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Bcnn lua a population of about lo.noo.
It la the Count}- seat or Butler County, with
Four railways, natural pis, and unequalled
facilities for, menulacturea.
iTocreas e»rywhere; new buildings, new
manufactures, a growing and prosperous town.
Now Advertisements.
Auditors Notice, Estate of G. C. Roes
Administrator's Notice, Estate of John
Sheriff's Sales for October 24th.
Closing out Sale of Drog Store—Frank
A Co.
Mark's Millinery and Underwear.
Sale of Damaged Clothing.
Closing Sale of Stationery.
Coal Farm for Sale.
Photos of World.
P. R. R. Excursion.
NOTI—AII advertisers intending to make
anges in their ads. shonld notify us of
their intending to do so, not later than
Monday morning.
New York Weekly Tribune—Free.
By special arrangements made for our
so doing, we are enabled to offer to all our
subscribers who pay arrearages, (if any)
and one year in advance, and to all new
subscribers paying in advance, the New
York Weekly Tribune free for one year.
For further particulars of this ofler see ad
v.-.t;- -. ei.t <>n 2d page.
Now York Tribune is a staunch Re
publit-ui: paper; its editor is on onr Nation
al ticket this year, its weekly edition con
tain- ail the best editorials and general
aiiicloa of the daily, and this very liberal
offer should be accepted by every Republi
can of Butler county.
Over the land is the antumn base;
o. .'ly at eve comes the great, round
Silent and sweet are the country ways
In the golden days of October.
—What are you kicking abont to-dayt
—The leaves will soon have their turn.
—Before a man has begun to think, a
woman has begun to talk.
—A comet is now visible in the eastern
aky in the early morning.
—Dr. Redick is improving his store
—The main sewer for the eastern part of
town has been laid around the bridge pier.
—You can see more of Butler, since the
trees have been clipped.
—"Russet shoes shone here" is a boot
black's sign. *
—J, C. Sarver has opened a meat mark
et on Centre Ave. S. S.
—Hurrah for us! Corbett will fight
—The daily prodnction of the Sngar
Trust is 50,000 bbls. of refined sugar.
—The Pittsburg papers are complaining
of a plague of bedbngs.
—Got a new «uitt Yea, my wife's dress
maker has sued me for her new dress!
—Treat her coldly, give her ice cream
every night. •
—Thejfaat young man is now said to be
kite-shape and pnenmatic-tired.
—Onr professors of whitewashing are
crowded with orders,
—Binco the rains of last week onr farm
era have been seeding.
—Teacheri and scholars are down to
•olid work.
—A Georgia jnJge has decided that a
mnle is a deadly weapon.
—Since Thursday last this is year num
ber 5654, according to the Jewish calen
—Mr. Newton Harvey of near Tarentum,
will sell his splendid farm, underlaid with
ooal, at a bargain. See adv.
—Did yon bear the news from the
MoonT A large meteor or comet collided
with it last Tuesday evening.
—Smoke prevention does not bother
most people half as mnoh as the problem,
how to get something to smoke.
—The right kind ot an amen always
means, "It shall be so, and I'm willing to
stand my part of the expense."
—The tender attachment between the
locomotive and the cars isn't always beau
—He looked BO awfully cheap when he
proposed that she conldn't resist the bar
—Days and nights of equal length, and
ire Are now heading Tor larger gas bills
and loDger courting hours.
—Last Monday night was very cool; and
a white frost covered everything next
—H. H. Jackson will have a public sale
of his household effects, next Tuesday, at
No. 118 Mifflin St
—Special excursion on the West Penn
this (Thursday), to Pittsbnrg Expo. Fare
$1.50, which includes admission to Expo.
—Two druggists of Allegheny Co., have
gone to law over the right to use Father
Mollingerß old prescriptions.
—The taxpayer is glad to stand high in
the community, bat he doesn't want to be
—The vest pocket ticket will be scarce
nnder our new ballot system. Its occupa
tion is gone.
—An enormous quantity ot ground is
being excavated in grading W". Pearl St.,
and it is being used for tilling up lots and
low places on the lower streets.
Pickpockets abounded at all the coun
ty Fairs this year. At Greenville last
Thursday fifteen people were "touched,"
one for $102."
—Pasteur, speaking of precautions
against cholera, says--"Keep the stomach
warm." And all the Kentucky colonels
say, Amen.
—J. A. Frank <£ Co. are Belling out their
entire stock of drags, medicines, toilet
articles, etc. at cost. See adv. in another
—Most of the soldiers and others who
went to Washington last week, returned
to their homes, Friday evening. They
all enjoyed themselves.
—The Prohibs warn people to get out
of the wet, —and advertise an open air
speech for Saturday evening on the Dia
—There aro several little offsets along our
streets that are meaner than the big ones.
TOD don't notice them, and either stump
your toe or come down suddenly.
—The number of women pharmacists is
increasing. When it comes to washing
glassware women have distinct advantages
over men.
—ln Europe they've postponed the army
manoeuvres on account of the cholera, but
notting is going to stave off the ooming
—A crank who signs himself W. J.
Klingensmith writes to a Pittsburg paper
that he is a criminal in the eyes of the law
and a disgraced man in the sight of friends
and family, because he once conducted a
boarding house swindle in Pittsburg and
Civil Court met Monday afternoon, with
Judges Ilazen and Martin presiding, and
np to the time of oar going to press tho
following cases have been disposed of:
Geo Ilile v* B Forst et al. Sept 26,1892.
verdict for the plaintiff for $199.41.
CJ Watt vs Eleho Oil Co. Sept 26,
verdict for plaintiff for $190.56.
Geo II Enaell vs Elcho Oil Co. Verdict
for plaintiff for $272 87.
J« if Henry vs Elcho Oil Co. Verdict for
for plaintiff for $340.42.
John Kennedy vsS A Campbell,replevin,
Alexander Bros vs C J D Strohecker.
Verdict for plaintiff for $78.25.
Mellor <fc lloene vs S S Gill. Sept 28,
verdict for plaintiff for $156.42.
C C Terwilliger vs Hepler <fc Co, settled.
Racine Wagon Co vs W A Goehring <fc
Co, settled.
The Oil Well Supply Co vs B Xebel et
al, settled.
Harry Campbell vs Herman Adderhold,
replevin, verdict for defendant.
S G Purvis 4 Co vs D E Wheeler, ver
dict for plaintiff for $97.86.
Geo. B. Gilliland of Cranberry twp.
adopted Flora Swartzlander.
J. D. Bernd has brought suit in eject
ment vs B. B. Seibert and C. W. Johnston
for a le&shold of twenty acres in Donegal
Ephraim Erb, of Lancaster twp., was
appointed tipstaff vice J O Christly, re
X B Stewart, a juryman, was absent
when he was called and was fined $2 and
costs of process.
A new trial was refused in the case of
McElhany vs Clay twp.
The exceptions to tho Master's report in
the case of McKinny vs Stewart and Hofius
were dismissed.
The Master's report in the case of Sed
wick vs Bushman was confirmed.
The motion for judgement in the case of
Riddle vs The Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.
was granted.
August Lantenschlager has applied for a
Christ Ruder in jail lor costs on a F & B
case was discharged under the insolvent
A dispatch from PotUville, Pa., dated
Wednesday, says: The last two of those
alleged to be implicated in the Schuylkill
county big court house swindle, Contractor
Robert Taylor, of Butler, Pa., and
Architect M. E. Beebe, of Buffalo, yester
day entered bail in the sum of $20,000 and
10,000 respectively. Taylor is charged
with Beven criminal offence*, while Beebe
is charged with conspiracy.
In the Criminal Court of Allegheny Co.,
last Saturday, Judge Porter read a long
decision remanding Hugh O'Donnell to
jail, to be held without bail on the charge
of murder, as ono of the leaders of the
Homestead riot. The opinion embodies a
review of the occurrences at Homestead,
which culminated in the battle with the
Pinkerton detectives on July 6, and holds
that since the prosecution has sufficiently
identified Hugh O'Donnell as a leader on
the side of the men by whom several de
tectives were killed, since the court is
bound to accept this showing as truthful
until it is put to the proof at the hands of
a jury, bail cannot bo taken.
Geo B Dine to Julia Vensel, lot in Mill
erstown for S4OO.
Samuel McCollongh to Mary Jones, 51
acres in Franklin for #l.
Alex McCollongh et al to Samuel Mc-
Collough, 57 acres in Franklin for sl.
Same to Wilson McCollongh, 75 acres in
tame for sl.
Sain'l MoCollough et al to Alex McCol
lough, 50 acres in same for sl.
A R Wahl to Eli and W H May, 2 lots
in Evans City for $3,750.
R B Rhodes to T M. Rhodes, lot in Cen
treville for $250.
Loyal Aggas to Warren Aggas, 200 acres
In Centre twp for S3OO.
Jos M McCandless to Loyal Aggas,lot in
Butler for $950.
Jas Anderson to C B Frisbee, 47 acres in
Middlesex for $3,340.
WJto Wm Ellenberger, lots in Fair
view for SBOO.
May to J. S. McElwee, 100 acres in Oak
land tor sl.
Marriage Licenses.
M. 8. Watterson Armstrong Co
Lulu Bowser Donegal twp
Ward Abel Butler
Maggie Thompson "
Michael Klen Beaver Co
Mary Gross Cranberry twp
A E Russell Butler
Stella Wick "
James Reesman Allegheny Pa
Annie Leightner Armstrong Co
John E Kniess.. Lancaster twp
Mary Beighley Connoquenessing twp
JH Kepple Butler, Pa
Bert Heck.... Oakland twp
R W Neelcy Beaver Falls, Pa
Marietta Mcllwain " *'
Robt G Brown Philadelphia
Annie Hilliard Allegheny
J S Keister Slipperyrock twp
Besssie Morrison "
At Beaver, Pa., Sidney Shiever of Butler
and Sadio Wright of Beaver Co.
At Pittsburg,JFrank Miller and Mary E.
Morgan uf Bulger.
At Pittsburg, J. J. Allen of Flick and
Annie O'Donnell of Pittsburg.
At Bellefonte, R. A. Kelly of Jacksville
and Lida Johnston.
Oil Motes.
Reed <t Co. of Butler have struck it good
on the W. R. Thompson farm in Middle
sex twp., and land in that vicinity is be
ing leased rapidly.
Jennings & Co. got a good well near
Oakdale, Allegheny Co , last week; and
"Fatty" Coaklin one near Venice.
Tbo Cholera scare at Baku, Russia, is
said to have almost annihilated the produc
tion of that field—oo,ooo bbls. a day—but
that bad no effect on the price of the
American production.
Tho oil market closed Monday at 54},
Tuesday at 53 J, Wndnesday at 53j. .
Hey woods Celebrities.
The celebrated Hey wood Musical Troupe,
composed of some of tho best musicians
and singers known to the musical world,
will appear at our Opera House on Satur
day, Oct. Bth in a brilliant and entertaining
programme, consiting of classic and popu
lar,vocal and instrumental selections, solos,
duets, trios and quartettes, gems ftom
operas, humorous, pathetic and dramatic
impersonations, pure and refined fun, an
unexcelled variety.
This is something good by the best, and
should be well patronized by our people.
Closing Out.
Messrs. Russell & Negley are
closing oat the fine stock of wall pa
pers, pictures, books, inks papers,
tablets of all kinds, etc-, etc. at cost
prices. Call soon if you want bar
—M. F. &M. Marks' have received
their stock of Fall and Winter under
wear for ladies, Misses and children.
Unisn undergarments, a specialty.
Exposition Excursions to Pitts
burg via P. & W. Ry.
Round trip tickets on sale daily
until October 22nd, at all stations
between Clarion and Callery Junction
at Excursion rates, 25 cents added
for admission. Special Excursions
erery Wednesday, and on Saturdays,
October Ist and ldtb, at very low
rates including admission.
All tickets good (or return passage
three days including date of sale.
Tickets purchased on Fridays good
to return on following Mondays
—Hand made Irish linen handker
chiefs, beautifully embroidered, worth
50 cts each, three for a dollar at
Marks' Millinery.
—To prepare for solid comfort in
cold weather you should call at the
Union Woolen Mill, and get a pair
of all wool blankets.
"Her friends she's always chaffing,
Although she isn't witty;
She takes delight in laughing,
Because her teotb are pretty.
John R. McJankin Esq., of Clay twp., is
the guest of his son here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lowry attended the
Greensburg Fair.
Miss Sue Ogden of Butler attended the
Berger reunion in Berry twp., Clarion Co.
on the 15th.
Phil. Ruff has accepted a position with a
boot and shoe manufactureiing firm of Bos
ton, and is now traveling in Indiana.
Gen. Weissert of Wisconsin, was chosen
Commander in Chief of the G. A. R.
E. E. Hollingworth. a printer formerly
of this town, and now at Tarentum. was
| married to Gertrude Bartholomew at Chit
tenango, N. Y., on the 10th.
H. W. Nail, the carpenter, camo home
from Homestead last week, sick He was
dangerously ill Sunday, but is now on the
Mr. J. C. Womer of Allegheny twp.,
came all the way lrom Toledo, 0., near
where he is drilling a well, to attend Court
as a Juror.
On Tuesday last, Luther F. Reiber, a
son of J. J. Reiber, of this place, was
married in Allegheny to Miss Amelia
Zebnder, of that city.
J. A. Campbell, formerly of Concord
twp., and cow of Deland, Piatt Co., 111.,
visited his friends in this county,on his way
home from the reunion at Washington, I).
C. He was accompanied by his wife, who
is a native of lowa.
Misses Marks, the milliners,attended the
Fall Millinery Opening in Pittsburg, Tues
day, and expect to astonish their patrons
with their purchases.
Homer Duncan, a son of B. M. Duncan
of Connoquenessing twp., went to Phila
delphia last Monday, where he will attend
Jefferson Medical College.
J. T. Donley Esq. intends locating in
The man who is always telling news
papers to pitch into this, that and the oth
er thing, and claims there is a lack of
nerve because it does not rip people up
the back is the same man who never wants
his name used under any circumstances for
fear it will hurt his business.
Messrs. Harper and Stamm, Councilmen
of the town of Butler, Pa., wero in Alle
gheny yesterday making inquiries concern
ing the management of the sanitary affairs
of the city' The (Jholera scare has aroused
the Town Councils ol Butler to the fact
that the sanitary condition of theirborough
is very bad.and Messrs. Harper and Stamm
were elected a oommittee to visit some of
the larger cities in the state to learn how
sanitary affairs were managed there. Sup
erintendent McLaughlin, of the Board of
Health, showed them around tho city, and
gave them all the information he could in
regard to sanitary matters. The gentle
men from Butler were much pleased with
the garbage furnace, and expressed great
surprise that the burning of garbage cans
ed so little disagreeable smell as it does. —
Dispatch of Friday.
—The fellow who enclosed ten cents for
the answer to the question, "How to suc-
I ceed," received the following reply: "Cut
a hole in an orange and snck out the con
tents. "
—Our firemen did wellat Haselton; and
they received a red light ovation when
they returned, Saturday evening. The
next State convention ef firemen will be
held in Bntler.
—The Emlenton News claims that a
carload of refined oil shipped from the
Emlenton refinery to Butler by way of the
junction, was an entire week on the road,
and was "doped" on the way. Six barrels
were tampered with and made unsala
—The block that Charles Duffy is build
ing on W. Jefferson St. is practically a frame
one, and will be a dangerous one for the
centre of the town. Several years ago the
Council had a little war with Bickel and
Biehl over the same thing.
—George Walter has improved his mill,
and taken his son.? into partnership. lie
is now making a good wheat Hour; and has
his buckwheat mill in perfect order. Read
the advertisement of George Walter <fc
Sons, proprietors of the Butler Rolle r
Mills, in another column.
—The Directors of Clinton twp. have
built a new school house an No. 4 district
which will be dedicated next Tuesday; and
the schools of that twp. will open Oct.
10th. The teachers selected are W. F.
Ekas, Thos. Greer, Frank Halstead;
Shepard, Miss MoCafferty and Miss Sadie
—One span of tho new bridge between
Pittsburg and Allegheny, at Sixth and
F«leral streets is almost completed. The
bridge will be of the arc or "bowstring"
pattern, and some of the sections that
were raised into placo by the traveling
crane weighed sixteen tons. Each span is
445 feet long, and the whole structure will
require 3500 tons of steel and iron. Traf
fic over the floor of the old bridge which
is resting on trestle work supported by
piles will continue until the now bridge is
—The funeral of Rev. George E. Titzel,
which took place here on last Friday after
[ noon, was one of tho largest that Kittan
ning has witnessed for semo time. Quite
a large delegation from his Greensburg
congregation attended the funeral art did
also delegations form his former charges at
Butler and Parker. A large number ot
the Lutheran clergy from different parts
of the State also attended and followed the
remains to their last resting place to be
stow their last mark of respect and esteem
to their fellow worker in the cause of
Christianity.—Kittanning Press.
A New Departure.
A first class dressmaking estab
lishment opened at Ritter & Ralston,
under the supervision of a competant
dressmaker and fitter. We guarantee
the most artistic styles, perfect fit
ting, garments, and very moderate
—Alway Btopat the llotel Waver
ly when in Rutler.
Free Ride to Butler.
Louis Traxler, next door to Bntler
Savings Bank, will pay Railroad
Fare both ways within a radius of
twenty miles from Butler to parties
purchasing the amount of SIO.OO and
upwards at his Store.
I guarantee to sell Dry Goods,and
Cloaks, Cheaper than Bame goods
can be bought elsewhere.
Mrs. Lou M. Ritter
Is back in her old place in charge of
the Millinery Department at
New Broadcloths, Bedford Cords,
Henriettas and Fine Dress Goods at
For Underwear
Satons, Ribbons, Plumes, Tips,
Flowers, Ornaments, all new at
German Knitting Yar, Spanish
and Saxony; Yarns at
Louis Traxler.
If you need a Dress, a Cloak, or
a nice Bonnet, go to the popular
Store, which ia Loais Trailer's, next
door to Butler Savings Bank.
_Call at the Union Woolen Mil!
and see our new style borders in Red
The town of St. Petersburg, Clarion Co.
was wiped out by fire last Thursday. The
Opera House wu struck by lightning, and
the fire spread rapidly. The entire busi
ness portion was burned, and will not be
The Grand Jury of Allegheny Co. found
true bills vs Col. Hawkins, Col. Streator
and Surgeon Grim for their punishmont of
lams; and Burgess McLuckie made infor
mation against H. C. Frick, Sec'y Lovejoy
and others of the Carnegie Steel Co.
A burglar was killed in Allegheny Co.,
last week, and positively identified as be
ing Wm. Powers; and shortly after Wm.
Powers was found at thrf hoiue of a rela
tive alive and well: and at Philadelphia last
Monday the Beecher family thought they
had buried their son John who was found
in the river drowned, and when they re
turned from the funeral, John was at
The evidence at the Coroner's inquest
over the dead by the late railroad accident
at Shreve, 0., showed that the train men
had been asleep,-and thinking that the Ea»t
bound train had passed them while they
slept on the switch they pulled out, and
disaster followed.
Pittsburg and vicinity was visited by a
severe .-torm last Sunday evening.
In Buffalo, X. Y., there was a barber
shop employing four barbers, one of whom
eloped with his sister in-law, another with
his aunt, another with his mother-in-law,
and the fonrth capped the climax last week
by eloping with his grandmother.
There is a rivalry as to the tallest and
biggest sunflower. At the latest reports
Berks Co was ahead with a stalk fourteen
feet eleven inches high bearing forty-fonr
fully developed flowers and forty-four buds
in sight. Lancaster is a close second with
a stalk fourteen feet six inches high, bear
ing forty three flowers.
The Markets.
Our grocers are paying 22 for butter,
17 for eggs, 55 for potatoes, 30 to 40 for
apples, 3 to 7 for cabbage. 50 for turnips,
3o to 40 for chickens, 1.75 for handpieked
beans, 5 cts for grapes, 10 to 15 for quinces,
90 cts for onions 75 for tomatoes, and 40
cts for green tomatoes.
Timothy hay from county wagons $lB to
S2O, mixed hay sl2 to 13, wheat straw 6.50
to 7.00, oat straw 7.50 to 8.00, timothy
seed 2.00, clover 7.00, bluegrass 2 25.
Fancy county roli butter 22 to 23, cook
ing butter 10 to 12, fresh eggs in cases 20
to 21, fancy rose potatoes 2.40 a bbl.,good
potatoes 2.25 a bbl„ beans $2, fancy apples
2.00 to 3.75abb1, common to choice 1.00
I to 2.00 a bbl.,peaches 1.00 to-1.75 a bu .as
I to quality; quinces 1.75 to 2.00 a bu., pears
1.20 to 2.00 a bu., plums 1.50 to 3.00 abu.,
grapes 2 to 7c a pd., egg plant 40 to 50 a
uoz., onions 85 to 90 ots a bu., celery 20 to
25 a bunch., cabbage 1.25 to 1.50 a bbl.,
buckwheat honey 12 to 15, new white
honey 10 to 20, hominy 2.75 for 200 lbs,
upring chickens 40 to 60 as to size, tallow 4c.
At Hen's Island, Monday, mixed stock
sold at 2} to 3}. Simon Braham bought
a car of prime, 1500 lb corn fed steers at
Good veals brought 5} to 6J, grass calves
2i to4i.
Sheep retailed at 34 to 5, and ppring
lambs at 4$ to 6.
Corn fed hogs retailed at 5} to 6, and
grasscrs at 5 to s}.
—Blankets wholesale or retail at
the Union Woolen Mill, Butler, Pa.
—lce for sale at the Citj Bakery.
The Standard
Patterns are the best. Call and get
Fashion Sheet at
Best place to buy Table Linens,
Napkins and Towels at
L. STCIN & Son's.
Louis Traxler
is borry to have people lose money
by not trading with him when they
need anything in the Drr Goods or
Millinery line. His Store is located
next door to Batler Savings Bank.
—Take yoar children to Zaver'B
Gallery for Pictures that will suit
yon. Postoffice building.
AppeDtices to learn Dressmaking
at the New Dressmaking Establish
ment of Ritter & Ralston'e.
—Hotel Waverly. best house in
To Country Merchants.
The Merchants throughout Butler
county who deal in wall paper, or
have any deeire to purchase wall
paper, are hereby informed, they can
secure a stock of same at coat, by
calling at No. 311 S. Main St., But
ler, Pa. They will be sold to our
country store keepers as cheap as
they can be bought in the citiea.
Present owners.
It Pays
To buy at the great bargain House
you Are always sure to get bargains
Best styles iu Dress Goods and
Cloaks at
—Justices and Constables Fee
Bills, printed on card-board, suitable
for posting—for sale at this office.
Don't forget us on Hosiery aud
Gloves, we always have the best at
lowest prices
City Prices
Are away above those quoted at
Verj low ; rices on Fine Umbrel
las at
Ladies am' Misses' Cloaks in great
variety at lowest prices at
The Best
Line of Hosiery and Gloves at
Largest assortment and best values
in Dress Goods and Cloakß at
—Buy blankets at the Union
Woolen Mill, Butler, Pa.
Buffalo Blankets, best for wear at
—Zuver'a Pictures leave nothing
wanting in finish, tone or a correct
—Boarding House Cards, with Act
of Assembly, 25 cents for half-a-dozen,
for Bale at CITIZEN office,
To Artists.
Inks, enamels, paints of all colors,
brushes, maps and other paper and
other artists material now selling at
cost prices at former Osborne store.
No. 311, South Main St, Butler, by
present owners,
The Sick.
Mr, Thomas Kennedy, of Clinton twp.,is
seriously 111.
George Neyuian came home sick, from
his school in' Allegheny. about three weeks
ago, but is now on the mend.
One of the Denny brothers of Winfield
twp., who own and operate the Denny
mill, is net in good health. The three
brothers are well up in yeais, the eldest
being nearly 82.
Mrs. Mark McCandless is seriously ill at
the homo ot her son Jas. Russell McCand
less in Cherry twp. Mrs. Thomas Christ
ley and Perry Graham are also in poor
While ffn. Costello, of Butler, was
cleaning out his well, lust week,a brace he
was standing on broke, and he fell to the
bottom, breaking one of his legs.
James Cooper, of' Worth township. But
ler county, was seriously hurt last week
while hauling water to run a steam thresh
er. — Ex.
Right Way to Do It.
Ellwood City. Pa., is building a *7.000
brick and stone school house, and putting
down uelwettU three and four miles of
sewer and water pipe. Xot bad for a town
a rear and half old.
Reduced Rates to the Pittsburg
The Pennsylvania liailroad Company
will sell excursion tickets to the Impo
sition from the divisions named, on the
dates mentioned, as follows:
From West I'enn Division, September
28th, October 6th, 11th, and 19th.
On the above named dates round-trip
tickets will be sold at half-fare, with price
of admission to Exposition added. Tickets
will be good going on any regular train
leaving stations at or before 10:00 A. M. on
day of issue, and valid tor return until the
following day, inclusive.
Ice For Sale.
Those wanting ice will ploase leave
their orders at the Citj Bakery, No.
212 South Main St., and they will
receive prompt attention.
S. MORRISON, Prop'r.
—Fall goods arriving at The
Peoples Store, no. 323 Sooth Main
street. Having bought before the
advance in cotton goods, we can sell
at bottom prices.
—A nice line of shirts and neck
—The Union Woolen Mill of this
place is the only one that we know
of in the U. S. that manufactures
red blankets with variegated colors
in the borderp.
—Money to loan—lnquire of F.
S. Purviance, Huselton block, cor.
Main and Diamond.Butler Pa-
The best .Advertising medium in
tha county is the CITIZEN.
Hereafter will be doing business un
der the name of
Geo. Walter & Sons.
We can say to oar patrons that the
grinding done by na will be in the
best manner that good machinery
and practical milling can do it, as we
hare in oar employ one of the best
practical millers in the State of Penn
sylvania. We can say without
fear of contradiction that we are
turning oat the best straight grade of
wheat floor in the connty. We
think it an advantage to the farmer
to get his grinding done at oar mill
for these reasons:
FIRST—We make as good wheat
flour as can be manufactured,and
the farmers get the same floor in
exchange as the millionaire
would, were we blessed with
them in this neighborhood.
SECOND—We can do your chop
ping for you, so that yoa are not
compelled to sell your grain at
low prices and buy your chop.
THIRD—We can make the best
backwheat flour ever manufac
tured in the county, as we hare
just completed arranging the
new machinery for same, and it
works like a charm.
FOURTH—We can make you rye
flour if you desire it. Our rye
flour always brings the highest
price in Pittsburg, Ac.
FIFTH—We make as good a corn
meal as there is in the market.
SIXTH—Our Graham floor cannot
be excelled. We manufacture
every article that is in our line
of business, and with* the latest
improved machinery, and best
practical skill.
The farmer will readily see that it
is more profitable to him to patronize
a mill where he can get all his differ
ent kinds of grain ground than to sell
Lis grain and buy bis flour and feed
We don't believe in misrepresenting
goods to the public, therefore do not
put the same kind of flour in four or
five different brands of sacks. We
make a straight grade of flour. The
brand is WHITE ROSE, the same
us given to the farmer in exchange.
We also make the IONA PATENT,
which is a high grade of flour and
stands with the best patents in the
market. It is manufactured oot of
red winter wheat, blended with the
best brand of Minnesota patent which
gives it a superior quality. These
brands of flour and all kinds of mill
feed sold by us at the lowest prices.
We are also in the market for wheat,
rye and buckwheat and will pay the
highest priees for the same.
Farm For Sale.
I offer my farm in Fawn township,
Allegheny county, on Bull creek,
(near the Clinton township line in
Butler county,) for sale at a bargain.
I have 107 acres, all underlaid with
coal, and with a coal bank in oper
ation, and in a good state of cultiva
tion, good frame honse, splendid bank
barn, young orchard, and well water
ed, which I will sell for $5,000.
Tarentum, Pa.
"A Tale of
Few Words."
Chapter 1.
School—small boy-stern parent
—little money —school books—
pleading boy —miserable parent.
Chapter 2.
STORE-many books-little money
—boy gets books —happy parent.
The frightful dsaster on the Ft. Wayne
Road on September Ji, kills and in
jures many passengers and rums thous
ands of dollars worth of Fine Clothing
belonging to Messrs, Makay, Johnston
4 Co.. of Philadelphia, Pa.
POSTPONE your clothing purchases uutil MOD
October 3rd. then call at ;tuß Smtthfleld
streei. Pittsburg- Ha.. opposite the post office
Head the following letter, it explains Itself:
PHILA., PA.. Sept. 2*. iswj
John D. Raymond. Esq..
3M sml'hfield St.. Pittsburg. Pa.
I)mn SIK :
On September itst we <>uatalne<l severe losses
In the railroad wreek on the Ft. Wayne road
forty cases of our nnest clothing shipped from
our (.'Ulcayo factory were slightly damaged in
the terrible disaster. Knowing your ability
to dispose of stocks of slightly damaged cloth
log. we offer you a coinmUsloa ot £)» per cent.
If you will consent to have, these goods, con
sist'.ni; of our Finest Bults and Overcoats, for
warded to your present quarters in Pittsburg
to be sold at retail. We urge you to consider
this offer as the goods, although some are but
slightly soiled, are of no earthly use to us and
we will g'.adly accept whatever they will brtng.
Kindly wire answer, and If you accept the goods
will be send by Star L'nlon Line at once
Respectfully yours.
We wired Messrs. Makay.Johnston 4 Co. that
their offer would be accepted. The invoice hi
here and the forty cases of slightly damaged
Suits and overcoats will arrive in time to be
placed on sale Monday. October 3rd at aus
SmithQeld Street. Pittsburg. i'V. opposite the
Est office. This frightful wreck throws on our
nds an Immense stock of Fine Suits and
Overcoats,. all new goods direct from one of
the largest clothing factories In the world.and
wtll be ready for sale on Monday morning, i »c
--tober 3rd. at 3us Miiithfleld Street. Pittsburg,
It., opposite the post office. If you want ft
worth of clothing for *1 cash. don't miss this
its the greatest stock of line Tailor-made
Clothing ever gathered under one roof on this
continent Head the prices: Men's Fancy
Casslmere Suits U.sO. worth $10: Men s Cutaway
Worsted Press Suits SK.3o. worth tU : Men »
Genuine clay Diagonal Suits, guaranteed .fT.io.
worth *18; Men's Hawthorne black Ihevlol
Suits at 16.90.. worth *ls; Men's silk MLied Cas
slmere, Sack or cutaway. »T so. worth fjo;
Men s Prince Albert* at fc,.ur,. greatest value in
Aulerlca. worth tJO: Chinchilla Overcoats at
*5.75, worth *lB : Fur Beaver OvercoaS *».30.
worth *u; English Mellon Overcoats, all colon
*7.85, worth *22; Men's Pauts 76 cents, worth W;
Men's Business rants *l.lß. worth *3.50; Mini's
Fine Dress Pauls ll.ye, worth •i.ftu; and thous
ands of other wonderful bargains to pick from.
Cut this out and bring U witn you to 306 Smlth
lleld Street, Pittsburg. Pa., opposite poet office.
Positively no goods sold before » o'clock. No
one allowed In building before sale starts.
Our entire stock of Drugs,
Patent Medicines,
Toilet Articles, &c.,
At a discount of 20 per cent and
The following list will give you
an idea of how goods will sell:
Prices. Our priees.
Hood's Sarsaparilla 1.00 80
Warner's Safe Cure 1.00 80
Scott's Emulsion 1.00 80
Bocher's Ger. Syr 75 60
Castoria 35 25
Piso Consumption Cure.. 25 20
Alcock's Porous Plaster.. 25 15
Hojt's Ger. Cologne 25 20
Rubber Trusses Single 3.00 200
Celluloid •« " 4.00 3.00
" D0ub1e..6.00 4.75
Ag. Crvstal Spectacles. .3.00 2.00
....2.00 1.50
....1.00 75
•' " Eye Glasses.. 1.00 75
" " " " .. 75 50
Ac. Ac. Ac.
Oar stock of paint will be sold at
cost. If yon can use any paint you
can save money by purchasing now.
Rubber Paint 150 ga1..........1.15
Stains 50c qt .35c
Ac. Ac. Ac.
Onr Stock is composed of the very
beet. None but pare Drags kept ia
If you give us a call we will save
you money.
J. A. Frank
213 S. Main St.
B. £ B.
Customers and visitors agree in
declaring our present exposition of
high class dress goods and fine suit
ings of both foreign and American
Manufactures has never been surpass
ed, if equalled. The range of prices
on woolens alone is
45C, TO $6,50 PER YD,
While hundreds of values between
these extremes are being bought by
patrons who find convincing proof of
merit in the goods at less cost than
generally prevailing prices.
Illuminated or changeable Diagon
als—e?ery thread wool—stylish color
combinations, double width.36 inches
wide, 45c. a yard.
5,000 yards all wool Bedford
Cords and Dainassee Effects, all
solid black, 38 and 40 inches wide (
50 Cents. A recent undervalue pur
chase or we never could offer such
goods for so little money.
Second Floor contains many sup
erior values in new
Fall Jackets and Wraps.
For all sizes and ages,besides hun
dreds of ready-made garments-
Ladies' Dresses, Tea-gowns and
Wrappers, Misses' and Children's
Dresses, Jackets, Etc., Etc.
Exposition visitors are especially
invited to visit oar stores and see the
New Improvements for their comfort
and convenience.
Boggs Sc Buhl,
115 to 121 Federal Street,
Marks' Popular Millinery Store,
Main St., opposite the Savings Bank,
Bntler, Pa.
Pattern and Trimmed hats in all
the latest makes and Fall styles.
New line of Flowers, Ribbons and
Children's Caps, and Trimmed
New Hosiery and Underwear.
Be sure to take time to see the best
stock of Millinery goods in Butler, at
M. F. & M. Marks'.
The Rent I*s
none to good if yom are
fiek. The I'kf tician ex
pects results and this earn
"nlybe nbtatwd irken pure
I rugs are dispense I pu
rity cart and accuracy m
crery department of our
t<us*ues*. Only regutere I
pharmacist* are employe)!
ami personal sujiernston
9*rrn to errry etail. We
endeavor to keep every
thing that u <wjutred fur,
but if ire do not hare trhat
your prescription calls for
re trill tell you so and do
our test to get it for yon
at the earliest possible
time. Jfo matter rhat is
needed for the sickroom
come to our store. Our
prices are as lorn as com
ristent rift pure goods.
Inferior ones tee do not
care to handle at any
price. Physicians pre
scriptions and family re
ceipts a specialty.
C. N. BOYD, Druggist.
Diamond Block, Butler, Pa.
, .. Jos. nartman. Prest,
J. \. Kltta. Vice Prea'T. c. A. Bailey, cashier
Jos. Hart man. C. P. Collins. O M Kiwil
H. McSweeney, C. D. Greenlee. J. V ktUtT
K. B. Abrama. Leslie Hazlett. I. G. Smith.
W. 8. WaMron. M. Ftatvan.
A general banking business transacted. In
terest paid on time deposit*. Money lowed on
approved security,
fort .'n exchange bought and soid.
NORTH AMERICA, 100 th Year
Assets $9,278,220.00-
Home of New York,
Assets $9,370,640.00.
Hartford of Hartford,
Assets $€.743,046.84.
Continental of New York,
Assets $5,806,784.91.
Assets $125,947,990.81.
Office Of
E. £. ABRAMS & GO.
to ths Court House.
-0:0- IT IS A
FITTING. --0:0
Large Display of
Handsome Fabrics for
And everything in
horse and buggy fur
nishing go ods—H ar -
ness, Collars, Whips,
Dusters, Saddles, etc.
-Also trunks and va
Repairing done on
short notice.
The largest assort
ment of 5--A- Horse
blankets in town will
be found at Kemper's.
V eterinary Surgeon.
Graduate of the Ontario Veterinary
College. Toronto, Canada.
Dr. Gable treats all diseases of the
domesticated animals, and makes
ridgling, castration and horse den
tistry a specialty. Castration per
formed without clams, and all other
surgical operations performed in the
most scientific manner.
Calls to any part of the country
promptly responded to.
Office and Infirmary in Crawford's
Livery, 133 West Jefferson Street
Butler Pa
FOR BALE —One of the finest
farms in Butler connty, containing
186 acres; large brick honse, large
frame barn, carriage shed and various
other baildings, all in good repair;
well watered; has a large orchard,
good market adjoining premises for
all farm products. Convenient to
schools and charches. To a quick
buyer will sell this farm for mnch
less than the cost of therm build
and on very reasonable term.
L. 8. M C-I L'NKIN,
126 E JeffersonS t, Butler, Pa
• r -*ll ».p w | . . rO • »
• I • »r»:. I- fn. fi - i«irevt. I ... latam
JJ That we have the largest stork if
( ) clothing iu Butler.
That we sell reliable cloth
ingchepper than anv other firm in
X the count v.
O That we never AD
''J 1 goods niußt bo as represented or Tour
money will be refunded.
That we have l>een in the baai
* ness for a long time and have stud*
() ied the wants of our
[| therefore we know what vou want
q and endeavor to please.
EAnd lastly, that when you ccme to Butler, do Ml
forget to call on u* We "have a lonje stoto fuO of
Clothing for Men, Boy* an«i Children We are aiway*
r willing to quote prices and we don't -»nst«j*rit a tnmlilo
F> show eoods.
104 8. Main St., - Butler, Pi.
Fall Clothing.
We are showing the largest line for jail aad viator thai
we ever have shown to the people Butler aad vieinity.
Are you interested in low prie».
Prices the lowest yet named fov first class goods.
An immense assortment.
Nothing Missing
Everything the Best,
The quality will tell it,
The Prices will sell it,
And that is the reason you should cfme aariy to got yom
bargains from oar aplendid line of
Men's, Boy's and Children's Clothing.
Gents Furnishing and Hats.
O i ,
Trunks and Valines.
Our goods and prices now waiting your iaopoctioa to pravt tMa.
One Price Clothiers.
■* §1 * s * ' •
Public Sale of Organs and Pianos and
all kinds of Musical Merchandise.
Five thousand dollars worth of organs ami pianos wfR be ullfeieJ at
Public Sale at Williams A Butler's
Music Store, 315 South Mam St.,
October Ist, 1892.
Consisting of ten first dass pianos of different makes and (Htdfcs,
twenty-five organs, one new Hall safe, one ifc-w roller top desk, ft net
show cases, two wall cases and all the stock of a first rtaso music store.
Also one team of five year old horses, one organ wagon, ooe
surry, one buggy. two sets single harncss,one set double harness. two
new Home sewing machines, one Domestic sewing machine, Mi«a*
Love machine, and other goods too numerous to mention.
Any of the above named goods can be seen at our stove, and
will be sold at private sale at cost.
All goods remaining unsold October Ist, will be sold at auction,
regardless of cost, as these goods will positively be sold. Our reason
for selling is we are dissolving partnership and gqing to quit the
business. Any person not having a piano or an organ should take
advantantage of this sacrifice sale.
As it is well known this firm handles nothing but first class goods.
Remember date, name and place.
Williams & Butler,
315 South Main street, Butler, Pa.
P. S. Terms made known on day of sale.
We now bar* ready (or joor inspection th« largeet aad mam campiste
stock of first class boots, ahoea aad rubbers in Bntlar eautj.
If you waat to fit oat your family with
Boots aad shoes that will last them all winter J J JT*
is the pla=e you are looking for. We may not seil the rheaptol Brock asM
in Butler, bat we at least bare the reputation of gtriag m ore real solas far
your money thaa can bo had elaewbere. Our kip, calf, oil grata, goat, ate.,
boots and shoes are made aot only to tell bat far
We hare not room here to qaote enoafh price* to fire you so idea of.
how cheap we ere selling goods adapted to your •portal used, bat nat m
sored that no dealer ia Butler shall andereell as. bat that oo wiß poattaraiy
GOODS all of the beet aMkee aad at prieaa lower than tha
lowest Call aad see for yoer self.
Wo take special pride ia oar Uae of
For style, fit and serrice they ere oaequaied We are milaf tbsm sa <tnp
as other dealers sail iafartor grade*. We giro a handsnas aekisl hog with
erery pair.
114 South Main street, Butler, Pa.
.Tol> Work of* all kind done
at the "Citizen Office."