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New Advertisements.
Huselton's shoe sale.
Home's dry goods.
B. <fcß '» dry goods.
yon—All advertisers intendingto make
o inges in their a4s. should notify us ol
tb tir intention to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
Administrators and Executors ot estatee
oau secure their receipt books at the CIT
21si o'Jioe
Horse Thieves
5 / Were plentiful and powerful
< \ on the western plains twenty
i five years ago. You will get
| an interesting insight into
their methods if you read
our New Serial
The Weldon
It is a thrilling romance, full
of lively episodes and hair
breadth escapes, and is
Well Worth Reading
—Sitg hey! '.he wild scorcher, he's out
on the track,
iSj's mounted his wheel and he's humped
up his back;
Ilia saddle is high and his handles are
And he's off down the road like a shot
from a bow.
O, wild riding soorchar, perhaps when
you die,
And depart to tho land of the "s veet by
t»nd bye,"
That then will be answered the citi
zen's prayer,
And vou'H get all the scorcbinn you
want over there.
—I)U1 you read about the Great Butler
—The army worms are sensible about
oie tbinj: they w ia"t toaii t>b*3iJ.
—lt in said that there is very aj t to be
"beastly" weather in "dog days."
—T-ie Batler P. 0. hai bsea al'owed
•2,000, extra for iffice rent, clerk hire, etc
—A Pittsburg company proposes 1n a
short tJ ti:ne engage in the manufacture
of horseless carriages.
—When the revenues of a postoffic
reach SIO,OOO per annum it becomes en
tied to a free .>livery system.
—A faoetious exchange says marriage in
Chicago is not considered a failure, "It is
merely a temporary embarrassment."
—A high-grade bicycle will be the time
prize for the road race, and our merchants
offer quite aa assortment of prizes.
—Midnight Mechanic* continue to do a
little business in Bitlar, They were oper
ating on W. Jefferson St., a few nights ago
—Tho farmets ire hustling this week as
we are having the first good bay weather
for a month.
—An it»m is going the round of the
prei* to the effect that * young lady had a
needle enter her wrist about a year ago,
and that it recently worked its way out
of the arm of a young man in another city.
—Our gTocers are paying 15 and 16 for
butter, lOots. for eggs, 25 for potatoes, 15
to 20 ior apples; 9 cts a doz. for corn, 40
cte a bu. for cabbage or about 3 cts ahead,
5 cts for blackberries; 0 cts for huckle
—The McCandlesa reunion, which had
been irrangod for Aug. 27th has been
changed to Wednesday, Aug. 19, on ac
count of another in the neighborhood,
which had been previously arranged. All
friends and relatives are cordially invited.
—The firm of 11. C. Black A Son of Har
riaville baa been dissolved, R- Black
retiring. The new firm will hereafter do
business under the firm name of J. R.
Black 4 Co., aud will continae to merit
the patronage which the establishment
now commands.
—B»av»r Falls will hold a great ''Street
Fair," on Sept. 9 and 10, on which occa
aion there will be a grand indatrial parade;
horse, bicycle, foot and boat race*; cake
walk, pnblio mrriiage, atheletic rjorts;
prizes tor beat horses, oattle, farm pro
due'.*, etc.
—Our military company elects olllcers
for the next five year*, this evening.
Cap't McJunkin has no opposition lor w
election, but for First Lieutenant there
are twojeandidates,A M. Borland and Geo.
Meohling. and lor Second Lieutenant two
—A. T. Scott and John A. Alexander.
—According to a journal for missionaries
"In Mongolia the missionary is often asked
to perform impossible and ridiculous cures.
One mau asks to be made fat, another to
b« made clever, another to have his taste
for tobacco or whiskey taken away, while
almost everybody would like to have his
skin made white, like the loreigner.
—The county newspapur of good stand
ing, clean columns and fair circulation is
the best advertising ne-lium on earth Its
readers as a rule have tlmo to read what
the business <n*n who geU a daily and
"skiais" it never thinks of reading viae:
the advertisement*. I have had farmers
tall me that on rainy or stormy days they
had reftd every thing in tho paper, lrom the
date line to the last line on the last pt-ge.
—Turpentine is the bast Iriend house
keepers have and a supply should always be
kept on hand. It is good for burns. It is
a sure preventive ngainst moths a few
drops rendering garments si»fe from *uch
invasions during the summer. It drives
away ants and bugs fiom cupboards and
corners by putting a few drops on the
shelves. It elfectually destroys bugj, and
injares neither furniture nor clothing. For
cleaning paints add a spoonful to a pail of
warm water. A little in the suds on a
wa*h day is said to uiano washing earner.
—lt takes the caterpillar to get the drop
on the summer girl.
—A disagreeable dry goods clerk is a
sort of counter-irritant.
—The summer girl is plentiful, but the
summer man groweth scarcer and scarc-
—The father of a large family often hus
bands his time and money by husbanding
his daughters.
—Eii May is building an immense brick
livery stable on the lot back of Mrs. I'apes
—The Xathan Missionary Society will
hold its usual monthly meeting, Tuesday,
August 11, at 2:30 p m., in the T. M. C.
A. Hal! A program of special interest
has been prepared.
—The oats will be but halt a crop this
year. The weather was too wet fjr it,
the straw is large, but the heads are not
filled. Last July is said to have\>een the
wettest sinct July of 1855.
—The Merchants Baud favi red our peo
ple with another concert last Thui sday
evening. This Band makes excellent
music, and their concerts bring out the
entire population.
—Two men named Perkins and Holland
are wanted here for floating worthless
notes. They dec ived our people l>y using
the telephone and having a man at the
other end to answer the questions in their
—A farmer tells how he played a Yan
kee trick on the rats that invested his Lam.
Pill a barrel, he says, half full of rye and
other grain, and give them a treat for a
fortnight, placing a board against the bar
rel for easy access. Some night substitnte
water for the grain leaviug enough of the
latter on top to deceive and the result may
astonish you, Moreover, the remaining
rats will leave that barn for months.
—The largest farm in Pennsylvania is
owned by W. F. Reynolds, of Center coun
ty. He has nineteen large farms, eight
een of them being in one township and
adjoining, having a total aoreage of 2391
acres, and an assessed valuation of $93,
300. In *he midst of his farms he has a
large grUt mill, for the purpose of prepar
ing his grain for market. The annual
production of these farms aggregates near
ly 20,000 bushels of grain, and over 1000
tons of bay, besides enormous productions
ot all small fruite.
—At the meeting of Council, Tuesday
evening, Stephen Markham was selected
to fill H. A. Tilton'g unexpired term.
Geo. Eaton of the 2d ward, late of Chica
go, and Fred Glace of the 3d ward, were
elected policemen. Phillip Taok was
awarded the contract for the atonewalk on
Mifflin St., facing the Mitchell property:
the property owners on Lookout Ave.
were assessed 21 eta per foot for
sewering, and a large number of persons
were ordered to redair their sidewalks.
—"lt seems to me," said tho expert
wheelman, "that I wouli hesitate a long
time before I took a little child en the
wheel with me. Not that I would be
afraid of falling, but I would be very ap
prehensive that eome clumsy rider should
run into me. It never occurred to me be
fore until the other night, that gave me a
cold chill, and sent my hair up on end. I
was tundliDg along on ray wheel and just
ahead of me was a gentleman with a little
child —his baby daughter—in a basket
seat on his wheel. As he nea :ed Pearl
street there cauie around the comer at
a tearing pace a scorcher with his head
down, shoulders humped and pedaling for
all he W2B worth, lie was looking neither
to the right nor the left. The man on the
wheel with his little daughterju.it manag
ed to get out of the way in time to avoid a
collision, and I could see the man's face
grow white as he realized what he and his
little one bad escaped. The danger does
not lie in the liability to fall, but in colid
iug with other riders. It that scorcher
had hit tho man on the wheel with his
daughter it would have knocked them
both off, and serious injury would have
been done."
The new arrangement between the But
ler and Oil City B. B. clubs is as follows:
August 1, Oil City at Butler. On Au
gust 7th, Butler will play Oil City at the
P. 11. C. picnic at Conneaut Lake. On
August 14 and 15, Butler al Oil City. On
August 20, Butler vs. Oil City at Frank
lin. On August 21 and 22 Oil City at But
ler. On August 28 and 29 Butler at Oil
Nine games for a purso of SSOO.
The first game was played on the But
ler grounds, last Saturday and resulted in
a score of Bto3 in favor of Oil City. It
was a splendid game and the soore stood
in Butler's favor up to the Bth inning,
when our pitcher weakened and the Oil
City team had things their own way. Ab,
O'Brien had his right arm fractured during
the game of Friday by being "run into" at
second base.
P. n. C. at Conneaut. Train leaves
Butle: at 8:15 tomorrow morning.
Picuic at Grov« near Monroeville, on
Tnursday. Aug. 20, to be given by the
Buffalo twp. Farmers League. Every
j body invited; bring your baskets; speeches,
music and singing; come early and stay
all day; and you will be made welcome,
and have a good time.
—Special train to Alleghany Sunday
Aug. 9 via P. W. Fare for Jhe return trip
75 cents.
September let will soon come
around and then the Great Butler
Fair begins, and to continue four
days. This Fair is Butler county's
great big show, and the people are
all proud of it. It is mauaged to
pleas? the people and not to make
mon«y. The stockholders have nev
er got a cent out of it in ten years,
but tboy always managed to pay
their premiums and feel proud. This
year promises to be the best Fair yet;
for besidos the large purses offered
for races and liberal premiums offer
ed for everything exhibited, thecelo
brated Kemp Sisters and Rio Grande
Bill's Wild West Shows have been
secured to give exhibitions every
day on the race track, free to every
body on the Fair Grounds. This
alone is worth going one hundred
miles to see. It has cost the asso
ciation much money, but much peo
plo need much variety, and the
Butler Fair Association, feeling
proud of their past record and appre
ciating the indorsement heretofore
shown by the people, aro making
every effort to have everybody de
lighted at the Fair, and happ; for
the year to come. Get ready for the
Fair, and be sure to go.
—Sunday Aug. Dth round trip tickets
will be Hold from Butler to Allegheny at
75 cents, train leave* Sutler at 8:15 a, m.
returning, leases Allegheny at 5:25 p. m.
Bntler time.
—Butler Fair—Sept. 1, 2, 3 and
4, 1
Underwear—A specialty at HECK'S
his stock is largest and finest ever
offered in Bu*'e>
—BoardingHouse Cards, with Ac*,
of Assombly, 25 cents for half-a-doien
.or sale at Citizen office.
Say Papa—did you see HECK'S
neckwear, it beats anything joi» ever
1 aaw.
The Builer and Pittsburg H. R. Co.hare
filed a bond tor i2BOO in favor ol John Q.
A. Kennedy as indemnity against damage
to his property.
Bessie George has applied for a divorce
from Gust George.
James Watson has applied for a divorce
from Xannie E Watson.
The citizens of Valencia have petitioned
to have Valencia incorporated into a
borough and Sept. 10th was fixed for hear
ing tfce case.
Oscar McMurty and Andy Cornelyson
were discharged from jail, where they
were serving a sentence ot imprisonment
and fine for violation of the liquor law,
under the insolvent law.
W. K Tnoraburg ot Evans City, whose
application for license was held over from
June term, was granted a tavern license,
it exjires July Ist, 13S>7.
The charter for the Phillips Gas Compa
ny was recorded last week.
Saturday, Aug. Bth will be the last day
lor tiling notices with the Register for pre
sentation at September term.
A petition for tbe partition of the estate
of A!argaret Martin was filed and order
made therefor. - -
A. writ of partition was issued on the
estate of Thomas Pisor.
The resignation of Harmon Seston a*
Treasurer of Washington twp. was accept
ed and Harper Campbell was appointed to
fill the Tac-ancy.
Ca'.harine Criswell was appointed to
compile index ol the roads of the county.
Charles M. Gregg petitioned for a trans
fer of Wm H. Jelliaon's license at Petrolia
and Sept 12 was fixed as the date for hear
ing the same. Jellison lifted his license
and paid for it, but he died on June 29tn,
two days before it went into effect. Gregg
has purchased the hotel.*
The polling place in Cranberry twp. ha»
been changed to the hou-e of Andrew
Ktrshler in sa.d twp.
Theresa Vangrootenbruel.has brougt suit
in elander vs Dolphine Laurent and olaims
damage in SIO,OOO.
On Monday the motion for a new trial in
the case of Mrs. Mary Franciß vs Franklin
twp., was refused and judgment was or
dered entered on the verdict. In 1594
Mrs- Mary Francis had her leg broken by
driving over the sides of a bridge on a pub
lie road, on which there were no guard
rails, she brought suit and obtained a ver
dict for $2,300. It iB said the township
will appeal the case to the Supreme
The Butler and Pittsburg R. R. Co have
filed a condemnation bond in favor of Eck
ert Kalb for $4,800.
Adam Ripper adopted George Lauer,
a minor child.
Frank Yangrootenbiuel has brought buit
in trespass vs BaptUte Laurent and claims
damage in SIOOO.
Up to date there are but thirteen cases
on the Quarter Sessions Docket for Sept.
The will of Christian Weimann of Lan
caster twp., was probated, no letters.
Martin Eisler to Butler and Pittsburg R
R Co lot in Butler for SBSO.
Zelienopje Ex Co to S W Stewart lot in
Jackson for S3BO.
Thomas M Marshall to W J Marks lot in
Mars for SBOO.
C H Roessing to B A P R R lot in Butler
for SIOOO.
C H Roessing to F W Courtney lot in
Butler for SSOO.
Mary M Hardman to Al Ruff lot in But
ler for $7500.
Nichol Allen to Alva E Clay lot in Evans
City for SBOO.
Geo H Leidecker to BiPRR lot in
Batler for S6OO.
Nancy J. Kipp to John G. McMarlin lot
in Butler for S2OOO.
J L Beatty to R G Stillwagon lot in Bil
liards lor $250.
Zelienople Ex Co to Christan Gelbaah
lots in Jackson for $855.
Jacob Bickert to H A R Graham lot in
Butler for $215.
G M. Zimmerman to II Schneideman lot
in B-Jtl er for S7OOO.
Marriage Licenses
W. W. Reesman Slipperyrock
Olive McA1and................ Jacks ville
Hazard H. Jackson ...Butler
Til lie G. Anchors "
Edward James Steele Bruin
Gertrude A. Bulhman.... "
Lawrence L. Byers Sonora
Florence Allen Greece City
Wm. Smith .............. Franklin, Pa
Alice E. Osborne..... Marion t.?p
At Franklin, Win. H. Surrena of Harns
ville and Nellie Hoffman ofWesley.
Railroad Notes.
Martin Eisler got SBSO for his 21 foot
front on Centre Ave, near the bridge, with
privilege of taking tho building.
Campbell, the m achinist, got S9OO for
his lot. SI,OOO for his building and SOOO for
moving, making $2,500 in all.
Evans, the brass founder, is on leai-ed
ground (Wick's) and will get several hun
dred for moving; and Wick intends moving
the buildiug across the creek.
McDowell, the lanndryman, is on leased
ground (Wick's) and will get several hun
dred for moving, and his building.
Wick wants $5,000 for his ground, but
the company thinka he is too high. He
has not yet settled, nor has Bole, Maekey
or McCoy.
Work on the railroad west of town is
progressing, and considerable ground has
already been removed. The cut through
the meadow will be a shallow one—not
more than six feet.
The people in Butler who have to move
hare been given a month to do so.
Esq. Kennedy refused $2,800 damages,
and Eckert Kalb $4,800. Tho company
has filed bondH and the cases will probably
go to juries.
Health Report June, 1896.
Diseases. Cat-, en. Deaths.
Phthisis pulmonalis 1 1
Membraneous croup 1 0
Mea51e5.......... 1 0
Scarlet fever 2 0
All other causes 1
JULY, 1896.
Phthisis pulmonalis 1 1
Typhoid fever 1 1
Measles 1 0
All other causos.... - 7
Reduced Rates to Granger's Picnic at
William's Grove.
For the accommodation of persons desir
ing to attend this interesting picnic and
exhibition the Pennsylvania Railroad com
pany will Bell excursion tickets on August
22, 24, 25, 20, 27 and 28, good to return un
til Angust 31, inclusive, at rate of one tare
lor the trip, from principal stations
between East Liberty and Bryn Mawr, on
the Northern Central Railway north of and
including Lutherville, and on the Philadel
phia and Erie Railroad Division.
For information in regard to train ser
vice and specific rates application should
be made to ticket agents.
—7o centw to Allegheny and return via
P. <t W., Sunday Aug. 'Jth.
Trunks, yuli«en, bag.-) unci tele
copes—at HECKS.
Saw Mill for Sale.
We will sell oar saw-mill, with
20 horse-power engine, and all tools
and fixtares at a very low figure.
Inquire of or write to
Sarversville P. O. Butler Co, Pe,
Closing out trimmed hats away
below cost at The People's Store.
ipP The only genuine Spring
I £ Water Ice in Butler Is now
being delivered to his customers daily
Leave your order at Kichey's
Do you want a hat or cap? HECK
has them uud can save you money,
A 1 Bowser and wife left for Quel'ec, this
ffm. K. Patterson of Penn twp. is seri
ously ill.
S. S. Hunt of W. Sanbury is down with
typhoid fever.
Robert Trimble E»q and wife of Middle
sex were in town. Monday.
8. F. Bowser's family went to Cam
bridge, yesterday.
M. B. Dittmer and wife returned home
from a trip to Atlantic City, Saturday.
Mart. Grier and Wm Kreiss, of Evans
City were in town, Monday.
Editor McDonald, of the Evans City
Globe in passing this week in C'enterville.
Fo.-ter Hindman, of Mercer was taking
oil leases in Cherry, last week.
Esq. John Kelly, one of the honest men
of Parker twp, \ T as ia town. Saturday
Rev. Samuel Kerr, of Harrisville n<-w in
Ireland, will sail for this country tomor
Charley Reilley sajs that even the
dogs of Donegal twp, are wearing silver
Henry Dillimau's pension was increased
#2 per month. Tho dailies reported it as
anew pension.
Homer Cochran, of Allegheny, and his
two children, passed Sunday with his
mother in Butler.
Hi v. Jonathan C. Kelly of Prospect in
tends going as a missionary to China.next
E : q Sutton of Evans City, was the
Kuesi of his nephew Foster in Butier this
Rev. Win. Braofield will make an ad
dress at the P. H. C. picnic at Coaneant
L»k* tomorrow
Jos Rockenstein and Jos. Niggle re
turned from Camtridg'jboro, Ttesday.
Jot gained 8 pounds.
Frank Jones was elected captain of tie
Butler base ball team, at the meeting of
tho club, Mouday evening.
L»<| Anderson reached'.he 74ih j ear of
hh age on Tuei-day, having been born
August 4, 1822.
Rev. Stablman and Pres Weigle of Pros
pect, were in town, Friday. Kev. Sfihl
man wag on his way to Jefferson Co.
Haimon Seatou of Washington twp. one
ol tbe Republican nominees for County
Commissioner was in town, Saturday.
Elmer S»nk»y and Curt Gilghrist of
Moniteau started out with their steam
tl resber, this week, Robert Atwell is
A. 1). Miller and E. J. Miller of Allegha
ny city and James Graham of Belle Ver
non were the guests of John C. Graham,
Esq. this week.
Curt. Gilghrist bought a "Deerine" bin
d«r, last week aDd is well satisfied with
bis purchase. It runs easy, does good
Toik ai d gives entire *atisfaction.
Mrs. John Wolford ol Prospect bad a
tumor cut from her left eye by Drs. Bell
and Uoore, last * eek. The operation was
an entire success, and Mrs. Wolford went
home happy.
Dr. Redick and wife returned from Bed
ford yesterday. The eceaery about Bed
ford is grand, but most of our poople pre
fer ths Cambridge watei; and besides this
Catnbridgeboro is go much nearer.
E M. Cowan helped M. X. Greer of Buf
falo twp, to harvest last month. He is
now interested in tbe Silver Ash Institute
of Greensburg; but during last winter
traveled down South for a picture company
and tells of some amusing experiences
while there.
Dr. Zimmerman sold bia drug-store
property on Main St, 18 It. 10 inches front
to 11. Schneidemwi yesterday, for $7,000.
Mr«. Wils Potts is yet livine, along Long
Island Sound, and her quit-claim had to
be secured to perfect the title.
James J. Davidson of Beaver, Repub
lican candidate for congress for this dis
tiict, who has been at Mt, Clemens, Mich.,
for some time in the interest ol his health,
has been brought to his home at Beaver.
He has been little if any benefited by the
tiip, his many friends will regret to learn.
It is probably that Mr. Davidson will be
taken to Salt Lake City, Utab, next Mon
day, if it is thought he is able to stand the
long journey. New Brighton Daily News.
The Standard is paying SI.OO to-day.
WILDWOOO—The Devonian Co's No 10.
Nancy Gibson reached the sand, Monday,
and started oil at 25 bbls an hour
BuTTKBCI P—Miller <t Co's , No., 1, Duf
ford began flowing, Monday
EVAXS CITY —Wall <fc Co. got a good
one on tbe Wall, last Saturday.
ZELIBNOPLK—Snyder A Co's well on the
Danals is estimated at 150. Lockwood it
Co's on the Bunner is yet doing 100.
Reduced Rates tor Mount Gretna Farm
er's Encampment.
Fiom August 17 to 21, inclusive, the
Pennsylvania Railroad company will sell,
for tbe above occasion, round trip tickets
to Mount Gretna and return at rate ot one
fare tor the round trip, from principal sta
tions between East Liberty and Bryn
Mawr, on the Northern Central Railway
north of and including Luthervile, and on
the Philadelphia and Erie Railrcad Divi
sion. These tickets will be valid for re
run passage until August 21, inclusive.
For intormation in regard to train service
and speclfio rates application should bo
made to ticket agents.
—The Butler Bminesa College
and School of Shorthand. High
grade commercial, shorthand and
English school, located in Butler
Curriculum embraces Book keeping,
Shorthand, Type-writing. Commer
cial Arithmetic, Commercial Law,
Grammar. Geography and Spelling.
Endorsed by bankers, merchants and
patrons. Vail and winter term opens
September Ist.
Vox Popuii—Buy your clothing,
underwear, hosiery, hats, caps, BOX
and neckwear of D. A. HBCK., and
save money.
Kemp Sisters and Fio Qrande
Bill, Wild West Combination at But
ler Fair, Sept. 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Oh Mamma—you onght to see the
big piles of fhildrena suits at HECK'S
only $1.25, you can't get the same in
town for less than $2.50,
Pants—Oyer 2000 pairs to select
from, at prices, oh well, don't men
tioc them, its,' awfnl, where, at
—The Butler Lubricating Oil Co
has moved back to their old stand
1)9, W. Jefferson St. Steclsmith Si
Patterson'H new building, where al
kinds of engine, machinery, and il
luminating oils of the finest quality
are kept in stock in the basement,
and will be delivered to any part of
the city when ordered from C. E.
Mclntire, agent.
A set of lettered, walnut boxes—
"pigeon holei;." Inquire at this of
MUSlC—Scholars wanted at 128 W
Wayne St. Also nicely furnished
room to rent.
Job work of all kinds done at tie
WANTKD —5,000 Agents for Russell's
authorized "Lives of McKinley and
llobart." 550 pages, elegantly illustrated.
Price only SI.OO. The best and the cheap
est, and outsells all others. 50 per cent,
to Agents, and Freights Paid. Books now
ready. Save time by sending 50 cents in
stamps for an outfit at once. Address
Hartford, Conn.
Sox and shirts, ».11 wool and a yard
w id 5, cheaper than the oheapest—at
HECK'S, 121 N. Main St.
Niagara Falls, Toronto and Thousand
lards. E. H. Norris' fourth annual ex
ui»:on Thursday August oth. Excursion
sts guaranteed every attention possible.
Don't forget the d»t«.
Francis Murphy and wife, of Millers
towa were the victims of a ran off ta But
ler, yesterday morning Their horse
frightened on Institute hill near the Or
-1 phans Home and tore down Brady St.,
and at the junction ot Brady aad Monroe
buggy was upset aud Mr. and Mrs.
Murphy thrown against a telegraph pole.
Both were made unconscious an d were
carried i lto Mrs. Rev. Smith's house.
The injured couple were taken to their
son Frank's house on Monroe St. that
evening. Mr. Murphey's breast bone is
broken, and he H otherwise injared but
will recover; while Mrs. Marphy rem i:ns
n a semi-utisonscious condition, is ir.-
jUrel internally, aud it is feared she eau
not recover
Two employees at the Kesselman tna
chine shop, James Guiten and Micbae'
Williams, were injured by the > xploaion ox
a rope socket, la.it Friday. The socket
WAS full of water aud sand, when put in
the fire.
Wiliie Bleichner, of Herman Sta , ag< d
11 years, hid his left foot cat off by a
reaping machine, last Saturday.
Harry Sehmeiker ha J an arm broken at
Hughes Bros boiler shop, Monday by fall
ing into a pit while helping to carry a boil-
Edward Donahue a young man of Sharps
burg, was fatally injured by lallirg off a
freight train on the Pittsburg <i Western
railroad near Hardies station, Tuesday.
Patrick McCormick, a Pittsburg boy
broke his lett ank'.e in a peculiar way. He
was playing ball and was at the bat. He
struck at a pitched ball and missed it, was
turned around by the force of the swing
he made at the ball. In turning his ankle
broke oti squarely, and (he large ligament
was torn from the bone. A patrol wagon
took him to the West i enu hospital
A Reading R R. train ran into a Penn
sylvania R. R. excursion train at the cross
ing of the two railroads on the Meadows
near Atlantic City, last Thursday, and
about 50 excuisionists were killed, and
twice as many more injured The excur
was of the Red Men and their triends 01
Salem and Bridgton, N. J. The operator
at the ; 'block tower" was placed under ai
rest, but the trains were said to have been
A traction engine to which was attached
a thresher, belonging to a Mr. Bruce, was
being moved from one farm to another
near Rural Valley, Armstrong county,
early last week, and in crossing a tempo
lary gas line that had not been buried very
deep, the weight of the engine caused the
threads of the pipe to give away allowing
'he gas to escape, aud when the fire box
of the engine pa-sed over the line, the gas
jguited and flamed up thirty feet, severely
burning one ot the men who was sitting on
the thresher, besides burning belts and tak
ing paint off the machine. The burns were
veiy painful being on the hands and face,
but were not serious.
Fine, Imported
.Ideal shades of blue,
. erey and brown —line
I stripes and jacquard ef
; fects—4B inches wide
! —absolutely $1.50 val-
I ues,
At 75c a yd
Less than import cost.
of best French makers;
—all-wool and silk-and- :
wool; colorings and:
combinations without a;
peer—3B inches wide,
75c a yd.
A Limited amount of the
; only a fractional part of
; real worth, at 25c, 35c
! and 50c a yard.
Come, or write our Mail Order
Department for samples of above
and all goods sold by yard meas
Penn Avenue and Fifth St.,
Butler Savings Bank
Butler, Pa.
Capital - - $60,000-00
Surplus and Profits, $119,263.67
JO3. L. PURVIS President
J. HENRY TROUTMAN Vice-P"3sident
WM. CAMI'BKLL, Jr Cashier
DIKKCTOU.S -Joseph J,. Purvis. J. Henry
Tro':tman, W. D. Hrandon, W. A. Stein, J. ».
The Itutlur Savings ftauk Is the Oldest Bank
lag Institution la If 11 tier County.
General banking business transacted.
WI. solicit accounts of oil producers, mer
chants, farmers and others.
All lsu.llne.4s entrusted io us; win receive
prompt attention.
Interest Paid on time deposits
The Sutler County National Bank
Capital paid In $100,000.00
Surplus and Profits $87,962.35
JOB. llartman. President; J. V. Kitts.Vice
President; C. A. Bailey, Cashier; John G
McMarlin, A ss't Cashier.
A general banking business transacted.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Money loaned on approved security.
We Invite you to open an account with this
DIRECTORS— Hon. Joseph llartman. Hon. W.
H. Waldrou, Dr. N. M. Hoover, 11. M'-Sweeney,
K. K. Abrams, C. I*. Collins, I. <;. Smith, Leslie
P. Ha/.lett, M. Fluej;ar., W. Henry Wilson, John
Humphrey, Dr. \V. <'. MccaHaless, lien Mussetli
Harry Heasley. J. V. JUtts.
nUn Your
If you want {rood and reliable
cleaning or dyeing done, there is
just one place In town where you
can get it, and that is at
216 Center avenue.
do fine work in out
door Photographs. This is the
time of year to have a picture of
your house. Give us a trial.
William Moulter, a Mahoning township
Lawrence county, farmer, was binding a
sheaf o: oat« Monday, when a huge viper
crawled out and wrapped itself about hi>
right arm. Before he conld shake the :
snake off it sank ils fangs into his hand. <
His arm swelled almost to bursting before ,
a physician arrived. The bite is poisonous
and Moulter ma}' die.
Wild dogs have become so nnmeroa*
and destructive to the sheep of North and j
Big Beaver townships in Lawrence county, 1
that the Xew Castle gun club has accepted
an invitation to hunt and kill them. John
Xoggle a larmer of North Beaver, had an
experience with the animals that nearly
coet him his life. He was cornered by tne
pick which swarmed around him, bark ng
ajd snarling like a lot of wolves. He did
not succeed in driving them away until
they had torn almost all his clotting off.
and his hands and arms badly scratched
and torn.
Willie Cummings, the 13 year-old son i f
M Mi-Ibodist minister of Pittsburg, who has
b. eu spending the summer vacation at the
farm of J. C. Lindsey of Beaver count.",
passed through an experienco yesterday
that mill he remembered by the lad all bis
life. While alone at the farm he lost his
ball down a well, And in trying to recover
it fell in. He had presence ot mind to
lasten the well rope around his body, and
he hung in tho water for hours before dis
covered, and was unconscious when taken
out. Ttie firat thing the lad did after com
ing to was to whisper to those about his
bedside: "Say. When you got mo did you
get my ball?" He will get well.
John Foust, ot Xicktown, Cambria coun
ty, went to Homer City, Indiana county
recently to visit a sister, Mrs. It. J. Car
son Oa the first day of his visit he be
came violently insa'ie and was subsequent
ly sent to Dixmont. While rummaging
through a satchel he left at his sister's
house a paper was found by her telling of
a largo sum of money the insane man said
he had buried at Homer City. Sure
enougb, investigation developed a pack
age buried one foot under ground. It con
tained $2,332 in gold, silver and green
Estray Notice.
Came to the residence of the subscriber
in Buffalo twp. August 4, lSUii, one bay
mare, weight about 95J, right hind foot
white, small white star in face, short fore
top. Tne owner is requested to prove pro
perty pay oost ol advertising and keepiug,
and remove said mare or she will be dis
posed of according to law.
Silverville Pa.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary in the estate ol
Harvey Cooper, dee'd, late of Slippery
rock twp., Butler county, Pa..having been
granted to the undersigned, all pjrsons
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment
and any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
A. L COOPKR, Ex'r.
Slipperyrock, Pa.
Ralston J: Greer Att'ys,
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration in the estate of
Henrietta D. Beatty, dee'd, late of »V ash
ington twp. Butler Co, Pa,, having been
granted to the undersigned. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against said estate will
piesent them properly authenticated for
settlement to
E. C. BKATTY, Adm'r
Butler, Pa.
Wi LI I aits & MITCHEL, Atty.
Administi ator's Notice,
Letters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned, on the estate
of William Lardin, dee'd, late of Clinton
twp, Butler county, Pa., all persons in
debted to said estate will please make im
mediate payinent, an d any having claims
against the same will present them prop
erly authenticated for settlement to
L. S. LAKDIN, Adm'r.
Saxonburg, Pa.
E. McJunkin, Atty.
Erecutors' Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John L Beatty, dee'd, late of Washington
twp. Dutler Co, Pa. having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and any
having claims against said estate will
present them duly authenticated for settle
ment to
413, Lookout Ave., Butler Pa. or
Billiards, Butler Co, Pa.
Adm.nistrator's Notice.
Letters of administration on the estate
ol Isaiah N. Bryson, deo'd, late ol Coal
town, Cherry twp., Butler Co, Pa. having
! been granted to the undersigned, all
pt raons knowing themselves indebted to
saiil estate will please make immediate
pa;, meat, and any having claims against
said estate will permit them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
Coaltown, Pa
J. D, MCJU.NK.IN, Att'y
Administrator's Notice.
Letters <>t administration on the estate
of George List, dee'd, late of Adams twp.,
Butler Co, Pa. having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate will pleas*:
make immediate payment, and any having
claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated f>r settlement to
McFann, Batlor Co, Pa.
W. H. LUSK, Att'y.
A Sample Case Assorted
FOR $5.00.
This is done as an inducement for you to
sample our goods. Only lor a short time
so as to get yoa to try their quality, and
only one case to a family.
Regular price.
Iqt Port Gr«pe Wine, 9 years 01d...5l 00
1 qt Unfermented Grape Juice of the
Oporto Grape 75
2 pts Burgundy, very 01.l and rich,.. 80
2 pts Claret 40
1 qt Lawton Blackberry Wiue,vin.'7o 1 00
Iqt '• " Brandy, " 100
1 qt Climax Brandy, vin. 1878, a pure
grape product 80
2 pts Old Sauterne "White" wine... 70
1 qt Aunt Rachel's Horehound aid
Elecampane Cordial... 75
Iqt Peruvian Bitters for Malarial
Fevers.... 1 00
13 bottles old,assorted goods, worth $8 30
The above assorted case of 13 bottles,
worth $8 30, we loose money on and will |
give but one case to a family for $5 00.
shipped trom our warehouse and vine
yards, Passaic,N.J.,upon receipt of check
pjstal order or money.
This is done as a trial lot to prove to the
public the high character and richness of
speer's Choicest Wines, and to couviuce
those who are prejudiced in favor ol for
eign wines, that we can pr> duce wines
here equal to the linest of Kurope, aud far
superior to other Ameiiuiu wines. To
Spcer's wines you may add a quarter part
of water and then have * richer bodied
wine than those from Ciiiforuia. We also
hope by this sacrifice to induce parties
who are strangers to our wines to try
them, and by sampling to their friends
make known the lino quality and rich
Boq'iet of our o d Wines and Brandy. This
list is far below cost, but the loss will be
more than made up by you praising our
goods to others, thus advertising them and
increasing our sales more effectually than
newspaper advertising.
We Will ship by express or freight as
y u may direct, promptly on receipt of or
dt r with $5 in postal note or check.
Two Ca-es can be sent by freight to one
address for sime cost of transportation as
one, bu' «e must have tho address of each
per.-' n I'.nj ire for.
No inarl »or brands are on tbe Boxes
stating the nature of the contents.
erhaps you don t know how
eady we are on
relation tc prescrip
! tioiis
j it will not be amiss to
I all your attention to the
T ,
ronipt service given
o everything of the kind placed
our hnnds
prescription di i.rr.->crt
ever was so complete
ave you money too.
Diamond Block. - Butler, a
B. $ B.
is a wonder-worker—proved
to be unusually so in this
shelf emptying sale
—the way we went at the prices
was an example, and the way
we're keeping at them is another
—and there have been other ex
amples of determination, on the
part of the buying public some of
them having come a long dis
tance to get the benefit of this
unusual Dry Goods distribution—
and more will.
40 inch Lawns, 10c —note the
fineness of these when you get
samples—and the extra width—
solid, alternating or fancy striped.
20 and 25c Zephyr Ginghams.
10c, —some with solid color
stripes an inch wide—others hair
line striped—some fancy.
Three Kinds of Fine 35.
cent Grass Linens, 15c.
—natural color with large plaids
in two colors; red and brown,
blue and brown, yellow and
brown, yellow and blue, yellow
and red 15c.
Plain Grass Linens, with eighth
inch stripes of lavender and
white, isc-
Pure Linen and Silk mixed—
blue and white or pink and white,
narrow stripes— nice for shirt
waists, Isc-chances for fine Grass
Linens with worth and style,
without peer for ihe money —
samples will prove it.
Determined above thought of
cost or loss to empty the
dress goods shelves
—large lines of novelty mixtures,
fancy weaves, diagonals, jacquards
plain solid colors—one effectual
price on them all—3sc —the
greatest chance people ever had
to get fine goods low priced.
Other Fine Foreign Dress
Goods and Suitings with equally
destructive prices on them—
50c, 75c, SI.OO.
—all silk and wool mixtures,
checks, homespuns—some at the
dollar price were as much as
Book's & Bull],
wearing good clothes
is a good habit and
our clothes are good
habits. We want to
help you form this
good habit. Begin
now! in a short time
you will be convinced
we have saved you
money and that 'you
are always dressed in
good taste. Goad
taste in dress secures
a cordial recognition
for those who show
it. No man can tell
how much injury a
shabby appearance
may "do him. Our
handsome new Spring
stock is now ready
for your selection.
Opens Saturday, June 27,1896. Closes
September 30. Hotel modernized at a
cost of $ }o,ooo. Ye old time lawn con
certs l>y Simon Ilassler's Grand Orches
trar Address
Asbury Park.
Asbury Park has the best beach on the
coast of New Jersey, and
is tbe best place to stop while there, l-'or
terms address,
Asbury Park, N. J.
For Sale.
A fine Farm of seventy acres, two miles '
West of Free port, buildings good as new, |
plenly of watei, fruit of all kinds, soil !
good, five good gas wells within mile |
of said farm. Price $4,000. J'or par
ticulars address. j
ISox Silverville. '
Butler Co, Pa,
In order to make room for an immense stock of Fall goods that
wfc have purchased and which will i.-.gm tj arrive about the
middle of August, we oflcr for the n< t s'\ weeks at exactly OftE
HALF the price at which we have heretofore s- : 1 these goods a large
assortment of Men's, Boys a ' 'ire 's Suits. These are all
STRAIGHT GOODS, b >th in i atrial make, ranging in price
from S2O down to $4, which pr ; < - > ! be cut in two, and the Suits
sold as follows:
$20.00 Suits, Now SIO.OO
18.00 " " 9.00
16.00 " - " 8.00
10.00 " - ' 5.00
4.00 " " 2.00
2 00 Child's Suits, Now 1.00
'■so " '• " 75
All above goods marked in : .in ( L,ure.-, and as our reputation
for having one low price has always been maintained, you know
i what a cut in price like this mi ms.
These goods are displayed wi the Front Basement Floor of our
. store, and arranged for convenience of -pection. You are cordially
invited to call and examine them, and we ire sure you will be con
vinced that this is no fake proposal, but that b >th goods and prices
are exactly as we here represent them, and that we offer you bargains
such as you never saw before and will p«>tsoon see again. Among
these goods are the following:
Corner Main and Cunningha n cree.s, Butler, Pa.
To Buy Clothing At These Prices.
Our stock for fall will sooi. be shipped to us, and we
must clear our tables for it.
So prices have been reduced on everything in our Store.
We will just mention a few of the many bargains we have for you.
Mens Suits, sizes 34 to 42, at $2.75
Mens Suits, sizes 36 to 40, at $3.50
Mens Suits, sizes 35 to 39 at $5.00
Mens Suits, sizes 33 to 38, at $6.00
Boys Suits, long pants suits, at $1.75
Boys Suits, long pants suits, . at $3 00
Boys Suits, long pants suits, at $4.00
Boys Suits, long pants suits at $5.00
Boys Suits, knee pants suits, at 75c
Boys Suits, knee pants suits, at $1.25
Boys Suits, knee pants suits, at $2.00
Boys Suits, knee pants suits at $2.75
78 pairs of Mens pants at 99 cents worth $2.00
121; dozen Mens and Boys shirts at 25 cents worth 50 cts
So come early before the assortment is low, and secure
clothing at less than cost to manufacture it.
Schaul & Nast
Leadinri Clothiers, 137 S Main St-, Butler, Pa.
Phenomenal values caused a phenomenal business during
our Semi-Annual Sacrifice Sale. Great work was done to
wards shelf emptying and we pr pose to carry on the work of
Clearing Out Summer Goods
And Surplus Stock
with greater energy than ever. Our shelves are to be com
pletely emptied—and prices will do it—before our new fall
goods arrive. Among the many
We offer you is any shirt waist, ladies' cape, suit or skirt,
novelty dress goods at just A the regular plain marked price
Persian ribbon at 3 price. Space forbids ' detailed prices,
but we never advertise anything but facts.
and 2 Do Not Make Five.
It's quite a problem to please
everyone's taste in any line you
may select and particularly of
jewelry, silver novelties, cut glass,
etc., but I'm sure you will find
what you want in my large stock J
and at such prices that defy com
petition. I am making a spc.
cialty of nobby and find Goods
and want your trade.
Strong Companies.
Promot Settlements. I
Home insurance Co. of New Y«.rk, Inner,
ance't'o. of North America, oi I'hiln<)t-l|>liia
Pa. "pheuix Insurance of Brooklyn, N. Y.
ami Hartford Insurance Co. of Haiti >rt! Conn
OFFICE: Corner of Main St. ami the
Di<auomi| north of Court House, Butler, I't.
The nicest line of
| Wall Mouldings in
town are at
New Room. 201
S. Main St. New
; line of Blank Book
| Writing Paper just
i received.
201 S. Main St.
_____ _—,
l Kirkpatrick, Optician and Jeweler
Next to Court House Butler, Pa.
Graduate I, a Port llarologicaJ Institute