Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, October 18, 1894, Image 3

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    THE CI riZKN
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♦5 a year.
Kates for commercial advertising qtoted
upon application.
KUTI.RH una a population of about lo.aoo.
It is the County seat 01 Butler County, with
tin,fx XL
Four railways, natural gus, and unequalled
abilities lor menulactures.
i'rogrew evrywhere; new buildings, new
•naouiactures. a tTowin* and prosperous town
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New Advertisements.
NOTE—AII advertisers intending to make
CAtiges in their ads. should notify us of
their intending to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
Trustees' cale, estate of John Mellinger.
Administrator's Notice, estate of sarah
M Galbreath.
Jury list for Nov. T.
Heck's Great Slaughter Sale.
Butler Dye Works.
Campbell <t Templeton's Household
Douglass' Dictionaries
Country Gent, prospectus.
Park Opera House.
Administrators and Executors ot estate
can aecore their receipt »oos* at the Cirt
ZKB office.
—Sugar alone will sustain lite for a con
siderable time.
—There are said to be a dozen gambling
establishments in Butler.
There is not a vacant house or store
room in Evans City.
—Court plaster should never be put on a
bruised wound.
Tbe Evans City Water Company ban a
good supply, but it is rumored that the gas
supply will be short.
—The Wick or Arner House is becoming
• favorite place for marriages. It aver
aged one a day last week.
—Go out from Butler along any of the
railroads and you will find a gang of
At the meeting of the Buffalo twp.
Farmers' I/eagae, Monday evening, the
vote aKainst a Poor House was unanimous
George Kunrner, the butcher, was
"held up" by three men, near his slaugh
ter bouse on fie 3 degree or Kalb road,
last Monday evening.
—Some scow fell <.n the Northeastern
part of the county last Sunday night. T p
about Kara* City it is fcaid to have been
about an inch deep Monday morning.
—Buckwheat is a herbaceous plant and
is a native ol Asia. Its name is derived
from the German beech nut, owing to its
similarity in color and shape.
—C. N. Boyd, the popular druggist, has
ordered a fine soda water fountain from
James W. Tufts, of New York. Charley
expects'« have the finest and largest
fountain in the vicinity.
—Mr. J. W. Todd sends us some pear
blossoms, plucked this week, from a tree
in bis lot at Sarver's Station. A pear tree
in the yard of Hugh Mai well, Mercer St.
was in blossom last week. Such freaks of
nature are unusual.
—W. S. Douthett, of Forward township,
has purchased the fact pacing horse Batler
Chief from U. A. Mooreheftd. He can be
seen at Mr. Donthett's farm near Browne
dale. Butler Chief has a record of 2:25,
won on the Butler track in the fourth heat
of a race in 1893.
—The pacer Koy H., who won a race at
tho fair here was burned to death at Kittan
ning last week He had reduced bis mark
to 2:091- At Dußois last Saturday, Craw
ford, the f«st pacing stallion ow ied by the
Strattons, of Kransburg, Crawford county,
died. His mark was 2:07 J.
Dr. B. B. Denniaon and George Emrick,
of Bruin, shot three large pelicans near
that place last week. There were four
birds, when disoorered, standing in the
creek watching for fish, and the gentle
men were lucky enough to shoot three.
They arc being moanted by a taxader
miat at Millerstowu.
—M. B. Leavitt's popular "Spider and
Fly" will soon be here. Wnile remaining
essentially the same as in former seasons,
the piece has been materially improved in
details, and is now being by a specially
selected company of artists numbering
over two score. The scenic features are
perfection, and the specialties are up to
date and of the very highest class.
—The Plate Glass Co. here has under
taken to cast a lens 62 inches in diameter
and 7 inches thick, for Peate of
Greenville, an old gentleman who has a
contract with the M. E. University at
Washingtor, D. C., for a perfect
lens of that size. Tbe casting
must be without a flaw, and all the polish
ing ol lenses is done by band. The lens
will probably be cast square and afterwards
cat and ground.
Plans and specifications for tbe Y. M.
C. A. building, which have bean accepted,
call for a building 39x110. with a nine foot
basement, which is to contain tbe baths
and swimming pool; a first floor for offices,
library aud reading rooms; second floor,
auditorum, seating 500; and a gymnasium
in rear of tbe main bnilding and connected
with it, whose interior will be 354x48},
with a2l foot ceiling Tbe estimated cost
of the bnilding is SIO,OOO. The lot at the
northeast corner of the Diamond has been
purchased from Mr. Robinson for $5,200.
It is 39x180.
How brief is tbe span of human life! It
is at best only an isthmus 'twixt two
boundless seas, tbe past, tbe future—two
eternities. Our day a and months and years
go by so noiselessly that we scarcely ncte
the footfall* of their coming or tbeir going
Childhood passes into youth iu the twink
ling of an eye. A little laughter, an hour'*
play with a few toy* and the time arrives
wnen childish things must be put away.
Yoctb, exuberant youth, shortly sobers
into manhood. A dream or two, a (ew
castles in the air, a fleeting vision of di
vine possibilities, then tbe shoulders broad
en to bear heavier burdens, and the heart
recognizes the graver responsibilities ot
life. Manhood changes to old age like a
flash of lightning in a summer clond. Some
hard words, some short years of earnest
toil, some days of bitter disappointment,
some nights of weary weeping, and then
the nerves grow dull, the sight becomes
dim, the snows of winter are scattered
over the bead, the hopes of earlier days
have either ripened or withered. The sun
seU, we linger in the twilight for H few
moments and then tbe night oomes down,
in which we can neither walk nor work.
—A new etatioa houjo ia being l>ailt at
Wick on the P., S. A L. E.
—The freeze of last Satnrday night
opened the chestnut burrs.
—The mountains were covered with
mow Sunday.
—One man in this connty has already
made 300 bbls of cider this year. He is
J. D. Smith of Centre twp.
—We don't pretend to be a weather
prophet, bnt if it keeps on getting colder,
we'll soou have winter.
—Corbett ar.d Fitzsimmons are to battle
at Jacksonville, Florida, after July Ist
for 141,000. It will be the great erent of
—Sow that winter is approaching, yon
need a warm overcoat and warm under
wear, and yon want to read Heck's ad.
before you purchase your winter clothing
—The property of the late John Mellin
ger in Oak'anu twp.. 105 acres, will be sold
by the trustees on Saturday, Xov. 17th.
See adv. and bills.
—Cawthorn, who plays in "a Cork Man"
at the Park Theatre on Friday, the 19th, t
will be remembered with pleasure by those
who Faw bim in "Little Nugget" a year
—This is the season for millinery open
ings and fail goods openings. Goods were
never belter and never so cheap. The
purchaser should read all the ads. in THE
CITIZEN and she'll know jnst where she s
—lsrael Cranmer, ot Centre township,
will have a public sale of stock and person
al property on Thursday, the 25th, begin
ning at 10 am. Some months ago Mr.
Craniner's health failed bim, and he has
traded his firm tor town property.
—The New York H'orltl quotes the fol
lowing dispatch from a Japanese lield mar
shal: "I have met the enemy, aud i.e> a
wall-eyed, pig-tailed, dyspeptic -on of h
blunder —with flies on htm. Our loss is
—"The Cultivator i.nd C untry Gentle
man" is the very best agricultural weekly
published in America, and wo direct at
tention to its prospectus and price list, in
another column Tiie price tor a single
subscription is $2.50, but we can club it
with the CITIZEN at a reduced rate.
—The editor ot a Warren county paper
says it's as to tell a mushrix>m from
a toadstool as a potato from a turnip. A
mushroom when tit to cat is always a
bright pink color on the under side. A
toadstool is white or gray. A mushroom
will always peel readily. A toadstool will
not peel.
—A C. Wilson has takon out patents
covering a new derrick for oil and gas
wel's, which seems to b* a great improve
ment. The new rig will be built of casing,
connected with cross braces of various siz
ed pipe, and put together with a lock
joint which is Wilson's patent. Mr. Wil
son has bad his patterns made and will be
gin the manufacture of ir*n rigs in a short
—Gi eat men and women are doubtless
needful to the progress ot society, but not
more so than little men and women who
perform their humble tasks with serene
Uith and unswerving fidelity. A general
directs the battle, and when the strategy
of his genius has wrought a victory we
place bis statue in onr parks, bnt alter we
have given him all d»e credit we must not
forgot that the victory was really won by
the courage of the common soldiers whose
names are never mentioned.
At Park Theatre Oct. 22 we are to have
M. B. Leavitt's "Spider and Fly" Com
pany. All the scenery used in this perfor
mance is the property of the play, and is a
marvel of beauty and mechanical ingenu
ity. The transformations are instantane
ous and are calculated to produce the most
pleasing effects. The company from top
to bottom is an excellent one, and each
member was selected on account of his
npecial fitness for the parts he takes in the
—The planet Mars may be seen at his
best these Ootober nights, when the skies
are clear. A wonderfully brilliant aud
beautiful sight he is. He rises directly in
the Bast about 7 o'clock. He will grow
brighter still until the 20th, when he will
be in opposition to the sun and nearer to
the eaith than at any time sine* August,
1892, or until December, 1893 He is in*
only about 45,000,000 miles distant Toe
brilliancy ot his fiiuiing shield is eoim
thiug extra ordinary, aud the astronomers
are gazing at him with unflagging in
—The fellow who writes "don'ts" is at it
again. Here are a few of his latest to the
girls: Don't be dashing—be dainty. Don't
sacrifice fitness to fashion. Don't let
"smart" verge on''loud'' Don't hold np
Bilks and display rags. Don't use pins
where stitches wonld do. Don't sacrifice
neatness to artistic effect. Don't wear a
smart hat and burst shoes. Don't wear
striped material if you aro tall. Don't
spoil the gown for the yard of stuff. Don't,
if you are September, dress as May. Don't
wear a sailor hat with a silk dress. Don't
wear tan "hoes if yon have large feet. Don't
neglect qnality for the sake of quantity.
Don't dross more fashionably than becom
ingly. Don't wear a white petticoat unless
it is white. Don't forget thai long credits
often bring discredit. Don't wear big
sleeves and big hats if yon are short.
Don't trim good material with common
trimmings. Don't imagine that beauty
will atone lor untidiness.
—The survey of the route to Millerstown
from the divide has been fini-hed by Engi
neer Richard Kowe aud in all probability
will be tbc one se'ected, as it is the short
er of the two, and despite tbe fact that a
small tunnel will have to be built it can be
put through, it is believed, at least $150,-
000 cheaper than the first line rnn. A
mile of trestle after tbe divide or summit
>s passed and the valley reached will be re
quired on the first survey, while by going
via. Millerstown this is not needed and a
better and cheaper line maintained. As
previously stated the contractors will bid
on both lines, bnt it is thought with reas
onable certainty that the last will be se
-1 lected. We hope snch will be the case for
the new Brady's Bend Jc Butler Haib'oad
will then connect with two other roads,
viz. the P. <1 W. and S. <1 A., in the short
distance of 18 miles, giving extra advan
tages to our people and all concerned. We
paid a visit to the office of tbe Company at
Brady's Bern.' yesterday and found Engi
neers liagertv, Hammond and Rowe busi
ly engaged getting the profiles ready for
the bids of tbe contiactors. It is an inter
esting piece of work and every line on it
must be to a hairsbreadth of correctness.
They have tbe route from the river at this
place to the Summit about finished and it
conld be ready for the contractors in a day
or so. General Manager Isaac Freeze ex
pects that work on preparing the profiles
will be completed in a week or so. When
the contract is awarded work will be com
menced at once, he assures us, and pushed
forward rapidly through the winter.—East
Brady J.Vrieic.
Prof. 8 I. Conner will give au
elocutionary entertainment this even
ing at vV 0. T. U. llill. Mr Con
ner is highly recommended by all
who have hea-d him and you will be
pleasantly entertained. As a humor
ist he bad uo equal, and you will
laugti when you hear a. 1. Conner,
Summons in ejectment has been issued
by John Gattins for 107 acres in Clearfield
twp. held by Bridge; J. Gattinge.
W. P. Hines and about 15 others have
issued summ :i> in • j>*et'uen: lor a lot in
Brady twp hold by George Gibson.
Chester Hunter is s-till in jail swaitiug
his trial for feloueou- assault and battery
with intent to kill and rob.
Chan McCarty was arreted at Saxoc
burg and bad a hearing before Squira l.en--
ner on a charge of horse steaiing ll>-
was committed to jail in default of bail.
Conslahltt Brown arrested Alien Box
near Hakerstonn, Monday, on warran.s
from Es | Sarver of Bnflalo twp accusing
Box of larceny and silling liquor without
license. Box took to his heels when he
saw Brown, and gave him a lively cht»-<n
over field and fence, and through a swam p.
but Brown proved to be the best sprinter
and got his man. Ho was brought to But
ler and committed to jail.
The cases of Pfeifer vs Brown, Bredin vs
P. & W. K. R Co , Walker vs Gibson. Gil
christ vs Bro« n and Ballord vs Russell
from this county were argued iu the Su
preme Court, Tuesday.
The will of the !aie Rev. J F. Jones, of
Butler was probated. Letters of Adm n
on estate of Sarah M. Galbraub ol Ailatns
twp., were granted to I*. T Gaibraith.
Jacob Sanderson was committed to jail on
Wedn> sday charge'.! «• itii .i--aiiit b_\ A. J.
McGee. Sanderson lias a brother in Dix
rnont, and has evidences.ol insanity
be has been a little violent ■ 1 lato and a-
Judge Greer is awa; . ti.e easiest means "t
securing bim was taken. On Judge Greer's
return a commission n lunacy will be ask
ed for.
yuite a number of Bailer attorneys took
the early trains for Pittsburg, Moudaj
morning, so as to >e present at the open
■ tig of the Supreme court. Several cases
from Butler county were heard that day,i.e.
Mi Lano vs HoffiiianjH-dliater vs. Vandor
lin; Hall vs. Phillip.-; Wnitiuir® vs. Mont
gomery. and Hooks v-. Forst, but un de
cision can be expected uutu the end of the
The Supreme Court has decided that au
ditors who do the work of filing, preparing
and distributing bomugh election ticket.-
aie entitled to compensation. The question
was raised f>y Patrick Corr, of Lack.. ■» anna
County, on Ihese facts: 1. He neld Uleel
lugs to receive nomination certificates ana
to hear objections to same; received no
nces of withdrawal and tilled ont certifi
cates tor watcners for one day. 2. Arrang
ed ballots, corrected proo f , for that pur
pose going to and from printing office, one
jday- 3. Distributed ballots to the prope
officers of the several districts of ihe
borough one day. For these three days bo
tiled a bill for $6, and the commissioners
declined to pay it. A case stated was pre
sented to the court before Judge Archi
bald, who decided against Corr, and, on
appeal lo the Supreme Court the decision
was reversed, and Corr will get his mouey.
Mary J Dougan to W C Hutzler lot in
Delano for $345.
L M Heyl to Jacob L Dombach lot i.i
Butler for SIOOO
D C Miller to Sarah E Graham J acre ia
Centre lor SSO.
Jacob Faller to L R MeAboy lot in But
ler for $1
J H Morrow to Thm Morrow 16 acres in
Worth for S4OO
S 0 Bovard t > Amos flali 1 tort) id S1:
per> rock for S3S
Susan Reed to D F Reed lot in Butler
lor $6495.
Same to same lot iu Butler for $639.
E H Jennings to W W Murtland 5 acres
in t'airyiew for SIOO.
D C Miller to W J Miller 4 acre in Cen
tre tor $1
Josephine Arras to Elizabeth Eitonmil
ler lot in Butler for SI6OO.
Wm Shoup to Josephine Arras lot iu
Butler for $675.
L F Thompson to J X Thompson lot iu
Butler for $450.
Taylor Hoffman to Wm. B. Bailey 2
acres in Cherry twp. for $2150.
Marriage l-icenses.
Wm. Watson Hutler
Maggie Blair ... Brownsdale, Pa.
Henry P Stoops Shira
Agnes E. Scott Karns City
C. S. Luton Giade Run
Mary Hutchison ....Middlesex iwp
W. H Neyman Oakland twp
Martha O. Neyman "
John Gallagher Jefferson twp
Tillie Wolfe "
W. A. Shanor Middle Lancaster
M. Miller Prosnect
Win. F. Martin Penn twp
Lizzie J, Anderson •'
Jos. W. Heryey Butler
May T. Humes Carbon Centre
Wm. B. Frederick Jeffersou twp
Mens. M. Montag •'
E. Clinton Shannon Zilieuopln
llattie Heaven Connoqu-iness.ing twp
John Colling Winfield twp
Mary J. Bruner Donegal twp
Enos L. Cumberland Concord twp
Anna L. Meals Washington twp
Hubert Bauder. I J .>rt«r^vill«-
(Jelia Powell Mi'lJlo Laocaster
R. L. Tinker Moniteau
Maad McAllen "
Thomas Kdar Washington twp
Mary Uartley " "
At Pi..tsburg, linger Davis <if Mars and
Katie Bradley of McDonald.
At Pittsburg, S. M. Meals of Oakmont.
and Belle McKinley of Emlenton; aUo
Josiah Hook and Mary Ijeary of Freeport,
Tbc Markets.
Our grocers are paying 22 for butter, 18
for eggs, 00 for good potatoes, 50 for onion*;
GOcts tor apples. 25 to 30cts a do*, for cel
ery; 15 cents a quart fot lima bean*; H i eut
a pound for cabbag';: 40 cents for ttiuips
10 to 15 cents a doz for quinces.
Timothy hay from country wauons sl4
u> 15, mixed bay $10.50, to 11.00, straw
$5.00 to 6.00.
Country roll butter 17 to 18, fresh eggs
18 to IK, dresr.ed chickens, drawn 12 to
14, spring chicken* 11 to 15 per pound
Potatoes $2.15 to $2.25 per bll, onions 40
to 50.
At Herr's Island Monday, beeves sold
at 3.00 to 5 50. bulls ano dry cows at 1 00 to
2 25, ho(f« at 3.75 to 5,75. sheep at .50 to
3 00, lambs at 100 to 3.D0, and calves at
1 50 to C.50.
—Summer Underwear, Hosier?,
Mitts, Laces aud Ribbons at reduc
ed prices at
( ICB,
For sale by J. A. Ilichey. Leave
yoar orders at tbe Bakery.
—l2£ cent Pongees aud Tissues
reduced to cents at
—Try our new roller flour—latent
improved machinery. Satisfaction
guaranteed, J. C. BRKADEN A Co..
W«si Suubury, Pu
Rye Wanted.
Tbe highest pritos paid for rye at
tbe mill of GEO. WALTER & SON.
Butler, Pa.
White goods, Lawns, I'ougees
Organdies and all kinds of wanb
goods at lest; than wholesale prico at
—Clearance sale of all summer
goods at less than wholesale prioj.
—lce ceain delivered to ail p*rtg
of tbe city in any quantity and at any
time. Leave your order at tbe City
Ice cream soda in all flavors at
tbe City Bakery.
—All-wool flannel skirls f >r 750 at
—Our Hosiery values ar« unequal
ed and well worth your inspection-
L. OTIIN & StJlf'tf.
Mrs. Capt. Ay res is seriously ill.
Mrs. M. H. Byerly is on the sick list.
A. E. Reiber wis admitted to practice
i in the Supreme Court.
C. M Campbell of Concord was in town
Mr- 1 . Bohn of Meadville spent Sunday
with her lister Miss Gertrude Mcßride.
j J. E Davenny made a flying business
trip to Pittsburg, on Thursday,
i • Reddy" Fletcher the bus driver has the
typhoid fever.
Miss Emma Eyth of Pittsburg i< the
! gue>t of the Bergs, i t North Main St
Rev. Nat nan aud wife left Butler lor
j Tiffin, O , Tuesday afternoon.
Harry Klingler i« improving his resi
dence on W. Cunningham S .
H C Welsh of Penn twp w»- in town
ou business Tuesday.
Mrs. Allie Thickston. <>t Minneapolis is
the guest of Mr. aud M re. Al Bowser, ot
N.<rth St.
Mr. Cha* GoeOriug ol Allegheny is the
gui-st ot relatives and triends in Harmony.
T B. Stiver, of llurmony, is improviug
his property in various ways.
Rev. I). Luther Roth h.s accepted ibe
call of the English Luthera congregation
of Butler
E os McDonald was the guest orj his
son iL-law Tlios. J. Gordo.l. Thursday
Several lluller people a u-uiled the lu
neral of Mrs. Catharine \ ogley in Pitts
burg Sunday.
Jo- Hartmaa Jr. speut Sunday with his
iaih-r iu Butler. He manages for me Oil
Co. in West Vu.
Corporal Tanner, of Washington, suc
ceed.-. l apt. C ark ol this place, as com
mander ol the U \ L.
Miss Jennie Urown took Del liiu l oan's
deal boy to trio Deaf aud Ddinb Institute, j
at Philadelphia, last week.
Kev. Oiler is at Tyrone, and Rev. Kel
ler, of Greece City, will occupy his pulpit
ii -xt Sunday.
Cyrus Donaldson ol I'iUsOurg is visiting
Mr. ai-U Mrs. Jas. 'Jar.ion and older rela
tives in Butler.
Mis- Bculah I'iinnlin ot Allegtieuy n»» '
returned NO U alter a VIMC >v.tu !
Mis Siuieou >iix.»u.
J jl i'aloier a..0 Uil M «V tsa. alloi
ns sol liU'.ier, v. re ad.iiitieu f practice
in > ujii i uio Oour , iouilaj.
Mis™ Ma D nil., ol McKeau at. his l^-
pnoiu ever, and luertsa Ke.uper ol .s • ri. I
al is doAn with the nauie disease.
al rs. «V ill v.ooper ol E i-«t X orlli St. is
attending the W. C T. C. couVenllou al
Giboon Mechliag a lornior resideiil of
this county is reported t have committed
suicide, laielj , in San Francisco.
Will McMarlin has rented tne bouse ou
a. Washington St., lately occupied oy
Charley Graham, WHO has moved to Pitis
Dr. W Clarke Robinson, the Shakes
periau lecturer had another large audience
jlonday evening in Ihe U. P. church. He
l- a remarkabl. entertaining talker
George Painter ol itutlalo twp. is im
proving: as is also Johu Murphy *bo Wa.s
lound U ini; insensible iu his Wagon, a low
da.\ s ago.
Am* Latchaw of Harmony haspurcha-eo
tne Di. oinger building aud is repairing It.
He will use it as a dwelling house as Well
as a tailor .-hop.
Tnos. Covle, ol Donegal tap. who died
last Sunoay, Was one ol the heaviest men
iu Ihe county. His usual Weight was .UIO
Thomas R. ilouu ot Centre twp. Ua
tneii improving rapidly since Monday,
when his physician cui into his nip and lo.ik
Iherelroui a pint ol blood aud uiatler that
had accumulated iu ihe wound or bruise.
Wui Bouueman and Elmer Helm bo Id
had a narroa- escape on Tuesday. They
were driving down the bill to Delano wueu
an axle broke aud Helmbold was thrown
out. Neither was seriously injured.
Esq. McAboy is now seen carrying home
a chicken after every marriage ceremony
he performs. The explanation i>, that as he
is performing clerical duties he, like the
clergy, should show bis appreciation of
chicken as a diet.
Conan Doyle, the great author, whose
"sb>rlock Holmes" stories have beeu read
with HO much interest all the world over,
i» now making bis first visit to the I uue<l
•Tales, having beeu enticed from Uls E ig
«l.-li ncuie bv liberal oilers for a lecture
tour in this country.
A Great Play Coming.
That clever play wright, Geo. Hoey,
ktewjust exactly how much rollicking fun
could lie crowded into three hours, wheu
he wroto ' A Cork Man," which will be
set-n at the Park Theatre Fridav Oct. 19.h
Trie play is a refined comedy, which relies
on it» intrinsic worth and luuuy situations
as a pleasing mirth provoker. There is no
doubt bnt what "A Cork Man" will ba one
of the most successful comedies on the
road this season Mr. Cawthoru, who is
the star of the company, is the most origi
nal and unique Irish comedian in America. 1
lie is very a!dy supported by Miss L:?ola
Belie, the comedienne, and others of
a bom are the following well kuowu peo
ple: Kena Trombell. Stella May, George
K riery, Snsie Porrister, Lilliau dale, Rosa
line sterling, Ern Pollack, Geo. Gale,
Fxank Manning, Harry Collins, W. 'd
Cake, Morris McCollough, W. A. Little
and il under thb management of H. S.
Dealers in new and second band
household goods of every description
Cail and sue as A' e can save you
money. (Next door to G. W. Mil
ler's Grocery.)
Ice Cream delivered to all part* of
tbe city any time and in any quan
itv. Leave your orders at tbe City
Locome candy. Try it at tbe
City Bakery.
Underwear for Fall and Winter
just received at Tbe People's Store.
—Ladies line hemstitched uprons
at 25c at DAVENNY'S.
—No matter how hard the times
the one thiug yon cannot afford to go
without is all tbe news If you want
all the news you get it iu the Pitts
burg Dispatch, The Dispatch pub
lishes all—cif » part only
Annual Autumn Excursion to
Kinzua Br,dge and Bradford.
On Saturday, oct.2otb, the PAW.
By. will run special train from But
ler to Kinzua Bridge and Bradford,
leaving Butler 4:30 a. m. Central
time, arriving at Kinzua Bridge 10:-
45, Bradlord 12 o'clock noon Re
turning leave the Bridge 2 p. m., ar
rive Butler 8:15 p. m Fare to Kin
zua Bridge and return 11.50. Tickets
good going and returning on special
train. Fare to Bradford and return
s:s, tickets good going on special train
good returning on regular trains up
to and including Wednesday, Oct,
—Highest cash price paid for grain
of all kinds at J. C. Breaden & Co.'s
new roller mills, West Sunbury. Pa.
Have you tried Locome Candy?
Well it is the latest candy out. For
sale at tbe City Bakery.
—Zuver's Pictures leave nothing
wa-iting in finish, tone or a correct
—Job work of &i kind dons at tie
V'al. Logan's horse started on the run
from the front of Cypher's store last Fri
day nooa, and ran into and upset a buggy
coutaiuing Geo. llahn and bis mother,
near the Vogeley House. Mrs. llahn was
badly hurt and she was carried into Dr.
Byers 1 ffice, and afterwards taken home.
The horse ran down to the Willard Uouse
where it iniurd down Wayne St and ran
upon tbe cidewalk. and at the livery stable
left the grater part of the buggy. It was
caught on Centre Ave.
Mrs llal.n had a very narrow escape.
11 ad not hrr son a .d Geo. Ketterer quickly
pilled h«r away she would tave been tramp
Ifd upon by the runaway horse.
Our Borough Ordiance requires that all
horses and teams be hitched upon the sul>*
streets and alleys.
Lou Fleming ol the West Kud rested his
guu ou a steaui guage at McCaluiont, a
lew days ago. The gnn clipped down and
was discharged, aud some of the shot
entered Lon's right arui, breaking one
bone. Tne arm may have to be amputat
Clayton Vanderbilt, of New Cattle tit.
had his thigh bone broken by a tail, last
.Saturday. He walked out before daylight
to his t>table, fell while returning, aud
dragged himself baca to tne hou.-e
Oil Notes.
Greenwood A Co's So. 3, on the Dougan,
ut Coyicsville. started off at 100 bbls.
Stewart JL Dart have located ou the Mc-
Ciymonds heirs near Greece Oily.
Christie «i Co. have a rig up on the
liowf, near Catlery.
The Kochfster Tumnler Co. are drilliug
o j lue Steel, near Harmon}.
l)i_\ U .!e Frederick is drilliug on the
fcllru Nixon larin near ilrown-aale
Coiestock A Co. sold their gas well ou
trio McUratb fariu in Ceutro twp. to a
Millerstowu company.
Steaart & Co .lave a rig up ou tue Jo.iu
and Coulters A iVisuel one on
ihe t houias Parks
Iu Middlesex township the Natural Oil
Co'a Mo I), on the Douglas-, iucreased
l*. 80 barrels; and tueir No. j, ih
W ultc.-ldca. Is rno« log g-io.l.
llu.- ell A- Co .- «'eil 0.. the Marllu, uear
kV nilrolowu, is pumping S.IILO 01.
Kisler uas Ulade a 1.-c.jtl.ro ou Inu Martin,
uLd Saiiln on tne Kirkci.
Clark, Kauult- A Co. -. »*-1 uo.nr iea-o.- ou
the fiuxiou an 1 other tarolß bvlow Coop
erst.'Wn, Monday, 10 Collins A Ueasley
lor #2S,DUO
Leidecker A Co'» well 011 the Mangel is
lor 150 bbL; Christie A' Go'n well
on the Walter's lot is uiaKiug 100 bbls; Dr.
McCandless 30 b'olß. and Schatfuer Broa ou
tne Moore is rated at 00 ouls.
Forquer A Co's well ou the Lsheloian in
N. W, corner of Middlesex is doing about
100 bbls from what seems to be a fourth
sabd. A dozen rigs are gciug up iu that
The wells drilling to the northeast aud
.-outhwest of the North Washingt-iu li-ild
have tevived intere.-t in that field fer
rnin A C'o's well near Six Points is the
farthest to the northea-t, aud Bartlett A
Co's well on the M. Gallagher, near West
rjunbury, is the furthest t-> tne s«utuwe-r.
I'i.is well was drilled iu last week; was
shot nn Wednesday, and is thought to be
good for 50 barrels.
The lubricating oil field of French Creek
i« one iif the mum curium sp its in all oil
doui. The lubricating oil business had its
start in Black*.uith EvanV well, ami since
then $12,000,000 worth of oil has beet,
taken from the fe* miles square of terri
tory where the oil i.-i found. Around its
prescribed lijiits wells that yield largelj- of
the regular illuminating oil have been
drilled, but uoiie of that kind of oil had
ever been found within the lubricating oil
limits. This small but rich oil district ex
touds into the village of Franklin, the
county seat of Venango county, and there
are wells in many private yards in that
place. The production has fallen off great
ly, though, and the price also. The
monthly yield cow is not more than 7,000
barrels, and the price is below $4 a barrel.
The til is refined at Oil City, and eighty
different commercial products result, be
sides the oil itself.
Wakenight, of the Derrick tells of a
Couple of cute drillers as follow*; TIIM
Willow Island well will probably rem »iu
iu a state of uncertainty for some tiuie,
owing to the duplicity of the crew tint'
worked (iu llio well. About the time t!i<s
well was nearing tbe sand, Pitney Parker,
ibe owner, was called U > ui, an 1 he
instructions wuli the driller* to drill it to
the top of the sand and shut down till hi?
returned. The driller were curious to
know if there was any thing below and
drilled a liit iuto tbe saud when the w.-ll
began to fill up rhaa tbey shut doivtt
and begau bustling for leases uud picked
up 4J»O acres. When Parker relumed and
found bis iur>tructinus h;id been dUobuyod,
he grew indignant and decided not to drill
his well deeper and says if tbe fellow?, who
played hiin tal«e want to test their terri
tory tbey will Lave to drill lie U getting
ready to test tbe Willow Island well from
the top of the sin.l. As previously s'ated
the o 1 was developed in the Big Injun at
depth ot 1,450 feet.
You pay for school booka; but
the beat school-bo jk for your children
is jour daily ps,per Well printed,
carefully and intelligently edited, of
instructive contents, first and fullest
with the news and best in presenting
it, the Pittsburg Dispatch fills the
Wheat Wanted.
We p*y the Highest P. ice for
wheat— both old >md new at oar
IV* chop all kinds ot grain at our
mill for the Tenth Bushel and do il
promptly and to your satisfaction.
Remember we Only Charge the
Tenth. George IKalter A Son's
Butler Pa.
Finest display of F 1 all Millinery
in the city at DAVENNY'S.
—Hear S. I Couner and laugh, W.
C. T. U. Hall, Oct 18, at 8 o'clock.
—One Portfolio, containing 16
superb \iews from tbe Worlds Fair
given away with each $2 00 sale at
—Fine fieeco liued ladies vests for
25c at DAVINNY'B.
—Take your children to Zuver'B
Gallery for Pictures that will suit
yon. Postoffice baihiing.
—The hightst srrade of patent
flour made at tbe millß of
West Sunbury, Pa.
—Tenney's New York candies in
sealed packages at the City Bakery.
—Go and hear 8. I. Conner the
Dramatic Impersonator, at W. C. T
U. Hall, Thursday eve. Oct. 18, at 8
Hot Griddle Cakes-
These cool bracing mornings nat
urally suggest the pleasures we have
derived in former years at our break
fast table when confronted with a
heaping dish of nicely browned and
delicate Flannel, Buckwheat or Corn
has on the market now his elegaut
Self-rising Pan Cake, Buckwheat
and Pearl Meal flours, from which
any good housekeeper can make with
| very little trouble, a plenty of this
I toothsome delicacy, for breakfast
#/ery morning.
Be ture to ask your Grocer for
Marvin's, they are pure, and the best.
Marvin's Rose Jumbles are the
newest aad best cake on the market.
Try tbero.
An x asperating tui-use of an * for a y
called one of the Bradford papers to an
nounce that a Mr* , of Mechanic St.
ha* ••given birth to a box."
A Fresbyterian preacher of Bradford
was announced to preach Sunday »n ".-hip
wrecks after the fortieth birthday." He
advised 40-year-old boys to keep away
from wat-r.
The Lawrence county teachers Institute
will be held at Ell wood City. beginning
Uondav. Oct. 22.
The car? of the electric street-car hue
HI Fraukiiu. fa., began ruuuiug last Kn-
A woman 07 years of age was married IU
til-- Court House in Beaver la»t Sjtardat
A singular aud very unusual accident
happened 1 .at wees to ci-Sheriff S A.
Thomas of Franklin. He aud his wife
were driving out into the country to attend
a funeral. When near Patchell ran, in
sugar creek township, a stray and partially
spent buliet fired by some person in the
woods missed Mrs. Thotnaa' lace aud em
bedded itsell iu her husband's neck, back
ot the jugular vein Tne ballet has not
yet been extracted Ir.nn the muscles in
which it is (irmly lodged, ft was a very
clt se escape from death
By next year a complete slack water
sy tern from Uerr's Island to Tareutuui
will l»e completed aud tbe lower portion
of the Allegheny nude navigable the year
A gang of New Vork City swindlera ha
ll.-.-n II -eciug the farmers •>! Blair an I Bed
ford counties by wholesale. The rural di—
tricts have been flooded with letter*, pur
porting to coiue Iroui a commission house
on Broadway, offering highest prices lor
country produce. Tue printed letter hea is
aud representations thereon of a maui
uiotn business establishment robbed the
larmers of suspicion, and exteusive ship
meuts of product) were made before the
nou arrival ot tile promised checks made
the lraud apparent.
The ringing of the Catholic bull for au.
hour last Uoiiduy. recalled to the citixeus
ot Kiuanuiiig mat tbeSih ol October is the
birthday ot Joiiu tiilplu, JS-q deceased
During his life Mr. Gilpin was one of the
leading members of the Armstrong county
bar, and at. his death he bequeathed to the
Catholic church SIOO a year, provided
ih -y ring ine church tiell one hour ou bin
birthday. In this mauuer Mr Gilplu's
birthday will loug be held iu remembrance
Mr. Gi pin was a uumber of the Episcopil
church md no one can account for his be
quer-t to thi Chlholio church m preferouce
to his own.
No* Castle is Having snniethiug ol a
sduKtWiiu over >nop.lnters Oue youug
la iy ••iiued" a $lO bocnet, another a suk
dress, and another got away with S2O worth
of goods. All ci>ule.,sed. X.> arrests have
been made. Tue accused belong to repi
(aule families.
A New Castle man crawled through 1,
800 feet of 18 luth s«wer, a few days, to re
coyer au instrument for the City Engineer,
aud got $lO lor the job.
Annual Excursion to Rhododendron fark
via Pennsylvania Railroad
The Pennsylvania Ksilroid Company an
nounces that their auuual autumnal' ex
cursion to Khododendron Park, Lloyds
ville, will be run on Saturday, October 20
At this time of the vear a trip over the
foresi-clad mountains of Pennsylvania in
their autumnal splendor, unsurpassed iu
ricbnesa and variety of color by the works
ol the greatest artists, is m ist enjoyable
Toe acme of perfection, however, is reach
ed at Khododendron fark, where nature
in all its wildness and iu modern cultiva
tion is preserved with a inost ie
A special traiu will leave I'ittsburg at 8
a. tn., and slop at principal intermediate
stations between that place aud Cressna,
'he latter uoiut included.
Excursion tickets for this occasion, goo I
to re!urn until October 22, inclusive, and
permitting of stop off at Altoona on the
return trip, will be sold at $3 from Pilts
ourg, $2 40 from Greensburg, $1 25 from
Johnstown, 70 cents from Oresson, and
proportionate rates fiom intermediate sta
The extremely low rates that prevail for
theMj excursions render them very popular,
and the opportunity offered by this year's
excursion should not be misled.
Bargains iu Liwus, Diaiilys
Pongee*, Organdies aad all the sum
mer guods at
L Stbin & Son's
BoardtngHouse Cards, with Act
of Issembly, 25 cents for half-a-doa«j.i,
for rt'ilft at Citizbm office.
—Ladies combination Buits for 50c
at Davensym.
Special Trj n
The P. & W. will njQ a special
train from Callery Jet. to Bitler
Sunday P M Oct 2lst. Conaejt
iog with No. 5, which leives B. AO.
depot, Pitiftbnrg tit 8.55 P. 34.. But
ler time, arriving -it Butler 10 35 P.
M., to accommodate parties desiring
to spand Sunday in the city.
They're It shionable as entire dresses or in
combination with plain goods.
Universally becoming to misses and chil
dren, and very few women but can wear
them —none but cin w-sar selections from
this large and varied lot—styles to suit
every one.
Cheviot Plaids.
A dozen or more different styles—color
mixtures equal to many of goods at t'iree
limes th price—3o inches wide,
25 Cents a Yard.
Fine, All-wool
Suiting Plaids,
In silk bonrette effect in newest brown,
blue aud green sba !es—specially suited
for Children's Dresses and Cloaks—legiti
mate value SI.OO a yard—s4 inches wide,
to go at
60 Cents.
Fine, All-wool Serge Plaids,
Silk and Wool Piaids-
And other high-class Plaid Materials, 05c,
75c, $1 00. f1.25 to *2.00, that for genuine
worth, beanty and style, can't be matched
at prices.
New Camels'-hair
Solid colored grounds flecked in harmon
ising colors-red on green, magenta on
black, silver grey <-n brown, olive on wine,
etc ,—imported this season, to sell at <I.OO
a yard.
witbnot his host
sold to us at our own terms, and now this
fortunate deal is offered to you—42 inches
wide at 50c a yard.
Dress Goods.
Beginning at 25c, advance in easy price
steps —30c, 35c, 40c, 45c, to Finest Import
ee Novelties to .$6 50, and will give you
greatost range for selection iu both variety
and style as well as price.
Write our Mail Order for full line of
samples—also send address for new Fall
and WtjiTKU Catalogub. now ready.
Bo<™'s & Buhl,
llotels and Depots,
W S. Gregg is now rpiuiDg a line
of carriages between the hotels and
depots of the town.
Charges reasonable. Telephone
No. 17, or leave orders at Hot"
Good Liverying Comiecuon
\ H -R*7
- r- suKitrm
. iM/ T I
. Ims]
Did it ever i>ccur to you that there aie
drugs and drugs—that drugs are like every
thing else—there are good, bad and indtf
lerent. There is nothing else which is
positively bad if it is'nt just of the best.
Our policy has always been to have noth
ing but the best.
When you want drugs come to lis and be
assured of fresh pure goods, and always
what you ask for or your prescription calls
lor. It may not always be drugs you want
cither. We always have on hand a fall
lino of sick room requisites.*
C. re. BOYD,
Diamond Block, - Butler, Pa.
Sen KDI'I.K is urrscr Ocroaita 4th. l«9I
A M. A. M. A. M. IV M. P. M.
Butler Leave 615 sJi 11 (W) 2 4 T » sou
Saxouburg.. .Arrive 844 11 on list 311 32$
Butler Juc't, •• 7:» 9 .»-> 11 so 340 553
Butler Juc't .. Leave 730 J4l 120.! .I*o .-,53
Natrona Arrive 73S 951 ul3 50 c, e.»
Tarenturo 743 :) 12 13 357 OT
Sprlnij.iale 7 55 10 u*. is n 4 in
Clare in ont s 11 12 35 1 ;i <; -7
Sharpsnurc Bl< ... 105 429 «: >
Allegheny city M 3", 10 :<y Ijl 444 045
A M. *. M. P. X. P. M. P. M.
A. M. A.M. A. M. r. M. P. M
Allegheny city Leaves » s s> to 4') 31. « 10
Sharpsburg. ... ... ;01 839 10 58 ....
CUrrraout 8 4:. 11 as
S»rlug..l.il 5 s j, it 3,; 6 ij
lar-n'.um ........ ;t 1 *» 10 11 39 3 fti >;*.;)
Natrona 7 ,ir 0 15 It 4", 3 55 0 V 3
CButler Juc't Arrive 7 45 us, 1155 404 7 02
But-ler Juc't Leave 7 4". 945 123$ 4 15 7 02
SSaXOnburg sOSIO 11 104 4 4*> 7r>
3Butler Arrive 835 10 .15 130 4o; 7so
A. M. A M. P. M. P. M. P. M
P. a A. M. A. M. P. M.
■j 4'i CIS Lv. Boiler \r. 10 3> 1 30
:p 40 730 Ar. Hut I-r Ju:, tion Lv. 4> 12 3s
101 745 Lv. Butler Junction Ar. v I 1 12 ;i*
4 10 74J Ar. Freeiort Lv. uaj 12 35
415 753 " Allegheny Juc't. •• 931 12 :to
4 ar. s 111 - Laeciiiiun: - «20 li 13
440 821 " Pault>.l (Vpj lj> •• 9 a", u55
514 851 •- Salt.SDuri •• 537 11 32
5 .10 922 ' BlalrsviUe •• sOS it 00
r. 00 1111 •• BlalrsviUe Inier'a " 7 .vj 10 15
BTO 11 41) " Alto.jni •• 340 so.)
luo 320 " Harrtahurg •• 11 55 310
4 t; 50 " Piiila lelpnta •• 850 11 20
A. H. P. M. p, M. P. M
trtiai far ets' Pittsburg
tL'nlo-i Station) as folio-vs:
v .1 autte Ksoreis. " 2 40.V. M.
I'enusylvauta Ll nitsl, d illy ...7 1.
Day Express. •• s o>) ••
Philadelphia Express, - 4 30 P.M.
Easteru Express, •• 7 00
Fast Llue. " s iu
Fordet.uleJ ln(orniUoa. aidress Thj.. E.
Watt, t*ass. A<'t. vVejt«rii lutrict. 110. FKtll
Avenue, Pittsourg, fa.
S. M. I'ltSViHr. J. { VO ID ~"
»ieu-!ral .1 ui(sr. . i'L I'ass'r. A«'t
P. A w. a ..
Schedule, In effect Jan. 1 . -m. (Butler .time)
Tne Snort Line fc o Pittsburg,
0.a5 a m Allegheny 9.25 a m. Allleaheny Ei
5 .15 a m All'y & Akron 9.55 a w.AI « N Castle
0.20 a m Allegheny A • 12 a pm, All'y si Ch'go
1 00 p in Allegheny Mall 5.05 p m. Allegheny Ex
1.10 p mChicago Kx. 725 p m.All y & Akron
■'i 10 p m All'y £ Ell. Ex -i.uo p in, Allegheny Ac
10.03 aiu Ki'.ne & Brad, 5.0.1 am. Foxburg AO
5.1. pin Clarion Ac J. 50 am. Clarion Ac
7..1.1 p m Foxburg -..20 p;m. Kane Mai
SCKD vy r?t\iss.
8.15 a 111, IteForest Ac |9.» a m.Allegheny Ac
3 "k) p 111, Chicago Kx .101 p tn, Allegheny Kx
R.iopm, Allegheny Ac 7.2'. pm. DeFureat Ac
Train arriving at at J.un p m 1.-aves B H O de
pot. PlttabUl S. at 3 :1.1 o-cloiik
Butler aii'l Ureeuville Ot ma >vill leire Alle
glu-ny at 3rji p. m, dally except Snn lay. Con
necting at Willowgrove. arriving at Butler at
Pullman BufTet Sleeping Cars aid flrst-qliss
Day Coaches mn bet veen BuUor and
Chfcagj dally.
For through tickets to points in th; West
Northwest or Southwest apply to
__ A. B. CROUCH. Agent
Trains leave the B. x O. d -pot In Putb irg
tor 1 be K Lst as follow 1.
For Washington 1) " . Baltimore. PbUt<!-;l
--pUli. ia i X'-vf York. iJri) and ftrii p. m
Cumberl lod. 8:15. 2:i>. 1 :I0.!».-/» p. in. Oon
nelsvllle. S:|6, 12: M. 1.10. 1.3). 5.3J an I '.•..'J p. in .
Unloutowu. 8.15 a. tn , I 10. 1. 30 an 1 :>..*> p- M.
Mt. Pleasant, 8:15 a. in i.io anl trw p. m.
Washington. Pa., 7.25 aad 9 1"> a. in.. *.OJ,
145 and a.25, 11. 2~» p. in Wheeling. 7.25 ant.
9.15*. m., 11,2.> p.m. Cincinnati. St
Louis. Columbus i:il Newir*. 1.2 i >, in.. 9.*5
11.25 p, m.
Kor Chicago. 2. l'> an 1 ».3« p. m.
Parlor an! Sleeping cars to Baltimore, Wash -
lngton, Olnelnn itl au l I'tilcurn
I'irrjtfOttu, siia.sisiJi Lisa kks R.a.
Ta'tes effect M »oday, April 2, 18)1.
Train* are rnu by ,-ttendard central Tlma (SKKIi
Meridian ) One ho ir slower than City Tt n;.
Ooi.vr; NORTH. GOIMU SOT; in
— : 14 I 12"L STATIONS I 9 111
.... p.m.; |} U Lv a.in. a.m.jp.m.
] 2 4'.'! unklrk ...,| 7 38|12 au
ia. m,!
',OO l 58 ! io to Krte 005810 s 35
6*5 123 9 2". Wallace .lunct C 4'.' V 27 112
620 1 is 9 15 ; Olrard 646 931 t 15
0 09 1 OS 9 03!.... Lock port. .. « 5!l 9 4.' 4 26
6 02 1 Oil 8 55|.. .Ciauesvllle .. 7 OTj 950 434
3io Tlo 31". .Tconneaut ...; 740 i 10
643 e4O ar * .... |lO 31 i; 43
6~57 12~57 8 49 ar.. -Albion. .. lv 7 li; 935 4 37
5 43 12 45 8 30 ... Miadeland .. 72310 04 4 51
5401212 8 32 Mprlngbor 0 -.'7 28 10 07 455
53312 35 825 GYmieaiitvlH" ~35 ■' 03
o> 12 15 s or. >1(. a'v'le.l' t. <• n. x. 5 *.->
1 63 7 38dv .Conu't|LU>. 6 10 1"| 4 S3
8 ic ar ar 8 l io 50 5 37
4 28.... 700 lv Meadvllle lv 9 50; 128
p.rr. ... 842 ar ar 84211 25 03
No 2 11 43 7 28 Osgood NO 1 11 00 4 53
p.m a. m
ti 23 li 35 7 w Greenville ... u 30 11 15 « 08
(» 18 U 25 7 00 slienango C 40 11 28 « 20
55911 02 64; Kredonla.. . 703 li 4<i 1; 34
5 .19 10 44 (i 2s Mercer 7 22 12 07 7 05
5 25 10 29 G 12 t'ardoe 7 36 12 22 7 10
5 13 10 20 r. oo ....cirove City... 7 47 12 :I3 7 25
5 00 10 08 5 s . llarrLsvllle.... 7 58 12 45 7 30
l 52 io oo 5 in ... Branch ion. sot; 12 51 7 45
4557 4 > n 3". lv . Brancbton.ar 7 3"> 12 15 7 2
545 Bis 20 ar...Milliard .lv 650 11 15) «4 r
4 46 !• 851 6 3511*.. Kelslers > 8 10112 58 7 43
I 32 9 42 5 21 Euclid 8 22 1 12 s 03
4109 1:. 4 50! Butler. I 8»> 1 42 * 32
1 50 7 20 Allegheny, Piw it lo^arioTTTT.
p in a m p. in p. m
.1. T. KLAIIt, (leneral Manager, (ireenvllle. i*a.
W. U SAItCEANT, (J. P. A.. Meadvllle. I'a.
BL'TLK.K, ,|*A.
CAPITAL Paid lip, - - - *100.000.00.
SI UPI.RN AMI I'UOFITS, . $40,869 84.
JOB. Hartman. Pres't.
J. V. Klttn, Vice l'res't. C. A. Bailey, Cashier.
Jos. Hartman. C. P. Collins. N. M. Hoover
ohn Humphrey. J. V. It;tr.i,
E. K. Atirams, Leslie Hazlett I.«!. Smith.
W. S. Waldrin. W. Henry Wilson. M. Klncgan.
A general banking business transacted. "In
terest paid on time deposits. Money loaned on
approved security.
Foreign exchange bought and sold.
Tbe ladies of Kntler will have a long felt
waul filled in being able to have their
gloves fitted in their own town.
Our Underwear Specialties for Winter of
'SM-'&j are: Ladies Equestrians and "Ouei
ta" combination wrappers.
The "Rubens" intants vest does away
with all tbo old time trouble of baby grow
ing out of bis underwear; try them.
As usnal, our Millinery Stock is tbe best
in the city.
M. F. & M. MARKS,
113 to 117 S. Main St., - Butler.
Great Discovery. l " ;"ior.
and disfiguring GROWTH* removed without
the knito and without pain.
Onr specific medicines act only on tbe
diseased part* and permanently cure. So
I fee until cured. DR. TAYLOR.
No. 320 Liberty Street, Pittsburg.
There are too man) goods in stock and must be sold aud a
prices that will suit the times We have a lot of odd suits that will
be sold regardless of cost. Everything mast be sold to] make room
for new goods.
Come and see for yourself.
104 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Early Fall
Never in the history of this country
was clothing so cheap as now. The hard
times ot the past year were the means
ot bringing the cost of raw wool down
to a level with raw cotton. Labor suf
fered correspondingly. The manufac
turers were anxious to unload their big
stocks 011 hand, and consequently we
had opportunities enough to buv our fall
stock at our own prices. We bought
lots ot them and bought them cheap.
We intend to sell lots of them and sell
them cheap. Everything is quoted at
astonishingly low prices. Call on us
when in town.
Sliaul Nast,
l-.eiiclii\«4 Cloth iers, 137 S. Main St., Butler, Pa*
Be sure and see
Before vou buy your
Largest line in the city to se
lect from. Yours for clothing,
Underwear, Shirts, Hats, Caps, Hosier}-, Ties, Gloves,
Mittens, Cardigan Jackets, Sweaters, Trunks, Valises,
Telescopes. Watches, Chains, Charms, Rings, Pins,
Suspenders, Handkerchiefs. Brushes. I'urses, etc. This
Of Summer Goods, but our regular stock of FALL
AND WINTER GOODS. We show you the lar
gest stock in Butler to select from and everything goes.
Don't miss this
+ Opportunity. l^
We are the pioneers of LOW PRICES. We never
were, never can and never will be UNDERSOLD.
Bear this in mind, and don't make your purchases un
til you see us. We feel satisfied we can do you good.
D. A. H^CK,
X. Mair\ St., Duffy's Block. Butler, Pa.
Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Office Cor.Main & Cunningham
1,. H. Hec'j «Bd Tr«»«.
Allro 1 Wick. nenderwon Ollrer,
Dr. W. Irvln. Jimm Stephenson,
W. W. Hlackinore, N. W<jJML
K. Ilowmin. H. J- Kllntlfr
Ceo KelU ier. i haa. Rubhun.
Geo. Renno, John Koeoln*
Hotel Williard.
Reopened and now ready for the
accommodation of tbe traveling path
Everything in first-slaw style.
N. H. BROOKS, Clerk.