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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 1595.
New Advertisements.
Ex's Notice, estate of Amaziah Kelly.
Dissolution Notice, Balsiger £ Badger.
Marks' Millinery.
C. <fc T's June Sale.
Huff's Announcement.
Burton's Clothing.
I Cure U.
Honduras Med. Co.
NOTE —All advertisers intending to make
chtnges in their ads. should notify us of
their intention to do eo, not later than
Monday morning.
Administrators and Executors cl estatsß
can secure their receipt books at the CIT
IES office
—Dont miss Vreeland'a Minstrels Thurs
day, May 30.
—Vreeland's Minstrels, May 30. Park
—Eggs are scarce in Batlei this week.
Can it be that the frost affected the.hens.
—About 3,000,000 young salmon were
turned loose in Conneaut Lake this weeK
This is the last week of the most disas
trous May in our recollection.
—A 70-year-old widower of I owa cimu
to Butler county and captured a 36-year
old spinster last week.
—Hot weather again—bat I tell you
those last few frosts "took every thing
tha* - left."
. n 11.-sr realiz ss how great he is
until . > >li ieal club or a cheap brand ol
cige: :iH iirtj after him.
—. !■ It nave white spots in
them, auj a »ai J ot the wheat has been ,
—The dates for the W. Sunbury and
Slipperyrock teachers examination* have
been changed
—The weather has coma around again,
all right. II it h»la't our town Council
would have attended to it at its next
—Tsvo men who peddled hams and
bacon in Butler last Friday and Saturday
have since been arrested. They stole the
stuff out abont Princeton,in Lawrance Co.
—A hai'lre 1 years ag> people worried
about the same things that are distressing
you. They are dead now, and their
worry did no good.
—The evening concerts by the Germania
Orchestra are immensely popular. The
musical treat of last Thursday night was
enjoyed by thousands.
—"Well," said the monkey to the organ
grinder, as he sat on top of the organ.
"I'm simply carried away with the ma
—Toe graduite* of the Butler Grammar
School will hold their commencement
exercises in the Opera H mse tomorrow
afternoon, beginning at 2 o'clock.
—The only four story stable in town is
the one back of the Waverly House: and
it is a complete affair, with two stories for
stalls, one for bnggies and tUe attic for
—The Butler High School and the West
Snnbury Academy ball teams played a
game on the grounds of the latter last Sat
urday, and the W. S. A.'s came ont ahead
—score 19 to J4.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween M. O. Balsiger and S. B. Badger,
general merchandise, at Magic P. O. has
been dissolved. See notice in another
—Cam. Miller and Campbell <t Temple
ton made good use of the circas parade.
Cam. used the big elephant for advertis
ing purposes, and Campbell «fc Ternpleton
had their handsome new wagon stocked
with the finest carpets made.
—Governor Hastings has notified the
House of his approval of the House bill
extending the provisions of the act regu
lating the sale of articles of traffic within
one mile of any campnieeting or other re
ligious gatherings.
—P. W. Huff has acquired an interest
in his father's huisness, and the name of
the firm is A. Kufl <fc Son. Phil, has been
traveling for a Boston shoo manufacturing
house, but concluded to settle down in
Butler, the best town in Pennsylvania.
—The Walter L. Main show did great
business in Butler. The seats in the vast
tent was crowded with spectators at both
day and evening entertainments,
which were clean, interesting an.l
first class in every particular.
—The grand spectacular military nov
elty. "The March of the Bed Dragoons,"
consisting of the most difficult marches,
drills and maneuvers and concluding with
the beautiful Tableau "America," to be
seen with Vreeland's Mins'.rels at Park
Theater on Thursday evening, May 30.
—Onr grocers aro paying 12 cts for but
ter, 12 for eggs; 1C cts a pd. for lettuce;
30 cts a dozen bunches for rhubarb; 20 cts
a do/en bunches for onions; CO ots for po
tatoes; 30 cents a dozen bunches for rad
—Mr. K. Fisher proprietor of the Butler
Dye Works, takes good pictures of build
ings. If you don't believe it, see his late
photographs of the Court House, Jeffer
son St. School building, M. E. Church,
U. P. Church, etc. They are perfect.
Don't miss the nammoth song and
danco sketch, "The Southern Tourist,"
introducing "Uncle Eph's Return" and
scenes from "The Black Town Circus,"
with Vreeland's Minstrels at Park Theater
on Thursday evening, May 30.
Among the pictures of ministers pub
lished by the Pittsburg papers this week
were those of Kev. John C. Lowrie of New
York, Secretary of the Presbyterian
Board of Foreign Missions, and who was
born in the old Sullivan house on the
Diamond; also that of Rev. Geo. McCor
mick, I>. U.,formerly of Batler.now pastor
of the U. P. church at Solinas, Cal.
—Vol. 1 No. 1, of the Sunday edition
of the Oil City Derrick, made its appear
ance on our table on Monday of last woek,
and its most prominent feature was an oil
country story written by A. J. Henry of
N. McCean St., bnt to which he attached
the name of his sister Jean. The story is
well conceived and admirably executed,
and indicates a talent in thit direction
which A. J. should cultivate.
—The Butler County Sabbath School
Association well be held in Butler on the
sth, Ctb, aud 7th of June. Rev. J. P.
Kephart of Annvill, Pa. Gen; See. and
Mrs. Barnes, President of the Primary
Teachers Union, of Newark, N. J. will be
in attendance. Mrs. Barnes has been em
ployed by the State Executive Committee
for the month of May and Juue to visit tho
Conventions in the State; she is conceded
to be oue of the best in Primary work in
the Country. Mrs. Barnes can only be in
attendance at the Ist and 2nd Session,
and Superintendents will notify their pri
mary Tea.-hers to have as many of their
scholars present, as possible, for these
Session*. The Sessions will bo held in
the various Churches as follows; Ist.
session, M. K. Church, 8 P.M. of sth inst.
2nd Session, Presbyterian Chnrch, 9A M.;
Third Session, Church of God, 2P. M ; 4th
Session. U. P. Church, 8 P. M. of the Oth
inst.; ./th and fast Session, South Side
Reformed Church, !) A M, of the 7th inst.
—The mercury was np yesterday—near
ly 90, and oil was down, $1.57.
—When one of those third-sand wells
below Brownsdale is -hot, it affects the
others and its nip and tack as to which
gets the production.
—The Mountain Sand Water Co., com
posed principally of resident* of 1 ulton
St. found water at 221 feet—good.fpure,
soft, water. Charley Abrams says it is so
soft that it turns into lather as soon as it
sees soap. The Company, has an air
motor, tank etc, and the entire cost was
ab«ut SSOO. Ther have enough water for
about a dozen families:
—"Ha! Ha! You long-faced TT. P " said
[ Joe to Sam as he entered Sam's office
Monday morning. "You won t applaud
in your own church, but come over to ours
and raise a riot " Sain was beat and bad
nothing to say then, but by and by he
heard a story, that be went over and re
peated to Joe, and the story ran thus
Once upon a time a nice school teacher
had a class of bright boys, and one day she
told all the boys who were Christians and
wanted to go to Heaven to hold up their
right hand, and all the hands went up ex
cepting one. "How i this, asked the
teacher, " ain't you a Christian.' "Naw
said the boy 'l'm a Methodist,"—and Joe
has been puzzling over the matter.
Oil Notes.
Forward township—Marshall it McQais
tion have a good well ou the Jacob L.
Dunbach in Forward twp., and are drill
ing one on tne Jos. Cashdollar in Adams.
Prospect—The llenshaw 4 Co. well on
the Ford Forrester is a good gasser anl
will probably be run into the town.
Boydstown—The June <fc Shutter welloa
the W. J. Robb got a dandy pay streak at
the bottom of the 100 ft. Monday.
M. Fadden's well on the Whitmire was
shot, and started oil big, it will make from
25 to 50 bbls; rigs are going up on the
Thompson 10 acres. A Martain, Samuel
&- Dan'l Whitmire, and McFaddenis build
ing No 2 on the Robert Whitmire.
Winiield—A rig is going up on the M
Denny farm near Double Sale.
Brownsdsle —The Eastern Co's 2 aud
Murphey &Co 3, Dorsey are each doing
180 barrels. Klinglesmiths 3 Johnson is
flowing 75 barrels, and Frazier & Co's 4
Esbelman 00 barrels.
A team driven and owned by Prof.
Robertson and Dick Timblin ran off while
coming down the Sanderson hill, this side
of Sunbury last Friday afternoon. Both
men were thrown out; Timblin s collar
bone was broken; one of Robertson s ribs
was broken and both were badely bruised.
The baggy was smashed. The team, a pair
was formerly owneq by Thomp
son <fc Son of Butler.
—ls the only complete and Genuine Wild
West. Let it be fully understood that
Pawnee Bill's Superb Entertainment is not
a "show" in the ordinary sense ot the
term. His Wild West is not a paltry imi
tation, such as has been given by all oth
ers who have pretended to give Wild West
Shows. There are many reasons why al!
others were and are mere imitators, and
generally more or less trilling adjuncts to
shows of other sorts. Even the Great
Forepaugh and Barnum Shows, the larg
est of tented exhibitions, with their mil
lions of capital, have attempted to give
Wild West Exhibitions, but have abandon
ed them as failures. Even their enormous
tents were entirely too snail too give a
real Wild West, and their time to limited
to give that feature of their shows more
than a very few minutes upon their vast
and varied programmes Pawnee Bill's
Exhibition is given in a vast canvass en
closure of several acres, with no canoby
overhead, eqceptiug the asure sky and
water-proof awning, which cover the
6,000 seats erected lor spectators. Paw
nee Bill is and has been tor 10 years the
White Chief of the powerful Pawnne tribe,
and as such has several noted Chiefs,
Warriors, Braves and their Families,
which no other white man, no matter how
great his capital, could secure for exhibi
tion purposes.
Notce to Stons Masons.
Until 12 o'clock on Saturday noon, June
Ist, the County Commissioners of Butler
county, Pa., will receive proposals for tha
building of the stone work lor the follow
ing bridges:
The Nelson Bridge in Cherry twp.
The Atwell Bridge in Marion twp.
The Joshua Black Bridge in Marion twp.
Plans and specifications can bo seen at
the Commissioners office. The Commis
sioners reserve the right to reject any or
all bids, and parties receiving awards
must file acceptable bonds within 3 day
after such award.
Commissioners Office May 21st, 1895.
The School Directors of Butler
Borough will elect Teachers and
Janitors for the ensuing school year,
Friday June 21, 1895, at 7:30 P. M.
All applications to be Died with
tho Secretary on or before Tuesday,
June 18, 1805, at 7 P M.
John Findley, Secretary.
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Kizzia Allen vs Robert and John Gal
| lagher. trespass. Settled
! Robert Ekas, guardian, et at vs Pitts
-1 burg Plate Glass Co May 25, detendant
confesses judgment for ?SSO, and defendant
to pay record cos is.
All other cases on the list were settled,
continued or otherwise disposed of.
Mrs. M. J. Hall, ot Zelienople, adopted
Florence Covert.
The will of Amaziah Kelly, late of
Worth twp.was probated and letters grant
ed to L. Cecil Kell/; also will ol Tillie
Scott late of Fairview. no letters.
Letters of administration were granted
to Margaret Weckbecker on erta'.e of Geo.
The quarter sessions trial list for next
term comprises thirty-four cases. On
Thursday iast Harry L. Findley plead
guiltv to larceny, and was sent to Morgan
za. Assault and battery, surtey of the
peace and larceny cases comprise the
greater part of the list.
On petition of Nancy Hall a commission
consisting of Dr. Eliza Grossman, H. E.
Coulter and L P. Walker was appointed
to inquire into the lunacy of Maggie Wil
The county Commissioners have reduc
ed the millage this year from 4 to 3. The
"minute" in the Commissioners' docket
states that owing to the frosts and the
poor out-look, and believing that
by strict economy we may be able to
conduct the business of the county on a tax
of three mills instead of four which we had
previously determined upon: especially if
the people give us their hearty co-opera
tion in promptly paying their taxes and
not insisting upon extraordinary expendi
tures in the construction of bridges and
opening of new roads; we, the commis
sioners of Butler county Pa., do hereby on
motion unanimously agree to reduce the
millage on valuation lor county purposes
lrom 4 to 3 mills for the year of 1895.
John Dindinger, Reuben Shanor and Sol
Dunbar, Committee on the First and Third
ward lines were in Butler last Friday (the
meeting was fixed for show-day to suit
Reuben), and they recommended that the
• Island" be annexed to the Third ward.
The line between the wards will hereafter
be Main street and its extension to the
south line of the borough. This will in
crease the vote of the Third ward by about
one hundred.
There has been some talk in Indiana, Pa.
of prosecuting Judge Harry White for per
jury but the Messenger there says:—There
are certain inherent difficulties in prose
cuting a charge ot perjury against Judge
White on account of taking the oath of
office. Not on account, however, of a lack
of sufficent testimony to warrant a prose
cution, but on account of the peculiar con
ditions existing. He could not properly
be tried on his own court, because he
assists in drawing the jury and filling the
jury wheel. A change ot venue would be
necessary. Such trial could not be heard
by either Judges Barker, Doty or Keyburr.
Hut perhaps the most cogent reason may
be briefly summarized by a Iriend of ours
the other day who, commenting on the
outcome of the contest, summed up his
conclusions by saying "dog won't eat
dog." "The bearings t>' this," as Captain
Bunsby remarked on one occasion; "lies
in the application of it."
W J Sloan to Sextus Sloan 0"> acres in
Clearfield for SI.OO.
Milo Stoner to Amos Young 15 acres in
Clay for S6OO.
W A Purviauce to If Miller lot in For
ward for S3OO.
J G Wilhelm to W H Long lot in But
ler for 2 400.
G H Harley to Jacob Flinn 14 acres in
in Connoqnenessing for 1000.
O L Sidler to Anna Ferrero lot in But
ler for 1.200.
J B Bredin to Jas Bredin 32 acres in
Butler for S3OOO.
Marriage licenses.
Milton F. Mayer West Libertv
Ada Wick Slipperyrock
G. A. Rodgers Rockland Pa
Ada James Butler
Jules Lambotto Butler
Pauline Labolle
James H. Kerr Monroe, lowa
Martha Weakley Slipperyrock
Ino Weiland. North Oakland
Mary Ball North Oakland
Harvey L Ward Peachville
Eva Work Peachville
E. H. Kandolf Allegheny Pa
Agnes Malone Allegheny Pa
John Hoffman .Pittsburg
Lania Marburger Evan.* City
J. C. Obenauf Etna
K. M. Ferney - Sarvers
J. C. Elliott Sarversville
Bell Brown McCandless
Harry H. Robinson Cranberry
Tillie Kirschler Cranberry
J. L. McCurdy Buffalo
Annie Duerr Buffalo
Chas.W. Sloan Venango twp
Laura Stalker Venango twp
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N. T. Weser, District Manager,
Office 116 W. Jefferson St.
Harvey Thompson returned from his
brother's funeral, in Washington, Friday,
and brought Charley, one ot Isaiah's sons,
home with him. The dead letter office
was closed on the day of Isaiah's fnneral,
and all the employees attended the funeral
at the house at 9-4 Ninth St. X. E. Isaiah »
family are all doing well--Charley is prac
ticing dentistry in Denver; I C. is in the
photographic business in Phil'a; Lew has
a responsible position in the Patent Office:
two of the girls are married and live in
Jersey City, and the rest are at home.
Miss Jessie Barkley. daughter of W. J.
Barklev. and W. E. Heyl will be married
at the bride's home in" Franklin twp. on
Thursday, June 13th.
Miss Mabel Thrush, of Butler, and Al
bert Dombart, of £vans City, will be mar
ried at the residence of J. 11. Hyle on W.
Pearl St., next Wednesday.
J. C. Fisher, of Penn twp, and J. M.
Stoughton, of Pump P. 0., were in town,
E. M. Cowan was taken sick at the
Wick Bouse, last Thursday, but was able
to go home nest day.
W. J. Peaco, of Middlesex, and Jos.
Todd, of Buffalo, were in town last Friday.
Wm. R. Patterson of Penn attended the
funeral <.f Rev. Samuel Patterson of Dar
lington, Beaver Co. la ; t week. Rev. Sam
uel was an uncle of Wm. R.. ar.d was the
la*t remaining member of that larnil} - .
He was about 70 years of age, and preach
ed at Xew Galilee, Beaver Co. for 40 year s .
Richard Robertson, of Oakland twp, is
able to be about again, after a long siege
ot grippe.
Ritter is not the only gasser in Butler
Be now has to divide honors with the
wi'J nearer the mill.
Solomon Albert of Franklin twp., M. X.
Greer of Buffalo, and August Freeling of
Winfield, were in town, Monday.
Col. Mechling. Harry Grieb and Jos.
Xo.throp atteuited a meeting of the Grand
L 'dge of Elks at Buffalo, last week.
Allen W. Kelly of West Sunbary and
Miss McGranahan, were married at the
bride's home at Jamestown, Crawford Co.
yesterday afternoon.
Rev. George Troutman of Summit was
ordained at the German Lutheran Church
of this town last Sunday, in the presence
ol'a large audience.
Rev. Woods, Memorial sermon was lis
tened to last Sunday evening by a ciowded
house, and so thoroughly appreciated that
twice the audience applauded—something
unusual in Butler at a church service.
Rev. E. M. Wood will preach in the M.
E Church nest Suuday morning on, "Ma
teria! Mistakes," andin the evening on,
"Evolution of the earth, or how the world
was made ''
S. F. Bowser will deliver a memorial
address at Bellefonte, to day.
Rev. Davis gave the G. A. R. of Clinton
twp , a grand address, in their Hall last
Suuday evening.
Solomon Albert of Franklin twp. was in
town on business, Monday.
Rev. T. M. Thompson, of Sharpsburg,
who delivered an excellent sermon in the
Presbyterian church last Sunday evening
aud an exceedingly appropriate bacolauri
ate address to the High-School scholars
aud graduates in the Opera House
that evening, formerly held charges at
North Washington aud Bruiu in this
Beiij. Foster, late of Butler twp.. has
moved his family to Froeport, where he se
cured a job.
Col. It. P. Scott, Chief of Staff, went to
Oil City yesterday morniug to be present
at the ceremonies attending the presenta
tion of a charter to the consolidated Posts
of that city, by Department Commander
A Good Gasser in Butler.
At the Wilson well near Walter's Mill,
Tuesday, a very good vien of gas was
struck at the depth of 956 feet. The pres
sure has not been fully ascertained, but it
is so great that the owners are deliberating
ai to stopping the drill and utilizing the
gas. The pressure is estimated at a iiout
ISOO pounds and the gas is clear of gas sand
or WB' er.
Teachers Annual Examinations.
Renfrew May 13, 1895
Saxonburg May, 14 1895.
Coylosville May 15, 1895.
Millerstown May 10, 1895.
Harrisville May 17, 1895.
Farmington June 10, 18C5.
Xorth Washington June 11, 1895.
Prospect June 14, 1895.
Evans City J una 15.
W. Sunbury June 17, 1895.
Slipperyrock Juno 18, 1895.
Examinations will be held in Butler on
the last Saturday of June and the last
Saturday of July.
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trees,grape arbors etc. A good fl room house
with lame porche", summer house and
spring water at door, 11:1 excellent spring
house and several other outside buildings.
This property is located in Franklin
township, 2 miles from Mt. Chestnut and
between it and Prospect, and will b« sold,
or traded for town property.
For further particulars inquire at this
I Commencement Week.
The Opera Uoase was crowded last Snn
! day evening to hear the Baccalaurate Ser
| inon by Kev. T. M. Thompson of Sharps
burg, formerly of this county, and the au
dience— principally young folks —heard a
sermon that they will, or ought to, remem
ber for life. It was a plain, practical.com
monsense talk on the duties of life; on be
! ing true to ones self: on the proper occupa
tion of the mind, body and heart.
At the Class Bay and Commencement
exercises of Tuesday evening and last ev
ening. every seat in the Opera House was
Tl.e graduating class, ranged on elevat
ed seats on the stage, in their white and
black suits, and with the stage decorated
with planis and flowers made a pretty pic
ture; and their efforts were all very credit
Tomorrow afternoon the graduating class
of the Grammar school, will hold its exer
cises in the Opera House, and at 8 P. M.
Rev. Moffat. President ot Washington and
Jefferson College, will deliver an address,
at same place, which will be fol lowed by
the annual banquet in Armory Hall.
I'tUrsville Pointers.
Charlie Kea is home with a lame back.
Grant and Frank Purviance were visi
tors at J. T. and W. A. Purviance's on
The weddings reported last week were
false alarms.
y. G. Shannon has his new barn nearly
completed. It is one of the finest in the
county. The carpenters work is the best
we have ever saw on a barn. John Snezen
is the man that put it together. The wall
is of the best stone the hills can afford and
was laid np by Mr. Heaven. His work is
surely a credit to him.
William Bell one of the oldest pumpers
in the Petersville 100 foot oil field is mov
ing to Cooperstown. We will miss Billy.
The well drilled by Oaks ifc Co., on the
Fliner is reported a dusty duster, but will
bo drilled to the third sand.
Merl Dambaugh and his better half took
to house keeping Tuesday in Maggie Dodds'
house, on Renfrew street.
The yard around the M. E. parsonage is
now complete and is one of the finest
church properties in the county. Peters
ville has improved very much in the last
Our school is in a flourishing condition
with Isaac Dyke as teacher.
Mrs. Adda Jamison of, Allegheny, Pa,
and Mrs. Mary Moffett,of Cumberland, Md.,
are visiting at Dr. J. L. Christy's.
l>r. Cromwell Truby, of Beaver Falls, is
now practicing dentistry in Peters ville.
—ot Honduras Tonic and is now well and
hearty. "The proof of the pudding is in
the eating," is a saying as old as the
Mosaic law, but it does not contain any
more truth than the saying chat "Hondur
as Tonic is the best stomach regulator in
existence," and it has done far more to re
lieve suffering humanity than any pudding
ever set before the most fastidious epicur
ian Honduras Tonic is beyond doubt the
seaich light that discovers the diseased
stomach and when once the disease is lo
cated it scatters it, heals the affected
parts and strengthens the entire system
One dose starts the goou work along and a
few bottles cures you. For a few weeks a
bottle containing" twelve ounces can be
procured for 25c, after that time it will
cost you SI.OO. What is the use of your
carrying arjund a sour stomach, when
you can have it tuned and toned up for
Try Honduras Tonic; office at 107 Cen
tre Ave., near the Pittsburg & Western
Our mail order department for sam
ples of Fashion's greatest fad in
Dress Goods.
Black Mohair Sicilian,
and see the greatest worth for the
money ever woven into a stylish
dress fabric.
Fine Mohair
Cashmere Brilliantine.
Lustrous as silk, 46 inches wide,
soc a yaad (Jood quality
Black Mohair Cicilian.
28 inches wide.
' 25c a yard.
From that up to finest quality 54
inches wide at $2.50 a yard, there
dozens of intermediate grades and
prices. All well-bought and to be
sold on the low-profit basis that
brings us success.
The favorite mohair weave is not
limited to black alone. Ilero are
choice wood Brown Shades, Brown'
Mix and new Blue Grey. 'Tis a
question if these elegant wide goodß
will not usurp the silk trade—s4io.
$1 00.
Newest Novelties
in Elegant Mohairs.
medium and light mixtures, figur
es and neat damas effects—
si.oo, $1.20 and $i.25.
Exquisite shade
Cremc Mohair
50c to $1.50 per yard.
Superior quality of fine
Colored Albatros.
Beautiful shades, light blue, pink,
rose, shrimp, nile, red, lavender, old
rose, maize and ereme beautiful
goods and wondrous value—3B inch
es wide,
35c a yard.
Misses' and
Children's garments.
Ready-made suits, Dresses,
Jackets, Hoys' Suits, Separate
Pants, etc.
Making such business ay we're
never known before. Uave yoa been
here? If the saving of cash and
first-class qualities and styles is ao
object 'twill pay you so come or send
& Buhl,
~~ DYED. ~~
Our 20 per cent offer expires May
31,80 hurry up and brinif your DYE
IXG and SCOUIIING in.and avail
yourselves ol the benefit. Owing to
the raise in price of gasoline we
can't clean any more portiers at
$1 25; they will be $1.50 now.
Dyeing same price.
We do the finest photo work in
viewing Houses, Groups Ac. Try
us and be convinced.
Butler Dye Works,
It. D. FIsHER, I'rop't.
216 Cente Ave.-
Insurance ana tfeal .Estate
H'TTr.RR. - I'\,
* ■ •II :»« iitucau ol
i"n .< ( fur toivuiUfllug lit Iwtoeel i 'f J
I'll Break Your NOM.
The Spiritualists of Titusville are very
much exercised over what is generally
considered an expose of Professor A Rod
hermal. a medium, who claims for himself
23 years experience.
At a private seance, a widower, was ltd
to believe the spirit of his wife was to be
materialized. When the apparent form of
of a woman appeared from behind the car
tains the gentlemon, who had been a very
affectionate husband, frantically endeavor
ed to embrace it.
At this juncture the lady escort, who
had been holding his hands and who is a
sister of the medium, endeavored to hold
the excited man at bay This aroused his
suspicions at orce. lie asked a friend to
light a match and freed himself from his
esconrt. Be grappled with the supposed
The light went out, the sister succeeded
in breaking his hold and assisted the me
dium to escape crying: You are killiig my
The man exolaimed: "If it is my wife I
have a right to embrace her." Bat the
form rushed behind the curtain creating a
great shuffle and upsetting chairs and
The medium ot the spirit had been
speaking with an Irish accent, but on
being disturbed it lost its dialect and cried:
"I'll break your nose." The story is veri
fied by five reputable persons, who helped
to make up the circle and who are willing
to make affidavit to the statement.
The man of mystery is said to come
from Bradford, where he has been giving
public seances. Be also claims to possess
the remarkable faculty of successfully lo
cating oil wells and has made an extensive
canvass of the Pleasantvill9 field.
The fabulous priee, however, has so far
proved an obstacle to his perfeoting any
deals of this kind. He possesses in the
highest degree the confidence of the peo
ple of his own faith in spite of his recant
experience and claims to be able to vindi
cate himself.
May Lillie was received by the Queen
of Bolland. She gave a private exhibition
for her. She surprised the Crowned heads
and Xobility and astonished the great
shots wherever she appeared in Europe.
She gave nearly 500 exhibitions in tin Old
The Nineteenth Century Diana. Cham
pion Girl Horseback Ktfle Shot of the
World; Intrepid Queen of Markswomen;
The Reigning Kegina of the rifle. While
seated upon a swiftly flying mustang this
peerless little lady with unerring aim and
nerves of steel breaks glass balls thrown
in every direction. Absolutely without a
rival, and Pawnee Bill will wager $5,000
that no other lady living can equal her.
She is still the unchallenged challenger.
Upon her gentle bosom this young girl
bears a burden of golden medals that testi
fy that she is invincible as the champion.
To call at my New Store
and examine my stock of
Caps and
Gents Furnishings
At 120 S. Main St., But
ler, Pa.
ONE JT. H. Barton
iClothier and
PRICE. * Furnisher
120 S. Main, St.
Jury List For June Term,
Lis! of names drawn from the proper
Jury Wheel this 29th day of April, 1895 to
serve as Grand Jurors at a regular term of
Court, commencing on the Ist Monday of
June 1895; the same being the third day of
said month:
Anderson Joseph, Adams twp South,
Crawford Samuel, Jefferson twp, farmer.
Doarr Ilenry, Winfield twp. farmer.
Dipner John, Clearfield twp, farmer.
Fleger Erastus, Centre twp, farmer.
Gold Perry, Concord twp, farmer.
Kennedy Pierce, Muddycreek twp, farmer.
Kelly Roland, Brady twp, farmer.
Kidd Robert, Adams twp, N. farmer.
Lindsey Thomas, Summit twp. farmer.
Maer C. A. Butler boro 4th ward, Musician.
Pontiua W. C. Donegal twp, farmer.
Puff W. J. Jefferson twp, farmer.
Pontius Isaiah, Donegal twp, farmer.
Studebaker Vm. Worth twp, farmer.
Scott Walter, Lancaster twp, farmer.
Sh»arer Prank, Buffalo twp, farmer.
Snyder Curtis A , Brady twp, farmer.
Shoemaker Wm. Millerstown boro, Tin
Shoenfiuld Chan., Parker twp,Oil Producer.
Seig John, Lancaster twp, farmer.
Vandick line ton, Marion twp, farmer.
Wick E. E. Harrisville boro, farmer.
Ziegler George, Butlor boro, Ist ward, Me
List of Petit Jurors drawn this 29 day of
April 1895, to serve as Petit Jurors at the
regular term of court commencing on the
2nd Monday of June 1395 the same being
the 10 day of said month:
Arner Campbell, Washington twp, north,
Barnes J. C. Mercer twp, farmer.
Black W. J. Cherry twp south, farmer.
Bollinger 0. C. Cherry twp south farmer.
Biehl Henry, Butler bor. 3rd ward, mer
Bailey Milton, Marion twp, farmer.
Croft James, Lancaster twp, farmer.
Cox Alva. Adams twp, north, farmer.
Cheesbro E P, Fairview twp W.,merchant.
Cooper A L, Slipperyrock twp, farmer.
Dunlap Samuel, Butler bor, 2nd ward,
Donegy James, Brady twp, farmer.
Dodds Ebenezer, Connoquenessing twp N.,
Duffy II 11, Clearfield twp, farmer.
Edmomlson C M, Prospect bor. gentleman.
Farnsworth Martin, Butler iwp, farmer.
Galbreath Henry, Winfield twp, farmer.
Gamble WE, Allegheny twp,oil producer.
Gibson George S, Saxonburg bor. sadler.
Heckert M S. Buffalo twp, farmer.
Krugh Wm G, Butler bor 2nd ward batch
Krouse P, Saxonburg bor, merchant.
Krugh George, Butler bor 2nd ward, butch
Kidd Samuel, Butler bor 2nd ward, line
in an.
Law is Robert, Zelienople bor, wood deal
Lockwood Stephen, Zelienople, oil pro
McKerry John, Clay twp, l'ariner.
Midberry John, Marion twp, farmer.
McGlaughlin Hugh, Fairview twp- east,
MoGrath M A, Slipperyrock twp, farmer.
Muntz John, Butler bor Ist ward,merchant.
Miller Joseph, Adams twp north, farmer.
Niblock James Jr, Connoquenessing south,
Oiler W E, Butler bor 4th ward, preacher.
Partridge Wm, Washington twp north,
Park J B, Adams twp south, farmer.
Pierce F I), Butler twp, farmer.
Pringla J 11, Butler bor, Ist ward, oil
Riddle James, Franklin twp, farmer.
Redick W H, Venango twp, farmer.
Ritter W 11, Butler bor 3rd ward, agent.
Starr A H, Penn twp south, farmer.
Shepard G M, Middlesex twp, farmer.
Shannon P A, Slipperyrock twp, farmer.
Smith GJ, Butler bor 2nd ward, hotel
Thompson James, Butler bor sth ward,
oil producer.
Wilson A C, Venango twp, farmer.
Wheeler P 11, Harmony bor, gentleman.
■■■■■■••')«« optima gmm
For uctfvi; lady or gentleman acnualmed with
neighborhood. Compensation from in to lir.o
monthly. Work outlined. Only energetic party
ambitious to succeed, nued apply- No Capital
required. Address with reference. Globe Bible
Publishing Co., 723 Chestnut street, Phlla., Pa.
Indian Game EGGS
From three yards of the best doable laced
stock in this country. $2 for 15 eggs.
Chamberstturg, Pa.
A Suggestion.
rl I ;
DU it ever occnr 10 yoa that there are
drugs and drr.?®—that drugs are like every
thing else —there ucc good, bad and indif
ferent. There is no 1 .:... -z M'* which is
positively bad if it is'nt just of the
Our policy has always been to have noth
ing but the best.
When yon want drugs come to us and be
assured of fresh pnre goods, and alwavs
what yon ask for or your prescription calls
for. It may not always be drugs von want
either. We always have on hand a full
line of sick room requisites.
C. Iff. BOYD.
Diamond Block, - Butler, Pa.
Dissolution Notice,
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween M. 0. Balsiger and S. B Badger,
general merchandise, under the firm name
Balsiger £ Badger, located at Troutman,
in Coneord twp. Butler Co. Pa. (Magic
P. 0.) was dissolved by mutual consent on
Thursday May 16 1395.
The accounts of the old firm will bo set
tled at the store.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary having been grant
ed to the undersigned on the estate of
Amaziah Kelly, deo'd, late of Worth twp.,
Butler county, Pa., all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please settle their accounts immediately
and any having claims against the same
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
L. C. KELLY, Ex'r,
A M. CORNELIUS, Jacksville,
Att'y. Butler Co., Pa.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
William Douthett, dee'd. late of Forward
twp. Butler Co. Pa. having been granted
the undersigned all persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate will please
make immediate payment, and any hav
ing claims against said estate wil 1 present
them duly authenticated for settlement to:
Princeton, Lawrenoe Co., Pa.
Executors' Notice-
Letter* testimentary on the estate of
Campbell Bartley, dee'd. late of Clinton
twp. having been granted to the under
signed, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please make
immediate payment, and any having olaims
against saia estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to:
Glade Mill.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration on the estate of
Andrew J. Evans, dec'd, late of Forward
twp., Butler Co., Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned; all persons knowing
themsulves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and an;
having claims against said estate will pre
sent them properly authenticated for set
tlement to
WM. M. BROWN, Adm'r.
Brownsdale, F. 0.
A. B. C. MCFARLAUD, Att'y. Pa.
Administrator's Notice-
Letters of administration with the will
annexed, on the estate of John Young,late
of Winfield iwp., Butler county, Pa., hav
ing been issued by the Register of said
county, to ine —all persons therefore know
ing themselves indebted to said estate are
requested to make speedy payment, and
all persons having claims against said es
tate will please present them properly au
thenticated for settlement to
Of John Young, dec'd,
Carbon Black, P. 0.
Attv's for Estate.
Administrators' Notice.
Letters of administration on the estate
of John W. McJunkin, dec'd, late of Clay
twp., Butler oounty, Pa., baring been
f ranted to the undersigned; all person*
nowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
John R. McJunkin > .
Anna MoJunkin, ( Adm
Euclid, P. 0.
Ira McJunkin, Att'r. Butler Co., Pa.
Public Notice.
Whereas my wife, Martha Fleming has
left my bed and board, without just cause
or provocation; this is to give notice to
the public not to trust or barbor her on my
account, as I will not be responsible for
any bills of her contracting.
Alfred Fleming,
Ekastown P. 0.
May 15, 1895. Butler Co., Pa.
Quality flaarantaad the BEST.
National Sewing Macuine Go.
(Hascndorph'a Patent.)
Lightning;, Firs and Storm Proot.
Binil fqr I The IVnitTron Ronflna unit OnrM
i fating to. Urt.i. I'liUa., 1*..,
uf prievs I Hal. ?l(rm.
PEO ? LE /^
f ein »«t INo1 No I ctn itiyl
V thi«. V/""' ASO ? LTr,LT .'""V thin. M
J from any injurious substance. M
W« GUARANTEE » CURE or refund your money
A Stunner
For Men.
By chance we closed out (for spot
cash) of a New York clothing firm
their entire stock of fine Clay i
Worsted Suits. They are made 1
in Frocks and Sacks and we!
brought these suits twenty-five |
per cent less than market price, j
We had to take them all. We 1
have put these on our tables to '
sell at the following prices:
Ask To ee These Suits we Know it will interest you.
Schau.l & Nast,
Leading Clotli iers, 137 S-Main St., Butler, Pa -
(for the price) in the history of the clothing trade.
Step in and see these goods, you'll be agreeably surprised. NO
TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. YVorkingmen take notice: We
have Sweet, Orr & Co.'s Panta
loons and Overalls. If you have
worn them, you need no further
comment from us. if not ask to
see them as they are the best
cheap pants in the world.
Mrs. Jennie E. Zimmerman
The Originator of Popular Prices in Butler.
The past month's sales have been the most brilliant in the histor
of our business—simply because we have sold even the Newest Sprin
Goods lower than any house in Butler.
39c, All Wool Spring Style Novelty,
Dress Goods, actual value 50c per yard
50c, 46—in. All Wool Black and. Color
ed Serges, former price 75c.
5Cc, Black and Colored All Wool Henri
ettas, 46 hi, wide the same values yon al
ways paid 75c for.
35c, Black and Colored Henrietta, real
value 50c. These goods are strictly All Wool.
Henriettas, all colors, 10c, 15c. 20c and
25c per yard.
2oc, Figured India Silks, worth 35c per
«c. Gennine Kaiki Wash Silks, no such
value ah these ever offered for 35c per yard.
50c for 27-in, Plain Jap Wash Silks in
Black and Colors, real yalue 75c yer yard .
Black Satin Duchess at 90c, worth $1,25
per vard.
Black Satin Rhadama and Black Faile
Silks at 85c per yard.
Black Figured Taffeta Silks, 85c per yard;
real value SI.OO.
Light Colors in Wool Albatross, Lansdown
Henriettas and Silk Mulls for graduation
White Hose in Silk and Lisle, White Silk
Mitts, Kid Gloves, ic , for commencement.
20c, Fast Color lied Damask, real valne
35c per yard.
20c, Unbleached Damask.
50c, Bleached Damask, real value 75c.
This is a hobby of ours, and they are sty
lish and tasty at popular prices.
We look after elderly Ladies' Headwear,
and that is a department so nitw h over
We can please you.
Mourning Millinery Department filled
with neat, choice effects in latest styles.!
Choice New Untrimmed Hats, 15c 2.5 c, 75c,
SI,OO, $1,25 to $2,00.
Ladies' Veats for sc.
Children*' Vests for sc, and up to best
quality for less price than you haye ever
paid for them.
WHERE will you find such values as this store offers? And these
are bat a few of the man y bargains this store has for you. What
would yon be paying for goods if this store was not here? We prom
ise this that no matter what it is for the money, it is the best that can be
had of its kind or we refuse all moneys; that is the postire way; that is oar
only way. We mast please. We most give greater value than all compe
tition Every person come. Get posted. We will try and pleaße you,
and if prices cat any figure, will sell to you.
Mrs, Jennie E. ZimmermaN
Opposite Hotel Lowry. Successor to Ritter & Ralston
Hotel LStitler
J. H. FAUBEL, Prop'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets; has electric bells and all
other modern conveniences for
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found in Butler, Pa.
Elegant sample room for use o
ommercial men
Hotel Williard
Reopened and now ready for the
eoommodation of the traveling pub
Everything in first-class style.
M H BROOKS, Clerk.
Bees and Bee Supplies For Sale.
Sucb Sections, Brood PrtmM, Ilives,
Foundations, Ilee Smoker*, etc.
Mercer Street, Butler, Pa.
Oj J. B. MCiIPH Y, at 6. O. PurvU & Co
#7.50, worth sl2.
(sizes 34 to 42.)
#9.50, worth #l4.
(sizes 34 to 42.)
#l2. worth #l6.
(sizes 34 to 42.)
HAS ARRIVED, and we will
be pleased to show you what we
You can buy a good, servicable
business suit for $5.00, but our
line at $6.00, $7.50, $9.00 and
SIO.OO are marvels of beauty and
excellence, better than ever sold
The elegance of onr Trimmed Hats is the
wonderment of all beholders, our prices arc
so low. How can you sell such equisite hats
at such prices? is often asked in onr show
room. Some ot them are copies of French
and New York models, most of them the
creation of our own unrivalled designers and
trimmers. Prices range from 98c, $1.69,
$2,25. $3,00, $3.50, $4,00 and $5,00.
Best Standard Prints for 6}c.
Indigo Blues sc.
Fast Color Bed sc.
Best Ginghams sc.
Capes—this is a department we are proud
of. Capes cut after latest styles. Haviag
closed out an entire line of a New York
manufacturer' we are able to sell you Cape*
at less than other merchants can buy them
A Beautiful Clsth Cape for $1.50 and $3,25.
Handsome Velvet Capes, silk lined, at
$4 50.
Taffeta Lined Silk Cape, $4,50 and ap to
Separate Skirts.
$4,50 for a Black Crepon Skirt, godet back.
Serge Skirts, Cloth Skirts, Silk Bkirts.
Duck Suits $2,00,
Ladies' Wrappers, 69c.
'• Waists, 25c.
" " 50c.
" Silk Waists in Black and Colored
Wash Silk, $3,00 worth $4,50.
These are unequaled values.
Childrens' Wraps.
Child's Reefer, sires from 2, 3, 4 up to 12
For men, women and children, Fast Black
Hose at sc, worth 10c.
4J for Heavy Sheeting.
5o "
Good Bleached Muslin for sc.
Best Lonsdale for 7c.
W is approaching and the
r only way to keep cool is 1 J
J to go to *
«? Heineman's J -
Q. # W hM
and get yourself a nice
JS Hammocks J 5
3 J We have the largest W
CQ 5 and finest line of > 5
z? Hammocks 5
# ?
ijz d ever brought to Batler. go
o*l Wall Paper Jlo
from the cheapest to the
<J J finest of Pressed J > m
2? PAPERS, h
*7 0 We also handle the
_ # celebrated <'