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NOTE—AII advertiser* lntemiing u» ma! -
1„ .. ■ heir ads. shouU! notify u* <>t
their intention to do so. not later than Mon
day morning.
Executor's notice, estate of John
Zimmermau't August Sale
C. & T'» August Parlor Suit Sale
Titley's Great Horse Sale.
Administrators and of estate*
can secure their* recent i**>Ws .it the Cil i
ZEN Otflr tod pcrsoas niacin* public sales
th'iir note oooks.
On and after Saturday, August
6,1338, the banks of this place
will observe the Saturday ha if
holiday and will close at noon, 12
o'clock sharp.
John Bsrg & Co., Bankers,
Butler Savings Bank,
Bulier Co. National Bank.
—Camp-meeting season.
-Oats harvest this week.
—Cutler Fair, September «, T, 8. «.
—•'Stamp, brothers, stamp with
—Bargains, clea ring and remnant
—Some hue blackberries reach this
—Not a very gr°at year for bnilding
in Butler
—Home-grown roasting ears are com
ing into market.
—Germania concert tomorrow even
ing at Court House.
—Thirty-three Niagara Falls visitors
from Butler, Tuesday.
—Dnring the Summer months tht*
railroad travel is immense
—The outlook is that the farmers
prosperity will continne.
—lt is the people who worry most
abont the hot weather that feel it nio.^c.
—The corner-stone or the new Capitol
at Harrisburg will be laid next Tues
- At the meeting of Council. Tuesday
evening. T. H. McNair was nominated
for Burgess
A man who keeps a good watering
trough along the read is a public bene
factor and gets $5 tit) a year.
—Our grocers are paying 15 for butter
10 for eggs, 50 for apples, 00 for pota
toes, 3 to 4 for berries, 35 for turnips.
—A lot of Pittsburgers have leased
1500 acres in this county for a game
preserve. How the mighty have fallen.
Blacksmithes a re always on a strike,
but theysreui to ha about the only
of people wao make any money in that
—Harry Moorehead is at Duukirk, N.
Y., this week where he has Mary Rus
sell, Navr Bean and View View enter
ed in the races.
—Don't forget the stamp on yonr
check. The penalty for failure in this
particular is a fine of from SSO to SSOO,
or imprisonment.
—George Krug bought 5 spring lambs
from John J. Reiber, this week, that
averaget' almost 100 pounds apiece.
•They were fine ones.
—The Butler Camp of the Woodman
of the World have erected a fine monn
ment over the grave of James T. Lane,
at Middletown Washington.
—The P. & W. and B. Jfe O. R. R.
Co s have leased part of the old Robin
son property at foot of Federal St., late*
Jy burned over, and intend building a
station upon it.
—Geo. Walter & Sons now have one
of the finest flouring mills in Pennsyl
vania and are turning out an excellent
flonr. They have built a wing past the
Bessie R. R. track, so that horses can
not see the trains pass by.
—The recruiting officers of the 15th,
here this week. Alfred H. Jennings,
of Petrolia, was the only one ont of
seven applicants that was accepted, he
was assigned to Co. K, 4th Artillery.
Wallace Rimer and J O. Mitchell wire
taken on trial and were taken to Greeu
ville for final examination.
—An unnsnally large number of barns
have lately been struck by lightning
An exchange says that: "The gas
ea generated by heating straw and
grass and confined within i wooden
structures, escaping through cracks or
crevices in the building seem to attract
the mysterious fluid which we call
—Many people are preserving the
newspapers with accounts of the war
and pictures from the first engagement.
These will make a valuable historical
work when the war is over and will
also amply repay them for the trouble
spent in their collection A scrap book
of clippings alosg the same line would
also prove satisfactory.
—An exchange says when the siijns
of the zodiac are in the heart is the time
to cut underbrush so that it will stay
killed. This year cut willows, sassa
frass, jama;:, elder or in fact, any other
brush, on August 18, 19, September 14,
15, October 11, 12, 13. November 8, y,
or December 5 and 6, and they will not
bother you again.
—By request we this week, print
that part of the new Revenue Law re
lating to stamping checks, etc, except
ing the paragraphs relating to fire and
life-insurance policies which are yery
lengthy. The part we give is from
Schedule A. and besides the taxes there
enumerated there is a Schedule B relat
ing to proprietory medicines, plasters,
waters, etc: refining companies; distri
bution of personal property e xceoding
$10.0')0 iu value, etc. etc
—Willis, son of Maj. Alexander Mc-
Dowell, of Sharon, who is tin the battle
ship Indiana, writes under the date of
July 24. off Santiago, as followe; "The
day after the last fight we went up to
visit the wreck of the Infanta Maria
Teresa, and what we saw took away all
the glory of war. The ship had burnt 1
completely inside and all the dead had
been left on deck, and were burned, so
that it was hard to realize that they
had been men. One man had been
struck square in the face by an eight
inch shell which carried away his entire
head Another projectile had struck a
gun shell which killed the entire gun
crew; the sight was ghastly, and it
male many stout-hearted marines
M. H. Byerley's large barn near Great
Belt station was struck by lightning
last Saturday afternoon, at. 1 dertroyod
by fire His live stock and farming im
plements wer-- saved, but his bay and
grain burned. The building was in
sured, but not the contents.
I —Bmler Fair September fi. >*. 0.
i The Thx of Bullei took iu
! about ?1000. of ifr-l la-a Saturday
i A cert i Scd copy of the will of Ben
' wioki R Fleming of Braver Fv.'lh fca
j lieefl filed.
j Ai Sing Sing N. V. Monday Mur-in
i Thorn w»s elect rp<. nted tor the murder
of Win. Gulden suppe a year ago
The new jail "s b'iug ;> ; ntvil whit
and yellow. It v. ill b_ rt:.Jy for use
.11 about .; m> nth Charley Kerr -a
cleaning up the rubbish on the Greets
arul al -:
of the county were in -own 1 ast Satu- -
d».v, wenring their ni .-rs for this yea . ,
some were called fir Monday, and tL>
bale'ice were sent - Ait
111 tat Equity proceedings 01 Mrs D.
C. Ande in v.- Joseph Fleming and
DeKiiii." Ekas, the couri, directed that
the preliminary injunction i>e contir.
ne«l against Jo.ii.ph Fleming al«.»ne an i
that the plaintiff iua';e a...l deliver to
him a bond in the 111 of§lo>o. condi
tioned t j the rule of Conrt. The case
to beheard S- pt. 7th.
On Friday la.it E.jq. Anderson and a
jnvy, under the iotivr ( bunty Act of
HOT. extended to chis county in
tried she case 01 .he 1 VfUimonwealth v*.
\Vm. Critchlow. for disturbing a ri h_
ous meeting The jury returned a ver
dn'v of guilty, and on Monday E.-q A'
derson sentenced him to pay a due ot
$25 and costs: amounting in all to near
ly SIOO.
The coroner s jury in rh" case of Siy
m m tb< Arabian peddler shoi and
killed by J M. Zimmerman, a farmer
of Boggs township Armstrong Co , re
turned thi? verdict:
"We fir.d that the deceased came to
his death from a gmshot wonld inflict
ed by J. M Zimmerii. in in defenct of
his wife' honor 'ind viitue. and in hi
own defense, and that it i 3 a case of
juitifia.'ie homicide. "
P.tblic sentiment favors the verdict
and Zimmerman will - ot be prosecuted
unless th»- friends <>. the dead m ill
should ma he information.
Judge* S. A. McClung an.) W. D
Porter. in Comm>n Pleas court No. 3.
Allegheny Co.. have ruled that no mow
charters will be granted to social clnb
in Allegheny county by that court.
This waa brought out by LV;appl. tic.
for a license for the Tenth Ward Kepub
lican Protective as'oc'otion, ol Alleghe
ny organized by a few politicians.
The applicants stated trat they diil not
intend to sell liquor, bat the judges
held that too Supreme conrt had declar
ed th.it n charter- gave social clubo a
perpetual license, and as there were
from 200 to 800 clubs now selling .'quor
they did not think it just to the liquor
dealers who yaid licenses.
A few days ago Judge Cris.voli, of
Franklin, in a habeas corpus proceed
in*;, ruled that under th«* wituness act
passed in tBSi the defendant in a crimi
nal proceeding i entitled to be heard
by himself and witnesses in the pre
liminary hearing before a.l nstice. D.
B Hazlett, of Sngarcreek township,
was arrest 1 for illegal liquor soiling
and on a hearing iu the case before a
Justice was not permitted to testify, nor
were witnesses ; '.lowed to testify tor
him. The case will be tried at the
Augn-t term of Uaarfei Sessions.
Should ,) odge Criswell's decision hold
good, it will work quite a revolution in
healing before Justices of the Peace
who it ore to fore have refused to'".How
defendants to testify.
Emma Grieb, widow ot" L. M. Grieb.
and Leslie P. Ha-lett, guardian of
Olive Mary and Charlotta Grieb, min
or children of L. M. Grieo. dee'd, have
tiled r. Bill in Equity vs 'j'he Catholic
Mutual Benefit Association and Jennie
Grieb. and allege that the Catholic Mu
tual Benefit Association gave to L. M.
Grieb a life insurance policy for S2OOO,
payable to his wife ana children; that
Jennie Grieb advanced th" money to
pay the premiums and taking the poli
cy as security; that she induced saia so
ciety to issue another policy tc her in
lieu of the first one and gave over to
the Association ine first policy; that
said policy was repudiated by L M.
Grieb; that Jennie Grieb ha» been ten
dered the full suwi site advanced. but re
fuses to accept the same and give over
the policy, and the court is a u ked to
find and "decree that the second policy
is illegal, fraudulent and void; that
said Jennie Grieb, upon receipt of said
indebtedness, shall reassign and -'urea
der the same, that the first policy be
adjudged and decreed valid, etc
At the July meeting of the Superior
Court in Philadelphia last Fn lay, quite
a number of i ocisions were maile, and
among them the following cases appeal
ed from tliis county .
Commonwealth vs John Roth, .judg
ment affirmed.
Kepple vs Penn'a Torpedo Co., affirm
ed. .T.-d ;e Rice dissenting.
Mann VL; owan and Coa~t. affirmed.
Studebaker vs New Paschalville Gas
Co.. affirmed.
Wiies ys People s Gas Co., reversed,
and venire facir.j de novo awarded.
Sherman 6c Johnston vs Thompson,
The Court reversed the decree of
common pleas court No. 1 of
county in the case ot T L. White and
others, trustees of St Peter's Roman
Catholic church of McKeesport, against
Wm. H. Smith, collector of delinquent
taxes of McKeesport, and others, and
decided that o convent and teachers'
residence connected with a parochial
school is subject to taxation. The pro
ceeding in the lower c-, .in was by a
bill in equity, which resulted in a per
manent injunction restraining the de
fendants from attempting to collect
taxes on the building.
i R B Flandrau to <1 A McCauley 4
acres in Butler twp for *;(>■">.
Geo Forclit to A & W R li 7-10 of an
acre in Summit for ?0')0.
Char. Aderbold to W. H. Aierhold
property in Jefferson for $!S00.
Valentine Kieger to A & W R R 4
acres in Clearfield for #2500.
V Rieger to A& W R R 2 acre in
Clearfield for SSOO.
F C Kennedy to J A Kennedy a lot in
Mnn for *4OO.
C Bergman to P B & L E R R lot in
Jefferson for $75.
P Shira ot al D W Shira 135 acres in
Washington for sfl
Marriage Li«:e»iscs.
M. C. Sarver Prospect
Jennie Roxberry "
Rev. J. J. Ralston Portersvil'e
Emma Z. Jamison Petrol'a
B\ A. Grace Butler
Gertrude Snyder "
EII Bailey Jr Couaoquenessing twp
Mabel M-jCandless
Lojal F Hall Br.tier
Linnie L Bonner.
Andy Duster Butler
Anna Wickenhagen "
At Pittsburg, Adolph Abel of Pitts
busg, Eleanor M. Baumgast, also Rob
ert Bamneister of Natrona, and Eliz;
beth Pfiefer of Sarversville.
At Kittanuing, E. W. Hepier *f But- 1
lor county and M C. Fries of Kittan
THE M ARKET- The Derrick's report
for last month shows quite failin;-' oif
in the production, thus far this year,
with no nt w pools of any consequence
in sight: and unless something bite is
discovered soon w- must continue to
draw heavily on stocks, winch-ought to
mean a healthy ndvanc«. in the price of
crude. The Standard is paying '.Hi this
morning and the Producers 'JO.
Excursion to Count ant.
There wili lie a L'nited Presbyterian
re-union held at Couneaut Thurs
day, August IS, ls'js. Special trains
will be run from B.addock, Sharpsburg.
Butler Oil City and Erie, stopping at
all intermediatt stations \ ety low
rates of fare and splendid train nervine
have been arranged Tor, affording
United Piesl riuas and their friends
an opportunity for a day s outing at the
most beantiful place to be found for
such an occacion. A geuoia. invitation
is extended to all. wbetbei en'ted Pres
byterians or not, to join a this outing.
—Job work ot all kinds done a the
pr.itso VAT - '
Butler Fair, September «. 7.„«. .
• I. H Mntpbv ia at Cbaufa .''.a
; Capt. Hawk-, will '*e here n»ut week
j R p. Scott and wire -ire at Attica
r Y
| ?.Irs. ,T Beighiey and danghte. ~re ai
j On City.
Miss Clara MoJtinkin is visiting in
j Rev. Oiler and \v:fe ,;r,- at \\ ashing
ton. Pa.
Linn Borland and Fran 1 : Ke.'ne art
in t an ula.
«j« Bockenatein is visiting friend?
in Franklin
Rftb or t Adan-s. of Hooker was in
town tiaturday.
Mrs T. J. Lowmap and daughter aix
; at Meadville.
I Mrs. J D Lowry and daughter «»«
| visiting in New Castle
C. iv Boyd and wife art -it EUers
Ridge. Arms';ong Co
W. C. Tiiompwn and wife have re
turned from a iriji to Minnesota
R, N Emery an 1 daughter, Mattii of
Chicora were in town Friday.
Mrs. Emcline Sip" and s< n it < . .••Hi'
field twp , were in towi. Friday.
Win. Reiland and wife hav-_ rf.:.ine 1
"rom a two wee!;s -.t with tner.il- in
John Myers of McFann was in town.
Friday, attending the suit vs Wlll.
Sergeant .Mcx»:ader ano Private
Duncan of Co. E came home yest- r«la>
on sick-leave.
R Fisher and wife are visiting friends
at Chautauqua Mi>s Emiiy and Abel
ha: e returned home.
Mrs. Kiliier and son of Allegheny and
Gw. Graham Ji". of East Brady are the
srnests of -T. S. Voting.
W P. Sipe arid his sister mv now lo
cated at Florence, Col W. P. is now n
practicing physician.
Miss Ada Henry, of N. McKean St.
left town yesterday for a \isit with
friends in Alliance, O.
Cnilen Armstroiis;. Harry Sumney.
Oscar M<*( ling .md Paul F> Smith of
Co E a:e home "ii si.-k leave.
Prof Loyal Ha M:«s Lixnie Bon
ner were married y-'Sterdav au.l started
olf on a weddiug trip. Congratulations
and best wishes.
Mr- Jacob Rctber of E J St.
find Mrs. J J. Eeiber of W. North St
leave this nfiernoon for :i visit to
friends in Philadelphia and New York.
Tom Smith v,as in tov n yesterday.
He ha? his punir'xini , rain<-d and his
turnips hoed. and he was feeiiug happy.
Nothing like being ahead with yonr
wor K
J. G. Orott. who ha- the barber-shop
in th- Bo.vma:. Konae, Centre Ave.
is taking a month'* vacation, on ik
count ot .tl }»«-■. 1 th, and while he is
away, R. A. Heury will have charge of
his shop.
The Dnffy, Shaffner and Leidecker
fawrlies, George Bickel, and ('ins.
Borland, fourteen persons in all return
e«i from Cumuridire Spriiigs, last Satiir
day Earnest and Anna Cronenwett
are yet there.
Simeon Nixon Jr. and wife returned
to Butler '.ist Saturday. Sim and Mi
Cora Ciark of Pit.«hurg weut to N.
agara Falls on the excursion last week,
;iiiil were married at Toronto Si LH'S
friends gave him a reception Monday
P H Caldwell and wife, W G
Douthett and wife, Mrs. Cratty, Misses
Graham and Shrader. and Henry Pil
low left town on the P. W. Monday
evening bound for the C. E. Convention
at Saratoga Springs, and return.ng will
sto t > at New York, Philadelphia and
Washington. The B. <fc O put the
round trip at £14.00.
Mrs. Nannie Black. Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Ltighner, Mr. an<) Mrs S H Mai
tinconrt, M r and Airs H Schneide
man, Mi ry i-'illov and Emma Criimni
form a party at Atlantic City and
Washington f). C.
McNanny had a hand cut in the
Purvis mill, Tuesday.
S. F'. Bowser Esq. was thrown fro ai
a train Kittanning a few days ago.
and now walks with a crutch.
A child of Geo. Rieht, of Lancas; r
township, was scalded by the ovortnni
ing of a bncket of hot water, a few
days ago, and died a day or two after.
Frank West, a son ot .lohn West, had
an ankie cut, Monday morning, by the
explosion ol a piece of gas-pipe that he
was using for a cannon.
Miss Georgie Brown daughter of Ly
sander Brown of near .lamisonyille was
struck by tne south bound passenger
train to Butler na the "Bessie ' lust Fri
day morning and was thrown several
feet, and seriously injured. She was
walking on the track and didn't notic. i
the train on account of the curve there
Monday morning David Ross a gar
dener.cged 34 years passed through But
ler on his way to join some campers on
the Slipperyrock, at Keister Station.
Hewas me; it the station by tliretof the
campers and all tour not into a rkiff and
started for the camp a short distance
away, when the boat upset and he was
drowned. His remains were sent to
Pittsburg by nndertaKer Berkimer
Picnics and (Excursions.
i For the balance of this month the
1 official-, of '.he "Bessio" have i'ee follow
ing excursions booked for the lake.
August 0, Uniform Rank Knights, of
Pythias, of Bradaock . August;. Parish
ilub. of Meadville; August 10, union
Sunday school of Fredonia, August, 11,
merchants of Girard, Pa.; August 13,
Oil Well supply company, of Oil City;
August 15, Captain Grief's Boy a'brigade.
Allegheny City, for a ten days'outing,
August IT, harvest home and reunion
of Lutheran churches of Northwestern
Pennsylvania; August iH, reunion of
the U. P churches of Braddock. North
Besse 'ier. Butler, Allegheny Cit;> and
Oil City; August 19, union Sunday
school, of M«rcer; August 'J ' Record
manufacturing company, of Cf.tmeaut.
0.; August firemen and business
men of Greenville
K. O. T. M. at Maple Grove Thurs
Aug. 18.
Yellowstone Park ami Omaha
The Yellowstone National Park is un
questionably one of the most interesting
regions on the gloi -. for within it is
displayed the .^reate*f collection of na
ture's manifold wont'ers. Indeed, tlii
monntaiD bound plat jau. high i p on
the sumn it of the everlasting rookies,
is a veritable play-ground for the
world's giant forces.
The personally-conducted tour of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
which leaves -New York ou September
1, affords the satisfactory' means of
visitilig this wonderland r tn«l viewing
its marvelous features A stop of two
days will be u .de or t'ae return trip at
Omaha an opportunity to
vir>it the Trans-Mississippi [\x[>os:tion.
Toa.ist v>ill travel by special train of
Pullman smoking, Jiniug. sleeping, and
observation ears in each direction
Eight days will be si* nt in the Park.
A stop will also be made returning at
Chicago. The round-trip rate, {'235
from New York, Philadelphia, Balti
more, and Washington. ->230 from Pitts
burg, covers all necessary expenses.
For details itineraries and full infor
mation apply to ticket agent. Tourist
Agent, lll»tl Broadway. New - ork, or
address Geo W 3oyu. Assist .-nt Gener
al Passenger Agent, Broad Street Sta
tion, Philadelphia.
I Any ot otir n--eiiin>; gas stove?
i j or ga.-> ranges, gas fronts or any gas sa>-
: inj» appliance* will find it a financial sav
• | ing to call at the store ot \ty. H.
■ O'Brien <Si Gcr.. on liast Jefferson St.
!anu get prices on im ci-tensive line Liiey
have o:i exhibition. They *.re also
ugcaU :or the celebrated' VVclsbach
: j Light, of which more than 1200 were
oirt in Butler, last year.
Yli» f igbt ■. 111.- iiru»U.
,j Butler had one man in the fight it
' the brush ne;ir and his
count o. it. giv. n in a letter to his siste
■' is jntirt.'«t;ui;
'itie man is Chas. Henry, a st:n o
■Tcui-s Her ry, who enlisted in the r"gr.
lararmy £<. :ae months ago, and w.ts vis
- ; ;{ i.-.l t the Rough tiidcrs regimen.
, The . ■. t part of h:s letier reads as ('■»'
I lows.
TAMPA. FLA., Jot?B7. 18Ba
I have bfou wanting to write to ,
' tar three weeks, but i was nfraid on ;i •
j e-junt of ilie yellov.' le\er. 1 was aira •
1U might be on the paper, so i waited
.mrl i got i.aek >:■ tin United
j Well, 1 haye been to Cuba but 1 nevei
| want io any plr.ee iig.;in and g»»-, the
!same reception as w-. g.. f ttne Ai
! soon as we landed we jest I:-.d time tc
1 i ,a!te a cap of coffee :.ad t..t some hard
-1 *aek snd L-.tked beans, then we vveie
I hnrried on We d:d not know where
iwe were going. We \ ent back ovt r
the hills on what tnev call here a roa.l.
but was onj;.- a narrow trail V» e
Ltit-tt there were st,me Spaniards in the
country some place but did not knovv
wli<re. We were going up a hill just
about like that one ia front ot liiian s
■,■ l M -Brid". i>!ily the brush was so thic <
we could not see t'lrce feet on either
side of ns, we were marching in .••>•
| umns r,Z twos •nd all were still, as we
' were not allowwl to speak, when, all at
| once Ihe world had come to an end. ou
! ..u ■- r.s guns commenced tocrack.
I fi .eLian alongside of me dropped an-!
they were felling all around. We h: d
ran into an ambush. Our Colonel
WrnxlH. yelled. "To t.;e rear.' bnt some
of the m<sn yelle<l "To b with the
re'ir. to the front, ami we did go. We
j.'.st hud to shoot and without seeing
unylsHly. tee brush was. so thick, but
our no a were dropping ail arouaJ Lint
we went ahead and got through the
brush ;.n'l rhen we could see them a lit
{!•• I was thirsty md asked a fellow a
little ahead of me for a drink and just
as he handed me hi:, canteen a bullet
came along and went right through ii.
bnt wt never stopped. He said, "Damn
it. hurry up and drink or t he water will
all tie run out So 1 held my thumb
over .>u< hole uud drauu wn.it wat* left
Then on we went 1 wanted him to
give me the oaut-tn to keep, but he
would not We got the niggera on the
run. when there w,. another ariny of
them caim in on us and if the Tenth
Cavalry and some of Tweaty fourih in
fantry had not co up we would ha. e
been all cut to pieces. But they came
up and '-rot us out. Then we commenc
ed 1.-oking for ihe dead and wounded
aud such a sight i never want to see
again. We worked all night in the
rain. At last 1 could not stand it ami
dropped down. -There were dead men
all around me. At daylight we were
up and on the ro-ul again There was
a detail left to help bnry the dead and
care for the wounded. We run on them
acr.iin si bout 2 o'clock then it counnen
ed ag:i'n 1 don't know much aitout
this, for in the first charge I was shot
intlio ilesiiy part of the wrist, just
slightly wounded, i gvl not mind it
but went on. T had hardly gone t. n
yards when 1 got it again, through the
U This time 1 dropped and wis i hsre
for five-hours. I crawled to a little
stream and got some water and after H
while w.is taken back. I was not hurt
baolv. but it was very painful. 1 was
kept there with the rest; then they be
gan sending them to this country, 'i ne
worst wounded were sent north, soaie
to New York and Atlanta, and those
with flight wo*nds were brought here.
I did not get into Santiago at all, but I
saw enough. lam walkiugaronnd and
expect to return to duty about the last
of next we. k. lam going back again.
i want to be in at the fall of Havana.
—Bnrler Fair, September 6 7. S 3 ».
Masonic, at Cascade Park. New
Castle, August J.
11th Reserves at Scottdale, October
The "Sixtewiera" of the Mercer
Soldiers'Orphena School w ill reune in
Mercer on the 17th and 18th insts
The McCall family and connection
will hold their annual re union at the
home of S. >t. McCall, one mile Lorn
Euclid Station in Clay township, on
Thursday, August "25, IS9B. Everybody
The McCandless reunion will be held
in its customary grove, near Union -
ville, Butiei county, on Thursday, Au
gust is * All tn. se enjoying a good
time are cordially invited io be present.
By order of Secretary.
M. R. McCandless.
The 16th Annual Reunion of the 134 th
Reg. Pa. Vols, will meet in Harmony ou
Thursday, Aug. 11, 13!jn. All mem bers
of the association are requested to Ih
present. All old soldiers and ihe public
geii'. x.;!!} are invited to be present to
welcome fbe ' boys in bine. " Business
meeting called at 1 o'clock p. m. in Har
mony Opera House.
County Fairs.
Kittanning—August 28-26.
Parker—August :Jo-Septcuiber-2.
Tarentum —August 30-September 2.
Butler -September 6 9.
Green viHe—September 7-9.
Clarion—September 30 23.
Stuuboro —Septeiaber 20-23.
Mead ville—September 27 30.
Mercer September 27 29.
Greensburg September 27 SO
L. A. \V. Meet, Iltdtuiiupolis.,
For the Annuii! Meeting of the
League of American Wheelman at In
dianapolis, August \> to 13, the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company will sell ex
cursion tickles, from all points on its
line to Indiau,.polls at rate of sing...
fare for the round trip. Tickets will
be sold 011 August 7 and 8, good to re
turn until August 15 when properly
executed before agent bf terminal line
:it Indiunapolit Bicycle carried free.
Special arri&ngeinents for clubs travel
ing as it body.
i><>liglitl'ul V acation Trip.
Visiting Watkin* Glen, Niagara
Falls, Thousand Islands Quebec, Mon
treal, An Sable Chasm. Lake Cham
plain and Lake George, Saratoga, and
the Highland.-, of the Hn(l?on. Leave
Philadelphia by special train Anernst 10
The tour will be in charge of one of the
company's tourist agents. An experi
enced chaperon will also accompany
the party, haying especial charge of
uuescor ; ' d ladies.
The rate of SIOO from New York,
Brooklyn. Newark. Trenton. Philadel
phia, Harrisburg, Baltimore, and Wash
ington covers railway and boat fare for
the entire ro.md trip, parlor cars seat 0
meats en route hotel entertainment
transfer charges, carriage hire—in faei.
every it»tn of necessary expense.
For detailed itinerary, tickets, or any
additional information, address Tourist
Agent. Pennsylvania Railroad Cam
pan j-, 115)6 Br' adway. New York: BHO
Fulton Street, Boooklyn; 789 Broad
Sc-eet, Newark. N. J., Geo. W. Boyd,
Assistant General Pasaengei Agent.
Bro:. l Street Siatiou, Philadelphia
The Bank for Wage Earners.
The Pittsburg Bank for Savings, No.
510 Fourth avenue, Pittsburg, Pa., wi'.h
asserts of over 500,000.00 and a
successful business career of over 36
years, is the representatve savings bank
for working teen aud vomen. Its
thousands of depositors are largely from
the unks of wage earners. Its policy
of paying 4 per cent, interest actually is
very satisfactory to all its patrons. If
you are attempting to save money, ami it
is not earning you 4 per cent, interest,
wr eor calt ou the bank ami open an
ac juut.
Notice to Wool-Grower3,
Messrs. Troutnim's Sons requiting all
the room they have for their owu busi
ness, I have changed my location to
j Graham Tiro.-,.' grocery just across
.j the street from my old 'ocation with
i Trouim;<"'s, vvlierc I will be glad to sec
' all my frrmer >vool friends, assuring
[ them f f..;r treatment, and the market
j price ir cash for their fool Troutmans
1 wish to state that they h~ve gone out of
I the wool-buying business altogether
-Butler Fair. September 6. 7. 8 9
The Lutheran Lea-n. of <!ie Joint
! Synod of Ohio Ea-t will hold it- .">th
annual convention ia St. Marks Luther
an church on Aug. S)-il
Kev ,T. H. On of Meadville was ;a
l t->wn last Friday meeting with a cotn
! 'iiittee from three Lutheran churches.
I Arrangements were perfected for the
I third annual reunion of Lutherans from
north western I'enna ro be held at Oon
i nut I. Wedne-dny Aug J7tb. A
; recir.l trfe'i; will leave the P. W d.-p'it
I '*t 7A. M Fare ?1 00 for adults chill
r-1 50 cts
The annual«: uventioa of the Burler
| coi -:tv Christi rt Endeavor union be
•;iu in Butler. Thursday with a song
- -rvlce and delegate? prarer mei tin
-ondacted by W M
-1-r «ho-t addr'-s-.-s - welcome were
bdiver'-d by Arthur Flack. Rev. E. It.
Worrel and Andrew Krvmer, and re
-ponded oby Ira M Oribam. of Evans
City. The president's address was giv
• n by Prof. H. I. Painter of Chicora.
that evening an cpen-air meeting was
■u charge of N P. Bish of Prospect, and
in the First Presbyterian church pastor
al gr«.c ings were esteiub-d by theelergv
of Butler.
At the session of Friday, fifty societies
in the county wer~ represented. The
sunrise pray, r meeting was led by .T. G
Rtmklf ofßntlerand w L Allen led
'be devotional rxercises at the fori ;oori
-• - on. TLe b» -sion was tiken up with
•••»>• ■ -< of department superintend *nts,
iive minute talks by Ida A. McFann,
S-die Robb and R. j McMeekiu, and i
ireneral di3cassion on "The Ideal Chris
tian. The missionary sermon was de
livered by Rev. O. R. Edmnndson of
Sl : ppery Rock. Duiing the afternoon
ad-irtsses were mail' by Rev. J VV
Romick of Chicora and Cordelia Jami
.'sin. superintendent of junior work.
A junior rally was led by Miss Alice
Borland of Butler. Prof Bish led the
street meetiir; in tae evening, and Rev.
•L T. McCrory of Pittsburg addressed
the meeting ia the Presbyterian church
cn "The Christian Endeayor and the
Th'. 1 following officers were elected
President, Rev. ,1. W Komick of Chi
Cora: vice-president. Ira Graham of
Evans City, corresponding secretary,
Lottie B. White of Butier: recording
secretary. Ida McFann. Middlesex
Rev. W L McClure of
Bmin; superintendent of junior work.
Vina McColloiigh of Chicora: mission
ary work. Lydia Young of Butler:
Evangelistic work, N. P Bish of Pros
pe?t; good citizenship. W M. Seligman
of Butler The next meeting will be at
Pros pect.
Closing Out Auction Sale
Of all the 1, 2. 3, 4 and o-year olds on
the Sherrett Stock Farm. Every animal
sound and handsome and very promis
ing livery oue bred right in the purple
of Tennessee's beat bred pacing stock.
rial Braden. Jr . brown horse foaled
IS'J4. sire. Hal Braden, 2:07}. Dam.
Private, the dam of Queen
Pointer 2:20}. (sixth heat of a winning
race): by High Private, sire of the dam
oi Miss Jennings 4. 2:08 i, son of Volun
teer 1. sire of St. Julian 2:11. Note
This horse is sound in every respect and
is very fast.
Lelia Brooks, bay mare foaled 1593,
sire, Kattler Brooks, 2:23. sire of Clara
.1 2:11. Dam, Queen Private, dam of
Queen Pointer, 2 20}. bv High Private,
sire of tae dam of Miss Jennings, 2:os},
by Volunteer Note -Lelia Brooks is a
very speedy- mare, having no mark.
She has v, ent a mile this year in 2:25,
eighth in 16J seconds. She is good for
a mile in 2:15 or better this year.
Hal Private, bay 'T.!T foaled 1897, sire,
?dasker. Dam, Queen Private, dam of
Queen Pointer. 2:20}, by High Private.
Hal T, bay colt foaled 1897, sire
M- sker. Dam, Sally Hopkins2:3l, dam
of Daisy Hopkins, 2:25. by Jim Fisk.
Mi. s Masker, roan filly foaled l?tfc7.
sire. Masker. Dam, Ida Hardee, by-
Watsons Hardee. 2d dam by Brooks.
Tin; Ilar'lee, bay gelding foaled IW)S,
sire, Hal Braden, 2:07}. Dam, Ida
Hardee, by Watson's Hardee.
Lookout Hal, bay colt foaled 1896,
sir?, Masker, aire of Patsy D, 3:15,
Domino Pointer, 3:19, trial 2:10; and
other- by Brown Hal 2:12*. First dam,
Tommie Hunter by Bay Tom, 2:23.
Second dam, Winni# Hunter by Prince
Pulaski. Note—Lookout Hal is a nice, j
big r.ugy colt. Will show a mile in
241 or better on day of sale. Sound in ]
every way and if a fast, natural pacer
Lady Hal, (two-yearold), brown filly '
foaled 18'J1, sire. Masker. Son of Brown
H: 1. 2:125, sir# of Star Pointer, 1:59},
Hai Dillard, 2:04|, Hal Braden, 2:07}.
■Dam, Sally Hopkins, dam of Daisy
Hopkins. 2:25, by Jim Fisk. Note—
Lady Hal is a very promising filly. She
will show miles in 2:40.
Hal!if Collier, brown filly foaled 1 SlHi,
sue, Masker, sire of Patsy D, 2:15,
Domino Pointer, 2:19}. Dam, Mattie
Collier, dam of King Hal. by Old Ben.
Geo. Hal, brown colt foaled 1896, sire,
Ma.-'.er. Dam, Queen Private, dan. of
Queen Pointer, 2:20}, by High Private.
Ed. Hal, brown colt foaled 1897, sire,
Masker. Dam, Tommie Hunter, by
Bay Tom. 2:23. Second dam. Minnie
Hunter. .
Sale to commence at one o'clock at
Kit tanning, Pa. Saturday, August 20,
1898! Terms made known at sale.
Catalogue upon application.
W. E. Titley,
Chicora. Pa.
L. H. Bb.\.v, Auctioneer.
For blank applica!ions and instructions
bow to apply for reduction of do per
cent, of taxes on limber lands send 25
cents to J. A. Hkydrick & Sons,
Civil Engineers,
Butler, i'a.
Sunday Excursions to Allegheny.
Commencing Sunday May 22nd and
until further notice the Pittsburg and
Western R. R. will sell excursion tick
eta to Allegheny every Siprnday for train
leaving Butler 8.15 A. M. city
good to return on afternoon trains date
of sale. Fair for round trip 75 cents.
It you want a Bicycle or your old one
repaired go to White Walter & Co.
largest slock in County. Bicycles for
—Ask your physician if he does not
think a sojourn at Cambridge Springs
would do you good. If you need rest
and nature's tonic, good mineral water,
he will answer, "Yes." Hotel Rider of
fers accomodations equal to the best.
Send for circulars.
—For bargains in valuable and de:.ir
able residences inquire cf Walker & Mc
—New Spring and Summer goods ar
riving every day (prices much BELOW
ples Store.
—Are you overworked and in need of
rest and quiet? Hotel Rider, Cambridge
Springs, is the place for you. All the
comforts of home together with »he
be t medicinal waters known. A week's
sojourn will make you ten years young
er. Write for circulars.
—Music scholars wanted, at 128 W.
Wayne St.
I8.|" delivered to all parts of the
5V* !to> town, every dcy. Leave or
ders at
142 Main St.
H Remember the name ©
when YOU buy &
9 ©
j| again ©
I* PLtJ©^|
Butler Fair, September 6, 7. H, v
I William Gibson, the venerable rwurt
crier of Mercer county -died from stu •
stroke in New Castle, Thursday, Oibson
i went tu town with an excursion party,
and was partially overcome by the he-it
while walking about the streets. At
j uoon he fell oil the Nes bannock bridge,
and was removed to city ball where 'ie
j was placed on a cot an<l a physician sent
• for Ke died five minutes aftt-r the
arrival of the doctor He had been
! court crier of Mercer county for morc
. years then the younger generation can
! remember.
j The bridge on l;.e Allegheny at E: .
; lenton is now "free". The »ridge Co .
, was awarded $2". 00 i which was pa d
over last Thursday.
i Mis Albert Campbell, demented over
j imaginary sins, • mmitted su:cide in a
most horrible manner shortly befo v
i dawn last Wriawdw morning, at Sw
Castle Arising while her husband and
five young children were sleeping, sue
donned a v. rapper, and taking a gallon
of oil. a match, a stout strap and a
large knife, went into the yard, where
a stake stood 50 feet distant from the
honse. Pouring the oil over her cloth
ing. she knelt and bound herself to the
stake with the strap. She then ignited
her clothing She shrieked only once,
the cry being beard by a neighbor. who
j rushed to the spot only to find her al-
I ready dead The clothing was burned
| entirely from her body, which was
blackened and scorched from head to
t feet The hair was burned off and the
features unrecognizable. So firm was
her resolution that she did not struggle
while burning to death. Thes'ake wa
loosely set in the ground,and the slight
est struggle would have pulled it loose.
For some months past Mrs. Campall
had been subject to fits of melancholia,
during which she would brood over her
supposed sins. She believed herself re
sponsible for the declaration of war
si 1 fancied that the blood of soldiers
killed in battle was upon her head. She
had been heard to say that she should
be offered up as a sacrifice.
—We have 20 large U. S. flags—Are
you going to put one on your building?
Send size acd ask for price. Shuman ii
Bros., 414 Wood St., Pittsburg, IV
Of Interest to You.
Parties wishing to engage in the livery
business, call on Walker & McKtvain for
location and outfit
If you intend building a house, born
or anything elße. this summer "end to
C. O. Campbell. Butler. Pa., contractor
and builder, for estimates on material
and labor.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Sarab Jane Cramner, dee d., ( widow of
Israel Cranmer, dee'd.,) late of Centre
tvvp., Butler Co . Pa., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said
estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
J. D. McJT'NKIN, Ex'r.,
Butler, Pa.
Practical Horse Shoer
Formerly Horse Shoer at the
Wick House has opened busi
ness in a shop in the rear of
the Arlington Hotel, where
he willjjdo Horse-Shoeing in
thejmost approved style.
* A
N *
Are Not All Gone
We have a fot of Monarch shirts
made of Garners percales former
price $1.50 now going at 75c.
33 l-3per cent Off
on all winter underwear and lots
of broken sizes going at one half
We Still Have
a few of those $5, $4 and $3 hats
in the Dollar sale
We Have About
five dozen fine wool top shirts in
Black and Brown shades, worth $2,
and f2.s<i, we are offering them at
$1.25. Come in and tell us what
you need and see if we canno
supply you.
241 S Main St. BcTutß, Pa.
Financial he tout <>k the school
I'lroctors of Concord School District,
for the School Year ending Monday.
June, 1836.
I-'rom Stuto Appropriation for the
yea: WldlngJane, IHBS $ SBB B9
from balance ou hand from last year 71 2U
I'rotn Collector. Including taxes of
all kinds I 420 86
Total Receipts S2 3SO W
Ity repairing and cleaning I JBD M
By teachers' aim 1 8M 00
Ity fuel and contingencies 107 it
By fees of Treasurer 44 53
ity salary of Secretary :t?> 00
Ity muking dup. and Court fees.. ... 2 0(1
Ity purchase of text books & supplies !!*< 'II
Ity expense of institute 6«J SO
By cash paid for auditing. 10 00
Total Expenditures s: 271 M
Cash on hand 51"H 43
Amount due Treasurer 03
Cash on hand $lO9 45
Am't due from Bobt. Adams 2al 05
Resources in excess of liabilities.s4oo 4S
Witness our hands this '! day of June. I^9*.
J. M. WICK, ['resident,
C. KHUN, Secretary.
We hereby certify that we have examined
the above and find It correct.
Pearson fe. Nace's
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
Rear of
Wick House, Butler, Pcnn'a.
Tlio b«'st of liorsca and first class rigs al
ways on band and for i»i ri.
Bo?*t a<'<*oiuniodati«ins in town for p« rnia
nent boarding und transient trade. Speci
al car© guaranteed.
Stable Room For 65 Horse 3.
A g<x>d class of horses, I Kith drivers and
draft horses always on hand and for sab'
under a full guarantee; and horses bought
upon proper notification by
Telephone, No. 219.
i Coa. /vrfr
a specialized l:rsAd winutas liiio
rati APVLV T C
P. ilt'FF «V SONS, Z44 Fifth A rtnuc,
Our Method
Doinq Business
We hope will tixent TOOT .
patronage. Ours is not the i
onlv store in Butler, but j
we <!o try lo make it such }
a place to bey your lrugs
and medicine as to win
your confidence and secure
your patronage. Do not
come to our st.we for cheap
drugs. We don't keep
them. Nothing but the
best finds a place in our
store and every article
bearing our name is guar
anteed to be jusl as repre
sented or you can gel your
uoney back. We buy the
best, sell the best, Veep
the best and recornmem:
the l>est It is this meth
od that has brought to
our store a large and de
sirable patronage. If you
have never dealt at our
store we would be pleased
to have you call. We try
tc everything that'is
likely to be called for in
our line, but it we should
not have what you want we will frankly
tell yon so and will be pleased to get it
fou you at the earlies possible moment.
We give you > hat you want. No substi
tutions permitted. Let us fill your
prescriptions Respectfully,
C. N. Boyd, druugist.
Diamond Block, Butler, Fa.
Hy virtu** of an order and uperee of the
Orphans' Court of R-ifler county. P»., made
at No. 3S>, of March term. lSlis of said Court,
the undersigned adniinistra'or of the estate
of James Crlswell. late of Adams township,
county and state aforesaid. will offer
for sale at pu'j.ic vendue on tiie preimsei cn
SATURDAY. AtlOrsT 30. 1-!*.
at 1 o'clock p. ra.. of suld day. all that certain
tract of !au<i situated In Adams t*ii
Co.. state of Pennsylvania, boun.hu nonli
t»y lands of Coovert heirs and Samuel Hark.
<':isl bj Ikadof Buiut'l I'alk and l>r. •>. O.
fterrett. south hy land of John Burr and
Wm. I'urvis, nua west i>y laids of T. W.
Kennedy's heir», Newton Lertim; and Coov
ert heirs, eontainlnc 154 acres, more of less:
with 2 frame dwelllnz houses, one nearly
new: bank burn and other outbuildings,
2 or'hards. Laud situated 'i mile from Mai
and mile from IViwneyTiile on I'. &W. Ky
Convenient to churches and schools. Land
in pood condition and well watered, well
adapted to eithei sto.-k«raisinp or general
farniinir purposes, supposed to IK' oil and RUS
' frritoi v if developed.
CK SALF—One half f tv. pur
chase nine, v to be v-.id on .■ontirin.itlou of
sale by ..- Court uu<i the other half in one
year thereafter, with interest, to bo secured
"by bond and mortgage on the preiuia- ;. with
usual waivers and attorney's commission.
Myoma, l'a.
Me.lunkiu & Oalbreath. \ttv's.. Butler. Pa
Letters testamentary oti the estate of
John Sipe, dee'd., late of Clearfield twp.,
Butler county, Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and
any having claims agair.st said estate
will present them, properly antenticated
for settlement to
EuuiixE Sipr, Adin'x.,
Coylesville, Pa.
Letters #t administration on the estate '
of Kmma Shrader, dee'd , late of Butler
borough, Butler Co., Pa., ha\-ing been ,
granteil to the all jjersons
knowing themselves indebted to said 1
estate will please make immediate pay- ]
ment.and any having cia'ais against s>id
estate will present them duly amhenticat-
ed for settlement to j
W. B. SHRAD/VB, Adm'r.,
Bntler, Pa.
\f. D. BRANDON. Att'y.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Isaac Keppie, dee'd, late of
township, Butler county, Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing tliem. elves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate ]
paymeiu, and any having claims against ■
the same will present them for settle- J
ment to
WM. L. KEPI'LE, Ex'r.,
Peachville, Pa.
C. WALKBR, Att'y.
Whereas, letters of administration have
been issued to me the undersigned in the
estate of William A. Anderson, late of
Middlesex town-hip, Butler county, Pa.,
dee'd., notice is hereby given to all
persons indebted to the said decedent to
call and settle, and all persons having
claims against the same will please pre
sent them duly authenticate tor pay
Administratrix of
Flick, Butler Co., Pa.
S. F. & A. L. BOWSER, Att'ys.,
Butler; Pa.
Letters testamentary oil the estate of
Margaret J. Mcßride, dee'd, l.tte of Mid
dlesex township, Butler county, Pa.,
having been granted to the undersigned,
all persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present tliev. duly pro
bated, for settlement to
Bakerstown, Pa.
MCJUN'KIN & G vi,URHATn, Att'ys.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John S. Love, th»c'd, late of Clinton twp.,
Butler county, Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against said estate
will present them duly probated for
settlement to W. H. LOVE, Ex'r.,
Riddles X Roads, Pa
W. D. 15K. 4 .,'D0N, Att'y.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Harriet Thompson, dee'd., late of Clay
twp.. Butler Co., Pa., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make ir. mediate payment,
and any having claims against said estate
; will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
R. C. THOMPSON, Adm'r.,
Elora, P. O.
| W. C. I INDUKY, Art'y.
letters of admin.stration C. T". A. on
[ the estate of Nancy C. Stewart, dee'd.,
'ate of Centre twp., Butler Co., Pa., hav
ing been granted to the nndex signed, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediat J
jjajment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to.
Admr. C. T. A.,
Mt Chestnut, Pa.
J. I). Mcjunkin, Att'y.
Letters testamentary on the will of
Richard G. Nelsou, late of Middlesex
township, Butler county, Pennsylvania,
dee'd., having been granted by the Reg
ister of said county to the undersigned
Executors thereof. Therefore all persons
knowing themselves indebted to the
estate of said deceased are requested to
make speedy payment, r.nd those having
claims against said estate can present
tlier;t properly authenticated for settle
ment to
H, M. PAT' KS,
T. A. PAkKo. Executors.
K. Mcjunkin Att'y. Glade Aiills, la.
139 SouthJMaiu street.
Over Shau fci Nut's Clotbio& Store
• Pantaloons at 1-2 Their Value.
S W» will wind up this months fj
business with colors flying. While
r eaft in the clotlilui; market bought , '
i tfc'? entire stock of pantaloons
S *-d Summer weigh i -if the well kno.. n Mati
r ufacturcs, Cohen, Goldman v\ Co., 6S, liroadway, '
• :«w Vc.rk, at sex- on the «lolV:r of cost c. munufactnr- *
S '°K same \ve had to buy all anrl tfce j_ :c-r as tempting 1
f ••'•••• ** nom •»*« > ® p-'r of paat< •>. : T .r yHIU ft ptft* uuheard of. \
A jiioo pair of part;, cut puce Si.io ■ j
1 A Sj oo pair of pants our price $i 60 f
\ A 53.50 pair o. pautj our j.r.ce Si 90 J
A 54.00 pair of pan>s oui price §2.10 \
J A pair of pants our price Sj-35 C
A 55.00 pair of pants our pnee $2.75 f
•y A 55.00 pair 01 pants our price $3.25 S
\ Ask to be shown these pants whether V
you want apa ror not, uo trouble whatever.
<shaul 8c Nast, <
) Butler. Pa. c
I j SAY, :
4 KNOW 5
1 Douthett & Graham? ;
A YOUR OWN FAULT, We've been in thefclothing y
1 business, in Butler, for five years'and it is to
¥ J your interest to know us as wc are selling
L the best clothing for the least money
of any firm in Butler. You don't
believe ir? Step in and see
M our store when in town,
SI and we'll prove it to you.
Douthett & Graham, j
We have decided to allew July Clearance Sale prices
this month; also on all SUMMER MILLINJSRY. We are de
termined to clear all these Departments of Summei Goods
before the arrival of Fall and Winter Wear, if Prioe will
move them. We have not spared the knife —still further cuts
all through these Departments.
New Fall Dress Goods and Silks.
We have received our first shipment of new styles in
Dress Goods for the season of 1898-99, consisting of Elegant
Black Crepons, Covert Cloth, Popline and Granite Cloths; also
a beautiful selection of Fancy Silks in the new Fall Designs
for the indispensable stylish silk waist every lady now has
in hor v/ardrobe. For those who contemplate a late summer
trip, or are getting ready to go away to school, we have what
you need—a full line of NEW FUR COLLARETTES. All
New Fall and Winter Designs.
- I--- 1 - m
5 iesc mzs&J
$ 50 Dozens Ladies Handerchiefs <Slightly Soiled) #
5 Regular Value 12 1-2 and 15c. Sale Price 7c or 4 for 25c. F
\ Clearance Sale Continued this Week.
f tOB S. MAIN ST., Butler.
Farm for Sale
I want to sell tny farm of 235 acres
in Oakland twp , adjoining Royds
town, si* miles north of Butler.
There is no better land for all kinds
of crops in Butler county. My wheat
atui this year, cannot be beat.
Conic and see tliem.
Two good orchards, some young
timbsr, and an abundance of the
best of Spring water.
The bjiilbiags consist of it good,
six-room, frame bouse; one large,
new, modern barn, and a large old
one; a'o all the necessary outbuild
ings, ijicludi* » a summer kitchen.
I want to quit farming because 1 am
alone, and will sell at a bargain on
easy terms.
A part of the farm is underlaid
with three aud four feet veins of
coal, with one bank opened; and the
new railroad is surveyed within
100 rixls of the house.
For terms address or call upon,
Peter Whitmire,
sonora. p. 0.
Lotte- s testamen.ary on the estate of
Robert Trimbl-, Esq , dee'd., late of
Middlesex twp , Butler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, a!!
persons knowing themselves indebted
sa. 1 t-Ute will please make immeoi
payiueill an 1 any having claims again-,
said estate \>ill prc.ent them duly an
thenticated for settlement to
Flick P. 0.,
W. A. DENNY, Butler Co.,l>a
Mcjuukia & Galbrcatb, Att'js.
Butler Count} Nationsßank,
Butler Penn,
Capital paid in sxjo,ooo.oo
Surplus and Profits - $114,647.87
Jos. .ilarttmn, '.i'iesidcut, J. V. Ritts,
Vice President; C. A. Bailey. Cashier;
John G. McMarlin, Ass't Cashier.
I general bauklng buslne transacted.
Interest paid ou tiuae deposits.
Money loaned ou approved security.
We inviu j ou to open au account with thh
DIREOTOKS—Hou. Joseph Hart mar., Hon
W. S. Waldron, Dr. Ji. M. Hoover. 11. l/o
Sweeney, E. E. Abrams, C. P. Collins, I. U
Multli. Leslie I*. Hazlett, M. Flnegan, W
W. H. l.arkin. John Humphrey, L)r. W. CJ
McCandless, Ben Mas.-eth. Levi M.JWISe
J. V. Kitt* I
Entler Sayings Bank
Buitler, Pa.
Capital - J560,000.c
Surplus and Profits - - SiSO,(X
JOS. LJPURVIS ». Preaidei
LOUIS B. fsTEIS lei!
IHKKCrOKS—Joseph L. Purvis, J. Hen;
Tro'itiaaD, W. D.lirandoo, W. A. Stein, J.J
The Kutler Baviuics Hunk Is the Oldc
Rankinp Institution*. n Uutler County,
(ieneral banking business transacted.
We solicit accounts ol oil producers, m
chants, larirers and others.
All bjslniss entrusted to us will recel
prom|>t ;■ Iteiitlou.
Interest paid on time deposits. H
boarding ami Iliiy School for Ut»ls. New
and Kit-cant building nyidy for ''all Terui.
Regular, Colleg.- Preparatory, and Elective
Courses S|»«rl»l nlvivut«-fea in Music,
Elocution .d Art. •»r <vt»lucuc address
MK. . M McMI LLA>'. Principal.
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