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FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1893,.
Bctlkb Has * population or about 10,000.
It la the County teat of Butler County, with
Four railways, natural gus, and unequalled
faculties for m-iufactures.
Progress em * *ierc; new buildings, new
manufacture*. a jwl.n; tud prosperous town.
New York Weekly Tribune-Free.
By special arrangements made for our
so doing, wo are enabled to offer to all our
subscribers who pay arrearages, (if any)
and one year in advance, and to all now
subscribers paying in advance, the New
York Weekly Tribune free for one year.
For further particulars of this offer see ad
New Advertisements.
Administrator's Notice, estate of X.
Ancjitor's Notice, estate of J. N, Cubbi
Farm for Sale or Rent in Donegal twp.
Dissolution Notice, Jas. McXees & Co.
Ruff's Best Footwear.
Schaul it Nast's Removal Sale.
Klingler's August Price List.
G. Wilson Miller's Prices.
R. R. Excursions.
NOTE—AII advertisers intending to make
oinges in their ads. should notify us of
their intending to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
LIWAL AM (JgMiiii.
O, the good times aro comin', no matter
what they sa_;
Yeu kin hear 'em .;uminin', hummin', fer a
hunderd miles away.
1 hey're a sailin' through the summer, an'
a tightin' through the freeze;
A ridin' down the rivers an' a-blowin' in
the breeze!
Like a regiment a drummin';
Lane has got a turain',
Buttermilk's a ohurnin',
So keep your lamps a barnin,
Till the good time comes!
—"Drowned while Bathing" headlines
are appearing in the papers.
—And now its sl2 to Chicago and back
—ten days.
—Oar fanners had ten days of good har
vesting weather and everything is in bnt
the oats.
—Every woman admires a man who can
swim and looks with horror at a boy who
wants to learn how.
—The Bntler boys who started to wheel
it from Erie te Chicago gave ont at Cleve
land, stabled their bikes and went on by
—A Texas paper remarks that the bar
gain man who sells yon goods ac two
prices puts them to yon regardless of
—Keep your eye on this paper and see
which merchant is conrteons enongh to
*'k yon for yonr patronage throngh its ad
vertising colamns.
—Somebody has discovered that a piece
ot banana will shine ap russet shoes, A
piece of banana peel has often made the
stars shine at midday.
—Never sun feather beds or pillows. Air
them thoroughly on a windy day in a cool
place. Tho sun draws tho oil and gives
the feathers a rancid smell.
—E. E. Young, Esq. administrator of
"W. L. Young, deo'd, will sell the personal
property of the deceased at the residence
of 8. P. Young in Summit twp. this, Fri
day, afternoon.
—"What struck ust" and "whero are we
stt" are the questions now being discussed
on our streets and in our offices; and the
Mswers to "who struck Billy Patterson!''
could not be more varied.
, —A person killing a robin in this State
is liable to a fine of $2 to S2O, or imprison
ment for 20 days, or both. In fact the law
prohibits the killing of any or nearly all
kindß of birds on the list of those that are
habitants here.
—Hot alum water is the best insect de
stroyer known. Put alum in hot water
and boil nntil dissolved; then apply the
water with a brush to all cracks, closets,
bedsteads and other places where insects
may be fonnd. Ants, cockroaches, bedbugs
and other creeping things are killed.
—The season of the year is now at hand
when the good housewife sprr ds stioky
fly-paper over the different articles of fur
niture in her household and when the geod
man rises from a chair and finds the bay
window of his unmentionables half-soled
with the same, verily he waxeth wroth.
—A ripe tomato will remove ink stains
from the bands, or from paper or linen,
says an exchange. There is no particular
knaok about it. All that is to be done is
to crueh the tomato in your hands and rub
the ink spot with the juice, then wash in
dear water, and ink and tomato juice will
come away together.
—An old summer drink, recommended
by physicians for cooling the blood both
of children and adults, is made by taking
a tfaspoonful of cream of tarter and dis-
solving it in a tumbler of water sweetening
to taste. You will be surprised to find
how pleasant it is, being hard to detect
from lemonade. It can be made in a quan
tity and keep it on ice. It is highly laxa*
—lt is no sign that a man is rich be*
cause he pays his promptly, says an ex
ohange. Not by any manner of meats.
Tbero are poorer men and men of moder
ate means who pay as they go, on the
principle that it is not only honest, but
that it is the safest. On tho other hand
there are rich people who rarely pay until
almost forced to do so. There are many
each, and the pity is that their number so
nearly approches legion. Not to pay a
bill when you have the money, and espec
ially when it is due, may not be styled a
crime, but it is very far from being right.
—The postal script will soon take the
place of the postal note now in use. The
poual note costs three cents, and carries
any amount up to $5, while in a script a
sheet calling for amounts from one cent
to S3O has been prepared from which, on
payment of one cent,the amount of money
to be sent by mail to any part of the
United States way be torn off the same as
an express order. There will be no writ
ing on it of any kind by the Postmaster,
the fender endorsing the check draft. The
government guarantees its safe transporta
—lt is a matter of cariosity to some peo
ple how a bank can become obliged to
close its doors' while it is financially sound
as many are doing at present. It happens
in this way: In the course of business a
bank receives 1100,000 in deposits. To
make the necessary profits to pay the in
terest to depositors, this money must be
lent out, for which the bank receives the
note of the borrower and the interest on
the same. Now, after say 980,000 had been
so lent out, depositors get uneasy and be
gin a "run" on the bank. It is impossible
to collect the notes until they are doe, and
when the bank's surplus cash is gone it
must borrow or close. The bank may be
sound and able to pay every dollar it owes,
but if all the depositors call for their mon
ey at once, the soundest bank must yield,
unless the stockholders have enough loose
cash to pay tho deposits.— Penntrylvania
lye laid on my bed, I know not how long,
But I can't goto sleep at all,
For a woman next door is screeching a
And the last lino is "After the Ball."
She has finished at last, and over my eyes
The laahes begin to fall;
I cease my curfinsr and groan* and sighs,
For peace comes after the liawl.
—Hay is Raid to be worth S4O a ton in
—Thomas if. King has been elected
President of the P. A- W.
—Xext Thursday is the day fixed for tho
great picnic at Conneaut.
—Rev. Butz of Zelienople will coudnct
services in the German Lutheran church
next Sunday morning at 10:30.
—Though silence may bo golden
speeches will be very 3ilvery when Con
gress meets.
—The sale of tho property of the Brady's
Bend Iron Co. has again been postponed,
this time to Sept. Ist.
—Frank Eyth, the veteran lkherman of
Centroville, yanked a pike out of the Slip
peryrock, near Clarks mills, last Friday,
that weighed 16| ponnds.
—Berks county farmers aro preparing to
feed their wheat to the cows. At 00 cents
a bushel wheat is a cheaper food for cattle
they sav, than bran at $1 per 100 pounds.
—lt seems remarkable that anyone
should die of pneumonia during the warm
weather, yet a citizen of Clay twp., Mr.
Wm. Tebay. died of thatdisease last week
—The 199 th lieg't. Pa. Vols, will hold
their next reunion at Mercer, Pa., Sept. Ist
All the comrades are respectfully invited
to attend.
—A man wheeling a keg of beer on a
wheelbarrow passed through Butler early
Friday morning. He said he was going to
—Bearding house keepers cannot recover
from defaulting boarders unless they comply
with the act of Assembly by posting notices
in every room. These notices are for sale at
this office.
—A Justice of the Peace in a neighbor
ing town has refused to believe that a man
can live next door to a saloon and never
enter it. Why, men have been known to
live next door to a church and never enter
—Jamos Humphrey of Worth twp.
threshed the wheat from a fourteen acre
field last week, and secured 3C4 bushels,or
26 bushels to the acre. Who can beat
—The Rules and Regulations of the
Board of Health, as adopted by the Coun
cil last Tuesday night, will cost tho town
a pretty penny, as their execution will
require the services of a clerk constantly.
—The P. H. C. has invited the mer
chants of the town and their employees to
accompany them to their picnic at Con
neaat Lake, on the 10th and a number of
them have signed a petition to close their
store on that day.
—Schaul & Nast intend removing to the
new Reiber building; and Mr. Kirkpatrick
of Renfrew has rented the storeroom on
the corner of the Diamond now occupied
by Cloeland A Ralston, and will open an
other jewelry store on Oct. Ist.
—Lost:—A German silver folding pro
tractor in leather case. Tho makers name
is Grove and the case contained also a
drafting pen. A suitable reward will be
given for its return to this office.
—ln a county in New Jersey which spent
$250,000 in constructing 35 miles of macad
emizei road, land has risen in value from
SIOO to $175 and S2OO an acre, and the
farmers who thought they were going to
be ruined are now reconciled.
—Harry Moorehead's pacing horse Mac
took a heat and won second money at
Syracuse, N. Y. last week, best time 2:16 i
on a half mile track. Mr. Moorhead has
had Mac in northern Pennsylvania and
New York for some time aud took a piece
of the money in every race except one. At
Bradford he won the race and got a mark
of 2:18*.
—Tho partnership heretofore existing
id#r the firm name James McNees & Co.
manufacturers of stoneware at Ualston
Station, has been dissolved. Mr. James
McNees will Bettle the accounts of the
firm, and the business will be continued by
H. L. McNees. They make a very good
article of Btoneware anil also a stone pump
which is already in extensivo use.
—There was another slump in the wheat
market in Chicago, Monday, and at ono
time during the day "cash" wheat sold at
but 53} cents, while that to be delivered
in September sold at 57|. In tho Pitts
burg exchange that day wheat was quoted
at 62 to 65, rye 52 to 57, and oats at 34 to
38. Four car loads of white oats were sold
that day at 30 to 34.
—Tho City Council of New Castle has
formally condemned tho water supply of
that town, which is said to be "wholly un
fit for domestic ose and an epidemic is
feared unless something is done at once.
Much of the water that is used never
reaches tbo reservoir, but is pumped di
rectly into the luaiDs. and the pipes have
frequently been found clogged with decay
ed tish. The water is r,ot filtered but
runs through a big stone heap through
which (makes, eels and small fish can easi
ly pass. An effort will probably be made
in Butler in the near future to better our
j water supply.
WA::TKD Agents for household ar
ticles. addrei-s with stamp,
W. L. Brown,
Gallery Junction, Pa.
Camp Milling Company's Flour.
Magnolia, finest flour made $1 50
Camp's Best Fane' - 1 25
"Red Ball," king for bread 1 00
Columbia, Anchor, Gem 0 90
Wheat Bran, per cwt #0 85
Brown Middlings, per cwt 0 90
White Middlings, per cwt 1 00
Oats <t Corn Chop, per cwt 1 00
Oats, Corn it Barley Chop, per cwt. 1 00
Pure Corn Meal Feed, per cwt 1 00
Selected Old White Oats $0 38
The above are my retail prices on foed
per hundred pounds and oats in two bush
el sacks. Special prices on Feed in lots of
500 to 1,000 pounds atd on oats in 25 to 50
bushel lots. Everything in the line the
Cash Grocer.
Buffalo Blankets, beat for wear at
L. Smin & SON'S.
All summer dress goods at reduc
ed prices at the People's Store.
Best place] to ibuy Table Linens,
Napkins and Towels at
—Take your children to Zuver's
Gallery for Pictures that Jwill suit
yoa. Postoffice building.
The People's Store is headquar
ters for table oil cloth.
—Children's Trunks.
Children's Bureaus.
Children's Chairs.
Children's Wooden Bedsteads.
Children's Wooden Tables.
Children's Woodert Ilockers a*
The will of Peter Stein of Lancaster twp
was probated; no letters; also will ot John
Fleming of W infield twp. >"o letters.
Letters of administration wero granted
to Barbara Christley ou the estate of W.
K. Christley. of Ceutreville; also to Emma
J. Barnhart on e-iate of Cyras Barnhart of
Lancaster twp.
Saturday Aug. sth will be the last day
for tiling the accounts ot guardians, admin
istiators am! executors for presentation at j
September Term
A cafe that stands anprecedenu-d in tae
annals of Venango county history was
turned into tho prothom tan 's office in the
courthouse i*: Franklin Friday from Jus
tice of the Peace Merrick Davidson's court.
The principals in the cue are ili.-s Delia
Houston an i her father, Robert K Hous
ton, both of Scrubgras* twp. On July 21,
I 1.592, Delia Heuston gave birth l a female
child. In the information at the court
house at Franklin she stated that ut the
time she was compelled by her father,
through fear ot violence £•> cause tho ar
rest of one, John Klenhamer. on the
charge of fornication and bastardy. She
accordingly appeared before a justice of
the peace and made the desired informa
tion and Klenhamer w»< arrested. Later
she made an information charging her
father with the deed. In the information
she states that she L>ad iilL-star.il can -il i;.-
terciurse with her owu fa'.her, li" crt E.
Heuston, with the above r alts. The de
fendant plead not guiity and was given »
hearing, the justico committing him to
jail to await the term of criminal court.
Residents in the vicinity of the Heuston
homestead are very indignant over the af
fair, while some are of the opinion tb it the
defeudant is not guilty.— Derrick
R. B. T-iylor to .-entbelia J. Wilson lot
in Butler for $2700.
Mary A Wilson admx. to 4 D McC-.'imel
7 acres in Franklin for $000.; and .1 D Mc-
Connell to Mary A Wilson, same for -ame.
Jacob Reiber to Middlesex Presbyti-r
--ian Church. 2 acres in Middlesex f'-r
Albert Winters, Es'r, to Andrew Har
per 2 acres in Zelienople loi S4OO.
Jos S Leighner to John M Leighier lot
in Centreville for SI3OO.
Wm Leithold et <■ 1 tw Win Gr< ,'i hustee
3 lots in Witfieid for sl.
M H McCacdless to S S Borland 0 .-.cres
in Centre for S2OO.
Jacob Keck, adin'r of tho Minsters -old
Campbell <t Murphy the oil well proper
ties lor S6IOO.
Marriage Licenses.
Alfred McKinniss Franklin twp.
Hattie Flceger Brady twp
Robert Wilson Allegheny Pa
Maha!a Hanna Pittsburg "
M. G. Black Baldwin
M. A. Adams "
At Sharon—W. C. Smith and Jessie Bar
At Pittsburg—C. 8. Massey'ofHazelwnod
and Elizabeth A. Grovo of liutler Co.
The barn of Albert Christy in Washing
ton twp., near Billiards, was destroyed by
firo last Sunday afternoon, while the lam-
ily were at Aiiandale Church. Smoke
was first seen issuing from the roof over
the hay bin or movr, which was filled with
new hay, and the fire is supposed to have
been a case of spontaneous combustion.
Three horses perished in the flames, be
sidos the hay and agricultural implements.
The insurance is said to amount to SIOOO
Tho house of Mr. Josiah Sheaklcy, liv
ing between lit. Chestnut and Buttercup,
was burned a few days ago with nearly all
its contents. No insurance.
The house of Henry Keck of Summit
twp., tookiire last Sunday, from Ihe kitch
en flue, but was saved by hard work.
The Markets.
Our grocers are paying 10 for butter,
15 for eggs,soc|for potatoes,6oc for turnips,
2c a pd. for cabbage, GOc for be aus 70 for peas,
35 to 40 a pair for spring chickens, :;5c a
doz. bunches for beets, So for black and 10
for red raspberries, and 12 cents a dozen
for corn.
Timothy hay from county wagons sl9 to
22, mixed hay sl3 to 14, straw -SG.SO to 8,
mill feed sls to 18.
Country roll batter 12 to 13, cooking
butter 8 to 10, grease 3 to 4.
Fresh eggs 14 to 15, candled eggs 15 to
IG '
Spring chickens 30 to 50 per pair, dress
ed spring chicken 10 to 17 a pd.
Potatoes $1.50 to 1.75 a bbl, cabbage
SI.OO to 1.25 a barrel, cucumbers 15 to
25 a doz., beets 20 to to 30 a doz..celery 15
to 25 a doz., apples $2.75 to 3.00 a bbl.,
pet-ches $1.25 to 2.00 a crate, huckelberries
11 to 12c a qt. or 90 to SI.OO a pail, cur
rants 9 to 10, damson plums $2.50 to 3.50 a
bu., honey 10 to 14, pea beans $2.00, bees
wax 28 and 30.
At Uerr's Island. Monday, prices were
down. Common besves sold at 3J to 3J,
1000-dounders at 3} to 4, and the be.it at 5
to s±.
Pennsylvania hogs retailed at Gj to GJ.
wholesaled at 3} to 5J
Sheep sold at to 4, yearlings-Bt 3+ to
4J, and spring lambs at 3 to si.
Veal calves sold at 5£ to 0, and common
and heavy at 2i to 5.
Wool. —At Boston, Monday, unwashed
fleeces sold at 15 to 17 for lino.
$lO the Hound Trip to the Atlantic Con-it
via the Pennsylvania Railroad
On August 10th and 24th the last two of
the popular summer series of seashore ex
cursionmwill be run. A choice of four des
tinations is allowed—whether Atlantic
City, Cape May, Ocean Grove or Sea Isle
City. The rate of $lO from Pittsburg and
proportionately reduced rates from other
places is a most extraordinary offer when
tho distance covered is considered. Tho
tickets are good for return passage within
twelve days, which gives ample lime for a
restful vacation by the sea.
The success of these remaining excur
sions is assured by the patrciiage accorded
the preceding two of the same series.
Great satisfaction has beeu expressed on
all 6ides at the manner of service with
which the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
handled these attractive trips, everything
possible being done for tho convenience of
its patrons.
The special train will leave Pittsburg at
8:50 a.m., arriving iu Philadelphia a little
after 7in tho evening. The night may be
spent in the (Quaker City and any regular
train taken the next day for the shore.
The rates apply on regular trains leaving
Pittsburg at -1:30, 7:00 and 8:10 p.m., or on
special train leaving at 8:50 a.m. on the
above mentioned date.
The special train will bo run on the fol-
lowing schedule, and the tickets will be
sold at the rates quoted:
Pittsburg $lO 00 8:50 A. M
Butler 10 00 0:15 "
Philadelphia Ar 7:10 P. M.
For detailed information address or ap
ply to Thus. E. Watt, Passenger Agent, 110
Fifth Avenue, Pittsburg.
Restaurant for Sale.
The Restaurant in the basement,
under Colbert «fc Dale's hat store,
near Diamond, on Main St., is for
sale, with immediate possession.
Enquire at restaurant of
Don't forget us ou Hosiery &nd
Gloves, we always have the best at
owest prices
The People's Store closes at 8
Ice! Spring Water. Ice I
Pure Spring Water Ice delivered
daily, in small or large quantities to
any part of town. Leave order ot
J. A. RICKEY'S Bakery.
142 S. Main St.,
Butler, Pa.
sl6 to Chicago and Return sl6.
P. & W. It. R. Co. will sell Ex
cursion tickets to the World's Fair
for all trains at the rate of sl(s.
Good until Nov sth.
Yery low prices on Fin's Umb el
aa at
L._STEIN & Son's.
Health, Finance and Law.
Our Town Council had an old fashion?!
meeting Tuesday evening, i. c. one tha:
began at the usual time and continued unti
after midnight.
The first business of import considered
was the report of the Board "f Health
which presented a ,-ot of Kujes and Regu
lations, gorerning the santitary affairs ol
the town, which cover forty-five page- ol
foolscap, and also every conceivable detri
ment or danger to the public health. All
contagious diseases are to be •jnarantined
public funeral- resulting from such ca-es
are forbidden, school books are to be burn
ed and permits obtained: there is a long
list of nuisances designated: marriages,
births and deaths are to be reported to the
Board, Etc., Etc., with fine.- in nine sec
tions ranging from t» and in others
from $lO to SIOO.
The Kules were adopted by the Council,
ind as th6y put more power in the hand* of
:he Board of Ilealth thau anybody ever
Ireamcd of placing there, it would bo well
"or everybody to read their new Kulcs
ivhen they are printed.
The Finance Committee reported tint
t would be necessary to issue #12.000 ?a
sonds to meet debts coming due for n c w
■ Liwers ar.il < i-iiprovciuents, and the
Jouncil directed the Committee to niake
ts statement and have the bunds prepared
.he same to draw 4 per cent clear ol the
■tate tax.
The next matter of interest was the offer i
nade by an attorney of the town regaril
i:g the lot of Jnlius Baker, against which
lie town has liiod a municipal lien for
sewerage, which is followed by a private
udgment of $1,300, and this in turn by a
municipal lien for paving. The attorney
iffercd tr> pay all of the sewerage lien and
ialf tho paving lien, and this, altera long
liscus.-ion was refused by the Council.
Several questions came up in the matter,
.e. Is a municipal lien a lien upon the
property unti paid ? c'an a Sheriffs' sale or
my other judicial sale divest a municipal
ien f It stands to reason that a niuuici
>al lien should be a lien unti! paid, but
.ve are informed t;. ti the Sewerage and
l'av:Lig law.-, ilu n.»i ,-ay so, and that there
is no bupreme Court decision on the sub
Some small matters wots discussed and
lisposci! I, bills aggregating $1,200 were
ijtproved, aud the Council adjourned for
:wo weeks.
Oii Notes.
The Delmar Oil Co., fourtu of the
stock of v> hich is held by Greenlee &
■ Furst, struck a well at Mannington. West
' Virginia, last week which started olf at
» 1300 bbls.—flowing. This Co. holds a
large block of leases in that section, and
, and has four more wells drilling, two of
which arc near completion. The pay
streak there is over 3000 feet below the
surface. The field is about thirty miles
east of Sisterville, and near the main lino
' of the B. &O. President Jos. llartman,
of the National Bank also has an interest
in the Delmar Co.
The wells drilled on the Baxter Logan
farm in Penn twp., and Barrett farm in
Middlesex twp., are said to be dry. Tho
Logan farm lies north of tho Campbell,
and the Barrett, south.
-The monthly oil rt-poit credits Butler
Co. with 38 completed wells, 11 of which
are dry, and tho others producing 707 bbls.
Uendersonville—Broun, Wick & Co's.
No. 2on tho Davis started flowing Wed
nesday evening, caught fire and burned
the rig.
A s'rong gaeser was struck on the Mul
ligan, four miles southeast ot Ma s.
Wait for the Excursion of the Season,
Tuesday, August 29.
Arrangements have been completed for
a grand excursion to Niagara Falls. Toron
to and the Thousand Islands, via the P. S.
<!' L. E. K. R., on Tuesday, August 29th.
Owing to the uncertainty of reduced rates
on the railroads thousands of people will
bo debarred from visiting tho'World's Fair.
Then why not take advantage of tho ex
tremely low faro and visit Niagara Falls.
The excursion will be r a ia two sec
tions, ono from Butler making no stops for
passengers east of Shenango. and one from
Greenville aud Meadvillc, iug no stops
east of Erie. No change of cars going or
returning. Ample time at the Falls to
visit all points of interest. Reduced rates
at hotels at Niagara. Returning, special
train will leave Niagara at 9 o'clock.
Tickets also good returning on any regular
train from Niagara Falls and Buffalo until
Sept. 2d, Toronto, Sept. 4th, and Thousand
Islands aud Chautauqua, Sept. 7th, each
day inclusive. Passengers holding Niagara
Falls tickets desiring to visit Chautauqua
Lake furnished with tickets from Brocton
to Chautauqua aud return free of charge.
For particulars see bills or inquire of the
nearest P. S. & L. E. agent.
This excursion will be undt r tho person
al management of Mr. E. H. Norris, oi
Meadville,an experienced oxcursion agent,
and patrons are guaranteed every attention
and convenience possible.
Half Rates to the World's Fair by the
Pennsylvanai Railroad.
In order to afford an opportunity to the
public to visit the World's Fair, the Penn
sylvania Kailroad Company has decided to
run a series of popular excursions at a sin
gle fare fur the round trip on the main line
and branches between Harrisburg and
Tho parties will be carried on special
trains composed of the newest and best
standard passenger coaches, containing all
modern conveniences.
•i'he excursions are fixed for August 2d,
12th, and 23d. The return coupons of
• these tickets will bo good within ten days,
and will bo accepted for passage only on
trains leaving Chicago at 3:15 P. M." and
, 11:30 P. M.
How is This ?
| Something unique even in these days of
| mammoth premium offers, it is the latest
efl'.irt of Stafford's Magazine, a Now York
monthly of home and general reading.
The proposition is to send the Magazine
one year for one dollar, the regular sub
scription price; and in addition to send
each subscriber fifty-two complete novels
during the twclvo months: one each weeek.
Think of it. You receive a new and com
plete novel, by mail, pest paid,every week
lor fifty-two weeks, ar»«i in addition you
get the magazine once a month for twelve
months, all for one dollar. It is an offer
which the publishers can only alfojd to
make ia the confident expectation of get
ting a hundred thousand new subscribers.
Among the authors in tho coming series
aie Wilkie Collins, Walter Besant, Mrs.
Oliphant, Mary Cecil Hay, Florence
Marryat, Anthony Trcllope, A. Conau
Doyle, Miss Braddon, Captain Marryat,
Miss Thaekery and Jules Verne. If you
wish to take advantage of this unusual op
portunity. send one dollar for Stafford's
Magazine, one year Your first copy of
the magazine and your first number of [the
fifty two novels (one each week) which
you are to receive during the year will lie
sent you by return mail. Remit by I'. O.
Order,register! d letter or express. Address
11. STAFFORD, PcnusUKß,
Stafford's Magazine,
P. O. Box 122G4,
Xew York, X. Y.
Please mention this paper.
New Broadcloths, Bedford Cords,
Henriettas aud Fine Dress Goods at
—Pianos, Upright Pianos,
Metallophones, Organs,
Accordeons, Concertinas,
Musical Boxes, Mouth Organs of
all kinds at J. F. T. STEIILE'S
—The brightest letters from the
World's Fair—The greatest sport
ing and base ball reports—and the
best summer resort correspondence is
to be found iu the PITTSBURG
—Are you going to Chicago 1 No,
going to Niagara Falls, August 29tb,
with E. 11. Norris' Excursion, via
P. S. b L. E. II It.
Geimon Knitting Yarn, Spanish
and Saxony Yarns at
Largest assortment and best values
n Dress Goods and Cloaks at
—Alway stop at the Hetsl Waver
ily when in Butler.
A little two-year old.bo.jr of Mr*. Bond
of Mifflin St., who fell into a kettle ot ho!
paste, died next day. He n.- buried a:
Lancaster Vau Cnren, a well-known
shooter of oil wells in the Wildwood field?
was blown to atoms and his horses killed
by a terrific explosion of nitro-glycerine
shortly after midnight of last Wednesday
night, near Semple station, on the Pitts
burg and Western ltailroad.
J. C. Bingham, a young man 21 years of
age, was drowned last Wednesday night in
a mill dam at Volant. He was studying
for the ministry and attending Volant Col
lege. lie went in bathing and was seized
with cramps. He sank to the bottom be
fore aid could reach him.
Wm. Dunbar, who was so terribly in
jured at the Reiber A- Co. well on the
Knauff farm, a few days ago, died Monday
Eleventh Ann mil Reunion
134f/i Iteyt. V. K I.
The officers and executive committee
elected at the last reunion,were authorized
to select the place and fix the time for the
next reunion. han> seenred the I\»:r
r .uuuuo uali at Deaver, l'a. for our
next meeting, to be held Wednesday,
Ang, 2:51, lb'j;! at 11 a. m. Every member
ol the organization that possibly can should
be present. Comrade.-. "Rally once again-"
Jons W. HAGUE, Pres.
JOHN I). ORR, Rec. Sec.
Klinglers Break the Record—
August Price List Just Out.
We make the following reductions to
20 cents per barrel ou Flour.
4 cents per bushel ou New Oats.
2 cents per bashel on Coru
The handlers of Western Flour told you
Flour would be higber. Klinglers saiil it
woulu be lower. Who is right? Innocent
people were humbugged into buyinga stock
ol Western Flour upon their dealer's ad
vice. and are now 80 cents per barrel out
nf pocket.
We resort to no suca methods to sell
cur Flour.
Many think our prices were 100 low al
ready, an.l that further reductions an* un
called for. But remember tiu> *s are hard.
Th« daily p.; - ur« lii.cd wirh failures.
two ilutler industries (or one besides
unrs) in operation to-day whose output is
The question confronts as: Will we al
so turn out our men, and close down our
mills t "We say no. Wo will rather re
luce prices to "such a low ebb as to briiig
the people of Butler and vicinity to our
rescue. Better to accept a small profit as
aoue at all. The truth of the matter is,
sve can't afford to shut down and Butler
.itizens can't afford to leave us do so
Just think of it,
We are to-day selliug four times as many
jarrels of these Flours as we did six months
igo.but we want to sell teu times as many
jarrels. Wo believe there is more
: old in Butler to-day than all the other
I'lours put together. If ever there was
my truth in the advice.
tis now. Appiy for ''a card" at once.
3et an August w'holesalo price-list.
Never have Butler peoplo been able to
it such prices as we offer them in tha Aug
a-t list. "A card'" entitles you to this list
ind its prices Applv without delay at
Oriental Roller Mills,"Mifflin street; West
I'enn Elevator, opposite P. R R. depot;
Wain Office, 139 East Jefferson street.
Telephone No. 10.
P. S. Don't buy any Seeds until you
cet < wholesale prices. Wehavealargo
of Prime Timothy Seed on the
way n«w. Wc are selling Timothy Seed
rei:. rkably low.
Special Trains and Excursion Tickets to
Ridgevisw Camp Meeting via
Pennsylvania Railroad.
The Itidgeview camp meeting will be iu
session lrom August 10th until August 22d
near Millwood, Pa.,and lor the accommo
dation of participants and visitors the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
place excursion tickets on sale, cominenc
ing August Bth, good tor return passage
until August 28th, and will run special
trains 011 Sundays, August 13th and 20th,
direct to Kidgeview camp. During the
continuance of tbo meeting several express
and accommodation trains will stop daily,
and everything possible will bo done for
the convenience of those interested in the
World's Fair Philanthropists
Messrs. Bodilio Bros., wealthy Chicago
gentlemen, having the interest of their city
at heart, and desiring to disprove the fals
ity of the statement that only in boarding
houses can bTj found moderate priced ac
commodations during the World's Fair, re
modeled and furnished at great expense
one of their famous absolutely fire-proof
business structures, located corner of Frank
lin and Jackson streets, within short walk
ing distance of the Union Depots, Theaties,
Post Office, Board of Trade, Steam, Eleva
ted, Cable Koads and Steamboats to
World's Fair, furnished newly throughout
500 rooms, superb parlors, elevators, elec
tric lights, exhaust fans to keep cool en
tire building, named this property THK
GREAT WESTERN HOTEL, and invite the
public to take their choice of rooms for
SI.OO per day, children from 5 to 12 fifty
cents. Elegant restaurant and dining
rooms where fine meals are served at 50
cents, or a la carte at very moderate pri
There would be less heard or known of
extortion and imposition connected with
the World's Fair were there more public
spirited, fair minded men in Chicago as
are the owners and proprietors of THE
should write as early as possible to secure
rooms, for they are btic e taken up rapidly.
—St. Paul Daily Xewx.
Prospect Normal and Classical
Opens Tuesday, August Bth, 1893.
A full corps of live and energetic
teachers has been secured and this
terra promises to be one of the best
in its history. • Expenses low. Send
for catalogue. G. I. WILSON, Prin.
Prospect Pa.
—Zuver'a Pictures leave nothing
wanting in finish, tone or a correct
—Wait for the Niagara Falls Ex
cursion, August 20th. Special low
rates via P. S. & L. E. 11. R.
Best stylos in Dress Goods and
Cloaks at
—Hotel Waverly. best house in
Bickel & Kennedy having leased
the block of livery barns on West
Jefferson street, and refitted and re
furnished same with uew stock com
plete are now prepared to furnish
first class rigs for all occasions and at
the shortest notice. We have two
fine cabs for funerals, weddings and
parties We call special attention to
the fact that we can feed 100 horses.
Also a fine furnished room for ladies
to wait in while horses are being
hitched up. Telephone connection
with all surrounding towns. Give
us a call and be convinced that we
have fine rigs. Open day and night.
Telephone No. 34. Street No. 134
to 138. Special attention to feeding
and boarding.
—The P S. &. L. E. R R. will
run the best low price eyursion to
Niagara Falls, August 29th, that
ever went over their lino.
—Job work of all kind done at teh
J. C. Kirk laud of Carbon Black has been
■wearing a smile for some Jays. Its a boy.
Drs. Leake and Mann and their families
cimped oat for a few days in the woods
near Keiater.
Rev. Borland is 6 leet 4 inches tall
(without shoes.) lie is probably the tallest
man in the county.
Mrs. B. C. Unselton entertained one
hundred and seventy of her lady friends
Thursday evening.
X. B. Jacobs and wife went to Chicago
via the Shenango and Lake route, tickets
for which are now sold by Mr. Crouch ut
$22 each.
Misa Mollie Gilkey is at Cassadaigua
Alis- Mabel Heydrick is tlio guest of th«
Bon. M. L Lockwood's family at Zelieiio
Xewt Marks ia '.he possessor of one of
the most remarkable voices for singing in
Butler, and recently favored a select audi
Alfred Weigand is in Chicago doing the
liev Walker of Pittsburg, will preach
lor tho Baptist congregation, of this place,
on next Sabbath, morning ond evening.
I'. W. liowry, Esq., is now rusticating
a Canada.
Carson Heed of Tarentuui was the guest
o his brother Jno M.
Mr-. Slack of Alleghenv is the guest of
Mrs. L. I* Walker.
ili.-s Eunice Crouch is visiting Iriends in
California, Pa.
- I di ! l 'rank iiiller of Slippery rock
t . . ienly, Tuesday.
*•- , A ... -i.-Q has returned from Washing
ton, and will again engage in the lightning
rod business in Evans City. lie did a
good business in Washington this spring,
but later found the weather too warm to
stay there.
W. M. Bartley, late of l'oughkeepsc,
X. Y , is at his home in Clay twp for the
The Sick.
11. H. Gallagher, of Allegheny in furious
ly ill.
C. A. Campbell. Esq, is on the sick list.
Win. S. Bingham of Centreville is seri
ously ill.
World's Fair Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Zuver, Miss Ada
Fisher, Mrs. Niggle and her son Frank;
John M. Greer, Bobt. Greer, Geo. Bickel,
Campbell Miller, M. Eisler, Jr., Ed. Mar
dorf, C. H. Leighner. E. Cronenwett, C.
W. Douglass, Alice Diflenbacher, H. W.
T. Graham, and A. G. Williams and four
sons have lately registered at the Penn'a.
State Building in the World's Fair.
New Buildings.
J. M. Galbreath, Esq., intends building
on his lot on W. Cunningham St., west of
the Mitchell property.
Jacob Burkhalter and family have mov
ed iuto their new house on W. Xorth St.
Mrs. Beaumont intends tearing down
the old McQuistion house at the corner of
Washington and Cunningham streets and
New Postmasters.
At Coaltown —A. C. Bollinger.
Sunbury Academy.
Persons holding scholarships in our Acad
emy through the Co. Diploma Examina
tion will liud it to their advantage to at
tend this Fall Terra, opening Sept. 12th.
Provisions have been made to accommo
date all. These scholarships expire with
the present year. F. E. ENOCH, A. B.
—Boarding House Cards, with Act
of Assembly, 25 cents for half-a-doaen,
for sale at CITIZEN office.
Double Blackboards, Secretaries
Desks, Eureka Baby-Jumpers and
Swings for sale at
J. F. T. Steule's.
Ladies and Misses' Cloaks in grett
variety at lowest prices at
L. Stein & Sou's.
Excursion to Buffalo, N. Y
The P. S. <fc L. E. will sell excur
sion tickets to Buffalo, N. Y., Aug.
ust Ist to 10th Good returning up
to and including Aug. 12th.
Fare for the round trip, $7.00
Excursion to Chicago via P. S.
& L. E. and Nickle Plate.
Until further notice the P. S. & L.
E. 11. R. will sell round trip tickets
to Chicago via P. S & L. E. and
Nickle Plato at rate of sl2 00 Good
returning 10 days from date of sale.
sl2, Chicago and Return. sl2.
via P. & W
Until further notice the P. «fe W.
R R. will sell round trip tickets to
Chicago on Tuesday and Thursday
of each week at rate of sl2 00, tick
ets good ou all trains and good re
turning 10 dayß from date of sale.
Trains leaving Butler at 8:20 a m.
and 3:35 p. m arrives in Chicago
at 10 o'clock p m. and 7:05 a. m.
—Boy's Carts and Wagons.
Toys that never out-stay their
Welcome with the Boys at
J. F. T. Steule's.
—Niagara FallsJS days, Toronto 7
days. Everybody is going to Nia
gara Falls, August 29th. Don't get
ieft. as train will be on time,
A Notable Engagement.
Arrangements have been finally
completed with the Boston Ideal
Concert Company, and that famous
organization will positively appear
at Exposition Park, Conneaut Lake,
giving the first entertainment on Sun
day, July 30th. They will be at that
plea?ant resort for seven days, giv
ing two free performances each day,
after which there will be dancing for
the young folks.
This company i 3 composed of ar
tists of acknowledged ability and ev
erywhere they have appeared they
have been greeted with an ovatioD.
The company are now at Woodlawn
Beach, Buffalo, where they have
made a decided success. 10,000 peo
ple being on the grounds Sunday.
Thi* entertainment will indeed be
a musical treat for Meadville and its
surrouuding towns people, who will
no doubt tender them a warm wel
Down go the Prices
011 all Slimmer
Goods at
Light suits, light coats and
vests, summer underwear, straw
hats and everything in summer
goods must go and we have made
prices on them that will move
them soon.
Now is the time to get a real
bargain at
The Racket Store,
120 South Main Street, Butler, Pa
And all kinds of insects com
plctely destroyed by the use o
BL GOLE. Is not poisonous tr
use and can b«- handled withoui
danger to persons. Will not in
jure varnish on furniture but rathei
improves it. But is sure death tc
all kinds of bugs and insects. Can
only be had at our store. We a!
so keep the finest brand of insect
powder. Try our Ammonia, the
superior of any brand sold in the
stores. We want you to know we
keep these things as well as the
purest and best Drugs in every
C. N. BOYD, Druggist.
Diamond Block.
Registered Pharmacist.
CAPITAL Paid I'p, _ $100,000.00.
811PLIS AXl> PROFITS, - $55,»35.14.
• Jos. II art man, Pres't.
J. V. Kltts, Vice Pres't, C. A. Bailey, I'ushior.
Joe. Hart 11, an, c. P. Collins, o. M. Kussell.
H. MoSweeney, c. D. Greenlee, J. V. Rats
i w «" WW* „^," e '• «• Smith.
| W. s. Wa.dron, W. Henry Wilson. M. Flnegan.
A general banking business transacted. In
terest paid on time deposits. Money loaned on
approvpc security.
Foreign exchange bought and sold.
Assets $9,730,000.00.
Home of New York,
Assets $9,328,000.00.
Hartford of Hartford,
Assets $7, 10g, 000.00.
Continental of New York,
Assets $6,380,000.00.
Assets $137,499,000.00.
Office of
to the Court House.
Oil and after December 19th. 1892, t tains
will leave Butler as follows:
For Butler Junction and intermediae
sections, and for Allegheny City, 6.15 A.
M., 8:40, 11:00, 2:45, p. nj. 5:00, daily except
ForTarentum, Freeport and Ulesheny
Valley Junction, 6:15, a. m. 8:40, 11:00
2:45 p. m. 5:00 p. m., daily except Sunday'.
For Sharpsburg, 6:15 a. ni. 11:00, 2:45 p.
m. 5:00.
For Klairsville and Blairsville Intersec
tion; 6:15 a. m. and 2:45 p. m., daily except
Trainß leaves Allegheny City for Taren
tuoi, Butler Junction and Butler at 6:55 a.
m., 8:45, 10:40, 3:15. 10:40 p. in. 6:10, daily
except Sunday.
For Sharpsburg ot 6:56 a. m. B:4s,aud 10:40
p. m.
Trains pass Blairsville Intersection east
ward as follows:
Harrisburg Accommodation, 7:30 a. m.,
daily except Sunday.
Day Express, 9:40 a. m., daily.
Mail Express, 3:18 p. m., daily.
Philadelphia Express 6:28 p. m., daily.
From Union Station, Pittsburg, Eastern
Standard time, for Altoona. Harrisburg,
Washington,' Baltimore, Philadelphia and
New York; 3:30 a. m. Penn'a. Limited, 7:15
a. iu. 4:30 p. m.. 7:00 p. m., 8:10 p. m.
For Harrisburg daily except Sunday, 5:25
a. m. and 1:00 p. m.
For Harrisburg Sunday only, 8:40 a. m.,
arriving at Philadelphia at 10:55 p. m.
For time tables and further information
inquire of the Ticket Agent at the Station,
or address Thos E. Watt, P. A. W. Dist. 110
Fifth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
P. & W. K. B.
Schedule, in effect July, '93. (Butler time). The
Short I.tne to Pittsburg.
®.OO a m Allegheny 9.30 am.Al & Ch'cago
.20 :i m All'y <£ Ch. Ex 10.00 a m,Allegheny Ex
'O.O 5 am Allegheny Ac 12.35 p m, All'y & ch'go
jj.OO p m Allegheny Mall J. 55 p m. Allegheny E\
•>.35 pin Chicago Kx. 7.15 p m,All'y &Ak Kx
5.55 p m All'y & Ell. Ex s.lO p m, Allegheny Ac
10.05 a m Kane & Brad, 5.05 a m.Foxburg Ac
5.00 p m Clarion Ac 9.55 a m. Clarion Ac
7.25 p m Koxburg Ac ">.40 pm, Kane Mall
8.20 a 111, Chicago Ex 10.00 a m .Allegheny Ac
11.15 a m,Alle};Ueny Ex Chicago Ex
3.35 p m, Chicago Ex 4.55 p m. Allegheny Ex
5.55 p m.tAllegheny Ac 7.15 p m, DeForrest Ac
Trains leave Allegheny for Butler 7.30, B.CO,
10.30 a. m., aud 3.10, 5.25 and 6.15 p. in.
Train leaving Butler at M.'JO a. m. arrives
Chicago 10.00 p.m.
Chicago Express leaving Butler at 3.35 p. m.
arrives in Chicago at 7.05 a. in.
Summer Schedule P. S. &L. E. In effect July
17. Butler time.
12—5 30 a. in., Erie 1—9.50 am. Meadville
14—10.110 " •• pm, Erie
a—5.00 p 111. Meadville 13—9.32 p m, Erie
No. 12 makes close connections for New Cas
tle. Buffalo. Cleveland and Chicago.
N0.14 makes connections all paits east on \V.
N. V. & I*. at Mercer Junction, and with N. Y.
L. E. <fc W. at Shenango for all points east.
No. 2 makes connections with W. N. V. A'JP.
at Mercer Junction for Stoneboro aud New
Trains leaving the l\ KW. depot In AIK gLe
ny at 820 a. iu.. 3:10 p. m.. connect at Butler
with trains 011 tliLs road, and tha trains No. 1
a id 11, connect through to Allegheny.
Hotel Kutler,
J. H. FAUBEL, Prop'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets; has electric bells and all
other modern conveniences for
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found irf Butler, Pa.
Elegant sample room for use of
commercial men
[Successois oi Sohutte O'Brien.]
Sanitary Plumbers
And (im
Sewer Pipe,
Globes ai
Natural (ras Applia
Jefferson St.,opp. Lowry House
11l AUTI?n Reliable men to sell
YW A £IJL/ a our choice and hardy
■ » Nursery Stock, and Seed Potatoes, full
aud complete line. Many varieties can only
be obtained through us. Commission or sal
ary paid weekly, and promptly. Exclusive
and choice of territory giveu. Don't delay,
write at once for terms.
ALLEN NURSERY CO., Rochester, N. Y.
t\J j fell | lObllW this paper,or obtain *
•«r. Vvertiting . whon in Chicago, will find it on fi*« rt
Keep an Eye out for Bargains.
SFI? ;how PRICES. "^8
Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing.
- j « t o'
1 Gent's Furnishing Goods, Ilats, etc.
\ou will find the place fur when y>u :-ee our
Spring -Imp-ay of quality uuil elegance.
.... . ________________ a
11 you wish to set* the i itest nov- res cuine and HOC US
If you wish to see the very : >i?tiu standard styles and
reliable mnkts come and see us.
Few can meet ami none <- «n l>ear our prices.
j They have got to go Hani time-, high prices, and biir
profits cin't exist as we are hound to lead.
: Truth brands our go ds, ''Honest Quality,''
Economy recommends our low prices
Oloflnei in P ut'i-he*,
104 South Main St., Butler, Pa.
Now going oil at our Stoi c;, consisting of
Men's Suits, Boys' Suits, and C'hil
drens* Suits, Men's Pants, Boy*'
Pants, and Childrens'
Knee l'ants.
Gents Furnishing Goods, Hats, Trunks, and Valises. This is a
Bonafide Removal Sale. And you can buy anything which we
have in our store at manufacturers ccst. That means a saving
for you of 25c on every dollar you purchase of us.
We are not going to leave the town,but we must leave our pres
ent location by September Ist. And we intend to open with a
brand new stock of Kali and Winter Goods in our new location
which we will announce to the public in the near future.
Come Now for Bargains in Clothing.
Clothiers and Furnishers,
Opposite Hotel Vogeley, Butler, Pa.
The 0. W. HARDMAN Art Company Limited.
Everything in Photographing and Portraits, in PasUl,'Crayon, Sepi i Oil or Water
Colors, that is worthy of honest sale, and strictly FIRST CLASS,
Old Pictures REPRODUCED and KXLARGBD. All work guaranteed as repre
sented. Latest Styles in Picturo Frames S*J-- Urge display of samples, Comparo
prices and our work with others. Special rates to Ministers and Lady School Teaclu-rs.
And Children have no long, dark, filty «tairs to travel up and down. Studio on FIRST
Carrlea lhe F ' nesl anc *
wHBWmlh; '• /ill! Giv* LS a call belore pur-
As this is
A. "White" Season |
Wo have made special preparations for j
this summer trade. This week's invoice in |
300 HATS,
500 Yd's of Ribbon.
Tips, Plumes and Aigretts.
Our stock of trimmed hats is most com
Children's Hats a Specialty.
M. F. & M. MARKS.
113 to 117 South Main Street, j
Imoroved Variable Friction Feed.
Farm For Sale or Rent.
ITS acres in Donegal twp., Butler Co., Pa.
Tuo orchards —an abundance:of food fruit,—a
two »tory dwelling house. a good barn and gran
ery and all necessaryoti:-i>ulldlng*. well wait-r
--ed. 12S acres cleared, and considered on - <
the beat farms In the coutty. Three pr.k-'if .:
oil wells on It will go along with asaje. Apily,
10 ANDREW F0:<1».
< li'cora, Bit'erc®., la.
Mutual Fire [lnsurance Co.
Office Cor. Main & Cunningham fits.
Alfred Wick, Henderson Oliver,
Dr. W. Irvtn, James Stephenson,
W. W. Blackmore. N. Weitzei.
F. How man. O. T. N orris,
Geo. Ketterer. !chas. Rebhun,
John OrohmaD. |JoUn Koeiiln*.
1 LOYAL S.B M'JUNHN. Ager.t.
Oar Green Bone Cutter will dou.
ble your I-UK production.
Best nnd Cheapest iu the rnuket.
Circular free.
CazenoTla, tj