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'T.C.HK6MI. - - - PaHlafcW
Republicari Ticket.
For President,
Of Indiana.
For Vice President,
Of New York.
For Judge of Supreme Court,
JOH* DEAIT, of Blair Co.
For Law Judge,
JOH* M. Gbber.
(Subject to District Conference.)
For Congressmen at Large,
WILLIAM L. LII.LV, ef Carbon Co.
For Congress.
For State Senate,
For Assembly,
For District Attorney,
ITA McJtrirxiK,
For County Surveyor,
0. F. L. McQmsnow,
~~ Will Try it Again.
Messrs. Greer and Wallace, their confer
ees and some of their friends met at the
Schlosser Hotel in Pittsburg last Monday.
Judge Stowe had refased to act as a con
feree or arbitrator, and the two remaining
arbitrators set about to select a man to
take his place. Each candidate presented
a list of names as follows:
By Greer:—Ex-Gov. James A. Beaver
of Bellefonto, Judge James B. Neale, Kit
tanning; Charles H. Smiley, Bloomfield;
ex-Attorney General Kirkpatrick, Easton;
J H. Donly, Warren; W. T. Davies,
Towanda; W. 8. Rice, Warren; John S.
Robb C. L. Magee, Gen. Blakely of Pitts
burg ;Congressman C. W. Stone of Warren;
Col. S. M. Jackson, Apollo; J. E. Taylor,
Washington; Thomas Butler, West Ches
ter, and John W. Reed of Clarion.
By Wallace:—George W. Miller, Joseph
S. Young, Heber McDowell, Thomas Pat
terson, G. Y. McKee, Judge Fetterman,
James Mcintosh, J. Scott Ferguson, Con
gressman William A Stone, W. H. Graham,
C. Jenkins, J. K. Collins, W. J. Lewis,
Judge Buffington and Harry W. Oliver, all
of! Allegheny Co. , .
The two ex-Senators worked until near
midnight on the two liata, and then agreed
upon lion. Wm. A. Stone of Allegheny to
bo tho third man; and agreed upon next
Monday for the.next meeting, to be at same
The Gazelle's account of the meeting
ends as follows:
The news was immediately imparted to
tho waiting politicians in the corridor and
reading room and can led across to the An
were resting. It seemed that the choice
of Congressman Stone was received with
satisfaction by toth sides. Mr. Wallace s
friends claimed that with ex-Senator An
derson already on the conference _ and one
of their people selected as the third addi
tional conferee Mr. Wallace's prospects of
obtaining the nomination are very bright
indeed. Bnt Mr. Greer's friends were
equally pleased and say that through Mr.
Stone's name may have been on Mr. Wal
lace's . list that does not necessarily make
him a Wallace man. When Mr. Greer was
asked as to how he liked theohoice ho said
that he was perfectly satisfied.
The Butler county people feel very con
fident of carrying their man through and
they predict that John M. Greer will re
ceive the nomination.
THK Domocratio Senatorial Conference
will meet at Preeport to-day (Thursday)
and will nominate Mr. Graff of Armstrong
Co., as Mr. Mashall of this coanty does not
wish the nomination. Frank Graff is
a aon of old Peter Graff, the manufacturer
of woolen goods at Craigeville, and he is
said to be a very clever and intelligent
gentleman of the strictest integrity.
How to Vote Under the New
Voters mast give their name and resi
dence to the officer in charge of the ballots,
and if it is found that such person is entit
led to vote, the officer shall thereupon re
peat the Fame and the voter will be al
lowed to go within the guard rail, unless
his right to vote be challenged.
No person will be allowed within the
guard rail whose name is not on the check
list or whose Vote is challenged for any
As soon as a voter is admitted within
the space enclosed by the guard rail, the
officer having charge of the ballots, shall
detach a ballot from the stub and fold it so
that tho words printed on the outside shall
be tho only wording visible. No ballot
shall be voted unless folded in same man
Each voter is entitled to one ballot only.
Should the voter spoil same, he oan obtain
anothor by returning the defaced ballot to
the officer in charge. No ballot, whether
marked or not, can be taken from the
Tho voter, after obtaining his ballot,
will then proceed to the booth and mark
his ballot as ho desires to vote. A cross
(X) marked in the square to the right of
tho party name will vote tho entire party
ticket. Any voter desiring to vote a
mixed ticket, must not mark a cross at the
right of the party name, but mark a cross
(X) in the square to the right ol every in
dividual name and leave blank those he
does not wish to vote for. Names must
not bo crossed oat The voter mast then
fold his ballot in the same way as he re
ceived it, and then hand it to the officer in
charge of the Ballot Box, who will num
ber it, and paste down the Hap to conceal
the number, and deposit said ballot in the
Ballot Box. The voter will then leave the
enclosed space.
Any voter who declares that he is physi
cally or mentally incapable ol marking his
ballot, has the privilege of calling any vot
er of the district to aid him in the prepara
tion of his ballot.
If a voter marks moro names than there
aro persons to be elected to an offioe, or if
it is impossible to determine the voter's
choice lor any office to be filled, his b&llot
shall not be counted.
Tee New York Central employed on the
average in 1890 21,490 persons, and paid
them $13,331,863. It now has abont 83,-
000 Dersons employed, and pays thom
a beut $14,500,000 a year. Of this great
army just ninety men have bronght on all
the present trouble, as far is the road is
ooncerned, because they constitute the
highly skilled labor which condnots the
making up of freights in the Buffalo ter
minal of the New York Central. This rail
road with the rest, is. in short, in much the
same situation as the human body would
be in if a valve to a main artery "struck"
The valve is a small matter, but if it get
out of order circulation stops.
Switch-tending is not only highly skill
ed labor, requiring both experience and fa
miliarity with a freight yard, but in the
present condition of freight coupling—due
to a partial reform—it is a very dangerous
Sursuit. more dangerous than ever before,
if the 2000 employees killed and 20,000 in
jured on American roads, an enormous pro
portion aro slain 'or maimod in coupling
oars and making up trains. As far as its
risks go, a big freight yard is very much
like a battlefield in which every man car
ries his life in his hand alongside of hi#
Coupling pin, and it often happens that he
drops both together.
Hazardous as the work is, it is well
paid; and the national Switch-tenders As
sociation not long since vehomenily pro
tested against diminishing the dangers of
their work by improved couplers because
this chance was certain, also to diminish
wages. Whatever the original dispute
may have been, however, it has become
eclipsed, and is to-day altogether forgot
ten in the absolute necessity of restoring
order, protecting property, and enforcing
the right of any man to work at switch-tend
ing who desires to do so. To vindicate
these fundamental rights and privileges
New York State has been iorced to call
out ten-fold as many National Guardsmen
as the stfikers at a ruinous expense. Yet
there is probably no question but that a
small, compact State police would have
preserved order, repressed riot, and pro
tected property from the start.— Ex.
Eight heats were worked in the convert
ing mill Monday; the b»m mill went on |
double turn that evening: and tfc« only idle I
mill in the yards was the twenty five inch
which was expected to be in operation by
the end of the week.
A butcher, ice and mea'+lealer, of Home
stead. who was boycotted by the striker*
for selling to non-union men, secured the
right to erect a shop in the mill yards. I
and a merchant who is threatened with a
boycott threatens to retaliate by giving the
names of the strikers who took part in the
mill-yard battle.
Homestead was full of excitement,
Tuesday. Early that afternoon Nick
Rattigaa, the superintendent of the con
verting department at the steel-works,
moved his household effects from his resi
dence on Ammon stroet. near Sixth
1 avenue, to tho mill. Existence in the
heart of Homestead has not been on a bed
of roses rince Mr. Rattigan resumed work
in tho Bessemer department somo weeks
ago, and he decided on making a change.
The many annoyances to which he and his
family wero subjected on account of his
relation to tho workers were borne with
patience for a while, but finally became so
thick that a change of residence was seen
to bo the best thing under the circnm
The appearance of his furniture on the
street was the signal for the orowd to
Sither about the home to hoot and yell.
attigan is so well known and has been
so conspicuous since he went back to work
that it aid not take those on tho streets—
and there were plenty —long to understand
what was taking place. The cries and
yells and jeers of the first few instantly at
tracted others, and in a very few minutes
a crowd of not less than 1,500 men, wo
men and children had gathered. Tke
wagons containing the ftirniture were com
slately5 lately surrounded and tightly hemmed in.
'o one offered any violence, but the size
of the crowd and the hideeus noise they
made were not calculated to reassnre the
drivel s. Many of the crowd were women
and they were by large odds the noisiest
and most abusive of the party. They
shtfnted and callod pleasant names, seme
of fresh coinage and others of the old
reliable "scab" vintage.
As on a former occasioD, their] energet
ic leadership was followed by the men and
boys and drew on the military authority.
No progress was made by the moving wag
ons, and while the noise was the loudest
Gen. Wiley was informed of what was tak
ing place. He hurried down U> tho scene
and was surprised at the size of the crowd
and the noise thht they created. The
street was entirely blockaed and every
thing in that vioinity was at a standstill.
The powerless deputy sheriffs called up
on Col, Mechling, provost marshal, for as
sistance and it was given without stint.
Portions of Company H of the Sixteenth
and Company K of the Fifteenth regiments
were ordered to the scene and they went
on a double quick. Immediately after
wards Companies D and F of the Fifteenth
which was on duty at Mulball station, was
brought dowh and held in readiness in case
the circumstances warrented the presence
of a stroager force. While one part of the
force ordered out went straight down to
tke scene of disorder, Lieut. Parsons with
Company A of the Sixteenth regiment,
which had been held in reserve, started
down a few minutes later by a different
route. When the first companies arrived
the crowd of 1500 people was at its nois
iest stage, with the women woll in front as
the leaders.
The deputies had tried unsuccessfully to
induce them to disperse, and then uen.
Wiley tried his hand when the soldiers ar
rived. He called upon tho crowd to dis
mn xawy uiuTiotpay any attention
to his words. He raised his hands and in
loud voice again ordered them to disporse.
He called upon the women to take the
children with them, as the crowd mast be
cleared and that the troops would fire into
them if necessary. If tho women did not
go away no discrimination would be
shown in their favor, and they must take
the consequences with the men.
Still the crowd stood their ground aud
jeered the drivers of tho wagons and Mr.
Kattigan. They showed no signs of giving
in and the soldiers were only a few feet
away, their bright bayonets flashing in the
sun and waiting for a command.
Just at that time, as Gen. Wiley's
patience gave out, Lieut. Parsons with
Company A hove in sight down the rail
road tracks and prompt action was taken.
The mob was flanked and Gen. Wiley or
dered tho street cleared. The command to
"Charge bayonets" was given, and as the
troops advanced in that position from front
and flank the crowd saw that the time for
disappearing had arrived. They did not go
very rapidly, however, and tho soldiers
kept on and pressed them back until a
break was made and tho scatter began. In
a short time the street was clear, but the
men who wero doing the moving were so
badly rattled that they kept in Mr. Ratti
gan's house lor safety, and the deputv
sheriffs completed the work. To guard
against a repetition of tho occurrence a de- ]
tail of soldiers was placed at either end of
tho street, and they remained on duty un
til the wagons had boan loaded and disap
peared inside the mill yards. The boldest
of the assembly yelled at the soldiers a few
times, but it haa no effect and they ceased
their efforts.
On Wednesday, Carnegie's 29tb stroct
mill was started np; somo miscreants blow
np a car load of steel billets on a side
track near the 33d street mill.
While Ford Smith ,of Co. K., 15th Reg.
was cleaning his revolver, Wodnosday,
it was aceidently discharged; tho ball pass
ed through bis tent and the adjoining one
and struck Jerry Bennninghofl of the same
Company, passing through his body and
causing his death in about an hour. It
was a very sad affair, and was the first se
rious accident that happened in camp.
On Saturday President Harrison issued
a proclamation directing that from and
after Sept. 1, 1892, until farther notice, a
toll of 20 cents per ton bo levied, collect
ed and paid on all freight of whatever kin
or description passing through the St.
Mary's Falls Canal in transit to any port
of the Dominion of Canada, whether car
ried in vessels of the United States or of
other nations.
Included in the altermath of this Canad
ian retaliation proclamation is a statement
that this courso has been under careful ad
visement since before the adjournment of
Congress. After the act of July 26th, au
thorizing retaliation, had gone through
both houses without opposition, it was
stated that the members of the Foreign
Affairs Committees, who reported the bill,
had done so at the personal request of tba
The proclamation i 3 a retaliatory meas
ure for tolls collected from American
freight passing through the Welland canal.
GBKAT prepreations aro being mado for
the G.A.R. encampment at Washington,
0.0. next month. A barracks 64x250
feet is being erected on the monument
grounds, which will afford sleeping quar
ters for twenty thousand people.
Those who do not belong to the G.A.R.
or organizations affiliated therewith should,
if they contemplate visiting Washington
during tho Encampment, arrange for ac
commodations before leaving home.
Good board need not cost more than $1.50
t052.00 a day.
One of the great features of the reunion
will be tho illumination, and this is going
to be made, without exception, the most
magnificent display of the kind ever seen.
It will cost $20,000, and various electric
light companies over tho country will com
peto with one another. The scheme of il
lumination includes all the pnblic build
ings as well as Pennsylvania avenue.
Tho "White Lot" a beautiful lot of many
acres, just south of the White House
grounds, has been appointed as the place
for the re-unions, and a model of the Koar
sargo will be built, in which the old sailors
may renew aquaintances. All these prep
reations will cost $150,000. The occasion
was thought to be of enough importance to
justify asking Congress to help out with
the bill of expenses; but tho illiberal Houso
sat down on the project, and the tax pay
ers of the District will have to pay $90,000
of the amount, the residue being made up
by private subscription.
e Eyesight
'• My boy had Scarlet
Fever when 4 years old,
leaving him very weak
and with blood p*i»r
onrd with cuhtr,
torn beC ST
were Intense, and for 7
weeks he could noteveu
open his eyes. I began
CM,on. ffiUSMiSTi:
which soon cured lilm. I know It nir4 hia
«i«hi, if not his very life." Abbie F. Black-
MAN, 2888 Washington St, Boston, Mass.
HOOD'B PILI.B »re the be«t after-dinner Pill*,
•Mitt difMUtw, sore headache and MUewrau.
On Thursday of last week. Gov. Flower
ordered out three thousand more troops.
The freight train* wero again runninr, i
but an excursion train was stopped in the
yards, and the traiumen would not touch
the switches although they had keys in
their pockets.
On Friday 8 000 troops were in the differ
ent railroad yards and vicinity. The
strikers "held up" a train at a bridge near
the city, and assaulted the non-union
On Sunday two women were discovered
attempting to set fire to a freight train,
and fome strikers stoned a train as it
passed through the Lehigh yards.
On Monday troops were guarding tjOO
miles of track within the city limits; Ho
more men struck; the Sec'y and Treasurer
of the Switchmcus organization was arrest
ed; it was reported that the railroad tele
graphers would strike and the signal corps
were practicing.
Monday night tho soldiers at several
points in the yards were stoned by strikers
and received orders to shoot to kid.
Tuesday night some strikers assaulted
some workmen in the yards, the soldiers
interfered and three strikers were shot, one
of whom may die.
The leaders of several organizations were
in conference that day in Buffalo, and it
was not expected that tne strike would be
On Wednesday, the heads of the other
R. R. organizations refused to join the
strikers, and the switchmen's strike was
virtully ended, but the soldiers expected
to remain on duty for sotne time.
CnoLKR.v is spreading rapidly in Europe
Seventy new cases were reported in Ham
durg, Tuesday.
THE late "Supreme Justice" Somerby, of
the Iron Hall organization, has dis
Prospect Tidbits.
Will it interest you to know:
< . That Misses Minnie and Dillie Shelly,
who visited their cousin, T. 11. Boehm, f«»r
a few weeks, have returned to their home
in Pittsburg.
That Jonathan Sbanor and wife, who
have visited friends in lowa since
came home not long ago._ They arc w ®!'
pleased with their visit. Kev. «!• •
Roth of Chicago showed them some of tne
mysteries of that great city.
That Davy Allen, who was sick of stom
ach trouble last week, has about recovered.
Davy, too much ice cream and green corn.
That John Roxberry has again recovered
from a brashy spell. Doc. ran the butch
er business while John was sick.
That Harry English who has been inca
pacitated for work on account of a very
sore hand is about able for duty again.
That a recent visit to the oil country
found a variety of work there. Mr. Book
was smoking his noonday cigar; Art Dana
had a close eye on his pumping wells; Hen
Henshaw and Mr. Uanna were making a
fine rustic chair for Mrs. Barkley; A 1
Barkley and Fritz Wehr were cradling
what oats the grasshoppers had left them,
aud Elmer Grant and Wilbert Graham
were puzzled over a fo:ce pump that had
got anead of them.
That the Cornet Band recently gave ns
one of their open air concerts. The band
ij in good shapu Mr. IISQA with his
cornet and Mr. Tallman with his clarionet
are good additions to the band. Come out
That Mrs. Sarah Gcer and her two grand
daughters, of Beaver Falls, are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Barr.
That Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm and Mrs.
Mary Myers and daughter, of Pittsburgh,
have been the guests of Mrs. Henry Lang
herst for some time.
That the ladies of the Presbyterian
Church gare an elaborate and brillant ice
cream festival on Wednesday evening, Aug
17. Things were very tastefully and art
istically arranged. The leaders of the
church choir, Mary Martin and Aggie Ken
nedy, wero entrusted with tho Judas bags,
as they called them, and at the end of the
feto turned S4O into the Lord's Treasury.
That Rev. Shacffer and G. P. Weiglc,del
egates, are attending Synod this week,
at Warren, Pa.
That Joseph Ash and wjro, of Evans City,
and their daughters. Mrs. Dr Brooks, of
Washington, D.C., and Mrs Pcarce, of
Greenville, l'a., wero the guests of John
Martin and family one day last week.
Mrs. Ask and M?s. Martin are sisters.
That the Tribune fresh aif children, who
were here lor two weeks, re to mod to their
homes in Now York, on Tuesday, Aug. 16.
There were :;3 of them,rauging in age from
from 3to 10 years. They enjoyed them
selves immensely,and not only was their
health benefited, but they no doubt learn
ed more of tho ways and objects of Mother
, Nature than they learn in a years
schooling. Somo of the people uava re
ceived letters from the childrons' parents,
thanking them for their kindness shown
their children. God bless thoso great
hearts that if&ve conceived this plan of
benefiting tho (little cnildr.cn who live in
the dark and narrow streets'of the oreat
Metropolis T
The Tennessee War.
At Coal Creek, Tenn. v Thursday, J the
miners docoyed Gen'l Anderson from his
fort and made hinj prisoner, and then at
tacked the fort. They made three differ
ent assaults upon the stockade and wero
repulsed each time, the last time with con
siderable loss. Throe thousand armed
miners were in the valley, and there was
great excitement Nashville, Chattanouga,
Knoxville and other neighboring towns.
On Friday the fort was relieved bv the
troops and armed citizens, the.Gen.
minors were chssed to the hills, and
Anderson was restored to his command.
The troops wore firod upon while march
ing ovei the hills to the relief, and two
volunteers were killed."
On Sunday Ueneral Games had 300 min
ers confined in the church; twenty-seven
bodies of men wore found on the battle
ground surrounding the tort.
A noted desperado who favored lynching
Gen. Anderson, was himself lynched }by a
OD Monday twenty-three of tho most no
torious of tho strikers were arrested; Mor
ton's battery of U. S. Artillery arrived;
Bud Lindsay promised to tell all ho knows
to save his neck.
BROWN —At his homo in East Brady,
August 10, 1892, Matthew Brown, aged
83 years. Ho was the lather of Mrs. E.
P. Chesebro of Petrolia.
RALSTON—Veda Francis, only daughter
of Alfred and Eve Ralston, died in
Prospect, June 24, 1892, aged 4 years C
months and 24 days.
Moss—At his homo at Butler Junction,
Monday evening, August 15. 1802, of
typhoid, Cbas. Mnsi>, aged 25 years.
BAXTER—At his home in Butler twp.,
August 23, 1892, I Baxter, aged 40
Notice to tax Payers.
Parties who wish the benefit of the
5 per cent rebate should remember
that Wednesday, Aug. 31st, is the
last day it can be allowed.
tVPbysl almas' Prescriptions carefully com
5 S. Main Street, Butler. Pa. j i
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar baking powder. High
est of aH in leavening strength.— Latest
V. S. dovcrnment Food Report.
X. Y.
By virtue ol sundry writs of V en. Ex.. FT Fa..
Lev. Fa.. Ac . issued out of the Court ot Common
Pleas of Butler Co.. l'a.. and to me directed
there will be exposed to public sale at the
Court House, in the borough of Butler, on
Monday, Sept. sth, 1892.
at 1 o'clock p. m, the following described prop
erty, to-wlt :
E. D. No. 106, Sept. T, 1832. W, I). Brandon,
All the right, title, interest and claim of But
ler Chemical Company of, in and to nine acres
of land, more or less, situate iu Butler town
ship, Butler county, Fa., bounded as follows'
to-wlt: On the north by Butler and Millers
town road: east by the P. 8. & L. E. Railroad
right ot way; south by lands of George ltelber:
west by Butler and Mlllerstmvn road and the
road leading to Kelbers mill, and having there
on erected two evaporating furnaces for salt
water, grower buildings and salt house, bro
mine and calcium buildings, wood alcohol, py
rollgneous acid, acetate ol lime, blacksmith
shop and other buildings malting up the
works proper of the Butler chemical Works.
ALSO All the right, title' interest and claim
of Butler Chemical Co.. of. In and to all that
certain lea.sehoid and the right to salt water
and gas on the Elizabeth Walker farm situate
in Butler and Summit townships,Hutler county.
Pa., containing 100 acres, more or less, bounded
as follows. U) wit: On the north to the public
road, on the west by lands of Ferd Kelbcr et al,
on the south by lands of Kousehenberger. and
on the west by lands of J. O.t W. Campbell,
having 2 producing salt wells thereon, with 2
boilers, engines and all the pipes, machinery,
pumping apparatus and appliances thereto be
longing and connected to the works by right ol
way and pipe lines for conveying Water t here
AUSO— All the ri'Ht. title. Interest and claim
of Butler ChemlcaTOo.. oX. In and to that cer
tain Ic.isehoU of the salt water right on the
James Mitchell (arm. lu Summit tuwnsltlp.ll>it
counly.t'a. t jgetliur with with I salt well there
on. 1 ooiler. l eugtuo. pumping apparatus.tanks
and machinery tn-rto bele-iKiug »vitu right or
wav to and truiii tu- same, and connected with
the works by rights ol way and pipe line lo the
AL.SO--AII the right, title. Interest au l claim
of Butler Chemical Co. of, lu aad to a certain
salt well aul lease of 10 acres protection around
the well on the Mrs. W. MeCandless farm. In
Summit township, Batler Co, i'a, wttii wo»u
rig, boiler, engine, tanks, pumping apparatus
and appllonces I hereto belonging and connected
wltli the works by rights of way and pipe line
ALSO—AH the right, title, interest and claim
of Butier Chemical i ompany of, in and to a
certain leasehold aiul right of way oil the White
farm. In liutler township, Butler county. I'a.,
where the salt water receiving tanks are locat
ed and connected by lines of pipe wtlh the
ALSO-All the right, title. Interest and claim
of Butler Chemical Co. of, in and to the right of
way and about IS miles of.Much line pipe irom
the works to the salt wells on the El".abeth
Walker farm, in Butler and Summit township.
Butler Co, I'a, aud also al! the property, inter
ests, right*, privileges and corporal-- franchises
whatsoever belonging to defendant company.
AI.SO—AII the right title, Interest and claim
Of Butler Chemical Company of, In and to the
right of way and about 000 leet of s-lneh Hue
pipe from tue salt well ou the Mrs. W. -Mo'aiid
less larm to where the same conuecrs with the
line from the works to the James Mitchell farm
well aforesaid thereon.
ALSO- All the right, title, interest aud clalu
of Butler Chemical t'o, or. in aud to the right of
way and I miles of 4 inch pipe like extending
from tl e works to the salt well ou the James
Mitchell farm, in Summit township, Butler Co,
ALSO -All the right, tille. Interest and claim
or Butler Chemical Company of, In aud to
about three-fourths of a mile of s■« inch pipe,
used tor gas Hue. wilt; rights ot way extend
ing from ilc chemical works to and connectu g
with the Home Natural lias Company's main,
through which it Is supplied to the works.
ALSO—AII the right, title, interest and claim
01 Butler Chemical CO, of, in and to that certain
lessehold ou tne ICev. I.iuiherg farm, with right
or way tor fresh water receiving tanks, with
pipe line connection to the works an t ltjOO
barrel tank thereon. Sel/ed and taken lu exe
cution as the properly of the Butler Chemical
Company at the suit of Win. Campbell, Jr,
trustee. Sc.
El) No 137. Sept, '»■, )Ku. j < . VanderHu, att'y.
All the fight, title. Interest and claim of Cas
per E Mdiuirk of, in and to 9) acres of land
more or less, situate In Venango township,
Butler county, I'a, bouuded as follows, to-wlt:
Commencing at a post, by Wm Smith's and
running south 89 e;'st 79 peu'ies to a post,
along lands «,r irw in, tl.encj south 1 west 102
perches tu a past, along land of VN'tr;. COchran ;
thence north lo gum M wsst ii 9 perches to a
cherry; thence north 1 east no perches to a
post, along lauds of liobert Smith and Wm
Smith to Hie place of beginning,mostly cleared.
AI-SO -All ll'e right, title, Interest and claim
of Casper fc McCulrk, of. In aud to 2 ai res of
land, more or less, situate In Venango town
ship, Butler county, I'a. bounded as follows, to
wlt : Commencing at a post, running north
89 . west 39 5-10 perches to a post along lauds ot
liobtrt l Othrant tucnco „<ji:'»;i l , \vpst t l-10
perches' to a go 11: together with a lo£ house and
uud other outbuildings thereon erected, atd all
cleared laud, seized aud taken in execution
as tue property ot Casjier E McCulrk at the
suit of Wm Coclirau for use. etc.
K 1) No 131 Sept, term, 1892. <' McCandless a'.t'y
All the right, title Interest ana claim ot J
LConllA, of, iti aild »)> a certain of land,
more of leas, situate In Butler borough. lintler
county, Pa. bounded as follows to-wit: On the
north bv Newcastle street, east by Lena l)re
bert, south by Jut ot liryxou, west by lot 01
Stewart Stoncr. s.itd lot being (13x312 feet, and
having a I wo-story frame li ouse and board
barn and other outbuildings thereon. Seized
and taken 111 Execution as ihe propeity or J.
L. Oonliu at the suit ot Mrs. Mary Clark.
ED No 150, June T,lßt«. AU C MeFarland, at
All the right, tltlo, lutorbat ana etalm ot Oeo.
D Albert of, in ami to lot or laud, more or less,
situate 111 I'rospoct borough, llutler County, Pa.
bounded as roliows to-wlt: On the north by
lands of L M Itoth and John lleyl. Sr; east by
Franklin slieet; south by property or Mrs. Kel
ly; west oy property or Mrs Cratty. Said prop
erty has a frontage or CO teet, more or less, on
Franki'U st r '-"t and extends westward s*) feet,
more ot lass, tq ptopqirty ot §&td Mel Cratty,
with traiiie hotlse.boal l stable and -other build
ings thereon, Seized aud ta'cen In execution as
the property of George D Albert at the suit or
Margaret Dougherty, tor use, etc.
E I) No 13V, Sept term, 1K92. P W I,owry, att'y.
All the right, title. Interest and claim ot
James 0 Hoyd.'.ok. c{, in ami to all that certain
lot or land, inore o; less, situate in Butler bor
ough, liutler county. Pa, bounded as follows,
to-wit: <>n the north by lot of Mrs Augusta
Miller (formerly owned by Amos Steelsnnth),
east by Bluff street, south by lot of Godwin
(formerly owned by Gregg), and ou the
west by a» ailpy , frpntln;' 45 feet on lilulf street
and extending westward ltiti fee;, more or less,
and having threou erected a tWo-story frame
house of six rooms and other buildings. Seized
and taken in execution as the popertv or James
C llpytrlck at the suit ot John F Lowry.
ED No ill. Sept T. isini. jlf Mcjiintlu att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim or M.
S Daubenspeck. of. In and to a certain let ot
land, more or less, situate in Parker township,.
Butler county. Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit"
On the north by an alley; east by Main Street;
south by 11 S Adams lot; west by an alley, to
gether with a two story rraine house thereon.
Seized and taken in execution as the property
of H 8 Daubenspsek Ht the suit or Chrlstaln
uemer ror u3e orDP.'Ketly
EO No 112, Sept term, 18U2. W 11 l.usk, att'y.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of ot E
F Graham, ot. In and to 27 acres ot land, more
or less, situate in Cranberry township, Butler
county. I'a, bounded as roliows, to-wlt: on the
ncr'h by lands of Matthew Graham ; cast by
lands ot Sanjuei Graham; south by lands of A
It Graham and U<Hrs „i Michael Frlschcorn,
and on the west by lands of Burkhart. w itli a
two story brick dwelling house, bank bam and
outbuildings, on'.aid aud coal bank thereon,
and nearly all cleared and under a good state
of cultivation, aud being toe same property
conveyed to the said Edwin F Graha-n by deed
or A It Graham et ua, dated Sept 30, 1882, ana
recorded In the deed book tin. page SQ. Seized
and taken In execution as the property or E F
Graham at the suit of It C Yates.
E 1> No it), sept T, 189-2. Cornelius and
Brandon, att'ys.
All the right, title, Interest, and claim of A
M Welsh, of. In and to one acre or laud, situate
in (Kenirewi Penn township. Butler county,
Pa. bounded as follows, to-wit: Commencing
30 feet east of the W S Dufford lot. on Main
street, thence by said street south 80 dog east
5 perches; thence by same street north m deg
east y perches, east o perches into Con
noiiueneHslng creek, thence by said creek south
MX deg west 12 perches ; thence by same south
72% deg west && perches; thence by same north
54 " west C perches; thence by lands of
D A Renfrew north tax east 11 perches to the
place or beginning, said lot being a part of a
larger tractor land purchased 110111 Samuel A
aud John N Purv lance by 1) A Renfrew by deed
dated May 7th. ISta, and recorded in Ueed
Book No 3. vol 2. pages 42%. 120 and 427, refer
ence to which will more fully and at large ap
pear, subject, however, to all oil and mineral
leases heretofore made, aud excepting all oil,
coal. Iron ore, Milestone. «nd all other minerals
mentioned in said leases, with two frame build
ings eiecvd tlipreon, Que being 4,'xioo feet, and
the other 15x30 feet, said buildings l>elng erect
ed for the purpose ot operating a lamp-black
plant thereon. Seized and taken in executiou
as the property of A M Welsh at the suit or W
D Brandon et al.
E U No 120 lieu term, 1892. A !i Wllllanis.att y,
All the right, title, Interest ;u;d claim of
Julius A Miller, of, In aud to the full, equal,
undivided one-seventh part or share in all that
certain lot of land, more or less, situated in
Butler boro, Butler county. Pa, oouuded as fol
lows, to wit: on the north by lot tormerly ot
11 Rotli, dec'd. now John Brandt;oll the east by
t'onniM|ueuessln ■; creek, on the south by lot
of Sliugart, and on the west by CHIT street,same
having a lrontage of so teet 011 Cliff street and
pxtendliig back, preserving tile same width, to
thepteek. and having thereon erected a two
story frame dwelling and outbuildm,,*.
A'f.so All the rlgnt, title, interest and claim
ni Julius A Miller, ot. in and to life lull, equal,
undivided one-tourteenth pari or share in 72
acres of land. more or Has. situated m Kutler
twp, Butler county, l'a, bouuded us follows,
to-wt': Uu tile uorth l v laud. formerly of
Adam Maxwell aud litiu.bajjU. by ;a„Ce
formerly of Jacob Croup aud Jouu Croup. >uutli
by lands of Jacob (.'roup aud John croup, and
west by laud lorinerly of Newton Maxwell, now
Samuel Uoblnsou. Seized tuuitakeu In exc
cution B.s the proper v of Julius A HQtel at
•mil of Alex Mitchell. trustee.
K 1> No S2, sept T. !•'j. turner ami iMwlwr.
All the right. iltle. interest an.l ■ lalin of Wni
F <.r»nt, tif In mi'l to toy acrts. ot land, ne p
nr les.-. -unat« In Allegheny townMil|< llutler
count v. l'a. l«oun«le<l as follows. to-wlt: llegin
nlng at a white oak al the -oulhea>t -onier.
tlionet- south d'n we-t in? fin-he* to a st.,n.-.
tn." southwest comer . ihPn'f north f>y laivls ol
Nicholas Wall' ) an<] George Kowlcr l <l<tj west
Ha perches to a j>-~«t the northwest i
corner; thence north t>> lands ot the hetn ot
John Allen, late of Allegheny township, dec J,
orifflnallv. by part of the same tract <leg
west 10? perches to a hickory , the northeast
. omer: tncnce South by lao.li of David Itosen
berry, late of Ail'-gh.-njr township, dec J. 1 'leg
east lfc> 53-l«0 pen hi** to a white »ak. the place
of beginning. together with a frame dwelling
house thereon.
ALSO—AII the right, title, interest and claim
of Wm P < : ra.Bt, of. m and to J . acres of land,
more or less, sitjated In Allegheny township,
Kntler, Co. Pa, bounded as follows, to-wlt On
the north by lands of Kobert (ir.iut. east ■by
public road ieadiug to l-arker. south by lands
of Milton Hays, west by lands of Uobt-rt i-rar.t
and Milton Hays, with one producing oil well
AI.SO All the right. title, interest and claim
ot \\ rn r Grant, of. in and to !00 acres of land,
more or lean, situate In Alleeheny town-hip,
Butler county. Fa. Iwunded as follows to-*lt :
on the north by lands ot Alexander <lrant and
public road: eaat by lands of Jonathan Durnell,
south bv lands ot widow Koyal. formerly Allen
west by lands of A Coulter, together with a
frame dwelling house, large frame barn and
other outbuildings thereon. SeUed and taken
In execution as the property ot William I*
Grant at the suit of John ileuler.
ED So 139 Sept term. 1892 A M Cornelius,
All the right, title. Interest and claim ol M \
Kelly, of. In and to io acres of laud, more or
less, situated in Venango township. Butler
county, l'a. bounded as follows, to-wlt: On the
north by 1 >awel Kelly 's heirs, east by James
Kelly s lieirs, south by lands now or formerly of
James Murrln .west by M J I'rban: all under
bill with coal and in a good state ol cultivation.
ALSO—AII the right, title, interest and claim
of M V Kelly, of. in and to '£! acres of land,
more or less, situated in Venango township.
Hutler Co, Pa. bounded as follows, to wlt ; On
the north by Daniel Kelly s heirs,east by M J
L'rbln, south by John Murrin's heirs, west by
J J Kelly; underlaid with coal and in a good
stale of cultivation. Seized and taken In exe
cution as the property of M V Kelly at the suit
of James Bennett, trustee, for use.
ED No 13) Sept term. Ism:. A M Cornelius,
All the right, title, iuterest and claim of J J
Kellv, of. in and to to acres of land, more or
less," situated In Venango township. Butler
county. Pa. bounded as follows, to-wlt: On
the notrh by Jackson Morrow .east by Kll/abeth
I'attersoi- and M V Kelly, south by John
Murrln s heirs, west by David K Kelly , being
purpart No » In the partition of the real estate
o! l>a\ld Kellv. dee'd, at O C No tT7 Dec term.
i*S3; all um.erlald with coal and in a good stale
01 cultivation; together with a good house and
outbuildings thereon. Seized and taken In exe
cution JUS the property of J .1 Kelly at the sail
of James f'ennett. trustee, tor use.
EDN'":w Sept term, lsyj A M Cornelius*
All the right, title, interest and claim of D K
Kelly, or. in and to ti acres of land, more or
less, situated In Seuango township. Butler
county. Pa. bounded as lollows, to-wlt: On tile
north by MeCammey el al, east by J J Kelly,
south by John Murrln a heirs, west by I'heodoie
Kelly 's ueirs, being purpart No J lu the parti
tion of the real estate of Dav id Kelly, dee d, al
Ol'No e? Dec term, is*.;; all underlaid wliu
coal and iu a good stale ol cultivation. with a
frame barn thereon. Seized and taken In exe
cution as the properly of D !■' Kelly at the suit
of James Bennett, trustee, tor use.
EI) No IJU Sept term. l-'r.'. A M Cornelius.
.» ally.
Ail the right, title. Interest and claim of W
11 Oavls, 01. m and to a lot ot land, more or
less, situated In butler Uutler county,
I'a. Doomed as lollowa. to-wlt: <>n the norm
Oy \\ cat street, east DJ lot So 1 k«IMItfH
plan, south b> an ally. West by an alley, having
a frontage ol rju feet ou West street an.l ex
tending oai k It* feet to said alley together
with a two story Iraipe house and outbuildings
thereon. Sei/.t d and t iked in execution as tjie
property ol W il Uavls at the suit of Butler
Savings Bank. lor use.
E D No £» Sept T. lslrt. Kohler. all y.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
Jacob tiraliaiu. of, In and to ■»:» acres ol land,
more or less, situate in Clearlleld tow us nip.
Butler couaty, Fa, t-ounded as follows, to-wit
un the north by lands of Widow McLaHerty
heirs, east by lauds ol Wendell Kirk, sou in by
lauds of t hristopher Kuiumell. et al, west by
lands of Christopher Kumaiell. under a good
?>tale ol cultivation, together with a two story
log and frame house, baru and outbuildings
thereon. Seized and taken lu execution as tue
property ol Jacob Liraham at the suit of Jft cub
Cramer, Sr, et al.
ED No 143, Sept T, Vtui. S ¥ Bowser, att'y.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of Jen
nie flick and Henry Flick of. in and to a cer
tain lot of land, more or leas, situate lu But ler
borough, fuller county I'a.,bounded as follows,
ty-wlt: Beginning at southeast corner of said
lot on Western Avenue thence In a northerly
direction along said .avenue X) feet, more or
less, to a post; thencu In a westerly direction
•long to lot of Mary A Davis 7G 75-1' > feet, more
or less t > u post; tueiice lu a southerly direc
tion along land ol Vogttley heirs 37 leet. more
or less to a post: I hence in a southerly ditec
tlon along lot o; W..H. {tellilng <ii 5-le feet,more
or less", to a post,the place of beginning, togeth
er with a two-story frame house and outbulld-
Ines thereon. Seized and taken In xeecution
as the property of Jennie Flick and Henry flick
at the suit of Mary A Davis.
!•' 1> No u- Sept term, is: .'. McJunkln « lial
breaui, attorneys.
All the right, tule, lutcest and claim of Wil
liam lvlrkwood. and Mary E Klrkwood of. In
and to 51 acres of land, more or leas, situate in
Washington township, Butler county, Pa.bot'id
ed as follows, t wit : on the norih;by lauds or
i'atton Bell, east by the Keystone t oal C orcpa
ny, south by Silas Christy, west by lauds of
———Grossman, being tue same hod ot which
Jane Anderson died seized, aud which upon her
death beca'ue vested In her turee chllaren, of
whom said Mary Klrkwood Is oae; mostly clear
ed and uuder good state of cultivation. Seized
and taken lu Execution as the property ot Wm
Klrkwood ard Mary E Klrkwood al the -u.lt of
Charles J Mflrtln Mr use of J J Doan.
KD No 147, Sept. T. 1892. J B Bredlu. att'y
*ll tu e ,-i --ht, title. Interest and claim of
Caroline Cratty. of. lu and to si acres ot laud.
more or less, situate in \ enango township, But
ler county, I'a. bounded as follows, to wn: be-
Klnning at a post in tne northwest corner,
thence bv lands of 1. F Kerr.soutli deg east
129 5-10 perches to a post; thence by lands of
heirs of John Wonderly and tiadsby south l deg
west si 5-10 perce> to a oost: thence l y lands of
Moses Ulbson southiy deg wast HO 5-ft peroti.-s;
theuce by lands or 1) F Uhodes north 21 deg
west 12 8-10 perches to a post; thence by same
south StfV deg west 2 3-10 perches to a post;
theuce by same north 1-4 deg west 2.J j-lo pereli
es to Main street, thouce along Main street,
south 89' 4 deg west U u-l« percnes. thence by
lands or Shannon south 1-4 deg east IsO reel;,
thence by suT"e north 89V (leg east 120 feet
thence by lot 6t T. B. south > deg east
•'•*o feet; thence bv sam- smith wy aeg west 19
9-10 perches to tlfoson street; thence along t; lb
son street; theuce along Gibson aud spring
streets and lands of John McCallister north
deg west 180 S-10 perches to a post the place of
beginning cleared, fe iced aud uuder good state
ol cultivation, together with a two-story traine
house and outbuildings thereon.
ALSO—AII the right, title, Interest anil ci Uin
ot Caroline cratty, of, In aud to 45 acres of
land, ni&ro oi ltss iUuate in Allegheny town
ship, Butler Co.. l'a.bourded as follows, to-wlt:
Beglnuing at a stone post ou the sou theast
corner of land of Johu Kosenberry, dee'd.
thence bv K B Kosebenrry south 31 3-4 east
■'2 rods and 23 links to a post on Hue of Jos
Kosenberry. thence by said lands south 70,**
west 69 1-2 rods to a post on lino ot lands of
Slmou Black's heirs, thence by said lands
north 3 east 20 ' rods to a poai. thence ty
same lauds north H5 . west 51 reals to a post,
thence by lands of Pittsburg parties north 2
deg east 354 rods to a post, thence north
851-2 deg east 81 rods and 10 links to a post
on line of lands or Johu ltoseubcrry, dee'd,
thence south 313-1 degees 28 rods and i
links to a stone post, the place or beginning;
mostly cleared and under good state i.f cu ltl
vation. * ,
ALSO—AII the right, tltlt;. Interest aud claim
of Caroline Cratty. of. In and to G acres of land,
more or less,situated In Allegheny township,
Butler Co, I'a. bounded as follows, to wi. : Be
ginning at a cheriy tree on the M »p le Furnace
ruad. tuence nurt); by '.amis &r Joj Kosenberry'
40 deg west 38 rods au J 5 links to a post In
middle of road leading rroin HarrlsvUle pike to
stone house of Joseph Kosenberry, llience north
41 deg east by lands of Cyrus Ko. enberry.dec d,
lo a post in middle of llarrisvllle pike 28 rods
and 30 Jinks. th B nct, suit!, at dog oa»t 44 rods
and 20 links along the centre of Harrisvillc
pike, theuce south deg west by lands of
Jos Kosenberrv 23 rods aud 15 links to a cherry
tree, the place of beginning, together with a
one-story traine au 1 outbuilding thereon.
Seized and taken lu execution as the property
of Caroline Cratty at the suit ot Daniel Markle.
E1) No 138, sept T. 1892. J I: Bredin. att'y.
All the right, title, interest aud claim of
Charles E Funora and AgQfcs Funora. or, lu
and to a certain lot of'lalid, more or less, situ
ate in Butler borough, Butler county, Fa,
bounded as follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a
point on the east side of North McKean
street, on liue ot lot OIWE Reed, formerly of
L C Wick, thence north along McKean street
.") feet to lot ot Thomas Ltndsey ; theuce east
along said lot to Cliff street; thence south
along Cllll street 50 feet to lot of W E need;
thence \yest along said lot to McKean street,
the place of beginning, with a two-story frame
basement dwelling house and out buildings
, thereon. Seized and takeu In execution as the
property ot Charles K Funora and Agnes
Funora at the suit of Al Kufl.
E1) No lie Sept term. 1892. J li Bredlu. att /.
All the right, title, Interest aud claim of
Louis Seaton, of, lu and to 75 acres of land,
more or less, situated lu Venango township,
Butler connty, I'a, bouuded as loUows, to
wlt ; ()n the north by lands or Ellas Seatou.
east by lands ot Win amd Robert Vanderl'ti,
south by lands of Thomas Kyle, and
west by lauds ot Thomas McCulrk heirs, and
Ellas Seaton, togetlior with a lrame house,
barn aud other outbuildings thereon. Said
land, being all the lands devised to present
Louis Seaton by his rather, Wm. Seaton dee d.
Will registered in lteglster's office ot
Butler county. In will book I, page 248. Seized
and taken in execution as the property of
Louis Seaton at the suit of Daniel Markel.
TERMS OF SALE: -The following must be
strlc'ly compiled with when property Is strl ken
1. W'aen the plaiutllf or other lien creditor
becomes the purchaser the cost on the writ
must be paid and a list ot the liens Including
mortgage searches on the property sold to
gether with such lien creditor's receipt* for the
amount of the proceeds of the sale or such por
tion thereof as he may claim must be furnished
the Sheriff.
2. 41'. bid;* must be paid in lull.
3. All sales not settled immediately will be
continued until 1 o'clock r. m. or n>>M day. at
Which time all property not settled lor will tie
put up and sold at the and risk of the
person to whom first s.Ttd.
•See l'urdon's Digest, uth edition, page 140.
and Snil'h's Forn;s, pare: -1.
Sheriff's Office. Butler. I'a., Aug. 19th, 1892.
I will sell my new three-story brick
iiusinpss block at bla Soqtb Main
St., oa reasonable terms; also my
residence and two lots on McKean St.
Alex. Williams.
Presidential Campaign of 1892.
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* H«r- FEVER F_2' f
v Cold-head Wmm
Klj/'* Cream Palm u a liquid, tnuf or pinU r. Applied into V* n-ttriU it it
,_ _ quickly abtorbed. IteUantet the head, alltyt inflammation. heal* _ _
111I A Mr arret, h»ld hy ilrugqistt or tent by m nil on r feint of prise. L|| A
The Register hereby gives notice thai the
following accounts of executirs adminis
trators an J guardUns have tiled in his
office according to law, and will l»- presented
to < 'ourt for confirmation aud allowance on
Wednesday, the 7th day of September, 18!>2,
at .3 o'clock I*. M. of said day :
1. First and final account of James Me-
Cafferty, executor of Mary J Warren, dee'd,
late of Buffalo twp.
2. Final aud distributiou accouut of Amos
Michael and August Michael, administrators
ol Win Michael, dee'd, late of Butler twp.
3. First and final account ol Joseph Me-
VI ichael,executor of David McKissick.dee'd,
Sate of Centre twp.
4. Final account of Wm J McC&ll, execu
tor of Martha MeCall, dee'd, late of Brady
5. Final account of ft P liavidson, admini
strator of F H Davidson, dee'd, late of
Atlauis twp.
C. Final account of J C Catharine Engle
h art and Ernest F Englehart, administrators
•f Nicholas Englehart.dec'd. late of Jefferson
7. Final account of George W Bartley and
Robert M Thompson, executors of ftobert
Thompson, dee'd, late of Clearfield twp.
8. Final account of Mary G Wright, ad
ministratrix of J H Wright, dee'd., lf\te ol
West Sunbury.
a. Final account of Cyrus Campbell, Jr,
guardian of Rachel J Boyd, minor child of
John A and E J Boyd.
10. Final account of Cyrus Campbell, Jr,
guardian of Blanche II Boyd, now Hooper,
minor child of John A and E J Boyd.
11. Final account ol" Wm Croft, Sr. and
Newton Garvin, administrators of Wm M
Croft, dee'd, late of fcvans City .
12. First and final account of Michael
Mochel, executor of Johu G Sharp, dee'd,
late of Buffalo twp.
13. Final aecount oj Charles Nick las. ad
ministrator of Catharine Nick las, dee'd, lats
of Penn twp.
14. Final account of D R Kennedy and O
D Myers, administrators of David Myers,
dee'd, late of Muddycreek t<srr>.
15. Final aceout of Daniel 1. Rankin, exe
cutor of John Bortmas, dee'd, late of Butler
16. Final account of McAllister Kubn,
guardian of John H Landers, raiuor child of
Mary Landers, deceased, late of Petrolia.
17. Final account of Jas C McClung, ad
ministrator of Wm S MeClintoek, deceased,
late of Mercer township.
18. Final a covnt sf £> B Waiiy, admini
trator of Win Kelly, deceased, late of
Parker township.
1!>. Final account of Ellen Hamilton and
Robert Hamilton, executors of Patrick
Hamilton, deceased, late of Forward twp.
20. Final account of M F Hen no, executor
of Leonard Keil, deceased, late of Butler
21. t-ipal ae-Ouu; o» a F Bowser, admini
strabr'C T A, D BN, of David Moore,
deceased, late of Rutler borough.
22. Final and distribution account of
Agues V Otto and Alex Mitchell, executors
of Christian Otto, deceaed, late of Butler
23. Final account of Ma.-y M Drebert, ad
ministratrix of Anna Drebert, dec'd, late of
Butler borough.
24. Final and distribution account of W E
Bartley and W J Burton, administrators of
Williamson Bartley, dec'd late of Penn twp.
25. Final account of Minerva Hardman,
executrix of David W. Hartman, deceased,
late of Butler borough.
2«. Final account of John Emrick, guar
dian of Ada Fisher, minor child of Franklin
Fisher, deceased, late of Allegheny twp.
27. Final account of A E Keiber, admini
strator C T A, of G C Roessing, deceased,
late of Butler borough.
28. Final a,-count of \V F I'effer, executor
of Rachel lieberling, deceased, late of Por
tersville borough.
21). Final account of E H Adams, guardian
ot Anna Melda Turner, minor child of H R
Turner, deceased, late of Parker township.
DA VXD E. DALE. Register.
Trains leave the West Penn depot at foot
east Jefferson St. as follows:
6:15 a. m.—Market—arriyes at Allegheny at
8:40 and 9:13 p. m.
t>:4o a. m.—Express—arrives at Allegheny
at 10:30 a. m.
11:00 a.m. —Accomodation— arrives at Alle
gheny at 1:24 p. U.
2:45 p. in—Accomodation—arrives at Alle
at 4:44 p. m.
5:00 p. m.—Express—arrives at Allegheny at
Allegheny at ii:4B p. m.
The 6:20 a. m. train and 2:45 p. m. trains
connect at Butler Junction with trains East
to Blairsville Intersection, where connection
is made with the Day Express and Philad'a
Express going East.
Trains arrive at Butler at 9:35 and 10:3.> a.
m. and 1:30, 5:00 and 7:50 p. m., leaving Al
legheny at 6:55, 8:50 and 10:40 a. m. andls
15 and 6;10 p. m
P. 4 W. K. R.
Trains leave the P. & W. depot near Cen
tre Ave., Southside, Butler time, as follws
going south:
6:00 a. ni.—Allegheny Aooomodation.
B:lo—Allegheny and Akron Express—runs
on Sunday to Allegheny, and connects
daily to New Castle.
10:20 a. m. — Allegheny Accomodation.
2:50 p. m.—Allgheny Express.
3:20 p. in. —Chicago Express, runs on Sun
s:ssp.m.—Allegheny and Zelienople Mail
Runs on Sunday to Allegheny alone.
On Sunday aione, at 11:15 a. m., Allegheny
Going North—lo:os a. ni. Bradford Mail.
5:00 p. m —Clarion Accom.
7:25 p.m. Foxburg Accom.
On Sunday a tram leaves for Callery at
11:15 a. m. No Sunday trains on the narrow
The 3:20 p. m. train South connect* at Cal
lery with thg Chicago express, which runs
daily and is equipped with the Pullman buf
fet and sleeping coaches.
Trains for Butler leave Allegheny at
8:10 and 10;30 a. m., city time, and 3:00, 5:25
and ti:ls p. m. On Sunday at 8:10 a. m. and
3:00 p. m.
Trains arrive at Butler at !>:3O and :':so a.
m. and 12:35, 4:45, 7:20 and 8:30 p. m. Sun
day at 10:20 and 6:10.
Trains leave the P 4 W depot, Butler
time, as follows:
5:30 a. m, to Erie, arriving there at 10:45
a. i~. to t>rie, arriving Cere a t3:2u
p. m.
5:00 p. m. to Greenville, arriving there at
7:25 p. tu.
A train ariives from Urcsnyille at 10.05 a.
21. witu through oar to Allegheny ovir the
P. <fc W; one at 2.30 p. in. from Erie which
connects with both roads to Allegheny, and
one at 8:40 p. m. from Erie.
Widows' Appraisements.
Thit following widows appraisement* of per
sonal prop-rty set apart for llie t of the
| widows ol dec-dents have tx'* n Bled in thr
j office ol the tier* ol Orphans covrtof Batler
1 county, viz:
Widow of Andrew Drawbauclt. dee d «•
" 11 T K'fder. dee'd 3*4}
" "J I. Wilson, dee d jjy cj
i " Wm Muntorf. d«s .. mij
J " " Itotwrt Ma! land dee'd Ml i >
■ '• "A II Carothers, deed lis t*»
" " James Y English doe'd Wt • I
" Frank I» Beil. dee d jm i ,
'■ Jacob Stamm. d>- d 3 I « J
" "Wm Sfaley. dee'd »n nn
All persons interested In the above appraise
men is will take notice that they will be pre
sented for confirmation to the orphans'c.mrt
of Butler County. Fa., on the th .lay of
Heptcmoer. LsOT. and If no exeepllon-s b« Died
they wU! boceiilUroe>l absolutely.
Josrrn I'Rtswrt.t. nerk O. ('.
Opposite School House.
This elegant new hotel is now open t«
the public; it is a new house, with new
furniture throughout and all modern con
veniences; is within easy reach of the de
pots and business houses of the tnvrn. and
has a splendid view of the eastern part ot
the town.
Rates Reasonable.
Give me a call when in Butler.
Jury List for September Term.
List of Grand Jurors drawn this 27th da
of July, A. D.,18!>2, to se-ve as Grand Jur o
at a regular term of Court commencing,
the Ist Monday of September, lsj*2, the same
being the ."th day of said month.
Black W C. Clay twp., farmer.
Black John R, ilarnsville Bor, clerk.
Dufl'ord W S, Baldridge, laborer.
Dindinger John, Zelienople Bor.merchant.
Gartner Henry, Cranberry twp, farmer.;
Godfrey Aldert, Concord twp, producer.
Gilkey Joseph, Adams twp, farmer.
Holland Josiah. Millemtown Bor, laborer.
Jack William. Marion twp, tarmer.
Klines James, Marion twp, farmer.
King Nicholas, Concord twp. farmer.
Kenuey Peter, Oakland twp, farmer.
Love Harry, Jefferson twp, blacksmith.
Link John, Worth twp, farmer.
Luton M E, Harmony Bor, punper.
McCandlass C L, Adam, twp, farmer
McShane Vincent, Butier sth ward, erk.
McMichael Japhiah, Clay twp, farm r.
Peaco William, Middleaex twp, farmer.
Pearce James, Allegheny twp. producer.
Rummel John, Winheld twp, farmer.
Shaw Hugh, Mercer twp, farmer.
Xechaer Edwin, Zelinople Bor. Justice.
Arthur John, Clay iwp, merchant.
List of Petit Jurors drawn this 27th day of
July, A. D., 1892 to serye as Petit Jurors at
a regular term of Court commencing on the
2nd Monday of September, 1592, the same
being the 12th day of said month.
Armstrong Nelson, Fairview twp, farmer.
Beck Henry, Winlield twp, farmer.
Burkhouse Adam, Butler 1 ward, carpenter.
Bortmas Rudolf, Oakland twp, farmer.
Cress John, Center twp, farmer.
Christie T P, Petrolia Bor. livery man.
Chandler William, Clinton twp, farmer.
Chrislley William, Clay twp, farmer.
Dodds John B, Penn twp. farmer.
Dodds W B, Muddycreek twp, farmer.
Deets John, Fairview twp, carpenter.
Kates Ardrew, Butler Ist ward, laborer.
Fidler Jacob Jr, Harmony Bor, teamster.
Gillman Jacob, Butler Ist ward, laborer.
Glace Fred, Butler Ist ward, carpenter.
Heckathorn John C, Worth twp, tarmer.
llalstead H H, Clinton twp, farmer.
Heeuor X M, Wa hingtou twp, stone mason.
Hunter William, Forward twp, farmer.
Hilliard Robert, Parker twp, farmer.
Hindman Charles, Fr. lklin twp, farmer.
Heller William, Jefferson twp, farmer.
Jamison Port t, Venango twp, farmer.
Keifer Elias, Jackson twp, carpenter.
Kohlmeyer A A, Allegheny twp, farmer.
Krantz William, Brady twp, farmer.
Kennedy Patrick, Clearfield twp, farm::.
Kradle Phillip, Haru-ony Bor, plaaterer.
Knox E 11, llam ony Bor, blacksmith.
Karnes Hairy, Butler 3rd ward, labore .
Ixjgan Ceaterville Bor, painter.
Leopold H A, Millerskown Bor, laborer.
McKee Camden. W: twp, carpenter.
McCaudless Samuel, Forward twp, fanner.
Merchimer Sam. el, Clrr twp, farmer.
Met/ A B, Larcaster twp, farmer.
Newman Charles, Prospect Bor. laborer.
Perkins Joseph, Butler Ist ward, butcher.
Pattou Thomas, Slipperyrock twp, farmer.
Rasly John, Butler twp, tarmer.
Shaffer F T, Harmony Bor, shoe maker.
Steindorf Bower, Washington twp, farmer .
Sarver William K, Buffalo twp, farmer.
Sherwin P D, Fairview twp, farmer.
Seaton Scott, Marion twp, farmer.
Thompson Robert, Middlesex twp, farmer.
Tinker Calvin, Cherry twp, farmer.
Whan F A, Jefferson twp, producer.
Hotels and Depots,
W. S. Gregg is now running a line
of carriages between the hotels and
depots of the town.
Charges reasonable. Telephone
No. 17, or leave orders at Hotel
Voge ley-
Good Livery in • ronnfftion
The well-known liveryman, Wm.
Kennedy, will be p'eased to
have bis friends uUI at hi* new place
of business. Thu
Best Horses, Buggies and Car
in Uutler at the most reasonable,
rates. The place is easily remember
ed. The first stable west of the <
Lowry House.
▲II Earth C«tnk«U> b> Tfcrr •■lory
I jT orepci li oh
2?th year J. T *« Vaiatfar
Prt'Wtißi *il tfc-'.r T.«.- K-s» ..-fcwl *tswl*ri F* > s-mt * * i n^ntarf
and tmpmTw! f« wi:*)%. b«*rj iiliM •
Wild Moorish Cimi> Co.. Caravan and
and « the eMmw C >«t *f FJT»> •«« the H «t»r «.■*. it • • T*
Fall of XineVeh.
Ami"-, I"*- *n«r «rs<l PauMr 2
Reaii.nii* and ViTid Reprwental ■m of *rene« Actum m Lift a '» Timt
j C.reat Metropol;* aci C rT>at •a-F -t < •;> tal w E- h.h • v
San«Kia« or rain *ll twr'"r™»r -»« «n> g »n tit* *m • ton**'?! fh»* if !k»
•peci*l!j prepared W ATKK-l'R«H>i TK>TS
i - i
Cok***! OmMnat••►n sod Ok»ri<"» Fnm
Circus, Menagerie, Aviary, Mnseum,
Horse t air, Hippoclronic and >S|»eet«wle
All for mto TVket ©I Afwi«ii ■■ *nj »h T
Oldest. La rjrewt. Richest an<i B< -«t Kxlij!>itif>n
in tlie W'oi*lr|.
tt.oon.ooo invented - - ■ ...
-"W Arenic Champion* in the CTRCT'S. y®*«-
Inclndin* (be World Famed Vaidi* Twin S>.ter«. Aor- 1 ? ...
I>arfe«t Trarr!;nir C»ll>>etioa <>i Animal* on Kar;* M ■ X
Natures .YUrTellou.. WnndeT in tiw Mt ~f,i \f
An Ornitholof,,-*! Corjr-- ia the ATIAKT
400 Lit in* ModeU of Xu'i IWwt Frwad is ti># CI IVD HOF>i f IK
CarniTal of Kxritomem: and fin in th# niPFOl'^ojiE
35 GrniM VmiA, Men, Women an.l Children ir> th> WH,I» MOORIri ft
Superb Splendor* ami Norgro* <lran !»nr in »h* -I f.. TV« IJ| T\m
Boi|*iHlßg in Mi -ra Mwiiliemt an.l ! F-. . • r - -■ ... i. u ; (»,.
iilayof Ancient or U< »l«ra Tia*>. an.i KniNnt;ry.
Opera, Tragedy, Comedy. Battle, Ballet and Paaloeatme.
•JOO Lovely I.adie* in the liran.l P.ailet nf the Placet*. • ;«*!> !•' • »n<t Clanli by
Celebrated Chorister-
I tattle*, Game*. Coat* ts ©fSpeed. ar: 1K: ... ii . I .
Satnrnalia SIATe Marke' Sports Itor-, a:;i! f >k: ju.i :» wr r : . tfe.- »r
trayal of the multifarioa* chara. "er- in the - ;>«• M< •'
1 000 Men. Women ami ( 'hil<lr» i n.
Don't Forgot that at 10 *... of (Wtkart Ml Ikwt v 8! aaftttmctttj* Ptnwkal
Street* the
A Veritable Triumph of Pr»x*«*-:*ion »1 Paftenatry, wirh a ' il II «uy
Military Band*: al>a/!ing Arimy «r i- >ld an. - Ire: < »- . T.» •■ w , t . •
Cavalcade of Au*tnar- ll'sai--. the <>r-rial > • :.». •• .a., i. }:•■••* I> ■-«
from Delhi. Introdamig the Mtwaotk Had* ■ Trawed IkytaU.—TU l ijin
Kiche*t Street Parade Kver Seen. f\"<>T* —Own,: to the l» gtJ> «»• trr
to prepare the Kali of Xinevah tor exhi' tioti. b '?h "g may i.-ul eioo, n< *» t will
be *«-en in the Street Parade
Two Performance* Daily. Doors •pen at 1 r. and »t. **., ;.'rsV*r»ai. be«ta
promptly one hour later. To a«.con:mod-iv latl »nd • \er< *:o * to n- wd "he
prow.!* about the ticket »ama . coa,.on !»:*• *et rr«.< -*r tkw. -t » -h®
regular price and admi**ion ticket* at the a -.ial .'..t . *a uaa-- be —.-trv it
On the day of Exhibition.
Cheap Excursions on all Lines of Travel
Consult yonr nearest tat ion atfent far I.me and rate ■<-h-*du.e«.
Great Pittsburjr Exjjosition
Will open* Wednesday, September 7th. at SP. V ami
close Saturday,.Oetol»er 22d, at II P. M.. w.th an
array of attractions unprecedented tn the
history of this organization.
Four (,'oncerta daily, afternoon and evening, by the rma<'j, aaaee la# ,|,
rection of JUI.ES LEVY and ELIAS BR'iOK** of v <* Vork TV
artiste are unrivaled in their profeaaioa An •*ha«M: ?«. «;*! eo-npnHwe
aire exhibit,ia practical operation. <>' the beat a id rvr*nt imwwmzutm is
the line of OAS SAVING APPLIANCES 1" <»ta>rT nf all kituifntk M
game, bread, etc., dooe in the buiidiag Thu cakibil wiil be #periaj » rai
uable to hotel propriftor». hou«ekeeper>. a*d •*»ry*o* who de-»in~« to nri
how to cook pruperlr. and at the MOM time e> m atir*l v
The finest and moat toftl coilectione ot •xbtt<r.* iu'ai. lepartmen:* -»*
er seen on public e ihifntioa. The nnuiaifomea* naa purrhancd tit*
and most aitraetir* CAROUSSELL. «>r miau x ever bailr. toe
the enjoyment of ita patrun*.
SPECIAL.—Paur Ceomwelx. will *i*e i j-ir l!, i- ratei m
the new bail daily These lecture# are extreme y u*ter»-r» I<, MM
hour each. An extra admiaa:on often cent* will be chxr*twor who
deaire to attend th<Me delightful entertainmenta
With the aboTe ex.-eption.pr -e* «> vlra s* . i r*ai. a la beretofore