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THURSDAY. MAY 2, 1895.
Legal notices are published in the Citi
xen at $1 per Inch for finit, and 50 cents for
each succeeding insertion.
Obituaries, cards of thanks, resolutions,
•to. are inserted at 5 cents a line, money to
accompany the order.
Reading notices on looal page 10 cents
a line lor first and 5 cents a line for each
subsequent insertion. Notices among lo
cal news items 15 cents a line for each in
Half-inch professional cards with paper
$5 a year.
Rates for commercial advertising q«oted
upon application
New York Weekly Tribune—Free.
By special arrangements made for eur
so doing, we are enabled to offer to all our
übscribers who pay arrearages, (if any)
and one year in advance, and to all new
subscribers paying in advance, the New
York Weekly Tril «»»« free for one year.
For further parti cslars of this offer see ad
New Advertisements.
Teachers Annual Examinations.
Campbell & Templeton s prices.
Scbaul A Naat's suits.
Shloss Bro's clothing.
Miller's prizes.
Tbe N. Y. Herald.
NOTE—AII advertisers intending to make
changes in their ads. should notify us of
their intention to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
Administrators and Executors ol estates
oan ■"'fire their receipt books at the ClT
ti» v iiice
# arm'S
Bu Richard Malcolm Johnston.
The opening chapters
of a most interesting story
by the above well-known
author will begin
In Our Next Issue.
—Flour has raised from 25 to 50 cents
• barrel.
—Campbell <fc Templeton's mew delivery
wagon ia immense.
—John Shanor is keeping the large
Hambletonian gtallion Crawford Prinoe,
at the Fair Ground.
—The bodies of two more babies have
lately been found in the suburbs ot the
town. Please bury your babies.
—An easy way to commit suicide is to
leave off your heavy underclothes onder
the impression that summer is here.
—The Guokenheimers intend building a
new distillery at Preeport daring the oom
img gammer. It is to have a capacity for
1500 bashela of grain a day.
—A grand chorus entertainment wiil be
givenThursday,May 9th, at Saxon Station
M. E. oburoh under the direction of Prof.
Shoemaker, assisted by excellent talent.
—To the bicyclist, making his way to
town on foot, after an accident to his
wheel, what can be more humiliating than
to have the small boys cry out to him,
"It'a a good thing; push it along!"
—Braid Gilchrist with a force of men
went down to Glade Mill, this morning, to
move the Marks Bros store from its present
foundation to a temporary one. The
firm intenda putting up a new building.
—The last lens cast by the Plate Glas g
Co., was taken out of the oven, Tuesday,
and as it seems to be perfect, Prof. Peate
waa an notified. He will oome here and
examine it, and if it is perfect it will be
placed on exibition before being shipped.
—The recent hard winter will bo found
to have injured all seed corn tbat waa not
thoroughly dry and kept in a dry place.
Test the teed corn by planting some of
the grains in a box of earth and note the
percentage of grains which fail to germi
nate. Take no risk on corn. A few
weeks lost time by the seed not germin
ating means quite a large loss in the
—Mothers are cautioned by a physician,
not to permit their children, who carry a
load of school books back and forth from
home and school each day, to carry the
load in the same hand or over the same
shoulder, as many instances have been
known where the habit lengthened the arm
or enlarged the hand disproportionately
or caused the child to carry one should 9 r
higher than the oiber.
The fact that Satnrn with its rings hove
into sight among its sister planets night
before la*t, reminds us that there isn't a
■lngle telescope ia Butler Here we are.
ten thousand of us, and whenever we boar
of a oomet flirting with the moon some
where off in space, or that the astronomers
have found out that the Martians are try
ing to signal us with flash-lights, we have
to take it on faith. When the sun gets
•olipsed, though we look through smoked
glass with the rest of the world we don't
see very much.
Odd Fellowship was 86 years old last
Friday. Like wine it improves with age
and now musters nearly 1,000,000 follow
ars All over the country the anni ver
aary waa observed by the lodges. Seventy
aix years ago Thomas Wildey, an English*
man who had located in Baltimore and
was lonely because Englishmen were not
popular then on account of the recent war,
proposed to John Weloh, John Duncan,
John Cheatham and Kicbard Kushworth
that they relieve monotony of life by organ
ising an Odd Fellows' lodge resembling
the one he had belonged to in England.
April 26th, 1819, these five men met at
the Seven Stars tavern and instituted the
first lodge, which they called the Wash
ington Lodge, No. 1. The five men were
■ot well edao4ted or particularly refined,
and thev bad little influence in Baltimore,
but Wildey was a born leader of men, and
before he died, in 1861, the order he had
founded bad a membership of 200,000.
—Last week wa> a great oats scoring
—Dogs are getting into their spring coats
and pants.
—Mr. Graham, the storekeeper of Moni
teau, has sold ont to Wick <t Robinson.
—A number of handsome new bicycles
are being ridden in town.
-Now is the time to rake the back yard
and burn up the rubbish.
—Many a young fellow buys |a bicycle
built lor two on an income built lor one.
—The State Supreme Court has decided
that bikes mast pay toll.
—Yeliow ochre and Venetian red, with
a few feathers and a skin suit, make a fine
looking Indian out of Paris Green.
—Superintendant McCollough notes his
annual examinations for May and June in
another place.
—About fifteeen citizens of Butler, Evans
City, and other parts of Butler county,
joined Mrs. Core's excursion, yesterday.
—Seanor «fc Co. have new rigs and new
horses. If you want a stylish turn-out try
one of theirs.
—Nearly all the country schools closed
last wees. The poor town children have
to endure another month of it.
—lt is just as well lor boys to re mem
ber that there is a penalty of ten dollars
for destroying the nests ol wild birds.
—There is a fortune for the milliner wh)
shall devise a bonnet that can be worn in
any part of a church and always present
the trimmed side to the congregation.
—Spring is here and the country is ful i
of fellows who are making their living by
their wits. We have heard of no new
swindling schemes, but the old ones are
being worked with vigor.
—The pneumatic principle has been ap
plied to boots. The air tubes lie botweon
the upper and lower soles, and give a
springy movement to the foot calculated
to reduce friction with the ground and to
alleviate fatigue.
—Think over your list of acquaintances
and see if there isn't some absent friend
or relation who would be pleased to re
ceive the local news from Butler every
week. To such a one the Citizejj would
be an acceptable present.
—The recent sharp advance in wheat
has led to an advance of 45 to 60 cents
per barrel by wholesale dealers in flour,
and this advance will take effect in the re
tail trade as soon as present stocks are
disposed of.
—An exchange tells how to make money
in an easy way. Take a new dollar bill,
fold it over and double it; fold it several
times each way and double it out again and
you will find it in creases. Take a silver
dollar, strike it on the coufiter and it will
ring, give the ring to your best girl, and
you will have the half dollar left."
—There has been placed upon the mar
ket latelv a'-self-opening umbrella,"
which promises to effect quite a revolution
in this useful appliance. The umbrella
that has so long been in use has always re
quired the use of two hands to open it.
Henceforth the umbrella is to be opened
with one hand only: Press a spring close
to the handle and the umbrella opens it
self. A spring has been released which
quickly aud firmly opens it. and keeps it
open; at the same time adding to its
strength; The addition is eminently
simple, and the extra cost over that of the
ordinary umbrella is only trifling.
—The tree pruner, who does not really
know what pruning moans nor what a tree
requires and needs for healthful and
beantifull growth, is now abroad on his
annual tour of mutilation and ruin. Mag
nificent stretches of shade and leafy splon
dor are wrecked by a few hours' backing
and sawing, and the tree pruner looks with
delight on the unsightly branches and
limbs his industry has kindly permitted to
survive destruction. Trees should not be
spoiled of every twig and limb cut of even
with the trunk. Nature intends no such
process to follow the grandeur and glory
of years of growth and upbuilding. Bat
the pruner knows nothiDg of nature's inten
tions nor of the beauty and protection the
tree and affords, aud because he does not
he Bhould be taught and cut just as short
from his work as ho has been cutting the
limbs and branches. — Ex.
Miss Emma Anderson, daughter of J. D.
Anderson, Esq., of Penn township, was so
badly burned last Friday morning that she
died next eveniae. She was kindling a fire
in the yard, at the time of the accident, her
apron took firo, and sha ran to the house
and ran up stairs, before she found some
body to throw a blanket around her and
extinguish the flames. She did not inhale
the flames and her death was caused by
external injuries.
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Silk and Velvet, trimmed in Lace,
Ribbon, Jet and Satin. Call before
purcha aing your Spring Wrap. We
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Pique, Seersuckers, Ginghams and
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Agents Wanted.
If there is no agent for THE
cality it will pay you to write to
THE TIMES for terms to agents.
THE TIMES is Pittsburgh best pa
per and persons who serve as agents
are granted liberal terms.
No matter how hard the times
the one thing you cannot afford to go
without :a all the news. If you want
all the news you get it in the Pitts
burg Dispatch, The Dispatch pub
ishesl all—not a part only
Music scholars wanted, Lessons
will be given either at the home of
the teacher or at the home of the
scholar. Inquire at 124 W. Wayne
St. But'er Pa.
Come and see stylish bats and bon
nets at PAPE'*.
—BoardingHouse Cards, with Act
of Assembly, 25 cents for half-a-dozen,
for sale »t CITI?IN office,
Letters ol adin'n were granted to Jas. R.
McCandless on estate of Mary McCandless
of Cherry twp.
The will of Chas Geible of Butler v. - a>
probated. Barbara and Joseph Geible,
ex'rs: also willot S. L. Riddle of Allegheny
In the matter 01' the petition of the citi
zens of the "Island" to be attached to the
3d ward, commissioners were appointed
who will report at June term.
Beginning next Monday there will bo
two weeks of court for the trial of civil
cases. Probably the most important case
on the list is that of Alfred T. Cookson vs
the P. A- W. R. R. Co., which is put down
for trial on Tuesday the "tu.
The body of an infant was found in a
coffee sack, in Fallers field at the head
of Fairview Ave, last Thursday. The
Coroner held an inquest, an J as the phy
sicians decided that the child had been
still-born, the affair will go no farther.
Merchantile Appraiser Starr heard
half a dczen appealers last Thursday aiter
The Judges composing the contest court
are making good time and working indus
triously. They have made up their list of
illegal voters, and are now going over the
ballots for the purpose of ascertaining lor
whom they voted. The chances are that
they will finish this part of the business
next week and be ready in a couple of
weeks to render their decision. They keep
their own counsel, and no one but them
selves has the remotest idea how many
votes are found to have been illegal or lor
whom a majority of them were cast Both
sides feel confident of winning, and per
haps that is just as well, for the Iriends of
one or the other ol the candidates are go
ing to feel sad after the decision is render
ed.—lndiana Messenger.
J. C. Graham to L. C. Wick lot in Butler
for S4OO.
J no. Byerly to Samuel Ekas 64 acres in
Buffalo for $3,300.
Carrol heirs to T. J. Carrol 19 acres in
Cranbery for $320.
Mary Jones to Martha Weigle 51 acres
in Franklin for $1 00.
Z. W. Phillips to T. W. Phillips 120
in Oakland.
John Uetzler to Lizzie Dale 400 acres in
Allegheny for $2,500
Eliza McCandless etai to Jos. Hartraan
lot in Butler for $2,500.
W. J. McKee to Jos. U art man lot in But
ler for $2,450.
H. Kummer to Harry Friend lot in Bat.
ler for $650
C. Daffy to Richard Phelan 8 acres in
Butler twp. for $1,215.
H K Wick to Frank Mizener 13 acres in
Washington for $2200.
S J Kedd to L H Smith lot in Butler for
Chas Nicklas to A J Burr 15 acres in
Forward for $1375.
F M Wallace to M E Vanderbilt 90 acres
in Marion for SI9OO.
AnnaWeser to Ed Rieger lot in Butler for
$720. , .
M B Maharg et al to M E Mathers lot m
Butler for S3OO.
Marriage Licenses.
W. E. Miller Middle Lancaster
Tillie Schilling Forward twp
Tifney McFadden Marion twp
Marion 8uchanan......... Mercer twu
J. H. Bull Butler, Pa
S. E. Wilson "
W. F. Behin ..Mars
Maggie Goettman ——Zelienople
Edward Taylor Butler
Sadie Hutchison "
Chas A. Dambaugh Connoq. twp
Lilly May Beggs..... .....Lancaster twp
A. W. Barnliart Butler twp.
Susan Detrick Conno. twp
At Pittsturg, Monday—Joseph Hart
man Jr. of Butler and Katharine Powers
of Pittsburg.
At Pittsburg, Tuesday, Conrad J.Bowers
of Butler Co. and Ida M. Pay ton of Pitts
New Buildings
Johnny Graham is building himself a
residence on corner of Locust and Monroe
Seth Snyder, of Brady towndhip, is build
ing himself a new house; and his neighbor
Jacob Koch intends doing the same.
Stanley Brown is building on Walker
John West is building on Mifllin St.
11. A. Sidler building on North Washing
ton street.
Plants by the Thousand
The grandest lay out of Tomato plants
in Butler at present is undoubtedly that
of Jesse Heydrick in his garden on North
Bluff St., near West Pearl.
He has several hot-beds lull of fine,
large, vigorous looking plants, »oine of
which are ready to blossom; and they are
all of the Improved Ponderosa a variety
the finest, largest and best tomato in ex
istence. The tomato was originated by
that celebrated seedsman Peter Henderson
of New York, and he paid SUSO, for an
appropriate name for it. It is a large,
solid, and finely flavored tomato. One
pecularity about Mr. lleydrick's plants
is that tbey are grown from seeds from the
two-year-old plant exhibited at the Pair
last Pall.
People who intend raising tomatoes this
Summer, will find Mr. lleydrick's plants
the best in the market.
The Markets
Our grocers are paying 20 for butter and
10 for fresh eggs, 75 foi potatoes, 60 for
parsnips, 05 for onions and beets,llcts. for
dressed chicken, 12 for turkey and duck,
3c a pound for cabbage, $2.00 for apples,
$2 00 beans, 15 cents lb for lettuce, 15 to
20c a dozen for green onions; $1.50 t052.50
a bu. for onion sets.
Czarina jast new at PAPE
Home made candies, taffies, car
mels, and etc., now on hand at the
City bakery.
1000 untrimmed hats,spendid shap
es at PAPKS.
Job kind done at the
l x i 7.
Pictures, Diplomas, Certificates
and Charters Framed to Order at 309
S. Main St, Butler, Pa.
Dealers in new Furniture and
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The finest line of Mourning hato
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Laces and Embroideries at
L. Stein & Son's.
Always use J. A. llichey's Cough
Drops. They are the best.
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Fancy Slks in greatest variety and
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Towels, Crashes and all kinds of
white goods at very low prices at
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pretty pattern hats and bonnetß at
John Ferguson of Middlesex twp. was in
town on business. Monday. Since last
seeding tiineJohn has bought and sold fifty
four horses.
W. H. Parker of Buffalo twp. and Benj.
Stepp of Middlesex twp. were in town on
business, Friday.
J. G. Campbell of W. Pearl St. has been
seriously ill lor some time. His heart is
troubling him.
Mr.,. Hannah Frederick of Harmony has
been granted a pension.
J. Sullivan, Esq. of Pittsburg visited
hi 3 friends in Butler last weeK.
Chas Walker of Butler, a student on the
training i-hip Sarato r a at Philadelphia, is
home on a visit.
Uarvey Miller attended the funeral of
bis sister Mrs. Bartley in Allegheny yes
Dr. Byers is greatly improved in health
and is again able to attend to business.
Miss Mary Ann Flick of Middlesex twp.
visited friends in Butler, Monday.
David Pflough of Mt. Chestnut is the
happy father of a big, bouncing boy.
John Findley, of the Ist ward, is now
clerking for the Pittsburg Refining Co.,
with office on Wood street.
Tnos. Robinson. Esq., went to Harris
burg Monday, and took charge of the ofliee
of Superintendant of Public Printing,
A. C. Hindman and Xewton Kennedy, of
this county, passed successful examina
tions, Monday, at Harrisbufg, before the
State Pharmaceutical Board.
Dr. J. C. Barr, of Mars, went to Chicago
Monday, to attend the Annual convention
of Railway Surgeons, May Ist, 2nd, and
3rd. Last year they met at Galveston,
Sam Redick and Frank Colbert are
clerking for the Oil Well Supply Co., at
Mar 3.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Morris attended the
funeral of Mrs. Bartley, of Allegheny.
She was Mrs. Morris' mother.
Mrs. W. A. Stein and daughter Mrs. Will
Campbell. Mrs. John Campbell, Llugh Mc-
Bride and wile, Mrs. I. J. Mcßride and
daughter, Mrs. W. D. Fisher, llr. Bash
line and his partner, and Dr. Harry Wil
son oi Evans City, are among the Butler
Co., people who joined Mrs. Core's exeur
sl on down the river to Cincinnati, yester
Several acres of woodland belonging to
Solomon Thompson, of Brady township,
were burned over a few days ago. The tire
orifiina'ed from a burning brush heap.
Church Notes.
Hev. E. M. Wood will preach in the
Methodist Church next Sunday evening
on "How the Biblo was Made." There
will be communion at the morning service.
The U. V. L. Surprise.
On Monday night as the meeting of the
Union Veteran Legion was nearing its
close, the Ladies Auxiliary pushing forth
the door entered and invited the "Old
Boys" to a nice surprise party which was
waiting them in the dining hall. The
luDoh served them was very heartily par
taken of, and the whole evening passed in
a nery pleasing manner. Tbe Auxiliary
presented a ten dollar bill to the Legion
which was received with many thanks.
The ladies certainly ("eserve great praise
f.'om the C. V. L , who enjoyed them
selves so extensively alt evaning.
Mr. Win. H. Sherwood, America's
Greatest Concert Pianist, with a select
company of musicians will give a recital in
Park Opera House, on Thursday evening,
May Kith, under tho auspices of the But
ler Amateur Musical Club.
"At Mr. Sherwood'.; recital in the Aud
itorium last night the performer was at hi <
best, cool, sell-contained, masterful, and
virile. Mr. Sherwood mapped out his
course, and followed it loyally, with dig
nity, brilliancy, lightness without levity,
and seriousness without severity. The
effect of the recital was to send away every
every person with a distinct impression ot
the purport of the selections rendered and
a broadened conception of the significance
of music. It was not alone a triumph of
virtuosity, 'hough it was signally that:
it was also educative, illcstrative, and
imperative in the widest and most practi
cal sense."—Chicago Ilerald.
Teachers Annual Examinations.
Renfrew May lU, 189.">
Saxonburg May, 14 1895.-
Coylesvilie May 15, 1895.
Millerstown May 16, 181)5.
Harrisville May 17, 1895.
Farmington June 10, 1895.
North Washington June 11, 1895.
W. Snnbury June 12, 1895.
Slipperyrock June 111, 18V5.
Prospect June 14, 1895.
Evans City June 15.
Examinations will be held in Butler on
the last Saturday of June and the last
Saturday of July.
Reduced Bates via Pennsylvania Railroad,
account Meetintj oj Herman llajiliuls
(Dunkards) at Decatur, 111.
For the accommodation ol persons who
desire to attend the nieating of the German
Baptists (Dunkards), to behold at Deactur,
111., May 28 to June 8, the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company will sell lrorn May 24 to
Jun-j 1, inclusive, excursion tickets from
all points on their system west of and
including Baltimore, Lancaster, and Read
ing, and south of and including Suabury,
to Decatur and return, at a single fare for
tbe round trip. Tickets will be good to
return to starting point not later than
July 9.
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Investment stock.
We want good and trust-worthy
men as agents, such men will be
dealt with fairly and equitably. Call
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N. T. Weser, District Manager
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Butler P.
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Oil Notes.
The Standards paying $1:80 to-day,
BHOWXSDALK —The Eastern Oil Co's,
well in the "Black" Dorsey reached the
third sand, Monday, and started off at 50
bbls an hour. The well is a few rods
south of present developments.
BRADY TWP.— The well on the Duffy
place is said to tave filled up 700 feet with
oil when the sand was tapped.
OAKLAND— Iman A- Co., have a rig up
on the l»ean Campbell.
CLAY TWP.— A Pittsburg Co.. have a rig
up on the Thomas Gould.
HEEMAS —Byers A Co's; well on the
Bergbigler was shot a few days ago and
started off at 40 bbls; Hoffman i Oo's, 3
on the Leech started off at 150 bbls; Hunt
er A Cummings have a rig up on the Jac.
_DENSY —Parshall & Co's, Mcßride farm
well struck the sand Saturday and was
shut down for tankage. The old wells are
doing about 5 bbls each; several new rigs
are up.
W HfTESTOWK —This field is doing less
than 50 bbls a day; though about $35 000
has been spent in it. The producing wells
are rated as follow-: Kirker 20; Shanor
10, Shiever 3 and Martin 2. The Forest
Co's, No 2 on the Shiever was drilled 1800
feet, and is dry.
BOYDSTOWS —The boiler at one of Kei
ber & Co's wells in the Henry exploded,
Monday morning, and was scattered over
the country. Xobody was hurt.
TSOCTMAS —Tho five old wells are doing
from sto 14 bbls each. Rigs are being
built on the McCleary, Harper, Kobinson
anil Barnhart farms.
MARS—' The Association Producers are
drilling a well on the J. D. Hill east of
SAXOKBCRG —Weitzel Co's. well on
the Bernigo is reported dry, also the Deu
ison Co's. on the Wilson.
COYLKSVILLE— GreenIee Jc Co's. on the
Dugan is reported dry. Mcßride A* Co.
are drilling on the Weiland.
BCTLKS —The well on the George Sbaf
fuer farm south of town was shot in the
100 foot, Tuesday, and immediately the
oil and salt water began to flow over lh«
top of the derrick, it is now showing for
a good fifty barre' well, althongh it will
take several days to clean it out and get
it in order for pumping, after which it it
still continues as it does at this writing it
will undoubtedly make things in that part
of the country, as well as Butler, lively.
The well on the Daniel Shauor is being
drilled to the lower sand. Drive out from
Butler in any direction and one sees new
PSKN TWP— The well on the Maharg
was dry in the 100 foot, and is being drill
to the lower sauds.
MUDDY CREEK —The South Penn Co. is
drilling a well some miles west of the old
Muddy Creek field.
Notice to Teachers.
The Committee on Permanent Certifi
cates will meet at tbe Court ilouse on Fri
day and Saturday May 10th and llth 1895.
Applicants are expected to appear ai
9 a. m , on Friday the 10th.
Sec., of Com.
More of Marvin's Trilby Cakes
have been sold lu the past month
than any other kind. Ever try
Bicycle Riders.
If you want the best wheel made
buy a Columbia or a Hartford. R
L. Kirkpatrick the jeweler has the
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fords SSO, SUO, SSO. Also CreeceDt
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See our line oi New Spring Capes
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styles and prices are right
Overheard at the Grocery.
"What lovely little cakes, what do
you call them?" ',Marvin's Trilby."
"How nice, please give me a pound-"
—You pay for school-books; but
the best school-book for your children
is your daily paper. Well printed,
carefully and intelligently edited, of
instructive contents, first and fullest
with the ncwß and best in presenting
it, the Pittsburg Diapatch fills the
List of Traverse Jurors drawn this 25th
d»y of March, 1895, to serve as jurors at
the special term of court, commencing ou
tbe Ist Monday of May, 1895, the same be
ing tho oth day of said month.
Arner J B, farmer, Washington twp, N
Bnuuian Charles, gent, Saxonburg boro
Beigley Abram, teamster, Uarmony boro
Cbristiey Neyman, farmer, Slipperyrock
Critchlow 11 G, farmer, Penn twp, S
Cromlin Henry, butcher, Fairview twp, S
Dodds F B, farmer, Penn twp, S
Duncan Presley, plasterer, Adams twp, S
Dickey J W, farmer, Slipperyrock twp
Deets H M, carpenter, Fairview twp, E
Ehrman Peter, tanner, Cranheiry twp
Ev# is John A, carpenter Petrolia boro
Ferguson Wm, carpenter, Millerstown boro
Fredley Jacob, farmer. Middlesex twp
Galbreath W S, farmer, Winfield twp
Galhreath W, farmer, Forward twp
Holland John K, farmer, Washington twp
tialstead John, farmer, Clinton twp
Hughes John W, farmer, Clay twp
Hindman James, farmer, Washington tp,S
Knauff Casper, clerk, /,elienoplo
Kyle liobt, farmer, Harrisville boro
Lusk John, cigar maker, Fairview twp.
Laughner Newton, oil producer, Alle
gheby twp
Miller John J, fanner, Butler twp.
McCandless Harrison, fanner. Centre twp
McCullough C P, pumper, Fairview twp, E
Martin L C, farmer, Oakland twp
Myers Charles, farmer, Muddycreek twp
Xicholas Peter, merchant, Evans City
Patterson Kobert L, farmer, Penn twp, N
ltobinson Thomas, farmer, Cranberry twp
Hohner John, banker, Evans City
Itankin C H, farmer, Fairview twp, W
Stevenson D B, oil producer, Petrolia boro
Stewart A P, hotel keeper, 2d ward Bntler
Sutton Nelson, carpenter, Concord twp
Sloan Andrew, farmer, Allegheny twp
Shira John M, farmer, Parker twp
Schallner George, contractor, Ist, ward
Schatl'iier Samuel, farmer, Butler twp
Stein John, farmer, Oakland twp
Thompson Josiah M, farmer, Brady twp
Walter P C, farmer, Clinton twp
Wimor John, farmer. Worth twp
Walker Gilbert, clerk, Forward twp
Watson, Wm, tarmer, Buffalo twp
Young W B, oil producer, Butler twp
The people of Butler and vicin
ity have just discovered that
New Clothing
at 120 S. MAIN St., is the best
place to obtain reliable cloth
ing and furnishings at reason
All classes can be suited and
everybody is invited to call
and inspect my
of Spring and Summer goods.
ONE JT. H. Burton
Sciothier and
PRICE, i Furnisher
120 S. Main, St
South Side Gossip.
This is the busiest aide ol town. New
buildings being erected every week.
The base ball aggregation have met and
formed quite a "tacky" nine, and are only
waiting now for a few games to display
their wonderful skill with the bat and ball.
For series or single games please write
to Robert Richey, Fairview Ave., Butler,
School will come to its final five weeks
from to-day.
Mr. <t Mrs. Leech visited friends at
Coylesville, Sunday.
Mrs. Tilton is visiting her old home in
Brooklyn, N. T.
Hats, Hats, Hate, Hats.
AD immense assortment to select
from, Trimmed and Untrimmed, all
the latest styles at the lowest prices.
Attention to little Things.
Has made Marvin's crackers known
everywhere. Every detail of their
making is carefully watched.
B. 15.
Black is Fashionable.
Black is "becoming"
and Choice Black Dress Fabrics nev
er sold in this store at such rapid rate
as at present
that will pay immediate investigation
New Black Twill Mohairs.
Elegant in appearance, right in
weight; bought at a sacrifice several
months ago,before it was settled that
Black would be the fashionable fad as
to color—44 inches wide, 50 cents a
Specially adapted for Suits, Sepa
rate Skirts or Petticoats—4o inches
wide, 35c; 42 inches wide, 50c and
75c; 54 inches wide $1 and $1.25.
You've paid double for not nearly
so good and tine goods as these—3 8
inches wide, 25c.
New and stylish effects,direct from
Paris—7sc, sl, $1.25 up.
Good Black Crepons, 45 cents, to
finest imported at $3 per yard.
All wool, neat Check Suitings,styl
ish mixtures—33 inches wide, 22c.
a yard.
Large assortments of stylish, up
to date Dress Goods and SuitiDgs at
25c, 30c, 40e and 50c, that will prove
conclusively we intend making it an
object to you to do your buyiDg here!
Come, or write for samples and
our new 1895 Spring and Summer
Catalogue—'twill cost you only the
postal containing your request.
Boggs & Buhl,
TTTU T-. We take pleasure in an
il Mn I IS swering this question.
II llUt XU Knowing it to be what
T rtjinp TT every family wanta, a
I 1111 KPi II remedy they oan use at
* V/UilU U any time in all safety,and
one that will relieve pain internal or ex
ternal sooner than any other known rem
edy. We insist in cases ol bad Sprain,
Bruise. Cholera-Morbus, Pain in the Stom
ach, Toothache, Ac., that you use this
remedy. Nice clean and pleasant to use.
Sold by Druggists,
price 25 & soc
Put up by—
Butler Pa.
Seanor & Co's.
Rear of Wick House,
Butler, Pa.
Tbe best of horses and first class
rigp always on hand and for hire.
Best accommodations in town fo
permanent boarding and transient
trade. Special care guaranteed.
Stable room for sixty-five horses.
A good class of horses,both drivers
and draft horses, always on hand and
for sale under a full guarantee; and
horses bought upon proper notifi
cation by 11. SEANOK.
Now is the time to have your
Clothing Cleaned or Dyed, and
save the 20 per cent we are offer
ing at this time. A trial will con
vince you that we do good work.
Portiers dry-cleaned, $1,25 per
pair; Brussels or Tapistry carpets
cleaned without lifting, 10c per yard.
Butler Dye Works,
216 Center Aye.
Hotel Butler
J. H. FAUBEL, Prop'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets; has electric bells and all
other modern conveniences for
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found in Butler, Pa.
Elegant sample room for use oi
omm ercial men
Southside Restaurant
No. 211 Centre Avenue, (Whit
mire building,) convenient to P. &
W. depot. Open all hours. All
kind of lunches and regular meale.
Tobacco and Cigars, fine confections
and everything to be found in a
first class Restaurant. Give us a
call and we will do our best to ac
commodate you.
A Suggestion.
! X. iSuKirrm
Did it ever occur to you that there are
drugs cr.* drugs—that drugs are like every
thing else—there are good, bad and indif
ferent. There is nu»H"* else which is
positively bad if it is'nt j~«t •! ,Vl «» best.
Our policy has always been to have noth
ing bnt the best.
When you want drugs come to us and be
assured of fresh pure goods, and always
what you ask for or your prescription calls
for. It may not always be drugs yon want
either. We always have on hand a full
line of sick room requisites.
Or Tin BOYD,
Diamond Block, - Butler, Pa.
By virtue of an order of the Court of Common
rieas of Butler Co.. at Ms. I). No. 3. of Sept., T
teun 181*3, the undersigned for the benefit of
creditors of \V. J. Gllleland. will offer the fol
lowing described real estate for sale on the
premises on
SATURDAY MAY 18th , 1895;
at 4 p. m, of the same day:—
Alf that certain lot of ground situate iu the
borough of Mars, in the county of Butler, Pa.,
bounded and described as follows: On the
North by lot E. T. Saase, on the East by P. a
W. Ry., on the South by lot of Mrs. N. Davis,
and on the West by Main street. Fronting Tl
feet on the said street and running back 170
feet to said railroad. Having a two story frame
dwelling house.and other out buildings thereon
erected. (Frame Stable.)
Also all that certain lot situated In the same
bounded on the north by lot of S. A.Kennedy,
on the e*st by P. & W. Ry., on the south by lot
formerly of H. P. Boyd, and on the west by
Main street. Fronting feet on the said
street and running bac» feet to the said
Also all that lot situated In the same place,
and bounded on th« north by a street, on the
eost by the P. & W. Ry.. on the south by lot of
K. T. sas.se. aud on the west by Main street.
Fronting 180 feet on the said Main street and
running back 170 feet, to the said railroad.
Same to be sold subject to a first mortgage of
H.ooo dollars, and a Judgement of $l3O. dollars.
»Ith costs and interest on both.
TERMS OK SALS—WiII be offered for cash
and on failure ot sufficient bids will then be
oHered on the mual terms, one third on couflr
mallon ol sale by the court, one-third In one
year, and one-third In two years. Deferred
payments to be secured by bond and mortgage
ou the premises, with Interest and an attorneys
commissson ot 5 per cent.
J. M. MARSHALL. Assignee,
I'ortersville, Pa.
J. D. Marshall, AU'y.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration on the estate of
Andrew J. Evans, dee'd, late of Forward
twp., Butler Co., Pa., having been granted
to the undersigned; all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and any
having claims against said estate will pre
sent them properly authenticated for set
tlement to
WM. M. BROWN, Adm'r.
Brownsdale, P. 0.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration with the will
annexed, on the estate of John Yoang.late
of Winlield iwp., Butler county, Pa., hav
ing been issued by the Register of said
county, to me—all persons therefore know
ing themselves indebted to said estate are
requested to make speedy payment, and
all persons having claims against said es
tate will pleas 9 present them properly au
thenticated for settlement to
Of John Young, dee'd,
Carbon Black, P. 0.
Attv's for Estate.
Administrators' Notice.
Letters of administration on the estate
of John W. McJunkin, dec'd, late of Clay
twp., Bntler county, Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned; all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said estate
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
John R. McJunkin >
Anna McJunkin, >
Euclid, P. O.
Ira McJunkin, Att'y. Butler Co., Pa.
Executor's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that letters testa
mentary on the estate of Charles Haslett,
late of the borough of Butler, decoased,
have been granted to me the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will make payment to me,
and all persons having claims against said
estate will present the same to me for set
Attorney for Enate,
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of Administration C. T. A. hav
ing been granted to the undersigned on the
estate of Jane Young, dec'd, late of Con
cord twp., all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please call and
settle and any having claims against the
same will present them duly authenticated
for payment
Jacksville, Pa.
Administrators Notice.
Letters of administration C. T. A. hav
ing been granted to the nndersigned on
the estate of William Byers, dec'd, late of
Concord twp, Butler Co., Pa. All per
sons knowing tbomselves indebted to said
estate, will please make immediate pay
ment, and any having claims against said
estate will present them duly authenti
cated for settlement to
Leota, Butler Co., Pa.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
John Conrad Shanor, dec'd, late of Whites
town, Butler Co., Penn'a., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment, and
any having olairns against said estate will
present them duly authenticated for settle
ment to
Whitestown, Pa.
Administrator's Notice-
Lettero of administration having been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of Willian LuU, dec'd, late of Lancaster
twp, Butler Co., Pa , all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and any
havtng claims against said estate will pre
sent them duly authenticated for settle
ment to
J. N. KIRKEK, Adm'r,
Middle Lancaster P. O.
J. B. MATBS att'y Butler Co., Pa.
Butler Pa.
Hotel WHIM
Reopened and now ready for th«
ecommodation of tbo traveling pub
Everything in firet-claea style.
H H BROOKS, Clerk.
A Stunner
For Men.
By chance wc closed out (for spot prA 4fe"lo
cash) of a New York clothing firm * *
their entire stock of fine Clay I (sizes 34 to 42.)
Worsted Suits. They are made 1 .
in Frocks and Sacks and we :®frO. 50, worth sl4.
brought these suits twenty-five f
per cent less than market price. ♦ (sizes 34 to 42.)
We had to take them all. WOrtll #l6.
have put these on our tables to
sell at the following prices: (sizes 34 to 42.)
Ask To See These Suits we Know it will interest you.
Schaul S Nast,
Leading Clothiers, 137 S. Main St-, Butler, Pa*
Schneideman's Old Stand.
Fair and Square Clothiers, Outfitters and Hatters, Butler ?a.
Looks Funny but it's so—
That we have the stock of the t owq in Mens Clothing. We have a vast assortment of
suitsi fit tor any time, piirpose, place and occasion, from the cheapest working suit UD to th#
□nest dress suit.
We Don't care—
What prioea are quoted elsewhere. we can match and more than match the auaUtyilor the
money everytime.
Great Values in Men's Suitings this week at $5. $6. $7.50, $8.50,
$lO. and sl2.
Our Straw Hats—
Are now tn, and those who have seen or purchased cannot understand how tt Is possible
for us to sell at the prices we do. We will offer this week.
_ dozen regular 50c medium rim. high crown Straw Hats at 35c.
7C " •• 91. large stiff rim Young Man's Stylish Straw hats at soc
\J " " t2. medium rim Panama and Split Straw Hats at It .00
We hare the largest stock, hence the low price.
15c—Last week of the 25c and «0c pants 15c.
Anything pnrchased of u» which does not meet your expectations can be returned and the
money will be cheerfully re fun ed.
Shloss Bro's,
Schneideman's Old Stand.
OUR NEW HAS ARRIVED, and we will
be pleased to show you what we
• have.
| in | \ You can buy a good, servicable
business suit for $5.00, but our
| J line at $ 6 -°°> $7-50, Sp.oo and
J. J. M JL M
excellence, better than ever sold
(for the price) in the history of the clothing trade.
Step in and see these goods, you'll be agreeably surprised. NO
TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. Workingmen take notice: We
have Sweet, Orr & Co.'s Panta- 1 <g j j
loons and Ch'eralls. If you have M | I 3
worn them, you need no further ASD
comment from us. if not ask to / Xgt g*m
see them as they are the best 11
cheap pants in the world. BUTLER, PA.
Have been in the business so long and have con
ducted their business in such a manner that a custom
er once is a customer always. They don't lose their
trade because everybody is satisfied. They never mis
. represent or try to get rich off one customer. They
L understand how to buy, what to buy and where to
buy. They pay spot cash for everything. They buy
which gives them the lowest prices and enables them
to retail goods at wholesale prices. They tell you
M m what the quality is and guarantee it just as
jt jj, they represent it. You know just what you are buy
" * ing. It is they who have brought down the price in
everything they handle till everybody is astonished.
tjk. They are not afraid of work and have respect for
everybody, rich and poor alike. They are the largest
f wholesale and retail dealers in their line in the State
and have been for years and this year have thousands
t* and thousands of dollars more invested in their busi-
Nl ness than ever. They confine themselves exclusively
to everything belonging to a driving or team outfit,
Buggies and Wagons and everything pertaining thereto.
They manufacture all kinds of harness—both hand
w w and machine made and all parts of harness, and keep
jjf jjv whips, lap dusters, harness oil, axle grease, buggy
» » tops and cushions, wheels robes and blankets. No
difference what you want about your horse or vehicle
1 come to us. Talk about floor space they have thous-
T, ands of feet more floor space than any one in the
same business in the county. If you have not been
"• there, ask you neighbor, he has and he will tell you
it is the place to buy. Call in, they want to get ac
quainted with you.
S. B. Bartincoort. J. H. Leigtaner.
128 E. Jefferson St., Butler Pa.
p. s.—We have also added a large, complete line of fine and cheap
A Magazine For 5 Cents.
THE SUNDAY HERALD increases in beauty and value with
every issue. It is a veritable MAGAZINE of contemporaneous
LITERATURE of the best class from the pens of FAMOUS FOR
EIGN and AMERICAN AUTHORS. It contains each week a
SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT of Handsome Pictures in Colors, Half
Tone and Black and White. $2 a year.
THE DAILY HERALD contains all the news of the world gather
ed by its own correspondents and reporters and forwarded by
unequalled cable and telegraphic facilities. $8 a year. Address
Herald Square, New York.
HPL txniMiwi»nd Jamesburer, N. J.
mtt<. rtililo oiber Lrfc Jt t**nf J »' ■>
«£6wi a trJ^^r>i<C' h « Send for large catalogue of
Land and Water Fowl. The best
l'ckin Ducks in the world.
W. H ORDWAY, Prop'r.
TS*SESr J . D A MOUNT, Sup't,