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FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1893.
BUTLER Has a population ot about 10.000.
It Is the Oounty seat or Butler County, with
Four railways, natural gas, and unequalled
facilities lor manufactures.
ITogresa evrywhere; new buildings, new
manufactures, a growth* and prosperous town.
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so doing, we are enabled to offer to all our
subscribers who pay arrearages, (if any)
and one year in advanoe, and to all new
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New Advertisements.
Trustees Sale of property of the Brady's
Bend Iron Co., for July 3d, 1893.
S S Convention.
Klingler's Success.
Douglass' Wall Paper.
Grove City Commencement.
Artistic Hair Goods.
Schaul k Nast's Hot Weather Clothing.
Salesmen Wanted.
Restaurant for Sale.
Campbell & Templeton's New Furnituro
and Queensware Emporium.
NOTE— AII advertisers intending to make
oanges in their ads. should notify us of
their intending to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
—lt is an avt ful strain on a woman's
patience to have a husband who thinks he
knows how to cook.
—The average temperature last
was lower than for any May for twenty
years in this climate.
—At Heck is making a flower garden
that will "take the cake" before the Sum
mer is over.
—John N. Muntz will offer at public sale
at his barn on the South Side, June Isth,
his stock of wagons, horses, buggies, farm
i ,-g utensils, etc.
—Mr. J. V. Ritts has purchased the
Leidecker lots at the corner of North Mc-
Kean and Fulton streets, and intends
building this summer.
—A certain down-town woman says
that some of the girls have certainly room
enough to "laugh in their sleeves" at the
present period.
—The school directors of Butler have
let the contract for tbe painting of the
Jefferson St. School building and it is in
order to remark that there several public
buildings in Butler that need painting.
—B. H. Huselton has contracted with
Adam Haffner for a three-story brick,office
and store-room building on his lot fronting
the Diamond and adjoining the Armory
—Owing to the adv. of the Trustees
Sale of the Brady'} Bend Iron Works com
ing in on us Thursday morning, our local
correspondence yet on the copy hook had
to be ommitted this week.
—A scientist says that holding the
breath will make anybody proof against
the sting of a bee. This would be useful
information if anybody had time to think
of it and nse it before the bee began opera
—The laying of the large pipe line of
the Citizens Gas Co. from their wells east
of town to a point on tbe creek bank near
the old Miller furniture lactory was com
pleted Friday. The line was there con
nected with other lines running North and
South, and completed a circuit of the town
made by the lines of this Company.
—We publish in another place the now
lee bills for Justioe3 of the Peace and
Constables, as passed by the late Legisla
ture and signed by the Governor Tho bill
makes the fees uniform all over the State,
both town and oounty. It was introduced
by Hon. D. B. Douthett, of this county
who secured its passage through the House
by special orders.
—Col. Thompson, Frank Kohler and
others who ha7e been to Chioago lately
say that the stories of extortion are all
nonsense. One can live as cheaply or as
extravagantly there as in any other large
town. A good room can be secured at
any of the first class hotels at $2 for one or
$3 for two persons, and at private and
boarding houses for half that; and the
prices of your meals depends entirely upon
the restanrants you patronize.
—lt is reported that the P. S. AL.E. R
R. is to be extended to Pittsburg, cross
ing the Allegheny river |at Aspinwall and
running ac ross the East End to the Carneg
ie Mills at Homestead and the Jones &
Langhlin Mills on the south Side, where it
will oonneot with the Wabash system
whioh is to be extended from Steubenville
to Pittsburgh. The object is a new coal
and ore routo to the Lakes.
—The Plate Glass Works hero shut
down last Saturday, and as the ware room
of the works is lull of finished glass, fur
which there is but little demand at pres
ent it is supposed that the shut down will
continue it least three months. There
are now fifteen plate glass factories in the
oountry; the s'.ock on hand is said to
amount to over three million squaro feet
and it is probable that all the factories will
abut down during the month. The clos
ing of the works here has thrown over
five hundred men out of steady employ
—At tho evening services in the Pr c£-
byteriac. Churoh at Butler last Sunday,
Rev. Oiler gave an outline of the proceed
ings of the General Assembly of the ohnrch
at Washington, speaking particularly of
the trial and conviction of Dr. Briggs.
Stated in plain English the charges against
Dr. Briggs were that his teachings under
mine faith in the Bible; that his influence
upon young men att ending the Theologi
cal Seminary was harm ful, and that by
reason ot his nnsound belief and utterances
the interests of the church were endanger
—Here is a straight truth that carries
with it some good advice: The commu
nity in which each individual citizen has
publio spirit enough to keep his own sur
roundings neat and clean, and whose o ffi
oials prevent the accumulation of debris
on the streets, is likely to escape an epi
demic of cholera during the coming
months. In other words, sweep before
yonr own door, cl ean up your owu prem
ises, don't worry about your neighbor's
premises, the chances are that he will see
what you are doing and will follow .. you r
good example.
—The Ministerial Association of New
Castle, Pa., is agitating against the
practice of opening caskets at church
funerals. One of their number, Rev.
I. A. Thayer, recently said: We have
been trying for sometime to break up the
idea that a circus must be made out ot a
funeral. There is nothing more disgust
ing to me than to see a whole congrega
tion file around the front of a ohnrch
merely to get a glimpse of a face which
perhaps many of them have never seen
before. The custom should be abolished
without ceremony.
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The June quarter sessions met Monday
noon with Judge nazen presiding. The
constables made their reports: the Grand
Jury was sworn, Mr. C. Boyd was ap
pointed foreman, and their work, up to the
time of our going to press appears below.
Com. vs Edward White, indicted for ag
gravated A<£B, also AAB <fc Assault, not a
true bill on Ist and true bill on second and
third counts.
Com. vs Charles Meyers, rape, Mary L
Brown, pros'x. A true bill.
Com. vs Camden Arner, FA-B, Lulu Mc-
Cracken, pros'x. A true bill.
Com. vs Chas Kerr, furnishing liquor to
minors; Horner Walker and Win Thomp
son, pros'rs. A true bill.
Milt Cubbison and Mack Croft, damag
ing a livery team; W. L. Campbell, pros.
A true bill.
Horner WalKer and Win Thompson,
furnishing liquor to a minor; Margaret
Blakely pros'x. A true bill.
James Say, carrying concealed weapons;
Nannie Say, pros'x. A true bill.
Wm Trushell, seduction; Nettie Hilliard,
pros'x. A true bill.
IJ R Gilleland, FAB. A true bill.
Wm Barber, A<fß, with intent to rape.
Mary McFadden, pros'x. A true bill.
Wallaco Say and Frank Thompson, A«fcß
A L Shira, pros. A true bill.
Wallace Say, carrying concealed wea
pons; A L Shira. pros. A true bill.
Geo Martena, FAB, L Dufford, pros'x.
A true bill.
Com. vs Minnie Fulton, keeping a bawdy
house. A true bill.
Com. vs Minnie Fulton, pointing fire
arms. A true bill.
Com. vs F H Calef, l.irceny. A true
Com. vs Livingstone Evans, laroeny. A
true bill.
Com. vs Mrs Elizabeth McCall, FAB. A
true bill.
Com. vs Sam Hays, being a tramp. A
true bill.
Com. vs Charles C Kerr, selling liquor
without a license. A true bill.
P N Stepp, surety peace, not a true bill
and Mrs Catharine Elsenrath to pay
The cases vs R C Parker, Elizabeth Os
borne, W K Brandon, W G Biehl, were
Com. vs J F Hindman obtaining credit
by false pretense. Not a true bill and
county of Butler to pay costs.
Com vs G F Miller, larceny. Not a true
bill. Court ordered County to pay costs.
SherifFs'deeds were made to Eckert Kalb
for the J L Kelly lot in Butler lor slls0 —to
same for the A M Stewart lot in Butler for
$10 —to H Schneideman for the Henry
Allen properties in Franklin twp. for $lO
each—to Robt Burns for M. Cypher prop
erty in Winfield twp. for $50 —to S G
Purvis A Co for the C Besalt lot in Butler
for $10 —to W J Butler for the Jas Say
property in Parker twp. for S2O0 —to M J
Covert for the Jas Covert property in Jack
son twp. for SSB0 —to B V Meyers for the
Wiles property in Fairview twp. for s2s—
Myra Boyd for Boyd property in Mercer
twp. for sloo—to Henry Keiber for the
Jacob Gerstner lot in Butler for SIOO. All
the other writs were returned.
The Robt. Yanderlin property in Marion
and Venango twp. was not sold by the
Sheriff. The writ was stayed, and the
case will go to the Supreme Court.
The County Commissioners report to the
Sec'y of Internal Affairs shows that there
are 17,428 taxables in this county; that the
value of all real estate in the county is
$12,759,786; exempt from taxation, $699,-
630; number of horses over 4 years old, 10,-
572, valued at $399,714; 13,497 cows valued
at $180,043; salaries and emoluments, $357-
172; making a total of all property taxable
We will have a 4 mill tax thi» year for
county purposes wbioh will make the
county revenues amount to $51,998.35.
The aggregate value of pfoperty in the
county taxable for state purposes, includ
ing money at interest, is $2,720,742; aggre
gate amount of state tax assessed is $lO,-
Forward twp. is the banner twp. for
money returned by individuals, i. e. $213,-
903. Butler borough returns $598,695.
Phillip Burtner was appointed Consta
ble for Saxonburg; and L B Snyder for
Franklin twp,
Fred Bauman was appointed guardian
Albert Wm Bauman.
An adjourned court was ordered for Sat
urday July Ist.
At Pittsburg, Saturday, Judge White,
on motion of the District Attorney, grant
ed a nolle pros in all the remaining Home
stead cases and put tho costs on the coun
The trustees of the Bradys Bend Iron
Works will sell the property during the
last week of this month.
Hereafter all the laws passed by the
Stato Legislature will be found at the Pro
thonotary's offico ten days after they have
been signed by the Governor. Heretofore
the laws have been received at tbe office
abont two months after the adjournment
of the Legislature. They will appear in
uniform unbound leaves and will be kept
for inspection by the public for one year
after their receipt. Prothonotary Brown
now has on file tho laws approved
for this session by the Governor.
W. J. Gilleland has inado a deed ot as
signment to Jas. M. Marshall of his prop
erty at Mars, for the benefit of bis credit
The will of Joseph Pisor, of Muddycreek j
twp., was probated, no letters; also will
of Catharine Haltzaple, of Summit twp.,
was probated and letters granted to Jacob
All tho Registers Accounts, Sheriffs
Deeds, Road Reports, and Widow's Ap
praisement t were confirmed Wednesday af
W J Gilleland to E D Sasse lot in Mars
fof SIOSO.
J S Wick to John lloebn 12J acres in
Butler twp. for SIBOO.
W C McCandless to Win B McCandless
100A282A55 acres in Centre and Frunklin
for $5,975.
L Dunbar to Mary Dunbar lot in Adams
for sl.
Jno WeiglotoJ. D. Albert, lot in Pros
pect for $l5O.
A Jno F Seipcrl to Wm P Gormley lots in
Great Belt, for $125.
■C_ A| Abrams to A A Bournique lot in
Butler for $625.
Marriage Licenses.
J D Mann...................... Boyer
Clara Kerr "
Samuel Duff..... Winfield twp
Mary Patterson Armstrong Co.
Wm Hasenflu Centre twp
Maggie McCormick " "
Dosa E Dobson.... Adams twp
Ida Lutz....................... Harmony
S Martin Cashdollar Callery
Maggie Hays.... "
>A N Shannon .........Prospect
Annie Stickel Isle
W S Brandon, .....N Tonawanda, N Y
Mabel Lutz...... Butler, Pa
Andrew Eiffier Summit twp
Annie Dietrich *• "
William B A1ter........ ....Allegheny Co
Olive Sarver ...Sarversville
S S Donaldson Middlesex twp
Jeesie Mahan •*
Louis Woods Allegheny Pa
Maggie Donahue Chicago 111
J D Bowers.... ...Prospect Pa
Bessie Shanor "
Charles C Bowers Glade Mills
Lyda Whiteside "
At Franklin, Richard E. Walter of Nec
tarine and Sadie M. Gilmore of Harrisville
Frank Clark Whitestown
Ella Heyl Prospect
From now until July 4th.
We are Belling all millinery goods
at reduced prices. Tbe stock mast
be cleaned oat. Ladies now is your
chance to bay a fine bat at your own
price at
Next door to Butler Savings Bank.
—Children's Trunkß.
Children's Bnreaas.
Children's Chairs.
Children's Wooden Bedsteada.
Children's Wooden Tables.
Children's Wooder Rockers at
G eiman Knitting Yarn, Spanish
and Saxony Yarns at
—The People's Store is head
quarters for b.osery and under ware.
Democratic Primary.
Last Saturday the Democrats held their
primary election and the return Judges
met in Seneca Hall Monday afternoon.
The Convention waf called to order by
County Chairman Heineman, and the list
of return Judges was read.
Geo. H. Graham was elected temporary
chairman, and Gus McC'rea and Hugh Mc-
Namee Secretary. Tellers were appointed
to count the vote and a Committee on Res
olutions was appointed.
A resolution passed providing that here
after the county chairman would print
tickets containing the names of all the can
didates to be voted for at primaries.
C. M. Heineman and P. A. Rattigan
were nominated for County Chairman for
tbe ensuing year. A vote by ballot was
decided upon and resulted in 34 votes for
Heiaeman and 20 for Rattigan.
The committee on Resolutions reported
and the Convention took a recess till 4
The tellers announced the results
as follows:
W T Mechling 1417
T R McMillan 1011
George Wilson ——• 1092
Jn .C Kelly 904
Jno J Reiber 86'
THHenon 840
Fred Henninger '33
Matthew Brown 319
D W McCollough 1p42
A Barrickman 581
Alex Russell '6s'
D M Ward 694
A M Beers 1496
TA Frazier B3l
Geo Marburger 1347
Robert McKissick 657
S W Crawford 358
J A Ripper 1708
Dr. McCune 930
J D Marshall 874
P R Bnrke 871
C I> Strohecker 788
J II Elrich 672
Wm Bedillion 238
For Auditors there were but two candi
dates, J. S. Bullord ur.d J. A Elliott, and
for Coronur but one, O. P. Pisor.
S. S. Convention.
The Sixteenth Anna al Convention of the
Butler County Sabbath School Association
will be held at Prospect, June 27, 28 and
29, 1893.
Delegates and workers from each and
every Sabbath School in the county are
earnestly invited to attend.
The Convention promises to be one of
tho best in the history of the Association.
The State Field Secretary, Prof. J. R
Sprenkle will attend.
Wo want Butler County to stand at the
head of the list in total membership and
percentage of attendance. Schools should
therefore not fail to send in their report.
Delegates and others intending to be
present would confer a favor by sending
their names early to O. P. Critehlow, of
For programs, blanks, or further infor
mation address,
M. A. SCTTON, Sec'y,
Evans City, Pa.
Cornerstone Laying.
The Cornrerstone Servioes of the Church
of God, on Institute Hill, Butler Pa., will
take place at the new church building,
near corner of Locust and Second streets,
Sabbath afternoon, June 11th, at 3:00 p.m.
A cordial invitation is extended to all
pastors of this place. Come, everybody.
Geo. W. DAVIS,
The Markets.
Our grocers are paying 12 for butter, 15
for eggs, 70 for potatoes, 3cts. a lb. for
cabbage, 20 cts. a doz. bunches tor green
onions, 25 cts. a doz. for lettuce, 30cts. per
doz. bunches rhubarb.
Timothy hay from county wagons sl7 to
20, wheat straw $6.50 to 7.00, oat straw
$7.50 to 8.00, mill feed sls to 17.
The wholesale prices of grain were—
wheat 72 to 75, corn 46 to 53, oats 35 to 40,
rye 66 to 70.
Country roli butter 12 to 13, fresh eggs
in cases 14 to 15, chickens 30 to 50 per pair
as to size; old potatoes on track 75 to 85, (
goose feathers 48 to 60, mixed feathers 25
to 35, beeswax 28 to 30.
At Herr's Island, Monday, common ,
cattle sold at 4.15 to 4.65, 1000 lb cattle at
4f to 5.20, and tbe best at 1
Veals calves sold at 3 to 6.35. Bnlls ;
and dry cows at 2£ to 4^.
Hogs sold afc 6J to 7.65 wholesale, and
at 7 J to 7.85 retail.
Sheep sold at 2to si, and lambs at 3£ to i
Wheat was never, it is said, so low at
Chioago as last week, and never before
was there such a large visible supply, now
estimated at 70,000,000 bushels.
Dispatches from Omaha say the recoipts
of corn in lowa and Nebraska are very 1
large, and will increase for the next two
weeks, and will probably run up to 1,500
cars daily in Chicago for ten days or more.
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all kinds at J. F. T. STEHLE'B
—BoardingHouse Cards, with Act
of Assembly, 25 cents for half-a-dozen,
for sale at CITIZEN office,
—Everybody reads The Pittsburg
Dispatch for the reason that it con
tains more news, both general, speci
al,and telegraphic; has more contrib
utors and more special correspond
ence than any other newspaper be
twean Aew York and Chicago.
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cursion tickets to the World's Fair
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■ | Mr. R. H. Graham has moved to Butler
j from Connoquenessing twp., and will reside
in the Fifth ward.
Mrs. D. E. Greer of Du Bois is the guest
ot Miss Annie Bickle.
Hon. J. B. Mates and family returned
home Monday. They took a trip to Wash
ington and Philadelphia, after the Legis
tnre adjourned.
Jas. F. Brittain, Esq., and wife, of Ten
nessee,visited his folks here last week.
J. M. Carson and family are home from
Harrisburg, and will occupy their house
on E. Jefferson St.
Mr. J, E. Brandon has returned to But
ler from Florida.
John Emery and John Pounds and
family of this county attended the Emery
family reunion in Peaason's Grove near
New Castle, last Thursday.
W. A. Thomas of Colorado, is visitiu
his brother, Hon. Jos. Thomas, Jr., o
Karns City.
The Sick.
William Burton of Clinton twp. is on
the sick list.
The wife of Esq. McGinley of Concord
twp. is sick with pneumonia.
The wife of llev. Bollinger, of Browns
dale is seriously ill.
; Dr. Mann is recovering from a serious
illness, and is able to be out doors.
Oil Notes.
The Forest Oil Co's. No. 2on the John
Goehring near Hendersonville is making
20 bbls an hour. It was finished last
Saturday and started off at 25 bbls. an
—The Tax Collectors books are now
ready at the office of the County Commis
sioners, and tho Collectors are requested
to call for tbem.
—The new fee bill gives Justices of the
Peace $5 for marrying each couple, making
record thereof, and furnishing a certificate
of the marriage.
—The Penn Literary Society picniced at
Conneant Lake on Tuesday, the 6th, inst.
The 150 young people who attended spent
a most enjoyable day at dancing, boating,
fishing and base ball. They arrived at
home, ikiJ bnt happy, it 1:00 a. in. of the
—The Presbytery of Butler will meet in
Centreville Tuesday, June 13th at 11 a. m.;
also a Convention of delegates from the
Women's Missionary Societies of the Pres"
bytery will be held at the same place and
—Aland's merchant tailoring establish
ment was entered Wednesday night, and
robbed of several pairs of pants. The
thieves had placed quite a number of coats
and vests in a box in the back yard but be
came alarmed and left them there.
—The poets have raved long over the
delights of being awakened by music.
Such was our good fortnne last Friday
night when a merry band of mandolin and
guitar players serenaded us. They were
Messrs Lorrie Hilliard, Newt Marks, Paul
Clark, Lambert. Come again, [
gentlemen. ;
—At the meeting of the town council.
Tuesday evening, bills to the amount of
nearly $2,000 were approved. Nearly the
whole evening was taken up in discussing j
the proposed Race and Water street sewer. ,
The contract for the Race Street sower was ,
awarded to Mr. Hughes some weeks ago, i
and some members want to extend it '
through Water street, but others objeoted j
to that as being too expensive. There is ]
no money in the borough treasury at pres- i
ent and there will not be for three or fou j
—Very appropriate for this time of year: {
"Father, dear father, come home with me £
now, for ma has some carpets to beat; (
she's got all the furniture out in the yard *
from the porch clear down to the street.
The stoves must come down aud be put in
and the grass must be cleared or t
dead grass, for it's time to clean house and 1
tho deals to pay—and the front window *
needs some new glass. Father, dear fath- f
er, come home with me now, and bring 1
some bologna and cheese, it's most 12
o'clock and there's nothing to eat—l'm so
hungry I'm woak at the knees. All the
dinner we'll have will be cold scraps and
such, and we'll have to eat standing up, ]
too, fof the table and chairs are all out in ]
the yard—oh, I wish spring house clean- j
ing was through! Father, dear father, c
come home with me now for ma is as mad (
as a Turk: she says that you are a lazy old |
thing and she proposes to put you to work; t
there's painting to do and paper to hang (
aud windows and casings to scrub; for its |
house cleaning time and you've got to I
come home and revel in suds and cold j
grub." f
Dress Gingams 8c a yard. <
Good fast colors and the same
quality that sells elsewhere for 10
and We have cut the price
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—Alway stop at the Hotel Waver
y when in Butler.
—For lace curtains at the loweßt
prices call at The People's Store.
Ice I Spring Water. Ice I [
Pure Spring Water Ice delivered '
daily, in small or large quantities to
any part of town. Leave order at t
J. A. RICHEY'S Bakery.
142 S. Main St., i
Butler, Pa. <
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Toys that never oat-stay their |
Welcome with the Boys at
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The Best <
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Summer Normal—West
The six weeks Normal term ol the ,
Academy this summer will be made i
of special interest and profit to tbe '
teachers of our county. The term 1
opens June 27th. For farther iufor- J
mation Addres, F. E, Knoch,Princi- i
pr,'. H. R. Wilson, Vice Principal, i
West Sunbury, Pa.
—Tbe IN ople's Store have just re
ceived a large l:ae of summer dress
goods which w>j are selling at bottom
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Gloves, we always have the best at
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Restaurant for Sale.
The Restaarant in the basement,
under Colbert & Dale's hat store,
near Diamond, on Main St., is for
sale, with immediate possession.
Enquire at restaurant of
Teacher's Examination.
North Hope Jane 12, 1893
W. Sunbury " 13, "
81ippery Rock " 14, "
Prospect " 15 "
Portersville " 16 "
Evans City " 17 "
Butler " 24 "
Co. Supt.
The News Spreads Like Wild Fire.
What newst
Why, that Klinglers' are keeping one
hundred thousand dollars in Butler that
went away last year for Flour and Feed,
and at the same time saving the consumer
twenty thousand dollars. And are they
doing it ? Just ask the Railroads and the
Dealers T
But won't Klinglers' "bust up" selling
goods at such ruinously low prices? Now
let us give you a pointer. When you get
"A CARD" you get these "ruinously low
prices," and what are they? Simply man
ufacturers first prices, or dealers costprices
That's the truth in a nut shell. Buyt
wherever you please in Butler, you can'
touch these prices. But listen, as we are
manufacturers, and on a large scale toe,
for we have two mills and an elevator, we
get the manufacturers profit. Of oourse
the profit is small on a little lot to the
consumer, after deducting the cost of hand
ling and delivering. But don't fret about
that. We have a large wholesale trade
elsewhere, and don't expect to get rich on
our home trade alone.
For once and for all we want to silence
the rumors which are current, and wish
our readers would bear in mind the follow
We guarantee the quality and weight of
all the goods we sell. Xo short
Wcigiu Willi us. We will refund purchase
moaey in each and every case, if custom
ers are not satisfied and return the goods.
We deliver every thing/rse of charge, in
side of town limits, and to the railroad
Don't you think it was high time for the
Klinglers to make the break ? The finan
cial outlook is anything but bright. Butler
is sharing in the general depression. What
better time to husband our resources ! Pro
tect the farmer, for he's the backbone of
Butler yet. Protect your wage earner, for
he spends all his money with you, and you
need him. Our plan means protection to a
class who are indispensable to the pros
perity of our town. Hundreds of citizens
have come to us and said: "You never
did a better thing in Butler in your life."
So then "get a card" and not only give
you support to a scheme which is already a
benefaction, but save your money, and "eat
and feed goods which are warranted abso
lutely pure and the best made.
It is good lor a year, during which time
we pledge ourselves to give-you our lowest
wholesale price*.
will soon be in every home. No flour of
such quality ever sold at such prices It
may take you a time or two to get into the
way of baking it, but after that you won't
have anything else. It makes the sweet
est and best bread of any flour sold for 20
to 25 cents per sack higher.
Write us, if you cannot come. Bear in
mincTeverything we can furnish you. Or
der, explain or complain on a postal card,
and we will attend to your wants. It you
can't buy now get "a card" at any rate.
Apply to Main Office, 139 East Jefferson
street, Oriental Roller Mills, Mifflin street,
West Penn Elevator, opposite West Penn
depot, Telephone No 10.
Grangers Picnic
There will be a grange picnic at Maple
Grove, lj miles west of Euclid Station,
P. S4L, E. It. R., on June 22d. Every
person is invited to come with well filled
baskets. Mr. McHenry, overseer of the
State Grange, and others will be present
to address the people on the occasion.
There will also be a festival in the even
ing. N. F. BARTLEY, Sec'y-
Summer Term of Grove City College
A new departure in Grove City College
is the addition of a fourth term to the col
lege year which begins Juno 27th and con
tinues ten weeks. The college will be
conducted during the Summer term iu all
respects as during the regular terms of the
college year. Special prominence will be
given to Normal work. As a sohool of
Methods nothing will be left undone to
make it a great success. The Prepar
atory stndie3 together with the Latin,
Gre ' . Mhi'aematics, and Science, of the
Fresaman and Sophomore years will be
provided for.
The good people of the town will furnish
rooms completely equipped to all students
attending the Summer session for $5.00.
Good boarding on the co-operative plan can
be had from $1.50 to $1.75 per week. $35.
will meet all the necessary expenses of
the session.
A teacher or college student cannot fail
to lind classes suited to any degree of ad
vancement. A young man or woman pre
paring for teaching and others desiring to
shorten the time of a college course will
find excellent advantages in the Summer
term of Grove City College. Address all
communications to the President, ISAAC
C. KETLER, Grove City, Pa.
Fleur De Lis.
If anything were wanting to give
Marvin's Pittsburgh Bakery a
National reputation, it has been sup
plied by their latest novelty "Fleur
de Lis" Biscnit. To tempt an epicure
(a luxurious and dainty eater) is one
good thing; to satisfy him is another
and quite different matter. "Fleur
do Lis" is the acme of Marvin's
genius, the epicurean's delight, and
best of all, can be had by rich and
poor alike, for Marvin's motto, is
first, quality, then quantity, then
reasonable prices. "Pennsylvania
Administrators and Executors ol estatos
can secure their receipt books at the CITI
ZEN office.
Orphan's Court Sale.
By virtue of a decree of the orphau's Couit
of Butler county, the undersigned Administra
trix of tile estate of .J. L. Wilson, deceased, will
offer at public outcry on the premises In Frank
lin twp„ and In Prospect borough on
SATURDAY, JUNE 10th, 1893.
at 10 o'clock A. SL, the following described
real estate of said decedent:
Ist. All that certain tract or parcel of land,
situate In Franklin township, Butler county.
Pa . bounded as follows, to-wlt: Beginning
on the Prospect and Portersvllle road, thence
along said road south43 degrees,east si perches
to land of Absolom Shan or, thence by lauds of
Wlnlleld Craty, south 88 degrees, West 823»
perches, thence by lauds of Henderson Wil
son, north V degree, west 15X perches, thence
by land of J. D. Albert, north 88 degrees, east
72 perches to the place of beginning. Contains
7 acres and it perches, more or less.
ALSO—That certain lot of ground situated in
the borough of Prospect, county aforesaid,
bounded on the north by West Alley, on the
east by a street, on the south by Green street
and on the west by High street, containing
one-half acre, more or less, dwelling house
thereon erected.
Sale on usual terms, one-third In hand on
confirmation of Sale by the court, the remain
der In two equal annual Installments with In
terest from that date deterred payment to be se
cured by bond and mortgage.
W. D. Brandon, Prospect, Pa.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary having been grant
ed to the undersigned on the estate of
Christopher Rider, dee'd., late of Oakland
twp., Butler county, Pa ,all persons know
ing themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and any
having claims against the same will pre
sent them duly authenticated for settle
ment to
G. W. Fleeger, Greece City, Pa.
Executors' Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Henry Wolford, dee'd, late ol Slippery
rock twp., Butler Co., Pa., having been
granted to the undesigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said es
tate will please make immediate payment,
and any having claims against tho same
will present them duly authenticated for
settlement to
J. N. Moore, Of Henry Wolford, dee'd,
Att'y. Slipperjrock P. O.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of Administration having been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of Nannie C "Wick, deo d., late of the bor
ough of Butler, Butler Co., Penn'a.,all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate
payment, and any havirg claims against
same will presont them duly authenticated
for settlement ta.
WALTER 13. WICK, Adin'r.,
Friday, June i6-aist.
, Friday, June 16—Final examination;
Public recital by students of the music de
partment, 8 p. m.
Saturday, June 17,—Final examination;
Reunion and banquet of the Speedwell
club, 8 p. m.
Sabbath, June 18—Baccalaureate Ser
, mon by the President, Bp. m.
Monday, June 19. 2 p. m. —Field sports;
President's reception. 8 p. m.
Tuesday, June 20—Guard mount, 8:30
a. m.; Class day exercises, 10 a, m.; Dress
parade, 6p. m.; Ontario, by the Choral
Society—Haydn's Creation. 6 p. m.
Wednesday, June 21—Commencement
exercises, 9 a. m. in the park: Webster en
tertainment, 8 p. m.
The senior class numbers forty.
Where Everybody Prospers.
Phenomenal success of a two year old
industrial town.
The man who is poor because he does not
go to meet prosperity will have a chance to
turn over a new leaf by attending the sale
of lots at New Kensington on the Alle
gheny Valley Railroad, eighteen miles
from Pittsburg, which begins on Wednes
day, June 14th,and continuing daily there
Since this town was laid out two years
ago it has developed into one of the most
prosperous industrial centers in the coun
try, having nine thousand inhabitants,
fifteen large manufactories, employing
twenty four hundred men and paying out
five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars a day in
wages; churches of all denominations; two
fine public school houses; effective police
and fire protection and an ample supply of
pure water. Electric light and telephone
wires are being put up, and an electric
street railway seven miles in length, con
necting Parnassus with Tarentum
and passing through New Kensington is in
process of construction.
In this prosperous town there is not an
idle man. and property is rapidly increas
ing in value. The merchant who seeks a
paying trade where there are no drones,
and the investor who wants a chance to
double bis capital in a short time are
equally interested in going to New Ken
Thirty trains run between New Kensing
ton and Pittsburg daily.
Free round trip tickets from Pittsburg
can be bad at the Pittsburg Office of The
Burrell Improvement Company, Xo. 79
Fourth Avenue. Railroad fare will be re
funded to purchasers of lots.
That all may have opportunity of buying
property on easy terms, a payment of $25
down and $lO to $25 per month will buy a
lot at Xew Kensington, at original prices.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers,
Diamond Block, next door to
Post Office, Butler, Pa.,
prompt attention given
to orders, day or
B. <s■ B.
Note These:
If interested in any of them, write us
for samples and see if 70a don't
Save money
on every yard you send as an order
for. 160 pieces all-wool
Diagonal Cheviot Serges,
36 inches wide, in complete range of
the season's best colors,
35 Cents.
You'll find the universal price oa this
fabric is 50 cents, and you just save
the difference
200 pieces assorted
American Wool Suitings,
Imported Bedford Cords, Taffeta
Changeants, Beige Bourette Stripes,
36 and 33 inches wide—some of them
all-wool—some three-fourths wool.
25 Cents,
every yard worth 40c. some 50c. this
sale, price 25c.
100 pieces
Finest French Satines,
best of the season's styles and print
ings—light and dark colorings,
25 Cents,
regular price all season in this and
other stores has been 35cts.
100 pieces extra fine
American Satines,
25c quality at
15 Cents.
for traveling and street dresses. 52
in 4 shades of gray only,
75 Cents,
that are $1.25 qualities as usually
bought and sold.
44 inch
in all staple colors,
50 Cents.
That is remarkable quality and value
for 50 cents.
Better see about these. They're
worth looking after.
Boggs & Buhl,
115 to 121 Federal Street,
Do You Want
to have your home look neat and
clean, bnt with very little expense ?
You can do it if you buy your
of us. for we are selling it now at a
reduce our stock.
Come and get a GOOD
RARER cheap.
J. H. Douglass',
341 S. Main St., Near P. O.
I have re opened
i my establishment.
Ideal wigs and waves,
'either light and Ule
\KAli~yKt'llSe *2 and up. Wavy
' hair switches,all lengths
Also toilet requisites.
S Face Bleach removes
freckles, tan, sunburn.
-r moth patches, and all
JS. J blemishes ot the skin.
m mP < Ualr Tonic restores grey
j hair to Its natural color,
oaFjR. removes dandruff, tones
ir NMMK up the scalp to a healthy
f ™ condition, make the hair
\XCi sott and glossy, and
/S&f ' beautiful. Curllne keops
XSy I the hair In curl In
/fSV I dampest weather.
/)X ' most perfect prepara
tion . guaranteed free from all poisonous In
gredients. Try it. ..
BLEACH tor bleaching hair on the head.
The only medically pure bleach sold tor that
purpose. Can be used as a medicine.
Also nice line ol shell pins, combs, bands.etc.
Call at my establishment. You cau be made
up lor-partles, theatre, pictures, etc. Hair
dressing, Bang cutUng. Dylug and Bleaching.
Have your bangs cut in the new Cinderell a and
Columbian style. Get one ol my pretty new
styles for summer wear. Natural curl hair.
aOS, S. Main St., 24 tlour, Alf Relber building,
PMM Qsmpietree. GAMIEIJ>T*ACO.,SIB W.*6tiißt..M.Y.
(Jures SickHeadacte
1 And all kinds of insects com
t pletely destroyed by the use of
BUGOL.E. Is not poisonous to
use and can be handled without
danger to persons. Will not in
j jure varnish on furniture but rather
improves it. But is sure death to
1 all kinds of bugs and insects. Can
. only be had at our store. We al
■ so keep the finest brand of insect
powder. Try our Ammonia, the
superior of any brand sold in the
i stores. We want you to know we
; keep these things as well as the
purest and best Drugs in every
C. N. BOYD, Druggist.
Diamond Block.
Registered Pharmacist.
srß?i A r« P * id Cf ' - - - f100.04M.00.
SIBPLU, . _ $30,000.00.
tir u... ,; ,os - Hartman, Prest.
J. V. Rltts, \ ice Prest, c. A. Bailey, cashier.
n OS « l , , a artman - C - P " Co,lln -' i ' O. M. Russell,
H. McSweeney, c. D. Qreenlee, J. v. Rltts
u ;^"Av r ?i nS- Hazlett. I. «i. Smith.
v>. b. Waldron. W. Henry Wilson. M. Floegan.
A general banking business transacted. In
terest paid on time deposits. Monev loaned on
approved security,
toretgn exchange bought and sold.
NORTH AMERICA, 100 th Year
Assets $9,730,000.00.
Home of New York,
Assets $9,328,000.00,
Hartford of Hartford,
Assets $7, 10g, 000.00.
Continental of New York,
Assets $6,380,000.00.
Assets $137,499,000.00.
Office of
to the Court House.
On and after December 19th, 1892, t rains
will leave Butler as follows:
For Butler Junction and intermediae
sections, and for Allegheny City, 6.15, A
M., 8:10, 11:00, 2:45, p. m. 5:00, daily except
For Tarentum, Freeport and UleKheny
Valley Junction, 6:15, a. m. 8:40, 11:00,
2:45 p.m. 5:00 p. m., daily except Sunday!
For Sharpsburg, 6:15 a. m. 11:00, 2:45 p.
m. 5:00.
For Blairsville and Blairsville Intersec
tion; 6:15 a. m. and 2:45 p. m., daily except
Trains leaves Allegheny City for Taren
tum, Butler Junction and Butler at 6:55 a.
m., SAo, 10:40, 3:15. 10:40 p. m. 6:10, daily
except Sunday.
ForSharpsburg at 6:55 a. m. B:4s,and 10:40
p. m.
Trains pass Blairsville Intersection east
ward as follows:
Harrisburg Accommodation, 7:30 a. in.,
daily except Sunday.
Day Express, 9:40 a. m., daily.
Mail Express, 3:18 p. m., daily.
Philadelphia Express 6:28 p. m., daily.
From Union Station, Pittsburg, Eastern
Standard time, for Altoona. Harrisburg,
Washington, Philadelphia and
New York; 3:30 a. m. Fenn'a. Limited, 7:15
a. m. 4:30 p. m.. 7:00 p. m., 8:10 p. m.
For Harrisburg daily except Sunday, 5:25
a. m. and 1:00 p. m.
For Harrisburg Sunday only, 8:40 a. m.,
arriving at Philadelphia at 10:55 p. m.
For time tables and further information
inquire of the Ticket Agent at the Station,
or address Thos E. Watt, P. A. VV. Dist. 110
Fifth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
P. A W. K. B.
Trains leave the P. <fc W. depot near Cen
tre Ave., Southside, Butler time, as follws
going south:
6:00 a. m.—Allegheny Accomodation.
B:2o—Allegheny and Akron Express— run*
on Sunday to Allegheny, and connects
daily to New Castle.
10:30 a. m. —Allegheny Accomodation.
3:00 p. in.—Chicago Express, runs on Sun
5:55 p.m.—Allegheny and Zelienople Mail
Runs on Sunday to Allegheny alone.
An additional train leaves Butler at 3:35
p. m. daily and 11:15 a. m. Sunday Con
necting at Callery Junction for Allegheny.
Going North—lo:os a. m. Bradford Mail.
5:00 p. m—Clarion Accom.
7:25 p.m.—Foxburg Accom.
No Sunday trains on the narrowgauge.
Trains for Butler leave Allegheny at
8:15 and 10;30 a. m., city time, and 3:10, 5:25
and 7:30 p. m. On Sunday at 8:10 a. m. and
3:00 p. m.
Trains arrive at Butler at 10:00 and 9:50 a.
m. and 12:35, 5:00, 9:05 and 10:00 p. m. Sun
day at 10:20 and 6:10.
Central time. Department and arrival of
trains at Butler, daily except Sunday,
The trains leave the P. &W. depot as fol
Erie express leaves Butler at 4:45 a. m.
Solid train for Erie and intermediate stations,
without change, connecting at Crancsville
for Conneaut, arrive at Erie 9:45 a. m.
Allegheny express leaves Allegheny at
:16 a.m. Leaves Butler at 9:10 p. m. for
Grove City, Mercer Greenville, Meadville,
Conneautville,Conneaut. arrives at Erie 1:45
p. m.
Leaves Allegheny at 2:10 p. m. Leaves
Butler at 4:00 p. m. Solid train for Mead
ville and intermediate statiocs, without
change, arrive at Meadville 7:40 p. m.
Trains arrive at Butler as follows:
Leaves Meedville 5:15 a. m., stopping at
intermediate stations,arrives at Butler at 8:43
a. m., and Allegheny at 11.-20 a. m.
Leaves Erie at 8:40 a. m., stopping at
Girard, Albion, Meadville, Mercer, Grove
City, arrives at Bu ler 1:42 p. m. and Alle
gheny at 3:45 p. m.
Leaves Erie 3:25 p. in., stopping at inter
mediate stations,arrives at Butler at S:32^p.m.
Trains leave Hilliards at 6:25 and 11:15 a.
m. slow time and both connect for Butler,
and the freight train that leaves Butler at
7:00 a. m., and passenger at 5 p. m. connect
at Branchton for Hilliards,
Hotel Butler,
J. H. FAUBEL, Prpp'r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated, remodeled, and re
fitted with new furniture and
carpets; has electric bells and all
other modern conveniences for
guests, and is as convenient, and
desirable a home for strangers as
can be found in Butler, Pa.
Elegant sample room for use of
commercial men.
[Successors of Schutte <fc O'Brien.]
Sanitary Plumbers
And Gas Fitters.
Sewer Pipe,
Gas Fixtures,
Globes and
Natural Gas Appliances.
Jefferson St.,opp. Lowry House
Keep an Eye out for Bargains.
Men's, Bo\*s' and Chile Iron's Clothine.
* Q*
, r Gent's Furnishiug Goods, Hats, etc.
\ ou will find the place for it wben \ou Fee our
r Spring display of quality and elegance.
> • -
i If you wish to we the latent novelties come and see us.
It you wish to >ee the verv best in xt.uuhird styles aud
iv liable makes come and see us.
Few can meet and none can l>eat our prices.
They have got to go Hard time?, high prices, and big
profits can't oxUt as we are bound"to lead.
Truth brands our goxls. -Honest Quality."
kcotiomy ivcoinmends our low prices.
H. schneideman;
Clothier an. , ur!ii<he , * i
104 South Main St., Butler, Pa.
Hot Weather Clothing.
Now is the time for you to look for
Hot Weather Clothing. We have the
line for you to select from and they go
at these prices.
Men's checkered seersucker coats 75 cts.
Men's striped seersucker coats and vests SI.OO.
Men's black alpaca coats $1.25.
Men's black alpaca coats and vests $2.75.
Men's colored alpaca coats and vests $3.00.
Men's bine flannell coats and vests $3.25.
Black alpaca clerical coats and vests $4.00.
Men's fine black and blue serge coats and vests $5.00.
Boy's light weight coats 50 cts. to $2.00.
> Men's straw hats 25 cts. to $2.00.
Boy's straw hats 25 cts. to SI.OO.
See our Window Display of
Light Vests.
Opposite Hotel Vogely, Butler, Pa.
The 0. W. HARDMAN Art Company Limited.
Everything in Photographing and Portrait*, iu Pastel, Grayson, Sepia, Oil or Water
Colors, that is worthy of honest sale, anil strictly FIRST CLASS,
Old Pictures REPRODUCED and ENLARGED. All work guaranteed as repre
sented. Latest Styles in Picture Frames. See large display of samples, Compart
prices and our work with others. Special rates to Ministers and Lady School Teachers
And Childreu have no long, dark, tilt}' stair* to travel up and down. Studio on FIRST
Pittsburg, UANZIGERS, Pennsjtala.
All Purchases of $lO and up, Delivered Free of Charge Within a Radius of 100 Hilcs
Ceaselessly and untiringly studying the wants and necessities, con
stantly attending to the desiies aud interests of our constituents. The
cash buying folks at Home, and for many, very many miles, north, south,
east aud west of us A most successful means for the betterment of our own
interests, yes, first class goodn at less than elsewhere prices, rattles our im
itators, pleases the people, and brings lots of grist to our mill.
Bargains in Every Department, At Prices Un-Tblnk-Able
Screamers From Our Curtain
and Linen Room.
288 great big SI.OO, 1.25 and 150
white bed spreads for 69c, 89c aDd
99c each. 40c, 50c, 75c and 87c ger
man table linens for 25c.39c,49c, and
59c a yard. 38c, 55c, and 75c pretty
turkey red tablings for 25c, 39c and
49c a yard. Lovely 12c, 15c, 18c and
25c nainsook checks and stripes for
Bc, 10c, 12c and 15c a yard. Lace
curtains 3£ yards long for 99c, $1.24,
1.49, and 1 99 a pair.
Money Saving Revelations in
Waists and Wrappers.
About 3000 challie. gingham, best
indigo, and mourning wrappers, now
not one of these sells for less than
$2 50 and $3.00 and cheap enough
too, but we cleared this big lot not to
give away, but to throw away for
98c each. 1000 One $1.25 black sateen
waists 'll hump cut for 59c each.
I have a Ileavo Cure that will euro any
case of heaves in horses in forty days, if
used according to directions, and if it does
not do what I claim for it, I will refund
the amount paid and no charges will be
made for the treatment. The following
testimonials are the strongest proof of the
medicines power to cure:
A. J. MCCandlkss,
Butler, Pa., 1893.
Mb. A. J. McCandlbss:
On the 2nd day of April, 1892, I com
menced to use your new cure for one of
my horses that had the heaves very bad,
and continued to use the medicine for
about forty days and the horse did not
show any signs of a retum ol them. It is
now about a year since I quit giving the
medicine and the horse has never showed
any signs of heaves, and I feel satisfied
that he is properly cured.
W. C. Criswell,
Butler, Pa., April 3. 1893.
A. J. McCandlbss:
I have nsed your Heave Care and found
it will do the work if used according to di
rections. Yours truly,
AgenU to sell lour choice and Hardy
Nursery Stock. We have many special
varieties, both in fruits and ornamentals to
oiler, which are controlled only by us. 'We
pay commission or salary. Write us at
once for terms, &ud secure choice ol terri
MAY BROTHEKS, Jturßcrynien,
Rochester, N. Y.
Now For Some Big Dollar Sav
ers From Our Enterprising
Un-Stand-Still-Able House
5000 of the $2 00 screen doors, with
spring hinges, handle and hook and
eye complete, ready to hand for 99C
each. Half dollar adjustable window
screens for 24c each. $3.50 folding
curtain stretchers with bassel for
$1.74. $5.50 lawn mowers warrant
ed, 'II sell for $2.98 each. Why pay
$3.50 when yon can get right here,
25 feet 3 ply unburstable rubber hose
with coupling for just $1.74. And
then, what is the use of paying these
high priced fellows $12.50 for hard
wood refrigerators. Our prices is
but $7.98 each. Likewise those
$1.75 lightning ice cream freezers
here for 99c each. To wind up, we'll
advise you to keep cool about it,we'll
help you by selling $1 75 hammocks
1 for 99c each.
Fighting Fowls.
Such as | f £ and £ Jap's, Irish
Grays and Brown Reds that are
game and fighters. Bufl Leghorns
that are fine as silk. Old pair
cost SBS last summer in England.
Eggs from all kinds $3 per 13,
$5 per 30.
Address, for Price list, etc.,
Ralston, Pa.
From Prize Winning Birds.
Constating ot Block Mlnorcaa. eggs $2 per 13;
S. C. Brown Leghorn. SI per 13 ; B.F. Kocks, S.
s. Hamburg*. & L. Wyahdottes, eggs $1 per 13.
S2OO per:*)
(;,hkl hatch.satisfaction guaranteed Eggs de
lvered to Butler tree ot charge. Stock lor
laic In season. Write tor reticulars. L.C. Mar
tin ami \V. J. Moser, s-ouora. Butler count;. Pa.
Koec Comb White Leghorn liens troiu the
yard ot Ed. W. Boyle, score <J3. Cockerel from
Theo. Scheld. score M. Single Comb Brown
Leghorn hens. Eureka Strain, headed hy Cock
erel from Jas. Sterlings Strand, score 95.
race $1.25 tor 13 eggs.
>l. A. hISON. Saxonburg.
Kuller Co., Ml
• ••" ' ' »u<l tem«»iSLu
.•*'* • .»-sert* T eruwnloqult;
.«>»' -uinvi. l erui&icat poikfai