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    the oitizen_
THURSDAY. JULY 16, 1*! X).
|—r~r~ '' ■ * ~
New Advertisements.
Eiecutor's notice, esUte of Harvey
Hickel's Redaction Sale.
Miller's 88 cent Sale.
Huff's Shoes.
Martin court <fc Co'* Buggiea.
Marks' July Clearance Sale.
The K. Y. Snn.
All advertisers intending to makt
cinges in their ads. should notify us of
th lir intention to do so, not later than
M juday morning.
Administrators and Executors of estate*
CIU secure their receipt books at tho CJT
ZKS o'JSce
—Next come the fajra.
—Eow abont your subscription. Has it
been paid T
—Corn is shooting upward with great
—The Bottle Works have shut down till
—Base ball Saturday afternoon, Butler
vs D. C. <t A. C. of Pittsburg,
—Allie and Sallie Kearua have purchas
ed the Jacob Reiber grocery, at cofner of
Jefferson and McKean S*..
—The Tandem bike at White, Walter A
Co's crner attracted considerable atten
tion. T'iey are making them now for as
high its six.
—Eight thousand dollais has been raised
toward the building of a gymnasium for
Allegheny college, at Meadville. The en
tire cost will be SIO,OOO.
—After the juice has been squeezed from
lemons, tho peel may be utilized for clean
ing brass. Dip the peel in common salt
and scour with powdered brick dust.
—Tho Allegheny Racing Circuit for this
year will begin at Apollo, August 11, Tar
eutum, August 25, Butler, September 1,
Greensburg, September 8, Indiana, Sep
tember 15, and Beaver, September 22.
—Sunday's Pittsburg Post says "The
Tarentum team is ready to play tho But
ler team one game or three games for SIOO
or S2OO a side. The games will be arrang
ed as soon as Butler says the word ''
—The Butler <t Pittsburg R. R. Co. paid
John McQ. Smith SI,OOO lor a strip of land
along tbe creek, 100 feet wide and 117
long; Martin Eisler $llOO for 20 foot fron
on Centre avenue, <»nd Leidecker $llOO for
a tenement house aud garden lot on the
south side of '.he creek.
—There have been fads and fads sweeping
over the country, but the greatest of them
all is the button fad. It started with the
secret society button, then came the cam
paign button, which was followed by the
bicycle button, and this in turn by buttons
bearing all kinds of inscriptions, usually of
a humorous character
—The board of trustees of Thiel College,
Greenville, held an important meetirg at
Pittsburg, recently, and the result was
that President Roth and tbo rest of the
professors of tho faculty were asked to re
sign, with the exception ol Dr. Sawvel.
The rest of the professors will likely be
taken back. The reason for the action is
not made public.
—Paper telegraph poles are the latest
development of the art of mak'ng paper
useful. These poles ara made ol paper
pulp, in which borax, tallow, etc.,are mix
ed in small quantities. The paper poles
are said to be lighter rnd stronger than
those of wood,and to be unaffected by sun,
rain, dampness or any of the other causes
which shorten the life of a wooden pole.
One vehicle overtaking another on tho
highway and desiring to pass it, ha? a per
fect right to do so. says the supreme court.
If one is prevented by the other, and an
accident happens because of interference
by the party in advance, the one causing
the obstruction is liable for damages. No
one has a right to interfere with any nod/
on the highway; or to check him in pass
ing at any time.
-Five months ago Edward Wilson o f
Zelienople, fell off the the top of a tele
graph pole at Sharon and sustained a com
pound fracture of the right thigh bone. He
wa* taken to the hospital at New Castle,
bat the bones failed to unite properly.
Last week au iacision was make for the
purpose of amputation and thero was found
a new growth of bone on the inner side of
the old one, a perfect bridge for a
distance of at least six inches. The frac
tared ends of the old bone wero dead. Tho ,
case is one of the most remarkable on
A large crowd witnessed the ball game
of Saturday afternoon, and saw Our Own
—our hitherto Victorious Own—get left
get abut out—by a score of 7to 0. Their
getting left was due to the little, hump
backed, left-handed pitcher, who twirled a
a ball that our boys could not find; and
their getting shut ont was due to the P. A.
C. umpire, who made some outrageous de
cisions at the very worst time for us. The
P. A. C's are next door to professionals,
but the Butler club can and will beat
—That strip of land along the north side
of the creek between the Pittsburg and
entre Ave bridges promises to become
famous. Many years t go" it was owned by
William John A pres. Ayres' real estate
located on the South Side of the creek was
sold at SherifTs sale, but the Sheriff in
making his deeds bounded the property on
the north by the creek, neglecting tho
narrow strip on the north side—then prao
tically worthless. In after years the
Mackeys and Fullortons who held title on
the suuth side, claimed tho strip on the
north side, and sold it off in lots. The
Bole machine shop and McDowell laundry
are located npon it. Both are valuable
properties and w ill be destroyed by the
new railr ad. Tho Railroad Company has
purchased the A> res'titlo from the heirs,
and ignore all other Miles, and this means
a ig law suit—several of them.
—The de posits of the Butler Savings
Bank now average over a million dollars,
an! the bank has long felt the need of an
absolutely safe place to keep so large an
•mount ol money. To meet this require
ment they had the 11 all Safe <fc Lock Co.,
of Ciucinnatti build them a steel box, with
walls six inches thick, the door beveled
and rubbered so as to be air and water
tight, and the bolts managed automatical
ly by three time locks fastened to the in
side ol the door. The outside plates of the
■ftfe aro of 2 inch steel, so hardened as to
torn any chisel made, the. other plates are
of steel and iron, and the makers think
that any burglar would bo kept busy for a
week making a small hole in it. The door
ii a solid mass of steel and iron, without a
bole in it. The hinges are entirely on tho
outside, aud the locks and bolts entirely
on the inside, and when tho time-locks re
lease the bolts the door caii bo opened with
the levers arranged for that purpose, and not
till then. The inside of the safo is in three
compartments, two for or linary business,
and the other another burglar proof safe,
with an ordinary Hall lock. This safe is
burglar-proof not fire proof; and it will bo
placed in tho vault of the bank, which is
fire-pr-M.f. It weigi a ! >out v\ . ton. ,
and iherofore ha ;to bo handled gently.
It can be seen in ihe banking room, at
— l The Water Co. now collects its bills
—Political wisdom—"Doubtful things
are uncertain. - '
Andy McCollough has the handsonast
lawn in towu. Andy picks the weeds out
of it himself.
—The thrilling footsteps of the domestic
fly in all its cussedness are now treading
on sensitive bald heads.
Owners of cider mills are getting ready
to start to use up the early apples. Cider
will be cheap this fall.
—Two small keys on a ring have been
left at this office, and the owner can have
'.hem by calling.
—A big boarding house is being built
on the James Maizl.ind place in Clinton
twp, for the railroad men.
—Any foreigner who expects to be natu
ralized in time to vote at the fall election
must file his papers with the Prothonotary
by August 22d.
—Considerable local history will be de
veloped in that case of the Butler A* Pitts
burg Railway Company vs the owners of
the property along the creek.
—A washout near Branchton, Tuesday
delayed thj evening train to Butler, and
it did not arrive here until Wednesday
morning at 5 o'clock.
—A squad of a couple hundred Italians,
Hungarians, etc. arrived in Butler, Tues
day and went to work for the Bell Tele
phone Co.
—The preliminary survey for the propos
ed change of the road bed of the P. S. A
L. E. beiwcea Branchton and Grove City,
circles around Harrisville. This survey i<-
Kaid to be on a 30-foot grade while the pres
ent road bed from Branchton to Harps
ville stfttio r is <=aid to be 90 feet.
—A young lady, aged 19 years, who had
just arrived in Butler, this week, from
England, was one of a couple who made
application for a marriage license, Tues
day. She lacked the consent of her pa
rents, and will have to wait until she gets
a guardian. The man is also English and
has been in this couDtry bat cne year.
—Every farmer who makes a success of
his work keeps in touch with the markets.
He watches not only the timo to sell, but
he is also on the aleit for a good buying
time. He is not galled by any smooth
tongued agent who comes along, for ho
watches the advertising columns of repu
table papers and knows what reputable
firms Mill and how they sell. The adver
tising columns ate one of the moat yalua
ble features of any paper.
—Our groc crs are paying 15 cents for
butter, 12 for eggs, 50 cents for potatoes,
50 for turnips, 25 for apples, 00 for peas,
40 lor beans, 5 for blackberries. 1, 25 a
crate for black raspberries, 1, 75 for red
raspberries, 0 fur huckleberries, 15 cents
a dozen for corn, 20 to 25 a do/en for cukes
35 to 45 a pair for spring chickens, 100 to
3, 50 a bushel for peaohep, 0 cents for
gooseberries, 7 cents for currants, 1J cents
a pound tor cabbage. '
Ed. Spitull ud G<ci£e Baldwin, o
Boyers made a hasty and unexpected trip
to Pittsburg, on their bicycles, last Sun
day. Some time during Saturday night
somebody stole Ed's big horse, and Jim s
harness and buck board, and Ed. guessed
that the thief had taken the combination
to the lower oil country to sell it. They
found traces of the rig on the road between
Boyer's and Builer; got their breakfast in
Butler, and ihen rodo on to Pittsburg
wlie/e th ey spread the news of the tbelt.
Says sn exchange: We have had occa
sion to write up that well known charac
ter, the road hog. and shall probably
never fail to have him as a subjoct. He
is The man who drives a big wagon and
regards the lights of teams as being iu
to the strength of the respec
tive wheels and axles. He never turns
MUt to pass a buggy when ho meets it or
to allow a vehicle which overtakes him
to pass without a struggle. The gentle
man understands that when a vehicle
overtakes him it does so because it is go
fastcr. He there r ore gives it roo:n to pass
aud it is soon out of his way, Tho roud
hog when overtaken whether he be the
driver of a sulky, a buggy, or a heavy
wagon and especially if the road be dusty
starts up his team and keeps in t'ie middle
of the road or veers to the right or lelt to
block the way of tho team desiring to pass.
—The new railroad will cross the P. R.
K.tracks near the present Shenacgo freigut
depot, over hoad; past.cs to the left of the
Bottle works, bridge the creek, cross
Lookout avenue near the south end
of the present bridge, trestle
ever the bottom land; again'
cross the creek on a bridge, to be built
just above the Centre Ave bridge; cross
Centre Ave at grt»de, use the premises
on which now stand the buildings occupi
ed by Campbell, the machinist, and Mc
JJarnce, the upholster, and Evans tho brass
founder; followes tho creek and crosses
the Pittsburg or plank road bridge at
grade; goes ondown the creek and crosses
it again from behind Walters' mill to the
lower one of the big rocks; crosses the
lields or island about a hundred feet to the
north of the P. A W.; bridges the creek
again at the fair grounds, and follows on
down the creek to Thorn creek on side
not used by the P. &W. The road will
require four bridges within tee limits of
Butler, eid three more beforo it reaches
Thorn creek. Somo information regarding
the balance of the route will be found in
an article we copy from tho Pittsburg Dis
patch. Tho mile of road through Butler
will he a very expensive ono.
—Sunday July lUth. round ti'.p tickets
will be sold from Butler to Allegheny at
75 cents, train leaves Butler at 8:15 a, m.
roturning, leaves Al'egheny at 5:25 p. m.
Butler time.
AUHNTS WANTED:—We want one or two
live agents in this and adjoining counties
for'"Life of McKinley and Uobart, by
lion. Murat Balstead," the only authentic
life oi' the Republican candidates. The
only genuine Republican book. 500 pages
profusely i'lustraUd. Only $1.50, A com
ulete outfit mailed on receipt of 10 cents
for postago ('eguhr price 50 cents.) Big
Commissions. First choice of territory.
Books shipped on 30 days time. Freight
paid. Write at once.
L. E. M' GKKAL A BRO., Publishers
10118 Cuthbert St., Philadelphia, Pa.
—Summer school of Pedagogy, in con
junction with King's School of Oratory at
Exposition Park, Couneaut Lake, uly 13
to August 1. After a year's hard work
teachers need a change of air, scene aud
society—"Where can these summer ad
vantages be found at "easonable ratesf" is
the question often asked. Exposition Park
combines all the ideal conditions sought
by teachers in the a'.iove question. Every
department of study is in charge of an ex
pert teacher. For further information
write 11. V. llotchkiss, Meadville, Pa.
For Season of ibg6.
The P., 8. «fc L E. Ry. Co. will sell spe
cial low rate tickets to Conneaut Lake and
Cambridge good for thirty dayß Also ex
cursion tickets for parties of five or more,
and family tickets good until Nov. Ist, for
less than you can utlord to stay at home.
For further information call oa or ad
dross A. B. Crouch, ticket agent, Bntler,
—75 cents to Allegheny and return via
P. & W., Sunday July 19th.
—The best summer school in the State
of Pennsylvania, and the peer of any in
the nnion, is now established at Exposi
tion Park, on Conneaut Lake. A summer
school for p'ogressive teachers, which will
he * teacher s snnmier home combining
rent, recreation, social pleasure, rnenta
aud prole ional stimulus
Term opens ./uly 12th aud closes A ugus
Ist. Rates extremely low.
On Thursday last, Capt. Bipjfus, Ex'r. of
John G. BippuH Jr. sold tire Louse on Ce
celia street to U. K. K*t<in "1 (JL cat: • for
$2,700. A ca--h sale.
Tho will of G. A. Lmgenfelterof Centre
ville was probated and letters granted to
John Reed.
C. F. McCafierty, John E. Wickliue,
Win. 11. Walker and John b. McElvain
have oach brought suit vs the P. R R. Co.
for trespass and claim $10,00'.) The
suits are the outcome o! thi accident tnat
occurred on the Penn some time ago.
Zelienople Ex Co to Jacob Kaaffman Jr.
lot in Jackson forsl9o.
Zelienople Ex Co to H E Seaton lot in
Zelienople for SIOO.
A J Jack to R P Jack lot in X. Wash
ington for SIOO.
John Mcy Smith t<> Butler ii l'itt-burg
H R Co lot in Butler for SI(MW.
Zelienople Ex Co to Wm Stuett lot in
Zelienople for S2OO.
F M K'nautf to Wm Stnett lot in Zelieno
ple for S3OO.
" Isaac Hepler to Wm B Byers lot in Oak
land for SSO.
W A Purviance to L W Walker lot in
Forward for st>oo
C Kaylor to R U Peters 20 acres in
Fairview for S4OO.
Wm Watson to John G Miller 2i acres
in Buffalo for S2CO.
John S Campbell to Zehenople Ex Co lot
in Jackson for $427.50.
S E Gold to Emma Gold 33 acres in
Penn for S3OO.
A Seaton to H E Seaton lot in /ie'ieno
ple for SSOOO,
Jacob Seelabaugh to W 8 Graham 12
acres in Washington for SSOO.
Marriage Licenses
James Campbell Oakland twp
Margaiet Baker
Rev. Wm. J. Jacob.. Cleveland, 0
Sallie Fleeger Wick Butler
At Pittsburg—G. W. Cain of Clinton
and Fannie Groom of Mars.
W. Si'Xßt;Ri'*-Jno Campbell got a ivce
10 bbl well on the McKirmey, last week,
BUTTER CCP —Miller,*Fair,;Dodds, Shak
ley et al, who foimerly called them
selves the "Calamity Oil Co." st.uck a
fifty bbl. well on the Duffjrd, last week,
There are several good wells in that
neighborhood, some of them doing a.-
high as 75 bbls.
HARUV —The Richland Oil Co. comput
ed of Jos. Hsrtman, J. V. liitts and others
of Quiler, struck a tremenJious well near
Wild wood station on the P. & W. lust
week. Friday night it' was doing 60
inches an hour ia a 250 bbl tank which
meant 150 an hour or over 3,000 bbls a day.
Barnsdell <fe And rows Xo 1, Foy, carno
in Monday, and did 150 bids an hour and
kept that pace for a day. These strikes
are the taik of all oildom. There are now
six wells in the bunch of producers there
and they aro aggregating 10,000 bbis duy.
The territory is spoiled with dry holes.
Another heavy increase wa- recorded in
the report ol pipe line stocks for June.
Tho runs were the largest of the year,
while the shipments show a falling off and
are back very close to the figires of the
April report. The increase in the net
stocks was 018,244 barrels. In May the
increase was 451,159 barrels and in Ajril
0fK),51l barrels, which was the heaviest re
corded since tfle change set in, in the rela
tive conditions of pioduction and con
Hon. Henry F. Jauios has n his posses
sion a specimen of petroleum unknown iii
this section of the country, and in whicJ
there has been a great deal of interest
manifested owing to the signh.car.ee whici
its discovery cairies to produces in thi
locality. The oil is rich amber in col< r
tinted with dark gieoi, ar.d was takei
from a test well on tue Isaac Malouiy
farm, this side of Polk, t'ijding nothing
in the usuai sands, tho well was sunk to a
depth of 1,140 feet, at which distance a
hard, close sand 00 feet in thickness, wa.i
struck, from which this oi', of which Mr
•lames has a sample, was produced. How
ever, oil was not found ia sufficient <jaau
tity to warrant pumping. Is this a ne"v
sand '—Franklin Press.
The family of Henry Jamison hpld a re
union at the old homestead a tow days ai»o
The old gentleman who i j now
year was glad to once more see his family
gather around his table.
The fourth annual rouniou of the Sloan
family will be held in the grove of Mat
thew Sloan near Farmington, on Thursd ay,
August 20th.
Ths Pennsylvania Railroad's Popuia
Excursion to the Seashore.
The next of tho Pennsylvania Railroad
Company's series of popular ten-day ex
cursions to the seashore will leavo Pitts
burg on July 23.
The reason of the favor iu which
these excursions are held is easy to si-e.
The rate of $lO for the round trip is phe
nomenal!? low, considering the distance
and the high character of the service; the
limit of twelve days just fits the time sat
for tho average vaotion, and the
dales of the excursions are mo.-t conveni
ently adjusted. There is also the widest
field for choice in the selection of the re
resort. Atlantic City, Cape May, Sea Isle
City, and Ocean City aro the choicest o l '
the" Atlantic coast resorts, and any one of
them may be visited under these arrange
A special train of parlor cars aud day
coaches will leave Pittsburg on the above
mentioned day at 8.55 A. M., aud connect
at Philadelphia with special train via the
new Delaware River Bridge route, landing
passengers at Atlantic! City in twelve
hours Irom Pittsburg; or passengers lor
Ailantie City may spend tho night in
Philadelphia aud proceed to leal ination
by regnlar trains Irom Broad Strtffi Sta
tion or Market Street Wharf tho following
day. Passengers for the other points
above named will usq regular tranis from
Market Street Wharf tho following day.
Tickets will also be sold for regular
trains leaving Pittsburg at '1:30 aud 8:10
P. M. from all stations at which they atop,
and Irom stations Irom which regular con
nection is made with them. These trains
havs Pullman sleeping (ars attached anil
arrive in Philadelphia next morning,
whence passengers may proceed to the
shore on any regular train that d*y.
Tickets will bo sold from the stations at
the rates named below:
lUte Train leave-*.
Pittsburg $lO 00 8.55 A. M.
liutler 10 00 0.25 " "
Altoona stop dinner 8 00 12.50 1". M.
Philadelphia Arrive .... 7.20 " "
For further information apply to t;cket
agents, or Mr, Thomas li. Watt, District
Passenger Agent, Pittsburg.
W ANTKD— S,OOO Agents for Russell's
authorized "Lives of McKinley and
Uobart." 550 pages, elegantly illustrated.
Price only SI.OO. Tho best and thtturfeap
est, and outsells all other.'. 50 i>er cent,
to Agents, aud Freights Paid. Books now
ready. Save time by sending 50 cents in
stamps for an outfit at onee. Address
Hartford, Conn.
Saw Mill lor Sala.
We will sell our saw-mill, with
20 horse-power engine, and all tools
and fixtures at a very low figure
Inquire of or write to
POST, A CUB «fc Co.
Sarversville I*. O. Batler Co, Pa.
Closing out trimmod bats away
1 slow cost at The People's Store.
IPC on 'y genuine Spring
JljtWatorlce j n Kutler is now
being delivered to his customers daily
Leave your order at ilichey's
Only 15c per yard for y 4 sheeting
at The People's Store.
Do you want a hat or cap? IIECK
has them aud can save you money,
The best 5c muslin ever brought
to Butler at The People's ?tore.
Vox Popuii—Buy your clothing,
unde-woar, hosiery, hats, caps, BOX
uud neckwear ot 1). A. HECK and
save money.
Trunks, yalises, bag.s and tele
copes—at lliscKa.
Railroad News.
The work of grading the Butler and
Pittsburg Railroad, said the Dispaich ol
lust Sunday, will be conr'scced tomor
row. C. l" McDonald who secured the
contract loi the entire 30 miles north ol
the Allegheny river, awarded the con
tract yesterday for ten miles of tho road
south of Butler to the Ferguson Contract
ing Co., of Corning. X. Y. The contract
for two miles of grading north of the Alle
gheny river, was awarded to T. A. Maselli.
of Colnmbos. O. The masonry, exclusive
of the tuunei work, was awarded to Grady.
Coda £ Co., of Beaver Fails The tunnel
work and the rest of the line will bo award
ed this week.
McDonald contracted to grade and han
die 1,250,000 cubic foet of earth for a price
that wili reach $700,000. as exclusively
.stated in The Dispatch. Iu the ten miles
tho Ferguson company contracted for
there are 24S 000 cubic yards, and in that
of T. A. Maselli there are 110,000 cubic
yards This makes about one-thin' ol the
entire work already let by sub-contract.
' Contractor T. M. Ferguson left last
night for New York to send the machine.-}-,
horses and apparatus for the work to Pitts
barg. lie wa.s one of the
bidders for the entire road, bet has done
good work on large contracts. He built
130 miles of the Evansville and Richmond
R-. lraad, and did some heavy *-crk suc
cessfully on the Cleveland, Lorain and
Maselli is also a large contractor, and
did a share of the work on the Cleveland
road under Ferguson. He has also built
portion* of the Norfolk and Western, Ohio
Central and Hocking Valley Railroads
Gradv, Coda it Co. have held large con
tracts for masonry on most ol the large
Contractor McDonald will leave tomoi
row to travel over the line from Denny
station to the big cut near Saxonburg, to
inspect the tunnel sites so the contracts
(or the construction of these can be let.
lie will be accompanied by several promi
nent tunnel contractors. One of the tun
nels is two miles north of the Allegheny
river and is 410 feet long, and tie second
is ten miles north of the river, and is 350
feet long. The great summit cut is three
miles west ol Saxonburg and 15 mile*
north of the Allegheny river. It is 3,500
feet long and 50 feet deep, and con'ains
131 000 cubic feet of earth. This is going
to proye one of the most difficult under
takings iu the entire work, but Contractor
McDonald is making abundant provision
to do it successfully.
Two monster steam shovels and four
locomotives wilt be use !at the cut &nd
three miies of double track railroad for
the distribution of the excavated eaitb will
be built. Over 100 earth cars wi'l bo pro
vided. All these, with the engines and
shoveb;, will be transported six miles over
laud from Saxonburg. The water supply
at present at the point < f the cut is inade
quate, and a two inch pipe lino will be laid
to a never failing source and an abundance
of winter will be pumped.
All the tunnels will havo masonry sido
wall to the sprang of tho arch, and the
arches will oe constructed of brick. Over
1,000,000 bricks will bo used in the two
tunnels, and to facilitate the work large
brick kilns will be erected at suitable
points near the tunnels. The clay at the
two points makes first class brick. The
contract for tho tunnels will be let this
week, ;?o that a start can l>e made. Con
tractor Maselli will begin work on his con
tract tomorrow, and he expects to finish it
by December,
Since Contractor McDonald was award
ed the contract he has been besieged with
Italians, labor agents and negnes seeking
work ou the l'ne. The slopping of work
on the extension improvements along the
Pennsylvania Railroad has turned adrift
thousands of laborers, who want to work
on the Butier & Pittsburg road. McDon
ald has had offers ot 3,000 laborers irorn
one employment agency alone, and scores
of letters and visits have beeu received
from labor contractors of West Virginia
aud other Soutnern States. Many negroes
have been offered for the work, but local
uien, who have become acclimated, will
probably be hired. Be said hp would find
little trouble ia getting an efficient force
logetber to be£.in work immediately.
President James T. O'.'ell left for Xew
Y oik last night. Be said the plans of the
line located between the Allegheny and
Monogahela rivers were being pushed rap
idly to completion, and that a contract
would ba ready for award this mouth.
Ihe Butler & Pittsburg directors have
practically decided to locate the round
hon-;e, machine and repair shops of the
road on a plateau near the south end of tho
big 2,700 foot tu-inel. These will be large
buildings, and will be included in the con
tract for tho construction of the roa 1 be
tween vhe two rivers. The site is in an
elegant location on Thompson's run, at
the end of the Union railway. No plans
have been prepared,.but the structures will
be built large enougn to Jo the work for
tho entire line to Lake Erie, including the
Pittsburg, Shenango <t Lake Erie road
The poA-er station for supplying the elect
rical power to .he Union rai'way will also
be located at this point. The railroad
company controls p!enty of property adapt
ed for the shop.-'
Chief Engineer F. E. Bouse and Store
tary R A. Franks returned yesterday from
a tramp over tho route from th-j Allegheny
river to Butler They were delighted with
tho country and tho low grades obtained.
Shiutien are already being erected tor the
housing ol tho laborers at different points
along the .ou'e. A special provision in
the contracts with the sub-contractors pro
hibits the taking of whisky on the work,
and McDonald therefore believes the sub
contracts will be faithfully filled.
Delightlul Summer Tours.
It is tsdiou-' to map out a tour lor one's
self for invariably expenses double aud
some petty traveling annoyances brought
about by au oversight mars what would
have baen a pleasant trip. It is a pleasure
to have everything arranged systema.i
ca''y before departing, thus obviating un
necessary expenses as well as inconven
iences. To this end the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company first inaugurated per
sonally-conducted tours maintained them
at the highest poEsibie standard of excel
lence and gave them at opportune season
after carelu! study as to desirable dates
and every necessary detail.
For tho convenience of those who seek
the most attracts >'e way of spending a
Summer holiday, the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company has arranged two delight
ful tours to the North under the peisonallv
conducted touiist system, July 21 and
August 18. The points included in th»
itinerary and the country traversed abound
in nature's beauties. Magnificent scenery
begins with the journey, and ends on<y
wiih its compietion. The names of the
places to be visited are familiar to all. No
matter how much may be expected ono
canot be disappointed in Watkius Glen
Xiagara Falls, Thusaud Inlands,
Montreal, Au Sable Chasm, Lake Cham
plain and George, Saratoga, or the high
lands of tho Iludson.
Each tour will be in charge of one of tho
company's tour'sts agents, assisted Oy an
experienced lady as chaperon whose espec
ial charge will be unescorted ladies.
The late ol SIOO from New York, Brook
lyn, Newark, Trenton, Philadelphia,Harris
liurg, Baltimore, and Washington covers
railway and boat fare for tho entire round
trip, parlor-car seats, meals en route, hotel
entertaian'out, transfer charges, carriar«
hire—in fact every item of noceasaty
Tickets p-irohasod and not used will be
redeemed at lull amount paid if presented
persona'ly or by letter at tho General
Office, Br:>ad Stroet Station, Philadelphia
not latir than two days before the respec
tive dates of departure.
For detailed itinerary, tickets or any
additional information address Tourist
Agent. Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
111)0 Broadway, New York; 800 Fulton
Streit, Brooklyn; Room 411, Broad Street
Statiou, Philadelphia.
Sox and nhirts, all wool and a yard
wids, cheaper than the obeapest—at
HECK'S, 121 N. Main St.
Oh Mamma—jou ought to aeo the
big piles ot ohildrena suits at IIECK'S
only $1.25, you can't f?ot the same iu
town for less than $2.50,
Closing out Bummer dress goods
bolow cost at Tho People's Store.
I'uuts—Oyer 2000 pairs to select
from, at prices, oh well, don't men
tion them, itß, r awful, where it
—Tho Butler Lubricating Oil Co.
has moved back to their old stand
I)'t, W. Jefferson St. Steelsmith &
Patterson's new building, where all
kinds of engine, machinery, and il
luminating oils of the finest quulity
ar, kept ia stock iu thu basement,
and wuibe delivered to any part of
the city when ordered from C. E.
1 Alcintirc, agent.
Dr. Bricker has been seriously indispos
ed, but bis health is improving.
L M. Caldwell has been elected Princi
pal of the schools at Homestead,. Pa.
Jos. Mangel and wife spent Tuesday in
Rev. Eli Miller will spend his vacation
with friends in Ohio.
Miss Stella Xegley of Philadelphia, is
visitiLg her grand-parents in Butler.
Rev. Jacobs, of Cleveland and Miss Sallie
Fleeger were married at the bride's home
on E. Petri St.
Mr. Andy Hanna, of Clinton twp, had
considerable hay down this week, and it
got wet. Andy is a hustler.
ffa. M. Shira, Esq. 01 Washington twp
spent Sunday with his son A. L. He is
afflicted with rheumatism, and is using
Dr. McAlpiue is in Europe. When his
family last heard from him he was In
Ireland, and intended going to Scotland
Tom Alexander returned home from
Wetzel Co. W. Va., last Friday. Ho is
contracting for the South Penn there, and
has lately been laid up with a sprained
Rev Tnomas Balph of St. Clairsville, 0.
visited his brother and sisters in Butler,
this week, and the whole family held a re
union in the old homestead. Rev. Balph
has been located in St Clairsville for 21
Allen McCall was living in Ohio when
the war began. He enlisted in Co. B 16th
Ohio, aud he thinks ho witnessed the first
amputation that took place during the
war. The circumstances were about as
follows—lt fell to Co B, at the battle at
Philippi, W. Va. to clear an alley, three
rebel soldiers took refuge in a stable, into
which a six pound shot was fired. The
shot hit one of the rebels and tore his leg
off at the knee, and Dr. Robinson of the
10th Ohio amputated the injured limb, Mc-
Cit!l assisting him.
—Special train to Alleghany .Siind ay
July 10 via P. W. Fare for !he return trip
75 cents.
For Sale.
One new Model Crandall Type
Writer Inquire at 404 Locust
St Butler Pa.
Uuderwear—a specialty at HECK'S
his stock is large-t and finest ever
offered in Bu^e'
—Boardingflouse Cards, with Act
of Assembly, 25 ceutß for half-a-doaen
.or aa'e at CITIZIN office
Bargains in 9 4 and 13 4 sheeting
at Tho People's Store.
For Sale.
One No. 2. Baltimore job printing press
aud several fonts of type, will bo sold
cheap. Ihqnire at 404 Locust St. tier
Say Papa—did you see HECK'S
neckwear, it beats anything you ever
MUSlC—Scholars wanted at 128 W
Wayne St. Also nicely famished
room to rent.
—Job work of all kinds done at the
Ececutor's Notice.
Letters testamentary in the estate of
Harvey Cooper, dee'd, late of Slippery
rock twp., Butler county, Pa..having been
granted to the undersigned, all parsons
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment
and any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
A, L. COOPER, Ex'r.
Slippery rock, Pa.
Ra'ston & Greer, Att'ys,
Adm ; nistrator's Notice.
Letters of administration in the estato of
Henrietta D. Beatty, dee'd, late of Wash
ington twp. Butler Co, Pa,, having been
granted to tho undersigned. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment, aud
■iny having claims against said estate will
present them properly authenticated for
settlement to
E. C. BKATTY, Adm'r
Bugler, Pa.
Notice of Application for Charter.
Notice is hereby given that an applica
tion will be made to the Governor of
Pennsylvania on Tuesday the 21st day of
July by Thos. W. Phillips, Victor K.
Phillips. Herbert C. Phillips, Thomas W.
Phillips, Jr., and Clarence Walker under
the act of Assembly entitled "An act to
provide for the incorporation and regula
tion of Natural Gas Companies" approved
the 29th day of May A. D. 1885, aud the
supplements thereto for the charter of an
intended corporation to be the
Phillips Gas Company, the character and
object of which is the producing dealing
in, transporting, storing and supplying
natural gas to such persons corporations
or associations, in the Counties of Alle
gheny, Armstrong, Butler, and West
moreland, within convenient distance of
its pipe lines as may desire to use the
In the matter of the ] In the Court of
final account of W. I Common Fleas of
S. McCrea, assignee Butler Co., Ms. D.
of Johanna Wuller. | No. 8, Sept. Term,
J 1893-
Book 5, Page 71.
The Auditor appointed by the Court to
audit and make distribution of the bal
ance of the funds shown to be due said
Accountant will meet the parties inter
ested for the purposes of his appointment,
on Friday, July 17, 1896, at 10 o'clock A.
M., at his office in the Mitchell building,
north of the Court House, where and
when all parties interested are requested
to make and prove their claims, or be de
barred from coming in upon said fund.
7. C. VANDF.RI.IN, Auditor.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration h»ving been
granted to the undersigned, on the estate
ol William Lardin, dee'd, late of Clinton
twp, Butler oounty, Pa., all persons in
debted to said estato will please make im
mediate payment, and any having claims
against the same will present them prop
erly authenticated for settlement to
L. S. LARDIN, Adm'r.
Saxonburg, Pa.
B. McJunkin, Atty.
Erecutors' Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John L. Beatty, deo'd, late of Washington
twp. Butler Co, Pa. having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to »aid estate! will
please make immediate payment, and any
having claims ag&insl said estate will
present them duly authenticated for settle
ment to
413, Lookout Ave., Butler Pa. or
Billiards, Butler Co, Pa.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Isaiah N. Bryson, dee'd, late ot Coal
town, Cherry twp., Butler Co, I'a having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will permit them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
Uoaltown, Pa
./. D, MCJUNKIN. Att'y
i Funeral Directorj
I 37 3. Mdiii.St, Butler fa. J
Mr. Ranee Rick art, a well known Mercer
Co., fanner of Pymatuning township met
with a horrible accident lately. He was
plowing on his farm, driving a spirited
draught team and had placed the lines
around his body immediately under his
arms. The horses became frightened at
some object and started to run, dragging
the plow and the nnfortunate man several
times around a six-acre field, the dragging
not coming to an end until the horses
were exhausted. Mr. Riokart was found
shortly afterwards badly bruised and
mangled Ho was totally paral>z«d from
the hips down and lingered until Thurs
day, when death ended his sufferings.
Harry Eyman of Magic, was seriously in
jured while playing ball at Buena Vista,
a lew days ago. For a time his life is dis
pared of.
John McCoy had his loot crushed by the
fill ol a joint of casing. Tuesday.
Administrator's Notice-
Letters of administration on the estate
of George List, aee'd, late of Adams twp.,
Butler Co, Pa. having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate will please
make immediate payment, and any having
claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated far settlement to
_ McFann, Butler Co, Pa.
"W. H. LUSK, Att'y.
B. $ B.
It's by having what's wanted, and sell
ing that kind at prices enough less to pay
people to come or send here, that we ex
pect to—and will—win even greater busi
ness in July than we did in June—had
the biggest June this year of 1896 of any
in the store's history—proof that choice
goods for less prices win.
AGRA LINEN —28% inches wide—
-6%c —all in natural linen color grounds
—some with wide, some with narrow,
some with clusters of stripes in pretty
colorings of blue, green, yellow, pink and
lavender—we washed samples of each
color combination—washed them thor
oughly—not a color faded or run—such
goods for 6#c—and they're all stylish
largest assortment at some of the
lot are 10c goods—others I2^c —light
colors, and a lot of the 6'4'c ones in dark
navy blue with neat white figures, which
speaks a lot for the character of these, as
blue and white is quite in favor —ser-
viceable colors which can be made up
without lining.
Medium heavy welt WHITE P. Ks.—
29 inches wide—2oc—nice for skirts—
this kind starches better than muslin.
25c GRASS LINENS —29 inches wide
—lsc —stripes and plaids in colorings of
red, blue, brown, etc.—style and worth
that would make busy selling at even the
full value price—a saving of ten cents a
yard will bring great results —people
realize that saving money is as good as
earning it, or this small profit store
wouldn't,do such a large proportion of
this country's retail Dry Goods business.
WASH GOODS —3c to #l.2s—and if
the desired kinds are not mentioned here,
let us know your preference and we'll
send samples of what's wanted—you'll
find prices right for the kinds—less.
Boggs &c Buhl,
Butler Savings Bank
Butler, IPei.
Capital - $60,000-00
Surplus and Profits, $119,263.67
JOS. L. PURVIS President
J. HENRY TROUTMAN r ice-P"«ssident
WM. CAMPBELL, Jr fashier
DIRECTORS—Joseph L. Purvis, J. Henry
Troutraau, W. I>. Brandon, \V. A. Steiu, J. s.
The Butler Savings Bank Is the Oldest Bank
ing Institution In Butler County.
tjeneral banking business transacted.
Wc solicit accounts of oil producers, mer
chants. farmers and others.
AH Butness entrust fed to us; will receive
prompt attention.
interest paid on time deposits
The Sutler County National Bank
Capital paid In $100,000.00
Surplus and Profits $87,962.35
J OH. Hartman. President; J. V. Kitts,Vice
President; C. A. Bailey, Cashier; John G
McMarlin. A ss't Cashier.
A general banking business transacted.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Money loaned on approved security.
We invite you to open an account with this
1)1 HECTORS—Hon. Joseph Ilartman, Hon. W.
!i. Waldron. l)r. N. M. Hoover, U. MoSweeney,
K. I\. Abrams, C. P. Collins. J. G. Smith, Leslie
I*. Hazlelt, M. Klnegar. W. flenry Wilson, John
Humplirey.Dr. W. C. McCaaaless, Ben Ma»seth
Harry Heasley. J. V. Kttts.
2 and 2 Do Not Make Five.
It's quite a probien) to please
everyone's taste in any line you
may select and particularly of
jewelry, silver novelties, cut glass,
etc., but I'm sure you will find
what you want in my large stock
and at such prices that defy com
petition. I am making a spe.
cialty of nobby and find Goods
and want your trade.
Motel Butler
j. 11. FAUBEI, I'rop'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets; has electric bells and al
other modern conveniences foi
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found in Butler, Pa.
Elegant sample room for use of
commercial meu. ,
erhaps you don't know how
we are 011
"Lpeverything relation to prescrip-.
it will not be amiss to
your attention to the
rompt service given
o everything of the kind placed
-■-n our hands
prescription department
ever was so complete
ave you money too.
C. Iff, BOYD.
Diamond Block, - Butler, a
The nicest line of
Wall Mouldings in
town are at
New Room. 201
S. Main St. New
line of Blank Book
Writing Paper just
201 S. Main St.
wearing good clothes
is a good habit and
our clothes are good
habits. We want to
help you torm this
good habit. Begin
now! in a short time
you will be convinced
we have saved you
money and that you
are always dressed in
good taste. Good
taste in dress secures
a cordial recognition
for those who show
it. No man can tell
how much injury a
shabby appearance
may do him. Our
handsome new Spring
stock is now ready
for your selection.
Opens Saturday, June 27, 1896. Closes
September 30. Hotel modernized at a
cost of $40,000. Ye old time lawn con
certs by Simon Hassler's Grand Orches
trar Address
Asbury Park.
Asbury Park has the best beach 011 the
coast of New Jersey, and
is the best place to stop while there. For
terms address,
* Asbury I'arlc, N. J.
Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Office Cor.Main & Cunningham
AI,F. WICK. Pr»«.
L. H. aeJUMUN. BKC'J »nd.Trea».
Alfred Wlck, 1 Henderson Oliver,
' r. W. Irvln, | James Stephenson,
<v. W. Blackmore, N. Weltzel,
K. Bowman. |H. J. Kllneler
<>eo. Ketteror, Chas. llebhun.
Ceo. Kenno. IJohn Kooning.
For Sale.
A fine Farm of seventy acres, two miles
West of Freeport, buildings good as new,
plenly of watej, fruit of all kinds, soil
good, five good gas wells within % mile
of said farm. Price $4,000. For par
ticulars address.
Box 98. Silverville.
Butler Co, Pa.
We keep constantly on hand three
different kinds of Gas Meters, viz.—The
"Tobey"-dry meter—The "Eguitable"-
dry meter—-and The Westinghousc fluid
meter. Anyone desiring to buy a meter
can secure on: from us at a reasonable
price and upon easy terms.
Home .Natural Ua« Co.,
1 JLcltxr Building.
In order to make room lor an immense stock of Fall goods that
we have purchased and which will begin to arrive about the
middle ot August, we ofter for the next six weeks at exactly ONE
HALF the price at which we have heretofore sold these goods a large
assortment of Men's, Boy's and Children's Suits. These are all
STRAIGHT GOODS, both in material and make, ranging in price
from S2O down to $4, which prices will be cut in two, and the Suits
sold as follows:
18.00 " - " 9.00
16.00 " - " 8.00
10.00 " - "5.00
4.00 " - " 2.00
2.00 Child's Suits, Now 1,00
I-5Q " " " 75
All above goods marked in plain figures, and as our reputation
for having one low price has always been maintained, you know
what a cut in price like this mems.
These goods are displayed on the Front Basement Floor of our
store, and arranged for convenience of inspection. You are cordially
invited to call and examine them, and we are sure you will be con
vinced that this is no fake proposal, but that both goods and prices
are exactly as we here represent them, and that we ofter you bargains
such as you never saw before and will not soon see again. Among
these goods are lhe following:
Corner Main and Cunningham streets, Butler, Pa.
Some A Yard Wide.
We mean our suits for fat men. Light in color, weight and
price. Your money back if they are not as we state.
The Largest Stock of Clothing in Butler.
Men's Suits
s4> $6, SB, $lO, sl2
Boy's Suits, long pants
$2.50, $4, $5, $8
Boy's Suits, short pants
si, $1.50, $2, $3, $4
Men's Shirts
25c, 50c, 75c,
Men's Straw Hats
25c, 50c, 75c, £1
Boy's Shirts
25c and 50c
Boy's and Children's Hats
25c, 50c, 75c
Schaul &Nast
Lead in Clothiers, 137 S- Main St-,BButl6r,|Pa.
* Onr Jnly Clearance Sale *
Has made this the busiest July in the history
of this Store.
We will continue to sell throughout July
50c, 75c and SI.OO hats at 15c. 25, 35 and some 50c hats at 9c.
25c Quills 15c or 2 for 25c. One lot Quills 2 tor sc.
50 and 75c Silk Gloves for 19c. 25 and 35 Lisle Gloves at 9c.
50c Corsets at 39c. 75c Corsets at 50c. SI.OO Corsets at 75c.
Watch this space for Underwear Specialties.
M. F. & iM. MARKS,
113 to 117 South Main Street, Butler, Pa.
Are the suits that come from our
establishment—models of style,
workmanship and good taste. The
clothes are always right and the
price is always right, too, when
you want a suit.
When None But Well Dressed
Customers come out of a tailoring
establishment it proves that it is
the one store in the city that men
of taste patronize. Our store is
that place in Butler. Have you
ordered that new suit yet? Isn't
it time? Then come in and see
our fine selection of spring styles.
The Store from out of which
come pleased and satisfied custom
ers-wherever it is in the country,
is a safe store to patronize. It is
pleasant to us to know that our
store is pre-eminently the store of
Butler, of which this is so. When
you want a fine suit call and see
us before purchasing.
Cor. Diamond, Butler, Pa
Strong Companies.
Promvt Settlements.
Home Imurani-e C«. of NewJYork, In«ur
Mice Co. of North America, of Philadelphia,
Pa. Pheoiz Iniuranc« of Brooklyn, N. Y.
and Hartford Insurance Co. of Hartlord Conn
OFFICE: Corner of Main| St. and the
D 1 ond, north of Court Houie, Butler, Pi
V j LA A yiNUp', H P?«
* it *•' I'!TTMt »t tf.f A' l «•«i •m» twr*anol
will M. ■> cart lot advatU«lu< at iu>«ai i
New Patterns, New Colors and
Low Prices.
The latest effects in shaded
Get j our room papered at a
small expense if you buy
Near P. O. 241 S. Main St
May save price of several trips on a sin
gle purchase in this great July
Before lirontorj Sale!
No surplus stock to
be taken into ac
count —every yard
from every depart
ment must go with
out reserve—
High-Class Novelty Dress Goods,
Elegant Silk,
Fine American and Imported
Wash Goods,
Keady-made Garments,
Men's and Boys' Clothing, Etc.,
Clearance Sale
that will pay you to come hundreds 0!
miles to attend.
A letter to OUR MAIL ORDER
DEPARTMENT, giving suggestion of good*
desired, as to material, style
and quality, will receive same careful
attention as do customers
hopping at counters.
Penn Avenue and Fifth St.,
r'or Sale
A fan- of 20 acres, with a
huu«e. flood trult, orchard'? J® V
good spring at the house °n
convenient out-buildi* 8 -
or exchange for property, about 7
miles from BP*® l -. , . ...
For parti'vulaii mquiw at tail efflct;