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W. C. !W>U! - - - PBOPBICTOB
On® yi-aj. n»lde County I'- 50
On* Year. Outside Tounty
PayaM* in AJtmcf.
Katort* at r»t«*or mi Ksiicru « rU* euilUr
FRIDAY'. AUGUST 2.1881>.
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One anuare, one inaertion, tl; each subse
quent Insur*™", SO cents. Yearly advertise
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additional charge* where weekly er monthly
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per H"* for each additional insertion. Mar
juges and -If ,K * publiahed free of charge.
Statuary notioea charged as local advertiafr
menta and payable when handed in. Auditor*
Hotices, •<; Executora, and Administrators'
Notices, W each; Eatray, Cantion and In
solation Notices, not exceeding ten lines, #2
Address THE Omus, Butler, Pa.
For District Attorney,
For County Surveyor,
IT begins to look a* thutgh the proponed
Rait Trn-1 enterprise would be a failure.
As royalty in England ha* become but
the crowning ornament of the social life of
the kingdom, void of any real political
power, the late fight in the House of Com
mon* against grunting a pension to one of
the Prince of Wale*' daughters wan inter
THE .Soldiers' Orphan*' Communion did,
Menday, what should have been done
year* ago—alKili»hed the syndicate orphan
schools, which have been a scandal to the
State. The best of the other school*, in
cluding the one in Butler, have been re
tained in the service of the State.
AT PHOTXIXVILLB, in this State, a cream
ery separator burst while running at high
speed, killing or injuring several persons.
The coroner's jury iu their verdict condemn
severely the manufacturers of tbe separator
for selling an unsafe machine. Unfortute
ly, the nimet of the maker* are not given.
If their censure in justible. there should be
an effort mule to bring the responsibility
home to the guilty parties.
FIBK and flood are doing efficient work
in kee ping down the superabundant popu
lation of Eastern Asia. Floods in China
have destroyed thousands of lives, and now
we hear of a holocaust which claims its
victims by thousand*. The flimsy and
combustible structure* which constitute a
Chinese city afford the l>©*t possible food
for flame-, and the swarming population
ban but little chance of ex-ape if once hem
med in.
PHILADELPHIA is self-admittedly a "fly"
place just now. A pest of winged insects
has made a descent upon lhe city and in
many instance* put the public to rout. It is
not the sand fly of the West, which lias
caused frequent complaint, but a brown
wcale winged iusect, similar to the moth
miller. They are said to accumulate in tht
vicinity of tbe electric lights in quantities
sufficient to make them a serious nuis
IT is possiblo that the lynchers of tbe
notorious "Cattle Kate" uud her partner.
Averill. in Wyoming, may yet find them
aelYe* in serious trouble. Sheriff Watson,
of the county in which tbe lyncbiug took
place, has, according to the latest report*,
arrested all tbe cattle meu who took part
in tbe lawless execution and was on his
way with tbcm to jail.
Tim lerrible accident near Harmony
last week was aiiothwr reminder of the (act
that more railroad legislation is needed in
this State. A bit of a fence along the cut
at Ziegler'n would have saved a young lady
from a horrible death. Cntil every rail
road in this country Is fenced in, and until
all grade crossings with country road* and
town streets are done away with, we can
expect to bear or possibly be the victims
catastrophes as happened at
al the Karn* crossing east of
town a few yearsTl)?»»
UoVKBSOR UkBUIMA.I, of Mlli2«*ota, i*
the right sort of a man to fill a governor's
■eat. When asked to pardou the notorious
thief and murderer, Itob Younger, ho states
plainly that be is personally opposed to
any such interference with justice and
would not, even if the murderer's victim
•rouse from the dead to ask it, or if wife
and child made appeut. ll<* in right. Kven
their sentimental pleading* should uot be
made superior to law and justice.
THIS Sullivan Kilrain fight seems likely
to prove a public benefit, a* an education
affair It first it seemed that the principle
lesson taught to State authorities was
"flow not to do it." Hater it looks as if
the powers of the authorities were being
thoroughly investigated, and that these
powers are likely to prove quite sufficient
for the suppression of the disreputable Imsi
ness. The Southern governors were doubt
lew influenced by public sentiment of a
certain kind to make a show of preventing
the light, while in reality permitting it.
Now that they have gratified the sporting
fraternity by their slownt • of uctlon, they
•re endeavoring to redeem themselves in
the eyes of the law observing classes, by
punishing the participator*. They can
succeed in this, and if they pursue tbe unit
ter to such an extent a* to thoroughly dis
courage any future exhibitions, the fight
will not have Ixteu fought in vain. Tbe
prosecution of the railway company which
boldly abetted the act is a good move in
thi'- direction and likely to have good re
Sl*< h the repeal of the Prohibitory
amendment in Uhodc Island it ban become
necessary for the Legislature to make laws
in accordance with the changed condition
of the Constitution. It hasa right to keep
a prohibitory law ntaudiug, if it chooses.
There is nothing in the Constitution against
prohibition. All that was decided at the
recent election was that the maintenance
of prohibitory laws should not be hindiug
upon tbe l/egislaturc.
During the present session of the legis
lature the House of Representatives, which
has a democratic majority, has been fram
ng a new liquor law. I". provided tor the
immance of licenses at small fees, and that
the money obtained by issuing license*
should be kept by the towns. The Senate,
which has a Republican majority, has
adopted amendments raising the license
fee*, prowding that no liquor -ball be sold
any w here near a school lion s-, and requir
ing one half the amount of license fees to
be turned into tbe State Treasure * one
of the Senators said, tbe bill, as
from the House, should have been styled
"• bill to expedite the sale of liqnor."
The denipcrat* arc in a dilemma. If
they do not accept the entirely reasonable
•nd proper amendment * made by the Re
publican*, and the latter stand by their
action, then no new law can be passed,
and tbe prohibitory luw will remain in
The Coming Re-union.
At the citizens meeting last Friday eve -
ning John H. Negley, Esq TU called up
on to preside and H. H. Goucher Esq. was
elected V-ecretary.
The object of the meeting was stated by
F. M Eastman, Esq., who said that the
I3th lo2d and I34tb regiments had decided
to hold their re-unions here on the Isth
inat.. that from 350 to 500 people would be
here, and that this meeting was for the pur
pose of arranging for their reception.
Some one mentioned the success of the
re-union of the llth Reserves in Butler,
two years ago, and Col. Sullivan who was
chairman of the executive committee for
their reception, was a*ked to give his ex
perience in the matter. He did so, and
advised the appointment of a committee on
general arrangements, with power to ap
point the necessary sub-committees.
Besides the regiments named the I37th
also intends to have a re-union in Butler
this month, and a motion was made and
oarried. tendering them a reception and
inviting them to select the same day se
lected by the other regiments—August 15
—so as to make the affair a Union re-union
and the general committee will confer
with them.
On motion the chairman was authorised
to appoint a general committee, which he
did as follows: Jos. L. Purvis, Newton
Black, Chas. Duffy. Geo. W. Fleeger, Jno.
S. Campbell, W. C. Thompson, J. H.
Troutman and 1. J. McCandless. These
gentlemen were asked to appoint the sub
committees and be ready to report at the
meeting of Tuesday evening.
About fifty members of Co. H, 13th,
afterwards the 102 d Reg., are known to be
yet living. "When they enlisted they were
all citizens of Butler county, but now they
are scattered all over the United States, as
the following incomplete list made from
memory shows:
Maj Bob't W Lyon, McKee'* Rocks, Pa.
Capt Chas S Barclay and Abner Barclay,
Allegheny, Pa.
Jobn Kaltenbaugh, Pittsburg.
Jan B Carson, Etna, Pa.
0 11 Matthews, Beaver, Pa.
Lieut I C Stewart, Paris, lowa.
Jno C Storey. Walla Walla, Washington
Jacob Daub, Luddington, Mich.
Geo W Borland, Danville, 111.
Mitchell F Danvrainville, Cincinnati, O.
Andrew A Wasson, York, Pa.
C White, Washington, D C.
Col J B Storey, Harrisburg, Pa.
W H U Wasson, Newcastle, Pa.
Josiah R Dodds, Oil City.
Samuel Critchlow, Washington, Pa.
J M White, Allegheny, Pa.
A J Brinker, Esq., Allegheny, Pa.
Lieut Win Crooks, S S Pittsburg.
Franklin Robb, Oil City, Pa.
Jno Hetzell, Pittsburg.
Rob't Kiley, lowa City, lowa.
S P Meals," Allegheny.
E L Boon. New Castle.
Eli Conn, Akron, O.
Those yet in the county arc Col 0 C
Redic, Cant B A Ayres, Capt Samuel
Walker, W W McQuistion, F M Eastman,
Benj Lavery, Jos Lavcry, Joseph B Cris
well, Rob't Love, Jas L Taylor, Walter L
Mosier, flenrv Korn, John Summony, and
Silas McLnre" of Butler.
A J Evans, Evans City.
1) B Douthett, Brownsdale.
(ieo S Gibson, Saxonburg.
A G Meals. Booker.
Rob't O Lewis, W R Hhryock, Harmon
Seaton and Lieut R O Sbira, North Hope.
S B Hutchison, Amiandale.
J B Martin, Whites town.
W F Campbell, Peachville.
Wm Storey, John Alexander and Jas A
Wilson, Baldwin.
Win A Smith, Bruin.
1 A Hawk, Buttercup.
Watson J Young. Jeff Allen and I' P
Brown; Sunbury.
Michael Fair, Butler.
This list, made from memory, is incom
plete, but a roster of the regiment is being
prepared, on which the names of the whole
regiment will appear.
TIIE 134 TH.
Companies C, F, G and K. of the 134 th
Regiment were from Butler county. The
general officers of the regiment were Col.
M. 8. Quay, Col. Kd. O'Brien, dee'd, Lieut.
Col. Wm. Shaw, Maj. J. M. Thompson,
Maj. C. E. Anderson, Adjt. A. G. Reed,
dee'd, Adjt. John J. Kelly, Adjt. Goo. Pur
Of the survivors of Co. C, of which Maj.
Anderson was the first captain, succeeded
by Jno. White, now dee'd, the following
list is made from memory:
Geo B Hastinn. Williamsport, Pa.
Geo L A Mill.
Wm F Campbell.
Enos McDonald, Butler.
Albert Rocssing, Allegheny.
Jno J Snodgrass
Bamhart Brell, Connoquenessing.
Simon Young, Butler.
Nathan Brown, Grove City.
Samuel G Hughes, Butler.
Lewis and Sylvester Alwine.
L M Armor, Allegheny.
Lewis Blakely, Kansas
Robert R Creek, Butler.
Nelson Critchlow, "
Graham Campbell, Sonora.
Allen Campbell, Sunbury.
Chas McC Campbell, Hooker.
Newton Christy, Greece City.
Jno Craig, Petrolia.
Wm W Dunbar, Penn Tp.
Alex Dunbar, Clearfield Co.
Jacob Daub, Ludwig, Mich.
I N Duncan, Connoquenessing.
B M Duncan, "
H II Dick, Prospect.
David S. Dufl'ce. Franklin, Pa.
Win T Edwards, out West.
Win F Ekin, Butler.
Sol F ForgeuH, now a Baptist minister.
Wm Garvin, Ogle P. O.
JosGriunue, Whiteslowu.
Rob't 11 IJ ill, Fayette Co.
Chas C Hengerer.
Addis E Hays.
Edward Irvin.
Rudolf Kennedy, Butler.
Uy 11 Miller, Allegheny.
Hugh Miller.
Lelnud Miller.
Jos Manny, Butler.
Jno N Moyer.
Albert H Met*.
Jno T McCandless.
Tbos II Mcllvaine, Pittsburg.
Wm Reese, Jr.
Chas I) Rhodes.
Kd V Kandoir, Zelicnoplc.
Piatt R Sutton, Greece City.
Jno Shugart, Pittsburg.
(>ed I) Swain, Harmony.
lleury Stout.
Conrad Schindler.
Felix Truxal, Beaver Falls.
Jno Turner, Lawrence Co.
I E W Thompson, Washington, I) C.
Jus W Watson.
Jas D Wise, lowu.
Peter Willwall, East Liberty, Pa.
Lewis Weisner, Beaver Falls.
Jno J West, Butler.
Benj F Swain, out West.
Wm C Robb, Grove City.
I H Uinstead.
Jas R McClenry.
Adam Johnston, Allegheny.
Wm Brown, out West.
Eli Campbell, out West.
Thin ('it. lo.it 3 killed—John T. Dalxcll,
Jno Young and Ja* 0 Hortma*—and 13
wounded at l'roderick*burg. Adjt A 0
llecd, who bad been promoted from the
company wax ulno killed. Andrew N Kkin
watt wounded at Chancellorville, May 3d,
IM3, and diphtheria Mettled In hi* wound
from the cflectK of which he died, and two
other* wore *lightly wounded there. Hob
Creek* wax taken prisoner at Frederick*
linrg. Seven member* of the Co—Heuder-
Hon Shannon, Alfred Hyer*, Milton Carviu,
Jno Juminon, W H Johii«ton, Vm l«eon
berger and Adam Kecb—died of dl*ea*e in
the held.
»»f Co K. of which Kdward Lyon wan the
lir*t captain, *ucceeded by W O Campbell,
the following member* are living in liutler
county: Win Campbell, Jr, Ceo Kauera,
Alex UUBHCII, Lorimer Walker, John
Hickel,Nicholas K rauier, Win Kkhenbaugh,
Jno 1) Harbixou, W J Hutehi*ou, Jno
Kerr, I). 11. Lyon, Win und llonny Logan,
Ceo Miller, Win Parker, Jno W Khryock,
Ceorge Slepp y.
Of Co F, of which W O lireckeuridge
wan captain, the following member* are
yet livi.ig in the county: Jno T Kelly W
I* Shull, Jell Allen, C M lirowu, II J
Hrown, Geo Curry, A mo* Hall, Jno C
Wanton, Milton Wolford.
OfCoG. of which Jas M Clark was the
first captain, succeeded by A G Riddle, the
following members are yet living in the
county: Jas Forrester. Wm Bander. J
Burnsides. A M Borland. Reuben Bellis,
Levi Campbell. Jesse Dutter. Jno S Dodds,
Jas V English. George M»on. J C Ralston.
We will go over the rolls of the last three
companies again, if we can find somebody
well acquainted with them.
At the second meeting, held in the
Court-room Tuesday evening. Mr. Fleeger
of the general committee said the commit
tee was ready to report, and spoke of the
anxiety of the members of
the regiments living in the county for the
success of the re-union, explained that the
members of the 134 th and 137 th had ar
ranged to hold basket picnics here, and
that the 134 th would hold its basket picnic
here on the 15th inst. and on invitation of
the 10°4 join them in the banquet that
evening, that the reception, street parade
and banquet were the only things to be
considered; that it was not yet known
definitely whether or not the 137 th would
change its date as their bills were already
out for the 21st; that their regimental
officers had been communicated with and
asked to make the change.
Mr. Black, the secretary of the commit
tee. then read their appointments as fol
Reception Committee —Alex Mitchell,
Chairman; W V Hardman. H J Klingler,
Alex Lowry, Jeff Burtner, W A Forquer,
Captain Samuel Walker, O C Redic. Daniel
Yonkins, S H Gibson, Clarence Walker, W
L Graham, J M Galbreath, George Krug.
George Schaffner, I Rosenberg, E E
Abrams, J B Black, Harvey Colbert, J B
Mates, J H Miller, George Vogeley, Loyal
McJnnkin, Joseph Rockenstein, W M
Starr. G W Miller, N M Hoover, C G
Christie, Elzy Anderson, Dr Samuel Gra
ham, Peter Schenck, R H Pillow, J Q A
Kennedy, L P Walker, A P Stewart. A F
Denniston. Kennedy Marshall. D E
Wheeler, Dr John E Byers.
Decoration Committee —W H H Riddle,
Chairman; H A Ayres, W H Ensminger, S
H Huselton, John Grieb, W A Lowry, W
H Reihing, Jacob Keck. C N Boyd, John
W Brown.
Finance Committee —W A Stein, Chair
man; W A Clark, Henry Troutman. Cbas
Duffy, D Osborne, L C Wick.
Banuuet Committee—Col John M Sulli j
van, Cnairman; U C Heineman, Herbert
Harper, P W Lowry, Ira McJunkin. H H
Goucher, Harry Grieb, Will J Boyd, E D
Robinson, W G Hays, H Z Wing, R S
Nichols, Alfred Wick, Levi M Wise, G W
Campbell, Lysander Black, John H Sutton,
John T Kelly, Rev P C I'rugh. J F Balph.
Entertainment Committee—J a* M Car
son, Chainnan;Simeon Nixon, A B Richey,
Frank Koch, Dr J F Moore. J D Jackson.
Music Committee—A G Williams, Chair
man; A M Cornelius, A E Reibcr, Fred
Comm'ttee on Transportation R P
Scott, Chairman; John 41 Thompson, Jos
S Gray.
Committee on Printing—C M lfr-incmau.
Chairman; AV C Negley, Jas McKee, C E
Herr, E D Robinson.
Committee on Program—Newton Black.
Chairman; Lev Mc-yuistion, S F Bowser,
George W Fleeger.
It was stated that the number of soldiers
and their lriends who would be present
that day would probnbly reach COO —300 of
the 102 d, 200 of the 134 th, and 50 of the
I37th—and these would be invited to seats
at the banquet in the rink. The basket
picnic will be held at the Fair grounds at
noon and the 134 th has already arranged
for the transportation and care of the
The program of the day will be the re
ception of the companies as they arrive at
the depots, the procession to the front of
the Court Bouse, the address of welcome
and the response, after which the com
panies will scatter all J mix with their
friends, and then re unite in the evening
at the banquet.
All the companies will be asked to make
such urrungements with the railroads as to
arrive in Butl<y at or near the same hour
in the morning—say 10:30—as such ar
rangement will greatly facilitate the pro
ceedings and be a great convenience to the
people here, and ull members of the regi
ineuts living near town are requested to be
here at an early hour, say 9 o'clock, so a*
to be ready to go to tin; depots and meet
thoir comrades.
The banquet committee will call a meet
ing of the ladies of the town, for the pur
pose of arranging for the banquet.
All the commitecs are requested to meet
and arrange the details of their work as
soon as possible.
The officers of the different companies
are requested to *tiotily each and every
member of their coinpauies of the arrunge
The meeting then adjourned till next
Tuesday evening, when ull tho committees
will be expected to report.
TIIK 137T11.
On Wednesday Judge Storey and Sen
ator Greer decided to take it upon them
selves to change the date of the re union of
the 137 th, and invite the members of the
regiment to bo here >ti the 15th.
There were three companies from Butler
county iu this regiment—Co I). Capt Geo
W Hays; Co F, Capt Henry Pillow and Co
G, (.'apt Allen Wilson. The balance of the
regiment consisted of three companies
from Clinton couoty and one each from
Crawford, Blair, Schuylkill and Wayne.
Colonel Bossart, yet living, was its com
Tho members from this county, yet liv
ing, are Judge Storey, Jno M Greer, Win
Barvey, Geo W Hays, C O Kingsbury, Jno
B McNuir, Geo II Graham, Win Wilson,
IJOU and Amos Timblin, Samuel Glenn, W
P Turner, Auron Bcighley, Joseph and
James Cashdollar, Jno B Cunningham, M
N Greer, Jno S Love, Samuel II Cooper,
Wui Parks, Jno Turk, Michael Kelly, Clias
Weidhaus, Greer McCandless, David Mc-
Kee, David Barbaugh, Kirt Christley, Wm
likkett, W S Thompson, Henry Grimm,
Chas Seiu, Jno Darker, Itenj Birch, J C
Kiskuddon, A J Brinker, David Conn, Wm
II and Johnson Matthew, Peter and Jacob
Neeley, Tim Ranks, McAllister Kuhn, Geo
Fisher, Perry McKlvain, K A Galbreath,
Rob't Kium-r, Samuel Brown, Chas Ellen
berger, Jno Boatty, Fulton Shrader, Geo
K Graham, Tho* Boon, Harrison McCan
dless, Robert Miller, Nelson Borland,
Daniel Keefer, Alvin Katz, Joseph, Stephen
and Pollard Hemphill, Jno W Dickey, 11
M and R II Fleeger, Robert McCall, Jas
Rumbaugli, Jus F Campbell, Jno Good
year, Asaph Craumer, J T Wick, Jno Nib
lock, Jno Portman, Jno Mangel, Samuel
Purvis, Benj W Bredin, Jno Walker. Rob't
and R II Klliett. Samuel Forsyth, Henry
Petsinger, Peter Redfox, E E Ekin and
others no doubt whoso names our inform
ants could not readily recall.
Vitrified Paving Bricks.
The u*e of brick an a *ub*titute for cob
blcHtone*, HHphult, granite and other well
known material for paving in attract ing no
iucoiiNiderable attention from the munici
pal authoritie* of Chicago and other We*
tern citie*. Wherever they have been
tried good result* have followed, and their
value for the purpo*e ha* become more ap
parent the longer they have been in u*e.
Vitritied brick are nelectod, aud when prop
erly laid, it in claimed, form a roadway
smooth, clean, healthy and noincleMK.
Among the valuable qualities they have
developed in addition to thi* i* the fact
that they are not affective by midden
change* of the temperature, by heat, cold
or uioi»turc: they are more eanily laid and
repaired; they do not crumble; aud be*ide*
being the moat economical aud duruble of
paving material, are in other ruapuet* pre
ferable. If the*e dame* can be nubntau
tinted, and a te»t should be made to atM'or
ain to what extent, if all that i* claimed
in behulf of thi* comparatively new medium
1* borne out by the fact*, the city govern
ment would be commended by adapting
them for future work, inxtead of u*i.ig the
material now employed in paving the
*treet* anil avenue*.— lni(ii»tritil IVitrhl.
The Syndicate Schools Knock
ed Out.
A dispatch from Uarrisbnrg dated Mon
day. said: The Soldiers' Orphau Commis
sion to-night made public its grand coup,
in knocking out all the syndicate schools.
It decided that the Mt. Joy, Chester
Springs. Mercer and McAllisterville schools
must go. and by a decided vote wiped
them out. It transpires that during the
afternoon a representative of the syndicate
made a plea for the Mercer school and was
laughed at by the commission. A repre
sentative from Mt. Joy school was here,
but he did not have the nerve to appear
before the commission. Mr. Kanffman put
in a good word for Mt. Joy. saying that
the buildings could be put in good condi
tion, and it was not more than fair that
{his school should be placed in the State's
hands and run properly run.
The schools retained and the number of
scholars they will accommodate are as fol
lows: Butler, 123; Loydsville, 150; North
era Home for Friendless Children, Phila
delphia, 350: Tniontown, 342; Harford.
279: White Hall. 265; in church and other
homes, 100; total, 1,600. The Mantield
school is also discontinued. Inspector
Greer was made the appraiser for the com
mission. The school selected will appoint
an appraiser and the two will appoint a
third. Their decision to be approved by
the commission.
Miss Jennie Martin, matron at the Mer
cer school, was to-night elected female in
spector, and the following committees ap
pointed by Gov. Beaver.
Executive Committee —Gov. Jas. A. Bea
ver, Senator J. I'. S. Gobin. Thos. F. Sam
ple, Capt. Geo. (i. Boyer, Capt. Geo. W.
Property Committee—G. Harry Davis,
Col. Frank Magee, Maj. A. C. Reinoehl,
Thos. F. Sample, Senator John E. Key
Supply Committee —Senator J. P. S.
Gobin, C. C. Kanffman, Capt. Geo. G. Boy
er, Capt. Geo. "W. Skinner, and lion. Wm.
F. Stewart.
The Fxecutive Committee will have gen
eral charge, the Committee on Property
will lease the buildings and engage em
ployees for the proper management of the
schools, and the Committee on Supplies
which will superintend the purchase of all
supplies for the schools. Ex-Senator John
M. Greer, of Butler, was elected male in
spector of the schools.
Appraiser Greer will visit the schools se
lected by the commission and put a value
on tbeui. As the buildings only are to be
leased, the commission is of opinion that it
will have trouble tinancially. They are
only empowered to lease buildiugs, the
law saying nothing as to furniture. If the
owners of the schools should refuse to al
low the furniture and equipments of the
schools to go with the lease, as is hardly
probable, it beiug perishable property, the
commission will have to purchase such fur
niture and look to the next Legislature to
make an appropriation to cover the pur
chase. The State's tinancial officers will
be consulted in the matter. The commis
sion will meet next Tuesday to sign leases,
hear the report of the Property Committee
and see what supplies are pn hand.
LEWIS BROS. Co., drygoods commis
sion house of Philadelphia, with branches
in Xew York and Boston, and extensive
connectious all over the country, assigned
last Thursday. Asa rough estimate the
liabilities are said to be $4,200,000 and the
assets $5,500,000. The Johnstown disas
ter is said to have been partly responsible
for the failure. It is thought everything
will be paid.
THE Hepublican State Convention
meets in llarrisburg next Wednesday.
It is said that Andrews will
be continued as State Chairman
and Boyer for State Treasurer seems to
huve no opposition. A resolution askiug
the Governor to call an extra session of the
Legislature for the purpose of passing a
new and complete high license law, and
repealing all the old geueral and special
license laws, would seem to be in ordor.
TJIK combines and trusts monopolists
iloii.t think much of us common people.
We were made, according to their creed,
to lie squeezed, and no xqueezed we shall lie
11 iit ill the utmoxt greed of avarice in satis
fied. In lirooklyn, N.Y. the barons are
storing sugar by the ton. liighterx are
Imxy all the while,and thoxe storage houses
are bursting with tons of thousands of bar
rein and bags of the raw ineterial. Why in
this? Woil, forxome philanthropic purpose,
mayhap. Men who corner the neeossnrlex of
life are mostly warm hearted and generous
loverx of the poor, aren't they? IN a xhort
time wo shall hear a rumor. The dickey
birds will flit hero and there and tell ux
that Providence haw interfered with the
sugar crop, that thore ix no sweetening to
be found anywhere, but that the combine
haxjust a little left which the suffering
public can have at an advance of xeveral
cents a pound. That ix the way it has
worked before, and probably it will work
so now.
FINANCIERS are greatly puzzled at the
flow of gold from this country to Kurope
at this time, when the rate* of exchange do
not warrant any such transfer and when
there are no known commercial transactions
to justify the exchange. The several got
crnmcutx of Kurope seem to be urging the
accumulation of gold,and Franco has double
the amount of any other natiou. Thera
baa boon a balance of trade against ux re
cently, nearly #.'t:i,ooo,ooo during the last
six months, and this requires some transfer
of gold. So too, our ttavoling citizens
have takeu a hundred millions to the I'aris
exposition. Nearly $1.10,000,000 are re
quired to pay for carrying our ocean freights
by Kuropcan nations. On the other hand
there ha- been a transfer of ISritish capital
to this country for investment in the various
truxts. though the coin has not yet changed
hands. Vet these transactions do not be
gin to account for the European demand
for gold. It may no that the prospects of
war are inducing the nations of Kurope to
gather a supply of the precious metal,
through it has nnvariably happened that
nil impending war has driven the gold of
commerce out of the country threatened.
As yet the phenomenon is unexplained.
Marlon Twp. Items
Our farmers arc about through with their
A. K. At well lost a valuable horse re
cently. Cause of death a mystery.
A new oil company is of taking
hold of the old oil leases in this part and
making a thorough test for the fluid.
James hproul is our lirst cane of typhoid
tever. but ax yet is uot considered dan
Win. Mahold sleeps in the barn with his
sick colt.
We are glad to know that our citizens
are not such outlandish criminals OH they
arc nomctiuicj painted, trout the fact that
they have failed to convict anv that were
taken from this township last winter
charged with counterfeiting.
Kiltie Atwcll is visiting friends at Wash
ington, I'u.
Our directors are securing well qualified
teachers for the schools this coming winter.
Now let them crown their success in this
direction by an increase in the wages and
confer a lasting benefit on the community.
A few from this neighborhood took ill
the xoldiers' encampment at drove City,
James C. Vanderliu drives out iu style
now in a very line stirry. NKM<>.
AFTER a telling speech by Lord.l'uudolph
Churchill, which recalled the palmy days
of Disraeli's brilliant eloquence. Mr. I.ahnii
chere's resolution against the report of the
Committee on Royal Grants was rejected
in the Commons at Loudon, last Friday
night by a rote of two hundred and ninety
eight to a hundred and sixteen. That is a
decisive victory for the government —a re
sult that has never been in doubt. It show
that England believes in royalty, and that
the people who have already paid so much
to maintain its splendor are still willing to
contribute liberally to the same end Hut
the vote of the minority shows that the
feeling against too frequent grants to the
roysl family is spreading.
A VERY sensible amendment to tne pro
posed article on suffrage of the new Con
stitution of Montana was presented last
Friday by Delegate Hartuian. tr. the effect
that voters must be able to read and write
the English language. It was defeated
mainly by a demagogic speech deliverer by
Martin Maginnis, once Delegate to Con
gress from Montana. Maginnis, it is need
less to say, is a democrat. He believes in
an ignorant electorate, for he knows that
ignorance is the stronghold of democracy.
Of course his argument against the amend
nient did not avow this sentiment. Be
urged that such a provision would prevent
immigration to the State. aRd further pre
sented the remarkable argument that it
might encourage Nihilists and Anarchists,
since those people are well educated.
MILLEK—At the home of ht-r ilauphter.
Mrs. William I'nrvin, ou McKean St.
l'a., Mrs. Eliia Miller, formerly of Etna
aged 74 yrs. Funeral Friday morning
at 10:30. Private.
ROBERTS—At his home in Titusville. l'a.
Tuesday. July 30. 1889. I>r. W. 15. Rob
erts, in the 63d year of his ago.
Dr. Roberts will be remembered by Un
people of this county as the Republican
candidate for Congress in 188(5 of the dis
trict comprised of Ilutler, Mercer and
Crawford counties, and also by the oil pro
ducers of the county as the owner of the
patent on oil well topedoes. He was born
iu Saratoga Co., X. Y. in 1*26. began life
as a school teacher, and was afterwards a
dentist. In IHCo he became interested in
the manufacture ol the torpedo for oil
wells, which his brother. K. A. L. Roberts,
now deceased, had invented, and this iu
vention aud business made both tucn im
mensely wealthy. He leaves an estate
valued at three millions.
FA IIKR —On Saturday, July 27, at 8 o'clock
p.m., Sarah U., wife of William M. Fa
lier, of Kast End, Pittsburg.
AHERNETUY—JuIy 20. 1*8!), at his home
in Worth twp.. Dr. J. W. Aberncthy,
aged .
BRUGII—At his nome in Greenup. Ken
tucky, July 23, 1889. Prof. W. I. Brugb.
I). H., aged 73 rears.
Prof. Brugli was born in Milford X. J.
and started in life at an early age as clerk
in a country store. He graduated from
Princeton College, and entered the mini
try. He came to Hutler in lHtsi. and liad
charge of Witherspoon Institute, and raised
the money for the new building. He left
Butler in the spring of 1877, ami has been
located at several points since, and had
accepted a call to Greenup anil moved
there but a few weeks before his death,
which was caused by an enlargement of a
blood vessel in the brain. He was buried
at Greenup.
Does not well of ttnelf; it requires careful,
persistent attention and a remedy that will assist
nature to throw off tlie causes aud tone up the
dlfiestlvM organs till they perforin their duties
willingly. Among the agonies experienced by the
dyspeptic, are distress before or after eating, loss
of appetite, irregularities of the bowels, wind or
gas and pain in the stomach, heart burn, sour
stomach, etc.,causing mental depression, nervous
Irritability and sleeplessness. If you are dis
couraged be of good cheer and try Hood's Har
saparllla. It has cured hundreds; It will cure you.
Hood's Sarsaparllla
Sold by all druggist*, ft ; six for *5. Made
only by C. I. HOOU & CO.,''Lowell, Mass.
100 Doses One Dollar
Middlesex Tp. Accounts.
James !•'. MC'aslln, supervisor. In account with
Mlddldhex Tp. for the year ending March ;;l,
To amount ol duplicate J !<3i' M
By work done *l4 (M
Percent K
•exonerations '> *°
Caah 4 to
»u:H 'if,
Alex. Mahan, supervisor. In account witU Mid
dlesex Tp. for llie year ending March 31. lssa.
To amount ol duplicate * s l4 to
Ity work done '>'+• ?<>
Percent 4s 91
Wis 70
Hubert Trimble and VV. J. Ilays Iu account Willi
Middlesex Tp. as directors of Ihe I'oor torj
l.he year ending March 111, ISWI.
March ;ilst to balance from isss f ii:l 1.1
To amount of duplicate :xsi 37
Hot M
April i, Dr. Hluaii lor medical services. Mi oil
Sept. m, to |M»rtj-r *2 OU
Dec. 13, J. Pelliain lor clothing 7 no
Marcli I, J. Turner 7s on
April is. It. J. Anderson «> 17
April li. J. (illlcsple t Vs
May 4, rebate to tax payers V i».
May 4. collectors percent 18 W
May 4, exonerations 1 til
May 4, duplicate ■
May 4. auditors lees •> u»
Keb. 27, to .1. Negley lor publishing 3 to
May 4, to Cooper (or house I '»>
May 4. It. Jack lor plank :i un
May 4, It. Trimble tor services 27 tm
March I, to porter 74 oil
s.l3*. I.'i
By balance 167 ;i7
sv> i r,t
11. A < oo|«'r 111 account with Middlesex as col
lector ol School lund lor the year ls"'.».
To amount ol duplicate . 1137s us
Hec'd Irom Adams Tp 7 Ml
HlglWW tax 11l
Delinquent, tax 4 tin
f 1:11,4 77
Iteceivcd Irom colluclor 112:>4 17
Iteliate 2"> :o
Kxonerat lons 21 7.1
Percentage 51 .W
si:«» 4 r;
J. W. Monks In account with Middlesex Tp. as
treasurer ol Heboid Fund for the year isv,.
Balance irom lsss f 4 2.1
deceived trom collector 11.
Appropriations I"> mi
Borrowed money eil no
*I7UT. 72 j
W. 11. Ilenderson. leacl liik A Institute ) 2ls 7r,
.1 11. Uive, 2is 74
L. J. Bruneincr. " " " 2is "i'r>
Ada Nelson, '■ " " 21S 7.1
H. Hcnlson. " " " 21s 74
A. 11. Sarver. " " " 21s 74
li. M. U-slle, . 21* 20
H. A. Leslie, line ol spring IM '
I honias UtMslwln, use or spring 2 00
J. Kowau. Heeretary of School Board 20 00
U. W. Ilavs. repairs I M
J. W. Monks, coal »2 M
i I. DonaMson. |,aintu,s .......... I •
W.J. Marks, merchandise . II "!»
Hainuel Ifkis. Isirrowed money :il so
OM. Cooper tor home I H
Auditors fee ... . . li isi
j. W. Monks, iiercentage ....
Win. Al»rv, borrowed money... M lis
|I7Ut 02
By 4 70
»l7sr> 72 4171 V, 72
H. <i. I'KIMBI.K.i
I*. D. IIKOWN. } Auditors.
W It. I'AItK. I
isr-Physicians' I'rescrllitlons carefully co.n
5 S. Main Slreel, Butler, Fa.
Contractors Take Notice.
Sealed bids for the erection of an annex to
Ihe Gents' Dormitory of Ihe .Sllpperyroek
Htale Normal School will l>e received up to
and iucludiug the '2!' th day of July, i'laoa
and specilications lor the same can be seen at
the olllce of Dr. VV. Hard, Hlipperyrock,
liutler county, l'». The trustees reserve the
right to reject sny or all bids.
Chairman of .SaniUry Coin.
Aug. 18, 1SN!».
Absolutely Pure.
| This Powder never vari,-s. A marvel o!
purity, e-trenjeth anJ More
eeonouiie.il than ihe ordinary kiml». and ean
not be 60l«l in competition with the iuultitu,l
ol low tests, short weiirht.ahimn or phosphate
puwders. Sold only in cans.
100 Wall Street N. Y.
On anil after Monday, May 13, 188 , liam
will leave Butler as follows:
MAKKET at 6:1", a.m., arriving at Alleghe
ny at y; 10 a. m.; connects east lor lllairsville
with Day Express, arriviu>; at Phi'adelphia
at 7 p.m.
Exi'REKS at 8:35 a. m., arriving at Alleghe
ny at 10:36 a. m.; does not connect for the
east, but connects with A. V. H. It. north
and south.
MAIL at 2:35 p. m., anil goes through to
Allegheny, arriving there at 1:40 p. m.; con
nects east lor Philadelphia.
ACCOMMODATION at 5:oo p, iu., and con
nect* at the Junction with Freeport Accom
modation, arriving at Allegheny at 7:20 p.
m., aud connect* east as far as A jk,111».
Trains connecting for Ilutler leave Alieghe
ny at»:2o a.m., 3:15 p. m. and 5:45 p. ni.
Trains arrive at Butler at 10:30 a. in. and
5:00 aud &:00 p. m.
On aud alter Mcnday, Dec. 17, 1888, train
will leave Butler as follows.
Corrected to fast time, 1 hour faster than
schedule time.
Trains leave Butler for Greenville from
the Pittsburgh aud Western depot at 7:00
and 10:30 a. m. and 5:05 p. iu. Trains
leaving the P. 4. W. depot in Allegheny
city 8:20 a. m. aud 2:s<i p. m. fast time
couuect at Butler with trains on the S.
& A.
Trains airive at Butler froiu lireeuville,fas
time 10:10 a. in., 2:L'5 and 6:20 p. iu.
aud connect with trains on the P. «Jt W.
arriving al Allegheny al 12:05 p. in. aud 5:00
aud 8:23 p. m., last time.
Train, leave Milliards at 5:45, and 11.00 a.
m.. slow lime, and arrive at LCIO a.m. and
5:55 p. m. Both trains connect at Brauchton
lor Built rand <*rfccuvill»*.
The train that leaves Butler at 7 a. m. con
nects at Shenango with train ou N. V. P. &
0., arriving at Cleveland at 12:50 p. in., and
Cincinnati at 7:55 p. in., and I hicago at
10-'3O p. m. It BI'U conntcts at Osgood with
L. 8, it il. S., airiving at Cleyelaud at 12:50
in Erie 11:47 a m, Bulialo 2:50 p.m. and
New York 5:45 a. m. all Central time.
The 10:30 train connects at Mercer fur Oil
City, ariiving at 12:50 p. m. and al Shenango
with N. Y. P. A 0., arriving at Oil City at
3:50 p. ni. Butialo 7 p. m. and New York 6:30
a. m., !• lt-o connects at Osgood with 1.. S. &
M. S. lor Pianklin aud Oil City.
l*. 4c w. K. it.
Ou and alier Monday, June 30 1880, train
will leave Butler as follows:
Coireefed to fast time, one huur la-iir
than schedule time.
Trains leave Butler for Allegheny City at
7:15, & 10:-0 a. in. Jt 6:20 p.m. A traiu cou
neilmt lu>tle and the West leaves
Butlei at 1:45 p. ni. and arrives at Chicago
at 6:l0 a. m. ne«t icoruinir.
Tisins arrive lion, Allegheny at 10-2(1 a.
ui. and 12 m., & 3:25, it 8:20 p. ni.
Trams leave Huiler lor poxburg anc. the
North al 10:20 a. in. and 8:20 p. m. Trains
arrive al liutler troin the north at 8:15 a. iu.
and 6:20 p. in.
On Sunday trains leave Butler tor Alle
gheny at 10:20 a. m. aud 6:20 p. in., aud lur
the West at 1:45 p. u,., and arrive Iroui
Allegheny al 10:21 aud 3:35 p. in,an,l from the
West at 7.55.
Trains leave Allegheny for Butler at 7:20,
9:00 and 10:20, 12:10 6:10 p. ui., fast time.
Trains leaving Butler at 8:20 a. m aud
1:45 p. ui. make close count ctlous al Callery
for the West.
Trains arrive at Allegheny a 10:20 a.m.
a.m. aud 12:00, 3 25. 5:1, and 8:20 p.m.
Kooin No. :i, Andernou
ofllce on Hitcond floor of New Anduraun lllock
Main St..,—near Diamond.
Attoruey at Law. Office ul No. IT, Kast Jelfer
son St.. Holler, l'a.
Attorney lit |.nw alid Ileal IState Agnit of.
lice rear of L. /.. Mli< heH'« olllce on nortli side
ol Itluiiioud, lluller l'a.
Attorney-at-law. Office on second i!o»r ut
Anderson building, Hear Court House, lluller,
J. h. UHITT A I N.
Att'y at IJIW Office a! K. for. Midll HI, and
Diamond, lluller. l'a.
Att'y at Law -Office on South Hide of Diamond
Ilutler, l'a.
Attorney-at-l.uw. Office on South side of l)la
uioud. Ilutler. l'a.
onloe al corner of Wayne aud Melieiui Sts.
lli ri KH. I'A.
Office No. c, South Main Street,
uiJTij:n, - PA
Insuniucc ;iml Kcsil Estate Ag'i i
lUTTLKK, - l»A.
Fire and \Mc
Insurance Co. of North America, incor
poratwl 17!'', capital $.1,000,000 and other
strong conii»»nie» repre«**nted. New
Life Insurance Co., assets $!K),000,000. Office
New Iluselton building near fiuirl House.
Farm for Sale.
The undersigned owns a small farm ot 45
acres, located iu I'eun Tp., near Mr. Ogden'a
Church, which she wishes to sell.
It is all tiiluhle and in a good state of cul
tivation; has good water. The lields are
well watered, tiood orchard ol all kinds ol
fruit. A good frame house of live rooms,
good linrn and all necessary outbuildings.
She will give a bargain on it for cash, or
part cash aud short payments. lu,|iilre on
•he premises of
Glade Mills I'. 0.,
Ilutler Co., l'a.
AdVt,l*liMJ ir 'ho CITI/KN.
Lyi-AL .iLViR'I let MINTS.
Ailmun-lrator- and K\« . ,:i.>r- o| • >tati ~
I can secure their receipt IML.'K- at tin- < ITI
I IM oil;. ,
Administrators Sale
By virtue ot an «»r«lcr of the
Court of Ilutler County, at No. t»-\
I' Term I> S *, to ibein diitvU-d.thc under* i<uc<i
administrators of the ot IWaM
late of the of Harmony, dw'd, will
j oticr for shlc to the high**! t»i«hk»r, on
Monday, Sept. 2d, 1889,
j At I'ourt House in the borough <-t IStiiier,
.at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M., tlie fi 1-
iowing described projierty, viz
I No. 1. All that eertaiu tra.-: or parcel of
| land, situate in Ijtneaater Tp", Cutler to.,
: l'a., containing one hundred acres, and
bounded aud descril>ed as follows,viz.' (>ri the
*e«t by lands of J. R. Dover,on ihe north by
the Harmony ami Prospect graded road, on
the ea-t by lands of I'.iebenhHur, met on the
south by lauds of John IVtier. About ei:e-
I.alt'of said tract is cleared, and i - | artiv un
: derlaid with coal, and a pt rtion ot tin- same
j is covered with good tinil>er.
| No. -I. Also liiat certain tract- r paicel <>l
1 land, situate in Jackson Tp., ISutler <'o , l'a.,
containing one hundred and thirty-five acres
j and bounded and ( esc-ilied a« folio*-, viz:
I On the north by a public road leading to the
i olil Franklin road, on the cast by lands ot
John Behni, on the south by landsoi Uantz
and Ash, and ou the west by the ConniHjue
neasiog creek. About one huudred acres ~l
the saul tract i- cleared and under a ;»ood
state ol cultivation .iud the whole undi rlaid
with a good Yeiu of coal.
No. 5. Also all that certain other piece,
parcel or lot of ground,situate in the borough
of Ilai inony, Cutler Co., Pa., aud bounded
and described as follows, via: On the north
by a street, ou the ca«t by an alley, on the
south by lot of Wm. F. Wild, and on the
west by ttie Diamond, ihe improvements
thereon consisting of i large two-story brick
house and frame stable—reserving the privi
lege of adjourning and to the premises ol
each piece or |>areel if desired.
One-third of the purchase money in cash
ou the continuation ol snip by ilie C> url—
and the remainder in two equal annual in
stallments from that date, wall legai interest
to be secured by L» n I and mortgage i n the
premises, with au attorney's commission of ."i
per cent iu case the same shall have to be
collected by legal process.
S.\Mt EL Br'AM.
Administrators ot George Keaia, dee'd.
11. 11. GOI'CHKI:,
Orphans' Gourt Sale.
By* virtue of au outer and decree ol the
Orphans' Court of Ilutler Co , Pa,, the uu
dersigncd Administrators, C. T. A., of the
estate of Wm. G. Duucan, late of Middle
sex township, county and State aforesaid,
deceased, will offer for >ale al public veudue
on the premises ou
>Vt iliii'Kilu). the -Mli IU) of Aueiikt, A h lss!>.
al 1 o'clock p. iti. ot -anl day, the undivid
ed one-tilth of sixty acres of land, more or
less, eiluate 111 Middlesex towuship, county
and State aforesaid, l»oundedou the north by
lands of Thorna.s ( hautler, on ihe ea>-t by
lauds of Aaron Beery and John Turner, on
the south by land.*; of Kphraim Thompson
and others, and uu the west, by laud* ot
Thomas Goodwin, with dwelling-house and
barn and outbuildings thereon. Largely
cleared ami under good state of cultivation
This sale will be made of the undivided one
fifth of said tract of land, beiug ahout 12
acres, for the purpose of raising money to
pay the debts of the deceased, and will Iw
sold subject to the dower interest lor life of
Mrs. Klizabeth lhinoan, mother ot the de
ceased, therein.
Terms of Sale: Cash ou confirmation ot
the sale by the Court.
Adm's C.T A., ol Win. <• Puucan,dieM.
M< JINKIN St liA I.I.KKA I 11, ACI <• for Adm's.
July 19, 1880.
Public Sale
The undersigned, pursuant to his appoint
incut and commission froin the Audit,,r-li-n
--eral ol the t ouiinonv.eslth of I'euimylvi'uia,
as Deputy Kscheator of the escheated estate
of Richard Gibson and Mary E. Gibson,
late of Middlesex Township, Itutler Co.,
Pa., deceased, and by virtue of the
power and authority therein given, author
izing him so to do, and according to the Act
of Assembly in such case made and provided,
will expose to public sale, at the Court House
iu Butler, on
Friday, August 30, 1889,
at 1 o'clock P. M., all that certain tract ol
laud, situate iu Middlesex Tp., Hutler Co.,
l'a., bontided ou the north by lands ot John
Mcßride, on the east by lands of James
Whiteside, south by lands of C. Trttber, aud
on the west by lauds of John Ferg niton, and
containing sixty acres, more or less; with
house thereon, and partly timbered. The
property will be sold to the highest bidder,
subject neverthelesM to auy reversion, re
mainder, lease,rent, or other profit
issuing out (d the same, to which it may
have been subject before the finding of the
in<|uisition escheating said estate to the
One-half the purchase money on delivery
of the deed, ami balance in one year there
from, secured by bond and Pos
session to be given on or before the lir*«t day
of April, 1 Any growing crops thereon
LKV. Mt <v« IHTI«»N,
Peputy Kscheator.
Estate of Norman Graham, j
l.ettcm of adia'ii on t It** estate or Norma a
(iraliam. dee d, late of <'oiino<pieu« ssinir Twp.,
Itutler t'o.. Pa., having been granted to tlu? un*
deralgncd. all |h*ISOIIS knowing thcmselv# n In
• lehtcd to s.Ud estate w ill pl«*;iso make imm<
diate payment ami anjr having claims ar.atnst
the same will present them duly authenticated
lor settlement.
J. |). (ill All AM, » V(| |||| ,
(J. M liKUUM.I AU n,i
Whitest own r. o. t Uullcr (o. Pa.
W. I). I«HANIK)N, Alt*v.
Kstatc of George Hoighlie, <l«<-'il.
I.ATK Ol t i:.\l. s|Nii TWr.
Letters testamentary oil the eitate of (ieo.
He deo'd, late ol
Tp., ilutler Co,, l'a., having been granted to
the undersigned, all persons knowing them
selves indebted to Miid estate will please
make immediate payment and aiiv having
claims against the mud estate will present
them duly authenticated for settlement.
J. C. Bi n.ill.ir, Kx'r,
W'hitestown I*. ()., Itiltlei Co., l'a.
! Estate of Wm. Emory dee'd,
Letters tcvflmeutiiry on Ihe estate ot Willi.un
I Kuiery. tlocM. late ol tiav twp , Itutler count v.
I Pa , having iM'i'ii gianieil to tlie il
I all persons Knowing themselves 1 i»«l«-t»te<l to
saHl estate will please make linliu illato pa;
| iiM'iit and any hnvliitf claims Mtfalrc I said esl.tie
I w ill present them duly aui)ient lcaf4*il for settle
I nient.
It. N MM BitY. Kx r
Iwihiwiu I' <> Itutler county, l'a.
tmice at No. H. Main street, over Frank A
I'ti's IM tig Store. Itutler. I'll.
w. k. rrrzEL.
s. W.Corner Main ami North sis.
All work pertaining to the ion execut
eil iu the neatest manner.
S|M*cialtles (*ol<l l illlncN. and I'ulnN > I'-x j
tractlouof Teetli, Vitalized ,vir a«linli»l»tcreil. |
Olfln* on JefTcrMMi Sfreet, o»»«« «lo«r l«t «l l.«»wr>
IIIMIAI*, I |> HUlr*.
Office O|m«II dally* except WediicMlays ami
Thursdays t 'ouiniuiileailoiis by mall receive
prompt attention.
It. -The only lh*iif!»f I" lluller using Ihe
beat miikex of teeth.
PJllllj.MV this t«» our sal* tie ii nl'l'l-ll*
\ 1 11111 U |: IC. ian t «rt you »r on< •• S-ihl
U I U II: or lei Ills to
l:?«]!N!k/!t°AGHTs irw. z*". ,
\oril!.\<; LIKK IT:
C A S II !
Till-: IIAUI> < ASH
W ill work wnmlers ;it
The Cash Shoe Store,
No. • '•» Si < : 1111 Main Stropt, Btitlo I*9 1 ■*< 'iin *i*-
/ \ e«l :i large .stock of I
\ Shoe*, Rubber* and I \ /
Si'!>{><• r-■. ami we intend g" 4 *
Ik J and can f-ell you anv M J
loot wear you may need \
lIAURY ( IIAAI'KL. iiic Williams
]>ort Florist, i> fast establishing .m ivjuita
tion in Uutler. Send for liis "Hook of
Flowers,' which isa work ofnrt, and will
bo sent tree to any address.
lIAKKY ( IIAATKL, Florist,
W illiains|H)rt, Pa.
B. & B.
An Institution of Rial Merit
1 Mail Order I)»'|mrt
The flattering lavora Is stowed up
on it by the are in testimony
of its benefits t<> them Tiie way to
eoiupliment this department, and to
do yourrelf good, is to e. mniutiieate
with it at ouee.
Your everv want will l»- satisfied
promptly, and VOII will mie m<»»iev
on every artiele or yard of L'oods VOII
Wlml l> (ioiiiii On Here Now.'
Our Annual Summer Cl. ii; .me
Sales wt: ich means bnrgeins l.y the
Thousands of Tardsoi Ihess (Jo.- ls,
full of tone, style and < ffeetiveness,
worth $1.15 and $1 50; i»i "•">
9nprial 50c - aud 25c
t-pCLlal |lress(iooils Dejuirtiiients
These price.* have been m.ule
"catch all" priees for thousands uud
thousands ol yards til goods that
sold at twice and even three times
the money early in the iea<»>n
choice, wide and effective goods
Send for samples.
Have lost all their standi only the
shadows of their former selves, and
just in the midst of the WASII
Anderson's celebrated Oingharus
reduced to 25 cents a yard, as a bar
gain starter
The same story in the Challie de
partments All our stock reduced to
iiall. Nice and new ones marked at
•'clearance prices."
50c Zephyr (Jinghani Side Hands i
at 25c
25c. and 40e. '/.< phyrs at 20c.
25c. and .'!sc. Zephyrs at 15c.
Finest French Satines at 25c.
30c. Satines at 15c. and INc
Write to our Mail Order Depart
Mention this pa|>er.
11S to 121
K1 )U(JA TION A 1.-
Curry Business College.
< I Kit\ I Nl\ I:IISIT\
SIXTH SIKH I. I'irislll l«.
III.* IH-hI i'.iinli.iKil lUI.I n.'.-'t -**i<-I'll ll.lsl
in - r.i11.-vr.' In iviin'ii Iridivi.i.iiil iiiKirin-ii.«i<
(iiri-vi<rv siii.l> ni iri.ii. . \ M. nil *l* M >..' l
Ir..in ? till 1" I' M Actual IUlili»"«i I'r.u llr -
iiihl I'm.-il' "I llanklrisr ai*- Sp.-cliilli.- Tit.- I» .I
iiiiviii.liiir. i In sliorlliuii'l ainl T> |s- »riling.
I In- I nlv.-i->ll\ :,!»•> iiliit.li. lull r.-Kiil«r com
.. .ut |ii,|, in Hi.- Mi..l .it. S:> ill i'l - mill ■
r,\, Nuniiiif. Muili- .mil I-.l'mmiilihi .ry U-CWr.
101-lIIH. - ll'l l"l
.nvh ( I.AIIK nn i.nns, v a , Cr^i.
111 rum. <> riiorou;;!i <'li sl.Ml, I ')i il< ► 11
1411«| :> |. -II | tl|<- cuiir H Itilfllivil • Mil V
ti .i VINIIV eourw • i»« . i.a;i.\ in prennrt*
I Ihtn for tlu'lr work. Miidi HittMidou ilvoii
(o prcpuntlorv NVw fuid • oiiiiikxlUmi
l»iii)«itn rln« l.:uli' ' Hall uiMl**r ran <.(
|,| I': •.■ i • i! I •i' .i. !.t 'li ,i . I •
(ill. No ~t! »ou,s. i:\Jh iiv h V7V lov vl
i. nn l- rfln-i s«-pt i•, i I'or «
liiiorm itioii iMl«lmv<.
K. \. /«hi.aiim I'n-M l'ut
Washington \ Jefferson
College, Wiisliinsloii. IViina.
Tin-yitli >i!ar Iwifllis Sept. 11. • l.isli-al. S.i« n ,
tin. .in.l ri.-iiiir.i'or;. t>.-|iiiniif:il~ I-or tutor
iiKilli.n riinr. rnlnif ri< l'»riiu»rj Ih-j.-iriiui-iii »l>
i.ls In l-Kol .1 \IHil fit - lIMUZ. I'rlii: l-jr •
< :il.i|ii"in- 1.1 uMirr int..rill III.>II I" I til sI j
Mn| I V I
BEAVER COLLEGE iVsTlll i'l lVr .
vohhk' vriilf* Mid )'»iifnc iHillf*'*, lt«*;» v «*r. I** M« I |
iull> • «niij»|" «l l.aill's iiii*l .\|ii*lr M'ihil lii I
\\. f • 11> I*•'nit .i Ililrl% nftli >«**■ «iii »•» 1
(|i*all), ll< .iltlimi uli«l IN lutlfiil U» ttloii. r>»|>
hi ,i t 1 1. . <Hil) nilv Ikwiilith ivi«l*wl Hi ■ i
i, . if .1., tir It. T 111 Mitt I'm.
For Girls and Young Ladies.
Sliortlidtfc Media
For Boys and Youny Men.
II MiV MttM.tt.MH A I K
Mini A I'A . (X.ar Philiidolphi.i,)
\\ i 1»<Ii111»* «ij» tlu* sea
son in his Spring
and Summer
stock ol l»oots
and Sliocs.
Wo nr>- k < t • ii<»S moving
li vt I * aixi intmd •» k» pit up to the
littlii hiiyer- and i •.•( • aho lind
ih.lllM'lv.S \i I If 'litlu' IH-I'IH Hltd
t-h *r«- t•*!»»pt-*iih |l>«* m ■ ' at
tractive -ty!< • Mr l«iw
pi ii-t i". I.tide fi'i In i - itt sl, W'ft
I>< tigoU .'i'< k. vi ivft x• !>!• !«••■» ut
$1.25, i 1 ,»U and tip to $2. iut >1 turn*
mi $2.75 :.t.d »i-iv Im
soft lloDjinlii Murk, )h>- til> in ftII
vihilli lioib on ■|h ru ai.il «- mmon
sense ln*-t - lit die- l.iiiV* li *■«•* Mt
1 75 (H iit-. sl, $1 2-i an.l il 50. ladies
1 calf and real '-alt button.
Ladies, Miss..-, arid Children*,
l.ace Oxford * lilid Ojiera Slippers
i Tim largest at.d rhohwt line have
«wr shown. Tlirw are V«TV desira
j l.le for hot went her. Thev are tool
and give jfrcat relief t i those that
| have -tender feet The trade never
was to on these roods at this
season, Me bavir them with and
without patent tips, have tan and
wine .-hades at 85 cent* to 91.25,
Opera at 50 ft.- to $ I.
Mens, Bovs asi. Ym tiis Snots
First we have the brogaue, plow
shot* and Credemoos at «.*> eta, $1
and up to $1.50 in mens and lioys in
1 same line. Then the line sbuea At
#l, $1 25, $1 50, $2 and up to s.'! 50,
in liuttoii, t>al> ami ronir , plain or tip
nil willthti. Then the Knglisb, Oor
divau, Kangaroo and Call' at #.TSO,
$1 ai.d $5.50,t1ie finest you ever
they are si llers und they lit All
goods are made to our order, and no
shoddy We warrant all our goods
| Misses and Children- Spring
Ileolsa S|*cclalfy.
All widths, eau til all the little tfirls
aud hoys to perfection,
We have an endless variety of
i Can't tell you all alsiut our stork
—il would take a whole new»|M|i*r,
hut my iur trail.' never wus ru large
and increasing all tie time arid this
is due to our having one prieu to all
anil telling eaeh and every one just
what the goods are
No huuiliug husines.*
done, such as three
or four priees and
no suction or old
sample lots sold
All straight good--, reliable Roods.
Leather and l-'indin: > iri ?toek.
All kiml..f repairing done
I 'erne and see lis.
fcufual Fire S««ai>rance ho.
Ofl id Cor. Main (z Cunningham
■J. 0. ROESSINU, i't.K»it»£NT.
WM. CA.UI'UKI.L Tkk*».lkkm
I. Purvi**, .in ci 1
William « .t»n|»i»« u ,i \v |iurk(>.«rt
A. Tr.mtm.in. iHivr,
«.,r KlN<Ml||i;, .l,tlli«H Ml liheliwti,
l»r W. Ir\tr» ll* t»r> WMtiotr*
J. K. T:i>li»r 11. « 11.
Thorough I »l'< k < 1
\\i) imvsii i it i:s
I'igH of citlior m'\ or in |»»ir«,
lur Mile— pii'.s .4 » i ieli
The fluted boar l oin i ••• Ms.
No. IS,-10.', i t :In t.i m i f
lli«* !ier»l \\« igid n nlurily
IV, in I 'ill' I" (•»" jiemi'ls
AiMrc.-, .1. I'AKK !f .\ \ S,
l'tofj eel, l*a.