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    THE C37TIZE2<T.
One JW. Inside County • , - 58
One Yew. Out*M* County »-- r>o
ray*bie in Advance.
Caterr : »t r«*to(i<»at Butlers* Melast matter
Of Ci h of then THIS some extra copies
•re printed whlt-n sent to citizens of the
CMinty who are not ȟbscnbers and their sub
B>e s.»r..'-s of thetr neighbors, not now taking a
county paper. *
All oonunamcatlout intended for P"
in this pacer mast I* accompanied by the real
,L oMb. writer, not for publication but as
a *uarautee of good faith,
Marr.ape and .Ifath notice* mast bo accom
panied by a responsible name.
The Holiday Season.
Somk seventy rears ago while travelling
in the northern part of England, TV ashing
ton Irving, than whom the world has pro
duced no prettier writer in prose, spent a
Christmas day at the mansion of an Eng
lish Squire or landlord, the guest of one of
the members of the family. He afterwards
incorporated a description of the mansion
and grounds.of the evening he spent there,
and ..f the doings of the nest day—Christ
mi—jn his famous Sketch book, and we
this week, re-produce extracts from the
tiro sketches "Christmas at Bracebridgc
Hall"' and the "Christmas Pinner.''
Nothinc of the kind, excepting in the
»au-ions of the few very rich, occurs in
this country; hut the same Christmas spir
it prevails all over the civilized or Chris
tian "World.
This holiday commemorate* the an
nonneemcnt of the religion of peace and
lore. It comes in midwinter when onr
thoughts arc more concentrated and onr
•ympatbics more aronsed; when heart is
drawn to heart and we feel more closely
our dependence upon one another.
It is the season of regenerated feeling,
•f kindly charity, of social gatherings and
of heartfelt associations. Therefore let us
•11 be ai hoppy as we can next Wednes
day. and
A *"aiu-Koram from London snys that
an epidemic of influenza is spreading over
all Europe.
Cos «EF.s* will quit the business of intro
ducing bills at the end of this week, and
not resume for a week or two.
GOVEBXOK Beaver has appointed the
fo Uowing Commission to report a general
road law: Darid McCargo, Pittsburg;
Jacob Bollard. Conneautville; Cyrus Gor
don. Clearfield; H. S. Goodwin, South
Bethlehem; Samuel H. Downing, West
Chester. These will act in conjunction
with three Senators and five Representa
tives —Senators Harlan, Mylin and Sloan,
and Representatives Foight, McCullough,
Faulkner, Griffith, and Shillito.
End or the Cronin Case.
The case of the Commonwealth of Illi
nois against the five men accused of the
■order of Dr. Cronin, went to the jury at
Chicago, last Friday; and they did not
agree till Monday afternoon, when they
ntnrned a verdict tinding Coughlin, 0 Sul
livan and Burke guilty as indicted and
gave them life sentences; Kunze was found
guilty of manslaughter, and given three
fears in the penitentiary; and Beggs was
Juror John Culver s obstinate opposition
to the infliction of the death penalty saved
the lives of the first three. Thus ends a
famous case.
Dr. Cronin was lured to the suburbs of
Chicago, and murdered in a cottage, on
the 4th. of May last; his body was found in
a newer two week* after; suspicion rested
on a secret society there, whose secrets
Dr. Cronin was known to possess; a score
•f arrests were made and these five men
were held: nearly two months were taken
np in securing a jury; the crime was fas
tened upon the men with the exception
of Attorney Beggs. who had issued some
mysterious orders and who was seen in
CSullivan's company; Burke is the man
who is believed to have done the killing,
he fled the country and was captured at
"Winnipeg. The defence was general, and
an attempt to prove alibis, failed.
* »
THE Eclipse of the Sun which is to take
place next Sunday, will be the third solar
•clipse for this year. It will be a total
•dipse, on a line beginning near the Is
land of Uayti and extending across the
Atlantic in a south-easterly direction,
continuing across Southern Africa, and
ending in the India Sea. The U S. ob
aervcrs are located near the
west coast of Africa.
First Work, First.
The voters of Pennsylvania with those of
three other States, during the past year,
have stood up, been counted and found
lacking on the temperance question by
many thousand voters.
Men in majorities are not yet convinced
that alcohol is an outlaw that should be
outlawed. A great work of popular educa
tion on that point remains yet to bo done,
It may be hard to believe, but it is never
theless true, that there is no short road to
the prohibition of the sale ol alcoholic
Suors under a government of the people,
ey. the people, must first be taught that
these liquors as beverages are bad before
they will prohibit their traffic.
A thorough enforcement of the temper
ance education laws of Pennsylvania and
these other States in their public schools
will slowly, perhaps, but surely and per
manently change public sentiment on the
The sooner we temperance workers
realize that this first work must be done
first, and therefore address ourselves to
••curing the most thorough and intelligent
temperance education of every child in all
onr public schools that the law demands,
the sooner will our States and Nation be
rid of the inenbus of the saloon.
Tons of Terror.
Three magazines containing ten tons of
■itro-glycerine. exploded at 3 A. SI. Sun
day. one mile and a half from Clarendon.
Tankage containing 25,000 bbls. of oil in
the vicinity collapsed and the oil was lost.
Three derricks were destroyed. All the
window, in Clarendon were smashed to
atoms, and people stunned und almost
frightened to death, but as far as known
no ane was hurt. The lo>s is $75,000. No
•ause is kuown for the explosion, which
was undoubtedly the largest ever known.
The magazines were owned, one by John
Kuhu, one by McCabe it Co. and the other
was the property of the Rock Glycerine
AT Purvis, Miss, last Saturday, a jury
acquitted Kilrain of prize-fighting, but
iound hitu guilty of assualt aud batten',
whereupon the Court sentenced him to
pay a fiue of £2OO aud costs, and be im
prisoned in the county jail for two months.
The case was appealed.
ON Saturday last. the legislature of
South Carolina repealed the Civil Rights
Law- passed I'jr the Republicans when in
power, and providing for the . A«'C accom
modation* for both races. by i-owijnon
carriers, hotels, and theatres.
The I'hun Xjieakrr. of Orangeburg, the
principal negro orgau of the State, hitter
|j oppo-rtl the repeal of thin act, and pre
dicted that it' it was done and separate
accommodation*, provided it would lead to
blowJ tlied and serious trouble.
Tnu Teachers' Institute.
On Monday morning of this week the
school tc.i her* of Butler Count) iiasemb
led in the court room, were called to order
by Co. Snpt. Russell and were led in pray
er by Rev. Young.
The first business of the Institute was
the effecting of an organization. Mr. IT.
P. Jamison of Petrolia had been appointed
Enrolling Sec'y by the Snpt: Miss Ada
Findley. Rec. See'y. and Messrs. E. 1-.
McCall". M 11. Young, and Miss Jennie
Criswell a Committee on Resolutions.
A morion was made and seconded that
AY. p. Jamison. AY. E. Caldwell and A.
M Pouthett be elected a Finance Com
mittee. and no objection being made they
were so elected by acclamation. A check
from Ex-Co. Sup't Snyder to Prof. Mackey
for $143.97. the balance of the receipts of
the la«t Institute was accepted by the In
A motion to proceed to the election of a
Committee on Permanent Certificates was
carried, and Messrs. AY. P. Jamison. J. F.
Hntzler. M. 11. Young. A. M. Pouthett
and Jennie Criswell were nominated and
elected. The fee for each teacher was
then fixed at $1.50 each, for membership
and evening entertainments
The room was crowded that afternoon
to hear the address of welcome by James
M. Galbreath. Esq. He dwelt upon the
reasons and motives for progress in
education, the growth made in the me
chanics and sciences, and the necessity for
education keeping pace with them. It
was the most scholarly address of welcome
ever made at a Teachers' Institute in But
Mr. J. S. Christley of Clay twp. who is
now teaching Xo. 1 of Penn twp. made
the response, lie thanked the people of
Butler for their kind welcome, spoke of
the responsibilities of teachers, and of the
thorough preparation needed for their
Then the regular work of the Institute
began. and Prof. Leslie of Chicago, led off.
He is an instructor in music.and is the most
forcible, vigorous and versatile instructor
we have ever listened to. He forces the
teachers to give him their closest attention
and has given them some very good in
struction .this week. AYe heard one old
music teacher say that he made the trans
position of the scale as plain as it could be
made. Prof. Leslie is of opinion that the
elements of mnsic should be taught in all
our public schools.
He was followed by Prof. Beers who
gave some suggestions in the teaching of
reading, speaking and cultivation of the
Miss Partridge, of Reading, who made
her first appearance as an instructor at
Institutes, in Butler some twelve years
ago. followed with a talk on the new meth
ods of teaching.
The other instructors at the Institute
are Dr. Schaeffer of Kutztown, Pa., who
describes the Mechanical Motions of the
earth: Prof. G. C. Little of Washington
T). I'., an artist in chalk and the funny
man of the Institute, and Dr. Maltby of
Millersviile, Pa. who, at this writing has
not yet been before the Institute, but who
is to talk on Map Drawing, experiments,
manual training and the educational value
of studies.
Dr. Hedley's lecture Tuesday evening,
was listened to by a crowded house and
was well appreciated. lie is an odd genius
who tries to conv'nce people that they
should have minds of the own.
At the Informal meeting of Wednesday
morning, the teachers present discussed
the question of salaries, and resolved to
form a Teachers' Union in the county.
The President of the meeting was instruct
ed to appoint a committee who were to
meet and formulate a plan for such Cuion,
and he appointed Messrs. Wilson, Dyke,
Christly, Harper. Jamison and Wise.
These informal meetings were held every
morning from 8 o'clock to 9, and were pre
sided over by Professors Magee, Elliott.
Sutton and MeC'ullongh, who, with Messrs
Meals, Young and Christloy are said to bo
candidates for County Superintendent.
At the meeting of Directors, Wednesday
afternoon, the old question of school books
was discussed, and a resolution was passed
instructing each Board to send a delegate
to Butler on the day of the election of a
Co. fcnp't., to take action in regard to a
system of free text books. Then Dr. Shaf
fer addressed the meeting, and after that
the ornamentation of school buildings
aud school grounds was discussed.
The music of this Institute excels that
of any other held in the county, and taken
as a whole, it seems to be on a par with
its predecessors.
Washington Twp. and Vicinity.
Iluuting is all the go now. The banging
of guns is heard in every direction. Curt
Christy takes a stick about six feet long,
instead of a gun, when he goe» out hunt
ing and can capture more rabbits than the
average young Niuirod with a gun.
Francis Billiard killed a beef this week
that dressed 653 pounds, and it wasn't an
old cow either.
The McNaulty & Co. well, on the Adams
farm, is finished. There was about thirty
feet of sand. They put in a 30-quart shot
and it showed some oil, but not enough t«
pay for pumping. There is talk of two
other wells being drilled in this locality in
the near futnre.
Sain Christy aiul Abe I'arriekman traded
horses a few days ago. If there is a tine
horse in the country Sam is not content till
ho in the owner. Wouldn't have thought
-\be would have parted with the gray boss.
Ilobert At well, of Marion Tp., spends an
evening every two weeks in Washington
Tp. Are you coming this week, Robert.'
L. M. Dickey put in a hundred rods of
tile drain for Dr. Hoover. He' is putting
in about th£ same amount for B. M. Stein
torf. The tile is manufactured near these
farms. There are two different companies
that do an extensive business. They als >
make brick, and of a very good quality.
Any person in need of brick or tile would
do well to give these lirms a call—Win. M.
Glenn <fc Co.; Lyinan Uilliurd <& Co.
Prospect Note.
Saturday morning, between 8 and 9
o'clock, during a thunder shower,the house
of Mrs. Isaac Kelly in town, was struck by
lightning. The current of electricity
struck a lightning rod on the centre of the
roof, and the rod not being isolated from
til;; roof on account of being broken, the
bolt passed arouml tho tin villeys and gut
ters, thence down the conductors at the
corners; anil, there being no communica
tion with the ground, tho electricity went
to house and ran around and splintered and
tore off the weather-boarding. The tin
conductors were also knocked down. A
hole was torn out of oue corner of the
house, the plastering somewhat destroyed,
glass broken, and the house given a
shaking up in general. Miss Mary Magee,
daughter of Prof. Magee, and who is 4 or .">
years old, was sitting on the (U>or just
where the hole was torn out, and strange
to say was not shocked in the least. Not
being satisfied with tiiu mischief already
done, the current ran into the telephone,
in the barroom of the Murtincourt ilousc,
and burnt till' the wires and nearly scared
Frank Haun to death, as he was sitting
close by the phono. He says he don't
desire a repetition of tho dose. Leaving
this,the current ran along the wire towards
liatler, anil followed it to the residence <;f
Jesse Datter, where the wire, being down,
ran it off into tho ground. A man, who
saw it. says it looked like a tubl'ul of tire
spilled on the ground. The shock caused
by the thunder was very heavy and solid,
and scared the people somewhat.
West Sunbury Items.
The social in the Academy, held ou Mon
day iii}?ht, Dec. 9, was a success aud every
body went home rejoicing that they h;id
beeii there.
:i number of teachers wended their
way through the town on Monday morning
|on their way to to attend tho In
' stitutc in that place.
County Supf. Kussell, who bus been ou
the sick list, is again ou his feet, though
| iiot IX6 healthy looking as he was. iX
A man in Bradford deserted his wife a:.d
two children ami eloped with n colored
An Orangeville pot hunter literally
"bagged" eight rabbits recently, lie
start eii a ferret into one opening of a bur
row. and held an open bag at the other
and the "cottons" ran into it.
Ex-Senator I.ee. of Franklin, recently
gave the opinion that "the ship canal be
tween Erie and Pittsburg will be con
stucted about the time that wooden In
dians begin to grow whiskers.''
A hog walked into a saloon in Bingham
ton, X. Y.. a few days ago. looked around
and (juietly walked out again. The hog
had four feet.
An exchange says: If a gray haired
woman of ">0 in moderately respectable
attire is put oil the cars in your town be
cause she can't pay her fare any farther:
if she almost immediately recievcs a tele
gram urging her to come home on the
next train because her husband is dying,
and if she tearfully and desperately, in a
pretty loud voice, announces that she is
going to walk home 100 miles, you let her
walk. Sho and her confederate, who send
the telegram, have worked the dying hus
band racket in half a dozen Michigan
towns at a net profit, it is figured, of sl3
a day."
The late Pr. William Gibson, of James
town, Mercer county, was a very pious
man and was esteemed as one of the excel
lent of the earth. The Lord prospered
him in his goings, and before his death the
Doctor was enabled to erect a monument
in the cemetery that weighed several hun
dred tons and cos* over $50,000. It now
begins to appear that while (retting every
thing in decorous order for his linal de
parture. the devoted man overlooked one
matter. lie neglected to settle with his
hired household help. This little flaw was
probably permitted in order that his fel
low-men might not esteem him as perfect
in this sin smitten world. Two weeks ago
one of the Gibson maid servants, Ellen
Kane, got a judgment in the Mercer Court
for $1,500 against the Doctor ~ estate for
services as housekeeper. And last week,
in Crawford county, AV ilhelmina Beatty,
another and older housekeeper, obtained
a verdict for over s£,ooo against the estate
for similar services.
Oil and Gas Notes.
Kussell & Co's. well, on the John Mar
burger farm, near Evans City, reached the
sand Monday, and was reported to be do
ing 00 barrels a day.
Frazier A Co., on the 0. G. Shannon
farm, was rated at 100 barrels, and AYester
nian i Co., on the Jarr.es A\ elsli farm, was
put at the same.
Phillips' well on the Baumgarten, Creat
Belt field, is in the satid and is showing
good. It is being tubed.
Taylor A- Co s. well, on the Cable farm,
increased to 100 barrels with deeper drill
* Campbell A (Vs. well, on the Marshall
farm, and linff.V Co's., on the Bolton, be
gau flowing Tuesday.
McKee's well, on the Cashdollar farm,
Myoma field, is in the sand and the hole
is full of oil and water.
The Plate Glass Co's. new gasser. on the
Freeling farm. TVinfield Tp., has a pressure
of 600 pounds.
A 600-pound gasser was struck near
Bakers town last Friday by the Butchers
Oil Co.
Murphy A-Cos. No. 2, on Smith farm,
llookstown district, is put at 75 to 80 bar
rels, and their No. 3. at 25 to 30.
Derrick: 01" late there has been war
among the 15 manufacturers of nitro
glycerine, and rates have been cut down to
unprofitable figures. There will be a meet
ing in Bradford to-day for the purpose ol
establishing a standard of rates from which
there will l>3 no deviation.
On Tuesday last Perrino & Co. purchased
leases on the Burton, Klinger, Winters.
Martin and Cooper farms in Butler and
Penn Twps. from Thayer <£ Crosby. The
leases contain 350 acres and the price is
said to have been *40,000.
Josiah M. Thompson, Esq., is leasing in
Brady Twp.. near Elora, for a Pittsburg
The Eore.-t Oil Co.'has leased 3.000 acres
in Marion and Venango Twps.
Buried Alive.
MADISON, Wis. Dec. 53. —A sad case of
premature burial has just developed here.
About a month ago diphtheria appeared
in the home of a prominent family. A
young domestic was terribly frightened,
and decided to go 'to her home in the
county, but the attending iau
would not permit this, not from fear of
spreading disease, but to render assistance
to the family. A young child died of the
dread diseas c. and this with the horror of
the disease, caused the girl to take to her
bed, and she apparently died within a few
hours, and was at once buried by the au
thorities. A few days ago her parents ob
tained pcrmi--ii>u to remove the body to
the country, and upon opening the ca.- ket
they were horrified to discover that the
body was lying on its face, the hair
wrenched from the head aiui the flesh lit
erally torn from the face and hands.
Clinton Twp. Items.
The indication are that we v. ill have
rain in our twp. some of these days.
The Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. have
leased about 4WO acres of territory in Clin
ton and Buffalo twps. and are putting up
a rig on the Peters farm in Clinton twp.
and expect to begin to drill in a week or
ten days for gas or oil.
Professors Scott and Campbell gave the
first of a series of entertainments in No. 2
school house on the evening of the 13th.
It was quite a success.
The twp, institute at Rocky Run was
quite interesting. The object method of
teaching was ably presented !..- >V. 11.
Scott, N. W. Campbell and others. Tie
institute adjourned to meet at No. I school
oil Jan. 11th at 1 o'clock P.M. Subject:
Should we have t uniform series of books
in the the schools. • C.
Clinton Twp. Items.
Roads are still muddy.
Mr. Holstine I.oye, who cuine home sick
a short time ago, is recovering und will
soon return to his work in Allegheny.
The teachers' institute, held at No. 5
school on the 7th inst., was a grand suc
cess. The teachers all seem to be alive to
their work.
An entertainment given at l.ardiu's Mill
school, oil the 13th inst., by W. B. Scott
and N. \V. Can: obeli, was well received.
♦ ■ V 7,
"Wo doubt if thv*ro i.*, or cmi l»c, a specific
remedy for rheumatism; but thousands who
have suffered Jls pains have been greatly beu
efited by Hood's Sars;tpnri!lu. If you have failed
to find relief, try this great remedy. It corrects
the aeidity of the blood which is the causo of tho
disease, ami huiids up the whole system.
" I was afflicted with rheumatism twenty years.
Previous to 1888 I found no relief, but grew worse,
until I was almost helpless. Hood's Sarsaparilla
did ine more good than all the other medieino
1 ever had." 11. T. BAi.COM, Shirley Village, Mass.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold by all druggists. St; six for $5. MUWJ
only by C. I. ItOOU & CO., Lowell, Jlass.
SCO Doses One Dollar
ProL Loisette's
In spit* id adiillmti'd imitation* which miss tho
theory, an-! praeti* r. .Jlioftbe Original, in spite of
th« k ' ■ ' r- '.v s I v i ... ' *• .'i»ld ho
competitor.*, and in spiteof "bawe attempts to rub*'hiiy
of tho fruit of his labors, (all of which demonstrate tho
undoubted MitKiriority an I popularity of his teaching).
Prof. bdgßlltt's Art • f N< v«-r Forgetting is recognizod
tr<>-dny in b ?li • N»S I»H uinrkiriff an Kpoch in
Memory Culture ll'< Prospect mm (son? po«. # , free) gives
opinion* of people in nil parts of the globu who have act
ually studied hi*S;- N m by correspondence, nil v; *
;h*.* his System m */•<•■ I only while being studied, nt
<l fTfini ai . ; thato <> j k can fte learned in a*in(/lc
j r'eudiiH/, mini '■*,.!> ri >j rnrnl, ,le. For Prospectus,
Terms ar.d Tern i Hernials addtema
I i'ref. A. IJOJU*£TT£, *37 FifUi Avenue, >i. V
TNR appointment of J atnes W. MeKean
T '.master at Pittsburg was sent to
T > • ate, Wednesday. He was QUAY'S
rr Paliell and Magee were for Ford.
AT \ HOTEL iu Washington D. C. last
Saturday. Franklin B. Gowen. former
Pre-ulent of the Reading Railroad, com
mitted suicide, by shooting himself.
VI N!\ ! . W'.nliel.l Twp.. this county.
WC :' SDAT morning. Dec. 11, I<B9. Mrs.
\lartl I V;ink. aged 74 years. 6 months
and 19 days.
B.VIIKICKMAX — In this place, Dec. 17.
lss'9, Mrs. Elizabeth Barrickman. in the
74th year of her age.
COOYERT — In this place. Sunday. Dee.
1". I—o. Abigail Lucinda, daughter of
Mr. E. L. Convert, aged 20 years and 4
BEST— At the home of the Misses ME-
K' ever in Oakland Twp., Sunday, Dee.
15. ]SSR». Frank Best, aged abont 80
IIARBAT'GII — At Centreville, Dec. 1-,
ISS9, D. M. llarbaugh, Jr., aged 22
LIEBLER— Dec. 13, 1889. Annie, daughter
of Matthias Liebler. of Butler, Pa., aged
2 years and 4 months.
SANDERS— Monday, Dec. 16, 1889, at her
HOME on I Pmn St.. Butler, Hattie.
daughter of Jacob Sanders, aged 3 years
and 9 months.
WISE— Dec. 16, 1889. IN Bntler, son ot
Newton Wise, of Bntler, aged 3 years.
I'TLE— At his home in Muddycreek twp.
Nov. 22. 1889. Amos Pyle. aged 48 yrs
LEIDECKER— Dec. 15, 1889. at Washing
ton. L'a., infant daughter of Augustus
MELLON—Dec. 11, at St. Joe. infant
daughter of Patrick Mellon.
PORTER— In Marion Twp., on Monday
morning, L>ec. 9. 1889. of Bright's dis
ease of the kidneys. Braden Porter, aged
about 60 years.
lie WAS a*soldier and a man of excellent
MCCLYMONDS— In this place. Thursday
evening. Dec. 12, 1889. Mr. Samuel Mc
< lymonds. in the 66th year of his age.
Mr. MeClymonds had been in feeble
health for some time and while his death
was not. therefore, unexpected, yet it is
greatly regretted. He was respected by
all and was always recognized as an honest
and worthy . iti/en. lie was raised near
I'ortersville, Muddycreek Tp.. this county.
While vet a young man he came to Butler
(about 1830) and was connected for a time
with the late William S. Boyd in the mer
cantile business. Soon after this he return
ed to I'ortersville and was engaged there
in store keeping up to the close of the late
war. Having a large stock of goods on
hand they became depreciated in value by
the sudden close of the war, a common re
sult then, and this was as unfortunate for
him as for many others then engaged in
similar business. In 1872 he purchased a
lot in Bntler and shortly afterwards re
moved here, building and residing in the
HOUSE in which he died. In 1878 and in
18*1 Mr. MeClymonds was a candidate at
THE Republican primaries for the office of
protlnmotnry, but was unsuccessful each
. ABOUT the -ame time (1878) he was
appointed Clerk to the County Commis
sioners. an office he continued to hold for
s. vera! years, with credit to himself and to
the benefit of the county. After leaving
that office his health was such as to pre
clude him from engaging in any active
business In all the reverses of fortune
that may have attended him his good
character for integrity WA* never called iu
question. On Sunday last his remains
were deposited in the U. P. Church portion
of the South Cemetery, a church of which
all his life he had been a member, and
WERE followed to the grave by a large niiui
ber of relatives, friends and citizens. The
funeral services at the house were conduct
ed by Rev. MeKee of the L T . I'. Church, of
this "place, whoso discourse on the occasion
was appropriate and instructive.
lie leaves a widow anil eight children
to mourn his loss.
The Press
FOR 1890-
The Aggressive Republican
Jcurnal of the Metropolis.
Founded December Ist, 18*7. .
fur. PRESS t lie orcan of no faction; pulls no
wires; has no animosities to avenge.
The most remarkable Newspaper
Succ<„j in New York.
The Press is now a National XE>J»n*|ier, raphl-
B GROWING In TC.or with Republicans of every
State in the Union.
ri.E; I 111 v.s. vulgar sensations and trash tlnd
MI place A lie hitiins of THE PRESS. It IRF an
e.\p< II VE paper, published at the lowest price
American Currency permits.
THE 1 iir.-s II - tiie brightest Editorial page In
New York. IT: parkles with points.
tc U page paper, covering every currant toplu
ol Interest.
1 UE I'KESA WEEKLY EDITION contains all the
good things ot the dally and Kuntiay editions
with special N atures suitable to a Weekly pub.
licatlon. For those who cannot afford the
D ULY or are prevented by distance fioin early
re elvlng It, THE \V EKKLY is a splendid substi
As an advertising medium 'IHK I'HESS has no
:'.ipcrior In New York. It reaches an excellent,
class ot readers. Kates very reasonable. Full
Information upon application.
Within the reach of (ill. The best and cheapest
Ncicspaper published in America.
Daily and Sunday, one Year, $•"».00
•* <» iiionflis J hi)
k one month, .4o
Daily only, one Year
** lour month*, 1 (lO
Sunday only, our Year 2 00
Weekly Press, om year 1.00
s.'iul f.-r THE PRESS Circular with full part4c
ulurs and list of excellent premiums.
Samples free. Agents wanted everywnere.
Liberal commissions.
Address, THE PRESS, New York.
Flailing Mill
I j;isiiber Yard
S.G. Purvis&Co.
Rough and Planed Lumber
.arUermau Clinrcb
Rough anil Worked Lumber
Doors. Sas.li, Blinds, Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath
Always in StocK.
Office opposito P. <FC TV. Depot,
DAlth QS I
."IUS Smithfieli! St., for Trees, .Seeds, Lilies,
(irapc Vine--. Hardy Koses, Canary Birds,
Gold I'ish. etc.
Descriptive Tall Uatalouge mailed free.
Absolutely Pure.
This Powder never v . a marvel o
parity, strength mJ v. More
economical then it . ■ ; 1 *
not be t>old tocompetition with the multitud
oilow tests, abort welcht.a ptwpheH*
powders. Sold onh, ;n I IU.
106 Wail Street N. Y.
East Diamond - • utier. Pa.
Bumn. L 1 i:; u*® A
ISG, DYKIN'H \si> *'AS
Goods collected an-; ( i live*red
in all parts of the town.
Xew Oyster Parlor
Mrs. S. Showalter,
In Stehle building- S. Main St
Mrs. Showalter L ... up some
neat looms for a Istlie.- restaurant,
and asks a share of iLc patronage of
the people of IJutler. Meals at nil
J. E. astor,
Practical Si.. ■ ■!■ r.
Ornamental anj' -Vi Slaiing
Of all kinds done on i-tice
Office with W. li. Morris Ko.
7, N. M; >lll St., Residence
North I'll in street,
Butler, Pa.
57 B.
Some rure Press (1 'ls Bargains
for this month sual * kloes
as will make trad these De
50 pes. 50 inch Ti cots at 25 cents
—all dark teas : < ■■■<, pood
serviceable fabric; pt< df r school
and house wear Xo* •ti width
50 inches, 25 cent-.
100 pes. doable . :_ - in
choice new colorinu •, •• r.
Large lot ol IS'. t.b, ■ ieiiiiiin i»od
French Plaids, U w i !«•, all
wool, very stylish r. 1 tive,
cents, regular pi i.: ; 5i.25.
These are plum wd buyers.
50 shades of 4<5 inch, a'l wool col
ored Cashmere- f»"» c special
value ai.d equ -to qi..: t y, u.-ually
gold at ?5 cent*.
Another line of -! '• inch colored
Cashmeres at 75 c nt >rui SI.OO.
For Holiday Presents iu these
Dress Goods Depai . we have
put up 500 Dress P.ittcrn: in neat
attractive boxes, : I c lors and
combinations to •• i'i 1- i* s*2 00 to
$12.00 for the suit rn Every
one of these suit pat at special
low price?.
For Fancy Work for the Holidays,
largest assortmeu's of KiMxms anil
Plushes at special low price*.
llaudkercbiels and Muftiers, special
sale in these Department: all new de
signs and at money s.-vin : prices
Write our Mail Order Department
for samples or inform tiou
Catalogue Iree upon request.
115 to 121
11. FDLLKRTON, Prop'r,
ItlmikelN. riitmii ■ .i»«l Ys»rn
Kainilaeliirei! ol'J'ure Etul
l<M rilQlll} Wool,
We guarantee our .. .it wo.»i j
nenraenic or any other onous material I
Ml to tjttmg. Wi ell Who lie or retail.
Sam Diet* and prl <■ to deal is "ii j
application by mall.
m k uTrn
Uf I H I L E j
H In 1111
II till I IU p|
fof the right .aea i. : :oe aa expenses j
p&Jd weekly. Lib. ml 1 «:«1 • ■ >■'* l 1 h' iti
nera. No previous i-xp-re - ir V- out
at iree. WHte for tern
CUAIU-KS II <li AS: M i r
N. \. totiia IWapaper.
—dealers IN
SPONGKri, BUiVlit S. P! I'! I'M !• IIY. to*)
tarpbyatclans -pp ■ • - • ••>•» •
5S Mair Street, Butler l-'n.
Adtbftise ic '.he Cities i
Idmiaistrator- ami E*ecnton< <>f estates t
run so, -ire their receipt books at the CITI- '
7. K V otßoe.
Election Notice.
Ihe aunaai meeting of the member* of
the Glade Mill Kire Insurance Co. for the
I < r. m , 1 b ■ heM at the home of
•!. Mar« Station, on Wedneadar.
the >th ilsT of Jannary, 1890, at the hour of
I')o'clock A.M. A full attendance is re
f|U<-ted as business of importance will be
Dec. 11th, I»S9.
The annual meeting of the Worth Mutual
Fire lusuranoe Co. to select officers for the
ensuing vear will beheld at the I . P. church
West Liberty the second Tuesday of Janu
ary, lv*o, at lo o'clock A.M. being the Hth
The members of the Farmers and Breed
er- Mutual l.iv»e Stock Insurance Associa
te n of the I'. S. are hereby notified that the
annual meeting of said Association will be
held at their office in Butler, Pa. on Tues
day the Jsth day of January, 1890, at 10
o'clock A.M., said day being the 4th Tues
day ot said month—to elect seven directors
for said Association to serve for the ensuing
year. A. D. WEIR, Prest.
Election Notice.
The annual election of twelve directors of
the Butler County Mutual Fire Insurance
Company will be held at the office of the
Secretary in Butler on Tuesday, January H,
IS'.t.t, between the hours of one and two
o'clock p. m.
H.C. HEI.NEMAN, Secretary.
The general meeting of the Vartaer* Mutual
Ktrc Insurance Company of llannahstown and
\ me v will be held .it the rreamerv Building
: Satwflur. Januarv 11. m at l
t.;■k r. m. sharp All members are Invited to
atteu 1. A. KKAVSIE. Pres.
Estate of W. J. Abranis,
Letters of administration having been
! .'rented to the undersigned on the estate of
j \V. J. Abranis, dee'd, Tate of Forward Twp.,
1 Butler Co., Pa., all persous knowing tbem
-elves indebted to said estate will please
make immediate payment, and any having
! clßiins against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
Six Points P. 0., Butler Co., Pa.
It. P. SCOTT, Att'v.
Dissolution Notice.
The partnership heretofore existing be
l tweeu Joseph and Bernard Kemper, under
| the firm name of J. & B. Kemper, harness
makers, and doing business in Butler, Pa.,
was dissolved by mutual consent on Monday,
| Nov. 11, 1889, and the business will be con
tinued by Frank Kemper at the same place.
All indebted to the old firm will pleaae call
! and settle before the Ist of January, 1890,
| and those who have any accounts against the
: old firm will please hand them in bv that
lime. Ail accounts remaining unsettled by
the l>t of January, LS9O, will be left lor col
| lection. J. 4 B. KEMPER.
Estate of Wm. G. Smith,
Letters of administration in the estate of
William G. Smith, dee'd, late of Marion tp.
! Butler Co., Pa., having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing themselves
| indebted to the said estate will please make
immediate payment and any having claims
a ai nst saiil estate will present them dnly
authenticated for settlement.
J. H. MORROW, Jacksville P. O.
Administrator's Notice.
Letters of administration having been
j granted by the Register of Butler county,
l'a., to the undetsigned ou the estate of Ed
ward Sutlifl', late of Worth Tp., said county
and State, deceased. All persons, therefore,
knowing themselves indebted to said estate
are hereby notified to make immediate pay
, meat and those having claims against the
! same are reijuested to present them to the
undersigned administrator properly autben
; licated for settlement.
Jacksville P. O.
i .t Galbreath, Attorneys for estate.
' August 24, 188:).
Estate of David Meyers.
Letters testamentary on the estate of David
Movers, ueceascd. late of Muddycreek Twp.,
liuilerCo., Pa., having been granted to the un
ii. rsigacd. all pereons knowing themselves in
i »tr I to said estate will please make Ini
mi-illate payment and any having claims
urns! sapl estate will present them duly
authenticated lor settlement.
Porttrsvllle P. 0.. Butler Co. Pa.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice i» hereby £jylu that th* eo-partner
- hip heretofore existing liptweep Mrs. Fay
:inil Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson, under the
lina a ameof Fay and Thompson, iu Butler
l'a. was dissolved by mutual consent, ou the
j 2nd. day ol Nov, 18S9. The books of the
lirm are in the hands of Mr*. Fay who will
j collect the accounts pf the firm, and also pay
! its debts.
Mj«. FAY,
Last Notice.
The subscription accounts to the CITIZEN
up to Sept. 4, 1888, the date of my sale of
the paper, have generally been paid or
settled by note; but there are some ac
counts that are still standing unpaid aud
which if not paid between this and the first
of January coming will be left with a Jus
lice of the Peace for collection. We hope
this last no»i«J6 will be taken advantage of
by all here referred to and thtjs si}V<S' tr,QU ;
hie and costs.
Juu» 11. XKMLKY,
Late Editor of tlie C'lT|4K4-
llutler l'a. Nov. 21, 18S'J.
otllce on second Door of the 11 use 1 ton block.
Diamond. Butler. Pa., Kooui No. 1.
Men to take orders for Nursery Stock, ou Sala^
ry or Commission. I can make a successful
ot anjr one who will work and follow my In
structions. Will furnish handsome outfit free,
and pay your salarv or commission every week.
\\rite for terms at once.
E. O. tJKAUAM. Nurseryman,
Rochester. N. T.
I to canvas for the sale of Nursery Stock! Steady
! . mplovment guaranteed. Salary and expeuses
paid to successful men. Apply at once stating
i air.'. Mention this pa|>er.
Rochester, N. Y.
WASTEO—. Agent* to solicit orders for our
choice una hardy Nursery Stock.
Stu*ly tyoik For Currfetlr Temperate tyua.
Salarv and expenses or commission If drcfar
.l. Write at once. State Age. Address.
R. G. Chase ACo.'^Kr 1 '
V J llllpav this to our salesman, OCTFIT
\ 111HFREE. Can start you at once, bend
U I UUrur terma to
■i. trvi iv siuw. yars«rrjM»»ij»£g*l«giJLl
canvass lor the sale of Nursery Stock. A full
line uf leading specialties. Salary and expen
ses paid to uceeksful men. No Experience
necessary. Write tor terms, stating age
[Mention this paper.] C. L. BOOTHBY
Nurseryman. East Park.
Rochester. N. I.
Jordan's Restaurant
All our readers visiting Butler
■ /ill do well to go to Jordan's I
restaurant for <.u<£«r peui*.' Wa 3ar"®
lunches, soft drinks, tobacco and
cigars. No. 4, S. Main St., ander i
Schneideman's clothing store. I
I <)n tad aft. r Monti <», v
, will le<tve Bu:!»r
liAhkrr at H I" a.m., arnv , . \;
nv at '.': l" a. m. isnnin . <
with Day Expr- -
at 7 p.m.
Kxi'KT - at - ;o a. as.,
ny at I 0:3."» a. tu. •
aast. but connc. ;» t
and n>uth.
MAti. at 2. p c>., I
Allegheny, arr.\ ;
nects ea.«t for Ph:!* !•
neeu at the Jmm t
mo<lation, srr .
m , and connects east a • i
Trains connecting ! r I : -
ny at *:2O a.r.i.. p.
Trains arrive at Bi
5:00 and 7:50 p. tn.
riTTSBrm., SHUN - ■
Corrected lo U«t tit.,
Train* leave liutler for t -r
and 10:30 a in. rii I
Trains leaving the P. VV.
legheny at 7 I and the W - i
geji) a, m, an.l 1" p. m. to:.-
with train* North on t .- r ■
Trams »rrivr at tr •
10:10 a, m. and - - and
connects with the P. .V U .
the 2:-5 with the West I.
Trains leave Hilliari's 7
00 m. slow time, conn* : tor
5 p m. train from Kutler ■
ton for Hi I liar Is.
No Sundsy tram*. IV- . :
eta will be carried on t .
leaves the P. AW. .lut; .it
not ou the other freight ITA .-
The s:l'i a. iu. train fr tu !-u: r
at Osgoo\l with trains on ti - I. -
arriving at t'leveian 1 1
9:10 p. ra., Krie 11 a. • 1
m.. and at Merrer with \V. N.
arriving at New Castle at
The 10:3«.' a. 111. tram from II
at Mercer with trains mi t U N
arriving at Franklin at . ' p
City at at 2:10 p. m . an I at >
the N. Y. P. A < >. tor Mt a
Bnffalo, Olean at;d Rn Y(M
O,goo<l for «>il City.
The 5:00 p. in . bail
New Castle, ai l a: : ■ \
and Sharmi.
P. A W. fc. B.
Corrected to fast time *
than schedule time.
Trains leave Butler f r \ •
at 4:20 and 10:2s> a. m , and
The New Castle and wester::
at 8:15 a. tn., aud the th • - V -
press at 1:50 p. tn.
Trains leaves liutler for .• N
a. ui., and 7:55 p. ui.
Trains arrive at liutler fro. .
9:55 a. m. and l_.i
A train arrives from < Uri :i
and from Kaue at ; 1 j t.
Trains connecting tor Bir U r \
gheny at 7:40 and lo •.•a. ei ,1
and 6:30 p. in.
The 8:15,10:20 and I: '• i tr.i '' tr . r
to Callerv.and 7:40 and 1 . tr.i
gheny to Butler run on >'i". •r.
train that leaves ("allery r Bat
arriving at 12:10.
Trains leaving Bntler at -
1:50 p- ni. connect at < aHerr fr t ; V
m * SOLID*——
CVT sOKETHiH ii.' ■'
GAROCNS Gate# ARBOR*. U.ndj *.
Fireproof PI. ISTKRIXti I \Tii. i
Ae. Write for Illustrated C. iul .
. IIS Water Nl„ Pllt»tnirt'c !
Wwirt l,a keep It. Give nan;
r fh* ch«ape«t au-J u- .-
Lawa«, fccc O.J l l. «, I"
Fariua. ate .%*•*> max:iif.n •.
Iron Craatlu*'. v-
Bhuttara. Flra Eacap«*« '
klcd* of IEON AM) W: ;
203 and 205 Market Street. - P i
o,.'oftK. pnPP
IF* r»« «.»»«•• ii | llii»i
rtOTtOM Mietk oClukwa •« ••
uiam gi is e»«* t j emrry *
R.*. . . - -
Shall u e »iari i'Ol
rrader » U.H.- t - • I
trc jrtinff nwn;
e- »»• i
UWcUoi'l you will I) <
Qn »cc®A»l« f • ■ »
I- r £
wanted. Lib. ral : !>:-
lalkiaf McrwMry W h <
A(f«-«i» t4ke ;. »
MKIIIF A>rtuu«'■•. L.< ! ■ •
can tluMwdluani i I
to th<<*« «rh'> *%• rir* n.r
I'amll* Itibira. Uookt and I't • •
ITIOULDVOU conclude to »
Addrtn K. C. ALI.I.N A
J 1
i* «t'-. '
ai l i. -
New Felt Hats and Houm \ ,
Plumes, Birds and Wings. N"»
colors. New satins, rllihon- v..
brocade ribbons and strip I ;
tinsel corl. twi>ted cord, 11
Ladles aud children lura:
Ladles' and children > under • I.i-i;
children's hosiery. La. 11 .1
Stets and corset waists. L.ui. .i
hose supporters, kid glov
allk initteas aud w«*>l n. -
Latest novelties hi neck"-. .
M. F. A- M. -Marks.
All atock jfuarant. 1 I
ditioa when deliver.-
VTp replace all tr. tl • : .
J. F. Lowry, W T M
Shanor. Jr.. j I. ■ •
C. Walker. L | • 1" • ' I-
L. Cleelan.l.
G. F. KING, AG f.
ElT«*MIttE« Hot i Li
iilSMHMa*l«Eo.a.M<>ii,s,. i n.j
The Truth Aboutl
Out* Clothing.
iu»* Miwin} ot <4 «r» lok. .« ** fcark. «t
wor .. W«- «<ej -n i < ti ir limling«*•! ti. »t« »IM It i nfci-1
•» r-miy-mmtie h the rl»»'»|x t, !mm>- it tfc» h>»<t.!*«■«.
« t •• rv i<
i'!te fart is* *!• rem our !x n»**>- - ** t»»» pcttwiyftm
—I" 'i 5' ' *t 'II i! <m t •'< •> < ><i it •• «f.
ohv .*how •'« twi w<t; -t *!. »' *.•!«,
witK I : t) .samiHjr-
An 4 v.»- don't kat»w anar w.ty t» m *k« flNMti *** Ck-i a*
by making a .-'iwtii profit o!l* t*»n tl»u«. m«i r iltati a b *
profit off <»n© thmjv.MMI. iH.in
1 sis big a.- any otlwr: our trswlc nv »re than twice * Li jr.
()iit» ! Viiv t l«»l hinir i
29 S. Mi IK ST., I;OTLER, FA.
I if>l,ll > A YSI.IP J KHs.
Christmas coming calls to mind the good rfj fnMmiji e&mmm
Makinu I'lvsouts to Yout Kri. mk
L«: a» «»U J i e>f t (tw ml t!ta .»!,
s wh<reaitb y»n ran «}<ci:j:fct &• haart <rf j.mr fca*ka»t, wW* Mhar. * *fc*r. hirortfcir,
st*t*r, SOB, tlmvgkter or as>i dka pew** aaMMMtr !.»*.
•\l *tOr «w C- *«!«* Eremt. aithan«*u>' .la*~i amm
' a * ' 1 «ek liocc: «Aef- H U*#«a at r>. t*> '
At lir ° ur " ,lk «■>"<*»< wh»l tntM; a t«aar»4 paPua. * Man •laNwn*
4,1 * ».-! per.
\| s( |,il -*»' at
: - 1 * 1 ' I . r iII Cr. l- t.
i \f si •u» »«4» aaA»-MIHHtMHtf
'■ , fwnw. The wty fwtimi la a »y>aa4fci fc—li afl—at t. m »■«<»> «■>■»
<W! |WMI *orK
At Nl 'ur t:iQ * I Tlii* ia • *«®y xa*l rT» '•U*»au at
At s ' I'H "■ ' ' ' T tr-f T Tit - *»i laj
* ' - .:»!r. . ».»r . a. » ,i-.
tn*. aiv €?Uin:aoaii : sr«at aK*o«s<>3. W« leya lia ftrtt >an»> mt tmm 'Hfc«>la : m K«4
and Hi>uiar< k Ut. 0*..-riU.
Old Wi«' warm li ine>: (ta«<t. "oft, taay a»l aSgpm at *w. aa • ap>. t 'iU4»aa"a
.uwl in «' tVJ: «Us>p«»- ta fiiaejr ml- c, afctafk
Is faa tin * a-ni ; oa» !»n- i <-•«•«!»«» ta i* la>fi , I , tmm* ha
rqaatfeft :!$ aa to rtata m pika. tirt» hay a" fcania. Me fc>y.< Haant IwtWia
«S.i-, K*a*xth.ivj ia ti ik«tt |<4 4a>a t.-a*.
Th« u. e U «. » »U. rt taataroa «« awl tkm UatMkf%maa tit* «W-aa»l «AK fca Mt*. «•
eome earlj aa-i f H :h« of •'»« ia«.
i;.r. nrsKi;roN.
No. 4, N. Main St, - - Batter. P*
STIiS IffltTlßlllE
Too mo* i. twATir Wfivfkt C .'-'kwf ft? «or taMra. Wm ajat fta«af rai <af
it Iwforw the er.-i of ll» .-va-ob. W<* anoH fUfci* di«p»*«a it :t a; mC #
et«>a a liti.V is- r»{b«"r than ur J i: **rw-« »r» i;.rwf.rf» wm» r'mrtk
i«> oaf i :ril le i thaa ara *b a? » Wa bw rat t?»# at! t *r**mish„
Yuu kn . tl<- i, . i itv a' I • ..hi /.ibf rv th- *«. -• Y« wM pal
1 a Lijfh'-r jwic • • - * very tc» r m«-!ban what w» kar>> mwkr l. sat alt
I r M#», I' iy# aatl Ckik'nm, MTST 60, anri ttejp aaitt g*» if ?«• aar*
.ii.j <t» - ir« ♦.» i-ut& L *«4 prt-< a alaa «a
Ur;! r - . rU.jj-in iacxtis. fibvts. iujuer C«a«s Ac.
Tailoiv. (lothiiM s ami Hatters,
liil-!..; P• fIKRAL STi:i KI AI.LM.IIKNV. I'KSS'A-
A Alt irv ( iiristnm> f«» All.
.Vl«*rrj t*hri.a:riia«! r >mr* t/am,
IVare ..»n rarth. jfoed ari!l to m»»'
ftonn'l the arnr!»l |jw» rborrn ria«
!.♦ t ail heart- rrr>icr an i tins
Which \ ).i will '•■•rta inl > »!•» il VHI #«• wi* rnwgh «•»
• !«iv vour C'h 0.1 t* of r». Sly •?»*•!< w»« arwr »om.
| plcte b. I have addetl more room awl show emm in or
«ler to tlt*;>lay th • m >-t elegant tin • of (I »i; 1 *y I „m»»
and th'* f» of «*v.*rythini; in
W atclies, ( liM-ks,
.11 Si I v<*rwart*.
iki'j tV<% Jke
At the very lowest pritw.
J ~H-(;=R=P^z»—H
No. Mi Sonth Mrun St., * -*< R
HI TI.KH, I» %.
f S!M>
Is th 3 f't »t ami llb«apmt F imitf Paprr ! -t th# |{n>t«d "§t»t«*.
imfiinr «,# -- m »»*» it «mb •*-*» n m nvtt ta **•» ju.it atm -«aa* aat mm -.amp:aa
• • .USTnATIOiV ..
tm arn.l *,*••«* *r«.rt*^'rt* , * *a»-
rtMTII 11. FtktfJli
! r!»«.*»• ia *i tuir
a a«**».
at MM ki-r at tamu*. •.rrtaaraa *•••
i ! >»r > rt »hh» . »r an nan a »r
tES* tt■»!** n*i raw »OIM*
at in. «M
A.I ire>*. JAMES <iOKDON BE■ »KTT.
*** «.»aa Malta.
ONLY or,£ DtiLLAH A YLAR. ',l t Z T
W# would milt
- 1) a t: o-i-.tmi
i tmatf wfi-arf A»«
»"rM •» ««ar llwij*
it*, i
* their il]. w ,ii