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    THE OI riZEJSr
Brn.ES has a population or about 10.000.
It is the Oountjr seat or Butler County, with
roar railways, natural gas, and unequalled
facilities for menutaeturcs.
Progress evrywhere; new buildings, new
manufacture*, a *Towtc* ami prosperous town.
New York Weekly Tribune—Free.
By special arrangements made for ear
so doing, we are enabled to offer to all our
subscribers who pay arrearages, (if any)
and one year in advance, and to all new
subscribers paying in advanoe, the New
York Weekly Tribune free for one year.
For farther particulars of this offer see ad
New Advertisements.
Martin court A Go's. Wagons, etc.
Svbneideman's stylish suits.
Pane's Artistic Millinery.
Grieb's Diamonds and watcher
Kemper's Harness aud collars.
Adwinii-trator's nonce, Estate of Samuel
Treasurer's Sales of Unseat d Lands.
Horses Wanted.
Rye Wauled.
Grip Bemedy.
N OTK —AU advertisers intending to make
canges in their ads. should notify us ot
their intending to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
—The Enolid creamery started np Mon
—The democrats of this county will hold
their primaries on Saturday June 2 d.
—Our plate glass works are running to
their full capacity, and have plenty of
orders ahead.
—The Williard Honse was closed, Fri
day noon, and will probably remain closed
until the property changes hands.
—The farmers of Buffalo twp. organised
a Grange at the ball at Sarversville. Wed
nesday evening.
—The Tucker Bros, began cleaning the
streets, Wednesday, after the rain. The
Council has given them the nse of the sweep
—The Shenango road has put on an
early train to Billiards,and a late one from
that plaoe, to accommodate the travel to
and from the Washington oil field.
—For good hand-made harness go to
John Kemper's store, opposite Cainpuell
A Templeton's tnrniture store, S. Main St.
Butler, Pa.
—An unusually large number or valu
able proper tie* in thin ooantj bar* obang
•d bandi lately. Bee|li« of those recorded
among the legal notes.
—The entertainment at the Glade Mill*
school house. Friday night, of last week
VM a great success. Toe room was crowd
ed and hundreds of people were turned
■way from the school house.
—Tbe proprietors of the Pittsburg Com
mercial Gazette have reduced the price of
their daily to 2 cents a copy, or $5 a year.
Type setting machines have lately been
added to tbe equipment of theis office.
—One ot oar subscribers brought us an
elegant ham of his own raising and curing,
Monday, and we will not object to his ex
ample being emulated by half a dozen
—The tuarshal of Coxey's army calls the
newspaper reporters the "argus-eyed de
mon* of hell." About forty of tbe demons
have been following tbe march ot the "army
of peace" and applying tbe kodak rather
—Prank Kemper has increased stock
of harness, collars, blankets, trunks, etc.,
aad this week advertisn quite a number
of specialties. Road *ll bis notices on this
—Tbe Wo man a Relief C>'rps will insti
tute an auxiliary to A.. G Reed Post, G A
R. on April 12. Charter members will
plaaae take notice and be prepared to at
tend the meeting.
—The Soldier* Monument is nearly corn
plated, it will be erooted on the Diamond
within a month or two —the oommmittee
Laving made arrangements with both the
County Commisioners and town Concil to
that effect.
—A party of Batler men jamped on th<-
train Tuesday morning, went to Allegheny,
stood for two hoars in the orowd and dnst
below the Exposition grounds waiting for
theCoxey gang to oome along,then gave it
np and came home.
—The Presbyterian ohnroh was crowded
Tuesday and Wednesday evening? with
people who wished to hear Nathan. the
Brangeliat. Mr. Nathan is a yoang, heavy
aet man of good appearance, and has a sup
reme confidence in, himself. He is qaite
an orator.
—We gaied with deep interest on a postal
eard to-day on which was written the fal
lowing invitation from a small town in
Crawford county; "Tne EAUit going to
have a dance and ontter supper friday
march 2 you are corgley invited by order
of comitty."
—The Aurora Borealis or Northern Light
of last Friday evening was the grandest
we hare ever seen Everybody admir
ed the magnificent display. During the
display the needle of the Compass varied
three degrees from the usual course. At
times it pointed true north, showing a
magnetic as well as a n electrical disturb
—lt is told oi a Kansas printer that in
making up the forms one day in a hurry he
got a marriage and a grocer's notice mixed
up so it read as follows: "John Smith and
Ida Onay were married in the boads oi
aoor kraut, which will behold by the quart
or the barrel. Mr Smith is an esteemed
oodfiah at 10 qents, while the bride has nice
pig's feet to display."
—At the meeting of Council Tuesday
•veniog the ordinance requiring the P. dfc
W. R. R. Co. to erect safety gates on Cen
tre Ave. and S. Main St. was passed. The
report of the Borough Auditors was read,
and it sbjwed the bonded indebtedness of
the town to be $87,500, with something
over $3,000 due from different parties for
paving and sewering, aud SIO,OOO from the
collectors. The Boro. Treasurer received
tod paid out over $40,000 duriug the year
—Last Monday evening Mrs Rose of
New Castle, National President of tbe La
dies Auxiliary to tbe U. V. L. organ iied
an Auxiliary in Butler with the following
officers: President, Mrs. George Schaffner;
Sr. Vioe President, Mrs. J. T. Kelly; Jr.
Tice President, Emma Cuppa; Conductress,
Katbryn Criswell; Secretary, Lydia Vand
ling; Chaplain, Millie Sherman; Treasurer,
Nora Rankin; Color Bearer, Mabel Wil
liams; Guard, Mrs. D. L. Rankin Alter
tbe organisation Commander J lark furn
ished an elegant snpper at tbe Park hotel
for all the ladies present.
— A condensed history and geography ol
the United States in convenient iorm at a
low price is what every business raan,
housewife, professor, teaoher and and stu
dent needs for reference and everyday
reading and study. Suoh a work is "Tbe
American Republic," geographical and
statistical, historical and descriptive; size
12x14 inohes, 200 pages, bound in durable
Clotb, price 1 50. For sale only by local
and traveling book ageuts or geut direct
by express prepaid upon receipt of pric*
by tbe publishers,
John W Iliff <fc Co ,
110 and 112 Wali*sli Ave.,
Chiefs 111-
More About the New Railroad,
The surveyors for the B. B. 1 B B. B
have not resumed work where they left oiT
at the P. <fc W. By. trest'e at Millerstown,
and there seems to be a strong impression
abroad that nothing will be done towards
surveying a route to connect with the S.
ABB. near Butler for the present at
least, but that the P. & W. line from Mil
lerstown will be made a standard gauge by
putting down a third rail.
From knowing sources we learn that the
P. A W. is now engaged in placing these
new rail?. Standard tcuage ties were pot
down a couple of years ago when there
was talk that the road would be made a
wide gnage from Butler to Foxburg If
this is the case the work of making it the
regulation gauge will be comparatively
small. This plan is received with better
satisfaction by our people thin the one mat
first announced, for it will give a more di
rect line to Butler.
It may Dot be generally known that the
new railroad will give a snorter route to
Pittsburg by 20 utiles from East Brady
than by the A. V By. and in consrquence
the travel from this section will be a con
siderable item.
In the opinion of Edgar Pool, agent for
the company here, and by those who
should know, the contract tor the road
irom Br ad j's Bend to Millerstown will be
let in a short time Prominent railroad
contractors are looking after the mat:er.
This plan of taking to the P <t W at Mil
lerstown and from there to Butler will of
course make a detour aud longer route to
couuect with Conneaut and other lake
markets than it a road would be built di
rect from Karus City or Millerstown and
eonneot near Butler with the S. <fc A. Ry.
—East Brady Bcvieic.
The Firemen's Concert.
The Firemen's Concert at the Opera
House last Saturday night was hugely en
joyed by the large audience that greeted 11.
It was composed of home talent, wi;b the
exception ol Miss Virginia Hagen, the
whistler, of Pittsburg. Tne program con
sisted of vocal and instrumental music and
specialties, and a tableaux by the Running
Team. The performers all did well and
were heartily applauded. Those taking
part were Mrs. Colbert and Mrs. Boyd, and
Misses Hagen, Carrie Gabvan, Sadie
Steelsmith, Florence Fisher, Sadie Brown,
Smith, Ayers and Aland, and Messrs
Keene, Vogeley, Beed, Morrison, Leigb
ner, Niggle, Heineman, DeHaven, Hark
less, Kelly and Hynes. At the close ol the
peiformance S. F. Bowser, Esq announc
ed that the lantern contest had been decid
en in lavor ot Mr. White, be having turned
in $209. while Mr. McQuistion turned in
Oil Notes.
The market this week has rsnged from
82i to 83
The well on the old Susie Billiard place,
Washington field, is expected in to-day.
The McJnnkiu <fc Co No. 1, on the
Campbell heirs farm. Brownsdale, was do
ing 150 bbls. Tuesday. Perrine <fc Co., on
the Tobin farm about 500 teet south of the
above, was two feet in in the sand and
showing good.
The Campbell heirs well No. 2, filled a
250 bbl. tank m six hours Friday.
The old Peter Shira farm in Washing
ton twp., was leased to different firms at
SSO jn acre bonus, and one-eighth of the
The monthly report of oil field operations
is less bullish thau producers geueratly ex
pected. A comparison of operations for
March with tbe preceediDg month shows i
44 moro wells completed in March than in
February, and the production was 686 bar
rels greater During the month 54 dry
hole* were discovered, wbich is 16 moro
than in February On March 31 tbe re
oord shows 187 rigs and 330 drilling wells,
which is the greatest amount of work un
der way since tbe McDonald started on
the down grade.
Murray <fc Co. got a good gasser on tbe
C. Kleber farm in Jefferson twp..near Sax
onburg. last week, which they sold to the
Pittsburg Gas Co. for S4OOO.
W. D Stuvennon & Co. int-nd drilling a
well on the Jesse Patterson farm in Worth
twp., northwest of th» Muddycroek devel
opments about three miles. Tbe compa
ny has 600 acres leased, and is going right
—Hicks foretells spell* of very warm
weather in the first part of April, with
heavy rains and hailstorms and very sud
den changes to cold.
—1 can supply yoa with anything
in tbe harness line at lowest prices
FRANK KEMPER 124 S. Main St.
Butler, Pa
—All easterners holding cards for
free crayon work at the People' .<
Store are requested to bring their
cards and negatives for Crayon on
or before April 15 next as we expect
to finish np the free picture business
next month. H. vV. KOONCE.
—Look «ver oar new stock of bar
ness before bay in? at auction or public
124 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
—I can sell you the same grade of
harness as cheap a* any carriage
124 S. Main St., Butler, Pa
W \NTED—Good, honest, steady
employment, city or country Ad
dress' Box 25,
Reibold. Pa.
—Clearance sale of all winter goods
Greatest bargains in dry goods and
cloaks ever known at
—Examine my line of summer
goods such as dusters, stable sheets,
coolers, hoods, flv nets and ear-nets.
124 S. main St, Butler, Pa.
—A large stock of hoese boots of
all descriptions. FRANK KEMPER,
124 S- ifain St, Butler, Pa
—You can get the best 5c mnslin
in the City at the
323 S. Main St.
Don't forget us on Hosiery and
Gloves, we always have the best at
lowest prices
—Headquarters for trunks and
valises at FRANK KEMPER'S,
124 S. Main St., Butler, Pa
—Do not be induced to buy har
ness at (.uction or public sale when
you can save from 20 to 30 per cent
by buying from
124 8 i/diu St., Butler, Pa
Jeweler and Optican,
125 Soutb Main Sreet, Butler, Pa.
Diamonds, fine watches, jewelry;
spectacles, solid and plated ware con
stantly on band. Special attention
given to testing aud correctly fitting
— A fine assortment of spring and
Bummer dress goods just arrived at
—Bargains in remnants and odd
lotfl of goods—come quick for cboice
—A special discount 'if 5 per cent
lor cash at FRANK KEMPER'S,
124 S. Main St, Butler, Pa,
—Collars of every description. I
, mrtke uiv own Irish and Scotch c>l
; lars aud can guarantee tbem.
| 124 £>. M»ia Su, liuUer, Pt».
The application ol Thompson <fc Brown,
of tne Lowry House, for a hotel or tavern
icense was withdrawn last Saturday morn
Letters of adm'n were granted to J no. J.
McGarvey in estate of Dennis Shields of
Mercer twp
The will of Bobt, Cooper ot Winfield
twp. was ptobated aud letters granted to
Robt Krau.se: also will of John Brewer
of Clinton, no letters; also will of Mary A
Christy of Oakland, no letters.
Samuel Graham etal bad a summons in
ejectment issued vs tne (Voodl tud Oil Co.
for 56 acres in Washington twp.
J W. Thorn bad sum mous in ejectment
issued vs C. F. Glenn for lot in t?unbury
Ira Stauffer had i-umuions iu ejectment j
issued vs. A. B. Waterbouse aud Jas >
Harvey for a hundred acres in Lancaster
J. 0. Fullerton to Jno. F. Auderson lot
in Butler lor $2550.
Mar> Siuitu to Juo W. Smith 71 acres in
Connoqueiieesinif for $1902. and .-ame to
J. B. U. Smith 72 acres in same for $2970.
J B. H. Smitn to Marsc Smith 10 acres
in Coung for SOOO.
Thos. Boyle to James Black 25 acres in
Donegal for $1069 72.
M F. Mc Eiwee to Patrick Bjan 100
acres in Oakland for S3OOO.
F. P. Bingham to J. F. Bingham quit
claim to lot iu Centreville for SIOOO
John Wallett to Peter EngeUler 30 acres
in Jefferson fur $1550
Frank Kohler to Geo. il Haley 46 acres
in Butler twp. for $2700.
Micnal Stepp to David Lei'evre 70 acres
in Middlesex tor $4500
S. B. Sanderson to G. H. Dntter 4 acres
in Franklin tor S9OO.
M- F. McLaughlin etal to Geo. W
Hartzell 100 acres in Slipperyrock for SSOOO.
J M Thompson to Matilda McLaughliu
quit claim to 100 acres in Slipperyrock for
Uiohael Stepp to Geo. E. Stepp 119
acres in Middlesex for SBBOO
0. F. L. MuQuistion etal to Cha*. E .
McCrackeu 40 acres in Brady tor SI2OO.
H. Mickley to Annie Fox lot in Evane
burg for S3OOO.
D. F. Cainpbelietal to Jno. E. Shane 20
acres in Concord for SOOO.
J. H. Pisor, guardian, ro Kate M. Allen
65 acres iu Franklin for SI2OO.
Jas. M. Thompson to Louis Mardaul 131
acres in Brady lor $2400.
C. Clendennmg to Jas. Brewer 52 acres
in Clinton for $2200.
E, 0. M cElwain, adm'r. to C Trimble
44 acres in Middlesex for $1690.
J.P Graham to Jos. Hamilton lot in Hil
iiards for $350
Jas. B.Wright to W. F. MurtlanJ 90
acres in Ciay for S9OO.
Jos. W. Manatfy to Jas. M. Mithaffy 93
acres in Buffalo tor $llOO.
O. A Cruikshanks to Henry Fox 95
acres in Winfield for S4BOO
Jos. Ash to Caroline Heberlin lot in
Forward for $540.
J H. Pizor to Rosa Beighley lot in Por
t ersville for $450.
Robt. Black, assigne to Jas. 8. Pew 17
acres in Harrisville for S6OO.
Jas Duffy to Sarah Conn lot Euclid
for $320
Annie Stoner to H N'. S. G. Stepp 89
acres in Clay for $3090.
Geo. H. Fetter to Jidw. C. Beaty lot in
Butler for $2150
Jacob Beckert to Josephene Philips lot
in Butler for S2OO.
John A. Btandon to Peter Nieklas 63
acres in Conuoq. for $3575.
Marriage Licenses.
John M. Baker ...Butler
Evaline Thompson "
A L.Smith Buffalo twp
Elizabeth Dueri " "
Sherman Bean Blooming Valley
Mary McGinnis...... ..Crawford's Corners
J. W. Forcht Butler twp
Maggie Forcht Butler. Pa
At Pittsburg, Joseph P. Gold
en of Butler and Laura Williams of Pitts
At New Castle, Samuel B. Cross and
Annie Dickson, and Robert E. Collins and
Emily G. Kelly, all of Worth twp., this
—I can sell you the same harness
for $6 00 that you pays 7 50 and $8 00
lor at aaction sales
124 S. Main St , Butler, Pa.
—Job work of all kind done at tbe
—I can sell you single buggy
harness from $4 00 to SSO 00.
124 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
—Fruit culture is more profitable
to the farmer now tban his other
cropß drown Bros. Co , the most
extensive nursery bouse in the U. S ,
have a vacancy ic this section
Write them at Rochester, N. Y , for
their terms.
--I pay strict attention to single
aud double, light and heavy harness,
also to truuks, valises and all kinde
of traveling good*.
124 S Main St, Butler, Pa.
—My whips all stand inspection
and will please yoa.
124 S. Main St., Butler, Pu.
—Zaver'B Pictures leave nothing
wanting in finish, tone or a correct
—Home made taffies and candies at
Ricbey'a Bakery.
—Repairing promptly attended to
124 S. Mam St., Butler, Pa.
—Now is the time to bay a cloak
at your own price. They must all be
sold as we carry none over to next
Beason. L. STEIN & SON
—Come and Bee us at 124 South
Main St., Butler, Pa.
—Cloaks at your own price No
reasonable offer refused—they must
go— L. STEIN & SON.
—Dusters from 35c to $4 00 at
124 S. Main St.,But'er, Pa
—See the bargaius we are offering
in fine Henriettas. Just think of it
$1 00 goods for 68 cents and 75 cent
goods for 59 cents at
L. STEMJ & SoN-s.
I can sell yoa valises from 50c
to $8 00 FRANK KEMPER,
124 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
—California Orange Cider at
Richev's Bakery.
Largest assortment and best value*
n Dress Uoods aud Cloaks at
—I can sell you a 28 inch fancy
crystal cover, iron bound, malable
trim-mings, iron bottom, 4 slats all
way round trunk for $2 50
124 8. Main St., Butler, Pa.
—Use the Pnrt Tar Cough Drops,
to be had at Richey's Bakery.
—The great offer being made b»
the Pittsburg Dispatch tj take the
sixty teachers of the public schools
ot Pittsburg, Allegheny and other
points in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West
Virginia and 3/aryland, to Atlantic
City in July is the talk of the hour.
The additional inducement that the
twelve teachers of the sixty who re
ceive tbe largest number of votes will
be taken on a supplementary trip to
Philadepbia, New York aud Boston
after the Atlantic City trip is over
is indicative of tbe liberality which
governs the Pittsburg Dispatch in
everything it does. Give your favor
ite teacher the beuefit of the splendid
muontfr wtipg-.
Seth SByder and wife of Brady twp.,
visited triends in town Monday.
| Cal. Crniksbanks of Butler and S. B.
| Young of Denny's Mill have purchased the
roller mill at Apollo, and with their farai
i lies moved to that town, Monday. This
mill is a good one and can turn ont from
; 75 to 80 bbls of flour a day.
| Rev. McKee left for Colorado, Wednes
[ .lay, and will remain there for some time.
| lie has not been in good health for some
I time, and bis congregation presented him
with a check for a goodly sum. lately,with
an invitation to take a rest.
0 B Cross has been appointed postmas
ter of Clintonville. and U. S G. Anderson
ol Pleasant Hill Graut Anderson is the
youngest son of Major Anderson of this
J M Greer of Evans City has S'>!<l Ui«
jewelry store to A V. Johnston of New
A W. McCollough and family have mov
ed into their house ou N Main St
J. C. Breaden, E-<q of W Sunbury was
in town on business, Friday.
Dr. Mc Alpine entertained a fair auclieuce
Thursday night with bis quaint stories of
Alaska and its people.
Lew Cochran has sold his house at oorner
of McKean and Clay Sis. to Mrs. Nancy
Evans: of I'cUoiu 10r52500.
11. 11. Gouchor, G. W. Kleeger, >. U.
Piersol, and L. M. Wise, attorueys-at-law
can now be found during business hours in
the (dit Mitchell building at the northwest
corner of the Diamond.
Thomas Greer and wife and baby are
visiting their triends in Butler.
Isaac McXess of Brady twp., was in
town on business Wednesday.
P. W Lowry and G. W. Campbell will
serve as jurors at the May term of the U
S. District Court.
Hurry Stepp of buffalo twp has pur
chased the .-<toner farm near Euclid
Kev. OUer and wife are visiting relatives
in Washington, Pa
S. H. Peirsol. Esq , has removed Lis
office t<> Jfo. 104 East Diamond,over Boyd's
drug store.
Miss Mary S. Shephard, State President
of the W. C. T Alliance, was at Chicora
Wednesday, and will be at Butler Thurs
day, April 5; Glade Run, Friday, April 6.
Elora. Monday, April 9, Hooker, Tuesday,
April 10th.
Two of Butler's moat charming young
ladies a ill organiz-j a dancing class for
children Luis spring.
Mr. Woods of the Butler Music store will
move to Kansas text Week We do not
know whether the store will be continued
or not.
John Burris has moved back to Whites
Horses Wanted
I will buy 2 car loads of horses and
mares, consisting ol drivers, general pur
pose aud draft horses, age from 4 to 10
years, weight from 1 000 lo 1,500 pounds,
in good flesh to snit the Eastern market*
1 will be at the Wick aouse, Batler,
Monday, April 9. At Grove City, Tues
day, April 10. At Sunhury, Wednesday,
April 11. At Millerstown, Thursday,
April 12. I will buy all kinds of horses.
Grip Still Lurks in the Air.
Notwithstanding we muy have a few
bright, warm days, often tempting people
to carelessness, change of clothing, eic.,
••Grip still lurks in the air." It is uo*
widely known that Dr. Humphrey'" New
Specific 77 cures grip with all its symptoms
of Influenza, Catarrh. Pains and Sorenes.
IU the Bead and Chest,toughs,Sore throai
General prostration and Fever. Taken
eurly it outs it short promptly; taken dur
ing its prevalence, prevents its invasion;
taken while suffering from it, a relief is
speedily realized, and an entire cure as
sured by its continued use. "77" consists
of a small bottle of pleasant pullets; jctut
fits your vest pocket; .'old by druggists or
sunt postpaid on receipt of price. 25 cents,
or 5 bottles for SI.OO. Humphreys' Medi
cine Co.. corner William and John streets.
New York.
Rye Wanted.
The highest priced pa! i for rye al
tDe mill of GEO WALTER & SON
Butler, Pa
—SO-incbes wide aud all-wool
greatest bargain ever offered—wan
SI.OO a yard—now only 50 cent*,
just half price at
L. STEIN & SON'*».
—Take your children to Zuveo
tiallery tor Pictures that will tun
you. Postoffice building.
Beat Buffalo flannels reduced to
25 cents a v ard at
Change iu P S Si L. E. it. R
time table, effective April 2 1894.
On aud after above date the P 8. &
L E R. R. train leaving Butler a:
6.40 a m. will coonect at Braacbtou
with train tor Hilliard A train will
leave Hilliard at 6:45 p m connect
ing at Brancbton with no 13 arriv
iug at Butler at 8:32 p m. to accotif
moJate oil operators aud travelit.g
A Scientist claims tbe
Root of Diseases to be
In tbe Clothes we Wear.
The host Spring
remedy for the blues,
%> '
etc, is to discard
your uncomfortable
old duds which irri
tate the body:-leave
your measure at
ALAND'S for a
new suit which will
fit well, improve the
appearance by re
lieving you instant
c* J
ly of that tired feel
ing, and making you
cheerful and active.
The cost of this
sure cure is very
;j£ EASTER! ;gj-
Our millinery department is full
of the newest and choicest jroods.
Beautiful and Artistic 'Patterns,"
newest ideas in untrimroed hats and
French effects in jet Braids and
M. F. & M. MARKS,
113 to 117 S Main St., - - Butler.
Garfield Tea Kg,
tare* Kick neadAcho.lientoreflPomplexjoi * Doctors'
Bills. S&mplnfree. t»AUXiKLi>TEA.Co.,sI9 \thßt.,N.Y.
Accepting the invitation of Mr. TT. V.
Hardman. *# i-pent Monday morninp in a
very pleasant inspection of ih-> naudsome
i quarters in which the 0. W. Hardman Art |
| Co. is now located. The entire second
story and lower hall of the Baldaut build
ing, next to the Bailer Savings Bank, was
taken in hand bv the Company and no ex- i
P**ns« was spared in titling it np to be, a* !
11 is, one finest and most convenient ,
galleries in the western part of the .State i
The arrangement of the eutire »econd
floor was altered and everywhere wore
added conveniences which must be seen to
tie appreciated. Tne rooms -tr be oue «s
rooun . light and air\.
Entering from the street, *<• fimt fiuu
the hall, surrounded on all sides liy Urge
aud well afraoged uases containing f-peci
wens uf photographs, as well as several &w
craton portraits A case witn j>iu<-tl
specimens ot wide picture moulding
whal artistio iectibg will <lo with cominou
piaco things A wide and nicely covered
stairway leads to the upper hail. Ir-un
which large double gia.-s doors open Into
the reception room. The door is hand
«omely lettered witu the * ords "Thk
Tne reception room is now entered It
lies, a large room, between the parlor aud
the gallery proper. It i< carpeted with a
pretty brusse.ls and nicely papered aud
decorated On all fides haug bandsoine
erst-- ."*. «rver col ts un! pss.ils, wuile
directly lacing us We see a Urge glass cau
met whicn holds doz-ns ot theliutshed pro
ducts ol the tirm. One of tbepleasaut sur
prises ol the day is a free circulating hbre.
ry which Ilr tiarJtnan shoxrs with muco
pleasure. It coutalus SOO works aud is
loaued freely to an) responsible person. As
an evidence of its popularity Mr Uardiuan
stated that over 300 books were oat.
A large opeu.ng. we have forgotten
whether arched or not, leads to the parloi
which in every respect would rank as on
of the handsomest parlors in Butler
Heavy natural wood furniture, wide
ana handsome curtains covering
three wide and higb, eastern win
dows, which flood the appartmeuto
with the purest xuulight. hlgb cetllngs.aud
picture covered walls, with here and there
the baudsouie Kail paper showing Ibrouitn;
all these give the parlors the charm thai
one cannot help but feel on entering. On
all sides are specimeus of the tirm's tines
work We noted a handsome pastel ol
Mrs. \Y. V dardmau, a crayon of L S.
Mi-Junkin, said to tie the linest crayon
work in Butler, a large and attractive
water color of Miss Mary Ayers,crayons of
Louis Stein and David Leech, a pastel ot
Newt. Black, Esq and a water color of Mr.
Will Kennedy'schild Of course there
were niauj more but these were among
the best aud most striking.
Leadtug the way hack through the re
ception room, Mr. HarOman next open*
tne door leading to tbr large room IU
» hich the negatives are taken. What has
gone before has been ot that which makrs
the patron's call pleasant aud attractive,
but now we enter on the practical part —
that which makes ic profitable. After
what we have seen it would be only
na oral to look for the best ootataahle in
iu the shape of instruments, etc, and in
this we are not .lisapointed.
We r-ee successively the large Delmar
IPUS (no 8) which cost $550 exclusive ol
the stand, the fine effects of light ano
shade which the Urge sky-light trives. th e
Combination Accessory, something ne-v, a
sofa, screen'and a dozen other things all iu
one.and a BeaSaw Grouper with 8 seats.used
in group photos. To one side a small halt
opens iu one end ou a dressing room in
yellow, and on the other, to tbe "darK"
room. In the rear of tbe gallery is the re
touching room.
The fiist impression one gets <■{ the
Hardman Art Co's new qnarters is that
they are artistic and handsome,—the
second is that they are perfectly suited to
their work.
But you must go and see them to appre
ciate the whole ttiiug property
There are some who do uot understand
the relation of ilr W. V. Hardman to the
firm. He is in no way connected w.th the
work of ihe artist in the company, but t
oiily interested financially. aud in i<<
guidance and policy from a business stand
point.. Of course as senior member of th'
firm, his name is a guarantee of its worlt
especially to the thonsands he has h«
ousiness dealings within the past 23 years
»s manager for Thoa. W. Phillips, and ii
bis own large oil business, in both of
whin he continues to occupy tbe same
position he has in tbe past.
Mr Hardman wishes to emphasized tbe
f.na,th»t be personally guarantees the work
of the firm, and his name stands behind r
as a guarantee of its reliability Known.a
he is, to everyone of this aud surrounding
counties and his own reliability
shown by his long term as :n conuectio
with the Philiivs interests, th s insures to
everyone perfect reliability and perfect
respousiblity. Mr. SV V Hardmau's
name is alone a guarantee of tbe firm
Iu all dealings with him or his son
0. W. the public wid find them courteous
and obliging gentlemen, and especially so
in sbowiug strangers through their hand
some new art gallerries.
Manufacturer of
Harness, Collars,
and Strap Work,
and Dealer in
Whips, blankets, robes, trunks and va
lises and everything fonnd in a first-class
harness store.
Sole agent frir the Dexter Sweat Collar,
the best collar made. Come in and gee
My goods are all new and strictly first
olass worn, guaranteed.
Repairing promptly done.
Opposite Campbell and Templeton
Furniture Store.
342 S. Main St., - Butler, Pa.
Hough ano Worked LoioDBI
OP UL Kiwns
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Moulding.
Shingles and Laib
Always in Stock
'fflct opposite P it w Depot"
[Successoxs ot Schutte <fc O'Brien. J
Sanitary# Pumber>
\.nd'*(j!>n F : *"
"vwer Pipe.
larat« FiXtuie
Maturstl (its Vpjilta,
'eff*r-on eivvrv Ht» «
HI f LKH <i * v
f at Fire ln?..ir
jfficflCor. -v»»ir. 4 C 'Oflf v -.fH N ,
•■I If » ; «
4,irre i Wick. Henderson OttTer.
>r. W. Irvln. James Stephenson
W. W. Btackmore. N. Weitzel.
K. Bowman, D. T. Norrls,
tieo Ketterer. ]• has. Rehhun,
'teo. Kenno, iJohn Koeninv.
LOJaLS. Agen
'MEN Sl'Et I\t, ISIH ' EMKN'TS to B EtllN
i ItEsIKEI) Write at ouoe tvir terms to
Pittsburg got 15 more licenses than last
year, or 439 in all; A'legheny got the
fame number, 140: the boroughs 15 more,
and the townships 10 more uiaKiug 40
more than usual in the county. 801 is the
whole number in that county.
A murder was committed at Dußois a
few days ago. the details of which are
some what sensational. The facts as
brought ont at the coroner's inquest are to
the efi'-ct that William McClelland, pro
prietor of :he "Miners Home," a boarding
house on Main street, went np the stairs
atiOitly alter dinnet and caught bis wile in
bed with one of tue boarders, a tougn
named John Dauver McClelland there
upon attacked Denver with a knife, plung
ii g it into Ui< breast and draaiiig il acr-'g-
ribs He also stabbed bis
wife iw.ee m the back DaUVcr died a
tew momenta later, but the woman is
perhaps not fatally hurt. It appears that
Danver Was a professtoual tblet ano sate
cracker, who had bur recently gotten out
ol the penitentiary.
Law is one thing, aud justice or equit>
quite anotner, ami oiaoj a case in court l»
lost or won on a little technicality. A
case iu point was that ol a Swede who was
tried in Brookvilleat the February term
on the charge ot stealing "two gold
watches aud a chain " The Swede admii
ted he stole the watches, but proved that
they were not gold, and as he was indicted
lor stealing "gold" watches, ho was acquit
A queer law-suit ha? just been tried in
Houesdate, this slate. The employers ot a
glass comp ny offered to their employes
who got married a house rent free for six
mouths aud $lO for the first child born
Arther Richardson, an apprentice was
urged by the superintendent to marry and
rake one of the houses. He did so and tor
the first halt year paid no rent and when
the tirst heir was born olaimed the $lO
oounty Tne company denied bis claim,
aud not only refused to pay but demauded
•he rent. The case in court hinged on
whether Richardson married for iove or to
secure the oonus, and as be declared that
love was the inducement the court ruled
that this was fatal to his case.
A little girl named Ella Kettle, aged
about six years, residing in Dußois, was
killed lately while passing through a stone
quarry. Just as sne was passing along the
r-'ad a blast was fired, and a stone weigh
ing eight pounds struct her on tbe side of
the head. Her face and head were terribly
Just now there is a heavy run of timber
ami sawed lumber rafts on tbe Allegheny
from its upper tributaries. The Forest
county papers report that tb» largest rafr
i-ver run ont from Tionesta Creek was
piloted down one day last week by
Stephen Cooper. It contaiued 70.000 feet
.of lumber; was top-loaded with several
thousand f«et of boat siding, and was 24 feet
wide and 23 courses deep The lumber
business of Forest connty has dwindled
into very small proportions, compared
with that of former years. Tbe timber is
becoming scarce, and in a few years raft
ing will become a thing of the past.
Judge Reyburn of Armstrong Co. refus
e 1 all wholesale license.
The foreigners who work in the Con
lelsville coke region are on a strike, and
Ihe operators are closing their works to
save their broperty.
To l#e sold tor taxes by Comity Treasurer
John T. Martin,at public outcry ,*t the Court
House in Butter, Pa., oa
1 OVUX'K, P. M.
Owners. acres, yrs. auit tax
Negley Anderson et al 100 1891 19 <0
Campbell JJ 4 Brandon 294 1891 30 63
S A Campbell 275 1891 52 06
I'tiomas McCamey It 1891-2 371
W B Sedwick 15 1891-2 20 57
G.-illagher heirs 50 1891 10 50
Robert Barron 50 1092 13 "7
J lainpbell 113 1892 26 <1
vlan'us Quliugs luO 1892 23 9-1
William Kenoedy 171 1892 36 91
John MuCune 20 1892 4 97
Pardoe 4 Shepherd 47 1892 9*B
A U Thompson 40 1892 4 60
B->ok CC hou«e aud lot 1891 2 41
Pott* heirs 10 1891 1 31
ri W Crew lot 189 a 131
Johu Dunn lot 1892 3 22
f 6 McGiouis lot 1892 1 40
losepb Carry lot 1892 1 40
Jacob Thompson 2 1892 1 31
WmCowdeu 19 1891-2 2 8.-
GeoZirglvr 185 1891-2 28 30
John Allen 50 1892 3 27
W J Kiskadden 26 1891 6 18
W W Graham heirs 31 1891 4 11
W C Martin 7 1892 44
Detmore McKinuey i 1892 fw
David t'upps 20 1882 2 50
Geo Ziegler 50 1892 8 00
D W Brandon lot 1892 60
Mary Mc-Ginuis 4i 1892 ' 88
Johd Wallace 133 1891 16 10
M D G'ddingrr heirs 70 1891-2 29 45
Michael Kerr heirs 4 1891-2 153
t< iizabetn Skelion 33 1891 6 65
White Martin 9.1 1892 10 12
8 A Fithian 14 1891-2 684
Starr & Britton 80 1891-2 4 0 27
\ B Maxwell 50 1891 5 61
Jacob Shepherd 12 1892 292
\ D Knmerer 5 1892 1 21
Forest Oil Co 15 1892 12 13
J T Starr 99 1892 9 09
John Dunn Sr. 33 1891 3 96
M N Randall 8 1891 50
Bredin & Douaghy 70 18S2 20 44
James Brediu 124 1892 35 2
G teen wood Oil Co. 1 1892 36
Thomas J Moore lot 1892 2 68
L McFan lot 1891-2 78
Thomas McKnight 19 1891 <» 67
Thoma< B Rayrie 50 1891-3 26 48
Daniel Denny 25 1892 4 79
Nancy H Brown lot 1892 21
F J Beatty 24 1893 22
TJ Dinsniore lot 1912 19
Nathan Milroy 3 lot-t
Rachel Wagner heirs 50 1892 8 19
Dennis.McGuirk 19 1891-2 330
Robert Seaton heirs 60 1891 6 48
John Purviance 41 1892 5 04
Mary E McGuirk 19 1891 200
Elizabeth Eayton 12 1892 1 48
Andrew Barber 100 1892 7 5>
Amrgelioe White heirs 30 1892 4 53
Robert Thompson 30 1892 4 5.;
John N Purviance 140 1891 23 28
K Raabe lot 1891 17
John M Thompson 10 1891 1 17
Thomas J Atwell 45 1891 7 30
Christy & i annon 25 1891-2 12 <2O
Sim ou Edwards 20 1891 7 76
J «: Fuller 10 l«91-2 19 14
Gilie*pie &Co 1 18 1-2 76"
A M McNamara 58 1891 19 1
G W Morrow ?5 >B9l-2 13 95
John P R >bin«on 2 lots 1891 75
Stanley Lanky 10 1891 2 06
Henry Sanderson 13 1891 4 38
Elizabeth Sedwick heirs 50 1891-2 22 76
Eliza Beatty 25 1-9 5 76
G W Shaw i 1892 34
H L Taylor ACo 50 1892 1 34
S M Ward lot 1892 4 6*>
Ed Dambach 15 1891 3 74
W H a Riddle 15 1891 3 74
Then Kelly heirs 39 1891-2 16 23
DF Ke ly 40 1891 9 19
Michael Kelly 31 1891 6 94
Andrew Norjross heirs 43 1891 6 65
Elizabeth Patterson 39 I*9l-2 16 14
R M Sioaue 38 1891 7 64
J C Vanderlin 50 1891-2 17 14
Mrs Jane Blaire 12 1891-2 536
Wn> Smith 60 1891-2 51 33
• Everi*on house 1891 3 44
A M Meßride 50 1892 7 83
Andrew Norcross 26 1892 4 < 6
James Sutton 3o 1891- 26 65
•I- M"ph Simmmers 1 1891 47
SP li win 77 1892 730
David Bond 61 1891-2 18 55
JsmesLConn 100 1891-2 29 50
O D Thompson 60 1891 14 12
Patrick Kelly ,86 1892 23 04
John Galloway 10>> 1892 19 3
Win Patter»on 75 1892 13 07
J B McLanghlin 2 lots 1891 64
James Bredin 150 1892 15 00
J»c<'b Hepler, dec d lot 1892 2 10
Montvom- ry lot
James B Story 4 tots Lsti 3 6t)
WJu Ttiorp fqt ftp.
A Suggestion.
|M- * *
L - -r-7
■ —, pmami
I R>\. AM/ r /
L. •'.
;/ V|]?J
Did jr ever occur to yon that there are
drugs and drugs—that drugs are like ever>-
thiug else—there are good, bad and indif
ferent. There is nothing else which is
positively bad if it is'nt just of the bost
Oar policy has »lw-»vs been to have noth
ing bur the best.
When yon want drugs come to us aud be
assured of fresh pure goods, aud always
what you ask for or yonr prescription calls
lor. It inay not always be drugs yon want
either. We always have on hand a Hll
line of sick room requisites.
C. ft, BOYD,
Diamond Block, Butler, Pa.
CAPITAL Paid t>, - - - SIOO OOO.M.
BCKPUTS *sl> PROFITS, - $46,56» 64.
Jos. Hartman. Pres't,
J. V. Kltts, Vice Pres't, C. A. Bailey, Cashier.
Jos. Qartinan. C. P. Collins. X. M. Hoover
o&n Humphrey, J. V. Ritts.
K. E. Abrams, tjesHe Hazlctt I. I*. Smith.
W. S. Waldron. W. Henry Wilson. M. Flnegan.
A general banking Cosiness transacted. In
terest paid on time deposits. Money loaned on
*purove<. security.
Foreign exchange bought and sold.
Assets $9,278,000.
Home of New York,
Assets $9,000,000.
Hartford ol Hartford.
Assets $7,378,000.
Pboenlx of Brooklyn,
Assets $5,000,000.
Continental of New York,
Assets $6,380,000.00.
Assets $137,499,000.00.
Office .n aUSELTON BUILDING, nsar
Court Bouse, Butler Pa.
Assignee's Sale.
There will be offered at public sale at
the store formerly owned by Christy <fe
• 'ampbell in Cenvreville. Butler Co., Pa.,
af 1 o'clock p m., all tbe right, title, in
t-rest and claim ot A. W Christy, of, in
and *0 the said store, store fixtures, book
accounts, firm notes, and all bis interest
in the said partnership of Christy <t Camp
bell, whatsoever, now in the hands of U.
M Campbell as receiver of said firm.
A. M CHRISTLEY, Assiguee of
A. W. Christy
Assignee's Sale of
Leasehold Estate.
I will offer at public sale »t the residence of
James Kabbtt.ln Donegal twp., Butler county.
Pa., on
at 1.30 o'clock p. m.. an unatvid.*d 1 1-ietU W.
I. tn leases for oil and «ras purposes on the Mc-
Mltlen and Htndmiin (arms in Armstrong Co..
P i., with two producing gas wells thereoa ; to
gether with the l-lGth Interest In said wells
and "Gas Plant" and about 35.im0 feet ot
two-Inch gas line leading from said wells and
leases to such places where the !{as Is utilized,
and same interest In all machinery, run and
connections on said leases and to the said lease
and "lias Plant" be longing or appertaining.
Assignee ot owen Brady,
B. cy B.
A Selfish
Women as a rale are al«vaya alive
to their own interests, particularly
j- lien an,and a bargain table.
Tbid atore id a v&st bargain coun
ter—every day io tbe year—and the
re&xon our tail Oder Department is
tretting a thouaaud letters every day,
on an average, from all parts of this
country, must be that the women of
bit) country are discriminating buy
ers and are taking care of their own
selfish interests.
If vou've never yet found out how
much Its to your profit in dollars and
ceuta to buy your Dry Goods from
this store by mail, better write us
now for samples of any line of Dry
Goods you hire in mind buying and
nee about it for yourself. Compare
the qualities an(* prices.
Just now we are selling a very
strong line of
American Dress Wool ens,
36 and 38 inches wide, at
28 cents,
30 cents,
35 cents,
40 cents,
io choice new spring styles and col
orings—the best Dresa Goods values
for little money, we think ever sold.
Y u'll thiuk so too, when you see
the goods or samples
Silk and Wool Suitings,
neat check in two-tooed effects, 42
inches wide at
45 cents,
that are remarkable for 45 cents a
56 inch all-wool
Fine Tweed Suitings
for every day dresses and children's
wraps at
50 cents,
and you'll easily see the ex'ra value
it th«-e 56 inch Suitings at 50 cents.
Our Ihu*irated Catalogue and
*a taion Journal— ls2 pages—is
ready for mailing. A request on a
postal will brini; y >u a copy by re
turn mail, post paid.
Bo<™\s & Buhl,
115 to 121 Federal Street,
tl EWIS 9S £ LYE
C POTOEsrs Aire mruim
Th«B'rr»n*r»t am! purest I.jr«
ma a. I'tiiiM; other Lyet It twin*
1 flti-j powder ami racked In a ran
wiih jrcmovat.!* ? !Ia tbo ojntenU
9 v- .liunt t*otlln£
1 '. U il. f beat ti.T c) .trisllJ* Wialt
Llp"k di-luftjrUnK cir^eta,
wa Mr.g Ixitilns uoee, etc.
OttU. ArfU.. PbJla.. Pa.
necessary. Steady employment. Best
terms Write at oner and secura choice
ol territory. AiiiS Kcastiay Co.,
V, Y.
showing a nobby line of Westminster suits for young men—Long
frocks and sacks will be the leading style for spring.
Our large line of boys and childrens suits are up to our usual
standard, and the variety is the largest ever shown by us.
We solicit a call for inspection.
104 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
♦»IMC Mil *
A Hard times Bonanza. Seeing
money is close, we will make
the Prices closer and help you
We are going to sell Spring
Goods By the power of
Irresistable Prices. Our
Prices are not made low by
dull trade. But made low to
make trade.
Better Goods were never offered,
Nicer styles were never shown.
Don't fail to see our Complete
Assortment of New and Select
Styles of Men's and Boys Cloth
ing, Hats and Gents Furnishing
Leading Clothiers.
137 South Main street, Butler.
SAY, have you tried the
new clothing store? If you
haven't, try them for your new
spring suit. Have you seen
the latest spring cuts? Step
in and we will take pleasure in
showing them to you —Long
Cut Sacks— Long Cutaways —
made upof the latest fashionabl e
materials. Fit and workman
ship guaranteed.
Cor. Main & Cunningham Sts. BUTLER, PA.
Prices to Suit the Times
Our Spring stock has arrived and is ready for your inspection. A
better stock for the same money has never been placed on our
shelves. As the old saying is "Goods well bought are Half
sold," such it the case with our stock, for we are prepared to
offer you better goods at lower prices than ever before.
Men's calf shoes, Congress or lace at $1.25.
" fine " " " $2.
Men's Cordovan and Calf shoes, Congress, Lace or Blucher style,
$2.50 to $5.
Men's Tan shoes $2 to $3, all styles and widths.
" every day shoes 75c to $1.25.
" goad kip, box toe shoes, $1.50 to $2.
Boys' shoes from 75c to $1.50. All styles from the finest bluchers
to the brogans. An examination of these goods will quickly convince
you that you are getting better footwear for less money than ever be
Our stock of Ladles shoes is more complete than ever before.
Ladies fine Dongola shoes at sl.
" " " flexible sole $1.50.
1 lot ladies fine dongola shoes, hand turns, sizes 2, 2\ and 3, worth
$3 go at $1.50. Call early while the selection is large.
Ladies fine spring heel bluchers at $2.50.
" " heel " $2.50.
" tan bluchers $1.75 to $2.50.
" Congress gaiters in black and tan in several different styles.
Our stock of ladies and misses Oxfords is large and comprises many
new and pretty styles and ranging in price from 50c to $2.50.
For 75c we will give you the selection of six of the latest style walk
ing shoes.
For $1.25 we will give you a pair of fine turn, pat. tip dongola Ox
For $2 we will give you the selection of a pair of Oxfords in lace,
Blucher, Southern tie or Nullifiers. (Four of the latest styles in
the market).
Full stock of ladies and misses tan Bluchers and Oxfords at low prices.
Childrens tan and red shoes and Oxfords, 35c to 75c.
1 lot ladies serge slippers at 25c.
" " carpet " 25c.
•' mens " " 35c.
Mens fine calf boots at $2.
Full stock of our own make Boots and .shoes. Repairing done.
The balance of our rubber stock to be sold out very cheap.
Ladies and gents footholds go at 10, regular price 50.
Ladis finest grade rubbers at 35.
Mens " " 50.
When in town call and see us.
Orders by mail will receive prompt attention.
CLrOTHIER, Butler, Pa.