi •; I i ce shall reign
l)!' Vi .*s.
MORITZ- • •: his hoi H la Middle Lea
caster. Aug. J. I. Moritz
in his >4 veav
KENNEDY —A his n New ("a.-
tie. Aug. 1 - , li,un P Kenned
formerly of this eouuty, aged 6->
:iORTIMEE i. inf;ir.
danngLter of C. Mortimer of Bnt
MANN —At her homi in Lonisyille
Ky., August i. 1- - MM. -T. E. Mann •
foimerly of Butlei
PEARCE—At bus Uome in Mi-
Houri. August 1808. Mr. Thoma.-
Pt.irce. formerly of this county, aged
83 veaii.
Mr. Pearct- was a brother to David E
Pp;iri>* of Bntler township, and was
b- m and raisetl in this county He
went to Missouri many years ago
V\ ATLRS At tb- Camp hospital at
Fort Washington, Md Aug. 8. 189s,
Albert Walt- 1 aired 3 55 years.
Albert was th'.- only colored man in
Co E. 15th. RCJJ P. V I. He took
sick with typuoiii some time and
word come to Butler. Tuesday morninsi
of his death Hio l>ody arrived here
Wednesday and his funeral ooenrs this
He came to Bntler about 20 years ago
and was tnarrktl to a daughter of Robert
Holmes. »vho with four children survive
WADSWORTIi At home in Slip
pervrock twp.. June - IH9B. Matilda
Jane, daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth
Wadswortb, aged 111 years, lacking
2 months and 3 days.
.Tennie was ,-i very studions and mod
est young iady.belovcd by all who knew
her." The beautiful floral offering
which bedecked Ler casket from her
classmates anil other dear friends was a
very good evidence of the high esteem
I'.iey h»»ld acr in Shu was a Sub Junior
of tho Slii-peryrcck State Normal
School, class of iwOO. Six young men
of her class w -re her pall ]>earers Her
dise.tse was such as baffled the l>est
medical skill and her death was quite
unexpected. Tnt battle is fought, the
victory is won; her labors are ended.
Twas hard to giyo her up. Be \t
therefore ready also, for the Son of
Man cometh at an hour when ye think
Sometime when the Suu and the Stars
In their golden glory have set.
And our souls with the souls we loveu
la the great beyond have met,
The shadows that touched our lives,
As the tints on the white sea foam,
Shall illumine the beanty of Heaven,
When we rest in that blessed home.
H. E W
Rev. R A Gilfillan, of the U. P.
chnrcb, was found dead in his oats field
in Sbaler township, Allegheny county
last Saturday.
IMi 1 -aa—w—iwnw»
t'oy «l maitb tbc fooJ pure,
Tbvl.i«n;e sail Jelltfww.
Absolutely rure
B. cV B.
it can't
last long
—such sacrificing of choice Dry
Goods as in tills Sheli Emptying
Sa'e It would bankrupt us to
keep it up. People are taking
advantage otic so liberally, both
by coming and sending, that
stocks will soon be dow 11 to where
we want them, and that will be
the end of it.
We wa.it you to get the benefit
of these unusual price reductions
almost throw-away prices in al' of
the 56 departments —nothing like
it ever done before.
Hut it behooves you to be
prompt —no delay will answer the
demands of your sclfintcrest.
Anything wanted in Dry
Goods, write us about, and find
out what's being done in that
Staple goods not reduced.
Everything else is—Suits, Shirt
Waists, Shirts. Parasols and like
goods wanted now.
Get samples 1-inen Lawns
—and other choice wash goods
reduced ranging to 20c yard—
and you won't tie long about buy
ing. i'rices in this sale that
mean sell.
Bogos & Huh I
Butler Savings Bank
131.1 tier,
Ciipi.ul - - " #60,0x1.00
Surplus anil I'rotits SIBO.OOO
.('•S I,'PI! HV IS ... I' r
J. Hl.NltY lIMH T J.nV Vl.- PrtcMent
WM. CAMPBKLL, lr l '*' V* 1 "
1 LOUS B.STr. N ii
iiiiiKcroiw--i< hopu „ l urv 2'.■ 'V"3
Tro':traan, W. I). Unmlou, ff. A. otoin, J. a.
T!i<> null.r Having II: -'U Is the Oldest
It it' 1 'iitf Instlt nMm.l 11 Hutlit * ounty.
i.i'iiithl hiinkln" ! ,i,inexs transaeu-.1.
W.- soil. II f ..il pi duccrs, mcr
AU bjslnf'f hit: ;i •»* •-d t<> us Will rc*cclv«:
prompt. JiUontijm.
intvrt'at yaui on tlm* lieiHisits-
t'ruw iiMlale.
W:V. .id Ed '!■ .w«v >f " 'ittsbsrg &r<-
s.if-nding the -mmner with their a:.. 1
William M Brown
Mi>. .ian- Sober and daughter Mrs
S. Id-r T Leech* :ir,* « re >h« "U< ats <"f
A *«»■ iMiiiltetr and faxuily
George Ht) ndnd a aaad:j. >e uv
tinrr in fr<jrit of his residence Sntarday
evening July GOth
Rev. D. D D-KIUS is atteiMiing the Y
1' C. U (' inventu i »t this
week and will -ilso visit Atlantic cit\
and other points
,-irs lvr- x ' dan*.L Rr-t- "f
Ne v Cattle :ir» visiting her brother •<
"»v" Crowe ■ t the present writing
Jlrs. Jane E. D >nth*»tt j.- soend'i'.u >'
few weeks m L":Ia" li—r sous b .ru*
V." <5 lj.inth.-it
Mr and Mr* Lw.ikel) ot Pittsburg
ai Mr. n"<t Aliruns nri'l chibirei
t>t i_. itltr sjitiit Thurwlay and rriilay o!
last week am,, .he lauiily of J 3
i'he well or. tue Brown . .1.1 isaliuoi .
Miss Eilzaljet/ ..irpeneei' oi F.iirvi»-»v !
is with Mis.- Sari* DontLett thi
W -*K
'fi Cl.irk D nthcct - Evauj city i
Made a fl>iug trip to Brow •• '.aJe uu uis |
wheel r, 'hr;sd«v f liiht weel- •
V.ss A : ways Troub'cJ Vi'ith Nervous- i
nofs New CureH.
MAHA.NOV Cil i, PA. • I h«v- rjeen
troubleel w ;'.!i J civousnoss nnd kirlnoy
("ifßculiy. Uav"? Hood's
rilla.: :.d I ulet ling better iu every
waj-. i r;il tr np'er i»; il Imvp a good ap
petite. ud I s r weit ar oijht. I liavo
so much conlVlenoe In ilood's
rilln tiiat 1 r. -i to rocoinmend it."
Mir . Ei.iz\ it.vW- IKS, 11 in E. Centre hi.
Hood's PHls
i ic ( • b »t tr • • - • 'i • > tbat •11 •
FOLLOWING A ROI'MIS OI **\" ,U-». hll < -»-
rr < rs an l marcs) fi.s ii: •«i 1
• 4 . - 5© »*! <»'•> ■' ig to id n I be i
st ilt "1 to (.'oar'i for conlii ai-.t•• n itl •• • .*-
all »on v itnrday. tiie iOi!i<i:iy
1- :i» 9A. v , ditvt
* Final amount of ChrJs 4 i:n itul John E
Kradel. .« tmii.t-" raters of A»la 11 Krad<*l. d«i
<•# of ..i 4 t )Wi-..2iip.
'I. Final a « « i i»t of A \ l't*oper. •\K. , utor of
II: rry OH>pt*r «!«•■: sc( l . lritcor >llpjM»ryr;»ck
town ship
■i. Initial accouiit of J<>hn A Eicln*rt. * \i«*-
u -)rof Jacoii L. i»K. a.vrt. la. of Ja- 1:-
> »i» township.
4 Final i-. oiini of II DZiegW-t. ari?.jlnir»-
t tor of Geor/« Sliaffer, (Kvi i, late ut
Lniicasto;* lov- hip.
" Final ■tc ouni of M.t.eart k l Geibl* ad-j
f^ ! ;>**■'iat: > »»f at'ob Gtlbie, UL*Cf;t.scd lai
of HuUttr, P i
tt. k Dftj accovnt <>t H .J IfT L. exec itoi • I
Join s, l. te of Evuns'<»urp,
" Fii' • • • »u«it «»f John S Lt*ve. e.v vutor
of K<Vfu L"\ « lat«! of '.'lint-mi |
I rrnshli 1
* * 'nui of Henry M \X . : J rin-
Ibtrator of !•' Wis. dtMreas. ! l:r. e c.f
J.i ; .on tow!».*>liip
D. Final account of Isaiali J MclirhU*. oxo«* j
li.or of (' McK< «% (ItiJt'uyil, 1 :
. itl :. PI. j
i '. Dlstrihallon account of Isaiah .1 Me- i
I .-x« uv v of Jamci C M »<<• - .-»t«* of
1 it] r, Pa. I
11. Fi«..ii ii' .ou'.i! of Rehekah E Rt*odi?r.
a'lministra«; ixof T Uoodyr. deceased law.*
v>» Jir.ti i . I '
VI. Fi'iar■ of A I-. H. ; nhari i tW
i.tor of Pinion nharl. dt* v;ficd, r'
I aij v* townsi ip.
\ : l inal account of \V W Hill, guardian of
uiiul A SterrfiU minor of U Sii.-r
--r it, uf A lairs iov.nshi ».
: i. Partial.' .tnt "f o M Ilarimoi: :nd A
V. Ml a«>U. administrators of Thomas I man
t.. •- • { -i. !• Ie »f "oito'.'tl bownt . :
I V Final '»f V« il'larn F : son .nl-
I . rat roi Uary A Bcnso ecea>od,lat<
c * Dcnegal . )\v: ship.
i,5. Final su count »»f J ! t. II (iormly. tfuar
(i:a».« of li. !r h ?.!ortl iad, a-jnor of
Sti»plien Mortland, deceased, lato of Marioti
IT Final account of John K (illchrist.
guardian t»f Ncllio White minor child «» =
.» n•. M to. . .«• 1 lat* (. r V. i tngo
toMTnship. is lileo oy John Mcr>ow* 11, admin-
I tra{« rof K «;ilchri?*t.
Final accounl •»' .t• • I»t» i\ Gilchrist
of I'r s'on VV» *«-. *t-i«i«-r child of
.» >1 Whi*c.d ••• as<'d.ta?4n#f Vrni'nifo town
ship. as Wlftl bv John McDowell, ad minis
trator of John K tiii<*h:-Nt.
IJ. Fi.iai account o" John K G;tchrist.,j?u< r
diau of < o ,«• i> •'hristl", minor child of
\\ n and M • var T .1 r'hristto, <t I'utlwr Itoi •
as filed hj ..onn »i. adminisir -icn- o"
John K G.: oris;
I. Pini tc - n • Jotm B Oilchi »s< (uai
diaii 'f Si- aii .1 t 1.« . Minor child oi Win
and *•! atv «I < » Tt stK .of Rutit-i Horo, ..
tile • '»y John Mcllowtdl, atlminlUrator of
Joli . \ CiMc'irist.
Final a count John K Gilc.l rist. iruar
di tn of Ma rt ha ' i 'i»rist!*',inln4»r child i . W ri.
and Mar^ai. ! f t'hr!st!i . f .;• ..-r Itoro. a .
find i v .John W''h!»wp!l, di .nlstrator
Jontt K' <ii [ c!irl.it.
* F.nal ii *co«n ' of Jo! n K tHlchi ist,tfuar
dsan «»f Tiiln* M Chri tit*, minor < hiid »>f Wm
ai d Nar/,ai *t M'hrisJi#-. oi Untl Horc a,
I ' d i»y John Mci>owt'll. administrator o'
John i k Oiichr.
SI. Final ;■ voiint of Jo*»a K (iilrnrist. •mar
d a. «). Aoi :al li t.'hris*l'\ minor child ot Wm
' and } j|„ J'' l o* K l»-l Boro, as
hied l»y John M'tOowcil, administrator of
John K toVI i i t.
: ' Final count of John K C»ii.;.irisl, guar
dian o." \i iFt hris l ; . nunoi child oi Wm
ai- ' . arira.tJ Ch istic. of IJutU r Boro. a.,
liivd \'J Joiiu M: iijwcll, ad linis.ralor Oi
John K '■» it ». 1 :.
. Hf il :tccourit of John K tJiich»*ist. guar
dian o* .'.ni.« M <'.i»* ! m.iiot c.. do'
\\ m. am i. • • t I t iri vie »»f rtutJci
h >rougii. fitco hy lohn Mcliowcil.a*lminis
t . tor of John K iiilchi is«.
; Final a -couLit of .) >l»ti l\ (illchrist, ad
niiiiiitratoi >f "*a ( .* , ji«* A. Ruchanan d*M-cas
iau' of M;M'a»n tow iisit ip. as tiled by Johu
M D. wcli. ;idmlnlstrator of Johu K tii .*hrist
<J«H cased,
l!i. Final a» *ount oi JOIITI K Gilchrist,
I of Wm. W. Bu lianan, minor child
'ofJam< > V «ud M J Ku liaiao, deceased. j
| lah* «»T Mil . >ii i ..v ii 'till), as n:• <! i«v John Mc- !
i>owtdl, adiioi:i ..iator of John K Gilch ! -t. (
*>. Final a ; omit of Joiiu. K tiilchrist. j;iiar- i
dain of Frank (» Huchanan. minor child of
Jamts W. tid ary J iiuchauan, dcc*-.ised. ;
I tic of Mai lon o wi. ship. as fih'd^ by John Mc- j
I)ovvt il, administrator of John li t»ilciiri.«t.
l itia' account of John Kt ; Ichrlst. miar
(,i;m of Kiiza J minor citlid of
Ja.nesW and Mary J Uucnaiiau. dcrfascd.
la • Mat ion tviwuship, asliied hy John . Ic-
Dowell. admlnistratorof John lv ,Jllchris..
.>». l inal account of John K Gilchrist,
irii.irc an of Kiln. < Itiiciiuo.in. minor child
of Jam**s W airl Ma»y J F.n.-i anan. d *ascd.
hit*' of Marion township as tiled b/ Johu Mc-
I)iovc!l, ad in 1' .-11 «»r oT Jonn Iv (x'lchritft
.11. Unal account of John K Gilchrist,
guardian of Mary N Bu -hanan. minor child
of JHIUC.I W :ijid . lary J Huchanan, deceased,
late of Mari n lo vnsiiip. a » tlh d by John M« -
Dowcll. aduiinlsi ra;or oi John 1 illchrist.
;;u Final account of Johu U Gilcliris*.. guar
dian oi < lia» le., F Uut'lianai*. ic nor child of
James W and Mary J liU'-han.oi, dec# as**d.
laie of Marion to N h • i Bit dby • ihn M >
Uov.«'ll, administrator of John K Gibdirlst.
.»ii. ftAAI acooani of Agneii Vorraster, ad
min! trator of S 8 Forre tor, deceased, late
of Pro-tHM't lioi'ou Pa.
;;i. I iu.il ac- oiint of II l> Hock«'nberry, a l-
D.inistrator of H S Hunt, deceased, late >f
Sunburv boroujrh.
. Final ouut of Robert Trimble, guar
diau of Anna Rell I r-mble, minor cii il «>f
William Tvlinbilc, de« » i.a d, late of Middh
•» l4>v.nship, as * .ated by S C I'ritnbh and
W \ I>i nny. fxeculors •>( Kolntl. Trimbii*.
.Mi I ical account of Sari:u«d A L"slie, ad
rnlnisti aior >f Francis M !»enny. <1 used,
l.it« of Middlesex towushi'i.
... i ii.al a- onn of Fcrd Rcibcr. fruardiar
of Mary * ' minor child of «it>si \ K
tip uiu, de<sais; «l, hit of Ruth • lK»rouirh
it*. Final account of John 11. N. iai u -
diau of M y L Neirh . (noi ( ►vert) min« r
cloi<l of Harry N.'rfh y, «! ceased, lat*? of I'liii
adelpliia. Pa.
■U. Final a ■'nint of Ferd liciber. KU.H Ha
oi ivaymoud li K . .1, minor child of »v K Reed
d« d. late of liutl«*r Boroujrh.
40. Final a vomit of Loyai M tiracknev, a.l
mlnlst l ator of <'iiarh*s \* Rrackuey deceased,
late o lint tar borough.
il I bia' account of J h I'urvi* and Emily
M atu i' 'O • • i of Henry Sefton, de-
Ceasfd, late of < Union io\vnshi;t.
Final act-oc.it oi li i» iI«H-„oii!»errv, ««\-
i t*< loi of chrlstoph.-r Rinker, deceaseu, late
of < iiei ry t wov. nsiiip.
1 ii.al a- . oun: of J W Hutchison, iruar
,1: Lda i •" m\\ mlnoi ctdld "i siiaii
i jiniphcll, d«-cesi •d. late or Washington
41 Final a onai of i) It Doullu tt,
hir. of llai. vII 1'« il».'M. n :nor child of »' ter
l:«- -»l«l, ci-.. ..1 hit" of l orvvai !.
Final a« < '»uui t.r hI. |»o, tin-11. guardian
of Elmer F Itelbold, • d of Pete*
H"l «'d. d»s » is«-d. 1.-i'i of Forward township.
Rejfls*. r.
The followiiiK v. i.«• ■ lijpr.ils im nit. "f
|.i r .*.*i• * I pro)"■ M y iini! rr.i I st-t .i.» ir!
1,, l .i. 1 ll' 111 • . llf t: ■■ Wl "f fltMldl-tl
1,;,-, i. in Bled ... Ihi oWi. of IIK Ote.k
ni I ii, : tiT Itiil t.*i iii . \ is:
Willow of-rli'iikiy ii Mimri-h' n I. pt-i-
Miiiiil i'^t:t!i'.. >J|.||.|
<.i • VII. real anil |»vi
s>„ialV.:.'it' •»«» 00
n v H.liolt/ P"i nui
OSUU 1 2
A ii i I'.ll | M TM.UUI V ! ill" 'I OB
i •• j I« >1 •i. ill i»T*onttU->:»tv 'nw
Kolicit 'triml'k'. pi Hon»l
wit.- I"' "0
Wn .liliiKtoii Bovurd. perwiu
ill rstMLl' .. 'AM W
Aii | i'r ins |ii' ivsivil tn ■ ' iilKivc ■ •
[ 'ii*:i.»i< iii. ill I mil- v ' I ''i l y v .!
in- .in ~llU'■ :>ir.'- a'l iii.Uinii uit'ii-t/r
i'ii rl i.f Hi- li* i* en ill " " nn i■ -. 'i-l-i'
| :oiii i!:ty O .. \ i» r--. "■'! f •> *-
■ 'i'-j.li lii'i bv lili il I ii' v ;.. i • <. u. ii ■' ; i' -
1.-.*. Ai MEALK Clerk O. < .
Buy Direct from Manufacturers
Single Tube Tire. Light and l-'ast yet
Strong and Durable.
$5 C 0 Per Pair..__^-
Thi King Mfg. Co ,
i OfliCC WO Arch s*t. I'hiiauelphia X'a.
Yea car. 4 sr by looVing over J '
our l.ce of ruruilurr; ..t have just ■
the piece thst is missing from youi 5
. jo'lj.. .." "... j*. I:a : ng to- tn, Ua!' »
* Tcyxn, ot 'i-.'.cbec, f
f Nov. 'S the t': iv tr- hvy "i V
* l.ivt tsiArked same goo is a a;;
lown for Aagttst." You th» *
» kind we se'.l. Get tli;- benefit -f
. while The r.-portunitv is r pc. » t
% I
*_ , I
! Rftm*mbe p t'le Parlor Suit *
* sb eis sitii going on-
I ' |
Bed Room Ftirniturc- , j
% I
I i
<*:; / i
i" «<
i / Jii-A
i * -< ■ "*' * \
-- '.S' \
» ) \
1 » c,
. r
4 Bargain features stand out in a'-
t most endless varir' •* in this k
" ler Palace of superior but low- *
pneed home fnrmsVines Not a '
nr-ed hut what we ean meet in- *
» stantly and at a nionev-saving.
* T->dav we dwell on special oppor- *
f tunii.l in three piece. Solid Oak
* Bed Room Suits. These special '
• prices make t'.iet: phenomenal
\ n
Oak; shaped top bureau \
* and wasliatand; leveled plate ,
mirror: choice carving.. 525 v
4 Massive, Oak,double swell front '
'bureau; shaped tOjjs; extra heavy
'baud cJiving . $35". . 1
' Massive, Quartered Oak; French
plate shaped mir.or; shajK-d tot<s, '
. heavy hand carving; serpentine .
* front bureaa .nd wasu-vaii l. SSO.
i \
i -
< >
Toilet Sets. \
4 >
! Plenty of the cheap sets here I
now; not a single old set left it: V
) the medium priceil jnes. l-'act is, J
we only had on_' Decoratetl Toilet*,
Set left last week, but this week /
Jwe have pleti'y of them.
. ations in blue, pink and olive,with 1
> a neal gold tracing on the edgt;v
12 pieces in a set. Customers that >
j hav bought them agree with us ;
{ tliat we have the l>cst Toilet Set /"
Jfthat is made for the price 55. S
|( \
j > TEMPLETON, ; '
k 1
I'Heai Tllis or its Fqual?S
XNice Top Buggies $35.00^
/.Harnees 4.50 A
ant i "Whip . .50^
Total .. S4O 00^
yOr do you want a Surrey?^
ijPk nice Surrey .... SSO 00C'
Harness 10.00 .y
i >Duster and Whip O.OOfc;
i ' t Total... S6O GoX
sc" Quantity limited. Come soon. l€
* ■<' No one ever offered such goods y
1 at such prices. They won't
f last lont;-
gS. B. Martincourt & Co.,x
{ '• 128 E Jefferson St Bntler. Pa. {
I |
»tiee is hereby triven that the follow i
r« land hav«» bv«»n e-mHrmed n
b rl. 'CuuuaiK 1 will vs nte*' on '.
.» r'acuid.iy o: C.'o.i t. |s ••», in-inct
1' da" of said mouth, and 'f no !".«•• » < •
.1, ii in< v will bec ii ed al ol ••' i
l It. I). No, t, .lu»*e tei ru. In r»* p . -
u iof the citizens of Winftold t«»wn.>.»ijj i •
m unity bridge ovr Little Buffalo «*rvek
When I i© public h . i
ci , said «*r t k in Saxon City. March •.
IN. . virvviMs w«-r«' appointed by the doll
ar Jurietf. i port of viewers filed st.-
I»I that the proposed bridge L> ne essaiy
a•» i tiiat the same will require more i ;;pen e
tli • i U reasonable saiu township snoulf!
r No damages. June I!. approve I
\ .tire to be given according u* ruic> «
•. and to be laid before »h< -1 uid |i rj
at aext term. HY THE foruT
B D P •'ium lerta, I 1 d ft
11. .. of cltl/.ens of .lackHon towii«>iiip. f«»r
pu >li • road to <*•»*:•:«.»• / ce al or near I
/. * •noplo station of ; ti« Pittsburgh Wostf. <
|{ . r«».. and U) end at n point In the pnbt.
>. ' ;tdii|g II«|«1I lxii*ough
h r.H at point on lands of W It Sea.;
M. -h 7. ls't«, viewers were apnotnted and
■_ i i i «.r Tiewerti uled si at in
.i. . the same is necssai y f*»ra public roao.
N -'arni vre . June 11. approved, and fi>
vvi !i of road at ! feet. Noli oto glv •
•rdlng to ruU") of < out.
liY'l tit. COURT.
I?. 1). No. XJ« u term. lli. re pel
■ r cltlzens «-r Fall lew I nslUp iO
road • •• • i i nolut on a pub
;ny i«>«N • .i». o; \ ie hous«- «»i
i or, on IKaros 4 I d Kltt aon i
i :in said t«e. i ,ldp. and ending at a pom.
il.. •«• r«»ds \ of i lie bridge near the h* «u
of > S Mi't ol >u*;h. on . iilier>town an i
I; ly > It.*nd M.-./eh s, lv»s. viewer
MA appointed .id June !I. 1HI».. repf»rt of
ii««' .r• fa /or of said road Damages
f SIOO as • oD-M N d long I
f?i il. I • ;i;»p".»ved and ll.x Width of roa
ii N »«i :• to be given ae«*ordlug : j
rul - f ( ui • Bl iHi Oovm
• R i» N .S» Jane term. SM. Ie r p I
t. -of e H/* »«f Ac'ams tov• idn for
pn ro (1 to i' iid from •». |m> ;t *: M o
.1 Evans «"...v road ab nil i w .My »I. soui
* f I irahatl aioii t ii.- A We
•e K It.. :o a po'nt on the I'ni ni Ciiuri
in ■) r the end of I A. Kennedy's !>•
A .1 *j;.|H!Kvh wers were p »«• 11»• •«l and .» u'.
I.IMSH, report of viewers fll <f In fnvor of said
ham ages • d follow* I
II liaaiieckei. -»'»» J A l\e,.;i«-dy. ?|e •
Kennedy, ? 00, June 11, approv
f.(4 11X f Nit aof road :• I •».' fe 1 Notice
be • iven according to rules of t 'oin t.
U. i> No. V. .1 uue term. IH'.l* In repet'
• f cltl/eiiH of llutli r township for t'.
t .on of a road known the dill road
i« from KotatttiSng road t ■ >Tllb , rstown
road lay * ! •*. viewers were appointed
May ' IW repoi >1 H lewars flled in
fa. *r of va« a»ion No damages. Jutie i!
Ist approved. Notice to lw iiven according
T«> rules of ('ourt. HY THE » 'OITRT.
i rtllled froui th ' reeord this siU day »f
A . ust I
IsA At' MEALS. Clerk.
Laughing Babies
\re those wl'.o take H« sic's C. C C.
{< coughs, colds and croup. No optu:
to stupefy, no ij«_xac to nauseate. 50
ounuoio for women.
!f.> M
I m
/*■¥£ • of all that is BEST. hence it; ;>ppli- ]S 1
jf y • cation to this shoe. M yV V fl
* V SOROSIS, the new ;l:oe fo: womca, m /*% 9 m
V 'k* '* designed along this liae. The ■ Vj jfl fl
r } K" St" scientifically constructed so as :o c<i:i-H fyg I
4a; „ 4 hire comfort wuh ply It: aiu elegance. y wL
1- ',JJ; . .J- N > ilioe hasever Li-u dt.si, ;x.l i'. ;'■! O* uk
ha* met with snch uLivcr. ..1 la vcr, >r HI T\
|sy' ' both Kurope and Ai . • ica a '.ao f'" 1%
"(* ' ', • -V hor>-is Two years of'nue A-.d a ear- 1 \
,v . ly vvfrtv ihciiv.n I.' 'lare haw been Wk 1 %
4> •>' -.jcrt ri r-repai ati. "ii nn<i per feeling p VtO"' 1 ; jl
W *. ' .*£» it, so t: T.vi the Sorc-sis Shoe of today is E S^A
i' ~ ••'*» the most ad\.mce<i .-.. men's shoe in i&.
fx j fxistence. The wearer «.f Soro6is K M
?s- 3 Shots will find that she h s .wmrrd vBL 5
1 >uc!i a combination of the Extreme of
- ' A Style, the Acme of Fashion and the j
Perfection of Comfort never before 9
"V>i 3 thought possible in shoerarkiug. 9
,S They have all the good qualities of A
K- : .:*l custom made shoe costinp #6.00. X^ShJ
IS?'" iSiS
4 fl * R ** 9ZS ' tout. wfat sizs yoi wttr. ,
; Price of SOrtOSIS Cf| Vcr * s^c!l ars Sorosis.
i everywhere is <4)O.«JvJ Dairi;? Siiod ire tfcose wao i«r taem.
WE sehl THE(V\.
List of iian.is drown from the proper 1
jurj wheel this. 3d day of Aug., 1898 to
"TVC 1 3 rand Jurors at :i regular term I
of Court, commencing ou the first Mon- I
day of September. 1*598, th« same being !
the Sth ii»y of said month
Bard. W E, CentreviUe. dentist.
Bam hart Oscar. Millerstown, farmer.
Bartley N F. C'ay twp, farmer,
Campbell Enos Concord twp, farmer, i
Campbell C M. Concord twp. farmer,
Campbell Win F. Fairview twp.farmer. |
Eppiutrer Iron. Lancaster twp farmer,
Fniton Wm. Jackson twp. farmer,
Graham Ja-> H, Cranberry twp. farumr.
Hiuchberjcer Jos. Butler twp. farmer,
Ilinea W A Brady twp, farmer,
Kaufman Geo. Adams twp, farmer,
Lensner Richard. Jefferson twp. far
Martin John. Adams twp, farmer.
Morris C A Washington twp, farmer.
Mc!rill Geo E. Karns City, producer,
McCall Samuel, Clay twp, farmer,
McUonegal John Slipperyroc'c twp, far- 1
Pnillips Za "k. Butler .Ith w, laborer,
Kaabe Christ, Saxonbnrg. foreman. ,
Shir.a Wellington. Washington twp,far
Stoops Albert. Concord twp, farmer,
Snyder L C. Brady twp farmer,
Zehner Charles, Jackson twp, farmer.
List of names drawn from projier
jury wheel this second day of Ang..lS9B.
to sfrvo 03 IVtit Jurors at the regular
term of Court commencing on the sec
ond Monday of September, 189S, the
same being the lJth day of said month.
BoyerJohn. Lancaster twp. farmer,
lieatty E S. Flnrrisville, merchant
Banldautt <»eo Summit twp farmer.
Baruhart Jacob, B'it'er Ist w, laborer
Butler A E, Barker twp, producer,
Byerley Harvey T). Butler *3d w, clerk, ,
Christman John, Butler Ist w, carpen
Campbell A D. Petrolia, farmer.
Ooyl? John. Clearfield twp farmer.
Doerr Geo, Buffalo twp, farmer,
Deet j John > T Fairview twp, farmer
Davidson D F SlipperyrocK twp, far- ;
mer, !
Lroscher Edward. Saxonbnrg, wacjon- j
Elliott fas Buffalo twp. farmer.
English W L. Porters vi lie, gent.
Flanig&n Jus Butler 2d w.glassworker, J
Fleeger J M, Forward twp, farmer.
Greenawalr Henrv Jackson twp. far- |
Glenn Horace Waahington twp, far
Gilkev Jos Valencia, farmer,
Hinchberger John, Butler twp, farmer, j
Hinchbtrger Oeo, Butler twp, farmer, J
Havk l u aac A. Butler Ist w. carpenter, j
Heir Albert J. Butler Oth w, printer, _
Hutchison Wm Oakland twp, farmer, I
Kid Ross. Mars, fanner,
Kidd Saiu 1. Butler 3d w, gardner.
Kolley Harry L, Worth twp. faimer,
Love II W, Clinton twp. f iriurr.
Love Wm Butler twp. fanner,
Maloney Michael Donegal twp, produc
Mc El vain Reuben. Butler Ist w, clerk,
McOucken Geo. Clearfield twp, farmer,
McClafferty Johu, Clearfield twp far- J
Pontious W C, Donegal twp. farmer,
Russell W G, Sunbnry. merchant,
Robb F M, Oakland twp, farmer,
Smith Jas, Buffalo iwp. farmer
Smith W F. Forward twp, farmer. 1
Sproull E G, Marion twp, miller,
Seatou Ambrose, Washington twp, far
Sntton Sam'l. Butler Ist w. carpenter,
Thompson Rob't, Butler 2d w. watch
Timblin A L Fairview. shoemaker.
Vandyke Clyde, Mercer twp. farmer.
Weigle C E. Prospect, slater,
Wick Turner, Concord twp. farmer,
Wright S M, Jefferson twp, driller
I have a Heave Cure that will cure any
case ot heaves in horses in forty days, if
used according io directions, and if it
does not do what I claim for it, T will
refund the amount paid and uo charges
will tie made for the treatment. The
following testimonials arc tue stroftgests
proof of the medicines power to cure:
u tier, I'a., 1893.
Mr. A. J. McCandless:
On the jnd day of April, 1592 I com
menced to use voar new cure for one of
my horses that hail the heaves very bad,
and continued to use the medicine for
about forty days and the h >rse did not
show any signs of a return of them It is
now about a year since I quit giving the
medicine and the horse has fever showed
auy sign of heaves, and 1 feel satisfied
that he is properly cured.
W. C. Criswell.
ntier, Pa.,
A, J. McCandless*
I have used your Heave Cure and
find it will do the work if used accord
ing to directions. Youry truly,
I. B. McMillin.
Your Stationary.
It is getting to be the proper thing
lor farmers as well as merchants and
other business men to have printed Hta
tioiiary. And we can see no reason
why they should not take their proper
place nmoug business men by adopting
busineHf methods in as many ways as
possible. There is a combination of
business and sentiment in jiivinK your
farm a name like "Valley View Place.
"Maple Spring Farm" "Hillside, or
something ol th« kind, as it lends « cer
tain dignity and individuality to th*>
p ace, an in <lll e<>f pride in the
proprietorship thereof, as well as addi
lOJ .1 IMPORTANCE in the eyes of produce
dealers or commission merchants with
whom you are dealing. A small invest
ment in printed stationary giving your
evidence and business, sin h as breed
mg of turoughbred stock, the manfac
ture of dairy produce etc., might proye
of uo slight advantage to you, as well
as giving a certain degree cd satisfac
tion And when you conclude to have
some note heads and envelopes printed
remember that the same can be had at
the CITIZEN office as cheap and good as
anyv here.
The I-ord farm in I>oneg:twp., near
Millers town i.s for sale. It contains
altout 150 acre:., li. well watered and in
j;,**! condition For terms inquire at
ma office
1 Office on South Diamond Street.
j Office in Mi chcll building.
Office with Newton Black, ESQ. South
Diamond Street.
Room 8., Armory buildin^.
1 Special attention to collections
and business matters.
Reference: Butler Savings Bank, or
B A tier County National Bank.
ptfice on Maiu St. near Court House.
Room J. — Armory building.
Office between Postoffice and Diamond
; Q 11. FXERSOL,
Office at No. 104 Diamond St.
Office near Court House.
I j\R. CHAS. R. B. HP NT,
! Eye. car, NOSE and throat a specialty.
1 131 and 134 S. Main Street, Ralston
j building
1 Office 236 S. Main St., opp. P. O.
Residence 315 N. McKean St.
200 West Cunningham St.
| New Troutman Building, Bntler Pa.
OFE:E NO. 45, S. Main street, over City
137 E. Wayne St., office hours. 10 to
12 a. m. 1 anil to 3 p. m.
Artificial Teeth inserted on the latest
I improved plan. Gold Fillings a spec
ialty. Office over Miler's Shoe Store.
Gol<L L-'illings Painless Extraction of
Teetli and Artificial Teeth without plates
a specialty, Nitrons Oxide or Vitalized Air
or Loca ux'stiietics used.
Office over Millers grocery, east of Low
y house. » I
Formerly known as the "Peerless
Painless Extractor of Teeth." Located
permanently at IJI East Jefferson St.,
Opposite Hotel LA>wry, Butler. Will do
dential operations of all kinds by the
latest devices and up-to-date methods
Painless extraction — No Gas—Crown
and bridge work a specialty.
Office--Room No. t. new Bickel build
TH€ 50TL6R ClTI^eN.
|L oil per year If [JNID in ii lvance. otherwise
FL.V) will lie L IMI NE.I.
AI>VI:KTISIM; KATKS One Inch, one lime
il;eu< A -.ulwtiui'iit Insertion fid eenls ETU-LI .
AUDITORS' IINTI divorce notices $4 each; exec
utors' ami administrators' notices i'L each
esir:iy and dissolution noticesC2narli. Boad
lnK not ices 10 cents 11 line for lirst and 5 cents
for snli.. (UI'IIT Insertion. Notices
umonK L-X'IIL NEWS Items 1.", cents a line for
O*ch insertion. Obituaries, cards of thanks,
resolutions of respect, notices of festivals I
and fairs, etc , Inserted at the rate of Scents
a Hue money to accompany the order, 'even
words of PR>'SO make a line.
Kates for standinK cards and Job work ou
Application. 1
Ail lidvertlslqg is due after FLISL insertion,
and ill iransienl ndvcrtlslmj must be paid
for la advance. ...
A'i <"oiiininn|c.ll IONS inieiineil for ptibllca- I
tion in TLIIJ paper must lie accompanied liy
the real immeof tie writer, not for publics- J
llun LIU a (.'Uaranti". of E HKI f - ,■ TIL AM' should
reaci us not latei iiian I'M ,4!'iy evening.
□ Death notices N.NST IS- socomoanlM by a
A T.T inc CP" «I«T »
aulr.ilT Meartain 001 opinlou free wni>ta«r «n
liiTennon t» prt.b*Wy f '"JT.*;
t Ini). fctrulijf 'Si.'.llde'i: L*J. Hnu<lt>apk on
fix,'. iY|''e&t HKiMicy
I'tlM'a 1 ..K4«n tnisaiffli Maun A t-o. receive
tptrUU notice, xlthuul churw.v la tbo
Scientific flmerkan.
A handsomely lliu»trnt«d weekly. cir
culation or nny pcientlfle lournal. a
y«>ar ; four nior*hfl, $L fc?old ?»y all ncwudealera.
MUNN & Co. 361B —— New York
Lrauot OffiiX). (Sit K St, U. C. _
Funeral Director.
337 S. Main St., Butler-