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litw<rtMitl«n at ImtlMM U tlam matter
W. C. HBMTT, - - - P ' blU^* r
TBv Republican party has been defeated,
but no reproach of any kind rests upon its
candidate for the nation's highest gift-
President Harrison has borne himselt
through the canvass with the same
modesty, oourage and unostentatious man
lineas that has characteriied him in all bis
private and pnblio life.
No triend of hie regrets a single action or
utterance of the President. He has won
and be retains the sincere respect of the
American people. As a man and a magi»-
trate he has constantly strengthened him
»elf in the esteem of intelligent and
patriotio Americans. His honest devotion
to what he considers his country's best in
terests has never been seriously question
ed, even by his most virulent opponents.
The reoord of Benjamin Harrison, in the
army of the nation's defenders, in the
Senate and in the White House, is one of
which the Republican party is proud. He
is an American, who represents all that is
noblest and most partriotic in American
The Teachings of Homestead.
Now that the Almagamated Association
has made a complete surrender by declai
ing the strike off,even as regards the mem j
bers ot the union in whose behalf it was .
waged, it would be in order for the Advis j
ory board ot some one representing or sus
taining their side of the contention to
point ont what has been gained to organ
ised labor as a set-off against the fearfiil
loss and damage entailed upon the organi
sation most directly concerned. Perhaps
those demagogic newspapers which es
poused the cause of the strikers can point
them to some good accomplished. They
may be told that in so far as the bloody
drama at Homestead contributed to the
overthrow of the party of proteation and
paved the way for the repeal of a tariff
which ''makes the rich richer and the poor
poorer," it is worth all the deprivation and
suffering and all the money which it cost.
Whether the deceived, humiliated and im
poverished strikers will accept this view is
another matter. They wiU have to wait
and see what benefit is to come to labor in
the aggregate before they oonclude that
they have paid the price for its redemp
Let ns snppose that the 300 highpric.ed
men whom the Carnegie Company pro
posed to reduce, and in support of wnose
demands some 3,000 employes ceased work
for twenty weeks, had accepted the reduc
tion, to what extent would they have in
jured themselves or damaged tbeir labor
unionf It was claimed by the mill owners
and, no doubt, correctly so, that these re
ductions were nominal rather than real,
and that as they were to be paid on a ton
nage basis tbey would have as large, if not
larger, yearly incomes than they had been
earning, without having to work any hard
er or longer. The difference would have
been made up to them by the improved
facilities for getting ont tne work. Sup
pose tney had agreed to try the experi
ment for six months or a year, how much
better off would they find themselves to
day and what incalculable damage would
tbey have spared to their fellow-workmen
and to the bustling and thrifty town of
Homes! eadf Then there is a broader view
involved in the bloody riot of July 6, the
immense outlay involved in the preserva
tion of peaoe by the military and the fear
ful amount of litigation resulting from as.
saolts and murderous riots, and the irre
parable damage sustained by organised
labor by reason of the fact that it sought
to accomplish its ends through violence
and bloodshed. In the one case the Amal
gamated association would have been a»
compact, as strong and as useful as ever.
By the course chosen it deliberately risked
almost inevitable defeat, and is glad to re
lieve itself of further responsibility for the,
support of its sympathetic alliei by declar
ing the strike off.
Trade* unionism should perceive by this
time the utter fallacy of attempting to win
fu conflict* with capital by a resort to
either threats or violence. If it oannot
enforce its demands except through a de
nial of the rights of propertv and person
to all who stand in its way it cannot suc
ceed at all. Men who are so sensitive as
to the "tyranny of capital" should be care
ful not to place themselves absolutely
under the domination of demagogues.
What greater despotism could have been
conceived than that which took the civil
law by the throat at Homestead and set up
in its place the reign of the Advisory
BoardT It was none the less anarchy be
cause consumated in the name of organised
labor. It is amazing that intelligent men
shuuld, for the third of a year, follow the
advice of leaders who, while their dupes
were suffering, were themselves living on
the fat of the land. The tyranny of capi
tal may be grevious, but it can scarcely
exceed iu intensity the domination of an
advisory board.
W hat a relief it would be to tbe strikers
were the association able to "declare off'
the load of misery, disappointment and
adversity which has been heaped upon
them and their families by four months of
idleness t They can each count thn wa
ges which would have been theirs during
that tiino and write over the sum "dead
loss." Not only so,but hundreds will nev
er get work in the mills at all, while oth
ers who are acceptable will have to take
such positions as they can get or seek work
elsewhere. Each man oan figure for him
self what he has lost, but how is he to es
timate his gains T To sum the whole
matter up,organised labor must trust more
to its owu good sense and judgment and
less to tbe advice of walking delegates, ad
visory boards, grand master workmen and
demagogic editors and stump orators. And
it must, above all things else, conduct
is conflicts within tbe pale of the law.—
Commercial Qaiette.
TUBEK will be four ex-Speakers of the
House on the floor next session: Jobu
Cessna, who was speaker in 1851 and 1863;
Benjamin L. Hewit, who served in 1881;
Henry K. Boyer, in 1887-9, and C. C.
Thompson, in 1891, George N. Lawrence
was speaker of the Senate in 1863. An
other ex-Senator in thn House will be
Henry Butterfield, of Erie.
Cleveland and Tammany.
The Brooklyn . Eagle, in an ed
itorial,strongly denied the published state
ment that at a dinner at the Victoria
Hotel, in New York, Mr. Cleveland met
the Tammany leaders and made promises
and stipulations to them in return for their
support at his election. Last night, at a
dinner given by the Manhattan Single Tax
Club, Thomas G. Sherman, of Brooklyn,
said that at the now historical dinner there
were present Messrs. Cleveland, Whitney,
Dickinson, Sheehan, Edward Murphy, Jr..
and Kichard Croker. "Mr Cleveland has
not told me anything about the pledge be
made," said Mr. Sherman, "but there hap
pcus to be a telephone in the room where
the dinner was held which has conveyed to
me what happened.
Mr- Sherman piotured Lieutenant Govern
or She«han as standing up aud addressing
Mr. Cleveland on the subject of pledges
Cleveland replied to Mr. Sheehan:
"Mr. Sheehan, I have listened with the
utmost attention to what you have said. I
have followed you very carefully, and I
think I understand you perfectly, and what
I bavn to say in reply, Mr Sheebtm, is
that I'll be before I'll pledge niyseli"
to any una on any subject, snd I'll be
doubly before I give to yon those
particular pledges for which you have ask
•l at this particular Ume.
Sylvester Critchlow'# Trial.
The trial of Sylvester Critchlow. one of
the Homestead strikers, for the murder of
T. J. Connors, one of the Pinkerton men,
on the barge on July 6th last, began be
fore Judges Kennedy and McClung, of the
Allegheny County Criminal Court, last
District Attorneys Burleigh and Goehr
ing, were assisted by Attorneys Robl\
Patterson and Breck; and the counsel ft.r
the defense included Marshall. Reardon,
Montooth, Brennen and Cox of the Alle
gheny County Bar; G. W. Argo of Sioux
City, lowa, and W. W. Erwin of St. Paul
Some trouble was experienced in select
ing a jury, and then Dist. Atty. Burleigh
opened for the prosecution, quoted the Uw
as to murder by mobs, and regarding riot.-,
-aid this was a public pros-ecution, and re
cited the incidents of the riot and killing
Dr. McKennan, Supt Cowan of the wen
Penn Hospital, Rev. Lynch, and Cooper 01
the Pinkerton force were the witness
beard that day.
On Saturday the trial was resumed, dav
and night sessions of Court being held
During the day session, but little ot the
evidence was damaging to the defendant
but at the night session some witnesse-i
said they saw Critchlow with a gun, to
one he was pointed out as a "regular dare
devil," and another saw him behind the
baricade firing at the men on the barge
Court adjourned at 10 P. M. Saturday,
when all the evidence for the prosecution
was in, but the jury was locked up in the
Court House all day Sunday.
Monday morning the defense was open
*d bv the two Western Lawyers. W M
Erwm of St. Paul made a tremendous
speech in which he spread the case over
the whole United States and pulled down
the sky. Mr. Argo of Sioux City also
made a good speech, in which he outlined
the defense—an alibi.
Charles Mansfield, a real estate agent,
said he was the one who pointed out the man
named Critchlow to Charles Reese, a news
paper artist, who swore that Sylvester
Critchlow was the man. Mansheld saul
the one he pointed out to Reese was liar
nson Critchlow. a cousin of tho prisoner
who wont to work in tho Homestead mill
some time ago aud lost a leg in the con
verting mill last week. The Critchlow.
he pointed out wore dark clothes, as had
been stated by witnesses for the prosecu
tion. Mansfield did not see Sylvester
Critchlow on the day of the riot.
Samuel Rothrauff, of Demmler, sax
Sylvester Critchlow in a Braddock street
car before 10 A H. on July 6, and he was
wearing light clothes. He came over to
Homestead with him and about - o clock
parted with Critchlow who started home.
Rothrauff went down to the mill during
that time. A long cross-examination fail
ed to shake this testimony. J. Miller Co!
gan and J. J. Baird gave evidence as to
teeing Critchlow where Rothrauff said he
was. Mrs. Bridget Coyle haw Critchlow at
3 p m a mile away from the mill, going
home. She had 'put the bread in the oven'
just then, and she knew tho time.
Attorney Patterson asked her many
questions, and she filially broke out indig
nantly: .
"It was just three o'clock I tell you, and
don't ask me anything more. There's no
lie about it, but you're trying to make me
tell a lie, and I wouldn't do it for all the
money Carnegie has." Arthur and Josiab
Brashaw and Albert Moore all gave evi
dene* as to seeing Critchlow going home
between 3 and 4 o'clock, and George Ri l
ley saw him at 8;30 a. m. at Sixth ami
Amity streets, and stayed with him until
□ear 9;30, when be went toward Munball
as the defense claims he did, instead of be
fore 8, as the prosecution wanted to show.
A recess wan ordered at 5;30 P. M. until
7 o'clock. Upon reconvening Jacob Trant
man, a saloonkeeper, and John Eicheler, a
boarder at Trautman's, said Critchlow wa
in the saloon from 8.30 until 8;55 A. M ,
when the borongh officials ordered the i-a
loon closed. Henry Ramsey saw Critchlow
going home between 2 and 3 o'clock in th<)
afternoon. William Taylor didn't see
Critchlow that day, hut was down on tho
railroad bridge when the battle began at
the landing. He said'.tbe first shot was
fired from the barges. Peter Smidt and
Anton Boulier corroborated other witness
es as to Critchlow's whereabouts in the
morning. „ .
On Tuesday Sylvester Critchlow. wa'
examined by Attorney Brennen. He
swore that he did not fire a gun orfirearm.i
.f any kind between 7:.10 and 8 o'clock on
the morning of July 6; that he was not on
the Carnegie grounds that morning, nor
between the hours of 1:30 or 4:30 that
afternoon and that he bad not fired a gun
between 10:30 and 12:30 or 1:30 and 4
o'clock that day. He identified as having
worn on the day named a faded brown
coat and a pair of striped trousers exhibit-
The witness was not cross-examined.
Mr* Critchlow, wife of the prisoner,
testified that her husband wan at home
sleeping at 4 o'clock on the afternoon of
July 6 She had been absent from homo
that day and had returned aoout 4 o'cjock
The witness was not cross-examined,
and the defense rested
The commonwealth then introduced evi
dence in rebuttal. Honry Monalh, a hard
ware man of Homestead, swore that ho
was in his store on J aly 6 from 6 o'clock
until 8 o'clock and from 10 o'clock until 1-
He said Critchlow did not leave a gun in
his store that day. He did not know
C. 0. Fawcett was called, but did n«>t ap
pear. The commonwealth then rested.
Thomas Marshall submitted a number of
points to the conrt
John 8. Robb addressed the jury for the
prosecution, and W. M. Erwin tor the de
fense. Erwin's speech was pronounced by
by the attorneys present t« have been ono
HI the greatest efforts made in Court. Ho
bus made a tremendous reputation for hiui
sell in Pittsburg.
TUB Homestead strike was simply a
monument of folly when all the surround
ing circumstances are considered. It was
organized and precipitated by little more
than 300 of the more than 3.000 men em
ployed in the Homestead works, as only
about 10 per cent of all the employees
were in any degree affocted by the reduc
tion of wages ordered by the Carnegie
Company. It will be remembered also
that these 300 or so who inaugurated the
strike and inspired its violence, recived
the highest wages of all the thousands of
uien employed in the works, and some of
them roceived the highest wages paid in
any me cbanical industry of the world. —
Mile Run School.
Kd. Citizen: Please give a short column
for a few words concerning the abovo
named school. This school is one and one
half miles north of Prospect, ou the fa
inons old Franklin road, over which the
raftsmen and stage couches traveled year-*
ago. The house is healthfully located on
the east side of a largo wood, anil is thus
protected lrom the Korean blasts that
often come this way. The one drawback
to the school at present, is the remoteness
from good water. The term began Oct. 18,
and the first month ended N'ov. 10, there
still being six months of the term, being a
month more than usual, owing to the large
amount of State appropriation.
The following pupils missed no days:
Howard Shannon. Curtis West, Howard
Wost, George West, Howard Albin,
Maudie Weigle, Lillie Albin, Etlie Shanor'
Maggie Shanor, Belle Hays, Edna Hays.
The Tollowinftjinisged one or more days:
Walter Weigle, Britian McCliuiocK.
Newton Neely, David Lepley, Henry Lep
ley, George Neely, Ford English, George
Dunn, Kcefer Dunn, Howard English,
Daniel Dunn, Pearl Weigle, Mollie lie-
Clintock, Zellu McKinnis, Mollie English,
Lizzie English. Anna Lepley, Anna .shan
non, and Myrtle Weigle.
Visitors: L. B, Shannon, Hngb Weigle,
C. P. KranU, auil Mordella Weigle.
We hope to bo able to report a longer
list of visitors by the next report. We
like to see callers whether they be patron*
or not. The progress of the first month
was very fair and we hone it will continue.
G. P. W., Teacher.
Why He Lxft the Alliance.
Brunswick News]
A Kansas mau who has been affiliating
with the Alliance party of that Slate for
the past tow years, having served his alio
giance thereto, thus briefly gives his roan
ons for so doing:
1. Because it is run by lawyers without
2. By doctors without patients.
3. By preachers without pulpits.
4. By women without husbsnds.
5. By farmers without faring.
6 By timuioiers without fi.ia:ire
7. By educators without education. and
8. By statesmen out of a job.
Tit girl poisoner named Neill, who wa.
: known in Canada and Chicago as Dr.
| Cteam, was banged io Lundi/u, Tuesday.
The Kelly Murder.
On Thuroday, J. M. Killian. the driller. J
who Kelley beiran fighting with was arrett
ed at Willow Grove and taken to P;ttsl>nrg ,
From Mr. H. C. Little ol the Oil Well ;
Supply Company the fall detail-of the |
%gnt were learned. Kelly, Harrington.
Killian and others were at Mrr Forsbea's
house on tho night in question anil all had
been drinking to exc<-~* A fight started
between Kelly aud Killian, during which
the former knocked the latter down and
kicked him into insensibility, killian was
carried out of the ruffl by a domestic and
shortly afterward- Harrington caught Kelly
by the arm anil tried to pnrsuade him to
leave th- room. By the way of response.
Kel v knocked Harrington down and kicfc_
bim 'in the face. Friends interfered and
Kelly was taken into the yard.
In the meantime the victim of iheasauit
had regained his feet. and. drawing a
knife from his inside pocket, remarked to
Mr Little that he had a notion to .-tab the
other, and would do so without any hesi
tation if bis as ailant were not *o drunk.
Kelly was standing in the yard at the time
and in a moment latter Harrington rushed
forward an! made a slash with the knife
at the other man's breast. Kelly threw up
his arm and the blado ripped open that
member severing the brachial artery.
The victim did not realize at the time
that he had been wounded so severely and
again struck Harrington and failed him t«»
the ground and kicked him repeatedly in
the face. He was dragged away and Har
rington was sent to a pnysicians office so
have his wounds dressed.
A few moments later it was discovered
that Relief was bleeding profusely from the
wound on his arm. ai d an examination
disclosed a knife wound fully ten inches in
l-ngth. He was sent to the West reoa
hospital and died on Monday night. The
same afternoon Harrington, who nad ' ,e j n
watchman over an oil well in the 2uatoaj
of the sheriff, left Willow Grove and stat
ed to lrieuds that he was going to Pitts
burg to surrender himself to the authori
ties, as he knew bis victim wa- going to
die. He has not been seen or heard ot
since, although officers detailed by the ;
the coroner have been searching for tne I
fugitive. , , . _ 1
The arrest of Killian created a big sen
sation at Willow Grove, ana his employer
offered to go on his bond for any required
amount Mr. ilillei had not the power to
accept bail. Before leaving Willow l.rove
Riliiau was visiled at the railway station .
by his sweetheart, and quite an affecting \
scene took place. It is claimed by ad the
witnesses ot the affair that killian who
is nnder 20 years of age and quite boyi-a
in appearance, was in no way directly re
sponsible for the killing of Kelly.
End cf the Strikes.
At Homestead la?»t Thursday twenty
mechanics and 300 Hun and Slav laborers
broke away from the strikers and applied
for work in" the mill, and 150 of them ware
given work at once. At Beaver I 4 alls sonio
100 of the old employees applied for work,
and at Lawreuceville next day.
On Friday there was another scramble; a
thon.-and men were in line at the gates at
Homebtead before daybreak.
At a meeting of the Advisory ' ommittee
in the itiuk at Homestead, Sunday, the
strike was declared "off" by a vote of 101
to 91, „,, > i i
The strike at Beaver Falls was declared j
"Off " , _ A J *
The strike began on June 2yth:tbe Advi.-o- ,
ry Committee took charge of the works and ,
allowed no one in them excepting clerks, [
watchmen and foremen; the attempts ot ;
tho Company, on July oth to regain pos- |
session of its works brought about a battle ;
lasting 12 hours in which ten
men were killed and fifty wounded,
aud others mado iiisano by the
barbarous ahum following their sur
rende r ; the militia ww tailed out at a cost
to the slate of half a million; Congrmsional
Committees investigated tho atlair; the
Courts t.K>k holu and 150 men are under
indictment; Prick was 'hot; lains was
drummed out; there were sympathetic
strikes at Lawreneeville aud Braver r;>U : ;
houses were dynamited} and there *&as
more or less violenco at all the pointu un
til the end came.
CAUFORXIA has adopted by an over
whelming vote a proposition to elect Init
ed States Senators hereafter by popular
vote. Such a law ought to be In force in
Soliloquy of a Turkey.
I know that Thanksgiving Day's most here,
And it makes ine long to fly.
For I've reached my prime, and its mighty
That it's time for me to die.
I saw the bead of the house come out
Arid be smiled as he gazed at me;
And ho cried aloud that there was r.o
What a comfortable meal I'd l>e.
Oh, I've got to go. And it gives me a fit,
Though it isn't so mush for my life
That 1 care about, but he can't carve a bit,
Aud I've got to lie backed by his wife.
End of the Garvin Case.
At Pittsburg, laot Thursday, the jury in
the care of Frank Garvin, indicted tor mur
der, for killing his wife, agreed upon a
verdict of involuntary manslaughter.
Judge McClung rufu.-ed to accept thi-. i
it could not be rendered under the indict
meut, and the jury changed their v -rdict
to voluntary manslaughter, and recom
mended the prisoner to tho extreme mercy
of the Court
The Postofficcs.
It is said tnat three hundred aspi
rants for the postoffices of this county
have already made their desi/es known
with everal precincts to hear from.
A correspondent of a Pittsburg paper
names some of them as follows:
Harrisville —William Cochran, Joseph
Pew, V . F. Magee anil Mrs Samuel Kerr.
Mis Emma Forker is the present incum
bent. and tbo office ha< been held by dif
ferent no uibers of the family for 30 years,
Slipperyrook—Andrew Jackson Bard
Frank Bingbain and John Watson.
Coaltown —Austin Bollinger.
Evans City—J. A. Ripper, J. M. Wii ite
and F. C. Buhl.
Mar.- —T. M. Marshall.
Bruin —J U. Orr. G. J. Brandon.
Chiuora —J C. Gaisford aud 11. L. Ratti
gan, a son of Peter.
Tho recognized* leaders of the Democrat
ic parly in this county favored Mr. Guff> ol
Pittsburg for State Chaumuu in opposition
to Mr. Harrity, who came out ahead and
has since gained great er prestige as Na
tional Chairman; and therefore should Mr.
Harrity be made Pos tnmstcr lieuerul by
President Cleveland, tlure is no tolling at
present who will control the Federal ofliccs
of this county.
Notice to Stock holdois.
Tho ann.ial meeting ■>( the Stockholder.-
of the Wot th Mutual Fire Insurance Co.,
for the purpose of selecting officers for the
ensuing year will be held in the School
House at West Liberty on the second
Tuesday cf January, IHIKi, being the 10th
W. E. TAYLOR, Seu'y.,
West Liberty, P. 0.
Mutual Fire insurance C&
Office Cor. Wain 4 Cunningham fits
rl, C, HEINKMAfc, Kkokktahv
Alfred Wick. Henderson Oliver,
Dr. '.V. Irvln, fit**pli<*nson,
W. \V. I»hu kniore, N. Weltzel,
K. Bowman, I). T. Norm,
Geo t h;w. K^bhun,
John <ir«#hman. John Koeiiitm.
The A'eil-knowti liveryman, Wm
Keii!M«dy, will be pleawod to
have bis friend* cull at hie uew [>lacc
of business. The
Best Horses, Buggies and Car
iu Butler at tbn most reasonable
rates. The place is easily renn nitier
ed. T'uo lirrt stalilo west of the
Lowi v House.
1" ' '
j t *-♦ l' . I f«C . I C*' i.0.-'-
t'ijjiflsSSsii ifTiaiiti.M, JM-,
I '-t'* ~ a i* ip
Xew Castle had five fires, all fnpposeil
to Im of incendiary origin, la-a Tharsday
night, ami the peoplo of the central por
tion of the town stared np all night.
The -*atei in a well on the Fennis farm j
in the B aver County, turccil had lately, j
an investigation followed, anil the body of
Isaac Kennedy was ioand ill the well.
Edward Flinn. a sixteen year old son of i
James Flinn. of .Vew Castle, got in a wag
on with a loaded (run Tuesday to join a j
hunting pariv to tbe country. Iu drawing j
the gnu toward him it was discharged, the
whole charge striking him in the breast
and literally blowing tis heart out.
A white deer was shot in Clinton county
one day last week. This is said to be tlie
third one ever killed in the state. It is
said that bad luck, so far as deer sho I ; :ig
is concerned follows tiie person who slioots
a white deer. •
Anthony Kewhouse, a steei-workei *t
Homestead, drank some whisky; went up
to his P om in his hotel and sat down
fore a gas stove; was made unconscious by
the escaping gas, and then cooked to
death by the heat.
. Twenty five kegs of powder in a West
Virginia Coal Mine, were exploded by afiz
zing fuze. Monday, and a dozen miner?
were blown to pieces.
At Farrington, Pa., last Saturday, a 3-
year old child w.i- strangled by a pill lodg
ing in its windpipe.
The Louse ot H. W. Danahour. near
Shrtrpsburg. Allegheny Go , took tire, last
Monday night, while all were sleeping,and
M'\ Danahour. his wife and child, were
burned to death.
Widows' Apprai ments.
The following widows' appralsments of
perspual property and real estate set apart for
the nonefit of th - widows of decedents have
I tee n meil in the ofti -e of the Clerk of Courts of
Butler county, viz :
Wide r of (leorge XV Zelgler '•»
■ William Ilervey 3f*> o.
•• " James Duulap 300 ft.
'• John A TannehlU (Keaty)... 300 ft,
Harvey Hogg ."WO <K,
- Mantel Wise »» o.
•• Martin Carothers <0 o,
o •• .loiin Klchardson 3UI <k
'• •' JO>ef)h Coulter 3W i\i
■* " .lobn A. Duulap 'Mi Oj
All pers us Interested in ihe above aporalse
niehts w ill take notice that they will be pr e
sented lor contlrraatlon to the Orpans' Cou to
iiuiler -O'lntv . i a .on the Tth day of Dei-ember
ai.o ir no exception t« hied they will be
eon armed absolutely.
Lists for December Term.
1 1st of tirand Jurors drawn this 3lst day oi
October, 1592. tos.r.e as Crand Jurors at a
regular lerin i f Court, commencing on the hrsi
Monday of Decerni. r. A. I)., IPt-2. the same be
ing Hi'.- 'itti day of said month.
Ash Anderson. Forward twp, farmer.
I ranter G W Buflalo twp. farmer.
CasLdoilar .-. Adams twp, farmer.
Dlekey Hubert. Hrady twp, farmer,
t'reslicorce William. Craiitierry twp, farmer.
G lleland laswls M. Adams twp firmer.
(,lemi vv C. Sunburry I'.or. arover.
lieluach Jacob, Ztleuople Isor, merchant.
Kiii< M J. Ka; II? City Bor, Justice.
<;»*i nte, Butlei nd word, butcher.
Lane .Joseph, <>aK;aud twp. farmer.
Linu-ey Jo- iiU. Sumailt twp, farmer
Meeder I'lillip. CotitS"lueues.slu? twp. farmer.
Morrow riioiuu3. Clearfield wp. farmer.
Milllsoii Kuuer, Muddvcreek twp. farmer.
Mang'l C'harn.-s, Wmfletd twp. farmer.
Maxwell.l J, Fairview Bor, liveryman.
lMiter-oii w ii. lialdrlage. farmer,
ituny Qaorge W, Jaekaon twp, tarmer.
Rosenburg J l- Ailexheiiy twp, laborer.
Weigle It s. Prospi > i i;or. laborer.
Wt'lgle Charles Sr. Franklin twp. farmer.
Wick Turner.< on ord twp. lariner.
S.v..rt/l older W J. iiuiler JtU ward.blacksmith.
Ustof P.-tit Jurors drawn this 3lstday o
October A. •> ■ 1 to s'-rv: as I'etlt Jur,iri a
a reuular term of Court, conimenolnif on
the -'d Monday of 1 >eceinber, A. D.,18»2i the
sai.. ■ bo.ug the l.'-li day of >„ld month-
Brouticr . ob. Lancaster uvp. farnu-r.!
11l <ir .1 ■ ■ ii■ i V■ll WW 1 iV *'» 'ami T.
i,ii;;or Frank. Worm t vp. farmer.
Eeuson W K > > kliii.<l twp, farmer.
Clark S.titiu I. tVa» uiikftou t>vp, farmer.
lJ..uti Ail -n iv ij ect Uor. UUvtrt-r.
Dets.lcl ii' T Eli. tinier twp fanner.
iji" r .1 lines (*, Peun twp, farmer.
i„ .K-rt r-on twp, pamper
I>-ci.i i- Wllii.un. I ranoerry twp. farmer.
English E I- Kratil'lin twp, farmer.
Klsl«t ( . Uiu.'-r U>r, itu ward. carpenter.
r .' i'luiiimer. twp. farmer.
Kann : r ■ JIl-l'THtown 'tor. team -iter,
flack Joila, Buttur l!o. Ist ward, laborer,
uieiiu Mark. Umliiycrcelttwp, farmer,
Urdliuin Joseph. Donegal twp. farmer.
Hamilton Joseph. Cli'-rry twp. Farmer
Ha/li lt < Li irle» 1., Butler llorstti v.J, carpenter,
lleusiiav. .1 !,, I'r-iipect Bor. mai'Dl -cutter,
llociie William. tVortli twp, larmer.
Mui. s J aines Slippery rock twp. farmer.
IJeclc J. 1.; »b. Ituttcr is <r 4th tvd. L'laeksmi'h.
Kutni M •! vfn twp. farmer.
Kaileiibaugh .1 W, llaldiidgo twp. f<;rmcr.
hnlienba .jjti John V, Couuoquenesstng lwp
farmer. . . _
M. .11,. l Joan, Butler Bor slb vd. laborer.
Mi lieriuolt huWartl, Marlon twp. farmer.
Jfct'oll'-'uKli it J, l-'.-urvlt-w 'wp. farmer.
M l Wl: 111 Hugn. livaiisCity IS.ir. laborer.
Alii;, r Joi>d. \\ ipjlelu twp. larmer.
Monif W S- Muddy-reek twp, farmer.
Mlll!uiK!i i'liidtp. Prospect Bi>i. teamster.
.Miller .lolui. Forward l»p. farmer,
orris J<> i j>li. Falrvlew Bor, pumper.
Kay Smiiuei IVnn twp, farmer.
Kei/K' T Jacob. Butler Bor 3rd wd briekmaker
Kolit,. rJolin, KvwiUCliy Bor, cashier.
Ip |i„ r ,1 cob, VKldle-ex twp, farmer.
Itelvr JODII. t.'raawrfxy twp. farmer.
Swi ei<> 'liiiuiotliy, lxjyecal twp, farmer,
n\\ arti'Ut I.'l ward . l un • r twp, farmer
SmltU W v Falrvlew two. farmer,
smuiler h A Jlarua. y Bor. moulder.
WatanloK J H. I tin lew Bur. pumper.
Wli.on » A. I ruiikim twp. farmer,
urn ..ill iicun k li;riioville Bor. laborer.
\\ etan George, Jackson twp, farmer.
Mi ~,e s r ss ii
Country Gentleman
Tltt best of the
Farm Crops and l*rocesses,
Horticulture & Fruit Growing
Live Stock and Dairying,
While it aim> includes all minor depart
ments <>l Rural interest, such as the Poul
try Yard 1-Jutomology, Bee- Keeping,Green
hounoHiid (iriipery, Veterinary Replies,
Farm Ques'ioua aud Answers, Fireside
Readii.fr. DoutMtiO B<X>BOBI/, and a sum
mart iI '! i KfiVl tba Mk. Its Mar
ket Report lire um tuully complete, and
tnncli attention is paid to tlio Prospects ol
the Crops, us t rowing light upon one ol
tlio most important oi' all questions. II lien
ID liny a,ill Illicit to Sell. It is liberally
Illustrated, ut.tl by .1 RECENT KM
LARCiEMENT, con la ins uioro reading
matter I'mii ever before. The subscription
price is per year, but wc oiler a
CL'o'U RATES FOR 1893.
Two Si H-CKIPTIO.s's, iu one remittance $1
Six Subscr'PTlOHS, do do
Twel/Vk SUBSCRIPTIONS, do do 18
r .;- I'o ill New Subscribers f"rlQo3-
pa) i:.g in advance now, we will semi me
paper WKKKLY, from our receipt of the re
Hl ittauco, to January Ist, 180U, withoui
J~V*Spe< inien Copies Free. Address
IA Til KR TUCK ER <t SON Publishers,
Albany, N. Y.
Hotels and Depots,
W. S. is now rtinniDg a line
of carriugHH between the hotclß and
depot Hoi the town.
Chargt'H re«Honable. Telephoui
No, IT, or leave orders at Hotel
( Jood Livery in CoDiiectioii
fi Trip io the World's Fair
To nny u .rth) M«n or IIOUIAN, lr»y or irirl. If
jou nlhli to viilt (lie
At fur uue week or more, ireo
of all on eaity conditionn,
write at ome, Knclogo self add rushed,
Btaiiipi:d envelope.
Htlil's Fair tnlrtimnl l)f|il,
Monadnoek Huildin^r.
(!or. Dearborn aid.l a -kson St«*.. Chicago, 111.
I We ti c ui>a<»raltfnea were
MU» i li< L~ i ••utlrflN cured of rupture by
l>r .1. B. VJiywr. Mftt Arch St.. !'}il!ii<li'lpula. Pa.,
I riiiliiius, Keum-t Hnuare. I'a. • T. A.
i • ; B . M Small.' Ifoaat
Alto* i'a.; Kiev, s H.Miermer, suntjury. Pa : l>.
.J. lt .11 JV Twlitli M . Heatiltitf Pa ; Wm.
Di\. IMJ-. Moutromj Si.. I'h 11 add phi a; 11. L.
Uowt. Kliu 6t . lleafllDtf. PH. : <#eorge and
cror Purkart, 4.4» Locust bi. % leading. Pa. Bend
i ; : ilar.
Jub - J b AVM
DOFBLE—At hi- heme in Franklin twp ,
Nov S'h. l»ii'.' i nrad Double, age,!
• about 60 year-.
Mr. !>• able «ii< n highly esteemed
citren and lived a consistent Christion life.
Four sons ar.d tar , daughters survive him
GOBHRIN'G—At her home in Forward
twp.. Nov. 19, Mrs Elias Goebruig.
TAGIiEHT —At her .lome in Butler, Nov.
19. 1592 Mr Taggert.
COOPER—At his home in Jefferson twp.,
Wednesday night. Nov. 16, 1892, John
Cooper, in his 76th year.
Mr Cooper was an estimable citizen.and
his death is regretted by all his neighbors.
WERBEK —At his heme iu Batter town
ship. Nov. 19. Peter Webber, aged
aboat TO year-.
GRAHAM—A! ht-r hotne in Fairview.
Nov 9th. l?Tt- jr-fe of Hon. lieo. H.
Graham, aged flreout 58 years.
Mrs. tiraliam - maiden name W3s Wilson.
She was an earnest*nd consis'ent Christian
lady, and a useftt! member of socity, whose
death is regretted by all who knew her.
TROUTM IN—Tn Pittsburg, Nov 19, 1892,
Mary, canghter of Mrs. Paul Troutman
of Butler.
DAU BENS PECK—Near Petersville, this
County. Nov. J2. 1R92. Elias Ilauben
speck, formerly of Washington twp.. this
county, aged about 58 years.
VORHEES —At the bono of- Jeremiah
Troutner in Butler, Nov. 21, 1892. Her
man Vorhees of Courtland, 0., aged 18
PRINGLE —At his home in Butler. Mou
day. Nov. 21, 1892, James Pringle, aged
"5 years.
Mr. Pringle was stricken with apoplexy
at dinner last Surdity, which with another
stroke. Monday, caused bis death.
The Register hereby gives notice that the
following accounts of executors adminis
trators an l guarl'tn* have been hied in lii«
office according lt> law, and will lie presented
to Court h>r confirmation and allowance on
Wednesday, the 7th day of December, 1n92,
at 3 o'clock P. M. of mid day :
1. Final acct. ol John L Albert adm'r ol
Henry Albert, dei|'4v '- le t'entre twp.
2. Final acct. of John P. Kirkputrick
adiu'r of Elizabeth B. Kirkpstrick, dee'd,
late of Clinton twp.
3 Final acct. ofG I>. Swain guardian of
Freilerick Forinan,minor child ot Mrs Johu
Fortn»n, dee'd, lcte ot llariiMny Boro.
4. Partial acct. of John Dully adm'r of
Wm. G. Mnitb, dee'd late ol Cherry twp.
5. First tin! finl tr -t. of Kobt L Kirk
patrick adm'r of L3ura K. Kirkpalrick,
dee'd, late of Peun twp
(>. first and Partial sect, of A. 11. Kennedy
ami Evander ilcCaud'.ss Adm'r* ol Joshuj
HcC'andleas, den'd, late of Aluddycreek twp.
7. Final acct. ot Jo .W. Patterson ex'r ol
Jatue.- Wright, dic'd, tie of Jellerson twp.
8. Final acct. of G. »V. Bartley ailm'r o|
Margt. Thompson,, dfc'sl, late ot Clearfield
y. Final acct. of Geo. J. Rasely and Alfred
Sarver ex'rs of Matthias Rifely, dee'd,late ol
10. l'irst and Ftnil acct. of Abner Camp
bell adm'r C. T. A. ot ."vtai'l B. Cauijibitil,
dee'd, lat.* of Coucnrd twp.
11. Final acot. ol'Jonu Grubb ex'r of Chas
Grubb. dee'd, late al,Cherry twp.
IL\ Final acct uf Johu 11. Gormly ex'r of
Seruh A.
-13. Final and distribution acct. of Solo
mon Stiimm anl Jos Pcffer ex'rs of Jacob
Stauita, dee'd, 'ate (if Forward twp.
14. I''irst and acct. ol Geo. Mar
burger an !;A • i?. ex'rs of Henry
Bolborst, dee'd, late "of Adams twp.
15. FiniU r.cct, "of jilrsh E K**s a Im'r of
Win. P. Ekas, cfec'd, I • of llutfalo twp.
IG. Filial acct of Sa.a'l C. Bovard guar
dian ol Etta It. Boraril. miujr child ol Cuas.
BovarJ, dee'd !.»<« «t ( berry twp.
17, Fust and fiual sect, ol Naunie A. Bell
adm'x of Frank B. 'Bell, dee'd, late ol Butler
18. Fin*l nest, ol Amanda A. McCorinisu
tx;r'.\ ol Catharine dee'd, Ute of
Builtr twp.
lU. First and fii»jl aeet. of John Crawford
ex'r of Robt. U. Crawlord, dec'U, late ol
Adams twp.
20 Final acet. of J. 1). McJuukiu guar, of
Geo. P. Neyuiiu, minor caild of Emeline
.\eyiiiau, dee'd, late ol liuiler lioro.
21. First and final acct. ol John C. Moore
adm'r ol Andre-'* Ali>ert,dec'd , late of Centre
JJ. Final acct. of W. J. Moirisou ex'r of
Ann Moore, deeVl, late of Slippery rock twp.
23. First acet. of Jm>. A. Croft adm'r C.
r. A. of Mary A. Crolt, deo'd, late of Mi ldle
►ex twp.
24. Final acct. ;.-f \V. I). Brandon guardian
of tieuj. fh .ii.a-, uiaor child of I.ot and
vlary Thomas and grandson ot Ilayni
Simuis, dee'd, late of Evans City.
25. fiual acet. ol Jno It. Cnnninghan and
Julin IJ. Peters i»x.'xs of Uary Kiddle, dee'd
laie ol Clinton twp.
26. Final acct. of John Rilley adm'r of
Geo. 11 ■ Kelly, dee'd, late of Adam* twp.
27. Final acct. of German J . Hitiert Buar
diau ol Julia Mnister, i!ec'«i, minor child ol
Joseph Minster, dee'd,Jate ol Oakland twp.
2S. First un«l jiartial acct. of *'lie>s Stoner
ex'r of Amlrew ritouer, dee'd, late of Clay
Road Ueport.
Notice Is hereby given ilia', the following
minis aiid brmgf-i haveoeen conilrmeU nLsl b>
Hie I o'lrt .LU<] will be presented on the 111 ML Wed
ue.-duj ol Uecember l->:r_'belug tne. Till diy ol
said iiiouth, undit no exeepiiona are Hied, the>
will be eonnraied absolHtely,
It. O, No. 3, .Sept. MeK.->!ou. lew:-In re petition
ol inhabiiauts of Wlnlleld Unviuiuii Umler L J .
i'a.. forell»u«e I part a puolic road begin
~ln„' ui und leading to Saxon
Station In said twp. The portion oi .tal l road
naked io be cliakged is that part leading
the lands ol Ca&per b'reellug. from ti.e
point where It turns, southward through the
suine to use polut wfiet o H leaves s;vld lands
June »;h, lewi. usrteri! appointed by tue Court
and Aug. -''.io. IWW. ltMpori oi vlowers tiled
slalinKlUal Ihoclnuge prayod lor is ie cceasa r>
and have then-lore anrveyed a road between
lue points named, and the probable cost ol
iiiuKtug sa d road.Uiirty dollais.to be borne bj
tin- to«Ubhlp ;rti(l « iwpcr Fm-ltuic. and tie
daina;;' s a- ei.ediorn o be paid b
i a.-j.< i I reeling.' .Now M-pi. 7tii wft:. uppro>mi
and uxi no wlaih oj ro-.'.i at till] L\-three let I
.Notice Io b<- mveu a.corulng to ruieb ol« ourt
K. I). No l.S'-pl.jriiUji in, ti)« lu re petition
ol John ti. W igl 'ti, W. C. lhiilgcr J. It. .small
~l lull lOltaiiis 01 »hC'township 01 Ifr.my, liui -
lei'Co-.l'a 1 I a bridge over lli.g i -t recti "tier,
-aid > reck crosses tin; public roa'. lo<vilug irom
West Liberty t - I'rotiocci near the roaidt-nce 01
Mary A MclJeatflM in the towu»hip ol Urttdy,
June iiUt.iM r -. \ lejvvrs. .-ppoliiwd by (lie Court
and June atilh.lrir.'.fcpor' "I viewers lilodsuiiinn
lhat Hit- pro|iosed brnlti- -is neccassary aud thai
Ho e-recUou ol lue gahie wUI reipilro more ex -
is'ii-e loan ts reasonable tue lovrtxahip ol
Uiudy siionid bear ana .lid locate Hi-site there
ol v% uere t 'ieek cross, a tile Prospect, and
»vi .1 Liberty roads. Now Sept. 7th. ! :rj. up
piovcd. Notice ion- itiM-n according to rules
ol Court, and Ui lie laid Ivluro Use next Grand
Jury. „ _
liv rut Cou-gr.
H. li No. S'-pt. s. s 11, It-:.'.', in re tictlUoti
W. P. Beighley. it. 1! ,V ' 'alioless, \V .l.i'oop
er el HI inlialuuiiitsail 1)10 township of lta>,
duller t 0., I'n.. "lor bridge over Muddycr. t t
wu.-re s tnl 1 reek cio*se> tne public road known
as l.eavcl dam loaU lo c.ucliti Mtatlon lb sal.l
township. June i- u. 1 ._. \ tewcis aprulnieu
by Uielouitauu AUK .n. h.po.t o.
viewers llleu staidly ma. .110 ji oposevt bridg
is uesi'essaiy atiii luat. ui-J same will rnjuir..
11101 e expens ■ lUau ..s i.- Mtuaole mat the lu.vu
snip ol 1 lay should bear aiiu uiu locate tne sue
Ih'.-lcol ob 1..- :,'ld tuttd .vuv. .1.1 . A|>
provt d. Notice to be gi\ iiis accor ing lo run s
ol Court, and to o-- lam beliao lit.- Otano July .
li V ItlK t ol lit'.
Bi i'Lki; b'ut'M V as;
Ceitiiie.i 110111 11record this .llh day ol
Noveinclcr, it. is iri.
Juttru ciiibvv Ki.i., cit tk y. b.
Ready for All.
Everything th&t i»t now in Stiff
Hut*. Our $1.50 mid f«-00 ure
woitdera for the money.
7 ' ( ae /1 t S• t I» ■».
runjfiiitr in price from 25 cts. to $5.00
All tbo new lilotikn in Silk llntf.
(Jreateht line oftFnrnisblag lJoodn
w»* ever bud
An innpeetion will.boun advnutuffe
to any one.
Hatters and Furnishers,
242 S. Main street,
nutJer, Pa.
■ . ■« -
—J untie* tt uu'! ; onwUiblfß Fn»
Bills, printed tin curd b.turd, suitable
lor porting—lor tmlc al thif odice.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. Hi<h
est of all in leavening strength.— Latt»t
I' S (inrprnment F"oii Effort.
ROYAL HAKI.SI; POWHSR Co.. 106 Wall St.,
X. T.
By virtue oi sundry writ* of \ en. Ex.. FL F»..
lyv. Fa.. . issuel out >f the r.nir ofcommnn
Pleas Of Hurler < Ph . and i > m-* flip' t< I
there will be e\po«.,i to public >ale at the
Court House. In the borough or Butler, mi
Monday, the sth day of Dec.,
A. l> ISO-, at l o'clock r>. m, the following de
scribed property. to-n It:
EI) No 109. Due r. 1.-'j*. S F Bowser, att'y
All the rlsht. title, interest ao<l claim oi
Harper S Wnltiutr- Of In a:i l t > _> acres n»
land. more or left" situate In tvntre township
Butler eoonty. Pa., bounded a* follows, to-wit.
on ih- n;. I ii, i>r In m !:. ri »ru».
by the Craded road; south by Graded r'ad ;
MM by lands "1 |MM VWMtft
Al-S<> Vlltherftrhi Mile interest and cla'.n
ot Harper s Whltniire. of. in am! T.i io» a. res ot
land, more or less, situate in Center township
Butler county. Pa bounded as follow ». to-wit
On the north by lands of t» Berrlnger; ea»t l>
lands or B Pe-mugi r, Thomas hlrhards and t
I! Iloon; south by public road leading from
tirade • road lo the Mercer turnpike; wrM r..
lands of John Meals, dece i-"d. mtsih cleare".
and under fence. w ! h small In of tiuioer laml
and having erected ther-oa a tw ury 1.-ainr
dwelliug. lartfe train ' barn and outbuildings
Seved and tuken In ete niton as the pro, t-ri>
of Harper S Whitmire at the sat ol Julii
Sclja ipp and l.f r,'e at.
El> So lio. Me T. l •*>-'. S F Bowser. att'y.
AH the right, title inter -i mi claim ..i
Louisa Whlftulre. ilc d. iiLd (inirite * Camp
bell, administrator of LniLsa Wlittmlre. .ie< i
of in and to 2 KCI>-S ui U1..:. in -te..r .. S« -mi .
11l Centre to wnshlp. liuiler county. Pa. bound--..
ns follows, to-wtt: on the noriu S.. I tads .
fhos Klehard-: east by li t- Graded ruud; siatl
by the Graded ruml; west by lands ol Loui..
>* biimlre.
A L .so— Ail tli" rl-ht. title. itiUre>t aud elaln
of Louisa V\ hllmliv deed, an t H-onfe
caoiplsll, in'is i ot Louisa MLunlir. dee -i.
In »iid lo lft» acr« s ui und. more or !•-»».siiua
In Centre township. Butler county. Pa. bourn,
ed as follows,to-wit: on tlie norm l y i*n
Ot P Ternngei; e;ut b' of B Berrlng..
1 bos Kb lmrtlH and T It 11'oii; souttk i»y (MI I
road rri-in the Grad-u load lo 'i.
Mercer ttiriiplK ;v. -t bj is ot .1 ,uu lea.
dec-a-1, mostly •_! ■. .<| ,;n ! ~nd f>-n> .■ wi
small lot of Uuiimr lanl tu i h»*tn# erect-
Uieroi. a two-ai-.>ry n.ii». ■ .l.v::i;i,' u uy . iu.i
frame bant an t !•'•. r <»utp -i nn,'... - t<
and '.aKtii in exxcutma a™ tn - property <
Louisa WblUaire. dec d. .ma ».eo.'K>- it iai«. t
bell.adm'rot Louisa W hltuiire, tie. l. Mi u.
stilt of John Mcltaupp .If! 1 li- JUJ.
EI)No 71 l»ee 1 InJ.' »V B -w.-T. att'y.
All the riK'lit. title. Ilil'T .1 and claim ••
William Kemery, i f. in and b- i lot ol sTouu
more or less, sltuatcl in Builer tonMtgn.Hui!■
county I'.i. iMtuuai'd as loii ■«.». to-wit : c.»u
meaanK at a posi on VVe»teru A«»-u i-. a-ij.-i*
ii<g lot torim riy ot l"bo< S . uieuc »,•
aiuiiit **ll \Vc!t«»ti \v- tijl >0 leet to I.
formerly of Caarles l>u3y. tUeace norm al<->,.
line of last moued lit 2o> !e»-t. more or l->s .
Cleveland »tre>-t. tbeitcc cast want. > ntnug u,
i icvclan l street lt» tis-t lo lot formerly ofTii'
MKv r "l. thence south along line of la.;' name
lot lo vNcsteru Avcuue Juo net more or 1
lite point oi witii a cotuiue I»i r
house and outbuildings tbeteon. S' i/e>i an
taken In execuUon as tae pritporty of tvuiu..
Kemery at tne »01l ol w mum Suoup.
£ D Nosß>, i>J. :>J and :»«. Dec T. l«.ii. Tliouip
son & SHI. ATT'YS.
All the right. tit e. Interest and Claim of .lob:.
N PngU. oi, in and to one-bait acre of lam.
more or less, situate la JelTers<ji» township
Butl'Tcounty. Pa, bounded as follows, to a;
on the noriu by lands of ItrolUnjer's beirs;enN
by lauds of Mrs Wm uireuer ; s imu oy land
of Bet If; wesl by Hie Butler and Free port ru.v..
Al-SO- All the right, lllli . Interest and claln
ol Jno N I'ugb. of, in .^lll 1 .. a. res of land.mort
or less, situate in JeOtraon townstily. Batlei
county. Pa, bounded as iollows, 10-wit: o.
Ihe north by lai.da of llryUluger's heirs; easi
by Fred Dlvener; soutb by heirs or W m
ltcemer; west by heirs of Uroilluger, all cleareu
and under ten e.
AlJtO All tUe right title. Interest and • lalu
of.lnoX I'ugli. of. in an l to a res of lan
more or less, situ,tie In Jefferson township
Builetr eouuty , I'a, bouudcl .is follows, to-wit
on the no. tn by heirs of Wui Deemer. uec'u;
ea.nt ny a public road . south by Hirain kiitflei
and F Dceinerj Most by F Oeeißer.wltb a tram
dwelling house, irame stable m l ouuialldiugs
an orchard ol bearing fruit tre,-s. .in cleared,
teuced and under ~mi -late of oultlvatlou
Hetaad and lakea lu e\ uUou .is the property
of Johu .\ I'ugii tn sjit "f John M I noiup
son. In uust.etc.ci al.
■l> No «l. lice T, H92. Kohler, all y.
All the rlKnt. lille. Interest and i lalin oi
Arthur Uouiuont and Alvilia iMiluioiit. 01. lu
and to lot ol land, i.ioreor less, situate In But
ler iK»roiigh Hut r county, »-.i, b >uudcd
lollows, to w it: <m riie- north by an allej ; com
ov .1 «J Watt; south by /.lexler ave; west by J i
Vvutt. with a iwo stof\ irarne hou-*• with base
oieut kitchen a'tie tied, d/xao and ju fni nLn
erected there tl. Sel£'-d an-l I.titen In tXe 'J tloii
as the property of Arthur Uoumout and Alvlna
Uouiuont at the suit ol A<laiu ilotlu r.
KII No 1«1K Dec T, last. P W Lo.rry. »tt'y.
All the riKht. title. Interest ami .-latin of J i
SLIAW, J II Mhaw and K ( .Sliaw . of in and U> IT.
acn-s ol land more or less, sit uated In .Slippery
Kock township Butler county, I'a. bounded a*
toiOWK, to-wit; uu the north by lands o
I'homas tlolllday, llaTld H imilton and Jlewlit
Maxwell, on the » a-*t b> lands ol llujfh UOOP
and I'hrlstv. on the south uy lauds ol ( nrlsij
Craig and Harvey l.'udgttrx, and oa Uie went b>
lauds of llarvey rs, Davl I LUiuillou and
I'Uoui.is Iloiliday ; WHO a two-story frani'
dwelling ol 1 ro jin- a Hume :iar:i aoout raf".
feet.Wagou she I, .->priu{ i t ou»e *qd g<K»l spring
some Irult trees, mostly cleared, leuee l ant ii>
uitddllpi, rep.urn u• i uu tak nln «xe. utiou
as Ute property ol J , Shaw. J II saaw ~nd It <
•Shaw at the suit of First National li _i.ii U i
Mercer, i'a.
E I> Now IK-C T 1&I2. W M l.tisit. att'y.
All ill*- rinbt. fiile. lnU>re*ftt iiu 1 liiiuof An
Die littf nc.in in ail A braiiaui iwrickai » r i. ui
tu and to lot of i/tn i. iu »r* «»r I«M. -»l. it
Bulltr 15i»r, Butter «*ouut\. I'a. »| us r«»:
lowH. t.» wit: Out ♦» ii»»rth t>v Jaium tlorl.in l,
i»y H It l-owM-r; hv North rr
by Holxrt it i'ka i r. s. fc i'f Ij. ii tvinh
(♦ «-t trontujff •i» Wr>i N tii sir*- •.ti l » .*.-n«4
lug iwk !«(•> fwef t<# an all J y. wiru .1 ?w 0 stor>
triinu* liou>«* « r tber«iou. »ii<! talcoii
lu vxi'CUll jP us 1116 J Aiuue Hnrrit k
uiun and Abratiam liarricktuati ut Ihe r»«nt o
Peer Setien k ui al.
E D No 3 0) and fc T. iwi, E MoJ an 1 McJ a
♦ ; -H .
All the titl .
of. tn a . i !«♦ 1 .icri* »( ! i:i i. m v «.■
le*s. situate In fSijflT Butl r cutiQty. ?*u
oounded ail follow, t»» u•• ; Uu nor & b>
hf itidard \v*». and frofiilu.r «»u Mitt uV'-ntit
ju7 x < t feet, ea-»l by i»» f "i K.I K.M'.irti. aj.-d *-*-
teudlog alon-r ft.ud l«»t 1 t ile»;t '«> ,u> >ouili
ov nald all* > and I'.xf* u«i!r K Hir»nw: -»al«.
.lile.v v»: .. fe -t. aud "HL by l\u£i of Vl,.r> »1
Bo>d and e\ten din • - | . I . • | .
io Ibe jdtv*' of *%!»?i a I %np
Hioty frame ilw»«!ltuj< liuun iii-foa. - i/.'d »t.d
t <ik«■ 11 iii exw i!i«;ii i (tie pi ipertj «•[ jj • ni
at the suit of Owor fo U'*tt»er # Wr. et al.
EI)No 1H l>e<: T. LA-U. Mc< ;iMu X .alnre ith
AH the ru»!it, tltlf, iuter»Mt and t-latin of M \
of. In aud lo i.ctei «»i Uu i. :a •re or
to*.-!, Hituate lu VeuaiiKo towiiHiiip. ftiiiicr < '»u:.
ty Pa. bounded a-* follows, t»» irtt on ibeuorth
by DavM Ked.v'H n?'irs and I. r^oti
r ist b) I Halt i K lly » heir . th bj
bi im. ut-hi by .14 K» I> . !»• it «I: n >.# 1 •»*
purpart Soft In tlx tiarthlon of tbe n .! • -ta
of I>avid Kelij ■ i . i «
J> C f»TIU l^i.
Al.S'i \U the irk* int.-rnHt an I clmlai
of M V Kelly, of. in tn 1 io. 10 »rr*-<« *»f i»nd
more or leu-*, tt** tn Veu ; * Hui
ler o IUIII) . i*.« bounded i* . • • town «»
t lit- north bi I» ulel Kel im| bj
Kelly's h' irs. t»v uow i -nii Tly o.
James Murrln w»*st by An irew I. Kelly. m<«tlv
elea'ed and und«*r a •«! stai*» of « ul*lvatton
tx-lriK wrtion No -ol p»:rf»art No of the
estate of David Kelly, dee D, AS KIIOHII AT o «
Nu o. Uac '• CM i tsriii 'i and i.4k« n in tf
rulloh .us Uie i»io;MTfy or M Kelly at IU • »ul>
of Ucbe«ra >!••< >tiuel (nowi
for use of John llerg t'o.
I) No is Dec T. Im».' Me.lunktn .v tmlbreath
A the rlffhr. tltll.- luter-Ht and clultn of J J
Uy. of. In and to io «cres «»f lani. mot or
less, situated In Venango town
hhlu. llutU-r county, I'a, laniuded
at» Follows, to wit ; On thf norrti by .Tarksoo
Morrow »*t al «• ist by Kil/aheth Patternon an«l
M \ K«*lly, wmtli by Murrm lo'irs, went by l» K
Kelly; ni«»«tly cleared and und**r state of
ctiltlvatmn. with n fmme ho an«l oiitlmlld
uufs thereon l«»lng purpart No 4of t!>•• r»*al es
late of l> ivld Kellv il>c d as shown At O <' No
B" ln'c T liiKi Seized and Vak«*n in execution
as flu nr»ip*Tty of .1 .1 KH|v ht tie' suit of Ite
beci-a McConnel (now Carson , tmarOian. for
uae of John lb»rir A- fo.
E l> No is, Dec T.l v> .'. McJuukln A. Uall reath
All the ri/ht. tlile. ini»*rr«t ami claim of Sa
i.ill K**lly. beiUK a |if»* eslat'* of Sarah Kelly In
'i#o acres of land, tt'»re wr loss, situate In Ve
nango township Butler county. Pa. » ooiebsl as
follows, to wit: on tn»« north bv landa now or
lormerlv of Iflehael Tonwav and liitio l Kelly;
eaat by lands now or formerly of l>anlel Kelly
and James KeHy; anutti hv unds now or for
merl> of Miurrin; we * a i iw • r lonnerli
Of .h.ia h.»I» hfirn, Itelfiff ih« snrn«' lands wht- b
DHVMI Kelly, late of said township. d'#d s»»t/e 1
The Interest ofaahl Mutli Kclli in aa|d Kiaia
constating Of her right to receWc the Interest
uniiiialy accruing en one-tblrd of the appralse«i
value of said land, as shown at the DArtltt'Ui
proeeedliiKs thereof a* O * v» 67 I>e<* x. iw, in
the Orpb n*H i!oust of Busier county. Pa. **•* /•-I
and takeu In eie« ution the pro;»"fty of
rah Kelly ai M»*« suit of Rrbw i Md'onnel now
Carson) guardian, for u»e of John A Co.
EJ>No in Dec T. I* #_». Mc.lonktn »v Oalbreatb,
attorney a
All the rli*ht. Hi!•■. Interest aud cl ilru of I> F
Ktlly. of in and to »n acres of land, more or
!*•«»•< situated lu Venango township, liuiler
county. Pa. bounded at follows, to wit : On the
north by M< Carney pi al. « a*t by .1.) Kelly south
by Murrln belr«. w*"»t by KlUtbeth
aud Theodore Kellr's heirs, cleared and
under K rM >d atate of cultlvattoii, own* purpart
N . . • t • l.r»- <1 it" ..j t>.ivid K« lly. ee'd.
av sbowu at Of NoDec T.!-S3: with a frame
burn ilicreon. s» i/ I and taieii lu eieciitlou
as the property >t 1> I* Kelly a' the s«.t of Ite-
U ... M' I oi.il II .r*'> ( ut-0.1, lof
use of John Hcrif A Co,
£l> Noi u iiud no. lie. r. ujz. Thompson x
H*>||. att'y*.
All the right,Ui le.tntcrost m l claim of James
Borland i • ' • . t J, ®tt-
Tiatvln Batter Iftmmyb, IfuHer emti Ts,
ho'icdo-l a* follows, to-wtt: On the nortii by
I. Si her Kaln evt b> K«W«; ->ntD. b<
Mltßln »trwt:»«l » Mrs Lydi. i brtaty. fi .<
;nv s 'rwr.tarf' ot fert. a. fs- nr lrsa. on
street aod ex'*u lluj t .U-k- wUIA It* tret
tuon; or —-s. kaiiaif aQw stur; frame
frame -table a~d o i-nulkl • f» tfcn ua
AIJS«> All HW ngb' utl* ni-r—« »r.d ''ali
<M J*Eie> H..ruc.l of :a uil u> a >»fUl» M *
MA sttaatr Mi BaiHr IMMM. •attar MM, 1
fi. bouiiwl 1 tot: Vs. rlt; On tl» rsanr.
t>T Ad -m <"a»t ov a pr.vat* aU«y; • •nlu •>
MfP'r sire.- . «isi by t. ore f ■atiug t >
feet •ti V Bltu -:ir»'t »td n«r« «»m»
wldtb »n of A ■■■> nM . : O' •-r w:m a t *
stcry bnek ts •;» a I o-.i ->. .dings Uwrrot.
AUat All tbe rt*ot. UU*. L - :t> T' M CtttWl
of .lanww BorU id.. f. m a;.'! '« a »rt«.a ; t of
land st'uate tn Bu .<-r '• -r.-mrti, Butler nvml)
Pa. t*»un te«l an I « ws uiwtt. <>n tbe c. rm
t.v t ia> «•: . t . ewt i»y K"l»rt I'OTr* »«UI t>
.North street; west by w right.. l' <€itmg
leet. m.>re ..r l---a. oa Cay stre. u Vurtl and
takeu in eaes'tiU-m as me ir -rty a< Jame.
BtrUtid t:.- suit <*f Mr»\ J Bmwi.
E I> No il» [v-e I. - F Bowser aU'r
Ail tbe title, interest and r.alm «>t i T
Hitch..« kin t Eaii.) Mit> b.-wk of, lo an l to
vi «rr*s of lanit, more or iea*. sit in Alle
gheny tow bstilp Itutler • ounty fa. Bo«n>led m
follows.to-wlt; t a»mi tn. tag on tbe liwk rao
,vnder»>n neti~s. now 1 sum Crawtonl. at a
] stone; tlien« e i»y lan-l- afor»aa.J <wi tne north
I -s>, , i' a .' . i p»-r. ties to a stone tb lio" »>
Uwb ot Jaws ClOKlMel ai. south i east
li". rtMls to a poat. tnen*:e by land of same -- .
west M perch'-stoa map.e tAen>e t>y M-' «lni>is.
uoK by kt f IMencoek and samjr. M Kiaue..
on tne west, c rth 1 \ west 123 rods u*
tietfinbtug togetner witk a 2-story frame biser
out but .dings and open ciaubanK tbereon
ALSO Alt the n„-nt, title, interest and claim
•f B F BRcMMk and (Mir Ukanct. at, in 1
and to > arree of lan 1. more or less situate tn .
Al.r-gbeuy towasnip. BuUereounty. Pa. t*»UMI ]
ed «s r> 41ows, Uvwtt : C> mmenetng at a «"«U! '
e»,st corner at a stale thea. «Ny lands nf I* >0
Sl'lggie. now L ui nwrm S.J
a est *» rods to a stone, toenoe 3> .aivts oC J w
M' i<innis.m>w ti F Htiebsis a.n->rta s <leg w»«i
lit', n'■ Is to a stake thence by lands *4 Sam
uel M Kirmsy north ■*»-, ib-g -«ei r ds t.. a
stake, tnewce by lands u| James CrawfonL
i lemlns i.a.s.'ii and H F 11 :t» a."ok w>utk ,
ile.- ea-t 115 s-lo r-ts to place of i»Tran:iig
ALstJ— All tbe rtg*it. title, intepait and claim
of B r Iliu nonck awl r..nl.} 11.t. u '.. a, ot. la
and to lo acre* of land more or Iras, attoa e tn
Aiiegueuy township. Butter county, ra bu'tnd
e<l «JS touows, to- Wit : I elBOl-L. .ut At Uie
swOU.»est corner of B F.iLKucock ut>i».ttiiKt
arst It perv El-s ttiayut. tbeoee 115 petrbe*
tij lands ot f V Rhodes, now *• >Ollll
- tnence east oy ian-is of -sama-i \f> K p.ne
on the north I r>sis. In-u- eby lands ul H r
• HU- ttCOCk li ' p*' I - Ueni U1 lbe ac*' of re£IUIUBg.
N-ised ana takeu la >ti as in,*
rf It r Huh o kan l tovly H uraco k at ,ae
suit of -M irrfare'. O i.'Urrt..
KU No l«* Uec X, ISBBL .Newton Blaes. atty.
Ail lue iigat. UUe. tub rest and etslm of Jonn
act leliaii i ul tn, to a certain lot -f lano
situate in kvaus i liy
pa. nouoaed as It'lWW% to-wit . on It urh
.jy an aLey; -ast ny an alley: s..utb by U»vsl
• story trane: Mm and ui..l> i.ului k s Ualt
..n. Nu o and taxen ii, ■ vocniMMi as tk« prop
erty ol Joub >l.clel, .ltd at tU" salt OI «
>« agaer.
r. I> No Hs's Hev T. UO2. Newton Black, att y
All Ibe 14 bt tdie interest wd claim ot
liugb >let I .Miiul. jU tn aud !<• *• .» res t nan '
.(•lie Ol .cvt, ». uslr lu t-*fllM*|Ue*ne*SlU*
kowusui|>. Bailer imiuij, ra, twnmrtl as 1".
i'Wa, lo an.: on tbe norm by twenty a. r«
raci oi saana (ml): e.is i»y iwnda is Uatki
suanuou; s sitn i y lanu.s oi oas mi snaonou ai
ilci aod.ess uetra; a,-si r>j buiis or wh*>w %<■
taiiUM. «lta« two Kuq t o£ Unw tram
i.,rii and ou.o.nidi..gs u^r.vu.
Al..*hi All tne rigiit. Hue. lutensK and clnin.
ol liu»U Mi ieiianil. o». W and to 'St' ai'res ..
isuti. i.koie or less. Bituated lu t'ona<s|aen> s
iu. towaanip. butler nx.uty, l a bcuu irsi
oo.e s, lo wit; I ouimeucillg at a p>.»t, iOei„
•i } j|« mo: ss be.rs usirsn i *rs jo u- -
%*< l. | ■ sf. tbeiice i»y ... I-... ui 1 wOtu|nuli Wmsih
s It. us, • asi loi . Kti b •> 10 s p.*!. tkej-s- i ,
•ar. i 1 Holt svutit i d. a mm* j
ii uoi.il sa in.{ a est bs; •» pei cltaa 10 Plate .
. OKU'- 1 aitd 1 la- U ill fan it.oft a
.. , 10, •ny t ■ u ;»u ."a. t tcitana at lues tit ■
K-oige Wagner
KI) No Dec T. UK. WII l.nsk. att'y.
Ail lb - ru'it. Ult- iMerest aiei eialm of \\
Bosuutiit ot. in and lo a o rum lot oi lan
tto.c i r less, .sitaaied iu luuer o»jrou;b. Hu:.
ounty. Pa bvnndt d aaloUnws, t<> wit: on U.
. r :. .... N ' .'u 111 Mrs.Strati Jk-araey • plat
of i 'is. cast 6.1 I .n-rry Way. »eitli oy lot No ,t
.'l -aid pLui ol lota west oy Waiter A.- at
\ici..iui4 eastwardiy.lben pres«-rving the sau.
t...j lit leet lo literry Way. being lot No k
it .«irs .Vtack'-y splanO. lota, an i wnn n »
■ i»eye.i oy uer to ilie aOv<e na.n- l s K
■ei party ot lue flist part, by de«sl dated tb
ii day ol Oct. l-.o atel ret ries! la iWd ts«.
i i.tj ot Kuuer et.nnty. on page t»i. w,iu
,ao story fiaiue dwelling lio is., and ontouiki
iiss I hereon. ,• ued and taken tn oaccutlon
iue pr periy ol W it unanw at tne suit trt s t.
tor us ol J t. F'oy.
.. i> So 71 Uec T. I*w. s|| Miller aud Kotib
at toritey s.
All the right, title liib-resi and ciatm of It
it llenoi p* ii. 01. in and lo 1 ai-jr of land inor
•r k ss. alt dated lu Mefser townsuip, liutier > >,
Pa, MMtndesl as follosra, to-wit; Ou tne nort.
o> Harris* ille and Norl.ii Washington roan
east oy S.IUI I Kerr. a<>utii by .s-tuiaei Kerr an
sesi by .satnuei aerr.cicaietl aud on uer a go*
state of cultivation.
Al.so A. the right, title, lu teres - anl .lam
of \V B Henderson, of. In and to b acres o( land
more or less, situated In .Mercer lownsnip Mm
lert'o. Pa. liounded as follows, to-wit: on lu-
north by HarrtaTllleaßd CUntuavllle road. .a.,
ny .Susan Haroer soutn by bii/abetn fajior an..
(UM IMi i <-• i--r wilu a IMM nous.- [ram
nam on mirl and outbutldiiiKs lUen-oa
Al.ni—All tne riaht. title mt«re-»i and .-talis
•il w K Henderson, of. in and to 3) acr-« <
i«ud. more or lesa, sit iaUM in Mercer au i
dariou lown.Uipn. Butler i oonty. fa. nound- .
is tollows, to-wlt . on the north by Ke.xi .
VVULOX an.i public road.soutn Bj DC I ourtue..
a est try .loan ftuyder and Ifc-nwa W Ik-m.
inoetly rlenred and under a gianl state Of cult;
ration. Sei/>-d mid taken In execution as tu>
pisiperty of » »! Ileuderson at tne suit ol
■National Bank of Mercer for use. Sc.
Kl> No 113. IH><- T. i-*i UI" Mcott. alt v.
All the right, title Interest and < laltn of J I.
Mci.ee. 01, la and to ac rtaln lot of Und, sit ;
ate In Mlllerslowu buro. flutter county Fa
iHiiiinied us follows, to.wit: on tn. north ny ax.
alley: ea-t by Central a»e; south by I L Mctlar,
west by Hatiroad street, toother witn a t«r •
stry Irani.' bouse and outbuildlnits thereon
A I.All the ritfht. title lmieiesc ana elatn
of J I. Mc»Jee. of. In and to a certain lot of land,
situate in Mlllerslowu born. Butler eounty. IV
ootlnded and described a" follows to-Wit Oi
.he north by J I. Mciiee; cast by Central a«.
south by l>r wes by Kailr ad 'tie- 1
s#-l/e<l and taken in execution as tlje pr'p rt
of J L M' l.ee St the suit of b G Frederick, ex i
ol Jacob Frederick, dee'd.
K UNo nrj I)ec T. 1,-w.-. T C Campbell, aU'j
All the right. t .lie, interest and claim O
t ii-oluc Mc Murray of.in aud lo so ai-rrs of land
more or I'-ss. situated In f'arker lonaH*. B «
ler county. Pa. bounded as lollows, to-wlt: in
the norm by lauds ol Th .mas Aitswortn .as
by laud-' of -I dines Alfs"orth et al. south b<
lauds formerly of Morrow and McMurr .y. w
by toil of J jBW I UoIWBSOB, and bvtnic pan
jt llie s-.Ui. tract ol laud that Jusiah Fl' U'te .
administrator ol I'noiuas simpaou. late or sa.
i OK i,ship. said eouniy de«-' • ny order ti .>m th
U ' diu se.l to N li" IIIIIM Walley. by deed date
Illh June, IS3B- and recorded in the office fo
recording deeds in and for said county of B'i
ler. In deed oooa 1., pug- s UI and tn. the IMb
• ■ i> ol Jaliuar} . l*4ti. aud la tae U«
ol land that the Commoewealth <A FMtsayl ran ..
uratited io the said Ntch</tas Watty by |>.»tei,
laud the O-I'lay of Auausf. A 1> ia,7. ai.d e„
rolled lu p ileui l»M>a 11. vol M. puite avi an
ml. .ye! by the said N 1.-ho! cs Walley »i.
r.llrats-'h. his wile, by dee.i d..t> d the lTth .1..
of I. .A 1 1 1-71. and f Tied tu (1.-,* dh" k N
1 I ...... to 1., o'ke M-Murrii U e pr^-e..
grantor, and having an or-hard thereon, an
aVu.,( erectetl th'-reon a frame dwelling b .us. ,
frame tiarn aud otl.. r o'ltn.iUdln.'s MeUe4 an
i ik r. In e\e- it'oh as tne pr >p»"'y of lesw.
M--M.tr.ay at tue suit of 'V <, V nroe.
hi>No l j LKC I'. IWI Greer A Kalston att'«
All . I Hie. interest aod clatu ot Sam
Crawford.' •(. in .i. |to js •.» res ol I ini. more ...
leas sit'l it. I I JrlelMU t -wushtp. Ht'U r . «uu
ly, ! . tided as lollow-, t > wit: < ..nim-n
inii at : he Uu-- Of th- land formerly own—t '.y
Ijet'hald. b"S» .a n d > y John FiiriM th- n •
noith sa -j deg west bis perches taeuee sou h :
u< . :ast 17 l i*> p rcli* a to Ltnds of t».-*>rs
Welsh. Ilteltce -oUth ssd.|t vcest;» per. h.-s l.
In r,. t i. •■'«. i'. i. • »• •;.« I'noru Ciw« nor*
:i>» lie* • as t - J .' Ho Perthes, tto-n c noith I > d.
■ a l I'l r. 'ies. th' I-..-I- i l'V aest j J ,
pel In tle-.ice u-.rtlt j »"t 17 per. Ji
1 •! i ... \n- tit. I" p. f 1., s. Hun.
north I.; . .ley .Vc.t l.i t-MW hes. theo. r
..... L.i .. ! ' s -S.i i--i. Il' Ih.-t.' -• .. r
-7d i a-;-Ji >-l««i p» j.-li-*, thence n..rtn t «le.
east i- . l"o pei. hes, Ibe..'-.- north jt de* wes
.o t» '.-hea. ilieoce nertb .U.b-tt e.wt .
|h n*hes tbeuee north 7 4*. liw [s r.-h--s tuei..
north i'i, deg west n >m p» nfcu. ihtsr.
uuit.i ..Idee "est |9\ perches to land of J
Situ - hal I'. i I (si te-rches to lands .
■•e'lr;." Welsh, lucuce u rth -, deg
peri ti'-s. then e iiortit -*'» de* • ast jnw •> 1
per il- - tn. nee i dew «MI la J"- '.«u perrh.
io landsof the li-lmof lb-.mas W,-lsh. ihen*
anrth m<n twi ■ * luo perches, thi'ass Mwt.
J dog cast 123 v r lies th- nce west ■» 7-t
pel-hes,Ul-u.»; soUtll IS d »• West 21 perehe •
: 11-11- • '* le,- »'-si lot ' luo perebes 1
I 4 • ol iK-KinullltE. together with JI PT"
.lu. hot oil wells. ■ ir «me itou—s J frame tiarn
.»n i.ar is and ..u>nulldtii ;s ihereon. -et* si an-,
'akeu in execution a* the property of -, t mw
Crawford at Uke salt of Thomas Tate* Co. foi
use. etc.
Kll No 117. ItecT. ls«. Van»l«rl!n. alt y
All the lltfht lute, luterest aud claim of Mary
I-. Fowli r and i harles U Fowl*-r. of. In an-l t.) :.
acres of land uioreorleaa. sltuateit tu Wasb
Ington townslilp. Itulter • ouuty I'a. bounded a
loUoas. to-wlt: iiu the north by J K Holian
antieallrey Heller , east by Godfrey Heller
south b Henry Heller; west by K ItfVttlifrea
and .1 K Holland..Ul underlaid with • oal.mosi
ly cleared, under a k''*l state of etUllvaUoa.
together with a two-story tram- bottse.ort ham
•mil outbaUdlnfCS then-m. .SeUeil and taken
in execution as the property of dary K Fowler
and i barlt s G Fuwler at the mil of J C Fowler
E I> Nes 51. 70 and 119 Dec T. DK. W D
Bramlon. attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Tildes A Itonner and Adolphua M Welsh own
CIS. etc. of lu and pi a certain lot ol land, more
less, situate lu the village of Itenfrew F'-ni
township. Butler county. Pa. bounded as fol
lows 1,. wit: I .mimetic!nit je feet east of th*
\\ >" |i..rf..nl I'.t "I. Maui «treei,
said lot aouth su deg east 3 perches, then-e b>
same str.a-1 north »'• 'leg ea-st » perches,.7*, de*
east i; perch' s in c.,nniM|uencsslng craek .th n< »
by Sal.l . ri*ek sou'h s't tie* west IJ I*n hes
thence by same soutn deif «< st SS perrh—..
thence by same north .14 tie* west a perches
ihen.-e by lands ol It A Keuf ew north Hi's de*
••xs; tl perches Ui th.: plrre of beiftniitnic. eon
laming "10-acre, more or less; said lot betna
part or a l«rg»-r tract pur.-hrs»-.l front Samuel A
and John N Farriance by l» A Hr nfrew by
deed dated May 7. UK2. and recorded In deed
book N'i .1 vol 5. pages «B. tJ* and t-T referenee
to which will more fitly and at targe appear,
subject h iw e vlo all oil .uttl mineral le»»
heretolore made, and excepting all oil. . ■
ir..u ore ,iui.-t.-nc and all oilier minerals
meutloned in .said ioa.es . t--get her w tut tram
trob-da-l Iron r's.tcl bull tliigs erected Iher. -
on. one being k'.xltiu le.'t and the Oilier l-.XA.
f'-et. said I UU'tlngs b.-mg ens te-l for Ute pur
p.,o of operrilag a tamp bta«-k plant tnereoo
sel«ea and takru m exc utU.u as the property
; 111.1'n \ and Ad- ii-hua If «d 4
owiters, etc. at the suit of L F i,aa(er et ai.
'Y. r» N'l LW. Dec T. issc. Kohler. tiXl
All th- right, title. InUrejt and t .aim Ot. 111
Itealty. ol In mil lo ti i*-.'e J ol land, taore or
. ated lu Mercer tow.attlp But ler eeaa
tv. Fa b"Un t.-d at lollows. to wit: On 'be
north by Ja» I* 'lit U-lrs. cast by public rvad.
S.IIIUI by Jam". !• D'inia.. e: sl;west by Charle
Co lir n . mostly .- .earetl and fenced and a ;i»l
s'ate of eultltatlou. stU-c an 1 taken In e*e
...1 . > "f 11 C H -tt* al the
•c • I;. ... v - Ai.tur U« of »' * Cowan.
K li No Ijs. uc Term. 1*92. i aaimlßf-. »'t y.
Alt the right, tit it Hit- re-' aid eletuiof
Karl Butrrr ot. in am i tt) ?' «n«s <Jt tm,
I iE< iIN S OCT. 6.
M e exjMVt to oernp? our now store
about Jan. Ist. W e want to move w
few goods a> j»ocssible. We will tire vou
prices that yon can t help hut buv.
A *-55 Parlor Suite f«»r *25 OO
A 45 w 44 J.j no
A 55 44 44 45 DO
A 1 ♦*> Wed Lou n ire tor 12 50
A 20 44 44 15 o l
A 5 Rocking < hair for 75
A 8 44 44 50©
etc. Call early for the>4e threat i>ar_fains
('ainplx'll & Tniipletoii.
1-36 X. Main St., - - Butler, Pa
km*-* I »at-iu* in Fatrvkrv r«r> 8 •r i
Co. IN. MwM aa WI'M« UV W't , MMM I
at a arbir<-.*tk tr* «"»'">• * • • r . i
— • ->J Uotla.,- \ • t
«* A-• r«f- ■» p»aar •«• i - •' I
of % m liif—xi ill-/ •• r *
ibt-c. >• j, * t,u>« i's Oil't m»; C v lit m#< j
i* • . ismo» I*, Mi d imam t [
•axitii It dnt —I Jt >l» in* l»«>nE WW • I
b) !m »of Jotii H »kiM) 9 drv; * h I
WrnaMto I p.~r; :uet»-f r>» ■»•»> of J .n , '
-TWf- taw. w-at ».. ►->-« l« • paw* • 1
IV aa t ky aM MM) Nw; anOk <•<*- I
»niT(rafeiui«pM;tfef««by aaika 4 Va|
M'ltwr ar*-«.t 1;* (t.*ta to a wt»if.«a>a« toe r 4 > " '
#fUu»lnf. i«a»-rt »4 tw». Ph.»n fart tat In ;
M.t» aokl ta-iu< aa M>* • » ». I.*>a ;
*»w > #». «>.d'■» t«M« Br»- fc* * - I ti
-1 Aaroa . loi >s«mi'«g * ll»a. kat 9* I « t-l
to Mart IU(>I. M Jl.a -ltd ►> «»
to* 3 aol<l to Ma IrT'n. in I«4 "> wt'l • il
K , itHa Jt»» . X!. J i 3*. & aat»l ■!*"- * !
to Vaaalß fMKpto-i!; k* s- 7 Matat «•■ n«k
Ki®t»rM lou*.rt< • I" »■I M rtl- tu*.
: arlm. hat So It. Ua F k>rkl R- >•' N at
.14 «i!<l to A W rt.. • i-.t N ~ *• ak< ' ;
rirnrn .ir-ri «o«4 >«t «» K Ii rt .1* ■> >* j»
j«2 aotl *i aokl t«> Pllaim in t..t <l*
•treart aiU tn Wra rtarte>; lot *-a !*• a.** la 2
I- Ikaa'-: i"' No 1 •* aart-t to *r. X H ; li i V
..•» *itd to Kil<u- Ta.tor-Jo. No l«a ■»*» N tl«
rtaMIM;MS«iMIM«M »i» r.!»a IKot
tot >.a r»» tot Mat «**M !«» K 1» >nnla(< lot H
aokl t<> r ■!■■>; I--' > ■ «•> I»> ' „.r*
mt< Va .u «w >r iu jit karM; » « V> ,*
K.nJ'uHu»li)-n l. ■>' ?!•> A *•»•! •>
• I-n >•> jk —*l r.. L Ir-'anJ kw t.« m t
■uU to r«» K; »* N» ai .. «M »<• ■f i !o« V- i
iiwld litK lU'ump i f N ■■. > » ->-1 r»
I ai.Ki inli V« 3 r»n»H«l w an
ule R A"*rm M Ii». 4Ui * H J»
J>b. lot N'x **—*'■■*: all w» J«M hrw; ■■* *»
<6 aoht to Ami; K «>« , ...» to M -HA In f «4 rut
.■» So » and i. oild to Mt ri>m<u. tot It
«iM bMaaiArll R"": aH y> ( M't to Kraii.
I ml; lot Noiw ~i,«t t.»t Un; *>« ««4 b> A
lot Mo «r. *»M .»«**■» « ut««ra -
M SoM» MuAß>»'tiurt;M *«■* v» * «*
«>td to rrr*o. wrvm i'la trru. lot Soa M ft m t •
9< «>id to vtn m« on r<m« +nr*< -• •!
.o LUltr »anl; lot *> m *?. Ito J k. •• lopttoo l
lot >o U «n<l to K a tf M ~(i* rf
-<1 a*tl |ra<«<t. vi t «o<t taAM la 'HMOa I
t« too pr..|»rt* «f Karl »W*r »f th- •«! M
Oaaivt W-trkrt.
tI) No I£», r>w r, I**l. f .rja-r Ut t
All tba rt«nt ti:l« mtrrm a»l <•!«■ of:
<»li«>n (' Knbb.d, ta at I k> KM arroa »f
ail.t. in >r» or l«a» a Par Car <>>*•
•nip, Katlor >"oaotT, Pa, ina»W aa Mlaot,
■'•-wit ttirn'O- m*!a/ at a «t->» at ta« aorta
rM eutwr. Mrirf aorta I ml IVj
.lerclivs au-l 1 I.alt tu a atno* p i- jtt tftv
jorti n>nw' ot Aioiaivlrr Wallj . mh,
b«aro corttt «» Jej »«»t !'*> to a
arnitr'>as t" : W li At-«* aad ,
UMMI U«a, ttraw wi'l 1 it"y axt 11
u l * liak* to a atoo* p>aM bf immi
•fttaeaeira of MTUaa, to»o<-» amattt aioa«
an l« of tb# lir.n ot Raorjr V ,laa ff r tr(
-aat 14.1 porcaaa an«l i ha* to tl>« plar' »t
by lan-U >t J"!»a 11 *h:r*. * mtlj
numl «*>] II a »IM« of raittvat. «..
-h« bclanca to rimo- r.tramf h»a<v and t*ara.
'RUfll ao>l oatr> ..xliiiita U«*m S■■- <1
.atl bun ta tumi>n » :oa »' -v-rt/ ■•<
4 wti-Min i R»M» at tko »o:t of H vnarulr
a(t No m Dee T. !■<».. M.' fbrm i
All Uw rtghi. iut«-P"*t a., t- '.alit. f * r
1.-t ai xraliain •■* t» awt Ui arraa «>f i A m»
ui.il- or *raa al W r na Mig tow,! It'll.
••r r .jut,. ra. im. .II«I--1 aa »nlu«-< bi * . HI
tlte north t.y Julua V<iT'-<rt ul A lam R»«
caat 1} Jiai-111l au4J t V .< ■•••itll !<j » «.»
•oanrtni' we* ij J. m i llrfi • , r r claar
il [ racr<t -in-l-r a <». . -,r tf of -|l .. all i.
atu. ttu—- pnal-K tnK -i! « t» Tim,-
ioin.% ir 4m ! mru an« *at ! !»••
iMvaa. |(Maidiai«i.j umulm :;t
--a*"i* rt» uf Mo-trr at «.rjA;« I;:
lAan'i Miir'\"l r* al
nuts or uu: t.i h.io •< b. . v
-art< 'ly«-orßt>i—>t «c::a -;»■ pt i<«"; -a > -■ . i
I. Wa*"M the pl.tlnU-t or 4i'b r
otcumoa Ut<- , ari il.*— r IAI- oil, aa 1..-* •» i
unit Ik mwti a "-1 ■ f ; 1*- U a to* . u-...
oorticHjj" waur.-ii.-a <io 11 * -i to
.•Ki-r nrii <► tt Hps *"• ' - a . t'»
«lli nit o. !>e ?r-. • »>» a«l» i
■ kM: tiM-raof a, tw tajaj rUtfn u .>1 kr fur*i->->-a«t
ibr sio-nrr.
All •'. !* Ui.a-.t U- pjJ-1 lit t . 1
3. Ail aaiua MI mn kaMMMf MB W ■
•tatti to :<a-« r a. <nt upU .ta/
all., n •••>»• to pr ; ,t. c art; - • . r ..
..at up and .aX4 at *-o- tn>! rtalt of tJk
i»r-o»tt to * .Haul <li M at«!-l
Ulifcm, M tMsa, Ml W >
aaJ -iHt'li'l r v*. ' •*' **i
viLU.il H t:«.»t* x i»m [
ttv-riil'a l» II -. aft . ir. i'a .\ a li'ii. l- t. ;
NUlco in Eapilty.
Vary C Vintlr «Ma*. I i* la* CaM «f ;
1lr« Vaaa K.-.aao nqm, C-mta >*
*lr». Mar M 'ti4;t.-. Itti t • «« '
Una Amelia < a-il Pa
Tlawlnrv Vm.'l-iaf
*a K.|U if 3 I
Joha Oti«-h'-t«.. i'-i- f-Tta 14 1
Cknat; UildlrMt it -• Pa<
vlarfinri liii-nriat ui ifJ.
Jane tiiic .ris.
Now, N •». I'Kh, 1" »J. it app-«r .:»< tka
baiWlrmiad'a ir« a»o r*-.<la'nta of tt»- "iat»
.t P. rio-*lv mi » au t ail nit arf Tt.*.»li.«
V«««ioy one of Itao p aiol'Sta. haiu«
Ike raaKriaJ larta it ta aoar .*Wrl Mat a
•übpoa-aa Iw tawM la IM ata»»f <tat* I
•mtr. rfi)iiirtß( Utat .l.'V;Ua> ami a.
(••raoaa »nooi it a»»* co»i-Mrm to i ,
oart. oa lt>« aor a»t| 4 ni'lay at l>. .-'tu*a r
iMtxt. kpia< tho I.M lay ot tttr ia—>ik to
laake tbrir aa>»fr apoo '>ath or alßra>«tn>a
to th« IWiUfiri bill to tiaM 1-wm au-t it la
further ontorpl.that aorrira of aaul mtommm
bo naic by o«It»«:—-oa-ut ta tka But—r
I'lTtlll.a «ra»kly aaara papor pahiiat»a*l ta
■h« lion> of Butl.-r, Pa. wwi ta» t «r
tlnoae ta tka aaul t oauty .>t Bailor t..r i»r
«wks or mora from tk« .lata a6-<*a S «•»!
Rt rut t i»t-«r. j
BfTLKK « «»1 STY, •«.
f'rrtiHoil trom th« r»wl tkua t.'tb <faf o t <
Not.. A. I». 1
JaiKX W. B»iwt, Pro.
To the tlnit aaniol rmptabnfc.
Yon ara> horvby rai|aiiW I" aooaar at a j
''••urt of l otaotou Plaaa to bo tw •! at Kutiar, j
•» ami f«>r the t 'oaaty ol rtutla'-, oa ti»e Ii h
laf iaf IVe. aott is obotlieoate Ii t.l"* aha.a I
•terree, an I hereia fail aa»4. N t f
MfiLUA* M. »* >«•». |
Snarl. j
Nulke bi hetet i » a.-a tl.a !#• >4 «lor
Maiafnee ■' I jUu r. K>. • *o>l 4 k ita a«r ■
-.tka aa|t»* u«a ntral lin tliui at. ouat aa
IB tkouOk-r of tko I'tirfttonoLarf of taa • taOM
■f » oukiiuMi rtraa of Bat .- r -urtjr. a« *''• l»
No. *. Mar a trrro t4SB an taat tka aaaaa
aa'.ll ta
and alloWiatT' oa L> -aaiTor sk. (
i««-4 _ __
Jo«a W »ut.a»» Pfot. I
arjaofO ■ Ul. _|
j, - - TUa <vde-t an.l 6r,t la
/ , lUWfcoa IJ* oWktaik* *
Business Ed-icatlan,
' y / Wo bar* »0» -eaaftUly ;
/f/ pnpatad .jaont af ,
for Um *•«»» fttlM t»f UAk f f nlilik—l ml .
0.. 3J. I* t»i r t A. 9Q Pa.
W DUES il 181
PRICE* ;• tlt« m.» * « w
If r**«i »r" sHk wri woti r«iirtki
[ »"« «-'w»s ""•« Tb h* t>.M rmm
| *Na-- »>. ; 1 X" tt>x Ok at.
: k# »" IMi »«-• ><••»*' ktkt r* IS*
f»-ac* •» P"| lartyim - pan
Ttw «*•■ gmt ibf ta# rvwy-
Ill'ic »1 *k>* ■fro* i»llar Sr»aa« «a.
l*ur <<«»» ii» «i»o > i <i|—ww f«»
lil : onnn8, Ulaktiw k
li>t 'mr pekw* h»f. r» »«»• bvp
Pktata anal 4* witai. mm "»>
»Srr WacM Mra» *«« i- .iarn am
ytwr pmtt ImU
J. €. KEMfK.
Main next ti» Fl.ttei Isvmrj.
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MMMfm! a^-.
* »«■;-f-lllwk arHJrw IRaartkP'i'ik
. .»*■ '• » •«» . m ka>*> >a*ar. *n»
OMnac nr»x-» pi» «nrnif MrtMiM !•» ' nwi in.
ua> patlia Of MM .la"3» a km a'Tar al
TaMi ar a» ak». , mm*- n ak«
tkMr-aaat. " i*a«n*.-a»i
aaaai At i «•* c ><—>»■ l» t— m
►rfw Vi - "L- I tu r 8
i>K t l.Sai 0
I!.\ H.VHSS.
A n«l everythinir in
f»n«l h«i;iry t'nr*
niNliing afooili- liar*
iifSsi, <*-a|titr>». V\*hip««,
I>?i- t'TX, S« 1-lit**,
ALio trnuk.H nntl ra
|{ppairinjj done on
s'lorf ntifit-c.
Thf >t. a."-4ort
rnent ot -V
blaukH."* in town w;ll
h#> !'•)iml nt Kfuirer'i*.
i >E* t! >TOS *;bist mill
it-'iiaar 'Hitft* iiar r'uaar
AJaaa K' Her i o-i* ui l all**-, -itvrf I t'*.
ail thaa baaat t!ta Bartat «lfcr* tail* tka k
I taruai. an* H ovr (art t» <p*» pm * #*4
! turn uM.
Ktuiuia% erory <i«y wpoft
31 1 >. WmhinnftHi St..
Bullr-r Pa.
kflaaaak ia 'aa i «a .^*aO
j Tnr.~ "** • .1" ~"»• .• I laa.a»
j ... -aa
•aOta 'IM*. a*. ~ ... <e»art •• -* Wf «a
| i kit "
j ..- -akar am maaka m- i» •»- -aapea
I e**apkfa artiklnlMmakaßM
I --...... •> ran _
Cc .Tn. rptm Surofy Cu^l
lb Tj« flrtat- ffcai 9tk>rm »•■«» Ml ea
•Ju« I kaiao aeoawaa TIP naajy fcaak»«k»^a-narao*
■aaaaaka-5 » ■ tg- *nainl| aa—A »akat: tkajkal
t» ami nw -alaa e«aaa iaaia4» TTOt ta aay-4
.•«"a» Madura a kaa* . «aaa»)«t* all l»f a .1
•aod aaotk-ii ti,r-«aalt *A alHikk k«».-a