Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, February 21, 1890, Image 1

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    VI. XX VII
fe* l ' ?0 S*"MAIN ST ;-
'"-"a ,
•RIT'TT . F";~R. - lr\E-JM 2ST' A
Hardware and Iloiuse Furnishing Goods.
Agricultural Implements,
Kramer Wagons,
Buggies, Carts. Wheel Barrow.-, Braranier Washing Machincn,;
New Sunshine and Howard Banges, Stoves, Table
and j ocket Cutlery, Hanging Lamps. Man
iifucturer of Tinware, Tin
Peeling and Spouting A Specialty.
- ■ I
•" *"*t Sole Agents for Butler, Mereer and Clar
■ ion counties for Behr Bros. Magnificent Pi-
Newby & Evans' Pianos, Smitli-
American and Carpenter Organs, Importers
theCelebrated Steinmeyer Pianos, and
cWMgrjcfggßpl^^P Dealers in Violins, Bruno Guitars, and
All Kinds of iMusical Instruments.
Pianos and Organs sold on installments. Old Instruments
taken in exchange. Come and see us, ius we
can save you money.
Tuning and Repairing of all kinds ol Musical Instruments
Promptly attended to.
Established IN4>O
No. 19, North Main St., BUTLER,;PA.,
Spectacles, &c., &c.
Society Emblems of all Descriptions.
Repairing in all branches skillfully and warranted.
And for the next 30 days we shall con
tinue to clear our shelves ol \\ inter
Goods to make room tor
Come early as the prices we have reduc
ed them to will move them rapid
lv as they arc? marked very
low, Vou will find some lag bargains at
-Leading Dry Goods and Carpet House, Bntler, Pa-
irfflcf on S. \v . * mii«T'»f Dlauunui
ri.tn- ami apecillcatiulw l«'r che.tf» mid ex|icu
sive buildings made ou short not in*.
A. A. KF.I.TY, M. D.
Oftlee .1 doors south of til*' Vo-'ley Hfflt*
Main Sr., Butler. J'a . on n ininl lloor ~f kct
tcrer's hulUlhi '. It.- -Idcnce ..n W. Jefferson St.
oiPiv at No. 4.'>, S. street, ov«-r Frar.k «
I'o's In Ug Store. but If r. l'a.
Physician and Surgeon.
Wo. 10 vVefct Cunningham St.,
». \V.Corner Main and North Hts.
| All work pertaining to Hit- profession execut
eJ in the neatest manner.
' Specialties (Sold Killing*, and I alnlefls Kx
traction of reetb, Vitalized Atr actum ilsusred.
Ofllrf on Jeff.-n,o» Street, one il»nr t«t of I#owry
House, I p Stair*.
Office open daily, except Wednesdays and
ThnrsJajs (omnium cat wins by mail receive
prompt attention,
K. B.—The only lV nti-t in Itutler Using Uie
best makes ofteeth.
Offire cu Fteoud lloor of the Ifn elton block,
Diamond Butler, l'x, L'oom No. I.
Collections ,i specialty. i>fllie at No. h. South
Diamond. Butler. I'll.
ATTOICNET-AT-Law AMI Notakv I'l lil.lc.
iifflcc in Koora So. 1. second lloor of Iluselton
I'-lock, entrance on Diamond.
Room No. Amli r-oii Rutl«»r. Pa.
Office on -.econd lloor of New Andcr&ou Block
Main St.. near Diamond. m
Attorney ;it Law, offtre at No. 17, Raat Jeffer
son St , Butler, l'a.
Attorney at Law and lii ul Estate Of
n< e reur ol 1.. '/■■ Mitchell's oftlee on nor'h hide
of Diamond, Butler, l',i.
Atloriiey-at-law. OHlcc on aeroiul floor ol
Aiul« building, near Court lluus*-. I'.utler,
Ally at I.aw—Oillce at S. K. for. Main St, and
Diamond, Butler, f'a.
Atl'y at Ijiw OfUi c on South side of Diamond
liutlcr. J*a.
Attorney-at-Law. Office on Soutli side <«f I»la
inouil, liutlcr. I'a.
L. 8. McJUiVKLV,
Insurance and Real Estate Ag't
Fire and Lite
Insurance Co. of North America, incor
porated 17ficapital $.'1,000,000 and other
strong companies represented. New York
f,ife Insurance Co., assets S'JO,OOO,OOO. OUice
New Huseiton building near Court House.
Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Office Cor. Main & Cunningham Sts.
.1. I. I'urvls, Saiuucl Anderson,
William Campbell .1. W. I'.urkli.irl,
A. Troutman, Henderson Oliver,
(i.e. Koessilig, .lames Stephenson,
I»r. W. Irvm. Ilenry Wliltiulrc.
J. I'. Taylor. 11. 0. ileluemiui,
- T^YK.
Wall Paper.
For the next fixty days we
will oiler bargains in all our
<:ilt and embossed wall jia|»ers,
in order to reduce stock ami
make room lor Holiday (foods,
J. H. Douglass,
Near l'ostoffice, Butler, Pa
AJVb'flitttt iu >,Lu CITIZKN
De Massa ob tie Sheepfol'.
I>e lnassa ob de sheepfol'.
Mat guard de hcejifol bin.
Look mit in de gloomerin' meadow
Wharde long night rain begin—
So lie cults t<> de bird in' liep'a'd,
I my heep, is dey all come iuf
«.», dcu -ay •de liirel.n' In p.id,
hey's nme iley - black and thin,
And some iley's |»i' ol' wedtla'a.
Bat de re ' dey's all brtinr in.
Hat de rt ' dej' all l»runjs in.
lieu ile uia aob the beejdol,
I»nt guard the sheepfol' b.n.
(ioeidonn ill de floonierin ine.idoii ,
Wbar ile long night rain begin—
So be le' down de ba' ob de ibeepfol',
Callin' of. Come in, <'••me in,
Tallin' . of. Come in. Come in!
Den ii|i t'ro' ile glooinerin' meadow.-,
T'ro' <le col' liigbt, rain and win',
And nj) t'ro' ile gloomerin' ruin pat,
Wh« -1P sleet fa' pie'in' thin,
l»e po' lo sheep oh do sbeepfol',
l»ey all comes gadderin" in;
l»e po' los' sheep ob de sheepfol',
Dey ail come? gadderin' in.
Without regard lo the dialect, this i one
i of the most beantiful poem - in the Eiigli>h
language. The Authorship i unknown.
New York Shh.
[ Transltitnl frmtt the French o/' Thf U'hiJc
iiuul 't* r.
I It was toward the eud id" November.
The Imperial Garden of Vienna wa> de
erted; a sharp north wind was whirling
the crir-p saffron colored leaves about, and
the ro;-e hushes were sad looking aud hrok
en. with their branches trailing in the
mud. The main pathway, however, being
covered with gravel, was dry and clean, and
although very desolate the garden was not
without a certain melancholy charm At
the end of a long arcade was an indistinct
horizon of liilln, almost drowned in bluish
vapors and evening mists, while on the
other side the view extended to the I'rater
and the Danube. -It was a walk tit for ft
A young man wius striding up and down
this path impatiently. His dress was
handsome, though a little theatrical, eon-
of a black velvet coat trimmed with
gold braid and bordered with fur, panta
loons of gray tricot cloth and high boots
with tassel.-. lie was about -7 or lis year.,
old, Li - features were pale and regular and
hiii expression was otic of shrewdness,
while irony •-eined to lurk in the corners
of his mouth. At the university, which lie
seemed to have left but recently, for he
wore the student's cap, he niu.it have giv
en the '-Philistines" a great deal of trouble,
and probably . hone in the first rank of the
burttchen an 1 '•foxes. '
The very short . pace to which hecouliu
ed his walk bowed thai he wa awaiting
some one, probably a woman, for the liu
perial Garden iu November was hardly a
suitable place for business appointments.
And indeed it was not. long before a young
trirl appeared at the end of a path, a black
silk hood covered Iter rich blonde hair,
which the ev cuing damp had partly tin
curled; her skin, naturally as while as vir
gin wax. bad received from biting cobl the
hue of a ISenpal ro e, and she was wrap
ped in a able trimmed mantle which inadi
her look charmingly like the tatule of La
Frileu c. Shi- v, as accompanied by a black
water spaniel, a mo t convenient chape
rone. "and one whose indulgence and di
cretion could bo relied upon.
•'Jo I think, iteiaricb," said tln- lovely
Viennese, as she look the young nun's
arm, "1 was dressed and ready to go out
more than an hour ago, and my aunt
would nut finish her ncrmon on the perils
of the waltz and the recipi'S I'or Cliri timi::
cake. At last I got away on the pretense
of buying sonn; gray guitei, of which 1
have not the slightest need. It is for your
;tke I tell all these fibs; I always repent
of them, and straightway begin again. oh,
HeiArich, what cau have induced yon to
go on the ,-tage alter studying theology
at Heidelberg.' My parents like you,
and we might have been married by thi«
time, and, instead of meeting secretly un
der the bare trees of the Imperial Harden,
we should be -itting together iu front of a
line Saxony stove iu a cozy parlor talking
about our children'* future. Would not
that be a happy lot?"
"Yes, very happy, Katy," lie repled,
pressing her plump arm underneath the
satin and furs; "but what can I dot The
theater has an irreaistable attraction for
me. I think of it all day and dream of it
all night. I long to live in the creations
of the poets. I seem to have twenty dill
erent existences, for every new part 1 take
ii a new life for me; I feel every pas->ion
| that 1 portray. lam Hamlet, Othello and
Charles Moor in turn, and, while I can lie
all of these I cannot easily resign myself
to the humble lot ol a village pastor."
"That may be true," said the young girl,
"but you know very well that my parents
will never accept a comedian as their son
"No,certainly not an obscure comedian,''
he said, " poor, wanderiug actor, who i
but the toy of managers and I In- public;
but, however particular they may be, they
will accept a great artist covered with
applause anil fame iiuil paid better
than a minister of state. When I
drive np to your door in a hand'o me ycl
low carriage, with the varni.'h reflecting
the astonished faces of the pa -en and
footmen in livery to let down the itcfM,
do yon think they will rcfn e nie then, Ka
"I suppose not, but who knows that you
will ever reach that point' You have tal
ent, lint talent is not everything—you
must alfio have luck. I'.y the time you
have become a great actor our youth will
have pa" cd away, and will you rare to
marry your old Katy when you are :ur
rounded by the gay, brilliant beanties of
the theater?"
''The future of which I peak," replied
Heinrich, "inearer than you think. I
have made .in o.cellent engagement at the
theater of the Port de Carinthie, "and the
manager i o plea..o«l with my rendering
of the purl, that be ha given me a gratuity
of L'.OIHI thaler..."
"I coufes.," aid the girl adly, "that I
do not like to think of your taking the part
of Satan, I cannot bear to ce agoodCath
oli<- wearing the inn I, of the enemy anil
peaking word of bla phemy. The other
day, when I wa at the theater, I expected
every minute to ee real liuuie priug up
from Ihe trap vs here you had gone down
in u bluzn of spirits of u inc. Iwa < fright
ened ,iml liinl the most horrible dreams
that night
''All imagination, my good little Katy,"
-aid Heiurich; "bc-idei, to morrow per
foruiauce will be the la I one ol tbi.i pluy.
I shall not Inn i to weal the red and hlui k
co itume again."
"I am glad of that, ' she an Acred • for
the thought, of it till me with im\i< ly. I
fear that this rob* i ■ mor** profitable for
your dramatic fame than for your HOUI'H
welfare. II i-< not likely that you receive
any good example from tlio e godless ac
t >rd. Iu ii afraid that yon do not often
>ay your pravel . and where i; the pro I
gave your 1 woti'd wftger <>niething that
that you have lost it."
For answer to this accusation Iteiiiri. h
turned back the front of his coat, and di
playeil tlm little cross shining ju-i over
hi - heart.
11l tld- time the IlllM bad le .lo .l
sire. I iu tlo- Leopolds!»dt and they
soon lopped bclore tlo- store of a shoe
maker who irm renowned for the pel lec
tion of hi gray gaiter - After talkiug for
a few minute" longeron tl.e threshold k:it)
went in. followed by her -paniel, but not
before Heinricb had furtively press,d her
pretty, slender fingers. The young mail
Iried to catch another glimpse of hi belov
ed by peering over the dainty shoes and
gaiters which w ere yunuetrically arraug
ed in the shop .wiuilows, but ttie fog had
clouded the gla s panes and be could dis
tinguish nothing more than a limit .il
houette. and so, taking au heroic resolve,
be turned on bis heel and walked slowly
There were a great many gu csts at the
inn that evening. The society there was
al way very mixed the caprice of Callot
and ijoya combined coll hi not produce a
more whimsical collection ol charoeterio
types. The Double Headed Kaele was
one ol those large, delightful haicmcnt -a
loons celebrated by Hoffman, of which the
steps were o worn, so uetuous and so slip
pery that one could hardly put one's foot
oh the topmost without almost imuiediulu
ly litilling one's self at the bottom, seated
at a table between a pot of beer and a
measure of wine, and with a pipe in one's
Through the thick clouds of smoke which
filled the place there would gradually loom
up strange figures of all sorts—Wullai bi
ans wearing Astrakhan caps, Servian t,
Hungarians wilh their long black inu-t i. h
es and wearing braided dolmans, I'oheui
ians with copper lined kins and I.arrow
foreheads, hone t (icrmans in gilt trimmed
coats, Tartars with slanting eyes like the
Chine e; in short, people of every nnagi
nable race The Orient was represented
by a great. Turk who -quailed in a corner,
peaceably smoking a' cherry wood pipe
with au amber mouthpiece. The other
persons were eated at mall tables huiily
eating aud drinking, the beverages being
strong beer and a mixture of new red ami
old white wide The eatables Were cold
veal and h.iin, and pa 'try. lfouiid aud
round between the table; whirled inces
santly a dream of walt/er , the exerei ••
seeming lo have the ame effect upon their
Occidental miiuls that hashcc Ii and opium
have on the mind of the Oriental . 'flu*
couples gassed and rcpa.ied rapidly to the
sound of Latincr's nut ic, the women lean
ing uluio. I faint v 11h deli-bt, on the arm.
of their partners, while their skirls -wept
away the moke clouds and fanned the
faces of the drinkers. At the counter a
group ol Morlochiau hards, aeiompanied
by a guzla player, were reciting a sort of
dramatic lament, which .n-eiiled lo Intel
est deeply h do/ell Jtraufle figures clad iu
Ilcinrich, the young aclor, entered the
•pai ions saloon ami vveiil toward a table
where were already three or four youths
chatting merrily. "Alt, here i our Hcin
rich. Take care of yourselves, friend 110I —
lo iiuui babel in coruu!" cried the eldest of
the party; and then he added, "Do you
kuoiv you looked really diabolical last
nighlY Imt almost afraid of you WJio
would haye though that the fleinrich who
drink - beer just as we do, and dot s not di .
■lain a slice of cold ham, could put on such
a wicked, sardonic air, and make the w hole
house shudder'
"That shows what a great actor he is, '
said another young man; "there is no art
in playing a part that suits one's own char
after, but it requires geuin., for a coquette
to assume an air of sweet simplicity."
lleiniich took a seat at a table, and with
a very modest air ordered a glass of mixed
wine, and the couverriatiou was continu
ed iu the same strain, the young actor re
ceiving compliments from every side.
"Ah, if Wolfgang von Uoethe had but
seen you!" said one; aud added, "I am
: ure you have the cloven foot—let us see.
The other guests of the inn, attracted by
all thi acclamation, looked curiously at
Heinricb and were delighted to have an op
portunity of neeing such a celebrity as he.
Some young men who-had been at the un
iversity with him, but who hardly knew
hi ; name, came up and shook his hand a
warmly as if they were hi, most ihtimute
friends. The prettiest of the female wall/
ers cast glances of tender interest at him
from their velvety blue eyes as they pass
One per ion ulnar seemed l<> take no part
in the general enthusiasm. He was sit
tiiif at a table near I)}', with hi* hewl turn
ed in the opposite direction. and was ab
sently drumming a military march with
bis fingers on the crown of his hat, and
uttering from time t" time a very dubious
humph! His appearance was peculiar, al
though at tint night he might be taken lor
an hone it citizen of moderate menus, llis
eyes were gray, but with a greenish tinge,
and they -ceincd to shine with phopher
<• i cut light like tho.'' of a cat; his pale,
thin lips, when parte*, di played two rows
of very white teeth, pointed and far apart
which pun him a ferocious, almost canni
hat exprc.i. ion, while his long, curved fin
ger nail looked like i lawn. These pecul
iarities, however, were idi-.ervable only to
per "in who plain ed at him suddenly, Tor
to the eyct that looked fixedly at him lie
presented the ordinary ea y appearance of
a retired inerehant, and one woubl lie as
toiiishcd al one's elf for having uspected
ucb a harinle i looking person of any vil
lainy. T!ie young Heinrieh wa . secretly
annoyed by thi man' e\ ident indiirerelu e,
and bis di. dainful idlence .'eemed to take
from tin- value of the admiring prai. es
with which bi own companians were over
whelming him; it WIIM the ilence of the
counoiiir, who cannot lie deceived, by
appearand-'and who ha seen the In* .1. of
eyefytbing in bis time. Atmayer, the
warmest of lleinricli's admirers, noticed
thi i per on': cold silence and aildri -ed
him defiantly, raying
"I.i it not true, ir, that no actor could
play the part of Mcphisphcle belter than
our friend hen-'
"Humph!" said the 'tranger, grinding
his i harp teeth together, while his blue
green eyes Hashed. "Mr. Heinrieh ii a
young man of talent I admire liini groat
ly; but. in order to play hi part well he has
much to learn." Then, turnine to the ac
tor, be -aid suddenly: "Have yon ever
seen the devil?" putting the question ill
mii. h a i liitrp, mocking toil' that a < hill ran
through his hearer- "That i absolutely
e - ential," he l oiitiuued, "tor the prii'ect
rendering of the part. The other night I was
in the theater of the I'orte de Carintlile,
and I wad not satisfied with your laugh—
it wa* a laugh of mere inischievioua al the
mii t. This is the way you should dolt
my dear little Mr Heinrieh."
And Instantly, by way of example, he
gave a sharp, brill peal of langhtcr that
ua: o main ion i and anionic that the
music and the daucers topped <imultaue
-011. ly. The laugh la ted fur cVrral mill
utes and made the windows rattle, und
(he young men, although they were "truck
with dismay could not refrain from join
in: in. When they recovered tbeinn-lv
and looked around, the room wa - still ring
iiitf with the echoes of that mocking laugh,
but the I ranger wiw nowhere to be ~een. ,
Tlii- lie it evening when lleiori. h ap|»-tir
ed on the lage there at in the ftr I roiv
of Ihe orchestra 'cats the my ferioiH gnc I 1
of the Double Headed Eaple. \t every '
word the young actor uttered the -Iranger I
hook hi head. cowled, nia ked his (
tougue again t bis palate and gave • very
sign <if impatience and di -approval.
"Had, bad !" lie was beard to mutter, in |
in an undertone, while his neigblmr . nr
prised at hi. liehavior ftpplnnded wildly
and aid to each other : • That geiitlemrm
is bard to plea.*'."
At the end of the first act the ttranger
r«. as if he had takeu a sudden n oln
tion. aud, cliiubing u\« i the balustrade in
to the orchestra, passed rapidly between j
ilie big ilrtini and Hie gong ami finale |
through the doorway under the -tage, |
lleiniich, while waiting for the next act to j
begin, was walking up and down a pa ag>- i
behind the -.cenes, and on turning round
he -aw. to hi dismay, a person dressed
exact I v oj be wa>, in red and black, but
with a greenish glitter in bis eyes.* a sar
donic « xpre siou, and sharp, white, separ
ated teeth. The young man conhl not but
recognize the unknown ol the inn, or
rather Satan himself, for it was he.
"Ah. ba, my voting friend," cried the
intruder, "you want to play the devil, do
yon f Let me tell you that you cut such a
poor ligure iu the act that I cannot
allow you to continue. Von v J give
the good people of V.euna a wretched
opinion of me. I will take your place
this evening, and a- your presence would
annoy me I will send you down to the sub
Ileinrit-b kuew lie was iu the power of
the Kvil One, and mechanically grafping
Kaly'ii cru-.i, which be alwayswore.be
tried to cream. Ile vwis unable to utter
a ; ound, however, and the devil, pre ing
his flaw-like hands upon the young actor's
.-boulders, forced hi.i. to th< lloor, then
left hitn and went on tlo- :itdge.
Mis biting, vcliomoli. and really dia
bolical manner at fir t merely surprised
I lie audience.
"Ilcinrich is the right vein to-night,'
was heard on all sides. What produced a
great effect wa ihi neering laugh, hai b
a., the gruting of a . av., bitter a - the
of the damned blaspheming the joy of
partuli e. Sever before bad nch depths uf
liemli liness been portrayed upon that
tuge ; the people trembled and panted with
emotion. I'bo phoreiicent sparks flashed
from the finger of the terrible a> tor: the
light from the chandelier grew pale; the
footlights burned lurid red, and the mnell
of sulphur tilled the hall.
The audience was in a delirium, and
thunders of applause greeted every en
lelue ulleied by the wondellill Al. plli to
pheles, who more I ban once substituted
Holds of hi oVVIi for Ibo•- ol the poet.
Little Katy, to whom Ueiniieli had cut a
box ticket, could hardly recognize lor be
loved, and she was filled with a Vajjtie pre
sentiment, foreseeing mi fortune with that
power of divination which love, the soul's
ecoiul fight, he tow.
The performance ended Willi a tempest
ofenthu ia m. and directly the curtain fell
the people called wildly for Alephi topbelc
to come out. The latter, however, did
not appenr, and after a long "enreh an at
teuilnnt canin to the manager and aid
tluil Mr Heinricb hail been found lying
iineon eious in the sub cellar, where he
must have fallen through a trap, lie was
taken home, and those who undressed him
were itatohiubed to .-oe on his shoulders a
nifmber of'deep -cratches like the marks of
a tiger's cluws.
His illness was a long one, and as soon
as be was convalescent the theater mana
ger made him •» brilliant offer, but he re
fused to uct again, for lie did not care to
risk bis soul n second time ; moreover he
knew that his acting could never equal
that of his dreadfnl substitute.
Al the end of two or three years, baviug
come into a modest inheritance, Ilcinrich
married his pretty Katy, and the two sat
together before a Saxony stove iu a cozy
parlor, and talked of their children'*
Theatergoers still speak with admiration
of that marvelous performance, and are
astonished at lleinrich'H caprieiousncss in
abandoning the stage at the very moment
ol hi t triumph.— The Fi'of.h.
I ho Troublesome Sparrow.
That immoral and impudent, bird, the
sparrow, is in trouble again, lie is a bird
of notoriously bad character. lie is a
lighter, a thief, aud an incurable glutton.
The indictment which the ('hosier Farm
er.i' Club has brought against him i enough
to make more self re-pectilig birds thank
their stars that they are not as he. The
Cheshire farmers have been calculating
that he eats one tenth of all the grain that
is grown in the country, and the cost ol
killing hiui k about a pound a thousand.
If a farmer want to oxteruiiuate birds, he
mint expect to be at charges for the alt to
put on their tail —which in thi ease bap
pens to be saltpeter, lint the accusation
of gobbling up the grain which ought to
go into the barn is more serious. In the
winter, too, the sparrows go into the farm
yard and eat the grain intended for the
poultry and feed at the pig trough with
the pigs—which is surely a mark of great
intelligence on their part. Still the <he
hire farmers must remember that all the
wojld is not agreed as lo the ingrained im
morality of the sparrow. There arc those
who believe that they con nine an euor
IIIOUS number ol notion < inset Is when
the re it no grain to lie bad, and that con
e<|iicut)y they do as much good as barm.
That the sparrow i too numerous is most
likely; but wo need not have him extcimi
nated. lie is . o cheerful, no "cocky," and
so generally irrepressible, that life—in
lov.ps, at least,—Would be appreciably sail
der without him.
He Saw the Weather.
There was once a Scotch lariiier lamed
for strength, who wa. often challenged by
people from a distance who bad heard ol
bis reputation. One day there arrived front
London Lord D . a well known amateur
pugdi 't. He found the Scot working in a
held. "Friend," aid In lord hip, alter
tit t tying hi hot cto a tree. I have
come a long way to ■•-•• which of u • i tin
best wrestler." Without ay ing a Word
I lie farmer seized him round the middle,
pitched liini over tin' hedge and resumed
his work Hi i bud hip lowly gathered
himself together, whereupon the farmer
said, "Well, have you anything more to
IIV lo 111*•: "So," replied Lord I*., "but
per Imps you'll be •• good as to throw me
my horse." - The .hyOHUnl
When vc two parted, I felt tbut I
bud taken cold." . lid Thomas Takeiutime,
"and next morning I was hoar e in feed,
lint a "fi eeiit bottle of Dr. Hull • I'oiigli
Syrup fixed uie up."
Contention women are slaves to bead
ache; but twenty five ceuls .pent tor a
hot 11c ol Sr.lvatioii Oil will r< tore harmony
' iu the household.
Tho Arizona "Kicker."
\\ e extract the lotlowifi from the 1.l I
! i tie of the Arizona htcl fr.
It Hit Tin-. N' hi. In our la-t i ue we
i called attentiou to the fact that we bad
darted a repie eiilive ol' !%• Aict« aronml
the world That repr. ent.Uive i \p i. l.e
Jim, • lull blooded Indian. He i the tii I .
and only red -kin who has ever tailed out
•in -licit a tour, and probably the meanest !
1 ami dirtie-t. lie i not to iee how iinick
lie can mskc the trip but how lon ' lie can
be about it. We gave hi lit five dollars to i
| lay in a apply of tobacco aud whi ky. aud '•
|he will beat hi way on train and team j
■ boat
t >ur otter of a prize of a coy ole kin jacket
to the person who gue <es Dear.- 1 the time
made by .11in ba already brought in I,'JjO
gue. r. rauging from 100 day s to
y cai , aud our enterprise i. tin- talk of the
whole West. We don I Wonder that our
lopped eared conteuiporaiy dowu the I reel
is trying to ra i e lnoiicy to buy a box of
rough on old iniv shack- The only eili
! torial enterprise be has ever -liown in this
! town wa iu riding out two miles to nfeet
j a eircn and seeking au interview with the
| Dodo, whom he -lupeetcd was his father in
| disguise.
Its a !•••. Last night we forwarded a
request to the Governor to be allowed to
raise a cavalry company here to be known
as " The Kn ker Legion, and lo be appoint
ed colonel of the saine. There is no doubt
but that thi.-> request will be swallowed
Like a hot buckwheat cake, and that in h ;
than two month- the streets of this town,
will echo the thunder of charging squad
rons. We propose to donate the weekly
services of six mules, in case otir request is
complied with, and we proini e the boy • m
advance that we shall lead them on to
glory and ileal h whencM-r it is convenient
to do so.
How are you, "colonel" a real live
colouel with a commission iu hi - pocket
and a bo om lull of patrioti m and glory!
No womler the old shellback down the
street site and gazes into vacancy by the
hour. He has lo I lit, grip iu this town,
and lie sees the baud writing on the wall.
Xo advance will be made iu our advertising
rate ■on this account. All advertisement
intended for the week's i- uc must in
by Tuesday
Now Let 11 ivi Hiiwl When tin- old
chattel mortgaged, bankrupted, poverty
stricken concern down the avenue which
claims to he a newspaper bought, an old
power pre i oyer in Tombstone City on
tick and bad it hauled over here by a
twelve mule team, lie expected the Aineri
c;fh continent to tip up at an angle of 4.1
degrees. "He wa . the lir.t to display en
terpri .- it was the first power pre.; ■ in
town—he would show the people w hat real
lievv.-paper enterprise wa-'," aud o forth
and so on. That pre s, a. everybody
knows, has proved a llat failure, except lo
kill off two half breeds who talked into ils
bovvelr audcr the idea that it wa a phono
graph, and a; for any improvement in the
typographical appearance or intcre I of our
contemporary it isn't there. Nothing but
a drunken riot and a case of nbsolute "pi"
con id do thai. •
We haven't been crowing around any,
but w< have been at work all the same.
We now take plea sire in announcing to
our rcadc.i that, beginning next week, we
shall not only ink the form 'of flu Kid.' r
with a regular elite and in obi i roller
procured fit Denver at a great expense and
a i a particular favor, but we shall place a
jar of beans in our window n.l offer 100
ye irs' übscription to till: paper to the per
.on making the nearest guess :i to the ex
act number. Three month will be allowed
for sending in the guesses.
\ml as if this were not enough to make
the aforesaid cross-eyed, lame-jointed,
buck-kneed, one storied hyena who adds
the word "editor" to his name wish he bad
never been born, we hall otter a prize of
four gallons of whisky to the bulf breed
who can wear a -hirt the longest, and take
our whole otiice force up iu a balloon as
soon as the vehicle already contracted for,
cau arrive here.
Now let our contemporary bow l with his
cracked voice and guush bis old snugs lo
gether! We have only just begun with
him. Ile talk of editorial culerpri .<•! lie
prate of giving subscribers double the value
of their money! Why, we can think of
more schemes in live minutes than could
lie crowded into his cranium in two thous
and years! We've been a little suviug ol
late, but now that this so called "publish
er" has seen lit to blow his bugle horn
about enterprise we'll go down into our
sock and spend our last dime to drive hiui
into a rabbit hole and plug up the entrance.
Josh Billings' Philosophy.
Tongue-tied women are very scarce ami
very valuable.
lie who acquires wealth dishouestly is
too corrupt to enjoy it.
II is a great art to be ...iperior to others
without letting them know it.
Vain men uliould he treated as boys
treat bladders- blow them up till they
I have always noticed that lie is the best
talker who e thought agree- with our
own. •
There is not only fun, but there i virtue
iu a hearty laugh; animals can't laut'li and
devils won't
Don't never quarrel with a loafer. Scur
rility is his trade; yon can never make him
ashamed, but, he is ure to make you so.
Vanity i called a discreditable pa ion,
bill the good thing; that men do can of
tencr be traced to their vanity Ihnn to
their virtue.
Don't ever prophesy, young man, for it
vou prophesy wrong nobody will forget if,
and if you prophesy right nobody will re
member il
Kceentricitics, when they are natural,
are ome indication of a superior mind;
those who think different from others are
apt to act different.
A Novel Projeci.
When it vvas luted some weeks since in
the newspaper, that. I lie building of a milk
pipe line from a point-in New York Stale
to New Viirk City was projected il was
treated as a joke. Tim projector were,
however, it eems, in ober earnest. A
company with a capital ol has, it
i announced, been formed at Middletovvn,
N. \ , for the purpose of constructing audi
a hue The ptopo.icd method ol torward
lue tin* milk is in cylindrical tin can sur
rounded and propelled by Water, and the
promoters of the clieiue .I el l thai the
time ol trau portal ion lor u distance ol 100
miles will not exceed an hour, while the
profit will be about one cent a gallon.
tin iiitil li'iitti think >1 thi sort ol thing
goes ou. we need not be lurprised ere long
to (im! New York the converging point
not only ol oil, natural gas, and milk pipe
lines, but ol whi-ky duct from the blue
yru region -Mild beer duel from < uiciu
iisti, St.. Louis, and Milwaukee The pipe
inanufai turers may well feel cheerful at
the pro peel beloi'e them.
I I'oll town quill men are n ipg cro*
in lieu of pigeons lor trap shooting.
Bill Arp Among The Farmers.
Itill Arp, tin- (leorgia humorist, has been
among Ilt<- farm' r ll** iay
■ liy invitation. J made a speech not
I.uii' ago it i farinei iiarl-rcne in a neigh-
Urtriu ' comity, and I -pread myself in
iiu iraf iii'' our people lo keep up with the
age, and I pictured tin* innocence ami
houcsij ami independence «<l a farmer's
111*- ia multitudinous language I un.- I
(life r. il and of cnor r, ami
when I i"'i through an old, prittly fellow. !
with bra bound {»<•« IWIH, ruui' np, ami J
ay ho t>> nil "My friend. yon talk
mighty will \.ni talk like a lawyer, hut 1 !
would like to know if you can till ltie
what kiml of a call" makes the best milch
cow*' "A heifer calf " faid I. anil the
crowd jii: t \ ••lied 1 got tli«- it on the
old man, and o oiys
l.et nie a-k yon a question and yon may
.1 I no another, and the man who >au t
u!• v.i-r his own que-tion must treat to
cigar- "
' All tight, says lie, '-now fo ahead."
S tul I ' ll.iw does a ground squirrel
dig his hole without leaving any dirt
around the top'"
He -tudifd awhile and then gave up, aud
. ailed ou me to answer.
"Why," .-aid I, "he begius at the hot
"W ell, b:it how does he get to the hot
t • HII. aid the old man. as though he had
•I don't know,'" said I. "I never did
know, and as it is your question, you must
answer or pay."
The crowd yelled again, ami the old man
iirii iulered and bought the cigars.
Health Hints.
fion't cont radii I your wife.
Don't tell a man lie is a stranger to the
truth because lie happens to he smaller
than >uiii i ll'. Krrors of this kind have
Ueon known to In- disastrous.
Sever go to lied with cold or damp feet.
Leave tin in liepidti the kitchen fire, where
they will he bandy to put on in the morn
It is |>ad to lean your back against any
thing cold, particularly when it is in an
i. y pavement upon which your vertebral
arrangement has caromed with a jolt that
hakes the buttons oil your coal.
Vlway eat your breakfast before begin
ning a journey. If you haven't any break
fast don't journey.
Alter violent exercise. like putting up
the tove or nailing down carpets, never
ride around town iu an open carriage. It
is belter to walk It is also cheaper.
AVheii hoar e, -peak a little as possible.
If you ure Lot bourse it won't do you any
harm to keep yonr mouth -hut. too.
I toll'l light the tiic with kerosene, l.et
the hired girl do it She ha n't any wile
aud children. You have.
I tun t roam around the house in your
bare feet at the dead of night trying to
pick ii]. I raj lack Men have been known
to ih locate their jaw through this bad
Wlu ll j Oil re a lliall put the lighled cml
of i i igar iu hi mouth, don't ask him il it
i hot enough Serious injury lias often re
ulted from tin liuhit —Philadelphia hi
if it i ft i'.
The Awful Alternative.
Little Marshall I'. Wilder tol.l a Wash
iii -toii /'«. I reporter Iho following gem:
I inucuiic called iu on Mike Learj's old
e t hoy, Tiui. one day and found that line
broth of a boy pale about the gills, losing
tie Ii and the picture of Jespair. «»■
"llowlj Mo es, Tim, it's murtheriu'ill
ye re lookiu! Fwat in the name ar th' kia
ken's the matherf"
"Vi- know that blatherin' spalpeen av a
Widdy »'o tigan's second husband's step
son, Jamie?"
"That 1 do."
■ lie bet me a dollar to a pint 1 couldn't
schwally an igg widout br'akiu' th' shell
av it "
"I»id ye do m f
"I did."
•■Thin fw hat's aillin' yet"
"It's iloon there. If I Joomp about I'll
hr'nk it an' cut me stnmmick wid th' shell.
It' I tape quiet thedom thing'U batch oot
an' I 'll have a Shanghai roosther a clawin'
me inside-)."
Insects In Drugs.
At a recent meeting of the Chemists'
A -i.lant ' Association, Mr. C. J. Strother
bowed a number ol drugs infected with
animal life, and remarked that the first, a
fair-looking sample of crushed liuseed, sup
plied about three weeks before by u large
wholesale linn and kept in a wooden cask
with a cover ol wook, was seen under u
lens to bo literally alive. The neit was
aconite root, of which the parasite was
quite dilfercnt Nux vomica and cantha
rides were the remaining specimens. With
the last named il is usual to put camphor,
though with doubtful effect, but it is pos
ihle tlr.it wa hiug liaril substances iu a so
1 ll tion ol dicylic acid, ami quu\ly drying
them, might protect them. The question
naturally arise What would be the effect
of a poultice containing thousands of insects
applied to an open wound, cpeeially If
the poultice be made with hot instead of
boiling water?- FHARHI. •loin
The Value of Vaccination.
" \tier moving from this place, ten days
pa.-.'-ed before we reached another planta
1 ion, during which time we lot more men
than we bad 10. I between I tan illy a aud
r ('arroww a' The mall pox broke out
among the Manycum and their followers,
and the mortality un terrible. Our Kan
zihari escaped thii pest, however, owing
to the vaci inutiou they had undergone on
hoard the Madura.' The foregoing is an
extract from thit interesting letter of Mr.
Stanley published recently, unil we com
iiieiid il to the notice of the anti vaccina
lii ill I t LUHO I.
That's What he Said. _
"hnl you a k papa?"
"What did he say f"
"<>b. not much."
"Well, what did he <ayT"
• lib! Not much!"'
No Wonder.
he.it M.ni (lo wcetheart) —harliug
Kvaugcliua, will you be my wife?
Kvangelins (sweetly)— Yes.
h M —\\ hat' *
I). M— Hub.' Can't hear
\fter having beeu eparated lor some
time by mutual agreement an Allcntowu
couple re united, and the neighbors turned
out in it body to welcome tlicni to their old
In order to be at a wedding a Harris
burg minister e prniled t >, including the
pu. i of the In i II e, slid the groom only
.i him alo fee. Tlii* mini tcr nays some
other fellow will officiate at the christening, i
little., may be made for governing the
dairy work, but there can be no rule made
for feeding the cows in regarA to quantity
and quality ol food hath cow wal bave
hei - pedal demands, and t Ley must, lie
complied with
110 i.ol disturb the onions or onion sets
If thejr arc ituxcu. The handling of them
when they are iu a frozen condition id det
rimental. Allow them to gradually thaw,
and keep them where they were originally
Mulch around the yoiiug trees as soon as
the grouud ia fru/uii. This will prevent
the ground from thawiug 100 early iu the
the spring, thus delaying the flow of sap,
thereby lessening the liability of iujury
from lute frosts.
A steel at the Chicago Fat Stock Show
gained over three pounds per day to the
ai?e of 32"J days The greatest gain with
steers is when they are under two years
old. the average gain being about two
pounds per day to that age.
The i nrry comb is never more useful
than in the winter. It is a pretty useful
thing any time. 11 should be used careful
ly. however, at all times. The man who
Uses a sharp curry comb as be would a
spade in digging had better not use one at
When milk is unfit for the farmer to
drink it i* also nutit for the yoong calf.
Scours frequently result from the calf not
receiving milk that is fresh and sweet. The
natural conditions iu feeding young calves
should he observed as closely a3 possi
The skin of animals is an excretory or
gan. Now, if the pores are filled with
dirt the organ cannot perform its office ef
ficiently. Keep the skin as clean as possi
ble. This inay be done partially byj keep
ing bedding clean, keeping dirt from sift
ing down from above, currying, etc.
Wagons should be kept well greased,
tirca. e is cheaper tliau horse flesh, and as
the roads iu the winter season do uot al
ways permit of tbe use of light wagons the
draught on tbe horses should be kept at
the minimum point, aud greasing the
axles will largely contribute to lessen the
wear aud tear of the wagons as well as
the labor of the horses.
Rough land alone will not support
beep. Sheep will fiud much that may be
utilized by them on such lands, but a good
feed of grain should be given at night also.
As the sliecp will eat tender herbage of
all kimls and industriously forage for all
thai cuii be had, they serve to keep down
weeds and suckers, but such food will not
answer for them exclnsively.
To take the ''fishy" smell from yonr
kilb't after frying fish, put soap and
water in the skillet and let it boil for ten
Whitewash should be used in order to
render the stables cheerful. A light stable
is more comfortable than a dark one, and
as the luue partially nerves to disinfect
the building its application should be fre
I'util farmers have generally learned
thai good roads are as necessary to their
sncceas as good crops, the country roads
will be generally hod . and no legislation
will make tbeui otherwise, ntile.ii it will bn
by levying a direct tax lor road purposes
and appointing official road makers with
tahirics, whose duties shall be the making
•of roads and keeping Ibem iu repair.
The question being raised as to whether
it was better lo have cows "come in"
every year or to havo them bred once in
two years, the Rural -Yew Yorker made
luquiries of a number of dairymen, and
their testimony is in fnvor of the former
The maxim a small farm well tilled" is
au old one, and tbe frequent advice to
cultivate small areas is excellent, but this
rule is one that is applicable to herds and
docks to a certain sense. To maks a
small farm profitable tbe land must be
brought up to the highest degree of fer
tility, and it must bo well fed if it is ta
produce heavily. The quality of the soil
is the prime factor to be considered before
the venture is made. If farmers culti
vate too much land they also keep larger
herds and flocks than is necessary to SUC
CORS. 11 is the well bred herdd that gives
tbo farmer a profit, and the failure to make
stock raising pay is duo to the keeping of
large numbers of unprofitable animals iu
stead of concentrating the capital and labor
on u small aud bettor class of stock.
The first item that enters into tbo cost
of an animal is its maintenance, which in
cludes the fond necessary to keep it alive
without increase of weight. This cost
must alway;: be borne, under all conditions,
and iu many cast-sit is tho source of tbe
loss. The greater the coat of providing
the auitnal with warmth (bodily) and the
matorial for repair of tissue, tbe smaller
will be the profit fiom the unitnal unless it
can give a return proportionate to tho cost
of maintenance, and greater, in compari
son with other antnials in the herd. This
rule applies also to tho soil, for the cost ol
maintenance of the soil (that is, to avoid
loss of fertility) must be estimated iu the
cost of tlii: crop. Tbe profit derived by
the farmer iu greater iu exact proportion
to the surplus over tbo total cost, which
iu> hides uot onlj the uiaiiiteuuuce of the
animal but the capital and labor invested
in its management.
While a large herd will give a larger re
turn, under equal conditions, than a smoll
oue, yet the profit depends on the anmnnt
from each member of tho herd. It is,
therefore, more profitable to keep a few
animals that pay than to keep large
numbers at a loss, it is more profitable to
transfer the capital invested iu a large
herd that does not pay lo a small herd,
thereby concentrating the efforts on a few,
just as a small plot of land may be made
profitable by applying on il tbe whole of
the manure. The quality ol the animals,
their capacity lo convert food Into salable
products and the lessening of the cost, and
r pei.-tally of tho cost of maintenance, are
to be chiefly considered, and when these
matter; are fairly given tbo attention of
the farmer he will find that he has been
too extravagant in attempting to do that
which Is sometime* rotialdered economical.
K" onomy in rai ing stock is to use the best
animal to tie had, and to properly manage
the in.
Ever J' bottle yf Hood s barsaparilla
i ontaib i 100 doses, and is a fair equivalent
for a dollar
A York couuty leather* has raised a
rumpus by plastering the months of lalk
atll e i hlldleli
The Liigli»h language has been chosen
for u ,e iii tbe recording of iinportaut treaty
obligations between Russia and China.
—The farmers of I'.nut township, ROS«
county, O have organiled a court, before
which law breakers are taken and punish*
went meted out
NO 16