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Entered at P. O. at Butler as 2»1 class matter
WILLIAM C. NEGLEY - - Publisher.
_ |W l, a = «
Republican County Ticket.
At New Castle, Monday, the Law
nee and Mercer county people showed
a disposition to recognize the rights of
Butler county to the Congressional
nomination at this time—in fact they
could no longer with any degree of de
cency ignore our claims- and so after a
dozen ballots had been taken they ar
ranged to throw the nomination to this
The Beaver county delegation heard
of this arrangement and fell into line,
they voting first as the counties were
called in alphabetical order—and Dr.
Showalter received the unanimous vote
of the convention.
Dr. Showalter has been a lucky man
in politics; his star is yet in the ascend
ent and we congratulate him. He is
a competent and energetic man, and
will, no donbt, be a creditable and use
ful representative of the district in the
The Trouble With The Senate.
There is in the country at largfc a gen
eral and growing feeling of contempt
for the National Senate. There is an
increasing conviction that it has lost
much of its usefulness as a branch of
the lawmaking power of the govern
ment and become mainly a hindrance
and an invincible ol>stacle to use
ful legislation. It is encouraging to
find that leading members of the Senate
itself are becoming aware of the preva
lence and intensity of this feeling of
contempt and condemnation and that
they are growing restive under it. One
of the older members of the body— the
senior Senator from Massachusetts
has been moved to pub!is h in a popu
lar magazine a discnasion of the ques
tion whether the senate has really de
generated, in which he maintains that
in some important respects that body is
better than it was in the days before
the Rebellion.
Senator Hoar easily shows that man
ners have not grown worse since the
day when Charles Sumner was brutally
stricken down in the Senate chamber
for defending his right to free speech, or
"when a Vice President was inaugurat
ed in a state'of maudlin intoxication: or
when Sumner likened Douglass to the
noisome, squat and nameless animal
who switched his tongue and filled the
Senate with an offensive odor, "although
if common rumor and current reports
of senatorial debates are to be credited,
some of these offenses against decency
may be matched in these days of ' cold
tea" and Ben Tillmans. But the aged
Senator goes on to point out more im
portant points in which he insists the
Senate has improved. He maintains
that the evil influence of the lobby has
decreased; that Senators "no longer
bring whisky-soaked brains to meet the
high demands of the public service,"
that the use of Executive patronage
for personal advancement has gone by;
that Senators as a class devote more
work to the discharge of their public
duties than formerly.
It is fortunate for the country if these
coniiiiendations are all deserved. But
after all this is said and conceded the
fact remains that the Senate is not effi
ciently—sometimes not even inefficient
ly —doing its legitimate work as part of
the legislative machinery of the coun
' l»ryr- It Ttvrb y*j unrl <1 of no tc
legislation demanded by public welfare
but it has stripped itself of the power
to legislate. That it should fail some
times to respond to the popular demand
could be tolerated by thoughtful men,
for that was one incidental object of its
creation. But this is not the gravamen
of the charges against it. It fails to
respond to the will of its own majority.
By the observance of its own traditions
and absurd precedents it lies helplessly
and almost hopelessly at the mercy of
anv member who may wish to block
the wheels of legistation. On this point
Senator Hoar makes this admission.
"Senators who have great measures in
their charge are compelled to sit in vex
ed and angry impatience while other
Senators pour out an eternal stream of
inane and empty chatter, chatter, chat
ter about matters which have no pres
ent practical importance whatever."
And he is somewhat doubtful whether
he should use the plural—Senators -in
this connection. The fact is, that any
one Senator is competent to do this and
nntil the Senate by the amendment of
its rules resumes its authority to legis
late it will continue to act under the
absolute sway of anv hair-brained and
insignificant faction of its own member
Senator Hoar thinks this domination
of the Senate by the minority is a man
ifestation of a "pestilent and prevalent"
evil which he says is showing itself
elsewhere—the "attempt by minorities
to prevent the constitutional action of
majorities." But the fact is that mi
norities are forced to submit to ma
jorities all over the country, so far as
known, except in the National Senate.
It is so in the House of Representatives;
it is so generally in both branches of
State Legislatures; it is so in city and
borough councils, and it may be so in
the Senate whenever that body makes
np its mind to cease bowing down be
fore the fetish of its own absurd tradi
tions and "courtesies" and resolves to
resume its inherent constitutional right
to rule its own action. A few years
ago a Speaker of the House by his own
will and courage rescued the lower
branch of Congress from the pestilent'
rule of the majority. Possibly Vice-
President Hobart may perform the
same great service for the upper
branch. In that event he will win the
gratitude of the country and rescue the
Senate from growing popular contempt
and condemnation. —Wellsboro Agita
The State Senate lately passed a bill
changing the existing laws relating to
holidavs in the following particulars:
The third Tuesaav of February is.made
a legal holiday. 1 his is the February
election day. " Labor day is made the
first Monday of September instead of
the first Saturday as observed. This is
to conform to laws of other States.
When the 30th day of May falls on Sun
day the day succeeding. Monday, is
made Memorial Day instead of Satur
day as under existing law. February
l.)th. Lincoln's birthday, is made a
legal holiday. .
During Tuesday's session the Bliss
bill, in the interest of the Guarantors'
liability and indemnity company, per
mitting them to issue surety l>onds, was
defeated by a vote of 105 to 21.
Among the bills which passed finally
were: Requiring grand and petit juries
to disj>ose of costs in certain criminal
cases; prohibiting any person from
falsely representing himself as a detec
tive ;providing for Are alarms in hotels
and factories employing over 10 per
souq; to provide for the maintenance
and care of indigent insane in county
and local institutions.
Having secured unanimous consent.
Mr. Marshall, of Allegheny, presented
the new capitol bill. This creates a
capitol commission on public grounds
and buildings and their successors when
elected, and the president pro tem. of
the senate and the present speaker of
the house. This commission is to erect
a new capital at a cost not to exceed
$550,000, to be lire-proof, and in colon
ial stvie; to award the contract to the
lowest bidder, after two weeks adver
tising; to use as much of the materials
from the capitol ruins as possible, and
U> utilize the insurance money as par)
of tlu' |550,0(H) appropriation. This i»
practically th»- plan desired by the gov
Dr. Schaeffer ha* l*c«-ii reappointed
State Sup't of Public instruction
Congressional Conference.
About seventy Butler county men put
in an appearance at New ( astle last
Dr. Showalter. with some twenty
friends from his town and vicinity
came to Butler on the early train that
morning; they were joined here by
about twenty-five more, and these with
the additions at Callers*, and other
points along the route made a crowd of
about sixty, while some of the dele
gates and friends of the Dr. from the
northern part of the county went to
New Castle by way of Mercer.
The ride was a pleasant one. the ho
tel accommodations were good, and at
1:30 P. M.. the Convention met in the
Court-room and was called to order by
Chairman Potter of the Lawrence Co.
The convention organized by electing
E I. Phillips, of Newcastle President;
and S. P. Stone, of Beaver, J. M. (*al
breath, of Butler and James Lindsey of
Mercer Vice Presidents; and Messrs
Josiah M. Thompson, W. C. Taylor, C.
W. Cline and W. T. Gilmore, secre
When the convention had been form
ally organized, the chairman called for
the presentation of candidates, and the
counties responded in alphabetic order.
Ex-Judge Mechlem named Hon. C. C.
Townsend of Beaver, J. M. Galbreath
presented the name of Hon. J. B.
Showalter of Butler, Hon. J. R Brown
presented the name of Hon. Thomas W .
Phillips of Lawrence, Thomas Cox pre-
SCllllft tilt rrrrTTTT- rrf Oor. W. A Clark
of the same county. W H. Cochran
presented the name of Henry Robinson,
and Col Kreps the name of Maj. Harry
Watson, the latter two candidates being
from Mercer.
The first ballot gave Townsend 15;
Showalter 15; Phillips 13$; Clark 11;
Robinson 10* and Watson 4j—there
were tie votes in both Lawrence and
Mercer counties. This vote was kept
up until the 12th ballot when Clark
threw his vote and a half to Showalter;
a recess followed during which the
Lawrence and Mercer delegates agreed
to nominate Showalter; the Beaver del
egates heard of this and fell into line
and on the 13th ballot Showalter re
ceived the unanimous vote of the con
The Dr. was called for, and he re
sponded in a neat speech thanking the
convention for the hoeor conferred up
on him, and before adjourning resolu
tions were passed asking congress ami
the legislature to pass such laws as
would prohibit the use of power ma
chinery for work in any of the prisons
of the country, and prohibiting any
prison-made goods or wares from being
shipped out of the state in which they
are made.
A TAX of one cent a gallon on beer
would furnish sufficient revenue in two
years to build a five-million dollar capi
tol. But for some unaccountable rea
son the subject of the taxation of beer
seems to be approached with extreme
caution and delicacy.
On Thursday President McKinley
sent the following nominations to the
Andrew D. White, of New York, for
ambassador to Germany.
William F. Draper, of Massachusetts,
ambassador to Italy.
Chandler Hale, of Maine, secretarrv
of the embassy a& Rome.
Benjamin Butterworth, of ohio, com
missioner of patents.
Oliver L. Spalding, of Michigan, and
William B. Howell, of New Jersey, to
be assistant secretaries of the treasury.
TSHI Iltitrl L/. O-iifceuj . ryf M*w-*«tc4svir»e*fco.
consul at Fnchow. China.
Capt. Robert Craig signal corps, to be
Two women have applied to the new
administration for foreign appoint
ments. One wants to be minister to
Columbia, the other a consul at some
European point. These are the first
instances of requests of this kind. The
new woman is nothing if not energetic,
and these two applicants are of this
tvpe. There is nothing in the statutes
preventing a woman being appointed to
either of the diplomatic positions men
Chairman Dingley made short work
of the juggling of percentage figures by
which the Democrats in the House
sought to make it appear that the Din
gley Tariff bill, which will this week
l>e passed by the House carried a higher
average rate of duties the McKinley
did. Said Mr. Dingley: "Notwith
standing the fact] that in this bill
in every schedule except earthenware,
glass, tobacco, and, I think silk to some
extent —notwithstanding that in every
schedule except these the present bill
carries actually less duty than was car
ried in the act of 1890, and notwith
standing the fact that in many of the
schedules it carries duties substantially
the same as those in the present (Demo
cratic) law. yet if you convert these
specific duties into ad valorem percent
ages, not taking into consideration the
changes of value between 1890 and 1H96
yon appear to have an increase of
duties imposed, when as a matter of
fact, the actual duties imposed are less.
The President sent a message to Con
gress Tuesday regarding the flood suf
fers in the Mississippi Valley, and Con
gress responded with an amiropriation
of $200,000.
ROHERT BONXEK mentions the fact
that when he bought his first trotting
horse in 1856 only nineteen horses, liv
ing and dead, had trotted a mile in
2:30. Now there are more than 1,300 in
the list.
Mrs. W. J. Drake has returned from
a visit to her daughter. Mrs. Rev. R. B.
Wilson, of Allegheny, who accompani
ed her mother on her return home and
will spend some time in the country.
Mr. J. H. Pizor and Marcus Reichert
attended the congressional convention
in New Castle on Monday.
Mrs. Nancy Badger lias returned to
her home in Portersville.
Miss Olive Maxwell, of North Liber
ty has been visiting her grandmother,
Mrs. Margret Stickle.
The new gas well on the Lewis Vosler
farm was drilled in a few days ago with
a fair pressure of gas.
W. P. Mecom came _nt»ar having a
serious fire the other day—the roof of
his house caught fire from a spark, and
was pretty well under headway when
discovered by a neighbor and extin
A Plea for Good Roads.
Several road-making machines which
were ordered by some <>f the neighbor
ing townships were delivered in Butler
last week.
That reminds us that this is the time
of year when some good solid stone and
some good honest lalior can be judici
ously used in improving every yard of
road in the county.
The roads are not to be improved for
the benefit of the man with a bicycle
only. Good roads add very greatly to
the'land value of the farm, make the
markets more accessible, and save wear
and tear on the horses and wagons.
How lunch better it would be to drive
into town over u solid road bed than
through mnd a foot or two deep.
We have seen men working out their
road tax who tried to see just how little
work they could make pass for a day's
lalior. The man who shirks his road
work hurts himself and his every
neighbor. And yet about election time
b-tine shirker makes it a point to
H*k some *avui of h?s neighbor which
lie does not deserve. Don l be afraid
to do a little extra work ont he roaqs
You are sure to be paid for it in many
ways. H.
The Libel Law
In the last Wednesday the
lirst section of the bill to liberalize the
libel laws of Pennsylvania so as to per
mit the truth to be pleaded in mitiga
tion or justification of the alleged libel
was voted down, and the whole bill fell
with it. The first section simply pro
vided that when a man was convicted
or acquitted of 1i 1 »el in one county of
the State he could not l>e prosecuted in
any other county.
It is simply amazing that the Legisla
tnre of Pennsylvania should exhibit
such an illiberal spirit towards the
newspapers of the State. Of the forty
nine States and territories in the 1 nion
Pennsylvania is the only one that does
not permit the truth to be pnt in evi
dence bv the defendant in an action for
libel brought by a private individual.
In many of the States the truth is a suf
fiicient justification without regard to
the motive, and in all the States except
ing Pennsylvania, the truth published
with good" motives and justifiable ends,
amounts to a complete defense.
Our libel laws cauie down to us trom
the time of James I as a part of the
common law of England. There ha\ e
been no improvements since that ex
cepting the Constitutional provision
which permits the truth to be told con
cerning public officials. After the com
mon law governing libel and slander
passed into our system from the mother
country, .the laws of England were
greatly modified and liberalized, but
they did not apply in this country after
the revolution. Consequently the State
of Pennsylvania is still clinging to the
mouldy and cast off garments of des
potism. The laws in use by us were
specially designed to suppress and si
lence public discussion in an absolute
monarchy. Their purpose was to pre
iu*rva anui protect the kiiipreroga
tive in an age when liberty was a
dream. . .
The whole system of modern journal
ism has grown up since these laws were
enacted, and it is no wonder that they
do not fit.
The fiction of law which assumes
that criticism of a man s conduct is a
breech of the peace.is still clinging like a
barnacle to the practice and precedent
governing libel in Pennsylvania, ihis
doctrine ignores man s personal rights
reputation, credit and a good name,
and assumes that every man is alike
entitled to honor and respect regardless
of his conduct. It would prevent
newspapers from ixposing imposters
and protect the public from the schemes
of bunco men to rob them, because the
truth is more likely to provoke a man s
wrath than a lie, consequently the
greater the truth the greater the libel.
It also ignores the freedom of speech
and of the press, without which there
can beno real liberty.
The libel law of Pennsylvania, based
almost exclusively upon the common
law of England, which has been super
ceded by statute laws in that country
more in harmong with the spirit of lib
erty and civilization, is so indefinite
that it is scarcely construed alike by
any two judges. Its absurdity and in
justice is so apparent that few convic
tions are obtained under it. But the
fact remains that it is a constant men
ace to the liberty of the press, and
consequently to the best interests of the
people.— Punxsutawney Spirit.
Chattanooga Tenn.. had a iftdO.OOO
fire Saturday morning which destroyed
the largest business building in the city
and killed two men.
STATE Factory Superintendent Jas.
Campbell says there are al>ont 100,000
more people employed in Pennsylvania
now than there were six months ago.
JHE bill which was before the legis
lature to increase the school term from
six to seven months was defeated in the
House by a vote of '.)•! to 78. The coun
try members generally voted against
the increase.
Mrs. Louis Keeffer is away visiting
friends in Butler. She has two sons
and two daughters living there imd it
takes quite a while to visit all of them.
Nora Black, of Harrisville. Mrs. W.
Cmawn s sister, IS vlsrnng with them
this week.
H. W. Jamison went last Monday to
Perrysville to work at rig building.
Howard Rankin has moved into his
new house he built lately on the R. F.
Rankin farm, we miss him.
Bert Michael went back to work to
the Buenavista oil field. Monday, where
he accidently smashed his finger and
was laid oft' for a few days.
Hiram Madison was here visiting his
mother, last week, the first time for
several years.
Lesly Gifford, who has been working
at Homestead for several years, was
married on Sunday to Miss S. C. Lyson
a native of that place. They arrived
here at his home on Monday evening,
and were greeted on Monday night by
a jolly serenade composed of ail sizes
and sex. DENT.
Jacob Coon, the well known pipe line
workman is spending his vacation with
John cjuinn, of Hayesville.
James Walker and wife, of Jefferson
twp., visited William Hesselgesser and
and wife, of Worthington. Armstrong
Co., recently.
George P. and James Maizland pur
chased two fine Clydesdale brood mares
from Patton and Noble, well known
stockmen of Armstrong county. They
claim the Clydesdale breed excels all
others and that they could not be in
duced to have any othe.* kind.
Gibson. Hanna & Co. have the credit
of removing successfully a very large
boiler from Cooperstown to Butler, the
boiler weighed eight tons. It required
four good teams.
Edward Bartley has constmcted a
handsome and commodious machine
ami repair shop
It is rumored that John C. Logan in
tends erecting a large store building 011
the James Maizland farm near the de
pot of the Bessemer and Lake Erie rail
Sylvester Montgomery has left for
the W. Va. oil fields.
A. H. Gold has returned home from
()hio, where he has l>een visiting friends
for the last three months.
R. R. Hays has moved his family to
the Capt. Hays farm.
Miss Pearl Criner was the guest of
Miss Grace McCali, last Sunday.
J. A. Shaffer, of Kittanning, is visit
ing Adam Gold.
Mrs. J. W. Gillespie is going to start
-a restauraunt on the Pittsburg A: West
ern railroad.
Hiram Gillespie is laid up with a
sprained ankle
Thos. Parks has moved on a farm
near the Undercliff oil field.
Absolutely Pure.
i Celebrated for its gieat leavenint;
1 strength and liealthfulness. Assures the
food against aluui and all forms of ailul
teration common to the cheap brands.
I Advertise iu the CITUKN.
Allegheny county will have 975
thirst-quenching places for the coming
year—viz: 4*4 in Pittsburg. 170 in Alle
ghent. 41 in McKeesport. 101 in the
boroughs and SO in the townships.
The business part of the town of
Cambridgeboro, Crawford county, was
destroyed by tire, last Thursday, and
among the bnildings destroyed was the
Cambridge House, which has sheltered
a great manv Butler people. Haggerty
& White's loss is put at 945. Ouo and
their insurance at $30,000. They will
probably rebuild
During a riot at Freeport Saturday
night among the Hungarian miners,
Mike Mostrenski had his skull fractur
ed by au Italian, who escaped. Several
others were less seriously hurt.
There is not a prisoner in the Clarion
jail. The only one confined there made
his escape last week when the janitress
entrred with his dinner. He was a
deaf mute from St. Petersburg.
That the Mercer Co., folks mix thrift
with their politics is evident from the
fact that the assessors returned a total
of about $2,500,000 at interest in that
countv. Sharon has over half a mil
lion at interest, and Mercer and Green
ville a quarter of a million each.
Mercer papers report the shipment
from that place last week of six car
loads of horses, purchased by one firm
who left over $3,000 in the county.
Five cars went to New York for ship
ment abroad. The prices were far in
advance of those prevailing during the
The other day, at Anderson. Ind. . a
mau and woman who were accused of
the murder of the mans wife, were
acquitted by a jury, and within an
hour after their acquittal the pair were
married. Then the jury took to scratch
ing their heads over the question
whether the joke was on them or the
deceased woman.
EAGAN—ApriI 2. 1897, infant son of
P. H. Eagan, of Monroe St., Butler.
KELLY—ApriI 1. 1897. Victor, son of
William V. Kelly of N. Main St..
aged 3 years.
JOHNSTON—At hia home in Summit
twp.. April 7, 1897, Jacob L. Johns
ton, aged about 50 years.
OTTO—At the home of her daughter in
Oklahoma, April 7. 1897. Mrs. Otto,
widow of Christian Otto, aged 85
FINK —At his home in Butler. April 4,
1897, Frank Fink, aged 26 years.
REDICK —At his home in Allegheny
twD., April. 6 1897. John Redick.
aged about 75 years.
LEIBLER -At her home in Butler twp
April 1. 1897, Mrs. Mary Leibler,
widow of Andrew Leibler, aged 77
years and 28 days.
Mrs. Leibler was the mother of 16
children, 12 boys and 4 girls, almost all
of whom like herself were robust and
strong. In all respects she was a most
excellent women and highly respected
by all who knew her. With her hus
band she came from Germany to this
country when young and purchased a
f»rm about three miles South of Butler
where they always lived. Mr. Leibler
died about 15 years ago.
NEGLEY —At his home in Philadel
phia. April Ist, 1897. Harry Xeglev.
in his 44th year.
Harry will be remembered by the
middle aged men of Butler as the sec
ond son of John H Neglev, Esq. He
located in Philadelphia about twenty
years ago, and for many years was the
foreman of the "Saturday Evening
Post." Several years ago his throat be
gan troubling him, the affection went
to his lungs, and for the past eighteen
months he has been a bed-ridden and
helpless invalid. He was buried in
Fernwood cemetery, Philadelphia.
Tuesday of this week. His wife and
three children survive him.
Rev. Lee M. Heilman who, when a
young man had charge of the North
Washington and Rider churches for
some months died in Washington State
a few days ago.
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time to purify and enrich the blood, and
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Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Office cor, Main and Cunninghan Sts.
ALK. WICK. Pre*.
<m>. K KITKUKU. Vice Pn«.
L. 8. W'y And T?M»
Alfred Wick, Henderson Oliver.
I>r. W. Irvin. James Stephenson.
W. W. Illackmore. N. Weitzel.
K. Bowman. H. J. Klinurler.
Geo. Ketterer, ('has. Rcbliun.
Ceo. Renno. John Koenig.
Formerly known as the "Peerless
Painless Extractor of Teeth.'' Located
permanently at ill East Jefferson St.,
Opposite Hotel Lowry, Butler, Will do
dential operations of all kinds by the
latest devices and up-to-date methods.
Gold Fillings Painless Extraction of
Teeth and Artificial Teeth without plates
a specialty, Nitrous Oxide or Vitalized Air
or Local naesthetics used.
Ottice over Millers groceiy, east of Low
ry house.
Painless extraction—No Gas—Crown
and bridge work a specialty.
Office —Room No. I, new Bickel build
137 E. Wayne St., office hours. 10 to
12 a. m. 1 and to 3 p. m.
I \R. CHAS. R. B. HI NT,
Eye, ear, nose and throat a specialty.
132 and 134 S. Main Street, Ralston
200 West Cunningham St.
Artificial Teeth inserted on the latest
improved plan. Gold Fillings a spec
ialty. Office over Miler's Shoe Store.
Main St.
Na-sthetics Administered.
Office No. 45, S. Main st.eet, over City
New Troutman Building, Butler Pa.
IJ . Room 3, Bickel Block. Butler Pa.
, eoplo? Phone No. 309. Night call 173
To William B. DodtK. Enquire. High Sheriff I
of Uie Connty nf Bntler. Sends Greeting: i
WHEKHAS. In consequence of the
death of Hon. James J. Davidson, who
was elect»*l a member of the Fifty-fifth
Congress from the Twenty-fifth Con
gressional District of this Common
wealth, comprised of the counties of
Mercer. Lawrence. Beaver and Butler,
a vacancy will exist in the represent.-! |
tion of the State in the Honse of Repre- i
sentatives of the United .States, and
WHEREAS. An extraordinary session
of Congres. has been called by the
President of the United States to meet
at Washington on the 15th day of
March, 1897.
Now. THEREFORE. I. Daniel H Hast
ings. Governor of said Commonwealth,
in pursuance of the provisions of the
Constitution of tne United States and
of an act of the General Assembly of
this Commonwealth, entitled. "An act
relating to the elections of this Common
wealth." approved the second day of
July, Anno Domini one thousand eight
hundred and thirty-nine, have issued
this writ commanding you. the said
William B. Dodds. Esquire. High
Sheriff as aforesaid, to hold a special
election in Butler connty on Tuesday,
the twentieth day of April, Anno
Domini one thousand eight hundred
and ninety-seven, for the election of a
representative of the people of this
Commonwealth in the House of Repre
sentatives of the Congress of the United
State sto fill the vacancy as aforesaid,
and yon are hereby required and en
joined to give the lawful notice and
cause to be held and conducted the said
special election and make return thereof
in manner and form as by law is direct
ed and required.
Given under mv hand and the Great
Seal of the State at the city of Harris
burg this ninth day of March, in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and ninety-seven, and of the
Commonwealth the 121 st.
By the Governor:
[Seal] Secretary of the Commonwealth,
In obedience to the commands of the
above writ. I, William B. Dodds, High
Sheriff of the county of Butler, do here
by make known and give this public
notice to the electors of said county
that a special election will be held at
the several election districts established
by law in said county, on
TUESDAY. APRIL 20. 1897,
when officers will be voted for as fol
One person for Representative in
Congress, the nominees for which are as
" Of Chicora Pa.
Of Sharon Pa.
The said elections >vili lio held thioughout
the county as follows:
The electors oi Ad:»:ns townahip. North
j ret-ill' l, :it the Carpenter ah.ip ol J ... Suiltli
nt Myoma in said pneiuct.
The elector ol Ad.ira s. at. pre. net, at
Parks Mill is'- creciuct.
The electors of Allegheny township at the
house ol David Hooz!e at Pointv in taid
The electors of liafla'.o township at the
house of 'l'liou. W. Elliott in said towi.ship.
The electors of Butler township ht the
house of .luuies llagemau in sa d town
The electors of Brady township at the
School house at West Liberty.
The electors of Clearfield township at the
office ot Fr.mk P. Mcßride in said township.
The electors of Clinton township at the
Hal! at Riddles X Hoads in s ill township.
The e'.cctois of Concord township, at
M. Cochran's new house in Middletoni).
The electors of Clay tomsUip at tho Centre
School house in said township.
Tho electors of Centre township at the
Centre School House, in said.towiistiip.
The electois of Cherry towiinhip, North
|ir,-I'lTti'l.. uL Uu. KV-'-l.r.} ..1 ..il i-ionil', ill
said prei iuct
The electors of Cherry township. South
precinct, at the Oomersol School 110-ase in
said precUit t.
The electors of Connoqueneosiny township
Northern precinct at School house No. 7, m
The eleoicis ot Coouo.ju* itownship.
Southern prec.nct at t..0 (jr&haoi School
ill.Use No. 5.
The clectoi'a or Cranberry township at tie
house of Andrew ICirshler in slid t ;wushii-
The electors of Donegal township at tL«
elei::ioii house in said township.
The electors of Pair via ,v township at the
election house in said township on tarm cf
W U II Kiddie
The electors oi Forward township at the
house of Robert U.-Brown.
The electors of Franklin lowuship at
Mt Chestnut U:ati;.e U.iii in said township.
The electors ol Jackson township. Eisteru
precinct,at the house of Juo A Eichart in said
The electors ol JiesLsoa township, West
ern I'leiinct, at the Jaiec-ki' Ml'g building
in said precinct.
The electors of JeCfei'son township, at the
house of Morris Brighter
The electors ot Lancaster township at the
house of C. Uh!.
Th. electors of M. .-lies"* township at tiio
house of George Cooper.
Tne electors of. >l.irion township at the
house ol li. VV. Atweii in :-iii*l lownsa.p.
The electors of STuddycreek township at
the I ou-e of Henry in said township.
The electors of Mercer township at the
house of J. A. Galbreitli i.i said to*uihip
The electors of Oakland township at the
house of William J. Hutchison in sai i town
The electors of Parker township at ttio
honse o! Mrs LucinJi W illey in Martius
The electors of Pinn township, Nortli pre
cinct, a; the Opera iiouse in Heiitiow.
The electors of Peiin towi,M..p, <ouili pre
ciuct, at ho house of ii. Sutton, in said
The electors of Summit township at the
liouse of Adam Frederick.
The electors of Slipperyrock township at tho
house ol Harry AI blister iu said township
The electors of Venango township at the
shop ol l£. K- Taylor.
Tho electors of Winfield township
Uall in said townsliip.
The electors of Washington towuship, North
precinct, at the house ol Mrs. .Jane Hender
son. at I i li I lards
The electors of Washington township, Sout'i
preeim.t, at the Insurance, Co. oliiee, iu Norm
Tne electors of Worth township at the
Public Hall in Mechamcshurg in said town
The electors of tho boro-.gh of Butler, Ist
war! at the Wuller Hall in said ward.
2nd ward at tho Kohler iiouse in said
3d ward at the Grand Jury Koom in Court
4th ward at Nixou's Ilome, N. McKean Si,
in said wa d.
sth ward at the Wick House, on N Main
St., in said war
The electors of the borough of Centrovilie
at the house ol Robert Ralston.
The electors cf the borough ol ilarrisvillo
at the ti. A. It Hall in said borough.
The electois of the borough of Prospect at
the house ot Sain'i. Kiddle iu said borough.
The electors of tho borough of Sasouburg
at the house of Mrs. E. A. Helmbold in said
The electors of the borough of West Sun
bury at the public school house.
ihe electors of the borough of Miileratown
at the hotel of Jn ». Dolau iu said borough.
The electors of the borough of Fetrolia at
the Council Room In said borough,
'! he electors of the borough of Fairview at
the Uuion Hall in said borough.
The electors of the borough of Karns City
at the Hose iiouse iu said bort ugh.
The electors of tho borough of Evans City
at the shop of Miekley «Sc West in said bor
The electors of the borough of Harmony
at the office of F R Convert in said borough.
The electors of tho borough of Zelienople
at the wagon shop ot James Wallace in said
'The ehctors of the borough of Mars at the
house ol Jos.'MuCannon in said borough.
The electors oi" the borough of Portersyille j
at the house of li. I. Beighley iu said bor >.
The electors of the borough of Valenci i
at the store room of Bail & Stoup iu >ai i
bore ugh.
The electors of the borough of Conuoque- ;
neasing aithe house of P W Tinman iu su I j
Notice is hereby given that every
person, excepting justices of the peace, j
who shall hold any office or appoint I
inent of profit or trust under the gov
eminent of the United States or of this ;
State or of any city or incorporated dis ;
trict, whether a commissioned officer or '
otherwise, a subordinate officer or agent
who is or shall be be employed under ,
the Legislative, Executive or Judiciary
department of the State or of the Unit
ed States or of any city or incorporated
district, and also that every member of
Congress and of the State Legislature .
and of the select or common conncil of
any city, or commissioners of any in
corporated district is. by law. incapable
of holding or exercising at the same
time the office <>r appointment of judge.
ins|>ector or clerk of any election of thin
Commonwealth, and that uo inspector, '
i judge or other officer of any such elec
lion shall IH> eligible to any office to IK- J
then voted for. except that of an elec
tion officer.
Given under my hand at my office at
Butler this ::i<t day of March, in the
year of our Lord Is'.lT. and in the 101 st
year of the Indejiendence of the I'nited
States of North America.
Sheriff of Butler Connty (
Mercantile Appraiser's 1
LIST FOR 1897.
B ildauf Win. 2 i«»ol tables s4l (HI :
Hnselton .T F. 5 pool tables. 71 00
Millinger (.i E. I! pool tables 51 00 I
Turner .1 M. 4 jtool tables 61 00 j
Donaldson T A. :> JMK>I tables... 51 00
Luton M E. 3 jiool tables 51 0<»
Allison G E. 3 jiool tables 51 Ort
Hoiks <Sr Lee. 4 jiool tables 61 1)11
Tadder G P, 3 pool tables, Chi
cora 51 00
Butler R J, 4 pool tables. Glade
Mills 61 00
Sneathen D S, 2 jstol tables,
Slippery Rock 41 00
Ewing G, 2 pool tables, Renfrew. 41 00
Marry P H, 3 jiool tables,Callery, 51 00
Burkhalter Geo N. Park Theater 30 T-i !
Ifft H J. opera house.. 30 75
Latchaw A, opera house 30 75
Knock «& Reotig, opera house... 30 75
Penn'a Distilling Co. distillery,
Freeport 103 00
Armstrong MA, restaurant... 8 575
Barrickman JL. restaurant... 8 575
Dunn JP. restaurant 8 575
Christie Maggie, restaurant... 8 570
Goss ES, restaurant 8 575
Gamer J M, restaurant 8 5 75
; Brock Lewis, restaurant 8 575
Heath Mrs H, restaurant 8 575
King Peter, restaurant 8 575
Maxler ,! A, restaurant 8 575
Smith HJ, restaurant 8 575
Regas A. restaurant.... 8 575
Wellner JW, restaurant 8 575
McFarland SA, restaurant... 8 575
Cole EJ, restaurant 8 575
Dunbar & White, restaurant.. 8 575
Hogeland SE. restaurant 8 575
Long AJ. restaurant 8 575
Stephenson WJ, restaurant... 8 575
McNelly Harry, restaurant... 8 575
Miles TH, restaurant s 575
Fritz F M. restaurant 8 5 75
Marry PH, restaurant, Callery 8 575
Allison II H, store 13 10 75
Amy Bros, furniture 1 12 13 25
Aiken WR & Co, store 14 775
Anderson BC & Co, furniture. 14 775
Anderson AC, rn'gr, drugs 14 775
Aiken & Campbell, store 11 15 75
Boos Jacob, store 13 10 75
Bickel John, shoes 12 13 25
Burton TA, store 11 15 75
Biehl Henry, hardware 14 775
Butler Pharmai'v, •lrtigs 14 7 '«.*> j
Balph JF. drugs 14 775
Boyd C N, drugs 11 15 75
Butler Produce Co, store 12 13 25
Bovard & Seyfang, hardware. 13 10 75
Breeman J. store 14 775
Bayonette V, store 14 775
Butler Lumber Co. lumber 12 13 75
Colbert & Dale, store 12 13 75
Campbell J G &W, hardware 9 25 75
Colbert Harvey, store 14 775
Cypher Geo A & Co, hardwarelO 20 75
J Cleeland DL. jewelry 13 10 75
.] Campbell & Templeton, fur
niture 10 20 75
Core Music Co, pianos, &c 14 775
Camella Frank, fruit store 14 775
Courtney FW, store 14 775
Duffy Charles, store 11 15 75
Douthett & Graham, store 11 15 75
Douglass JH. store 13 10 75
DeArme WH, store 10 20 75
Ehmer JA, store 14 775
Elliott CR. store 14 775
Fisher WA, store 13 10 75
Finin L A, store 14 7 75
Forcht J H, store.. 14 7 75
Graham Bros, store ,13 10 75
Grieb JR. jewelry 14 775
Grieb E, jewelry 14 775
Hnselton BC, store 10 20 75
Heck D & Son, store 13 10 75
Hinchbefger C, store 14 775
Hinchberger Chris, fish 14 775
Hock JC, store 12 13 75
Hull H. store 14 7 75
Heinzer MN, store....- 14 775
Harper Bros, store 11 15 75
1 cure U Co, drugs 14 775
Johnston SA. drugs 14 775
Jackson & Mitchell, hardware. 14 7 75
Jack J S, store 14 7 75
Jarecki M'f'g Co, hardware... 13 10 75
Kamerer WA, store ,13 10 75
Kirkpatrick RL, store.... 14 775
Ketterer Geo, furniture 13 10 75
Kauffman J, store 11 15 75
Koch C, store. 10 20 75
Kirk HD, store 13 10 75
Kirkpatrick WM. store 13 10 75
Kinrh Daniel, store 14 775
Koonce HW, store 14 775
Kearns A& S. store 13 10 75
Klinger H J <Sr Co, feed 9 25 75
Kamerer GD. store 14 775
Larkin & Co, hardware 14 775
McCrea AY s & ('<>. feed 10 20 75
Miller Henry, store 10 20 75
Metzger WF, shoes 13 10 75
MurrinT A. store 14 775
Miller CE. shoes 12 13 25
Miller G Wilson, store 10 20 75
Martincourt & Co, store...,. .10 20 75
Myers AE. store 12 13 25
Mitchell Chas M, store 14 775
Mangold Mrs PR. store 13 10 75
Mcßride 1 J, store 14 7 75
McClain M, furniture 14 775
Morrison TA, store 14 775
National Supply Co, hardwarell 15 75
Niggel J & Bro, hardware. ~ .
Oil Well Supply Co. hardware. 12 13 25
O'Brien W H & Son, hard
ware 14 7 75
Pape DT. store 14 775
Pryor EB. store 14 775
Poolos S, store 14 775
Philips OM. store 13 10 75
Purvis S G. lumber.,lo 20 75
Patterson JN, store 11 15 75
Ralston W E, store 14 7 75
Ruff A & Son. shoes 13 10 75
Rockenstein Joseph, store 14 775
Rockenstein MC, hardware.. .14 775
Roessing BE, store 14 775
Redick <& Grohman, drugs 12 13 25
Reiber A& H, store 10 20 75
Reiber A M & Bro, store 8 30 75
Richey JA. store 14 775
Stock C, hardware 14 7 75
C, store 14 775
Shloss Bros, store 12 13 25
Schaul & Nast, store 12 13 25
I Springdale Drug Store drugs. .14 775
! Stein L & Sou. store 10 20 75
) Troutnian A & Son, store 7 40 75
j Terwilliger HE, store 14 *7 75
j Walker JO, store 14 775
! Wuller DH, drugs 13 10 75
: Wilson \V B. hardware 14 7 75
j Wright JB, store 14 775
j Wick LC, lumber 10 20 75
j Young Lizzie M. store 12 13 25
; Zimmerman Mrs JE, store... !• 25 75
I Starr JH, store— 14 775
Boggs & Kline, store 12 13 25
Barkev Bros, feed and c0a1... .13 10 75
Barto David, shoes 14 7 75
Brown .T E. coal 14 775 I
Burry LN, hardware 13 10 75 J (
Dambach Edward, lumber... .13 10 75
Hudson R, store ..14 775
Hulings JD, store 14 775
Ifft Geo <Sc Sons, store 11 15 75 .
Jarecki Manufacturing Co.
hardware. 14 7 75,
List J M drugs 14 7 "75
Nicklas Bros, store II 15 75
Oil Well Supply Co. h dware. .14 775 !
Peff. r Fred pianos. «Sfcc 14 775 |
Rigg-- WD. >t<«re 14 7 75'
Shonp Philip hardware 13 10 75 I
Thomas JD. drugs 14 775 i
White JM. shoes 14 775 j
Smathers AJ. store 14 775 i
Kipiier JA. Store 14 775
Voung & Hyle. furniture 13 10 75
Zeliman D. storv 18 10 75
1 liame HW. store 14 775
Dindinger Wise, hardware .13 10 75
, Dindinger Geo, implements... 14 775
1 Huber JH; drugs 13 10 75
■ KirkerSJ, feed 14 775
' Milleman Bros, store 11 15 75
I Oil Well Supply Co. h'dware. .13 10 75
j Swain GD. store 11 15 75
j Stiver FB. fi'ed 14 775
1 Valencia Lumber Co. coal 14 775
j Wise & Bentle. lumber 13 10 75
Zeigler HD. fnmiture 14 775
Zehman D. store 14 775
! Beatty ES. hardware. 14 775
I Black J R Co. store 12 13 25
1 Baily Joseph, store 14 775
j Brown RL. furniture 14 775
I Curry J E store 14 775
i Elrick JM. drugs 14 775
Humphrey DW, store 12 13 25
Morrison WL. store 14 775
Bolton LH. store 13 10 1®
Bard & Son, store 11 15 75
Bingham FP. hardware 14 775
Bingham JT. implements 14 775
Coulter TS & Co, store !4 775
Campbell & Co. drags 14 775
Kerr JC, store .13 10 75
Mayberry & Pearson, store... 14 775
Mitchell II F. drugs 14 775
Ramsey WT. store 14 775
Sproull & Stoops, store 12 13 25
Sowash SJ. store 14 775
l'l»er Sons, furniture 14 775
Bowers A, drags 14 775
Critchlow Bros, store 13 10 75
1 Graham & Scott, store 14 775
Forester SS, store 13 10 75
Keister OF. store 14 775
MeCleary EL, store 14 775
McClnre JH. drags 14 775
1 Riddle WR & Co. store 12 13 25
. Wersh John, store 14 775
Story TR, drugs. 14 775
Boyd WD & Son, store 14 775
Brown JM, store 14 775
| Crum A, store 14 775
Kerr & Son. drugs 14 775
Hooks & Clark, lumber 14 7 75
Jordan & Co. store 11 15 75
National Supply Co. h'dware.. 12 13 25
Irvine H C. furniture 14 7 75
Oil Well Supply Co, h'dware.. 13 10 75
Shannon W L. store 14 7 75
Topping & Philips, store 14 775
Zeigler AC& E, store 11 15 75
Zeigler Al. hardware 14 775
Zeigler Clark, shoes 14 775
Anderson J A &W F. store. .13 10 75
Barr & Stoup, hardware 13 10 75
Cooper PE, hardware... 14 775
Rhodes FA. store 14 775
Windhorst FC, store 14 775
Hawn WC, store. Baldwin... 11 15 75
Scott C, store, Baldwin 13 10 75
Denholm T, store 11 15 75
English RE, hardware 13 10 75
Chesebro EP. store 12 13 25
' Foster WC, drags 14 775
Hawk JM. store 13 10 75
1 Starr ML. store 13 10 75
Stoughton WR, junk 14 775
, Yerger S, hardware 14 775
1 Boyle DE. store 14 775
Campbell WW, store 13 10 75
DeWolf Dr WL, drugs 14 775
Frazier J T T, store 14 7 75
Frederick PG & Co, lumber. .13 10 75
Glass George, store 14 775
Hock Bros, hardware 13 10 75
Hays EF, hardware 14 775
Johnston C H. hardware 14 7 75
Johnston CH, shoes 14 775
Frankle S, store 14 775
Litzinger HC, store 13 10 75
McKee .T L, drugs 14 775
Ketlll WE. atMo 11) 10 7.1
Scharbac-n C, store 14 775
Sweiger F, shoes 14 775
Westerman Bros, store 10 20 75
Westerman RF & Co, store. .13 10 75
Humphrey Wm & Sons, store. 11 15 75
McDowal GB, hardware 14 775
Marshall AS, store 14 775
Ramsey Bros, store 13 10 75
1 Allen FL. store 14 775
Bastian GD, hardware 13 10 75
Blum John, shoes 14 775
Dindinger Jsjni, store 11 15 75
Eioholz FE, hardware 13 10 75
Goehring FS, hardware 14 775
Householder Geo, farm im
plements 14 7.75
Householder H, store 14 775
Ifft John & Co, lumber 13 10 75
King Geo, store 14 775
Knauff GH, hardware 14 775
Kaufman H, shoes ~14 775
Meeder & Gelhach. store 12 13 25
Meeder AH He Co, store 13 10 75
Passavaut CS, store 14 775
Reibolt Jacob, coal 14 775
Strohecker CJ D. hardware. ..14 775
| Reed CE. drugs 14 775
Wild Henry, store 14 775
Winters A, store 14 775
Wright Bros & Co, store 11 15 75
Wise IM, feed 14 775
Zehner Fred, feed 12 13 25
Zehner Edwin, furniture 13 10 75
Bredin & Conway, store 11 15 75
Campbell & Co, store.l 4 775
Hindman HC & Co, drags.... 14 775
Meckling John, furniture 14 775
Rhodes & Russell, store 14 775
Steindorf & McKinney, hard
ware 14 775
Beninger HH, store Myoma. .14 775
Irvine CB, store, Callery 14 775
Shannon J F, store, Callery... 13 10 75
Spence, Booth & Co, hardware
Callery 13 10 75
Thomas JH, store 13 10 75
Goddard MJ, coal 14 2,75
Leasure AW, store, Silvervillel4 775
McC'afferty James, store, Sar
versville 14 7 75
Powell JW. store, Sarversvillel3 10 75
Witte W H. hardware.Sarvors
ville 14 7 75
Watson Wm, lumber, Sarvers
ville 14 7 75
Wilkewitz G, peddler, Sarvers
ville 14 * 7 75
Ekas AB, store, Ekastown... 14 775
Clutton E G, store. West Lib
erty .' 14 775
Martin M E, store, West Lib
erty 14 775
Robinson WW. store, Pump. 14 775
Alexander & Heyl, store,
Whitestown 13 10 75
Barnhart R & Son, store, Con
noquenessing 1.3 10 75
Nicklas COll, store, Connoque
nessing 14 775
Purviance J F & W A, store,
Connoijnenessing 13 10 75
Poppleton R N, store. Butter
cup 14 775
Fleeger A, store, Fleeger 14 775
Arthurs, Dunn & Co, store,
Euclid 13 10 75
Goucher AA, store, Euclid... 14 775
Baily JA. store, Bovard 14 775
Elliott HW. store. Coaltown.l3 10 75
Fogel V. drugs. Coaltown.... 14 775
Sproull & Stoops, store, Gomer
sol 14 7 75
Leslie (i W, store. Moniteau.. 1-1 7 75
McCoy H C & Son, store, Anan 1
dale 14 775
Welsh James, store, Coaltown. 14 775 I
Kuhn CC, store, Hooker 14 775
Murtland Bros, store. Magic. .13 10 75 !
j Markwell S. store, Greece Gityl3 10 75 I '
Croft JW. store. Trail 14 775 1
Frantz J. store. Ogle 14 775
Garvin Wm, store, Ogle 13 10 75
Hendrickson AG, store. Ogle. 14 775
Anderson Ii J, a tore, Flick 14 775
| All Women |
| Interested in ml% |
S Arc Invited Tovisi * ourCARPET 18?
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new line of Carpets. No objections to the men com'
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ICampbell g Temple ton!
tinmn TA, -more, Kntnsnu..t4 775
Graham JH, store, St J0e.... 14 775
Krause Robert & Sons, store,
Coylesville 13 10 75
Gormley F P,store, Coylesvillel4 775 ;
Bel lis G C & Co, store Glade
Mills 12 13 75
Cooper LJ. store, Glade Mills. 14 775
Cowan C, feed, Glade Mills... 14 775
Marks & Whiteside, store,
Glade Mills 10 20 75
Oil Well Supply Co, hardware
Glade Mills 14 775
Hutchison T J. hardware,
Glade Mills 14 775
McFann LR, store, McFann.,l4 775
Baily Joseph, store Harrisvillel4 775
Gorinley J H. store Mnrrins
vilie 14 7 75
Murrin & Mcßride, store,
Boyer 14 775
Sisney LJ, store, Boyer 14 775
Owens Lewis, Jr, store. Forest.
ville 14 7 75
Shields RC, store, Forestville. 14 775
Coleniyre GF. store, DeSale..l4 775
Jamison W C, store. Ean
Claire 13 10 75
Speer JC, store, Ean Claire.. .14 775
McXamee Mrs L J, store. Hil
liards 14 7 75
Bowser RM, lumber. Renfre\vl3 10 75
Douthett A M. store. Browns
dale 13 10 75
McClymonds H S, drugs Ren
frew 14 7 75
Kirkpatrick Bros, store, Ren
frew 13 10 75
Patrick James, store, RenfrewlS 10 75
Price Bros, h'dware, Renfrew. 14 775
Roberts D;W. coal. Renfrew.. 14 775
Sutton AD, store, Maharg 13 10 75
Hartenstine L, store, Great
Belt 13 10 75
Montag W M & Co, store Jef
ferson Centre 14 T 75
O'Niel & Co, store. Great Belt. 13 10 75
Snitzel Philip, store, Harinonyl4 775
Metz A E & Son, store. Middle
Lancaster 13 10 75
Watson Win & Son, store, Mt.
Chestnut 13 10 75
Watson Wm & Son. store Isle. 14 775
Altniyre Mrs T, store Hil
linrds 14 7 75
Graham JP. store. Hilliards.. 13 10 75
Arner & Williamson, hard
ware. North Hope 14 775
Jack R P. store, North H0pe..14 7 75
Miftlin & Mifflin, store, North
Hope 11 15 75
McKee & Co, lumber, Hil
liards 13 10 75
Sommers James, store, Hil
liards 14 7 75
McFarland C B, store, Argen
tine 13 10 75
Thompson I N, drugs, North
Hope 14 775
Gardner W F. store, Jacks
ville 13 10 75
Ferguson E M. store, Leasure
ville 14 775
Kransf A & Sons, store, DennylO 20 75
Krause & Freehling, store,
Denny 12 13 25
Smith & Logan, store, Carl>on
Black 13 13 25
Cia-ton A, lumber, Wick 13 10 75
Hall Amos, store. Branchton.. 14 7 75
Hindman J L, store, Branch
ton 14 7 75
Hall J N store Carr 14 7 75
Rex Lewis, coal. Carr 14 7 75
Sharkey D. store, Zeno 14 775
Shilling Alex, store Reibold... 14 775
Hehnbold Mrs T & Sons, st:>relo 20 75
Hellnhold Mm T A: Sons,
clothing 12 13 75
Krause T, Store 11 157s
-MaurholT GW, store 14 775
Mershon Dr EB, drops 14 775
Dittmer MB, store, Herman. .13 10 75
Dittmer JJ, store, Herman... 14 775
J Black WC, store, Bruin 13 10 75
j Caldwell HM, store. Bruin.. .14 775
Howard JC, store, Parker 14 775
; Morgan JA. store. Parker 14 775
Meek James, store. Parker... .14 775
Orr JH. store, Bruin 14 775
Schell J D, store, Crawford's
Corners 14 775
Andre WJ, store. St Joe 14 775
Ball Geo. store North Oaklandl4 775
Badger SB, store, Sonora 14 775
NOTICE.—AII who are concerned in
this appraisement will take notice
that an appeal will be held
at the County Commissioners'
office in Butler on Saturday. April 24th,
1897, between the hours of 9 A. M. and
3 P. M, when and where you may at
tend if you think proper.
J. A. EICHERT, Appraiser.
March 17, 1897. Evans City.
Office on Main St. nea r Court House.
Office at No. 104 East Diamond St.
Office near Court House.
Office on North Diamond Strve», oppo
site the Court House—Lower Floor.
Office at No. 8 Fouth Diamond St.
Office in Mitchell building.
Room 8., Aimory building.
\\ r H. BROWN,
Office 236 S. Main St., opp. P. O.
Residence 315 N. McKean St.
Room J. —Armory building.
Office on South Diamond Street.
Offic-j with Newton Black, Esq. South
Diamond Street.
Office between Postoffice and Diamond
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Anyone aendtng a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain, free, whether an Intention It
probably patentable. Communications strlctlj
confidential. Oldest agency for texturing patents
In America. We have a Washington office.
Patent® taken through Munn X Co. receive,
special notice in the
beautifully illustrated, largest circulation or
any scientific Journal, weekly, termsf3.»» a year;
§l.sosix months. Specimen copies and LIANI.H
BOOK ON PATENTS sent free. Address
301 Urvadwav. New York..