Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, June 20, 1895, Image 3

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THURSDAY. JUNE 20, 1895.
Hartzell A Kemper's Adriance binders.
Witte's Jones Lerer binder.
Ruffs fine footwear.
|, Cooper & Co's measure for measure.
Henry Miller's staple groceries.
Notice to teachers.
Honduras Tonic.
Paper flowers.
Zimmerman's June clearence sale.
Miller's shoes.
NOTE— AII advertisers intending to make
changes in their ads. should notify us of
their intention to do so, not later than
.Monday morning.
Administrators and Executors of estates
can secure their receipt books at the CIT
ZKH office
—The Standard is paying $1.55 to day. ]
—Next year will be the last leap year
nntil 1904.
—The Mercer Hospital has at present 17
—The chewing gmm evil seems to be on
the grow.
—Replanted garden stuff is now coming
on nicely.
—The potato bugs hare resumed busi
ness for the season.
—Lots of green goods men in town —
dealers in spring vegetables.
; . i people are said to be still hunt
ing .be "itook of Hezekiah."
—'i Bauer Presbytery meets at Grove
City. '.asUay.
— A jmt two hundred of our people took
in the Cuuaeaui Lake picnic, Tuesday.
—lt is easy to have a fly time if you
have no screens on your doors and win
—The Butler Sohool Board will select
forty teachers to-morrow from the hun
dred and ten applicants.
—The West Sunbury and Slipperyrock
Commencement Exercises ocour next
—A drop of caster oil is now said to be
preferable to the use of flax seed for re
moving obstructions in the eye.
—Eggs were scarce in Butler, last week,
and were shipped in from neighboring
—The cold weather of last winter, killed
the yellow* in the peach trees; also a good
many of the trees.
—Erie and Warren will celebrate the
centennial anniversaries of their corporate
existence in the 4th and Franklin next
—Dr. Cyrus Teed of Chicago it in Pitts
burg at present organizing a company to
go to Eastern Florida, there to found a
communistic society.
—We print a very interesting account
of the Sunday School Convention of last
week, prepared by the Secretary of the
Ass'n, Joseph Criswell.
—lf Judge Wickham, of Beayer Co., is
appointed to the Superior Bench, Alf
Moore, who read liw in Butler, will be a
a candidate forjadge in that county.
—Daring the trial of a case at Beaver
last week, a defendant exhibited a new
bioycle that he had purchased in parts and
pat together at a total cost of $25.
—Lawn fete on W. Jefferson St., this
evening, also to-morrow and Saturday
evening; benefit of Rescue Hook Ladder
Co. Give the boys a lift.
—Some one is recalling the fact that
about thirty-five years ago men wore bal
loon sleeves very similar to the big ones
now worn by women.
—"When 'er man talks 'er tremenjns
sight 'boat what a good frien' ob your'n
he is," said Uoole Eben, ''listen ter 'im,
bat doan' trade hosaes wif 'im."
—Last Friday was the one-handred
and eighteenth anniversary of the adoption
of the stars and stripes as the national em
blem. Betsy Ross designed the flag.
—The ostimated oost of the new Episco
pal church is $12,000. It is to be of stone
and will be bnilt to the rear of the present
chnreh, which will be used until part of
the new bnilding is completed.
—The pablio sale including horses,
cows, sheep and hogs, which took place
Wednesday at Abe Fliok's farm, ia Clear
field twp., was largely attended. Quite a
number of horses and cattle were disposed
of. A nice dinner was served in the or
ohard, and all report a good time.
—The Council adopted an erdinance
for the paving of Mifflin St., last Friday
night; and at the same time the street is
to be widened and straightened. An ordi
nance providing for the sewering of W.
Cunningham St., was adopted that night.
—Parts of Concord and Fairview town
ships were visited by an extraordinary
hailstorm last Thursday evening. Stones
as large as hen eggs are said to have fall
en. The slate on the roof of Samuel
Brown's bouse were broken and a derrick
at Troutman was blown over. The storm
area was aboat a mile wide.
—When a fire breaks out you should
run to the nearest bell and ring it rapidly
as a general alarm; then, if the fire is in
Springdale give the bell single taps slowly,
to indicate district No. 1; If the fire is in
the southern part of the 2nd Ward give it
doable taps; if in the 3rd Ward, treble taps;
if in Duffytown four taps; if in the north
western part of town five taps; if in the
northeastern part of town six taps, and if
on Institute hill seven.
—ln Rev. Prugh's lecture of Tuesday
evening, he followed the ship only as far
as Algiurs, leaving the balance of the
trii> for, we suppose, a subsequent lecture.
He has gathered up considerable of the
history of Gibialter and Granada, and his
lecture was very interesting, and well de
livered. If he continues his lecture, from
Algiers east, in Batler, he should have a
larger audience than he had in the Re
formed Chnrch of the First Ward, Tuesday
Excursion to the Sea Shore.
The Pannsylvaina Railroad Company
will run four excursions to the Sea Shore
this season on the following dates, July
18th August Ist, Isth and August 29th, on
about the same schedule as last year and
at the same low rates as heretofore. The
first three excursions will probably be
run through to Atlantic City arriving at
the latter place aboat 8 00 p.m. saving the
inconvenience of remaining over night in
Philadelphia. Trains will leave Butler
6 25 a m. on the above dates. For
tiokets and farther information apply to
Chas, B. Rahn, Tioket Agent PR R
Season Excursion tickets to all Summer
Resorts now on sale.
Excursion to Denver Col., Via
P. & W.,- B. & O. and Con
necting Lines.
Tickets on Bale July 2, 3, 4 and 5,
good returing Sep't Ist by depositing
ticket witn agent at Denver. One
fare for tbe Round trip plus $2.00 or
$40.75, choice of routes beyond Chi
cago. For farther information ap
ply to
A. B. CBOCCH, Agt.
Butler, Pa,
Fine and heavy all-wool Serge 45
inches wide, all colors at 50 cents a
yard—a big bargain— at
At the Session of Court of last Monday
morning ail the htld-over applications for
licence were granted excepting those of
Simeon Nixon and Lewis Ziegler. which
were refused on account of their not being
filed "three weeks before the da/ fixed lor
the hearing thereof."
The applications of B. J. Forquer of Mil
lerstown; Mrs. Lou Cunningham of Evans
City; A. M. Lusk of Zelienople and Jacob
Reiber of Butler were granted, the licenses
to issue on July 1, 1895, for a term of one
Jacob Reiber filed a paper agreeing "to
not in less quantities than one gallon"
or to any person unknown to him; and in
a previous paper he pledged himselt never
to again apply for license.
Something was said in Court regarding
a disclaimer being filed in the case of Mrs.
Lou Cunningham, but we could not find it
among the papers in the case.
Hereafter all applications for license will
be heard on the tnird Monday in June; and
all petitions and bonds must be filled not
later than the the third Saturday prior to
the day fixed for the hearing of the same;
and all licenses granted will be for one
year from July Ist.
The Standard Plate Glass Co., has sued
the Water Co., for interfering with their
water supply by damming Bonnie Brook.
Saturday, June 29, will bo the last day
for paying Mercantile Tax, to save costs.
' The disposition of the Commonwealth
casevsD. H. Wuller was postponed until
until July 15th.
The petition of E. L, Albert to be re
leased from duty as constable of Centre
twp, was held over for the present.
Mrs. Annie B. Peebles has petitioned
for a divorce from J. X. Peebles
James Simpson had summons in tre. -
pass issued versus William Story, and
claims $5,000.
The grand jury of Alleghany Co, in
their presentment hit back at Judge
White as follows: "Thisjury is composed of
business men and artisans from varions
parts of the county, some of whom are
giving their time at great pecuniary loss.
Not one of us is learned in the law, nor
are any of us politicians with personal
ambition who might prefer a record of
speed in the discharge of the business,
rather than justice in tho consideration of
cases laid before ns.
"No member of this jury had friends to
reward or enemies to punish, and the de
cision reached in every case was based on
the evidenee bafore us, the exercise of our
best judgment, and a sincere regard for
the sanctity of our oaths. We held in
high estimation the charge and instruc
tions of the learned Judge presiding, and
in no case were wo u.imindfulof tho sug
gestion of the Court as to economy in
time and consideration ot the county's in
terest in matter of costs, and our work
has been as rapid as consistence with jus
tice would permit, an 1 our findings in ac
cordance with our best judgement and con
"In this connection, and with profound
respect for the Court, wo may remind the
Court that where in our judgment a bill
was returned "ignoramus,'' and Subse
quently sent back to us from the Court,
and a "true bill" returned, on the trial of
the case the defendant was found 'not
guilty,'and the county saddled with the
"It has been suggested that grand juries
have become useless bodies, and we beg
to concur in this view, if the conscience
as well as the functions of the jury may
be directwd and controlled.
W A Dfflinison to John Dolan 13 acres
in Donegal for 1500.
J II Gilmore to Jas T Shane lot in Mil
lerstown for S3OO.
Adaline A Taylor et al to C C Taylor G8
acres in Brady tor sl.
David Barto to ttabina Martin lot in
Evans City for sllsO.
Jas Yerty to E L Oesterling lot in But
ler for S7OO.
Alice W Haslett to L E McElhaney lot
iD Butler for $10,500.
E C Haselton to R M Huselton lot in
Butler twp for sland R M Haselton same to
Eliz M Huselton for sll2O.
Jas W Dobson to M J Burnes 1 acre at
Wick Station for $650.
Emma F Brown to Henry DeWolf lot
in Butler for S9OO.
Tobias Meeder to Geo J Meeder 60 acres
in Cranberry for SSIOO.
J M Marshall, assignee to T M Marshall
lots in Mais for SSUS.
Marriage Licenses.
D. G. Brnnermer Petersville
Lillian Stoops ..Mt. Chestnut
W. L Kelly Brain
M. L. Orr "
J. M. Mechling Grove City
Bird Nicklas Petersville
E. L. Pyle Yorkville, 0
Agnes Kennedy ...Prospect
Charles H. Hutchison ...Oakland twp
Bella Brown ...Centre twp
Wise Allegheny Co
Annie Monnie Butler
W. C. Detrick Connoq twp
Minnie Koblmeyer Renfrew
At Kittanning, Wm. E. Blymiller of
Parker and Margaret Bullhinan of Butler
At Johnstown, John Koca of Butler and
Lizzie Kohler of Johnstown.
At Buffalo, C. A. Collins and West
of Butler.
Tours too the North via Pennsylvania
To provide the most attractive method
of spending a summer holiday, the Penn
sylvania Railroad Company has arranged
to run two delightlul tours to the North.
The points included in the itinerary and
the couutry traversed abound in nature's
beauties. Magnificent scenery begins
with the journey and ends only with its
The names of the places to be visited
are familiar to all and snggestive of
wonderland. No matter how muoh may
be expected, one cannot be dissapointed in
Watkin's Glen, Niagara Falls, Thousand
Islands, Quebec, Montreal, Au Sable
Chasm, Lakes Champlaii and George,
Saratoga, or the Highlands of the Hudson.
The dates fixed for the departures of
these two tours are July 16 and August
20, and the round-trip rate of SIOO
from New York, Brooklyn, Newark,
Trenton, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Balti
mor, and Washington will cover all
necessary expenses during the times
absent. A beautiful descriptive itinerary
can be produced from the tourist depart
of the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1196 Broad
way, New York, or Room 411, Broad
Street Station, Philadelphia.
Fourth of July Excursion.
On Wednesday, July 3d, and 4th, Agts.
of P. \V. will sell Excursion for fare one
way for round trip to all points on P.&W.
also to all points on C. A. & C., B & O.
and P. &W. Good returning July 5.
Dealers in new Furniture and
household goods of every description
Call and see us. We can save you
Stylish sailor hats, many colors at
We display over 100 new and
pretty pattern hats and bonnets at
I offer my services to invest money
for persons having it to loan, in first
mortgage on improved property in
Pittsburg and Allegheny. All fees
paid by the borrowers. No charge
whatever to the persons loaning the
money. Usual rate of interest six
per cent, well secured.
May 20, 1895, Attorney at Law,
98 Diamond St, Pittsburg, Pa.
Excursion rates between all points
on line of P. S. & L E. R. R., Tick
ets good going July 3 and 4 and for
returning up to and including the oth
at the rate of one fare for the round
—Home made candies, taffies, ear
mels, and etc., now on hand at the
City Bakery.
-.jj|Plain and fancy Black Dress Goods
in all qualities at bargain prices at
L. L. Wick has been appointed post
master for Moniteau.
Miss Mabel Brown of this place is visit
ing friends in Petrolia.
Miss Burnett, of Clarion, is the guest of
Miss Robinson.
Jno Shaffer and family are visiting
friends in Ohio.
H. C. Heineman and wife visited Con
neant Lake last week.
Miss Shuler of Wheeling is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. Anthony Rockenstein.
Miss Rose of Nebraska is the guest cf
her sister, Mrs. Emery Brandon.
Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Stsrks
attended the Home and Foreign mission
ary convention at Williamsport.
Mrs George Shievor of W. Pearl St. is
visiting friends at Middle Lancaster,
Whitcstown and Portersville.
Misses May Moore and Janette Deemer
of Kittanuing were the guests of Dr. Moore
at the Butler House, last week.
S. A. Leslie, J. W. Gillespie. Geo. Fair,
G. K. Montgomery and J. H. Flick of Mid
dlesex were in town on bnsiness, last week.
Alice Kiskaddon is at Grove City this
week, and Edith is visiting at Foxburg,
so Joe is left alone.
W. A. Christie and wite are spending
a few days at Markelton Sanitarium, in
Somerset Co.
Among the Kittanning visitors at Abe
Flick's farm Wednesday, were Mr. and
Mrs. Todd Dixon and Mr. Joseph Smith
and wife,
Rev. S. M. Bell of Rochester, died
last night, after a lingering illness. He
preceeded Rev. Jones, here, as pastor of
the M. E. church.
Rev. White went to Preeport last Sun
day to baptise a young Weaver. He has
now baptised five generations of the same
family, beginning in 1837.
W. J Pflough, the energetic slate roofer
of Evans City, was in town on business,
Thursday. Will occasionally secures a
contract in Butler.
Harry Lovell, formerly of Butler, now
Snp't. of the Monongahala Division of
ihe P. K. R. visited friends in Butler last
Glenn T. Braden, formerly of Millers
town, is now general manager of the pro
duction of the Standard Co., at SIO,OOO a
Mrs. Piersol and Emi Jack visited
friends in Cranberry twp, this week.
They drove down and had a breakdown
on the road.
Mrs. John Richey, was brought home,
Tuesday, greatly improved in health. She
has been at the hospital for several
John C. Graham is now a Notary Public.
One of the last things done by the Senate
was to confirm the Governor's appoint
Frank Owen, an oil well driller of this
place has been employed by the National
Supply Co.of London to drill some wells
near Singapore, India. He expects to be
gone two years.
Ker. E. M. "Wood will preach in the
Methodist church next Sunday morning
ou, "What about Immortality," and in
the evening on, "Evolution of th 6 church,
or Christianity Progressive."
Cyrus Harper of Cranberry twp. was in
Butler, Monday, lifting his commission as
Justice of the Peace. Cyrus has been en
gaged in New Castle this Spring, on a con
tract for a building.
Mrs. Linn and her daughter Katie, Mrs.
Scott and her son George, and Rev. and
Mrs. Oiler attended the commencement
exercises at Washington and Jefferson
College, this week. Rev. Oiler also attend
ed the reunion of his classmates, who
graduated twenty years ago.
W. T. Gallaher, has been at his old
home in Muddycreek twp., for sometime,
and he and his family will spend the Snm
mer there. He went West nine years ago;
first to Illinois and then to Los Angelos,
Cal., and has been employed on the coast
ever since. He bought property, and has
a home at Astoria Oregon. His wife and
child are at present at her old home in
Davenport lowa, but will be here sooa.
His father, Thomas Gallagher, is well up
in years and is not in good health.
Dr. McAlpine, his children and grand
children— five sons, one daughter, and ten
grand children have been holding a re
union at the Dr's home in Goucherville,
for the past few days, and have been hav
ing a very pleasant time. Three of the
sons are dentists—one at Warren, one at
Bradford and the other in Brooklyn. His
only daughter is a graduate of Cleveland
Medical College, and is preparing to prac
tice in this state. Ono of his unmarried
sons Ken, is six feet, four, and as he is
but 18 years of age, he is yet growing.
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Sad Affair in Fairview.
An unusually sad affair occurred on
the Thos. Hays farm in Fairview twp.
' i last Saturday night. For some weeks,
Armstrong Jamison has had charge of
McGrew and Brown well, at the head of
the hollow. Late Saturday night or
early Sunday morning the rig was notic
ed to be burning, and some of the
neighbors went to it, but it was then
almost entirely destroyed, and the iron
roof of the boiler house had fallen to the
ashes of the wood work. When Hutchi
son Jamison, arrived at the scene he pried
up the rool aud under it found the body of
his brother burned beyond recognition,
and yet burning. Armstrong had been
in Earns City, Saturday, returned late
that uight aud dul not go to the well
till towards midnight. Nobody who saw
the rig burning had any idea he was there.
The well was run by gas; gasoline
accumulated, and the fire is thojght to
have originated from it. Mr. Jamison
was married to a daughter of Jacob
Ellenberger, who with three children
survive him. lie formerly resided in
Butler, and worked for John Richey.
A P. S. <1- L. freight conductor had hi
jaw broken by being struck by a pushing
James Habn fell from a derrick on the
Bergbigler farm near Herman, Tuesday
morning, and broke his right arm and his
Meeting of Piesbytery.
The Presbytery of Butler received from
Blairsville Presbytery, June 11 Mr. Paul
J. Slonaker, a licentiate,placed a call from
/Selienople church in his hands aud ap
pointed a meeting June 25 at 11 A. M. lor
bis ordination and installation over this
A record of the life of Rev. Sam's Wil
liams was read and ordered to be placed
on the records.
Presbytery appointed it» fall meeting at
Summit, 2ud Tuesday of September,
J. B. Coulter, S. C.
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Excursion to Chattanoga, Tenn.
Account, International Conference
Epworth League.—On June 24, 25,
26 and 27th ticket agents of the
Pittsburg & Western Ry., will sell
Round Trip Tickets to Chattanooga;
Return limit thirty days from date
of sale. Rate from Butler $lB.
From stations between Butler and
Kane, inc'uding Clarion, $18.25.
Tickets include free omnibus trans
fer between P. &W. and B & O ,
stations in Pittsburg in each direc
tion. Only one change of cars be
tween Pittsburg and Chattanooga
and that in Union Station, Cincin
One stop-over allowed between
Cincinnati and Chattanooga, either
going or returning of which advan
tage may be taken to visit Mammoth
Cave. For farther particulars in
quire of nearest ticket agent, or ad
P. &. W. Railway,
Allegheny Pa.
The School Directors of Butler
Borough will elect Teachers and
Janitors for the ensuing school year,
Friday June 21, 1895, at 7:30 P. M.
All applications to be filed with
ihe Secretary on or before Tuesday,
Juno 18, 1895, at 7 P. M.
John Findley, Secretary.
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A DUAL— Hartman A Co, and Gallagher,
purchased from the trustees of Greenlee
' i Forst, last week, their nine-sixteenths'
I interest in the West Virginia property,
! for something like $200,000. Greenlee &
| Forst mad* an assignment last Ootober,
[ and in November Joe Craig and J. V.
J Ritts were appointed trustees. Some
| more wells weredrilled, and tho production
| has paid debts aggregating #150,000, in
I about seven months. The whole pro
perty of the firm consisted of 22 producers,
with about 500 barrels production, and
about 14,000 acres of leases.
gas well in West Virginia was fired by
lightning a lew days ago; then it blew
itself out, and now it U spouting salt
BTTLSR— A strong pressure of gas was
struck at 900 feet in the well on the
Bredin place, opposite the Fair grounds.
Nothing has been done at the Wilson well
in the Walter lot lor three weeks.
Boydstown—Phillips has four new rigs
up, Bradner it Reiber two and McConuell
one. McGill & Co's well on the Robb is
making 10 barrells. The South Penn's
well on the Beatty is in the sand and
showing good.
RENFREW— Phillips No. 31, in the
McCalmont tract wai completed last week
and is doing 100 barrels. He has located
five more wells in the tract.
BBOWKSDALB— The Forest Co's 3 Barc
lay is flowing about 5o barrels; the East
ern Co's 3 Marsh was dry in the third
and will be shot in the 100 foot; Shanor it
Co's 2 Brown is dry in the third.
CoopgasTown-Shaffner <t Co' 3 Moore is
doing 25 barrels; Marks <fc Co's 2 is doing
40 barrels; the Forest Co's 2 Thompson 5
Great Belt—The Lawreaoe Oil Co., fin
ished a dry hole hole on the Kornrumph,
a mile west of Grea? Belt, last weak: It
was drilled to the sth <and-19Jl feet. Tbe
Sax"U Oil Co., have a sl.owing of cil iu the
3rd sand oa the Burtuer, a mile west of the
Kornrumph. Frazier 4 Co., are drilling
on the Walker a half mile sonU of Fra
ziers' Mills.
A Sunday Picnic.
Twenty-two car-loads from Allegheny,
ten from Butler, five from Freeport and
large numbers in rigs and on foot, made
up the immense crowd that gatheied in
the grove at the Orphans' Home near Del
ano station, last Sunday. Services were
held in the grove both morning and after
noon, and an of eatables bad
been provided for those who did not bring
The buildings of the Home are all of
frame, and consist of a large three story
house, mostly used a® a dormitory for the
girls; a dining hall and kitchen, with boys
dormitory overhead; a school aud church
builuiug; a bakery and laundry building;
the old Oertel homestead, occupied by
the Principal, Rev. Wilhelm; a large barn
and oiher out-buildings. The plaoe con
tains a large orchard, and we were pleased
to notice that the apple trees were fall of
apples. It was donated to the German
Lutherau church by Mr. & Mrs. Oertal, an
aged and childless couple who died some
fifteen years ago, and they also gave the
church about $4,000 to start the building
tund. Some eighty orphans are now pro
vided there with as good a home as they
could wish for.
The meeting ol last Sunday was to cele
brate the thirteenth anniversary ol the
dedication of the Home, and the collec
tion, receipts of the eating stand, rebates,
etc., netted the institution about SI,OOO.
The section of country abont Delano, is
an nnnsually fine one; the soil is good,
and the roads are kept in excellent repair.
Next week Their Last.
On Saturday June 29th, the Honduras
Tonic Co., closes their advertising sale in
Butler. That will be your last chance to
procure the Honduras Tonic at 25 cts. a
bottle, after that date it will cost SI.OO at
the Drug Stores. Ton know what the
Medicine will do, your neighbors have
used it, and recommended it, many have
been cured by its use from diseases that
have baffled the skill of good Physioians,
it will be many days before you will have
the chance again to buy a remedy so low.
improve your opportunity as the araout'
to be sold at 25 cts. is limited. Offioe of
Honduras Tonic Co. 107 Centre Ave.
Notice To Teachers.
The School Board ol Oakland twp.. will
meet on Satnrday July 6th, at 1, P. M., at
the Simpson School-house, near Boyds
town, for the purpose of employing teach
ers for a six-months terra, beginning Sept.
2d, 1895, at $36 per month; and also for
the purpose of receiving bids for furnishing
the six township school houses with coal.
For further information address:
J. E. MOOKK, Sec'v.
Greece City Pa.
Sunday Excursion June 23.
Special train from Bntler to Ex
position Park.Conneamt Lake, Leaves
Butler at 7 o'clock A. M., R.R. time
Returning Leaving Park at 7 P. M.
Fare for the round trip SI.OO. Ex
change tickets on sale at all the prin
cipal Hotels and from H B. Hunt,
D. A. Reed, also at Heiueman's
Bookstore. Those not wishing to
bother with baskets can procure re
freshments in lunch car, which will
be attached to this train going and
■pT)T?TJ Send us your nam* and address
r ADD 81 " 1 re ° eive by RETURN MAIL
a package of Armstrongs Little
tystem Pills. The best Pill for general
use ever sold. We send thera free and pay
the poetage. We want von to use them.
Also call your at'ention to our "I CURE
U" one of the very best remedies for in
ternal or external pain. It is excellent.
Onr goods are sold by druggists and
dealers everywhere. Address the
1 CURE 1) CO.
Butler, Pa.
seanor & Co's.
Rear of Wick House,
Butler, Pa.
The best of horses and first class
rigr. always on hand and for hire.
Best accommodations in town fo
permanent boardintr and transient
trade. Special care guaranteed.
Stable room for sixty-five horses.
A good class of horses,both drivers
and draft horses, always on hand and
for sale under a full guarantee; and
horses bought upon proper notifi
cation by H. SEANOR.
Butler Dye Works,
216 Center Aye.
Good Work;
Reasonable Prices;
R. D. FISHER, Prop'r. 1
Fifty years ago, Emanuel Beck and
Miss Sarah Irwin, both residents of the
Ligonier Valley, united in wedlock.
Subsequently they removed to isoonsin.
Beck served through the war as a member
| of company B, 33rd Wisconsin regiment,
j They next located in Dakota and took up
government land. Later Beck went to
the Black Hills to dig gold and a few
years afterward hi 9 family received the
news that he had been found murdered in
his cabin near Deadwood. Mrs. Beck
applied for a widow's pension, but the
matter got into a tangle of red tape and
and the years rolled by. Recently she
was informed, officially, that her applies:
tion was refused, beccu.se her husband
was living at Montrose, Colorado and
had asked for a pension for himself.
Letters began traveling to and tro and
last week Beck returned to his family.
By the explosion of a milk and cream
separator in Pittsburg, Monday Phillip
Diehl, vice president of the milk dealers,
exchange was instantly killed. A piece
of tbe medal embeded itself in his stomach
carrying with it his penknife, part of his
watchchain and some money. The sep
arator was supposed to be revolring at
about 8,300 par minute.
Two thousand sheep were sold in
Waahington Co; a few days ago, at fifty
cents a bead.
At Homewood in Beaver Co, an Ital
ian named Mita Quarrelled with his em
ployer named Ritchie, at a stone quaray,
and was discharged. That nfght, out of
revenge, he set fire to Richie's barn,
burning it, with its contents, to the ground,
and a good horse perished. He then
visited the quarry, cut the guy ropes and
let the derick fall. He smashed other
machinery. He then packed his grip and
fled down the Pittsburgh <fc Lake Erie
railroad tracks toward Pittsburg. Pass
ing through Beaver Falls at daybreak
Sunday morning, be was set npon by a
gang of toughs, who beat bim badly and
robbed him of his grfp, 20 cents in money
and a bundle of clothing. When he came
to he reported to the police, and a no
torious character named Ollie Clark was
arrested as one of his assailiants. A lot
of the stolen clothing was found at Clark's
house. He admitted his guilt and was
sent to jail for trial
Mitu then went to an Italian friend, a
fruit dealer, and while sitting in front of
his store Richie, his late employer, drove
through town on his way to Beaver to
notify the officers to look ont for the in
cendiary. He recoguized Mita and. call
ing an officer, had him arrested, but not
without a desperate struggle. He was
taken before Justice Piper, committed to
jail to await trial, and he and Clark, his
late assailant, handcuffed together, were
taken to that institution.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of Rev. Samuel Williams, dee'd, lato of
Brady twp., Butler Co., Pa., all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
ment and any having claims against said
estate will present them, properly au
thenticated for settlement to
Elora, Butler Co., Pa.
Williams and Mitchell, Attorneys.
Dissolution Notice,
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween M. O. Balsiger and S. B. Badger,
general merchandise, under the firm name
Balsiger <t Badger, located at Trontman,
in Coneord twp. Butler Co. Pa. (Magic
P. 0.) was dissolved by mutual consent on
Thursday May 16. 1895.
The accounts of the old firm will be set
tled at the store.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary having been grant
ed to the undersigned on the estate of
Amsziah Kelly, dee'd late of Worth twp.,
Butler county, Pa., all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please settle their accounts immediately
and any having claims against the same
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
L. C. KELLY, Ex'r,
A. M. CORNELIUS, Jacksville,
Att'y. Butler Co., Pa.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate el
William Donthett, dee'd. late of Forward
twp. Bntler Co. Pa, having been granted
the undersigned all persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate will please
make immediate payment, and any hav
ng claims against said estate wil 1 present
them duly authenticated for settlement to:
Prinoeton, Lawrence Co., Pa.
Executors' Notice.
Letter* teatimentary on the estate of
Campbell Bartley, dee'd. late of Clintoa
twp. having 'been granted to the under
signed, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please make
immediate payment, and any having claims
against said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to:
Glade Mill.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration on tbe estate of
Andrew J. Brans, deo'd, late of Ferward
twp., Butler Co., Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned; all persons knowing
'hemselves indebted to said estate win
please make immediate payment, and any
having claims against said estate will pre
sent ttiem properly authenticated for set
tlement to
WM. M. BROWN, Adm'r.
Brownsdale, P. O.
A. B. C. MCFARLAND, Att'y. Ps.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration with the will
annexed, on tbe estate of John Young, late
of Winlield IWD., Butler oounty, Pa., hav
ing been issued by tbe Register of said
county, to me—all persons therefore know
ing themselves indebted to said estate are
requested to make speedy payment, and
all persons having claims against said es
tate will please present them properly au
thenticated for settlement to
JOHH N. Youso, Adm'r C.T.A.
Of John Young, dee'd,
Carbon Blaok, P. O.
Atty'a for Estate.
Administrators' Notice.
Letters of administration on the estate
of John W. McJunkin, dee'd, late of Clay
twp., Butler county, Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned; all persons
Knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against »aia estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
John R. McJunkin) . _
Anna McJunkin, )
Euolid, P. O.
Ira McJunkin, Att'y. Butler Co., Pa.
Public Notice.
Whereas my wife, Martha Flaming has
left my bed and board, without |u»t cause
or provocation; this is fo giva notioe to
the public not to trust or harbor her on my
<ocount, as I will not be responsible for
any bills of her contracting.
Alfred Fleming,
Ekastown P. O.
May 15, 1895. Butler Co., Pa.
A Suggestion.
itM IV.'--!' r i-'cXS
Did it ever occur to yoa that there are
dr:ir« and drags—thatdrugs are like every
thing else—there are good, bad and indif
ferent. There is l athing else which is
positively bad if it i»'..'. j of the best.
Our policy ha« always been to ta noth
ing but the best.
When you want drugs come to us and be
assured of fresh pure goods, and always
what you ask for or your prescription calls
for. It may not always be drugs von want
either. We always have on hand a full
line of sick room requisites.
Diamond Block, - Butler, Pa.
Western Pennsylvania Division.
Schedule in Effect May 20, 1895.
South,—■ — Week Days
A. M. A. M. A. U. r. M. p. M.
BITLRK Leaveti2ft 800 na 406
Saxonburg Arrive 654 Bas 11 48 3U s»t
Butler Jc't •• 727 848 12 13 340 553
Butler Jet .Leave 730 B*B 14 17 340 553
Natrona . Arrtve7Sß 853 12 26 350 602
rarentum 743 903 12 31 357 607
Sprlngdale 752 9IS 12 44 407 ....
Ciaremont 807 925 12 59 421 627
Sharpeburg 815 931 107 4 '2B 632
Allegheny City 828 941 124 440 645
A. M. A. M. P. If. f. M. P. M.
SfSDAY TRAINS Leave Butler for Alle
gheny City and principal Intermediate stations
7:40 A. M„ 2:30 and 6:00 F. M.
North. Week Days— 1 —
A. M. A M A. M. P. M. P. M.
Allegheny City . Lv. 655 9oo' 1125' 3is <s 10
SUarpsburg 708 913 1139
Ciaremont 919 1146
Sprlngdale 930 11 S9 .... 638
Tarentum 732 939 12 08 351 648
Natrona 737 943 12 13 355 653
Butler Jc't Ar 745 950 12 23 404 7OS
Butler Jet Lv 745 950 12 34 415 702
Saxonburg 810 10 15 12 59 440 725
BUTLER Ar. 835 10 38 125 506 TSO
A. U. A. M P. M, P. M. P. M.
SUNDAY TRAINS—Leave Allegheny City for
Butler and principal Intermediate stations 7so
A.M.. 12:35 aud 7;10 P. M.
Week Days For the East Week Days,
p. m. a. m. a m. p. m.
245 625 Lv BrTLKB... Ar 10 38 125
340 727 Ar Butler Jc't Lv 950 12 3'.
404 745 Lv Butler Jo't Ar 940 12 31
410 749 Ar Freeport.. Lv 835 12 30
415 753 " Alleg'y Jc't " 931 12 24
426 804 " Leechburg.. " 920 12 12
446 821 "Paulton(Apollo" 905 11 5?
514 851 " Saltsburg...." 837 11 32
550 922 " Blairsville..B 05 II 00
600 930 "BlairsTille Ins'n"7 45 10 15
850 11 35 " Altoona "3 40 800
100 310 " Barriabnrg..."ll 55 310
430 623 " Philadelphia." 850 11 20
a. ni. p. m. p. m. p. m.
Through trains for the east leave Pitts
burg (Union Station) as follows: —
Atlantic Express, daily 3 10 A. M.
Pennsylvania Limited " 715 "
Day Express, " 730 "
Main Line Epress " 800 "
Philadelphia Express " 430 P. M.
Eastern Express " * 700 "
Fast Line " 810 "
For detailed information, address Thos.
K. Watt, Pass. Agt. Western District, 110
Fijth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
General Manager. Gen'l Paasr, Agent.
P, A, W. R. K.
ScUtxlule in effect May 12. 1895. (Butler time)
The short Line to Pittsburg.
5.25 a m Allegheny Ex 9.» am, Allegheny Ac
8.15 a m All'y A Akron .10.00 am, All N Castle
10.05 am Allegheny Ac 12.20 pm. AlleghenyEi
11.45 a m Allegheny Ex .1.06 p m, Chicago ICx
2.55 p m Allegheny Sx 5.05 pm. Allegheny Kx
350 pm Chicago Ex. 7.a0 p m.AU'y A Akron
6OS p m All'y A £ll. Ex s.oo P m, Allegheny Ex
10.05 a m Kane A Brad. <osa m. Foxburg Ac
5.15 p m Clarion Ac |».so a m. Clarion Ac
7.35 p m Koxburg 5.20 pTa, &one Mall
8.15 am, DeFowst Ac tO.O* a m,Allegheny Ac
11.46 a m, Allegheny KX l.osp m, Allegheny Kx
3.50 pm, Chicago Ex p>.os pm, Allegheny Kx
<.06 pm, Allegheny Ac 7.30 pm, DeForest Ac
Train arriving at at 5.06 p m leaves B A O de
pot, Pittsburg, at 3:15 o'clock.
Butler and Greenville Coach will leave Alle
gheny at 320 p. m, daily except Sunday. Con
necting at Wlflowgrove, arriving at Butler at
Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars and first-claw
Day Coaches run through between Butler ana
Chicago dally.
For through tickets to points In the \T est
Northwest or Southwest apply to
A. B. CBOBCH, Ageut
Trains leave the B. A O. depot In Putburg
tor tbe East as follows.
For Washington D' C.. Baltimore. Philadel
phia. aad New York, 7 ;30 and 9so p. m.
Cumberland. B*o. 7 :30. a.m. 1 :10. 9ao p. m. Con
nelsville. «:40, 730. a. m. 1.10. 4.30. 4.45.
p m. Uniontown. 7.50 a. m., 1.10 . p. m.
Cnloutown. Morga ntown and Fairmont. 7,30. a.
in. and 5,30 p.m. Mt.Hleasant 6.40. 7. 30 a. m.
1.10 and 4.30 pm. Washington, Pa., 7.40 and
930 a. m., 4.00,4.45 and 9.00. 11.85 p. m. Wheel
ing. 7.40. and 9.30 a. m., and 4.00. 9.00. 11.56 p.
m Cincinnati, St, Louis, Columbus and New
ark, 7.40 a. m., 9.10,11.55p,m.
For Chicago, 2.40 and 9.30 p. m.
Parlor and sleepiag cars to Baltimore, Wash
ington, Cincinnati and Chicago
Takes effect Monday. Dee. 31 ism.
Train* are run by Standard central Time (90th
Meridian.) One hour slower than City Time.
To 14 12 STATIONS 9 11 13
p.m m . p.m. AIT Lv'e a.m. a.m. p.mo
.... 4 sft 2 30 Buffalo 5 35 12 lu
.... 3 26 1 00 Dunkirk j 7 00 1 3
" a. m,
7 00 1 42 10 U) .Erie 6 10) 8 35 3 35
6 85 1 09 9 26 .Wallace Junct. C 47 » 15 4 13
6 20 1 04 9 15 Glrard 6 50 » 18 4 16
. 09 12 64 9 03 Lock port 7 eoj 9 2» 4 26
e 02 18 48 8 . .OranesvlUe... T OS| 9 38 , 4 3*
<5 43!. ..110 22 ar.Conneaut IV I 740 | 310
• 10) 1740 iv ar ..... (to 221 643
osTtJ 441 845 ar.. ..Albion Iv 7 111 8 41! 437
6 411S 33. 8 31 Shadeland. .. 723 9 53 4 51
6 40| 12 JOi 828 ... spring bo r0... 727956 ]4 56
5 33112 24 , 8 90 ..Conueautvlile.. 73410 03 503
6 oaji2 06; 800 ...Mea'v'le Jet... 8 oo|lQ 26| 5 25
. st|. .1 7 30lv Conn't Lake..| }lO ill 447
7 16 .. ..i 8 lOar ar 8 10 10 50| 6 39
4 20 I 7 65 lv..MeadvlUe..lv| 9 45; 4 20
7 40|... .[ 8 36 ar ar, 8 36;11 25 6 1Q
i?O2 11 61 7 «!.. . Ilartstown INollo3# j5 39
|ll 38 28 Osgood |lO 54 553
6 25 11 30 ! 7 1, ... Greenville... 6 30;11 07 6 05
6 18 U 2" 1 7 06 ....Shenango.... 6 40|U 20; s 20
600 10 69 1 645 ....Fredonla.... 7 03ill 441 634
5 44 10 43 6 26 Mercer 7 22|1S 04] 7 00
5 30 10 N 6 10 Pardoe 7 35.12 22 7 14
6181020 600 ....Grove City... 7 47*12 33 ]7 25
5 06 10 08 , 5 48 ... Harrtsvllie 7 58j'2 45 7 36
4 68 '0 OOj 6 4"... Branch ton 8 06['2 54; 7 45
500 [ 8 lOtlv .Branchton arj 7 10 ;12 10s
546 ...,| 8 »'ar...HUllart...lv 6 25111 15| ....
453 95U 6 3B|lv...keiSters ... 8 10)12 58 74»
4 38 9 42 5 211 Euclid 8 22 1 12 8 03
4 10 s 151 4 50) Butler 1 42 8 32
r tot 7 20! 'Allegheny, PAWill 00| 3 50!
2 151 , m i ! Plttt.burg.BAO, |p. m'p. ml ..
J. T. BLAIK. General Manager. Greenville, pa
W. G. WABGEANT, G. P. A.. Meadvllle. Pa
C. A ~ D D.
/ Goods are in demand now in V
J order to get the best of old Sol- Q
C We provide everything need- J
1 fnl in order to be cool and com- C
\ fortable. 7
\ Hata and Furnishings for 1
/ Men BOJB and Children are \
\ oar specialties and we onlj ask X
C an inspection of our goods. 1
We know they are satislac-^
Colbert & Dale.
A Manufacturer's Left-over
j Stock For Sale Cheap.
Briefly Told + + +
AT this time of the year the makers of Clothing with Stocks
on hand are willing to lose money to clean out goods. Their
profit time is over and any price for their left-over stock is better
than keeping it until next year.
Last Week We Closed
M. Sanyster Sons & Co., stock of Men's fine tailor made Suit s .
Suits. We bought this stock so low that we are able t«
offer you
$lO, 812, sl3 and sl4 Suits
for only $8.76 $8.75 $8.75.
Schaul S Nast,
Leading Clothiers, 137 S. Main St., Butler, Pa*
(for the price) in the history of the clothing trade.
Step in and see these goods, you'll be agreeably surprised. NO
TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. Workingmen take notice: We
have Sweet, Orr & Co.'s Panta
loons and Cher alls. If you have
worn them, you need no further
comment from us, if not ask toi
see them as they are the be st
cheap pants in the world.
Schneideman's Old Stand.
Fair and Square Clothiers, Outfitters and Hatters, Bntler Pa.
You will have to Gobble
fast, for they surely wont last long. Our guarantee included that
they are all wool and we have T x rPfhl. rvrino
from SB. $lO, and sl2. Sizes RCUUC-CQ XjIIG PIT.CE
well assorted, we have too many. Some must all be sold in ten days.
This is a Grand Chance
Shloss Bro's, E; T l,
Schneideman's OldJStand.
W. F. Hartzell. Frank Kemper.
The Adriance Rinder
Is the lightest draft, the simplest constructed, the easiest operated, aiid
the most durable of any binder on the market. It will not upset on
the steepest hills, It will cut where all others fail. It will handle as
long or as short grain as any other binder. It will do l>etter work in
tangled grain than any binder in use. This binder is sold on its merits.
If it fails to do as above mentioned, we do not ask you to buy it. All
machines and vehicles sold by us are guaranteed to be as represented.
Machinery for all farm use, from the plow to the separator, can be got
from us. Vehicles in various styles and prices. Harness for all kinds
of use. Fly nets and Covers, busters, Robes, Blankets, Whips, &c.
In short, anything belonging to a team outfit is kept by us. The best
wagon on the market is sold by us. We guarantee it superior to any
thing sold in this county. Call and see us
For Fine Footwear,
5 *rf|3i 5 Go to RUFF'S Shoe Store, 114 South
S ■ IS iMain street. Every line of shoes is shown
# m ML *in our stock. We have no specialties, but
* M wk quality and low prices, and they
£ \« Jare the specialties for buyers. All our
J Sshoes walk away from competition, and
5 sleave other dealers out of the race. The
f #feet are very sensitive and it's the easiest
6 Jthing in the world to hurt their feelings.
\ can't do that if you wear our shoes,
deal softly and fittingly with the feet
and lightly with the pocketbook. We have ladies fine dress shoes,
made in the latest styles, at from 75c to $4.00. The latest designs
in Ladies Oxfords range in price from 50c to $2.25.
Men's Dressiest of the Dress Shoes at SI,OO and Opvard.
Misses Oxfords and Shoes at 50c and 75c in pretty styles, better
grades if you want them. Children's shoes as low as 25 cents.
Boys and Youths Shoes
at all prices, including your own price.
Give us a Call.
A. Ruff & Son.,
114 South Main Street, Butler, Pa.
Insurancej and Real Estate
HAS ARRIVED, and we wil
be pleased to show you what we
h are.
You can buy a good, servicable
business suit for $3.00, bul -r
line at $6.00, $7.50, $9.00 • ■ i
SIO.OO are marvels o{ beauty and
excellence, better than ever sold
Farm For Sale.
Containing 20 tores of good land, with
orchards of apple, peach, pear, and cherry
trees,grape arbors etc. A good 6-room house
with large porchen, summer house and
spring water at door, an excellent spring
house and several other outside builainjj.
This property is looated in Franklin
township, 2 miles from Mt. Chestnut and
between it and I'rospect, and will be told,
or traded for town property.
For turther particular* inquire at this