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WILLIAM C. N EG LEY -- Publisher
DR. T. B. SHOWAI-TFR, of MUlerstOwn b«r«
JAMES N MOORE, ot Butler.
JOHN DINDINGER. of Zellenopli.
The Congressional Delegates elected
Ist District John Women 2nd C. M.
Brown: 3rd Gee.-Maxwell: 4th, H D
Hockenberxy; sth, John Clark: 6th, A
L Timbiin; 7t'n, Matt Bippua; Bth. K
M. Johnston, 9th, T. H. Greer; 10th \Y
8. Dixon: 11th. C. F. L. McQuistion:
12th, A. C. Zeigler: loth, Sal. Weilil:
14th Joseph Graham; 15th, Reuben
The State Convention.
This is convention day in Harrisburg
and ever since Sunday there has been a
"pulling and a hauling there. On
Saturday last David Martin, of Phila
delphia. announced himself for John
Wanamaker, and the Quay men of that
town announced for W. A. Stone.
By Monday all the different candi
dates for all the nominations had open
ed headquarters at one or the other of
the big hotels, and had friends there to
talk for them. By Tuesday all the can
didates for Governor were in the town,
and were holding conferences with their
friends. Two Butler men,
Black and Moore, were in town, and
were put in the C. W. Stone camp.
Penrose was said to be slate*! for
Temporary Chairman of the Conven
tion, and Alex McDowell for Perma
nent Chairman. W. A. Stone s friends
were claiming "207 delegates
David Martin said he expected long
sessions in the State convention He
proposed fighting the unseating of his
delegates from the Third, Fourth and
Twenty-fourth wards of Philadelphia,
both in the State committee and on the
floor of the convention. It was rumored
that John Wanamaber would take a
substitute as delegate from Philadelphia
and go into the convention to help
Martin in his fight. According to re
port. the Quay people would put no in
dorsement of Gov. Hastings in the plat
The Wanamaker people charged that
Senator Quay was insincere in his ad
vocacy of Gen Gregg as a possible com
promise candidate, inasmuch as
he had told Gus High, who controls
the seven Berks county delegates, that
he must hold them away from Gregg,
or he will not get the Reading postmas
tershio, for which High is a candidate.
They say that if High took his dele
gation over to Greirg it would at once
break the back of the W. A. Stone move
ment, and end his fight.
"To sum it all up, " said one of Wana
maker's lien tenants. "Senator Quay
has surrendered to Andrews, W. A.
Stone is to be forced upon the people
and Quay is simply trying to (jet under
cover and make the voters believe he is
not responsible for the result."
The convention will consist of 369 del
egates, making 185 votes necessary to
Yesterday W. A. Stone s friends were
claiming 157 votes on first and 200 on
second ballot, the C. W. Stone and
Wanamaker headquarters were crowd
ed all day. Some of the Lancaster
county ana two of the Beaver county
delegates were wearing C. W. Stone
badges; Quay was warned by a number
of men of the danger of nominating
W. A. Stone and talked about keeping
his hands off, which meant nothing;
Andrews was not in town and was said
to have been told to stay away; twenty
five delegates from Allegheny^county
agreed to stand by Wanamaser; the
State Com. unseated one Wanamaker
delegate from Centre county.
Late Sunday night the Navy depart
ment at Washington received word
from Commodore Schley that the Span
ish fleet was yet in the harbor of Santi
ago, and that he wan keeping the place
closely blockaded.
The war department sent orders to
Gen. Shafter to embark the greater
part of the troops at Tampa upon the
On Monday the British steamer ' ttes
tormel" arrived at Key West, in
charge of a prize crew from the St.
Paul, which had captured her. She
had a cargo of coal from Cardiff,and was
trying to evade the blockading squadron
at Santiago.
Troops were beiug embarked at Tam
pa *
At Manila the natives were getting
ready to attack the Spaniards in the
On Tuesday Admiral Sampson's ships
bombarded the forts at the entrance to
Santiago harbor.
Yesterday our squadron was in front
of Santiago harbor, the insurgents were
gathering on the hills surrounding the
harbor, and it looked as though some
thing was going to happen.
MAY 00, 1898.
The people of Cooperstown and vicin
ity rasied an 80 foot flag pole in front of
the parsonage on Saturday last. A fine
specimen of Old Glory 12x20 feet now
floats from its top. The pole also bears
a streamer with the words "Remember
the Maine." A large and entnsiastic
crowd was present. Patriotic speeches
were made by Alex. Russell, Lev Mc-
Qnistion and Wm. Findley, of Butler.
The Germania Band of Butler rendered
patriotic airs and added greatly to the
enjoyment of the occasion. Another
raising will take place at Glade
Mills sometime this week.
Two of our young men will tackle
the Odd Fellows goat at Saxonburg
An old soldier by the name of Coxey,
who lives at Thos, Lyon's near Glade
Mills, was terribly gored by a vicious
bull belonging to Mr. Lyon on Monday.
He had three ribs broken and received
two fracturs of the right arm, one of
the broken ribs puuetured his right
lung His recovery is extremely doubt
ful Mr. Coxey is a member of aG. A.
It Post of Butler.
Geo. Shoup, of Glade Mills, is the
ha:>py farther of a fine boy baby which
arrived on Friday.
Supervisor Truver is doing excellent
work on the roads in thia township
He is the right man for that business.
Miss Millie Buxton in entertaining
some of her young ladies friend* from
the city.
Hen Blakely ha* named his new baby
Dewey Sampson He should grow up
to be a hummer.
Miss Nora List, of the East End,
Pittsburg, is spending a vacation with
her mother near Cooperstown Miss
Mary Miller, of Allegheny City, is also
a vistor at Mrs. List's
Bora to Mr. and Mrs. H. Davis of the
Cowan farm on Wednesday a l*>v.
Mother and child doing well.
W. J. Marks, of Butler, accompanied
the But It r delegation to the flag raising
on Saturday.
The town isgaily decorated with tiags
and bunting in honor of Decoration
Dr. Elder Crawford, of Henderson
ville. was in attendance at th«* pole rais
ing on Saturday The doctor leaves for
Harrisburg tonight to attend to his
dutieu its delegate to the State Conven
tion. Dr F. H Crawford, of Coopers
town, will look after his fat her's practice
nntil he returns.
The s;»-akers partook of a sumptuous
supper at the Snyder house after their
exhausting eiiorU
Co. E. 13th Regiment. Camp
SUNDAY MAY 20. 1898.
This is the brighest Sunday WP hare
hid sine? coining to Mt. Gretna, it
?eems more like Sunday than anv of it
predecessors Everyone is taking a
rest, no getting up exercises this morn
ing and no drill, only general review
this evening. Even ~he cooks are tak
ing a rest, coffee being the only thing
prepared today. We are eating the
content* of the barrels and boxes which
our kind friends in Bntler sent and
vliioh arrived Saturday We are not
going in on ' a feast or a famine" pro
oeedure. but" intend to make the good
things last as long as possible. Bntler
connty butter and the many kinds of
delicious homemade preserves are in
deed welcome improvements to dry
bread or hardtack.
Among the contributors to our store
or goodthings were Wnt Walker and
wife. R. P. Scott W. C. Thompson.Miss
Black Mrs W D. Brandon J. B
Mechling, C N Boyd J. S. Wick Alf.
Wick. N. B Jacob-!, .T N. Stewart, .1
N Hyle. Wm Colbert, Adam Kamerer.
C. G. Christy W. Albert. C A Hite
Wm Kirkpatrick L R. McJunkin,
Andrew Brymer, Phil Heines. G. C
Stewart. J. R. Lindsev K C McAboy
S. D Miller Wm McClung, Thos
Bester H. D Byerly J. N. Moore J.
0 Martin, G. Wilson Miller, Col
Thompson. Rev. Limbnrg, and W. H.
Goehting the old veteran. There were
many other packages which were not
marked with the names of the donors,
bet all contributors known and nr.- j
known to Co E.have the sincere thanks I
of the whole company. By the time
this is published resolutions formally
expressing onr thanks to the givers and
appreciation of the gifts will without
doubt l>e unanimously adopted.
Thursday last Cos E and G, or the
greater portions of them, were on pro
vost guard. Capt. McJunkin was pro
vost officer for tbe day. At night the
guards at the quartermaster's depart
ment and storage cars and the Chau
tauqua grounds were given loaded
cartridges and those at the little budd
ing known as Chautauqua Postoftice
were armed with loaded revolvers also.
However neither roaming beast nor
marauding man required their nse
On Friday Jack Thompson returned
from Butler, with balls and bats, and
many stories of his trip. He also had a
l»ox of homemade candy which he dis
tributed. He seemed a little confused
about the candy, sometimes he would
say it wa= from his girl and sometimes
from the '9B girls of High School Are
all the '9B girls his girls'; To our base
ball armament we have added gloves,
mask, and more bats. We have had
two battles with Co. G and worsted the
enemy badly in both. Gis not in our
class when it comes to baseball. Poney
Moore, McFtmn, McCandless, Graham.
Smith, Buckhaiter, Mclntyre, Thomp
son, Allshouse, Livingstone, Will Fab
er, Armstrong, Sam Scott and yonr
scribe compose E'steanr Roessing and
Adams are our star umpires. A game
will be played with the Cavalry, Dec
oration Day. Of course we all feel dis
sapointed that Memorial Day is at hand
and none of Co. E can boast that his
grave is to be decorated.
Saturday Capt. McJunkin received a
check from the State for $1346,88, Co.
E's pay. We are glad to say that near
ly two thirds of this amount goes by
check direct to Butler, so if our friends
at home do send us small mountains of
good things, we can send them a little
cold cash in return. One thing we
thought hardly fair although Adjutant
Gen. Stewart sent an explanatory letter,
we signed the payroll for fifteen days
and were paid for only thirteen.
At guardmount this morning out of
Co. E's detail of six men, Roessing and
Ritter were selected as orderlies and
McKee as color guard, which speaks
yolumes for the soldierly appearance of
our boys. There were about forty in
the guard to select from. Gen Miles
is now a member of Co. E. He is a
Scotch terrier, full of and has
whipped Dewey of G and Sampson ot
jD. Little Will Sutton led him about
1 by a string Memorial Day.
Several members of Co. E who are
sons of veterans of the Rebellion are at
Lebanon today taking part in Memorial
services there. This morning three
companies of tbe 15th, <E was not one
of tnemj made a raid through the woods
on the mountain northwest of us to
capture some si>eakeasies which were
alleged to be operating there. About
three hours later they retnrned very
tired and without any captives
This afternoon we burned all the
brush and rubbish that had accumulat
ed between camp and the railroad
This was necessary as a sanitary pre
caution and add" greatly to the appear
ance of the place Capt. McJunkin is
regimental officer of the day and he
sees that the camp is policed propeily.
At guardmount this morning Fred
Shetter was selected as orderly.
Clem Hutchinson of liutler is with
Co. II of the lHth, and Claude Ziegler
of the South Side is with Co. C of the
1 wth. Hal. T. Plante who was with Co.
E laHt year is now in G of the 14th.
Will Herron, who has relatives in But
ler, is in the loth Regmt., now on its
way to the Philippines. Harry Morrison
who went out with Co. E enlisted with
Co. D of Clarion.
Rev. Worrel of the Second Presby
terian church is visiting us this after
At this writing the ballgame between
E and the Cavalry is in progress, the
score tied, 4 to 4 in the sixth inning.
Jos Heineman s coaching is the feature.
We are badly handicapped by the ab
sence of McFann, Smith and Scott.
TUESDAY —The ball game last eve
ning was won by Co. E, 11 to 10. When
the Troop boys went to bat in the ninth
inning the score was 11 to 4 against
them. By hard hitting they made six
runs and had a man on second when
the last man struck out.
We continued our Memorial Day
celebration of burning brush, etc., this
morning and our camp is now a model
of cleanliness.
Rev. Worrel spoke in the Y. M. C. A.
tent last evening and will make another
address this evening to all in general
and Co. E in particular.
Last Sunday Chaplains Long of the
18th, Burnet of the 14th, and Hays held
Memorial services in the big pavilion in
the Chautauqua grounds. The boys are
making good use of the hymn books,
and literature presented by Prof. Mack
ey. a very pretty little volume en
tilled ''Daily Food'' was presented to
each member of Co. E by the W. C. T
U. an( i Protected Home Circle of But
ler. The book contains two verses from
the Bible and one from a hymn for each
day in the year.
Capt. H. H. Cummings, of Tideoute,
Pa., came over from Harrisburg this
morning to see his son Charles. He is
attending the Republican State Con
vention. We expect other Republican
visitors during the next few days.
Shortly after dinner, Newton Black,
one of Butler county's State delegates,
found his way into Co. EV street. Later
in the afternoon Mrs. A. T Scott, the
Lieutenant's wife, arrived.
We have just come in from our
monthly-pay muster-in, something new
to us all, officers and men On the last
day of each month each regiment will
be paraded and inspected by its com
manding officers, after which eacli man
will sign the payroll. We may not be
paid for a long time yet.
This afternoon the boys are wonder
ing whether we will receive twenty-five
or more new recruits again under the
new call and whether six men will oc
cupy one tent then
Sarvers Station
A large congregation greeted Rev.
Coulter at the communion services in
the Buffalo Church last Sunday. Mrs
Coulter was with him.
Mrs. McMeekin is in Allegheny visit
ing her son, Charles
James <l. Elliott and Mary J Thoinp- i
sou were married the 25th at the par
sonage, by Rev. W. J. Hazlett.
Mrs. Norris funeral took place on the i
20th. The funeral services ftere at the
house, and interment in the burying I
place at the Westminster church Her
pastor, Rev. Hazlett conducted the ser- J
A number of the people from the Na
tion attended the surprise party, Mon- '
day, for Mr. and Mrs. James B. Brieker j
on the 15th anniversary of their mar- |
riage. They were the recipients of >
many presents.
On Tuesday the Senate was yet dis
cussing the War Revenue Bill. The (
House passed Showalter J bill to pay
Jno. M. Turner SIOO of bounty due
REPUBLICAN Congressional Confer
eiice at Mercer next Tuet*. ay.
Somerset county ejected j
delegates and nominated inti Quay !
members of th< legislature last Satur
day: and Kooser defeated Hicks for con
gress by a large majority
Last year the Kooser crowd beat the ,
Sc.ull crowd, 1 t v,t-;-t themselves turn
ed down by tae St t-.- Committee.
The l*iirvis >lfll Flag.
Last Saturday evening, amid cheers J
and the booming of the cannon, the
employees of S. G. Purvis & Co. raised
a 14 x 20 foot fla;.:.
The liag was purchased by the em
ployees, and every mau and boy work
ing in the mill wa3 represented in that
flag, every one having contributed.
The address of the occasion was made
by Jas. M Gal breath Esq.
The employees of this firm are repre
sented in the volunteer army by three
of their members, Ira Murphy, Elmer
(.toon and Jas. Smith There was a
large audience which applauded the
speakers frequently.
One remark of Mr. Galbreath's we
wish to repeat. ' There has nothing
happened since the rebellion which has
so united th« north and south as this
war with Spain, and that alone will be
worth the entire cost of the war.
There were no Spaniards about and it
was a good thing for the Spaniard tnat
he was somewhere else
.Jaeksville Notes.
Memorial day was observed by some
of our citizens in a fitting manner.
Miss Jennie Brown is visiting friends
in Jacksville. '
Found in the post office a sum of
money, the owner can have it by calling
on the P M. and proving property.
Rumors are afloat that cupid has
made another conquest and a wedding
is expected in the near future in our
John Book is seriously ill.
M. C. Searing transacted business in
Middle Lancaster recently.
J. G. Moore, of Butler, visited his
parents near here last week.
G. W. Gibbons Jr.. of Martinsburg.
visited relatives in this vicinity over
E. G. Elliott and son Paul were visit
at W. P. Elliott. Mr. Elliott is one of
the prominent business men of Evans
We are keeping our eyes 011 Sampson's
Jaw Bone, and expect to hear of him
making use of it on those Spanish ships
one of these days. MOKE ANON.
Ftiirvfew Facts.
Decoration day here went off accord
ing to the arranged program. The Sab
bath school in Petrolia with the G. A.
R. Post and two other orders met a cor
responding procession from Fairview at
the Bear creek graveyard wheretheie
was public speaking bv Atty. Alex Rus
•sel of Butler ;trid others which made it
a very enjoyable day Rev. Althouse
of the Reformed church preached the
memorial sermon in the U. P. church
There will be a reunion of the Sha
nor family, and friends at the residence
of Fredrick L Shanor in Clarion county
on June loth ail tho e who expect to at
tend by railroad will >'et of at Rich
mond Station 'neat St Petersburg
where there will be conveyances await
Wm. Daubenspeck and wife, who havt
been visiting for several weeks, with
their friends here went back to tbeii
home in Marietta, ' »hio Tuesday.
There will be a Strawberry festival at
the Presbyterian church on next T'aurs
day and Friday evening
Stanley Moorebead who is almost de
spaired of the result of blood poison set
ting in the .wounds received sometinu
ago was somewhat better on Monda>
Fred Hayes of Butler is visiting hb
old home here.
Orungo Blossoms.
A quiet, but very pleasant wedding
occured Wednesday afternoon at 1
o'clock, at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
James Wallace, on Main street, which
united in the holy bonds of matrimony
Mr. Waliace's eldest daughter, Miss
Jennie. and Dr. William Hush
Cowden, of Renfrew The contracting
parties are well known, popular young
people. Miss Wallace is a graceful
girl of the blonde type and has been rec
ognized as one of Zelienople's leading
society ladies. She is a member of the
Presbyterian church and an earnest
worker in the C. E., a faithful Sunday
school teacher and for years an ardent
member of the church choir.
Dr. Cowden is a young physician of a
genial disposition, who needs no rec
ounnendation, as he practiced here for
over a year, and just recently located at
Renfrew,having succeeded Dr. McCly
monds, who went to the E. E.. Pitts
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Paul J. Slonaker, the bride's pastor,
and was witnessed by the family; Dr.
John V. Cowden and Miss Nellie Cow
den, of Middle Lancaster, brother and
sister of the groom, Mrs. Slonaker, Miss
Grace McKinney and Miss Blanche
Zeigler. After partaking of a sumptu
ous wedding dinner, the happy couple
left on the 7 o'clock train for their fu
ture home in Renfrew, which was duly
furnished and prepared to receive them.
The bride was the receipient of some
very beautiful and valuable presents.
The Wallace home will not alone
miss Jennie, her absence will be felt in
the C. E. church and Sabbath school,
especially her largo class of little girls,
and no less by a host of friends, all of
whom join The News in wishing the
happy couple a continuation of their
present happiness through life News.
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Lugan Vi»ll«\v.
Miss Clara Johnston visiteil home
this week.
Miss Nannie Bnrtner came home Sat
Frank Bowser and wife have jrone to
Mrs. J. N. Bnrtuer was a Bntler visi- j
tor Monday.
Mr?. None, of Allegheny City, vniieil >
J. B Caldwell.
Mr. and Mr- D B Losan and family !
arc the gue.-its < >f friends at Parker.
.Ta.-v McCollongh and wife, of Karn- |
City, are the gnosts of I P Bnrtner. ;
G K Graham and wife visited J N.
I r..tner Saturday.
J. O Harbison and wife were the
guests of friends near Sarv.'rsville
Prof. Campbell visited Snubury thi.- !
Mrs. Sailie Ziegler,of Allegheny City,
is visiting at her parents home. .T. B I
J N. Burtner and wife were the
guests of Servers this week.
Mr and Mrs Graff and family, of
Butler, accompanied by her sister
I'mma Logan visited home Snnday.
Johnston Bru~ held an entertainment
Saturday evening at tho No. 4 school
J. B. Caldwell and wife left n? Thurs-
I df.y. They intend visiting their son
Hllery who is a M. D. in West fjuiliekl
Conn"., and will also visit Jersey aud
New York cities
Rev. Cooper is attending Gen Assem
bly at 'Jiu:;Lui Neb.
W. G. Patterson spent Snnday with
Ms mother who is on the sick list at
Phillip City.
Lewis Hazlett. who has been visiting
his daughter. Mrs Cal. Losran. has been
< n the sick list but is recovering.
Quite a number from this section at
tended the Decoration excerci ses at
The ladies of Summit Pres. church
held a meeting last Wednesday, the
•.Tit • for tho purpose of making arrang
meuts for necessary repairs, Mrs. R M.
Johnston was elected chairman. ''•lrs. S.
M Wright Pres.. Miss Lizzie Johnston
vice-Pres. Mrs Cal Logan Sec., and
Miss Barb Emrick assistant Sec, The
committee was elected to select seats
and paper. Next meeting Saturday
immediately after service All the ladies
of the congregation are invited to at
FISHER At her hume in Worth twp.
May 30, I*9K, Miss Maude Fisher,
daughter of Isaac Fisher, aged 15
GRAHAM—At Canton, O. May 29.
1898, Charles C., only son of Hugh C.
Graham, of Oil City, aged 38 years.
Mr. Graham was a traveling man ar.'l
was taken ill of pneumonia at Canton,
a few days before his death. He was a
son-in-law of W. R. Colbert of Butler.
HENDRICKSON—On May 17, 1893,
Viola Marie, only daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Day id Hendrickson of Cran
berry twp , aged 9 months and ' 4
Such a little break in the sod-
So tiny to be a grave;
Oh! how can 1 render so soon to God
The beautiful gift he gave.
Must I put you away my pet,
My tender bud unblown;
With the dew of the morning upon
you yet,
And your blossom all tinsnown.
My heart is near to break
For the voice 1 shall not hear •
For the clinging arms around my
And the footsteps drawing near.
Never mind the noisy household,
Nor loud foot-falls on the stair,
Twill not wake the peacefnl sleeper,
There's no baby anywhere.
In is casket white as snow flakes,
Nestling all among the flowers,
Is the pure and spotless lily
That a little while was ours.
L. G.
The Homo of Hood's Sarsaparilla
A Wonderful Cure.
" A swelling oa big as a largo marblo
came under my tongue. Physicians Baid it
was a semi-transparent tumor and must be
oporated upon. I felt I could not«tand it,
and BB spring carnc began to take my
favorite spring tonic, Hood's Sarsaparilla.
The bunch gradually decreased and finally
disappeared. I have had no sign of its re
turn. 1 am glad to praise Hood's Sarsapa
rilla." Mrh. 11. M. COByRN, 8 Union St.,
Lowell, Mass. Get HOOD'S.
Hood's Pills i.ure Si<ik Headache, asc.
I H0! I
What's the matter with that
old buggy of yours? It looks
all broken. It will go down
one of these days, and then
I your horse run away, and
your friends will be blaming . .
providence. Don't do that.
<io to Martincourt & Co' (Jet < >
a new set of wheels and shafts .
for it, or trade it for a new
buggy. Buggies are too cheap < »
now to risk your neck riding . .
in an old rickety thing like |
that one of yours. And there's < I
your harness, we hadn't no- . .
ticed them Several places
in them need repairing. Take t >
them along too and get them .
repaired or buy a new set. We '|r
can accommodate you in eith
er. We make and repair all . £
kinds of harness, no differ f
ence what, you want belong- I %
ing to a driving or team out- , \
tit, come here. Yours re- f
S. B. Martincourt & Go. \ l
I'M E. Jefferson St , Butler IV , \
S. B. Martincourt, ( £
J. M. Leighner. f
I have a Ileave Cure thai will cure any
cade of heaves in horses ill forty days, if
u.sfl according to directions, and if it
does not do what I claim for it, X will
refund the amount paid and no charges
will be made ior the treatment. The
following testimonials are the strongests
proof of the medicines powtr to cure:
-.ltlcr, Pft., 1893.
Mr. A. J. McCandlesS'
On the 2ml day of April, 1592 I cora
menced to nse your new cure for one of
my horses that had the heaves very bad,
and continued to use the medicine for
about forty days and the h >rse did nut
show any signs of a return of them. It is
now about a year since I quit giving the
medicine and the horse has I'cver showed
any sign of heaves, and I feel satisfied
that he is properly cured.
W. C. Criswell.
utlc-r, !'a., Apriljo, 1593
A, J. McCasdleas"
I have used your Heave Cure and
find it will do the work if used accord
ing to directions. Youry truly,
J. B. McMilliu.
139 Sonth'Maiu street
Over Shaul & <\aat a Uothinj Store]
Ext mot iroiii Wanaiuakor's La>t
This may be my last political speech
before the R- publican state convention,
which will be held at HarrlsburK on
June 2. The campaign, though filled
with prdimus labors ha? grown m»r»
Interesting and attractive to me every
day. The explorations of the labyrinths
of machine pet-rets ard iniquities have
fascinated me I close the speechmak
ing for th" present with but one regret,
viz. • that the time has been too short
to discuss one-half of the abuses I have
discovered and the damaging facta I
have (fathered. I promise you I have
been saving the choicest morsels for
Cessart. but theie have been so many
courses that it cannot be reached be
fore convention time. The meal may
foe only temporarily interrupted, and
perhaps we may be compelled to tlnish
It later. It has been said that Warn
maker Is a very poor politician, and I
t'elieve the statement is entirely cor
rect. I became a candidate against tho
tdvice of my political friends at a time
when I could net count upen the vote
ct a single delegat- in the state.
Y.'hcn I told the people, and told them
honestly, that I did not want to be
governor, my political friends said I
had made an awful blunder. When I
made speeches lr. counties that I knew
would elect delegates against m# my
political friends said my course was
well nigh suicidal. When I criticized
laws that unjustly discriminated
against the weak and in favor of the
powerful my political friends said it
was poor policy.
When I said that the great corpora
tions of the state were usurping others'
rights and robbing the people my po
litical friends said that brewers would
expend millions to defeat me.
When I said that tho great news
channels of the state were under the
Quay censorship my political friends
said the newspapers would no longer
print my speeches.
When I refused to entertain any sug
gestion of compromise, and declared I
would be bound by no dealt*, my polit
ical friends predicted that I would find
myself standing very much alone be
fore the end of the canvass.
When I struck at every ugly head
that I found exposed, without fear or
favor, my politUal friends said that
politicians would become afraid to trust
me, and would not dare to give me
their support. When I showed that un
der Republican Quay rule the people
were paying over one-third too much
taxes, and that an ordinary economical
administration would save the taxpay
ers $1,500,000 annually, my political
friends said thgfc my enemies would
m.ike the Repucffan voters believe I
was trying to wreck the Republican
party. My policy has been at almost
constant variance with my political
friends. According, therefore, to mod
ern political science and methods, I
must have made an awful mess of this
But If I have made mistakes that will
cost me the votes of delegates it Is all
right. The election of delegates for me
has been secondary to the real purpose
of my campaign. I can truthfully say
that 1 cannot tell within 25 of how
many delegates will vote for me In con
vention. I accepted the commission
from the hands of the Bourse meeting,
and that commission did not command
me to advance the political fortunes of
Wanamaker, but to try to free Pennsyl
vania from a reign of political tyranny,
and help to save the Republican party
from threatened destruction.
If I have not succeeded In gathering
delegates that will stand for me in the
state convention I certainly have pre
sented startling and uncontroverted
facts that will stand against Quaylam
in the future. I was mustered in to
serve until June 2. and if the battle ia
not then won I promise you that I shall
enlist again, not for a time, but until
the war is ended.
Jury List for June Term
List ot' names drawn from the jury
wheel the 25th day of April, to
serve as grand jurors at the regular
term of court commencing ou the first
Monday of June, H9!S, the same being
the 6th day of said mouth.
Borland Alexander. Bntler boro Ist
w. shoemaker.
Carpenter J L, Farview twp, producer.
(Christie John, Cherry twp, laboror.
Donthett Alexander fVnn twp. farm
Dodds John A, Peiin twp, farmer.
Ellenburger Wesley, Farview twp,
Eberhart J A. Ffirview twp, farmer
Eichenour John Lancaster twp, farmer
Falkner Louis, Winfield twp, black
Fredrick O 11, Donegal twp, farmer.
Gribben James, Middlesex twp, gent.
Hockenbery Hamper, Worth twp.
Knox Joshua, Allegheny twp, farmer.
Myers John B. Buffalo twp, black
Meenan Daniel, Clearfield twp, fanner.
Pryor Howard, Sunbury boro, farmer.
Pfabe Etnannel, Clinton twp, farmer.
Park Robert, Adams twp. merchant.
Payne Horatis, Worth twp, farmer
Raisley Samuei L, Butler twp, farmer.
Shields It C, Mercer twp, farmer.
Shrader Albert, Butler Ist w, fariuei.
Shafer Anthony, Bntler 4th w, barber.
Smith Win field twp, farmer.
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this 25th day of April,
to serve as petit jurors at the regular
term of court on the sec
ond Monday of June, IH'JK, the s'une be
ing the 18th day of said mouth.
Albert Jacob, Franklin twp, farmer.
Ayers John. Butler boro 4th w, printer.
Boyer Sidney, Jefferson twp, farmer.
Bailey C A, Butler boro ">th w, banker.
Bracken Edward. Butler boro -ir<l w,
Borland A M, Mars boro, farmer.
Craig William H, Butler lioro :!rd w,
Collin John P, Clearfield twp, farmer.
Double Joseph, Donegal twp. farmer.
Douthett Joseph, Puin twp, farmer.
Davidson J A, Centervillc boro, farmer.
Dougherty Loyal, Slipperyrock twp,
Ekas John W. Butler boro ."ith w, car
Eberhart L D, Donegal tWp, farmer.
Fleming .T W, Buffalo twp. farmer.
Gibson Eli, Parker twp, farmer.
(iaering Joseph, Cranberry twp. farmer
Heir Charles E, Butler boro 4th w,
Higenbotham TC, Penn twp. farmer.
Heckard George, Butler boro sth w,
Hill Frank, Mars boro, farmer.
Henninger Frederick, Perm twp, farmer.
Herb Ephrnm, Lancaster twp, farmer.
Iv.-l Robert, Marion twp, farmer.
Koch Charles, Butler twp, sawyer.
Martin Bryson, ConniKjueneHsing twp,
Murry Peter, Butler boro 2nd w. glass
Morrison W L, Harrisvilie bori i,
Mc< 'andless (Vmn Franklin twp,farmer. I
McDermott R R, Fairview twp. farmer.
McKee .Tosiah, Allegheny twp. farmer.
McFadtlcn Jau:> Marion twp. farmer.
Mcßride John, Venango twp, farmer.
Pringell J M. Butler boro Ifrd w. pro
Peffer William 11. Lancaster twp,
Roberts Win Sr, Mercer twp, farmer.
Hitter William 11, But'er Imri) 3rd w,
Ramsey Baxter, Cranberiy twp,farmer.
Rice James W. Lancaster twp, farmer.
Ktoner W J. (.'lay twp, fanner.
Snodgrasu John, Cuniioijueneasing twp,
riirower John E, Clinton twp, farmer
Thompson William S, Middlesex twp,
Thilman Harm, A.la'us twp, farmer
Young John Kr, Butler twp farmer
Wheeler Thomas A, Harmony l>oro,
Wimer Horace, Worth twp. farmer.
Willson Thomas, llutler boro 4th w,
OIL MEAL <o, ' KoLD K!^!. l; eap.|
I'eed fot llorv-t. ('oWs. Slieejl, llosfs. I «»wls |
etc. Health strength and nrodnct I vi- power '
to animals. Are you feeding liV l I . i|*« •>!
UNSEED Oil ••• . :l /"..J
J, „ , liouv ictr., . \l.v I: '
arc doubtful <|Uallty: and somt? j
v n> ijad. VVlilefoj mi circular. •
lor pure bin seed nil or incal. and Hliltp i
|< ad. ask fof 'Th(»mysonS. ' { iy |
manufacturer. Tl|(jMl*.-oN l.i .V
luamond street Allegheny. Pa.
Sheriff's Sales.
By virtue of sundry writ* of Wn. Fa., Ft ;
Fa., Lev.. Fa. See. Nsned out of tin t ourt of ,
Comnion ('!< rjs. f Hutler county, Pa., and t«» '
me riir* ct« d. tin r« \r|l! be t«» public j
•ale at the Court Hcniw, in the bnoofh of I
Butler, on
Friday, June 3rd,
A. i> IMM I ('dock i' M. Dm followingl
d<»s«»rlt>ed prop* . ty. to-wii :
I IV N > l'> lun< Tern A T .rt'i
A B < Mc Far land Att'ys
All th« right, title, interest and claim of
William B OardeiK-r and Maria .1 Gardener!
of. In ;»:;«i to all that certain piece or t»ar»*«-l
of land, situated in l alrvi- w twp.. Butfert'o.
I'a. U'umlod as follows. to-wit:
ut the southwest corner < f said tra<*t adjoin- j
ir lands -»f Mary Keep and Muyville farm at
a post thence n i rt!i v -» ti» jr. v» >i by !i»« May
\ ill farm and kbi llock farm 160 perches t- <
a while oak: thencn north l l ; d«t:»-t l»y j
lands of J iti;t s i «>li ins 2."* perches to a stone: ,
\ hence south dejr. east \ y lands of F.ti >
K"ip jM-rchi'S t<> a nost; thence south Hi
d*ai wv>i >»> i:»uds of Mary Keep ii.*» perches |
to t lit* pi ace of 1h ginniii£;< ZS acre«». j
n'.ore or less. auu having thereon a frame ,
t .vo-M«»i> house, si.thii*. .tiui outbuildings. J
AlX>—Of. in and to all that certain i»i« «'e j
•»r parcel of land situated in Parker twp.. i
Hut ler l'o.. Pa., hounded as follows, to-wit • «
Bt'tsinii'nv at tin northeast corner of the ,
vhole pl< t. thence by Inndsof Robert Storey,
south *J dejj. east 5 perches to a post:thence
by lot of marked on plot. "A" south *9 deir.
west perches to ;i |>ost: thence by lot
marked *V" north 1 desr east .v> to ;i
post; thence by lands of Sanderson north
deji. east perches, to the plac»* »>f l»ejrin- j
r.lng; containing twenty-eight GSP.) acres and j
1 • • 2f torches, ana mark* d "it" on
the tri of the partition of the estate of
[ Jacob Keen, dee d; having thereon erected a
frame dwelling hou<e. stable and other out
l ulldinjrs. Seized and taken in execution
the property of William 1» Gardner and
Maria J Gardner at the >f Pennsylvania
Savings Fund and Loan As so.
F.. L>. No. 11. 1~. li. Jane Term A B C McFar
iand Att'y.
Ail the .itle. Interest and claim of
George W Cooper of, in and to all that certain
i lece • •! lot • ■' ground situated In < Jen ten LHe
Bon Butler Co Pa bounded ss follows to
wlt: beginning at post on the south and
running north on the Turnpike road -JO feet
i . b post; thence by lot of Johathan Mayber
ry Itwi fee t t<» a post thence east thirty feet
by an alley to a i*;st: thence west by lot of
samuel Coulter lfiO feet to the mace of be
ginning; having therefm erected a two story
frame dwelling houst and
Seiz« d and taken in execution as the proper
ty «»f Gi-orge W. t'ooper .it the suit of t \V
liartl for use ol' 1> L Wilson et ai.
K. D. No. 107 June Term. A T Scott and
A Be McFarland Att'ys.
All the right, title interest, and claim of
Fn/.a Brv>-»n Adm'x of I N Biyson deed, of in
: r.d to all that certain pelce or lot of land,
situated in Slippery IltK'k twp.. Butler Co.
Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit: Fronting or*
Fnnklin road from the west side beginning
at high water mark near the Hickory bridge
and along Franklin road to the right of way
«>f the Pittsburg Shenanijo and lake Erie K.
K. bridge to high water mark: thence along
the course «»f Slippery rock creek by hlffi
water mark to the place of tH'ginning form
ing a triangle, containing about 'j acre more
or less, and having thereon 1 store buldilng,
two stories high upper part used for a dwell
ings stable and ont buildings Seized and
taken in execution as the propeitv of Fnza
Hry.son at the suit of Pennsylvania Savings
Fund an<l Loan Asso.
E. 1). No. 277 and 271. Man li Term. Wis WI)
liraudoii and W II Lusk. Att'ys.
All the i-ijzlit. title, interest and claim of II
(' Affjrers of. in and to all that certain piece
or parrel of land, situated hi Foi w ird twp,
ItutlerCo. I'a. liounded as follows, to-wit:
On the north and east by lands of A .1 Evans
et ai. on the south by lands of Paiubaeli et
ui, and on the wist l>y !;tnds of Diimbaeh;
••iinalng twenty a - re~. more or le>s. t>< ii:jr
Hi< same property conveyed liy -ai<l John A
lirandon to II C Amjers, by died June litli.
ISss, having tliereon a one-story brick dwel
ling house, barn and outbuildings, also one
or more producing oil wells. Seized anil
taken in execution as the property of 11 V
Aggers at the suit of John A Brandon et al.
E. I>. No. 193, June Term, ls'.is. Mutes &
Young. Att'ys.
All tlic right, title, interest and claim of
Christiana Dumhauirh and Adam .1 Duro
baiiifh of, in and to all that ecrtain piece or
lot of '-'round, situated in Butler l»>ro, Butler
Co. I'ii. bounded as follows, to-wii: Cotn
mei.i-in j .it a point on West street tjfiy feet,
thence south along Hue of lot of Charles
I>'ilTy IS- feet to Sprlnfr street; thenee along
Spring street fifty feet; thence north along
line of lot of Charles Duffy one-hundred and
forty feet to West street the phe-e of begin
ning, lieitig lot No !<!Jin DuiVyV plan of West
End lots, said lot liming In eii conveyed by
L W Zuver et u.x to Christian Dumhaugh bv
deed dated Jan lUtli, ts«2, see deed !>ook 12»>.
page 41!. Seized and taken In execution us
the property of Christiana Dumhaugh and
Adam.) Dumhaugh at the suit of George
Beck. George Sham e et al.
E. I>. No. IW, June Term, W*. S F A L
Bowser, Att'ys.
All the rinht, title, interost and claim of
Robert MrElhaney, d»v'd, and Elizabeth Mc-
Elhaney and John McElhaney ex'rs of Kobl
MeEllianey. dee'd. of. in and to all that cer
tain piece «»r lot of land, situated in Cherry
twp. Butler Co, l\a. bounded as follows, to
it: On the north by Slippery Rock creek
on the east by property of II S Br>nn. and
•Tolxn Ei'wiu, on the south by lands of Mrs K
Mi'E'harev, aifd <>n the west I>y Slippery
IC(M*U containing fifteen acres, more
or less, huvinir t-rected a one-story framr
!iou-«. frame stable and outbuildings, beinp
mostly cleared and under fence. Seized and
taken in execution as the property of Kobert
Mc Elhaney. dec «i. and Elizabeth McKlhuney
iiid John McElhaney ex'rs. of Kobi. .Mc
.'.ihaney. dee'd, at the suit of John < WYisen
stein for use of t* Hasier. dee'd, L O Northiue
exr. for use of L C Northine.
E. I). No. Ilia June Term. ISO*. ,T. W. Hutctil
son All y.
All the rlf?ht. title, Interest and claim of
I N Hob!j i>r Isaac N KoMi of stud to all
that certain piece or parcel of land, situated
in Oakland township, Buller Co. Pa., liound
ed as follows to-wlt: Being all the undivid
ed Interest of I N or Isaac N Itobb being the
1-14 interest of in and to that certain tract of
land through which both tin* upper and low-
er public roads leading from llutiei to Greece
Citv run bounds d and described us follows
on thi* north i>y lauds of Phillips heirs. 011
the east by lands of Nevman heirs, on the
•>outh by lands of Henry heirs, and on the
rt est by lands of Joseph .lack, containing one
hundred and lifty acres, more or less, having
i hereon erected a twO story frame house,
frame barm and out buildings. a good orch
ard and being mostly cleared and In a fair
state of cultivation. Being the same prop
erty of which William .1 Kobb late of <Jakland
i wp.. deed, died seized in ids demesne as of
fee the interest above described >x*i iik the in
terest of i N or Isaac N Kobb a* heir at law
of said decedent. Seized and taken In execu
tion as the property of 1 N or Isaac N Kobb
at the suit of OM. Phillips.
E. D, No. 301, June Term, l»'.«s. Vanderlln &
Wilson, Att'y.
AII the right, title. Interest and claim of
Will elniiria Heckel and (Jeorge \V lleckcl of.
in and to all that certain piece or parrel JM
land, situated in Jackson twp, Butler Co, Pa,
bounded as follows. to-wit: Itcginning at a
post on ttip northern side < >f ronno<juuness
fng creek then crossing said Creek and run
ning in a southerly direction along lands of
now or formerly owned by Knox !iW.S
perches to a post; t hence running in a north
erly direction along lauds of now or former
ly owned by William Itossman to a post on
tin* north bank of Contio<iiienessiug creek;
thence alone said creek to place of beginning
and containing '*> acres and ;V» perches, more
or less. Seized and taken in execution as the
property of WllheltnliiU llechcl and (i«torge
\V lieckel at the suit of Henry Wahl et al.
E. I). No. 21i2 June Term. IMK S. K. & A. L.
Bowser Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Noah S Waterman of. In and to all that cer
tain piece or lot of grounded* uated in Evans
burg lloro,, Butler Co, Pa. as fol
• lows, to-wit: On the north by lot No 21 U.*i
and % fl •»:» I li< e.ust liy a 15 ft alley,
fifty two and one half ft. on the south by a
twenty foot alley, ninety-nine and three
fourth feet, and wcnl by Railroad St. lifty
feet being lot No 22, in George.* Ifft*s plan of
lots in said Boro. of K vans burg and being the
same lot conveyed by Jacob Darubach et ux
and Kdward Oambach et ux to said
Noah S Waterman l»y deed dated May
141 Is IMU"> recorded in Recorder's oltice in Btit -
ler Pa. in Deed Ixjolv l">2 p*t£v i7'J X h-'ving
'• thereon two story frame house board stable
and out buildings. Seized and taken In exe
cution as the property of Noah Waterman
at the suit of George K Behru.
K. I). No. 1M??, June Term, IS9N. A. T. Black.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
George W Jamison and David James Jamison
of. in and to all that certain piece or parcel
of land, situated In Venango township. But -
» ler county. Pa, bounded as follows, t » wit:
On the north «>y lands « f Robert Vut.derllri.
and heirs of Michael < onway, eaat by lands
,f A T .lamlson a.id It K Wick, on Ihe south
» by lands of J I'and J A Murrln. and on the
wi st by lands of George Vanderlin; contain
ing s4 acres, more or less, having thereon
erected a lot; house and other outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the proper
ty of George \V Jamison and David James
Jamison at the suit «»f It lv \\ ick.
K. D. No. Id. 1 and 13-f, June Term, 180K
Brandon and Forquer, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
James McCatTcrty Jr. of, in and to a!l that
certain piece or parcel «>f land, situated In
('Upton tow?.ship Hqtlaj county, Ha., bound
«•(! as follows.'to wit" On the north by lands
of (jeorge Mai/land, on the east by lands of
(iliivin heirs, on the south by lands of John
I,«i\e. .»nd on the west by lands of Keitiert
and Sefton; containing til acres, more or less,
being the same parcel of land sold by Order
of Orphan's Court of Butler county as the
laud of Robert Low*' de*d. and purchased by
the. said defendant. S-jied and taken in
executlon at the property of James Mct'af
fert .v Jr. at the suit of John S Love. K\r., of
the will of Robert Love, dee'd., et al.
K. D. No. KSO, June Term. IM)H. < .G. i 'hrist ie.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
\V IS Bard of. in and to all that certain niece
or p.-.reel of land, -filiated In Slippery Ko k
twp But ler tPa.. iKiunded as follows, to
wn: Beginning at a fiost at the center of
the Brownlugloti and llarrisville Road
I bence v ,out b siideg east by land of < Bovard
perches to a post; t hence sout h 2 deg. east
li»j; P to a black oak; thence north **.» df<»-
ea iby laiids fotineriy »d fie v. A Dale and
William MchisMiu perches to a post;
i li. nee north 2 deg. east I perches to u j>o*t;
t hence south deg. east by lands of William
Mclvlssott H1,2 perches to a post ;theiice soutli
'Z deg. west, by lands of J II Adams is.l
yerche.-* to a post ; lit the center «>f the Scrub
gras> road; thence sout h (js.'ideg. west along
center of said road 2».2 perches to a post;
theuc« Miuth *lO deg. west along said road
perches to a post; tbence south 83 deg. weal
along said road and lands «»f K II Adams s;i.;;
p. iciim, to i po-jl tU I hu centre 111 I he. Blow II
lugt«)n and llarrlsvHie road;t hence north ll.j
deg. west along center of said road •»«'.<>
perches Mi the place of tieglniitng; contain
ing 4*l acres and •*»<» perches strict measure
m perches sold bv W It B:ird to l»;uilel D
Davis bv deed dated Nov. Mb. Issij. land
nearly all cleared and having theieoii erect -
1(1 2 t wo-stoiy frame house and fratu* stable,
limekiln and iruslier thereon, Sel/ed
;oid tak« e In e\e<'ution ;•> • ril-op'-ity of
It Bard at* tile suit «»f !»:iVld WPson
'I ./ Wl I- V '. ci ey on i ; to • ' " I
p ilt to< . - * d ...
i t lay i v.p., LutU i Co , l a., oouitded .»s f«
i lov»s, to-wit: Oil the uortll by i.V'dh ««>
>e iinuu I' B:«rt}e>
I. »»v lands of Milton Ih« •mpson. Iluuua -
j Thoinpsoii, and Miller, south by ;au<U of
M«mUei Met..:. John and Mnduy
creek, ind on th«* west by lands of John K
McJunktn; (Containing 117 ;u*res. more or
it having thereon a g«*Hl dwell
ing bouse, barn and other outbuilding?*.
!*eiz«*d and takt nln • \e« at; n .is the pr«»:« r- 1
ts .'f Lawv>n F. Brackney at the >jit of Sir-,
ll* en F. I>ickens<»n f««r us. . f \\ F Turner
now for use of J \V Hutchison T P
Bracks ey
F.. No. Un Jum Term. 11. E Coulter.
Ail the title, 'nterest and claim of j
the heirs at taw of I»r. lar m s Gruham. dee'd . i
and Hon. James Bredin of. in and to all that f
certain piece >r lot of -rround. situute<l in \
Butler \ -ro. Butler Co.. Pa.. l»ouuded as fot- |
lows, to-wit- l>!i the north by an alley. *>v
the east by Cliff street, on the south by lot I
of P 11 Mi fie . and on toe west by South Mo j
M*;in ?t.. and fn»ntirn: on -aid M 'K-an >t
•ii.'.-s feet and extending back the same width j
US feet, more or less, to said ( liff aad
ut • thereoi erected a >wo atoty
dwelling house. Sei/ed md taken in execu
tion as tii* property of the heirs at law o;
Pr. J iu t > Graham, dee d., and Hon. James
Bredin at the suit of Butler Ikw.
F. I>. No. bv>. li; 7. liis.
Term. l-Hs W I Hams .v Mit4-heil, W. A
vX I . J i • : A u vs.
AH the risrbt, title, interest and claim o f I
William McAnallen «.f. in and to all that I
certain piece or parcel of land, situated it; I
Centre twp., Butler ( !'•.'• ind dss fol- I
low-, to-wit: Beginning at a it the :
northwest corner of said tract of land.thence !
south l> l> min. **ast 41 p* rcl es
1 mds of Anthony Thompson to a post:thenee '
south 1 deg. 45 mm. w*»st 7*i.s2 perches along
lands of Mary Jane Gallagher to a
thence south si» deg. 4omln. west per*'lies
along the lands of Thomas W Brown to a
post: thence north 1 deir. t" mln eiist 7H.9G
IMTidu's along line of lands t>f Lorenzi Rider,
t • a post the p'ace of beginning and contain*
iig aerey. nv r »' oi less. Being purpart No.
i ofthi estate of Margaret OalUner, lati <-f
i entretwn.. Butler Co.. l a., dee'd.. William
L McAna in th< deft, bei . r one of tbe de
| \ isees under the iast will and testament of
said Margaret Gallagher, dee'd.. same being
of record in the Register's office. Butler
Co.. Pa., in Will Book " K" {« age :iiu, and the
real estate of which the said Margaret Gal
lagher died seized having iH'en duly parti
tioned bypartit ion proceedings at i>. C. No.
77, Sept. Telm, I>W2, the above mentioned and
descriU-d purpart No. 1 was duly allotted
and awarded unto John S Sheakley as guar
dian of said William McAnallen and who has
since arrived a f full and lawful age. Seized
ant I taken in execution as the property «»f
William 1. McAnallen at the suit of Johu
Forcht et al.
| F. I>. No. W. !ll and ri. June Term. ist*s. W.
I>. Brandon and Levi M. Wise, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Sarah Breli now Sarah Al>er mortgagor and
Margaret Held terre tenant of. in ami to all
that certain piece or parcel of land, situated
in Forward twp.. Butler Co., Pa., bounded as
follow, to-wit: On the north by lands of
William L Burr, and James Brandon, east by
-public road leading from Brownsdale to
iVo isvjlie, %»n the south by ands of William
I'ehl. and Nicholas Miller, and on the west
by lauds of llenrv Buhl Sr;containlng seven
ty-eight su*res. more or less, being the same
tract of land which was conveyed to the
al»ove named Sarah Brell bv deed t.f William
Felil and wife, and bv died of Johu Knauff
and wife, lioth of which are recorded in Rec
order's oftice, Butler. Pa., having thereon
ejected a frame house and barn and other
outbuildings. Seized and taken in execution
as the property of Sarah Brell now Sarah
Aber. Mortgagor, and Margaret Held terre
tenant at the suit of Margaret Held for use
of K A C Brandon et al.
E. 1). No. 12*. June Term. I*y.» Ralston &
Uroer. Att'ys.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
James Simmers of, in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in WinQcld
twp.. Butler Co.. Pa.. liounded as follow, vo
wit: On tIK north \>y iandsof Juines K £ im
mersion the » by lipidsof 11 • i»ry KeoßlglL
on the south by lands of Clumers heirs, and
August Yuuh, and on the west by lands of
Lewis Weidbos, and James B Simmers; con
taining tlfiy acres, more or less, and being
ihe Nam*' land purchased from George
Douthett by James Simmers the defendant,
having thereon log house, frame stable and
orchard. Seized and taken in execution as
the property of James Simmers at the suit
cif ll \ A Krause for use of Hobert Krause.
E. l> No. 90, June Term. Is9s. T. I). Mc-
Junkins, Att'y.
All the right. title, interest and claim of S
W Macurdy Admr. of Ellsha C Macurdy,
dee'd., of. In and to that certain piece or
piece of land, situated in Buffalo tw p..Hutler
Co., Pa., hounded as follows, to-wit: Begin
ning at a corner post thence by lot No. .>
north 57.5 deg. east i«o perches to a post on
the bank of the Big Buffalo creek: thence h>*
ihe meanderiugs of the said creek north 37.0
dog. east 81 perchesi ttiepco north IT dcg.
east, thirteen and two-tenths perches; tlience
north 70 deg. west 11.8 perches to a sapling on
i lie bank or said creek: thence by lands of
David Baker north 45 deg. west 4"> perches to
a \Vhite Oak; thence by the same north 30
deg. west 2."> perches t'» a White Oak; thence
by the same north 60 deg. west 74 perches to
a post; thence by lot No. t& south 2V4 deg.
east 12S perciies to the place of beginning;
being bounded on the north by lands of .1 C
Watt, on the east by lauds of Phillips, on
the south by Buffalo creek, and on the west
by lands of Andrew Shearer; containing
acres, more or les w being the same which
«'harhs Mc< "andTe.is and Catherine his wife,
by deed dated May 22nd, 1878. and recorded
in Uped book "»3, l\me conveyed to Eltsha
C Macurdy. said lands having thereon erect
ed a frame two-story house, big barn and
and other outbuildings.
ALSO All the right, title. Interest and
claim of S \V Macurdy Admr. of Ellsha C
Macurdy, dee'd.. of, In and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in Buffalo
iwp., Butler Co., Pa., Inmnded as follows, to
.vit. at tht middle of the Cnion
ville road ou the line of Andrew Shearer
thence < ut lli4 perches to a stone bj lands
of the said Andrew Shearer; thence south
by other lands K C Maeunl> •. 1 1»« t •« m.rth
su.TSdeg. west 141.r» perches to «hu middle of
L'nlonvllle r<;i»il b> Ktnds of William C Tuck
r and Michael Blerly: thence north by ll.r»
dec. east 5.2 perches along middle of I nlon
ville road; thence north 20 deg. east lil
perches si long the center of said road; thence
north 19.7"> dec. east .'ki perches along the
. enter of said unionvillc road; thence north
27 deg. east perches along the middle of
said road to the place of lieginning; cuu tabl
ing .">7 acre* and li perches, wore or less, be
iii 14 a large tract called '"Junior'" and num
oered In Elders district of depredation
land; being the same which l'eter Ciraff and
Susan his wife by deed dated July 19th, ls7s,
recorded In deed liook No. ,YJ, Pace 368, con
veyed to E ('Macurdy. Seized and taken In
execution as the property of s W Macurdy
\dmr. of Ellsha Macurdy, dee'd., at the suit
of Isaac M Pennock for use of John L
E. 1). No. ltfi, June Term. I*9B. J W Hutchi
son Att'y-
All Ihe right tit Jo. Interest and el aim of
J M McC'ullough of. 1M and to all that certain
piece or lot of land, situated in Butler Boro .
Butler Co, l*a., bounded as follows to-wlt:
Being lot No. 3 in the Frank Morrison plan of
lots recorded In the Recorder's office of said
county In deed book I£l page fiOO said lot hav
ing a width of forty-seven feet In fronton tin
north side of Cleveland St.. and extending
back therefrom preserving the same width
a distance of two hundred feet, more or less,
toanallpy and being liounded on the north
t#y a twenty foot alley, on the east by lot No.
four in the same plan of lots now owned by
Amanda Morrison on the south by Cleve
land St,, and on the west by lot No. 2 of said
plan of lots now owned by the Keystone
State B.& L. Association of Pittsburg Pa.
being the same property which John I". Low
ry et ux by deed dated Feb. Ist. I*W7. granted
aud eonveyed tJames Mart in McCullouph.
Having thereon enacted a two sto;y frame
dwelling house i,lld oui-btllldlngs. Seized
.tud taken In execution as the proper
ty of Jarne.s Martin McCullough at the suit
of Keystone State B. «!t L. Asso. of Pittsburg
E. P. No. 1-5, June Term, IHOs. Newton Black.
All the rlgbtf title, Interest and claim of W
.1 Beatty of. In and to all that certain piece
1 or parcel of land, situated 111 Parker twp.,
But ler Co., Pa., liouiid« <i as follows, to-wlt:
iteglnniiig at the northeast corner at a stone
thence by lands of Ilelner Bros, et al south I
deg. west «!.:* perches, to the nubile road;
thence along said road north 4n deg. wot
perches: thence along the same northjj
deg. west2o perches;tbeiice by same north 77
deg. west .'i perches to lands of Fletcher;
thence by lands of same north 1 dear, east W>
perches, to a iH»st: thence by lauds of J C
Od«inweliei south #«' deg. east all.a per«'hes to
lands of Ilelner Bros, the place of beginning;
containing 24 acres, more or less, mostly
cleared. Seized and taken in execution as
the property of W J Beatty at the suit of
Thomas S Beatty.
E. D. No. 52, Vl. si. 1Ui.07.9H and 14s,June Term.
lSiis. Painter & Murrin, Att'ys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of P
A Mcßlwce and Catherine McElwee of, in
and to all that certain piece or Parcel of
land, situated in o.\kl<Utd lttp . lltliler Co.,
Pa Uuinded a-, follows, to-wlt: On the
north by lands of Jennie Craig, <»n the east
l»y tands of JF P McGinley, on the south by
lands of F A & John Stein, and on the west
by lands of McElwee heirs; containing 51
acres more or less, having thereon a frame
house, log stable, and outbuildings, good
orchard and timber. Seized and taken In
execution as tin- | roperty «»f P A McElwee
and Catherine McElwee at the suit of John
Berg Sc. Co. et al.
E. D No. I.MI. June Term, IMOS. J. D Marshell
All the right title Itjt. ins. and claim of
Suii|c Kin ntfs of.in and to all that certain
nPce or lot of ground situated In Butler,
Born. Butler Ct». Pa., bounded as sollows to
wit: On the north by lot of Henry Stein, on
the east by !<»t of Kittle Forsythe t •.«
south by West lelTerson St.. and on the west
by lot of I. J. Mcßrlde. front lug on Jefferson
St .. twenty feet, mere or ! ,-ss and extending
back sly ti.i tto Sleu. lot Indntf No. 112 on
\Vegt i, i». i toil St , and ba% lug tm reon
« rec|ed a frame two story dwelling house.
Sel/.ed and taken In execution as the proper
ly of Sal lie Karnes at the suit of Thomas M.
K. D. No. 90. 14h June Term Ralston \
Greer, and Painter & Murrln. Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
M F. McElwt e of. in and too all I hat certain
piece or parcel of land, situated In Oakland
township. Butler < 0., Pa., bounded as fol
lows. to-wlt: On the north by lands of Sam
uel Gordon, on the east by lands of P. A
Mi AI wee. on the south by lands of Stela and
Walker and on the wusl Ml land* Of
Hutchison! containing *»4 acres, mort or less,
and having thereuti erected a frame baru,
small orchard. Sel/ed and taken in execu
tion as the property of M. F. McElwee at the
suit of It. J. Whit ml re et al.
I E. D. No. 1111. June T* W. D. Brandon.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
William N Purvis of. In and to all that cer
tain piece «»r parcel of land, situated In
Adam tw| Butler Co., Pa., bounded (ul*
lows t•»- w• t B. -»i a |Hjst ic.»i a
white oak'i thence by binds of John Ban
soli l h J (leg. east lilhi perches, to a post;
t hence by land.s of William Purvis >r north
7(i..»di g. west 1 i»l.7* perches, to a post ; thence,
north H mln. east 4 perches: thence lands
of CrlsWt II north s t» d« g. east IHi perchi s to
the plac« of beginning. Being the sane
tract of land described in deed dated March
.id. I*!*;, from Olive Matthews guardian UJU
said William N P' r- 's -.i yeoUagi M'.
Pake ii« 7. 1 l.i Mint't fiepeon frame house, barn
and outbuildings orchard and being mostly
• , .-.red. . • -«d mm; I ibi ex. . ..lion as
tic ;-f •»)! 11 y of W iltiaiii N PunJsalthe sui, j
I ' > v.i :i»). 1. r t. I »i M Wise I
A Ih ' '. Ijllu, ill I' •-I .«'l ''l'lm "( It
/..i|i!iin i|f it> mill WttlliliHt f.,ri tin
<»!• lut f UI'IUII'I, iltuitcl tn l'orl.<r-«vlll.'
luirn llut!> r I'", I'll. fmtiii»l''<l folinw. I<i
wli . UcglllltlUK -it Muli. tln iii;i: liy l«i
~ii, 1 -.-M _
Q _ -
. v vfjplC' Pea! Summer Weather
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Butler's Inline Shoo House. Opposite Hotel Lowry.
;>one of the U. S' Most Noted Physicians,; >
<S To Again Yisit Butler, at Lowry House. Friday. June 10.1898. < ►
I Formerly of Prof. Pa ncoast's Graduate of Jefferson Med- V
X Hospital Staff. | i ca i College. V
r Medico-Chirurgici College O
and Philadelphia College
Q Lately from a 3 years'course of Pharmacy. X
in the Hospitals of Paris Registered asa Practitioner I.
and Berlin. of Medicine and Surgery.
< \ I)r Hewitt once said, while deli vtring a lecture Jo twined nurses of. l .
jrPhilaaelp.ua: It gtieves my heart to see a strong, healthy, vigorous man V
w niarried to a woman whose constituion is wrecked by nervousness produce.
/K by organic weakness, irregularities, lack of ambition, lieadach-- failtn-1 [
JT powers, paintul menstration, or blood an.l skin diseases in any staae V
yunnarv, kidney or bladder diseases or offensive discharges." * 's ►
t _ l^ r - Hewitt makes ijuick ind absolute cures in all such cas.'s, ,
f For wen, special treatment with speedy results. \ '
0 If you are suffering with cancer, perofula, catarrh, tumor, piles or anvC ►
< of long standing, which has baffled the skill of vmir familvl ,
jTphysician, do not lose heart because he has failed, but consult *Dr Hewitt If
Vi. v 'V onlv Physician in America who lias been fortun-vte cnoueb to# ►
1 %nave the experience and become a graduate of the above colleges 3
i C , I>r , I l ew ?. tt t '? es not treal P at «eute by mail, liecause it would He jruess*
1 J'work, and foolhardy, but if you live at a distance, an.l are a sufferer write**
4 Dr. Hewitt, and hr will answer. ' J
C lie cau tje communicated with at his permanent location 40.1
4#Ave., Pittfburg, Pa. 'fa
i /Remember date, at Lowry House, O
r Friday, June 10, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m y
of Marshall eastward one hundred eighty
feet; thence by lands of Ilenry Bloom south
ward fifty-seven feet; thence by same west
ward one iiuudrod eighty feot to Maia St:
thence by Main street northward sixty-seven
feet and ten Inches to the place "t begin
ning; containing forty-one and six-tenths
(41.*>) perches, more or l« ss. and being the
property conveyed by II Bloom to 11 A Zeis
ler by deed dated Nov 4th, IM*». Having
thereon erected a frame dwelling house and
store-r< HIIU combined and outbulUllug.s.Selreci
and taken »ri execution as the property of H
A Zelgler at the titllt of Henry Bloom.
Trnuri OK »S\UF—TI;e following must be
stuntiy compiled with when property is
stricken down.
1 VVlicn the plaintiff or other lien creditor
omi's the purchaser, tlie n»st.s on the writ
must Ik? paid, acid a list of the liens, lnclu<i
liitf inortpitre st-.-irehcs on the property sold,
together with such lien creditor's receipt*
for t lie amount of the proceeds <.f the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
♦>e furnished the Sheriff.
~. All bids must he paid in full.
•'{. All sales not settled immediately will
lie continued until 1 o'clock p. m. of the next
day at which time all property not settled
for will again be put up and sold at the ex
pense and risk of the person to whom first
*Sce Pardon's Digest, 9th edition, page 4IU
and Smith's Forms .'M.
WIIJ,I/\M D |H">|>D.M Sheriff.
Sheriff's Ofllce. Hutler. l*a.. May 16, lH9s.
By virtue of sundry writs of Ven. K\.
Fl. Fa.. Lev., Fa. Aw*, issued out o
the Court of <'omnion Pleas of Hutler Coun
ty, Pa., and to me directed, there will IK? ex
l>oscd to public sale, at the Court House, Ji
the lx)rough of Butler Pa., on
Friday, June 10, 1898,
at I o'chick P. M„the following described
property. t«i-wlt:
E. h. No. 217, June Term, l s N lUack, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of .1
M Campbell, being the undivided one-third
interest, of. In and to all that certain piece
or parcel of land, situated in Marion twp..
Hut ler Co. Pa. bounded as follows, to-wit:
On the north by lands of Koljert Atweil. on
the east by l:n;ds <if - Atweil heirs, on
the south hy lands of Nell formerly and on
tie* west by lauds of James K Klmes and <;
Atweil; containing s<i iu:res. more or less,
mo?.ily cleared ana In a good state of culti
vation. Seized and taken in execution as the
property of J M Campbell at tin suit of J .1
Cummins for use of Newton lilack.
E. L>. N0.21«. June Term. IKK. N Black. Att'y
All the right, tit !e, lr»t* :v-i iii<l claim of A
K Storey of. 'n uud to ail that certain piece
or p;irofll of land, situated in Fairvlow twp,
UuilerCo. Pa, Iniunded as follows, to-wit:
On tin* north )>y lands of Benjamin KanUin.
on : IK' east hy lands of itenjamln Kankin I' K
iiurke etal, on the soutii by lauds of William
Starr et al. and on the west t>y lands Thomas
Hays i't al; containing ISO acres, more or
less. thereon a frame house, barn
and other outbuildings. Sel/d and taken in
execution as the pr< pcrtY of .\d:;tn K Storey
at tl e sn'.t uf Catlieilue >li;Candh*ss.
E. 1> No. 215, June Term. IN9K. W H Lusk,
All the right, title. Interest and claim of \
M Caruahn and Kll/abeth B'Caruahau of. In
an'l o all that certain pieee or lot of laud,
sit.iated 111 Xeleinople lx>ro, Butler Co J'a.
bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning 'at a
post on Spring street then< « north by lands
of tirst party two hundred and twenty-seven
feet, more or less, to an eighteen t'ooi alley;
thee V'V said alley sixty-five feet to a
post lltence south two hundred and t wenty
s»• \«■ 11 feet, more or les*, to a po>t on Spring
street: thence oast sixty-five feet to a uost
the place of Ix gluniug. It being a part of
t hat piece or t raet of land whleli Frederick
Klotfensteiii and Louisa K his Wife by deed
dated June IWh, A. I>., IHW, granted and con
veyed to U t VutCh; and K C Vales and Ida J
Vales. Ids wife by deed dated May filth, IMH).
granted and conveyed the same to Jacob
baini' u'li; and Jaeof> Itauiha<*h and .M T;.aret
haiii'iacli his wife by deed Scpl". 2t)th,
1-SJKJ. granted and eonveyud the sam«- U» A M
Oarnahau; h;i\U-- thereon a two-story frame
h« ii*lahie and outbuildings. Seized and
taken in execution as the properly of A M
( arnahitii and Lll/.abetb BCaruahan at the
suit of Matilda E Belghley.
E. !> No. I s !, June Term x Isii*. K. p. Scott,
All tl\e light, title. Interest and . laim of
(LEOR.T- II <ill»>»>llof. in and to all that < ertain
pieee •if parcel of land, situated b» Venango
twp, Butler Co, Pa, liouudcd as follows. to
wlt: On the north by lands of Mrs. Wilds
and a public road, on the « ast by lands of B
M Otbsou, on tin south by lands of Virgil
(>lbsi>n. and on tho west by lands of John C
Scot t; contain# twelve acres, more or less,
bavin,' thereon erected a frame house |ti\:i«.
feet. frame »• table. and outbuildings, good
apple orchard and other fruit thereon.
AIX) Of, In and to all that certain piece
or lot of land, situated in Farmliigton,
Venango twp, Butler Co, Pa, iKUinded :•.*» fol
low-.. to-wlt: On the north by lot cf Harlan
Book, on tlie east by till's"'. \tivet, «»u tin
south r.y | Mtdic k d leading to Maple
I 'unlace, a>id oil the west by lands of Alien
Wilson i cntitalug one and one-fourth acres,
more or less, having thereon a frame shop
14x20 feet; also a peach orc hard and small
ALSO of. in and to all that certain piece
or lot of land, -ituated in Farmliigton, Ven
ango twp, But ler Co, Pa. liounded ;»s follows,
to-wlt: On the north by an alley, on the
east by lot No. r>, on the south by Mercer and
Lawre'nceburg road or Mali: stivei, and on
the west hy alley ancf Kosen
beri lot I.* lug No lin j• •»r» of said
vll1<u« and having a front age on said Main
street of I'jt feel aud extending back feet
to an alley. Seized and taken in execution
as t lie property of Oeorge II Gibson at the
suit of Koliert Storey.
Eyes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next lKx»rto Court House, ilutler, Pa.
;| O 11. PIERSOL,,
Office at No. 104 K.isl Diamond St.
Office in Mi chell building.
Office with Newton Black, Esq. South
; Diamond Street.
{ Room J. —Armory building,
'' Office between PostofLce and Diamond
Office on South Diamond Street.
Room 8.. Armory buildup.
Special attention given to collections
1 and business matters.
1 Reference: Butler Savings Bank, or
Butler County National Bank.
Office on Main St. near Court House.
Office at No. 8 South Diamond St.
Gold Fillings Painless Extraction of
Teeth and Aitificial Teeth without plates
a specialty, Nitrous Oxide or Vitalized Air
or Ixical nresthetics used.
Otlice over Millers groceiy, east of Low -
ey house.
Formerly known as the "Peerless
Painless Extractor of Teeth." Located
permanently at in East Jefferson St.,
Opposite Hotel Lowry, Butler. Will do
dential operations of all kinds by the
latest devices anil up-to-date methods
Painless extraction—No Gas —Crown
and bridge work a specialty.
Office—Room No. i. new BicVel build
137 E. Wayne St., office hours. 10 to
12 a. ni. 1 and to p. m.
Artificial Teetli inserted 0:1 the latest
improved plan. Gold Fillings a spec
ialty. Office over Miler's Shoe Store.
Eye, ear, nose and thioat a specialty.
132 and 134 S. Main Street, Ralston
Office 236 S. Main St., opj». P. O.
Residence 315 N. McKean St.
West Cunningham St.
New Troutman Building, Butler Pn.
Funeral Director.
337 S. Main St., Butler.
good farm foe sale.
The Fi rd fr.n.i in Donegal twp., ttenr
Milierstcuvn is fir <l< contains
aixMit 150 acres, is well watered aim "»
good condition For terms inquire a
his office