Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, October 25, 1894, Image 3

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    THE CI riZEN
advertising kates.
Legal notices are published in the ClTl
icd «t <1 per Inch for first. and M cenU for
wti succeeding insertion.
Übituarie*. cards of thinks, resolution*,
etc. are inserted *t 5 cents a line.money to
accompany the order.
Reading notices on local page 10 cents
a line lor first and 5 cents a line lor each
subsequent insertion. Notice- imonr lo
cal news items 15 cents a line for each in
Half-inch professional cards with paper
$6 a year.
Rates for commercial advertiiing qaoted
upon application
ki~n.au baa a population at aoont 10,000.
it is the < wwry *eat of Rntier cwmty. with
Vour railways, natural gaa. ai>J unequalled
facilities lor meuularlurr*.
Itugreaa enrywhere; new building*. new
"■»*^T"**"—« a growing aad proeperoua town.
New York Weekly Tnbune—Free.
By special arrangements made for ear
so doing, we are enabled to offer to all oar
subecribers who pay arrearages, (if any)
and one year in advance, and to all new
subscribers Paying in advance, the New
York Weekly Tribune free for one year.
For farther particulars of this oiler tee ad
New Advertisements.
SioTl—All advertisers intendingto make
canges in their ads. ahoald notify as of
their intending to do eo, not later than
Monday morning.
Martinconrt <i Co'* Card.
Kanfmanns' Specialties.
Davenney's Locals.
Miller's hboes
W. L. Douglas' Shoes.
Cold dollars at 80 cents.
Music Schola-s Wanted.
Park Opera Bouse notices.
Administrators and Executors ot estate
oan secure their receipt books at the Cm
ill office
—Take a look at the gorgeous colored
leaves on the trees.
—gome Butler people are said to have
been caught in the blind pool business.
—The Grove City foot ball team will play
here on Saturday.
Some of the apple trees in Cherry twp.
are in fall bloom.
James B. Corey, of Bradford, Pa., is a
ton did ate for governor on the platform of
the reduction of tha salaries of public offi
cials 50 per cent.
When about to order yonr reading
matter for the winter consider our ofier of
the CITIZKX and Tribune., both for $1 .10 a
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te. two cents an ounce. The hue f< r de
caption is $lO.
—William Love aill have a public «alr
on Thursday, November Ist, at 10 a. tn .at
hi* tarm 2 miles southwest of Saxonhurg
ori tha Cilade Mill* road.
—Tba honse of John Cumberland, in
Concord township, was destroyed by fire
on Wednesday of last week. Nearly all
tbs household goods were saved.
—The Standard Oil Co. a"d other par
ties are taking extensive leases in Snsque
banna, Columbia, Luzerne and Schuylkill
counties and are foing to thoroughly lest
tha territory for oil.
—The aafe of Esq. Gaisford in Millers
town wax blown open last Thnrsday night.
Tke burglar* took rafuge in a freight train;
tha train was backed upon a trestle; the
robbers jamped and raa for tLe woods and
made their escape.
—Paganini would never let anyone hear
bim tuna bis violin, and it is believed that
many of the extremely peculiar effects he
produced were obtained by tuning his in
atrument half a tone lower or higher than
the ordinary pilch.
—An immense amonnt of hauling is now
being done on the road from Valencia sta
tion tii Cooperstown, and the bridge at
Ham Bays' Mill i* in bad shape—a horse
went through it, Tuesday.
—Monday was Marti ncourt A Co'*, first
day for the distribution of their cards and
100 of them went that day. Tbese card*
coat nothing, and you can see what they
mean by reading the firm's card in this
—C. E Miller, completed the first year
of his venture in the boot and shoe busi
ness last week, and he is well ratisfied
with his years business. Be did six-thous
and more than ie expected to do, aud will
continue business at the old stand.
—There are two classes of haman be
ings—the one beasting of his importance,
and the other lieiug meek and humble,
and yet wa would sooner loan ten cents
to tha latter than we would to the form
—The key to snccess, in any department
ol life is *elf-denial. Idleness, laxities*,
wastefulness, come from lack of it; while
industry, promptitude, economy, thrilt
and a successful career are the result of
—An exchange »ays: "If you would b< -
coma acquainted with the tough* and out
casts of fifteen or twenty year* hence *psn d
an evening with some of the children, in
nocent now, whose parents allow them to
run the streets without re*traint.
Down in Pittsburg and Allegheny,
lately, tbe people have gone crazy over
"blind or discretionary pool*," and the
thing became *o notorious that tbe police
cloaed one "*bop" last Saturday, and ar
rested the proprietors, who skipped their
bail and did not appear al the hearing hi
ed for Monday.
—A rollicking boy in Ibis liorough was
baaily engaged in eating gTape* at tha
dinner table one day last week, and, a*
most people do, was swallowing the *eed*.
A young woman at tie table, noticing
him, asked If he wasn't afraid he might
have appendicili* The busy boy, only
half catching the words, replied. "Ob,
never mind; the seat of my pants arn all
—The People's telephone Co has a line
up between here and Omperitown and are
doing a large busines*. The office here i*
in J. E. Fornythe's building, 110 West Jef
feraon St. At Cooperstown the office is in
the Jarecki store and the public who have
busine** between Butler and this thriving
oil town are finding the telephone line a
great, convenience.
—At the *e*sioa of the I'resbyterian
Synod at Tyrone, Pa., which opened on
Thur*day last, Rav. Kuuiler wa* elec .ed
Moderator, and report* from the different
Presbyteries showed that Allegheny, Phil
adelphia and Butler were the only one*
that did not require aid from the general
fund this year. Each of these made hand
some donations to the fund. The Synod
will meet in Butler next year.
—A down town hnuna WAX raided I**l
Tharnday night. and ten men'* name* were
taken down for fnture UN. A quantity of
card*, poker chip*, etc. were found. The
raid wan made by Dint. Atty. Mc./iinkin
aa»i*ted l>y Thomaii and Brown and the
young men were aurpriitad alwiut I o'clock
in the morning, The crowd confuted of
several of the bent known young man of
flutter and a half donen other*. The
utanding and good family of the young
»pi>rta doe» not M«III to bar thrni troui a
liking for a littla raoture.
—Willie Wong Lee.
The Heatheu Chinee.
Is hurrying back to the I*and of the
" Oueae:
He can paralize dirt
AnJ do op a shirt.
And tbirks he can do ap the Japaneer
—• It ta*e« a smarter man than me. se
il»qoiz»d the philosopher, "to tell what a
t«aby is crying about."
—H. Seanor. the horse dealer, has pnr
cba->«d the Wick Bouse livery from l»aob
enspeck. He intend, enlarging the bam
and patting in new stock.
—W. J. Wilson of Millhrooke, Mercer
county came to Katler on Tuesday and
took home bis wife who was working at the
Nixon house.
—Almost every exchange we pick up has
an account of an apple, pear, peach or
plum tree being out in bloom for the sec
ond time this year, an.l one tells of a far
mer who in harvesting his =econd crop of
—f'p in Venango Co. chestnnts are so
plenty that the farmers are feeding them
to their hog*. The nuts are more fattening
than corn, and are much better hog feed
when tbey will onlv bring something like
a dollar a bushel.
—At Millerstown, last Saturday, the
body of Mrs. John E!leul*rger was ex
humed and the stomach taken out. by
order of the county coroner, who will have
it analj led to ascertain it it contained ar
senical poison. Mrs. Ellenberger died
September 23, at her home near FeacL
viile, and was interred in the Reformed
church cemetery at Millerstown. She was
about 52 years of age. After she had been
buried there were charges made that her
death had been caused by poisoning, and
this theory is held by a physician whom
■he had called to see her before death,
while her attending physician claims death
was the result of cancer of the stomach.
A New County.
A move i* going on to form a new coun
ty in Western Pennsylvania, to be known
as El!wood county. It is proposed to take :
a small slice olf the lower end of Lawrence j
c'jonty, quite a large slice of territory |
from Beaver county an I a piece of Butler
county. The new county would take a
part of Wayne, Perry and Big Beaver
townships in Lawrence county, North Se
wickley and other township* iu Beaver
county and will run over into Butler coun
ty as far as Harmony and /Celienople.
A bill is said to be in course of prepara
tion, and is expected to be presented at
the next Legi>lature. The Fittsburg Com
pany, which is back of the El I wood boom
is pushing the idea.
Playing Indian in Beaver Co.
In Franklin twp Beaver Co , several
boys went nutiiug last Saturday, and while
out in the woods proposed to play Indian
by re-enacting a scene in the early history
ol the county.
A boy named McLanghlin, aged 14 years
took the ride of the hack woods settler.
Be was to defend his cabin to the en lent
of killing several of the assailants, Imt was
to be captured in the upshot and put to
death bv torture.
The program was carried out to the let
ter, so far as the boys were able. Mc-
Laughlin defended his bark "wickynp"
with a Flobert rifle, but was carelul not
to hit any of the "ted skins " Tbey fine
ly fired the hut, smoked McLaughlin ont
and captured him. Then they held a
council in which the dead Indians took a
leading part, and condemned the paleface
to the stake.
The ltd was accordingly roped to a tree,
a pile of dried leaves and lightwood was
formed around him, and after it was fired
the savages began the "death dance.''
The yonngsteri were yelling and working
themselves into a real excitement. The
flames swept up around the captive, and
be screamed for hi* comrades to cut the
cord* that held him iu the circle of fire,
Imt the boys were Indian crazy, and failed
to realize McLaughlin's awtul plight.
They circled around the writhing captive,
whose cries were drowned by their own
unearthly yelling, and while he struggled
in the fire they made imaginary knife
thru at* at the coward captive and flung
phantom tomahawks at his head.
Two men who were gunning in the vi
cinity hear the uproar, and between the de
risive yells of the crowd could distinguish
the agonized shriek* of the solitary suf
fered who wasn't jelling for fun. The
hunter* raced to the scene, arriving in
time to save the boy from death at the
stake. But as they came upon the ceue
they thought he was dead. He was un
conscious from pain and suffocation, and
hong limp against the tree, held up I ly the
cord* with which he was Ixiund. His
clothing was ablaze, hi* hair was burned
off, and bis face, hands, body and legs were
terribly burned.
The re*cuer* dashed into the band of
yelling youngsters, kicked the blazing
brands away from the boy'* body, and cut
the cord* that held him to the tree Then
the boy* came to their sense*, and while
mime rif thein ran to get as*istance. others
helped the hunter* restore the lad to con
aciouncea*. Within a few minune* a rude
litter was made, and the boy placed on it
and carried out of the woods to where the
doctor* attended him. Next day the phy
sician* were doubtful of hi* recovery.
It ia said that alter losing hi* senses,
hanging with hi* face downward to the
fire, he breathed enough of the flam** and
hot air to make his case critical. The hoy*
who were killidg him a* ia«t as poMible
when help came for him are properly con
trite to-day, and a* there is no appearance
of actual malice in the performance it i*
unlikely that prosecutions will follow even
should yonng McLauphlin die.
Medical Society Meeting.
The quarterly meeting of the Kntler
county Medical Society which wa* held In
the Society room in the Keiber building
la*t week was well attended.
Officers were nominated lor the com
ing year and two member* were added,
Dr* A. V. Cunningham ol Xelienopln and
K. II Merslion of Saxonhurg.
The committee on Resolution* oil the
death ol Dr. Shoemaker, who died laid
May, reported with a lilting memorial.
On Saturday the Kith inst Joseph Knoch
aged 70 years, ol Penn twp, mounted a
yonng horse to ride to the store; but the
horse was frisky and it threw him olf near
hi* home. Ills aboillder bone was broken
and dislocated by the full; and he was al*o
hart internally. He died the following
The M a rketa.
Our grocer* are paying 20 for butter, IH
for eg (is, 50 for good potatoes, .Ml for onions;
(illct* tor apples. 25 to JOct* a do*, for eel
ery; I.' cent* a quart for lima bean*; It cent
a pound for cabbag*. 40 cent* for ttrulp*.
I'lTTsarmi I'eoiiUGK.
Timothy hay from country watforis sl4
to 15, mixed hay $10.50, to 11.00, straw
(5.00 to 0.00.
Country roll butter 17 to IH. fresh egg*
1U to 20, drested chicken*, drawn 12 to
14, apring chickens I". to 14 per pound.
Potatoes $2. 15 to $2.25 per bt.l, onions 40
to 50.
At Herr's Island, Monday, beeves sold
at 3.00 to 5 25,bu11s and dry at 1.25 to
2 25, hogs a'. JOl to 5.10, sheep at .25 to
2 85, lambs at ,75 to J. 8.1, and calve* at
1.25 lo 0.25.
See the Farm Kdition of the Pittsburg
Dispatch, published on Saturday.
You can get a farm for nothing; you
of course would take iIT Look at the Sat
ruday edition of the Pittsburg Dispatch.
Every farmer should subscribe for
Prize Farm Kdition (Saturday) of Pitt*
burg DiHpatch. Containing special larm
Notes and large list of Valuable I'tizes lor
Kaccessful farmers. Send stamp for saiu
pie copy and dull rates.
Martincourt h Co. are giv'to#
away valuable pri/.eu to holilerH of
lockjr number* (-'all and get a num
ber it coatM you nothing.
Fine canton flinoel* Ti oentn at
Ice cream notla in all flavorn at
the City Bakery.
—Our lloaiery value* arc unequal.
e<i ami well worth your iiiapecuon-
L. UTMIM A box'a.
Another arrt--t l"r liquor selling has
been nia -* D. H. Wi.iler *a« charged
with it fa»f nn-L and gave bail for tl.ooo,
waiving a Hearing belorc .ajjuerson.
Thf will of Marj" E. Shontz late of
Franklin twp. was probated: also will of
Tho* Donaldson late of Evaushurg; also
will oflhe late Earl Kaisvr, ofSummit twp.
The boot and shoe store of George Mil
leman ot Harmony was sold out by the
Sheriff, Monday. The executions wne is
sued by A. J. Scott and others.
Wa. G. Seaton has Lad summons in
ejectment i-.-ned against W. E. Hamilton
lor 50 acres in Venango twp.
Jame- Coid Las petitioned for a divorce
from Louisa Gold.
0. C. Walters has had summons in eject
ment i**ned for a lot in Adams twp. held
by W. J. Goiard.
T X. Kenn, of summit twp. petitioned
for a commission in lunacy for h:s son F.
M Kenn and he was taken to the hospital
at Warren, Pa-
John Shook, of Branchton, wm arrested
la-t Friday charged with bigamy. Lizaie
Morrison was prosecutor and Shook was
held for court. This ;■ a case which with
other cross suits to follow, grew out of the
"cider case" lrom Branchton tried before
our last court.
The constables are rejoicing over the de
cision of Judge Slagie of Pittsburg that
constables must have their costs regard
less of the disposition of the case on which
they are engaged. The decision was ren
dered in the case of Constable P. Mclntry
against Allegheny county to obtain his
Costa in the rase of Edward Bailies, who
was convicted of aggravated assault and
battery. Baines had been sentenced to a
tone and imprisonment, but the Court af (
terward vacated the sentence, and dis
charged hiui on his own recognizance. The |
county officers refuseto pay the costs,
and Mclntry brought sait. Judge Slagie j
last week decided that the county mast
pay the costs.
So decision* in Bailer county ease* were
banded down last Monday. The judg
ment of the lower court in the case of J.
J. Carter vs the Producer* and Refiner*
Oil Co.. taken up from Crawford Co., wa*
affirmed: and in a liquor case taken up from
Forest Co., it wa* ruled that where a bond
in a licence cane is inefficient a new one
may be filed.
The effect of the decision in the Carter
cane is to prevent the consolidation of the
pipe line system* of the Producer* Oil Com
pany, Producers and iiefiner* Company
and United States Company. The first
named concern own- a gathering system of
pipes, tankage and loading racks in the
Coroopoii* field, which it has leased to the
second named company, which owns a
trunk line of pipe from Coraopnli* to Titu*-
ville with a gathering system in Butler Co.
The Hnited State- Company has a crude
oil line from Bradford to Wilkesbarre and
a retiued oil liie from Titusville to Wilkes
barre and contemplated an extension of its
crude oil pipe line from Bradford to Titus
ville and of both the crude and retined lines
from Wilkesbarre to the seaboard. It also
proposed to pnrct>a.ui the pipe linu systems
of Ike other two companies, thus making a
complete system fjom the Ohio river to the
seaboard. It wa- proponed to pay for the
property of the Producers anil Producer!,
and Refiners companies in stock of the
I'nited State- Company, which latter in
a corporation. Man}' of the prominent
stockholders of the three companies are
the same individuals, including J. W. Lee,
L. Emery, Jr , I. R. Woods, John Fertig,
T. N. Barnsdall and others. These gen
tlemen favored the consolidation. Col. J.
J. Carter, P. M. Shannon E. J. Jennings
an<l others who were heavily interested
in the Producers and Producers and Re
finer* Companies, but not in the I'nited
Btafe* Company, objected on the ground
it was not just to the two former, and
Col. Carter brought the two suitu men
tioned. These gentlemen were bitterly
assailed for their poaition and accused of
acting with the Standard Oil Company
in their opposition. On the other tiand
the consolidation party wa charged with
iutent to turn the whole concern over to
the Standard.
The decixion of the Supreme court is re
garded an a vindication and justification
of the judment of Carter, .Shannon et al.,
at lea*!, anil those who were in this city
yesterday were freely congratulated by
their lrieuds. The purpose* of Lee,
Kuiery. Wood* and other* are temporarily
estopped, but it is understood they have
not abandoned their intentions. The court
declined to discuss the merits of the case,
as that is a matter lor future adjudica
tion, merely affirming the right* of Car
ter aud other stockholders m the prem
ises. — (Jnzetlt.
An opinion was banded down by Justice
William* in the Supreme Court Tuesday
in the case of Win. Schwartz et al, vs.
the Keystone Oil Company, an appeal from
the Common Pleas of Venango county, in
the matter of distrbuting funds of the oil
company. In the opinion the lower court
is referred to quite severely.
In the course of his opiuion Justice Will
iam* says: "We notice with surprise the
following 'tatement ir the opinion of the
learned judge of the court below The
auditor as well as every member of the
bar knows that, in equity cases particular
ly, only the judge who is aligned to write
the opinion has any knowledge of the
evidence in the rase. We refer to this
extraordinary statement not because of
the temper or the taste it displays, but
because it I* flatly untrue. After case*
are heard they are examined by each ol
the member* of the court who beard the
argument, separately. They are then
considered and decided upon con*ußation.
After ttie decision has, been made the
ca*e i* assigned and the duty imposed
upon the justice to whom the assignment
is made is to place upon the records the
decision made by the court, and the rea
son* therefor. The decree in 153 Penn
sylvania was and t.he decree in this case is
the unanimous judgement of the court."
The judge ol the lower court, referred
to by Justice Williams, is Charles K.
Taylor, president judge of Venango coun
ty. The part of his opinion that is criti
cised referred to the manner ol the su
preme court in deciding cases and wn*
part of a lecture to the auditor in the
case for criticising the supreme court in a
former decision. Judge Taylor stating
that, the decision referred to was that ol
only one judge, not ol the whole supreme
Hannah A. Walker to Win. ilolliday, lo'
in Renfrew for $75.
Samuel K. McKinney to Ja*. S. Patter
son 02 acres iu Adams for SO,OOO.
I'eter Klingler to A. H. Marshall 'lO acre*
in Franklin twp. for SI,OOO,
A. S, Marshall to Catherine Klingler
same for *I,OOO.
A. C. Price to Mr: M. J. Godard lot iri
Adams forsl.
Priscilla A. Gibson to L. A. Butler lot in
I'arker for S2M7.
Ja*. T. Welsh to Mary S. Niehla* lot iu
Jackson for $.150.
K. Clark Tebay to Tbos. M. Magee 101
ai re* in Muddycreek for S2OO
Jas. MoCormick to J. U Lasher lot. in
Adams fors3Bo.
J no. W. Covert lo Ollie Korincr h acre*
iu Cranberry for $3lO.
Catlierineßaii-leraontoJ.fi. IMfrick 111
acres in Parker for $l5O.
Peter J. Cypher W infield
Mary A. Wagner... "
James Campbell Natrona
Hattie McKaever Great Belt.
George F. Nlckl.i * Lvans City
Sophia Mickley " ••
Winfield H. Dale Butler
Bella Weitze1...................... "
J I' Graham .Wa bington Co
Laura (fuller
Iferij Dumars Karn* City
Emma flnedager Chicnra
Frank J. Kenolds Allegheny.
Ida May Clnrk Butler.
Jan .1 Stephen-on ...Hllpperyrock.
Virginia Ooehring Cranberry.
J. D. Henry Connoq.
Eva E Baruhart Butler twp.
At Kilt inning, Albert Graff ol Ford (,'lt.y
and Anna h'lingensmith of M'Her town.
—Clearance mile of all summer
KO'jd* at. lean ih in wboie«<ilo |»r
lre mm deliverer] to all part*
of the city in any quantity and at any
time. Le.iv.j your order at tbe City
—Marti ncourt Co. are K' v ' n K
away valuable pri/,c« to holder* of
lucky numherii. (Jail and a num
b -r it coHtn you nothing
lox4 blanket* COcat DAVKMNYV
John De«ts was in town on business
Clerk Cn*w«ll returned Saturday froßi a
triji in WA*h!n(fV'n Co.
F. M. Lowry, Assistant Superintendent
of the Forest Oil Co.. waa in town Wednes
Ei-Contfres-inan I. McQuislion. of Rnt
ler. is spending a few da» < in the city.
He ia at the Pchloaser. —Pittsburg 7"«/«r-
Rev. Prugh was elected President of the
jiefornied Synod in aettion at l!reensliurg,
lilt week.
Harry McKim Eatj. and Mr. Stokey of
the Kantian Hou w. Zelenople. were in
town oil business last week.
Win. M. Glenn, of W Sunbury, return
ed home Tuesday from a visit to \N est
moreland Co.
Paul Cronenwett rode to jCarroltoii. 0..
Monday, a distance of 102 tnilns in Sj
Mrs. D. I>. Buck, who broke her ankle
in midsummer, has recovered and paid her
friends in Greenville a visit on Tuesday.
MiasAbbie McTithe. of Bradford, was
viaiting Mrs. Maude Cerutti ol X. Washing
ton St , last week.
Lon Fleming's arm was amputated near
the shoulder last Friday. The ainputa-
Hon was made necessary by gangrene
making its appearance.
Miss Florence Fisher and Mr. Herbert
W. otnith of the Kacket Store, will be
married in the Baptist chnrch on Wednes
day afternoen, the 31st inst, at o'clock
v "
John Collins, aged 64. and Mrs. Mary ,f. .
Bruner. aged 63, were married in Butler
by Sq. McAlioy a lew days ago. His wile
died eight year«, aud her husband a year
"Will Heydrick left Butler for Kansas,
Wednesday. He is in the employ ol the
Mellon Oil Co., and it will be news to
most people to hear that there is an oil
field in south eastern Kansas.
Mrs. Lizzie Kinzer of Hooker won the
prize at the T. W. C. T. A. meeting at
Huntingdon for the best essay on the
"Nature and Effects of Alcohol on the Hu
man System." The prize i» a gold medal
with the initials Y. VV. C. T. A. and a
spray of Columbine upon it.
Oil Notes.
The Kussel brothers bought the Hart
man lease on the Pearce farm near MeCal
iiiont last week for s.>,<<oo. It is doing
aUout ten bbls a day.
Barron <1 Co.struck a good well on the
Henry Kaubenspeck, Washington twp.
last week, aaid to lie good for 40 bbls, aud
Showalter Bros, got a 25 bbl well on the
Kobt. Shira.
There is no let up in the Cooperstown
district, several wells have come in lately
but no large ones, aud but one dry hole.
McC'lung's well on the MeCollough in
the Muddycreek lield is drilling in Ihe
sand aud is reported good for 75 bbls.
"liartlett <fc Co's. well ou the Gallagher in
expected to do 20 bbls.
Patterson A Co's. well on the Darn bach,
southwest ol tlie Garvin pool is showing
«.mie oil.
The well on the Bergbigler farm near
Herniaii in doing 20 bids.
In the Coylesville field. the Iturge** Oil
Co n. No. 4, on the il. Dugan in good for
UAi their No. .1 is doing 7~> bbls.
Smith <fc (Jo.*. *ell ou the McLaughlin will
be doe thin week and should it prove good
will extend the field comiiderably.
Phillip* So. 2 on the (lagan, Coylesville
district Mowed IJS bbls the tirnt night, and
Greenwood d r Co'* No. 15, on the Dougan
wa* tlowing l'Sl bbl* before they quit
ISartlett <t Co * well on the Uallagiier
farm, 'I mile* south ol West Sunbnry is
good for 'JO bbls.
Foster & Co'* No. i on the Allen farm,
North Washington field, is said to be good
lor 3. r » hill*, a day.
Gold Dollar* «t Eighty Cents.
An announcement to **ll gold dollars at
eight; cent* would not meet with a re
spouse, utiles* hacked by a reliable name.
11 is the nauie and the confidence of the
public that make* the *ui ce*s. Thi* i* ei
emplilied bjr HuMrHKkYs' SPKCIKICS which
have stood the test of more than forty
vears, aud are valued by those who use
them lar above gold dollars, and well they
may be, for while gold i* useful, it will not
always buy health. HUMPBRKYM' SPK
t'lKli'*, those Golden Treasures, cannot be
mentioned where even a few people are as
sembled, without one or more standing
ready to vouch for there true worth, and
to nnfold tale* of almost miraculous cure*.
If you would enjoy and preserve good
health, use HIMPHBKYS' BPK( IKICS. A
doctor's Hook Iree by addressing the llcu-
—Martincourt <% Co. are giving
away valuable prizes to holdern of
lucky number*. Call and get a num
ber it coats you nothing.
—Genuine Lancaster (ling hams 5c
Ice Cream delivered to all parts of
the city any time and in any qtian
ity. Leave your orders at the City
Locotne candy. Try it at the
City Bakery.
—N'o matter how hard the times
the one thing you cannot afTord to go
without is ail the newit If you want
all the news you get it in the Pitts
hurg Dinpaluh, The Dispatch pub
lishes ail—not a part only.
—Fittest novelties in dress goods
—Highest cash price paid lor
of all kinds at J. C. Broaden A, Co.'s
new roller mills, West Sunbury, Pa
Have you tried I locotne Candy'
Well it is the latest candy out. For
sale at the City Bakery
—/uver's Pictures leave nothing
wauling m finish, tone or a corn t
—Job work of all kind done at the
CiTizk* Orno*
Hummer Underwear, Hosier »,
Mitts, Laces aud Ribbons at reduc
ed prices at
A good umberella for 7. r >c at.
( I*l KK
( lc«,
For sale by J. A. Ilicliey. Leave
your orders at the Bakery.
—l2 J cent Pongees aud Tissues
reduced to ti* cents at
—Try our new roller Hour—latest
improved machinery. Satisfaction
guaranteed, J. BKKAUKN A Co ,
West Sun bury, Pfc
Hye Wante I.
The highest prices |>aid for rye at
the mill of UKD WAI.TKH A SON.
Butler, fa.
White goods, Lawns, Pongees
Organdies and all kinds of wash
goods at lest: than wholesale price at
L. SniN A SON'S.
—The hijrh< st ifrade of patent
Hour made at the mills of
West Sunbory, Pa.
—Tenney's New York candies In
I sealed packages at,the City k ßakery.
i Associate Judge Faulkner, of Itellefonte,
Pa., has beeu arrested and held in #l,oo<'
bail for emlienr ing school taxes collected
i by him last year in the borough of Philips
burg. The »h«-r:age it said to be over
: *5,000.
The Judgeship tight in Indiana conntv
is >aid to be very bitter just at present. It
is really a license, or no license fight,
Judge White, the Kepubliean nominee, is
known to l>e positively against license,
while lllair his opponent would grant
license. White has the advantage at pres
ent, but the light is so stirring aud bitter
that it may go either way.
While William Snyder and his assistants
were painting at Fort! City, la-t Friday,
a cow belonging tn a French lady catne
and eat of the paint, with the result that
the cow died thariitght.
A huge eagle swooped down. Tuesday,
on the infant child of a colored man of
Huntingdon. Pa., and attempted to cam
it away. The mother of the child drove it
| away, and it siezed a dog belonging to a
' neighbor aud carried it off.
A boaiues.- deal was closed at Ell;rood a
1 few days ago which will take to Ellwood
City the plant of the Franklin steel and
Forge Company <>l Philadelphia. The
; mill employs 200 men in the lorgiug works
alone, which are worked on continuous
turns. The piant will 1M- moved at once
and will be located near the Pearless Lead
' Glass Works.
i The executive committee of the late G.
A li encampment in Pittsburg decided to
i return the surplus fund to the subscribers
i —pro rata.
1 The V. M. C. E. Slate Convention was
; held at York last week, .:nd the Y. M. C.
A. at Johnstown.
Mrs. George Ward, of Greenfield, Mer
cer county, while in the act of curling her
hair with a hot curling iron, on Tuesday,
met with a bad accident. The iron slipped
from the bang she was curling, and struck
her in the eye, instantly destroying its
Park opera House.
'■Hi* \ib* llie Itaron." f'rulay, ih t. L'C.
The piece is very lunuy, and the com
pany large and good. The audience was
large, iu spite of the bad weather, and no
body who braved the storm was sorry that
lie did. It ha« been a long time since a*-
funny and as pleasing a farce-comedy has
been seen here. Space will not permit
mention here of ail the good things, for
they ar«* abundant in all the three acts —
The Wheeling, W. Va., Inlelltgciirrr.
The (Jiirrn ot i'omeilirs, ".hintl'iirxiUty,
Oct. 30
"Jane" is an English comedy which, un
der Gustave direction, has bad
a successful career throughout the country
The huinor of the play is said to be so
bright and the complications so amusing
that oue can go and see it a dozen times
A ithout looping interest. The company is
an excellent one and includes Mr Frank
Norcross, Fred Mower, Augustus lialfour
Frank Frayue, Jr. Frankie Gordon. Miss
U merva Dorr, Pauline Davidson, Hernice
Norcross, l.utie Page Mower and others.
Murtie scholars wanted, Lessons
will lie ifiven either at the Lome of
the teacher or at the home yf the
scholar, inquire at 124 W. VVayue
St. But'er Pa.
Dealers in ne# and second hand
household #ootls ol every description
Call and H<-e 11s We can save yon
—Fine Donaatt Uanuels, 5c at
—Bargains in Lawns, Dimilys
Pougees, Organdies my! all the sum
mer goods at
Boarding House Cards, with Act
of Assembly, 25 treats for half-a-doaen,
for s'ile at CITUKN office,
lnlantH Wool Hose 5 cts per
pair at Davenny's.
You pay for school-books; but
the l»est school-book for your children
is your daily puper. Well printed,
carefully and intelligently edited, of
instructive contents, first and fullest
with the news and licnt iu presenting
it, the Pittsburg DU/tulch tills the
Wheat Wanted.
JFw pty the Highest Price tor
wheat—both old and new, at our
IKe chop all kinds of grain at our
mill for the Tenth Busnel and do il
promptly and to your satisfaction.
Remember we Only Charge the
Tenth. (Jeorge Halter A Son's
Butler Pa.
■Mrs. .lones—Where did you get
that hat?
Mrs. Smith—At Davenny's of
course, they have the beat millinery
in town, try them.
—Finest display of Fall Millinery
--One Portfolio, containing IK
superb vi«ws from the Worlds Fair
given away with each $2 00 salo at
Take your children to Zuver'n
Oallnry lor i'lclures that will
foil. I'oHtollicts building
Kvery Mother Knows
the virtues of hot gridille cakes thitse
cool bracing mornings. They are
inexpeiinive, full of nourishment, and
one of the nicest delicacies imigiu
has on the market now his pure
and most excellent self-rising pan
cake, Buckwheat and Pearl Meal
flours, from which any mother o%u
make tasty, light, well brown
ed, Uriddle cakes, so tempting and
tl> licioua at the breakfast table iu the
morn log.
Ask your grocer for MARVIN'S,
they are pure, and the bust.
MARVIN'S Rise Jumbles are the
no went and liest cracker ever offered .
Try them.
■P Jm * 3.W POLICE,3 Sons.
You run aave mnnnr br »nrr|i« a | a| W L.
IIUUKIH* *!»««••,
lUiauar, we nte the latge't tDanufsclar«i • of
o<lvi-iti»r<i In the wotld. and imtuulte
llic »alue l.y »i.implti|| th« nanir and plUe on
the t.'/ltom, wjm li j.i'SKta yu nn-ui.t hl(h
T.ili M and tli« mlildleman « ptoliti inn ahoea
r-oml »10.10 m work m style, esay fitting and
wiirinif N mlllle* We have tln-m a«M errty
«|„ir nt lnwrt Vtli ea for the »«ln* «I»OI than
I any otlo-r 1. I no auliatltutr If youi
1 dtulet i aiiiiot you. we can. Hold by
' ——H tl.ir> nt t umiillmloii
i paid wmkly. OuWlf fri-r. Sp«x:lal altrniii.ii
1 I,'LVPN ttt ll'-K'IIIIH II Worki-ra nrvi-r full t., uiakn
uh i"| ttci'kl) v\ rlt" me HI onr** (or IIAI
E. 0. GRAHAM, Nurseryman.
11* ) Hocuaaran. M. V
Saxonburg Items.
Loyd Chesney ha> taken his broken arm
to Bradford and other resorts in the oil
The town ha-, been painted red, white
and blue.
Cyclone Lodge Order of the World now
meets every Saturday eve.
Richard Gibson, now of Pittsburg, at
tended the funeral of his grandfather on
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Horn arrived home
Saturday evening Irom a visit to relatives
in Cleveland.
Mr. and Mrs Henry Stnebgen and Mrs
Gust Uuder from Freeport were here at
tending the funeral ol Joseph Knoch, Sr.
Wm. F. Heckert has departed to take
a position at Pitcaim's of Tarentnm.
John l.ang Jr.is now working in the place
of W. F. Heckert at Mrs. Theo. Helm bold
& Son's.
Mr. Joseph Knoch Sr. was buried here
on Friday. Uis death was caused by in
juries received from a fall while trying to
mount a horse.
Oscar Stark of Tareutuui is here visiting
his mother.
Miss Emma Leppart was a guest at the
Stark mansion last week.
Wm Heckert moved to Tarentnm on
Harry M.itheson has returned home
Bruno Berry of this place, now iu
Cooperstown oil lield, was at home on last
Mrs. Theo. Helmbold and son James
were visiting Snttons at Maharg on Sun
day and Monday.
Mr. L A. Helmbold was in Pittsburg,
Tuesday, on business.
It is rumored thst there will be a wee
ding soon. Wonder who it will be?
W. J. Chesney is building an addition to
his house.
Mr. and Mrs A F tnoerr, Mr. and
Mrs. E E Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Cbas
Raabe and Mr. end Mrs .J. Kaabe were
in Freeport visiting trieuds on Sunday
Miss Mary Wagner and Mr. Peter Cy
pher were married on last Thursday. The
wedding party passed through town the
same afternoon and as they passed one of
the young ladies ol the tows threw a shoe
at them, but as the shoe was a nnmber 7
ladies size, it is feared that the charm was
H. E.
B. B.
They'll Not Tell
M ore than half thai might be told, but if
you'll write our Mail Order department
for samples of our superb line of
Dress Goods, Silksi and
They'll tell you enough to cause you to
declare as did a Mail Order patron this
"The samples you sent, me are better in
quality and price than those received from
any other house. I enclose," etc—
Thi*, verbatim, from a letter just receiv
ed, i« but the expression of numbers com
iug daily from .every section of the country.
The leading markets of the world have ad
ited their quota in making this Fall and
Winter 1804 and ''J'> display tiie largest,
choicest, most, comprehensive collection of
lieve ever submitted for critical inspection
in Western Pennsylvania —everything
that's stylish, new and up-to-date is here
at prices never so low.
New Check suitings,
in live different colorings, newest combina
tions. all-w001—44-inches wide,
75 cents a yard.
12 different colorings—4fl inches wide,
75 cents a yard.
Simply no end to variety in assortments of
all wool and silk and wool Dress Good*
and Suitings at B.lc, +I.OO, $1.25, $1.50 up
to $4 50 per yard—which include* both
American and Imported fabrics.
Nine hundred pieces all-wool ">0 cent
Ladies' Cloth.
Choice color mixture* —never such value
shown in «uch wide, all-wool cloth at price
—!V) inches wide,
35 cent* a yard.
Two-toned, self-colored
S wool—7 different colorings, extra wide,
41 inches. Their equal m*y have been
offered at double the price but uever at
IS cents ■ yard.
If you can't come, write for our Illus
trated Pall ami Winter IMlll and '!•"> Cata
logue, PKKK, 'twill help you out Im
mensely in your ordering by mail. You'll
be astonished to lind how easily shopping
by mail can be accomplished.
Bo<™*S & 811111,
~ .4
r-~ "Avij.
V| v A »
Because you can buy new ones
cheaper than ever he to re. Prices
have taken a tumhle and before
buying your winter shoes call and
see what we t an do for you.
I.tiith s Shots
75< . 95* i si<oo and $1.25.
Misses' Shots
65c, 75c and $ 1 .ex).
Men's Shoes
95c, $ I .Off, $ l .25 and $1.50.
Youths' Uit;h <nt St hoot Shoes
75c, Xs < and $ 1.00.
See our line ol Rubber floods.
Boston, C.mdee aud Bay State at
Rock Bottom Prices, or full line
of Kelt and Knit Boots, German
Socks, ifce.
A/en's (ioott S logo Hoots
Hoys' Stoyjt /loots
$1.25, $1.50 and $1.75.
If you are in need ol any Foot
wear give us a trial and we will
promise to you good Shoes
at prices lower than ever before.
5 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
A Surest ion.
tflr.a: - -»
ißi I 'Prfe n***T
Bid it ever occur to yon that there are
drngs and drugs—that drugs are like every
thing else—there are good, bad and indif
ferent. There is nothing else which is
positively bad if it is'nt just of the best
Our policy ha> always been to hare noth
ing but the best.
When you want drugs come to us and be
assured of fresh pure goods, and always
what you ask for or your prescription calls
for. It may not always be drugs you want
either. We always have on hand a full
line of sick room requisites.
Diamond Block, - Butler, Pa.
A. M. A. M. A. M. r. M. P. U.
Butler .Leave 015 535 11 uo 2«5 506
saxonburg.. Arrive»; U uuo II W all 5S
Butler Juct, »» liso s«o isg
Butler JUc't..ljeave T ,io t» 41 12 «l .1 40 553
Natrona Arrive :38 <i 51 is 13 350 « w
Tarenrtim 7 43 «5« 12 19 357 » 07
Sprlugdale 755 10 115 i» 33 4 os
• 'lareniont S 11 12 55 4
Sli:tr|>Hbun,' S IS I 05 4 29 « 32
Allegheny City sislo 33 124 444 645
A. M. A. M. r. M. r. si. r. U.
A, a. A. M. A. a. p, x. r. >1
Allegheny!'lty heave 6 » «2.i to 40 315 810
Sharpsburg 7 OS s3» lu 58
Clareinont s 45 II OK
Sprlngdale ssl It 2B "" e4i
Tarentum 732 » 10 11 ;» 3 51 use
Natrona 7S. a 15 11 45 3 .v. «S3
tiKuiler Jur't Arrlve7 45 •25 It 55 404 7 02
Under .luc't
sSaXOliburg SOSIO II 104 440 725
aßntler Arrives 10 :l'i Ihi4 on 7
J A. a. A. a. P. M. P.M. P, M
WKKK Do*. for the Cast. WKKK DAYS
I'. U. A. M. A. U. p. M.
245 Uls LV. Boiler Ar. 10 33 1 30
It t" 7 :ai Ar. liutler .luiictioo l.v. a 45 12 38
IM :45 Lv. Mutter.liinctloa Ar. a4l 12 38
4 10 7 4:« Ar. Kreoport Lv. a 35 12 35
415 753 •• Allegheny Juc't " »31 12 30
4 -i. sO4 •• hliurg '• a2O l« 13
4 41 • s 21 " caul ton (Apollo) " aOS U ,V>
514 ssl •• Salisbury " 837 II 32
5 I a 22 •' Hlalnvllle •• 8 of, II no
«; IMI »SO " lllalrsville Inter'u " 750 10 13
s 41 II 411 •• Allooiia •• 40 80"
1 110 :i tu " llarrlaburg •• 11 55 310
4 .»> 50 " rnila<l«l|tlna ..." s3o 11 211
A. M. P. M. _P, U. R. M
Through l-r iius lor tin* east .1 ee ve I'lllabuiy
(Union Sialloii> asfoltnws:.
Atlantic Kipress. •• .... ....2 40A. M.
IViinsylvanla. Uinlte.l. ilally 7 15
Day Kxpress. •• sOO ••
I'lillailelolila Kxpress, 4 :io P.M.
Kasiern Kxpress, •• 700 ••
Kasl Uue, " HlO "
Kor detailed Inform U.ion. alilrass Thoi. K.
Walt. I'aas. Ag't. Western HUirlot, uo Ktfth
Avenue, I'litsburg, Pa,
S. M. I'ItKVOH r. J. it VOOI). t
Oeneral A mi{.!r. ) .'l. I'ass r. Ag't
r. Jt w. a. ,*
Schedule, lu effect Jan.* 1 . :»4. (itutlcr t imu.i
The Sltori l.lne ,o Plttabttrg-
*.25 a in Allegheny 9.25 a m. Alllegheny Ei
■■.ls a in All'y & Akron a 55 a in.AI £ N Castle
to 20 a m Allegheny Ac 12.*> pm. AIl > a Uh'go
v on p m Allegheny Mall s.u'>pin, Allegheny Ex
■i .50 p m Chicago Kx. 725 p in,All'y £ Akron
.10 pin All'y « Kll. Kx s.oo p in, Allegheny Ac
lu o r . a iu Ki'.ue k lirad. sona m. Koxburg Ac
5.15 pin Clarion Ae JM)a m, Clarlan Ac
7.35 p 111 Koxburg. ■ ~.20 p*ni. Kane Mai
8.15 am, l>eKorest Ac ».M a ta.Allegheny Ae
3 •« pm. I'hlriigo Kx -> 0-. p m. Allegheny Kx
ti lOpm, Allegheny Ac |) in. DeKorest Ac
Train arriving at at s,ot> p in leaves H * O de
pot, I'ltMburg- »l :I5 o'clock.
Hutler and Ureeovlllei.' ivh will U-.ive Alle
gheny at 3:2"■ p. in, daily except Snnlav. Cou
-11 111K at Willow ,'rove. arriving at Hutler at
I'uUinan Buffet Sleeping Cars and first-clan*
Day Coai-lies lull between Hutler ami
Ctdeago dallv.
Ki>r through tickets to points In the West
Northwest or rtouthwest apply to
_____ A. H CROUCH. Agent
rraln.s leave the 11. * l), depot In PiUburg
for Ihe K isf as follows.
Kor Washington I) Ililnmore, Philadel
phia. HI Now York. li:20 ami i»riu p. in
( 'uiuherl int. 8:lfl, 9 :9'l. I : 10.9:91 p. in. Con
nelsvlllc. s:|s, l i-.en. I.II). 4..11. >'l ni l -J.-JO p in .
I'uloutown. s. IA a. m .1 10. 1.30 airt 5.A0 p. in.
Ml. I'lf.isant. «:l > a in . 1.10 and 4:30 p. in.
Washington. Pa , 7.it ami l) l.*> a. in., 4 .(><>,
4.4.5 and n.2ft. H.m p. m. Wheeling, 7.95 ami.
o.t'i a. m., 1.00. li.z'., u.m p.m. cinctuuatl. ?t
I.OUIS, Colurnbusund Newark, 7.2.1 a. m.. ».*ft
II .96 p. in.
Tor t lilrago. ■>. hi ami a.ao p m.
I'arlor ana sleeping cars Ui ItilUmore, Wash
ington, iloclnn iti an I • lit'■ wo
PI ITMBIIRU, KllßM4<(iti> A I.U K K lit R it. K.
Takes effect Monday. April 2, IH»t.
Train* are run liy itnndard central Tline (»oih
Meridian ) Onn hour slower than «'ity Tim-i.
.... p.m. |tu l.i a.m. a.m. p.m.
*M| ••••„ ffaln Nl6 I 10
| 2 «i> 1 ... utik Irk .... | |IMIt 30
TOT a. M.
, INI | 6* 111 1.0 Krle. li Oft H 40 3 3fl
li 95 193 '■> 25 Wallace .lum t li 42 »27 4 12
r, 20 I IH :i in tilrard i. 4«. W Jt 4 Ift
i; no 1 IIH !• o:i| lx»ek port. li 69 U424 'M
r, I rj I 111 s V>| Crancsirllle .. 7 u7, »SO 4 ;il
3 "ill I" :i .Conin-aui ... . 740 :t In
~I: .. i: 40 ar » ... |in .il, i; 43
ft 7 I-' s 4'i ar .Albloll. Iv *. II « 3ft 437
ft 4 t i* i.> n shwiniuiii 7 at! in m 4 si
«'• IV 42 H ;ti nprt nulior" 7 2*i 10 IT. 4 6ft
5 s;t i:: 3*i h zr. Cnnneaiit vll ,H " 3ft! to 14 ft oa
,II \-i 15 K or. Me a vie .let. * 4W| Ifc 3ft ft 9ft
I M t* I* t'nmrt.J.aki- .-7...# 10 17 4 63
k tr, ar ar It I 10 m 137
49s ... 7 (Ml IV Mi'iiilvllle I* . . . 9 M 49*
Ml * 4.- ar ar s 42 II 25 « M
II AH 745 llnrtslmvn.. ' 10 47~# »'
II 6.1 7 10 Ailamsvllle IN FT9 R. 44
No 2 I) 1.1 7 2M .... I Isgoisl No 1 II 00 4 63
p.in a. m
i; 2.'i il ,v. 7 us (ireenvllie i; :KI ii in t; ns
n is n 95 7 n> Shenatigo li 4ii II 26 A 20
. r.s ti itj it 47 Kredonla. 7 <*t ll 4it (t :t4
ft .!•! m it it '2s Meroer v 22 11 07 7 u r .
. 25 111 90 II I'i I'aril.Mi . 7 12 92 7 111
ft l.i 111 20 11 (HI Urine I'lty... 7 47 19 3.1 7 2ft
5110101 m 6 M llarrlsvllle.... 7 fts 12 4ft 7 .'Hi
» 52 I" oo 6iii Hraficliton sou! 12 64 7 4ft
t 6ft 7 45 1 s 35 Iv Hranchton ar 7 35 12 Ift 7 2
5 4.5 S IS 51 ar .llllllird ..Iv 11 60 II lft| <• 4R,
I lit ■! .5 5 3ft IV helMlers s 111. 12 ft* 7 4»
132 :i 42' ft 21 ... Kmilll j S 92! | li KUI
4 ill '.l 15 I n Itill |IT I *VI 1 42 * 3'2
I ft II 7 JO Allegheny, I'.*W II 10 » flu
p in a in p. In p. ui
.1. T. Itl.Allt. lii'iieral Manager. Ilreenvlllii. i-a
VV. li .HAIKIKANT. <i. I'. A.. Meadvlll®. I'a.
Ufirtk I'ald l>. ... 1100000.011
SI K 1*1.17*4 *"ll» HltoriTH, SIII,SOW 04.
.I'm. Ilarrmaii. Crest.
J. V. KLTU. Vii T I'NW't. C. A. Ilalley, ( asliler.
1)1 KKi TO KM :
Ins llartman, C. I». <Collins, N M. Ilisiver
obn Humphrey, ,1. V. Ititts,
K. h. Alirams, l/'sllo lla/.lett I. li. Hmltli,
W. H. Wal'lrou, W. Henry Wilson. M. Klnegan.
A general banking business t.ransa«'leil.~|ln-
U ri'Sl palil on lime ITI-|HIS|IS. Money loaned OD
tpprov.-ii si'i'lirlty,
I'lirelgu ezi'liange bought and wild.
The ladies of Butler will have a lung felt
waul llllnd ill being able to have their
GLOVES lilted in tlinir own town.
Our I'lnlerdvear Specialties lor Winter of
HI LL.'I are L.ailies KqiiMtrfan* »n<l "Onei
ta' noiiibiuation wrappers.
The "Kubens" inlaiits vest does away
with all the old time trouble ol baliy GROW
ing out of his underwear; try lliettt
AS usual, out Millinery Stock is the best
ill Ihe city.
| 113 to 117 H Main HI., - Hntlnr.
Garfield Tea sss.
• ..»•i > Hi« i«, itm i»««s i"i«
JI.JU li •mi'lc fI • li «uvtM ul«* « *l» I'IUI.KV
.Cures Constipation
There are too many goods in stock and must be sold aud al
prices that will suit the times. We have a lot of odd suits that wil
be sold regardless of cost. Everything must be sold to make room
for new goods.
Come and see for yourself.
104 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Early Fall
Never in the history of this country
was clothing so cheap as now. The hard
times ot tho past year were the means
of bringing the cost of raw wool down
to a level with raw cotton. Labor suf
fered correspondingly. The manufac
turers were anxious to unload their big
stocks on hand, and consequently we
had opportunities enough to buv our fall
stock at our own prices. We bought
lots of them and bought them cheap.
We intend to sell lots of them and sell
them cheap. Everything is quoted at
astonishingly low prices. Call on us
when in town.
Shciul Nast,
Leadii\(j Cloth iern, 137 S. Main St, Butler, PA-
Be sure and see
Before von buv vour
Largest line in the city to se
lect from. Yours for clothing,
Our Opening Days:
""L-, Oct. 18,19,20.
Wi< make a formal riiapluy of our uew KAIX ANI>
WINTKK M 11,1,1 N KIM. To tnakn then* red letler
daya in our millinery history, we intend to make thin
aif rami Millinery Fete. May bright akle* ami good
fortune all l, iid IIIH ladle*, denying no one the privi
lege ol viaifing our aecond floor on theae
our reception ami exhibition daj-n. TIIH
■•bowing ix f'reah ami bright, with all the
new thought* of llit, neaaon—tin, latitat conceit* of
French millinery, thinga of art that only dream* can
invent, hau ami bonnet* of our own conception that,
are dear to the bounty-loving inindM, but not dear in
price. Of all thing* here moderation in price In
our millinery la one of the ttrat. Alao a full line of
WINTKK \V K A I*B on display.
Mrs. Jennie E. Zimmerman
C»n h» applied to »ny nnnNiih mi r foe*, on
furniture, wood. ((!»"■• »<>y kind of metal
including kltohen utruimU.
Uuk«« old article* look new and i* much
uaed on Mo/da*. c»rriß({e«. eto.
Keiiuire* only »n« ri>Kt. in applied cold
with nriiKh and drle* absolutely hard and
glomiy in 2 hour* will not crack, chip,
M inter or rnl> oil
Hatnple hotlU* will on racelpt of prim*
•J ounce* Ilk), I ounce* SSc, H oiidom 4<>c.
West Deer Park FrintinM Ink Co.,
4 Nkw ItKiul Hr.. Vkw Viik
Hotel Butler,
J. 11. FAUHKL, Prop'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets, has electric bells and all
other modern convenience# for
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found in Hutler, I'a.
Klegant sample room for use 01
commercial men.