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Legal notice* are published in the Citi
xen at $1 per Inch for first, and 50 cents for
•ach succeeding insertion.
Obituaries, cards of thanks, resolutions,
etc. are inserted at 5 cents a line, money to
accompany the order.
Reading notices on local page 10 cents
a line tor fir«t and 5 cents a line for each
subsequent insertion. Notices among lo
cal news items 15 cents a line for each in
Half-inch professional cards with paper
$5 a year.
Rates for commercial advertising qaoted
upon application.
Bctleb oaa a population or about 10.000.
It Is the County seat of Butler County, with
four railways, natural gits, aud unequalled
(acuities for menulactures.
(To* reus e»rywhere; new buildings, new
manufacture*, a urowln* and prosperous towu.
New York Weekly Tribune—Free.
By special arrangements made for eur
so doing, we are enabled to offer to all our
subscribers who pay arrearages, (if any)
and one year in advance, and to all new
subscribers paying in advance, the New
York Weekly Tribune free for one year.
For further particulars of this offer see ad
New Advertisements.
Young it Cooper's Fall and Winter
B. <t B. all Black Sale.
Marvin's Crackers.
Butler llasic Co'* Pianos.
NOTI—AII advertisers intending to make
canges in their ads. should notify us of
their intending to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
Administrators and Executors ot estate
oan secure their receipt books at the Citi
Sill office.
—A banana peel on the pavement is a
sure sign of an early fall.
—The business man's road to fortune is
pared with printer's ink.
—When a girl is sweet it seems funny
tber6 should be no flies on her.
—Tarentum Fair—Aug. 28, 29, 30 and
31. Thanks for comp.
—Tne Grove City coal miners resumed
work last week. .
—A delicate way of calling a man a liar
it to say he flirts with the truth.
—The School Board will elect a High
School teacher Saturday evening.
—The Plate Glass Go. struck a 1000 bbl.
water well on the hill east ot their works a
fair days ago.
—"I feel like a last years straw hat,'
is a new way of expressing one's unfit
—The time of the Crat:y horse run away
whioh we noted last week was Saturday
evening instead of Sunday morning.
—One hundred and fifty rods of Archie
Stewart's lence in Connoquenessing twp.
wm destroyed by fire a few days ago.
—W. C. Barron of Pump has agreed to
furnish the Carnegie Street Car Co., with
800,000 feet of street car lumber.
—The Allegheny river is said to be filled
with fish that have been forced, by low
water, to leave the smaller streams.
—A nap in the daytime is really helpful
dnring the heated season, but it is not nec
essary to be so formal as to go to church
tor it.
—Mrs. Spencer of Bourbon, Ind.. now
sixty years old. has had eleven husbands
and seven sets of children. She has done
what she* could.—Ex.
—We had splendid rains here 'last Sun
day, but tbey did not extend all over the
county. Up in Brady twp. they had hard
ly any rain that day.
—The volume of travel to the seashore
and abroad has astonished the railroads
and steamship companies thiß summer,
when money has been supposed to be so
—The CtTiZKJi would be pleased to have
all its friends call at this office when at
tending the Fair on Sept. 4-7. If you have
bundles or baskets you wish to leave until
you go home you may leave them here
aafely. Come snd see us. I
—At the meeting of the English Luth
eran Congregation of Butler last Sunday,
Rer. D. L. Roth was elected pastor.
Ferdinand Reiber, Esq. was Rev. Roth's
strongest friend and intends building him
a 920,000 chnrch.
—A young man in the country adver
tised for a wife and his sister answered
the advertisement, and the young man
thinks there is no balm in advertisements;
and the old people think it is pretty hard
to hare two fools in one family.
—The days are growing perceptibly
shorter. That can't be denied, but there
is some doubt about the troth of the old
adage which says that. "When the winds
blow over the oats stubble the summer's
heat is spent."
—Tbe notable Gallitzen sheool case was
decided on Monday. This was a suit
brought by tbe Junior order of American
Mechanics to restrain Catholic nuns from
teaching in public schools. The case was
won by tbe Catholics, and will be repealed
to the Supreme Court.
—Read the opening chapters of the Trou
blesome Lady in this numbei. It is a love
story, as most good stories are, the scene
is laid in California, and the reader seems
to breath the mountain air. The title of
the story arises from the fact that the
opening scene is laid in tbe neighborhood
of the Troublesome River, in Colorado
—lt is said that dancing makes a girl's
feet large It is said also that ice cream
prodnoes freckles. Doctors are of the
opinion that banging on the front gate
produces rheumatism. The chewing of
gum distorts tbe mouth. Playing on the
Siano destroys the hand, and washing
ishes causes chaps—to come and propose.
—Farmington is ooe of the prettiest vil
lages in Butler county,and its enterprising
people are determined that it shall be a
•eat of learning. They raised money for a
oollege building, now in oourse of construc
tion, and which will be completed by Oct.
lat. and they bave engaged a faculty, and
will hare an Academy. The postomce at
Farmington is called Eau Claire, which is
Prenoh*tor clear water.
—Tbe members of A. G. Reed Post,
No. 105, are directed to assemble At the
Poet rooms on Monday, Sept. 10, at 7 A.
M. sharp, prepared to march to the P. &
W depot at 7.45, and take cars for Alleg
heny City. Comrades will appear in
regnlition uniform with badge, cane and
white glores. Tickets will be on sale
from September Otb. Get your tickets
in time, and don't forget your blanket.
—Chicora is making preparations to give
tbe Odd Fellows a rousing welcome at
their annual Reunion there to-day, Thurs
day, and the town is extensively decorat
ed. This is the third annual Reunion of
the I. 0. 0. P. of Butler county the other
two having been held here In addition
to tbe regular trains the P. <fc W. will run
apecial trains, one leaving at 8:10 and one
at 9:45, return leaving Chicora at 6:00 and
When a man is through with his
day's work and is sitting down resting
in bis home, be cannot read the adver
tisements on tbe fences, and the band
bills and circulars that were left on bis
door step dnring the day have been
blown away or destroyed. He calls for
the paper and there he finds the mer
chant's announcement, and with nothing
to bother him be reads it carefully, and
then ealls his wife's attention to it, and
they'decide to go to th« merchant's store
and examine what is advertised.
—Toe Pennsylvania railroad company is
after the traip jumper— the fellow who
•teal* riJes oo freight trains, or think* it
tun to Jamp on a flying freight train, ride
a mile or no and tben jump off and wait
for another train on wbiob to ride bank Kvt
ti • starting point. These local ride
stealers are the biggest kind of a nuisance,
tianv of ihey have been killed, many in
jured, and many are walking about on
crutches, yat .Uio ranks are always full.
The mq»t hardened tramp, when be
Meals a ride, is not half so bold these
local ride stealers who jump train? for fun
and the spice of danger there is in it, but
the railroad company is going to put a
4top to It.
.Summons in ejectment were issued to
J. N. Buliri and J. S. Miller v.-> Williams,
Daffy aud Stewart for iof au aero ol land
in Middlesex twp.
The will of W. V*. Hard man, late of
Butler, was probated and letters granted
to Marj M. Hardman and 0. W. Hard
Jno. A. Lackey was arrested on a charge
of false pretense, last Saturday, had a
hearing and was committed to jail. He is
accused of collecting funds lor the distress
ed coal minors of Coaltown. and retaining
the same for his own use.
The county commissioners of Allegheny
county, are requiring register assessors to
turn in three copies of their lists, in order
that there may be no doubt about who is
responsible for mistakes in the lists of
voters, that cause trouble at the polU
John Sanderson, a citizen and resident
of Parker twp. was adjudged insane, and
taken to Dixmont. The Commission re
ported that he is the owner of an undivid
ed one-filth interest in about one-hundred
aeres of land in Parker twp.
Patrick Shearon was adjudged insane by
a commission that sat at Branchton, and
was committed to the hospital at Warren.
Judge Barker of the common pleas court
of Cambria county, filed an opinion, Mon
day in the celebrated "Gallitzin ease, ' in
which the court was asked to permanently
enjoin the school directors of Gallitzin
borough from employing sisters of the
order of St. Joseph, wearing their religi
ous garb, as teachers in the public schools
under their supervision. The injunction
asked against the employment of such
sitters as teachers was refused, but the de
fendants are restrained from giving or per
mitting auy religious sectarian instruction
in the schools at any time and from using
or permitting the use of the public school
property for any other than free, common
school purposes.
.Eva M Rhodes to Priscilla Glenn lot in
West Sunbury for SSO.
Johu E Atwell to Nancy M Atwell 16
acres in Marion for sl.
Mordecai Graham to Solo aon Stain 60
acres in Forward for $3281.
H J Klingler to Mrs. A J Eshenbaugh
lot in Butler for S3OO.
Marriage licenses.
E. A. Dafford Centre twp
Cathering Hassiraflue "
John G. McMarlin Butler
Maade Mitchell "
Edmond C. Bingham Washington twp
Delia McCracken
W. Joseph Morrow Glenora
J. Blanche Turner "
Geo. W. Davis Butler
Pearl Ray son \ r enango Ce
Thos. H. Cjllins Calamut, Mich.
Amelia Engelder Denny, Pa.
At Mercer, Peter Bartz, of Fairview and
Jennie D. Bard, of Centreville.
—H. B. Hunt's restaurant at Callery
wa« robbed on Saturday night.
—The ball club returned Monday from
its trip. The club did not make a very
good showing, but play with professional
teams should be of benefit to them.
—The Grace Lutheran church will havo
a lunch stand at the Fair, located near the
Grand Stand, and ask all the friends of the
church to patronize it.
Butler is to have another oil-well sup
ply store; and it is said that every business
room in the towu has been rented, which
indicates another boom for us.
—The Willard House of Butler will
open sept. 3rd. the first day of court
It has been thoroughly cleaned, and new
ly paper and painted and will be run in
first clais style.
—The Soldiers monument at Evens City
will be dedicated with appropriate cere
mony next Wednesday. Addresses will
be made bv Hon. Thomas Phillips, Col.
Archibald B'akely, Hon. John M. Greer,
A. G. Williams Esq. and others.
—The county teachers' institutes in this
part of the State will be held as follows:
Butler, Clarion, Franklin and Warren, Dec.
17,Lawrence,at Ellwood, Oct. 22; MeKean
at Sinethport, Oct. 8; Mercer, Dec. 24 and
Crawford, Dec. 31.
—When a man is through with his day's
work and is sittine down resting in his
home, he cannot read the advertisements
on the fences, and the hand bills and cir
culars that were left sn his door step dur
ing the day have benn blown away or de
stroyed. He calls for tbe baper and there
he finds the merchant's announcement,
and with nothing to bother him be reads
it carefully, and then calls his wife's at
tention to it.
—Several hundred of the people of Buf
falo, Winfield and adjoining townships
gathered in Barver's Grove, near the sta
tion, last Tuesday. A good lunch had
been provided, which all enjoyed, and af
ter dinner, the people occupied the seats
fronting the platform that had bean erect
ed for the occasion, and listened to the
good music and humorous essays and reci
tations provided by local ta'ent, and then
to speeches by Hon. Josiah M. Thompson,
Mr. Ailman, the Populist candidate for
Governor and Judge Greer. It was a most
enjoyable day and withall one well spent.
—Among the features of encampment
week will be the social events. These
will include an "outing" on Wednesday,
Sept. 12, at the mammoth Westinghouse
buildings, East Pittsburg, for which 5,000
invitations will be issued. It will take
10 or 12 special trains to carry the guests
and two or three cars to transport the
refreshments. O i the evening of Sept.
13, there will be a reception by the wo
men's organizations, at Old City Uall,
for which 2,000 invitations are out. The
same evening there will be a special dis
play of fireworks trom floats on the Mon
ongahela river, such as has never before
been seen in Western Pennsylvania. On
Friday afternoon, Sept. 14, 3,000 repre
sentatives and invited guests will bo
treated to a river excursion, for which
three steamers have been chartered and
as many bands. The great Carnegie ar
mor plate plant w'll bo visited by the
entire party.
The Markets.
Our grocers are paying 22 for butter, 12
for eggs, onions 50, new potatoes G5, corn
12 per dozen, cabbage 2 cts. per pound,
apples 75, cucumbers 15 a doz., plums
$2.50 a bn, elderberries 25 cts a pail.
Now hay is selling at about sl3 per ton.
Timothy hay from country wauons sls
to 16, mixed hay $10.50, td 11.00, straw
$5.00 to 5 50.
Country roll butter 10 to 18, lresh eggs
14 to 144, dresced chickens, drawn 12 to
14, spring chickens 15 to 10 per pound.
New potatoes $2.00 to $2 15, onions 75 to
At Herr's Islaud, Monday, beeves sold
at 2.75 to 5 OO.bullsand dry cows at 1 00 to
2 50, bogs at 4.00 to 5.75, sheep at .50 to
3.10, lambs at 1.00 to 3.85, and calves at
1.50 to 6.00.
Wheat Wanted.
We pay the Highest Price lor
wheat—both old and new, at oar
We chop all kinds of grain at our
mill for the Tenth Bushel and do il
promptly and to your satisfaction.
Remember we Only Charge the
Tenth. George VFalter & Son's
Butler Pa.
Ice Cream delivered to all parts of
the city any time and in any quan
ity. Leave your orders at the City
—Clearance sale of all summer
goods at less than wholesale price,
at L. STEIN & SON S.
—Zuver's Pictures leave nothing
wanting in finish, tone or a correct
—Take your family and lnnch
basket to the Conneaut Lake Expo
sition August 27rh. to Sdpvembjr 2.
—lt cost you nothing for admis
sion to the Conneaut Lake Exposit
ion August '27 th. to September 2 nd.
Locome candy Try it at the
City Bakery.
—The Conneaut Like Expasitioa
will be larger than ever
before, August 27th. to September
Mrs. Antony ltockenstein is visiting her
mother in Wellsburg W. Va.
Rev. John Graham preached in the
I Episcopal church of Butler last Sunday.
| L. H. Patterson, who is now connected
| with the printing department ot the
Treasury at Washington and his family
are now visiting his parents in Butler.
Ed. Portman. who is now with Bender
A Smith of Pittsburg is visiting his friends
in Butler.
' John Grout, who is with the Sbuman
Bros, of 414 Wood St. Pittsburg visited his
friends in Butler last week.
i Mrs. C. Hemer and daughter of East
Brady are visiting in town.
Mies Nettie Henry of East Brady is
visiting Butler and Petrolia friends.
Mrs. Wise and son of Harmony are the
guests of Mrs Will Campbell.
Ad Gibson of Bruin was in town on
business, Saturday. Ad has not been in
good health for the past two years, bjt is
Will Burton, late of Brookrille, is visit
ing friends in Butler.
Misses Nannie and Jean McEee of
Worthington and Blanche Titley of Cbi
cora lelt on Saturday for Lake Chautau
John Buehler, Sr ofZjlienoplo has re
turned from a trip to Europe.
Miss Minnie Hawk, of Petrolia is vi.-it
iug at Grove City.
Mrs. H. B. Latehaw, of Harmony is lh<- !
guest of her mother at Liberty twp Mer
cer >' .
Catherine Atwell, of Grove City, is visit
ing her friends at North Washington.
L. M. Caldwell has returned from C >i
umbus. O , where he attended the Zane
rian Art School during the summer term.
Mr McMillan an 1 daughter of Clinton
viiJ are the guests of Capt. Ayres.
Wm and J. S. Campbell and .'heir fam
iles, A. E Keiber aud Myrtle Byerley are
at Ccnneaut.
W. A Stein spent Suuday with his fam
ily at Cambridge.
John G. McMarlin and Maad Mitchell
were married at the home of the bride in
the Ist ward, last Saturday morning, and |
are spending their "honeynoon at Chan
Miss Nettie Barto of Evans City is visit- j
iag friends iu Butler.
Wm. Daugherty attended the first re
union of Co 8., of 7(Jth Penn'a vols, at
Sharon, last week.
J. H. Negley, Esq. attended the funeral
of his son-in-law Rev. Geshwind at Ham
burg, Berks county this week.
H. W. Christie wiil move into the Hard
man house, on Main street, shortly.
Messrs Purvis, Riddle and Knessing of
the Batler Fair Ass'n are "takiag in - ' the
Kittanniug Fair to-day.
J. E. Davenuy is home from Shakeley
ville, Mercer county.
Miss Emma Thomas of Conucaut, Ohio,
is visiting Miss Jennie Brown.
J. H. Harper of the South Side is home
from a camping out trip.
Mr*. J. S. Wick, Miss Florence Wick
and Clifford Wick returned on Tuesday
from Chautauqua, where they spent the
Miss Elora Brandon has returned from
Miss Alice Dilly is tbe guest of Major
and Mrs. Phipps at Franklin.
Irv. Kipp, an old time Butler boy, is in
town, the guest of John B. Greer. He
now lives in Nevada, Missouri.
Agricultural Fairs.
Following are the dates of agricultural
fairs that may be of interest to our read
Butler County, Butler, Sept. 4—7.
State Fair, Meadville, I'a., Sept 3—B.
Conneaut Lake Exposition, ("onneant
Lake, Aug. 27—31.
Parker Fair, Parker, Pa., Sept. 11 —14.
Beaver County, Beaver, Sept. 25—28.
Clarion County, Clarion, Sept. 17—20.
Crawford County, Conneautville, Oct.
Corry, Sept. 11—14.
Lawrence County, New G'a.-.tle, Aug.
Mercer Fair, Mercer, Sept. 12 —14.
Tarentum, Pa. Aug. 28—31.
Boatman's Reunion.
The 9th Annual Reunion of the Western
Pa. Canal Boatmans, Association will be
held at ltidpeview Park, on the P. R. R ,
on Wednesday, August 29, 1894 Eminent
speakers will be present to talk over tne
old Canal Boatmans happy days gone by.
Bauds havo been engaged and a grand
parade will be a feature. Every old boat
man should attend as the committee have
spared no time or expence to make thi> a
reunion long to be remembered. Excur
sion tickets may bo had by applying to
the undersigned for orders.
J. C. Campbell, Pres., Derry Sta. Pa.,
A. M. Lindsey, Corresponding Sec'j.,
Johnstown, Pa.
Next Monday evening Encampment
No. 45 will elect delegates to the National
Encampment at Newark. N. J., to be held
Oct. 10 and 11. 45 has a membership of
151, this will give them 4 representatives,
3 delegates and the Col. All comrades
should attend the meeting on Monday
Total Eclipse.
Come and see the total eclipse of the sun
in day time, and the moon at night, vis
ible only at Maharg, Pa., on Monday,
Aug. 27th. Come everybody. There will
not be another total eclipse until 1914.
Refreshments, music, dance, political de
bate, Farmers' Club, rain aud fire works.
—The Batler Music Co. are get
ting in tbe finest line of Pianos and
Organs ever brought to this county.
Don't fail to see their display at the
P. M. Woods, Manager,
MRS. N. C. CORE, Sec'y. and Treas.
Have you tried Locorae Candy?
Well it is the ktest candy out. For
sale at the City Bakery.
120 E. Jefferson St.,
Bltlkk, Penn'a
Dealers in new and second baud
household goods of every description
Call and see us. We can save you
money. (Next door to (J. W. Mil
ler's Grocery.)
Need a Watch'
1 sell all kinds at all prices uud
every watch fits the price but price
is not everything in watch buying
Guaranteed quality is the best
I guarantee watches according to
their quality and the quality makes
the price. All kinds—all qualities—
all prices.
Jeweler and Optican.
Opp. Court House.
—White goods, Lawns, Pongees
Organdies and all kinds of wash
goods at less than wholesale price at
L. Stein <fe SON'S
—Try our new roller flour—latust
improved machinery. Satisfaction
guaranteed, J. C. Breaden & Co.,
West Sunbury, Pa.
Our State Normal School.
Attend the State Normal School
at Slippery Rock, Pa We claim
that the school stands without a ri
val in the matter of Progressive
methods in teaching. Come out and
learn to teach Reading, Geography,
History and the other branches &s
they should be taught in our com
mon schools Expenses only 4.
for 16 weeks. Fall term begins Sept
4, 1894.
Annual Convention.
The sth annual contention ol the l'oang
i People's Presbyterial Society of the
United Presbyterian Church will meet in
Butler August 28th, 29th and oOtli. be
pinning August 28th at 3 o'clock p.m.
The following program has been prepar
ed: Address of welcome, Raymond Cor
nelius, Butler, response, Miss Ckra M.
Glenn. Harrisville: paper- will be read by
Miss Jennie Marshall on "Earnestues.-;"
' Miss Lnila Kerr. "Our Behavior;" John G
McMarlin. "Oar Pledge on -'hristiau Citi
. zenship:'' A. IL. Douthett. "Homo Train
; ing;" conferences will be held on "Tithe
] giving,"prayer in our young people's
1 mettings" and "The Social Work ••! Socie
! ties,'' led by Kev. T. V. Dungan, Will
Stewart anil Miss Laura J iiazlett. re
spectively; mission taik bj M:-s I;' te
' L White and Miss Li«a .lack, returned
missionaries in the L" P. Church, Miss
i White from India and Miss Jack from
North Carolina. Kev. W. I Wishart of
Allegheny, will lecture on "Twentieth
' Centura Christianity" on Tuesday evening
j aud Kev. E C. Paxt«>n, Elizabeth, will
i iecture on Wednesday evening on the .«üb
| ject "Llarvest Hands.'' The evening exer
; cises will begin vt 7:30. Airs. C. G. Chris
| tie. Mrs C If. Boyd, Miss Lyde Marshall
j and others will furnish an interesting
musical prelude to the lectures The at
tention of all the young people's societies
! of the t.iwu is called to ihe conference on
I junior work Wednesday inorning opened
by liov. W. 1 Wishart, general secretary
of junior work of the United Presbyterian
Church, A special feuture will be "Bible
Study" given l>y Dr. 1> A McClenahau, ol
I Allegheny Theological Seminary, on Wed
i need ay. All teachers and workers in Sab
! bath -chools will tud this highly instruc
tive. Ali workers and friends are cordially
invited to attend. Lectures tree. At :be
U. P. Church, corner S. ilcKeau aud E
Jefferson streets, Bn'ler, I'a., August 2Stb,
29"h aud 30tb.
Boiler Explosion.
A boiler explosion occurred near El
wood on Monday iu which 2 men were
killed and oue fatally injured. The ex
plosion took place on the Smith farm and
Levi Boiler and his sot. Harry, of Fuinbell,
Mercer county, wore both instantly killed.
! Tue fathers head was trigbtlully mangl
ed, while the son's head was blown oil
and found sorau distance from where the
explosion occurred. Logan McElvaine. of
W irteinbiirg, is fatally injured and is dy
ing. All three men worked lor Arthur
Seaton, ol Mercer, who owns the plaining
mill where the explosion took place.
That morning lires were built under an
unused boiler, which they were cautioned
not to use. The steam gauge failed to
woik alter 60 pounds had been registered.
The boiler *as blown 400 l'eet away. John
L >ngwell of Zolienople, was standing be
side the boiler and escaped uuhdrt. The
saw mill was completely wrecked.
Over 200 pounds of steam was oil when
the explosion took place, and the noise
was heard lor miles around.
Edward Connell of Slipperyrock twp
tell from an apple rree a lew days ago and
broke his right leg near the thigh. The
bone was so badly splintered that part ol
it had to be removed. Mr. McConnell will
be a cripple for life
M iss Mattie Niece oi Harmony while rid
ing a bicycle near Elw >od last week acci
de..tly rode over a precipice 82 leet hijjii
and landed iu a marsh. Onlookers expect
ed her to be killed but fortunately sl.e was
only slightly injured.
Frank Campbell son of W. J. Campbell
ofFairview twp. met with a painful acci
dent last Sunday evening. His father had
taken the horses out to water and let the
little fellow ride one of them and the other
knocked him off. The lower part of his
fa'je was badly smashed.
Tho barn of John Peoples of Venaugo
twp. was destroyed by fire, last Thursday.
Jleduceil llatrn to Grangers' I'icnir at
It'i.Hums' Grore via I'entutylrania Rail-
For tho accomodation of persons desir
ing to attend this interesting picnic and
exhibition the Pennsylvania Kailroad
Company will sell excursion tickets on
August 25th, 27th, 28th, 29tb, 30th and
31st, good t.i return until September 3rd,
inclusive, from stations in the following
territory, at rate of one fair for the round
From all principal stations on the Peuu
sh vania Kailroad Division west of Bryn
Mawr and east of East Liberty, both in
From all principal stations on the North
ern Central liailway nor'h of Lutherville,
Mil., and south of Canandaigua
Prom nil principal stations of the Pdila
ilelphia and Erie Krilroad Division.
Ice cream soda in all flavors at
the City Bukery
—Oue Portfolio, containiug 16
superb \iewß from the Worlds Fair
given away with each $2 00 «ale at
—Job work of all kind done at the
—The highest arrade of patent
flour made at the mills of
J. C. BREADEN & Co.,
West Sunbury, Pa.
—Excursion rates on all rail
roads to the Conneaut LikeKxposit
ionAug. 27th to September 2nd.
—Dr Clark Oculist, Aurist, and
Specialist iu the treatment of chronic
diseases can be consulted at the
Lowry House, Butler Pa., during the
three days uf the Fair—Wednesday,
Thursday aad Friday, Sopt. sth, (>th,
and 7th, 1804.
Summer Underwear, Hosier v,
Mitts, Lacps and Ribbons at reduc
ed prices at
—You pay for school books; but
the beat school-book for your children
is your daily pi. per Well printed,
carefully and intelligently edited, of
instructive contents, first aud fullest
with the news and best in presenting
it, the Pittsburg Dispatch fills the
—Conneaut Lake Exposition
August 27th , to September 2nd.
( ICE,
For sale by J. A Richey. Leave
your orders at the Bakery.
—Admission Free *"> the Conne
aut Lake Exposition. August 27th.
to September 2nd.
—l2?,- cent Pongees and Tissues
reduced to cents at
Boarding House Cards, with Act
o! Assembly, 25 cents for half-a-doaen,
for sale at CITIZEN office.
—No matter how hard the times
the one thing you cannot afford to go
without is all the news If you waut
all the news you get it in the Pitts
burg Dispatch, The Dispatch pub
lishes all—not a part only.
Don't fail to attend the Conne
aut Lake Exposition August 27th.
to September 2nd.
Highest cash price paid for Krain
of all kinds at J. C Breaden & Co.'s
new roller mills, West Sunbury, Pa.
—Take your children to Zuv«»r's
Gallery for Pictures that will suit
you. Poatoffice building
Rye Wanted.
The highest prices paid for rve ut
the mil! of GEO. WALTER & SON.
Butler, Pa.
The Butler Fair.
Arrangements are nearly complete fi
I the Butler Pair of'l)4 and all signs poin
: to a most successful exhibition. Not
«rith landing the drouth, the stock entries
; to date are exceptionally good and the
! sheep show will be specally fine. There
will be sheep shown here that were on ex
hibition at the World's Fair, and other
line imported sheep will be seen.
The pretnium list aggregates about
$7,000 ai;d shows no falling of because of
hard times. As nsual. the management
will pay all premiums during the fair, aud
all premiums wili be paid iu lull, whether
the weather is favorable or otherwise
The well-known Independent Band, of
Greenville, will famish the music for the
fair. This organization is now considered
the leading band in north-western Penn
sylvania, and will Ci.'tiu: in full force The
order on the ground will be looked after
by a special fori® ol 'i ig!:t policemen, se
lected froiti the lice force.
The Grand Stand has' .Pen thoroughly
inspected and a large addition built It
now seats over 1.200, and will make a good
vantage point from which to view the
daily list of four complete races. The
horse training department already has 43
speedy racers stabled and good contests
are expected. Arrangement.* have been
made to run two sprinklers when neces
sary daring the lair, and two new wells
will furnish all the water needed, no mat
ter how dry the weather. A well has been
p it down in the hitching grounds that will
be a great accommodation. These grounds
will now amply hold 1,000 teams.
Fxeursions will be run over ail the rail
roads during the fair Tne P. it W. and
West Penu will run special trains on
Thursday, leaving Butler at 7:00 pan . to
accommodate those who wish to return to
their homes Thursday night Tne P <i W.
will ran its usual specials to the grounds
at iuleryals of 15 minutes. Many of the
priviliges t.ave been gold, mostly of *n
amusement character, aud ttiis depart
ment is expected to represent a smaller
edition of the Mid way Piaisaince
You may saleli put it dowu that the
person who misses the Butler fair of 1894
is going to regret it.
Oil Notes.
Leidecker and Stage bought in a good
well on the UcCasliu farm in Middlesex
twp. uear Coop -rstowu, last week. It
will probably be good for 75 bbls
Dr. Byers well on the Bergbigler is
broken down but ma, start drilling to-day.
The Fisher Oil Co Xo. 10 on th .• Eieh
eulatib i< about a 15 barrel producer.
Patters in, Tate & Co. completed a goo I
pumper on the Aber farm, a inile :ast of
Glade Mills, Monday.
T. W. Pbdlips has drilled his well on the
Gibson farm,located in advance of thu
ern extension of the Brownsdale field, into
the third sand and has no *how 1( f oil or
gas The showing a' this well is some
thing of a surprise for liie reason that ft is
located only a short distance ahead of the
White it Co. on the Campbell heirs proper
D. H. Waller & Co.'s well on the Wal
ters farm, near Cooperstown, is showing
for 30 barrels a day.
In the North Washington field Campbell
it Co. have a4O barrel well on the W. P.
I5e!l; lila.-k A Kelly arc drilling on the S
Campbell; Kearns it Co. have a rig up on
the Graham; a well is being drilled oil the
Cumberland; Short Bros, are completing a J
well on the 15. Campbell; the 0 & W. V
Oil Co. will drill «n the A. G Weals; Fra
zier it Meyers are drilling on tbe S. B.
Campbell; (iib.oti d- Co are drilling on the
H Campbell, and a rig is up'on tbe K A.
M i 111 i LI
Oil is selling at SOj.
An oil well yielding 200 barrels a day has
been struck in Dunkard twp . Green Co.,
Black & Co. finished a dry hole near
Anaiidale iu Cherry twp. last week. A
well is being drilled in the Matthew Mc-
Gregor in same twp.
Purviauce it Co. got a 50 bbl well on
the A. L. Shira this week
A Happy Home.
A good natured fellow who signs him
self "Jack Kobinson" lately rode from
Pittsburg to Erie, probably on a bicycle,
and of his experences along the road writes
the following to the Quiet Observer.
In Butler county oue night I met a
happy looking young man, wearing a
wide, flapping is taw hat. I asked him
if he could find shelter for a stranger, and
ho said 1 could stay at his house "for all
that he knew." That home was the hap
piest I have seen lor many years. We
played checkers and various other games.
The boj s played mouth organs and jews
harps. The Uughiug mother showed me
how tbe spinning had been done The
contented father brought down an old
Martin's Ferry flintlock gun and a 5-franc
piece, a coin used very much iu this
county at oue time. Nora's beau told
funny stories until after 11 o'clock.
Iu the morning 1 found Nora out milk
ing iu her bare feet. Without being a bit
embarrassed she bade me good inorning
aud told me all about the ground-hog
school, where she is teaching.
The startling bill of fare at breakfast
would surpri>e many a city lady. It con
tained ham und eggs, potatoes, pickles,
bread aud l;uttor, quince preserves, apple
sauce, elderberry jelly, stewed blackber
ries, apple pis, coco°nut cake, milk and
They made mo promise to come ag«iii
soon and all stood in a merry group
around the door as I walked on and
before long Nora, original Nora, shouted
innocently: "Send us your picture."
—Teuoey's New York candies in
sealed packages at the City Bakery.
—Our Hosiery values are unequal
ed and well worth your inspection.
lce cream delivered to all parts
of the city in any quantity and at any
time. Leave your order at the City
Bargains iu Lawns. Ditnilys
Pongees, Organdies aud all the sum
mer goods at
Don't Believe It.
When you need Crackers, Cakes
or Bread buy only Marvin's Superior
make Your Grocer may tell you he
has some just as good of another
make, and he may 'be sincere, but
don't believe it, there are none as
good at Marvin's. Nearly fifty years
experience, and th-i finest machinery
in the world, enables us to take the
lead. Our Royal Fruit, Iced Lemon
Cake.-. Jelly Turin)vers, Oran e and
Chocolate Clices.Vanilla Wafer, Pine
Apple Tarts or cuts. Iced Java Coffee
Cakes, Extra Sodas, Imperial Wine,
Oat Meal Wafers, are a few of the
best selling mid summer goods Ask
your grocer for them 3 "d insist on
MARVINS, Pittsburg.
*£ Prescriptions
M A Specialty.
At Redick's Drug Store. 4-
We do not handle auything but
pure drugs, next time you are in
need of medicine please give us a
call. Wo are headquarters for pure
as we use only pure fruit juices, we
also haudle Paris Greeu, hellebore,
insect powder, London purple and
other insecticides.
J. 0. RfiDICK,
Main fet.,next tollotel Lowry
Iti j «T" j«» <1 MKS. local or travel
l/u f« dll I r 11 ln ij; W«" "">• K'larftii.
II Salary or Commission
paid weekly. Outlit free. Special attention
given to beginners Workers never rail to make
good weekly wages. Write me at once for par
E 0. GRAHAM, Nurseryman.
(This house is reliable,) ROCHKSIKH, M. V
A Surest ion.
{'" ihwsnMi
.... ,
1 V V '''■ ■
I- a
'| I —k ' feJ-33r.
Did it ever occur to yoa that there are
drugs and drugs—that drugs are like every
thing else—there are good, bsd and indif
ferent. There is nothing else which is
positively bad if it is'nt just of the best.
Our policy has always been to have noth
ing but the best.
When you want drugs come to us and be
assured of fresh pure goods, and always
what you ask for or your prescription calls
lor. It may not always be drugs jou want
either. We always have on hand a full
line of sick room requisites.l
Diamond Block, Butler, Pa.
Hy virtue ol sundry writs of \ en. Kx., PL Fu.
Lev. Fa., .te.. issued out of theCourtof Common
Pleas ol Butler Co.. Pa., and to me directed j
there will be exposed to public sale at the
Court House, iu the borough of Butler, on
Friday, the 31st day of Aug.,
A. I>. ls.M. at 1 o'clock i*. m,. the followths de
scribed property, to-wit:
EI)No IT Sept T. IS9». P\V Lowry. att'y.
All the rlitht, title, interest aa l claim of .1 II
11 -igblcy. oi. in and to »7 acres or laud. more or
less, situiiedtii Lancastertwa.. is mat Co.. Pa.
bounded ;is follo.vs to-wir: Oa t:i- north bv
lands of John Filnaer and Miller, east by
lauds of Neeley et a; south by lands of Fred
Miller and west by lands of U I) Swalo and
Miller, and also ,as allowed by the
, commissioners appointed hy the Court as filed
at \ 1) No i"' Sept. T. ISK3, now owned by Bentel
A Wise. an.l having erected thereon a two story
frame dwelling house, loz b irn, orchard; m >st
ly cleared and In » fair state of cultivation.
and taken in execution as the property
of J II Beighley at tbe suit of Taompsiti & Sou.
E D No!)), Sept T. lsji. Tiioinas Koblnso i.at t y
All the right, tttle. interest and claim or S
(jraham. of. lu and to a cert, iln lot of lan t ru ire
or 1 situate in r.h .var . Butl -r b.iro liutl'-r
Co . Pa. bounded as follows, to-wit: t»a the
north by Clay Sr. east b> lot of Ulrlc'.i vVe«
south by Locust St, w. <t by lot ot George Ma
bel), said lot having a frontage of id feet on Lo
cust St. and the same width on Clay St. and
having a two story Irani 1 dwelling home,frame
st ibie tnd otliei outbuildings erectei thereon.
Seized aud taken in execution as the property
of S Graham at the suit of Thomas Robinson.
KI) No so. Sept T I*3l. J C Vanderlin. att y.
All the rlf{iit, title, lut -rest and claim ot M J
Smith, of. in and to 5u acres of land, more or
less situate In Silpperyrock twp. Butler Co..
Pa. bounded as follows, to-wlt. i»a the north
bv lireen farm, eist by I oils of John Kleldlm;.
south bj land of \ormau Patterson, west by
Harmony church road, sai l land beinn lnofctiy
cleared, under fence and in a good state ol
cultivation, with a frame d« house, barn
nn I other outbuildings erected thereon. Sel/.cd
ami taken in execution as the property of M .1
S uilth at the suit ot E D t'omstock for uje of J
E Adams.
ED No 102 Sept T 18H. W A Forquer. att'y.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of C
Snod(trass, e A Snodgras3 and Kiu ibeth suoJ
ijrass, of. lu aud to a certain lot ;of land, more
or less, situate in Butler boro, Butler C 0.,, Pa.
Bounded as follows, to-wlt: On the north bv
au ailey, south by North St., cast by lot of (i
(formerly), west by lot of formerlv
Geo Bauer, now Mrs. Pliillp Blctel, said lot
having a frontage of 4.j feet and extending back
same width 180 feet to an alley, with a tw >-
story frame dwelliug house, stable and other
outbulldiugs erected thereon, and being sold on
a bond accompanying the mortgage on salu
premises belonging to IC Schneldetn in.
ALSO—AII the right, title. Interest ar.d claim
ol i' Snodgrass, C A Snodgrass and Kliiub dh
Siuvlgrass, of, in and to 100 acres ot land, more
or less, situate in Penn twp, Butler Co. Pa.,
bounded as follows, to-wit: On the north by
lands of Samuel Cooper, e ist by lands of A An
drews, south by lands of Philip Sutton. Charles
Duffy et al, west by lands of s Nixon, formerly
Samuel Gamble, said land being mostly clear
ed and under a fair slate of cultivation, with a
good orchard, good two-story frame dwelling
house, board stable and other outbuildings
erected thereon, and being sold on a bond ac
companying the mortgage on said premises be
longing to II Sclmeldeman. Seized and taken
In execution as the property of C Snodgrass. C
A Snodgrass aud Klizibcth Snodgrass at the
suit of 11 Scbneldemon.
E D Nos 99 and 100 Sept T. 1894. James N
Moore, att'y.
All the right, title, Interest aud claim of W C
McCandless. of. in and to 4.15 acres ot l.tn l,more
or less, situate In Centre and Franklin twps..
Butler Co, I'a, bounded as follows, to-wlt. On
the north by lands or Mary A Russell, heirs of
John Meßrlde and Joslali SlcCall. e.ist by lands
of W II McCandless. Mary A Russell, Dr. \
Ilollman and S VV illenu, south by lands of s w
Glenn. J T .McCandless aud public road leading
from Uulouvllle to Baptut church and DC Mil
ler.anl west by lands of Lewis McCandless,
Abram Weigle. Johes heirs, Jos Weiuel and
Thompson SlcCaadless. said I m l uu der a
Uir state of eulttcatio.i a m i a ,'ul o.' uri.
about »> acres woo Hand, bal in e cle ire 1 an l
having thereon erected two trim; ilwe!llu, r
houses, two frame barns, one log barn m 1
oilier outbuildings. Seized aud taken In exe
cutton as the property of vY c Mei'andless at the
suit of John W Brown et al.
KDNo 88 Sept TKIi. VV 1 ' Td l.apl >u, itt y .
All the right, title, interest and claim of Lee
Musick, of. m and to 51 by 160 feet of land,more
or less, situate lu Cent.revllle boro, Butler Co.,
Pa, bounded as follows, to-wlt: on the north
by Water St, east by land of Wm K Brown,
south by an alley, west by an alley, with a two
story frame dwelling house an I other outbuild
ings erected thereon. Seized and taken in exe
cution as tbe projKTty of Lee Mustek at tin
suit of John M Tiiompsm.
U1) No 12 Sept term, is:» 4. Kohler, att'y.
AH the right, title, interest, and claim of .Jo
hanna W uller, or, lu au l to a cert >tu lot of 1 tutl
more or less, situated in Butler borough. Hur
ler couuty, i'a, bounded as follows, to wit: On
the norm by lot ot lUlston. east by Main
street. south by lot of Christ Stock, west by lot
ol K I' Scott, with a goo I two-story brick build
lug used as a store room and dwelling house
erected tboreoh.
ALSO—Of. In and ton. certain lot of land,
more or less, situated in Butler borough. Butler
•county, I'a, bounded as follows, to wit: on the
north by Jefferson str :et; east by lot of Pillow
heirs, south by lot of F 1* Baldauf; west by lot
ol John Letevur, said lot having a frontage of
20 leet on Jefferson street and with a good two
story frame dwelling house ereete.t thereon.
ALSO or, in and to a certain lot or land,
more or less, situated in butler borough, Butler
couuty. Pa, bounded as follows, to wit; On the
north by St Peter's church property, east by
Cunningham heirs, south by an alley, west by
Kranklin street, said lot lronting on franklin
street 200 feet, more or less, aud having a good
brtck dwelling house, stable and other out
buildings erected thereon.
ALSO Ot, iu and to a certain lot or land.
more or less, situate in Butler borough, Butler
county, Pa. bounded a-- follows, to wit: On the
north by lot or L irkln; east by lot of Kamerer;
south by centre Avenue; west by lot of Larklus,
said lot having a frontage ol fiu feet on Centre
Avenue and extending back 58 feet to the
northern boundary, with a large brick building
used as a dwelling and store room and a frame
dwelling house erected thereon.
ALSO or, in and to a certain lot of land,
more or less, situate In liutler borough. Butler
county, Pa. bounded as follows, to wit: On the
north by lot of Charles Duffy, east by Elm
street, south by an alley, west by an alley, said
lot being 40x13.) feet, more or less, aud having
a two-story frame dwelling house erected
ALSO Of, in and to a certain lot of laud
more or less, situate In Butler borough. Butler
county. Pa, bounded as follows, to-wlt: Com
mencing at a point on Locust street, thence
north l?* deg east 155 1-10 teet along lot or \
West to College street uorth f:i east 40
leeltoa post, tlicuce south l'i deg west r>r
#-lo feet along lot of Theodore lluselton to
Locust street, thence west along Locust street
to the place of beginning, being 4 J feet front,
and being same property <iuit claimed by the
heirs to the present grantor by deed dated 15th
March, 1880, recorded In Oeed Book 105, page
182. with a frame dwelling aud other outbuild
lugs erected thereon. Seized and taken In ex
ecullou as tile propertv of Johanna Wuller at
the suit ot Johu Lawall.
El> No !>0 Sept T, 1801 Tlios Robinson, att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
James M Shepard, deceasee, and Jes
sie M Shepard. administratrix of J nines M
Sl.epard. deceased, or. In and to X acre of
land, more or less, situated In Slippery Rock
twp. Butler Co. Pa, boumleu as follows, to-wlt:
Said property being one-fourth interest or par
of one-half acre ot ground, more or less, ad
joining the north abutment of the bridge anil
mill dam.
ALSO——Of, lu and to two acres of land, sit
uate In Slippery ltock twp. Butler Co. Pa,
bounded as follows, to-wlt: on the north by
head race of mill; east by mill dam to high
water mark; south by lanus of Z It Shepards
heirs aud within 20 feel ol the s.ore rooai or
house, on the west by Mercer aud Butler turn
ALSO Of. lu aud to 5 acres of land, more
or less, situate iu Slippery ltock twp, Butler
Co. Pa, bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning
at a post or corner on the Butler and Mercer
road, thence by lands of Z 1! Shepard's heirs
nottfcm t ast :n :i-li> rods to a post, or corner,
tlience by lands ot James Boyle south 2s. 1 .,
east 20 7 10 perches to a post, thence by other
lands by said James Boyle south in west
;u 4-10 rods to the Mercer aud Butler road,
th.'ii.-e along aid road north west 2U', 4
rods to the place ot beginning.
ALSO Of, lu aud to live acres of laud,
more or less, situate in Slippery ltock twp
Builer Co, Pa, bounded as follows, to-wit: on
the north by center of Slippery ltock creek,
east by lauds of James M Shepard's nelr.s;
south by lauds ol ZII Shepard's heirs; West bj
.-ruler of Slippery Kock creek, being the oue
tourlh interest in the Una mill pro|)eity as
above described and bounded, aud having
thereon erected a large a large frame bull ling
used as liouring mill, together with one-fourth
ot all the water power and privilege appertain
ing to aud conuected with said mlli property
Including the uitll dam, appurtenances aud
Qxtures to the high watermark. Slezed and
taken In execution as the property ot James
M Shepard. deceased, and Jessie M
shepard, adm'rx of Jas M Shepard, dee'd. at
th. suit of lillsah Robinson lor ,use ot Maria
EUSo 96 Sept T 18J1. E L Young, att'y.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of Beu
j.iiulu Poster or, in and to s acres of laud, more
or less, situate lu Butler twp, Butler Co., Pa..
I bounded as tollows, to-wit: <m the north bv
I I :tm!s of Samuel A Pearre. eas' bv land-, of
I Abraham McOandle.->s. south by lands ol Vlr
-1 glnia M landless. west by a road referred to lu
i i deed from Mlas Prarif and Elizabeth. his
wile, to Horace I'l'ip f, said dee 1 bearing date
•.•Ist day of Nov. I*7l. and recorded In deed
i t<ook •«). page
• ALSO—Of. In and to a eer: iln lot of land.
| more or 1< -s situate la Butler boro Butler Co,.
Pa. bounded as follows, to-wti: Cofumencia*
.if a pomf in the wrst end of lluiler boro at a
i > !. rrv tree running southeast along land of
Win roster 8.5 feet to laud of Thomas Niggle.
' • I :i!.'!u -.aid laii'l uf Tl'iiOJS Miv''' '.vrst
i ard ■ feet to laiid of Tnouias Niggle; t henee J
loi g land of Thomas Niggle northward t> • feet |
to ileveJand St; thence along said street
feet to th.-plaee of beginning: with a two
stor> frame bouse with slate roof and other
outbulldiugs erected theieon seized HI I ali
en In execution as ih* property of Benjamin
Foster at the suit of W M Barber.
KD No V.i Sept T 1«M. Walter I. Graham.ally.
All the right. title, Interest and claim of C A
Gerner of. In and to a certain lut of land, more
or Its-, situate in lluiler i«D„ Butler Co., l a .
bounded as fallows, to-wit: Oa the north by
New ('aslle road, east by A St. oouth by an al
ley, west by lot of Noble, said lot being 5« by
lt>o feel, more or less, atd having a one storv
board dwelling house and other outbuildings
erected thereon. Seized and taken In execution
as the property of C A Gerner at the suit of I, C
£1) No© . 5:1, CO. lis, 73 VI and IOC. Sept T lt«4.
l'rank kohler,-J M Painter. \V 1) Ui Ml. don and
Lev McQulstlon. att vs.
Ail the right. title, Interest and claim of Win
F McKinnis, of. In and to lo acres ol land, more
or less,situate lu Franklin twp, Butler Co., Fa.
bounded as follows, to-wit; On the north by
Julia Ann Ralston and David Kngllsh.east by
David West, south bj land of Daviu West, 'vest
by land oi JohuShaler anil Thompson McCand
less, said land belli;,' mostly cleareu,under fence
ano In u fair state of cultivation, with a frame
dwelling house, log stable and other outbuild
ings and several fruit trees thereon.
ALSO—Of, iu and to 11 acres of land, more or
less, situated In Fraukltn twp. Butler Co.. Pa 1
bounded as follows to wit: On the north bv
lands of Altred McKinnis. east bj lands ol Uus
and Agues SUauuou. soul h by lands of David
West, west t>y lauds Of David West, said land
being timber land s-ized and takeu lu execu
tion ust'.ie property of Win F McKinnis at the
suit of Franklin Miller et al.
EI) Nos .7. .-,8. 59.110. 7J, 74 ami 196 Sept T ISM.
frank Kohler, W D Brandon and Lev Mc
yuistiun. att'ys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of Al
fred AlcKlnuls of. In and to lu acres of laud
nure or less, situate In Franklin twp. Butler
Co., I'a. bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning
at a stone at the northeast corner, thence by
lands ol Uobert lliudman east 7j 8s perches
north to a stone; thence b.' lands of s VV Shan
non south i", east s;i perches IO a stone;thcnce
west ss south by lands ol Wm McKinnis 72
perches to a stone; thence north by lands of J
W llson '.'H west s» perches to a stone or place
ol beginning, with a frame dwelling house, log
stable, smalt orchard thereon, sil l' l and being
mostly cleared and lu a fair state of cultivation
Seized and taken m execution as 'he property
ol Alfred McKinnis at the suit of Franklin Mil
ler et al.
E D Nos 71 and Ti» Sept term 1891. W A tor
quer, attorney.
All the ri'ilit, title. Interest and claim of I. L
Daubenspejk, or. in and to no acres of land,
more or less, situate in Parker twp. lluiler Co
I'a. bounded as follows, to-wit: on the north
by land ot Win Daubcuspecii. cast by laud of
Abrtui and David Daubeuspeck, so'i'u by
iund 01 Mct'atlerty and Collins, west by lands
of \Valley, Shryock and lleydrlck, said land
being mostly cleared, under fence and In a
fair state of cultivation, with a two-story
frame dwelling bouse, frame barn, oichard,
an 1 other out jutldiugs erected thereon. Seiz
ed and taken In execution as the property of
I. I. Daubcuspcjk at the suit of Lucmda A'alley
for use of A F Daubenspeca et al.
ED No 98, Sept T, 1831. SF Bowser. att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of John
lizra \\ eller, of. in and to a certain lot of land,
more or lea*, situate tu Butler b jro. Butler Co .
fa. bounded follOA's. to-wit: Beginning at
the northeast corner at lot of ground of Meliu
da Maxwell and Penn street; thence west
along Saul Penn street 80 feet to lot of Andy
Rollins; thmiee south along said lot 17u feet to
&B,alley ; thence east along said alley «U f»et to
lot of MeMnd* Maxwell: thence north along
said 10l I7u feet to Penn street* the place of be
ginning, vvltn a small frame dwelling house
and other outbuildings erected thereon, Siezed
and taken in execution as the property ot John
Ezra Weller at the suit of Naomi Cress.
ED No 105, Sept term, 18'Ji. Frank Kohler
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
Angeline Elliott, J C Uratam, administrator of
Angellne Elliott.and Riddle \V Elliott, of, in
and to a certain lot of land, more or less, situ
ated In Butler boro, Butler Co. l'a, bounded as
follows, to-wit: On the-north by Clay street,
ea-,t by lot ot Johu C Graham, south by lot of
John C <;raham. west by lot of Wilson E Reed,
said lot having a frontage at ;!>> feet on ('lav
street aud running back si feet on the east side
and Ki "2-100 feet on the west side to said
southern boundary, and having a two-stoiy
frame dwelling house add other outbuildings
erected thereon. Sle/.ed anu taken In execution
as ihe property of Angellne Elliott. John C
crabaui, administrator at Angelina Elliott, de
ceased, and Kid lie W Elliott, at the suit of
Jacob Fetter.
ED No 108, Sept, T, 18. H. Joseph B Bredln.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of John
A Wise, Charles A Wise and Win H Wise; of. lu
and to a certain lot of land, more or less, situ
ate in ISutler boro. Butler »'o. l'a, bounded as
follows, to wit: On the north by an allev : east
oy lot No 20. owned by the county of Butler ;
south by West street; west by" Washington
street, being the undivided three-sevenths In
terest m said lot. known and numbered as lot
No 19, in the general plan of lots of said boro,
and being in) feet In width from east to west
and M leet In length from north to south, and
Slaving thereon erected a two story brick dwell
ing house, two 2-story frame dwellings, frame
stable aud other outbuildings.
ALSO Of, In and to a certain lot of land,
more or less, situate m Butler boro. Butler Co.
l'a.bounded as follows, to-wlt: On the north by
an alley, east by lot. No lln said plan of lots,
south by West street, west by an alley, being
tue undivided three-sevenths of lot No i in plan
of lots as laid out by Mows Sullivan Esq. in
said borough, and having thereou erected a
two story frame dwelling house and other out
buildings. Seized and taken m execution is
the property of John A Wise, Charles A Wise
and Wm 11 Wise at the suit ot William s Cish
EI) No l.tfi June T, law. McQuistlon Atty.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of Lew
ls Miller, of, in anu to 100 acres of iaud. more
or less, situated In Clay twp, Butler Co. Pa.
bounded as follows, to wit: On the north by
lauds of Philip Sanderson, Etst by lands of
llelgliley heirs. South by land of Joslah Miller,
west by land of George Chrlstley, said laud
being mostly cleared, under fence and lu a
fair state of cultivation, with a good orchard,
frame dwelling house, log barn aud other out
buildings erected I hereon, seized and taken lu
execution as the property of l,ewis Miller at
the suit of Margaret J Kay.
TERMS OK SALE:—The following must be
strictly compiled with when property Is stricken
1. Waen the plaintiff or other lien creditor
becomes the purchaser the cost on the writ
must be paid and a list of the liens Including
mortgage searches on the property sold to
gether with such lien creditor's receipt* for the
amount of the proceeds of the sale or such por
tion thereof as he may claim must be furnLshed
the Sheriff.
2. Ail bids must be paid in full.
3. All sales not settled immediately will b-)
continued until l o'clock p. m. of next day, at
which time all property not settled for will
agalu be put up and sold at the expens® aud
risk of the person to whom Urst sold.
'see Purdon's Digest, 9th edition, page 410.
and Smith's Forms, page 381.
Sheriff's office. Butler, l'a., Aug 15, 1801.
CAPITAL Paid Pp. ... g100,000.00.
Jos. Hart man, Pres't,
J. V. Kltta, Vice Pres't, C. A. Bailey, Cashier.
Jos. Hartman, C.P.Collins, N.M.Hoover
ohn Humphrey, J. V. Kltts,
E. E. Abrams, Leslie Hazlett. I. <i. Smith.
W. S. Waldron. W. Ilenry Wilson, M. Flnegau.
A general banking business transacted. In
terost paid on time deposits. Money loaned on
approved security.
Foreign exchange bought and s >td ~
Appeals to One's
' 111
Likewise arouses the in
terest and curiosity —does
our new story,
One of the very best
stories of the season.
There are too many goods in stock and must be sold and at
prices that will suit the times. We have a lot of odd suits that will
be sold regardless of cost. Everything must be sold to make room
Tor new goods.
Gome and see for yourself.
104 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
vTo other firm ever did or will sell as perfect goods at as low prices.
Our buyer is now east purchasing a large stock of Fall and Win»
er goods and we must have the room to receive them. A few facts;
Men's and boy's Sweaters at 50 cents.
Boys 50 cent knee pants at 25 cents.
Boys 75 cent knee pants at 50 cents.
Mens and boys 50 cent shirts at 25 cents.
Mens $1.50 Jean Pants at sl.
Leading Clothiers.
137 South Main street, Butler
Are you a short, fat man?
Are yon a tall, slim mam?
Are you any kind of a man
or boy in need of clothes?
If vou are, come in and we'll fit you
in a suit of clothes, for less money than
you ever bought them for before.
/ O
Yours for Clotning,
Cor. Main and Cunningham Sts. Butler Pa
B. $ B.
All Black
and All-Wool
That every woman who reads this, —in
her own interest—wants to investigate.
Nothing gives the genuine satisfaction
in the line of dress that a good black
gown doeß. This is the experience of
every woman. Now a chance for the
unusual in Black Goods Buying.
All-wool, soft-finish,
Black Diagonal
in medium wale, real value $1.25, 46
inches wide,
75 centr.
B'ack all-wool wiry weave—sort of a
.Armure Diagonal effect —a never-wear
out quality, that recommends it for
traveling and general service—think of
the width—s2 inches wide,
SI.OO a yard.
All-wool Black
Storm Serge
Specially adapted for separate skirts to
wear with wash waists, ror traveling or
any purpose requiring hard or steady
wear. These excellent wide goods have
no equal at prices—44 inches,
SO cents.
One lot all-wool
Black Storm Serge
The wiry kind that sheds the dust per
fectly. double width, fnll 36 inches.
Will make one of the greatest serge
antes of the year at
isc a yard.
oend to our Mail Order—care and
promptness mark all the systematic
workings of this Department—and you'll
find as great satisfaction in shopping
through this medium as ordinarily found
over counters. Will you try it T
Boggs &c Buhl,
315 S. Main St., - - Batler, Pa
Everything new—Electric light,
gas and water..
J* Lodging 35, 50 and SI.OO. *\
*+* Regular meals at 25 cts.
Boarding at SI.OO a day. *+*
Lunch Counter open all night
Be glMied by our Market Letter.
Book on Speculation and Letter Mailed
free on application. Highest reference.
WEIXXAff A Co, Stork*. Urmia ma* Pr»»i*loa»,
41 Broadwar. N. T
Hotels and Depots,
W. 8. Gregg is now running a lint
of carriages between the hows and
depots of the town.
Charges reasonable. Telephone
No. 17, or leave orders at Hotel
Good Liveryiog CoaaeeUei
Shippers and dealers in
Kuilding Materials
Rough and dressed Lnmber of all
kinds, Doors and Windows, and
Mouldings of all kinds.
H.E. WICK Manager
Office and Yards,
East Caaalajbam and Monroe a tract*.
Rough and Worked Lumber
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath
Always in Stock.
Office A W.lDepot,;:
Hotel Butler,
J. H. FAUBEL, Prop'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets; has electric bells and all
other modern conveniences for
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found in Butler, Pa.
Elegant sample room for use oi
commercial men,