Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, November 14, 1890, Image 2

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" Whys and Wherefores.
"The Republican party went Demo
cratic this time," said a Republican joking
ly the other day, and there is some troth
in the remark—a great many Republican*
yoted the Democratic ticket, or a part of
H. this year.
In this county we did well, considering
the general wreck elsewhere; we lost bnt
one man, and that was dne to the personal
popularity and untiring activity of bi»
opponent; but in our Congressional district
with a good man and a just cause, - as we
MW our candidate came out second
best. , _
He carried Beaver and Butler counties,
taken together, as the vote shows, but in
Mercer county he ran across a solid wall
of prejudice against Quay,and all our argu
ments were unheeded and our efforts fruit
less to any great degree.
The people up there seemed to consider
the affair a mere game of beat between
Quay and their man. They looked upon Mr.
Phillips aa Quay's candidate; they consider
ed that as their men had beaten Quay at
his own game of deceit and bribery, he
should hare submitted to it as others had
done to his, and as between the two men
they would stick to their home man, and
they did so.
On the otheT hand Major McDowell,
though he had some warm personal friends
in this county and made something of a
canvass of it, and flooded the county with
literature in his interest, made bnt little
better imprtssion here.
The result ia a Democratic Congressman,
and unless we hereafter nominate by the
popular vota it may happen again.
The State went Democratic, and Robert
E. Pattison is again elected Governor.
Our candidate was forced upon us by the
use of Federal patronage all over the State,
a thing that Republicans did not like, and
when the young man's short record turned
out to be anything but what it should have
been, apathy turned to disgust, and his
name was scratched off thousands of Re
publican ticket*.
The result of the election this year is, or
abould be, particularly humiliating to Mr.
Quay. In hia OWB county his son is elected
to the Assembly by but a small fraction of
the usual Republican majority; his State
Senate district elected a Democrat; his
Congressional district elected a Demoorat.
and hia State elected a Democratic Gov
ernor—all due in part to his trickery—
and in the elections of every Northern
State that went against us thin Fall his
disrepute as Chairman of our National
''"Committee was one of the elements of our
Take Massachusetts for instance, where
there is tome little diasatiafaction over the
Tariff Schedule* on the necessaries of life
and raw materials and where there was a
late railroad bill scandal in the Legislature;
the only Boa ton paper that we have the
reading of, after anmmariiing the causes of
the Republican defeat there, adds, and
"finally, the election of yesterday has ex
preaaed the aentiment of Massachusetts
upon the degradation of politic*, as seen in
the retention of Qnay at the head of the
Republican organization;" and in the
Weetern States, local causes, misrepreaent
ations of the tariff bill and the organisa
tion of a new party, to which must be add
ed in every case, the disrepute of our
National Chairman, caused our defeat.
Too little attention has lately been paid
to the moral character of Republican lead
era. When a New York paper some
months ago held Mr. Quay up to the world
ae a public thief, giving dates and
details of happenings, and daring
him to prosecute, the other members of the
National' Committee should have demand
ed of him that be either vindicate himself
in the oonrta or resign his position on the
Pattison acted promptly ■when his public
record was attacked and secured a humili
ating retraction from Quay's "organ" in
Philadelphia, but Quay, through his HOD
at Ifarrisbuig, demanded the nomination
of Mr. Delamater a* his vindication and be
got it, and the party Buffered for the ab
The long delay in the pannage of the Mo-
Kinley bill by the Senate, due to the dif
ferences of op'nion among the Senators,
and its passage on the eve of the election
enabled upeculatorn to misrepresent it.
Very little, 11 any, change was made in
the schedule on wool, but on woolen
cloths some loop-holes were closed that
importers bad taken advantage of, and this
canned some of the clothing jobbers
to send out word to the retailers, that
their next order for clothing would cost
them more; the sohcdule on carpets was
raised from one-fourth to one-third, to
shot out somo foreign makes of carpets
and the carpet manufacturers immediately
sent word to the retailers of their intention
to increase the price of homo made goods;
a thing for which there was no excuse
whatever, and If the carpet manufacturers
have entered into a combine or trust, Con
gress should take prompt action regarding
it at its next session,as they have the pow
•r in their hands to knock all inch com
bines "higher than a kite."
The scbudnle on leather was reduced
but no word was scut out by the boot and
shoe manufacturers of a reduction in the
price of these articles.
Sugar was pat on the free list, but the
sugar refiners have sent no word to the
jobbers, and the jobbers have sent no word
to the grocers of a redaction in the price of
Where increases bare been made in the
schedale and where new articles, like tin
plate, have been taxed, the object is to
foster new industries in this country, and
the increase in price will be temporary,
and on the other band the tariff has been
taken off everything we do not and cannot
produce. Half the articles imported into
this country are to-day on the free list.
More reductions than increases have
been made, and before two yearn roll by
the people of the Western Slates will have
a different opinion of the new tariff bill
from what they now have.
One argument made by Democrats right
here in Bntler against having a tariff at all
is rery provoking. They cannot see whj
we should have a tariff to help build up j
local industries and then allow foreigners
to come in do the work. The answer tt
that is that it is only true in part.
Take our Plate Glass Works for instance.
It would not be here to-day were it not for
the protective tariff on plate glass. It
employes several hundred men, some ol
whom aru foreigners who knew tt»e busi
ness before they camo here, while
— " Governor Con grew A trembly Sheriff Prothonot'ry lieg A Rec j Treasurer. Clerk. Commi»f..»iier. i Auditor. CorooT
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III! 5■ E ? 4 - B = H = I = i 3 • rs? 5 5 ? * I 5
il pi ? I!? MM? lii ] rM ' i iii |;F rIifFS Mlr f I M ?M i 5 M
DISTRICTS. ; 1 III! Il ii |!;f|; i\Hil\Mi\:ij \I|II { I * j • ji!SMIII IMj 1 I !
- IT3 ~65 "T; ~54 ~1054 17 65 65 54 54 10 1« 71 51 12 64 56 l- r > 63 54 l' ; 65 54 16 65 ! 54 16 62 0.5 59 5.1 11 17 .« <)i 55 54 16 16 « 54 I
Adams N ~R 4Q ifi M 7 38 12 93 93 40 40 11 H 105 27 10 1 !H) 44 10 o; 35 H 93 40 .11 95 37 11 7s 91 6o 30 !. 1" 93 93 40 40 ]1 11 :'3 40 1
m ' S - jng 6 " „35 &, 43 «8 130 130 48 4S 8 8 12s 51 6 K'rt 49 130 48 8 127 9 ISO 4S " '-26 144 52 34 7 4 130 130 48 4S 8 8 130 48
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Buffalo ! . J 2 IJ4 117 2 2 J-2 11- 2 - c 6 116 1 59 143 1 115 1 112 90 - 7< 76 126 12J 2 2 69 71 105 136 10 2 >2 118
Butler 75 73 « s6 3 58 4 101 86 45 60 3 1 81 61 3 : 77 73 4 gi 7,1 2 ; ,j 6rt 3 ;.4 2 81 92 70 52 3 2 h<< :<3 59 62 - 3 88 62
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Cherry S - 3 14ti J33 4W 40 5 (J ] O 7 ~J, 130
Clay l |i ,'7 0 1. y 7JI 2 35 39 113 95 3 3 26 118 3 31 119 - - 44 105 1 :,5 114 2 >•> 111 3 1 30 115 117 3 3 35 35 114 H4 3 6 34 114
Clearfield j , 16 127 22 37 1 ' 123 26 1 - 113 38 1 121 29 ' 1.- 42 1 127 23 1 121 121 3# 29 1 1 121 122 28 29 1 \ 122 29
Clinton- - J" t, * \l; ]4 4 ., 9 124 116 4S 41 9 7U5 46 8 2 118 45 10 12 1 43 117 45 10 122 42 9 114 114 54 38 9 9 116 119 47 14 10 10 67 89 1
Concord 53 5 >W 2 63 57 37 34 2 2 e\ 37 2 57 3b 2 Ss ,' 38 2. 59 37 2 59 37 7 59 40 35 2 1 5s 5s 39 38 2 2 58 38
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Fanklin I » %52 21 20 53 52 22 51 20 53 20 53 20 53 22 51 2o 19 53 53. 19 2,. 53, 53 19 54
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Jefferson —— - i m .... . v ... ii 3 69 69 113 113 72 109 69 113 70 112 69 H3 69 113 'i ,; 114 105 69 69 113 113 69 113
Lancaster - £ *i? 7, 43 »6 90 9 54 60 115 92 7 6 67 96 5 59 1> 5 5 yo 92 a 67 '■** 7 » • ' 1 " «3 <'3 91 ;-0 6 6' 65 68 97 93 7 7 56 107
Marion . 1,, ie j .... 71 02 118 lis 83 78 l 4 13 10S 85 14 1 77 127 lo 113 87 12 us 8t 14 lit; 7'.' l'> 114 112 93 7S It; 11 119 119 80 so 16 lt> 112 S7 ]
Mercer - I 1 6 ., , y- ~ 59 5 106 109 57 59 5 9 115 57 2 93 93 5 109 57 •> 10S 5 112 4:» 101 »W 54 5 5 108 H«7 5«! 58 5 5 108 60
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Butler boro, Ist | » 5 ,73 184 196 0 5 65 186 4 ' 145 216 3 ,55 205 » 175 185 5 !■ 194 7 172 116 180 238 5 4 55 155 190 207 11 T 157 19s!
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Millentown ' 6. 11J 9 o2 i M W M 1 1 »1 » 1 . 33 24 1 32 25 1 33 24 1 33 21 1 37 31 23 22 1 1 33 33 24 24 1 1 32 25)
Karns City • - r., ~, „ r 5 3)j - 51 '■ 6 3s 3« 02 52 6 6 35 56
Petrol ia \ % 6 gl 35 25 24 6 6 39 26 4 38 26 5 37 28 4 38 26 5 3s 5 22 46 42 21 3 3 39 49 21 20 4 3 35 27:
Prospect " - 3 f f & »6 148 12, 25 43 67 2s 48 126 51 28 49 14 63 30 47 28 29 48 4s 29 28 4* 49 ■. 29 4s
Baxonburg - 36 6 8 39 1 5 4 41 36 4 4 7 5 31 12 5 1 9 4 6 36 5 8 4< 2 7 39 2 7 37 38 4 3 7 8 36 36 _3 6 81 8 36 4
Sunbury ( I 7fc . 4 4( *, 6 69343437272 5544 72 4 38 78. 54272043<-4 45 /0 438 .>8 84 ,2 444343.272 6o 43 .2,
W 1 4722 418 i 3773'1336'3837 318 4708 4737 4195 4181 331 319'4701;4060 312 216 4184 4504 300 4733 4285 317.4878 41 ■ 2 319 4974 4019 340 4405 4665 4669,3960 31" 293 4785 4746 4032,4214 368 342 ( 4567,4417:3
the Americans did not, but wo
are learning it, and almost
every man in Butler now has a near neigh
bor who is making a living at the works.
At the Bottle Works few, if any, foreigners
are now employed, and these two indus
tries havo helped to make Butler one
of the best business and market towns in
the country.
There may be some mistakes in the
new tariff bill, it would be a wonder if
there were not, and time will tell the
story and lead to their correction, but a
Protective Tariff is yet the true policy for
this Nation, and will be for many a year
to come.
County Results.
The clerk* appointed to compute the re
turn* of the county did cot finish t*jeir
work till Saturday evening, having been
delayed for some time by the incomplete
returns from Clearfield twp. which were
so defective that the Court aent the Sheriff
out for the Board, and had them brought
in to correct them.
The official figures are as follows:
George W. Delamater had 4097
Robert E. Pattison " 4722
John D. Gill " 418
L. A. Waters had 4407
Cbanncy F. Black " 4479
Cha* 0 Hyatt " 400
Thomas J. Stewart bad 4429
Wm. ii. Barclay " 4450
Wm. T. Dunn " 404
Tho« W. Phillips 3773
Alex McDowell 1326
K. P. Gillespie 38:5<
Wm. P. Braham 318
Josiah M. Thompson 4708
Andrew G. Williams 4737
D.J. Waahabaugh 4195
J. W. McKee 4181
Thos MoClintock 331
Jaa Wilson 319
Wm. M. Brown 4701
A. P. Stewart 4066
Owen Brady 216
Wm. A. Kelly
John G. Bippus 4484
John W. Drown 4564
John C. Moore 3°°
D. K. Dale 4733
Jacob Keck 4285
Isaao Andrews 31«
James 8. Wilson.... 481 8
A. Adderhold 4152
W. Bovard 319
Joseph Criswell 4974
Kd McShane 4019
John L. Carpenter 340
Samuel T. Marshall 4465
Jos C. Kiskaddon 4665
John Humphrey 4669
John Murrin 3960
Robert Mcßride 313
Jacob Uutchman 2 y: '
A. M. Doutbett 4785
Jacob Albert 4764
1\ Henningcr.... 4214
J. L. Uindman 4032
Thomas B. White 368
I. N. Meals 342
John Kennedy 4567
0. P. I'isor 4417
W. M. Barker 346
Theodore P. Rynder had 6 vote* tor
Governor in Bal-lridge and I in Butler.and
several of the candidates had votes for
Governor and Commissioner, the result,
probably, of stickers being stuck on the
wrong places.
• Id several districts the sealed and the
unsealed return* do not agree a* to the
vote for the Prohibition candidate.
Official Vole of the District on
Beaver 3465
Butler 3837
Lawrence 1783
Mercer > 4712
Total 13,797
Heaver 3658
Butler 3773
Lawrence 2026
Mercer 1179
Beaver 1559
| Butler 1326
Ijawrence 2695
Mercer 4951
Beaver 201
Butler 318
Lawrence 250
Mercer 250
In Beaver county D. Agnew had 1 vote
for Congress, Phillips 1, Richard Quay 1,
and McDowell 2; aDd in Mercer county T.
Phillips had 33, W. P. Graham 2 and J. I*.
Uines 1.
The Return Judges of Beaver and But
ler counties bal Mr. McDowell's vote un
der the name of Alexander McDowell, and
thoso of Lawrence and Morcer counties
under the name of A. McDowell; and the
Beaver and Mercer vote of Mr. Brahaui
wan in the name of W. P. I.raham and
those of Butler and Lawrence counties in
the name of Win, P. Braham.
The Return Judge for Butlercounty was
W. T. Mechling, for Beaver county Lewis
W. Reed, for Lawrence John Elder and
for Mercer James A. Stranahan. All the
Republican Judges selected Democrats,
and the Democratic Judge selected a Re
publican. They met in New Castle, last
Tuesday, and computed the vote as above.
Election Notes.
Pattison's majority in Crawford county,
Delamater'* home county, was exactly one
Col. .Andy Stewart's majority in the 24th
Congressional district, which is composed
of W ushinfton, Greene, Fayette and part
of Allegheny counties, over A. K. Craig
is 123.
In Warren county Noyes, Dem. defeated
Biggins, Rep. forjudge by 1100 majori
The official majority of Dick Quay for
Assembly in Beaver county is but 160, and
Walter 8. Braden, one of the Democratic
nominees claims fraud and ha< givenjnotice
that he will contest the seat.
The Republicans of Nebraska, elected
their candidate for Governor, and part of
the State ticket.
The Republicans of Kaunas electeit their
Governor and all the State ticket except
Attorney General.
In South Dukoto, I'ierre won the perma
nent capital, both Republican Congress
men and a majority of the Republican leg
islators were elected.
Tbo legislature of Connecticut is Repub
lican on joint ballott.
Minnesota is Republican an<l elected
Merrian Governor by 1500—the vote js
Merrian, 82,000; Wilson, Dem. 80,000 aud
Owen, Farmers Alliance, 54,000.
Warwick's majority over McKinley in a
stroug Democratic district is but 200.
Quay didu't know it was loaded.
W. 8.-Dunlap, Democrat, was elected
State Senator in tbo. Beaver-Washington
Lesson for Republicans—You must ex
pect to "get up with fleas if you lie down
with dogs."—N. Y. Fret s.
The official vote of this Congressional
district as between Phillip* and McDowell
is—Phillips 10,636 and McDowell 10,531,
and a.. McDowell's friends lost s greul deal
of money on this vote, it is said that they
will insist upon a recount in Beaver coun
ty where irregularities are alleged.
Tho latest figures give the Democrats
247 members of the next Congress aud tho
Republicans but 85, and Messrs Mills of
Texas, Crisp of Georgia; Springer of Illi
nois and Wilson of West Virginia are talk
ed of tor Speaker.
l'attison's plurality in Pittsburg was
1,40-1 and Delamater's iu Allegheny City
was 1,959; Stewart's plurality in Pittsburg
wan 3,833 and in Allegheny 3,286, which
shows that about 5000 Republicans in
Pittsburg aud 300 in.Alleghcmy voted for
In Allegheny county Delamater had
35,012 votes, Pattison 33,170 and (jill 546,
making Delamater's majority 1,842, while
Waters, Rep. for Lieut. Gov. had 10,988
and Stewart, for See. of internal Allairs
had 11,777. Dalzell bad 7,005 majority in
his district for Congress and Stone 7,116.
Fn the next House of Reps, ai Harris
burg there will lie three Stewarts, three
Smiths, two Thompsons, two Williams,
two Morrisons, two Bakers ami two Hit
ters. •
President Harrison has appointed 11. H.
Bengough of Pittsburg to be Pension
Agent, vice Mr. Barclay who resigned.
The official majority of Pattison, Dem.
for Governor is 16,554; Waters, Rep. for
Lt. Gov. 22,365 aud Stewart, Rep. for Sec.
of Internal Affairs 25,472.
Definite calculation* as to the political
complexion of the House and Senate can
now be arrived at, as the returns are
practically complete. Unless one or two
districts are reversed by later returns, the
Democratic majority iu the House will be
134. The Scnute will certainly be Re
publican in the next Congress. II the
party wins rut iu New Hampshire, aud a
Republican successor to Senator liluir is
elected, that majority will be tour. Other
wise it will be two. As the Vice President
has a vote in case ol a tie the Republicans
will have much the best of itin the Senate.
SOUII'H majority.in the 20th Congressional
district in • r >l2C.
All tho couuties of tho North-western
part of the Htate, including Delamater'n
own county, that gave yuay. AndrowH,
X)elainatcr and Co. their dclgiit.un without
a murmur la«t Spring, gave heavy major
ten for Pattii«>u this Fall. Butler county
Kepublicaun are entitled to some
for seeing the danger in advance and
objecting to it.
A "HLI'MP" in rottoo utock* Ibii wu«k,
cauriiid nouiu "1 the «ti < K brokers ot New
i'ork and I'hiloUelphiu to "lay down," and
Wall tttrect had another "panic."
Pro ject Wirings.
Read slid knew:
That the P r j. iblicans of the town have
nearly all emt i ked for "Salt River." Gu
; Bowers and J' n M< Lnre lent the boys
! their old tug . which have often been over
j the course befo. .*.
That C. F. X< a man lias a very fine and
I centrally located property which he is
offering lor sal it reasonable rates.
That, lili Kin* aid has been making ex
tensive repair- to his house. Tho boy?
seem to think that Kli is about to change
his life of <■" gle incomprehensibility.
Right, Kli, put urs down for tho first con
That the youi -i folks had a very nice and
agreeable ball at Hotel de Boehni on
Hallowe'en. Scannons, McCiintock]<t Co
furnished the tr.aric.
That there is . good deal of petty steal!
ing going on . f late. Mrs. lioon, Mrs-
Hillman and il . Roth have lost potatoes,
onions, jams, pri erves, coal, etc.
That 0. W. Si nigLton is iu charge of the
creamery sinti 0. T. Hall's resignation.
Oliver will, no uuibt, keep up the reputa
tion of the firm for good work.
That the ent.- '. iument at the close of
the Academy w s quite a good affair. The
play was well | rformed.
That Mrs. L, gherst, who went to see
her sick uiothe u-lnw in Allegheny City,
has returned h ne.
That Hons. . M. Lieghner and Greer, of
Butler, innde <■ town a visit a short time
ago. They i" lined business with pleas
That Rev. 1! key, of the M. K. Church,
lias moved to t. in to assume the duties of
his chttrgo. II is at present staying with
T. 11. Boehni.
That "S. I! Alien, of Poughkeepsie'
Europe," is t! latest foreign guei-t to
register in to- ;. Titus i-ays he is an
auburn lad of teen or seventeen sum
mers, and is ol his road to the World's
That the yyi <L man in dresses scared
one of our boy -arlv to death tho other
night when he mted to embrace him in
front of the I I*. church. The fellow
thought it aca ol blackmail, no doubt.
A COM Mr MI rlo.v on tho authorship of
the political art les that appeared in the
lUrord during t e campaign was handed
us to late for publication in this paper and
will appear iu our next.
Up in the Helping sea lately a whale was
<:a ptur«<l in tlir <ly of which was embed
ded a harpoon ti own over 60 years ago.
_D r ATHS.
KKAS—At her I uuo ia Buflalotwp , Nov.
ti lilleii . "ung, wile of John likas,
aged about 38 earn. She was a daughter
of John Youi.f ni' Winfield twp.
UASSETT—At home in Hutler, Nov.
12, 1800, Mr llassett, wife of J. L.
MlLLElt—At h • home on Ciiii St. liutlur,
Nov. 12. 1800. 'is. C. Miller an aged
Mi MiI,I.AN—A his boino in Clintonville,
Wednesday, N v. 5, 1890, I)r. J. It. Mc-
GOFF—At hi« ome in Allegheny, Sat
urday. Noy. • 1 bIM). Milton If. fiotf.
Chancellor of' ,e Western University of!
DAM BACH—Oi the 31H of October,;
1890, at Zelien ;de, Pa., Kmma Caroline, j
daughter of J.i .b and Margaret l»am
• bacfa, aged s i >ulhs and 18 days.
Mt'CAltE—At h>- home in Luna, 0., Tues
day, Nov. ♦, If M rs. Christina McCabe,
daughter of Catharine Shoup of '
Hutler,aged al it 3ft years.
She was Imr; 1 in South Cemetery i
Butler, Saturday J
HAV KKSTKAV. In Went Virginia. Nov.
7, 18U0, John Haversfraw, son ol Mrs.
Christ llavers! .w (.1 Winfield twp. aged
about 18 year
He was worl.ii; "ti a pipe line in West
Virginia, his il h was caused by hem
orrhage >f the i ngs and his body was
brought home I buried at tho M. IS.
Chapel at l.ea- il If, Monday.
Get Hood's
If JOB ham mad* :> your mind to buy flood's j
Hariaparllla do not 1 Induced to take any other.
Howl's Bariapartll» -•ne«ae» (tiperlor curatlvo
power by Tlrtuoof peculiar combination, pro
porll'in and preper: n. lie ouro to K«t llood'a.
"In one atore t! urk tried to Induce mo to
buy their own In .d of Ilowl'a Sarsaparllla.
Bat ho coutd u< t pr' ill on mo to change. I told
him I knew wh.it II ,A * Sarsaparllla waa, I bad j
taken tt, waa pcrf ly aatlafled with It, and did
not want any otl'«*r ' M as. F.lla A- (ioww, St
Terrace Street. lio»> "■, Mil*.
Hood's 3arsaparilla
Boldbyalldrup-Kl't' 31; «'* for»J. Prepared only
by C. I. HOOD 4 CO. Aputhecarlea, Lowell, Mm
100 Dos 3 Ono Dollar
L. M. Hi i NSEL, M. D ,
l'UVSlt'l * ANO Ht'MOEON'.
Offlee :tffl South lain Street, In Boos build
ing upitatrs.
Attoruey-ut-Ijiw l solicitor of Pension:* and
Patents. Itox odilPKton, I). Hcrk Sen
ate Pension ('oiuit '.tee for laat 7 years. If you
Ike rUOMPTNE- write me. tilad to nlve
U7 A!HKO—A«CI » to solicit onlem tor ou
''choice unali. ly Nursery Stock.
Steady Work For r.unrirellr Temperate Men.
Salary nnd i . en or conuntwlon If prefer,
ed. Writ' al ou Slate Age, Adlre*-.
R. G. Ghas* & Co. 1 v .'V
AiiyvrtiSc .a ibe Citubm.
To all whom it »««v concern:
Take notice that tho partnership heroto
-1 forn existing between Owen Brady, Joseph
Hurtmsn, A. 11. Simpson ami 11. J. IToyt.
doing a banking bttsinecf under the firm
uamo and style of the Butier County Bank,
11. J. Hoyt A. Co., at Millerstown. Butler
couutrT l'a . is hcrehy dissolved, to takt
effect on the first day of January. 1891;
that the said Owen liradj, Joseph Hart
man and A. 11. Simpson have sola all their
light, title, interest and claim in said part
nership to II J Hoyt, who will carry on
the business himself undor tho name of the
B.iller County Hank; that the. said H. J.
Hoyt lias a-suuied ail the debts and liabili
ties of the said partnership, the Butler
County Bank, of which all interested will
take notice. OWKN BRADY,
11. J. IIOYT.
MILLBRSTOWN, PA., Oct. 29, I^9o.
The undersigned, this day having dis
posed of their interest in tho Butler County
Bunk, of Millers town, l'a., to take effect
the first day of January. 1891, as per above
notice, to 11. J Hoyt."who has so long, so
successfully and so satisfactorily managed
the affairs of said bank, and who will con
tinue to conduit its business and serve its
customers and friends us heretofore, take
pleasure in bespeaking for him the same
generous patronage by thy people of this
place aud vicinity as he has merited and
received at their hands in the nast.
MILLEHBTOWN, PA., Oct. 29. I*9o.
The undersigned will, on the lirst day of
January next, assume the sole ownership
and full proprietorship of the Butler Coun
ty Bank, as shown is the foregoing notices,
and he takes this opportunity to express
his thanks and gratitude for the largo share
of patronage which has been extended hitn
these mi ny years past, and owing to tho
increased facilities he will have lor serving
his friends and patrons, he promises to do
anything in his power that is consistent
with safe banking to meet their require
ments, aud solicits a continuance of their
Yours Very Respect fully,
11. J. HOYT.
MILLEKSTOWN, PA., Oct. 29, I*9o.
Road Reports.
Notice Is hereby given that the following road
reports have been coMlrmed nisi by tlie Court,
and will lie presented ou the rtr.U Wednesday
of Dec.. IMIO, Iwing the :id dav of said month,
anil If no exceptions arc tiled they will be eon
-11 rilled absolutely.
it. i). No. l, Sept. session. 1890 To vacate a
public toad in Concord Twp.. beginning at a
point Oil 'he road that leads from Mllleniiown
to Stinbury. at the corner of the farm or Joseph
Cumberland snd running down close tn front
of Concord church to a point on the load that
leads from Middletown to Pleasant Valley
church, a distance of alio it fifteen rods. June
4, i - At, view ers appointed, bept. 1. lsstl, rc|s>rt
of viewers vacating same filed.
11. 11. Xo. J. .Sep', session, Isso. Petition for
public road In V\ashlngUiu and cherry Twps.
to lead from » point on the road leading from
j.'Kc Points to Washington road near Wm.
lMckev's late lo Intersect th» road leading
from Pleasant Valley church to North Hone, at
or near the house known as theMcKean House.
June 11. !"<!*>. viewers appointed by the Court.
August 29, l*m. reports uf viewers hied ai fol
lows, to-wlt: That they are of opinion that the
nubile road as prayed for is necessary.iand have
1.(1(1 utii the same lor public use. and repart the
probable cost of making sain'' to he $173. and
that said cost should is- borne by Hie township.
No damages assessed.
It. |). No. I. rtept. session, li-Wi. Public road
In lluller Twp. leading from u point at or near
lUe house formerly owned t»> John Pierce,dee'u.
on the ltdtler and Powder Mill road, and coding
Opposite the grounds ot the Butler Agricultural
, Assoc!atl he Three l>'*grec Itoad. running
irom llutier to piiu.burg. and better known as
llie Kalb road. June 14, IS9U. viewers appoint
ed by the Court. Aumisi i\ IHio. viewers re
part said road necessary, aud have therefore
laid " it the .same fur pub.c: uv, anil rep rt tile
probable com or snld road to he about ti'i. and
; i hat said cost should tr borne by the township
of Butler. No damages assessed.
certllled trout the record tills Itli day of
November, is>i.
ItKtiiF.N M< Ki. VAIN, Clerk if. H.
I Widows' Appraisements.
' The following widows' appralaements of per
i lonal property set apart lor tlie heneilt of tin;
i widows ol decedents have been Illed lu the of
lice of the clerk oi oridnus' Court of BuMer
county, vi/.:
Widow of W. A. Smith » 75
•• •• William 11. .lon s J9s if,
" •• John S. Klder t» 10
•• •• \V l». I'ehay a» »»
•• " Samuel Ml> wart U
•• •• H. Wiekt.eeiter aw i»i
" " Kdwnrtl llurke lt.no
" •' KraatUa l.ogaii :i "i <W
All persons Interested In tb" above appralse
rneiit.i will take notli e thai tliev will Is) [ire
eiileil to lll'* Orphans' t ourt ol Hitler county
lor eonHrmatlou absolutely on Wednesday Hi"
• I day of December, I i It no exceptions be
| iil. d UKCHKN MCKIAAIN. t.lerk O. C.
Notice is hereby giveu that lleuben Sha
j nor, commilUe of Harah J. Watson, a luna
tic, has bled hit. liual account iu the ollice ol
I the Prothonotary ol the Court of Common
! Picas of Butler (!o„ at M ,'s L). Sc. 1-, Dec.
j T , 1889: and that ilie same will lie presented
' :o wnid Court lor eonlirmation and allowance,
• ii Wednesday, the .'kl day ol December, A.
D.. 18!K>.
JOHN W. P.KOWN, Prot honotary.
I'rntl.on'dary's Office, Noy, 4, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that John C.
1 Moore, committee ol Andrew Albert, a lima
I tic, has filed bis lirst and fluid account in the
i office ol the Prot honotary of the Court ot
Common Plena of Butler ( 0., aL M.'s D. No.
'7, Sept T., 1 SSI'; and tlint the same v» 111 be
presented lo said Court for continuation and
illowmice on Wednesday, the 3d day of
i December. A. D.,
JOHN \V. BIIOWN. l'rothouotary.
Prot honotary'» Oflioe, Nov. 4, IM'.KI.
Adniinistratcr's Notice.
Notice i» hereby given that letters ot r.d
ministratiou on the estate ot ,l*me» Mc-
Klhaner, late ol Buller Borough, Butler Co.,
cemimed, have been granted to *. 'I. Illaek,
resident of said borough,to whom all persons
ludelite.J tn said e»tate are requested to make
paymeut, aud the- ' having claims or de
mands will inai.e klio«u the name without
delay. A. T. P.LAC*. Adm'r
Kutler, Pa.
! Tli** Hevlster hereby tdve* notice that the
i following- accounts of Executors, Actminlatr:!
tors Hint (iuarrtlani have been tiled In his olllc**
■ according to law, and will be presented to
I Court for contlrmutlon ant allowance on
J Wednesday, the ?th dav of Dec. A. 1)., lxao, at
i 3 o'clock p ra. of aid day.
j I. Final accov .it of Alexander Stewart, ituar
iilan ol Willie It . \Vhi T e, minor ton of Newton
I White, dec'd.
i a. Partial account of I). B. Diutbett, exe
| cutor of KraDels McCru n. dec'd, late of Adams
i 'l"*p
, i. Kinal acennnt of Samuel W. Ilepwortli. ex
! eentor of Samuel Uepworth. dee d, late ot
' iSiitlalo l ivp.
i First and Anal account of Benj. W. Hughe*
guardian of .lames Cleitrtennlug', minor sou ol
i Jesfe riendennlntf, dee d.
x. Final account of James W. Kellv. executor
i of Martha Young, dec'd. late of concord Twp.
I «. Final account of James W. Kelly, admin
istrator of P. W. Conway, dee'd. late of Sunbury
i bo rough.
; 7. 1-hial account of Adam Byerley. adnilnla-
I rator of Kll/aheth J. Byerly, deed, late ol
I Buffalo Twp.
I K. First aud llnal account, of Mrs. I.lzzle
Smith, administratrix of Thomas Smith, dee'd.
late of Butler Itorough.
it. Final account of Hlles Fleecer, guardian
of l.orenzo W. Fleeter, minor child of lilies
10. Final acceu'it of Samuel I~ Wick. cuar
dlan of Wm. A. Hliies, minor sou of Edward
Hlnes, dee'd. late of Brady Twp.
II Final account ot Charles I>ulfy, ex**cutor
(if Michael Gillespie, dee'd, late of Donegal Tp.
12. Final account of Ceo. W. Fleeter aud I.
I 1). Fleecer, executors of Peter Fleeter, dee d
late of Concord Twp.
I t Kinal account of Angeline Johnston, ad
ministratrix or Alfred L. I'atteisou. deed, late
ol Mercer Twp.
14. Final account of Adam llape, executor of
llenry Kape, dee'd. late of Zellenople Borough.
15. Final account of S. W. Ilouihell, admlnis
tralor of Samuel c. I Hint belt, dee d, iate of For
ward 'I« p.
li;. Final account of Solomon Dunbar and
Samuel Mavis, administrator* of John Stewart,
dee'd, late Of F.vans City.
IT. Filial account of Harv Kersjnsf.exeeutrlx
of Tlieodort Kersilng. dee'd, late of Jackson Tp.
IK. l-'lnal account of Dennis 1.. tlall aeher and
Patrick Lnjrue.cxecutorsof Michael MeLalferty.
dee d, late of Cleartleld Twp.
i». Final account of Samuel Schlagel and
Kim-line Croup, administrators of l.yman Croup,
deed, iale of Butler Twp.
■ 21. First, final aud distribution account of
Hannah Brow nlleld. executrix of Jaines Brown
field, dee'd, late of Donegal Twp.
81. Final account of Si. t>. McClelland, ad
ministrator or K. Z. McClelland, dee'd. late of
Alleght ii} 1 wp.
I 82. Final account of Henry Horn, guardian
of Lewis A. Molinbold, minor child of Theodore
llclnibold, dee'd.
'23. Final account of Frederick Wetzel, ad
ministrator of llenry Foertsch. doe'd. late of
! Ji tlerson Twp.
L-4. Partial account of Jane Elliott, adminis
tratrix of James stln.-»n Kltlott, dee d, late of
' Bull do Tup.
85. Final account of Albert Itoesslng, hdtiiln
trator of Julia Koesslng, dee'd, late of Butler
:*s. Final account of Henry It. Sheffield. ad
ministrator of Haiiiiah Beamer, deed, late of
I*7. l'lrst aud llnal account of O. D. (twain,
executor ot Benjamin ttwat:i,dec'd, late of Zelle
nople Borough.
L'S. Final account of Ira SlaufT'-r, guardian of
i barb's C Htauffer minor son of l.y dla Stanfler,
dec'd, late of Jackson Twp.
i".>. Final and distribution account of Mar
garet Humphrey and Wm. M. Humphrey, ad
ministrators or It. (J. Humphrey, deed, late ef
Connoquenesslug Twp.
:vi. lirst and filial ai eount of fleyrge Max
well. guardian of ti. M. Humphrey, rmuor sot of
K. <•. Humphrey,dec'd, late of ConiioiiueuesHlug
ai. Final account of Zenas McMlchaol. execu
tor and trustee of Margaret Timbllii. dec'd. late
of clay Twp
:j_'. rlnaf account ot F. Pierce, administra
tor or John McLaughlin, dec'd, late of the
Isaougli oi Mllierstowu.
33. I iiial nccount of Charles 11. Book. Admin
istrator of J. It. Cbrlaty. deed. lat. of Cherry
Twp. 11. A. AVKES. Hegister.
By virtue of a writ ot Lev. Fa. Issued out of
I in* Court id Coiiiinoh Pl>'aa of Butler Co., Pa.,
and In me directed, there will lie exposed to
public sale, ai lb.t court House, In the Borough
of Butler, l'a.. on
Monday, N..v. 24, A. D., 1890,
Hi 1 oVlt>« k j#. Ki.. llu: following <l<w rlbed prop
crty, to-wti :
W. i». Jiruntloii, nil y. K. >o. #;*». l>ec. T., IHMO
AU the till.-, and c!:i!m of A..
N. I>y •*. ndiulmsfralor. «»f. in an i lo ;i l«»f of
l.tnd sltu;tu*<l in liiiiifrliuro, Kuilcrcounty.
as lollowa, to wit : K« ait lit*
uorlh»Mwi corner of lot nt a oil corner ol
< elitre and Itrown HVcniiivs, tficm:*' nloiirf Brown
uvenue .oi f» « i lo a |»onl on Alpha \\ ay, thence
ai-. hk b»hl Alpha \\ ny 73 feel 4 IncheM to a bubt
tm corner of lot No. ?o, owned by Phillip l>au
tfeiiMpeck. I hence along llu« of bald lot 5?.«» feet
o inches to u pont <«n t'eiifre avenu«\ thence
;;loiin mid Outre avenue ho f«;et to the north
> ;isi corner the place of beginning i<iu No#,
tnd i»f W in. H. Boyd'h plan of sprtnpialc
rsekod HU'l taken In execution aa the proi erty
<»f A N. Dyer. admlnlHirator of the estate of
itellnda Dyer, dec*'d. and A. N. l»ver. at the hxxM
• f Krancla Laube. Sr., and Francis
r. iCampbell, att'y. E. I>. No, 75. I>ec. T., Imdo.
All the right, title. Interest and claim or W.
i). Brandon, administrator of the eitate of 11 f
i>. i uuiph-11, doeeoMed. of. In ttn<l to IJU a« r- >4 o
land, more or I«*H*. altuated in Mutter town* »tp.
butler jountv. Ta., bounded a* (ollowi lo fit:
iji at a prwi near the plank road, th nee.
. land* ot < teorire SchafTner north 70 west MX
perches u> a white oak. thence by iainu of
hame 7u west ii perchen to a erao tree,
south'a east jMT' he* to a Htono. thence by
mdsoi Laurent or paDUi road west los . per
• he« to a iMi.it. theii'e by lands of lU an's heirs
north K2'4 v.ent i.t <-io perche* to a poet and
chestnut tree, thence by landa of Ihuiry Neely
(• i we . i .10 perches to • poit tnience toy
laud ol i> Koto's heirs* P. « til norai
mi .i lo eas! ii4iH.vio percliea to a white <»ak.
theniT bj lands of 1). itiuui's heirs south 1 «'a.st
JA r» in perches to a stone. th«*nce by samt* sout h
west JI a lo perches lo an apple free, tiu nne
hy lifim's heirs north 7u « if* p«*rehes to
.i btoiie, them eb> same north n.i east 41 6-10
l»ert lies t«» a post, tht-uce by lauds of John
»'rire south 10' i west n pen h'-s to a post, the
pla< • ot ht'Kluututf.
Seized uml taken In execution as the piop
erty of \\ i> llrandon. administrator Of tie*
ostaie of II 1». ('iiinpb«'ll. deceased, at the suit
Mary A. Imwlink' for wv\ etc.
oi.i v Kit c. iti:i>i(•, shcitnr.
Notice i« hereby given that the Htock
holderH of the llu tier Savings Hank will meet
in tlie rooniH <d* said liank, 8. Main Bt. (
Hutler, l'a., on Saturday, Dec. IHIHI, at
1(1 o'clock a. in., to vote for or agaiuat tho
prouimitioti lo renew and extend tho char
ier corporate und franchise* of said
Hutler SavinifH Hauk. By order of tbo
Board. J. L. FUKVIII, I'rcn.
W. A. STKIS, Sec.
W. I), llrandon, att'y.
Dissolution Notleo.
Notice 111 hereby given that the partner
.hip heretofore rxixting between W. W.
illaekiuorc and I/Ouia M. (Jrleb, under the
tirui uiuue ot Ulackinnre A (irieb, wa» diii
.olved by mutual COIIM ut oil Monday, Sept.
lb'«). The tin ueiut will be continued at
hi' ' line place by L. M. (irieb A Co., Who
« ! 'l nettle tho bttMaen* of the old hrn>.
L. M. OIN K.U.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream i>f tartar baliinp powder. Uijjt j
est of all in leavening strength.— I'. 8 j
Government Report, Aug. 17, ISBB.
Auditor's Notice.
In re. estate of Mary Thompson, O. C. No.
i 28, September term, 1890.
Whereas bv order of court dated Octobe
4, I>HO, the undersigned has been appointe j
auditor to distribute tlie funds of said e«tat
remaining in the band* of A. M. Christlev
Esq., administrator of same, notice is herein
given to whom it may coucern that the ui.
nersigned will attend to the duties of sai
appoinment at his cilice cn 6. Diamon 1
»treet, Butler, on Saturday, November I.'.
IS9O, at 10 o'clock a. m. J. P. WIUOX,
In re. petition of Thos. F. Christlev, at' j
rainistrator c. t. a. ot Michael Hamilton, de |
ceased, for leave to 'ell real estate.
Orphans' Court, No. 72, September tern
1 W*9.
In the Orphans' Court of Butler county.
Pennsylvania, on November 16, ISB9, the
above entitled petition was presented, setting
forth that taid decedent made hit last will
hearing date th«- day of February, A. P.
IS7B, duly probated and recorded in Will
book O, page 25, nud directed that the !>«!•
nnce ot his lard be sold wheu hia youngest
child becomes of ace, and a|<i>ointed Johi
Martin executor of his said will; that John
Martin accepted the trust, took out letters
nod sold the real estate except that describee*
as the balance, but aud before the yotmge»:
child reached full age, and your petitioner
was on the 17th day of September, 187!*,
duly appointed administrator cum t. an. v(
s«id Michael Hamilton, decea«ed, accepted
the trnst, gave bond, took out letters aud br-.
acted as such administrator; your petitioner
further represent* that the £ youngest child o
-aid testator it of fall age end han been for
some time; that taid testator died seized iu
his demesne as of fee of, in and to aben*
r itK) acres of land in Cherry township, Brn
ier county, of which tbere has bten sold
heretofore" abont 200 acres, leaving unsold
:500 acres mote or les», bounded p.nd de
►cribed as follow--, to-wit: North by Mo
Gregor, east by John Black and Kerr 51c-
I'andUss, south by Allison and others, an.t
west by (loutheuheiiuer and others; that al
rhoueli the said tutstor directed taid land to
be sold, he failed or neglected So authorivr
his executor by n«me or otherwise to sell the
■ame; your )>etitiooer states that the yonug
• st child is of full npc and that the lime has
arrived when fcaid land wes directed by «ail
teatulor to be sold and conveyed, and there-
Core prays your honor to make an order au
thorizing yiiur petit'ouer a - administrator ot
-aid Michrel Hamilton with the will au
□ exed, to sell the said land, altogether or ir
<!liferent part*, not exceeding three, end
make, execute aud deliyr deed, or deeds, a
the case may be, to the purchaser thereat
or the purchmers. if the .ame be divided it
fee timpie upon comply log with the tern
of sale, and ne will ever pray. Verifi'Hl by
affidavit and signed "Thorna* F. Ckritfciy."
And now, November 10, 1883, petition prt
set.ted to Court, read, and upon consider!,
tion citation awarded npon the heirs aud le|-
atees interested in said land of taid Michael
Hamilton, deceased, to appear ami shov
cause why the prayer of )>etitiouer shouud
uotbe granted. Returnable to next term.
And now, September 21), 18l»0, ou motioi
of Thompson Ji Son, attorneys lor uetitionei
alia* citation awarded to be served pei <onal
ly on all within the county, and by publica
tion in two newspapers printed iu Butler
Ueturnable to Noveuilier 17. 1890, atid pnbi'
cation ordered is petitioner moved for.
Bl Tl.r.n Cot NTY, SS>:
To Oliver C. Redic, High Sheriff of Butler
county, Pa., greeting :
We command you that you make know
to the heir* ami legatees interested in iaic
land of Michael Hamilton, deceased, thecou
tents ot* the foregoing petition and orders o
Court thereon, snd rule ami cite them to b. '
and a ppear at an Orphans' Court to be heh
at Butler, Pa., on Monday, the 17th day No
vember, A. D. IS9O, then and there to »bo*
cause, if any they may have, why the praye
of the )>etitioner should not fx* granted. T>
be served t eriwinally on all within the COUII
ly and publication in two newnpa|»ers pul l
likhed in Butler, Fa., and make return there
of according to law and rules uf Court.
Witness the lion. Aaron L. Hazen, I'resi
dent Judge of our said court at Butler, Pa
this .'Kith day of September. 1890.
. R. MCEI.VAIW, Clerk O. C.
Public Sale of Real Estate.
By virtue of au order and decree of the court
or Common Pleas In and for the county of liut
!«»r. F»., and to tne, as the commits of Martyn
lowry Webb, lunatic, directed. I will offer «t
public sale on the premises, on
At 1 p.m., the following described real estate
•f said lunatic, tor the purpose of raising money
to pay his debtH. etc.. to-wlt : A certain plec*
of land situate in the township of clay, in tin
•■(Hinty or Butler. Pa.,bounded an follows: North
by M M. Stevenson, east by James Wilsons
loitrs. soutli l.y Johu lloozcl and west by John .
lioozrl sml Samuel Flnrtie.v, cont ainlng Uneteer
i -js'S ami one hundred and fourteen (icrehrs ol j
land, strict measure. No buildings, but excel- >
lent limber on fcald laud.
TKIfMS. Out -third of purchase money to b '
paid on confirmation of suln by th<' Couit. Ann
I tie residue to tie paid in one aud twoyenre rrotr
< aid contlrmaHon with interest, tr in cash If lot
the best interest of said lunatic.
WM. M. Winn, ;
Committee of Martyn Lowry Webb, lunatic. ;
Kuciid P. 0.. llutlor county. Pa.
U< tober is. I*'.U.
Notice in Divorce.
Margaret Wild* rb» her In the Court ol c.'in
leit friend Samuel Mil- moil Ph'as Ot Butler
■ r vs. Clias. c. Wilder. 'County, A. D.. No. 3U.
June T.. lnuo.
To t lias. C. Wilder and all whom it may cou
Two subi ienas In the above cam* having been
.•turned N. K. I , you. the said Charles C.
Wilder, above defendant, are hereby reoulred
o appear In the said Court ol Common rieas,
o b«' held at Butler, Pa., on Monday. Dec. Ist, j
-yu. I>elng the first day of next term ol snld
■ ouri, to ujiswer IIH* said compl tlnt and sho« '
in-e. ir any you have, why a divorce aliould
not be g' oiled the said Margaret Wilder.
OMVKH c. ItKiuc, Bheriff.
Notice in Divorce.
lar\ K. Whtimore by i In tlie court of Com
er next friend s. 11. \ mou Picas of ltutlei
umerer vs. Joiiu C. [County, A. D., No. 43
Whltmore. ) June y., isto.
To John C. Whit more and all whom It may
Two sub|K»naa lu tlie above rase having liecn
•turned N. E. 1., you. the said John C. Wlilt
aore. aliove defendant, are hereby r o'ilf i to
ppear !n tlie said Court of Common Pleas, to
held at Butler. I'a . on Monday, the lit dav
it December. Isiki,being the Ist day or next tenn
t s.ud i ouri. to answer the nald complaint
tid i-tio.v cause, II any you have, why a d.w>rc<
liould uot be granted the raid Mary K. Whit
inre. OI.IVRK ('. Kr.uic, Sheriff.
Executors' Notice.
WItKUKAH, letters testiiuientary to the
itate ol John Webb, late of Clay Twn., But
nr Co., l'a., dee'd, have beeu granted to the
tiUcriberi, all |ier*ons indebted to said
stale are requested to make immediate pay
jrnt and any having claims or demands
.gainst the estate of said decedent will make
iiowii the same without delay to
WM. M. Wiiuit, JOHN M. WEBB.
Kuclid. Pa. Brauchtoo, l'a.
Augus'. .'MI, 181 M.
Executor's Notice.
I.elters Icstsmenlarjr on the istatc of John
VV. Brandon, dee'd, late of Connoquenefeing
i'wp., Butler Co . l'a., having been grunted
o the nndettigned, all persons knowing
; hemselves indehbsl to said estate will
•lease make immediate payment, and any
invitig claims against said estate will pnsenl
hem duly authenticated for settlement.
V. D. Brandon, J Connoqueuessing !'. <).,
ntt'y. ( Butler County, Pa.
Executor's Notice.
Letters tentamentary on the estate of f tsan
lilliard, dee'd, late of Wsdiingtou Two,
utler Co., Pa., having l»een granted to the
ndt-rsigued.all per ous knowing themselves
idehtud to the »aid estate will please make
umediatu payment, aud any having claims
gainst said rstnte will present them duly
iitheutioate ! settlenient.
PKTKU P. Uit.LJaKH, Ea'r,
liilliard, 1 a.
(J. W. KUCEOKK, Att'y.
Admini*tr:»:.irs and Executors of estates
can secure their receipt bi..ik« at the CITI
ZKS office.
Dissolution Kotlce.
The partnership heretofore exUting be
tween ii P. Ktesulli and T-. M li*-witt
Qnder the firm name ot K S. Nich«ill< A
Co. ha* thi» day been di»v>iTe»l bv niutua;
consent. Mr. L M. Hewitt retiring from
the firm. The business will be continued
by K. S. Nicholl*. who is authorised to
settle claims and collect accounts due the
firm. K. S. XirHoixs.
Nov. 10, 1800. 1.. M. II tw ITT.
Fn retiring from the firm of K. S
Nichi-lU A Co. 1 take pleasure in recom
mending my late partner ilr. Xichnlis and
be.-peak for him a continuance of the pat
ronage ol our old cnstoniers.
L M HRVVITT, Butler, Pa.
NOT. 10, 1890.
Orphans' Court Sale.
I?y virtue of an i rder and decree of the
Orjihiir.*' Court of Butler Co., at No. lift,
June Term. 18S0, I will expose to sale by
public vendue or outcry on the premises in
Kvan-burgh bcrouch I Kvans City), Butler
Co., l'a., on
Saturday, Nov. 291h, 1890,
st 10 o'clock a. m., ail thsl certain lot ot
eroand, situate on Jack sen Street in thi
borough of Kvansburgh, duller Co., l'a..
bounded and detcribed as follows. - On thi
north by lot of J. Adsm Ifitper, east by
Jackson Street, south by lot i fjrred Mathsy.
west by , said 10l being forty
five feet in front on said Jaikson Street and
extending back »e*t parallel lines of th*
same width one hundied and forty feet, and
having erected thereon a lrame dwelling
house and l uibuildinffs.
TERMS OK SAI.E. Oiie-lbitd in band
upc-n confirmation ot sale, and the balar.it- in
two «qual annual iusiaKminls from ibat
date with lawful interest, lo be secured by
bond and mortgage, tint-racing attorney's
commission of 5 per cent in case the same
shall have to be collected by legal proce;-?.
Adm'x and Trnst«e.
R. P SCOTT, att'y. Nov. 14, 18U0.
Notice m Fartition.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to
Oliver C. ltedic. High Sherifl of Bntler
couuly, Pa., greeting :
Whereas William S. Cashdollar, gnai lian
of Waller H. Oillelard Frank W. Oille
land,and Edward C.Gilleland.minor children
of John Crawford Giileland, deceased, i>re
sentetl his petition lo the Orphans' Court ot
Butler coucty, selling forth that said wards
are »t;l! minors, and that said John Crawford
Gilleland died on or ai>out the 14th
day of January, A. D. IRS*, intestate, seixtd
in his dtmtsne asof lee of the undivided one
seTenth in a certain tract or piece ol land
situate in Adams township, Hutler count/,
Pa., bounded and defenbed as follows, to
wit: On the north by lands of David Mar
shall et al., on the, eaal by lands of John
Keuuedy et al., on the iouth by lands o:
John Dean and Wm. Dean, ou the west by
lands of James G. Marshall heirs, contain
ing two hundred and fifteen acres, more or
less, wilh the apj-nrtennuces, and leaving to
survive him a widow, Maria GillelauJ. und
ihree childreu, said Walter 11. Giliclaud,
Prank W.Gilleland.auu Edward C. Gilleland
that the other forties iutereMe.l iu the «aid
laud are Nancy Ktnuedy, iutermarrieil with
r. V, . Kennedy, Mary Purvi\ intermar
ried with Anderson Purv-s. Murgaret Mc-
Cord, intermarried wilh Wm. S. MoC< rd,
Jame* Gilleland, Lewis liiileland, Amelia
Irvin, intermarried with Wellington lrvin
all residents of the county, excepting Jamee
Oilleiand, who resiiles in lowa, aud Margaret
McCord, who resides in Allegheny City, l'a. .
that no paititiou of said estate has been
made unionist present owners, nor can a Jnry
for that puri.e*e be agreed upou by the par
lies iu interest, and poiitiouer therefore prays
the Court to award an iuquei-t to make par
tition of the said real estate to and amongst
the aforesaid parties according to their re
spective rights, whe'eupou Court awarded a
writ ot partitiou winch writ was June
! SO, 1 S'.HI, and ou August 2.>tl, 1890, upon
i petition of Nancy <i. Kennedy et. al., writ
*aa stayed Oct. Otb, IS9O, ou motion of J. B.
| Urtdin, alt'y, for petitioner, Court nude the
■ following order, to-wit:
Now, to-wit Oct. fth, 1890, alias writ of
| in<)ue- t of partition awarded as moved for,
1 notice to be given to ihe parties
interested, residents within the county,
as directed by law, and noliee to parties in
terested not within the county by
advertisement iu one weekly newspa|H-r pub
lished in Butler, Pa., lor three successive
weeks prior to holding the inquest, and by
mailing a copy of eai ft of Mich newspapers
10 the last known pluce of residence ot »uch
nou-iestdeiil parties returnable to uexl term.
We therefore command you that you take
six good and lawful uieu of your county,
that you ?o upon the premises of John Craw
ford Uillcland, deceased, and then and there
in the presence of the parlies l>y you warned,
if upon being warned they shall be present,
and having re*|>ect to the true valuation
thereof upon the oaths aud affirmations of
the six good and lawful nieu a foresaid, you
make partition of the real estate ot John
Crawford Uilleland, deceased, to and among
the heirs and legal representative* of said
decedent IU such proportions a* by the laws
of this Commonwealth is directed, it suoh
partition cau lie made without p-ejudice or
>poiling the whole, but it such partition can
not be made as aforesaid, that theu you cause
.-aid in<jue«t to ascertain how many of the
>aid heirs and legal representatives it will
conveniently accjinmodate, describing each
part by mete* and bounds and returuing a
just valuation of the same; but il said in
quest be of opinion that the premise* alorc
■aid will not conveniently accommodate
more thun one of the heirs aforesaid, that
then you cause the said inqtieat to value and
appraise the said estate with the appurle
llUUlYl, having re*|>®ct to the true valua
tion thereof, aud that partitions and valua
tion you have, together with a dralt ol the
premises, before ttie Judges of the Orphans
t ourt of Butler county, iit Butler, Pa., the
term next after you snail have made such
partition or valuation, and have you theu
*nd there this writ.
Witness the Honorable Aaron L. Haxou,
I'resiueut Judge ol our said Court at But
ler, I'd ~ this MtU day ot <»ot., A. D. l*?J.
In the matter of the partition of the real
-stale of John Craw'ora Oilleland, late of
.Ue county of Butler, deceased, notice i-
Hereby given to the heirs ol said decedent
itial iu pursuance of un order of the Orphan*
ourt ot Butler county, l'a.. a writ of par
itiou ban issued from said Court to the
•herit! «f saul county, returnable ou Mon
lay, December 1, l&i'ii, aud that the inqutet
■s'ill meet for the purpose ot making parti
■ ion of the real e-tato of said deefdent on
' NOV. LNtli, A. L). L-iH', it 1 o'clock
j t'. M., or said day, upon the premiiMM, at
siiich time aud place you can be |»re «*nt il
! ou *ee proper. The preiuU** iu quthlioD
r»* de*« ribe«t at follow* : A certain tract or
luce of laud situate in Adauw loiDKiiip,
;utler county, l'a. f bounded ou the north
>y lamU ot D.ivid Marshall el al., on the
•ant by laniiit of John Kennedy at al., on the
oath by Jan<U of John Dean and \N ui.
I van, t»nd on the wt&l by liudH ot Javnea U.
heira, containing two hundred
lud fifteen arret, more or with the ap
.our ten ante*. OLIVEK C. HF.uic.bherid.
Ily virtue ol sundry writs of \ en. Kx., ft. Fu..
Lev. Fa.. <t< , Issued out of the Court ol Common
I'ltM ol Butler Co., !•»., aud to me directed,
here Mill be expose.! to public sale at the
I ourt House, In the borough of Butler, on
Vlonday, the Ist day of Dae.,
v. l>.. :•<!«. at I o'clock, r. m„ the following de
e'rlbcd property, to wit;
j, D. \o. <t and Doc. Tirtn. I*Bo. 1 rank
Kohler. all'y.
All the rljjtit. title, Interest and claim of W
Kiikrilsli. or lu and to r.t acre* "I laud, more
r less, situated In Mmldycieek Twp.. Ilutler
*o . I'a., Imnnded as follows, to- wIU tin the
■orth by U Z. Mitchell and public road, cast bv
übltc road ami W. 11. l)odds.iioutb by .«••< ntul-
IT-ss lieira, west by .lame* I IIHIIMI. Mostly
learei| under a vood state of cultivation. Hltn
two-siory frame house, frame bank barn. *.r
hard ana otlttiulldlnga thereon. Hel/.cd ai.d
.iki-n In execution us the property ol W. C.
.ngllsh at the suit of I. J. M Candles* now for
j*e, etc.
;. I). No. .u. De<v Term. 1W». Tliompaou &
Hon, att'y*.
Ml the right, title. Interest aud claim of V in
lell, „[ in «n tto x; acres ot land, mire or less.
It u »teU in Washington Tw;> butler Co. I'M ,
•■xiiul'-'i nad described as tol; >«*. io»ir On
lie north bj M irl i A l*cntoi.. cast b> Ale\-
nder Bell, south by Samuel Campbell, wit. by
.eoiiard tstewart; together with a one -t,or.>
rame house • lid frame stabb* thereon. AN
1.-irM under fence, and uud< r a good state of
ultlvatlon. ."tel.'.Ml and taken 111 execution us
lie property of Win. Bell at the suit of Win. W.
. D. Nu.7.1. IK'p. Term, ttw. W. H. Lank, all'y.
AH ili>; rlKlit-. title Inherent and claim of
"illy hpeer, of. In anil 10 100 ni're* of land, more
.1 l*'i«. nl'UHUtl 111 M&ilon 'i >H> •
'a.. U>uu<kd M follow a, to-Hit: On the uorlii
•> 1 lii(illchrUt. John Murrln HUM •' n»»
itirr>n. l>y Putrlfk McliriU* 4 hnlrs ind
optilrt Tlmnuwon helm. noiith l»y
furrtn. WENT Ijy KiU.IT* tl» Miirrlu, TUOIIM* Oil*
hrlM Bint John K <i»irhrt*t. LnOer it irood
tut u of cultWaUlou. nlth * |f" l °
toun*\ iraiiit* haru. oivltard ftud o»it*>UlWl«u&
ii.-r. on. HH/. .1 bu«l -i. I» IVI«H uutm iw t'i#
»rojH-Tt> of Itttty Hpeiv at Ui»- null of .f .uu s
E. I>. No. TC, !>«<•• r«rra. ■«*> Ui«c. airy
All it'-■ rl.-iii. title. liit»re»t ami claim of iW.
•i u-r of w <m<l to Tit aire* of land. nn.ru or
•hj». MliiaK J in Wurin lwp.. l»uU< r Co.. »'•.
ouiiOfi a. follows, 10-wtt: Ou tba noxUi by
ohn. Ji'Bcraou ao«l saxuuol W liner, east by
Win. MeDniinel. south by WM McDano 1 »T4
i.. \\ M* r "»* we« by Cl&rk Tel-ay and E<tf» t
-• tber Kith a one >A-#T£>RY U e
FIVRR.E TURIK barn. orchard AND outbu. •
I .*« therein. -v>l/<sl AND taken hi execution s
, roper)' f W. F»rler at the su.f if
I ioiiii-hon Kyle. Jr.
I-.. It. No. .4, Dec. T., ISSB. Chart** McCandie**,
Ail Uie right. tale, lutereat AND ELAIU (
•j«-i ijsruncr. of. M and to LOT aere* or L,U< T.
• ■ • lin WASHINGTON TWJ . I -
1' i ( u., fa., kmidtd as tollovii, bHrii: On re
i .ui t>: ihon.: - Donnaih. e.»st by In a
1 et. ai., .-oiitli by Allied Suydcr 1
V. I. ( hristy. «. NT by f'altoh Bell &uil wife 1
aa McAaalMta. seized and taken in -
N»» I I' ,<«rty of SAUIU<-1 Garon- T
1 ill Then AS J. Tbor&DuiX and LI
.'LL>. t :.I CULUI». etc.
.IN- rerm. IKJO. MILL TIM:. -
»<>n. all"y.
the I ,:UL. I'LLE. Interest and claim of I
I. IINI RV: in O:,RT to ITS acres oi land, inor r
!• sjtii .RED In Washington Twp., Butler
II OUH< dus FOLLOWS. tw-WLI: O U ti„. T J
... 1.. - LtonnaUjr) heirs EAST I * .<, I
. rll IL .soul Üb> Thomas 11W1NU,... . L
v> by 'll.uniaa McNal.en el al Beiicu . I
I. *. ;I in TIFCUTIOT aa the properly of I'. I»,
U :tier .it the suit O( James B. Males,
t .-. No. I. L>ec. Term. 1880. R. P. Scott, ait ,
. IHR : hi. title. Interest AR.d claim of H. .".
«.I -• n. »,R M and 10 :»7 acres of Und. mori- r
1 sttua.cd ui i'arkt-r and Falrvlew lv. ~
1 I MI. Pa.. louhded as follows, TO-WU: I
LL. north in K. few and Humphrey's 1.
• y . • VI CANS OBELI and A..M. Hogne, • I
..\\. Raynaud KLL Kays, west b> Jul: s
L' N an<! .TUB 11 McKara. Moollv cleared,
D'. I fence, LUUI a (,-UOD STALE of cultivation. T\ I
A W I--siorv bouse. trarne liarn and
80. -LINGS thereon. SEIZED and taken In e.V -
tl< I as TL.e property oi B. K. Gibson at Uie T t
CF 1 UIATRTII Pughet ai.
1. I' No U' and J>ec Term. 1.-MO.
All Ibe right, tuie. Interest and claim ol. : I
A Cordon <rf, ;u and to *6 acres oi Uurt. t. r
, situated in oaaland Twp, isutler VC, I .
t . 'luaed .u* follows, to wit: i ommenciiu t
... .OK JAFCK. (heow along lauds ot WM. HI :>
!• . T .:-lt>;h pep-i'.es to a poet, t iecci- along S : *
n LU-A' I>ercUes. tlience by TAI. I F
>:. Mghton itud MI-Caodleas uortllr
p. R. ~ES. It T.nce I'J lands ot THCMA* MEK. U
>nuUS«iS west 9a MOTH Pto a i»ost. tlier. IF
loi WW ... K.>hb aoutU >, west A •
. r i ... Oi ■ --inning. Mostly rlfilll.
■ teiue. with A | '>rtabie satt-NIUL and ~T
:I I ar,d nil tii .eliuiery thereon or t tlo. . ;
t ;d UIL 11 >lte liiereon.
AI .SO-of. M ami to 1 acre, moie or LESS, ii -
: -.11 FS.. lah'i I vrp. Bullert'o. I'a.U >:I;.: I
L .>s, L UIT T FH-MENCLOI: at A POST, tn I ;I
a. null RATE south T8" east 111 pen-in s . T
I- llu t.N by Umds of F-aniuel tiordoii L
•real ML<l' N- >. thence by lauds ot BUM 1
I . r'-'I 1.1 rth > LAST 10 peniies, tlienc Y
. <il .NJI T anoless and Sloughtou noriL
! 115 ; ereher, the«ce by lands of same I I
WT.-I ' ;HIXI to the place NL begir.tr -
Y .«■ wiiu a om—tory lrame house and' U -
buildings thereon.
v. - aAI D takrii In execution as the PROVE: v
et JOHN A liordon ai the suit oi Butler SUM. «
LIAUK et ni.
1. L>. No. .1 Dec Term ISIO. W. 11. Lusk. Ait .
TL.ev Fa on Mechunlcs Lieu.)
.: .HI rtgliL title, mteiest and claim <F
Lv ..si nip L>ll T'O AND J. N. Miller. OW'BE;F r
} ie: I.ie<l o» I.T RS AR. ot. in and lo a lot ot JI. ,
U.1.-E or L«IS. situate IN FVSNS T Ity boro. Ilutl r
I I'O, L'a. t-ouiided &S lollops, to-wll : <-N tlu
I.T-I LLI by I'll'- id C-arvln. east by AII A'.le^. W' 1 ". I
I.* I. aurle-" N xonN hem and Waier St., *». C
U> W ater M, T«*o!her with a one btory IKMII I
L-U',:. 11. g USED A*U tank shop, BELUP lot No. -I
UI,- .II of : »ld horo. SEIZED and taken IN E\:--
. '.I; II .:I tin- property of KvauKbun,' T'U < ".»'• I
.1 N .Muter. owu« I« IF reputed owners, cu, t
IN- suit of the Borough of Ivauslmr,.
KT> No. MI Dec Term IKKI. II If tlouiher, att .
LL-ev Fa ON Mechanics Lieu.)
All the rL-ht, title, tnterat and claim of .I <
'1 lin y AMI "I IN HMSH '1 hiry or, LU and to * Ul' C
1 ML. more or LE >. Mluaie In Butler boto. 1.1 -
LI r it), I'A bouiMleU as lollows. to wit ; < ; >
north 0> >.« LG:er Ave. oant by lot No I, . -I
> AN Alley. t-y lot N'o. 3. TOS'KLIER «I ; I
11. UL iramj HOIIM' and outbuildings therei I.
SFI,URU KU;'. taken IU execution «s uie pro) oi y
I I ... > irlrj «I:d Thcreaaa lhiry at the suit, f
311 haei BC.MDOII.
lDKo.Stlec.Kfm itoo. James 1J Mat i,
AI! the rl|lL>l . title, interest AND Malm OIT .s
1> Kelly of. in and lo 10 i»cre* of land, un-re • r
1. -J . SIIUAU' In T»p. Butler Co L .
B IAL »S LOUOW S, to- wit: lWgiiinliiji I 9
I a-, colli -I joining lands Thfia LILU lion 11. o
N ntii by 1 inds oi AN-hlbald Kelly to a v. I it
OA .. theme south hj lands ot Nancy A \«l .I s
IN : ,-"S«. ilien • I *st by lun-ts oi Thos Kiiel. I
lo ti cost i"n bank cf Big lieur Creek Uiliu- pi. O
ol I T K'lnuuig, together with a log still h
1- n welling houv. a two story frame >tw ; *
I. . I imdurlng oil well and out buil »
tie L/ri -nd taken lu execution U- O
LN .IU RI) ci IUOS 1) Kelly at the suit OR A. I
1 . '.\o 10. Doc i t no, 1880. W1) llrandoii, %
Alt the r -hi., T.T!-. interest and claim of ! •
V-ilord. N. In ami lo 5S acres ot tnud, in-..'1 r
A sir: -d ■: I hem Tap, Duller U.
bounded AS folio«*S, to-wl : un the north
JI I Bolti of oani I>¥ lorl Hix»>WLXNIJ MJI I
..A In nagliy, west by Kllas fat
ej Mos --II ued; nadar A food atati of I
.IN lion; A iWo IOIY Irauic house, lraiut' LY.■ .
on I :RRT IN it iiutbitilulngs thereon. ttece'J I
1. ;I in e.vicuttou as IHE property of P U \* -
U-r, .ll til alt j\ Nancy Kelly ot al.
i Warn iho plaintiff or other lien orerti r
■ l»< >iaea l e purchaser the cost on the > 0
u. t«s p:.i<l uu<i a ust of the Ileus lucliiil r
f n. -th:< nan.ues on the property soM
n, ,i tvi i sUiSii bun crettltoi » recelpl tor i i
••i .tit 01 me of Uio Mile or .suclm
u :tierui.: as he nii«y claim mu*t be tiirni'-' I
Hi. fierii).
All t.itis must be paid In full.
All s.ues n>t settled Immediately will i
eoi.tlnuod until i o'clock p. u. of next «Uj
■.<> ii tint' all property not settled for «".'l i
put p and koM .it the expense and rl.. cl t
pcr* on lo v.Uom flist sold.
'•.«ee I' nid on'h oiitest, otn edition, paffc ,
ai... smith's l'ortns, piurc 3m.
siuirUl'a Office. Butler. Pa.. Nov. 14. 1 f.rj.
Ju. y Lists for Dec. Term, 18QG.
I. t of Ciar.d Jurors drawn tills -Ttli il .v
Oct.. A. I). lrtHO, t ■ s«rve ah tiraiid Juru s
re).*i>l*ri-im of court. coninMuclutr oil tti- > t
M ti.lai ol l)e>\. 1)., ISDO, beIUK tilt' 1.1
lurr Win, butler b trough. I'd w, atom-ma. o i
lb wii hnwucl v. Fat mew twp, farmer.
• v r;ui W iii, \ ii twp. fanner.
I >i\ Went, Adams twp, farmer.
!• iti.ti/tri t<eorn<-. Forward twp, farmer,
li !-' .it lr in. r.v mst'ity boio.eljjar m ' er
K .erct. W.t .hlimton twp. farmer.
II u>i. Jut* pliFairvlew twp. farmer.
11 nlM'ti liobei tA. Cherry Iwjj. farmer.
It ue Samuel. Viiu'tutwp. farmer.
I. - i llrtir. Itutler tioro, Ist ward,Con.r.it ic.
Kr ! l.i \Vortii twp,farmer.
K. John, \eD u.(<o twp. farmer.
k. :i rmnn Jacob, \ unaUKo twp. runner.
Mi,., i Fred. i-ti.-jster twp, fame r.
m. : irvtty ,tMercer twp. farmer.
i.iiiK j Michael, Concord twp. farmer.
Non i- .1 oilti C. Clinton twp, farim-r.
Khoi. -i Win, supptrvrock two, farmer.
lltiinbaUKli Ueuneti, Washington twp, tariiier.
It. i er J t•. IhiUi r U"ro. 4th w. marble cu:tr. .
I tel. i'r Andrew, t entrc twp. farmer.
I. , ,i II 1. Fairvlew twp. driller.
\V<.. .1 15. Halt»lo twp, farmer.
I st i.f ivtlt Juf rs drawn ths HJth day
o.'l . \. D.. IX9O. to serve a.s I,'etU Jurors .il
it*, :ir t'-tm kI Couit, commencing on Uiu an
Moun t} ol itei.. A D., Ulao. tvlng ttie Bth day.
r.at r i:t 1' S, ltutJer two, 3d w. teacher.
itin*.. i r. M, Mercer twp. Justice.
liu„ • J i*. I irw iid 'wp, farmer.
Hi • dm II i'or«.«r<t twp. farmer,
t, . .liii.n i). fr'.tirvlew twp. farmer.
<*.« I. ~11 tudward. CranlKTry twp, farmer.
i'io' I*ll' ufler twp, faritvr.
t 'li-1 ii Mli li.tcl, I'ei t ollu IKiro. driller.
11)1. , .Samuel, tv:ins« uy, larmei'.
(tetter .feaoe. KianUlln twp, tanner
Kdinuudsoti J It. i'rds|«H.'i ixiro. uudertJK.T.
I.i i: in J.itiii s. Sr. Allegheny twp, fanni'i,
i ,n i II (itorKf li. twp, t.irmor.
11.. Isvawr lilll-t. Winlleld twp. farmer,
h. in- idil J«racs, Jr. Clinton twp, farmer.
Hn i Uton. < hviry i*p. luraicr.
!t i . TliJ - H entire Ivvp. farmer.
ii. Him* Mi liolaf Adams twp. farmer,
lli.'.iilijiiii I lino s. Cotioird iwp. fanner,
uii ik.'ui Wia, ilcnopie boro, k«ui.
11il :... II \V 1 , Uu'l' r lioro. Mil w. ugi-nt
l\et' -rer fieo. Kutler twru. 2d w. men-ai.i.t.
I.iij'liex I. 15.1'aii view twp, produder.
ijtr: ter I wis. Oi.Kland twp, farmer.
Mar, in W .l»i.f. Hutu r born. Mil w. Uum-dT
.\|iw i Waiter, liutier l«t«. Mh ward, carja .• •..".
,'itartln Vii twp, farmer.
\f ) i ,h Martin. iUddltv-cx two farmer.
M'ii..ltall I>. id, twp, labmer.
Mei iymoOd' Jaiuen A, Concord twp tanner.
tii iiidle 't WT, Utitler boro, 3rd ward, itui i .
1. :i ,io 11, I't nu twp, farmer,
l'lilli. , v. !.■>. I'i'itii twp. farmer.
Itn\..'ii John. (t. nerry twp. luriner.
:i .la. t'lltii ni twp. farmer.
I it, .Ii idr djje. producer
iv ■ k M < . I'n .i t twp. painter.
.In . r I'ratik. luulaiotwp. farmer.
,v f !■' M. iaiiicn: ter twp. farmer.
nun Tl'oin .".lipjHi' twp, furmcr.
st.i. rWJ. i l.i\ twp. fanner.
.it II t:. /.i 11. juiplf boro. sawyer,
ller i: 11. Unruiony tKiro. uiouMer.
:t, iin i i till, i r.utler t*iro, 31 «r, tlnn .
I i.. Kit.i twp. farmer.
\\r tIN. (
... • llcni . l i.ii i.iqueuedaliiK twp, fan i r.
in : W 1., ii ii. iit it twp, farmer.
llobes and Blankets
As cult! weather approach'-
horse owners will sftve inouo
b\ their honse hlau
cut.-, knee rolie.", etc..' now.
A £<t<xl warm blanket on
b< 1-0 in cold weather ni\
more for tin; owner thnii art
tiling el.se.
The largeut and must co;,.
,11. to line of ii»bes,blankets,ha
tic a,wlup«,i*runk«, valises, • t<-
in the couniy,and at the Jowc !
prices, wiW ulwayn be found at.
121 N. Main St.,
Butler, I'a.
MiHlin Street Livery.
V* G. 151 EHL, Prop'r,
< 10 f went of Main St., « .
Mil. ID bt. Ail g<tod, palo linrpo l :
in., Kid carriagen, lin iilm,
tor w«*ii jjjjs and fanerflis. Opt*
atkj aud u.gbi. T«l«phoDe No. U4.