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i I I DAY, MABCH 31.1893.
ittaMn atß«tlsis«t4fls» «a«t»r
W. C. Hm.IT. - - rmMlsfcw
We are authorized to announce the fol
lowing named persons mcandidates for tbe
Republican nomination* for the offices un
der which their names appear, subject to
the primary election to be held on Satur
day, May 27, 1893, from 2 to 7 p. m.
FOB nuairr.
Of Muddycreek twp.
Of Allegheny twp.
Of Oakland twp.
Of Butler.
Of Penn twp.
Of Butler, formerly of Winfield twp.
JAMES P. Boecs,
Of Forward twp.
Of Muddycreek twp.
Of Washington twp.
Of Marion twp.
Of Butler.
Of Cherry twp.
Of Buffala twp.
Of Cranberry twp.
Of Concord twp.
Of Butler, formerly of Fairview twp
Of Penn twp.
Of Concord twp.
Of Butler twp.
Of Butler.
(Vote for two)
Of Connoquenessing twp.
Of Centreville.
Of Venango twp.
Of Adams twp.
Of Middlesex twp.
Of Butler.
Of Buffalo twp.
Of Oakland twp.
Of Forward twp.
Of Fairview twp
Of Butler, formerly of Washington twp.
(Vote for two)
Of Washington twp.
Of Portersville.
Of Centre twp.
ROBEBT H. Yocao,
Of Clay twp.
Of Forward Twp.
Of Forward twp.
Of Petrolia.
Of Butler Borough.
Ix retaliation for the cruelties practiced
on Jews in Russia, it is said that every
Hebrew banker in Europe has been asked
to join in boycotting Russian loans. If
this appeal shall be successful Russian
securities will be simply driven out of
European markets, and disaster will befall
Russia's credit. The Jews hold the purse
strings of Europe and, as they are human,
they cannot be expected to forever turn
the other check after one has been smitten.
An Interesting Question.
The United States Senate is now con
fronted with an interesting question con
ceraing its own membership. It is called
npon to decide whether a self-confessed
ombeizler is fit to be a Benator, to associ
ate on equal terms with the respectable
members of that body, to pass upon tbe
competency and character of nominees
for public office and to take part in mak
ing laws for the people of the United
It seems that Mr. Wm. N. Roach, the
new Democratic Senator from North Dako
ta, was, some twelve years ago, a resi
dent of Washington city and tbe cashier
of the Citixens' National Bank of that
place. While filing that position be stole
about 904,000 of the Bank's money, falsify
ing the books to bide his peculations
Tbe true state ot affairs was finally dis
covered by tbe other officers of tbe Bank,
but tbe embexzler was allowed to escape
without prosecution on the payment to
the institution of about $40,000, $25,000
of tbis sum beiDg paid by his father-in
law, who was one of the sureties on bis
bond. Roach afterward went to North
Dakota for tbe benefit of both his fortune
and bis personal reputation, became a
star-route conductor and went into politics
and now turns up at Washington as Sen
ator from that State. He denies none of
the essential facts as stated above, but
affects to think their re-publication is
prompted solely by partisan malignity
He says, too, that tbe other Democratic
Senators advise him to pay no attention to
the charges.
Other Senator* have at times been
charged with financial crookedness quite
as disgraceful as that laid at tbe Dakota
Senator's door, but we believe no other
Senator ever admitted tbe troth of such
charges In this respect Mr. Roach's
case is unique; and it remains to be seen
whether on reflection the member? of
one of tbe first legislative bodies in the
world will conclude that a Senatorial
commission is potent enough to purify tbe
personal reputation of an undoubted cm
Ix the good old days before tbe war it
was a penal offense for a white person to
give a slavo a copy of tbe Scriptures. The
spirt that enacted such laws survives. B.
W. Crowe and his family have been driven
from the town of Nebo, 8. C., because Mr.
Crowo's daughter taught a Sunday school
for uegro children. The reign of intoler
ance is not ended in the South.
A FIERCE newspaper dispute is now go
ing on as to the religion of Abraham Lin
coln. It seems to us that it makes very
little difference what his roligion or wheth
er he adhered to any particular creed or
repudiated tbem all. He was one of God's
chosen instruments for the righting of
wrongs and for lißing mankind to higher
and better ideals. His life and work were
a rebuke to those who fritter away their
powers in denouncing their fellow-men be
cause they refuse to subscribe to this or
that theological fad. Lincoln bod no
theology, but he had plenty of the very
best sort of Christianity.—Reading Her-
Harris burg Notes.
Liquor leftislation occupied considerable
ot the time of the legislature last week.and
a number of prominent member? of both
Homes were anxious to get the granting of
license out of hands of the Judge*.
A member of the Senate stated that:
"A Philadelphia Judge who will sit on
the license bench there this year came to
me with a statement the other day. He
said he was being continually bothered,noj
only by politicians and city officials, but
by church members who introduced the
subject as he went in and out of his house
on Sunday. Besides that a number of li
quor dealers, present and prospective, had
come to him saying they desired to deal
with the Court direct instead of through
the middle man. The Judge capped the
climax with this remark:
"From the propositions I have already
received I believe I could make SIOO,OOO
out of the License Court. I want you to
understand that they are getting very near
my price, and I want the matter taken
away from the bench "
Judge Agnew's local option bill was
called op on second reading in the House.
Thursday, and passed by a vote of 85 t056.
The bill provides for a vote in each county
every threetyears.
Road legislation ran against the first se
rious snag of this session that day. Capt.
Nesbit called up his bill, which was re
ported from committee a few days ago.
| The agricultural delegation proceeded at
once to amend it to make it conform to
the committee bill as parsed by Senator
Brown on third reading in the Senate down
to the section appropriating $3,000,000 a
year from the state treasury for the road
making purposes.
Chairman Marshall of the appropriations
committee here called the attention of the
hou«e to the estimate of state revenues
made by Treasurer Morrison and Auditor-
General Gregg. and gave warning that the
p&ssage of the bill in ita present form might
compel the state to go in debt. The esti
mated revenue is about $19,000,000 for the
two years. Of this. Mr. Marshall explain
ed, $10,000,000 must go to the public
schools and $4,000,000 to the exceutive,
judicial and legi lative departments. Near
ly a million has been given to the national
guard and another million is asked for the
state normal schools.
The road appropriation would take more
than the remainder o i ihe whole revenue,
not to mention the insane asylum and pen
al institutions which must be supported.
Monday evening a rather sensational
episode in the history of the bill to repeal
the local-option law of Varona was devel
oped in the house. It was stated on the
floor, without any attempt at contradiction
that this bill was taken from the locked
private desk of the chairman of the com
mittee on vice and immorality, during his
absence and without his Knowledge or con
sent, to be acted upon by that committee
while the chairman was absent on business
assigned him as a member of a sub-com
mittee of the house appropriations com
S. B. Cochran of Armstrong, chairman
of the committee on vice and immorality,
moved to recommit tne Varona bill to
committee. He made a statement to the
house that the bill was a senate bill, and
was committed to his committee with the
understanding that an opportunity was to
be given persons interested, both for and
against, to be beard. A date was set for
the bearing. Xo one appeared for the bill.
The general superintendant of the Alle
gheny Valley railroad, which road has
made and maintains the borough oft arona
by its business, intended to be present and
protest against the bill, but prevented
by sickness.
The general counsel of the road was pre
vented fiom coming by business in court
and no one appeared but the superinten
dent of the railroad thop , who protested
against the bill in the name of the people
of Varona.
At tho time the bill was considered be
(the chairman) was absent Had he been
present he would have made this state
ment to the committee and that he had re
quest for further time for the hearing
Mr. Jeffrey of Luzerne, of the committee
said he hoped the bill would not be recom
mitted. Had the chairman been present
and made bis statement at the time the
bill waji considered be thought it wonld
have been reported just the same.
Mr. Ouinnan spoke against recommittal, (
as did Mr. Muehlbroncer of Allegheny, j
Mr. Cochran said he had a telegram Irom
David McCargo asking a bearing, and be
thought it should be accorded him. Messrs.
Millard and Seanor also spoke for the re- (
committal of the bill. Bernbard of Lehigh
entered a protest against recommittal on (
the plea that the house was not able to
take care of the bill.
Mr. Cochran then made a farther state
ment. He said it was a rule to leave bills
in charge of the chairman of committees,
that communications received regarding
them were usually scut to the chairman or
referred to them and they sometimes bad
information not known to all members of
tbe committee before a meeting In this
case, just before leaving Harrisburg, be re
ceieved a communication asking for a hear
iug on the bill. He bad not time to lay it
before tbe committee and had therefore,
left tbe bill in his privato desk instead ot
turning it over with others to the acting
He wanted to say tbe parties who were
pushing the bill had secured it from his
desk, which was locked when he went
away. When he returned he found tbe bill
on the calandar. though his desk was lock
ed again. He did not want to make any
charges, but these wero the plain facts.
Stewart of Philadelphia said that in all
fairness the bill should go back to com
mittee. It had been pilfered from tho
chairman's desk in bis absence, which was
a serious matter. Tbe bill was an import
ant one to the borough of Verona, and tbe
people who were interested in it should be
Mr. Cessna recited the history of the case.
He said some years ago a law had been
passed to give certain portions of Alleghe
ny county the right to vote for or against
license, and Verona bad declared against.
Just now, when some persons were making
big profits selling liquor, there were efforts
made to open these places to the traffic.
As the gentlemen said the Allegheny Val
ley ro ad has made the borough of Varona,
and its officers should be given an oppor
tunity to be beard.
His letters, however, were from the
ladies of Verona —he had not received so
many letteas lroin the ladies before or
since be was married —and every one of
tbem wanted this bill defeated. Xot one
lady in the whole town asked to have the
law repealed.
Bernbard said tbo bill had been in com
mittee long enough, having passed the
senate February 16. Skinner thought it
had been their long enough, too, and fav
ored home rule. He said the gentleman
who represented Verona favored the pass
age of the bill, though he was absent and
could not speak for himself.
Stewart of Philadelphia corrected Mr.
Bernbard bv calling attention to the fact
that tbe bill, according to tbe file, bad
been amended on second reading in tbe
senate on February 16 and bad been de
feated on that date It had subsequently
been reconsidered and passed, so it could
not have been in tbe house committee
very long.
Tbe yeas and nays were called on tbe
motion to recommit und it was carried by
a vote of 82 to 66. The Democrats gener
ally voted no and Republicans yes.
On Tuesday the I ree Text Book bill
passed tbe House finally by a vote of 141
to 33.
TUB proposed new Congressional district
which takes out Beaver county and putj in
Venango coonty for this district, we think
wili meet with very general favor by our
people. Venango instead of Beaver makes
a more compact and natural district. The
new district, the 29th, will be Butler,
Venango, Mercer and Lawrence counties.
Petrolia Items.
Mrs. George Long of tbis place is
moving to Minerva Ohio, and will start
tbis week. We will lose a good citizen,
as Mrs. Long was always ready to lend a
helping band to all in need. Our best
wishes go with her to her new home.
H. 'A. W irg of Butler was on our streets
one day this week in company with T. J.
Burk of Earns City. Tbey were on legal
Our to* n seemed to be deserted on Tne—
day miming, all gointc to License Court.
We do cot eipeet to bo dry in Petrolia thi*
coming yea r.
J. B. Dickey of Butler was in town on
Monday of tbis week on legal business.
We seen him in Squire Flemings office
The Lawrence County License Court.
As stated last week. Judge went
to New Castle last e Wdnesday. and sent
word to Prothonotary Hrnwn to adjourn
license court here till Wednesday of this
The following dispatch from Xew Castle
to Pittsburg papers tell the balance of the
Xew '.'■j-tle. March 22 —The pr'-.-pects
"are thit tbis of the lice: *e court
will be extremely sensational Judge
Greer came over last night from Butler to
hold court, which meets to-dav. ar.'. thi«
morning President Judge Hazeu cafor
the same purpose. Judge Greer insists
that as Judge Hazen holds the court in
Butler, he should bold it there, and Judge
Hazen insists mat as president judge he
has the right to hold it here if he de
The two judge" argued this morning,
and finally decided that both would sit.
They with the two associates, will make
four on the bench, and the prospects are
that the court will be extremely sensation
al. Some predict that there will be an
outbreak on tbe bench.
Xew Castle, March 23.—While Attorney
11. G Wasson was being sworn at Liquor-li
cense court to-day Judge Hazen interrupted
"Hold on." said he "I will not permit
members of the bar to disgrace themselves
by giving testimony on a whiskey case."
' Your houor, we merely wanted to show
the condition of the beds at the hotel in
question," replied W. D. Wallace. Esq..
late candidate for judii ial honors.
"Xo matter what you want to show the
Lawrence county lawyers will not be pros
tituted at this bar while I am on the
bench." was the answer.
"Vour honor. I would a3 soon give testi
mony on a liquor case as any other."
" ell. you never will while lam on the
bench. I have t< •> much respect for the
members of thii bar and wih protect you "
Wallace was livH with rage w!;-n ne
sat down and threatened to appeal to the
supreme court.
License Court <"!• -• 1 Frida; evening.
Licenses were g »?it . !■> • I- .1 D• M
Cubisoc, Hugh Gra I~.no Hughes.
Ckarles Bolliiig> r. Alvina U'ellendorf. Carl
Kirst. Charles Ktahi, J. W. Ostermeyer.
L. S. Xicknm, W. F. Carthans John F
Genkinger. Thomas Marshall. Jacob Gen
kinger, William Miller. S. W R<>elofis.
Tbe applications of L. J. Kock. B. F. Garv
in. Willian Devlin and Mrs Voegle are
held under advisement. Eighteen anpli
ca its were refused, many of whom have
been keeping hotels there for year-.
SOME one with a genius for arithmetic
figures out that the United States will be
richer by $300,000,000, because of money
left here by foreigners who come to visit
the World's Fair. To this he adds the
$100,000,000 which American visitors are
accustomed to leave every summer in Eu
rope, but which tbis year they will spend at
home. A distinguished financier once said
that the resumption of specie payments
was made possible in 1879 oDly by reason
of the wealth left among us by foreign
visitors to tbe Centennial Exposition in
1876. The estimate, therefore, does not
seem absorb.
A College in Butler.
Last Monday evening a movement was
•tartfcd that should result in a most valu
able addition to the educational facilities
of our town It is a plan to bring pro
fessora from some of our best colleges and
uuiversities here into tbis community to
lecture and instruct classes of pupils who
are not able to go to the university. The
mountain has at last come to Mahamet.
Tbe best teaching talent of the best uni
versities in this oountry, with abundant
libraries ana apparatus, by this plan can
be broughi to our door and made accessi
ble to young and old, rich and poor men
and women, no m uter how busy they may
be in their respective professions or voca
tions in life. Some of the ablett and
most popular professors from th* faculties
of Harvard, Yale, University of Penn'a,
Western University of Pa, Princeton,
Chicago and other colleges and universi
ties of tbis country and of England, are
now giving part ol their time to this work;
and other men of equal merit are now giv
ing all their time to it. What inspiration,
what help toward securing a higher cul
ture. the presence, the work of such men
assure us ! There are courses in Econo
mics, Astronomy, History, Literature, Hot
any, Greek, in fact in all the Sciences,
Mathematics anit Languages, usually
taught in universities. The professors are
specialists in their several departments;
they propose to do for their pupils here
what they would do for them at the uni
This inetruction is accessible to every
one who choses to receive it, no matter
wbe'.berhe has bad tbo technical training
of high school or college or not. Ttie pro
feasors say that the general intelligence
and experience of tbe adult mind will make
some compensation for lack of special
scholastic training Tbe professors arc
cbosed lor tbis work on account of their
skill in popularizing their special subjects
and they can bring some of the knowledge
and enthusiasm of expects within the
mental grasp of the masses. This is au
education for busy people, who still feel
withiu themselves a right to a knowledge
of higher things.
The meeting of friends of popular ed
ucation last Monday was aldresied by Dr.
Faward T. Devine, who gave a very inter
estiug and instructive account of the
history, aim, scope and methods of the
"Extention of University Teaching.''
By unanimious vote of the audience, an
organization was affected, a constitution
was adopted, officers elected, and a can
vass of the town for members determined
upon. The price of a course of six weeks
lectures and class work, one eventng each
week, is sl. The fust lecturer is Prof.
Powell, form-riy of the taculty of the
CnirerMty of Wisconsin, u post-graduate
of John Hopkins, and a very successful
lecturer in his special field of History.
The Course will begin in the week of
A pril 10 '93. Tbo officers of the Associa
tion are Pres., Rev. J. S. McKee; 8. c.
Prof E. Mackey; Treas. J. S. McMarlin;
Executive Committee; J. Hartman, J. V.
Ritts, C. E Cronenwett, Miss Lyde >'ey
m.in, Miss Emma Brittain, Dr. J. Forrest
er, MissL. Evans, Chas. Connors, Mr.
Berkimer and Miss M. Fisher, F. H. Bole
and Rev. Harnish.
Wo believe that this movement is
worthy of the support of every citizeu, and
we trust that of their own accord our peo
ple will lay hold of the scheme and make
it a success.
Mile Run School, Franklin Township.
Ei>. OF CITIZEU: —For those whom it
may interest, I herewith submit a short
and final account of the above named
The winter term began October 17th,
'92, and closed March 20th, '93. Although
sickness, remoteness from tbe school
bouse, and the severity ol the weather in
terferred with the attendance, the aver
erage percent of attendance during the
term is 88. Tbe progress of tbe school
was good, and tbe scholars deserve their
share of the credit, for the majority of
them seemed to understand why they go
to school. During the last, or fifth month,
Walter Weigle, Howaid Albin, Effie
Shanor, Mollie English, Belle Hays, Edna
Hays and Annie Dunn missed no days,
while Newton Neely, Lillie Albin, and
Maggie Sbanor missed one day each.
I'eflie Sbanor and Edna Hays missed no
days in tbe term, und Maggie Sbanor and
Marina Hays missed but one day each.
Visitors last month: Charlie Hoeter,
Clarence Dunn, Edward Stickle, Myrtle
Weigle, John Scott, John Weigle, Zella
McKinnis, Delia Weigle, James Scott and
Mossie Roxberry.
I return my tbanks to all the scholars for
their kindness and regards; to tbe parents
for the interest they manifested iu tbe
school; and to the directors for their aid
and suggestions, and especially to tbe di
rector of tbe school, J. Park Hays, who
iike the rest of the board, is a progressive,
public spirited citizen, and did ail he could
to promote tbe welll'are of tho school.
The spring term begins Monday, April 3rd.
G. P. W., Teacher. !
Mso,uJSi^"' er J
A cream of tartar baking powder. High
est of all in leavening strength.— Latest
1 United Statr.i Uor> rnincnt Food Jtuport.
Royal Baking Powder Co.,
ioO W*lJ St., N. V.
Prospect Easter Eggs.
The rabbit laid as follows.
That a scout over the county finds the
fall grain looking well.
That David West and son Howard are
recovering from «ick spells.
That David English is slowly improving
from a severe attack of inflammatory
Miss Sadie is also recovering from a con
flict with the dentist's steel.
That L. B. Shannon is about well from
an attack of "grippe."
That Summer Badger, of Concord twp.,
waa the gust of his sister, Mrs. McClintick,
That Miss Hattie Boehm and Mrs
Wimer. of Prospect Hotel, were the guest.-
of Mrs. Charles Weigle and daughter
Myrtle, last week.
That onr genial friend Win. Scott has re
covered from a sick spell.
That Ned Barr. Blair McLare and Hugh
Weigle hava gotten well from their
••daancy" speils. Glad to hear it. boyg.
Tnat W. F. Henshaw and wife have re
turned from a visit to Mars, where Mrs
Henshaw's mother has been very sick for
some time.
That Mrs A. Bowers and her cousin.
Mollie Mart in, where the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Coates. of Wnitestown one day
last week. Charlie acted cook in his
mother's ahsence, and got up a rattling
dinner. Charle let the dish-cloth fall, and
Gu?. invited his neighbors ia for dinner.
That L. B. Snyder, of Isle, was here,
transacting business with P. H. Sechler,
one day last week.
That W. G Weigle, the horse trainer,
has made arrangements to work for
Jemison <t Allen, who own a stock larm
near Sharon.
That Era Roth thinks it is too funny to
see the wind turn a fellow's umbrella in
side out in a heavy rain storm. Sow, Eva.
please don't tell on us.
That Dorothy Richards, in, who has been
sick for some time, is able to write 130
words a minute at short hand, and if she
gets no relapse, she will be able to take
her intended trip to Gretna Green.
That X. L. Shearer, of Bennett, brought
hi* portly presence to our town again last
Friday. "Everybody was glad to see Nels.
That Miss Nellie McCandless. of Iste.
was the guest of Mrs John Martin, one
afternoon last week.
That Lyman and Miss Zelda Kennedy
recently made an evening social for their
young friends.
That the applicants lor diplomas at the
recent examination all fell short of the re
quirements. Spunk up, and try again,
boys and girls.
That J. C. Beighley, who went to
Colorado at tbe time of his brother Henry's
death, is home again.
That Miss Aggie Kennedy, of Franklin
twp.. called on her many friends one day
last week.
That Ada Harvey will soon open a mil
linery store in Richardson's block.
That Hose White, who has been in New
Costle of late, yisited his uncle Abs
Shanor last week.
That W. W. Graham, of Lock wood, pre
sented his smiling countenance to hisman\
friends last Sunday.
That T. H. Boehm and Mrs Wimer
drove over to Worth twp., last Saturday.
That Mrs. Effie Forrester' is improving
from a sick spell.
That C. P. Johnson-tie tailor, has a
fi. e samples as are in the Union, and he is
making some very fiue suit.-> this spring
That Helwig Grine, who has been dis
abled for nearly a year from a stoved leg.
was able to come to town recently.
That Jim Grove is cutting wood for John |
McLure these warm days. Jim, don't
work hard enough to make the warble.-
bite. Jo COSITY.
Petersville Items.
Jacob Niblock an old anJ respected
citizen of this place, who has been suiFeriug
for some time with dropsy trouble is im
proving very slowly
Rev. J. B. Borland of Whiteoak Springs
Congregation, had a light stroke ol para
lysis on the 19th, which seemed at, first to
be critical, but he is now improving.
The friends of B W. Douthett are
strongly nrging him to be a candidate for
Delegate to the state Convention, which
be has concluded to be, if he gets well of
the rheumatism in time.
Ex-Commissitiner B. M Duncan is about
purchasing the store of Boggs A Crawford
at Mars, Pa., where he expects to embark
in the merchantile bnsines.s in the near
William Graham <i Co. have secured
quite a batch of leases northwest of the
old hundred-foot at Petersville and south
west of Whitestown where they intend
drilling a well on a line between the Pet
ersville and Middle Lancaster field aud it
seems to be a good location.
The well of Thompson, V'ounkins <t Co.,
that they commenced drilling last Septem
ber on the Oswald Rader farm is not yet
completed, having drilled two holes, *tuck
two striugs of tools, moved the rig twice,
and are now drilling the third bole, this
has been the worst streak of bad that
has happened in this field.
Hovis <fc Co are starting another well on
the H. K Dambaugh farm.
The Stofer well on the Johnny Fehl
farm was cased last week and expects to
reach the sat.d any moment.
Squire Weise fined two of our young
men $lO and $8 the other day for being
profane on the streets.
GE.N. lIIKODOBK F. REED, of New York
has been appointed Commissioner of
Pensions. He has a great many friends in
the Grand Army, and ftands high with the
soldier element everywhere.
Flick Items.
Mr. Elmer Thompson of Tarentum, snd
Miss Kate Allen were tbe guests of Mi-s
Eva Fair on Thursday evening of last
Mr. Jas. Anderson of this place was the
guest of Harvey Wildes of Butler, one day
last week.
Mr. Ifdward Westerman is talking of
moving to Tarentum, Ed. we don't like
■„o see you go away. We would rather see
yon more into the state of matrimony.
Mr. Win, Selton. who has been confined
to the bouse for a considerable time with
neuralgia is somewhat better.
Mr Wm. G. Porter is buying and sel
ling horses He says that it is ea»y to
buy, but hard to sell.
Sandy Hill School No. l,is prepairing for
a entertainment on the last night of reboot
which will be on ibe sth of April.
Mr. W. P. Ciiner has got able to do his
Mr. Robert Anderson made a misstep
the other day when plowing, and sprained
one of his ankles.
Mr C. A. Fair bis gone to Si-terville,
W. Ya to work on the pipeline. We mitts
Charlie, for he is a good jolly fellew.
Mr. Wood Smith intends moving lrom
the Jack farm to Pine Creek in the near
Mr. E. 0. Thompson is raising money
from tbe members of the Middlesex M E
Church for the purpo.se ol putting a fence
aronnd the church property and painting
the church.
Miss Emma Anderson met with a p.iin
ful accident on last Sabbath b} getting
her band burned on the stove This
two accidents in the family within a few
Mumps and chickenpox are all on tho go
in our neighborhood. X. X.
Funeral Directors and Embalmers,
Diamond Block, next door to
I'ost Office, Butler, Pa.,
prompt attention given
to orders, day or
Insurance and Hca! Estate Ag't
McQCISTION" —MaTcb" 20, l infant
child of Wils. Mctyu'.itioa.of E Jefferson
street. Bntler.
BOVLE—At her bom* jc Pittsburg. March
23. IW*3. Ma ad E Boyle, aped 15 rears.
DAUBE3TSPECK—At his home in llatlcr,
March 26. 1593. Perrv. son of C. A.
Danbensheck. aged aliiiut 14 rear*
He was bright and industrious yoath,
and was serving an apprenticeship in
the Record office
GAGES—At his home in Oakland twp_.
March 24. Patrick Gages. aged about 75
DUFFORR—March 2v 1593. in Conno
quenessing twp.. Jacob Dnflord, aped 5$
Mr. Daffords's death was a sadden one.
He threw up bis bands, and fel> to the
ground, while walk;; h .me from the salt
on the Rader farm. Tuesday; WAS carried
into a boiler house, and expired shortly
after He is .-aid to be the tilth one of the
family to die suddenly.
Saved His Life
Scrofula —lmpure Vaccina
tion— Beyond Hope
But Hood's Sarsaparilla Effected a
Perfect Cure.
Joseph Harper
Trenton, N.J.
"We are as sure that nood'i Sars.iparilla su "I
eur son Joseph's life as that the sun shines
Five years ago on board ship our three boys
were vaccinated. Joseph had a v ry sore arm,
IO bad at one time that ive w ere afraid It would
have to be taken off. At length It seemed to get
well, but about two months after, he began to
complain of soreness and pain in the vaccinated
arm. He bad occasionally shown some signs of
scrofula, but nothing serious. 1113 arm, how
ever, grew worse and worse and became swollen
and covered with sores. The inflammation and
sores also spread nil »ver hi» and he
was a mass of corruption.
Pitiable to Behold,
A misery to himself and almost breaking ou»
hearts n ith anguish over his dreadful condition.
Many a time (lid I wiifa he wna dead and out
of hLs misery.
•' The eruption was especially severe back of his
ears ar.d over his head and the lower part ol
his face. We had to cut off all his hair we
could, as It vras impossible to comb through the
mass of hard crust and matter. I'liyslclaus did
him no good, and three specialists at the Eye
and Ear Hospital said
Nothing Could be Done.
They said it was a blood disease caused by
Impure vaccination. One night I happened
to be reading in a pn.per about Hood's Sarsapa
rilla, and decided to try It
"Vhilo taking the first bottle. Joseph did not
grow any vrorse; on the second, we noticed that
he was improving, and, slowly but surely, the
medicine drove away the disease and won a
complete victory. The scales and scabs began
to fall off; the sores gradually healed up, and
Hood's s Cures
new, smooth and healthy skin formed In place
of the disease and corruption. Of course it took
time, but Improvement was steady until at the
end of the yuar the disease had entirely disap
peared, and Joseph stood m itroni; anil hewl
lAir boy. He Is at school and progressing
rapidly In Ills studies.
" We and all the neighbors regard his cure as n
perfect miriele." JAJIFS HARPFR, heater in
Roebllng & 6'in's Ilolling Mill, residence, No.
814 Division Street, Trenton, N. J.
HOOD' 3 PILLB cure Constipation by restor
ing the peristaltic action of the alimentary canal.
Administrators and Executors ol estates
can secure their receipt b<M»ks at the CITI
Legal Notice.
T. C. CAMPBELL, Attorney.
J. L. l*urvts and L. O. i
Purvis partner- .dolni; I
business as s. G. In the Court of Common
Purvis i Co., ; Pleas ot Bntler countj.
vs [A D.. No fiO, March
5 It Spencer wltu | lerra, ls:«.
notic'j to 11 (J Walker, i
a-s gneeols.lt. spencer I
Action of ejectment brought by s. O Purvis
6 Co.. assignees of vendor agaiost s K.
Spencer, vendee to enforce spiicillc pertorm
ance of agreement .
March t3, into Motion of plaintiffs for a r
on •. It. Spencer— the return day ol the writ
having passed, and there belnu no service
thereof upon said s. It Spencer, or appearance
ror bim and no person residing upon i lie land
and the Sheriff of lluller county uiilng unabb
totindsaMS. 11. Spencer, ven'oe.- to appear
and plead to said action on or before the first
Monday of June, is is— the rule to be published
sixt> dajs before the return day it one news
paper ot Uutler county to be inserted three
times—presented and rule granted neon s. I:
Spencer, defendant , to appear and plead In
above stated ease returnable to first Mundav of
June. IVJ3— rule -h.iil be published (de
scribing the premises lor whlcn the above
action of ejectment i.s bruuithi as follows:
A iuessuai<e or tract of land situate in
butler borough, littler county. Pa . commenc
ing at a point on Willow street adjoinlog lotol
.1 <; stamm. iben<-e south along said street iio
feel, thence west along land «.t Charles Dully
130 feci to au alley, thence norfll along said alley
oo feet to land of said Stamm, thence east ulonn
said staiuiD's land I'M feel to >v mow street tlie
place of t«-KlnnlngJ sixty days before the return
day thereoi— hi one newspaper of Itutler county
—to the Inserted three tln.es.
iSealot / Certified from the records
'court of ! this: 1 day ol March. A.D.,'!W.
(Common Pleas.) Jons \v. (SHOW N.
~ —v— Prolhofiotary.
Auoitor's Notice.
In the matter ol the Assignment of W. A.
Osbornr for th>' benellt of creditors, at Ms. !>..
No. 2s. March Term isai. In the Court of Com
mon Pleas ol Culler County.
Havini- been appointed Aud(lorby the Court
tn the above stated C-.M . to pass upon the ex
ception to the account ol the A.salgufe. restate
the same If necessary and distribute the luiula
lutbenaii.ls.it the As,t 110• to and among
those entitled thereto.
Nonce is hereby gWen tlu 1 I «m attnd u>
duties of said uppoiotiu' 111 at my olllce In Hit
liuseiton fi 1 4 >*'e., Butler, Penn'a. 011 Monday the
:sa d.iy of April, l-j.; at nio'clock A. I . when
ana where nil pa ties interested may attend II
they see proper.
Notice in D vorce.
Catharine I'hl.ir, by 1 In the Court «'om
her next friend | mou Pleas of ISu ler
Jacob Cilnmn, Pa., A l>.
vs I No. 60, March Term. loir.'.
Henry f'hl'.r. i Is. Ij. P 1:4.
March 0. i-m. Motion of Everett 1., llalston
A't'y. tor pluniirt to«award publication 111
above case according to law presented to Court
and MOM dm- nwii dlllaHw theC nit direct
William M Brown. sne. lff. of Butler county, t«
cau>e notice to be purdlshcl In one newspaper
or general circulation In said county four w. eks
successively prior to the lirstduy of Julie Term
of Court requiring Ibe said respondent to ap
pear on the said day to answer Ibe said nun
plaint, fully set forth In the petition In ibis case.
ISY 111E tOI'KT.
Certifled lrom the records this Cth day of
M ir b. A • l> . Isw.
Joll>" W. BHOWN.
Notice in Divorce.
James W. creetii In the court of Common
v> J Pleas of Barter Co.. I'a.. A
Anna L. Green.) I>.. No. I. Sept. T.. lwr.*.
Book 13. P.ikTe 11.
March H. lsio. Motion of W. II I.'isk Ksq .
Att'y . f°r plaintiff, tor the appointment of a
Conn. ISsloner 111 alsive slated case. 10 take
testimony and report same to Court . and
motion was granted and .1 M. Painter was
appointed Commissioner to take testimony an
prayed for.
BY TUK cot icr.
I hereby srue notice that I will attend to tlie
duties of the alxiv.' appolntmenl at m\ <-111 ein
itutler on Saturday, April the 81 h, isiia at 10
o'clock A M.
Executor's Notice.
Letters testamentary on estate o
Edward Mellon, dee'd. lateol Zeiienople
Butler Co.. Pa .having been granted to the
endersigned. ail per-oiis knowning iheui
s -Ive ii debted to .-aid estate are requested
to make immediate pay meut, and any hav
ing claims against said estale will premnt
; them duly authenticated lor settlement to
W. D. Brandon, /Celienople. Pa.
Notice in Divorce.
Harriet C Covle.t y) In the Court of famiiwi
her next trier. 1 .Pleas T Bu'l-r Co.. Pa.
J. N. Ih .mpson A D . V.. jT. Dec. Term
V* John O. t'"j!e l-Oi.
Now February Kh.lß. Having>» hi appoint.,]
Commi%%loner In above ataj.M c u-e and
«ald appnmtmeat hav: tw*n o nilnued .-o
March 13 !>»■ on mu'.. r. tn . pin Court by
opier or Conr'.
Toallwnofn It may cor "em Take notice
fhat 1 will attend n tUe duti—s of abive ap
pointment on Thurs<!ay. .vpnl fth > ..t m
ofll-e in tt.e liaiWJWl B|.- S, P-It|er. Pa . -<t
which itme and place all parties concerned
may attend.
E E. Vol so.
March 13th. InflO. Coinnils«Jotit.r.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of Administration having bMu
grantwl to the undersigned on the e.-:ate
of Nannie C Wick, dee'd.. lateof the bor
ough of Batler.Bntler Co.. IVnn'a .all per
poau knowing theoelves indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate
payment, and any having i l«ims against
-ame will prc-ent them duly autnenticated
for mt.ement to.
A. M. CoxxELirs. Better, Fa
Executors' Notice.
testamentary on the estate of
George W Keed.dec'd.late of tbe lK>r»ugh o»
Butltr, Bntier Co. Pa , having In-en gran'-
ed to the undersigned, all person* know
ing themselves indebted to s-aul estate will
please make immediate payment, and am
bavingclaimsaga:ci-t i-aid e.-tate w;ll present
them duly authenticated f.rsettlement to
On W H*H> t y ••
JOSEPH P Rfki>. \ '
135. stb Ace.
Pittsburg. Pa
Administrators' Notice.
Letters of admini-tra'ion on the estate ol
Samuel lloyer. d.-c'<l, late of Lancaster
twp.. Butler Co., Penn'a. having l>een
granted to the under.-igned all person
knowing themselves indebted tosa:d e-tal<-
will please make immediate payment ami
tho-« having claims against the -»me will
present tbein duly authenticated lor settle
inent to '
FsfertßßKK WEIGLE. >
Levi M Wi-e. Harmony P. 0 .
Att'y. Butler Co., Pa.
Administrator's notice.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed have taken out lettPrs of adminis
tration on the estate ol John H btamm.
dee'd. late of Frankliu twp, Butler county.
Pa , and ail persons indebted to the »anie
■are requested to make prompt pay meat,
and those having claim- against -aid es
late, to preseut them duly authenticated
for payment to
Prospect, Pa.
Executors' Notice.
Letters testamentary on the last
will and testament of Wni.
L. Bartley late of the Borough
of Butler.Penn'a ,deceased,having this da\
been granted by the Register of wills in
and for the count}' of Butler and state
aforesaid to the undersigned executor*,
thereof,therefore all persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate are hereby
notified that speei'y payment thereof will
be requited,and those having claim- again.-!
said estate are requested to present them
without delay properly authenticated for
settlement to
January 27, 1893, Butler, Pa.
Administrators Notice.
Whereas, letters ol Administration have
this day been granted to the undersigned
ou the estate of John R Becninger, dee'd.
late of Allegheny twp , Butler C-» , Pa .
all persons knowing themselves indebte<l
to said estate are hereby notified to call
anil settle, and those having claims again si
the saire to present them duly authenti
cated lor payment to
A. M. CoRKKLirs. Sandy Point P. 0
Att'y. Bntler Co., Pa.
Butler, I'a., Jan. 23, 1593.
Executors' Notice.
Letters testamentary li. the estato of I.oul-.i<
suyder. dee'd. late of Brady iwp. (Sutler Co
Pa., having been granted to the undersltrned
all persons knowing themselves Indebted
to said estate will please make
immediate payment. and any having
claims agalsl the .same wlil present them duly
authenticated for sett lenient to
McCandless P. 0.. or
West Lloertv P. 0.,
Butler Co., Pa..
W. D. Brandon. Att'y. Executors
Administrate's Notice
\Vlier(.'.is letters of administration wore this
day granted by the Register In and lor the
County of Butler. Peun'a. to the undersigned on
Ihe estate of I >av Id Simmons, late of.Franklin
twp.. Butler Co.. Pa., ee'd. all persons kuow
themselves Indebted to said estate are
requested to tnik" Immediate payment and
those havliiK el.lin- iu'»iti-t the same wlq
pl'-ase (iieseiit 110-m pM|H-rly autbenticared for
settlement 10 the o.idersiirued.
E. Mcjunkln. Prospect. Penn'a.
Att'v. Oct. 24. IS9-.'.
of Clinton Township, Road
Account of Jas. Watson.
Amount in hands of 1. McCall,
collector for 1S!»1 $ 143 lis
Exoneration to 03
<'ollectors per cent 7 ly
Received of I. McCall ... 121 To
Total 143 S8
Amount ef duplicate lor the year
1892. of Wtn. llarvev, Collector 3(1". 59
By cash from Wm 11 .rvey 2sl 7o
Rebate aud per cent Hi (il
Total 29.1 til
Balance in hand ol Collector iii> !'">
Balance in baud of Treasurer 249 78
Received of Isaiah MoColl l'.'l 7<>
" Wm Harvey 70
Amount received by Treaaarer t>o3 19
Vouchers redeemed 300 '.Hi
Amount in Treasury 347 23
Vouchers redeemed by Jas WaUon, Treas
urer of Roxd Tax.
S. Hemphill, making new road 10 00
John Harvey, for plank 3."> 35
( hrist Bergman eight loads stone... 2 (Ml
Wni Harvey, stone 4 ou
Geo Worscli, stone C 75
t has kruiupe, timber 1 52
Rob't McCall, stone and limber 2 17
(.'. W. Morrison, .' lone aud spikes 1 7*.
M. Thrower, timber and spike- 1 ij'i
" hauling plank 4 00
G. P. Harvey, for plank 9 7s
M. Thrower, services 12 00
John Montgomery, working K. A.
Anderson's road 500
John Montgomery, services 12 00
e). Hemphill, three loads stone 75
(i. P. Harvey, plank 77 00
W. C. Negley, | üblUhing report I 00
Jos. Crisweil, recordfug report. 1 50
Geo Bone, services 12 00
S epheu H< mpliiil, services 12 00
Isaiah McCUI. services 12 Oo
lhomus Wood, strric s 12 00
John Wiley, timber 13 20
Cut. Mu tiiat, ten loadsstooe 2 50
Jas .Watson, timber for Furgusoii's
brlda* 3 GO
John Float, eight loads stone 2 00
MM Kkas, hpikes 26
Samuel Hemphill, stone 1 00
lbomas Wood, spikes and aclini;
fi cretary 0 15
M Thrower, trip tc Butler 1 50
1 Mc( all, " " 1 50
M. Thrower, working Cartons roa<l . 5 05
W ui. ticluiu, timber 50
Geo. l.ove, limber aud stone i II
Isaiah Met all,exoneration* 15 03
Stephen Hemphill, sione 2 00
Jas Simpson, timber and slone i 98
Auditors lees and stationary 6 10
Treasurer's per centum « Il
Hook tor township clerk... . 25
Total 3*'s Isi
SO.N, TKKAht Ul.(t.
Amonul in Treasury 123 02
Voutbeis redeem, d.
T. A. Hartley, services as Overseer,
and council fees 11 50
John Halstead, as Overseer and legal
expenses 9 7«>
l'tcaaurers per cent 43
Total 21 6*
Amount in Treasury 101 31
We (he Auditors of Clinton township hav
lUK examiued the accounts ol Jas. Watson,
Treasurer, of Road and Poor account, h:. I it
as above Stale I and believe it correct.
Jos. 8. LOVE, 1
JOHN W. KIULILK, .Auditors.
CHAS, Qunow. )
Mercantile Appraiser's List.'
For tbe Ytar 1893
Name*. Pout Ofict. Ante tat.
ttI'TLKK witOluß.
M<- i£T»rty A Mei rem,! ioor naerehant.But ier
t>K W
Reii»er Bro*. liqa >r u«rrhut, Bailer 203 •»
BrrFALO rwr.
Penn'a Distilling To, distillery, Frwpart
lu~> 00
Stah 1 G«orge, liquor merchant. Zeiieno|>l*
903 uo
Total fTo»
ADAVS nrr.
Murry P 11, 3 pool table*. Callery 31 <*•
Dullard W S bles, Renfrew 51 00
Riehl (j C, 4 pool table*. Roller '"1 >•
KrrslehMl J 3, ' ' ' til 0>»
r»mpS«-!l ND» * * * 61 »«'
McCrea HD. 2 ' * * 41 00
TVIS> CITY ;.. .sorn.
Donaldson T A, 4 p->>! tables. Evan* .City
r.l Ou
Nutt I. J, 2 pool tables tables, Kraaa City
41 0»
Tw nuer H L. 2 pool tables, Evana City
41 CO
St .ughton W (», 3 p»x>i tables, HarmonT
51 00
Amf CP, 4 pool tal'les, Chicwra 00
T adder OP,* ' • 61 00
Kilroy J B, 4 pool tables. Petrolia 61 <M>
RAXOSBTBG uonoron.
Schroih E, 3 pool tables. Sax.-nborg 51 <W
(lililebran 1 P, 3 pool taMes Zeiienople 51 00
Armory Building A, opera. Bailer 55 00
Kilroy J B, opera, Petrolia 31 Oo
jcheil J D «i i o.atort .Sandy Point 14 7 75
Al>Ajn TWP.
Auder«on J A * W F. store.
Valencia 12 13 25
flarr .1 C Airt.eoal and im. lements,
Valencia 13 10 75
Barr J t'. MD. drugs, Mars 14 77 j
B«ci;s <k 1 raw ord, store, • 11 15 75
Beringer 11 H, ' Myoma IS 10 75
Boyd. Hamilton A Co. lumber and
hardware, Myoma 13 10 75
Gilliland W J, coal and feed,
My.ma 14 775
Irvine Bros, furniture, Myina 14 7 75
Irvine C B. store. ' 14 "75
Marshell .1 D, store, Mars 11 15 75
Shannan JT, * t allery 13 10 75
■Merrett SO, M D, drugs, Valencia 14 7 75
Thomas JH, store, Callery 13 10 75
* iutton EO. store. West Liberty 14 7 75
Hines ACo hmited.store, * 11 7 75
Robisou W W, " Pump 14 7 75
Tbojipson JM, * Flora 14 775
F.kas DSA Co,Rhipper.SarrervilUl4 7 75
Cramer Mrs K S,store, Freeport 14 7
Kalkner 1. H.ba"lw»re,SarverTilleH 7 75
MH'afferty .las Jr, store, ' 14 < <5
I'owell JW. * ' 12 »7?
SarverS B. ' ' R 1 5
SarverH K, ' Ekastown 14 '75
\V»t«on W, lumber, Sarversvi'le, 13 10 75
WilkewiU G, pedler, * 25 75
CXAY rwr.
Arthcrs .? B A Co, store, Euclid IS
Dunn John, pedler. West Suubery 2.> , >
CHERRY rwr. .
Bailey JA, store. Bovard H 7 75
Elliott II W, ' CoalU.wu 13 10 75
Fogal Valentine, drugs, ' 14 7 75
Graham J P A Bros, store,
Moniteiu 11 7
McCoy Hr Jc Son,store, \nandnlel t 7 75
"Stewart Br.w, Coal to wo 14 7 15
->proull A Stoops, Goiaer>ol, 12 13 2^
Welch Jas < Coal town 14 7 "5
Fleeter AF, store, Fleeter 14 j^s
Holuian A, * M Candle** 14 » 75
(i.urroN TWP.
\nderson RJ, store. Flick *4 7
Ekas Daniel, pedler, Eka«town 25 75
Snvder S, store. Riddle* X Roads 14 < '5
BalzicerA Badger .store, Maeic 14 . •_<
Mark wellS. ' Greece City 1-1 It*
Kulin AB 4 Co. ' Hooker 13 10 75
Kennel] PJc Son»,» ore.EennleUW 14 • •
Mcßride MJ, ' Coybtville 13 10 75
Fraotz John, store, Ogle 14 '75
Gorvin Win, ' • 13 10 75
llendnekson AG, '
Johnston MH, ' ' M 775
Kri rob art R A Son, store. Conn'g 12 13 25
I'brislie JL, M D,drugs, ' 14 775
Henry RS A Son, store. Butter
Nick las C, store, Conn'g 12 13 25
Purvianee JTA\V A, ' ' H 15 75
Wright. Alexander A Doutt,store,
Whitestown 12 11 25
Cate II 8, store. Greer 14 7 7->
Graham JH, 1 St Joe 13 10
Grillln F A,. ' Ratligau 14 <'s
Kim rum ph O,store, Mt Chestnut 14 .75
Watson Wm, 1 ' 12 13 25
Watson Wm, * Isle 14 iJo
Dullle'.d MS, store, Zeno 14 7<5
Schilling A, ' Reibold 14 7<5
KirkerS I). feed store, 14 775
Hartenstein le store, Great Belt 14 7<5
Mcßride 4Co ' * 13 10 75
Nlontag Wm & Co, ' Jefferson _
Centre, ' '
1 1, a. 1t-re rJ .store,Middle Lancaster 14 7*5
Melz A E A Son, store, Middle
Lancaster 13 10 <•">
Bailey Joseph, Store, lltrrisville 14 7 7.>
Gormley J 11, ' Murrinsville 14 t7£
Hamilton 11, ' Boyers 14 775
Sisney L J ' * 14 »75
Gillespie WJ. store. Flick 14 775
Marks WJ A Bros,* Glade Mills 11 15 '5
MlK'n TW P.
Bryson WJ, store, Forestville 14 775
father G P, pedler, Harrisville 25 <5
Owena Mrs Jane.store Forestville 14 7,5
Andre W J, store, St Joe Station 14 . 75
Kail George * North Oakland 14 775
Campbell A G, I -e.ldler, Honors, -> .5
Adams J I), "tore, Brain 14 775
Black WC. ' ' H ;
( ampbell TG, ' B <ia
Caldwell HM A Co, ' ' 14 < <5
Caldwell H M A Co, hardware ' 14 7 75
Daubenxpeek JM, store.Glenon 14 775
Howard JC, " Parkers
Landing 1* 'J®
M oritan .1 as A, ' ' ' * ' •
OrrJ W. ' ' Bruin 14 / <5
Orr J 11, luuibtr, ' H •.5
run TWP.
Brown Mrs AB. store, Retilrew 14 J7o
Bowser KM, lumber " H <
Douthett AM, More,Brownsda la 13 10 ir,
Mark well S, ' Renfrew 13 *2?°
Mc<*lynmnds II S, drugs ' 14 7ib
i'atrick James, store ' 13 10 «•>
Price AC. Hardware ' 14 " < >
Sutton AD, store, Maharg 13 10 75
Birekbickler N, store. Carbon
Centre J J?
Dittmer MB. ' Herman 14 7 u
Book U 11. store, Kei«ter 14 775
< ritchlow E 11, Agl.lnmlter.Wick 13 10 7_>
Hindnian WJ, store. Branchton 14 775
Humphrey D W,«tore.Esu C el 2 13 25
Kerr II II * ' » \ »
Kohl merer G t,
Miller AO, ' ' 14 7<5
A'tmire T. store, Hilliard 14 t75
Heatty JL, drugs. ' 14 775
Dae John. store, ' 14 7 75
Hiirper A Gih«on,hardware. North
Hone I "
Mifflin & Mifflin Jr,»tore N Hope 11 15 75
MeFariand A Co, ' Argentine I. 13 25
Jewell CA. ' Hilllard 14 7"5
Summers Mrs LJ, ' 4 14 » #5
Thompson JN, ' N Hope 14 775
Cruikshsnk 11, peddler, Carbon
Mark 25 75
Foster C A Son, store, Leaaure
ville H 7 75
Krm>»- RA A. ' Denny 11 15 75
>niith A l»« an, 'Carbon Black 12 13 %>
Weidboa L, ' Denny 12 13 25
Gardner WF, store, Jaeksriile 13 10 7,<
Gardner N L, pedler, • 25 . 5
erri.es onfx
l»Unoi A C. Hatter :♦ 7
K tra A Ouspbell. »n ' tl 0 »
*.! L»r 1 t>, • 'l4 7 75
Jacob • * IS 10 75 j
Kambart RW. • • H 775 j
Ml • * M D><
B«y<l C If, drag* *ll 13 JR '
Baipb Jr. - • :• 7 7*
R»tlia A Urtn, Hot*. * !i 11 3
ti ■ii.rtl A Vf; < OJH.XW
Butlfr 10 » 75
Bauer Ma.*- C«y MATT, BlUw 11 !•) 75
U'#rj * * 14 7*S
B><*keS J..ha. • * it 15 75
A 4 C* * 11 1> 7J
« * T rapituK.Fuaitiu*,
Bat -r M> »75 '
When Htrtfr. •( nrt, BaUvr 14 ' S
< J«»A VI iluilvtrr,' 9 2.* 75
i 'ilwn A «M«, 13 14 .5
CWt nd 41UUKN " 'll U "
I>.a K taa> J H. • " 13 10 75
lufj l ban. • • W »75
t'!«oiu *C. iiu A M * 14
Kin KbsM, nun * 14 7 73
Frmck J V A fa, • - 13 l<t 75
Korrbs II A • • U M 7 ■
Or..** WU. • U W »
liri»b A Lamb, * 14
liiirt Harry, • ' 14 7 7">
Or eb ( ban R. • * 14 7 T5
FC. " 14 775
Harper Bros, * • II 15 75
Hon H, • 14 7 7j»
Hrwmu HC A Sim. * * l 3 Ml 75
Half J, ' 14 7 75
DA, 1 ' N »75
Hiwatwrpr C, ' " 14 775
Huxiwo BC, * • lO »75
tlotau HA. * li lo :J
Jar*ana a bardvare, * U 1* 73
Janrti l!( to. l:o:Mi, * ' f 1) 75
Krmarli* J, ««rf * 14 7 75
keppie J, * * 14 775
R.«arr H W. • "14 T 75
KiiaKler HJ,A C* * * 4 J9 7$
kirfcpatrwK A R«a<i * * 11 15 75
kueb C A S»n». * * Id 30 74
kamervr WA. * ' 11 W7»
krlifrr <ii>f|», famtait " 13 !• A>
MO lain M * 14 7 75
Mifiir J amj(M« of Yg«>| H
V». barilaarp. Batter 14 7 75
Mari:o<° jorr S B A la, acora. Bat
ter, • JO 75
MUlerU WUaoa. .tor*. Batter. » £> 75
Miu-Br.l C A. 14 7 75
MaagoM PR, ' 14 7 75
»(Onn W B * 14 7 75
Mfßrxte A Elliot. ' M 7 »
Murruna T A. * * M 7 75
WF. * U 1« 7>
Miitcr lleary, * ' 13 13 25
S .«•* J A BrvM, * " IS Sl> 75
0 tineaU H A Soa, * 14 774
I'atfe»i A, * 14 736
PbUlifMO M, ' • U 1» 7*
Patterwa JS. * » »75
frr«i Mr. KB, • 14 775
Pbilupa WW, • 14 773
Parrs® Sti A 10, am her, * W *73
Pape I» T, »u>re. • 14 775
R'bina Braa. * * 14 7 75
Keiber .41: M, * * » »75
Re:t*r A A rf, * * 1« *♦ T 3
keiber FT, * * U »»
Kei'ira JC. Jrofa, * 12 US
KorlriiMtia II C. banlwarr, • 14 7 75
killer A Raistua iton • 9 £b 75
Ruff Al. U M 75
RiU'bejr JA. " ' 14 775
t, banlrm, * 14 775
<cbaai A Na.-t. 'tore ' li 13 35
!>lein A Sn, • • 1© 39 «5
scbneiiieinaa H, " *ll 15 75
"hank JAH W, * * II 15 75
-tehle J F T. * * 14 7 75
lerariUigrr Mn CC, * " M 775
frailer I. * * !1 U #
Troutman A A S>o, * * 7 40 75
trailer J A Soo. " * 10 S» 75
Vosttey A iiaocroft * * 14 775
Wick. 1. C, .umber, " IO 20 75
Mutter I't.-rmacy, -lru««, * 14 775
il aiaar JL, ,ature. ' 14 775
MiliiaiosA Butler. ' * 14 7 75
U'mJA, * 14 7 75
MeaerNT, * 14 775
M ailer J L itrup, * 14 7 75
Walter DH, aiorr. * 13 10 75
Weitzell D, Sr, Aa, * * U 10 75
Har.l A Son, stortr, Slipperyrocic II 75
ttiaztiam A . < oa,barl»«t > *
Cbriatia A ( >:DpWll,iior»,' 1® JO 7j |
ClatM Br t «AMrOalHc, * ' 11 15 75 |
1 oailer T8 A Ca, * 14 775
FA A J l", * * " I» |
Griae W 11. pedler, ' 15
Lawrence V%* E, atore, * 14 7 <
Hitler Joho, i-e*i*er. * 75
I lier A Bestler, faroiture. * 1» 775
Wilwa RL, atora, ' 11 14 75
Allan A NicKle, cual. Eraa- Citj 14 7 75
Barker J«»ao, ' * 14 775
ll»!C*a A kliae, «u»rr, " 11 15 75
Bircb&rtl H C, <lrng«, ' 7 7;>
Barlo Darul, »U>r«, * M 773
Kirry LN. * ' ' 74
Ihfciiibach J A E, amber, * 1-
lladaua Robert, store, * 14 <»5
Iflt O A S«o», ' • H 13 75
Lrailerer WC, carriage <l*«l«r,' 14 775
Miiliiuan O, store. 4 14 7>5
NiCklan Broa, * 11 ' 5
Otl Wrll ?»np,.ly Co, Oil Weil
?upt'l)«, trun lilf, 1-i W>J
Ramsey JA, store, * 12 13 £3
Ktpper JA, * * 14
Ki{[g* WD, ' • 14 «75
Ttiuaihers AJ, 1 * 14 775
Sboup Brua, 1 " 13 10 75
A Brown, ' ' 14
AJ, * ' 14 <75
White JM, * * 14 "75
Young Henry, furtit'ire, ' 13 It' 75
XeatD l>, atore ' 14 775
fairview borocgb.
Hiwn WC, store, BaMeil 10 »75
Scott C. 1 10 " 5
iiarmost Bo*or.iß.
Bame HW, store. Hi'monf 14 775
Beotle II M A Co,lam her. * II 15 75
K' pinger A Sh»li, < - o»l, * 14 775
F«enriiiKer A. store, ' 14 7 75
UoehriuK W A A Co, limited,
atore, Harmony 13 10 73
iluberJ H, r uffs, * 14
K R, store, * 14 7 75
Milliruan Broa, ' • 11 15 75
Oil Well Sup Co. * 11 13 75
Swain UD, ' * II 15 75
■'tiTer FB, feed ' ' 14 775
HARRisviLir. noaoroH.
Black II C, store. HarriaTille 12 13 25
Black Robt. ' 14 1 75
Brown RL, furniture, ' 14 773
Beaty ES, hardware, 14 775
Bingham SB. store, ' 12 13 <5
Carry JE. ' • 14 T. 3
El rick J il. droit*;
Murrisoo WL, .store, ' 14 7 7.5
II illiard A <t 0 L, store, Karnn
City 14 775
McElroy Bros.store, Kara* City 13 10 75
.Story TR. drugs ' 14 773
Wersh Joba, store, * 14 • 3
Bo won W Vi. store, Ch icora 14 7 73
Bell PAJt Co, droit*, * 14 773
DeWolf Dr VL, ' ' 14 773
Frank I h S. store, * 14 7 73
Frajiur J F,! ' ' 14 773
Frederick FG A Co.lumber,' 13 10 73
Ula»s George, store. * 14 773
ll«cb Broa, ' • 13 10 75
Hay» EF. hardware, ' 14 7 7.5
Uocb.Seibert <1 Co.lumber ' 14 JF''
Johnson C 11, hardware, * 14
.luhtison A Moffatt, store. 14 7 73
McKeeJ L, dru(ta, ' 14 773
Murtland JC, store, ' 13 10 »3
Schweiger Fred, ' ' 14 7T3
Schartach C, ' ' 14 7 73
Wesfertnan Broa. ' ' 9 25 75
Wi-sternian KF A Co,store,' 13 10 75
f-ETBOLIA Buiorm.
Chesbro EP, atore, IVtroha, 13 10 7.5
Oenbolo T. * ' 13 10 75
Foater WC, drujt", ' 14 773
Hawk J il. store. * 14 773
K itijr«ii*mith H A.' " 13 W75
K;lenstein AM,' ' 14
Starr ML. ' ' 14 7 75
St..ugh ton WR. junk. ' 14 773
Toronski Broa. store, 12 13 23
Teajter H, juok. ' 14 775
piibtirsviu.* Boßoroa.
llnnpbrey Wtn A Sob, store.
PortersTille. 10 20 75
lUDondd D B, hardware. Port
ers Tills*. 14 7 73
Mar hall AS .store. Porterseille, 14 7 75
Okeson 8 T. furniture. * 14 7 75
Ramsey Brim, store " 13 10 75
Bowser A, drugs, proapeet, 14 775
t'ritchlow Broa. store * 13 10 75
Edmondsou A Son, Furniture.
Prospect, 14 7 75
Fore»ier SS. store, Prospect, 13 10 75
KeisterO F A Co, ' * 13 10 75
McClure J H drugs, ' 14 7 75
Riddle WR A Co, atore. ' 12 13 25
arjßlßT BOROCGB.
Br.-ailen A Conway, store W»at
Snnbuiy. 11 15 75
liisduian U C A Co. druga, ff
Sonhury. 14 7 75
Mecbling<t Hunt, turniture, W
Sunbunr. 14 7 75
bard ware W Sunbary. 14 7 75
Rbodea S L. store * 14 7 75
3AXo.litl B<j BOBOCUB.
iielmlxiid Mrs Theo A Son.jture.
Sa job Sure 10 »75
lieltnlu Id Mrs Theo A Son.atore.
s »i"Bburg II 15 75
KrauM T. atore, Sajooborg, 10 3# 75
M .urb. tTG W, ■ 14 7 75
Muder II A. ' 14 7 r
Merahon l»r EB. draft * 11 775
S*ipe| II A, store. ' 14 775
hs. Ban man A Co. latuber.
Sucabbrg. II 773
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Alias 4 Dweheck. *«*». Z» : .
■.HOW*. ivj JO 73
i> ». karlvm. au, 13 IJ "3
I>mJ:»«r Jmk*. «tof* * it U75
wh. • n ns
■«n Dff • * ;* 7 73
b -.«et :a«r a u : ~
I** a. • a sn
I3i i. : rem bar * q
K.sf wn <tint * u 7 r
iiMB-f'? a * M 773
PMwrtat C Hot*. U I« ~
Mmt P • C 13 25
Z*fes#r K. farvtara. * 14 7 3
*«***»! Jte Ta* m,JM 3»
*"§'*a«a;a UNW 1» »
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■>?«» « •»
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!iot.c« to Citation.
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.•rose «f ccnrt t*e*a»>e. >*4 pa.*- aai -Ma •!*■»
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I>#*! at Koi>r *n4 >* tW ' "W» a* HaUar
at. StiaiUl the :: .ta? of a«eaj«i a* - ».:t*eß
of taJd ta. IS»n awl taere to »« -»tv :f
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t&b» U> J».. at Bare*. MM. _
«aw* at »ikm
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Are r»ry ileairahio, Bteiiafc Mrf, he
-id«*s, are fall of same*.
Of tbeao de»ir*ftle it aln we're
showing elaborate liaaa tkw moat
for the moMT ia Woolwaa wo'ee jot
Hero'a tho story—
34 im-bes wide. 50 nau.
40 iocbee wido. 50 coot*.
46 ud 50 ioeboo wide. 75 ceata
50 inches wido. ft 00
50 ioebea wide, f 1 25
5t mobee wide. $1 50.
Tbexe ore ia oil New Sprio* Color
iafT«. «Dd o t the wide on-n ■ to 52
ia )bat fire »»rdn reqaired for foil
A!«o. Dole one cmm All-wool.
Wide Wil« Cktiitfs.
38 mobes wile. in foil line at cotoro.
4 5 CENTS.
And the price TOO'U Had !e* tkaa
tbe«e fabric* sre naaaoallf sold at.
If you'lt write an for
of Dr> (<ood% 70a con'e«p at#
hojiof. and will fompaf jualitMO,
at? I# and prlreo. joall 8008 diaroear.
we know, bow aork it'* to Towr la
ter rot aa«i prall to wad a*
Catalog oe free Writ* tor ropy
A: Buhl,
115 to 121 Federal Stmt.
Fnrßitirr aid I adrriakjic
Of Pr«>sprtt. P*. Ex» Strove 01
property in conm-ction
Hotel Butler,
"""T H. FAUBEL, Pn>|»"r.
This house has been thorough
ly renovated. temode!«J» Ami re
fitted with new furniture ami
carpet*; has electric bells ami all
other modern eomren»«»ce* (or
guests, and is as convenient. Bki
desirable a home for straager* as
can be found in Butler. Pa
Elegant sample room for use of
commercial men.
/O , &r*&jrr
■■■lean Ml. rL.««. r~~>
O * eae