Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, June 23, 1898, Image 3

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Ei I '■ ' «-=
\OTE— All advertisers intending to ma»>'
. hances In their .'id-,. should notify us of
their Intention to do mt. not later than Mon
day morning.
Adrnrs Notice, estate of Harriet
Borough Ordinance. Lincoln street
Master s Sale, estate of A -J. Smith
Millers's Shoes.
Ruff's Shoes
Pape's Millinery.
Conneaut Lake Summer Resorts.
Buffalo Bill n Wild West Aggregation
of World's Wonders.
Administrator* and Executors •>' estates
ran v.-care their receipt hook* at the CITI
ZEN 'jfflce. and persons making public »al--a
their note book*.
—Butler will have a "Glorious
Lawn fete at St Peters R C. church,
Butler. July 2. 4 and 5.
—There are said to be some dangerous
washouts on some of the roads.
—On and after July Ist you will put
a 2 cent stamp on you r bank check
Yon can invest yonr surplus
wealth in U. S. Bonds at any of our
—Several of our citizen- attended the
funeral of Judge Wickham at Beaver
T ueaday afternoon.
Boyd's big,yellow spider died a nat
ural death a few days ago, and is now
preserved in alcohol
—All the roads are now running Sun
day trains excepting the "Bessie.
What's the matter with the "Bessie?''
—Our paved streets got a most
thorough washing last Saturday night.
It is seldom that we have such a down
—On and after Jnly Ist all checks
mdst have a two cent stamp Subscrib
ers who pay u? by check will please
take notice.
Liquid Air is the latest wonder
of the scientific world, and it is so cold
that a few spoons full will keep your
refrigerator cool all day
—Now that we are about past Straw
berry time and into Raspberry, the
weather should settle. Tuesday was
the first day of Summer, according to
the almanac
—A dispatch from Grove City says
the striking miners of this district have
desided to establish camps at every
mine along the Bessemer rail road. Be
tween 4 ,000 and 5,000 men are now out
—The first deed to the Allegheny &
Western Ry. Co. was recorded yester
day. It is for 2 acres from Wm. Oester
ling in Summit township for $40)0.
The R. R. goes through his house and
—Connciut Lake is our nearest Sum
mer Resort, and you have two good
hotels t> chose from there—the Ex
position and the Mantor. The fishing
is Slid tj be particularly good this
—Conneaut Lake is the best picnic
grounds in reich of Butler No other
trip equals it for a 'lay's outing. The
P. H. C. may be the only large excur
sion there from Bntler this year. Day
and date, July 28.
- The loin by the Grove City fire of
last We lnevlay niifht and Th.ir-tJay
morning arebates ab >nt $32, OW Th e
fire iu lliw rear eti'l of the ii la
ment of tb« Armory building in which
a la rye lot of wool was stored.
Several Bntler men will go to Fort
WMhingtoo, this week, and they will
take Co. E> new flag to the company.
The flag wa-> made in Easton, Pa., it in
of Milk «x<H feet; the stars are handwork
ed, and the flag and fitting* complete
cost $47. The fnn<l amounts $140., and
the balance will go to the relief fond.
We. the undersigned, merchants of
Bntler, do agree to close onr respectiye
places of business at 0 o'clock 'Satur
days excepted) commencing Jnly sth
and ending Sept 2. Doutbett & Gra
ham, T. H. Burton, J. N. Patterson,
Schaul <fc Nast, D. A Heck, Shloss
Bros, J. H. Yonng, G. E Ihlenfeld,
Cooper & Co., Wm. Aland, J. 8. Nettle
ton, W. H Voting Geo. Keck, Harvey
r 'olbert and Colbert & Dale.
—We the undersigned merchants of
Butler do hereby promise and agree to
close our respective place of business
every evening at fl o'clock P. M and
keep closed until the next morning,
Saturday excepted, from July sth to
September 2nd and also to close at noon
on Jnly 4tb. W. F. Metzgar, John
Bickel. C. E. Miller, A Ruff <fc Son, B.
C. Hnselton, Aiken and Campbell,
'shoe department"
—Fifteen recruits for Co. E in charge
of Sergt. O'Donnell left Butler on the
5:40 train Saturday evening for Fort
Washington. Their names are John A
Kelly, Charles Wilson, Charles F. Fish
er, Roy I. Burtuer, Charles E. Miller,
Thomas M. Greer. Verne F. Caldwell,
Russell C Eckman, Harry Metzgar, C.
Martin Eisler, Lawrence McDowell,
Alfred E Black, Harry Core, M Burke
Mechling and Charles C. Elliott. A
procession headed by Coulter's Martial
band escorted them to the station.
IjOW Kxciiraion Fare to WaMhini'-
Account Annual Meeting of the Na
tional Educational Association, ,July
7-12 th, Ticket Agents of the Pittsburg
& Western Railway will sell round
trip tickets to Washington D. C.. at
the uMial fare one way, plan #2.00 for
membership fee in the aswHation.
Date of sale, July H. 4, 5, and Going
journey to be commenced on date of
sale. Tickets good to retnm leaving
Washington Jnly Hth to 25th, inclusive,
when executed by Joint Agent at Wash
ington, D. C. By deposit of ticket
with Joint Agent at Washington. I). C,
on or liefore July 12th, and on a pay
ment of a fee of fifty (80) cent* to Joint
Agent at time of deposit -of ticket, an
extension of return limit may be ob
tained to leave Washingto to and in
cluding August 81, 1898.
Side trip Excursions to Baltimore,
Old Point Comfort, the Jersey Coast
Resorts, and many other points includ
ing Philadelphia and New York, will
be offered by the railroad and steam
ship lines terminal In Washington
For list of side trips and fare thereto,
apply to the nearest P. <fc W. ticket
agent, or address
General Passenger Aj;ent
Allegheny, PA.
Havliiu* Should llarn Four Per
Some people nave money by hiding it,
but It earns them nothing. Don't save
money unless it earns you 4 rs-r cent.
Keeping money out of circulation by
hoarding it injures business. Save in
stead in the Pittsburg Hank for Savings,
No. 201 Fourth avenue, Pittsburg, Pa ,
where each dollar will earn you 4 per
cent, interest; compounded semi-annu
ally. Write for liow to bank by mail.
—Are you overworked and in need of
rest and <juietf Hotel Kider, Cambridge
Springs, is the place for you. All the
comforts of home together with the
beet medicinal waters known. A week's
sojourn will make you leu years young
er. Write for circular!.
Trea.surer Han>er -*j!d the following
properties for taxes and the -ales were
confirmed la,-t Saturday.
Property of;
John Campbell to W A Former ""
acr»» in Washington for sls. ->■
Susan Hilliard to V. A Fonjuer 75
acres in Washington for S2O 2"
A J McKean to P W Lowry 50 acres
| in Waahinifton for 53
Robert Patterson t<{ W P Brown 1W
acres in Clay for *-!">'
Jas Drape* to W P Brown 7o acres in
Connoq for *10.06.
I Fred Yeager to Sam 1 Eichenor 43
I acres in Marion for 98
) John Starr to J M Miller j i acres in
Concord for $24.02
W E Reed to Mable Eakin lot in Har
risville for $».; ~>'J.
Thos Moore to C J Westerman lot in
Donegal for {«'
Steve Hu-elron to S Cummings lot in
Butler for *--w 23
Forest Oil Co to A E Butler 12 acres
in Concord for *! 4 34
J David Albert bought several tracts
as follow:. Property of Jas Hmdman
50 acres in Cherrv for 517.36 W J Col
lins 5 acres in Fairview for *4 >54 Jas
Camahan 96 acres in Cherry for ?16.51;
F Roeniuk 40 acres in Washington for
$!4 43 Jacob Sher.nard lot in Cherry
for $7.13; Mr- M I. Bole •> lots in Mil (
for $7 14 Mrs. M E Bole lot in
Millerstown for $6.04 Wm Black 22
acres in Allegheny for #7.56 lot No 1
in Prospect for $4 64. Simon
heirs 100 acres in Cherry for 51 and
the County Commissioners bought in
several pieces.
A citation his been awarded on the
heirs of Harper Campbell to -how cans
why a writ of partition should not be
awarded, returnable Julv 2 and Isaa •
Meals was appointed guardian of \\ m .
Thomas and Edith Roher.
R. P. Scott was appointed guardian of
W. C. Campbell, minor child of Elmer
J. E. Davis was appointed guardian
of Wilkins Davis, minor child of Eliza
beth Davis.
Letters of administration have been
granted to R. C. Thompson on estate of
Harriet Thompson, late of Clay twp.
The will of Jamer. R. McDowell of
Buffalo twp. was probated and letter
granted to Minnie E McDowell.
The will of Washington Bovard. late
of Cherry twp has been probated and
letters granted to J. D. McJnnkin
On petition of the Committee of Mar
tin Li wry Webb for viewers to assess
damages against the P. B. & L E. to
his farm in Clay twp Wm. Parks,
Epbriam Thompson John Ferguson,
Wm. Wilson, A. L. Campbell, M. S
Ray and .1 J Maxwell were appointed
Wm. A Roberts, an old soldier of
Mercer twp. was granted a peddler H
Alonzo D. Bryan has petitioned for a
divorce from his wife, Emma O. Bryan
The Pittsburg Dry Goods Co has is
sued summons in assumpsit vs W C.
Chan Pfeifer to H Marbu rt'er 46 acres
in Jackson for
A M KaPenbach to H Marburger 46
acres in Jackson for $3-500.
Geo Gibson to C I Christley 50 acres
in Brady for $925.
Jane Thompson to Laura E Weitzel
lot in W Sunbury for SBSO.
H Ruby to Emma V Badger 6 acres
in Franklin for SIH6.
J S McLaffertv to J C McLafferty 22
acres in Clearfield for fl
J D Marshall, trustee, to S II Double
52 acres in Buffalo for ;920.
J D Marshal! trustee, to John Mc
Tatnney H'J acres in Donegal for {1350.
Kate Fleming to J M Krurnpie 4S
acres in Buffalo for s2"><io.
Clara Crouse to Ida A Barnard lot in
BrMer for SSOO
Margt. J. Mcßride ft S M Leslie
trustee property in Penna and Kansas
for SIBOO.
Levi Heydrick to Robt Kraus 90 acres
acre* in Summit for SIOO
J. IJ. Anrterson to J !■ AnOeraou lot
in Butler for $3,500.
S Stauirn to W A Twentier 64 acres
in Cranl>erry for $3281.25
T H Evans to J L McKee lot in Mil
lerstown for t'^fO
John Ifft to Jacob Reibold lot in Ze
lienople for 1315
Jacob Reibold to Marg E Stamm lot
in Zelienople for % 1100
H D Hocken!>erry Ex r, to Alex Mc
Kinney 56 a'-res in Cherry for s7<)o
Wrn Oesterling to the Alleghenj &
W Ry Co 2 acres in Summit for $)0<»o.
Marriage Lleciiites.
Wm Kay .. .Mercer twp
M. E. Barnes Harrisville
E. B. Patterson Six Points
L. C. McCamey
Omer G. Phillis Beaver Co
lonise M McClure Prospect
John Wolfe Jefferson twp
Catharine K. Eichenlanli Summit twp
Isaac M' Weih'/ .Zelienople
Jane Mcßride .Mercer Co
George J lift .Jackson Twp.
Mary A. Lntton . . .Evans City.
J. 8. Huff New Brighton.
Mary M. Weigle Harmony.
Samuel H. Colbert Allegheny twp.
Blanche McElroy
John Daria Bntler twp.
Mary Pillow
Edmond H. Knoch. Saxonburg.
Edna V. Burne- Mltiiil
John A. Grant Harmony.
Janet Stahl Zelienople
Wm. E. Rice Harmony
Eva Schnaufer Lancaster twp
Chas. D. Kan lioonville N V
Matilda S. Miller Eyans City
At Pittsburg Andrew Bis'-up, id W.
P. Junction, and Viktoya Manika, of
At Pittsburg -It. R Ilays of Valen
cia and lola McCandlesw of Mars
The INiniiHylvHiibi Ituilroud's
Popular Kvciiisloiih to llir
No other Summer outing appeal* so
strongly to the jieople of Western Perm
sylvania as the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company's popular excursion.", to the
Atlantic seacoast. For years they have
been looked forward to as the holiday
♦ vent of each Summer. The secret of
their great popularity is tin- iihenom
enally low rate and the high character
of the service. The limit of twelve
'lays just fits the time set apart for the
average vacation, an<l the dates of the
excursions are mo t conveniently adjus
ted. There is also the widest field for
choice in the selection of a resort. At
lantic City, Cape May, Sea Isle City,
Ocean City, N J., Kehobotb, Del., arid
Ocean City. Md are the choicest of the
Atlantic coast resorts, and any one of
them may is- visited under these ar
The dates of the excursion:) are July
7 and 21, and August 4 and IH. A so
cial train of Pullman parlor <-ars and
day coaches will leave Pittsburg on
above mentioned date- at m. 55 A M
arriving at Alt<>ona 12. 15 P VI , where
stop for dinner will b<- mad*- reaching
Philadelphia fi >:» P. M and arriving
Atlantic City, via th" Delaware River
Bridge ronte, at K 40 P M. making the
run from Pittsburg to the *eashore via
the only all-rail route in eleven hours
ari'l forty five minutes Passengers
may also spend the night in Phi la
delphia, and pr«»ceed to the shore by
any regular train fron. Market Street
Wharf or Broad Street. Station the fol
fowing day
Tickets will be sold from the station
at the rat»-s named Is-low
Kate Train l<-av<-s.
Pitt»hurg. . .SIOOO 8.53 A M
Tarentnm 10 00 1 81
Natrona 10 00 > N
Butler 10 00 • W
Freeport 10 <*l 7 4!)
Altoona (stopdlnn rj HWI 1' : > P M
Philadelphia .Arrive 0.25
Atlantic Oity.. Arrivt .. Mo
Tickets will also Is- koml on regular
trains leaving Pittsburg at l.!>o ami .10
P. M , carrying sleeping cam through
to Philadelphia and Atlanii- < ity.
For detailed informat ion in regard to
rates and time of trains ajipl v to ticket.
agents, or Mi ThomJU B Watt, Dis
trict Passenger Agent, Pittsburg.
Licence Court.
Yesterday inuimug the annual license
| court began its regions.
P. C. Fredrick, of Zelienople, distill
er wan the first applicant, he is the sole
proprietor of the Stahl Distillery Co
and hi= license wa- granted.
i Geo Stab! who applies for a whole
' sale license in the new Stein building,
on Main St Butler was the next taken
cp. Mr Stahl has in bond about 200
barrels of his own make rye whiskey,
none It-.-- than 4 years old: he agrees not
to <ell beer, or ale. and nothing but his
own stock, and in quantities not less
than a gallon if granted license, and
would liie a bond to that effect The
Court stated that it had not changed its
mind as to wholesale licenses Held
over till September.
Henry Stokey of Zeiitnopie. was the
first applicant for tavern license, he
went through the regular program Is
your house necessary; are yon a man of
good moral chracter "have you lived
up to the law etc He has 33 rooms,
license granted.
Chas. Stokey of Zelienople, also had
easy nailing, ha* eight l>ed rooms,
• granted.
Lew!- Zeigler. Harmony. ha.s 7 bed
robins, had no trouble last year (Grant
Sam'i Beam. Harmony has s bed
r.xjms. Granted.
A Hoch of the Central, Hotel was the
first of the Millers town list and last be
fore dinner, he has 16 bed rooms, no
tronble etc Granted.
Ben J. Forquer Millers town, has *
bed roons. if granted license will look
after the hotel himself. Granted.
•John Dolan, Millerstown, has eight
bed rooms, -several witnesses testified
to the necessity of three hotel in Millers
town. Refused.
Henry Doerr and Jos. Kornfelder. of
Saionburg, were heard together, Mr
Kornfelder was the first witness, has
14 rooms, etc, and was questioned at
length by the Court. he was followed
by Pb Burtner. who thought both hotels
necessary: he was followed by Mr
Doerr. the other applicant, has lived
there for a year and a hall and has 14
bed rooms, he was also questioned an<l
was followed by J D. Wilson, Esq..
think.-, both applicants fit persons to con
duct licensed hotels; Herman Muder.
Isaac Lefevre. Thelo Krause, testified
to about the same. The Conrt stated
that it had granted license to Saxon
burg two years ago, that some of the
best men in the town promised to keep
them straight, but did not, held oyer.
The Petrolia cases were the first to
which remonstrances had been filed
the applicants are John Byers and
Pfaff, Mr. Byers was put on the stand
and stated that he had lived in Petrolia
about 25 years; was licensed about 4
years ago, had a notice up that house
was closed for abont a month during
last year: there was some drinkintc in
his livery stable, denied having given
rigs out of his livery barn free of charge
to singers to bis petition, F. M Fritz,
was the next witness he stated that
hotels were necessary; Dr. Yates picked
out of his pasture field 40 gallon jugs
and over 100 quart whiskey bottles, to
keep his horses from cutting their feet
thinks it better to grant license than to
have it shipped in O. P. Berry, thinks
the hotels necessary. Henry Crumling,
W. Taylor, Wm. Lacky, Mr McLaugh
lin testified to necessity and thinks that
the applicants are fit men to run a li
censed house.
Mr. PfafT, was next called has 11
rooms; had license before was never
l'tlusw! license; bought the property
ha« paid $230, was to pay SI3OO for it
Mr. Brandon appeared for the rernon
strants and offered remonstrances sign
ed by about 30 voters and fifty or 70
women asking that licenses Is.- refused
on general principals not necessary, etc
Mr. Brandon thought that if license was
not need id hist year there was no rea
son for it this year; l*jth were refused.
The Evans City applicants, Chas. Mil
ler and VV. K Thornbnrg did not have
smooth sailing. They were heard to
gether, and Mr Miller was first called.
A. G Williams Esq. appearing for Mrs.
Hannah Davis, who had notified both
not to sell to her son. Mr. Miller keeps
the brick hotel and thinks it necessary
etc denied having sold to young Dayis,
instructed his bar keeper not to sell to
Quite a number of character wit
nesses were then called who testified to
the character of the two men and the
necessity of the house-
Then W. K. Thomberg was called,
he thought his house necessary <-tc: did
not violate the law during the past
year did not sell to young Davis; noti
fied his bartender not to, and none was
sold to him in his presence.
Harry Davis, was sworm, and said
that in February last he got liquor in
the Miller house got both beer and
whiskey Mr Miller saw him drink;
got liquor at Thornberg's during the
past year and in hi.- presence got three
drinks of whiskey in Miller's, and 7 in
Thornberg's in one day. On cross ex
animation he stated that he was 25
years old or a little older; Mr. Miller
tried to take the glass of beer that he
saw him drinking from him, but could
not. Mr Thornberg had never sold him
any himself, hut had been in bar-room
when sold to him; his mother told him
to come and testify, denied the 7-drink
matter, got so mixed up that Mr. Wil
lianis wanted to apologize for appear
ing and said that he would t»e no party
to a blackmail: that his witness mis
tated tin- facts to him. The Court told
the witness that he did not believe him,
Mr. Williams stated the same and
court adjourned till this morning.
This morning Butler applications
were heard.
Quite a number of witnesses were
heard in each of the cases, and before
noon the following hotel licenses were
granted in Butler
Jos Shirley Park Hotel MTH Mattie
Reihing Willisrd Hotel Flick A, Mays,
Hotel liutler, Mrs. Nixon, Central
Hotel; Herman Lielsdd Arlington and
McCafferty & McCrea, Lowry
Saturday'* Flood.
The flood of last Saturday night
washtsl away the Mercer St bridge over
Martin lluil. Something substantial is
needed there The bridges along Little
Creek wen- washed away
The Boyer bridge over Little Creek in
Lancaster twp. an iron bridge fifty
feet long was carried nearly half a
mile by the flood of water and deposit
ed in a field
All tin- bridges on Yellow creek
vere washed away or damaged.
The plank road bridge over Three
mile run, the Croft bridge oyer (Hade
Run in Middlesex twp, and several cul
verts in that part of the connty were
wa.>h<-d away.
The roads in several parts of the
county are so badly wash<*l, and so
ninny township bridges and culverts
washed away that the Supervi-om of
s iiji' townships will have to levy an ex
tra road tax this year
11 you want a Bicycle or your old one
! repaired go to White Walter & ' o.
I largest slock in County. Bicycles for
I hire.
t The Butler Loage of Elks has present
s ed the new Butler Co.. Hospital with a
5 handsome flag, a pole has been erected
on the roof of the building: and tomor
- row evening the flag will be raised.
J. B. Black has been selected for
I Chief Marshall of the occasion and he
i ha* appointed W M. Starr. Chief of
Staff, and named a hundred of our best
; j horsemen as aids.
The parade will form at the intersec
tion of E. Jefferson and McKean Sts.
I j The band will report at 0:30 at Mc
-1 Kean and Jeffer.-on streets, the Elks
will form on North McKean. left rest
ing on Jefferson the Reed Post and
! Union Veteran legion will form on S.
: McKean right resting on Jefferson.
I Odd Fellows and other societies on
; South McKean ir. rear of soldier organ
izations The fire department will
form on East Jefferson, right resting on
MeKean. Chief Reiber to direct the
order in which companies shall march.
Citizens follow the fire department.
The school children will form on East
Cunningham, rijjht resting on Main, at
•i 43 and will join the line as it marches
south on Main to hospital. The new
millitary company will form on East
Jefferson, right resting on McKean.
The column will move promptly at 0:43,
north on McKean to Fulton, to Main,
Main to hospital.
The members of the C. M B. A are
requested to meet at their hall at 9:30
o'clock, with official badges to take
part in the parade.
The comrades of the U. V. L. are re
quested to meet at their hall at 6:15
Friday evening 24th to take part in the
parade and flag raising at new Hospital.
The grounds of the St. Paul's Paro
chial School on Monroe St. were crowded
with people notwithstanding the threat
ening rain, last Friday evening, to wit
ness the raising of the flag presented by
the Misses Hart man.
About 7 p. m. a parade composed of
Coulter's drum corps, girls of Paroch
ial Schools, 13 girls carrying flag, boys
of Parochial School, girls of Advanced
School, Envan'pment No. 45, U. V. L
A G. Reed Post 105, G. A R., New
Military company, Butler Union, A. F
G. W. U. Gennania band, Butler
branch C. M B A.. Citizens in carri
ages, formed on the Diamond and
marched to the school grounds, where
they were joined by a large nil ruber of
Hon Joseph Ilartman was called up
on to preside; A G Williams Esq.
made an eloquent presentation speech
which was responded to Rev. Father
An original poem was read by Miss
McCune, the children sang some patri
otic songs, and speeches were made by
Colonels Greer and Thompson, and the
meeting adjourned. It was a very
pleasant and successful affair.
There will be a flag raising at Trail
on Saturday June 25 at 1 o'clock when
a flag IMX24 will be unfurled from a
hundred foot pole which is placed on
the summit of a hill 200 feet high.
Speeches will be made by Rev. J. K.
Ilowe, Prof. John L Dight. J. M Gal
breath, Esq and Newton Black Esq.,
Rev. J. M. Dight is chairman of the
day. The < igle Martial Band has been
secured and there will also be singing
and patriotic exercises by the little peo
ple. Come.
The citizens of Glade Run station
gathered in large numbers Saturday
afternoon and flung to the breeze one
of the largest and finest flags in the
county. They all met in the orchard,
where a platform had been erected, and
after good music, vocal and instrument
al, W. C. Findley and Lev. McQuistion,
Eqrs, of Butler, delivered stirring and
patriotic addresses. Revs. Gillespie.
Layerty, Lewis and Patterson, of Evans
City, were present and spoke, showing
that our clergy is filled with patriotic
American sentiment, which now ap
pears to have rightly taken hold of the
people without distinction of party, de
nomination or color. The meeting ad
journed with cheers for the speakers
and all felt the. better for having been
there. An effigy of General Weyler
was blown up with great report as a
finishing touch.
A ring Raising at Isle.
The citizens of this community had a
patriotic demonstration on Tuesday
evening the 14th inst. A fine 00 foot
pole was raised in front of Watson's
store and amid the cheers of the large
crowd of people the stars and stripes
were flung to the breezes.
Patriotic speeches were made by Rev.
E. C Shnmaker and W. T. McCandless,
Music was furnished by Edmundson's
band of Prospect. Lemonade was served
by E. A. Watson and everybody had a
very enjoyable time.
The Producers are paying Si) and the
Standard 87, for oil this morning.
CON N'xjt'K NEHH I N< • Twi' Golden A
Co. lately struck a nice well on the Ed.
Shunter farm, part of the old Dutter
farm, a half mile south of Mt. Chestnut.
Several farms in that neighborhood
have lately been leased.
MA<;IC Ah. Nicklas lately finished
agood well on the Brown heirs, and
Paul Troutman one on his own farm,
the old McClung Vance & Frantz
drilled doth wells
The new English Lutheran Church
will Is- dedicated n<-xt Sunday, at 2.30
Butler Presbytery, at a meeting held
June 7, appointed a committee to install
Rev. Wilson II Sloan over the churches
of Mt Nelsj and Prospect, Messrs. Wil
ber M Campbell and John E. Rodgers
were ordained as Ministers of the
Gospel. Mr. Campbell, who is a son of
Mr and Mrs Harvey Campliell. of Con
cord Church, is to go to China, as a
missionary, and Mr Kodgers to Idaho.
Licentiate /.era M Gibson, who iH a son |
of Mr. and Mrs Harvey (iibson, of
Bruin, Pa , was dismissed to the Pres
bytery of Philadelphia North, to accept
a call from Roxlmry Church Rev. J.
W. Miller was released from the pastor
at charge of Parker City Church, and
dismissed to the Presbytery of Pitts
burg, to accept a call in its bounds.
The church and the Presbytery are
sorry to lose Urothr-r Miller Mr. Elmer
C Workman was licensed to prfach.
Mr. John H Laurence was received
under care of Presbytery,as a candidate
for the Ministry The Septemls-r meet
ing was appointed at Centreville.
fourth of, July Excursion Fare*
via I'. A VV. Itailwry.
On July 2nd, 3d and 4th, agents of
the Pittsburg Western Railway will
sell excursion tickets to any station on
the line between Akron,Painesville.New
Castle, Pittsburg and Kane, inclusive,
at regular fare one way for the round
trip, and two points on the 1! Sc O Hail
road west of Akron, I'. T. & V C. A
<V C , Northern Ohio and W <ft L E
Railway« within radius of 200 Miles from
starting point, at limited fare one way
for the round trip, good returning until i
July sth. No excursion fare lens than
25 cents
General Passenger Agent.
John S. Love of Clinton twp. is seri
ou«'y ill.
Dr Crawford of Cranberry twp is in
town today.
W. J. Boyd, of Brady township, was
in town. Tuesday
Misses Hoover and Biglow, of Parker,
are visiting at the home of Di. Hoover.
Ex-Judge Hazen's engagement to
Mrs. Mary Foster is announced in the
New Castle papers.
Mrs. Margaret Martin, of Howard
street is visiting her daughter. Mrs
Rev. T. M. Thompson, of Sharpsburg.
Henry G. Mechling, one of the sons
of the late Christian Mechling, and a
nephew of our present "uncle" Thomas
Mechling, is here on a visit to his rela
tives. He resides in Denver Colorado,
to which place he remoyed about six
years ago and engaged in the gold
mining business, in which we are pleas
ed to learn he has been successful. He
left Butler about 25 years ago. and first
located in Nebraska
The barn on the old Z. Conn place in
Washington township, now occupied
by Geo. Gibson, was burned on Wed
nesday evening of last week
Shortly before 5 o'clock, last Sunday
morning after all that rain, smoke was
seen issuing from the bouse of Edward
Bauers on W. North street Nobody
was at home, and a neighbor broke the
door open and found the house burning
in three different places, so he gave the
alarm and the Firemen came and
extinguished the flames.
During the storm of Saturday night,
the barn of Jacob Roenigk in Centre
township, \\ as struck by lightning and
destroyed by fire, together with some
small stuff. It was an old barn, and
there was a small insurance upon it j
Simon Young's house in same neighbor
hood was struck by lightning and
slightly injured.
The house of Samuel Taggert of
Brady township caught fire from a flue,
last Sunday evening, and was destrov
ed with all the contents of the second
story. The loss is several hundred dol
lars, with no insurance.
Col. Cody's Only Card.
Once for all, and all rumors and re
ports to the contrary notwithstanding,
I beg to most positive'}- assure tny com
rades, friends, patrons and the press,
that wherever and wheneyer my "Wild
West aud Congress of Rough Riders of
the World" is billed to appear, there
will Ibe with it a'so. That I not only
always personally direct it as a whole
and every production connected there
with, but invariably appear at each and
every afternoon and evening perform
ance, conscientiously fulfilling ever}
advertised promise made in my name.
My place has always been at the front;
I have not been accustomed to loiter at
the rear.
Yours very truly,
W F.CODY ("Buffalo Bill").
Itednced Kates to Altoona.
For the Democratic State Convention,
to be held at Altoona, Pa., June.2'J, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell excursion tickets from stations on
its line in the State of Pennsylvania, to
Altoona and return, at rate of single
fare for the round trip (minimum rate,
twenty-five cents). Tickets will be
sold June 27. 28 and 29. and will be
good to return until July 2, IH9B, inclu
I will give, a liberal reward for the
return of or information regarding a
female, Begle hound that was stolen or
strayed from my premises on the Kidd
farm in Adams township about four
months ago. Her color is dark-rattan ,
she is 10 to 17 inches high, and has sear
on inside of one ear.
Mars P. O Bn tier Co., Pa.
Convention National Educational
Association, Washington, O. C.
For the National Educational Associ
ation Convention to be held at Wash
ington, D. C., July 7 to 12, the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company will sell ex
cursion tickets from points on its line to
Washington arid return at rate of single
fare for the round trip plus $2.00 mem
bership fee. These tickets wiil l>e sold
on, and good going, July 4 to 7, and
good to return leaving Washington
July 8 to 15. when stamped by Joint
Agent at Washington. By depositing
ticket with Joint Agent on or before
July 15 and on payment of 50 cents the
return limit may be extended to August
ill Tickets for side trips from Wash
ihgton to Gettysburg. Richmond, Old
Point Comfort, and Southern battle
fields will be on sale at the ticket offices
of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
in Washington during the continuance
of the Convention.
Slimmer Outings.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
announces the following Persoiially-
Conducted Tours for the Summer and
early Autumn of 1898: —
To the North (including Watkins
Glen, Niagara Falls, Thousand Islands,
Montreal, (Quebec, An Sable Chasm,
Lake Cham plain and George. Saratoga,
and a daylight ride through the High
lands of the Hudson), July 20 and Au
gust Hi. Rate, sl<K) for the round trip
from New York, Philadelphia, Haiti
more, and Washington, covering all ex
penses of a two-weeks' trip. Propor
tionate rates from other points.
To Yellowstone Park and the Trans
Mississippi Exposition on a special train
of Pullman sleeping, compartment,
observation, and dining cars, allowing
eight days in "Wonderland" and two
days in Omaha, September 1. Rate.
s2i!s from New York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore, and Washington; S2!JO from
Two ten-day tours to Gettysburg,
Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge, Virgin
ia Hot Springs, Richmond, and Wash
ington, September 28 and October 19.
Rate. SOS from New York, s<>:) from
Philadelphia. Proportionate rates
from other i>oinls.
For itineraries and further Informa
tion applv to ticket agents, or address
Geo W. Boyd, Assistant General Pas
senger Agent, Philadelphia.
Notice to Wool-Growers.
Messrs. Troutmnu's Sons requiting all
the room they have for their own busi
ness, I have changed my location to
Graham Bros.' grocery store, just across
the street from my old location with
Troutinan's, where 1 will be glad to see
all ray former woo! friends, assuring
tliem of fair treatment, and the market
price in cash for their wool. Trout mans
wish to state that they have gone out of
the w'»ol-buying business altogether
WM. I'. UL;M!II'.KOJ'.K.
Ask your physician il he does not
think a sojourn at Cambridge Springs
would do you good. If you need rest
and nature's tonic, good mineral water,
he will answer, "Yes." Hotel Rider of
feis accomodations equal to the best.
Send for circulars.
—Music scholars wanted, at 128 W.
Wayne St.
II h delivered to all parts of the
■ to ,vii, every driy. I<eave or
ders at
142 Main St.
Sunday Excursions lo Allegheny.
Commencing Sunday May 22nd and
until further notice the Pittsburg and
Western R. R will sell excursion tick
ets to Allegheny every Sunday for train
leaving Butler 8:15 A. M. city
good to return on afternoon trains date
of sale. Fair for round trip 75 cents.
I Vmisylvania < 'haiilaiKpia.
For the Pennsylvania Chautauqua I
to l»e held at Ml Gretna. Pa July I to
August I, 189« the Pennsylvania Rail '
road Company will sell tickets to the
general public on June 20 to August -1.
good to return until August 10. inclu
sive. from stations on its line in Penn
sylvania, to Mt Gretna and return, at
reduced rates
Tni'hc Years.
It waf rumored around town last Fri
day morning that Mrs Miller intended
| pleading guilty to murder in the fecoud
. degree and the repott fiiled the comrt
I room but when the matter came up
I there seemed to be some doubt about it
Thompson said he had had no conversa
tion with her. Marshall said he had. but
thought her insane, the District Attor
• ney and his able assistant '. Hon. Wm.
| A. Forquer. both thought she ought to
hang as high as Haman. but consider -
| ing her »ge, probable action of the Par
j don Board etc. etc. were willing to ac
j cept a second degree plea.
The Court directed Rev. Cronenwett
; who was in Court to engage Mrs. Mil
j ler in conversation and find out if she
1 knew where she was and what her att'ys
proposed doing. She knew well enough
and protested some, but signed the plea,
and after some more dickering the
Court fixed her term at twelve years,
and the Sheriff took hei to the pen, that
| evening. She was gentle as a lamb go
[ ing down and asked the Sheriff t
plead for a rocking chair for her. whie
' he did.
Forquer was feeling good after the
affair was over, he was the only mar
concerned that got a "'puff" out of it.
A son of Peter Kepple, of Buffalo
twp . lately had a leg badly injured
while dragging logs.
Young Albert Rummer, of E. Cun
ningham street, was accidently shot in
the leg. last Thursday evening, by a
boy who was shooting at a cat. The
ball nearly pierced the leg and was cut
out from the opposite side by Drs.
Bricker and Moore.
Mrs. John Stoops, of Donegal town
ship, was shocked by lighting a few
days ago and has been in delicate
health since.
Wm. Lobrance.of Franklin township,
had four cows and one horse killed by
lightning during the storm of Saturday
evening. The}' were in the pasture
field at the time, and were in a row
close to a wire fence.
F. DeHas Ekas, of Clinton township,
was in town, yesterday.
Samuel C. Turk, of Brady township,
and daughter were in town yesterday,
visiting his nephew, R. J. Thompson,
of Bluff s f reet.
Our grocers are paying 10 for butter,
12 for eggs, 60 cents a bn for peas, 1.50
for beans, 1 50 abu for cherries. 1.25 to
2.00 a crate for strawberries.
Our millers are paying 75 for wheat
and 40 for rye.
Krdiiccd Kates to Nashville via
Pennsylvania Railroad, account
Christian Endeavor Convention.
On account of the Christian Endeav
or International Convention, to be
held at Nashville, Tenn., July 5 to 12.
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
will sell excursion tickets of the con
tinuous-passage, ironclad signature
form, from stations on its line to Nash
ville, at rate of single fare for the round
trip. Tickets will be sold, and good go
ing, July 2to 5; retnrning, tickets will
I» good to leave Nashville to July 15,
inclusive, except that by depositing
ticket with agent of terminal line at
Nashville on or before July 15, retnrn
limit may be extended to* leave Nash
ville to August 1, 1898, inclusive.
Kxctirsion to Atlantic City via I*.
«V W. via It. <V O. ItailroiulH.
On July 14U1 & 28th and Aug nth
& 25. The P. W. will sell special Ex
cursion tickets to Atlantic city via B. &
O, Washington I). C. rate from BuHer
ten dollars. Tickets good 12 days;
Independence Day.
Tickets will be sold between all sta
tions on line of the P. D. & L. E. R. R.
July 2nd and 4th, good return July sth.
at one fare for the round trip. Special
attentions at Conneaut Lake and Slip
pery Rock Park.
For Sale.
Ope of the best farms in the county
located on the Freeport Pike, one-half
mile from Ilannahstown, in Winfield
twp.—s6 acres, good house, good bar
young orchard, well watered, 6 acre? <f
good timber; level rolling land.
Inquire ai this office.
—We have 20 large U. S. flags—Are
you going to put one on your building?
Send size and ask for price. Shum.in &
Bros., 414 Wood St., Pittsburg, Pa.
—l'or bargains in valuable and desir
able residences inquire of Walker & Mc-
Of Interest to You.
Parties wishing to engage in the livery
business, call on Walker & McKlvain for
location and outfit,
Any of our readers needing gas stoves
or gas ranges, gas fronts or any gas sav
ing appliance will find it a financial sav
ing to call at the store of W. H.
O'Brien & Son. 0,1 P- asl Jefferson St.
and get prices on the extensive line they
have on exhibition. They are also
agents for the celebrated Welsbach
Light, of which more than 1200 were
old in liutler, last year.
New Spring and Summer ar
riving every day (prices much BELOW
ples Store.
1 will offer for sale my complete out
fit of Butcher tools, Including ice-box,
blocks, scales, counter, racks and slaugh
ter house outfit. Also wagon etc.
553 Mifflin St. Butler.
Notice to Teachers.
The School Board of Mars will receive
applications for the Principal ship of the
schools of the l>orough of Mars tip to
Saturday, lime 25th, 18!(8.
A C. lItVINK, Hec'y
Notice to Teachers.
The School Board of Oakland township
will on July 23, 1898, at 2 p. m., engage
teacher* tor the ensuing school year, at
Mlllinger school house N'o. 2 in said twp.
Term (7) seven mouths.
Wages J>33.00 per month.
Also will receive bids to supply said
school house with coal. The directors
reserve the right to reject any or all bids.
By Order of Eoard.
JAS. koiiKRTSON, Sec'y.
Oreece City, Pa.
L. A. MIU.INOKK, President.
IJutler, Pa.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
eleventh day of June, 1898, the petition
of the Pioneer Natural Gas Company for
dissolution, was presented to the Court
ol Common Pleas No. 2, of Allegheny
county, and that the Court has fixed July
ninth, at 9.30 o'clock a. m., for hearing
the same, at which time all persons in
terested therein, may by heard
Solicitors for Petitioner,
Exposition Hotel
U AN " 1+
% Hotel Mantor, %
!+ F. M. LOCK WOOD, g
■+• Butler's nearest Summer Kesoit. • +
Good bathing and fishing, rjr
■•-f and all Summer Resort
+ ♦»
•4- Amusements.
;f" # •
■-i -i 1 ? I• -> i -f HJ -t I *J *
+ • f - f ■ 4- - t - f- *■ -f •• f - -f«-f- ■+• ■+ -
If you intend building a honse, barn
or anything else, this Hummer, send to
('. «» Campbell, liutler. Pa contractor
and builder. for estimates on material
and labor
Our Method
Doing Business
We hope will merit your
patronage. Ours is not »he
only store in Butler, but
we <lo try to make it such
a place to buy your drugs
and medicine as to win
your confidence and secure
your patronage. IX) not
come to our store for cheap
drugs. We don't keep
them. Nothing but the
best finds a place in our
store and ewry article
bearing our name is guar
anteed to be just as repre
sented or you cau get your
\ioney back. We buy the
best, sell the best, keep
the best and recommend
the best It is this meth
od that has brought to
our store a and de
sirable patronage. If you
have never dealt at our
store we would be pleased
to have you call. We try
to k-jep everything that is
likely to be called for in
our line, but if we should
not have what you want we will frankly
tell you so and will be pleased to get it
fou you at the earlies possible moment.
We give yoa what you want, No substi
tutions permitted. Let us fill your
prescriptions Respectfully,
C. N. Boyd , DRUGGIST.
Diamond Block, Butler, Pa.
Letters of administration ou the estate
of Harriet Thompson, dee'd., late of Clay
twp . Butler Co., Pa., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
R. C. THOMPSON, Adm'r.,
Elora, P. O.
W. C. FINDLEY, Att'y.
Letters of administration C. T. A. on
the estate of Nancy C. Stewart, dee'd.,
late of Centre twp., Butler Co., Pa., hav
ing been granted to the undeisigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to.
Admr. C. T. A.,
Mt Chestnut, Pa.
J. D. Mcjunkin, Att'y.
letters testamentary on the will of
Richard G. Nelson, late of Middlesex
township, Butler county, Pennsylvania,
dee'd., having been granted by the Reg
ister of said county to the undersigned
Executors thereof. Therefore all persons
knowing themselves indebted to the
estate ol said deceased are requested to
make speedy payment, and those having
claims against said estate can present
them properly authenticated for settle
ment to
T. A. PARKS, Executors.
K. Mcjunkin Att'y. Glade Mills, Pa.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Sarah Jane Craumer, dee'd., (widow of
Israel Cranmer, dee'd.,) late of Centre
twp., Butler Co., Pa., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make iuimediale payment,
and any having claims against said
estate will present them duly au
thenticateal for settlement to
J. IJ. McJCNKIN, Ex'r.,
Butler, Pa.
letters testamen.ary 011 the estate of
Robert Trimble, Esq., dee'd., late of
Middlesex twj>., Butler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Flick P. 0.,
W. A. DENNY, Butler Co.,Pa
McJ utikin & Galbreath, Att'ys.
Letters of administration C. T. A., hav
ing been granted to the undersigned 011
the estate of John P. Roll, dee'd., late of
Cranberry twp., Butler Co., Pa; all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to
saiil estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Thorn Hill, Pa.
Letters testamentary, C. T. A., on the
estate of Newton Lurting, dee'd., late
of Adams twp., Butler Co., PH., having
been granted to the undersigned all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
the same will present them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
Mars, Butler Co.. Pa.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John M. Mcßride, dee'd, late of Middle
sex twp., Butler Co., Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
ment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for .settlement to
Bakcrstown, l*a,
E. Mcjunkin & J. M. Galbreath, Att'ys.
Letters testamentary 011 the estate of
Moses Thompson Esq. dee'd,late of Centre
twp Butler Co. Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment and any
naving claims against said estate will
present them duly authenticated for set
tlement to
Butler, Pa.
Painter & Murrin ott'vs.
letters of ndministiation on the estate
of llarj>er Campliell, dee'd., late of
Washington twp , Butler county, Pa.
having been granted to the undersigned,
all persous knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will please make immedi
ate payment, ami any having claims
against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement to
North Hope Pa.
W. A. and F. Forquer, attorneys.
Buy Direct from Manufacturers
Single Tube Tire. Light anil Fast yet
Strong and Durable.
$5 00 Per
The King Mfg. Co ,
Offiee K»> Arch ht I'hliiulelplita Pa.
Insurance and Real Estate
? We Declare War ij
S Against every Clothier in Butler County and vicinity, and »
v offer to Clothing Buyers of Butler County 3
£ iji2Bo Men's and Boys' Suits J /
) 1 in 14 Different Patterns I ?
? | crt $5 A Suit. | ?
\ There's nothing in the market we safely say that can equal >
S these suits. Suppose you look into the matter. X
p When in town drop in and ask to be f
I shown these suits—no x
trouble whatever. 1
Shaul &• Nast, *
137 South Main St.. C
Butler. Pa. I
2 AT J
5 Bargain Prices! |
t Special sale of Ladies Hats at $2.00, the kind ■
# you will pay $3.00 and $3.50 elsewhere. #
T Have you seen those 79c Hats for Children? W
\ oil will agree with us they are worth twice J
the price. J
UIOB S. MAIN ST., Butler. £
< "Summer 1 X 1 — , Summer <!>
< ►Millinery.*—'• * • * Millinery.* >
\ [The Leading Millinery House of Butler Co.J |
* We are overstocked ultli summer millinery goods, and must net rid of them '
i Laud ill order to do so we will sell nil the very latest Ilonnets, Hats, Sailor*. Walk-j
£ injr Hats. Flower*, lilbbons, Ac., regardless of first cost. '
V I Mourning Millinery for Immediate use I {
i > I Always on Hand. I |
\ '122 S. Main St. T. Pape, 122 S. Main St.A
14 Greatest f
Pl Tan Sales. L<
This sale will have imitators bat it will not be equalled. We
i bought too many Tan Shoes. We must lose money on them B
i now or later. We decided rlia'. it shall lie now in the Wi
' best of the season when every one wants tan W
4 shoes. There was no half heart- B
. ed price cutting here. In a WA
case of this kind we believe heroic methods
i are best. Prices are now about oue-tbird less A
. than our regular prices, which means that they are less V»
' than one-half the price asked by most dealers for the same grides. L
. Men's $5.00 Tan Shoes go ut |3.50 Ladles' J4.00 Tan Hhoes go at —53.00 W,
► 4.00 " 7 - •• 3.00 " 3.50 2.50 LI
. 3.50 2.U5 " 3.00 " " " 2.25
< " 3.00 2.25 '• 2.75 ....2.00 W
. •' 2.50 " 2.00 " 2.50 " " " "... 1.75 f.
► " 2.00 .. 1.50 " 2.00 1.40 '
► Remember Tan Shoes wear better, look better, and <
i are cooler than black shoes in summer time. ►
k See our window for styles and additional cut prices, 4
< or better yet come in and let us show them to you.
i ►
y Leaders in low prices, BUTLER, PA. J
Notice Is hcmly given that by virtue of an
ord«*r or decree of tin* Court, of Common
ri.-iiH, No. 2, of Allegheny county, l'a., enter
«♦«! at No. f»25, October Term. !hw7, in partition,
tin- undersigned Mivitor will ofTVr and expoMi
at public salr, on the premise*. on
22nd HA V OF .lULY, I*l*.
utoih* o'clock p. m., the following descrll>ed
real ivstaU':
All that certain piece or nurcel of land
situate In Clinton township. Itutler county,
I'a., beginning at a nost; thence north two
degrees w«*t along the hind of tin* heirs of
< 'harlot Itohn fortv-flve <l») perches to a post;
thenrr north etgnty-s<*vcn and a half (*7V4)
dt gn-es east along lands of Samuel iirinder
forty four perches aud ten links to a post;
thence west two degrees north forty-five
perche-*, along the lands of John Walker to a
post; t hence along lands of J. It McJ/tugh
-11 it i ighty-scvwi fand ahalf (K7H) dtigrees
I north forty-four (44) perchos ant! ten (10)
links to tin* place of t>eglnnliig. containing
twelve and a half (!2'/f) a»*res, more or less.
Tkicmm or hAi.K: Ten wt cent, of the pur
chase money shall In? paid or secured lo the
satlsfa< a t ion of the Master on the day of sale;
one third of the price shall be paid upon con-
Urination of the salt- hy the Court, the hand
payment of ten per cent, to lie credited
thereon; the remaining two-thirds shall be
paid In two equal annual payments with In
terest froiu the date of conllrmatlon of the
sale by ihe Court, the same to lie secured hy
bond and tight mortgage lm'ludliiK Insurance
427 Fourth Ave..
A. M. < iiidHTi.KY, rittsburg. l a.
Eyes Examined Free ot Charge
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Ncxl Door to Court House. Hutler, I'a.
HOTEL 111 •*> 111 CAFE.
New Mouse, New Furniture Kates
■ per day, meals 25 cents. Meals serv
ed in dining rootu at all hours.
MRS. NIXON, Prop'r.
Formerly of Nixon House. I
the construction of a nubile sewer
in the borough of Butler, Pa. and
determining the places of laying and
constructing the same.
Wiikkkah, it is deemed necessary to
the general health and the public wel
fare of the inhabitants of Butler
borough, to secure proper and safe dis
posal of sewerage from said borough
and to that end that additional newer
mains shall l>e constructed.
Hk< tion 1. The Burgess and Town
Oxiricil of Butler l>orough do ordain
that a public sewer to be paid for by
general taxation shall be laid, bnilt or
constructed as follows: lieginning at
manhole on Grant street, thence along
Lincoln avenue three hundred feet,
more or less, to Short street.
The sewer pljx> to be of the diameter
of ten inches to be constructed and laid
as snowjj by plans in the office of the
City Engineer. In pursurance hereof
the sain borough by its agents, em
ployees, workmen and contractors will'
enter upon, condemn and take such
land, property or materials for the con
strnctlon of said nywer main and works
as may be necessary therefor.
Ordained and enacted in Council this
21st day of June, IWB.
J. Geo. Stamm,
President of Town Council.
The above and forgoing ordinance ap
proval of by me this 23nd day of June,
IHIW. John T Myerh,
Walker & McElvain,
Kbttxhch Ulii.wnu. On. PosTomc*
Funeral Director.
337 S. Main St., Butler.