Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, June 23, 1898, Image 1

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Tbe blacker ye ar shoes the
?TaV >j; more dust they w!il shov,
/ii money anc still look
f 1 ot ' er Cur -:ock onnot b<
~ excelled e : .ther :a prixt, q- Ji
is/ j< Ste the handsome Btyies in
—AS Snc ■vesting tops.
—"gj>js We are offering some great
ft """" bargains in tan and blatk
» /i"
Men'* fine black viti KM tboci. .t'-'-5 i-at pU'.-ai leafTicr aijilal: 5/
M?a'» f.n" ici Ki'l ahoe* ; '-5" une tJ>pp«r-...,,. . . .'.,2-".
Li'ile*' Ctc ;ui :t shoe?' 1 .<•/>! Children'«#♦]•-- 2.-
Lar'.rn' Stir l>i::,."':* • tx> IV fivr ' : - . -h . . , v ... 75a
avl nr.ny oilier J'nH stick vi Icalbrr an<i '.hoenaken *» f'j.ii of a'.l
k !:<S. ffigli .fo:» *:th fo».r last* «wi» £■ 4jr Jo;,-
Mail att-r.ti.'rn
j HE 15 A WISE HAN j
# *
# —WHO hj;M ai:s IIIH ( un in s(, rinjvf <*
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i ♦>
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S J. 5. YOUNG, J :
._ ;
f lif good*, Hfy!••, lit ami (,'Miml 111.tk<- !
£ up (.1 lii ■ • 'iif \
| TELL their own .STORY. S
•a. ii '•
.' > ■ fe*y Ql 1 '"••«• " f ■ »i-i'i f"r-prt( x i-',;,..f i- ii„i f ( ,r
••>5. W -1 "'l',' - "1|» I- It< I Miul Vr.U. «'/v<n I'
,-<•{/>. 15 I:.' •• lit Tlx v; 1 < .!». f;. I I", <-'! I. .
" ' / t\ /'Cww ''• "li'WW. 0" '
I / L ia /» i» 1 1 ni ti< 1 '♦.<••» fW >
\ f . f K*\ / 1« th'l ~ ', I,: ,1 . v ' >'T '/' * 111' t, .11
/ M K IH / J U ' ••' ••»• ' .■. >ll, s r: 1 ' .
i'■ / v r\ ' ~,.,
/ Tj fl I' • r*<J <• 'i.»f I.r i. /
V (_/ • '• I'll; ' I .
■ 1 Mr ff Q R KBCK '
' ! ( | Mil I MERCHANT TAiLOft. 142 North
' Mam St, Butter. Pa.
■J-'-t • - 1 ; rr—. rr ——— ' : •* ,
3285. MAIN ST- 328 S. MAIN ST
M'»*t C'flj'iW* »t'»rk, fine*t jjOkUi, nfwcM. iiyl"* ami
pr c «< in Millmrrv, »ikl \rrfnnn-'
Mary Rockenstein.
: I
-i y ■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■ ■ • • - , ~ ~ —...
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? Plateware and Sterling
c Goods.
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122 S. Main St.
Old jjold ind silver t.lkprl Jihe sarin a. -*■
House Cleaning
T""P IN 1i.».: au<| ill'- War »i:aiM-.t i:u K Moilm 1-tc . u«. t! W|- II I! 11. .I
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tnixerl llic jiaiir lieforc pa[, -nu/ tin; rcitilt will \,i- .ry ,i <v
»lw) for M.itf. Rails, l-n.-.-t jK>wl. t,
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. .-|tt ' «c 5 t Ja» «I|, i . .»» ». "■ *' Ui ' ' * ' I'M j«» t».. '» • U4i / ill *>«»r p «11 •_. I »
f.i i. f y T_ali iJ.e s. -s '-ie • o.'ld. I
- s -"«teu >®E : i th. tK,vrc .«
' - ' ' ' : J ' ' '
°i v- <" c I &-*■' ' tS esc
• f 1 j§|S
IV *i.ialllt
irijfr 'yzr<l' . .'v.. . ; :C*'• ' 5
i 1 7 / j v ! - 1
\ - . ■ * ... --
J ■ ; ■ r li ..
TIU» If. V'jur ftpi^ortaaHy,
f>c . .. •. •'f r. <•:.•« t or'l ■■*:■ f .
b ftfet' 'l'- F ... . }4- Llljll tf U
J moot pepol • ■ D'iH*y I'" 1 "*
J -Hj-E C r» .• -. -32t to 4«p>6a
ftr»t-3t'.'- - : t.. r -a. >iy.
ELY BROriffnßß.
•Ou V s t ?i«w Ycrt ray.
r ' l Tin. .;ol:n '♦. -Ti of "f-at Pi"''. Moat,
r»- - ■ m".'!--' Kly'a Baim to me. I
4 <».. ra.j . hi* ! 'at' merit. It i« a J-ok:-
tjr« ri'ir- f< r ' if n-"rd a." 'lirvrtKl "
liev, t"rar:oH VV. O.n'ir..,l J rE.T.
Chotcb, Mo.it
:•! -..m T,IT". r - artnor.l*og'd
1 core for catarrh
-jcr «*x.y 'i r :^. Itioi, j(I c &t£.
A* n .-.-. crowns .v.ir i.ffojts to
j secure rb? hAiul iii'i
| most carter Men -
J Ijr • it aj! ;J the
j »«ir
'. There's a fieafj, Ufight
.«jjtTicl-i i'.yic our
spHrg ], alteru» 4 the Itin>!
that !..i 3nap am! art in i».
/ »• ti- ffHVr >ni'Cdi
t 1 man bfa : »>!:r i!• 't
i aiw i «lo','ar 'if —rrit ? 'l,l
l>2t t». '!♦€• If ll|«i '.f
» a maV.cfor
j $2-5.
) r- ,' ' * V Ctl (J
/' I »
PcaV'son B. Tide's
Livery Feed ana Sale Stable
il< trat .»<
Wick House, Butler, Ponn'ci.
WHV . • ti ha ml Tttl'l f' it 11 f «
}J« -♦ >i o;hi»l«h;hi'n vt>T' r>r f»'r:r i y
li< ; t •#»».: rtlin:' nti*l tr •
1 Ml .1 It/ ItUWiWWk.
, Stable Fo* S5 H ..'sns.
' /i-A'nf.. ■"
j i </f. fi.'ifM) '*r Hlirf*'
iifi'.'«»r * ' r fo'ii Hi < if.'i i tj'jtt&M
ttp«*n |fT»»; » » im» WJf;itU>U f,y
T'-U ~i,e , iii< K/t
| LC. WiCK,
J Hkai.Kß ui..
Rough £ Worked Lumber
Of M.i. Y.SHtn.
iJwr*, Sash, i', nils, Mouldl'ii};*,
Shingle-, rtiif} I.afh
Always in '
LIMI. ft\!te AM) pj.\STHK
Office opfKi-rffir I'. *4 W. Depf-t.
< Jeweler and Optician, y
5 125 S. Main St., S
N Butler, Pa. I
No. 41Q W. Jefferson St ,
Butlor. Pa.
A iirMi of \fi.u .r f urtiigii
k»i'l P.ulMriK .
ilwuy i In k.
I'll, Hiylij i»ii<l Wiirli
li. I ' !i ■'o
to /li# f . W'.f)
I 11
I* Un Y (1111 CSI < »111 i1 1
II y>u want <"••> i aii'l reiial»fr
'i. ■ 1 11i11j» or dyeing done, there ih
jn'.f ',ii. jilai.e <n f rr.v/i Mi".rr yt»u
Csn'.-B*- '-" mI iliar ii H-ti
\i 1 *> (joiiuir avfiiiihi,
VVI do fllll W,j||; ijj (>ut-
I'i'.r Thia it thr
liflne of year lo liav<- ,t pfctnn* ot
your house, (iive n> ,i Irial.
Aj'unt for tlin town si jdfotf
Hllri'l I —N iw v,rk.
OIL MfcAL ' ; " •
~!■ „ „ SVSS;
ft&t'lu lfi(' ' " ,H t'
.... Ilonbtrttl miattky '
v. ry I, i'l Writ, f'.i ....r clwui '
K.'..".v.' i j.,- - s
i ' > I'iw.l ur ii , ... j.
MiIJ-'Moui. in l«» , th It r.,utai ii«
i, "j j n ... ,t j wairrc.l hikl ii
K'K).| roti-liti . ,
iV,r ,rr, " s " ,( l u,rc 1
HUT LER, PA., '1 HUWSDAY, I :\K S.'i, lMs»s
<%•%» V«vi
; t I
' J By G. H. Pouiell. d
I !
0 raFFLES wan her "- , r» '-i- .bar
j pjHffvMi »> and • Meph Utophellaa
► wus her ;iif" fC- SjlM hid '■•• ftt u.-t.al
I vie.3 ot tiit lc!!ue t; l>e, a
i I doubi-- jiort:>n of thev: wb:;i ir.ti. *re
30 Jomio.'d.; r.bl.'.u' u:fernl
. ir -loW t •••:!' h, with a ItipMy-r --Iti
vated ■ tc f ." i • ■<■.?" a;. : fccatafcM iu
hie, iv... * appewjnei, v - d.s
fj .... ; . ... to ■ littjc IlTltJpt
g . i}. .■. toi td&ich
• ' but 0.. b^rt—u thing In
- litr '-uJm conspicuous by ltd u.'u«-i)ca
—can atone.
Vi t. 11 u ... a comfortabb. old-iaib
• ■>.*.♦•' i V. *■■ :se facing th« hl£hr»33<. I .'a.,'
, but i.» fat' for some moitlha I Ud
' ' l et;, alone, u..'l u«y h;-.fcband ..od Just
- . t'.n.-'l from one ol nfs sporting <j.d
i'. iCi.v.l.i. cX|/t'Uiti<ji.3 ii* south Anifcl 1 *
.ca. 11 hail a.ready W'>;i i <*l..*. 1
i.itt j i«»..">t, tuccfccded in brl.nf-
i Locit alive qalto A variety of beairtu,
' u:caily of the reptile older, \vLu»;e ex
( t.-ou.o rarity seemed to me a merciful
■ . provision of nature. Hut all hie pre
i lotta triumphs were completely
I cc.i. t I wxiu leai M'i, by the capture
, (.live, on thi« last expedition, of un
, abominably poisonous .s.iake, known to
those who knew it ai> the. blue dry ad,
• or rti'/i e fuulilarly, in backwoods «lu,ig,
■ fa- the "half-hour striker," In va^uti ref-
C.cr.c; to its malignant and fatal qual
Being Sit extremely delicate health ut
the time, I need hardly eay that I kn<sw
nothing of th'-fie grewsome detail* un
til afterward lieuty (that i» ui> hu»-
; bandJ alter catering my r.toia with a
i robust and sunburned appearance tlla'
! did my beirft go«*li merely obt--rve<l
| fan booa afc wo liad exchanged </rr»»t!nK
i —that he hud brought homo a pretty
I gnake which "wouldn't do tho Biight<««t
f harm"—On «rulve oiuiunuice which iic
j cepted a» be<-ajn<- a D< rvo'i» wife of an
| sjithuHiantle naturollnt. I believe I
| itwlKteid on it« not c-<»mi n% into the
J house. Fortunately tho weather
i very hot, so It watt de/dded that ton
j blue dryad, WTapped in. flannel ahd
I neourejy conflneii in a bawkct, should I>o
> left in the vin and th»» furth»-nt. i or
| ner of the verandu, during the hour or
| ny in the afternoon when my hunbatMl
had to visit the towr on buhlnc^H.
fie hri/1 gono off with a cousin of
ftlin'*, «n offlecr of f-ngiri'**rfi In In'iia,
stationed, I think, at Lahore, and homo
on leave. I remwnbw that they were a
long time, or what ii.x*in<*l ti) irio r»
Umt' time,' over their luncheon; and
fry- laat remark of our nutut an tiecaaie
out of the dining-room remained in
rny head ita even w ;udDglenn worrl.t
1 fiin in tiio head of ua Idle invalid
tip for the moHt part of the dnv
in <i silent ro»iin. Whist he cni'l wiis,
in the positive t/one-of one emphufltzilig
! a curioui ai.d surjirislng statement j
"ii'you know, by tJie way, it's tiioobf
•'nlrti.il tliot care a rap for the
cobra?" Ar.d tb'-n, my hurband seeirv
i ito express <llshel»ef and a
rh• r-»« the rmi'thty ri t"red itiy
boudoir; "It'ea holyfaetl Ooe*» for Itj
< Mi.r.rt! Itii* tiie beg/rar on toa«t he*
for< jou '»iii t.i.y Mar ie ItnibltiKon!' "
I J hfc ob ":rvi«tioi> did not. Int«>r« i.t wie,
liOt Simply r;ui in my h»(td. 'I hen they
I ':un»e into my room, aud for a few
! moincuts, as I wiu uot to The
i r ;flrw« i trl«-fi to hmuse Slr>ftl»v<, who
roNnei/x] r.itii.sn.'h a fit < itTii'>rtril}>or**-
.l/ITTi hi- att»W>tioii«
to Jt'iby, 1 icnrii< ii
ind iiff«-[-arahle frierd 'it minr,
tvh'ire ehorgo I v/ae i hortly left a*
lh<-y w<Tit o*if..
' f siippf e 1 may !ha- ■ been for
j leti minutes or w» I »u». i-waV
i f:le'l by th - uoiee 'if Iluby'il h'fkv^
I ' jiirrq.l.'ip out. tJir'UM'h f ho «.pWi yln
dou' jr«*».tless and mo
»sleep, lie h.vl i.vu^gllid himself '-n
--lith d Ut rt rff.m* «f>»U <dt puwrd
the door notb. »*. <»U-n«!bly lateherl ho
kV'.uJcl iia.'. iuu.il'; htn out by It,
tf i-u-p fTtttrrntfrtity 'iwl tri ','jxrfi douri
Hfi'l i" i trkiitt a < apiwltiV' wiilii, In
.fa'-t, proved filtttl tuhliu. That lt*nn
... ntchcd, I it a f. .. .-iioia-i t-i,
,/or tho dog on his return for'ld It
op*''i With a pa:d> fitid up In a
disturbed i0'l» u«r U". ary lj»d il'bv I
noticeii a tfny*pot. oftil'**! oh tho hlack
il<lo of Ms noM\ and naturally suppow«d
he tiiMl herat<»t»il hli/jßtlf against a
tnn>h or a pieetfof win-. "Hi'i>y." ' sahl,
V fiat, haveyoa l»e»»n ' hen he
us If iri pain, 'T"U'.'hlng el'.tte to
my aide, iitid ihaking fn every limb.
I khou'ld sn.jr thai T »»«i myself lying
with a aliavvl utur my t'"~t on a <leep
»ofa with a IfJfrh bn« l< I turned to
look. At btoflbm, who p»ram
hulatiag "the room, loolcing teffll ,- s and
■)th«'f InPiootit--+(er fmwlto nMMim-ineiit
<ni tho wainscot. When T
.giilfi at Die dog,
me with horror; he '«a»< standing, «>b
yiourtly from pain, swije from ' id« to
nidoand breathing bard. A«i I watij'u-d,
his bo'ly grew more ani'l more rife'd-
With hi.'i eye# flx«d on the half-open
■loo/, lie dr«w back an if irotu the a|»-
l>roaeh of some «Jr»-a'l>icl ••l»J*-» , t, nd
tU lusAd ".♦!th u pltlfol att/-rnj»t
uhl'h l/roke off into u otttUd
.rolled 6ver sideways and lay
f*rleml. The horrid stlfTfiCUß <>l tlf t»o<ly,
almodt resembling a slufftvl errtlnf"
! prerset, made, mo l<rll< - v«' that, he had
1 died us he stood, t'l ni.V <-i'l*", p'ir
hn|*i mvaning to <i'»f' i*l me. ' uulile
• o resist the unintelligible id' it. tiint
k th<- 'lo« hail been frl/ditened U< death, 1
followed tho direction of his la«t g"***,
I nn'l at ilrsl waw nothing The next m<»-
rricnt I observed round the corner <-f
the vefandn do<je a small, durV. and
i slender object, swaying gently up and
down like a dry bough in the wind.
It hud passed right Into the room nlth
the snme i;'ow r< «filnr motion beforn
1 {UtHwl v* hirt i*> ti.n<l whet hod
happened My i.tupi'T Iliibymust
have lion 11 at Hie basket, oil the v«»r-
M'l.'l till hf n'«iuh<RW I ft
Iff; It, ninl been bitt« n in r<*turn fr.r
htn [iiilnf hy tho i ionfinfihle Ixtist..
wiiloh I now i«w angrily r«'arin|j itu
[/vffl arid llrte' ly at the ileeil
dog within tUu>« var<iH of my
I uiu not ouo of th of' wwwh'Oi wfeo
Jump on ehuii * < r tabU a \vh« nt hey ties
it mudv', but. I i*l v.- Bi nnittlhitioiKil hor
ror of the most imnnless reptiles. Watch
ing thoblucdrytwl i>« Itgllded (i«fo»li the
patch of sunlight, streftmlog In fr»mt
r tike open window, and kno wing wljat It
WIL a, I <'(Bifnm to being an fripfli'
( i.ed out of m> wttn a* I <k I )iop*i to
b 4 ' I pfanply dare*! 'not i j<«-.ik oi iuov«>
a flngi'i foi fear of attrm'tlog the
h ,f ai l nttet Mon t<» myself ftuitdnuly
iUofllm, wary of patti tiff fllw ""'I
■jtld'-m / n tin' bach. tf'ntjy
• purring iiu the ba< 1< of lie "du
Htollies, an 1 have said, WIIM Inortl' liSte
lj vain and s>-.lf<:on»i-lou i. Making
al'.ikjf the top ut %)'!■ sofa
' li.gcf. i hualtj b(i ii < r <.f hei m«4(
r idfleent tall, phe lrf.oU<*«l th'* ueie*.
ridiculous <)icat»ir'* luingifinble Hlir
hnd prweeded hwlf-wiiy on Oil* pll-
Klining' toward me, When eurldeuly,
with tli<' rapidity of ll((htnir«g, a« her
em <.niglit 'hi Hound of tin- Bins and
Ji«-r i v'r. fill ii|iiin the blur rlryad, hrr
" whole vivlllxi'd "pl-i\ HI ting" dftiiiiwjor
II valtlsher], iu.it h* - i bod) MlTiuifil and
" goritim ted to th' form ol II watchful
wild Wast with the frroelou* and lu
. ut motive antipathy to a natural encanv
I blazing fr>m it« eyes.- In. one light
bound eh' was on the floor in u com
| prettacd, defensive, attltiido, with a'l
four feet close together, near but not
I too n.-ar, the unknown but clearly hot-
tile intruder; and to my r'irprife the
6ii..ke turc d and ma ie f.; T toward the
wiwiov.. &tOtHe# trotted lightly after,
r obviously in it» method of
i lucomotioa. Thea she a
i srm a:id playfully dropped a paw upon
t Its tali Tho Bnak" wriegl'-d frt< in a
> tnoaicut, bud colli:, j ita whole lengt! ,
• some throe ai.d a huli fr?t, fronted this
new antagonist.
i lh« aucuclty oi the cat u&toiUshtd
mo from fir9t. I have no to
belle»e ehe had ever seen t k snak« b' -
f fore, ietby a fcurt ol inatii.ci she set med
1 to know exactly what she was doing.
> i An the dry*ul raited its head, with jrilt
t<iring oye* «tr«ii forked tongue, citollles
crouched with both front paws in the
air, sparring &s 1 had seen ner dosome
time* with a large moth. Th© first
: round paßsed eo swiftly that mortal e> e
' foul'l hardly see with dl*t!i.ctc< i-s what
happened. The snake n.ade. n dart, and
• the cat, all claws, two rapid b!oe* rat Its
advanciug head. Tbe first mtucd, l>'it
■ ; the second I coukl see rsune hoiu«. ua
the brute, shaking lt« neek and bend,
; withdrew further into tho rug. But
I fitoflles er<*pt after it,-with an air of at- .
. tractlve<'H-rel"ssn« us which WHS Instant
: ; ly rewarded. A fell twu ftret of the i
i dryad's body stralghu-ned like a bla<-lr
1 arrow, and seemed to strike right into i
tlie furry side of Its antagonist^— ,
seemed, i say. to
eves; but. the latter shraivk, literally
fell back, collapsing with audi sudden
ness tha' she seemed to htiv«\ turned
fcerself Inside out. audbeeome the mere
skin oi a wit As fhc- serpent recovered
itself, she pounced on it like lightning, ,
driving at least half a dpiep clu v% s well j
home, and then, up{»arenUy reali/.lug |
that she had not a enough hold, ;
sprang lightly iitto Uie air frem off the .
body, alighting about a yard off Thrre j
followed fa minute of spurring ir. the j
air; the snake so-mingly lialf afraid to |
strike, the cat waiting on Its every
Now the poieonous snake when pro
voked is an irritable animal, and tho
next attack ot thodryad» maddemed by
the KcrntrhingH of puss and it» own lin-
RUC''4-HHful ex«rtions, was so furious,
and so close to myself, that I rtmddered
for the result. I <*juld not have left my
position on Uie sofa withotrt almost
treadii4f iij/<>n •StotHes, who#e bristling
buck vvfi» not a yard fn.nt my feet. At
laKt, I thought- u;i the blue drynd, for
one ae'-ond collod cloae '»« a black .silk
cable, sprang out the n- <t na straigl.t
and sharp as the plfcton-rod of an «-n
--gl- this lump of feline vanity and
conceit is done lor, and I could not
help thinking it will pn/bably be
turn next! Little did 1 appreciate the
i .o'l ret a of who, ulthout a
change.-In ber . iglhutt po»t, without, a .
wink A her llertc grt't,"
backward, aa.d up\*ai d on txi tlie ?©|i of
me, and JUtt-re confronted the cix my
calmly as ever, sitting. If you
u[K>n my feet!
TronfbHrig all over with fright, I
could not l,>ut observe tliat t.he wtii
tr-;nbMt If tx- with raff. '1 he iuiit
act rapidly rtppfvoched and no
strategy eittn»froph' / WHS '-ver I'M.
For a «!m.ke,n%«.ver}ibod_' knows, natur
:tlly T'i-i !t» he.'jd wli»n t: -htlng. In
tdiat j/ofltion thoa,-{h one may hit It
with a stick, It id extP iriely dillU ult,
ut this oaLtie Is'aA ithovvß, t., g< t h'dfi of.
>o'. ,a« th"? dryad, curie'! a eapltaJ S.
ijulverlng .jv. ! 'hlwltlg «/'t»tf «-"d for the
.ant time to" ?f» X-Tw gc. It war bound
to p'.: *r. v* fhe.'.u'ie ■' 'I ' • ■•t; '•
which I *-fy,Stff ff^iT* - .rti. no i/f fit/,jl|« • ,
which vanfrtfie*! -.vlifi'a jhgglli.gcelfi'ity
that would have dislocated the criHar
lu/iie 'if anv,otl.«r anlmul Iti erelon.
From Hiieh an exertion t*hc rnal;* re
ix/.titii itself with uu obvkiua effort,
quick beyond*'luestion, but neairly
'|i l« k enough Htfore I eould '.veil see
'•h.it Jt had inlnsed its aim, Htofflee had
launched Out l*ke nejirlng released, ard,
burying eight or ten cluwa In the bank
ot its enemy's head, pinned It down
against the (tiff cushion of the sof.i.
Th' lull « ' the ngonl/ed reptile flung
wildly In the air and flapped on the
arched back of the imperturbable
tlgrc;*. The whiskered muzr.le of
Ktotll*■ m dropjxsd quietly, and her
m#?t f.nce, frA'!/"**, thrice, like the needle
and hook of a sewing unoihlnc, In the
neck of the blue dryad; and when, aft
er much deliberation, she let It. go, the
txviat fell Into a limp tangle on the floor.
From the giant] «»f the tx-ar-t, as 1
afterward learned, they extracted
enough [K>ls<»n to be the death of 2C
full-grown human lyings. Tightly
cl'iHped between Its minute teeth was
found a Iw loiif/ halr», lat/% the proper
ty of Stoflfles. -From "Animal Kplsodef
ari<l Htudlen In fiensatlon "
Their Ob)^et.
Mr. and M>>. 'ivnivtll had moved only
a few we* ks before Into i fashionable
nelgbliorho'sl and were ptepariiig to
Isi.ue Invitations for their silver wed
"I'm afrnld," said Mr. (inswell, look
Ing dubiously at the pile of costly sla
tlonery I*ef<>i '■ him, "moat «.f theso will
go legging."
"Why, James," res|x>ud«il Mr*, (iae
well, "that's w hat we urn sending th*m
out lui I" •< hi< ago Tribune.
IffMi Hlir
Pf'rliajm P»h»* v* <in Jmi p«-rfinjFt
wnMi't. Ai»y vvny, lui'l Just hrurd of
th* nli'* rouM not h*l|i
I ti»# * H\rVm j»rl<ln In h»*r
<!4iptnrrd yiiith
"I<« 'ilJy," >»))(' II I I 'I lirr IJJJM otirlrfl
, "Du re**# li<> n< « <»unfinfr for
In thrr#-V Hoiih (/<•'. jjU- think
thry hnvi* won tin- tfsitiit tvh«*n tiny t
th»* bi»| i/»| M lilrnifft
l h Nprliitf Itrflrrdon.
> Mh" |r»vl'l f"T tli< l#*»lI
I AriU lir»pr'/v»*rn#nt* they n' Jl
( nutty i'i mt ntjon by w»/n«
"TU't >^»iblk«/'
nh*. "ar+ aUk**
TU» trlrnmlinfn ♦ -««t in«»rn thmn ♦!»-• fiuni**
WiinhlnKt'tii Hlur
A nri.vnm.MTU. roinii.iCM
s ji|
Widow Cn»y Ah, Mr Polsn, when
in\ oulil man died It left n big h'.le In
my heart.
Mr. Is.liui Mrs. • u»ey, would ,v
liiolnd patchln' It wld a bit out «»f mini*?
I Harlem Life.
JMTFFKRR !•€►<»•#» «r» flu- IKIIMIIUM
• Ja' k rfprft" « oultl I'Mt no f«».
I »ru wir-> ut»»'» IMITI.
l«*or tt»« y W'-r»» ut t lm K loiidlkt, wh*r«
i»**op!n llvo on Know mi<J »lr,
rjifiit i» nivnr n*
f, Ji>
OLD Farmer lirownlee was movjug
alowly across his big. onion iield.
He '* as on bis hands and kneee, acd h.s
iiead va- l*eni. low so that hkt ncar
e:ghtedey«'«could distinguish the weeds
ninong the tLny, Tipright onion pelt ts.
Nov. ar.d then hi raised himself wearily.
His Viaclt was too old and rheumatic for
puch work, and he wished that one of
his boys had cho? n to be a fnrrr.er In
stead of a busiLe-H or profeasior.al man.
When at hom< they had taken nil -uch
work u» tiii.- from him, but now tlielaftt
or.a of them v. ;s pneking hi* tn.r.'k for
the city, and hereafter he rnufcl do his
own chorea and onion weeding. We_l,
he would not complain; the boy; had
bettered them*elv..s, and thut was what
he most, desired.
When he reached the end of the row
he fctraightentd his shoulders v.lth a
iigh of relief. Then a look of surprised
inquiry came into hit face. He thought
he kr.ew«-very boy In the neighborhood;
but there, from the topmott rail of his
f' nee, a rrgged, unknown hoy < f
' f2 or 33 woe reg-ardlng him earnestly.
As he looked up the boy grinned conci.-
"What i« them things you're surare*
' fill "liout tendln', mister?" ho fu-ktd.
Farmer Itrownlee'h face darkened. I
The liVea that anyor»e could be eo lg- ,
norant as not to recognise growing on- j
ic4i» never entered lib. head.
"None of jour Mas, boy," he eald,
1 angrily ; "an'just siippoie you git down |
' off that fence. Fust you know there* I i
' be a rail broke, or Ruthin'."
The boy sprang nimbly to the ground; j
! but it, was on the inflde of the fence and i
J not on the outside, as the old man had ]
, Intimated.
"I'd like awfully well to know what !
they be, mister," he Mild, as he lKf.it !
down to examine the green, needle-like j
points. "I've )>ceti watch In' you a long
time, an' 'apcrse likely they're some ex
tra lice posies, you're so careful of 'em. j
But «ay. If you don't ntiud, I'd Mke to :
try a raw of 'em across. I b'llcve I can !
do it."
The look of anger ou Farmer ISrown
lee's face became uno of astonishment.
A boy anxious to weed onions! und not
know what they were. Two phen' mi
ua that made him ulxiiost speech let:
IJIB boys had always been willing to dc
the work for him, buthecould not. rt>
member that, either of them hnd ever
seemed anxious for tli" Job.
"Not—know —on lone' Well, tb< t
lieatn roe!" Then u rjulrzical look came
Into hla I d'kuow'w I mind yo.i
goiri' across aud iiat k. I'll sit uruli i
this tree an' sort o' k« ep nn o%enilgl/.
You must be earcftd an' lK»t ptill up
any onions An' say," at the boy
dropped on his kne'-a u>.tilde one ol
the rows, "you haven't told rne yovi
namO yet, nor where you come from "
"Boy Cooper; an' Fm Oiie of the
ii' sh-air boys ovei ut that fnrmhouM
t'other side the hill."
"Urn! yes; I b'lleve I did hear ttol
I'i rklus speak of tuklu' some street
fur a week. ('l.t/.V idee, 1 thought
For ♦Wine minutes he watched the l»oj
dubiously; then fhe uncertainty left
his face, and hn leaned back comfortably
against the tre*
"Mighty spry with his linger*, an'
till!' * It IV ui;«- ■ * rn>
thought, approvingly "Do the work
twice as fast a* I can, If lie la a greeny
U'inl rntfkln' of another good farmer
lost iti him, I e'pose." Here his eyes
cl'>-ed, aiid they had not opened W'he i
the boy came beck on his eecond row.
A sharp *crtitlny, Hob turned
to the third row and again wend*-d Mi
way slowly acroMt the Held. As he rose'
from the. sixth row he heard tin sharp
eiung of a bell. Going} to tin" old man,
he touched him lightly on the shoulder
' I guess likely that'* yout dlnrtel
bell, mister," ho outd.
"Dinner bell? Hhol ahol Talnl
nine o'clock yet. I only }ist shet my
eyes a minute." He glanced up at the
sun, then down, at the newly-deeded
onions and his fA«e lengthene<l into In
credulous astonlahment. "You don't
mean you've weeded six row it! Why
that'* much a* my obstinate old back'll
let me do In a whole day." Again the
dinner bell sounded. "Yes, that's tut
me, sure enough Won't yon come In
an' eat wilh me?"
"No; Mis' I'erkins'll wonder where
I've gone. Hut If you don't mind I'll
come buck soori's I'M* eat. I'd like t«.
try them onions again."
"Mind! I should think not. Fin al
ways glad to run uerooa audi help."
It, was nearly half a milt* to Solomon
I'erkins', but when the old man re
turned to his onion Ib id he found Hot
liK'-ivdy there and well down In Ida n v
euth row.
They work«-<l until dark; then lhen.li,
man t<sik out his pocketbook Hoi
shook his head and grinned "I don'l
want no money, mister; bat if you'l
let me cotiiei again to-morrow I'll b*
much obliged."
"Come all you want to. 'J here'i
plenty of wfirk, an' we can settle whei
we're through Hut It seems sort o:
hard lor you to come down here on ii
vacation IIU' then woik all tin- time."
"Oh, that's all right, I like farm
in';" anil with a »|ulck spring In* win
over the fenee and running acroe* th#
It took three day* to weed tin
onions, and when they were finlahco
the old man again t<»ok out hi" pocket
ltook, but again Hob hook his head
The old man lookeil perplexed.
"Com*, come, Isiy take the money,*
he urged. "I don't, want noboih It
work for me fur not hi 11' Yoti'vc
alrm d It, every cent "
Hob ahuflled Ills feet nn«l looked at
the old man eldaway* "I 'lldn't cunt
foe no tnoßev," he snl<!'; "hut thrre'i
*ot>iethlng else line has my work
•utted ?"
"Y'-e; good woik't* I ever litul I'd
II k» to hire you fo» a year "
The boy'aeyeasparkled
"An' won It 1 you lis wlllln* tt» hire a
man, t<e»V" he askedv eagerly; "one
who could work lot* l»ett«r than me?"
"No, Ih a veil't work fortwo hands "
The eager countenance fell
"I thought may If you would," arid
Il'ili begun fo climb <>ver the fenci de
jectedly. "We winKln't ask much
wages, an' we'd work like any thing "
"In he Home of yout folks?"
"Mv d..d "
"tj'ln! Wall, tfwra'll be no fiouble
about work, I K'lens <i«>oi! hands are
war« e, an'your father could git plenty
to do In the neighborhood I'<rkln«
hlr<-« help, an' <v> lI>MM Ilrowu an'
Thompson. I'vt. i/'it ittt iil'l house flint
I'll rent to you cheap, an' you can move
111 any time you Ilk'- an' go to work
I'll keep you «tl'l"l,} an'be mighty glad
to gtt rid of onion wenJln'," grltnly.
Hut, lldtf's face fllil not brighten as he
"I don't b'lievo dad would eotiic, Vejit i
| he WIIA suiu of gettln" nmli," he Mild, j
I "We went out In tln» country la»t I
j •ununer an' Uletl lota of faints, but I
' nobody lu{^Jtlm l>ip.( »ejji
wouliln't try .Jji, 1 •.««;, j»r. -p*. t
to a look oi !l» rem fly, aedsitfed, a Ith
a sifddr-n flush r : ' s
"You see. li's just i!.ii Wax X>ad's,iht
best maa !:i the RU' he'- ,i fi»f:;
did worker; but bc's th it\ asy: likj an'
.pleasai.t he won't : . note.tv.
lie didn't dr.:.l, n:.\ . i i J
an' h.- eft :, ;,,vs we,-: -i- Idiout Itiof
—he did vvh'.'u I v.a- -i'-U n. : «•: a..
Ilisii an' BM It" all
tin.es he trtt* f6 g've t? Vp'toi rr.y
"count; but . 1. - ' I Shit
there's ten W -1... .-. • .-;g'it >:r
uli . ''t l)i. 1).. m ii, j..rt 1..:. t dt. il
If we lhwd v.a\ .iji ,u t... ,•. jtl* then
might be soinb > ii.. .>.
"If he only drinks now ..k' i:«*!n."
said the old maa, r- ii< o!i> ely, "ir n i■
st rt of tli.it he**-u;f'* w- ik
nowhere. I ki. •.*• a g i n.. iy hired
men v,ho drink a'TitMe."
Bob flush, d a id 1- a >^,u»tr:.«,ert .
"Vou see, he—-he can t stop wiicn be
or.cv- gets started." he> > xplained; "he *
to av%uii' —-uu' gOij . t..tiurvsi.'
"Lin. Hi ui.k ta. • t ae nine eih't'
Hob remained -11. ut. but ii!i'
fee; uneasily along the lalla.
"No, I do.i'r nkuti; : ru," ssild iht
old uiun, de<-ikdl> ; "i reforn iti'
drunkards.'' (
"lie alu't no Orunkut/i! ' viinl bill
fiercely, "lit.' t-usy . an' wi ;<• lired
j wave ninoßir rumstiej' tie <rrt;': t
widsky just as soori as. he e:e j>s on tie
, street, an' thexe's plenty of men to give
him a drink lie can't c tC't., but Ife ! 1
I you he ain't no dMH'Vrar'i' !!• 6Ttf*tl h;
ain't! he ain't! T: n. 11. < \ , ferl'tu i
i 'mon alwayti with hui I t-it 'ij "t i
; himnighte.an' L toiler him hi ~h< g •
| out. I wouldn't be her« now - ce, v t
I went off with & h>t >j* mm for twe j
weeks, nn' I cotvldti't p» Imi '
thought maybt theTe'd a ■ linn. •• fe'
' us out here; nn' I v.-< "k'-l f-r . i j
!ns hard as ever I could, an' h VI youV
jbe wlllln' to i- V mA gl > hfn. a th" w. i
i He ain't i.<> drucl.i. ' ' eie-ii*tlu«,- ,
I no swear talk, ait' he ih.i. l f'gbt. \\\
■ never titi uukiui-in ai: Jny . '■< n tot:c.
I Even if he doi » mink .'■■'? Ati d iti n\
i an' he ain't no u..i:a: I-. o. 80. 't
I nobrsly In nil the world »vid hiii- him-"
Farmer Hrov.nlec'w fa-t- h".-1 lest I'-
I severity iluring this e.sph ■ No-Ah,
i laid bis baud deU'iinoigly ij«<ii '">' IT* i
! urtn.
"No, 1 don't te-Iu .• ) < r i • !•
bad," he said, itinvely i " '.jte |
■aid more than I meaiii I'ti th-.' 1 It j
over to-ni* ht, nr." ou • .r« >••"! j
ngtdn In the mi trdti". 1 n-ice- hitd .i |
brother who i:r' ,, t - v'en lilo
. our jr.; but tb;;'' r !.'»* <r *' ■ s ~<t '
Well, u od-nig); I '
Ltob watched I i*i un il i • ..«- 1 .>• • J
tho shilfloWH, the:, i. ■ ell|>|.. <1 down i\ •
the fence, and w hi i toV/ird t'.t !
Ferkir-s farmhoiue.
In th* morning'Jw «>.,« br < - < .ijpll •
li ng before Furn ei iirownle - wiu»si'lr )
When the old tniir Vpp'-it'-i he w «
fttniliilig the b»-i;ta i.; d . i-r .ite
"Il'ni! more ivi'db. for ou,''
c'huckied the v.d lfit,il.1
"Weil, about y _>ur j a How'd.yvu like
to farm It u little S •r youi vrjlix-e?"
II- b lookisd it him cm iei i > ,-lv.
"II iW can we?" he> ««)«<!; "'vea ni.i't
got no land "
"I'll fix that. I c.iu't, M:e V'iv. nn'
your pa both, but I've lot:' of k'l". jund
I eun let you huvc tt;ui boat-' an' al|out
♦o <«res round It. for nlnio-.t nothln';
nil' you v-itii v ark tluxuit . i'. J'lli. ;t
you all tin time, or both y.mnu' yrmt
pn ]»urt of the time, • n" y et'll henitli tr
git conßidcr'ble W'irk .n-r tin i i !,->•-
Ixyts. Hpnre dny< \ u .-iiu rl, y<>ut
own liuul Ifyou'r'-i i til.u- I hlletr
in nine uitlen. Doe> th..' ii.it
Hob did i.ot iirwwr.i, but the Ii it oi.
hie fu'-e lend* the old m iti'si yi a tn in
kle, then sudd'-aly grow r.il fv
"Il'ml" he said, a» In- turnsd ti way
abruptly, "a'pose we . -» <•- ci .in' look
at th" house; then y-ou (nn go Id tin
Forkltiscn un' tell 'em yoii'n tc
stay with mo lifter this When it'_-
tlrne for your pa to git back you call gt
to the city mi' bring- him '.'own,—N, Y
-Ten thousand live oy. r f(.;'iue<!
the rjucer cargo re • 'iy •'••!. ei> d ii'uro
it Kpanlidi ;hooiter ♦<> t"|i' otib-r «»f u
firm at Marseilles. The feeding of i ueh
a numerouH living freight win got
over by tin- (.impje expedient of jdacliig
the cruHtuccana in a compartment of
thn hold ihroinih. which sen, w/itci Win
allowed to fl'iw, cnrr.viog with it tin
necessary food supplle;: iu the form <>f
i mull fl«b ami (nfui.oeiu dear t<. th#
crustacean palate.
• -Cofitiets In the penlt*ti' ti\T\' til
Hoine, Idaho, sr<- permitted
bull on Ratnrday ufteriiom 'l'iiv.N I liVe
organized two teams, and their j/loyleir
Is conaldrred tiulte clever
\ n Honor it l»lt» l*ufir<li»n
Hat. What d<>ea y/. <l.. tit the in w
al üb?
Mike <lt'iu on tbi ho". w.|rr vt'it'
eoinmlt tee.
I'at What's that V
Mike 4"li run tin fWuArTlhrli-in
Uf " "
iltMv sin- tl If.
"How did you |;ct 111 tin hiblt of
lying/" i"kvJ the iv xu 4U. hj/ihr, J
"Giving j.iliiMitii. t(i Mjrv* j
ui.t ;'li ! thai 1 . * i*.J•• f 1
without .my fiiK\" i• • jj#l. <1 IJI j
r 1 • ffl'V tfnl)> t.
Ilrt t>nu« lluiiily t <•<*«»Vt* t»l I«<fi »-<l.
1:... '• / J« i ■ • ■ ; i , 1 i •i• 11 #M
(lut Ixilifcnh f»'i «l !i *ll he J
lb IM
' tulr *I. t HIJVV'I
i i«." Zi i. .« ii' i. ti y inn ■ 11 ■ «i
w!ll'l<l)l 'I'»L OVVIIH »!•' llOllld' li I 1 lu f
uii' i 'H< IIIIMM! tli- ri'iit. N. V •I'Xii'Uljl
Pri-i'i' «lv i» I* .><•!
1 tint i t ll»l » «>'A '
tf# i»ii\ 11 M11i• tiior* »it t#-utlcni ft* th* »•«'* j
rlonpi of IJf' 'irifriih* i, y>u j
•wii't \r o ii# llt'iivrn In i i 'ill 1 W " I
"Wlij, Kl'ijuii «1 M i '* 4 htNijfti
< n't !#«» 11«»f la .
'ioni Vou > < ' 1 ' li»v* got moory
eiKi'ifrlj t<» mai ll' '1 unO li •• «;<>in
fortubly V
N« ; I until 2 lnuj kql tinjury
nno'iffti \4t Kct lonrt !«-<! ''f live r« mfort*
It)i!) Puck
A lltl»4llr I'rai nutluii
m Ju44O( b bat . kI I
lirfti tril num."
IIHU*» «]. Mr ti.nl lil* <!• y'» In
t]io «»t |i< r *1 li v foi* f« i :i»t*
on H h .in' !.i, " \ I < -'il
In In norit ti on.
i*m l Mv a 1 f c'' i * •t» ' '» ' '
li<*r (".» 11» •> %»» » •« V
I/lltl" Mow ll«> )«>U lllc t] HI?
I'lirko I iMlVfil't f414 tth .11 y I V
Ono ulll «»n.
Tom in) Pn, vshm » i > • «
Mr. fullijMi It « .»» J-1 n l.i" •
1 LIFE \\)»« II ti» •U\ I.' LTF ! . inv it \
Jour mil
| I Vlftr.l.-.
Ill* Um ii Mil tti*s\vi "l tu ut'
Mlm V *> II inn«t h . fvit, iimt
IIH If )uu fimf tin* wor 1 I « "•''if ' houJ
d«ra. - Voiiki ri Htatfuiiiati.
0 'l ♦>. r fcurro as he Is.
men should not gtb«
At a'ise quall.t oJdlti>'* ol hltt
I. -> »'.«.ucuy i .lunfuU '-as; hlsmetk
Ari l dilatory way:
His incra's more or !»<■» nhllri'ie,
A.. . «-ko his dt .cful b:»y.
T' t»r«n ny Lie—s.nd, indeed Ihi're art,-
i .wis l.Urer far to Sty;
Or borafc of Amby,
Or ■ ifu.i > . . r ck-pLant,
Or doe of sler.dcr limb—
V-jt all of tucs united can t
Scale try r« u -fa fpr.ilm.
A stranger. s+' ing hun ut first,
'A itli boviu Olid h uUllil Cvl luac}.
Wo count Bim above :huwor9t
:.t a lyrtiflrtiped;
1' it let that utrajiger. Ftildloua.
i ondcr the beast sodate,
At.i; vjan he'll count the little cuaa
A thins tupr ujsly sr<--t»t.
A.thoueh devoid of style or speed.
. Ui.y sort ul laßic.
Or r«>"! ; f>ree or "blood," indeed,
H<> pets there Just the sumo;
Wi; i uiore tnan half a ton of freight
I on with rope.- and stays,
H. t>:arts Off ..t a Jogring gult
'fiat fills you tvitb imtM.
To dlsffilyts nenv ho sletvly steers,
Aud leads the ralulßß hord<-- j
He :irst irnoi.K the engineers
V.'hi n mount tins must bu bored,
; Or 1 <ldge» ppu.i from height t ht!gN«
'"or tralfic's whirring Wheel,
11*8'tng with s'.mple-mtnd<tlmt*lit ;
... U.m i.wram!.l..f oiUtaJ. . . . ... » . .4
He B»v» the v ortd tlm liOuudlftij wrst.
l Treasured with precious ,or»;
He c! ml i d tho mountains' sn wy creft
I *jnd stole thalr precious stor<s 1
Fro.noting commerce wlver<- lingoes. |
"fho ratrgo.J i,r ito »3 found J •••• j
P leoU'd, gloomy, wlih tibr.oiw
Bwuiif Just above the ground .
And-svtr. whtti Mil rotlrcd,
I A tupefuA^ate,
He's y.-'t i! cre-attire much ftdmlred
Vid held In honor great;
i'or all th«s children roundabout, , !
A gladsoin«, merry pack.
I.lf. up their oheery tone* aud shout
Six d. ep upon hi* tack. ,
i God maOo the burro *• ho Is,
Wljoreforo men should not gibe '
At thO -o small oddities of Ills • j
Which mark hi* Aorthjr tribe; ' to j
No .rondrous speeding ha* ho sour*:'!
T.lke Star, or Robert J—' ' j I
llo's ijuito content to "HM the I-onl
; With stueKtt u»e«l vertvbrau. . > i
—Chicago New •
• l <
I -Y>< I
tf > I
I T A.RUn*ED at Eustou station Jtiat; u*
J ♦U'! train f<-? tht north vat u)>ouf to
i<t «; 1 J'jxni»t4 int«> tho nearest
oQiufwr<l ? nxeut r the door of which
' Af open, OTJII in which thero was but
J oi.o th'T t.
A. (lie (idlti moved oft 1117 Jtn*
■ pre* orw o,r my fctlow-travHor wi ro
' {hr- rcveriio ol nt 7T« M'tin *vi
j Oeutly a fidgety, utrvous sort of nmln;
1 ii« ht.i rußtlons jjray ej e«, without ruich
4X[.:f-twiLou iu ihtjui, uUlii! his iuir du<l
i»cai',d v. 10 uf a. rcdOisjU h'4o.
l'hfjrn ,w,» « on. ,tlie eo«t bcsldv I'ltp U
3ii:ll oakon Vox, «t'rohply bound with 1
■ I'S, au fl lita «'V<!B wcK" ' iMinsftuitly
"f incln" frojp tlriH Ih»x to m«lnn \yiy
Ml.lt. i illil not ot> nil llko. I to
k Jiit viuioß3>o( bilcrn.-vl niaolalnet nr>! I
do not 1< now \vh«t AUvr regtudintf I"''
i'or Ivftjiv uUaptv'» lu: li-.id; i
"i» it yo'-iiibl*, tUnt you ure tot
awuiV yf this
f, r : 'tafc ottfeffiY-fV*'' ' ] ; ,
1 T Ol;((J around, Und no itl<JH
,IW.T» of Mil ll illfr tlio ('list!.
'XJwii, lr," l-«c rcplied, "I inw»t b<'i<
<>X you in#tan|ly t« tt, and U-ove
i ,iu ti' iv lu AuiiUirv ailciKf." ;
1. .»—.. 1 !•;;(!' 1 1'.iir t'i l I >tm wtiir' tan-r
4 ;oii . I-.tl.i rut- of übont 111 miles an
mi, ' ,in(l w&uMj Mt «top fi'ntf! it
' ri Vc'ifd 11'finuill to'wn liftlfwity to by
>-itii.!<tioti ii. tiboirt utv lwnlr'* I
nUld 'Mot quitu uoo bow.J.'wu . ito «om
ply witJj Jiit. tci|iiet>t, wr, mUicr, cqtn-
JU«lnh »lid »ut.
tvpiicd with ii Ufyf>,t BoU;mn uij ;
"Then your ifiiic o« op your «Avn
iirad.' 1
Tliis \<J friffh'tWu tut the
IIUIU'H inurirtcr t"Onvliicwl tnv thnt lm
••lio V(JU DAKlfl TD ApUKKBH Mtjf
rntiHt lit lnhliuu, JloWCVttr r X pllt ft bold
luce o» the uiuiter up<Jh 11 /levled, to bo
1 .i;Ki'»!>t.d with (uy |iuwtq»iiptT, though
in realty I v«" wiit-chin# Ids crrry
11101 ciiient.
ftp miAtJt'lily I hold o'ftl^^ftoijrh'
h\ kT»|:«1 il' ld /^Oi. l,r« Unttjljorf
r liculuto word's-tlifM budde»ily
, jilni •<ll' b. nJilis hl*u. l« l dulntf I,
• -mu(; 4• t a xllin|>/.r •>! ttie butt of u pistol
1 iti<-kiufc out of lila i»o<-ket. ■ 'l
1 I'ti 11 utly ho Ix-gan u^aln.
"II im* you studied the ioiirvrlon»i»ow*
| 'i < I t kotrli.'lty, mny t link?"
I 1 i-fillctl lu the btp'itfve.
j "1 have," nuld he, ''nnd liavo arrived
10l 1... |i it jiilch of peifudlou that,aided
1 |».v th« cnutufitHof thi» liux, I could blow
i thl" lialiv and everylxxly lit. II to lu
i lliiit( »luml itonii."
"Hut," I lin/arded, "bow about your-
"I iili'iuld crtltniy mount Into alt
:t 11 • 1 nrvey the sortie without Injury,"
I felt i.otry foi him. In spite of my
' d.iiio"!• 'ii nltualiou. I thru tried an
' otlinr lio-U and made several eonttoon
>laoe retiiiiili" to lilni, toull
it Htreml In Tfiononyllßbleii, MKhlelily
ItOmtlNK out wltli: '
'l>o y 1 'ii <]tl|o tu addrtfi't lite, With
out liai IHK Hikt'liaoloaed to tiie whoyow
111'' V'|ut U'lntilty surprises mot"
I thooghl It be«t t<> btunvr lilm an'l
Iniicl'sl lilm my van), mi which wus inr
Mltb«d "J. 11. MnHli, giiallty < "«it."
"lia I itsed you wt* 11 Htnitiij yotl
lo.di |:iit< <oii' a bliukstfilth, If 1 muy
1 l; i ii, (In l imits 011 your face. IJtr
v« 11 wmiit to l(now who I am?"
I 1 < 1 I ll "tight I might as wellknow
1 In 1 niiMie, If ll'.) (Ibl not mind.
'\V<fll, 1 i!d In;, leaning fvrwprd atul
i•< 1. m lnto 11' 11 !• . I;' eplfig <»ne ha ml
1 1 i|>i»li i l.i ii vini (li ltJoinjiedintO
11,. . iiis 'i l smi the khan of Tiii'taiy,
but tl " 1 'lull IM <">f electrli'lty Itro Midi
• I it I mi 1 i ii now < liaiijjill»;; I may l>"
m )l""l . iii a fow hours, or even 111111—
nti ■ \., y>u look surprised; but per*
OH will hardly Mlmi Unit, mr
t•-mj»i • i|ulle 111 j" nils on viho I tnaf
111. I'l 11l lo be. N'ol |onf ri(,'o I«U ' mi
ll 1 iii wltti sotiic frieoitu ati'l I slid
lib. . • ■1! Int. the I IMJ- of HUI%
• it ' t!p , ' "Ulil (•( t out of my
j I ,1 u.i' ' ol thcJt UUKI r*,/jr.
1 1.1,01 i' Inn*' Neon tlioui soatler lln,
1 ha, ha!"
Good yracloue," 1 exclaimed, "yott
mJ" -
No. L! 5
tlor.'t moar it"'
O*.; '.ook'.ig at my rvatoh I found that
w-o hud yet. another quarter of an hour
b. .'ore *ho train Mc-aid &top. Allatonoa
to rny alarm, he said, quite unconocrne
ts!!y: — —■ — ■ ■ ■'
"I fool it my .solemn duty to inform
you that 1 am clianping, and that in a
fc-iv minutes I shall bo the king of
Instinctively I looked around for soma
mean* of esou-pe, a« the came time
pruspitig uiy uiubre}la rirmly, resolved
ut least to tcil my ii.ugera dearly.
As ive neared the station the train
siaLkciieil t pced and at last stopped.
Just us I jumped out the man mude a
spring at me, Hut I l'ortunately avoided
him and slammed the door in his face.
I pot into the next compartment, which
was empty; and tin th«guard closed the
door, i called out:
"Here, I say, guard, there's a madman
in—hut the whistle drowned the rest
oi my sentence, and the train moved off
before I hud time to complete It.
At last the train stopped at the sta
tion for which 1 nn» bound, and I
jumped *;ut. 1 transacted my business,
nipl «**♦ I liart tlpie tb gpiliC I turned
into the tlrst hotel I came to, where I
met Fred Charlton, au old schoolfellow
, of mine. Tie seemed surprised to aee me
and asked how I pot there. I told
him X had come >1 own there early that
morning; aud I then arooecded to trlve
hrm a sketch e>f tny Mventurons jour
ney. Fred smiled, and sakl;
I "Ah, yt«, old man, IVo Just heard
Something about H."
| "You heard fomething?" I said.
! From w};om ?"
he replied', "old Harris, the
' diamond merchant, told me that he had
| jUBt comedown from Iwndon. When he
i had taken lila-iteat in the carriage at
; till alone, just m the train
Marled, fome fcll<>w rushed nt thecar
j rlago and jumped In. Harris said he did
I sot much lik.Q the loohs of the isllowt
j Jind us he had about £8,0(i0 worth of
rti.inio:')ds "wltli hllii Ih a small box he
began to feel uiu.'orufortaU!«. Bt> he
dMertnlncd to try and frighten him out
t of .thu c«i ritgo by pretending madness,
: which, he says, he did so effectually
tin.i the. fe'Uvw in nhoor-fright hotted
first • t. jjjj;and left Myi tp
finish Ids Joiirney ju re alone. But I
little lirii w thai you were th« hero, old
miift,* R.\lfl tYM, "Yotl liiuat
st.'tyand bo lnfrodtleetl to him afresh;
lite will bo here to~*iight."—London
Kvuning Nous.' : >i ■
A r.os-c Mttdk.' 1 ,J;
'Phe mnrrtnf»e'«f the prince of Wblch
•Twli'ritiotfesi Alexandra-of lira mark In
gcnnrully believed U) have boen a lovo
match. Wheu a yqpiig months pirinco
wtta traveling In (,ierniaiiy with his tu
tor. Atpou£ other places they visited
the old cathedral ct(y of,Worms'—acity
which tvety Wlig'nct'lfcb" 6nfhhAlast
■mnltes a of ilslttnig tot thto'iakc
of' lt« which figures tw the
"NicbeUingeq liled," At the prtAoeiand
• his tutor walked up the aUle ©f the
they heard «oi\oda of ,ste[>s
bj.'lilud them. the prlntif^.saw
a voting girl enter as beautiful as the
pritieeKs irif ' fii'lVy 't'rtW, w4rt»'a dcll
cotc a/ul brown
hair full of sun) Split, when sne spoke
the WUH liushv'd tuid (ojntlc, "Al
exandra, princess oi. lirpmark," mur
mured the tutor. This was indeed the
first meeting of the prince apd princcsa
of Wales, and it is nshcrt«i] that the
ImpreKhkiii made upon the prince waa
au tmmedinto ouk, and' tlw princess at
once uKM(X!iutod the Kngllah stranger
with the of her girlish
dicamn-—A""ti.ta Constatutiou.
"Old lfun<tr«-<l" Too KUw.
■nfwmnm-iit; mi ■
ilnstiiigs, telle a few amuhii*#'" ll <l'" <lo teß
flf the e«wnU4c "Old I'araon" Wljis.tler.
One drty he ifent. tip the belfry
he toy nd a vyhitowaslilnv the
waTlf He Wu'i a np-hitier bl'tho local
band and was whittling a dlln'Ce turto as
hard IIM he could gfv.'iio'that he didn't
hear the pa won coming up. "1M tluit
a propilr tilne foo u piaccof worahJp?"*
shouted Whlatler. and .the young chap
waa taken übaek and sliamefiu'cd.
"Beg your pardon,sst"b t " he sold, "but I
forgot where I wos,'' and then, Jo show
he wo* sofry, he'sturt'ed whistling "Old
llnndrod." Xow, bi-tii'g'a memhtfr of
tin) band, hl« hand Irept time wltli the
music, urtd ao "Old lltondred'* mads the
whitewash brush, go. ivondorfully alow.
"Oh, get buck-to your.dnuee tune," the
old parson shoijted, "or
bo done."— N. Y. Tinges.
w<-n (l»i-«n Hh«n.
The . Shumnrkt. u trail* pliper of
rriinkfort-otiftJir .Muin,Ucrmouy,give*
ift i% stjirUlng Innovation
wliioh is projected In woman's shoca In
EnropsCi «ll,f»Ul«si<>f shoes next
summer will pre leather ones-pro*
sented for "pilllUcniMWobsllon.
AS A,. , | ,
" . vr• ffl i, i
x/ 1
s)n : T>o yo'u tbliik tin- average man lo
u« M upld before he is married lis ho to
aftei-ward V
11a—-Hure, or he would n't got mar
ried.- Itoston Herald.
K» l aid
i<h/m«i, N»uh h«d,siiortconfi|ngs,
In Oils pfuch lie Ksllit J, t
li« kn.'w qultv#11011(10 te
(>. In TChnti It mined.
Forfeited J>«llitlito,
"tlrumpy wtys be HUVC<I (L.OOO #xtro
last ycur."
"lfow wit* that V"
"(line Ills Wife SBOO hot to go near
a bargain connU'r."—l)etrolt ( Free
i'reufc., . ," '
The Alerl I'SMII*. " '
Worldly i <Pavtshl(*ier I was ex
tremely annoyed by your sermon from
the Act* this morning.
l'arstin -WuturaTly; you couldn't go
• n:t bi'U\ren tliciu, oT oolimr. lloaton
Courier. , , ,
Nmiir llnlffi.
Weary Wltllo (romllug) Tennyson,
de lKit t, used ter git a dollar a word.
(hauiicey Chtllblalna I >at's about de
same raLo I usf.d tor I sasscd
ile Judge. Judge.
Him AoreriL
Ife l»o ywti I.lurw that I have never
dared to HIHH.II plrl lit my life? My
biiHhfiilintss Is jsialtlvejy |Mtlnful.
Hko-—t should say It was.—-l>etrolt
Fn e I'ress.
All Inlrrcallnu Hrrlla*.
"IV loit did you dlwuss at the club to
day t"
"Nothing. Ws Just talked."—llar
pur's Hnr ir.
ifter I lie * |,|„n| r .
MlliUfer "Wilt, Iti.l .l»y, iihnt do you
wont to be X»h*n you grow trp?
llobby (•ufTerinif from parental dlo
.olpllne) An orphan.—Boston Traveler.