Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, March 16, 1888, Image 4

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For dM Bath, Toilet and Laundry
Know Whlta and Absolutely Pur
If vomt taw Mm not keep Whits Cloud s™
a■!» tor maple este to tbe mik<'
JXS. 8. KIRK & CO.,
Cloth* Cold Bindln*
■» -* 1 '■> ■ 1 -
I unarm.
.. Y Epk-s
il : 8
I ig
IBSri- roetheclM. 41
CaESaaL Sick Hssdschs. V m i»o. .J#
fllct.lt BTMUUBC . ... 4)
PT|nirti' -. Ou'U. Malaria..... .W
TtTfflklllli I k
I -n
1 W«»ko«M -49
B <nMn Rld ' M J?
■ EMiFk .*SB
jyfe CIF I CB.
gonor atbic tetieihaby spsancs
For HOCMS, Cattle, SHssp,
Doc*. Ho **- Poultry.
MBV IM rAGK BOOK ea Treat.
y/T9J seat ef Aslmls ssd
Chart Seat Free.
Mad. Co., W Fulton St., H. Y.
Mtaalato A* tetfM liver, ati^arth
mm the digestive er*aas, rewulstellis
>wila. aad are aa aa
—i ledlHaa la
Malarial Districts
n —■- Tirtaei are widely reee«nlaed,
Blfeer peaaeaa a■ waller properties
metal tke system froaa that pel.
SM. fhb pepalar remedy rarely
falla af f■allT AftM
Dyspepsia, Constipation, Sick
Headache, Biliousness
tmd all disorders arising from a
Tgpid Llvw aad Bad Digestion.
A Proclamation!
Sa I. My Uata, Faltoa. Ark., sajrsr
"A year aga I had hllleua fever;
Tatt*s Pills were se highly rereoin
■Beaded that ■ aaed theaa. Never did
■sadistae hate a happier effect. Af.
Mr a practice of a ef a tea.
Sary.l preelalaa these the beet
aitlilai m~ aaed. I always pre
ial>i theas la say practice."
•old Everywhere.
Office, 44 Murray St. New York.
of Uttful Rtctipta sent Frt*.
Arematie Ceneva Cln
cvaia siaiAau
■ r y rrr
SeaHaa reft, Se. It will be found »n invmlnable
■MSfi —i Plheiy Organs.
tka eUWr SI hett'i Aromatic Genera Oia
h aat I ■ lilts tawd Kidnsjialoos. bat I*
adltaMneahr he varlooa oomplainu
SiNslir aes eobieeted. We have received
aavMaa feaa all perte of the eountry teeti
hastalaeslaaaas eare terea|naeaaed;iialafßl.
lass aad IneaalM' ■eaetroaQoa. lte etim
etaal, teela, deeth ead eeJetl.e properties
•ill* hrttetfea, roaM*e ooeaeetkm, sooths sxcita-
Mf| led eve tha pais. T«k«n in vins-cUw-
A tslsiHl aaellie on Itawd Kldnsr* tha*
nuiled lieeapoa
J Ann K Mun, sole iceot,
Kua uu BY
J. C. REDICK, Drngg'st,
Jury List for April, 1888.
UK of Juror* drawn to serve lit a special terra
of Court eommenclnff thj Orst Mua la;,- or April,
Ml. being the 2d lay:
Andersonr E. Butler horo al ward, clerk.
Allauti Wiu. liuU.-i tsiro M ward. merviiuDr.
Black ,To«hua T. Marlon twp. firmer.
Blckeit Harvey. Olntoa twp. fanner.
Beariv JL. \Vaj»liln«tou twp. fanuc-r.
Bovarl J E Parker twp, farmer.
heau.v James A. ttaklaud twp. larmer.
hsak-r Wm. Zellenoplt.'. clerk.
<'a<upbeU CUreu»-e. t"onconl twp, farmer.
Cocbraa LM. Butler burn Al w*ri, clerk.
Crawtord D A. Donegal twp, farmer.
Cockaoe David J. Mercer twp. farmer.
Cockane Thoa I. Mercer twp, farmer.
Campbell W U H. Venango twp, carpenter.
Caldwell Dand. Oakland twp, farmer.
Dun lap James Batter boro id ward, surveyor.
Dogan James. Marlon twp. farmer.
Davtdsoo James dr. Adams twp. farmer.
Gtenwood Wm. Clearfield twp. farmer.
Octbben Jaa. Middlesex twp. fanner.
Grossman N & Franklin twp, farmer.
Gamble W E, AUeßheny twp. farmer.
Rorkenbeny Calvin. Cherrv twp 3, farmer.
Brnohbener Chrht. Summit twp. farmer.
Ksox E. Jackson twp, blacksmith.
KMcer W J. Lancaster twp. faimer.
Sessi lm»ii Wm. Butler boro Ist ward, machinist
McClymonds Weller. Muddvcteek twp, farmer.
HCDevltt James. Clearfleld twp, farmer.
Mcurdy John. Butler boro Ist ward carpenter.
M«Uanty Mathew, Washington twp s, former.
McMlcbaul James. MlllersUiwn boro. agent.
Xlcbolaj. Ilenr . Butler twp. farmer.
Flsor Wm. Worth twp. farmer,
rtk-e Jonathan. Lancaster twp. farmer.
Patterson T J. Worth twp. farmer.
Briber Henry. Butler boro 'AI ward, merchant.
• Kuaaell samueL Concord twp, farmer,
l.satell W U. Falrrlew twp. teacher.
Bstilgas P A. Mlllerstown btiro. editor.
BMer Ueorfe. Center twp, fanner.
Ryan Jacob. Adaas'twp. farmer.
Nalth Samuel. W shlngtou twp farmer.
Starr Herman. Middlesex twp. tarmrr.
SuUlvaii J M. Bufter botp 2d ward, tfent.
Schenck Leonard, Butler boio 3d ward, shoe
Shleve- Jacob. Connoqu-nesaing twp N. farmer.
Swain W Jackson twp w . farmer.
Terser W H. Concord twp. teacher.
Vastier V C. Worth twp, farmer.
Warren Fred, Forward twp. farmer.
Wei fret carpenter.
Wilson John. Venango twp. huckster.
Young Burt. Bald ridge, merchant.
For Kensingt ) i, Arrasene
Aho lessons in sam : given by ANNIE 14
LOW MAN, North iir-et, Butler, Pa.
nr 301-1!
sapr Ik* 4 * Wssderi exist In thousands of
VIL L lltortts. bot »r« surpassed by the mar
llFFr vela of Invent! n. Those who are la
Mill need of profitable work that can be
dsas while living at home should at once
Mad 'heir addresa to Hallett £ Co.. Portland,
Maine, and receive tree, full Information how
either sex. of all ages, crn earn from to *25
per day and upwards wherever they live. Ton
ate started tree. Capital sot required. Some
hsvsjMkte over taoln s single day at this work,
«• Mh Is 111 IMUS4 >t ths Bureau o|
■ 1
DEAR SISTERS: —The first week of
April, by established usage and reso
luiion of the N W C. T. U ,is set
apart for Sabbath observance, and by
request many thousand ministers an
nually preach on that subject Tbe
World's Sabbath Obrervance Prayer :
Union, having branches in every
land, this year sends out in six'een
languages its annual call for a week
of prayer he first week in A Til In
this call all similtr societies in this
country, and our own organization,
unite. Prayer for the better obser
vance of the Sabbath is greatly need
ed, and we earnestly request all
churches to make this the sobject of
tbetr mid-week prayer meeting
We also ask our own local unions
to meet at their usual hour on Tues
day, April 2, to pray that Christians
especially may be more obedieut to
the Fourth Commandment, and that
the Sabbath may be protected by
law for rest and worship. Pray also
for the sncceßS of our petitions to
Congress, and for Mrs Ada Bitten- ■
bender, who has then) in charge
Sisters, this is our special work
just now. Will not all unions see
that each minister in their town is
personally requested to preach on
this topic on tbe day specified (or on
the eighth it preferred, April* 1 being
Easter),and that each Sabbath school
fuperintendent is a*ked to have open
ing exercises pretaining to the Fourth
Commandment. These requests
should be made immediately. A re
quest to Ministers ( Leaflet No 12),
is now ready and will be sent free as
many as are needed, to all who are
ordering other leaflets. Otherwise
send stamp for postage Leaflets
No 3 and 10 are designed for Sab
bath school use. Our Stbbatb Oo
servance Pledge was prepared mainly
by Mrs James Earle, superintendent
of Sabbath observance for Massachu- |
setts, who has nsed it a year aud re-:
commends it. The pledge cards are
ten cents, and leaflets fifteen cents a
hundred For these aud all helps
ddress your superintendent.
Painesville, O.
We reprint for the benefit of those
who may have overlooked it in tbe
Union Signal, and for the purpose
of calling erpecial attention to it, tbe
call for prayer, during the first week
of April, for Sabbath Ooservance.
It may be objected that following so
closely the week of prayer for the W
C.T U. called for tbe 18: h to 25th < f
March, that it will be impossible to
observe it. It may be impracticable
for many ot our uoious to meet day
after day during this week, but as
members we can each and all have
the subject on nur hearts and offer
our individual prayers.
Every union can see the Pastor and
requst the sermon on tbe subject, aud
have the work suggested, taken up
in the Sunday School. Tbe pledges
and leaflets used as directed, will do
good aud can be ordered from Mrs
Bateham, Painesville, O at a cost so
low as to make it possible for every
union to supply some S. S.
Unions wbo do any work in tLis
line will please report to Mrs. J W
Orr, Bruiu, who is our County Su
perintendent of Sabbath Observance
and who earnestly desires tbe unions
to do ail tbey can in this line
There is a strong effort being put
forth during tbe present session of
Congress to do away with tbe inter
nal rerenae taxes on alcbolic liquors
It is earnestly hoped that all who
are interested in temperance reform
will do all in their power to cause tbe
repeal of this law, Francis Wiltiard
iu her annual address before the con
vention said:
"1 hope we shall distinctly declare
ourselves in favor ot removing the
internal reyenue tax from all intoxi
cating liquors. It is a covenant with
bell aud a compact with damnation.
Today it stands as the strongest bul
wark between tbe liquor traffic aud
annihilation. We want no monopo
lies in sin, least of all that tLe Na
tional Government should be the
largest stockholder, getting ninety
ceuts on every gallon ot whisky and
ninety-tbree cents, in round numbers,
on eyery keg of beer. Tbe amount of
tax is about eqnal to the annual sur
plus in tbe United States Treasury;
let both be wiped out together. I
hope this may be one of our cam
| paign battle cries; 'Down with the
tax that ties the nation tight to tbe
vampire that is sucking out its
We have not space at this time to
give this subject tbe notice it requires
but it is very needful that all persons,
especially those who are well known
shall use their influence to a purpose
by addressing letters to our represen
tatives at tbe Capitol, expressing
sympathy with tbe movement. Many
letters Bhould be sent by persons
throughout our cou ty as well as
from those within our borough. Un
ions may do much by interesting peo
ple and arging them to duty io this
matter. Whatever is done should be
done quickly.
—Upon a fair trial I find Salvation
Oil tbe best cure for rheumatism I
have ever known. It gives relief
more quickly and always does its
JOSHUA ZIMMERMAN, Wetheredville,
Chronic coughers are bores to the
community and should be forced to
use Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
—The supply of peanuts for 1888
will reach 3,300,000 bushels.
"There Is no Cure but Mar
riage" !
How many a pompous old fraud,
with an M D. attached to his nama,
has offered this time-dishonored pre
scription to a pale haggard girl.suffer
ing from the ills of womanhood? How
many a wretched hell on earth has
thus been started ! for no marriage
can be blessed, either to husband or
wife, which is taken as a pill. Out
npon snch quackery ! There is a core
for suffering women—a cure which
will make marriage the greatest of
earthly blessings.and borne tbe sweet
est of Edens Its name is
Favorite Prescription. Jjst try it,
and see the black clonds of life roll
away before the glowing sunshine of
returning health and vigor, Il is tbe
only medicine for women, sold by all
druggists, under a positive guarantee
from the manufacturers, that it will
give satisfaction in every case,or mon
ey refunded. See wrapper around
Dr: Pierce's Pellets tbe original aod
only genuine Little Liver Pills. 25
cents a vial; oue a dose.
Tha Funereal Month of March.
AD observant metropolitan barber
says that be can tell one's physical
condition by tbe state Of the hair !
Tbe Bible tel.., an that with bid
hair gone Samson lost his strength
Tbe Komsns con-idered baldness a
serious affliction and Julius Cffifr
was never quite sati-fied with him
self because his poll was bare.
The fa?e, however, is the open
book and can readily trace
in its various expressions,
lines, changes aDd complexion the
state of the system
The eye that is unusually bright
and yet has a pallid brightness, tbe
face upon whose cheeks nature pain's
a rose of singular beauty and flush,
more marked in contrast with the ala
barter appearance of the forehead and
none aud lower part of the face, is one
of those whom the skilled physician
will tell you will some day dread the
funereal month of March, because it
is then that consumption reaps its
richest harvest. Consumption tbev
tell us is caused by this that and the
other thing, by microbes in the air,by
micro-organisms in the blood, by de
ficient nutrition, by a thousand and
one things, but whatever the cause,
decay begins with a cough and tbe
remedy that will effectually stop the
cause of that cough cures the disease
of tbe lungs.
That is all there is of it.
Thfl cttugb is an evideuce of a wast
ing. To stop it effectually, a remedy
must be Ufed that will search out tbe
caase, remove that aod then beal tbe
luug aud do away with tbe coug'b
Thia is tbe power, special to itself,
possessed alone by Warner's Log
Cabin Coogb and Consumption rem
edy. This is no new-fangled notion
of narcotics and poisons, hut an old
fashioned preparation ol balsams,roots
and berbs, such as was used by our
ancestors many years a/o, the formu
la of wbicb has been secured exclu
sively by tbe present manulacturers
at great trouble and expense. It is
not a mere cold dryer It is a svstem
eearcber and npbuilder and a con
sumption expel lant Where others
fail, it wins, because it gets at the
constitutional cause and removes it
irom tbe system
J W Uensaw of Greensboro, Pa.,
on Jan. 15. 1888, reported that "be
bad derived more real benefit for thtr
length of time, from Warner's Log
Cabin Cough and Consumption rem
edy than he had for years from the
best state physicians "
If vou have a cjutrb. night sweat*,
•'positive assurance in your own
mind that you, ob—you. have no
consumption", and yet lose flesh, ap
petite^courage, as your lungs waste
away, you may know that the fun«
real montb of March will soon claim
you unlesß promptly and faithfully
you, use tbe article named If other
remedies have tailed try this one
thoroughly if others are offer
ed, insist the more on tryiug this uu
equaled preparation.
Some persons are pr.»ne to con
sumption and they should nevor al
low tbe disease tc become seated.
Io Augu«ta,G<i , the oth*r day a
tree was cut iu tbe forest at 6 o'clock
in the morning and by uigbt it had
been turued into printed papers aud
tbe people were reading iu them the
news oi tbe day.
At Toronto last week tbe Board
of Alderman, at the urgent request ot
the Mayor, ordered work to be be
gun on tbe construction of tbe Kiug
street subway, in order that unem
ployed starving laborers might be
given work.
—Peculiar combination of vegeta
ble remedies in the Hop Planter
Southing and pain-allaving.
They are deservedly popular over
all others — Hop Plasters, quick-act
ing, pain-killing and soothing.
—ln Montreal dry goods stores
girls of 12 are employed as messen
gers, being unpaid tor the first year,
aud 25 to 50 ceuts a week for the sec
ond year aod $1 for the third. Milli
ners are paid il 50 to $5 a week, aod
head milliners $8 to $lO
—tkeneral John M Palmer, ex-
Governor ot Illinois, and Mrs. Hau
nab M. Kimball, of Springfield..Mass ,
are to be married about April 1 Mrs
Kimball's husband died iu 1865 She
was boro in 1833. General. Palmer
is in his 721 year.
Marked Success.
J. P. Carr, a prominent lawyer of
Augusta, Ga, says: I have used
Tutt's Pills for Torpor of the Liver
with marked success I believe them
superior in all biliary derangements
to any pill made."
The Adventißts of Battle Creek,
Mich . believe that the end of the
world is near and have discarded all
their jewelry. At a recent meeting
SBOO was turned into the church iu
cash anil S2OOO in jewelry, to be de
voted to missionary purposes
—The Boil in Chicago is so com
pressible that io makiug a foundation
for the Edison Company's new build
ing tbe ground was first covered
with sand to a depth of six iuches,
then a covering of tarred paper was
laid, and then two feet six iuches ol
The Population of Butler
is about 7.000, and we would say at
least one half are troubled with some
affection of tbe Throat and Lungs, as
those complaints are, according to
statistics more numerous than others
We would advise all not to negleot
tbe opportunity to call on their drug
gist and get a bottle of Kemp's Bal
sam for the Tbroat. and Lungs. Price
50c and $1 Trial size Free. Sold
by all druggists
—ln San Francisco there is a
building in which nearly all the coun
ties of California have an exposition
of their products.
—Ths Washington Star says that
Mr. Cororan has left an estate worth
about $3 500,000 He has given
away as much as $5,000,000
—Rev. Mr. Talmage ha* been
sworn in as Chaplain of the 13th
Regiment Brooklyn, to succeed
Henry Ward Betcher.
—The Standard Oil men of Russia
are the two Noble brothers, who are
said to be worth S4OO 000 000 Their
iDeome is greater than the Czar's
—lt is said that $15,000 000 worth
of tile has been laid in Illinois, aDd
that tbe tile, if placed iu a continuous
line, would reach around tha globe
three times
—There are 127 dividend-paying
gold and silver mines in this country.
• —The funds for the Hendricks
rnonnment at Indianapolis amount to
—The cotton acreage of the Sonth
has increased by 4,300,000 acres
since 1880.
—At the California Wire Works,at
San Francisco, petroleum. is being
! used for fuel.
A Terrible Suicide.
Mra. Joseph Parker, of Fayette
County, committed suicide by fatally
burning herself at her home at. Upper
Middletown, in that county. She
bad been suffering from hemorrhage
of the lunss and become depressed.
Taking advantage of the absence of
her husband last Friday ju-t after diu
uer, she left her babe in charge of th*
servant girl and retired to an out
house in the yard Presently t»e
girl saw her run oat wuh her clo h*
ing euTeloped in flames, She had
saturated her dress with car boa oil
aod ignited it with a match doubtless
intending to perish while thus con
cealed from view The intense suffer
iug caused her to burst the door opeD
and rush out, screaming and writhing
in ajrony. The servant dropped the
baby to the ground and tried to sav*
its mother, but the frantic womin
fought the girl off and made an effort
to clasp the babe in her burning arras
The girl prevented this only after a
hard struggle, in which she too was
badlv I.timed,
Dr. Osborn and another neighbor
succeeded after a chase in capturing
the woman and smothering the
flames, but the victim was so badly
burned that she died about midnight
in iutenae agony. She resisted all
efforts to save her Itfe She was
about 35 years old and the mother ol
three little girls, the oldest seven
vears of age. Dr Osborn was also
seriously burned in bis fight with the
Mistaken Identity.
A remarkable case of mistaken
identity, wbicb, it is believed, result
ed in the conviction and imprison
ment of an innocent man, has just,
come to light through the arrest of
•James Gregory Lafler, a prominent
New Mexico ranchman In 1882,
Lnfler's twin brother, William, wa*
arrested for rubbing a w.iman liviug
Dt*ar Olean, N. Y , of SB,OOO, aud at
tempting to murder her He was
tried and sent to the penitentiary, but
pardoned by Gov. Hill after serving
three years The brothers were then
students at College, James at Uornell
and William at Yale. After Wil
liam's disgrace, James disappeared
and was reported to have been drown
ed. The years passed on, and the
crime would doubtless have become
only a memory but tor the appearance
of a man in Olean a five weeks ago,
who had a 6ecret interview with the
District Attorney. He informed that
. fficial that he was the man who had
brought the news of James' death to
he family six years before, and that
he was paid by James to do it He
said that James was living, and was
a ranchman located near Watrous, N.
M. A warrant was issued, and the
fugitive apprehended last Thursday
He stoutly denies bis guilt, aud says
that be will be able to prove his inno
He Sent Her Back.
A youog Englishman fled from
London to escape bis mother iu-law
and landed in Philadelphia. After a
while be sent for his wife, but the
mother-in law, a determinea female,
took passage on the same ship with
ber daughter, and when they reached
Philadelphia the young Englishman,
standing on the dock to meet ber,
was horrified at sight of the old lady.
A bright idea struck him. He an
nounced to the authorities that he
would not keep the mother in law,
and she having no meaus of support
was remanded to the ship by the Im
migration Commissioners and sent
back to England in a towering rage.
The young Englishman had better
have a care. The old woman vows
she willretura to America and laud at
New York, and then hunt bim up
aud make it pleasant for him the bal
ance of bis davs.
—America leads the world in the
use of electricity.
—Michigan is to have a home for
discharged convicts.
—Southern California ifl already
complaining of tramps.
—Steamers on the bay at San
Franci.sco have been iwiug crude pe
troleum forluel 8 uce the advance m
Most of the birber shops iu St.
Louis are run by colored barbers.
There are very few wnite barbers in
the South
Applications for License.
The following applications for licenses to sell
Intoxicating liquors has been Hied In the office
of the Cierk of Quarter Sessions court of Butler
county. Fa., and will be presented at a Court of
Quarter sessions to be held in Butler. Butler
county, Pa., In and for said county, on Wednes
day, March 21. A. D. ISBS. that being the time
flxed by the said Court for hearing such applica
Place;for which
Name of applicant. Residence, application Is
Henry Eltenmlller; 3d ward, Butler, 3d ward.
Geo. W. Campbell; " "
John F. Lowrv; 2d ward Butler, 2d ward Butler
Wm. H. Kelchlng;
Samuel Mulholland Sax cnburg boro; Saxon
burg boro.
Charles Weltzel; " " "
Francis Laube, .fr; •' " "
Freder.ck Stroliecker; Zellenople boro, Zelteno
ple boro.
Charles Stokey; " "
C M Burnett; Petrolia boro: Petrolla boro.
Wm H. King;
Wm. 11. Jelllson;
John Dolau. Mlllerstosvn boro; MUlerstown
John A. Harding;
B. J. Forquer; •' "
Augustus Hoch &
Adolphus A. lloch; •• "
Joseph Graham; St. Joe, Donegal twp.; St. Joe.
* Donegal twp.
William Lauderer; Middle Lan- Middle I.an
caster. Lan- caster. Lan
caster twp.; caster twp.
David Stewart; Renfrew. Penn twp.; Kenfrew
Penn twp.
Jacob Keidler; Harmony boro; Harmony boro.
Samuel lisam; •' "
Henry W. Stalker; Evanburg boro; Evansburg
John N. Miller;
John W. Lawall, Saxon Station, Saxon Station.
Wlnileld twp.; Wlnlield twp.
Patrick Shields & Great Belt. Great Belt,
Mlcuael shields; Jefferson twp.; Jefferson twp
George 1, .ber; 3d ward Butler boro; I'd ward
and Butler b'iro.
Jacob Reiber; 2d ward Butler boro.; 2d ward
Butler boro.
Thomas E. Gamble; 2d ward Butler boro.; 2d
ward Butler boro.
Thomas E. Gamble; "
tieonje Stahl, as a distiller and manufacturer,
Zellenople boro; Zellenople boro.
Clerk of Quarter Sesslous Court.
Butler. Pa., Feb. 29, 18$#.
( HIT to aecure a thorough UnilnMf Education. or
iwomc an EipcK shorthand and Type Writer, or
prepare to teach Spencerian Fe&manutlr. la at tw
Nprncrrlaa Bnalnvaa College. €l»V«la»<> O.
Ukiii rated Catalogue Ire*.
Advertising taaa alw»ys proven
N'aflfflafcr successful. Before placing any
Newspapci: Advertising consult
«• la 48 Kndalph HlrrH, CHICAGO*
VI II llpay tills to our salesmen, OUTFIT
A I llllfUEE. Can start you at once. Send
IU I U Ufor ttrms to
orotH«i«,whowtsh to
Hl# W Eft I IvCIIV this paper, or obt»»n Mtimat »
on advertising i». when in Chicago, will find it en file i*
frve AtfvtfWing :y of LORD & THOMAS.
• man for groaning when he had
Rheumatism or Neuralgia. The pain
ia simply awful. No torture in the
ancient times was more painful than '
these twin disease*. But—oughtn't
a man to be blamed if, having Rheu
matism or Neuralgia, he wont use
Ath-10-pho-roa, when it has cured
thousands who have suffered in the
game way ? It haa cured hundreds
after physicians hare pronounced
them Incurable.
"The skill at flr* mold BO*
eon me of Rhoonutam which had aattlad
in the hips, neck and sboeMwe. Boiatanaa
• ■ thapaia that aUap iraa aliaoat impoa
■ibla. Aa Snt dnaa at Athinpbnroa fan
me reliaf. and tha third enabled ma to deep
(or (oar and a half boon without waking.
1 continued its use. and ma now well."
Rav. 8. H. TROT KB. New Albany. lad.
Send 6 cents for the beautiful colored pic
ture, " Moorish Maiden."
Mercant.le Appraisers' 1 ist
for the Year A. D., 1888.
J D schell & Co . Sandy Point 14
J H Point 13
J A & W F Anderson. Valencia 12
J C Barr & Co '• 14
William M Osborne «" 14
.1 C B->rr. M D, Mars 14
TM Marshall •• 11
D B Wilson " 13
J J Smith Myoma 14
C B Irvine •• 14
T H Murray (2 pool tables) Callery
A M Beers " 14
F C Meeder " 14
Harvey Hunt ■' 14
Mrs E G Clntton. West Liberty 14
W W MoQuistion " 14
W W Robinson " 14
G W Eicholtz " 14
John Wehr. Elora 14
T W Wigton. Keister l4
William Watson. Sarversville 14
W G Warren •* 14
J M Fleming " 14
David S Ickes, hay &c " 14
Parker Bros. Freeport 14
A Guckenheimer & Bros, distiller. Free
port 2
II K Sarver, Sarversville 14
Ekas Bros, hay and husks. Sarversville 14
Samuel Snyder. Riddle's X Roads 14
R J Anderson. Flick 14
A G Hendricsson. Ogle 14
Wm Garvin. •• 14
Justin Bojrgs •' 14
S L Ralsely. Buttercup 14
Conrad Nickless, ConnoquenessliiK 14
Mrs Peter Staff " 14
J T & W A Purviance " 11
J L Christy. M D. " 14
McConnell £ Graham. Wliitestown 14
Joseph Graham. " 14
S Markwell. Greece City 13
A D Kuhn & Co. Hooker la
D D Quigley, Peachvllle 13
F W Limberg, Carbon Centre 14
P Feiiiiell & Son, Coyleaville 14
M J Mcßride " 13
Mrs C P Marshall. Euclid - 13
George J Laugher " 13
Painters Sutton " 14
J A Bailey. Bovard 14
Harris Rartimskey. Bovard 14
GuslusFogal, Coallown 13
H W Elliott. " 13
H F Mitchell, (drugs) C'oaltown 14
G M Dill & Co. Gomersol 12
R Owans. Branchton 14
H C McCoy & Son. Anandale 11
Varner & Allison. Moniteau 12
A F Fleeger, Fleeger 14
N W McCandless. McCandless 14
Joseph Coulter •• 14
W M Durham. St Joe 13
Solomon Riesner. St Joe 14
H S Kate. Greer ,14
Wm WaUon, Mt Chestnut 12
0 Korurumpli " 14
M B Hutchison, Peachville 14
Alexander Schilling. Reibold 11
M J Mcßride & Co. Great Belt 12
Krause & Bauman. Saxonburg 13
Theo Helmbold & Co " 13
J M Wolf (3 pool tables) Saxonburg
A E Metz & Son. Middle Lancaster 12
J Laderer Middle Lancaster 14
J B Flick, Flick 14
W J Marks & Bro. Glade Mill 11
LaurLyon, Glade Mill 14
L J Sisney, Boyers 14
Wm May bold. Boy ers 14
J H Gormley, Murrinsville * 14
Mrs P Mcßrule " 11
Joseph Bailey, Harrisville 13
Jane Owens Forrestville 14
R J Brjsou '• 14
W E Blaney, St Joe Station 14
A G Campbell. Sonora 14
J W Orr. Bruin 14
E H Adams. Jr & Co. Bruin 14
W J Beatty " 11
H M Caldw ell & Co. •• .12
TG Campbell " 14
I J H Orr •• 14
James A Morgan. Parker's Landing 14
Groom & Bell, Glenora 14
D H Sutton, Mabarg 13
H Hollefreund, Butler 14
Jacob Young, " 13
W G Patterson " 14
James Patrick, Renfrew 14
T B Young •' 13
G G Rose " 14
J M Calvert •* 14
Price & Tillinghaust" '.... 13
David Stewart (hotel) lienfrew 4
D B Douthett, Brownsdale 13
M B Dirtmer, Herman 14
Adam J Frederick & Sou. Forcht 14
L Hammond, Wick 14
G M Can-pbell, Kelster 14
Cannon & Shannon " 14
AO Miller (drugs) Eau Claire 14
J F Cochran " 12
L r Kerr " 14
G F Kohlmeyer " 14
Armstrong A Co. Roy 14
John Lawall. Leasureville 14
Smith & Ix>gan, Carbon Black 12
R & A Krausa, Denny 11
LewLs Weidhaus '• 12
N Gardner, Jacksvllle 13
1 N Thompson & Co. North Hope 14
Mifflin & Mifflin Jr " 11
Harper & Gibson " 14
C B McFarlan &Co. Argentine 14
S B Steinberg & Co. Hilliard 11
MraT All mire •' 14
McKea &Co (lumbar) " 14
E H Anderson 13
W F Miller 14
McClung & Kirkpatnck 13
A Trontman & Son 7
C Koch & Sons 10
Henry Bielil & Co 14
L Stein a Son 10
J L Wuller. drugs 14
BCHuselton 10
Bitter & Ralston 8
W A Kameror 14
H Schneidman 11
F P Baldauf 14
D H Wuller.
Al RufT 2 13
CR Grieb 14
J R Grieb 14
I>T Pape 14
John Bickel io
Harvey Colbert 14
J FT Stehle '. 14
Bellis & Graham 11
L Sc E K Linn, drugs 14
J H Harvey 14
J G & W Campbell 8
M L Morrison 14
George Ketterer 13
Metzger & Volkweln 13
Singer Manufacturing Co 11
I Rosenberg 14
J A Wise 14
John A Richey (3 pool tables)...
Christopher Stock 14
Jacob Boos 13
C Wise 14
D L Cleeland 13
C N Bojd 14
Llmberg Bros.. 14
John T Kelly 13
J H Douglass 14
JF Balph 13
A J Frank & Co 14
HCHelDeman 13
Alfred Mftelbct i»
Jack«on & Mitchell 1-
A & H Reiber 10
J«din N Pattersor 11
Berg & Cyrher 10
Alexander Williams 14
A L Rohin.son or successor 14
George Reiber & Son* 11
Jas M Turner [4 pool tables)
Jarecki Manufacturing Co.. L M T 13
D E WUes, M D 14
H J Klingler & Co 9
W s McCrea 12
Adda Cubbins 14
M .1 Minick 14
S G Purvis & Co.. lumber 8
J Niggle & Bro .' 4 1.1
Miller Bn>s & Co 12
Oil Well supply Co. limited 13
G W Miller & Br s .' 9
H 1) McCrea (4 pool tables)
J >hn C Redick 12
D A Hock 10
Chßr e-) Dully io
M C Rockenstein 14
E Grieb 14
G C Roessing & Son 14
Tlios E Gamine, beer merchant s
Springdaie Drug Store 14
Miller A Kemerer 14
Aiken & Campbell 12
Harper Bros 11
S L McClelland. »
Hunter Hull 14
C Foster £ Son 14
M Glass 14
Wick £ Hammond, lumber 12
J Bowman 14
G W Campbell, hotel keeper 1
H Eitenmiller •• l
Butler Opera Co, theatrical
Bright Light Rink "
Win Reihihg, hotel keeper 1
John F Lowrv •• l
Wilson & Christy 11
tVr <S Besller 14
Clutton Bros 13
Bard & Sons 11
W T Ramsey 14
J P McQuisf.on 14
Bingham & Sons 11
FC Buhl 13
Slump Bros 14
T Donaldson ." 14
Geoige lilr & Sons 11
II C Boggs 13
Robiuson & Scott 13
,1 II Baer & Co 14
Henry Young 14
H F Eicholtz i-
J & E 1 >ami>ach, liimb. r 1J
11 S Walters (l pool table)
I Henry Slokey, hotel keeper 5
J S Miller " 5
A Grow 12
C Scoll 13
H C Birchard, M D 14
Benjamin Stiver 14
Augustus Foerluger 14
A W Zlegler lo
G D Swain li
* I.at chaw 14
Latcliaw £ stamm 11
H M Bentel & Co 13
Samuel Beam, hotel keeper 5
FAGalbreatli 14
J M El rick 14
S B Bingham 13
HC Black 13
J N Cubbison; 13
E S Beatty 14
Syl. Biugliain 14
W L Morrison 14
R L Brown 14
J E Curry 14
Robert Black 14
P R Burke 10
Joseph Karhart 14
W II McGafflck 13
HC Birchard, M D 14
J X Titus (2 pool tables)
C F Pierce 13
H C Litzinger 13
S Frau kle. Agent 13
Ha>* Bros 13
Black & Amy <3 pool tables)
W L Campbell 13
C H Johnson 14
Hoch, Barnhart & Co 12
J LMcKee 14
F Scliweiger 13
IVrry A Bell & Co 14
Westerinan Bros 8
J T Frazier 14
K F Westennan & Co 12
George Glass 14
Jenkins & Evans 14
Seibert £ Frederick 14
B J Forquer, hotel keeper 4
John A Harding •' 4
T H Brown (4 pool tables)
A Hock (3 pool tables)
C Scharbaeh 14
STOkeson 11
G B McDonald 14
AS Marshall 14
Wm Humphrey 10
Mllleman £ Bro 12
F D Mllleman 14
A Bowers 11
J U McLure 14
J C Wright £ Bro 13
S.'S Forrester 14
C M Kdmundson £ Son 14
Crltclilow Bros 13
VV R Kiddle & Co 13
S B Martlncourt Buggy Co 14
Starr & Co 13
I' \! Klingensmith 13
John Dill or successor (3 pool tables)
E P Ohesebro 10
Toronaki Bros 12
G J Jones 14
John Burns II
J B Kil my 14
H A Klingensmith 13
Thomas Jamison 10
Mrs. R E Foster 13
J H Chatham 14
L Borchardt 14
J II Campbell <Sc Co 14
M Kuhn 14
Annie M Kilcbenstein 14
J A Foote, Agent 14
J M Hawk 14
John A Ervine 14
S E Lenehen 14
W H Jellison, applicant for license 6
Wm Gibson 14
S Y eager 14
\nnrrw W Iloot <fc Co, theatrical
C M Burnett, applicant for tavern license.. 5
Andrew VV Root 14
W H King, applicant for tavern license... 5
Krause, Helmbold & Co 10
Dr Mershon 14
G W Maurhoff 14
Herman A Seipel 14
Samuel Mulholland, hotel 4
W S Dufford (4 pool tables)
Charles Wetzel, hoiel 4
Sachs, Baumsn A Wetzel 14
Frances Laube, hotel 4
Theodore Helmbold 9
Breaden & Conway 11
Russell & Allison 14
Mechling & Murlland 14
8 L Rhodes 14
G C Adams 14
\V W Dunlap 14
W L Stoops 14
S Keiiy 14
Kelly & Tinker .'. 14
H M Bentel & Co 14
E Zebne.- 14
A Winters 14
John Pindinger 11
Oelhsch, Zehner& Co 11
A W Phiilips 14
Mrs T Millemac 11
!I Householder 14
C S PasMivant 14
W A Goehring & Co 12
Bnyder<fc West 14
1) G Bastian 14
C E Reed 14
S Strohecker, hotel 5
Charles Stokey, hotel 5
George Stah!, distiller 8
Z-.'ph Kachner, jeweler - 14
Take notice, all who are concerned in this
appraisement, that an appeal will be held at
the Commissioners' office, in Uutler, on the
6th day of April, A. D., I£BB, between the
hours of 9 A M and 4 P.M. o'clock, when and
where you mav attend if you think proper.
March 3, 1888. Appraiser.
'wCVßflgd-; All forms of Delicate sad Com.
plicaicd W»e«se» retiring Conn-
DLMUL and BciEyTiFic Medica
tion are treated at this Dispensary with a SULCMS
nrely attained. Dr. S. K. Luke Is a member of the
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon«, aud is
the oldest and most experienced SPHCTAMST in the
i city. Special stt* ntlon given to Nervous Debility
from exLtetlve mental exertion, Indiscretions of
: y 'uth A ~ causiu>? pliys'csl and mental d«cay,lack
of energy, despondency, etc.; *bo Cancers, Old wrea,
Fits, Piles, RbeumaiUin and all d-ncaaee or the ekln,
I BlO"d, LuDgs, Lrinary O-gsns. <s<■- Conanltaiioa
ftee and siru tlyconfidentiaL Office boor»9to4a»d
7to Sundays 2to4p. m. only. Call at o&oe
IK. LAM,M, D..M.RC.P.B. or E. J. LAX*. M. D.
I " W Ivr.* hVMw oJ• Jtam
H, W. AVSTTSTWON, om «"'Uenacd^>M*nta
,:850 «
Diamonds, Ladies' and Gents' Gold and Silver Watched
fiIITTQY»H7Qr*n Q RIT\DPIQIi"T7 I)on t fui! t0 906 this line of Goods ' 88 it is the largest
OH Vvi W CLI. vCb U|j UuiCllUj • end most complete stock tyer shown in Butler.
184-7. Hcc'gsr Brcs. Knives and Perks, Warranted Triple Plate. Tha
Best Qeods in the Market.
TAT) SPECTACLES and EYE GLASSES, ia Gold, Silver find Steel framed
I_/ | V vT scientifically adjusted under Dr. King's System.
Agent fo r the Celebrated Rockford Quick Train Railroad Watches
Engraving iree of charge. Place oi'business opposite Troutman's Dry Goods Store.
!N~o- 19. North. Mlaiii street* - - - BUTLER, l J^r\ ,
BFjs Called to my Fine Stock of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelery,
All of which have been selected with great care for
' ijoods Engiavtd FREE of cbnrge. If you wisb to buy from a well
ri' GBIEB'S, fcjer^sw.
UIiUU Watch CflitJ SION °" eusctmo beLl"' *'
Organs! Organs! Organs!
The Dyer & Hugh's lends,
them hIl 30/'OO in actual
The following are a few of
the many using thi* organ in
liuthr county: Win. Sarver,
Sarversville; Jas Dougherty,
Donegal; D Lnidici. Baldridge;
I. f l horn, 'i horn Creek; Jacob
Shoup, Thorn Creek; Baptist
t'hurch. Butler; Presbyterian
Church, M-iddycreek; M.John
Church. Hallston Station.
These all recommend the
Dyer & Hugh's Organ highly.
I have contracted to sell a
hundred of these organs during
1888, and will oiler them at
greatly reduced prices, organs
from $47 to S3OO. Come to
Butler and take one of them
home on trial.
A full line of violins,guitars,
banjoes, horns and all musical
instruments. Don't forget
the name and place
Next to Berg & Cypher's hard
ware store, Butler, Pa,
Clothing Store
All at most reasonable prices.
GO S., Main St., (uext door to p.o.<
Why it is Superior to all
i_i ITS betas enclosed it retains the high
lal. temperature so necessary in removing
the dirt from the goods,
o_ J THERE bring no Friction on the
£nu. clothing to wear it.
Q-J TltE peculiar action of the water in the
OTU. Machine (which cannot be understood
unless one sees It) rorclng a strong current ot
water through th« clothing at every vlrbratlon
of the Agitator, (which is caused by the peculiar
construction of the top of the Machine.
Af h ANI) best oi all is that a child of four years
fill, can do the work It belnpr so light that
the operator sits down while doing it.
Machines and County and Township Rights
throughout tho State of Pennsylvania. Sold by
Butler, Pa
Having taken'the agency for the Choice Fruit
Beautiful Shrubbery*
Ornamental Trees,
Alio everything else in the Nursery line, of llie
New England Nnrswws. t hast* Bros, ft Co., N.
V.. I v.ill call upon yon in the near future and
solicit your orders f<lr Spring delivery.
A. H, FALLER, Agent,
Butler - Pa.
Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Off ce Cor, Main & Cunningham Sti
J. 1. Purvis, -Samuel Anderson,
WilllSta Campbell -T. \V lii rkhart,
A. Ttoutman, Henderson Oliver,
G. C. Itoesslng. Jair.fS StepheusOn,
Dr. W. Irvin. N. Weitzel,
J. F. Taylor. 11. C. Heiueraan,
The Tr'eoole'a Great
4, GlEinnSltH. 4.'
We announce to the people far and wide that
we will exhibit our collossal aggregation ol
startling wonders, to secure vfhlcli all parts o:
the earth—Europe,;Asia, and portions ot the C"
5. have bee:: searched, and such an aggregation
as has never lieen sem since the day Noah enter
ed the Ark. The mighty Elephant.the great Rhi
noceros, the HippopoTtomas.the Chtaipanrle.the
Ou-rang-outang or run-out-hud-stiek-out-vour
tongue-out. the greatest living wonders of the
age will excite no wonder wnen compared with j
the multitude ot monster attractions on exhibi
tion at our great moral Circus and Menagerie.
The roars and howls of the would-be competl- |
tor who Apes the methods, but cries down the j
attractions of our own and ouly (ireatest Show j
on earth will be drowned In the joyful aeelam- |
atlons of a delighted populace. Kemember this i
great show possesses no objectionable features I
and Is the delight of the cultured and retined.
We show under one canopy four great shows.
i the Largest Stock—Greatest, variety—Best
I Goods and styles—Lowest Prices. We have se
cured a magniilccnt Bra-<s Hand which will be
a prominent feature of our great show. 3 rings
with a seperate and coutinuous performative
being enacted in each ring.
attractions. 3 Jolly Clowns. The gri-atest, liv
ing, walking, breathing, talking curiosities of
the age. i'liunuy Phellows—sure to sell you
I and all the people laugh when they see the bar
; gains they oiler. Other and greater attractions
j greet the delighted eye on e»ery side—the IT<>-
prietor and Managers swinging ill the living
trapeze attached to the highest piuaeie oi sue
eess, give such exhibitions of nerve and daring
1 hi sweeping reductions, gorgeous displays ana
wondt rlul bargains as to call furtli the plaudits
of the niiot prudent aim economical. The uian
ageni'-nt beg leave to annouuee iliat in their un
tiring zeal 111 the search tor the rare and curious,
astonishing results have always followed and
we open lor jour inspection a colios
sal collection oi bright and new Kali
Styles 111 Mens' Hoys' and
Ciothii:g, Hats, Caps' I'nderweur, Shirts,
Collars, ( nils, l'ii s. Hosiery, Uaudker
eliiels.-Mnßleis. «>loves. .Mittens, I inorel
i,.s. Tr.iiiKS, Valises, Satchels. .straps,
Brushes, Combs, Jewelry, Corsets, Jer
! seys, Storking-. with a full line of Notions, &e,
I Big Oargams all tliioush the show,
, Song by the Clown : -
Men and youth and boys and all,
Slmit ami So'id, lean and tall.
Wlio need a suit oi clothes iliis fall,
We do invite you now to call
For we aie lulling on the ball.
And >ou are sure to make a haul,
\\ halevt r you purchase,great or small.
Song 2 "What a*e the wild waves saying."
, Buy vour Clothing and Furnishing goods of
1). "A: HECK.
Song 3:—"Her bright smile haunts me still,"
The smile of satisfaction lhat beamed from
the face ol thelaoy who dressed her little
boy in one ol Heck s iriesistable suits.
If you want to save money and increase your
pile droppiu and C HECK,"and he'll makevou
| all smile.
He possesses the power to spread happiness
And his store is me place where bargains are
Doors open at TA. M. Close at 8 "P. M. Ad
mittance. Gents Flee, Ladies and Children half
price. Remember the place.
D. A.. HECK'S,
No. 11, North Main St., Huff)'* Blork,
BUTijEii, - PA.
Planing Mill
Lumber Yard
S. G. Purvis & Co.
Rough and Planed Lumber
lK E V tl'.T I'KBCRI 1 TICK,
\e<*rtiei <UKfI « tithotk
j particular attention given to the Retracing of
i old lines. Adircea,
; ii. F. IIILUAM
1 «.feur»«jor
North Hope P. 0., Butler Co., Fa.
j 8,5,84. ly
I 53^" Advertise in the CITIZKII.
I Your atifntion is called to the store ef \v, E.
I Ralston. the .Jeweler No, 90. South Main siieet,
where vou will find a choice selection ot
' \V itches. Clocks an. I Jeweiry of every dcscrl|>.
tton. Watch and Clock repairing a special:}.
No. 90, South Main street.
Butler, I'a;
«U Best Cough Syrup. Tastes good. Use fgl
h I believe Piso's Cure R
tg for Consumption saved ■
my life.—A. 11. Dowf.ll, ■
A Editor Enquirer Eden- a
fi ton, N. C., April 23, 1887. I
The BEST Medi- ■
eine is Piso's CUBE FOR S
n CONSUMPTION. Cliikhen sg
g take it without objection. B
Best Cough Syrup. Tsstes jrood. Use Bl
EZj in tiiuo. Sold by druggists. f*fl
A weekly newspaper, pnblished evory Fri
day mo>nirij» ot Butler, Fa., by JOHN H. it
Subscription Rate.
Per year, in advance $1 60
Otherwise $2 00
No sabecnption will be discontinued until
4.1 arrearages arc paid.
All communications intended for pnblication
in tins paper nmw l>e by the real
name of the wi iter, not for publication bat M
a guarantee of good faith,
Mxmage and death notices mast be accom 1 *
panied by a responsible name.
Advertising Rates.
One square, one insertion. 41; each subset
qnout iuKertion, 50 cents. Yearly advertise
ments exceeding one-fourth of a column, tS
per inch. Figure work double these rates;
additional charges where weekly or monthly
changes an made. Local advertisements 10
cents per line for first insertion aud 5 cents
per line for each additional insertion. Mar
riages and de*ths% published free of charKC.
Obituary notices charged ar local advertite
inetitß and 1 ajable when hain'ed in. Auditors'
Notices. Executors, and Administrators'
Notices, S3 e£cb; Eutiay, Caution and Dis-
HOiution Notices, not exceeding ten lines, #2
Addresß THE Butler, Pa.
V"h«n woablod w:th ihom nnnorinc Irreßtllr.r.tle.. ao
Xr*«iii*ntiy followinc a ooM or . xpocare. or from Ooa
itltut.oaul Wcakneaaeo no ptcnliia to thoir sol. r-hcail
Use DR. DUCHOINE'S Calebrated
fhoyare Bti*ngtheninp t«»the entii* system, impcrt
r.e, viKor and magnfette force to all oZJnrly
1J m ; nd. S*mt by wcuwly eaafcd,mi. AJaroMt
jr. Harter IWecilcirveCo.. ST.LOIrrS, MO.
Life Saved 3rd Health Re
hr ii.,iny: Baker'* CoU Llrer Oil anil
SlOreiJ jfall. A Certain wir.edy for Con
sumption. Bronchitis. Asthma, scrofula ard aU
throat adn lung diseases. Prepared so as to he
quite palatable. .. ■ _ w
Aak for Baker't Cfxl M»i>r OH »nd Malt. It
not sold by Drugptst.wrlte to the Jlanulacturers
JOHN' r. BtKEK Si. CO..
Kl,*> Hlbort M., riiiU.
■ 7 Mn\finifM and brajttdes the hair.
E fl|l romote»» lurarUotgrawth.
V -JBBNevcr Fails te Restore Gray
fiM. Hair to it* Youthful Color.
n'-.'"T '■»tarC'cugLs,Colli.lav.ardP«ln&Exbau£tloi>
iiiiirHTii) 11 has revolutionized the
1 ¥ IIL nTI ?1 H worW duriu,' the halt
I? II al f 111 it century. Nil least moDi:
I » 11 " II W lithe wonders of lnveutlvo
progress is a metliotl and sjstetn ot w.,ii thai
canceperformed all over the country v thoUt
septfr.itHip the workers from their homes, pay
liberal; :*uv one can do the work; either sex.
vounff or old; no special abiliry r- qatie. Capl
lal not needed; you are starter free, some: hinsr
of (Treat value and Importance to von. thst wlu
start vou la business, which will brlni? you in
mori' "nionev rlgnt away anv'hing else in
the world. Crand outat free. Address Tat e &
Co., Augusta. Mnine.
WANTEO-UDY^r;;^? 4 .