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O. F Keck. Merchant Tailor.
Good farm at Public Sale.
Bricker & Vinroe. Livery Stable
C. & T's Carpets and Furniture.
C. E. Miller's Shoes.
Ruff's Shoes.
Martincourt & Co'a low prices.
John Stein's removal.
Agents W anted.
Hair Invigorator—The Union Barl**r
NOTE—AII adverti;>« r* Intending to make
changes In their ads. should notify u> of
their intention to do no, later than Mon
day morning.
Administrators an'l Executors of estates
can secure their receipt Ijooks at the J. I 1 I
ZEN office.
Grass is springing up as if by magic
—Butler now sports and supports a
' hot waffle" wagon.
—Parasols are somewhat superfluous
with the approved Easter hats.
—Bricker & Vinroe have purchased
the Park House livery. See Card.
— S. G. Purvis & Co. are filling sever
al large orders from Philadelphia.
—Spring is all right, even if the poets
do made it somewhat ridiculous.
—Lots of men who would like to be
counted eccentric are only notoriously
The present possessor of the old flag
of Co. H.,l3th Reg. is requested to pro
duce it.
—One of onr exchanges from a neigh
boring county quotes prices on frogs'
legs and snapping turtles in its market
—A young man who is not styled a
"Professor" ought to wish that he had
never been born.
—Some of our young men with crook
ed legs advertise their griefs by wearing
striped pantaloons.
—The recent Mississippi floods sub
merged 39,500 farms in four states and
rendered 400,000 people homeless
—Chorus meets this evening at the
Butler Collegiate Institute. New mem
bers received at any time, come tonight.
—The sale of bees at J. B. Murphy's
on Mercer St., was not largely attended
and bees sold low—at an average of
94.85 per colony.
—We direct attention to the card of
G. F. Keck, Merchant Tailor, who has
purchased the well known establish
ment from his father, Jacob Keck.
—When yon see a young man clean
ing a girl's bicycle, they are engaged;
but when you see the operation revers
ed, they are married.
—The Hospital Association paid Mrs.
Muntz $1,300 for a lot on the Southside,
secured their deed, and are now consid
ering plans and specifications for a buil
—The 6:05 and 11:25 A.M.trains alone
on the West Penn make connections at
Blairsville for the east; but all the
trains excepting the 6:05 A. M. connect
with trains on the Valley.
—Lee's surrender at Appomatox, Va.,
April 9, 2865, was celebrated in Butler,
last Friday by a parade consisting of the
local military company and the Y. M.
C. A. drum corps; and a camp-fire in U.
V. L. Hall.
—The privilege of occupying the front
steps and windows of a Jjonse on W.
72d St.. N. Y.. along the ronte of the
"Grant Day Parade," owned by a mem
ber of the Stock Exchange,sold for sll.-
540 for the day.
"Who made yon?" asked the primary
teacher. The little girl addressed evi
dently wishing to be accurate in her re
ply: "God made me so long," indicating
the length of a short baby, "and I
"growed" the rest."
—X ray apparatus has now been
brought to such working efficiency that
a photograph of the human hand show
ing bones, joints, and all, can be made
in half a second. The lungs can be
photographed in five minntes.
—At the meeting of the Democratic
County Committee in Butler last Thnrs- 1
day, Saturday, June sth was fixed upon
aa the date for their primary. Their
resol ntvons denounce the Dingley bill,
favor free coinage, etc.
—lt is reported that over seven hun
dred tickets have already been sold for
the opera "Ruth" which is to be played
in the Park Theatre on the 20th inst by
the Sheubert Club of Grove City Col
lege for the benefit of the Good Will
Hose Co.
—A man named Rusk bought up a
■car load of apples in and about Gomer
sal two months ago. The apples were
shipped to Zanesville.Ohio, and one day
last week a check for the tremendous
amount of $7.00 came back. Think of
It $7 for 400 bushels of apples, or If
cents per bushel.
—The Wang Comic Opera Co. nnder
the management of D. W. Truss & Co..
is the same that presented Princess Bon
nie here last year, and to get this at
traction Manager Burckhalter had to
guarantee them $450. An effort is be
ing made to get a special train from
—There was a man in the office this*
mording and he a.sked all the Scribes
and Pharisees how to spell the name of
this old Keystone State. Of course ever
ybody said "P-e-n-n-s-y-l-v-a-n-i-a,"
and he laughed and said. "Not so: spell
it this way— "Pennsylvania"—yon don't
■use the capital because the Capitol is
burned down." And he emitted a great
coarse langh and went his way.
—The cemetery at Evans City is np
•on the hill sonth of town—the road to it
is now almost impassable, on acconnt
of the teaming to the Ramsey oil field
and on Snnday last a funeral procession
to the cemetery met with one mishap
after another. Two singletrees and a
donbletree belonging to three different
rigs were broken, and the procession
wan almost three hours going half a
—"Take the bird off your hat!" is the
injunction of a Philadelphia writer
who has been attending the lectures of
Mr. Wilmer Stone, on "Onr Native
Birds and How to Study Them." It
is good advice, says the Phila. Times.
Take the bird off yonr hat before yon
go to the house of God if you would
worship Him with a conscience void of
offense. Bird and feather wearing is a
cruel and destructive fashion. By
reason of it our song birds and our in
flect eating birds are being gradnally
«xterminated, Take the bird off yonr
hat and put an end to this wicked trade
of bird destruction or soon the forests
and fields will be songless. and vermin
will multiply beyond all precedent arid
despoil and disfigure the green earth.
Conrt met Monday for the trial of
civil causes with 51 cases on the list,
and 48 jurors, and up to the time of our
going to press the following cast's have
beep disjiosed of:
Rosanna Campbell vs W D Brandon
April 13, jnry returns a verdict for the
plaintiff for all the property in question
ex#ept out -fourth interest in a saw-mill
horse and organ.
The jury on the Bingham vs Marsh
assumpsit retnrned a verdict for the
defendant thus relieving Mrs. Marsh
feme covert from paying balance on a
note which she had signed as security
for her son The jury was out all
The jury on the Hogg vs Shepard
assumpsit case returned verdict for
John Hazlett vs. A. M. Neyman et
al. the plaintiff take 6 a non suit.
Tenle Miller vs. Edwin Meeder;
Margaret Kline vs. W. H. Gelbach;
Kough Run Oil Co. vs. Win. Geisler.
Replevin were settled.
The case of D. A. Campbell vs. Mary
Burkhart. adra'i. was continued.
The assumpsit case of the Buckman
Fruit Co. vs. Jos. Connella was decided
by jury against the plaintiff.
Rough Run Oil Co. vs Win. Geisler,
replevin for casing and riggintr was
compromised after being heard on
Wednesday afternoon.
The case of L, C. Wick vs. Eureka
Coal Co. was discontinued because the
subject matter was not of sufficent val
ue to justify trial.
The following cases were announced
as settled when the trial list was called
Monday morning: W. K. Hamilton vs.
F. A. Mizener. assumpsit; Man - Christ
ley vs. Union Heat & Light Co., tre*
pass: J. D. Albert vs. R. M. Black, as
sumpsit. The following cases were
continued J. C. Martin vs. John
Kline, assumpsit: H. C. Fry vs. J. D.
Wolfe, trespass; J. M. Gruver vs. J, F.
Cranmer, trespass; C. L. McCafferty vs.
Penn'a R R. Co., trespass.
The assumpsit case of J. P. F. Mc-
Ginley vs. Gust Griesbach. was held
over till Monday, April 27.
The Hazlett vs. Mangel, trespass and
Brown for Millerstown K. of P., vs. H.
L. Hoyt, assumpsit cases were held
over till June teim.
The Hazlett vs Neyman assumpsit
case was voluntarity non suited by the
Harry Snow the boy who took a horse
was sent to Morganza.
The Francis vs Butler Co., trespass
case was compromised Thursday morn
ing by the plaintiff getting $1,500.
Mary Kerr has petitioned for a di
vorce from her husband D. M. Kerr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas A. McDowell adopt
ed a minor child of unknown parents,
to which the court gave the name of
Clare Lawrence.
Anthony Allen was granted a detec
tive license and privilege of running
an agency.
John Krumpe. the Saxonburg hotel
keeper was sentenced 30 days to jail
and SSO fine for selling to minors.
The sentence of Scott Thompson who
plead guilty to a&b was reduced from
$l5O to $75
Rudolph Hackler was appointed con
stable of Evans City liorough to take
the place of Chas. Lynch who resigned;
also Geo. Dixon constable of Penn twp.
vice Robert Nixon who resigned.
J. H. Christley was appointed overseer
of the poor for Slipperyrock twp.. to fill
the vacancy caused by the resignitionof
Robt. Critchlow.
More than one hundred witnesses
have been snbpoenied by the prosecu
tion in the Walters vs. B. & P. R. R.
com pan v
L. M. Cochran has reassigned proper
ty in Butler to W. F. Hartzell.
The will of Eva Falkner, of Bnffalo
twp.. was probated and letters granted
to John W. Falkner: also will of
Nicholas Kuauff. of Jackson anil letters
to Casper Kiiauff; also will of Margaret
Wolford, of Slipperyrock twp., no let
The case of C. F. McCafferty versus
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
on the list for next Monday, may never
lie tried as Mr. McCafferty died at his
home near Sarversville, early Tuesday
morning. He was 25 years of age, a
son of Andrew McCafferty, and was one
of the well known triplets two boys
and a girl His brother James died of
fever a year ago: and he was hurt in
the wreck near Harbison Station on
April I '!»« The sister, Lnlu, yet snr
A. L. Cooper, of Valencia appeared
for jury service with his arm in a sling.
Edward Swiss et al. have brought
suit in ejectment vs. Theodore Boon
dale and W. J. Burk for 25 acres in
Jackson twp.
John M. Stndebaker has brought suit
in trespass vs. The New Castle Gas Co.,
and claims damages in S2OO.
B. N. Black has brought suit in re
plevin vs. Anna and E. W. Morrow for
farm chattels, valned at $l5O.
N. R. Heath and C. R. Hammond
assignees of L. Hammond advertise
several lots in Butler and also some
property in Slipperyrock twp., to be
sold at Oorry Pa., on the 30th, inst, to
the highest bidder.
Agnes Hewins, 16-years-old, daughter
of Mrs. An abelle Hewins, had two
lovers. Her mother wanted her to
marry a yonng man named Beyers, but
Agnes preferred Charles R Reep, and
was abetted by her aunt, Mrs. Nancy
Steinmetz, with whom the girl lived.
Sunday Agnes and her lover went to
Jamestown, N. Y., and were married.
They returned to Bntler yesterday
morning and were met at the train by
an officer armed with a writ of habeas
corpns for the girl, which had been se
cured by the mother. In addition the
officer had warrant's for the arrest of
Reep and Mrs. Steinmetz on the charge
of conspiracy. Both gave bail for a
hearing The writ of habeas corpus
was discharged. Mrs. Hewins failed
to appear.
The April term of the superior court
opened Monday morning in the supreme
conrt room, in Pittsburg with all of the
judges present. After some prelimina
ry business had lieen disposed of opini-
I ons in thirty eight cases previously
argued were handed down. Only one
of these was from the Western or Fifth
district. The others were cases argued
at Harrisburg. Williamsport, Scran ton
and Philadelphia. The only important
opinion handed down of local interest
was that of the commonwealth against
Dr. Bell, the coroner of Lawrence conn
ty. who was convicted for performing a
criminal operation. The question was
raised by the appellant that he was il
legally convicted because a judge had
lieen called in from another county to
try the case. Justice Reeder says this
is not good law, and holds that judges
of lower courts have authority under
acts of assembly to call in assistance
from other counties. Judgo Reeder
reverses the case because an offer to
prove an attempt at blackmail had not
lieen permitted. The excluded testi
mony was intended to disprove the evi
dence of Daisy Kirker, upon whom the
operation was alleged to have lieen per
formed. The cases from this county
will lie heard during the second week
of May
John F Lowry to Jas MeCollough, lot
in Butler for S2OO.
John C (iraharn to Jacob Fetter, lot
in Butler for sl.
W A Spingler to J B McDevitt, lot
in Bntler for SIOO.
John W Ficht to Lizzie M Steel, lot
in Zelienople for $750.
Hester Metzger to Susanna B Dower,
lot in Parker for $650.
' John Mechling to T B Humes, lot in
j Butler for S2OOO.
| Mary B Mnntzto Butler Co. Gen.
Hospital, lot in Bntler for $1:182.50.
I Sylvanus Henshaw to ('has Cress, lot
; in Connoqnenessing for $125.
H W F Oraham to Sarah D Martin
lot 111 Butler for s2<H)O.
JohrtC Graham to P C Manny lot in
Bntler for S2BOO.
Eliza Passavant to W A Passavant
' lot in Zelienople for SI2OO.
A Ii Wahl to J A Irvine Fire Co. l>>t
in Evans City for S4OO.
Thus V Cochran to Win Kennedy 88
ncrt-s in Penn for #2<«lo.
L F Ganter, trustee to Emma L
! Martin WJ ai-nin Oakland for s2*oo.
1 Robert Logan Glade Mills
i Retta Goodlwin Glade Mills
Albert Weihe West Newton Pa
Elizabeth Cora Gibson Butler
John Rolin Black Harrisvilie
Ida May Bra ham
James Howard Dontt Zelienople
Fannie Lonise Burris Whitestown
Thomas F. Coulter Slipperyrock
Sarah E. Sill Grove City
At Franklin William A S< Hinder of
of Butler Co., and Jennie Rqdgers of
—John Burry of Frnakli n twp. was in
town last Saturday. He recently sold an
Alderny heifer for SBS.
--Those who have purchased tickets
for the Good Will Hose Co. benefit on
April 20th, can have them exchanged
for reserved seats on Monday evening,
April 19th, at 7 o'clock at the Park
Kicking a big Kick.
Some people are ' kicking kick
ing—not on a dam site 01 a mill-site
but on the site selected for the new
hospital—the hill at south end of Main
How any person can kick on so
eligible a site, with its magniticant
view of three-fourths of the town, its
pure air. its spring water, good drain
age and natural gas,is beyond our com
prehension, but they are kicking and
kicking hard and the management
proposes to let them kirk, and go ahead
and build a large and commodious
modern building suitable for the pur
pose and making a driveway from lx>th
Main St. extension and the old pike,
and terracing the lot and making it one
of the most beautiful spots in Butler -
while the kickers keep on kicking. Let
'em kick.
Reunion of Co., H. —Old 13th.
The following program has been pre
pared for the reunion of Co., H old 18th
Reg. Penn'a Vols., in Butler, on Tues
day of next week, the 20th. inst.
12 m - Roll call in U. V L Hall.
1 p. m.—Dinner at Nixon's Home.
2p. m.—Public meeting 011 Court
House steps.
Henry Heineman, President.
Hon. James Bredin. )
Hon L. Z Mitchell, | Vice
Hon. Robert McAboy, }
Hon. J. M. Thompson, Pres.
Hon. Walter Graham. J
C. E. Anderson, Secretary.
Address of welcome by Hon. Ebenezer
Response by Rob't W. Lyon ex Mayor
of Pittsburg
Music by survivors and their friends,
'■Rally Round the Flag."
Oration of the occasion by John M.
Thompson, who presented a flag in lie
half of the ladies of Butler from the
steps of the old Court House on April
20, IS61 —thirty-six years ago.
Adjourn to U. V. L. Hall at H p. 111.
for Camp Fire.
Butler U. P. Presbytery
The spring meeting of the United
Presbyterian presbytery of Butler clos
ed its session at Fairview Wednesday
H. W. McMichael, John Gibson and
Rev. Kanky preached trial discourses
and were licensed to preach. The
board of church extension granted the
congregation at Zelienople $2,500 to
help build a church. The board of
home missions appropriated S3OO to the
Kittanning congregation to help pay
the pastor's salary.
A heated discussion arose over the pe
tition for the formation of a new pres
bytery, to lie known as Kiskiminetas
presbyterj*. The matter will come up
at the next meeting of the general as
sembly. The new presbytery is to lie
formed from Freeport, Kittanning, Slate
Lick. Worthington and Buffalo congre
gations. in Butler presbytery, and a
like number from Westmoreland pres
bytery. Rev. T. V. Dagan. of Worth
ington. was elected moderator for the
ensuing year. The next meeting will
be held at Ebenezer, in June.
The Last Log House.
The house that Mr. John Stein is now
removing, is the last one of the kind on
the Main street of Butler. It was of
log of heavy hewed timbers and weath
er boarded and built alxjut the year
1810 by the late John McQnistion, the
forefather of all that name residing in
or about this place. There are some
others on the back streets but this is
the last on the Main street, and now
gives way to the large new brick Mr.
Stein proposes building. As an inci
dent with its age may be mentioned the
fact that the grand parents of the pres
ent Editor of this paper, the late Mr.
and Mrs. John Negley were married in
this house in the year 1810. And so the
old land marks disappear.
School Entertainment.
The Buena Vista School will give an
entertainment consisting of Vocal and
Instrumental music. Dialogues, Recita
tions, Scenes etc
Tuesday evening at 7:30 p. in. Every
body invited. Come one, come nil.
D L H.
Another Cow Case.
A Worth twp. cow has been making
a record for herself.
A few days ago this remarkable ani
mal gave birth to twin calves for the
fourth time within four year. All of
the calves are living and when they are
stabled for the night they make an in
teresting looking herd. The cow is an
ordinary scrub with no pedigree orfam
ons line of ancestors, but she Rids fair
to make a record for herself, eight calv
es in four years is not slow.
A Letter For You.
Unclaimed letters at the Postoffice at
Butler Pa., week ending April 12 IWJ7.
Mr H. S. Abbott. Miss Dilhe Allison.
Mrs. Mary Cunningham, Miss Nellie
| Cogley, Mr. Jos. Gilchrist, Mr. O. C.
Gamble, Mr. Edward Keelan. Mr. S. A.
McDonald. Major Price (130 Webster
St..) Miss Tennie L. Smith, Miss Annie
In calling for these letters please say
Transportation of Bicycles Free on the
Pennsylvania Railroad
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
announces that on and after April 7, ln
!)7, bicycles will be checked by baggage
agents and carried in the baggage cars
of the company, when accompanied on
the same train by the owner, free of
cost, provided the passenger presenting
I a bicycle for carriage has no baggage;
otherwise the bicycle will lie charged
for at regular rates.
This arrangement applies to all the
lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad Sys
tem east of Pittsburg and Erie.
It took fourteen rounds lor Fitzsimons
to knock Corbett out. It took thirteen
ballots to nominate a Republican Con
gressman in this Ccngressional district.
It costs ten dollars to become a member
of the Butler Board of Trade. It takes
only $8.50 to buy a set of our own make
Buggy Harness with wide curved breast
collar and made of oak leather. This is
the b?st harness for the money we be
lieve in America. Ot course we have
them as low as $3.50, but you know and
we know this kind is no good, don't
wear, and liable to break any minute and
1 horse run away and break your neck, all
: for #3.50. No, No, we don't say such
| stuff is good. You always know what
[ Martincourt & Co. say can be relied up
j on, and the price is always right. No
I extortion, no deception here. Our capac
j ity for making harness is Unity sets per
week, and buying wholesale as we do,
j and paying no rent, why can't we sell
cheap as any factory, and we do. We
never had as a stock of buggies
and wagons as now, and never as cheap.
128 East Jefferson St.
Harry Burns has moved to Middlesex
H tW P
Samuel Parks of Adams twp. South
- is seriously ill.
P. A. McElwee has taken charge of
the Cunuingham House.
Will Kennedy has moved back to
Penn twp., Maharg P. O
Miss Stella Negley has returned from
. : Philadelphia.
r | W. R. Eakin is on a business trip to
? Franklin.
John Staples of Adams twp., was in
town on business yesterday.
Charley Douglass goes on the road
' j for the I'attee bicycle.
t j Thomas Rodgers of Donegal twp. has
[ been granted a pension.
T. W. Phillips and family expect to
spend sometime in Europe this summer.
[ I
Roliert Barron. Esq. passed through
' town, yesterday, on his way to Harrno
' John Ober is living on the third floor
i of the Koonce dry goods building on S.
1 Main St.
Mrs. W. S Taylor of Clearfield, Pa.,
is visiting her son. W. A. Taylor of this
Stella Pape is home from an extended
\ ir.it to her sister, Mrs. Lamb, of Fort
Worth, Texas.
J. L. C'olgin of Allegheny twp. writes
us that h-- has been sick for some time,
and is now partially paralyzed.
Miss Mary Barickman is home from
New Castle, on a visit to her parents
of the South Side for a few weeks.
Amos Cooper of Valencia is carrying
a wounded arm. He had it crushed by
a slip in the machinery at a well a few
days ago. He is on the Jury this week.
S. P. Baker the young butter maker
for McCandless Bros, left Unionville
on Wednesday morning in a buggy for
a drive to Somerset, a distance of about
100 miles.
W.J. Mates is on the jury for this
week but cannot attend. The applica
tion of cold water to the wound he re
ceived on the head last Monday, week,
caused erysipelas to set in. This spread
over his face and head causing intense
A fat and happy oil producer
who puts in considerable of his time at
a certain hotel in this county loves
both his glass and his joke. One of his
jokes is to go to the tinner's and secure
a pocketfull of "washers'' about the
size of a cent These he takes to his
hotel and when the notion takes him.
he seats himself in front of the music
box and with his "washers" keeps it go
ing for hours and every now and then
"Fatty" lays back and roars.
Presley Hall,eldest son of John Hall,
who with Hays, Rumberger and Bas
tian did business forty years ago in the
store building on Main St., now owned
by Mrs. Pape, under the name of Hall
>:»; Rumberger, afterwards Hall <sc Bas
tian, visited his old friends in Butler
last week. The Halls left Butler in
18-j!) and went to Kansas; Presley has
since lived and done business in a dozen
i>t;.tes and now lives in Little Roick Ar
kansas. He married out west and has
a family of grown up children, and he
is now a stout and hearty man of 53
The house on the Melvin farm near
Porters vi lie was burned a few days ago.
The milliner}* store and building in
Cooperstown owned by the Misses -Mc
Lelland and Birch was destroyed by tire
last Monday night. Everything was
burned, including their clothing. The
ladies went to Pittsburg, that after
noon, to buy stock, ami the fire was
discovered about 10 o'clock that night.
The loss will reach fifteen hundred and
better, and the insurance is SIOOO.
Misses McLelland and Birch return
ed, Tuesday, and found their store in
ashes. They had purchased a new
stock in Pittsburg, and are looking for
a room to open up again. They think
their building was set 011 fire as they
left no gas burning in it, and their |
trunk was found, broken open, outside ;
the building. They were applicants
for the postoffice, their papers were in !
the trunk and these have disappeared. I
D. W. Locke's house in Forestville
was burned on the morning of April
Ist. When the alarm was first given
people mistook it for an April fool joke. '
Robert A. Brown's house in Concord
twp., was burned Monday night, and
Mr. Hogue, who was living in it was ,
ba-lly burned while trying to extinguish
the flames.
A blaze in the blacksmith shop of the
Ball Engine Works, Monday evening,
brought out all the hose and ladder
companies but, a few buckets of water
put out the fire.
Communion services will be held in
the Grace Lutheran chnrch on Sunday
morning. Preparatory services on Fri
day evening. The rite of baptism will
be administered to children on Sunday '
afternoon at 3:30.
Communion service will be held in
the Presbyterian Church the coming
Sabbath Services on Friday evening
at 7:45, also Saturday afternoon at 2:30. j
A service of song will be held on Sab-1
bath evening at 7 o'clock.
Dr. J. B. Smith's Hair Invigorator
takes all dandruff from the scalp, clean
ses the scalp and cures all scalp diseases;
positively stops the hair from falling out.
Try a bottle of it. It can be had at the
113 S. Main St., opposite Savings Bank.
The Butler Lubricating Oil Co. has
moved back to their old stand 119 W.
Jefferson St. Steelsmith & Patterson's
new building, where all kinds of engine,
machinery and illuminating oils of the
finest quality are kept in stock in the
basement, and will be delivered to any
part of the city when ordered from C. E.
Mclntire, agent.
FOR SALE- A new "drop-head
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine.
Inquire at this office.
Gents Congo and < )pera hook umbrel
las for 75 cents at the PEOPLES STORE. |
—Do you want a hat or cap? HECK
has lliem and can save you money.
—Boarding House cards with act of
Assembly, 25 cents for half a dozen, for ,
sale at CITIZEN office.
Vox I'opuli - Buy your clothing under
wear, hosiery, hats, caps, sox and neck
wear of I). A. lIECK and save money.
—Job work ot all kinds done at the
—Findley will open the studio at Mars
on March Ist and will remain there
for the entire week special indupements
for the week on fine work, bring the
children as it is the last week of the
winter; old pictures copied and enlarg
ed, satisfaction guaranteed. KINDtEY
Butler Pa., Telephone 236.
Oh Mamma—you ought to see the big
piles of childrens suits ,at HECK'S only
jft.2s, you can't get the same in town for
less than $2.50,
Underwear -a specialty at HKCK'S His
stock is largest flnd finest ever offered in
i By sample. Wheels at Waverly Hotel
Saturday April 17 1897. A variety of
• makes, ladies and gents high grade,
wheels, with Morgan & Wright tires,
taken in security by a Chicago bank.
These fine wheels must be sold at once
i at a sacrifice. You can save SSO by buy
-1 ing now. Come and examine samples.
1 | —Say Papa—did you see lIECK'S neck
. j wear, it beats anything you ev?r saw.
Pants—Over 2000 pairs to select from,
: at prices, oh well, don't mention them,
1 its awful, where; at HECK'S.
. : —Good work harness for two horses
our own make, $25.00; chtcklines for
less than leather is worth, at MARTIN
The Tax Collectors.
Nearly all the Tax Collectors of But
ler county were in Butler. Monday: ami
they all hail their office* declared va
cant and were reappointed by the Court
on their own petitions, filed their bonds
and were sworn in. This was dupli
cating the program fur some of them,
and was perhaps the first time in the
history of the county that the Collec
tors (if the county were .-worn in. in
the Clerk's office, in a Ixxly. Heretofore
the tax-collectors elect have been com
ing to Butler at June term, filing their
bonds, tx-inir sworn in and taking their
books home with them; and this new
wrinkle came about in this way.
Sometime this month a Clearfield
twp.. man who had been elected tx>th
Overseer and Collector consulted W ill
For«iuer as to the reported incompati
bility of the two offices. Will told him
that he was nut of the Tax Collector
ship anyhow. its he should have qtuili
in March, but the man had l>een col
lector before and knew that was not
the practice here, and Will referred
the matter to the county Commission
ers. A similar circumstances
happened in Allegheny Co., and
one of the Courts there ruled that the
Collector should have qualified before
the fourth day of the last quarter ses
sions. The Court here ruled the same,
and so our Commissioners notified all
the Collectors to come in Monday and
have matters fixed up They did so.
the matter was explained to them and
ail were reappointed.
These appointments will continue
for three years, as there cannot be an
other election for tax collector under
the act of June 0 IHU3, until February
of I'.t'Hi. and the court is authorized by
same act to fill vacancies.
The section of the act of June 'BS.
requiring the Collectors to qualify at
March term in this county reads as fol
"And if any person elected to fill
said office shall fail to give bail and
qualify as hereinafter provided, on or
before the fourth day of the term of
Court next ensuing his election, the
said Court shall declare his office va
cant. and appoint a suitable person resi
dent in the proper borough or township
to fill the same."
The tax collector elected for Kams
City last February refused to serve or
could not serve and his successor was
appointed and qualified at March term
and three or four others were not here
Monday, whose successors will have to
be appointed.
The purchasing agencies are paying
85c and 90c today.
Patrick Graven of Unity, Allegheny
Co.. along the new railroad, was killed
last Friday, by being struck upon the
head by a bell-clapper.
During the fire alarm of Monday
evening C. R. Watson's bike collided
with a runaway horse, and Watson was
thrown upon the side-walk and some
what injured, while the bike was de
moli shed.
A freijht wreck at Eidenau delayed
paasenger service for some hours, yes
terdav morning.
The English Lutherans of Butler have
decided to build this summer, on their
lot on N. Main St., and the Church
Council has approved plans for a build
ing 70x112 feet, to cost about $15,000,1
the greater part of which has already
Dedication of Grant Monument.
For the dedication of the Grant Mon
umental Tomb, April 27. the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company will sell ex
cursion tickets to New York to the gen
eral public from all jioints on its line,
exclusive of Pittsburg and Erie proper,
on April 20, and from Altoona and
Williumsport and intermediate points,
and stations on other divisions within
one hundred and fifty miles of. New
York, on April 20. and for trains reach
irig New York before noon on April 27.
at rates of single fair for the round
trip (no less than $1.00.) good to return
until April 29, inclusive. Tickets for
military and other organizations in
uniform numbering twenty five or
more, traveling in a body on one ticket.
will be sold on same dates, from points
not less than twenty-five miles from
New York, at a further reduction. For
specific rates apply to ticket agents.
The parade on this occasion will be
the grandest military demonstration
since the war. Thousands of veterans,
United States regulars, and State mili
tiamen will be line.
John Stein has moved his bakery from
Main St. to 117 E. Wayne St., in the
building lately occupied by the Palm
Packer Co. opposite the Kramer Bros,
I thank my patrons for their past pat
ronage and hope for its continuance at
my new location.
Yours Respectfully,
A Hardman Piano Which cost $450.
Must be sold as the owner has left town.
It can be had for $ 160, spot cash. In
quire at this office.
Made of goods that wear, and keep
their shape. We are turning them out
by the hundreds and the values are so
far ahead of anything you ever saw, the
goods themselves so perfect, so stylish,
so thoroughly up to date, that much as
we may promise you will find more
when you get there
125 W. Jefferson St. — l /i block west of
Berg's Bank.
Note 1 The Butler Business College
and school of Shorthand is the best
place to get a thorough training in book
keeping, shorthand and typewriting, ari
thmetic, commercial law, geography,
reading and spelling. Call and investi
gate for yourself. You will be convinc
ed. That's business.
Note 2. If you would be a first class
accountant, book-keeper or shorthand
writer,don't expect to attain that distinc
tion by taking a cheap course, or a
course becanse it is cheap. Never expect
something for nothing. Pay skilled in
structors prices tint skilled labor natural
ly commands. Get the best. We hire
only the best teachers. Business men
have confidence i.i our methods. We
stake otir reputation on our graduates.
That's business, too.
Note 3. If you are a school-teacher,
spend your vacation with us; acquire
the art of shorthand and typewriting, or
make of yourself an accountant; you
will increase your earning power. Isn't
that business.
This College is located between the
Court House and Hotel Williard, anil re
mains open 51 weeks in the year, indi
vidual instruction, students enter at any
time. Correspondence solicited and vis
itors made welcome.
J. M. Hash line. President.
Butler' Pa
Trunks, valises, bags and telescopes
ot HECK'S.
Sox and shirts, all wool and a yard
wide, cheaper than the cheapest—at
IIKCK'S 121 N. Main St.
—The best place to get your harness
and parts of harness cheap, is at MAR
Some special prices at Grieb & Lamb's
dissolution sale now going on.
New Pianos S2OO and up
New Organs ss° and up
Guitars $ \ and up
Mandolins #3-5o and up
Violins and up
Autoharps #2 anil up
There are also some second hand in
struments— pianos at 135 to /100, Or
gans at (21 j to 90.
Harmonices and other musical instru
ments at proportionately low rates.
Strings of all kinds constantly in stock.
—Music scholars wanted, at 12.H \V
Wayne St.
It is simply to mention the narie only
and "Wang is remembered and greet
ed like an old friend, simply l>ecause
Wang than which no comic opera
has had a greater success, brings with
it a gorgeous array of absolutely new
and accurately Siamese costumes and
magnificent scenery, which with equal
accuracy represent the Siamese locali
ties in which th<* scenes of the opera
are laid. This attraction comes to
Park Theatre for one nii;ht only Thnrs
day, April and will bring to our
city a car load of scenery, drops and
properties. In "Wang" one hundred
costumes are used by the chorus alone.
This fact gives a faint idea of the gor
geousness with which the opera is put
on the stage, and the scenery is on the
s:tme scale of magnificence. D. W.
Truss A: Co. directors and sole owners
of "Wang" for the fifth and farewell
tour, promise everything as represented,
and their names are a sufficient guaran
tee that every promise will be carried
There has l>een a very general but
mistaken impression that "Wang" the
merry Siamese opera by Goodwin and
Morse, has passed into other hands. As
a matter of fact, the work, which has
lx en the greatest popular and financial
success known in years, and which this
season goes out for its fifth year, has
not been sold. It is now the valuable
property of identically the same owners
as on the night of its fir*t production
five years ago. The contrary belief is
probably due to the fact that during the
first two seasons the opera's owners al
lowed it to be produced on a royalty,
while during the coming season, as
formerly, it will be under their own
exclusive management. They have re
cognized the fact that "Wang" has
great intrinsic merits of its own. that
its success was never for an in
stant dependent upon one individual,
and that altogether the opera was too
valuable a piece of property to jtermit
to be produced on a royalty. These are
the sole facts in connection with the
many published rumors. It is a recog
nized fact among managers that the
opera goes out this season with more
money l>ehind it and more money lav
ished upon its production than ever be
fore. "Wang is now on its final tour,
and this will positively l>e its last ap-
I>earance in our city.
Executor's Sale
By virtue of an order of th«* Orphans'
Court of Butler County, made at No. 01. June
Term. I*ll7, of said Court, the undersigned
executor of the will of Dnuiol Cress, dee'd..
late «»f ConnnqueiiessiiiK town>hip. liutler
Co. Pa., will expose for sale at public out
cry on the premises on
Monday. April 26. 1897.
at 1 o'clock V- M-. the following property,
to-wit: A tract of land in Conn<H|U«'n«*ssin£
township, Itutlfr County I'a., bounded on the
north by I.usk Croft, on tin* cast by Co&tes'
heirs, on the south by the road and grave
yard. and on tin* west by land of John Frisk
horn. containing 12 acres, more or less.
Mostly cleared, having a two story
frame house, good frame barn and other out
buildings erected thereon, also good orchard
and raspberry and strawberry patches
TEKMS < >ne-third cash on confirmation of
sale, one-third in one year and balance in
two years with interest, to )>«• secured by
lK>nd and mortgage, according to Rule of
W. O. BRANDON. Att'v. Prospect Pa.
Orphans' Court Sale.
By virtue of an orderj and decree of the
Orphans' Court in and for the County of
Butler, Penn'a, the undersigned Executors
of tin* will of James Parks, deceased, will
offer for sale at public vendue on the prem
ises. on
Tuesday. May 4. 1897.
at 1 o'clock P. M.. of said day, the farm and
tract of land owned by said James Parks, at
tin- time of his decease, situate in Middlesex
township, in Hutler county, Penn'a., Innind
ed on the north bv lauds of Wm. Perry, on
the east by I anas of Mrs. Mary Whiteside
and others, on the south by lands of John
Kiftley and others and on the west by lands
of John Ilarting, John Shearer heirs and
others. Containing one hundred and forty
one acres, more or less. All under fence and
cultivation except alsiut tw -nty-five acres
timber or w<*>dland. Frame dwelling house
of seven rooms, large bank barn and out
buildings, all In gooo repair, two orchards
of excellent fruit-bearing trees, two good
water wells, one at dwelling house and one
at the barn, as well as good springs of water
over the farm; also n producing oil wells on
the farm put down under lease from de
ceased in his lifetime under one-eighth oil
royalty and free gas for dwelling house,
average oil production a!*)ut barrels per
day. All interest of deceased under said
lease as to oil and gas will go to the pur
chaser of the farm on continuation of sale.
The land is under lease for farm purposes
only for a term expiring on April Ist, Isws,
ami lease will l»e transfered to purchaser
who will l»e entitled to the rents as landlord.
TEKMS -Cash on confirmation of sale and
delivering of deed, title good.
E. MCJUNKIN, Executors,
Att'v for Ex'rs of estate. Olade Mill. P.O.
Notice in Divorce.
1 In the Court of Com-
I rank D. McChesney, rnon I'lensof llutler
v» ' Pa.
Alice G. Mil hesney A.D. No. 4»>. Dee.T.. '!*>.
J Book 17, PatceSß.
Two subpoenas r. above rase having been
returned (V E. I. you, tlie said Alice G. Mc-
Chesney. jilNivt' named defendant,arc hereby
required to appear In said Court of Common
l'leas, to IK- held at Butler. Pa., on Monday,
the 7th day of June, M9T, beliiK the Hrst day
of next term of said Court to answer the said
complaint and show cause. If any you have,
why an absolute divorce from the Iwmds of
matrimony should not be granted to said
Frank l>. McChesney.
You are also hereby notified that the com
plaint in the above case will be heard la-fore
said Court and determined on June N, l<ti7.
at which time and place you are notified to
WM. It. Donns. Sheriff.
Administrator's Notice
Letters of administration on the es
tate of Rosa Read, dee'd, late of Adams
twp., Butler Co. Pa., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persona,
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
ment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated to
Lovi, Beaver Co. Pa.
W. H, LUSK, Att'v,
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration on the es
tate of Rosanna Landis. dee d late of
Cranberry twp., Butler Co. Pa., having
la-en granted to the undersigned, all
persons, knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will please make immedi
ate payment, and any having claims
against said estate will present them
duly authenticated to
Lovi, Beaver Co. Pa.
W 11. LUSK. Att'v
Executors* Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate ot
William Gilghrist, Sr., dee'd, late of
Cherry twp. Butler Co., Pa. having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate pay
ment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Butler l'a.
A. B. C. MCI'ART.AND, Alt'y.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Mary A. Cowan, dee'd. late of Middlesex
twp., Butler Co. Pa., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment,and
any having claims against said estate
will present them properly authenticated
for settlement to
W. D. BRANDON, Ex'r.,
Butler Pa.
Practical Horse Shoer
WILL ROBINSON, formerly llorse
i Shoer at the Wick House has
j # opened business in a shop in the
P rear of the Arlington Hotel,
J where he will do Horse-Shoeing
J in the most approved style.
erliaps you don't ktiou U<m-'
we ate on
relation tc prescrip
it will not be amiss to
all your attention to the
rompt service
o everything of the kind placed
our hands
prescription department
ever was so comete
ave you money too.
I-* harmacist.
Diamond Block. -- Butler, a
Our prices are always the very lowest
that can be put on goods, but once in a
while we get a chance to make some
fearful cuts: One of these chances has
come in some very good goods, and
goods very seasonable.
They are Silk Wrap Linen Tissue, All-
Liaeo and Silk and I.inen Fabrics, for fine
warm weather dresses; they used to cost
from One Dollar to Three Dollars a yard.
We will sell them at just One-Half as long
as the lot lasts. State how much you
want to pay and let us send you some
The goods are the most fashionable
fabrics on the market, and at these
prices are also the cheapest.
Here's another chance in Plain Diag
onal Clotll, very handsome and fashion
able goods, in all the new Spring shades.
A fine imported fabric which always
costs 75 ceuts a yard except when we
cut prices on it. It is selling here now
for Fifty Cents a yard.
Get samples of the finer kinds of All-
Wool Suitings in new and correct Spring
patterns, which we are selling at
Twenty-Five and Thirty-Five Cents a yard.
You will wonder how such excellent
materials can be sold so cheap.
Penn Avenue and Fifth St..
There will In- exposed to public sale on the
premises In Cherry twp., Butler Co., Pa., tin
IHW. at 1 o'clock P. M.. one of the l>est farms
in Kutler county. The farm contains 165
Mm. There is a food Large brick bom
two large barns, brick smoke-house and
good carriage-house. These improvements
alone cost about twelve thousand dollars,
and I lie whole place will IK* sold for much
less than the cost of the Improvements.
There is also one of the best orchards in the
The farm immediately adjoins the village
of (iomersal. with postomce. school and
church. The farm must and will be sold and
someone is going to get a bargain. There is
no t rouble altout t he tit le, and a deed of gen
eral warranty clear of all Incumbrances will
lie made t'. ihe parchaser.
TEKMS or SALE—Ten ner centum of the
bit! must be paid in ca*h when the property
Is knocked down, one-third of the balance
when deed Is delivered, and the hal&oce in
one and two years with interest, deferred
payments to be secured by bond and mort
gage on the premises; of all may lie paid
in cash if purchaser desires.
For full particulars in regard to this prop
erty Inquire of Clarence Walker, Att'y-at-
Law. or James K. Kearns,Auctioneer, of But
Let them jump they will not jump
long, the time will come when they will
not care to jump. Buy them good shoes
and let them go, children are hard on
shoes at all times and when rope jump
ing begins that's when they wear out the
Will stand the test. We have given
this matter of children's shoes careful
attention and we feel safe in saying that
there are no better made, and if you buy
your children's shoes of us you will not
be disappointed.
Are complete, you will need shoes or
slipjiers this Spring, try UP, men's and
ladies' fine shoes 75c to $3.00; boys ard
girls shoes 75c to $2.00; children's shoes
25c, 50c and 75c.
Men's high cut 2 buckle plow shoes
9-Sc, Ladies' fine tan and butt shoes 98,
Men's fine shoes 9.8 c.
The Greatest Sale on Record,
215 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Carpet Cleaning Time
Is here. Telephone or write to
W. B. McGeary, West I}nd, who
has the best of machinery and
does the best work. Carpets
called for and delivered.
Carpets shipped from a dis
tance will l>e promptly cleaned
and returned.
People's Telephone 41.
to travel for re*|M»nadhle established
house hi Pennsylvania Salary
and expenses I'osltion permanent. Refer
ence. hnclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. Tin- National. Htar Irisurauce llldg..
your inspection It's >our privilege
(0 whether you want a v.iit now or not, dfP
U you'll find us strictly up to date and
JR with the largest line i new go< >ls in JO
jflP the county. Brown overplaids, fflP
U scotches, series black ::nd blue,) U
fancy eassimeres ami homespuns,
<(# ALL 97 CLIQUES £
Leading Clotbers, 137 S Main st. Butler Pa.
In the important line of clothing we offer
a make we call the
Which will win your trade, no matter where ycu have
been buying your clothes. A personal inspec
tion and trial will convince you that
once yon wear this make, no
other make will suit
you quite so
Main and Cunningham Street.
JUST G F KECK Merchant Tailor.
* * ' I—- ' 142 NORTH MAIN ST.. BUTLER, PA.
Vet I know a few things, among others, that I am an up-to-date tailor
—The Latent in CUT And WORkMANSHIP--in price—most moderate.
Where e'se can you get such combinations? You do get them of us,
the finest made-to-order clothing. Call and examine our large stock
of goods, Remember The Place.
G. F. KECK. Merchant Tailor,
w " 142 N. MAIN ST., BUTLER, PA.
The Wise Grocer.
Will try to induce his customers to boy the very best gro
ceries in the market, l>ecause by so doing he makes a sale
that will give satisfaction, and it is the pleased and satis
fied customer who builds up the grocer's business. We
**(o have some of the very best goods obtainable which we
sell as close as any house in the county. Leave us your
order and we guarantee satisfaction.
The Butler Produce Co.,
C L MOORE, Prop'r
130 W. Jefferson St., Butler, Fa.
APRIL 14, 15, 16, 17.
108 South Main St. one door south
of Butler Savings Bank.
m Vourc M/-P
Then make a bee line for our
store. Perhaps you are a man I I
—a new man—one of the kind :A'-c".-^Wfc
that experiences a feeling of IW''\V*'
relief because the NEW woman NFT~ } W+W**
wants to do ALL the voting, and \4 4my
you have done it so long you
are sick of the whole business and wish she would. Perhaps
you have been thinking of buying a pair of hand-sewed shoes
to celebrate your "emancipation." You have had this kind,
but the hand that sewed them was a machine. Suppose you
come and see ours. We have the kind your grandfather
wore—style different, of course —size too, perhaps You'll
remember the old gent never had but one pair, but 'twas
enough. He bought them of our grandfather. The brand
still runs in the family. They will outwear anything made of
leather. You are hard on your shoes —all men are. But that
ought not to make so much difference to the sTioe, if it's the
right kind. THESE ARE THAT WAY