Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, July 09, 1896, Image 3

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New Advertisements.
Administrator's notice, estate of Henri-
Grand picnic and aale of lots at Ze.ie
BAB* linen.
Home A- Co'a cotton.
Saw mill for sale.
Typewriter for sal*.
Agents wanted.
Doathet 4 Graham's price*.
Pape's closing ont sale
The New Cambridge House.
•font—All advertisera intending to makt
c*ngea in tbeir ad». should notify na of
th >!r intention to do so, not later than
if today morning.
Administrators aad Executora ot estate*
cau secure their receipt book* at the C(T
iii uScs
The Poet'a Plaint.
Tbe old time Poet of the Concquenes*-
ing dropped iito our office the othti ' ay
and tos*>sd off the lollowing
Oh give me back my boyhood days,
With big stone bruises on my feel;
When all tne world to me was dear.
And I would sooner fight than eat.
When lighting bomst*' nesta was lan.
Whit minded we the swollen cheekf
When with oar old six-dollar gun
We shot bill I fogs along the ceek
Al*i tto»« days are paat and gone.
Their memory ia a pleasant dream,
And ' • plod on, and on. and on,
Ac. 1 ;ngs are not jait what they
—Good harvest hands were in demand
laat wetk.
--The loacioua watermelon has made ita
—M*jor McKinley'a daily mail now aver
ages 4000 letters.
"How's your conducit" ia the lateat
form ot salutation.
—Pipe Line picnic at Conceau'. on
Thur day of next week.
—One half of 189 C has already vanished
with the flight of time.
Beer may make a man fat, but too
much will make him lean.
Bicycle riding ia on the increase, not
withstanding the falling off.
—Bicycle exercise ia a great thing. If a
man doesn't ride, dodging brings most oT
tbe muscles into play.
When a man feels be needs to "rub
up against the world," all he has to do ia
to try and learn to ride a bicycle.
—The borough ordinanoes should contain
one imposing a good, healthy fine for
throwing banana skin* on the pavements.
—Messrs Toung and Stoughton printed
a very sreJitable illustrated edition, laat
week. Zelienople ia booming and the
.Veicx will boom with it.
—The Ocrmania band will give a con
cert at the ball park, Saturday afternoon,
in connection with the game between the
Bitler team and the P. A. Cs.
—Tbe Sunday train on the Shenango
leaves Butler at 8:30 A M, and returning
leaves C'onueaut Lake at 7 P. if. Tbe
Saturday evening train also connects for
tbe lake.
—The P. A. C. club of Pittsburg, the
crack amateur team of the city, will cross
bats with the Butler club on the grounds
here, Saturday afternoon. A red hot
game can be looked for.
—A Kentucky man has lost three wives
in two wears. This is pretty tough, but it
does look as though he has lost no time,
whatever .else may have slipped away
from him.
—A daily mail has been established on
the road between Servers Station and
Kiddles X Roads, and Philip Snider, of
Clinton twp. has been awarded the cm
tract for carrying the mall*.
—A subscriber wishing to show his ap
preciation of a newspaper, said: The two
classes* of men which the world could
least afford to do without are the preach
ers and newspaper men, for the preachers
tell us the truth, and the newspapers tell
us everything else.
At the meeting of Council, Tuesday
evening, the Butler <fc Pittsburg R. R. Co.
asked f>r a rijrht of way through the town,
and presented an ordinance to that eflect.
which wat referred to a committee of
* CounciL All the railroad* pacing through
town should he repaired to keep up safety
—Two large crowd* of spectator* wit
nessed the hall game* laet Saturday, and
were de!ight«d lo see the Batler clnb win
their Uth and 12th viotorie*. without
meeting with a single defeat. Some of
the play* made hy our club that day were
the e<jn*ls of those ever made anywhere,
and that W the kind of a game they usual
ly play. The Batler clnb will play with
the Oil City club at Conneaut, next Thurs
day, and with * Pittsburg team in Bailor
on the following Saturday.
—One of our bicycli*t* had an odd ex
perience a few day* ago. lie was riding
on the road between Saltsbnrgand Greens
bnrg, and while passing through a wood*
a grey-squirrel on the fence ran him a race
Then the squirrel got too smart and at
tempted to cross iha road in front of him
and both wheel* pa*s«d over him. The
rider stopped as soon a* he coald, and
looking back saw the squirrel dragging the
latter half of himself into the woods.
—Chapel or Normai Hail, tbe last of tbe
original frame baildings of Hlipperyrock
Normal was destroyed by fire on Thursday
night, June 25th. The fire originated
from a gas jet left burning in the base
ment, and when it was discovered tbe
building was already doomed. The peo
ple of the town, and the students, worked
hard to save the ladies dormitory. The
bailding cost about $14,000, and was in
jured for $0000; with $1,050 on the furniture.
The destruction of the bailding necessitat
ed the holding of the commencement ex
erci.es in the grove adjoining the grounds.
—A man'with a double-ended fountain
pen is visiting people in parts of Western
Pennsylvania. He ofTers harvesting and
other faming machinery at very low rates,
asking the farmers to sign an agreement
to receive and pay for it when delivered
if satisfactory. The agreement ia written
with tbe fading end of the fountain pin
and the name signed with the indelible
end The agreement fade* off in a day or
HO and A aoto is written above the signa
ture IL stead He on the lookout for tho
slippery "ou*."
—Since the the story of the Portersville
murder w*s published in Tuesday's News,
it has 1• n learned that John Addlington
wa» pardoned from the Western peniten
tiary at the instance of Governor Cortin
for some valuable service rendered blm
during the war. Addlington had just
served six years of his lenience whon Gov.
Curtin came to Pittsbnrg and on learning
of his imprisonment, and that he was be
lieved hy many to he innocent, ho at once
had him pardoned Mrs. Addlington was
ill I'lttshurg at tho time of her hashand's
release, afterwards going West with John
Oliver She is now living aud owns a
grocery in a Nebraska town. Addlington
told a Iriend after his release that he was
to have been murdered on that New
Year's nig'it, and that tbe assasrin made a
mistake in the darkness.—New Castle
"God bleat the wheel—the whirling
wheel' ,
That wakens the world's unmeasured
And make* a min of my torture feel
Like praising the same alway;
For it's taken the maid next door who
To daily pound the piano forte.
To another brand of athletic sport
That boars her miles away/'
—The late rains greatly increased the
hay cxop.
—All the clothing aud dry gooda stores
now close at 6 o'clock.
—Tbe Eij;li»h Lutheran* had a fin* day
for their picnic.
—That electric lice down the plank
road is said to be a go.
—Bntler has 1 022 children between the
ages of 8 and 13 years
—The Butler Meat supply Go's, market
on Jefferson Si was closed Tuesday, on
judgements entered by Cochran, Kumes
and others.
The P. H. C. of Butler will celebrate
the 10th Anniversary of the Order, by
holding their 4th annual picnic at Coneaut
lake, August 7. Preparations are on foot
to make it the largest and most interesting
picnic party ihat ever leit Butler.
Quite a number ot Butler people have
already vi*ited Canibridgeboro thia summer
and all returned well pleased with their
stay and experience there The water
there is an excellent remedy for stomach
and liver troubles. We publiah tbe card
of the best hotel in tbe town, thia week.
—The contract toi that part of the new
Butler and Pittsburg railroad, between
Butler and the Allegheny river was award
ed yesterday to C. I. McDonald, who ia to
finiah the grading, tunnelling and masonry
by Jan. 1, 97. He will Bub-let many parts
of the work. The price was not made
public, bat ia supposed to be aboat S6WO,-
000. There was a difference of over $200,-
000 between the highest and lowest of the
forty-aeven bids.
—The summer excarsion season has be
gnn and many Batler people who enjoy a
look at and a dip in the sea ence a year,
will be taking advantage of the rates offer
ed to go to the Bhore. Nearly all oar peo
ple now go to Atlantic City—a hurlybcly
place with a low, flat beach—bat those
who wish for quiet and rest and a good
beach, will find Asbury Park, further up
tfce coast, and reached by the P. R. R.
from Broad St. statior, a delightful place.
If yoo go there stop with Col. Noble of
the "Fenimore."
—On many fruit trees, particularly pear
and apple trees, withered leaves are seen
on the ends of twig* of this year'a growth.
Thia has become ao prevalent in many
orchards near Wilmore that aome of tbe
trees present tbe appearance of having
been nipped by frost or burned by the
aun; but a fruit grower there suspecting
the real cause, recently sent cuttings to
the Pomological Department of the De
partment of Agriculture, Washington, D.
C., and received the reply that the blight
ia due to the presence of bacteria, and
that tbe only known remedy ia to cut off
and burn all affected branches care being
taken to cut in green wood. — Ex.
—The Pittsburg papers note the extra
ordinary death rate among the babies
there and blame it on the milk. Good or
pure milk is as wholesome a thing as a
child can drink; and on the other hand im
pure or improperly handled milk is a pois
on. The milk law of New Jersey has done
wonders for the supply in that state, and
we would like to see it adopted in this
state. Every can of milk that enters a
V>wn ol that state is inspected by an er
pert, and the cans are properly cleansed
and aired before being retained. The
producers know enough to take the animal
heat out of the milk before canning it; not
to mix cold and warm milk, not to ship
milk from a sick cow, and a dozen other
thing* that should, by Ac- of Assembly,
he made misdemeanors with a penalty
Doings of Council.
At the meeting of Council Tuesday even
ing the following business was disposed of:
Robert Stewart was granted a plumbers'
The bids for the construction of a newer
on Lookout Are. were ax follows: Duck
ert A Dunn $101.46; GeorKO SchafTner
<lO-! 30; Harry Keinmer $100.12; James
Kerry M.'J4; Fred Glaco $213.82. The
Sewer Committee recommended the award
in g of the contract to Kerry.
Burgess Anderson reported linen and li
ct-nses for June amounting to $78.!/8.
Some petitions lor sidewalks were refer
red to the Committee.
Lev read an ordinonce grant
ing the Batler A Pittsburg K. It privi
lege* and it va« referred to the
Committee and Solicitor.
There will not likely be any paving done -
in Batler thi* year, owing to tho recent
decision of the Supreme Court in tho case
of Senor vs Kphrata Borough, Lancaster
Tho recent election, which i* annulled
by thi* decision, co*t tho borough about
Krank Shirkey, whose home was in
Clearfield township, met a horrible death
in the lower oil fields last Kriday. He was
dressing tool* on a well and in pulling out
the bailer tho sand line kinked. He at
tempted to straighten it, when, suddenly
the bailer started down tho bole. When
the line tightened it threw a loop around
the young man's neck and almost decapi
tated him. The remains were shipped
home and interred at Clearfield on Sun
day.—Millerstown Herald.
It. .) C. Summer tfrri tre to Markmac.
Their new steel passanger steamers are
all in commission, making four trips per
week between Toledo, Detroit, Mackinac,
Hon, Petoskey, Duluth. If you aro con
templating a summer onting, send 2c.
stamp for illustrated pamphlet, Address
Detroit, Mich.
75 cente to Alleghany and return via
P. & W.
Sunday July 12th. Hound trip tickets
will be sold from Butler to Allegheny at
75 cents, train leaves Butler at 8:15 A. M,
returning, leaves Allegheny at 5:29 P. M.,
Butler time,
—Summer school of Pedagogy in con
junction with King's School of Oratory at
Kxposition Park, Conneaut Lake, July 13
to August 1. After a year's hard work
teachers need a change of air, scene and
society—"Where can these summer ad
vantages be found at 'easonable ratest" is
the question often asked. Exposition Park
combines all tbe ideal conditions sought
by teachers in the a'.iovo (juention. I.very
department of is in charge of an ex
pert teacher. For further information
write 11. V. Hotchkiss, Moadville, I'a.
—Special train to Allegheny, Bnnday
via P. A. W., Karo for the round trip 75c.
For Season of 1696.
The P., S. A L. K. Kyi Co. will sell spe
cial low rate tickets to Conneaut Lake and
, Cambridge good for thirty days Also ei
cursion tickets for parties of five or more,
and family tickets good until Nov. Ist, for
1 less than you cm afloid to stay at home.
For further information call on or ad
dress A. B. Crouch, ticket agent, B-itler,
—The best summer school in the State
of Pennsylvania, and the peer of any in
the union, I* now established at Kxposi
' tion Park, on Conneaut Lake. A summer
school for progressive teachers, which will
) he a teacher's summer home, combining
, rest, recreation, -octal pleasure, rnenta
development and professional stimalu*
* Term opens </uff 12th and closes Angus
1 Ist. Kates extremely low.
' —75 cents to Allegheny and return Sun
-1 day, July 12th via P. A W.
For Sale.
One No. 2. Baltimore job printing press
1 anil several fonts of type, will be sold
0 cheap. lnqniie at 104 Locust St. Lflller
K. C. Me A boy, Stephen Camming* and
Dr. Saiuael GraLain were appointed a com
mission to inquire into the lunacy of Ro
d> Iph Martin.
Tbe will of Luther Badger ot Butler was
probated, no letters.
Letters of ailm.nistratiun were granted
to 0. P. Murphy on estate of Jacob Stickle
of Franklin twp.
Louisa Kennedy bad summons in eject
ment issued vs John Fisher for land in
Jackson twp; J T Cook et al va I. G
Smith for 3 acre* in Allegheny twp: J< e]
W. Brinton vs W. E. Clark et al lor IX7
in Forward twp, and Joseph W. Adam.' el
m vs Nelson Horsey et ax for 3 acres in
Middlesex twp.
The will of X. R. Dyke of Connoquenes
sicg twp. was probated, no letters also
wia of Anthony Kratei of Butler and let
ters to Nicholas Angeit and A Kratei.
Letters ot administration were granted
to 1). M Eakin on estate of jobn G. Wil
son ot Venango twp.; also to E. C. Bealty
on estate of Henrietta L). Bealty of Wash
ington twp.
The New Jersey Court of Errors aud
Appeals has dissolved tbe injunction re
straiuing tbe United States Pipe Line Co.
from crossing a railroad, aad tnat company
will now be able to reach tbe seaboard.
PRopssrt TaA-itmiia
John Rohner to Anna E Kausa 48 acres
in Forward for <2700
Wm L Borts to W K Bell lot. in Hams
ville for $285.
A G Campbell, sheriff, 11AC Miller lot
in Butler for s4 , *o.
Jas B Nicholas to John H MoElroy lot
.n Batler for SBOO.
W L Graham to Frank F Morris lot in
iiutler for S3OO.
Jas Patton to W J Patton 11J acres in
Oakland for S3OO.
P D Celbach to John Staples 30 acres in
Adams fcr S'J4OO.
Theo Eueeken to Blair Hooks lot in Bat
H Kirchner to J D Albert lot in Pros
pect for #6OO.
Jas Young's heirs to H 8 Thompson lot
Middletown for S2OO.
D P Double to H C Double 50 acres ia
Franklin for SIOOO.
B Steighnei to Frankie Horton lot in
Butler for $4400.
Bobert Cooper to C S Stillwagon lot in
Valencia for $175.
Jaa Smith Ui Edw M Smith 30 acres in
Cherry S7OO.
S Thorn to E G Frederick C 2 acres in
Fairview twp for $2,400.
Jos Kemper to A C Jordan lot in Batler
for $825.
Jas E Brown to Andrew Kuauo 25 acres
in Summit for SOOO.
M Mctiinley to Elizabeth Miller 22 acre*
in Butler twp for $l,lOO.
Elizabeth Piaor to T Z Caldwell 30 acre*
in Concord for SOOO.
8 J Crow to R Davidson lot in Mars for
Paal V Burns to Jacob Snyder, <juit
claim, 107 acres in Muddycroek fur SIOO.
W C Folwell to Plummer Mifflin lot in
North Washington for t'J'iO.
Marriage Licenses
Wm S Barr Butler
Fannie Fleming "
W J McAteer Wilkenaburg
Florence Myrtlo Byerly Butler
Samuel J Campbell Grove City
Florence Christie.... Ferris
Joseph P Thompson Cherry twp
Miry Luak Parker twp
Neal A McKeever Fairmont. W Va
Rose E Heed Oakland twp
John Hogerson Butler
Enily llollobaugh "
J J Sleigher 7 Summit twp
Lizzie llessidence Oakland twp
Re'. Robert L Alter.. .North Washington
Lucile Campbell Washington twp
Samuel Sweingruber. Lk-.c* ter twp
Annie E Neeley
Harry Dickey Butler
Etta Knittle Harmony
Albert Pettigrew Hilliard
Emma Lambert Beaver Falls
EmiJ C Schroth feaxonburg
Marge A bell Jefferson twp
Wm L Black-. Sistorsville, W Va
Julia Mary Koessitig Butler
David Walker ........ ..I'enn twp
Laura U Stewart "
Charles M Hoot Butler
Etta Mct/uistioj "
Henry Palmor Warhington Co
Bertha Staaf Connofjuenessing twp
Harry X. Newell.. ..But'er
Mary si. Free 1ing........... Winfield twp
George Koenigk Butler
Elizabeth Hahn "
Charles 8.80 yd..... Mars
Lidia G. Kea '*
H Miller Brown Centre twp
Sarah Trux ford "
Joseph Leibler Butler
Martha Michel Summit twp
Frank P. Totten Petrolia
Sophine Millberger "
At Greensburg, W. J Knox of Pitts
burg and Sadie Barnes of Butler Co.
At Pittsburg, F. A. Langborst of Butler
county and Sadie Mariner of Allegheny
At Kittanninp, Wm D Hartley and Lulu
1 Byersley of Butler county.
At Erie, W A Taylor and Bella Bioko 1
of Butler.
PARK RR— The Heydrick A Co. well on
the ltoson berry is doing 8 bbls an hour, or
150 a day. It is a good well and new rigs
are going up in every direction.
1). Allen got $4,000 tionus for a farm
that he paid SI,BOO for a few years ago.
Heydrick A Co. expect, another well in this
EVAJMC'lTT—Christie Brothers have a
75 barrel well on tbe Graham.
AIIXUIIK-Gibson A Co s well on tho
Lizzie Anderson in I'enn twp. near
Brownsdale, came in last Thursday, and is
doing 150 bbls. a day, from the 100 foot.
Thi same firm is building two inoie rigs
on the Anderson, Kussel fits one on the
Ksbelman; and the Kastern is putting up
two on tbe Adam Biehl.
VIHAK'JO TWP.— The Venango Oil Go's
we'l ou the Sloan in Venango twp cam*
in last Saturday, and is doing 35 lit is, a
well ts drilling on the McColiough; Mnrrin
A Co. are drilling on the Kelly; J. B. Mc-
Junkin finished his No 2 <>rj hu OWB farm
last week, and has a six hbl. pumper.
There are from 10 to '2 producers in that
field, averaging 7to 8 bbls. No dry holes
have been drilled in this held.
PAKKRR—Crombie Allen, writing from
Parker, says that town is now living her
second youth, on account of tho nrke
on the Itoßenberry. He says tho now
field is the most mysterious and promis
ing in the oil region. Some producers re
gard it as an extension of the Squaw
Valley belt. Others deem it merely a
pocket. Tip-top is still doing over 200
tiarrels a day, and that seems to be her
"steady regular." Adams, Biglows and
Heydrick have two other wells drilling
near by, called technically No 1
and No. 2. Tbe latter is popularly known
as McKinley, which I was allowed to
name. It will determine the trend of the
field into a vast territory to the east. The
McKinley well will not be true to the
name if she in not a winner. Tho I'arkcr
i field to-day presents strange attractions to
the spectator. This week aud next It will
be the observed of aM observers in oildom.
flan Your fjummnr Out,,uj do lu
I'trttirritqttt \tuckiiiar rin l iti
('n)ist Liu..
It only costs $13.50 from Detroit, $15.50
from Toledo, SIB.OO from Cleveland for the
round trip, including meals and berths.
On* thousand miles of lake ride on new
modern steel steamer for the above rates.
S<° 1 2c. for illustrated pamphlet. Address
A. A. 60IAHTC, S> I'. A.,
Detroit, Mich.
WASTED—S,OOO Agents for Russell's
authorized "Lives of McKinley and
Hobart." 550 pages, elegantly illustrated.
Price only SI.OO. Tho best and the cheap
est, and outsells all others. GO per cent,
to Agents, and Kreights I'aid. Hooks now
ready. Save time by sending 50 cents in
stamps for an outfit at ouee. Address
Hartford, Conn.
Saw Mill for Sale.
We will Hell our Haw-inill, with
20 borne-power engine, and all toolo
and fixtures at a very low figure.
Inquire of or write to
POST, ACRE <fc Co.
Sarvernville P. O. Butler Co, f'a <
' Clotting out trimmed LatH away
below coßt at Tbe People'!) JJtore
Roy Christley is visiting his brother in
J. M Bartley ol Parker twp, was in
town on business today.
Rer. Snyder has resigned the pastorate
of the Bethany Reform dd church.
C. J. Watt, ot Marietta, O. was in town
a few dtu s ago.
George ShieVcr and Ms sou, John visited
friends in York Pa, this week.
Rev. Heury Shunor preached in St.
Petersburg. Canon Co., last Snnday.
Wayne Walker a son of clarence, has
received an appointment to We I Point.
J. E White has purchased the R A.
Wb.te bakery on S. Main St.
Wm. Kesselman Jr., of W. Va. spent
be 4ib in Butler.
Dr. Forrester visited bis parents in Erie
this week.
Miss Duncan of Evans City, is the gue.-t
>f Mrs. Jas. MeMarlin.
Loyal Hall attended the teachers con
vention in Buffalo, ihis week.
Mrs. Gold visited her folks in Brady
twp, la.'t week.
Miss Maggie Graham ha* returned home
alter an extender! visit witb friends in
Rev. H. J. H. Lenicke ol Franklin, Pa ,
was tbe guest of Jonn Hildebrand, over
John Ayre* was entered for the loot
race aiu Sctienley Park, uu the 4tb, but
the> ram iaterlered.
v. iii Ruiiberger has taken an interest
lu Ibe Insurance him of A brains and
Brown Jh Co. Success to }uii William
Leauder M. Wise tbe poet, whose home
has been in lowa, for some years, ha*
icoved bac& to ibis county.
Jam»s Addis, of New Castle visited his
daughter. Mrs. J. H. Johnston on Franklin
St. ovei Sunday.
J N. A untz and wife returned home
last wetk from a two weeks atay at C'am
Prof. Mackey spent the 4th in Butler,
and atended the teacher's convention in
Buffalo, this week.
Steve Markham, Will and Joe Forquer,
Dan Younkins, and Peter Kattigan are at
» Joseph McNair and several other promi
nent A. 0. U. W. men visited Butler,
Henry Post, of Sarversville was in town,
M"nday. lie bad had sickness in his fam
ily, and want* to sell his saw mill. See
Will or Ed Fin J ley of Ne* York visited
bis parent* over Sunday. He n in with
a lot of wealthy railroad men ihere, and
is doing well.
Chsrle; Morris and Tom Mcßride did
not stay on the Saratoga. They came
home and they tall some tough stories of
the training ship, and it* discipline.
Benton Shrader and wife returned
home Saturday from a two weeks slay at
Cambridgeboro., and they were greatly
pleased with their experience there, and
henefitteJ by the water.
John Henninger, after having been
admitted to the bar in this cojnty took a
course in the Law School at Carlisle, Pa ,
from where he graduated this month. He
has began the practice of the law, and for
the present will go into the office with
D. Marshall 112 West Diamond St.
Hon. Wm. G. Thompson of Marion.
lowa, is visiting his relatives in this coun
ty. He was elected Judge of bis district,
consisting of throe counties, Kome three
years ago, and has just finished a ten
month* term of court. He thiuks lowa is
as sure of standing in the Kepublican
column with 100,000 majority t its credit
ibis Fall as is Pennsylvania.
J. W. Humphrey of Jacksville recently
admitted to the practice of law has returned
home from a wedding tour bringing his
bride, formerly Miss Elda Hugis, of Groye
City, with him. They were given a rccep
tiim on Thursday at the home of his lather
James Humphrey. He will probably lo
cate at Ellwood City. His many fiiouds
here wish him happineKs and prosperity
in his mar.ied li e. —Ex.
Joseph Liebler, formerly the Trunk
King of Pittsburg, and now the manager
for the Manhattan Life insurar.ee Co. of
New York for this district, and Miss
Ma tha Michel, the only and beautifdl
daughter of C. Vlichel, the wealthy oil;
man of Herman, were married in the par
lor <f Dr Hippus, last -.veiling aad left
town this morning lor a short trip
to the lakes, as Mr. Liebler'* business
will not permit of his being away from
Butler lor any length of time. When they
return they will have rooms at the Park
For Sale
Onn new Modwl Crandall Type
Writer Inquire at 404 Lccuet
St Butler Pu.
Uuderwt-ar—a specialty at HkokV
bin Bf/Kik i» lnr«o't auri finent over
offered in Bu*'e'
of .A HHombly, 26 ocuUs for haif-a-doaen
.or »a'e at Uitiz*n office.
liargalnw iu !» 4 and 1H 4 Hhceting
»t The People'B Store.
—The Butler Lubricating Oil Co
haw moved hack to tbeir old Btand
II'J, W. JeffereoD Bt. SteclHmitb Si
Patterson's new building, where all
kinds of engine, machinery, and il
luminating oils of the finest quality
are kept in stock in the basement,
and will be delivered to any part of
the city when ordered from C. E.
Mclntire, agent.
Sox and shirts, all wool and a yard
wid?, cheap* r than the obeapest—at
HECK'S, 121 N. Main St.
Kefrigerator for sale. A first
clans refrigerator, with plate glass
top Inquire at this office.
Trunks, valises, bag* and tele
coprs—at HICKS.
Oh Mamma—you ought to soe the
big piles of childrens suits at HECK'S
only $1.25, you can't get the same in
town for less than $2.50,
ipr The only genuine Spring
HjLWatorlce ' n ut ' or now
being delivered to his customers daily
Leave your order at Ilichey's
Only 15c per yard for 0-4 shooting
at The People's Store.
DO you want a hat or cap? IIKCK
has them aud can save yon money.
The best 5c muslin ever brought
to Butler at The People's Htore.
Vox Populi—B«y your clothing,
underwear, hosiery, hats, raps, sox
and neckwear of "l>. A. HECK., and
save money.
Pants— Over 2000 pairs to select
from, at prices, oh well, don't men
tion them, its' awful, where *t
Closing out summer dress goods
below cost at The People's Store.
Hay Papa—did you see HECK'S
neckwear, it beats anything you ever
MUSlC—Scholars wanted at 12H W
Wayne St. Also nicely furnished
room to rent.
Job work of all kinds done at tl.e
Notice to Teacher*.
The school Hoard of Concord twp, will
meet on Saturday, July nth at I o'clock
I'. M, to elect teachers fur a term of
seven months, Kxj>erienced teachers
Also to receive sealed bills for Kennel
'1 'Mai.
Much excitement among the
farmers in over what
is thought toben rich discovery of silver
on the farm of Daniel Slage! in New
Bethlehem. A large quantity of the |
mineral has !>eeti sent away for examin
Dauphlin county has a lownship of 254
inhabitants that has no miuister, no ]
church, no Sabbath -school, no justice of j
the peace, and no place where liquor is
sold. The people are law-abiding and
peaceable. Lebanon county can boast of
Cold Spring township, much larger in
area, with only fifty inhabitants, eighty
voters, and none of the above accompa
niaments of civiliz»lion, neither any
schools or stores aud yet inhabited by
the best of citizens.
Scott White of North Beaver township
Lawrence Co., had a horrible experience
while hiving bees Monday at the home
of his brother-in-law, William Clarlc.
The bees had swarmed on the limb of aii
apple tree and White climbed the tree to
saw off the limb.
He had aot taken the precaution .•covtr
his face aud as soon as the bees discovered
him they attacked him. Rendered wild
with their stints White dropped to the
ground. The bees followed literally
swarming on his head until nothing could
be seen about his face but the black
moving mass. He tore them off with
his builds as he rolled farther and farther
from the tree. There was no getting rid
of them except by squeezing them to
death and after rolling and fighting for
almost half a mile, White finally got his
coat off and wrapped it about his face.
The poison from the bee stings began to
take effect and soon his face was swelled
so that the skin was almost bursting.
Friends who had witnessed the fight
carried White to the,house Where over
100 bee stings were picked from his face.
He is in a critical condition.
The I'eiiiaylituiia Railroad's Popular
Excursion.* to the Seashore.
$lO foe Twklvk Days.
No other Summer outictf api eaU so
strongly to the people of W eastern Penn
sylvaaia as the Pennsylvania Hailroad
Company's popular excursions to the sea
coast of New Jersey. For years they have
been looked forward to as the holiday
events of each Summer, and every season
bas seen them grow more popular. The
reason of the gteat favor in which they
are heid is easy to see, The rate of $lO
for the round trip is phenomenally low
considering the distance and the high
charac erof the service; the limit of
twelve days just fits the time set apart for
the average vacation, and the dates of the
excursions are most con voniently adjusted.
There is also the widest field for choice
in the selection ol the resort. Atlantic
City, Cape May, Sea Isle City, and Ocean
City are the choicest of the Atlantic coast
resorts, anfl <uiy eme of them may be
visited under thu»*> arrangements.
The dates of the excursions are July 23,
August C and 20, and tie rates will be as
follows: Pittsburg, airaßutler, $10; pro
portionate rates from points.
A special train of parlor ears and day
coaches will leave Pittsburg on each of
the above mentioned dates at 8.55 A. M.,
and connect at Philadelphia with special
train via the sew Delaware liiyer Bridge
route, landing passengers at Atlantic City
in twelve hours from PlMburg;' ot pass
engers may spend the ni£ht H ' Philadel
phia and proceed to the shore V»y regular
train from Market Streo' Wharf the follow
ing day.
Tickets will also bo good on regular
trains leaving Pittsburg at 430 and 8.10
P. M , arriving in Philadelphia next morn
ing, whence passengers may proceed to
the shore on any regular train Irom Market
Street Wharf that day.
For detailed information in regard to
rates and time (. f trains apply to ticket
agent, or Mr. Thomas E. Watt, DisUict
Passenger Agent, Pittsburg
Administrator's Notice.
betters of administration in the estate of
Henrietta 1) Beatty, dee'd, late of vV ash
ington twp. Butler Co, Pa,, having been
granted fo the undersigned. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment, and
any having claims against said estato will
present them properly authenticated for
settlement to
E. C. HRAT'IT, Ailm'r
Uutler, P»
Notice of Application for Charter
Notice is hereby given that an applies-11
lion will be made to the Governor of I
Pennsylvania on Tuesday the 21st 'lay of
July by Thos. W. Phillips, Victor K.
Phillips. Herbert C. Phillips, Thomas W.
Phillips, Jr., and Clarence Walker under
the act of Assembly entitled "An act to
provide for the incorporation and rej<u]a
tion of Natural (las Companies" approved
the 29th day of May A. I). IHSS, and the
supplements thereto for the charter of an
intended corporation to be calledj the
Phillips Gas Company, the character and
object of which is the producing dealing
in, transporting, storing and supplying
natural gas to such persons corporations
or associations, in the Counties of Alle
gheny, Armstrong, Butler, and West
moreland, within convenient distance of
its pipe lines as may desire to use the
In the matter of the |ln the Court of
final account of W. 1 Common Pleas of
S. McCrea, assignee , Butler Co., Ms. I),
of Johanna WulJer. J No. 8, Sept. Term,
J '#93-
Book 5, Page 71.
The Auditor appointed by the Court to
audit ami make distribution of the bal
ance of the funds shown to be due said
Accountant wi'l meet the parties inter
ested for the purposes of hisapfiointmcnt,
on Friday, July 17, 1H96, at 10 o'clock A.
M., at his office in the Mitchell building,
north of the Court House, where and
when all parties interested are requested
to make and prove their claims, or be de
barred f'om coming in upon said fund.
I. C. VANDKKMN, Auditor.
Administrator's Notice.
betters of administration hiving been
granted to the undesigned, on the estate
ol William Ijardin, dee d, late of Clinton
twn, Bailor oounty, P»., all persons in
debted t<> said estate will please make im
mediate payment, and any having claims
against the -time will present them prop
erly authenticated for settlement to
L. 8. I>A I*itiN, Adm'r.
Xaxonluirtf. pa.
R. Me.liinkin, Alt}'.
EJ ocutors 1 Notice.
betters testamentary on the estate of
John L. Beatty, den'd, la'.e of Washing ton
twp. butler Co, I'a. having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing
themsejt en indebted to «ald estate will
please make immediate payment, and any
having claims against said estate will
present them duly authenticated for settle
ment to
413, Lookout Ave., Butler Pa. or
W. 8. iIKATTr,
Billiards, Butler Co, Pa.
Administrator's Notice.
letters of administration on the estate
of Isaiah N. Bryson, dee'd, late ol Coal
town, Cherry twp., Butler Co, l'a having
been granted' to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves Indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said est»t« will permit them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
EMYA Barton. Adin'i
Coaltown, i'a
. 1), MCJukki*. Att'y
Administrator's Notice
Letters ol administration on the estate
of George List, deo'd, late of Adams twp.,
Butler Co, Pa. having lieen grant) d to the
undersigned, all persons knowing them
| selves ir debted to said estate will plsasit
make immediate payment, and any having
j claims against said estate will present
; them duly authenticated f»r -'ittleinent to
Maiioahkt A bisi, Adui'*
McFatin, Butler Co, Pa.
1 W. ii. Lima, Att'y.
Everything Now Ready for Ihe tirsod
Picnic Free Feast and First Pub
lic Sale.
Pittsburg A Western Will Sell Half-
Rate Excursion Tickets from Alle
gheny, Foxburg, New Castle and
Intermediate Points.
The Zelienople Extension Company will
Celebrate its founding of the great, new
injusirial center at Zelienople, Butler |
county, Pa., l»y giving on July loth a grand
old fashioned picnic, including a free
aprt'a.l <>t hoi cfTee and lnnch, on the
spacious doors of the warehouse of the big
UUckDtun Enameling Works, one of the
five important industries which will be 1
fltth (1 at that point. "
Everybody is invited to participate, and
the Pittsburg it Western Railroad Com
pany has notitied its agents at Allegheny, -
Foxbarg, New Castle and intermediate
points to sell round-trip excursion tickets !
from July 15th to 31st, inclusive, to Zelie
nople, good going on regular trains on date
of sale, at tte usual fare one way, except
that no excursion rate shall be less than 25
cenis Hut all tickets, except those sold
on July 15tti, will require stamping at the
office of the Zelieuople Extension Company 1
before they will be honored for return
trip And ail 'rains, on and alter July
latn, will stop at the Pittsburg <fc Western
railroau's new station, located in the new
town near the Extension Company's offices
and 3,000 feet west of the old or prtsent
in case of rain there will be plenty of
space under roof, in the buildings that are
now in course of construction am almost
ready for the machinery, to shelter the
great multitudes that will undoubtedly at
tend the brilliant beginning of the new
town's first public sale of lots.
There will be a happy lime for all who
attend, and an opportunity to get thrilling
facta on what is destined to become one of
the most thriving and substantial manu
facturing centers in the state —destined to
leap from a village of hundreds of people
to a oily ol thousands of people.
Homes are wanted for a vast army of
workmeu that will find employment m five
big industries.
The lots, each ol vthich is 40x120 leet,
will bo sold at prices surprisingly low in
order to induce rapid an* numerous build
ing, so that there uiay be no scarcity of
homes. Terms will be 10 per cent down
and balance in eighteen equal monthly
payments. Liberal discount will be given
for cash to thoHe who intend building im
mediately or in the very near future.
The first choice to purohaee business lots
will also be given. Said lots are bound to
increase in value at least 500 per cent in
thrae years.
Streets have been laid out with provision
for best sanitary improvements. Zeigler
street,.the business or main thoroughfare,
is 90 feet wide All other streets are 60
feet wide. Alleys in rear of all lots 20
leet wide.
The sale will be continued nntil July 31,
when prices of lots will be advanced. But
there will be no such a chance as on the
opening day, July 15th, for which the Ze
lienople Extension Company has made
elaborate preparations to give all who be
come their guests not only a jolly day, but
the choice of the garden spots, the sites
that will most rapidly enhanoe iu value
because of their peculiarly accessable and
picturesuue volutions.
15. <y B.
It's by having what's wanted, and sell
ing that kind at prices enough less to pay
people to come or send here, that we ex
pect to—and will win even greater busi
ness in July than we did in June —had
the higgest June this year of 1896 of any
in the store's history—proof that choice
goods for less pi ices win.
AGRA LINEN —iHyi inches wide—
(>%c —all in natural linen color grounds
—some with wide, some with narrow,
some with clusters of stripes in pretty
colorings of blue, green, yellow, pink and
lavender—wc washed samples of each
color combination—washed them thor
oughly—not a color faded or run—such
goods for 6jfc—and they're all stylish
largest assortment at some of the
lot are 10c goods—others I2j4c—light
colors, and a lot of the 6#c ones in dark
navy blue with neat white figures, which
speaks a lot for the character of these, as
blue and white is quite in favor—ser
viceable colors which can l>e mad'! up
without lining.
Medium heavy welt WHITE P. Ks.—
29 inches wide— 2oc— nice for skirts—
this kind starches better than muslin.
25c GRASS LINENS- 29 inches wide
l5c —stripes and plaids in colorings of
red, blue, brown, etc. —style and worth
that would make busy selling at even the
full value price—a saving of ten cents a
yard will bring great results—|>eople
realize that saving money is as good as
earning it, or tins small profit store
wouldn't do such a large proportion of
this country's retail Dry Goods business.
WASH GOODS -3c to $ I.2s—and if
the desired kinds are not mentioned here,
let us know your preference and we'll
send samples of what's wanted you'll
find prices right for the kinds—less.
Bo«rgS & 811111,
Butler Savings Bank
Otitler, Pa.
Capit.il - - $60,000-00
Surplus and Profits, $104,000.00
JOS. h. PURVIS President
J. MKNRY TROUTMAN Vice-P'«(sideiit
WM. CAM I'ilKMi, Jr «"ashiet
l>lKKl*rOK!t—Joseph 1.. Purvis, J. Ilenry
Tro'it'nan, W. I>. Itramlon. W. A. Mtuln, J. ».
Ihe HuMer HUVIIIKS hunk Is the Oldest ItauU
Ink' Inatltutlon In ftiiMer I'ounty.
Oeneral lnuiklUK business transacted.
»i H'lllrit aoroiuil* HI oil producers, mer
Chants, farmers anil others.
All I li. llricnH entruai od '.a im;wlil receive
prompt attention.
Int< Teat IM I'l on time <l<-po«ltn.
The ButlerCoun'.y National Bank
Capital paid In SIOO,OOO 00
Surplus arid Profits $87,9(32.35
J OH, ffartman. President; J. V. UiUs.Vice
President; 0. A. fiailny, CaHhier, John 0
McMarlin, A *«'t Oaabier.
A general hanking business 'rwisaetod.
Interest paid 011 timedepo-tllii.
Money loaned on approved wrurlty.
We Invite you fi open an account with thin
MKIMTOUH Hon. .loieph lliirtinan. Hon W.
S Wttlilron. Dr. N. M. lloo»er. 11. MeHweeney.
I I',. AliraniH. (!. I'. Collins, I. (1. Hinltli, l,cslle
I lla/lett, M. Klnecaf. W. Ilenry Wilson. John
I hiinphrey.Ur. W. r Mi'Citnaleiui, Men Musseth
II rrv lleiwley J. V,|M.
r,.c;. WLCJK
IiRA LftK fit
Roii: !! and Worked Lumber
of AL. mans
Do<i h. .ash, Blinds, Moulding,
sr.lnßles and Lath
\ Iwiiys In Stock.
u Hoi. oppo*it«».P. <h,W. Depot,
erhaps you don't know how
we are on
U 1 everything relation tc prescrip
it will not be amiss to
your attention to the
| l
•*- rompt service given
A o everything of the kind placed |
A n our hands
prescription d. j -.r'mcnt
ever was so complete
you money too.
Diamond Block, Butler, a i
The nicest line of
Wall Mouldings in
town are at
New Room. 201
S. Main St. New
line of Blank Book
Writing Paper just
201 S. Main St.
wearing good clothes
is a good # habit and
our clothes are good
habits. We want to
help you torm this
good habit. Begin
now! in a short time
you will be convinced
we have saved you
money and that you
are always dressed in
good taste. Goad
taste in dress secures
a cordial recognition
for those who show
it. No man can tell
how much injury a
shabby appearance
may do him. Our
handsome new Spring
stock is now ready
for your selection.
Cotton is Queen
Dress Goods Realm.
Some of her most royal
subjects arc:
Fine French
White and tinted grounds—with
neat floral and conventional de
signs—sheer and beautiful as or
gandies —30c the real value, at
15c a yard.
St. Gall Swisses
white and colored grounds, with
embroidered dots and stripes—
50c and 60c goods—2sc a yard.
Imported Irish Dimities
all this season's styles and color
ings—25c fabrics—l2.J a yard.
Come, or write for samples of
Cotton Dress Goods, 5c to 25c,
and prove the advantage of
shopping here.
Pcnn Avenue and Fifth St.,
Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Office Cor.Main & Cunningham
Al.r. WICK. Pres.
MM). KKrTKKKH. Vlra I'rM.
L. M fIrJI'aKIN. Hor'f »4.Tr«u.
Alfred Wick. Hwmlorsoii OII»«r,
' r. W. Irvln, lames Stephenson,
>v. W. 11l uck more, N. Wnlttef,
K. Htiwman. i|. J. Ktiiitfisr
• lea. KetterOT, ('has Kel.hu 11,
l«i. ll^uno. IJOIIB Komiltut
In order to make room for an immense stock of Fall goods that
we have puwhased and. which will bcgii to arrive about the
middle ot August, we ofter for the next six weeks at exactly ONE
HALF the price at which we have heretofore sold these goods a large
assortment of Men's, Hoy's and Children's Suits. These are all
STRAIGHT GOODS, both in material and make, ranging in price
from S2O down to $4, which prices will be cut in two, and the Suits
sold as follows:
£20.00 Suits, Now SIO.OO
18.00 " - " 9.00
16.00 " - " 8.00
10.00 " - 5.00
4.00 " '* 2.00 r.i,.-
2.00 Child's Suits, Now 1.00 *•
1 50 75
All above goods marked in plain figures, and as our reputation
for having one low price has always been maintained, you know
what a cut in price like this meius.
These goods are displayed on the Front Basement Floor of our
store, and arranged for convenience of inspection. You are cordially
invited to call and examine them, and we are sure you will be con
vinced that this is no fake proposal, but that both goods and prices
are exactly as we here represent them, and that we ofter you bargains
such as you never saw before and will not soon see again. Among
these goods are the following:
197 MEN'S SriTS, SIZKS 34 TO 4*
Corner Main and Cunningham streets, Butler, Pa.
Some A Yard Wide.
We mean our suits for fat men. Light in color, weight and
price. Your money back if they are not as we state.
The Largest Stock of Clothing in Butler.
Men's Suits
$4, $ 6, SS, $lO, sl2
Boy's Suits, long pants
$2.50, $4, $5. $8
Boy's Suits, short pants
sl, $1.50, $2, $3. $4
Men's Shirts
25c, 50c, 75c, $ 1
Men's Straw Hats
25c, 50c, 75c, #1
Boy's Shirts
25c and 50c
Boy's and Children's Hats
25c, 50c, 75c
Schaul & Nast
Leading Clothiers, 137 8 Main St., Butler, Pa.
Are the suits that come from our
establishment—models of style,
workmanship and good taste. The
clothes arc always and the
price is always right, too, when
you want a suit.
When None Hut Well Dressed
Customers come out of a tailoring
establishment it proves that It is
the one store in the city that men
of taste patronize. Our store is
that place in Hutlcr. Have you
ordered that new suit yet? Isn't
it time? Then come in and see
our fine selection of spring styles.
The Store from out of which
come pleased and satisfied custom
ers wherever it is in the country,
is a safe store to patronize. It is
pleasant to us to know that our
store is prc-emincrtly the store of
Hutlcr, of which this is so. When
you want a fine suit call and see
us before purchasing.
Cor. Diamond, Butler, Pa
Open* Saturday, June 37, 1H96. Clows
Septemlier 30. lintel modernised at n
cont of f4<v«x>. Ye old time lawn con
certs l»y Simon Ilaaaler'a Grand Orches
trar Address
Asbury Park.
Asbury Park ha* the best beacll on the
coast of New Jersey, and
is the licst place to stop while there. For
terms addreas,
Asbory Park, N. J.
For Sal*.
A fine l'artn of *ev< nty acre*, two miles
West of Freej)ort, building* icood a* new,
plenty of watej, fruit of all kind*, *oil
(food, five j(ood VHH wells within 14 utile
of said farm. Price For par
ticular* addrea*.
Uo* 98. Silvertille.
Duller Co, I*a.
We keep constantly on hand three
different kinds of Gas Meter*, vi*. fhe
"Toliey"-dry meter—The "BguiUble"-
dry meter and The Westinicbouse fluid
meter. Anyone deairinjc to buy a meter
can secure on; from u* at a rrarftetble
price and IIJKIII easy term*.
Nome Nalaral Oa* Co.,
Rett>er Building.
* C -(i l\ iiN U PAPER
KIVRXII it I't ;«*"«rtuinn
a. Asa niaajroTOK nws.
• ' » will Mi:(Ml h' •» I •
Hotel Ktitler
J. 11. FAUBEL., Prop'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets; has electric bells and *1
other modern conveniences for
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found in Butler, Pa.
Elegant sample room for use of
commercial men
New Patterns, New Colors and
Low Prices.
The latest effects in shaded
Get your room papered st s
small expense if you buy
Near F. O. 241 S. Main St
'2, and 'J, Do Not Mtkc Five.
It's quite a problem to please
everyone's taste in any line you
may select and particularly ol
jewelry, silver novelties, cut glass,
etc., but I'm sure you will find
what you want in my large stock
and at such prices that defy com
petition. I am making a spe.
cialty of nobby and find Goods
and want your trade.
j. s. cm.
Horn* Insurance ("•. of N*»iyark. ! B f? f
an<-« Co. of North America, «f Pklladalphla,
Pa. l'henl* Imuraoo* of Brooklyn, N. 1.
*ml Hartford Insurance Co. of Hai Word Ooaa
OFFICE: <)«rn«<r of Main k H». and the
lHstuoml, north of Court llooae, BJtl*r. Pa
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