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FfclPAfr. PECKIIBER 80. IM7.
The public it hereby motived that hereafter
all Retolutiom of Retpect or Condolence adopt
ed by organization* and ordered pmbheked all
notices of Church Fain, FeetioaU and Lec
tures; and ail communicated Obitumrie* will
be charged /or at the rate of one-half cent a
word, money to aajmpany each order.
—Ah, there! 8M you again next yaor.
—Oar admtlMfi war* delighted with
their holiday trade.
—Some sheep ia vorioui porta of tlx ooaa
ty hare lately been killed by doge.
—The pwtofioe at Parker ia now a Presi
dential rfflce.
—A lot of Bailer boyeare ban tin,; in Am
etroog Co.
—lt »• now i ime fcr tbe weather prophet to
get ia his work -on tbo •amuier of '6b.
—Youag ladiee are painting pictiree of
frogs. They are e» snggeetivoul "*!> -vear
—On a>:d af'er Monday ot next week, the
atorea w.il again close at 8 P M.
—Sheriff Kranw-r h*a lost a valuable A!-
derticy cow. See notice in another place.
Sheriff K' as r g t W <rd froaa Uuahtll aa 1
Prowo"t'N«w (Jsrile, yestsrdoy, that two
bey ma'ea stolen in that eiunty came in this
—')ld Mr* Duncan, who lived in the
ima 1 hou»e back of MeCluug aid Kirkpv
rick'i* and wno wai a *wter of Alex, j
Wonderl v, ia dead.
—S. F. Bowfer. E»q , hoe removed his of
fiee to the M;C.>i)d xtory of the n%w Diaaiond
Block, with entrance oa Main St.
—The hern of Hiram Flick of If iddjeeex
tp, waa consumed by fire last Snoday night,
together with the crops, farming implements
and harness. All the live fctock waa saved.
—Thev have foand a new mammoth cave
cn the shores of Lake Erie. It ia aaid to
rival the one ia Kentaeky.
—The Gendiah villiaa who eloses the doar
in Maimer is now makiag his rnaads and
leaving the door so wide opea that it strai as
the binges.
—Tbe coal miners of the northern part of '
this county, and also thoeeof aljiintn? conn- j
tisL have demanded the adoption of the Col- I
umbos scale.
—Jaa. D. lfcCnne, of Dickens* Co.. Kan
ui, same all the way to Batlor county, to
get bis Chrtstmas gift. 8M marriage licen
—The yoang man has so far bees spared
the pain of having his beat «iri suggMt to
him the good eooditloa of tbe mads for
alelgh riding.
—The days have be*an to lengthen, and
aaoordiag to the old proverb the oold should
begin to strengths#.
—A brakeman oa the 8 A A. E. B. named
Waa Boger whoa* home was ia Meroer Co.,
fall between tbe flora of a gravel train at
Bard station last Friday nsorning and was
iae'ontly killed.
—The Pittebarg papers of last Friday aa
nonooed the grantiog of a diyoryby tbe
Courts there lo Ifaoer J. Bei*fri«l from
Henry C. Belgftaid, aud stated that Mrs. 8
altered that Henry alaepe with a rosor aader
his pillow.
—At B4lekhaa, near Baku, Russia, a new
pntroleaui spring, which rose 150 yards,
Bonded the country, impregnating werv
thiag. Nobody ventures to light a ire, for
* fear tke town will go off like ireworks.
—Mr. Alexander Gilchrist, au old soldier
of ladlana, Pa., who ia til yuan of S*e sod
totally blind, got a lionise last Tuesday to
marry Him Margaret Wise of Butler. Mr.
Gilchrist's efes Were injured daring tbe War
and ho receives a good pension.
—A new ruling of tbo post J®ee depart
ment prorldee that all aaeallad fcr postal
cards shall be ictarood to tho writer after 3<)
dare. Also that advertised letters will he
held bnt two weeks, instead of four as hereto
fore, before Seine seat bask to tbe dcul letM»'
cffice, at Washington.
—From the amount of floo moral sugges
tion latelv eminatiog from the pen of U'icte
Jake Zeiifler, of tbe Butler Herald, we bt
lleve tha : he is on the highway to a genuine
reform We can never believe it e>ni|»lit«
however, until he forsake* the Dem tcranc
party and other articles ofhia idolatry—Kit
tanuiug Republican. 4
—The brisking or falling off of the valve
of the gasometer at Millerstwwn late last
Thursday night caasod aa unusual pressure
in the supply pipes of the town and tne
flames of natural gas fires that had been
turned low for the night, suddenly began
reaching for the eeiiing. Home one noticd
the danger and had the fire alarm sounded,
and a general conflagration was thus averted.
—While two men named Eshenhsugh and
Danlap w. re waiifog at tha depot for a train
on the 8. A A R K , last Saturday afternoon,
they quarrelled with esch other and during
tbe fight the right side of Dunlap's nose
rs! led the Alea— wss lorn off. Dunlap went
to Dr. Moore and bad it sewed on, and told
the Dr. that Eshenbnagh bad bitten it off
Fshenbsogh disappeared after tbe fight and <
tho police could not find him.
—Tbe Courier of Brid*ton Cumberland
Co., N. J , given Mr. Frederick Bowed of tbi*
placet very complimentary notice in con
nection with the Ute re union of the 24th
New Jei *ey at that plaoe. Mr. Bi* now
over 70 yeara of a(e ami yet travel led 400
mile* to attend the re-nnion and meet hit old
comradei. The Coirier aava, "then wii no
Inter patriot in the Union army than honeet
, - «Fred' Bowen."
—There were o fow ml hornet ia thin
county on Cbrietraaa day, ood oat to West
ern and South western Ku«u there were a
great many, if tbe report* from that ae tion
were authentic. The people (here ore cold to
be raflerifl? from cold oa account of the
icarcity of fuel and food, aad many are re
ported to bave perished doriagthe lote storm.
Coal iaacoreo oa account of tM rivers being
to low aa to pravent ita ahipouot, and tbe
corn erop this year waa o tallure oa account
of the drouth.
vn» P. * W. ft. ft. WW sot built in 1877,
■o engineer named Bill Kin* ever ran on
the mad, and the alleged Boibold chant wt» «
man who wan amnaiog Uaaaelf by playing
(boat, bat atiH, theatorv in another column
will be interesting read in* to people who in
«i*t upon hel laving ia ghnet*. A hfnkeman
on a coal train hit the "Baibold Ghoat" on
the bea£ with a eoal-*tone one night, which
made the "*hOat" an mad that he *wnrt Ten
gaace, and Inid for that brakeman for day ■
after, bat never caught him'.
—The Extension Oil Co. oumnlet*<i two
good wellv on tbeir territory in the Saxon-
Burg ftold thit week, aad now have 8 good
pmdoeera, doing about 900 barrel* a day,
and a propertv worth any where from one to
two hundred tbooaand dollar*. Some of the
heya hove told their internal in the company,
leaving Jim McWarlin with,a fourth, Gihaon,
Gabeirtn & Younkersa fourth, Mile* Covert
five thirty-teconde O. K. Waldron one-eighth
Geo. Krnirh and We*. Boeeainr one-Hixteenth
each.Th- <• Gamble. Jno. Ekat and A. Wil
ao« on* thirty-tfoond each.
—Tho evening entertainment* in the
Court-room. in eonneetion • with the Teach
era' lutitote have been unutually good, an l
hfive been very well patronised bv the peo
ple ot tbii town. For inatance, on Tu'wiar
evening the Mai**-Underbill Combination
bad an andienoe of over 7uo for their eonhert,
and aa the admi*emo tee for per»on*, other
than -tonehcr* and thoee connected with the
Institute, 50 cent* e«ch, that one enter
tainment rau«t have netted the In*'l tote fnnd
a handnoriie profit. The eonoert and rt eitn
tion* were nil that could have l>een desired,
and all wer* pletaed.
Mr. J P. Smith, foreman of the caxiintr
hall of the Plate Gl mm Worn* «i< preneuteil
with a void watch by hi* fellow-workmen
Ilegikter anl Rvsori-tr 11. A. Ayer* aud
f«mily have ni >ve i to Butler, aad re*ide on
* N. McKean Sr.
Sheriff Kramer ha* rented one of Lawall'*
new houa«s >n Wnbiagton ft.
Treaaurer Amu Set ton haa moved to town
and reaide* on E. Cuuniugham St.
. A lady named Mr*. Morooey went to the
office of the Hociety for tbe Improvement of
the Poor in PiUehur* la*t Friday to aee what
atepa tbe bniboritir* there oould take toward*
fiuding beroutia, Jennie Shitld*, or Meenan
a* «be ot'vht now he known. The latter wa*
adopted by a family in Philadelphia tweniy
»ix yean ago, and a year ago, Mr*.
Mr>oaey learne<i tbe ftmilv went lo Germiny
•nd tbe girl waa afterward* iu Butler conctf,
vear Freeport. Uer parent* are oow in
Fitubarg and aoxion* to bear from bar
Mra. Movoney live* at No. 8 Nineteenth St,
•nd tf the society heart anything of UM girl
they will cua uaaicate with her.
Samuel B >yd, of Peon twp., left tonae time
a*o for California, and wbtlt en rout* fell of
a train at Ocdea aad wtt ktiled, lie waa t>6
yearn old aud unmarried.
Chaa. J. Fraaier of Oil City,
oil broker, waa aocidaatly killed while bunt
ing, laat Monday.
—Ml* Gage of Millontowa, ia vhritiog xi*a
jflanle Go taper at Fulton et.
Judge Hazen has fixed Wednesday, Jan.
4, 188S, at 10 o'clock as the time for the far
ther hearing in the Monks-Harbison biby
Jury Commissioners McMiohael and Iten
ninger and Judge Haxen ore tue jury
wheel this week.
Tbe Hortenatsin aale waa again adjourned
till Monday next.
Asa B. Croll has made a deed of assign
meat to Rob't Barron; and O. O. McChn ock
to Dan'l L Dunbar.
Letters of administration a ere granted to
James Sower* on estate of Rebecca S-jwers of
M irioa twp.
J. F. T. Stehle has deeded property in But
ler »o Annie Aland tor S3OOO.
C. Aultman A Co. have deeded J. F. Scbaf
fcr a lot in for $150).
H 8. Bryan has deeded 14t acres in Cherry
twp., to W. E Uockenherry for
M> r? J Moore, et al, have deeded 23 acres
ia Canre to Amos Michael for s7oo.
Oiva M. Russell has deeded 67 acr-s >'ii
Cunoord twp., to doinuel K Ros«ell fjr .
Marriage Licenses.
John Eichenauer„ t*p
Mary St-hnsufer i.*nca«ter twp
Jonas Ziegler Harmony
Sophia Rigby Harmony
Jas. f). ilcCnne Kansi9
Eva M. Armstrong Worth twp
Andrew Thompson Trouimau
Mi me A, Bryan Troutman
Alfred Hermal Bntler, Pa
Marie lltire Mitier, Pa
David Th- naas Cherry twp
Anna Jeukits- Cherry tap
Frank B Mar-hall Lawrence Co
EmmaM. Smith- Zelieuopie
Harry M. Parks Middiesex twp'
Caasie E Fu!mn MidJlesex twp
Alexander Gilehriat Indiina, Pa
Margaret Wise Batier, Pa
Geo. K. Williams Pe -ra. Kaosas
Ada Gardner Bradford, Pa
Lewis H. Milleratown
Lucy J. Hen-haw Millerstown
Geo. H. Reeve Garden City, Kansas
E. Gilfiilan Oaklund twp
Levi Hartang Adams twp
Sarah L. Sicholas Adams twp
Wm. F.Scheidemantle Lancaster twp
Eve Kolp Muddycreek twp
Sanford E. Stonebreaker Butler, Pa
Grace McQuistion Butler, Pa
Geo. Smith Adams twp
Sophia J. H. Bollhorst Adams twp
Cnaa. B. J. Marshall -. Forward twp
nary C. Miller Forward twp
At Morcer—A. J. Donaldson of Mercer Co.,
and Mary E Harper of Butler Co.
At Franklin—Mr. I. W. Likeu and Miss
Lottie M. Brecic en ridge of Clinton ville.
At Pittsburg-Jaa. A. Miller of
and Jemima Duugan of Butler. John C
Smith of Butler aud Ellen Hepworth ol
Romantic Marriages.
On Tuaaday afternoon of this week Clerk
McElvaiu granted a marriage license to Alex
aader Oilcbriatof ludiona l ;Po.. aud Margaret
Wise, who has been in this town for several
years, having lived with tbe families of Mr.
Chaa. Bebhuua and Ciaranoe Walker, Eeq.,
but who ia a native of Indiana Co., Pa. Mr.
Gilchriat, also lived in Butler thirty or forty
years ago, and ia the uocle of John Gilcbrist
formerly of Butler but now of Wheeling, and
Christy Gilchrist now dee'd. He ia sixty
one rears of age, ia totally blind, has a good
borne in Indiana, and ia receiving a pension
of about sloo a month for tbe loss o' his eyes
which were burnt out by on explosion during
tbe war. They were married by Rev, KM
bit that evening.
Shortly after this license waa granted, two
deaf-ma tea—Goo E. Williams of Peoro, Kan
sas, and Miss Ada Gardner of Petrolia, a sis
ter of Geo. Gardner tbe policemen, and also
ofthewifeof Mr Ireland, ol the firm ot Ire
land A Hugbea, Petrolia—applied for a li
cenae. Both are smart, intelligent, well ed
ucated people, who became acquainted with
each otlier at o deaf-uiute school some years
ago. They bad a daughter of Mr. Ireland,
who understands the sign language, with
them oa interpreter, and with her aid, and
their complete knowledge of reading and
writing hart no trouble answering the necess
ary questions, taking the oaths and aubscrib
ing to the docket.
They then went over to E«q. Walker's of
fice, where tbey answered tbe qoee'iou* iu
writing, joined hands, aud with th* aid ot' the
little girl were married. Mr. Williams own*
0 farm of 2'X) acres uetr Peora and is a well
to-do f.»rm«.-r, and Miss Garduer is a fine
woman aud thorough housekeeper
Both these strange marriage* will ia all
probability be very happy ones.
Another license worth mentioning was
that taken out by a young French couple, a
few divs ago, in which another French man,
who *p?ke English, acted as interpreter.
A Card of Thanks.
In an appropriate way and with it lew well
chosen word«, a was handed to the
pastor of the Reformed Church at Pros
pect, on chri«t(n vs, after divine services, by a
voung lady member of the chnrch. ciut-itn
ing a nice present for himself and wife as a
token of ej-teem and lore, fr> m the female
members of the Chnrch and the undersigned
would hereby express t'> tb«s kin I donors
their most hi-artfelt thanks, and assure theai
that the precious and most nselul present
was not only received as to the worth in dol
lars and cents but as a token of love; and )
that the kind donors remember the word-i of |
1 Cor. IX, 11
It is aa encouragement for the Pastor in
his work among tbem; and that the richest
blessing of God may rest upon the kind
donora is the prayer of
C. A. LiMBEBQ, Pastor.
Mas C. A. Li MBERO.
—"Tremendous," was the answer of one of
our store keepers to a q iestion regorJin{ his
holldav trade, and tremindois it w as all ]
around, hut it would hive been a ball' better
with sleighing.
The Soldiers' Monument.
At a meeting of the County Mon
anient Committee ia tbe Arbitration
Room Wednesday afternoon, Mr. II
C. Heineman waa elected President of
tbe Association, Col John M Sulli
van Vice President, Hon. Robt
Storaj Treasurer, W. C." Thompson
Secretary, and Mr. J on. Criawell
Corresponding Secretary,
Tbe Park frosting tbe Court
House was designated as tbe location
ef tbe monament. Tbe officers of tbe
Association were appointed a Com
mittee on Finance, with power to ap
point a Collector for each district, but
it was agreed that no contract for a
monament should be irirea antil at
least five tboosand dollars bad been
Stray Heifer.
Strayed from tb<) John Manny farm
in Bailer tp , about three weekn ago,
a full bred shorthorn hei'er, tw»
years old; red hair,with a large while
star on forehead and a little white on
flank. The peraon who has taken
ber up is requested to return her im
mediately to me in Butler, at niv
livery-stitble or home, and I will pay
all expenses.
Opening Announcement.
The Limber? Bro's sotiounce the
opening of their new grocery store in
ibe Diamond Block. Their goods are
new nod fresh, and will be sold at
prices uh low ax uny In tho town.
Their specialty is the tea line aud
you will find all kind's of fresh teas
All new crop tea*. Nothing old.
RAISING 'rom Krf nee.
Kills •• Ht'.'l y.
Nt'l'S •' all p:irtn of the filobc,
UHAPKH •• California.
I) ATM •• Persia.
Pkt'NKS •• Turkey und France.
OHANUK3 •• Florida.
LEMONS » Florida.
TUN ANAS •• Florida and Mexico.
CAN OIKS •• France and New York.
CtIKG'TE •' York State
B("ITKit •• Butler county. *
CKANBEItHIKS " Cape cod.
CANNfiO an J KVAIfKATED tfools tloUi Call
Also a full line of staple groceries.
We propose to purchase nothiajr bnt
first-class Butter, K/gs, etc., for
which we will pay the highest market
price. Farmers will tuk" uotioe.
Diamond Block,
Jfo. 71, S. Main St., Butler, Pi.
—Hobby-horses, sleds und drams
— L STEIN & BON, No. 8. N. Mala
St., are offering special bargains in
cloaks and dress goods io order to re<
duce stock previous to takiog stock.
Call and examine good*.
Dr. James J. Wallace, of New
Castle, died Sabbath aiterno >n of ty
phoid fever. was in fcis sixty
iuarth year, and had practiced medi
cine in that city since 1851
At Beaver Falls last Thursday a
yonng man named Swank, a student
at Geneva College, while cha.»ing a
Koat out of the yard, rac st full spc-d
into a clothes line. It caught him
fair in the mouth, tearing out t»iup
per teeth and splitting his tnoutn al
most from ear to far He fell bick
ingenfcibie and his i<jariea aie such
th tt he will probably be d
for life.
The Adams aod Erie express com
panies were in each othtrs wool Us:
week. and express packages rapidly
accumulated at Greenville. Tbe
Adams has a contract with the S A
A. R R., but the Erie desired to
rer.ch its Pittsburg < fficc over this
line. Tbe Adams did not object to
this until tbe Erie commenced open
ing offices at various places along the
road Then the trouble commented.
The Adams would take no goods
from the Erie unless all charges were
prepaid, and the Erie retaliated
wi-h tbe same tactics at other places.
The Kittanuiug Pre.<& says: "Mr,
Jobu Moore, of Y\ h ; feshurg, was iu
town last week Mr. Moore is large
lv interested in the creamery at tua r
place. He states that it is not run
ning at the present time. "We were
uuahle to get milk from the farmers
without too icuch expense," said he,
and we will shut down till next
spring. We will open up then in a
new way We will own our own
cows, and furnish our own milk One
of vhe company will keep 75 cows
Then our milk cau be collected easily
and without tbe expeose We have
bad. We believe that creamtries
will pay ran in this way. Of course
wc bave bad some experience in this
new industry, and while we did not
make mouey, we are better prepared
for carrying on a creamery success
fully. We expect t J make it pay,and
I believe that ouly by owning your
own cows creameries will pay. We
made an excellent quality of butter "
An unknown individual has been
going around town tho past two or
three days selling gold (?) watch
chains on the instalment plao. Tbe
price of tbe chains were eight dollars,
bnt be sold iheui on eight months
time. Those who bought the chains
paid one dollar down aud were to pay
a dollar a month for seven mouths
Those who bought tbe cbains.and we
understand the fellow caught a num
ber of Backers, will not be bothered
tor tbe other 6even. Tbe cbaius are
worth aboat fifteen cents. People
will sometime learn lo quit reaching
out for snaps. Tbey will sometime
bay only of responsible dealers. Some
time—Renovo Ntw*.
Henry W. Eagle, of Lancaster Co ,
Pa , has succeeded in raising chest
uuts as largo as walauts by grafting a
choice variety ot the uut ou common
trees. He believes that the culture
of these nuts is only in its infancy,
and that raisin/ them for tbe m rket
will become a profitable industry*
Last Friday morning about three
o'clock Jonathan Andertoo, Superio
tendaut of Aaderion's larg<j ale brew
ery.Biaver Falls, awoke from a dream
iu which he saw the brewery ran-ack
ed by thieves and in Games Tfi-s
vision was very vivid, but after a
time Mr Audenon fell asleep ag.nn.
Tbe dream was repeated and mud**
such an impression upon him that be
could not sleep Fiually he dress-a
and weot to tbe brewery, a few
squares distant. opening the
door a bliuding cloud of smoke swept
out against him He rushed into the
buildiujf, found tbe watchman asleep
and a large pile of hop* near thi fur
nace under tbe brewing apparatus all
iu flames aud tbe woodwork catching
Ar.dertou soon tbe watch
man and tbe twy.whb the bose.of ibi
estabiiihment, after a severe ex
linguished ihe fire Teu minutes
longer and the fire would have baen
beyond control Mr A oderton visit
ed the bottling bouse connect, d with
the establishment and found it broken
opeu and a large quauii y of bottled
ale stolen.
There is a alight unpleasantness ho
tween the boraugb Council of Kittan
ning aad the gas company and in
consequence the latter organization
refuses to furnish gas for the streets
and the people are allowed to plod
along in darkness or Btay indoors at
There are 88 applicants from hotel
keepers in Clearfield county for li
cense to sell liquor. Twelve restau
rant keepers want the same privilege
Six brewers and one distiller also ask
for license Clearfijld, it pbotild be
remembered, is a Democratic couc
t y.
WANTED at the tannery—Beef
hides, sheep skins, and all kinds of
furs. I will pay in cash 5i to 0 cts.
a pound for good hides and the high
est market price for sheep skin 3 and
No. (14, North Washington street,
Butler. Pa.
—lco Cream made to order at the
City Bakerjf.
—Toy books of all kinds, scrap
books and albums at
Prize Competition.
I make the following special ofTer
open to all To the person pending
me the best telling advertisement of
mv business on or before January 15,
1888, I will give $4; 2nd best. $3;
3rd, s'2; 4th, $1; for Judges, name
any three Editors in Butler at bottom
ef your ad
The ndvertisement to contain all
such articles as I keep for sale, such
as clothing, hats, cape, underw>nr.
neckwear, gloves, handkerchief-",
shirts, trunks, valises, satchels, uni
j brellas, jewelry, combs, brushes, hos
iery, Ac
Here is a chance to try your hand
at writing an advertisement and get
paid for it. I reserve the rignt to
publish one or all.
Champion Clothier and Furnisher.
No 11, N Main street, Butler, Pa
Holiday Goods
at J R. GHIEB'H NO. 16 8 Main St.
A fine aid complete stock of- Dia
monds and other precious stones.
Watches of all makeu and an excep
tionally large line of Silverware, nil
will he sold at the lowest prices pos
Sign of E!< ctric Bell
—Go to J BOWMAX'B for Books
and Stationery.
—Full line of caudles and nuts for
the Holidays at Morrisou's City Bak
—Mixed candy by the barrel for
the Holidays at Morrieon's City
—Chlldrens' Kobes und Dresses,
Cheaper than you can make tbem at
A Haunted Road.
The following ridiculous story re
garding the Pittsburg «fc Western
railroad has been published, aud as it
makes interesting reading for people
who believe in ghosts wi- reprint it
"1 don't suppose there is another
railroad in the c ountry that a train
haod can get a job on so eisiiy a-i be
cm on the little Pittsburg & West
era out IU the Pennsylvania oU re
gions," said a former employe of
ihit roi.J, now on the Erie. ' There
is a! ways a chance there for a rail
roader, whether he's a brak**man,
fireman, conductor or engineer, and
there isn't a nicer road anywhere to
woik on, and the wages are big/er
than the biggest. But rn-ja ure quit
ting it all the time, and among !he
m« n who are hired in their places
you never see one who ever wo~ked
on the. road before, and the firnt thing
you ko-'W ibey are calling f r their
time and tbrowiug up their job?. The
boys often run across others out of a
jjb and say to them: 'Why don't you
g> oi the Pittsburg & Western?
want m-n bid Nino times
out of 10 t*iey witi rep ; y: 'No Pitts
burg & Western for u?,p,«ase, We've
been there.'
"What's the matter with the
Pittrburg & Western?" the re
"Haunted," replied the railroader.
"That's right, Laugh if you want to.
I'm thinking you wouldn't laugh
mucu, though, if you should ever tun
au engine down Cranberry S vamp
grade, between lt*mfrew aid Reibold
stations, with old Bill K'a.g'* g l >s*,
in theeib with you aud trying to
stop tbe train to keep it f rom runcing
down two otber ghosts Btandin-r on
the track just ahead of your engine,
and almost sto, ping it. to >, although
the grade is steep and slippery, be
tween Renfrew and lleibolds Take
the map of Pennsylvania, look at
Butler county, you'll find those two
places there plain enouzh, and 1
know that if you ever took a run
Uown Cranberry Swamp grade, on
the little Pittsburg <fc Western, be
tween Renfrew and Reibolds, with
old Bill King's guost in tbe cab with
yoa, you wouldn't laugh much.
"The way tbe road got haunted in
that spot was this: Not far from tbe
railroad at tbe loot of tbe Cranberry
Swamp grade about 10 years ago
lived an old couple named Wilbelm.
They had no family besides them
selves, and they depended on a CJU
ple of acres of garden aud their cow
and poultry yard for their living.
One of tbe first Jersey cows in that
part of tbe country belonged to Mrs,
Wilbelm, it barium been made a pres
ent to her by a noted stock raiser in
Crawford county. Mrs. Wilbelm
thought the world of the cow, aDd
when it strayed from its enclosure,
got on the lit le P & W track and
was run over and killed by tbo cart
tbe old lady weot almost wild.
"She sued the company for the val
ue of ber co.v, but the suit went
agaiust ber. She brooded so over
ber trouble that she became insane on
tbe subject of railroads ami ber c>w,
aud tbe souud of a traiu passing her
bouse ul ways sets her to mourning'
over loss. She spent much of
her tiniis in devising schemes to
harass the company, and several
times evading the watchfulness of
her husbandsbe placed here-ilr on the
tbe track when a train was approach
iug and forced it to come to a stand
stiil till she was removed by force
from the rail (_) ie night late in the
fall of 1577 old Mr Wilbelm woke up
acd found that his wile was not in
bed H" quiekiy arose, au i looking
out of tbj window saw a white figure
hurrying across the lot between the
bouse aud tbe railroad track He at
once knew that the ti_ure was that of
bis wife in her nigh', clothes, and that
she was undoubtedly on ber way to
the railrdad to lorce so.no train to
stop and lay still until she wis taken
off tbo track, as sbe hid done sevenl
times before.
"Without waiting to put on his
clothes, Wiiheliti rushed from the
home and followed his wife. She
disappeared in the little strip of
woods lie twee a the lot aud the rail
road, and by tha time he reached
woods ho he-trd tbe souud of aa itp
proachiug train and he k'lew it must
be the fast express with old Bill King
on tbo engine, and that meant thu
this train was more than humming
along. Wilbelm Hi# through the
piece of woods, aud an he came out
on the otner side be saw his wife
standing on the track, waving her
band up aud down, while tho head
light of old Bill's locomotive was so
near that it threw gUre full ou
her. Old Biil bid seen the figure in
white sumo distance hack, whistled
for brakes and reversed his engine,
hut the grade was so sharp and the
rails so slippery that tho train came
tearing right on
"The white figure never moved,
and just as Bill was ab tut shutting
his eyes to hide the terror that was
inevitable another while
spraug on the rails jui?t abend of the
eugine and threw itself agiiust the
oue stauding there as if to force it off
It was too late, and the piloi struck
both figures and burled theui < U' iato
the woods The train WAS utopyed
as soon as possible uud bu.ck> d to the
scene of the tragedy. aud the dead
bodies of the old man aud tiis wife
were picked up. The company had
them buried, of course, aud their old
homf was bought by u farmer,
"Bill King never got over that
night. lie made one or two tri[»s
alter that and then resigned. Me
said.he could not run that Cranberry
grade, for he saw the old man and
his wife every night. The thing
worked on his mind till it ruined his
health, and bj died a year afterward
Not long afte/w-trd one of the engi
neers on the road came into Renfrew
otie ni/bt with the story that as he
was coming down Cranb-rry swiirnp
Krade two white figure, > appeared on
the track 100 yard-or so uh-ad of
hint, and at thesam-t tinn he felt the
lever jerked from his hand and quick
ly reverted, while the whistle aound
ed sharply for bra ken. The train
slowed but da-hed up m the two
whiie figures, which disappeared At
the same time tb" throttle was open
ed again, aud the train in >voi on as
"This story wii3 laughed at, but
when other oijifio«<«rri wn > ran this
same train, womb wa.s BiH KUIX'H
old traiu, came in with the daunt
ntory, with tbo addition tb it l>s 11
King biid Ht.uod iu the cab as plain us
day aud reveraed tb.- In ver a i I wliis
tied f.ir break-*, it began t<> belie/ed
and men begun to le:iv« th« road. 1
touk the place of the fireman oo the
train and *aid I'd Sik<> to aee tuch
bluff an that a;b'irit »t >ry scare mo off
Tan very »fir«t run I made the two
ghost a appeared on the Cranberry
grade, and old Bill Kin# fto.id in tbe
cab, and handled tbe throttle and the
whistle cord until tbe diaup
ptared, aud thou be was goue. I
stuck it uu', two trips, aad then 1
tufide a vacmcy for bjiuts otb-T brave
uiaa That Wiis live yearn I
have auVer baeu on tbe Vawblrg &
I Western 6inee, but I hear from there
once in a while. The boys say it
is haunted bv the two ghosts still,
; end that Bill King's ghost is always
on hand, trying to st»p the train
Let Us Res jive.
What we want to do at the begin
i ning of the New Year i s to draw up
a set of resolutions that we will m ua -
tain the whole year through, Sicb
res dutions must be toundfd on fact,
J. R. Gi ieb
No 1»> S Maiu St. Show 3 one of
the finest lines of Diamonds, Watches,
Clocks. Jewelry, Silverware, Specta
-1 cles etc to be seen Don.t forget
him wh*»n purchasing Holiday gifts.
Sign of Electric Bell.
—Reduction in Wall Paper at
I —Dolls, bisque, wax and washa
ble, dressed and undressed at
—Foot and bouse balls, large
' liae at
—Go to W. M. Rombach's and see
his large stock of violins a~d all
kinds of musical instruments.
—Silk Neck Mufflers from $1 up.
luff est assortment we hire ever had
Pittersoa'a o;ie Price Clothing
—That Butler needs a new Opera
aua that seats in the Churches
, sh (uid be free
—We are selling furniture lower
i than it has ever before been sold in
I Butler, and after using it you will
; say that it is what we said it was,
I otherwise no sale, at MILLER BRO'S,
j No 19 Jefferson St.
—Nice line of trimmings for Christ
inas trees at Morrison's City Bakery.
Santa Claus has arrived at
—Silk mufflers aud silk handker
chief's, in all colors at
—No. 19 Jtffersou St. is the place
to buy cheap and good furuiture.
Holiday goods at Patterson's
! Oae Price Clothing House, 29 Main
—Mouth organs, penknives, spy
and opera glasses, and music boxes at
—Gloves, mittens, scarfs and fur
caps at
Go to J. R. Gi ieb.
No 1G S Main St Ladies and
Gents Scarf pius. Sleeve Buttons,
Chains, Charms, Rings, Lace plus.
Earrings, Collar Buttons, Watches,
Silverware, Ac* Don't forget the
Sign of Electric Bell.
—That we are a mighty fine crowd,
but that our neighbors are no better
tbau they ought to be
—Great reductioa ia cloaks to re
i duce stock at
—Silk and linen handkerchiefs, fine
stock at low prices at Pattersou's
! Orje Price Clothing House.
—Siik rnLiU rs, cashmere mufflers,
large stvick and low prices at
—Gents fiae cjp-s lowest prices in
Butler at. Pat'erson's o'ia Price
Clothing House, 29 Miin St.
—G >to W. M R >oobach's ar.d see
: his four dollar Guitars
All k.nls of giru's, checkers
; d )minoes, back gammon, cribbige,
i lotto's, at
—Everybody will tiud it to their
advmtatre to go to ibe City Bakery
| for their bread, pies, cakes, etc.
All kinds of puzzles, building
| blocks aud cut-up pictures at
—Table luxuries at C K<ch A
I Sonh'—orangen, bananas, Malaga
! grapes, dates, figs, fine candies, etc.
| • —Splendid assortment of toboggan
! capb and Tam O'Sbanters at
—Men'sNeck Wear full Stock, low
I prices at Pattersou's One Price Cloth
j ing House.
—That we don't sco bow we can
!be any better than we were last
! year, though we see groat room for
improvement in others—
] —Linen handkerchiefs, lace hand
i kerchiefs, silk handkerchiefs and
mufflers at
For the Holidays.
—Grand display of china, glass
ware and queens ware at
—A fine stock of bottled goods at
Silk umbrellas a* low prices at
j Patterson's One Price Clothing
I House, 29 Mam St.
Use Double All O K. Horse Lini
: meut, best in the world For swell
ings, bruises, stiffness of joiuts, rheu
matism, lameness, sore shoulders,
ring-bone, sweeny and spavin; it has
DO equal. For sale by J. C REDICK,
2-18 3m. Mo, 5, N. Maiu St.
Butler, Pa
—Go to Morrison's City Bakery
for fine cakes and ice cream.
Home Made B. ead.
From the beot family flour, and
baked in an oven, can always be had
i at Mrs. Armor's, at No 9>j N. Wasb
i irigi.un St Butler Pa Special atteu
! tiou to regular customers.
! —That we wouldn't quarrel with
| our ii' ighbors so muck if tbey
! wouldn't so persistently disagree with
( us wneu they kau*v we are right
—Toilet sets and water founts at
—Cull in and examine our im
i mense stock, and our low prices
aud we hive no doubt jrou will make
A our purchases at
—Go to W M Rombach's for
truns, revolvers and ammunition of
all kind*. lie sells cheap as the
—She—t\'hv Tom, where have
| you been? You never stayed oat so
| lute before
Mo—l was arrested for disorderly
! conduct, tny dear, and oulv ju.->t re
-1 least'd
She—Good ilea vent-!
He—Don't be alarmed I was
i ouly looking in Chris Stock's show
windows, and I nw the bargains in
Etna Stoves snd it made me d zzv,
; aud thu p'licemtu tu ought 1 was
; drunk.
-—Tbsit if ov«ryV.»dy as honoft
art wo art), tbrt miliuauiu u would
(xjiite durio'ty tbo yoar—
—That the world is round but that
most people are flat—
Fresh Oysters.
New York counts, and extra select
tub oysters received daily at
TATE S Restaurant.
Did You Notice
Those decorated, 121 p : e?es, dincer
sets tor sl2 at
A large assortment of all kiads of
Fancy Goods suitable lor Christmas
presents at
Come and buy your b'.\st girl a
nice piece of Silverware, a Sue ring,
a gold watch, or some other elegant
gift,'of which I show you an endless
variety, and at prices to please you
J. It. (JKIEB,
No. 1G S. Main St.
Sign of Electric Bell,
Fine silk umbrellas with gold
and silver beads a:
Silk Suspeuders, full sU>ck nt
Patterson's One Price Clothing
—Boxing gloves, fifes, and violin
strings at
—That of the twelve months in
th« year, we will devote f >ur to the
world, four to the flesh and four to
ourselyes, and will be good the rest
of the time—
— Don't forget yoar Father and
Mother, nor Grandfather and Grand
mother, during the coming Holidays,
tbey surely would appreciate a nice
pair of gold spectacles as a gift I
have a complete stock and can suit all
ages. J. R GKIEB
No 1G S Main St.
Sign of Electric Bell.
—Toy pianos, toy drums, toy
horses and wagons combined at
—Beautiful pictures at very low
prices at Miller Bros.' furniture store,
No. 19 Jefferson St.
—Clearing out sale of Carpets, Oil
Cloths, Mattings, Druggetts, Rugs,
&e , at
—For fresh Fruits, Oranges, Lem
ons, Malaga Grapes and Cranberries,
go to Morrison's City Bakery.
—Silk mufflers at Patterson's One
Price Clothing House cheap.
—That we will love ourselves as
our neighbors love themselves, and
will make it h*»t for them if tbey try
to outdo us ia this labor of love—
—lmported Carolinas aid Henrv
Clays. Fried, stewed, broiled and
raw oysters, and game of all kinds
in season at George Smith's Square
Meal Restaurant.
Almost an Endless variety in
Watches of all kinds from the cheap
est, The Waterbury, to the finest
Koid, both in ladies and cents
for Holiday gifts call at J R
GRIEII'S. NO 16 S. Main St. Sign
of Electric Bell.
Try ' Our own Special" the best,
toby that can be mai!e, at No. 7, N
Main St
—Gents fine Gloves at low prices
at. Pattersou's Oue Price Clothing
—New line of kid gloves, cashmere
gloves, silk mittens, wool mittens,
muffs, Ac.
—lf you want a (rood smoke go to
If you want, the highest price for
your BUCKWHEAT go to George
VVniter's Mill, Builer Pa,
—That the poor we have always,
but it isn't nu.' fault. We would
glndlv get rid of him. if we could, and
are filling to pay his fare one way
At 25 Cents
All woo! Country Flannels at
At 25 Cenis
Yard wide Cashmeres in HII Shades
The highest cash price will be paid
for from 5,000 to 10,000 bushels ol
rye, to be delivered at the store of
7-29-tf JACOB BOOS, Butler, PH.
For the Holidays.
Buy your gifts at
Buckwheat Flour
Go to George Walter's Mill if you
want good buck wheat flour.
Ladies', Gents' and Childrens'. a
splendid stock at extremely low
prices at
—That we will not discuss religion
or politics witbernzv people aud that
most people are that way
For the next sixty days, in order
to reduce our stock, we will quote
special low prices on all our stock.
We have ou hands thirty bed room
sets ranging from $lB to $l5O per
Thirteen upholstered parlor suits
nuitriaK from $35 to $l5O per suit.
I'urlor stands from $2,50 to $lO.
LouueeH from $2 50 to $25
11 »t racks from $8 to s.'lo
Tabes from $1 25 to $lO
Wash-stands from $2 to $lB,
Bureaus from $!» to $25.
Sets of chairs from $2 75 to $lO per
Secretaries from $lO to S4O.
Easy chairs, handsome pictures,
room ornaments, etc , any of which
would make both useful and appropri
ate presents.
No. 19, Jeflurson St,. Butler, Pa.
Fancy cups and saucers, vases,
mugs and mantel ornaments at
Money safes, purses and tool
cbests at
—That we will gee oil' no man's
corns till he "hollers" three times—
— For beautiful and useful Kilts
tor father, moiher, sister, brother,
son, dan/hter, b«au, Bweatheart, or
friend, you need go nowhere else
than to
Ruckwhcat Wanted !
TEN THOUSAND bushels of
Buckwheat a:, George VValier's Mill
Highest market price will be paid.
Butler, i'a.
—That we will tell the doctor
what's the matter with us, though it
to> his butiiuCeU tu IfiHiW—
—That we will lau*h at all men'*
injuries and rejoice in their -roubles,
beeau>-e they are getting just what
tbey deserve.but will expect the sym
pathv of all if we h-.ppen to be un
fortunate ourselves—
— A full stock of Kid Gloves for
Gents' wear, at Patterson's One
Price Clothing House
—lf you want to make a nice
Christmas present go to W. M Rom
bach's for an Easty organ He will
sell them less than city prices,
—Full line of stamped linens, in
tidies, splashers, scarfs, trav covers,
pillow shams, aprons, Ac., at
—You can have a chance on the
famous toy—"The Rat Killer" for
10 ceuts at
Fine line of p f >cket books at
—Consult your own interests and
examine our stock of furniture, uphol
stered suits, chairs, mattresses, etc.,
before purchasing. MILLER BRO'S.,
No. 19, Jefferson St.
Ladies', Misses' and cbildreus' in all
styles, and prices from 50 cents to
SSO 00 at
—The bes' fresh and canned Cali
fornia fruits for the Holidays, at
Morrison's City Bakery.
—Beautiful liu* of fine vases, air
moisteaers for gas fires at
Bradley's Blankets
The best in the market at $4 75 per
pair at
—That we are the wisest family in
Butler aud that people would appreci
ate us if they were not so ignorant—
— Remember we buy for cash and
sell for cash, as a result we sell goods
at lower prices than you can buy
tbem elsewhere at
—Go to Morrison's City Bakery for
fresh Oy6ters and Oyster Stews.
—A. No. I. all husk mattress, guar
anteed, not mixed with excelcer at a
lower figure than can be had else
where in Butler, at Miller Bros',
furniture store, No. 19 Jefferson St.
—We have ten thousand dollars
worth of furniture in our three ware
rooms at Xo. 19 Jefferson St., Butler,
Pa. The best as well as the cheap
ast, but all the best made for the price.
All persons will find it to their ad
vantage to examine our stock and as
certain pur prices before purchasing.
—Use Double All O. K. Horse and
Cattle Powders,best in the world. A
sure and speedy cure for heaves,
coujhs, olds, iulUined lungs, rough
ness of skiu, aud all kiduey diseases.
For sale by J. C. REDICK,
2-18-3 m No. 5, N. Main St.
Butler, Pa
—Combination tied and crad e at
—That we are made of better clay
than most pe >p!e, buve finer instincts,
better impulses, nre more generous,
fai bful, affeciiouatc and lovable. To
all of which we most heartily sub
scribe, and wish the rest of you as
Happy a New Y**ar as your degener
ate natures and miserable dispositions
can possibly ellow of —AMEN
We have now on
hand, ami are rec iv
ing daily ad liti nal
new goods for t lie
Holiday so tson Our
ii'so being very lar_ r e
ami e >mplete, we can
only draw your atten
tion to the fact that
no house in Hutler
can show a larger
We have now a
lull line of Fancy
Vases, Smoke Sets,
Cups and Saucers.
IJisque Figures. liar
hat ine Vases, Tea
and Dinner Sets,
Mush and Milk Sets,
Water Sets, Lemon
ade Sets, Liquor ets.
Chamber Sets, Cut
and Decorated Bo
hemian and French
Class in all kinds of
Sets, Lamp* in all
Styles at. all prices.
Our stock of goods
in China and Glass
ware is unsurpassed
in this or any neigh-
Loring city, and
prices, we guarantee
as low as same qual
ity goods can be
bought at
Decorated 44 pieces
Tea Sets $3.75; Dec
orated GO pieces Tea
S< ts, £">.00; Decorat
ed 121 piecs Dinner
Sets $12.00; Decor
ated 12 pieces Cham
ber Sets, $0 00; Dec
orated 10 pieces
( •hamher Sets. $3.25
No trouble to show
goods, and we would
appreciate a call Irom
all, whether intend
ing purchasing or
Why it is Superior to all
1.1 ITS Ix'lii'i enclosed II r«i»ln« the high
191. temperature ho nwnsaiy in removing
tin- dirt from the
Onri TIIKIIK lii'luif no Krtcl.lon ou the
fcUU. etothlng to wear It.
q rf < Till? |>e< -iillur ll< tton of the water In the
O'U. M i-iiln'- wh|riicunn(ii lie underatood
unless one w-'-s It) forcln# a strong current of
water through the <•!•>»tiliiir at every vlrbratlon
of Hi' 1 Agitator, (which IH caused liy the peculiar
construction of the lop of the Machine.
At h " 1 "' sl " r ;, 11 Is that itohlld <if fouryaar*
H-111. Una do the work It being so light that
Ihe operator KI'M down while doing It.
Machines an I county aud Ttwnahlp Klghta
throughout 111 ■ sitate of lciint\) lvanla. Sold by
Butler, Pa
rou CAN FIND £&
tu iii i: ii r J Min t'lirwu of
v.-lro will CbifftucC [uj ailVMi&nig ut
Do Ygu Want a Christ
mas Prsssnt
!•" r a friend'.' I»o not wall .••nv lomrer but ron e
univ t<> oir iitve and jmi \ .:!! '■ u - .•>
trou .:E to pet Just WHA> ycu V.. V
In- . i<|ii irter, for IMtdav lino.'. ;:d -.t at
th:it line. We h»if lands -HI; ■' r »•!t'
younj?, ;uid »let (r vmi have 1 r 1 tl •
nioacv tu s.ieinl we c.n It Ip'tAi , i<-
leiuof making It ro jm if • :d..o'
Secure M r.
You should see the hue display < f I" ' :
Manetiirr S«;ts. CmmO Tr»H," V i»- ■ -r .
Odor C.l-es. Cut til.i>s H-dtles. I'll■ a and ;
h st ol others suitable lor ladles.
But yo:i say I wanf acmethitK for;:
man Writ, look Itera: ( nil . i> ',r
Boxes In Brass and Pt'Hh. \W:i-k ?> 1 lers,
>m<>kers Seta. Shaving Cases, Ti - ...vie!
Scis. Mm .r«. Inkstand*. an J i a .■ ii:
novel' i.-s that will prove iHeful :»> w«-l' - o ti .-
menial. Our stock :s very
Fall and Complete
But we ask you to eail soon as ma y ; c.e ti. •
slrab o Koods are 1 eing picki .1 i:e . ,':n.iv.!l
ilml li to your ail vaiil.u:*" lociaii ' i i.u
and »ee 'us. Yoa will tr • ; ; ~'!•■ *
whether you \tlsli to .r uo:. No
trouble to show tleods.
Respect tally,
C, iBOKO, Omgai f,
Hntler* - - - - I J a.
Diamond Block
Th.e t*eor>le's Gre.ll
We annouuee to the people far and vUe that
we will exhibit our collos*il t'ion ei
startling wonders, to secure whl. 1; ::-l , arts of
the earth—Europe. Asia, and portl ins or ft • C
-8. have been searched. an 3 such in:e.-.-rtv.u!ou
as has never been seeu sdnc# the d;,y Noah enter
ed the Ark. The mighty Elephant,the sjr-.'at Khl
noccros. the lllppopt.iuoiaa3.the Chltapati/.10.t1v
Ou-r<in;»-outang or run-out-ands': ; • ui; lar
tongrue-out, the greatest 11. Iny woaJors ol the
age will excite no wonder wnen compare i with
the multitude of monster attractiiv.ou -.iiibl
tlon at our great moral Circus and Menagerie.
The roars and howls of the would-be ci eapeti
tor who Apes the methods, but cries dn.ii tli.-
att ructions of our own and ouiy tire iiest fchov
oa ejrth v.Hi be drowned la the J.iyf il a 1 im
atlons of a delighted populace. Uet.'iemi.cr thl.i
gnat show po&sesses no objectionable U'lturcs
and is the delight of the culture.! and relinetl.
We show under one canopy four great - how
the Largest Slock—'.ir.-atest variety— Best
WootU and styles—Lowest Prices. We have se
cured * magnificent Brass Bund which will be
a prominent feature of our great show. rings
with a seperatc and continuous performance
being enacted In sacli ring.
attractions. 3 Jolly Clowns. The greatt - t liv
ing. walking. breathing. talking ctuL>.si;i s of
tlii- age. I'hunny I'helloww—sure u> sell von
and all the people laugh when they sec the bar
gains they oiler. Oilier aud greater attractions
greet the delighted eye on every side—the Pro
prietor and Managers swinging'in the living
trapeze attached to the highest pinac!.' of suc
cess, give such exhibitions of nerve and daring
In sweeping reductions, gorgeous illspt.i> ami
woiulirliil bargains as to call forth tin: plaudits
of the most prudent ami economical. T e man
agement beg leave to announce that in their tin
! tiring zeal In the search for the rare and curi> us.
astonishing results have alwaysfodowtd ami
we open for your Inspection a colos
sal collection ot bright auU i. '.v Kail
Styles ia Mens' Boys' and Children*'
Clothing. Hats, Caps Underwear. Ml.iris.
Collars. Culls. Ties. Hosier)', liamlKcr
chiefs.MiilHers. tiloves. .Mittens. I'mbrel
las Trunks, Valises, Satchels Straps,
Brushes, Combs, Jewelry, l.rsets. jer
seys. Stockings with a full line of >oli"iis, &c.
Big bargains all through the show.
Song by Ihe Clown : -
Men and youth and bovs uidlull,
Short aiul Sa'ld.lean and tail.
Wmi need a suit of clothes : Ins fall,
We do Invite you now to call |
For we are rolling en the hall.
And jon are sure lo uiake a haul.
Whatever you purchase,great or .small.
Song 2 "What are the wild waves iyu>g."
Buy ynnr <Mot!ilug and Furnishing goods of
1). A. HECK.
Song 3 :—"Her lirlulit smile haunts n ■ still,"
Ihe siaile of satisfaction ih.it te ate.l fr<mi
the face of the la-iy who dressed her little
boy in o.ie ol Heck s irreslstaUlc suit s.
If you want to save money and lucre;.*" votir
pl'e .'.Mppin and C llKCK.'and he'll make you
all smile.
He possesses the power to spread happiness
And his store Is tne place where bargains : re
D.Mirs open at 7A. M. CLASP at s E. M. Nil
mlttance. Cents Kree, Ladles and Children half
price, lteineinber the place.
D. A.. HECK'S,
No. 11, North M«tn 8t„ llulTj's 810-k,
Your am ntlon Is called to ihe store or w. IC.
Balstiin. the Jeweler No. 90, South Main trcel
where you will llnd a cliolco selectl-m of
W itches, flocks and Jewelry of even <!• r| t ,.
Uon. Watch and Clock repairing a spe ci ally,
No. (Hi, South Main street.
Butler, Pa;
In all the latest Novelties, French Felt
Silk Hats, Figured Glasse and \\ atered
Flllhes, Velvet* aud Silks
T!ie New Wide Ribb >ns, Corses, Shoul
der Braces, Patti Sliirt Hands, il. -ier > are!
Suspenders, Toilet Powders, WASHES, 1' in e
Mild Cosmetics, "Letin Path" aud ' Sybcl's
I>res» Linings, Findings, Fur Truomii'ir.
Newest Styles in Hangs, Hair (Jo.»U and
Crimpers, Children's Knit and Flush C.i|
sod Hoods, Toboggans, Silk ilaudker<'i> el's
aud Mtilll. rs,
BUTLER. - - - PA
Life Savad and Health Pe
otnr-cH ''V using Usher'* Coil Lli : Oil ,>i-..1
SlUIt'U JIbU. A t'ertiilM retue I. 1.., ~
sumption, bronchitis. Aslbtni A. roiitl atnl .il
throat and lung diseases. Preps re I :e
<|u|te palatable.
Ask r r linker t ( nil l.lvrr (ill sml M:i!t. !.
Dot sold by Druggist..* I Pa to th" Vaii'i. . I
J«»ll> < II W.KI; Io .
81 j Flliiirt hi., 1 J.i :
Adrmite ia tbc Citiz&n.
Estate of Ga : o Parker, dee'd.
11 > I i A.r.iCF t: TWJ» )
Let r in t iry . a the es-ate of Ojo.
r,d • a ker twp, Has!er (!#,
i' 1 i'.r;od,
- .1; . • ivts in 1. !j(ed to
■ : c ltuniiiaiia e pay
i ■ • . . _- c»: <» a/aia't :• :i i ea>
t*'.': \ ;r,- ;» ;■«, u . u ! y ftti;!iratkut«J far
(•" l'.\r.K : Oil < itv. Pa ' ,• .
■ J.t rs
*' »- - - t: -rker. la. j
Insolvent Notice.
x o' . .i : •t a t s ...*v I wiil Eialc* nppU*
' " • t 1 ' •> : ' !■■:- ■ : IMiilef
•'■■■ i"i:. ' :..y t-; Karc'a l. .in.
: he t >. iveut
- • ' ' " 1 !> i - 'i' - t'ourt
. i . •" . li:-:: he.-triaa >.l the
A. M'l.-.V AKT.
, iv. ..1.1 'd
' ' t < i the i...»i: rs*
■ ■ - rauce AsMtHp
■ ' ( . f. !. !'• tsfl.i kt tnej i i:;t'e,
■ • ; I*i'" Ties
■!- <! i tk a a>., lor the imr
: ■ ". , 'i "in-eiors to • -tve
0rt...: e. : r.
A. I> Wrm. Prt *. ,
• ■ . 1.. : cj.
1 Biiil; i)' •*. iw:.
' A:! i f tli - V-'.srth .'f«*tal
l-'ri- i !.-..i,. ... Xceca for the tn
; > .1. v..;l ! M i.i l'. I'. :!1 ;•„ at
. ~i .Jan, j- . l.v'Ut
vv. i: t.wi.ok, s.c.
The Famers' Mutual Fire Itistiranco Cook
l'-;.::;. ti . - . . : i: . will ljold
j ..i if : I - ■... t I. .iLse <:L. A.
I BttUnCo., Pa.,
t>» •satt. i. :l i t ti January. A I>.,
: -S. :■( ■■ ' . Ail !,.• ;.:wr iilT IllVl'.-
tu to ..tt< i>. \\ ALLIvT, i'res't.
iiKNtiV Ui-A ... Sct. j. ISAtt.
Eslato of Samuel Anderson,
!.t tiffs te.it wi... • e t.ite of Samnel
Audi'r.se!!, uev .1. las o: Clinton iwp. ISuiier
c .my, i'a ,1. ,:t ei»:lt'tl to tUo under
■i d «>t '■ win ;'I i■ - ■ iir'ke lnmedikM
I ynieist. ... :,.i!y . v;ti; i-.aims s!|(aiu«t i-ald
ot.i; wiil ; ; -cat c.t-i.i ily aatneutioated for
st lit
-II.:. V ( ANI»KIiSON, llx'x.
Rti. les X ;io i'!* !,i. .-i t 0.. l a.
Estate of Ellen Kiskaddon.
(i. ,T ;• o: •.LUT.iTr::.'Y twt.)
I.eiters «-i d u'r li \n,; been grailted to
Hie umier
don, lain hi Allegheny tp li'iiler. to. Pa. dee'd.
all p r- os iinowi tin ' .. lv- < iiiilei>te<t i<isaid
estate will picas" i.:. ke , aj luei.t and any
claims ;<<:auisi Mtd t ■ will picsent them tittly
auilienii . ti ii lor M-ttleim i.t.
.1. KitjK AI>DOX. Adm'r.
Fosburg, Pa.
Ebtate of Samuel MoCllntock
LATE Or Al.Ll'.iil"NY "WP., DUC'D.
I.ei'crs e.' fid'iiiiiL.tratlon U iYin,, been granll
c;l i,j tiic uat.i-,..!,. i. ■! -ja :c cm ite (it S..iauo-
Ale.'l'ut* ..i:e. u. lit A.l ~ ny tvtp.. But*
ler eo-ai'y. i'a.. a:! . ci-;i i, Kfciwlnj: th*Mist:>e9
lJuict !'• i ti' 'in- ,i!>..>e e- ■i e '.vlU t iv-fce make
ua ajulf'.e I)..'.ii a;, aii l ally havintt ci: :tas
Usi.il! t >i.;.it.l..i ' :.i p... .Nt them UUo uu
iiicLtle..tcd for tcill.'a. r iit.
i;. ;\itJcKK'N. ,1 mi;..; ii, v.cMAHAS, Atlmr.
Att'y. six Points. Butler Co., Pa.
Election Notice.
The Annual Meetjuy; of the iiuller Coiinty
Miiiual ! Innirarae Company will be held tU
tli" rf ice ol the Secretary in Builcron the Sec
tuc.l Tui'Sllkv of .human . lsi»a. tOtii ot
tli inoiitli. "tietwcen the bams of 1 anil-'P.M..
tor the i lectiun of l) : v - ts for the ensntiig
\ear. 11. O. Kot.ssiM'j, President,
ii. ( Ill;lN'fmA\, ec'y.
Jury List for Jan. Term, 1888.
1.1-t t-f Jurors driiv n t.i <eiv? in a special
crm of court conjineneing the :;rtl Monday «f
Jan. iww. being the iut.lt <la;'. '
Ash J>*i" ( >h. Forward tp, farmer.
At~a« Sylvanus. (nd tp. farmer.
ai well Win. »lart>n !,». f.'.r.H"i".
Brown W I'; I'alrviiw. urodiuer.
!'< Mill ..ti Wiii. .'ilikiu >-\ tp. shoemaker.
Ci'iupbell O I', < li"rr.i ip, farmer,
caiiipi.eii uivty. < mcotd iii. uiruior.
( l.eir Wr Butler lior.. iirucinet, laborer.
Dalabia ii f s. Fo/v.:.rj IT». farmer.
Dodds J.is <>. Prosp l boro, 111 mer.
t>."i ay Artiiers. < ieariiel 1 tp. U.t^ier.
lii trl 'b Jones, i'onv.a'.l tp. fariuer.
iilmiln* Wm.Zelle mpie, mercUaut.
)■;> i In- I 'ran i:. t • liter , iile, boartilng bouse,
i- lemiiiii;.: i Imrie v, .mi id tp, farmer,
i'r liii.-k cotleP). S": ,>iilt tp, farmer.
tjtl"tirtst .lames. Cherry .s, farmer.
Ilartlng John," Butler tp. r. raier.
lieinl-olt John S xon' urg, merchant.
Itltc nA. Petrolta. iperlnt ai.laat. ►
II tut« i.lv.ard, Br.t 1/ tj), ft rmir.
K; le Thompson Jr. r tp, farmer.
Uijjar.n An new. sumuiit t.;». farmer.
Krug Henry, i. s' l.tr boro im v.. bttiober.
Ktaj{'.i>tl ■ I'O. < > ai. . iile, ii. .cUant.
I,ii .'.iu 1 • .-.t'.is. l'enn tp. lan.ier.
Miller DC, Centre ij>. ' inner.
Miirp'iy'.i .liii, itnrr.!:■> r-i farmer.
M iio''<;w u'n- :n, n s. tilaclcsmlth.
.t' l til Jo "h, 11..1e 1;.; i;,. former.
Me ilail* im I Vntil •••■. Cieartleld tp. farmer.
M-N .; > e« n.Pr i. » 1 !•! irmer.
a 'i.liei Aimer, 1 nei'i'y t(>. farin'T.
N'orrl- lie'/cri B. Clinton tu, fanner.
I :iitei!-i> Ictfus, i lay tp. firmer.
!i;rvl ,;i eTh n ' iiiMifS farmer.
lit < ■ 1\ !'. Bui!er boro 2<l w. 111.dertaker.
iioiJi J ... Oakla id tp. farmer
Ital ton i i .. ieiyrot k tp, farmer,
sm:' h .le'in I' Brad ■ i:i 1 inner.
.su .'.i.it. ivld Hale id ••'. boarding house,
saltan Fi .uk. lionegrtl r ; i. contractor;
> feilll ICtle.'.r.l 'i 1. at ,1 miller.
Seitton mru 1 M* Ma : •11 tp. farmer,
- '-.
-1 ops 81 even. AUex'a ■> tp, tirmsr,
Turk jii'i. M <rl ei tp. t i-iii t.
\>lis ! ,li tlpll. I) lie' ;.l! 1 1 >. l irm )V.
Wilson .!• tee .'.im. le* .• firmer.
W. .oner In ni-y, 11 1 .e, ~-.j 21 vv. tanner.
Wei: n1 1 "re. 1. " 's" ,v. (ewel 'r.
w.'l; 11 I Wil'.l-lil tp. farmer.
Walker Sani't 1. But: ■!' o 1 w.
Zeiiner K'luioni, .V'llen ip'" t 11 iko:\
B, & B.
Dry Goods fi Winbr Wraq?,
! Ifuvl :r t. ' • rrei nt! ; tiMiiV-r of very ad
:i•, pi; •' •• 1 I k-. ei ■ . v.e
e'e Otli lie I I '. I.i i: :: u-v! i^'eiirillienw,
i * il'tes \\ lueh 11:■ ve in ri" en • 'eii it. ."1.0 ,0
anil wtli ' e.voi.ri ;• 11 leclMn r :•"!■ oli
nl", 01 t : ;!l" l> m r "'nil Oriler IV
|iii 11 11 :1 1 \.i lei 111 la iii. I<l ; I:i.t yt.tT inier*
•ft . v.iij '••• :-i.\!i!.. 1. 1 ' ,:\i ih i,1a,11 In-fore
mak n'u 1 'i. ii' I-. .>1 y« ■r I II tu 'I Winter mip
|ill« -.. ci..• 1m • !• •• 1 i 1 •" • > tin b.'rjtintis
l;uu oil m • I'll I.• i> •. ... ' a Imitled space
such iistM ' n! i'i i .i lllnnttiitf I t ii'.l iinii
Winter titilomc, uiueli vnliial>le in—
In 111 'tain as 111 •1\ 1 • ;. t lies, elfur gratui
tous aistiitiui ,n. . a 1 . jily. Mid v.lll U * sent
free upon ri' iue-1 i ii|i ti lto any adiire-.j. it
is Kiilten up tor the iieneilt of lair oul of tmvn
Opi-ia J to-ilas '- :i .be I" tteriis* line, see-
Vie vhl ', |||l|»«l .eil cloth. 11l ||l| rnliirj. "> v iirds
plain ; nil y lilts (■:" Ir.j >i sat rf lor the
complete P:ii[era lie ■ ■ liobes have
been «nlil tills y, ■ isuil ill 2- 1.
Another lot • f i'-.uc-. I'- • Pa! teras or II ililtu
ffoous 01 fine I j 111 rli I .In full llie of
colors. \. Ilh <ll ml i.i it ii' . el and Gurni*
Hue—Vesi. Ci.lis ai d Coilur. 1 rice 9K.Q3 etcll.
Contalixll yd... tijuble v.MUI pools. Iti-ttl
Value t.o
Both i f above sp ' i . 1 offerings consist of
abo.ll li.il Mult I'ailtn of cie-ii. and there Will
lie no 11101 -. i.s tliii; el,, -if ie importation.
iim p's fact S • ii skirt iii"-i : 1 inches in
widtli. in laruc : .■ lit I.f J-'uiiey Strtpea. at
;o cents, tornicrly ■ t.: and nt vcrsolil for less
befnr • 1 lenjitit "Is.
•V UK Ii all w "'1 I' 1. ' nllngi. -irte.'
hull all-Wi :.l f 11, V . i,nine.l.'e.
.". - ineti all-- mll'.r , .Innas, lt>. t.u&li.
..a inch •
Wi ill. h 1 loth Suit it!" ". I'l'.
tl'l P.eii Chilli Sitiiiti'i. .'i'li'..
.'JI inch Cloth Si. ' . .VI. 75. ..V, SI.OO.
Fr-'iieh >:iiii't;<«, »•• a;. r.». tu.',sl <K>,
liii Inch *1 r!.' 'i s. 1
:•>> inch i rli'oN, .".I, .
Itirli Tricot-.. ... • t > #1 :».
Winter Wraps, ClonksTTtrr—
Vu.tec.i |il ■" 1 ■ . .'iinei of I lilies'. Misen
siicl ■ "le"' v.. 1 i .1 I-, inner of :. 1 • .
from I•- tl ;' la un to 1 1 nunm iid
clii ri Kris- ■i i i' »!t t :cs an i v.ith'ia:.
ipii'sti 11 al i. 1 1.1 ■ rn'e. Voar vv nits
iiii l el. .s w .'i incl ~ «'ii<|:lirliix hi're
tor \our Wlnii r Wn )■ nd im ney saved f'»r
ijiinrpurpi V.i' 1•• He nit"i-.-'t 1 of
el mi ;iianti ir-1 leutlcal,
JJftJip 1 Q WTfrji
ItUbriY u iitluLi
liS, 117,119,121 Federal St,,
i Pa.
P. S W'f it •oir\lt I 1 >. ItT I) p irtm -.it fur
S vtu l lll<>l Ml 4' i«» 1.
Via. Missouri Pacific Rv.. afllron ronntam Boole.
AH tboclilff rfiufMni «^TiUi tt»»* Htatcnun'l
CNna»Jii will havcon <mifn i>:c< "r*lou p. U<Msai Rr«>Bt
Jy r« lu.'l'll r.tittf» I nAii 1" om, ■*».•!n Dleiro. nr.cl v ao
Frai»« I -co f"i " vun t»rjn f »ivluif s* I nuN \V' (Jnc»*
.day, l>«c. l*i, lit I via Irnn Mouijtiiiii Route?