Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, February 24, 1898, Image 4

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I Removal !
Sale! o
You know what that means. It is bargains for you! I
Our increasing business requires uiore commodious |
quarters, and on the first of April we will move to { >
the handsome room now occupied by J. R. Gneb y
next door to our present location. We do not want
to carry over any winter clothing, and have there- ( >
fore reduced prices on all our 4 |
Reliable J [
Clothing. \ !
The quality of the goods and the prices at which |
thev are marked will clean them out quick Of < >
course that means zero profits to us, but that is no , k
cause of complaint to you We want the goods to go 1
before moving day comes around. Come m and get .
your share of the bargains. They will not last long, < >
for everything goes at . .
I | Reduced < j
I ! Prices! ]![
; T. H. Burton,;;
; I 128 S Main St., Butler Pa.! !
Assignee Sale.
Having been appointed assignee for the benefit of creditors of D. A,
lit-:!., ''ntler Pa., I supposed it would take at least one year to close out
this ii'tunense stock, but owing to the way the goods are going out it will
not ta-c more than three months more to close out the entire stock. We
still hive a quantity of children's suits, ages from 4to 10 years—good
heavy assimers, former prices from $4 to SX, which we will sell at what
you would have to pay for satinet or shody suits, ft.75 to f 2 -5 n P er suit
satinets from 50c to 11. 00. Children's and Boys' overcoats from ages 4 to
20, former price from $4 to in, now from $1 to SB. Young men s suits
for ages 15 to 20 years many of them at less than half price also shirts,
ties, collars, cuffs, gloves, mittens, a full line of underwear from the cheap
est to the best makes—men's and boys' sweaters —cordivan jackets, men s,
boys' and children's pants, children's astrachan reefers only 82.50, se'l
everywhere at #4.00; Beaver and chinchilli reefers from ♦t.so to *2.00
watches, chains, rings, pins, umbrellas, trunks, valise's, hosiery, combs,
brushes and a variety of notions for Christmas presents. As I expect to
close out this entire stock within the next 90 days I give notice to all pei
sons knowing themselves indebted to said D. A. Heck to call and settle the
same at once as after Kebuar) i, 1898, the books will be left with my at
torney for collection with cost and interest as the books must be settled as
soon as the goods are closed out. If you wish to avail yourself of the
many bargains offered, CALL SOON.
L. M. Cochran,
Grand Clearance Sale
A money saving sale for economical buyers—a sale which will be talked of in
OT-cn-r «-.♦ rrtK —,»» V— I* '"'* M VT
▼ou to come miles ro attend this sale—we need room and must reduce our stock
and here are the low prices they will go at.
i let ladies' fine dongola pat. tip shoes, regular price $ 1 50, reduced to $ .90
1 lot 1 ailies' waterproof kangaroo ca'f but. shoes regular price $1 40 reduced to .90
1 lot child's solar tip grain shoes, regular price 75c reduced to 5°
I lot men's fine satin calf shoes Eng. Bals., regular price $1.50 reduced to 1.00
1 lot ladies' heel and spring heel rubbers, regular mice 35c reduced to 15
1 lot children's rubbers, regular price 25c, reduced to >°
1 lot men's all solid working shoes donble sole and t<ip, regular price $1.40,
reduced to I -°°
1 lot ladies' fine dongola hand turn and hand welt shoes, regular price #3.00,
$3.50 and $4.00, your choice at 2.00
1 lot ladies' warm lined shoes, regular price $1.25, reduced to. 75
1 lot ladies' warm lined slippers, regu\ar price 90c, reduced to 50
A line of holiday slippers which sold at 90c, $1.25 and $1.35 will be closed
out at 6 5
Our stock of felt boots and rubber goods to be closed out cheap. Sheffield sole
leather by the side 20c per pound and best cut, cut in strips at 25c per pound.
Cut soles at 10c per pair. All kinds of findings and shoe-makers supplies at rock
bottom prices.
Men's best felt boots with first grade woonsocket overs at -75
Soy's felts and best overs at '. '■ 2 5
Vouth's felts and best overs at 9°
Men's woonsocket first quality rubber boots at 2 00
Boy's woonsocket boots at '- 2 5
Children's rubber boots at 75
Boy's storm king rubber boots at 1-5°
Youth's storm king rubber boots at 1,2 5
When You
\ ; Lay Out Money
■ be sure that you are getting the real ;
!; No. 2 Red Buggy. value of the price you pay. ;!
i Fredonia Buggies SISM j|
—————— VV every penny they J,
| 1 Your dealer sella them. cost you. j [
! TMB FREDONIA MFG. CO., Younj«town, Ohio. |.
Seanor & Nace's
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
Rear of
Wick House, Butler, Penn'a.
The In'st of horses and tirst class rigs al
ways on hand and for hire.
Best accommodations in town for perma
nent Ijoardinjc and transient trade. Speci
al <*an* guaranteed.
Stable Room For 65 Horses.
A good class of horse* both drivers and
draft horses always on hand and for sal©
under a full guarantee; and horses bought
up* Ml proper notification by
Telephone, No. 21V.
a»<l is prepared to Furnish first-class rigs
at prices to suit the times. When want
ing anything in the livery line, it will
pay you to call on him first, as he is
there to ilo business —to accommodate
tlie public.
Bell Phone 36. People's 115.
We All Know
that the slovenly dressed man
never receives the respect and
consideration the well dressed
jnan gets. One secret in dres
sing well lies in the selection of
the right tailor.
our garments
are cut and made in cur own
workshop in this city. We are
particular about the fit, fashion
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Would lie pleased to show
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also give you a pointer in econ
fall patterns
now displayed
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picture of
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m sweetheart - love
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%/ 4 M would cuntam a
y.rrSr*L \ 7T~IT. wo: '" 1 t,f
To the healthy.
\ robust woman.
uiarriace means
happiness, the
\ supreme joy of
fj|9.; motherhood and
fflMnbg 1B
lilK—v long, healthy life
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her choice To
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gans concerned in wifehood and mother
hood wedlock means suffering and mater
nity death l)r R V Pierce is an eminent
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purine thaf time, with the assistance of a
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for thousands of women The institute of
which he is the head is one of the «reat . f
in the world. He is a regularly graduated j
physician and has practiced right in one 1
place for thirty year The esteem in which j
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ative in the National Congress. The regard
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health Dr Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure
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No. 1 1 ' Delayed Periods
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and about which such tender and
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the life of every Expectant Moth
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fort should be made to avoid it.
_ a . so assists nature
Mother s
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Ln Ann Mother is ena-
PI I H 1111 bled to look for
-111 w ■1 W ward without
dread, suffering or gloomy fore
bodings, to the hour when she
experiences the joy of Motherhood.
Its use insures safety to the lives
ul bulh Mother and Child, nnH rhc
is found stronger after than before
confinement —in short, it "makes
Childbirth natural and easy, as
so many have said. Dont be
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utes with either of her other two chil
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tles of 'Mother's Friend.'_ It is a
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188 Federal St. Allegheny, Pa.
4pvevtib id the (Jixi/ot.v
Tothv K»-putdlcaii V.Mers of Pennsylvania. \
A- business men and as Republicans
earnestly desiring the success of enr
party, assembled from all parts of the ;
State, we ilwm it proper to make pnb
lie expression of our views on certain
matters of present political interest,
and. as we believe, of the highest im- [
jiortance to the people of the Common
wealth. In so tar as these views com
mend themselves as wise and natriotic. i
we earnestly call npon our fellow-citi |
zens holding onr political faith to take
such prompt, energetic and intelligent !
action as will make them effective.
First- We call attention to the dis
graceful condition of politics in our!
State, brought about by the prodigal I
expenditure of money to corrupt and j
debauch the voter Its baleful influence \
has been made painfully prominent in
recent years in the election and control j
of delegates to onr party conventions, j '
in the nomination and election of mem j
bers of the General Assembly and their t '
recent election of United States Sena | '
The result has been that, instead of j
the party conventions representing th»- :
frte will of the party, the} - have sue j '
cessfnlly defeated it. and public ofii i
cials, nominated and elected to faith j
fully serve the Commonwealth, have, j !
immediately upon taking their oath of ;
oftice. apparently interpreted that oath
to mean fealty tc an individual leader
and the dispenser of political patron
age, and have become meekly submis
sive to his orders
The dispassionate observer of the i>o
litical situation is forced to admit with j '
humiliation that the Republican party j '
of onr State is now dominated, control
led and used for the political and tinan '
cial aggrandizement of one man and
those whom he has chosen to partici
pate in the spoils
Second A large majority of the
members of the General Assembly of <
1897 were nominated and elected by
questionable methods, the chief end in
view being the election of a United
States Senator in accordance with the
dominating influence in State politics,
but the corrupt bargain carried with it
the absolute control of legislation for ]
all purposes. It was not an nnusnal ,
thing during the session of last year for
the citizens of the Commonwealth to
witness the humilating spectacle of ]
their representatives wasting days and <
weeks, and neglecting public business. |
because of the delays of their chief, in
giving them instructions as to what he
wished them to do. i
It is not difficult, therefore, to fix the
the responsibility for the last Legisla
ture. both as to what it did and what '
it failed to do It may be profitable to «
make reference to the record made by (
the last General Assembly.
In the organization of both branches
of the Legislature they permitted no
member or Senator to have a place upon ,
anv important committee who had the '
courage to differ from the majority in
nis views as to the person who should
t»e elected United States Senator
So numerous were the places that had
been promised for the support of their
candidate that they padded the payroll
with so-called officials without the an
thoritv of any law. and appropriations
for payment of sm-h officials only failed
of becoming laws by the interposition
of the Executive veto.
In order to protect the State Treasurer
for snTh payment, which they recogniz
ed as illegal, a bond was given toindem
nify that officer against personal loss
from such illegal payment. The history
of this transaction is recent and fresh
in th* minds of the people.
They sought to take from the public
treasury thousands of dollars for pre
tended expenses, for services upon pre
tended investigating committees, of
which the Lexow Committee is a noto
rions example, and for junketing trins of
the membei's, and failed only by reason
of the interposition of the Executive.
At a time of the most serious business
depression and the resultant falling off
of the public revenues they appropriat
e I during the last two sessions more
than $1,000,000 for purposes either un
lawful or useless, which appropriations
fortunately met executive disapproval.
For the purpose of creating new of
fices and to extend the power of patron
age they passed what is known as "the
mercantile tax bill," imposing burdens
upon and crippling almost every busi
ness interest in the Commonwealth, al
ready overtaxed, and but for the Execu
tive veto this bill would have become a
For the ptirjiose of punishing the
Mayor of Philadelphia, whom they
could not control, they passed what is
known as the Becker bill, which, had it
been suffered to become a law. would
have destroyed many of the most im
portant features of the charter govern
ing that city, and as is well known, was
universally disapproved by the people
to be affected.
To afford great opportunity to make
appropriations for useless and unlawful
purposes a serious attempt was made to
cut down the appropriations for our
public schools to the extent 0f51,000,000
which failed of passing only because of
public sentiment raised against it from
every part of the State.
They failed to obey the mandate of
the Constitution requiring them to
make legislative and Congsessional ap
Under a pretense of reform a law was
passed, with the intent of satisfying Dis
people, requiring the depositories of
public funds to pay interest, bnt they
were careful to omit from the provisions
of the bill the million or more of dollars
at all times in the sinking fund.
Numerous bills were introduced for
the nieie purpose of extorting large
sums of money from the corporate and
other interests of the State as jthe price
of preventing their passage. To satisfy
public demand an investigation of the
Treasury was ordered, but the commit
tee appointed was so constituted that
instead of investigation their plain ef
fort was to conceal, and no questioning
was permitted to be propounded by any
member except such as had been pre
pared in advance and where it wa«
known th;it the answers would do no
The foregoing reference to the work
of the last Legislature is abundantly
sufficient to indicate the character of
the members and influence by which
they were controlled.
The redeeming feature of that Legis
lature was the firm and uncompromis
ing stand taken by that lxjdy of legisla
tors known a» "the seventy-six. who
did all that possibly could be done to
protect the taxpayers of the State from
the flood of proposed corrupt legislation
and who therefore deserve the recogni
tion and gratitude of all the people of
the Commonwealth
So insolent and shameless have those
in power become that they have dared
in some instanes to recommend for ap
1 tointment to Federal office liieinl ers of
the last Legislature as a vindication of
their wrong-doing, in disregard and de
fiance of the moral sentiment of the
people of th<.i State.
Third In view of the foregoing state
uieut of facts, we consider it of the tit
most importance that the next Govern,
or of the Stat.! »h:i 11 be a man of the
highest character and integrity, rep
resentative of the best type of Repnbfi
carism, and one whom the people of
the Commonwealth can depend ui>on to
protect them, should occasion arise,
against vicious legislation, and especi
ally against the evident purpose of the
machine to pass at the next session of
the Legislature the expense bills of the
investigating and junketing committees
already referred to. which are justly
disapproved by the present Executive.
Fourth All the members of the
Lower House of the General Assembly
and one-half of the members of the Sen
ate are to be elected this year. One of
the most important duties imposed up
on that lxidy will be the election of a
United States Senator, and for the good
name of tha Commonwealth, our last
experience of this character, with the
General Assembly of IHO7, should not
be repeated.
Especially is this true, since it is com
monly understood that the present
senior Senator from Pennsylvania de
sires to lie his own successor; for we
believe that he, moro than any other ,
man, is responsible for the present cor- j
rucption of politics in our State.
Furthermore, whenever it has suited
his purpose, or it become necessary to
defeat a member uf his own party with
whem he was not in accord, he has had
no hesitation in bargaining with the
Democratic party and agreeing that the
patronage of the office shall be divided
with that party in consider* on of such
support, A notable instance of this
! character was the coalition made in
I*W> which resulted in the defeat of
| the regular Republican candidate for
Sheriff in Philadelphia county and very
' recently he sought t'> make tiie sam»-
sort of bargain foi the oftice of Receiver
of Taxes in which he failed without
any fault of his
Fifth Against the continuance of the
system, we have undertaken to describe
we enter our solemn protest, and call
upon all citizens who believe thr.t the
ballot should IK- free and nntrammeled:
that the political affairs of the Com
monwealth, should be managed in the
interest of all her citizens: and that the
surest guarantee of good government
is the election of honest and independ
ent men to public office, to attend the
primary elections and see to it that such
representatives are sent to our conven
tions, and such members to our General
Assembly as cannot be corrupted either
by the use of money or by the promise
( i" appointment to political oftice.
In making this appeal to the Republi
can voters of Pennsylvania we have
felt it to be our duty as citizens of a
grea f Commonwealth, King neither
office-holders nor office seekt-rs. to di
rect the attention of the Republican
party to the existence of a .-ystein most
vicious in character and inimical not
only to the interests of all our people
t«. dav, but which if continued will ulti
mately be dustructive of the Republi
can party and of the Government itself.
The remedy is with the people, tin op
portunity is here, and if all lie publicans
will exercise the power given to them
by the use of the ballot success is cer
Resolved. That in futherance of this
determination the President. \ ice Presi
dent and Secretary this day chosen be
and are hereby continued for the year.
Resolved, That the President is au
thorized to appoint an executive com
mittee of nine members, who shall as
sume control of and shall conduct the
ensuing campaign.
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On 222,
What shall I do';
A. J. Tew."
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"Mr. Tew:
Plug the flue
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C. H. Pew."
Annie Shipski, aged 7 years, was kill
el by a trolley car at Trenton, N. J.
A member of the Kentucky Legisla
ture has introduced a bill making it un
lawful "to fire or discharge at random
any deadly weapon, whether said wea-
I>on be loaded or unloaded.' This is
pretty good; but it is no more laugh
able than some laws that have been
placed on the Statute-Books of states
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.One lot of fine Dongola, plain toe, treat
spring anil heel, former price $i.25,51.50 1
and *.'.00, now 75c an 1 J1 .00—sires One lot of Ladies' Lace Shoes, former
,i 1/ price 25 and #2.00; now 75c and SI.OO.
Children's, same slvle, ton, re- t One lot of Ladies'soft Dongola shoes,
duced to 50c and 75c. S: s 6 t > H, button anu turns, plain and tip, former
and =;oc. price *4.00 and ¥4.50; now £1.50 and
_. . ... , *2.00.
One Lot Women s ... , D .. . 0 ,
~ T .1 1 r \\ omen s Ruobers at ibe, 20c and 25c.
Heavy Leather Shoes—former price * J
1.25; now 75c. Wool Boots and Stockings.
Men 5 and Boys Shoes. Men's Wool Boots and Rubbers at
One lot of Cult hand-made Congress *1.35 and $2. 00.
Shoes, former price $3.00; new $1.50. Men's Kubber Shoes, good at 50c.
Sizes 6 l<> S. We have buckle and storm arctics at 75c
Hoys' Shoes at 75c and SI.OO. Sizes 1 and SI.OO. Rubber Hoots, all kinds you
tos'i. mav ask for. Tell us what \ou want.
Ladies' Shoes. We have it.
One lot fine Dongola, lace and but- Winter goods-warm lined Shoes
ton, former price *2, co, *3.00 and 54 00; an<l s! 'PP" s 31 3 S reat reduction,
now #IOO, ji .50 and $2.00. These are, YOU WILL FIND US
Butler's Leading °pp° site Hotel Lowr v-
Shoe house. 102 N. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Tailor, Hatter and Gents Furnishing Goods.
Summer heat makes the problem of looking dressy ami keeping tool a hard one
But we've solved it; ai d for once cconin.y, ccnifott ar.d fashion go hand 111 liaud
Our summer suits are finer in fabric, nobbier in pattern and more stylish in cut
before, they fit j our cuives ar.d yet they're not sweat bath outfits. The
prices may surprise *-ou.
J. S. YOUNG. Tailor.
101 S. MAIN St., - - - BUTLER, PA
1 ThCy Fit Wel1 '
1 I wear well.
i A'l 1/ NEW YEAR IDEAS , V- iless your
I 1 / /II 11 I ! clothes rre up-to-date they might as well lie
y-1 / %j\ u I II several years behind tlie times. IT you wan
li 1/ J* V \ \\\ | the best ideas in clothing you should get youi
\\l f rJ J) clothing of men who have the ideas. Vol
\ \\ fl I \ I want them to look well and wear well. If
/ 'hey are not satisfactory you justly blame the
/■ -C\ I tailor. Wt make the clothes in correct stylt
/ and you are sure of them fitting for we guatan
\j! tee them and make .he clothes to suit you.
\J< 1 . 142 North Main Street Butler, Penn'a
Pope s r °S,
We Will Save You Money On
( Diamonds, Watches Clocks, >
; Silverware, 1847 Rodger Bros.
Plateware and Sterling Silver^
\ Goods. \
Our Repair Department takes i:i all kinds of Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry, etc
122 S. Main St.
Old L'old and silver taken the same as cash.
[i High Grade
' f A
*A CLOTHING-K ecping always before us the
kij fact that our success depends upon your satis
faction, we work constantly lor the better — W\
4 better in quality—better in workmanship— m
better in fit.
If thats the kind of clothing you're after
V COME TO US—there's no question about
J prices, they're the lowest in the county.
§ Douthett & Graham
1122 S. Main St D. T- Pape. 122 S. Main St. Y
Grand Clearance Sale ;!;
Ml LWM CM. Toilet boxes. B I
Ke« tn< :». flovi rv. 1:. ■ .■i. -. « ; v -
I ■*. i>.n one .It »torv » ill cm vln<"e you that j i
it *lll |»;»>* you will to ttteiul this sale. I
j" Mourning Bonnets. Hats. Veils, etc. j < >
For your proscription don't fail (clock .
over our line of perfumes, we have re- / f ! t -y
ceived some very fine ones lately, an<; ! /\
will be pleased to have you examine
\Ye also have a vertr la.;*e assortm n. === —
of tooth brushes made expressly for u> O Q
wl". li l>ear our stamp. these brushes
we guirantee and request the return of t. m
-;y thit prove unsatisfactory " fMkjfticr I
You may need something for your /A r ~ r
rhapped hands anil face, and if so we ffff
recommend Cvdonittm Cream as a fine .
toilet preparation. ~~~
The Encouragement we Received
and adjo ning Counties from our last n.onths < ft'er, in
duces us to again offer this decanter, fil!«\l \ itli the
best California wine
With Every Order of
$5.00 IP
And Over. V : 'f(
Your selection from the follow- Cr "
ing, or send in a $3.00 order
for any of our liquors. —7/'
j I
Silver Age Rye $1,50 per quart, $6 per jjallon.
Duquesne Rye f 1,25 per quart, *5 per gallon ~ i
Bear Creek Rye ) Yjgl,>?
Guckenheimer Rye . , ■§ i,.\
Gibson $1 per quart, 6 V :&V\
Finch Ils1 ls - for *5 00. /.& i M>A
' '*
We will continue to pay ex- rj igfe ' 'trfi
press charges on all orders of
$5.00 and over. C. O. D. ' ' ' "ff
charges are expensive, and you
can save by remitting us the ' f *?
cmount either by registered -y
mail, certified check or draft—
Send us your address and we will mail you oui
catalogue and price list free.
Wholesale Liquors,
National Family <x *-zfßy Farmers
\ \ * 'v.- -H
Newspaper \ v V and Villagers,
THE -CITIZEN," Butler. Pa.. Both One Year For $1 50.
Send all Orders to the "CiTIZEN."
ence for Govertnental and political information. Contains Constitution of the Unit
ed States, the Constitution of the S»att of New York, the Dingley Tariff Bill, with
a comparison of old and new rates; President McKiuley's Cabinet an;l appointees,
Ambassadors. Consuls, etc.; the personnel of Congress, names of principal officirs
of the different States, commanding officers of the Army and Navy, with their sal
aries; Tables of Public Statistics, Election Returns, Party Platforms and Com
mittees, complete articles on the Currency, Gold and Silver, and amount of other
valuable information The standard American a!mauac, authoritive an I complete,
coriespondinj; in rank with Whittaker's Almanac in Europe. Price 25c-
Postage Paid. Send all Orders to TH E CITIZEN
5*2, 000 !o $2300 w hi lsllllll and Ec * ui p a
Large enough for
the product of
600 to 1000 Cows
With Latest anil .Most Improved .Machinery
Hundreds < f the nv st successful Creameries cost less than a!»o\*e amounts.
Plans and «;.r, i!ii ;i:i :,r. furnishi-d « itlu.ut cost.
Send ! full i.ifurmati'iti btf.ire signing any contracts.
VcmtM r-arni Machine Company, LLi)V " r^'o,r
' Selling Out
i —OUR—
Entire Stock
> OF
Wall Paper.
, Choicest patterns are left.
vVc want to quit the busi
Bargains at a 5 to i rate
241 S. Main St. Butler. Pa.
Advertise in tbo Citizen,
; Practical Horse Shoer
Formerly II rsj Sliot-r at the
Wic» 1 i'lurc lias opened Vusi
ntss in a shop in th» rear of
the Arlington Hotel, where
he will do Horse-Shoeing in
the most a]>provetl style.
dutual Fir£ Insuraice Company
! Office cor. Main ami Cunßingliaii Sts.
It It'K Prr»
L. S *rJt >KIV Xfr'f *ml Tr»*«
I Alfred \\ irk. Henderson Oliver.
i>r VV Irvln. Junior Stephenson.
V. W Hi AC kmore. N. Weittel.
V. 1 low man. M.J. KllnsW.
(ieo. Kellert-r. ( lias. Uet.liun.
'ieo. Kcnno. John Koenic.