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    VOL- xxxv
Sheriff's Sales.
By virtue of sundry writs of Ven. Ex.. Fl.
Fa-. Lev., Fa. Ac. Issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas of Butler county. I'a.. and to
me directed, there will be exposed to public
sale at the Court House, In the borough of
Butler, on
Friday, March 4th
A. D. WOK, at I oVlock P. M., the following
described property, to-wit:
E. D. No. 83 March Term. I**. Williams Si
Mitchell, Atty's.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
John J C'amplHfll of. In and to all that cer
tain lot or piece of land situated in Alle
gheny twp.. Butler Co., Pa., dounded as fol
lows. to-wit: On the north hy lands of J G
Gibson, on the east hy lauds of Hurllngs et
al. on the south by laud* of Polm, and on the
west by lauds of Cobbett. Im*lii£ ourpart No 1
in the partition proceedings in the Court of
Common Pleas of Butler Co.. between John
J Campbel I the defendant, and Isaln'lla El
lis. as they appear al A I) No 21 March term.
18N9, Book 8, page 210, Partition Docket No 1,
page 77, and being allotted to the said John
Camptiell in said partition proceedings, con
taining 158 acres, more or less, and
having thereon erected a dwelling house,
frame oank barn, and other out buildings.
ALHO- Of, in and two all that certain piece
or parrel of land situated in Allegheny twp.
Butler Co.. Pa., hounded as follows, to-wlt:
On the north by lands of J P Crawford, east
by lands of Bebecea Van<*e, on the south by
lands of J P Crawford, on the west by lands
of James McMahon, containing ">0 acres,
more or le>s, being the same piece of land
conveyed by Jo»iah M Thompson to John J
Campbell by deed dated Sept. 2. IM7H, record
ed In l>eed Book No 50, page 17. Seized and
taken in execution as the property of John J
Campbell at the suit of William Walker.
E. I). No. 137. i:*,lA>. March Term. IBW. H. H.
Goucher and McJunkin & Galbreath, Atty's.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
John EByersof, in and to all that certain
messuage or lot of land situated in Butler
boro.. Butler Co., Pa., bounded as follows,
to-wlt: On the south by lot and what Is
known as the PostoWce building, being a
portion of the assigned estate of John E
Byers sold and conveyed by Levi Wise,
assignee, by dee<l dated June
16th, l*i ri, to James Thompson et. al.; on the
north by lot and building formerly of Robin
son 1 Carson now Koblnson & on
the east by lot formerly of
James Sellers uow W A Clark; on
the west by Main street, said lot having a
front of about 3tt feet 2 in. on Main street
and extending back about 00 feet to the said
lot of James Sellers now Clark and having a
two story brick dwelllug thereon known as
Dr. liver's* Office building, and being all of
that fot of ground situated on Main street in
#ald borough remaining undisposed of and
described in a deed of reassignment from
Levi M Wise. Esq.. assignee to John E Byers,
Deed Book 133, page tf7.
ALSO—Of. in and to the undivided in
terest in a certain piece or parcel of land,
more or less, situated in Summit twp., Butler
Co., Pa., bounded as follows, t4>-wit: On the
north by the right of way of Pittsburg &
Western K. It. on which the track of said
railroad is located and lands of McClure
heirs; on the southwest by the Klttaiinlng
road and lands of S P Young: on the east by
lands of George Barclay, and on the west by
lands of James and Samuel Mitchell, con
taining H5 acres, more or less, having there
on erected small board house and stable.
Seized and taken iu execution as the prop
erty of JohnE Byers at the suit of Mrs.
Kate M. Byers et. al.
E- D. No. 173, March Term. I*9*. J. B. Bredlu,
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Amelia Klein, Exr. of the estate of F G
Klein, dee'd., of, in and to all that certain lot
or piece of land situated In Zellenople boro.,
Butler Co., Pa., bounded as follows, to-wlt:
On the north by property of William Bas
tlan, on the east by Main strest, on the south
by lot of Casper Bloom, and on the west by
Clay street, containing one-half acre, more
or less, lia-'lng thereon erected a brick
dwelling house, frame tin shop and hall two
stories high.
ALSO -Of, In and to all that certain lot or
piece of land situated lu Harmony boro.,
Butler Co.. Pa., bounded as follows, to-wlt:
On the north by Commons, on the east by an
alley, on the south by New Castle Avenue,
and on the west by Koad street, containing a
acres, more or less. Seized and taken in ex
ecution as the property of Amelia Klein,
Exr. of the estate of C G Klein, dee'd at the
suit of Caroline Kearney nee Caroline Hei
E. D. No. 303, March Term, 1898. W. 11. Lusk,
All the right, title, interest and claim of
J Iteiilien Ko.se. of. In and to all that certain
lot or piece of land situated In Jackson twp.,
Butlur Co., Pa., bounded as follows, to-»lt:
On the north by Kldge avenue, east by
Shady Lam-, south by lands of Orphan s
Farm School, west by other lands of Wallace
heirs, containing 1 and 1-10 acres, more or
less, and iieing lot No BSS In the plan of lots
laid out by KA McKlm surveyor, on the
lands formerly of Joseph Zeigler, Sr.. and
being partof a larger tract of land which the
iiaid Joseph Zeigler. Sr. conveyed to K Protz
man, W M C Jones and said Heuben Kose as
tenants in common by deed dated May 20,
1808, and recorded In tlie Kecorders office of
said county of Butler. In l>eed Book No ltM,
page 15. plan of lot above refered to being
also of record in the Kecorders office of said
county, and having thereon erected a frame
bouse. Seized and taken in execution as the
property of J Keuben Kose. at the suit of
Pittsburg Security Savings and Loan Asso.
for use etc.
E. I>. No. CO and 230. March Term, lsu*. W. H.
Llsk, Att'y.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of S
N Mace of. In and to all that certain lot of
around, more or less, situated lu Evans City,
Butler Co., Pa. bounded as follows, to-wlt:
On the north by an alley, on the east by an
alley, on the south by \ all Bureu street, and
on tlie west by lot of A 1 Lotz, being VI feet
front on said Van Buren street and extend
ing back therefrom lflfi feet having thereon
erected a frame house (one story) and other
outbuildings. Selzt*l and taken as the prop
erty of S N Mace, at the suit of J E Brown
et, al.
E. D. No. 224, March Term, 1888. McQulstlon
Si Moore, Atty's.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
John Gallagher, James Gallagher and John
W Gallagher of. in and to all that certain
piece, parcel, tract and messuage of land
situated In Cleartleld twp.. Butler Co., l'a.,
bounded as follows, to-wlt: On the north
by part of same tract now owned by John
Gallagher, east by lands of James K Reams,
on the south by lands of Fred White, and on
the west by ladds of Wandell Osclic; con
taining 47 acres, and having thereon erected
a two story mud frame house, double jog
barn and other outbuildings. See Mortgage
Book No 44, page 4, for reference. Seized
and taken lu execution as the property of
John Gallagher, James Gallagher and John
W Gallagher at the suit of Francis Laube.
E I). No. IS4 and 190, March Term. IHOK. Mc
/ Junklu Sc Calhreiith and Williams Si
Mitchell Atty's.
, All the right, title. Interest and claim of
' Wilson Kennedy of. In and to all that cer
tain piece or parcel of land, more or less,
situated In Kenfrew boro., Butler Co., Pa.,
bounded us follows, to-wlt: On the north by
lands of I>. Kenfrew and James Patrick, east
by Connoquenessiug creek, on the south by
lands of William Kennedy, on the west by
the right of way of the P & W K It; contain
ing 3X acres, having thereon erected a one
story frame house, frame barn und other
outbuildings. Seized und taken In execution
tut the property of Wilson Kennedy at the
suit of Mrs Nancy J Hamel now for use of
Anetta J Nlblock et. al.
E. U. No. 335, March Term, IM*. W. 11. Lusk.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Charles F Glenn of. in and to all that cer
tain lot or piece of land situated In W Sun
bury boro., Butler Co., Pa.. liounded as fol
lows, to-wlt: On the north by lots of Wright
heirs and Andrew Porter, east by public
road, south by public road, west by an alley;
having thereon erected a frame house, sta
ble ana other outbuildings. Solzed and tak
en In execution as the property of Charles F
Gienn at the suit of William Allison.
E. D. No. 7 and 231, March Term, 1838. W. A.
Forquer and Cumulngs, Atty's.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Robert A Edwards, Alice E Fuubel and J H
Faubel of. In and to all that certain piece or
parcel of land situated in Butler twp., But
ler Co., PH., liounded as follows, to-wlt: On
the north by 3 deg. public road, lands of Mrs.
< Vosbrlnk, Charles Duffy, John Muntz and
Plank Koad; on the east by old Pittsburg
Pike, on the south by lands of John Muntz,
James Rredin and MP Mitchell heirs, on the
west by lands of James Bredln, and lands of
H P Mitchell heirs: containing 15 acres, more
or less. F<T reference see mortgage book
48, page 130. having thereon frame house
and barn, chicken house, water well, tank,
and house water well, outfit for pumping in
cluding tank, gas-engine, etc., ana other out
bulldtnifs. Seized and taken In execution as
the property of Robert A Edwards, Mrs.
Alice E. Faubel and J. H. Faubcl at the suit
of J. J. Leldecker et al.
E. D. No. 181, March Term, IxtK Ralston Si
Greer, Atty's.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
Lewis McMarliu and Sarah Alice McMarlln
of. in and to all that certain lot or piece of
iund situated In Mars boro.. Butler Co., Pa
bounded us follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a
point on the east side of Pearl street 125 feet
from tne corner of Pearl and Arch street;
tnence along said Pearl street a distance of
37 feet north 2 deg and 30 niln. west;
thence by a line north 37 derf 30 niln. east
U distance of o'ne hundred twenty-six feet to
d point On the west side of long alley: thence
Ijy 10ng alley 2 deg south 30 rafn. east a dis
tance of 37 feet to a point; thtsnCe by line 37
Oej) 30 mlp. west a dlstum oof I3li feet to the
place of beginning; having thereon erected a
two story frame house, etc. Seized and tak
en In execution as the property of Lewis Mc-
Marlln and Sarah Alice McKlarlln at the
suit of John Nlckias.
E. D. No. I*B, March Term. IsBS. W D, Bran
don, Att'y,
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
J M Doddg of, In and to ail that certain lot of
ground situated In Ist ward Butler boro.,
Butler Co., l'a.. bounded as follows, to-wlt:
On the north by and fronting on Maple avc.
40 feet, east by lot of F 11 Hodds, on the
south by an alley, and on the west by lot of
Emll Bruuy: being 40xlflfl, more or less, hav
ing thereon erected a frame house and other
outbuildings. Seized and taken In execution
as the property of J M Hodds at the suit of
F B I>odds.
E. R. No. 228 and 230, March Term, ISDH. W.
J). Brandon and W. A. Forquer, Atty's.
Al; the right, title, interest and claim of L
E Brai kney of. In siml to al) that, certain
lot of ground si United in Butler boro., But
ler Co.. l'a., bounded as follows, to-wU: On
the north by Union street, oil the cant by an
alley, on the south by an alley, and on the
West by an alley; tiefng lots No 17. 18 and lu.
the Robert Graham plan of lots tn said
gut* Library J 1
borough Nos. 17 and Is each fronting "ii said
Union street tC! feet :i inches. and iMrndlni'
back 170 (w I loan alley, and No 19 fronting
*1 [irt. more or less. on" saiil street and ex
tending tiack 150 feet to an alley and is 71
feet 7 Inches on the alley. Seized and taken
in executloi. as the property of I. E II rack
ney at the suit of J Emery Brandon et. al.
E. D. No. 2.*.'. March Term. Irt*-. W. I>. Bran
non. Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of li
B Mahaffey and Francis M Mahaffey of. in
and to all that certain tract of land situated
in Middlesex twp.. Butler Co.. I'a.. Iwiunded
as follows. to-wlt: On the north hy lands of
James Brown and William Miller, east by
lands of Mrs. Florence Starr, on the south by
public road and John Parks heirs, west by
lands of Mrs. Elizabeth Iteltrick: containing
2"> acres, more or less. being lot No. 4 in par
tition of real estate of James S Parks heirs,
having thereon a frame house and oubbulld
ings and mostly cleared. Seized
ami taken in execution as the property of K
B Mahaffey and Francis M Muhaffcy at tin
suit of Butler Savings Bank.
F.. I). No. Iff), March Term. W-. T. Camp-
Im'll, Att'y.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
James M'-Lalferty of. in and to t>"> acre* of
land, more or les>. >ituated in Clearfield
twp., Butler Co.. Pa., bounded a> follows, to
wit: On the north by P Mcßride et. al.. on
the east by lands of P Mcßride and P Lotnie.
on the south by lands of 1* Logue and c
Bteighner. and on tin- west by St. John's
church property, having thereon erected a
log house, stable and other outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of James McLafTerty at the suit of Liz
zie McClafferty.
E. D. Nos. 44. 4,», and 232, March Term. IsOH.
W A Forquer and Mates A Young, Att'y.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
William Christie of, In and to all that cer
tain piece or parcel of land situated in
Cherry two.. Butler Co., Pa.. txmnded as fol
lows, to-wlt: Beginning at a stone at the
north west corner; thence by lands of Chris
Kinker et. al. south 8H deg. east 132 6-10 per
ches, to a post; thence south bv lands of
Chris Kinker, south 1 deg. we*t til ft-10 per
ches to a post; thence bv lands of John Lou
den et al. north ss dejr. 1"> min.. west 11."» *»-10
perches to a post; thence by lands of John M
Conway, nortjj 3 deg 30 min. west 10BU-10 per
ches to a stone, tin* place of beginning; con
taining sixth-two (rC) aeres strict measure as
surveyed bv B l'" Billiard. Esq. See deed
dated April Ist. IK<2. of record in the lie -
order's office at Butler. Pa. Having thereon
erected a frame house, frame barn and
other outbuildings. Siezed and taken in ex
ecution as the property of William Christie
at the suit of John Berg it Co. et. al.
E. D. No. 244. March Term. ltftl*. W. 11. Lu*W.
All the ritflit, title, interest anil claim of
Matthew B Bnow of. in and to all that cer
tain lot or parcel of land situated in Butler
boro.. Butler Co.. I'a.. houuded as follows,
to-wlt: Beginning at the northwest corner
at a post the corner of lot No s(i and South
street: thence in an easterly direction .VI
feet along said lot South street to a post, the
corner of said South street with a3O foot al
ley : thence In a southerly direction 17"i feet
along the line of said alley to a post the
corner of said with another 3) foot alley;
thence In a westerly direction .10 feet along
the line of said last mentioned alley, to a
post the corner of said alley with lot No
thence In a northerly direction I£*> feet along
the line of said lot No ">u to the place of :>e
ginning, celng lot No ">3 In the plan of lot
laid out for I'hlllp Dauhenspeck liy G (' Pil
low. See deed dated June 2, Is!*!. Having
thereon a farm house and other outbuild
ings. Seized and taken in execution as the
property of Matthew B Snow at the suit of
Pittsburg Security Savings and Loan Asso.
for use.
E. I>. No. 54 March Term. McQulhtion
' & Moore. Atty's.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Joseph Warren Ix-lug a life interest under
and by virtue of the last will of Mrs. Shamir,
dee'd., of. In and to .'*> acres of laud, more or
less, situated in Franklin twp.. Butler Co.,
Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit: On the
north by landsof Daniel Shanor, on the east
by lands of Gallagher, on the south by lands
of Peter Klinger and Hipper and on the west
by lands of English heirs and of Snyder;
having thereon erected a frame house, sta
ble and other outbuildings. Seized and tak
en in execration as the property of Joseph
Warren at the suit of Samuel Hemphill for
use of (J 1' Keister.
E. I>. No. 71 and i:ti. March Term, Is'.K Bow
ser Bros, and W. A. and K. J. Korquer,
All the right, title. Interest anfl claim of
John Mc. Milliard of. in and to all that cer
tain piece or parcel of land situated In Ve
nango twp., Butler Co., Pa., bounded as fol
lows. to-wlt: On the north by Daniel Mil
lard, on the east by lands of William llcil,
on the south by lands of W 11 Coe. and on
the west by lauds of Hamilton Redlck; con
taining 00 acres, more or less. having there
on erected a frame house and barn and other
outbuildings. Seized and taken In execution
as the property of John Mc. Millard at the
suit of John D IMII et. al.
K. I). No. 24*. March Term IN*.. Williams &
Mitchell, Att'y.
All the right, tit le, Interest and claim of
Thomas McGlnnls, dee'd..- .lan.es W McGln
nls. Admr.. of Thomas Met; in u Is, dee'd. of.
In and to all that certain piece or parcel of
land, more or less, situated In Buffalo twp..
Butler Co., Pa.. Ixmnded as follows, to- wit.
On the north by lands of Martin Sauter and
Conrad I'ifer. east by lands of Jiine Klchey,
on the south by lands of Peter IMedrlck, and
on the west by lands of Robert Johnston
heirs et. al: containing .VI acres, more or less,
about one-half cleared and having thereon
erected a frame house, weatherboarded,
frame stable and other outbuildings. Seized
and taken in execution as the property of
Thomas McGlnnis, deed.. James Mc( Jin ills.
Admr. of Thomas McGlnnls, dee'd. at the
suit of John T Martin l.i trust for Sarah Mc-
Glnnls now for use of Sarah McGinnis.
E. I). No. 44, March Term, lssi*. W. A. &F. J
Forquer, Atty's.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
John M Louden of. in and toall that certain
Rlece or parcel of land, more or less, situated
l Clay two.. Butler Co,, Pa.. liounded as fol
lows, to-wit: Beginning at a post on the
northeast corner; then*'*; south by lauds of
James Glenu and It II Young liEJ.'. 10 perches,
to sassafras; thence by lands of K-v James
Coulter heirs, and Rev W P Breadln, now J C
Breadin, to a post; thence north by other
lauds of formerly owned by Capt Samuel
Louden, now owned by John M Louden. Mrs.
Christie et. al. 1(125-10 perches to a post;
thence east by lands of Henry I'lsor now
William ('bristle and Christopher Kinker
heirs. Sis 75-100 perches t«m post, the place of
beginning; containing 100 acres, more or less,
and lielng the same piece of laud deeded to
John M Louden by samuel Louden by deed
dated Sept. 10. 18,3. recorded in Heed Book
US, page 433. Having thereon erected a frame
house, frame barn and other outbuildings'
Seized und taken lu execution as the proper
ty of John M Louden at the suit of John
Berg Si Co.
ALSO—Of, In and to all that certain piece
or parcel of laud, situated in Clay tivp., But
ler Co., Pa., liounded and described as fol
lows, to-wit:—On the north bv iands of Re
becca ltusscl heirs, on the east by lands of
John Louden, on the south by lands of Tlllle
Louden and Marlu Christie, and on the west
by lands of John Bark ley; containing thirty
four lie res, more or less, Ixing the same land
purchased by John v. Louden from Mrs.
Catherine Klnzer by article of agreement.
The above described realty Is mostly cleared
and cultivated. Seized and taked In execu
tion as tlie property of John M. Louden at
the suit of John Berg <!t Co.
E. H. No. SIU, March Term, lsUs. S. F. &A. L.
Bow.ser, Atty's.
All the right, title. Interest and
claim of llenry Martsolf of, in and
to all that certaiu piece or parcel of
land, more or less, situated in Centre twp., .
Butler Co., Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit:
On the north by lands of Moore McCandless, '
formerly, now heirs of Moore McCandless
and lands of Frank Kohler; on the east by
lands formerly of James McCandless, now \
Henry Huffman and Bert McCandless; on I
the south by lauds of formerly William Me- i
Candless, now Humes A. McC andless or a |
public road; ou the west by lands formerly ;
of John Hose, now Mrs. Jennie Johnston;
containing 65 acres, more or less, having
thereon erected a log dwelling house, with
shtid kitchen attached, log bank barn and
other outbuildings, orchard of apple and
cherry trees, mostly cleared and under :
fence. Being same con veyed by James MC- !
Candless to llenry Martsolf by deed dated
January 31, IHTKJ. See Deed Book No "T" 1
page &3. Seized and taken in ex- !
ecution as the property of George II Mart
solf at thp suit of John Berg &Co for use
of Wm It Otto.
E. I). No. 347, March Term, I*o7 A. T, Scott, i
Atty. ;
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
George W Winslow of, in and to all that cer
tain Tot of land situated in Butler boro.,
Butler Co., Pa., txiuuded as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the south.side of West Clay
street on lino of hits of Mrs K G Bester;
them e eastward along said street 50 feet to
lot of \Y illiam Light hold; thence southward i
by said lot Ist) feet to an alley; thence west
ward along said alley 50 feet to lot of Mrs E
G Bester before mentioned; thence north
ward by said lot I*o feet to West Clay street
the place of beginning: l>elng the seme prop
erty which was conveyed to the said George
W Winslow, by Elizabeth Iteed and husband,
by deed dated July 7, I*W. See Deed Hook
ltM, page lUrt. Having erected thereon a
frame house, stable and other outbuildings.
Seised and taken in execution as the prop
erty of George W Winslow at the suit of the
Pennsylvania Savings Fund and Loan Asso.
E. D. No. 245, March Term, 18UK. S. F. Bowser
& Bro., A try's.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Peter hlhn and Catharine Klhn of. in and to
all that certain tract of land situated In
Butler twp.. Butler Co. Pa., bounded as fol
lows, to-wit: Beginning at the northwest
corner at a post; thence by lands of llenry
Miller heirs and Gottleib Welsensteln south
*OS-10 deg. east J75 porches to the centre of
Mercep road: thence alone the centre of said
road south 1« deg. east 17 perches; thenCe
SOUth 30 deg. east 40 5-10 perches; thence
sjoyth h7 5-10 deg. west along lands of Mrs
Sarah McCandless ills perches to a post;
thence by lauds of M Mulligan north 'i deg
east 732-10 perches to the place of !>egitining:
containing 71) acres and 50 perches strict
measure and being the same tract of land
conveyed by Jacob Keck to Peter Klhn the
grantor hereof by deed bearing even date'
herewith and Ix'litg taken to secure the bal
ance of purchase money for the within de
scribed tract of land, having thbreon erected
a frame one story house, frame barn and
other outbuildings- Seized and taken in ex
ecution as the property of Peter Klhn and
Catherine Klhn at the suit of J;icob Keck.
E. D. No. 197, March Term. I*o*. Painter A.
Murtin. Atty's.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
James Kaufman. Sr., of, in and to all that
certain piece or parcel of land situated In
Clay twp., Butler Co., Pa., Itounded as fol
lows, to-wit: Beginning at a stone post;
thence north 1 deg. west, along the line of 1
lands of George TimMin heirs 1"0 VlO per
elies to a stone jkist: thence we*t alistf the
line of lauds ot Timbli i heirs !7 par
ches to a stone : thence north I deg.
west along the line of lands of m TimMin.
now McCall. 33 perches to i s«. ue post:
t bene*'ea«*t along the line of lands of Wil
liam Smith heirs. j.» rclt« -, i•• i •»!'• . j.«»-s<
t hence m wit h - & deg. eas! a i • % the
lands of the heirs of Susana and N;m 'v I'.rn
blln 83perches to a stone post; thence south
10deg. east along the line «»f said land> 1-zi
per«'he-» to a stone post: then«*e west al ?n;£
the line of lands of Jacob Brown heirs. *»7
perches to tin* plac«* •if nr: niir: «•« »nti»i
-ißg .9 acres, ha Ting tliereon erected a two
story frame* hou«e. frame barn and other
outbuildings: also agood orchard, -aid fjju :a
mostly cl«*ated and in :i >ta*e of j|:i
vation. Seized and taken in ev'-iiti»*u
the property of James Kaufman, >r at the
suit of James Kaufman, Jr.
E. D. No. 233. March Term. 1-&*. Mates &
Young, Atty.s.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Harvey Cruikshanks and Mary Ella Cruik
shanks of, in and to ail that''crtain piece «>r
parcel «»f land situated iu WinUeld two..But
ler Co.. I'a.. bounded as follows, to-wlt: On
the north by road leading from >axoii sta
tion to Denny's mill, and land • of II f
Becker and Kiver heirs: on the east hy lamls
of II 11 Becker et. al.. on the soutn by lands
of George Watson and C N Noble. anM on the
west by landsof Claude Mangel a-ontainini: 11"
acres, more or less, and l«eing th** same farm
owned by Adam Crulkshanks in his lifeiime
and by his will devised to tils widow and
heirs who have conveyed to lirst parti*
See records for refereiu •*. Mortgag*- Bo*»k
i"). Ilaviiiu' tln-reoa • r«*cted :i frame
house, frame barn and oih«*r outbuildings,
.-elzed and taken iu execution :ts the proper
ty of Harvey Crulkshanks and Mary Ella
Crulkshanks at the stiii of M C Ekas.
E. D. No. 201. 2tM. av», March Term. K.' v . A. M.
Cornelius. Painter A Miirrin. Atty's
All the right, title, interest and claim of
John J DutTord of. in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land situated in ConiUMjue
nessing twp.. Butler Co., Pa., bounded as fol
lows. to-wlt: On the north by landsof P. W.
Thomas, on the east by lands of Stevenson
brothers, formerly Kice heirs, on the south
by lands of G. Briggle, and P. Giese. and on
the west bv lands of James Nihlock : contain
ing fifty -Tour a«*n's. mors* or less, mostly
cleared and having thereon erected a frame
dwelling house; als4i a good orchard. Seized
and taken in execution as tlie property of
John J. Dufford at the suit of W. D. Brandon
et. al. for use of E. J. Dodds.
E. D. No. 251, March Tenn. I><oS. John
H. Wilson and Levi M. Wise, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim
of Margaret Streyle, and heirs of Fred
erick Streyle, owners or reputed own
ers of, in and to all that certain piece
or lot of land, sitnated in Harmony
boro, Butler Co., Pa., bounded as fol
lows, to-wit: On the n.-rth l>v Cully
Hill street, running along said street
144 feet on tbo east, and on the south
by Main street and fronting on said
street 287 feet and on the west by Lib
erty street running along said street
11W feet; having thereon erected a frame
house. Seized and taken in execution
as the property of Margaret Streyle and
heirs of Frederick Streyle, owners or
reputed owners, at the suit of the
borough of Harmony.
E. D. No. 114, 133, l;;C, l'J4. March T ,
1808. Brandon 6c Black, Attys.
All the right title, inierest and claim
of W. J. (irubbs. of, in and to all that
certain piece or lot of ground situated
in Butler boro, BuilerCo., Pa., bound
ed and described as follows, to-wit: On
the north by lot of Mrs. Bell, on
the east by Lookout Avenue, on the
south by lot of Reuben McElvain. and
on the west by alley, being and front
ing forty-five feet on Lookout Ave, and
extending back westward 125 feet to
said alley, having thereon erected a
frame house, frame stable and other
outbuildings. Seized and taken in exe
cution as the property of W J. Grnbbs
at the suit of Dr. W. C. McCandless,
et. al.
E. D. No. 2254, March Term, 1898.
Mates & Young, Attorneys
All the right title, interest and claim
of Eliza J. Milliard and Samantha Hil
Haiti, of, in and to ail that certain
piece or lot of ground situated in But
ler boro.. Butler Co., Pa., bounded and
described as follows, to-wit: On the
north bv an alley, on the east by lot of
Henry Wagner, on the south by North
street, and on the west by lot of Mrs.
Tirza Lowrnan, being the east half of
lot Xo. 162 and fronting on said North
street 29:25 feet, more or less, and hay
ing thereon erected a frame two story
house and out buildings. Seized and
taken in execution as Ihe property of
Eliza J. Hilliard and Samantha Hilliard
at the suit of Chris Gelbach for use of
James Hamel.
E. D. No. 106, 107, 108, 111, 112, 11%
249, March T., 1808. Brandon, For
quer, Williams & Mitchell, Attys.
All the right, title, interest and claim
of P S Hovis of, in and to all that cer
tain piece or parcel or lot of ground
situated in Butler boro., Butler Co.,
Pa., bounded and described as follows,
to-wit: On the north by land of
of Thomas Donaghy, on the east by
lot of George Purviance, south by and
fronting on Penn stieet and on the
west by lot of Mrs. N B Jacobs, being
40 feet, more or less, front on Perm
street and extending back by parallel
lines 210 feet, being all of lot No 0, and
part of lot No s, in the partition of
property of J N Purviance dee d., hav
ing thereon erected a frame bouse of
modern architecture with bath-room in
connection. Seized and taken in ex
ecution as the property of P S Hovis at
the suit of liutler County National
Bank et. al.
TKIIMS OK SALE— The following must be
staictly compiled with when property is
.stricken down.
1. When t lie plaintiff or other Ucri creditor
becomes the purchaser, the COM sou the writ
must IK* paid, and a list, of the liens, includ
ing mortgage searches on tlie property sold,
together with such Hen creditor's receipt*
for t he amount of I he proceeds of t he sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
lie furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must be paid In full.
3. All sales not settled immediately will
l>e continued until 1 o'clock p. m. of the next
day at which time all property not settled
for will again IK* put up and sold at the ex
pense and risk of the person to whom first
•See Purdon's Digest, Ot h edition, page 444
and Smith's Forms page 3*4.
Sheriff's Office. But ler, l'a.. Feb. 15. lsli*.
Road and Bridge Reports.
Notice is hereby given that the following
road and bridges have been confirmed nisi
by the Court and will be presented on the
first Saturday of March Court, !*«.»*, being the
12dayofsaiu month, and if no exceptions
ar» filed they will be confirmed absolutely.
it. D. No. s, June Session, 1*1)7. In re peti
tion of citizens of Butler twp Butler Co. Pa.
for re-view of a pflblic road leading from
East Jefferson street extension to Butler
and Mlllerstown road at Mill road at a point
near the Butler chemical Works: and that
the road as now htld out would be a great
expense to the township in making said
road. Nov. 1. I*o7, re-viewers were appointed
by the Court and Dec. 4. I*o7. report of re
viewers filed, stating that a public toad is
necessary between the above mentioned
points, and have surveyed a road between
the said points; probable cost, two hundred
seventy-five dollars; damages in the sum of
sixty dollars assessed to the estate of Kev.
Wm. White, to be paid by Butler county.
Now Dec. ii, ISNT. approved and fix width of
road at feet. Not ice to be given according
to rules of Court. By THE Comer.
it. D. No. 1, December Session, I*o7. In re
petition of citizens of Marlon twp . Butler,
Co., Pa., for a county bridge over the north
branch of Sllnneryroek creek, at the point
where the nurule highway leading from New
Hope to Anaiidale Station crosscss said
•>«» i<J creek. Nov. •'». 1897, viewers were ap
|>ointed by the Court, and Dec. 1. 1*1)7, r«*-
port of viewers tiled, stating that the pro
posed bridge is necessary, and will require
more exnense than it Is reasonable the town
ship of Marion should bear, and locate the
same where the township bridge now stands.
Now Dec. 11. 1*1)7, approved. Notice to be
given according to rules of Court ami t<> be
laid before the Grand Jury at next term.
R. I). No. & December Session. I*o7. In re
pctltlou of citizens of Fairview twp.. Itutlei
Co., Pa. foracnunty bridge over a branch of
Bear Creek in said township where the pub
lic road leading from Fairview to Middle
town crosses said creek. Nov. I*o7. view
er* were appointed by th » Court, and Dec.
IM)7, report of viewers filed, stating that the
proposed bridge is necessary and that the
erect jon of the same will require more ex
pense t ban It is reasonable tin' township of
Fairview should bear, and locate tin same
where the township bridge now stands. Now
Dec. 11. 1*97. approved. Notice to be given
according to rules of t 'ourt and to be laid be
fore the Grand Jury at next term.
Certified from the records this *th day of
Clerk Q. S.Court.
For Sale*
House and lot on Lincoln ave., near
Plate Works, at a sacrifice as owner in
tends moving away. Lot 40x125 three
loomed house, title good Inquire at
this office
I —Blankets and Robes at wholesale
I prices at Martincourt & Co's.
Brv* EH Cor XT v.
Tl:»* rommonwi'rilth «»f IV»»i»-yi v-iiua t«»
(be Shertll Co intY Greeting:
Wlut a-. liuth r »M>ro. li t- tiled :i <lalm in
our < rjiu: IM»':r. or -; 1 nullity
tilt? h«>ir at 1 i\v of I *r. J sinus Graham, tit*,-' I.
and !i i J ami - i;: Ifim fui thj i m of«
hundred seventy and vf-IW -j.»l!ar> c?l.i>.s*<
1-elnj! f< r work done and material :urnisht d
in j :i\ ln* and 01 Ing South M ?Ki ■ i PI
from Jefferson -t. t<» Centre Ave.. >itaate<i
in the Borough of Untier. Butler <"«>.. I'a..
Umnded a> follows. t<»-wit: On the nr:t!i l»y
an alh*v. Oil the «-a-»t I»v •'IiIT* >treet. on *he
by s atii McK« siii si . «•«•! and froutln
upon >a;d >-»ulli M;*Kean >tiv- : -i\ty .on!
tive-tefith ** 5-!0)ft and extending the
same width one hnndre«l and eighty <ISP) feet
more or l« •->. t'» -ai«s <" 11 IT street, and having
ere.;«d thereon a two story log dwelling
hou>e weather !>oarded.
And whereas, it is alleged that the said
sum siiil remains due and unpaid t » tin- saiil
Bntler bon N• in m conn i uid | on, I hat
you make known to the lion. Jarr.es
Bredin and the heirs at law of Vr. James
(iraham. de-eased, and to all >urh person*. :i
mav bold ".i )% the said «lain an I prop
« r:V t 'nc:e«.n. th: t t hey be a: 1 appear In*? :v
the Judges of our s.ifd Court, at a court or
Common Pleas, to be held at But) r,
l.st .Monday of Mareh next, to s!»ow eanse. if
anything they know or have t«« say. why the
-aid sum of should not I** levie<l «»f
tie said des4-ril»ed property, to the use of the
said Butler boro. a-vordinz tr» the form anc«
effe-T of the Aet of ASM-mhly In sue:. < ase
made and provided if to them it shall deem
expedient. Anil hare yon then and there
this writ.
\Vitne». the Hon. John M.Greer. President
Judge of the said Court at Butler, this lOtu
day of January. A. I>. l Hi >
Protlionol irv.
B(*T!«KR < '<lt" NTV. SS:
The C<»m!i»onwealth of Pennsylvania to
the Sheriff «»f said < ounty. Greet Ins:
Whereas. Butler liorti. has tiled a <*laim in
our Court of Common l*leas. f«>r said county
against But!er Cemetery lot. heirs at law «»f
Norhert Fi>ltz, deeea-en.and heirs at law and
devi-. es of Samuel Cuniiiugham. deeeased.
owners, for tin* sum of tive hundred thirteen
and 42-K«0 dollars (sT>i;i42> l>eing for work
done and material furnished In paving and
curbing North MeKeavi stnret from Jeffer
son street to I'u I ton street, for the improve
ment anc development, of a eertain lease
hold. situate in the 2nd
ward. Butler. Butler Co. Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wit: On t» • north by North
street, on the east by art alley, on the south
by an alley, on the west by said Nortn Mc-
K'e;in street and fronting on said North Mc-
Keanstreet 2oo feet, more less, and ex
tending bark the sane- width feet, more
or less, to an alley, said lot of ground being
i the Butlei Public Burial Ground,
or Grave Yard lot of ground.
And wheresi*. it is alleged that the said
sum stll! remains due and unpaid to the said
Butler lioro. Now we eommand you. that
you make known to the said defendant's.
.tn«l to all such persons as may hold or oe
cupy the aid leasehold and property there
on, "that they and appear l>efore the
Judgi-s of our'said Court, at a Court of Com
mon Pleas. to be held at Butler, on the Ist
Monday of Mareh next, to show eause. if
anything they know or have to say. why the
said sum of should not In- levied of
the said real estate together with the prop
erty thereon to the use of the said Butler
boro. aeeording to the form and effect of the
Aet of Assembly In sin'h ease made and pro
vided i f to them It shall deem expedient.
And have you then and there this writ.
Witness."the Hon. John M. (ireer, Presi
dent Judge of the said Court at I'utler. this
day 14th day of Janu.v y. A. I>. IHiJH.
Register's Notices,
The Kegister hereby gives notice that the
following .accounts of executors, adminis
trator-. and guardians have been filed in
this ofHce according to law, and will be pre
sented to Court for confirmation and allow
ance t>n sitturday. t! » 12th day of MaHi IK»S
of sah^day:
1. Final account, of Flora M. Hiles. ad
ministratrix of Benjamin Folk man, deceas
ed. late of Connoqueiiessing twp.
2. Final account of Samuel L\ McCall,
guardian of Sadie Webb, minor child of John
3. Final account of William Kelly, admin
istrator of Cornelius Kelly, deceased, late of
Oakland twp.
4. First partial account of 11. c. Milleman
and Philip Milleman. executors of George
Milleman. deceased, late of Lancaster twp.
f». Final account of Joseph McElhaney,
admin ist rat or of John MeKI haney. decease* I.
late of Slipperyrock i wn.
<>. Final account of Jcanie M. Sharpies*
and J. Barton Townsend, e\« « utors of Annie
C. Williams, deceased. late of Butler iMiro.
7. Final account of Barbara Christ ley, ad
ministratrix of W. E. Christley, deceased,
late of < entreville lwro.
Final su'ci»unt of Anna 11. Uietfer. ad
ministratrix of Henry Kleiner, deceased, lat<
of < MearKeld t wp.
0. Final aceonn of Jaeol> Miller, adminis
l rat or "f Anna .Miller, deceased, late of Sum
niit twj).
10. !• inal account «>f Louisa Crcs*. former
ly Louisa Kaehrnan. executrix of Carl Bach
mail.*de eased. late of JefTerson twp.
II Final aw< urit of Mary Orrll!, adminis
t rntrix of James <>rrill, deee.ised, late of Jef
ferson twp.
1-. Kinal ai-counl of s. i\ Thompson, guar
dian of Violet Hard, minor child of All si in T.
Hard, late of Slipperynv-k twp.
IX Final account of Henry <llciiieman.
guardian of ( ora Ellen Allien, minor child
of Prlah Albert, deeeased, late of Centre
t wp.
11. Final account of Henry Ilelnenian.
guardian of Maggie Albert, minor child of
I'riah Albert, deceased, late of Centre twp.
l.">. Final account of Henry ('. lle-lm-man.
guardian of Maria Albert, minor child of
I'riah A Hie rt. deceased, late of Cent re twp.
ill. Final iu mil e»f Hugh Itraham. guar
dian of Homer Mldln-rry. minor child of < >r
son Mldlierry. <ieci a.seii. late of Marlon twp.
IT. Final account of Nancy Kiclijrelson,
administratrix of John ltlcliardson. deceas
ed. late of ConniM|uenesslng twp.. as tiled by
\V. .1. Urlrnes. executor of Nancy Klchar'isoii.
IS. First partial account of William Tay
lor. administrator of Elizabeth I'ugh, de
ceased, late of Parker t wn.
P.i, I'iiiul account of William It. Thomp
son, executor of Sarah J. IMper, deceasi d,
late of < In-rry t wp.
lilt. First partial account of John Kauf
man and U lll. 1.. Marburger. executors of
(ieorge Marburger. deceased, late of Adams
21. First partial account of A. (j. Fred
erick and Eliralieth Frederick, administra
tors of Adam M. Frederick, deceased, late of
Summit twp.
22. Final account of A. C. liobb and .1 II
Kobb, administrators of Win. J. Kobb, de
ceased. late of Dak land twp.
23 final account of Levi lioyer. adminis
trator of Isaac L. Boyer. deceased, late of
Lancaster twp.
21. final account of It. A. Hartley, admin
Istrator of Will. A. Seaton, deceased, late of
Marion twp.
25. Final account of Agnes It. ('ratty, ad
ministratrix of Catharine Carson, deceased,
late of Itntler boro.
20- I inal account of Christina M. Frutli,
administratrix of l-'rank Frutli, deceased,
late of Jefferson tup.
\i~. final account of William Browuficld,
(|||«W deceased) guardian of James Brown
licld, minor child of James Brownlicld. de
ceased, late of Donegal twp.. as stated liv
the administrators of William Browntleid. "
2H. I ir-t partial account of I. M. Mcßur
ney. executor of tJcoruc A. Wciizel, deccas
ed, late of Zclicuople Ixiro.
SBl. FJi-st partial account of .T. M. Mcßur
ney. trustee under the will of <;eori;c A
Wenzcl. deceased, late of /.cllcnopln I
:>>. !• Inal account of Nicholas Fisher ad
ministrator of Elizabeth Fisher, deceased,
late of But ler boro.
3!. Final[ account of li. U. Mc('and less and
Mary K. Wick, administrators <»f John \.
\\ Ick. decea .e(l, late of t 'lay t wp.
:r_'. Final account, of If c'. Ileliiemau
L'ltardlan of Kosclla II White. grandchild of
Silas I'eari'c. deceased, late of But ler t wp.
:8. I-Inal account of .I M. (ialiireath. ex
ecutor of James Kerr, deceased, late of llar
rlsville Uiro.
:tt. First part ial account of Kzra Stewart
administrator < 'IV A. of David Stewart, de
ceased, late of Clay twp.
W I ADAMS Register.
Widows' Appraisements.
The following widow's appraisements of
personal property and real estate set apart
fur the IM-lieflt of the widows »f decedents
have U.en tiled in the 11„. < i,. r j v
of Orphans Court of Hut ler Co.. viz:
Widow of Jesse fi. Miller- JWO on
(ieo. W. Irwin IM>
" W. (». Williams ft"*
(Stephen V. Hutchison.. .mil ml
John K. Gllfthrist :HH> <MI
I'eter Llncbach.. ;iim twt
William Brownlicld :(ni> tin
J. I/. Anderson. :mo no
Harper Campbell (realty) .. . :MNI no
Andrew J. Harper (realty) .100 00
" John Montgomery .... :UN> IM>
Christopher ltlnker, (really). :ilio no
Ml persons interested In the above ap
iirasien.-nts will take notice that they will
lw presented for continuation to the < >rphans
Court «.f But ler county. I "a., on Sat urday. t lie
12th day of March. A. I».. ls'is. and if no ex
ceptions be tiled they will be confirmed ab
ISA \C \JKALS. Clerk O. C.
Notice of Application for Amend
ment of Charter.
Notice is hereby given that an appli
cation lias been ttipile to tl|e Common
I'leas Court of Butler County, Pa., by
the United Presbyterian Congregation of
i Butler, Pa., for an amendment to its
charter, increasing the number of trus
tees of said congregation from three in
number to six, anil that said Court has
fixed Monday, March 7th, IS9S, a'. 10
o'clock a. 111., as the time for hearing the
raid application.
Farm for sale, near Butler, 120 acres,
new bank barn, |6,000.
» Inquire at this office.
ISSo Cripe
fflier. you tak" Hood's Pills. Tht-tig, oIJ fash
lonetl, sugur-'".ited i>ills. »h;ch u-ar you all to
are .;l it will: HooU's. Ka.sytotokc
and easy to operato. is tnas
SPa ° IB
111 |B
■ 111
drugji ts. joe. C. I. Hofvl & Co.. I.ovell. Mjms.
Xlic ..i.Ss r;;u to W..4 -Ul» Hood's &itsai>»r.l]A
Thousand* ar<" Tryinpr It.
In order to prove the great merit of
Ely's Cream Balm, tha most effective cure
for (*..iarrh an<l Cold in Head, we have pre
parcd a goiiorous trial size for 10 ceuts.
Get it of your ih-uggi.-t or send 10 ( ents to
ELV BliOS., 50 Warren St., N". Y. City.
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ever since a boy. and X never h"; •! for
cure, but Ely's Cream Halm iec:us to do
even that. Many acquaint -.nc<hato n (1
it with excellent results. —Oscar Ostruai,
45 Wanen Ave., Chicago, 111.
Elv's Cream Bairn in the acknowledged
cur--"for catarrh and contains no cocaine,
mercury nor any injurious drug. I'ri •«!,
to cents. At druggists or by mail.
By virtue of a writs of fi. fa. issued out of
the Court of common Pleas of Butler Coun
ty. P.T . and I » me dire t« d. ; In re will IK* ex
posed to public sale, ::t the Court House, in
the borons:!* <»f Buter l*n .« u Fri<lay 111• ■ llth
of March A. IK, DM at i P.
M.. the followingdescrilied property, to-wit:
K. I). No. LOS, i in, 156, 10S, 157, 15S,
216, March Term, Brandon,
Koliler, et. al., Aitys
AM the right, title, interest and claim
of J. P. M.-Muriy of, in and to all that
certai.i piece or parcel of land, situated
in Mation twp., llutier C>) , Fa., liou-.a!-
ed as follows, to-v. t: On the north Ir.rtds
of Carlisle JlcFadilea, on the east by
lands of Mrs. Bailey, on the
south by lands ot R 1). McMurry, and
on the west by lands of I'Lilip Surena and
Clintouville road; containing sixty-five
acrts, more or Itss, bcirg lnuds of John
A. McMurry and J. F. McMurry, on
which they both reside. Having there
on erecte-l a frame house and out build
ings. Seized and takm it: execution as
the property of J. I". McMurry at the
suit of liutler Savirgs Bank, et al.
K. O. No. 2vg. March Tettn, 189 S. R.
P. Scott, Attorney.
All the right, litle, interest and claim
of Kdward Guthrie of, in and to all that
certain piece or lot of Find, situated in
Butler boro., Butler Co., Fa., b<.undid as
follows, to-wit: On the east side of
Walker Ave , comment ing at the north
west corner f the lot being the south
east coiner of Walker Ave. and Mackey
Ave., thence south along the east side ot
Walker Ave. fifty feet to the lot of G. D.
Kauierer; thence along said lot 125 feet
to Cherry Way; thence north along s;dd
way fifty feet to Miicke/ Ave., thence
west along said avenue 125 feet to Walk
er Ave. to the place of beginning and be
ing the same lot which Wilson Dougher
ty, et. ux., conveyed by deed dated Apr.
15th, 1891, to Edward Guthrie. See deed
hook 123, page 37. Having thereon
frame house,frame liable and other
out buildings. Seiz-d and taken in exe
cution as the property r.f Edward Guthrie
at the suit of Edward G. Frederick.
Wii.i.i.VM 13. JJODDS, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Butler, I'a., February
21 st, IS9S.
The petition of Rebecca Sarr, daughter
of Willi mi J. Robb, dee'd, was pre., sit
ed setting forth that said «te,'«le:il died
on or about (Stb day of March, 11.96, in
testate, leaving to survive him a widow
who has since deceased and 14 chibliCn,
sons and daughters, all of whom aro of
age ar.d living except J.imcs G. Robb,
who has since c'icd leaving a widow an 1
five children surviving him, and all of
whose names and residences so far as
known to he petitioner, are as follows:
Abner C. Robb, residence unknown;
Mrs. Leah Cell intermarried with Jesse
Btll, who tesides at Fawnee City, Ne
braska; Coulter Robb, who resides at
Greece City, Fa., Mrs, Mary Hovis inter
m.uried with Covert I lovis, and who is
confined iu the Slate Hospital f or the
Insane at Warren, Pa., residence of her
husband and committee unknown; Isaac
X. Robb, who resides at Marietta,
Ohio; Mrs. Bell Campbell intermarrie I
with Jefferson Campbell, who resides at
Baldwin, Fa.; John 11. Robb, who re
sides at P.enfrew, Fa.; Mrs. Jennie Hoijue
intermarried with John Hogue, and re
sides at Lower Oil City, I'a.; Lincoln
Kobb, who resides at Liownsdale, Fa.,
Elmer]*;. Robb, who resides at Renfrew,
Fa., Mrs. Klla Fainter intermarried with
Howard Fainter, who resides at Chicora,
I'a.; Frank M Robb. who resides at
Sonora, Fa ; Rebecca M. Barr, the pe
titioner, who resides at Cayuga, Sargcut
Co., N. Dakota, intermarried with John
H. Ban;and the widow and children of
James G. Robb, dee'd., namely Mrs.
Hattie Robb, widow, and Ami, Maggie,
Mary, Lora, and Walker Robb, whose
ages are unknown, children of James G.
Robb, dee'd., who reside at Fawnee City,
Nebraska. That the said decedent died
seized of certain real-estate situated in
O. kland twp., Butler Co., Fa., contain
ing one-hundred and fifty acres more or
less and which has never been partition
ed and that the wish of the petitioner is
til it the same be partitioned.
And now to-wit: February xoth, 189S,
the within petition presented and on due
consideration a rule is granted on all
parties in interest to show cause why
parti'ion of said lands should not be
made as prayed for, service of said rule
to be made on all parties within tne
County and 011 all others by publication
according to the rule of Court. Return
able to March Term of Court.
These are therefore to command you
the heirs not resident within the county,
to-wit: Mrs. Leah Bell intermarried
with Jesse Bell; Abner C. Robb, resi
dence unknown; Mrs. Mary Hovis, con
fined at State asylum at Wairen, Pa.,
intermarried with Covert Hovis, whose
residence is unknown; Mrs. Jennie
Hogue intermarried with John Hogue;
Mrs. Hattie Robb, widow of James
Robb, dee'd., and the children of said
decedent to-wit:—Ami, Maggie, Mary,
Lora, and Walker Robb, and each of
you to be and appear before the said
|tidge at an Orphan's Court to be held
at Butler, for the said County of Butler,
I'a., on the Ist Monday of March next,
to show cause why said lands should not
be partitioned and to submit to surh
other orders and decrees as the said
CoU't shall make touching the premises
WII.N'AM B. DOMDS, sheriff.
Notice in Divorce.
Klla M. Thompson by In tin- <"ourt of Com
ber next friend NY. mon Fleas of Itntler
W. Kope. Co Pa. A. D. No. :
vs. SepttitnlM r Term I>V7. !
Taylor Thompson
To Tay l«>r Thompson.
Two Subpoenas in above c ise hi.vlnir been
returned (N• K. I.) you the s;tid I'uyloi
Thompson alnive named respou<ieut arc
hereby i ilretl to appi :ir in said Court of
Common Fleas to be held at Itntler, I'a . on
Monday th* 71 h day «»f March, being \he iirsi
day of next term of said Court, to answer
the said complaint and show < au.se if any
you have, why a l>lvo;.-e Misolute from ttie
bonds of matrimony should not t• grunted
to 1 i»» said Klla M Thompson. Von are also
hereby noli tied that testimony will In- taken
in above case be fort the futld Court on Tues
day tiieHth day of .Mar« h IHU>. at whh'h time
and place you are hereby not itii-«| to attend
WILLIAM It. boons. Sheriff.
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'V '.
| 1
CITATTF.U t.—Billy r.cnes, an oM ■ a •
doc. much udclletod to ram, lodges at Ad
miral lJenbow Inn.
CHAPTER 11.—StranptT, calk-il •T-'aelc
DOR." m -rtts Ilonf m ii.ti rxl- w 1 r.ds us
• fljfht an«i dtaappearmn ■ of stranger.
Bones suffers t..- sir ko.
I CHAPTER III.—V-dnd c n.a to
Inn. presses I3m"i:.lng tn BonM* UIM
and i»aves. "Tea o'clock I" Bones
cries. "Six hours. We'!! do t!:< :.i >-• ; ul
which moment lie Is struck a. ! by apo
CHAPTER IV.—Near lines' body is
found a little rur ! i •- r. I . .■ n
one side, on tie other the word : ' > ' U
have till ten t&-nlffht." Gold 1- fcuiid i:i
Bones' sea chfit. and an oiisl. a pa t.
Flight taken fr :a !r.n.
CHAPTER V.— Blind n .ui (l'ew) with
companions altack tl." Inn. Chaftrined at
not finding "Pint's I i." tl- s ;
scatter. Blind Pew is run down and Iclikd
by a horse.
CHAPTER 1 u:ijr Hawkins tP.nes
packet to Ur. 1. 1 y, »!io with 're
Trelawney opens it and linds minute di
rections for finding ot VASt MHIW
CHAPTER VII.—Tr-!:iwney fits op ex
pedition to seek treasure.
1 CHAPTER \ 111.—lira llnwklns •ts
, Black Dog: at Johr. Silver's inn. 1 slack DOB
runs away, and Silver avows ignorance of
his Identity.
CHAPTER IX.—Ship's captain thinks
come things on board somewhat singular
and asks to have certain precautions
taken, amor.K which ar tin .toriii. of
the powder and arms astern and elvlnß
the doctor ar.d his friends tcrtlis beside
the cabin.
CHAPTER X.—"II r-nlvla"Jiegins hor
voyage. Hawkins climbs lnlj aPDI® bar
rel and overhears i>!ans of tr. .tchury on
foot among the crew.
CHAPTER Xl.—Plot (laid by Silver,
Fhip's cook) provides for t.ie -trlke fo-r
possession of the tivas re Imu. natelj it
is gotten aboard. Cry of "Land ho
CHAPTER Xll.— Hawkins trlls of Pil
ver's treachery to I.Ui-s.-y, Trelawn- y ai:d
Car>t. Smollett, who liol 1 a council of war.
CHAPTER Xlll.— Mutiny begins to how
in restlessness of nun, and captain de
ddes to give the men an afternoon ashore.
Jim Hawkins Blips - R with them, but en
the island giv* -- them : . 1 ;•
CSAPIEIt XXV.—F.om cover Jim Ma*
Silver kill one r.f the honest hands, and
also learns of the murder of another in
another part of the Island and runs from 1
the s«ne.
CHAPTER XV. .Ji:a m. ets P -1 Otmn, a
marooned sailor who ha 1 lived on ' •'* nd
three years. Itepi rt of u cannon is heard.
Both run for boat when they see in the
wood the union Jack.
CHAPTER XVl.— Hunter ar.d th* lec
tor go ashore In a jolly-boat, di*. r a
block-house within a ■•tnckado ani de
cide to provision It. Faithful party Is
Joined by Gray, a mutlnc. r. and the ship 1
left with the five remaining mutineers on !
CHAPTER XVII. -Jolly-boat starts on
last trip to shore overloaded with pro
visions. Mutineers on ship man the gun.
Trelawney picks off ..no of tin gunners.
Cannon ball passe* over boat, which sinks
and leaves party to wade ashore. Bucca
neers heard ne ar by In the wood.
CHAPTER XVlll.— Fight with buc
caneers results In one killed on each side.
Faithful party gain the stoefcado and
run up the British colors.
CHAPTER XIX — Jim se< in/r the colors
knows he Is near friends and. leaving Ben
Qunn, climbs Into the stockade.
CHAPTER XX.— Silver, under flag of
truce, makes overtures for chart to get tlia
treasure by. but falls.
CHAPTER XXI —Ru enne- rs atta. k
stockade, nr.! worsted, leaving live d al
behind. The faithful ) »rty loses two, and
Capt. Smollett wound, d.
CHAPTER XXII P.-ctor sets o: t to
find Ben Gunn. Jim slips off to seek boat
Ben Gunn hud built, and decides to cut
"Hispanlola," now flying the Jolly rogrr,
CHAPTER XXIII. Schconr-r now
manned by only two of the pirates, ar.d
th"»y In n. drunken brawl, cut from an
chor. Jim then, from she*r exhaustion,
falls asle. p In bottom cora'-h
CHAPTER XXlV.—Awaking Jim i-'-t f
the* "Illspanlola" helpb s«ly 'rlftlr.ir and
by a great effort 1 aches her and leaps, !
catching the Jibboom.
CHAPTER XXV Jim finds on!; of tilt)
mutineers (O'Brien) dead, killed by Hand .
and Hands, the only survivor on bonri
severely wounded; decides to reach tli".
ship in North Inlet.
The wind, serving us to a elesirc, nov\
hanleel into the west. We could run s
much the easier from the northwest
corner of the island to the mouth of the
North inlet. Only, as we had 110 power
to anchor, and dared not beach her till
the tide had flowed a good deal furth< r
time hung- on our hands. The ceick
swain told me how to lay the ship to;
after a good many trials I succeeded,
and we both sat in silence, over another
"Cap'n," saiel he, at length, with that
same uncomfortable smile, "here's my
H© picked out a lonfr knife.
old shipmate, O'Brien; s'peise you was
to heave him overboard. I ain't par
ti'elar as u rule, and I eloiv't take 11c
blame for settling his hash; but I don't
reckon him ornamental, now, do you?'
"I'm not strong enough, and I don't
like the job; and there he lies, for me,"
said I.
"This here's an unlucky shij)—the
Mlispaniola,' Jim," he wen ton,blinking.
"There's a power of men been killeel in
this 'llispaniola'—a sight o' poor sea
men dead, and gone since you and me
took ship to Bristol. I never seen such
dirty luck, not T. There was this here
O'Brien, now—he's dead, ain't he? Well,
now, I'm no scholar, and you're a lad as
can read and figure; and, to put it
straight, do you take it as a dead man
is dead for good, or do he come alive
"You can kill the body, -Mr. Hands,
but not the spirit; you must know that
already," I replied. "O'Brien, there, is
In another world, and may bewitching
"Ah!" 6ays he. "Well, that's unfort'-
nate—appears as if killing parties was a.
waste of time. Howsomever, sperrits
don't reckon for much, by what I've
seen. I'll chance it with the sperrits,
Jim. And now, you've spoke up free,
and I'll take it kind if you'd step down
into that there cabin and get me a—
well, a—shiver my timbers! I can't hit
the name on't; well, you get me a bottle
of wine, Jim—this here brandy's too
strong for my head."
Now the cockswain's hesitation
seemed to be unnatural; and as for the
notion of his preferring wine to brandy,
I entirely disbelieved it. The whole
story was a pretext. He wanted me to
luuvc the deck—so much was plain; but
with what purpose I could in no way
imagine. His eyes never met mine;
they kept wandering to and fro, tip and
down, now with a look to the sky, now
with a Hitting glance upon the dead
O'Brien. All the time he kept smiling,
and putting his tongue out in the most
guilty, embarrassed manner, so that a
child could have told that he was bent ,
on some deception. I was prompt with
my answer, however, for I saw where
' mv P. 1 vantage lay; and thrit with a fel
low so densely stupid I could easily
conceal my suspicions to the end.
"Some wine?" I said. "Far better.
Will you have white or red?"
"Well, I reckon it's aiiout the b>sseel
same to me, shipmate," he replied; "so
it's strong, and plenty of what's the
"All right," I answered. "I'll bring
you port, Mr. Hands. But I'll have to
dig for it."
With that I scuttled down the com
panion with ail the noise I could,
slipped eff my shoes, ran quietly along
the sparred gallery, mounted the fore
castle ladder, and popped my head out
of the fore companie>n. I knew he
would not expect to see me there; yet I
took every precaution possible; and
certainly the worst of my suspicions
proved too true.
lie had risen from his position to his
hands anil knees; and, though his leg
obviously hurt him pretty sharply
when he moved—for I could hear him
stifle a groan —yet it was at a good, rat
tling rate that he trailed himself across
the deck. In half a minute he had
reached the port scuppers, anet picked
out of a coil of rope a long knife, or
rather a short dirk, discolored to the
hilt with blood. lie looked upon it for
a moment, thrusting forth his under
jaw, tried the point upon his hand, and
then, i.astily concealing it in the bosom
of his jacket, trundled back again into
his old place against the bulwark.
This was all that I required to know.
Israel could move about; he was now
armed; and if he had been at so much
trouble to get rid of me, it was plain
i that I was meant to be the victim.
What he would do afterward—whether
he would try to crawl right across the
island from North inlet to the camp
among the swamps, or whether he
would lire l.ong Tom. trusting that his
own comrades might come first to help
! him, was, of course, more than I could
Ea 3'*
Yet I felt sure that I co.uld trust him
in one point, since in that our interests
jumped together, and that was in the
disposition of theschooner. We both de
sired to have 'her strajieled safe enough,
in a sheltered place, and so that, when
the time came, she could be got off
again with as little iabor and danger as
might be; and until that was done I
considered that my life would certainly
be spareel.
While I was thus turning the business
over in my mind I had not been idle
with my body. I had sTolen back to the
cabin, slipped once more into my shoes,
and laid ny hand at random on a bottle
of wine, a :d now, with this for an ex
cuse, I made my reappearance on the
Ilanels lay as I had left him, all fallen
together in a huddle, r.nel with his eyc
litis lo\ as though he were too
weak to bear the light. lie looked up,
• he v ever, at my coming. K!iwk«fU lit*
neck off the bottle, like a man who had
don 'he same thing < ften, and took a
good S-.V. . v - favorite toast of
"hi re's I- ' i • n he lay quiet for a
little, a:.-: : n, pulling out a stick of
tobacco, begged me to cut him a quid.
"Cut me a junk o' that," says he, "for
I haven't no knife, and hardly strength
enough, so be as I had. Ah, Jim, Jim,
I reckon I've missed stays! Cut me a
quid as'll likely be the last, lad; for I'm
for my long home, and no mistake."
"Well," said I, "I'll cut you some to
bacco; but if 1 was you and thought
my: If so badly, I would go to my
prayers, like a Christian man."
"Why?" said he. ".Now, you tell me
"Why?" 1 cried. "You were asking
me just now about the elead. You've
broken your trust; you've lived in sin
and lies and blood; there's a man you
killed lying at your £#et this moment;
ruiel you me why! For God's mercy,
Mr. Hands, that's why."
lapokl v . ■ a. little heat, thinkiagof
the bloody dirk he had hidden in his
pocket,and designed, in his iil thoughts,
to end me with. He, for his part, took a
greit draught of the wine, and spoke
with the most unusual solemnity.
"For 30 year," he said, "I've sailed
the s-. is, and seen good and bad, better
anil worse, fair weather anil foul, pro
vision ; running out, knives going, and
what not. Well, now, I tell you, I never
;1 en good come e>' goodness yet. Him
as strikes lirst is my fancy; dead men
don't bite; them's my views—amen, so
lie it. And now, you look here," lie adel
• suddenly changing his tone, "we've
had about enough of this foolery. The
tide'.-; made good enough by now. You
ju take my orders, Cap'ullawkins,and
we'll iil slap in and be done with it."
All told, we had scarce two miles to
ru .; but the navigation was delicate,
tiit) entrance to this northern anchor
age was not only narrow and shoal, but
lay . ast anel west, so that the schooner
must be nicely liacdlee l . to be got in.
I think I was a good, prompt subaltern,
anel 1 am very sure that Hands was an
excellent pilot; for we went about, and
dodged iu, shaving the banks, with 11
certainty and a neatness that were a
pleasure to behold.
Scarcely had we passed the head be
fore the land closed around us. The
shores of North inlet were as thickly
wooded us those of the southern an
chorage; but the space was longer and
narrower, and more like, what in truth
it wa ,t he estuary of a river. Bight be
fore lis, at the southern end, we saw
the wi :ck of a ship in the last stages
of apidation. It had been a great
vessel of three masts, but had lain so
lonir exposed to the injuries of the
we athcr, that it was hung about with
webs of dripping sea-weed, and
on the deck of it shore bushes hael
taiv. ii .oot, and now flourished thick
\s i lii lU iver:-. It was a sad sight, but it
showed us that the anchorage wns
".Vi'v," said Hnnds, "look there;
t!.■.-!■ a pet bit T !• to beach a ship in.
1 :.,t sand, never a !s;ia w. t recs all
around of it, and flowers a-blowing
1 a 1 ardingon that old ship."
• \1 > I ie- be idied," I inquired, "how
shall we get her off again?"
'v\ :iy, he replied; "you take a
1 i:. i,u\- tl'.er-' -:i ll ' other side at
low water; take a turn about one o*
them bi-f pines; brin;: it back, take a
turn round the capstan, and lie to for
the ;idc Come high water, all hands
tal .- a pull upon the line, and off sho
eoiii.-s aa sweet as natur'. And now,
bov, you stand by. We're near the bit
now. ar il she's too much way on her.
Shu >oard .1 little *■.— steady—star- J
boar I larboard a little steady— j
Su he i-sueii his (Obanands. which I I
breathlessly obeyed; till, all of a hud
den. he cried: "Now, my hearty, luff!"
And 1 put the helm hard tip, and the
"llispaniola" swung round rapidly, and
run a-tem on for the low-wooded shore.
The excitement of these last man
euvers had somewhat interfered with
the watch I had kept hitherto, sharply
enough, upon the cockswain. Even
then I was still so much interested,
waiting for the ship to touch, that 1
hail quite forgot the peril that hung
over my head, and stood craning over
the starboard bulwarks and watching
the ripples spreading wide before the
bows. I might have fallen without u
struggle for my life, had not a sudden
disquietude seized upon me. and made
me t urn my head, l'erhaps I had heard
a creak, or seen his shadow moving
with the tail of my eye; perhaps it was
an instinct like a cat's, hut, sure
enough, when I looked round, there was
Hands, already half-way toward me,
with the dirk in his right hand.
We must both have cried out aloud
when our eyes met; but while mine
was the shrill cry of terror, his was a
roar of fury like a charging bull's. At
the same instant he threw himself for
ward, and I leaped sideways toward the
bows. As I did so I left hold of the
tiller, which sprung sharp to leeward;
and I think this saved my life, for it
struck Hands across the chest, and
stopped him, for the moment, dead.
Before he could recover I was safe
out of the corner where he had trapped
me, with all the deck to dodge about.
Just forward of the mainmast I
i topped, drew a pistol from my pocket,
drew a cool aim, though he had already
I turned and was once more coming di
rectly after me, and drew the trigger.
The hammer fell, but there followed
; neither flash nor sound; the priming
was useless with seawater. I cursed
myself for my neglect. Why had not
I, long before, reprimed and reloaded
my only weapon? Then I should not
have been, as now, a mere fleeing sheep
before this butcher.
Wounded as he was, it was wonderful
how fast he could move, his grizzled
hair tumbling over his face, and his
face itself as red as a red ensign
with his haste and fury. I had no
time to try my other pistol, nor, in
deed, much inclination, for I was sure
it was useless. One thing I saw plain
ly; I must not simply retreat before
him, or he would speedily hold me
boxed in the bows, as a moment since
he had so nearly boxed me in the stern.
Once so caught, and nine or ten inches
of the blood-stained dirk would be
my last experience on this side of eter
nity. I placed my palms against the
mainmast, which was of a goodish big
ness, and waited, every nerve upon the
Seeing that I meant to dodge, he also
paused, and a moment or two passed in
feints on his part, and corresponding
moveihents upon mine. It was such a
game as I had often played at home
about the rocks of Black Hill cove;
but never before, you/ may be sure,
with such a wildly beating heart ss
now. Still, as I say, it rwas a boy's
game, and I thought I could hold my
own at it against an elderly seaman
with a wounded thigh. Indeed, my
courage had begun to rise so high that
I allowed myself a few darting thoughts
on what would be the end of the affair;
and while I saw certainly that I could
spin it out for long, I saw no hope <xf
any ultimate escape.
Well, while things stood thus, sud
denly the "Hispauiola" struck, stag
gered, ground for nn instant in the
sand, and then, swift as a blow, can
tered over to the port side, till the deck
stood at nn angle of 48 degrees, and
about a puncheon of water splashed
into the scupper-holes, and lay in a
pool between the deck and bulwark.
Wo were both of us capsized in a sec
ond, and both of us Tolled, almost to
gether, into the scuppers, the dead red
cap, with his arms still spread out,
tumbling stiflly after us. So nearwere
we, indeed, that my head came against
the cockswain's foot wifh a crack that
made my teeth rattle. Blow and all,
I was the lirst afoot again, for Hands
had got involved with the dead body.
The sudden canting of the ship had
made the deck no place for running
on; I had to find some new way of es
cape, and that upon the instant, for
my foe was almost touching me.
Quick as thought I sprang into the
mizzen shrouds, rattled up hand ovei
hand, and did not draw a breath till
I was seated on the cross-trees.
I had been, saved by being prompt;
the dirk had struck not a half foot be
low me, as I pursued my upward flight;
and there stood Israel Hands with his
mouth open and face upturned to mine,
a perfect statue of surprise and disap
Now that I had a moment to my
self, I lost no time in changing the
priming of my pistol, and then, having
one ready for service, and to make as
surance doubly sure, I proceeded to
draw the load of the other and re
charge it afresh from the beginning.
My new employment struck Hands
all of a heap; he began to see the dice
going against him; ,and after an ob
vious hesitation, he again hauled him
self heavily into the shrouds, and, with
dirk in his teeth, began slowly and pain
fully to mount. It cost him no end
of time and groans to haul his wounded
leg behind him, and I had quietly fin
ished my arrangements before he was
much more than a third of the way up.
Then, with a pistol in either hand, I
addressed him.
"One more step, Mr. nands," said I,
"and I'll blow your brains outl Dead
men don't bite, you know," I added,
with a chuckle.
lie stopped instantly. I could see by
the workings of his face that he was
trying to think, and tho process was
so slow and laborious that, in my new
found security, I laughed aloud. At
l:ist, with a swallow or two, he spoke,
his face still wearing the same expres
sion of extreme perplexity. In order
to speak he had to take the dagger
from his mouth, but in all else he re
mained unmoved.
"Jim," says he, "I reckon we're
fouled, you and me, and we'll have to
With a chokMt err. the cockawalaa plun»»d Into
the water.
sign art icles. I'd have had you but for
that there lurch; but I don't have no
luck, not I; and I reckon I'll have to
strike, which comes hard, j'ou see, for
A master mariner to a ship's younker
like you, Jim."
No. O
I was drinking in his words and smil
ing ;. a ay. us co' • cited as a cock upon
a wall., w hen, al! hi a breath, back went
his right li:t >1 o\ er his shoulder. Some
thing sung like an arrow through the
air, 1 felt a blow and then a sharp
1 pang, and tl en- 1 was pinned by the
should* r to the mast. In the horrid
p;iln and surprise of the moment —]
scarce can say it was by my own voli
; tion, ami 1 am sure it was without a
j conscious aim—both my pistols went
! off. and both escaped out of my hands
' They did not fall alone; with a choked
! cry the cockswain loosed his grasp upon
I the shrouds and plunged head first into
| the water.
pro et cr sTTsr»D.|
—"I asked our doctor his motto the
other night." "What did he say?" "Pa
tience and long suffering."—Plck-Me-
—Parson Johnson—"Sodis little chile
am a gal. Do de udder one belong to
'de contrary sex?" Mrs. Jackson—
"Yais, pahson; dat's a gal, too."—
—"That man singing "Only One Girl
in the World for Me' lias been married
three times." "Well, that's all right;
he means only one girl at a time."—
Chicago Record.
—"I see," said the shoe clerk boarder,
| "that there is a king In Africa who has
bten drunk for 15 years." "That," said
the Cheerful Idiot, "is what, might be
called a soaking reign."—lndianapolis
Journal. *
—"Michael, what kind of a tree is
that?" "The one beyant the blnch,
mum?" "Yes. that large tree." "Wid
the little green one to the lift?" "Yes;
what is it?" "They do be calling that a
shnde tree, mum."—Brooklyn Life.
—She Heard It First. —Bob Borrower
—"What! You say you can't lend me
ten dollars to-day because you haven't
got it—why, I heard you made SSOO
yesterday, on wheat!" Tom Tooler (de
spairingly)—" Well, so did my wife!"—
—"How old would you guess her to
be?" "Oh, about 25 would be a safe
guess." "She's surely older than that?"
"I said 25 would be a safe guess. It is
always safer to underguess a woman's
age. She may hear of it." —Indianapolis
—"And in spite of all the light that
has been brought into your lives, you
still burn missionaries?" The savage
was palpably confused. "Yes," he an
swered. sadly; "I must confess that civ
ilization doesn't seem to have madeonr
cooks appreciably better." —Puck.
ntatorlcal Authority (or the Lr(«nil
About >ll mn St. I. Offer.
The legend of the Lady Freemason
is examined, as in the dry light- of his
tory, by a correspondent who com
municates ihis learned inquiries to us
this morning. The popular version—
which everybody had heard and no
body quite believed —was that Miss St.
Leger, daughter of a former Lord
Doueraile, had concealed herself in the
case of a "grandfather's clock," which
was stjnding in a room where the oc
cult rites of the fraternity were about
to be celebrated; that she sneezed (or
did she yawn?), andi was dragged
from her hiding place, but, in lieu of In
stant execution, was mercifully al
lowed, in regard for the feelings of her
father and brothers, to be initiated into
all the mysteries of the craft. Being a
woman, she was considered to be suffi
ciently- punished bv belnc -told 1 n e<v>ret
and forced'to keep it. Thefactthatsfce
never diivulged what she learned has
been used by perverse misogynists as a
proof that there was nothing to reveal.
Faithful masons have been fixed on ttoe
horns of a rather disconcerting dilem
ma; either there was nothing to tell or
a woman never found itout. They have
been invited to repudiate eitiher the
mystery or the woman. But our cor
respondent comes to their rescue.
From his researches in situ, andi his
investigation of the family archives, it
appears that Miss St. Leger did nothlde
herself in a clock, for the simple reason
that no timepiece of sufficient capacity
was kept at Doneralle Court. What
really happened, or may have happened,
is that she was sitting In a library ad
joining the room in whidh the ceremony
was being enacted. But the partition
wall chanced to be undergoing repair;
and while she was dozing—perhaps over
a novel of the period—she was awak
ened by the sound of voices. Naturally
she wished to know what was being
said. Some girls in their father's house
would l have walked into the next room
and taken their proper share In the
But this was too tame for Miss St.
LegeT. She pulled away some of the
bricks and established a position of
vantage where she could see and hear
without being observed. Allmighthave
gone weJl, but either the lodge pro
gramme was less entertaining than
she had expected or, as our corre
spondent suggests, she suddenly real
ized the "terrible consequences of her
action." Whether she was conscience
Btrickcn or merely bored, she deter
mined to make her escape. She got
safely into the hall, and saw nobody
there but the family butler. But he
wns no longer the obsequious retainer;
he was a man and a mason. Indeed, he
was acting as doorkeeper to the lodge
whose sacred rites she had profaned. It
was no longer a ease of servant and
mlstressi; she was the culprit, he the
avenging priest. Obviously, he hod to
tell her papa. It was equally matter
of course that phe should fall into a
swoon—it gave her time to review the
situation. The sequel cannot be more
touchlngly described, than in our corre
spondent's own language: "The fair
culprit, endowed with a high sense of
honor, at once consented to pass
through the impressive ceremonies she
had already in part witnessed and be
come a freemason." The precision of
the narrative leaves nothing to be de
sired until we nsk fcr the date. All we
are told Is that "the year was probably
1710." Probably! We had imagined
that this full, true and particular ac
count was transcribed from authentio
and contemporary records. But if the
year is only a matter of conjecture,
what of the rest of the narrative? Is It
one more essay ill that branch of his
tory which the Germans call "subjec
tive reconstruction" —inventing a pri
vate fancy and stating it as an ascer
tained fact?— London Standard.
\odilnt; to Ci-aJ> Him Ily.
Mrs. Oabhleton- I'm told that Mrs
Honnyjaeck lias I< ■ 1 nil hold on her hus
Old Aunt Broadhcad—Yes; I've no
ticed that he has shaved off his chip
whisker*.— T'lirJc.
Mrs. Brown-Jones—Your neighbors
say your husband abuses you dread
Mrs. Jones-Brown (eagerly)—Do
tlieyt Then I'm going to get a divorce.
-•-Yellow Book.
Ilf Warn In Knrnrat.
Penelope—Why did you accept penni
less Jack when you had such a host of
more eligible admirers?
Etliel —The others were mere trifles.
Jack was the only one who really want
•w me for mv money.—N. Y. Journal.