Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, December 20, 1889, Image 3

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rRIP *Y. MCF.MRF.R 20. I
I.i ot. I « .1 l' id alciOl 14 i»»>
it i 'hei.m.ii> :y-at of Hull- r (Mily. »UU
h'»r rWl«>>\ mtturil g*? so,l uiie<iu.iii«ri
tvilitl■•» f. .r li.uillvtws.
lT«*n s new IwlMUg'■
luuMa i ■.r■ . a\-i u *ih.: sad irfubpt-rou* tomi
<l;\1 v \M» IUIU
« I --I I(NS k. I. UAlm l**if lliilier <•*
n»v-|-irt «']
an, ml •. .'. ..111 ro. Malls clwse '" r
1 !*•*»• |M.U«t ■al • «r> » IM mud »> l> a '
ti%* «| I* *> a. lit au-t i*> |> Hi
i: 1 Ir.u- Mr •Ineuililf
4 I ... Hi 4MI P HI. Utlhll'W
at c «<l..| •JHI . Wl! «- «l .il.rt c>t
t> *H
i' i\\ ii li ir.m.- «' #w hutlefkr Ail**
i ai «-■*. s 'l'' »nd mrl. a u. au<l liM and
tut. U I 4lbr N .nil ai III3J a ui. and lAS
i. i.. Mall- • I «*»■ lor tin- \*r«l and s..utu at ..
'-i a s. lir bii(i the Nfirtli 41 Wl a.
m lot laoal patafe x< 11 iii r." all-up. rn
I<r I -~al |"ii.' ■ M"ii '■ and *' lur,.,i o li iiu'l
,1 i«|. in »lrt "II 'if Pitlsl.urg and
Uii Bttart* Mitts *! • m ii. in .4 ails arrl" -it
it,. li*t P.tlO. inli OiICU). HalMaiti Mui .
: >4 Irmtt k.Md j«.tiii« soulii <4 butler al l»»i
.. in a<«d ti hh l*lit»i.urgh aii.l the f.ast al I£J»
■ im ip.in ini*t.urgh at. .i.m p. ru . from the
%itl ai <». i. hi . Iroai and Im ..I
paaß \%i-ti '4 « »llwv at ptrn.
'itttui ii.- imi' mail "•.! Mi. i Iwsimit
arii • • .1 II a ainl !• aves I'.utlrr I". ai 1-'
Ui l»all 1..0 l 1.1 i.jflll Hope. 11-IVI-l and
.•• i- ;ari. -al it a m. and di|Oit> at
\t-i. •.r.1.-r-i . aii t»» »i Up<l at Hie puii
• •.n- i ISiMVr PriK|wt. HwlMO' (' •aitlcrs
,n- r «• \ii!« i .li.wii iitamiiart Mill-.
< rati - ti|»j«Tjriv-ki, r<-tr..lia. Kariis
1.1 n i.if iut i - i. n.•• "'iii
I * all a.. - uiidiTt*. < ««ts f*T 110. or less,
• i h< idn i.- aUiiut no sater than en
•»- n.j iii-.i>. . ..s Ikey an- made payable 'o
I ...I . • 11 . 1,1 IT f I* leHS.
I'M Al ASSEMBLY • knights of La
ir a, r.eete every Friday nirbt in the Car
and Joiner* Hall, third floor, Hnsel
toa bi.ildiac. Wm. If. QtXSS, Rec. Sec.
New Advertisements.
I.**- I'anl—l W. Hntchiaon. Enq.
H. C. HuivlWin'ii Holiday Slippers,
ratterson'c Clothing.
Strai-sViGrper 4 Jojwph'* Clothing.
Hfrtimi Notice*.
waiiam- Silverware.
Holiday ExcnrHons.
Sun: —All ail vert is<Ti intending to make
clum:''-H hi their till bhoold notify us of
th'-.r . .tending to do mi. not later than
Monday moraine.
—x-!ert your prt-.-onts.
ltntliT boronrh needs a new directory.
—Ti.morrow is the «.horte*t day in the
~C.i t your new leaf re.vly for turn in g
—You can't kill quail.' auv more this
—According to the almanac - winter be
pin - to sr «rrow
—Forgive the niui who steals your um
brella and be ready for heaven.
—The pennon of George W. llnselton of
M ill«-r-iown ha- been increased.
—Tli«' verdict in the «"renin case is pro
nounced "a com promise and a disappoint
—TT. L. Campbell has purchased the
Henry Miller heune on X. MeKcan St. for
>',uver has a picture of the i-ocne of the
<-tpl«sion. displayed in del and A llalsti.n's
—Hui>clton makes a brave di.-play of
-lippers for the holidays. See descriptions
and price:- in another place.
—A ath<.ol teacher of Worth twp. is said
t«. ha\ e < Lol ed a • hild of eleven years tin
til rt was black in the fat e.
—The residence of J»mes Stott on the
Graiit farm near Parker was destroyed by
*ic U.,J W(-.«,1.
—Winter k \ cry bashful this year, but
tli'Ti-1 an old t.erman rhyme to the effect
that a wohe never ate a winter
Ttc I'hilad a C«*. tali building ou
Pera St. l*jUfl»urp, was sold to the AVcst-
<"•. la* week for ffiOO.OOO.
—Whtl a gorgeou* diepLay of colored
*eH:t.te*. that in Odbcrt A Dale's t>how
—-ii«l:l« ' *t«re it m labarynth of toys;
tlx- W n * ill be particularly interested in
|t4> t'anlpM vr aad eprin; guts.
—Tfc«- neit reception of the Veteran Le
,nm *-fll Iw- held <m the evening of the
tfeird Thursday in January.
—lt bdenborg. la>t Sunday, a young
lady » o made U-mporarily insane by the
applii ofcreisote to an aching tooth.
—H'bea I*mf. I>e*lie begins wringing
h *rm» and yelling at the Institute, it re
*..;.d one of a row in Saxonburg, in ye
i>M<« time
- wita «lao* will have an cany time
Biakiug bis ("elation* in Itutler, this year.
iHd yoa cnet re ieh attractive displays
in "*r
Mr. J. N. I'atterson has MIIUP tiulbs
t« t»-ll you regarding hi* clothing this
*<*-l It" 3oia* a good fcnui—n't and
ccurfing hi- ftore nevt Spring.
I «rd Wdgandnowha- a repairing desk
i« * ilban: ' ivn k tore, and requests hi>
•>H friend- t.. brine tlieir watches and
d<vi to him
—The Hitler Presbytery. I*. I\ will
meet at I'reefort, M-ttday evening, Jan.
Iter, J. B. Borland will preach
the ~p«-iiiniti» icrmon
The aistaial public entertainment of
the Korth Washington Academy Hall,
Weiii"-J.y f'tiing, IH>c 25, IBS 9. All
»re ■ ..rainl!r invited to «*» present,
iTft'.ir. to &oeece. All Kurope it
"Bcrnag and the influenza is Mid to have
reached lh> country. It came across the
Ca Ll< x
—l»r. Higb<-e died at hi* home in Lan
i astir. Friday morning. He has been
v taU £t:**cintetid*ni of Publi.' Infraction
4K* MM.
•—l««hn Wc-t of Itutlex ha.- not jet been
granted ap< anion. The pension we noted
la 1 wej-k was granted to John Joseph
• em of Springdale
—Mr Ja< Kcttcrer, the farmer of the
(•rphaat-* Home at Zclienople. fell from the
hay ILOW. la-: w.-ek, hreakinir a rib >ind
-pruning hi
He * • ced'r otdip ation* to f 1
»s«"d a « ■ M l>iw«-ll M*«s . |>r« .prictoi -
ill-si- Stf-ifwißi, for two beautiful
f»r !•*»•
—1 • • ■-i du>< < till .1 the "Kentucky
• nt.r»od klinnt eselu-ively to
t}w »»*l< - und i u-oally indulged in after
protract (-d visit* t<> the bar room .
—The striking of a good well on the
has*-] table farm, located ou the we.-tern
border «>f «*«>nrno.jnene»s-ing t*p. makes it
• "•■V a« tho rh the belt would extend
warty .1 ii«- V>rth This strike has inerea-v
*d th. a. tivjtv in that field, and notwith
landu.% the terrible condition of tfee roads
heivilr laden wag tns started in
tki' dwtion from Itntler yenterday mom
—The l*ittsbargh. Shenango Jt l.*ke
Krie Railroad ««n>pany will sell excursion
trekets during the holiday* at one fare for
roaad trip. Ticket* will be put on sale
Dec. 23d. and will be good for letuni trip
and in. lading .Nn Sd. IWi.
W G. SABi.kAitr,
tien Ticket & l'a*«ecger Ag't.
isrmmile, Pa, Dec 17, IW
tlod bless the little stocking
All over the land to-night.
Hung in the choice t corner
In the glow of crim-on lii»hl'
Tin- tiny. «carlet tockinr,
With a hole in th>- hei-l and (■.••
Worn by wonderful journey;
The darliugs ha\ - to gu.
The -locking . of all . i/c
And pattern . great and aiall.
With niM.v g1.x.1 urjiri <
1 pray, Cod bli- s them <ll
- TLe great blizzard dn« la-t Fri.id •
j-elered out before it tiot to (ibio; ill tL
.uow turned into rain and it ha- been fill
inp. falling, falling evei ire e
—The Miller Hro.-, continue t,i do tin
liin.itiire bu.-iin r.l lL> t•»• i, At'lti'lai
ine :- hoii,-- la-t Satnrda. i veiling. tL- .
Mil aiel deli ml two (tutsol t. 1•. fttl
Miiuy are c.iiiieiuplatiuj what kiiid oi
preheats thi .i li.ill Lm lor lli. ir Irieu.l
I this i'hri-tin,! - The, ~u \ uea.l ,
everytliiiiif they iu;!i lor at our -lores
ltd.l the holiday notice* in tlii.- paiier.
—Over in Springdale, Tnesday evening
-ome of the boy erenaded Mr Miller's
hon-e. where Will Wick board . having
conceived the idea that Will hid Lt on
married that daj.
—At New C'ii lie Li I week, LI ,S. Milli
•on formerly of ihi- county war! aeijuitt.-d
of the charge of burglary hut oonvietisd oi
jail-break rag, and Judge Hazeri .seuteneed
him to twenty lliree li-iontlis in the peni
—Win. Madill v.hi> w.i killed by tlii
nitro-glycerine eiplo.-ion lie t week, wa- i
son of Win. H. ifu-lill «.f Hckering, c>nta
rio, and has a brother living at Saafoid,
in same state. Tliey v ero both iioli/ii d of
the sad occurrence.
—The crowd seemed non plu.■ for a
moment, and Ilie leader held a short ton
saltation, at tlic end of which he turned
and said: "Stranger, what's the matter
with lmying mother a nice ea y chair for a
Christmas gift at the Miller l!ro ."
—The almanac of the Philadelphia !:•
cord is the first for to come to our
desk this year. It is alway; i hand omely
bound and printed book, and besides the
ran of statistics which it ii-ually give-, it
tlii? ycur contain illu. trated de eriptions
of the Johii-ton and Atlantic Cilv di • ■
—James W. Hutchison Lap who e card
appears in another column i a ion of
James G. Hutchison deceaaod, formerly of
Barker Twp. He read la i with S. T.
Ilowser L-ip, he i. a man ol good mind
and good character, and lie ha opened an
office with J. S. Moore K.-.j. in the If
tleton bloi k.
- -Early Monday morning last, a young
man ol Harmony, while returning from a
protracted sitting with lii.s best girl iu Ze
lieuople, was hailed by the Constable ol
that town. The young man mi to..K the
Countable for a highwayman and fled, and
the Constable took Ihe young man for a
robber and pursued him and lired
his revolver at him. Both men
had stories to tell next morning.
—The uiimerou nitro glycerine explos
ions of late, emphasize the demand fur a
powerful explosive that will not -'go off"
until such action is ilc .ired. Many a person'
life has been placed in danger from this
stuff without their knowing it. Some
years ago two ••-hooter-' from about
Luileulon got the job of hooting a Well in
territory south of Pittsburg, and they < ar
ried the stuff in cans placed iu their satch
els, on the train to Pittsburg, slept at the
Robinson House tb.it night with the atcli
els under their bed and re nuic.l their
journey ne it day.
—Jacob Heid ot Forward Uvp. died on
Tuesday of last week, aged 73 years and 8
mos. His wife and kur children survivt
him The children are Mrs. Jacob i'ich
lass, of near Brownsdale; >J ot iu Heid ol
Kansas; John Heid, who lives with bis
mother on the old homestead, and Jacob
Heid, Jr. of Petersvillc. Ilis second wife
was a Bietrick, and be recognizes her
daughter, Mr.. Bull, in hi will. His farm
was good oil producing territoiy, and
made hiiu rich. He died possessed of
considerable real e.-dalc and some ,|25,000
in cash, nearly |o,ouo of which was in hi
safe at the time of bii death. Mr. August
Behui is the executor of the will, a note of
which we make iu the legal note-
—Some of our oil produccrj mitkc money
burin? tip old well >, when they can got
them for what t'nc> think tho production
is worth. In this i-ouuly tin- price lan-res
from WOrt to $•>«» per barr. I tlmnglt up ill
the Clarendon ticM we have heard of it lie
ing as high as #1,200 a barrel. So many
things arc now made from erode oil tb.it
the percentage of refined oil di tilled from
it i.s no longer a true index to il value.
Wax and paraffin-' ami other sub.itanci ~
oae of which i- now nod extensively in
the manufacture of candy, are now-made
from what at lir-t war considered worth
less—the 1». S. or refn »•. The up country
oil is richer in thi> refu e than that of the
lower country.
—lf you want to gco a nice line of
mustache caps, cup nu<l Bauccrs,
china uiugs, shaving mugs, vases;
silver, glass, stone, and toilet Rets.
Call at J. P. T. STKHI.K'S.
—Take watches and clocks that
need repairing to i\ VVeigand in Wil
lianiß' Jewelry and Music store, und
have them repaired in good style fiy
a skilled workman.
—Consult your owu interests nud
examine our stock of furniture, uphol
stered Buita, chairs, mattresses, etc.,
before purchasing. MILIEU lino's.,
No. 19, Jcirersoa St.
l.arge stock of I'tubreilaa in Mo
hair, Gloria and Silk with gold, sil
ver and natural handles for holiday
trade at L. STEIN «FE S<oi'&
50, 50, 50, 50,
120 muffs at 50 cents; the hest you
ever saw at the price; also a lull lino
of all styles of furs and fur trimmings
—The harmless gun, Chicago air
gun, Buffalo Dill gun, the elastic tip
gun, the toy pistol for sale at
J. F. T. STEHLE's.
Williams has as choice u line oi
Jewelry and Silverware as can lie
found anywhere, and defies competi
tion in price.
—Toy.*, violins, music boxes, toys,
pianos, mouth organs, drums, guitars
and accordeona for fialc nt
—California and Florida fruiln,
grapes, jranges, foreign and domes
tic nuts for the holidays at Morri
son's City Bakery.
Slippery rci'k SI tie Normal
Winter term opena Thursday, Jan
uary 2, 1 8V<0; closes March 21 b'or
farther information call on o; ad J reus
the principal.
J.vs K. MORBOVV, Principal
—Full line of silverware at I}.
OntKH's jewelry store 1'» N. Main St,
suitable for Holiday presents
Call early and avoid tho rush.
—lf you want to sec a nice line of
mustache cups, cups and saucers,
China tungs, .having miign. vases,
silver, glass, stone and toilet nets call
llalanee of ca . Ji pi. Ed of Let week
uid •■•nteiie.*-
! jiillie. I!, tirovei 1,1. pleail lilt/ t'.
I larceny W,l eittoured t.) |i;iy en!. I.
lore propel Iv. and be* impn ..nil in the
IWe tm pmkmthry far one ye*r and i
i tlii Heury .'.ho ld< id i uilt) to lar
< en}. va.-t seutenri dto pay co. I i. . i..rc
Liropevt". an it be impii on fed in tL. reiin i
liidn tu.il lii-lo mat- i'. ai nontmgdoii
The term al tlii ; insiiuition d. peud ,-.u lb.-
behavior of th.- pn ou« i.
tieoif'C Hall foninl ■ lilt laueii
... enteii- •,1 i . j.. . i II , impn ■
......1 in the >ui 11 Butler i In ■ o.
Wm. Mia kL. li.'.nd gum . ..l dtoßipt
to cowmil a mi .1. nißni I.i Mi
fenced to pay c.. i anil 1, • confined in the
All.'L'henv u orkhi.i. ■ 'it Clareraont fort ro
motilL -
II 1.. i:o . v a., found guilty ot larceny,
the prut, tilri bein - All Ann ffarklcaj
of Butler, but the Court w i a i.lt 1 Ihc ver
dict and pranlfil itii rr trial, deft to gi e
recognizance iu SIOO, and upon j, >, ni>-nt
of cnst. : , and return of alleged t.den pro
perty, a nol. pi'i. tii be i iitei-1 in iLi
.1 no C A.Liin -, f.niiid fruili , i t.-l -uion
lj -tdbhili!: Jae.iti file, f.le- ' . . lileH- i-.i
to pav co.-i . and I.e impiironed in th.-
A lie-In ny boa for \i ■■ an.l
. iv mon th
,In thi . i . tin « -iii il -•> .M'dc-itfd that
Adam he indicted 1,.r IMB, ou the •• ;pir
ation i.t i ; term In- having ,k kiiov.ledg... 1
while on llle > ilm I'lttd that I iUn
wa not his wile i
Jacob 11 o o*iu an iudi.f.d i..i adult,,
did not appi n hen called m.l lo • it-ro-'
i j forfeited
'IL- iisex - Irani; Brown tor . ault
and hatter; was continued, dei i to enter
into recognizance in S-iiOO
E.l Ridel ii.dktc.l at r. pt ti.rni bo i i H
oil nath of i.i, ie Croup, wa - ; enteucod to
pry to i;, a fine of ten cents and pay Mi
''roup T r i(i, for I-in in e ,|- n. tL, child
having died soon after its birth.
LKE'B bi :,'Tt'.ei.
Quite a crowd assembled in 110- conit
room Friday evening lo hear what I Li-
Court would do in the la > ie. TL.- young
mail wn.; brought in. and Ihe record of the
Court wa read to him. Juil;-;e McMiihael
then aid tl.il after due eonridera
tion he had fixed 11m degree of crime it
"murder in tin jecond degree," ami asked
Mr. Lee if he Lml anything to ay a - to
why . i-ntcnce liould not !•.' j.a cd iifi.ni
hiiu, whereupon hi leading eoun.el. Col.
Thomjiron, v,i-nt ovci the principal e\i
dence of the eate and maile . oine point !
for the deft. Tlic Court thc-u v. vote tL.-
sentence, committing Lee to the peniten
tiary lor fii x year, ami .i. iiioiiili.', pay
cost., etc. I.e.- i tlio rceond youiii' man
who lia latel come from \ll--ghr-n> • iiy
to Bntier county, and got into bad compa
ny fir I and trouble next At ILe dance at
Evans City that night, oue dmukeii row
followed another I.e. went fliere from
Renfrew with Harry 1 air, an.l thought he
-liould stand by him. The Renfrew crowd
was probably in tin- minority, and when
l.ee ran to tin- fence and pulled off a pal
ing he probably thought that he needed
nonie weapon with which lo defend him
.ri£ lie ii •• .1 iii•• wetpon .ml . iru, i, Ki
Call on the li ft temple ;i~ he . .ai , in -elf
defense; McC'all being arnied with a Mini
lar weapon. Tile force of tho blow ami
po ibly an unu?unl structural weakne ol
the skull, can-ed il. Call' death. Lee wa
arrested for murder. f!y the advice of hi
counsel, he plead guilty, aud -i\ of
his life is worso than wasted. Lee hail
only been working at Hi nfrcw lor twenty
fh e days, and in that hoxt time, bad con;
pany, with the aid ofliquor wreel .vl hi~
An ••lil man named amnel Cotron, an
Lngli.hman, wliohu been boarding v illi
another Engli hniau named Juo. Wilkin
.-on in Springdale. i in jail on a charge of
. ttenipt. il rape, prefened L, Wilkinson.
The Wilkin, .in - have a daughter KIL n,but
IbartWl fflMa V'ai :Ol ,i;: e. ~.d 1,, ..liege.-
that twiee dining the teuiporai-y nbseni e
of her parent.- Cotron alleinpte<l I.i taL.
advantage of her. The story g.,t out and
some men got after Cotron with the iuteu
tion of abusing or lynching him, but 1.
took refuge in d boarding hoie uud lock
ed himself in till an officer criine and v.
cued him.
t ><l. iludii Lad a little fuu all 1., him
elfla.it Friday night. lie ia a lccp
cr, ami alv. ay leaves tlie door ol hi.; lied
room opening into the Lull open, an.l he
tween 12 and I o'clock r.i' that night, lie
heard ono of (lie prisoners chuckling «
though there wt .aiim-thing very ldnn;,
going on. lie watched and looked around
and found that Henry and biover a
sawing away at the hack window, while
Strawick and \dain. were keeping guard
I lion lie .itepp" d their work and looked
them op. It vag Strawick v. ho did the
chuckling and ga< ■ • the crowd awn It
wa feeling o :;ood % . i c . aping, that In
couldn't contain him < If. and mi heard to
*s', '"What will they think in the moin
ing." All Ihe pri-.11. i were taken i.> I »i._
places to whicli they v.ore (."inniiti. .l u. I
The v Hint Jacob 11. id a pr..baled
last week. It i dated Sept. '» HB7, and
give -hi wife Margaret oue third of the
e. tato during her lil'etiim ami pn-.. ,;ti.in
of the dwelling holier. To lo.i ..u John he
given the home tend and firm, and the
royalty and income thereof, .mhject to the
ri flit of hi' Wife, and on her death the i.
maining e lain not di po.id o( hv this wjll
to he div ideil in four i <|Hal ). n I bclwi .II
hi:; :on Jncoh and Marlin, hi. daughter
and his step-daughter ; .o.ih JJrell An
other elan e prov ide : that tlio money hall
he divided immediately, ind the la I
clause read 'aa follow : Ih. leby appoint
my friend. Augu.-t I;. Inn. . <de executor >•!
thi. v ill, who hall in all matte i c.. mailt
my attorney, John M. Thompson, to whoin
I give one tliou and dollar J in fee.'.
In witucs whereof I hereunto ::et mi
hand and . eal thi ; Oth day of Sept. 1 ST.
.Ion;-; V.. Tuosu-ot, * J u ""
There was ; onio talk of the will being
di-puted but we understand that the mat
ter ha been . ettie.l
Letter* of udmiiiietratioii were /ranted
to J. 0. Moore on. late "f John 11 I*u\ i.
of 4'eiitre twp.
'I he will ..I Jacob Held "I lot .ml twp
wa. probated and letter, granted to A II
llehiu, al o will of tiein'/.j < . Pral.e of
Worth and no letter.'.
Six hundred nauiej are in be placed in
the jury wheel for next year
11. N". Marshall, 1. >j. v, a appointed
Court Auditor for 1' no.
T. It Harper v, a di..-har-'ed jail
under the in olvent law
M <ib uii i in jail a;'tin foi trying t.i
••eomniit a felony," l aiuuel f'otrou for at
tempted rape, l I;. Jirnon f.r not paying
hi board lull
Martin Walil, one of the over.-ecrs of
Evan City, petitioned for a eomini "sion in
lunacy as to Fred JS'oiiniiiger, and l»r.
Brook., John Wilson and \dam l.'ipper
were appointed.
The Foo> ca e was up in Court last week,
but no < haugc were made in the original
order. The olit lady i -aid te have gone
back to live with the old gentleman
1. AT i: I'UOl-liBTV TUANSt Elt.t.
T\V Phillips to t'.eo \V '/.< igler 107 acr.
in Rradv for i' 180"
E William to I I.' M - M».. lot in flat
ler for $5(10.
N II Shauer to John J Shinier ;-0 acre in
Centre for i-00.
Sarah lry to Hannah Wei and lot in
Butler for 17.i.
Jas Borlaud to liudley lot in Butler
for ?850.
Geo I'urviance to John ; ; .M.i Uy lot in
Butler for fIGoO
.1 C Stnnv to I'll Hailbcii peck bd in Dul
ler fur HOOO.
J W Mover to lane Moore hiFiu Wa I.
tun for f'.'oo.
Henry Eka to C W llcwialli a. n
in Clinton for $1250.
Marriage Licenses.
John K. !-.ij r cl .. . ..Beaver Co
I'luuia 1.. Bail b\ * Muddycriuk twp
Edau G. Wolto. MlejjheuyCo
Mary A. Mitchell.
—At Kittauuiiifc-• J M. Met.i aI. and
Marietta Kullman, ol Butler Co.
Vt Pittsburg—Frank Mm ri. ami Jennie
I i lie of Butler.
At Franklin— X. J. .' urrena i i l.'uiler
l'o. and I llallly . ipe. 'it ClltttolU ilb .
At Yottti J.towfc, <» , —liobeit Henry of
Duller and Tillie \lthou e ol Beaver I- ill
The harm lean goo, Chicago air
gun, Fiuftalo Bill ),i.o, tho olaulk tip
gun, tlio toy piatol for euiu ui
i. I'. T ti'fKlli.U'ft
- (lold I'pcctacleii and ev« (jlaabca
at E. Okub'u, ly N. Main fcit
Mi. Cha. Ho-ford and hi family are the
gneslK of his wife's folk here, the family
of Martin l.Viber, dee'd, and will probably
remfiin in Butler all winl.-r ( barley ..Id
hi hoti lin Eloomington, 111 ..me v.-eel.
ago anil will go into bn. iin iu Bnlb-r ol
an available opportunity oiler-.
f,', A oDoum-U of Oakland iwp ha
j to Botler an.l ii orctij.; ina- Mr
Baker's hou.-e on the -id.-
Rev. T M Tltoiiip ..ii ol t reeport. in
tend leaving his char»;e lh«r.
Don. » Larlej <'. 'l'.rwi, end member of
e..neri - iV. in thi. di tl ie 4 and Lis wife
havi- taken up their u Jdem:e for the v. in
ter at the Hotel Ha nilton, 14th -treet,
Washiuflon, D. C
Mr . L». Greenlee ha returned home
tronith.! medical spring much inipro-red
in health.
Rev. 1 il. fjwau in Butler la t Frt.
day i-n busine - He was burned out at
McKee's Rock.', on the Pittsburg A Lake
Erie, where he was keeping the railroad
boarding house, on the 9th of ln-i mouth,
and thin I of loeatio rin lit tlt Wadiing
Mr. iiniiiel L ; moved to Buller
from little Wa hington and i occupying
the DeWolfe honse oil S. \l. fc'e in >!. iie
i.- an oil producer and operator.
"ili ,-i.i tiaii tiie.-u La u., r.l 1.. But
le, and i occupy in c the 1: ill Lou e on E.
Jefferson St. Hei employed in the Bot
tle Gin - \Vorks
Mr W . Allen ot Carlo r l wp. h rent
ed Charley Ohl's hou .- mi W Mifflin St.
and moved into it Monday.
Crusade Caiup-Hre.
- The Butler WC T 1 ill bold a Cm
; i.i. Camp t ii". Mouil e,- e' enicg, Dec.
Th. pla.-e of Hireling will lie announc
ed from the pulpiis on S ibbath Foil ovr
i the pr,.giaui:
Refponsive Reading
Greeting—Mrs. J. S. Mc-Li-e
• Give I.i the Winds Iby Teai.-, ' Alice
W iik.
"Girls r.f TLe Cnrsade Mads-e Doucr
Ke< itatiiin—Benlah ail
•'ru-ride Incident • Mr .\f E Allen
L .ttle Hymn oi tin'i ru nb Choir
Ciusade Kxperiem e.
M u.a'c.
lect Reading Man Wiek
M lU'ic.
Crusade Alt. ifbou.'bl -M r- u M
Another «"o t il Hank Aieiilent.
While a young man named Brown was
working in a r...mi of Livingston's c-osl
mine it Billiard, last Saturday, Ihe roof
f.-ll in upon him ami i rn dic-il him to death
ni i father came to Tiilli uil -.. me time ago
and i \vi igh Lo r of one ol the niiuc-s I here
The yonng man was about I t years of
age, anil was buried iu the M E chimb
•< ii-.i it Vn .ii.lal" Monday
Holitlay Exclusion Tickets cm
lli»? Pennsylvania Railroad.
Bur. uant to the us ual policy ul' aidin;
its patrons in the interchange of social
vi its during the holiday the I'eunsyha
nia Railroad Company will, this m i on.
place on sale at all its ticket offices, excur
sion tickets to be sold between the varion
stations on tho system at, the rate of two
cents per mile in each direction
The holiday excursion tickets v. ill be
old from December '.! l. t . IS.HO, to Janu
ary Ist., 1W»0, intln-ive, valid b>r return
until January Ith, l'-'.»o ineln.-ive
This arrangeuieut, however, does mil
apply lo the sale of es. iirs.ion ticket: be
tv.i en Xew ioik and Cbiladelphia, l.'ai
timore and W achingtmi, in either direc
tion, nor between any one of the above
named • iti> and any ,-th< r of tin e men
—Tojy, violind, niiisii; lioxea, toys,
pianos, mouth organs, drums, guitars
an.l li. ccirlciifid for eule nt
.1 F. 'l'. iSf bIILL i
Holiday Goods.
r l he cheapest place in towu to imy
Holiday presents is at Alex. Wil
liam j' popular music and jewelry
store, uj be is selling < lieap lo est ah
li.:li a trade
—When in Butlei ne?.t week al
tending the Institute, don't forget
to call at Williams' popular music
and jewelry store.
I he Musical Instruments
To l»o furniahed for I lie Institute nest
week will be from Williams' popular
music Eturt! the name as heretofore
Slice to <'. Dine.
You arc looking around for a rstiita
ble fhristnm present for yonr
friend—wliy not gu down C'unniii,<
ham i'.l. and git him a blanket, rolm,
string of i.leigh belij, buggy, tart,
sleigli or int. ul harness. Something
that he will appreciate and which
will he useful. We have cut tin;
price away down, jutt to help you lo
be clever. We like clever folks. The
low price we have made don't leave
ti i enough profit to pay the printer
for telling it, hut we want to get ac
quainted with you ami show you
that we carry the largest stock ol
these goods in the State.
1". IS. WE itlso sell Kramer wagona,
—lf you want to flee a nice line of
mustache Clips, cups and twicers,
China mugs, > having mugs, vasee;
silver, glass, stone and toilet nets call
at J. F. T. SrKHi.E'FI.
— Fresh Ifomemad O candies for tho
Holidays at Morrison's City Bakery.
Childhood Comes But once.
Christmas comes but once U year,
make the MOAT ol litem
Were tho joy ol receiving in ratio
to the price paid then would the poor
faro PADLY indeed, but a wise lluler
has willed it otherwise, and the little
boy or girl feels as much real pleas
ure over a toy watch, knifo or doll
bought by Sauta Claus at Nickle's !>
cent counter AI in after YEAR.} they
will over a gold watch or Steinway
Grand. Our stock is complete, con
sisting of toys. Toys of rare and
artistic designs, some ol them, oh, so
funny. What huveu'T wo got? What
dolls! Such A line of toy books.
Beautiful cups and aaneers bought in
cuorrnou-i quantities alter a personal
examination ol all the leading stocks
in the Kastern cities. Marked in our
UIIUUL manner, away IN-low all com
petition, C-onio and ueo us. Opposite
Banks. W. M. NIOELE
.— Ft of. iioiaette'S Memory System
ia creating greater interest than ever
in nil parts OF the country, and *pet
sons wishing to improve their mem
ory should sond for his prospectus
free a.I advertised in another column.
— Orders TALUN tor laucy cakes end
i.O cream for the holidays nt Morri
son'A City Bakery.
—"City Legends," A new book of
pooiiio by Will Carletou, at
I Hi I>OUQI ksu'
Wo Uou't Want
Vou to buy Xma.i piesenla until you
feo what we have. Arc you looking
for something lor a little (toy or GIRL?
What would LI» nicer than a line pair
Slippers. The cost is small, >IT, 75
and *l. Flogout blacking sets, IN,
$ I and ?L }Jf>.
Bi.AckMonc \ GRUB
! ;>0 DO., kid GLOVED at oOc a pair UI
iho New lotk Buzaar.
A Grand Concert.
The Poco-a-Poco club, of Pitt, burg,
gave a highh 11. •f' ■' fill Concert 011 Af <>ii
da\ <vemn f at tho Opera llou.e. A larfe
ind f.i hioii il.li- andicuc* had gathered m
full expectation of hearing nocli music a
i rarely heard in Barter, and it «- ;t not
di;-appointed. I rom th<- lir.-t nuuiWr t«»
the last, the programme w, enjoyed and
ihe applause was continaous ami hearty.
It TT,ieverywhere pronounced the treat
of the season
The concert wa* for the benetit (.t the
High School and *re understand a band
?.>me suui r.ao realised The Poco a Polo
; a ovial club f of about tiltj
ot the beat -.'duly people ol PitUbllTg,
and Builer ha.- rea :-ou to be grateful to
them both for the musical treat and the
services they rendered the fecliool it is
to be hoped that this is but the first of a
series of concerts by this talented and cul
tivated organization, in this place.
"While in Butler the entire club was en
tertained l>y Mr and Mr.- W T. Hard
man iu an elegant manner, ou the even
ing of the concert, and at it.- conclusion,
a reception in honor of the members of the
Poco-a Poco Clnb, wa held at tho II aid
man residence and Wi • attended bt . lar?e
number of the favored.
The members of the Club eiprt ?ed
themselves delighted with-the manner
they verc received iu Putler Hue credit
ibodd be gir« to Maura 11 (J Phillips
and Fred Gamble for their able efforts in
inducing the Hub to come, and leading
the affair to successful termination
Death ni Plummet Shu a.
Air A. Pluniimi ehua, a son ol \\ . 11
ciiira ot Parker twp. met his death by ac
cidciit, at Economy Station on lb., P I*
V 4. Jl C li P la t Thursday He eras a
t'iol-drc=ser by trade and hi and Plumuicr
Galley were on their way to the oil lield
in Beaver county, looking for work They
happen, d lo lake a throui/h express train
at Pitt, burg, which did not top ut 1., olio
my, and v. hen ii arrived there Wall)'
jumped < -IT and landed rale bnt Shira -n H. >
followed him, lut a pair teep tops
leading from the track up thp bill, anil
w:i thrown hack under the v. hep] and
hilled. 11. «*as ?5 ypai nf ape was mi
married ami v i a fine young man. Hi- 1
li "ly vas taken home neit day.
Christmas N«des.
- I lift heat people are i li#* lir.'il
feeders, therefore prepare a good
Christmas dinner and invite your
friendn to if
—--The hui nih-eti gnu, (Jhicago air
gun, LJullalo Bill gun, the elastic tip
tut!, the toy pistol for sale at
Fancy and ornamental rakes for
the holidays at Morrison'a City Bak
Next door to the Postoffice, haw a
splendid line of Clothing, Overcoats,
Pants, Hats and Units Furnishing
Q'Ooda in stork, which lie invites
everybody to examine before pur
chasing. lie feels certain thai ho
can save hiii customers money on nil
Full and Winter Goods.
—Chi'- tiuoa shoppers «alk right
Ijy the at- •les that don't advertise.
We Want
The trade to know ihat onr line ol
Holiday Slippers are the finest ever
brought to Butler and vary in price
from 50 cents to $4.
Woman's fine rubbers put up in
satin and velvet satchels. A very
handsome and useful present.
CSee Our Window i'iepluy.
-The Eighini.! Patent Shirt for
sale at
.1. P T. STEHI.E'S.
—it you thic.k the CITIZEN a wor
thy county paper, help us along by
subscribing for it.
—Beautiful pictures at very low
pi i. es at Miller l?ros ' furniture store,
No 19 Jefferson St
—We have ten thousand dollars
worth of furniture in onr three ware
rooms at No. 1H Jell'erson St., P.ntler.
I'a. Tl io beat as well as the cheap
oat, but all the best, made for the price,
All persons will Hud it to their ad
vantage to examine our stock and aa
certain our prices before purchasing.
M u.i Kit lino's
—Ailviti- ID tffhse intending to
buy Christmas presents: Buy now,
while the weather and roads are hail
un.l trade in (Jul! If you defer until
u day or HO before the holiday, you'll
llut till. I us good u stock to choose
from, and the dealers will be too busy
to,wait <>n you and h<-11• you out.
Use Double All O. K 11 ornA and
Cftltla Powders,beat in tin* world. A
Ruro and speedy cure for heaven,
coughs, colds, inflamed lungs, rough
ness of akin, ami all kidney diseases
2-In 'tin Mo. f>, N. Maiu Hi
Bntler, Pa.
—Take your children to Zuver's
Gallery for Pictures that will unit
you. Anderson building
—We are aelliug furniture lower
than it has ever before been Bold in
Hutler, and after using it you will
say that it ia what we flaid it was,
otherwise no Hale at M tI.LEk BRO'S,
No. ID Jefferson St.,
—Up.e Double All O. K. Horse hini
nicnt, best in the wr.rld. For Rwell
inga, bruises, Btiffncsß of joints, rheu
matism, lameness, Horo shoulders,
ring-hone, Hweeny and spavin; it liaa
no equal. For Hftleby .t, C. RKDICK,
'_' I J 3m. No, 5, N". Main St.
Hutler, Pa.
—For n holiday present to a friend
send THO CITIZEN for one year
—/liver's Pictures leave nothing
wanting in finiah, tone or a correct
A full line of childrena' hala and
caps at
J. F. T. STKDUe'S.
—Ureal bargains in Caps at
Santa Clans 1 l load <|uaitei-\
l ull line of Musical Instruments,
Violins, Guitars, Mouth Organs,
MUKIC tloxee, llorns, |)<>ll Pianos,
for the Holidays, ui
Artist's luuteiials a specialty at
J. H. DouoLASS*.
Santa Glaus' Headquarters.
Tool-chests, Blocks, Combination
Building Blocks, Nine pin Sets and
Toy Trunks at
PI.I 'll ikMf for crt cents at
• -ii she tries to hide something
when you >lrop ia on her in the eve
ning, young mau. doti t be too in
ijuisitive. Christmas is close at hand,
and it might bo awkward tu a*L ques
A New Enterprise.
The Perm yl\ am a Railroad Co. a
contract la t week agr.c-ing to Imihl a rail
road, eipht miles louf. up the l.ip liaffalo
from its junction with tb<- litll«> liaffalo, to
the ore and limestone depo .it of Winliehl
T.vp . and lo complete the road h. the t»t
ol July next
A company competed r>t Joseph Prittain
Joseph Prediu Frank and LLie Anderson,
Win. \T all act and others hare 2,000 acres
leased there which they intend to operate:
and another crowd, called the \li Kte
crowd, also have leases there
iioth companies intend budding and
operating, and in the near future the
second largest town in liuiK. county will
be located iu "U'infield Twp.
Annual Meetings.
By notices published iu another column
it will be seen that the members of the
Glade Mill Fire Insurance Co. will hold
their annual meeting for the purpose of
electing officers for 1890 ou Jan Bth. the
Farmers Mutual of Ilannahstown, Jan. 11;
the Butler Mutual and the Worth Alutual.
Jan. 14 and Live Stock In A -'iii.a ihe
l.urge Yield ot Corn.
Although this triii a remarkably poor
year for i orn in tin vicinity. Mr Wiilliam
Rape of Forward twp. raised 510 bushels
on 3| acre.-* of ground. The ground war
high and dry, and had heeu lying fallow
for some years, and the corn wao of the
yellow shoe peg variety. Mr Rape will
make a present of seed corn for nest year
to any one in Fuller couuty ■uho can beat
Public Sales.
Mr Harris Puff of Penn i p near Ma
harg Postoffice, v ill hare a Rale of personal
property to morrow, Saturdu it 10 o'clock
a.ni See bills p.>=teil
Mr. August VuuV. will <- a public salt*
ot personal properly, at hi pbi< e in Win
field twp near 1 asou Station on Tue»dtf\
|if. 31. See bills posted
Census Supervisor.
A lepoit reached Puller \V edne.-day
evenlsilg mat Jaa. B Mttti E«| of But
ler. had been appointed Supervisor of this
Census di-triet; which include- llie whole
north-wejteru part ot the Stat.- Mr
Mates said utrt morniug that be ha*l re
ceivedno official information ot hi ap
pointment and knew nothing ot it. lie
ul in hi.- application for the ottice t.»
■ i-nator Qnaj. some iiioiit Ii - ago an>l b-i
--l.ot beard from him.
To Mr and Mi - Hiram til lipi H,
lssy. a daughter
To Mr. and Mr I It Mate a daugb
■Where are you going, in) |<retly maid,
Goinjc to Sunday Hchoor,' ahe said
Have, you becTi "there of late, my pretty
'.Vol for about a year,' «he aid
•Then vvliy do you go, my pretty maid"
'Christmas i coming, hii, .he aid
—Toys, violins, uiiirtic boxes, toys,
pianos, mouth organs, drums, fiiitars
ami acenrdeona for ::ale at
.1 F. T tSftiiiV-a
Soli<l Gold Spe.^tacles,
From four ibillais up at
C. F. T, I'trt <& BHU's.
l lannels, blankets and Yarns ate the
best goods in the market for service
<iud durability. We have them
1.. titMN ii SON.
—Try to induce yi ur neigbbor to
Wanted—everybody to inspect
our line line of Diamonds, Watches,
Jewelry, etc, before making your
Holiday purchases.
F. Unite, Jeweler, 19 N. Main Csi
—We are glad to see that our
storekeepers ami business men are
taking good care to provide every
thing needed bv our people tor the
For the nest sixty days, in order
lo reduce our stock, we will quote
special low prices on all our stock
We Lave on bunds thirty bed r.»oin
sets ranging from fIS lo Jlr.O per
Thirteen npholatered parlor suits
ranging from to sls<t pel suit
Bailor sLamis from |2,f.D to |ii>.
Lounges fl'Oin to $
II at racks from $s to $ :<•
Tables Iroin $1 i!f» toslo
Wash-stands from f 2 to fl -,
Buteaus from |l» to $25.
Sets of chairs from | - 2 to fill per
I'iecietarietf from to (to
Kany chairs, haudsonin pictures,
room ornaments, etc., any of which
would make both useful and appropri
ate presents.
No. 19, Jefferson St,. Butler, Pa
lieliniou, I'olilks, tu Wat.
Agitate n«.l tlic woil.l at pre eut
There is one nil ob.iervinir <| a«»-ii..11
That Vakeus thonelit i Imlh "i.l
111 "Where ia I lie heat place
To lni3' 11 nice riiristiuu ? pre:ieut
That "one all-abaorbing qnestion''
is fully answered by our advertising
columns this week They tell very
fully "where is the best place to buy
a nice Christmas present.
.—Some trades are aU'eclcd by the
financial condition ol the country, and
others by the prevailing sty leu, but a-<
everybody must have stoves, the
trade in them increases regularly
with the population. For a dean,
heat, durable stove or range, try one
of Christ Stock's Ktna-Fs and you
will have no other. They are the lieat
heaters nnd bakers in tiic market;
they are up to the times and Chriflt's
trade in them has increased with the
population of the town
I'.uy your Ulankets, Flannels, Press
Goods, Cloaks and Underwear at the
New Vork Bazaar, you will pave
The latest styles (.1 hats anil
caps just received at
What a pleasure it is to see the
little tots ga/iug into the wiudows
where Sauta Clans is supposed to
dwell. Bless their sweet pictures,
what would Christinas be without
—Subscribe foi ihu CIi'IZKM, tLc
oldest Bepubli. au paper ot the cmuity
—Choice confectionary aad toys
tor the holidays ai Mortisou's City
—Olll suliS ol Broadt iothi', I lan
ntl Suitings and lbess Goods hafe
been larger this season than ever
I.argo stocks aud lor prices do the
Ag'iiu iloi CLnstina- liuiu 1? hen
'With all its veulil. I' cheer
hiinht Lurui the In, uu& . .1 >L« wall
The holly ehiiiCj in hut and bull,
'.uil tuerrlly from icepli 1 l>i t -li
The bail* riug out to earlb iuil 1.
I beir uieijsge of ' Good will ULII p«i. ..
ilay love abound—aiay lore inor«a«e.'
IST iinl'i il< •>i
Time —An evening toward ' ho
clo: eof the year, IXSS. Place; one
of the main ntre< i- of si bn v thriving
town in wr ,»ern Penn'a
i ii ttmt I
It Ldj been a year ol thrilling in
tercvt, great Hoods, great fires, new
slates anil new republics Lave been
born in a day. Misfortune ami cal
amity ha<i been the I»l of many, but
as I art that myself and the com
munity around me Late been ttbnnd
antly prospered my heart hlls with
gratitude auJ I remembet that
Christinas is ileal and determine to
make my frien<ls 'be handsomest
presents 1 find.
With these thoughts in mind
1 pause before the lieautifully decora
ted windows of ,1. If. l»nrnr.A9S
What I see tempts nic to go inside
and snch a wealth of beautiful, rich
and novel things as ar« spread out l>c
fore me, reaching from one end of the
room to the other: I liegan at the
hook counter.
"Of tfifts there seems none more
becoming to offer a friend than a
beautiful book"—A. lironaon Alcott
Here I see staudard book"* in sets
Mark the price—Dicken's, 10 vols
$5 50; Scott, 12 vols $6 00; Irving,
8 vols. $7.75; Thackery, 10 vols $6.-
25; Elliott, 6 vols. $5 00; Guizot'a
France, a vols. tc>.oo, Gibbons Rome
ft vols. $2.80; Coo|«?r's, vols s3.7ft.
4uo standard books ol adventure, tic
lion, etc cloth biuiliuti at 25c. Il
lustrated (<ifl book? I hcli selections
of art books nod etchings and engrav
ings are "simply elegant l.arge
line of the popular I'uttoii booklets
and other beautiful lines And, oh,
the Stock"i of Chlldfi |-,h' book:-' Fvery
variety from I«».- to $2 00 pretty
enough to tempt older folks. I'ibles,
hymnals, prayer book *, «-t.
A Ibum9—did yon ever :«e - uch a
stock' Every thing from ftOe to $lO
in price, 125 different patterns exclu
sive of colorings. The ol.long, the
lionglellow and u large square al
bum to bold 12" < iibinett?, screens,
poi Let aibllUlS
The line of Toilet and Manicure
sets, shaving sets, work botes, jewel
and odor sets, clocks, bron. es, collar
and cut)'seta, traveling case", smok
ers, mirrors, frames, inkstands, gold
pens and pencils, contain all the lat
est novelties, and caun >t be • .j.iuled
in variety and price
In the department we saw
the most beautiful lino of dolls in the
market at remarkable low pri-es,
gun.', games, di lies, blocks, engines,
horns, ete.
c«.K" M -1<• .
The conclusion we arrived at from
what we saw wn , that the liest
place to buy your Christina gifts is
at .1 II OouofcASS,
i.l S MAIN iir
How :vi that ouch c.. nti' i.m iag i!•
i.dJ Santa t lans bould cliu-..\
Tl.c line that rich and [i ior divia.
lli very m ukti, 1.. •
oil! ye whom Fortune's favor-11
ii comes the Chiist.ua -tide
txrincuibci lbt-5c vbo in .ii?irt
See St Nick' - darker ;1^
iiy the New York tl».:aar lor you
Dress Goods, Cloaks, Underwear and
dry goods You viH save
lilO SktJ.
Our Flegant Assortment ol \ a»cs,
Cups und JSaticer-*, Ulassware. «vc i.c
l». T. PAH.
Santa Glaus' Headquarters,
'toys, Drums, Horns, Money "ales,
Cai j and Eugiues, lor the Holidays,
at J. F. T Stsslk'j
—New hlai 1. and Colored Jsilka,
Hatin Uhadamea, Matin Hei.uxons,
Surahs, Moires, tiros <trains and
Kaillea, fiest makes and warranted to
wear, prices lower than elsewhere at
f, Stein A 3<iM'e.
Any Feison
Who has seen our immense stock
knows that we carry the largest,
hnest and lowest priced sto»'k in the
countv Anyone who has not, can
be convinced at once by calling at
—Silverware dealers think that
bright, repousse work will noon re
place the oxidized style
Oyer a hundred styles of wool
dress goods at life- per yard at the
New Vork Bazaar
Highest cash price pttol tor buck
w heut at Geo, Waller's Mill, But
ler, Pa
Plush Coats and Jackets, !• ine rloth
Jackets and Newmarkets, Stockiu
nette Jackets, Mi ses' and Children*'
Wraps, hatest :<tyle and made
goods We guarantee to save you
money on these goods
W raps
Manufactured to order and re, cived
by express every day at
—The gamut of doll prices tUart*
at a penny and run:' all the way up
to $101).
Santa Claus' Headquarters.
Toy Stoves and Pangea, Kitchen
Hets, dishes and tables at
J F. T. Si EH i»a' ■
Don't buy r. wrap until yon have
examined our immense sto« k and
learned our astonishingly low price.l.
We are overstocked on certain styles
and are selling them below cost.
f. SXN i <V HON.
10, 10, 10, to,
Children's woolen ■ 110..1 mitten ' »t
10 cents at
l! 11 1 »;R A Bai ION'
—See the new Vandyke Point
I.nce in White, I'la. k and Cream at
Iba best Uljnketo in Auieiicn
Samuel Bradley A Boo<>. Si o
pair at
KiTitn A. HAL TT
s, 8 : «, a,
Jiot the Lind of ginghams yon buy
elneivhere si - , ent but 11 • ; r
tie.-1 makes •»'
I'llTtß & KAI.JIM.C
We have the beat !isc wool unit
Cashmere hi.- fur i adieu' Gent's an.l
children in the countf —at the »r
York Bazaar
1. I . ifet'ppillgfc vdt s.i . Jet. .1
The ecu ate 1. tin ■ «u ri hi" »pr" ■ I
TTitb piVni t.i (.loft. >f tho r ■
.m> uioney.' do I l>< »i a
vl»! Why »tiv,uld I Lai diUi y<» j ...
Kefil »Lopper« nev«i luj.
< -hrif t'iiit i what we wish i
you in advance and if you wish !
to add to lie* pleasure «»l" a
ft i**n«l by makiu" a
( II I! I.s I'M \8
present, we think you will l>e
sure to tin*l just what Hwant-;
ed 111 ii ir .store. W« «lo not
have an\ olti ,-tu< k, I >• 11 every
thing is new and liesh
combination of design and tin-!
ish is seen in all our selections. :
We will be pleased to have
you visit our store, examine
our goods, compare our prices
and see il we do not save you i
money, Do not wait until the,
comes to turn a new leal and
say jou will nut spend so much
money, hut save it now in put .
chasing Holiday (woods of
0. N. HOYD, Druggist
]diamond lllmk, llntler, T*a.
Not ice.
IWtlca A loiilliff to Hi u . u,.iUL . i.'-rtaili t
to bring fair return*, are invited to < .ue
fully investigate tt.r ... In.. mitt • .-n-r.-.t
WORKS The lot k iOU-ijl- i.l -
shite-* the par < alae ot v hi. h i ■>>
For the furthei developing of tb«- *.ik .
some of this stock i - put i.n the Ti.arket
1 or prices and particulars iß.jtiuv ot
JA? r HRITHIN Butler. Pa
Office on biamoßd.
The Markets.
erTt K ft UAitrra
Oar p<K«r »re |.«v in/ '5 i..r tauter. 22
f.»r egg ■. 4J for imUtiir . 1 •<» t.< I . > lot
I.i-au'. 25 tr. :«> lor turuipt, 5# for par-mpt,
sto 8 for rahhage. 4»» to :ai for apple-,
dressed « hi. ke;. 1" dr. cd turkey a*J
cluck 1 1
111 I FCL 8.. PLOW . I
Timothy hay iron comitrj « a .>u~ jlo
toil.! tuned hay . :»> to - packing
hay 7.f4>, mill teed ill to !1> » ton rye "1
to »3, -helled «..ni -»« to 42, car rum 41 to
44 v. h.- »t ;■ to rye H -tn i > tin. k
t. heat flour :'i to 2-
Potatoes on trav k X'. to 4; p.M.m tt» t
60, applet il to 2 ~*t per l.l»l a - t • quality,
t f.- liesh 25, lie bouse l?t to
i'n ,'cC'l cluckru, 10 tr» 12 dressed tut
key ami Jll. k lit to dre -rt boe 4f to
Phea .>ttt > '.I .at a do*. r ihl.it :■»>«• a pair.
Cfthhace < to s. yellow onion > SB to red
top turnip I to I ;"io a bhl, huMf 14 to
Iti rap 1' iiilfr I hand poked beak*
iirue'* r i IKD i.trt :T.«»
At Bur s Island Ifoiidav 1 .I*l
tma l.ulloi I M.i*hn.nr 1""»
11. 1 it (>}r, primi- heeve old ii 4} to ■.
fair at 4to 4 aud • imiunn <t t. "U. bnlh
and dry c«trj 1} to .!
Salt 1 ■ ijl prune kogs weie m i.l' a i
to 4. euuiinoli to 3}. and rniivk at J
The supply of oheep w.i . hi;.II Flii.a.-r
.•Id u. ..j. at 4) to 4 s lU.t Uiul. it "- 1 to
Bin e li»ia X •■.. .id .0 . .n% l-t I"
l .ail.s at <>• Bfftar ..Id yeutli&a at 4-.
J|. IJ.. • A i isi.r » Id I nol .t t' 1"
At E. t Liiiorty >tocker ■ l r isrht 2 to
xt. l f<_. lc« 3 to 3J.
1 HE Oil. I
«'io- .1 Uondrtr at 1 ftH- Tae nfc.v 1 o.*>t
Wedce Jay 1 Kit
The gladjfffip gleeful Chriitma-t-oU
I' nor- auprmiLiug Biigklj ui(ib a
WheL children'* moutbs are "open iriJe
And fikiid**iu bat I Uy o !
Santa Clans' Headquarters.
Hooka, lIbQIUI, fttTd.i, liaDtc* »Uii
,1. F. T STBMtB'A.
Iti t.feie riilk Mull null «U<J
Mutilere in variety at
l» T Pack's
A lull line »f wiuter glme=«, at
|i>ic prices, at
J. K T. STLHI.i i.
—< *He of tho aew uier l.ani.al tu v »
i.-i a group of doll's ilaio in? a nunnet
I >oll« Tl.e largest as«i>rtinent iu
Hilller. • llii>.|iie I Mil*,
I W a-l.i»l(le IMb JoluteJ
I'oils, Was an.l Kuhher
I >oll« l»oll«
Make your pur. Laara nu«
I atnl aroiil the ('real holiday
Ik T P.ee
Sal* 1 *- t>t prunt' wen» »i ! *••
to 4. ettutuiull 31 tit I}, aitj roiuL at .i
I'ht ><r w.t. in;.II Flii.iw
• ia at -If to 4'. tli>l tailil. »t U>
• ' J'i.i.li .... . 1 • 1.1 ... • .ir% I t 1'
l.uihs at ft] Ffi !.:r ...1.1 yrallici
li I!. ■ o A 1 isi.r .. 1.1 I t:;.I - .it f • t- ♦"
At E. t Liixirtj stxkar ■ I r isrht 2 t(»
_f. 1 ft' ki'S 3 to 3J.
1 UK oil muci
*'lo-cd Uondiir at 1 fc"4. Tneuls.r 1 Of>t
Wedue day 1 K">J
Tbe gladsome gMni Christina-tuU
I» now nuprimckiag t. ~..i. ■
TTheL children* mouths are u»cn w-iJe
lid bkaili tn voaJiiiif " tit I bays*
Santa Clans Headquarters.
Hooka, Albania, Card*, *l»ntta and
Phuln at
J. F. T STBHtS'*.
lit Lace Silk Mull aud tiaia*. alao
Muitl. r=> in great variety at
D T PAtK's
A toll line of wiuter glut a*. at
low prii-es, at
J. F T. Stlhi.e a.
—One of tL« new merhaunal to »»
is a (.roup of dolls dam io<? a minuet
I >oll« Tke largest assortment iu
Holler. • I'olla.
I lulls VViitk«kl« I► • • 11- J.iiutoi
i'olla. Wax un>l Kubbaf
I >oll« I'olla
Make jour i»ur> haaea now
I loll* ami avoid the iT.-at holiday
1» T PAH.
I- S Main St
of Irene Jfr»mc < art hook* For
Mill* at IK»rHLAa* ,
K.\ amine our atork «»l t'|.>ak:<
an«l W raj>* before parHntiiU' We
ran you frona two to three dol
laraon »-»• •» garment.
I. Htiin * S»!»
A N<> I all lint>k mattress, f liar
atiteeil, not mixed v.itli »l>*leer at a
lower liguro than raa !*• had elaa
wbt-re in Hutler, at Miller Itroe'.
furniture store. No IH Jefferson St.
Kx.-elsior Uiarea !•* 1 !<:»♦• at
—J. J. Keit<er, the drofar. want*
all farmer a ami at-wkraieera to know
tUt he i till ileal* in atoek of all kind*
Any perfuMM hnviajf an* to -ell
should addreaa hint IA» K B'»X '.»26,
Hutler, Pa., or leave with lamb
lleilx-r, .1 efTuraon Hi.
—Tli.< hosiery window a alone
Hhould aulfiee to make a ttfijrht
Silverware, Silverware,
For Holiday I'rwntt at
f F T Pais A ItaoV.
s.mt:• < law-* Headquarter .
Hlada, I tolls Carriages ami Mil
tens for the Molidaya at
.1 r T BtKMli'a
I a fMrle
t'ouutry llanriela, are damlf jd«,
\ on will lirnl a lull line at
KITTKH A Rai.sToit'a
Santa Clans* Headquarters.
Full line nl ISahr M'>|la, ll^ddjy
boraM, :'h«»otlie- l.inry iwhl*«, f»r
the Holiday a, at
.1 F T. StiHii >
tor the Holiday
I oil lino of Jewelry at
C F. T I'aii A Ba 'a
Ir*d« at tL •> i ik Hi, »<i
and aa e money
ilM>, llni ICk» l(W
C'om«! in an-1 ae« t.ur )l no I>U< k «lk
a 'v c>n<lerful hargaiu at
Hittbr«l H*l T-•*"-
t <r a t«bJtJ |w*Mat i • lrt*aA .-1
i l« ( i cwtN t> r < jrtat
lild Ih t-iay v h, at th« 4m>.*
' tit.. Ltktl uJ aiik at.i} nJahi
Doatoi hk't tMlltMtkt MMT*
I mr <l«ar I laac« lla daacm
—A toy gooM that ' honks" aad
hiiwa an.i Ut* golden egfs is o«t.
—tlur etoek of Hosiery, liluven,
t'orsets, llibbona. I.area, Ac is al
ways kept up to ita well known
iMnndard of c.TPellence
I'lurst hue of Pur Multa and Bo«a
«T«rt..*a ia tkkrity Ail «jo»li
ties and prji ri m!
I Si aim A doM's
I'rcsa makers and l>iiy«ia r .Q. e.le
that our liroadrloth gets a•* ay with
all v.hrio 111 priot*. '(Uality aad atyle,
jat Hi.TEA A KiUinX's
—Huj your Holiday Uooda at the
I New York Bazaar We SM>II at pop
: ular low prices
Drunkenness—Liquor Habit
In All the World There is But
One Cure. Dr. Haines 1 Golden
j Specific.
ii ■ .ii 1.. t i #0 in alup ot tea or . uSea »-Mn
i.i.t ll.e k&... U t a e (A the iM.lj.lO ' iK.nf II
I *■ tf«-. in.* j and i iire wnefh.-t
tin |n»iimhi 1- i lu-xl'-ral*- itn .fcer or *a ak-..
L :i. ..r. i. 1 1....Mam1-i .4 ltuukaiiia Ut<
1 1 .1. ...v,t «ti . nai>- taken tli<- •"! M.*»n Hw
W. Iu I ben .-.aee •> uti. ui ikeir kBo«Ukl(«*
(-.ii .4-iteve in«j an.. Mil, ot taeir
•l! *: l .rmli.l efte. 14 MM rruM
1 . I aiM Se6j
1 ■ i-ip ular .iii.l Mil iianl. iilar i \.«ilre» in
i. .iiAilrni'>- GMtUilri. ,ftfi',.,i« k*y -1
< iucluuail it
Ilrlln TVfrT
* Iceland \ H:ilst<»n, jewel
ifi'i, are still on Ike northwest
: corner of Diamond Better
prepared than ever to supplv
their iiistonicis with tine Dia
monds, Hold Watches, and a
very large stork ot solid,
sterling Silverware ot the very
liitest designs direct from har
t».ry; never lieen* rehamiled.
therefore, l^in! l - frvsh and
beautiful. Just n hat vou n»-ed
f<>r a Holitlav juvsent. Cone
nnd them lielore I >tiv tttw.
and you will he pleased to see
the tine display they have in
tine fixtures and foods. T>. 1,,
f'h-eltnd, Practical optician
correctly tests the eves and
jierlecily lira spectacles of the
ver\ h»est makes, should jou
v. ish to make a Iriend a pres
ent 111 the shape of ti»dd
Specta» les. We have jiaet what
y«»u want in that line. VI T »*
will keep our st.<re .>pen every
week night until In , t cluck,
this month, t'orner nt' Dia
Jury List for January Term.
I <« m'Trif«rw Juror- drawa tkii .'J .tar
of l»». emt>er. A. 1» 1 ***. (a tvr * M imww
jur.ir* at a <M>wl teraa •>(' I'uart "«mm»
me uu \! n.taT. the nth .la? ..t faauarf .1 l>
Alli(U.l i .<..•!•, I NUkMMai tMllit
Alike,. JUHS, II#KM l|>, fnm*t
Allen, Nicholas, "*
Hurney, F. I iuklui tp ratla.i
Harud, Tb(-»as, Uflrw ip Am, .
Bi.rlaad, IVii, Boiler, tarswr
Hla. k , A UrTia, sh|»perTr. 'k laraaac
Halph IF, Buiu-i bu«. il » irag*.*
i rain. Imiiiel, tp. kilter
< iuisller, Curba, -ii|>|»«tTruck Ip, taeuaar.
t'ravford, lacaei, Ferrari tp. lartaw
i°uiumiii> Saiaoai UUM tp. feriaar
Couabf, 1 karle*. P:aa tp. tun*m
Erriajt. Aaroa, Parker tp, fanuer
Falkuer, BuCUo tp. "
Frederick, Adaaa T«J*t*<a tp *r«er
■ ..aluiiu, J'.ka, Faiieiew bar '*
GiKlilit. 8..01, WiaAaid Ip. "
Grc«n Tb'iuaa, rirarfthl tp luawr
Gar-Tick, Paui ivifetsuu t|>- '*
filtilDcr r.cuftce W . Ciauotnj Ip Hl■!r
llaak. liaac A, Sutler tp. larmer
n*rrej, Samuel Frtutklls tp. fluOMtr
llrUiliif. John Lascaatar tp, "
Ha ys, T >*pb, • *uoa tp (iiawt
Harper, Sbryoeb Waahia«toa tp bra«
Heary, K»t>t S, « oaao 4 tp taruier
K »aierer, Peter. CMWMI tp, "
Kia«, Joka. I>aa«pal tp,
Krumvie Ckeriaa, < liuloa tp. karnar.
Kepple, Daaiel. Batter Bora J4 »J Meek
I Lee oik D«TI4 ir, Jiuwu.tia hnwr
I ikeaa, E.ra, fackaa* ip karatar
Morrow, rtuma» Worth tp, **
Mi-< f aJH, KatMyvraaa .» km
Biitu. Aa« a t oa.-or>l tp, tersaer
I'earner. laha 1, ir, Boßakt tp imrmt
Kami. Uayh, Slipaary»» k t»» *
Kifitvr, HeaiT • leari»»J tp, **
Rn'l«mttia loa BatWt b»e. t*h », ■«■>**■« .
-haoer, M K, " • a««a<
iller MA. M •. jatpaatar
Slbop>, I • WM.mina tp. »f.
Satloa k f.idKMiltp.hraM
Sot aw. I I FaMvsaai iv
Slam to la oh. * orvard tp. "
rbwtupaaa, Ueerye t Mtif ip lacaaof
I n.-.apdt>u fC,
V andiron. I t«u. < taaharry tp. "
W iliuiaaia i A, Wahitpw ip. "
Weteh, W J I.BarM tp. htaa
Wrorht. autuel ( H>ao.,MaMaa« tp. Avaa
Wdght. t'drit, PioipMi Boeo, MaAaH.
VVi.-S, I V Butler ki », tMafrhoe
Krie Fish Market.
I 8 t.I»W A KIM. fra^'r
Storeroom in Brady btukl
iiiK, S. W.itvrwr cf Ihtatuml.
Rutin, IV -k, oyi"-
ttf, fresh Imttfr aiul »*gg».
|»>«* It ry -
All fwA» g—tntPi'l «*
iiion»*v Y»*fiin*l***t
If yon art* in l)*»ul>t
What t.» get li»c
i»r**«mt», you ilioiilii to
our «"f HOLIDAY
4SCN H)S. thM w-»k W* h®T»
such :in imnw»na»* of hptn
tiful mi»t*hlt» for all
mgtn, >uu rinntit fail t«» •»
Prut*-* tKr h»w« i -«t. f u«l.tT
th»* l<st.
J. H. Douglass.
I It- i ri/»> wtnmne P^rk4tr»-
|W, T«»M m>nr*« IM**.
K» Asr>n tor ttilmt, r«WI u*
longer lit h*rJ. Also, extra
full piifs, either §ex,
f»v T..i»i Pflwree*
givtN with every a»tr mu»l
DiititJ M ot womj
\ relur.d' J. AJJreic,
I. PAW Ha)a.
Pr'Kpect, P*.
|if j«« «• .a «t a jif
hi tt.sk jo b«-» it* t•f "4
.k •»*» rt,a «JI It - U•» *tj» »- M
..t-» ▼••Sijsf <• «i « m
•l ir •mi • ipt »» t» t * <*t siu. A*
i, ilmu »« ,&n: * i,«!*■«•' s*i ■.*•* A - ,
lr»«t «l 'Bit
|Q -II i ittoA
:»«.■ '-<a>r» >. T
. JubtcriU f«* :M wTTWfi*