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The public it hereby notice 1 that hereafter
all Rrsnfutions of Tle*p.'ct or C'ontioUnce adopt
td by organization* and ordered published all
notice* of Church Fair*, Fe*tirali and Lec
turet; and all conihiunicated Obituarist trill
be charged for at the tate of one-half cent a
troy:/, tl mty to nrmnpany
The -tilth bearing in tiie Monks-Harbison
baby ca-e, on the writ of hab- >u corput, was
bad b: lor.-Judge Ilazen, on Monday ruorn
in". 1:• brought the matter up t*y
reading the order of Court that the deten 1-
an's pn lute the child in Court on the nsorn
irc < f N-.v. H, at 9 o'clock. Jless-s Martin
god William Monk*. Wendsll Hiikey and
Mrs Deer, f'-ur of the defendants appea-ed
in Court, a: d Mr. Galbrea'.n read their ai3
davit, s'-atin? tba? they could DotproJnee the
child, as they did not have it in their poses
m saio'u and never had, e:c., aad also read a
letter from Mrs. Harbison, lu Kansas City, ,
to her br-ither Martin Monks, stating that'
she bad h'r child and intended to keep it,
that bcr husband had abased her, nn 1 that
Fhc w.-til' n-.J eorue back for any person or ,
tnycau e,th tshe iatendeJ g in/toSouth-ra
California, etc. Tl-.o.upij<jn tnen uiade a.
ftatement of the case,an l a;d that
an tfiort had beeu madej o prejudice public I
opinion in this case,and tUatevea tae papers
had published manufactured evidence; for i
which etatement he arew upon his exceed in £-
ly ftru.e imagination.
Me'srn Bowser and Gilbreath spoke for
tl.e deler.danw rn »!ie legal questions involv
ed, a*:d Judge McJunkia on the facis. lie
thought this proceeding ought to end, that
the prosecution Lad been carried on in a vin
dictive vpirit, that the defendants should be
called ui on to answer in the proper Court,
that defendants could not deliver the
child to the father and never could li£ve,I i£ve, un
!*.-s th-y bad used physical to take it
fn m tfce uiciher, «n<l that the railroad coru
canies'h;.t carried the mother a*ay might
welt be held for contempt as fiese defend- ■
Met andless, who always has something
novel blu startling to say, compared the de- :
fcndanbi in this case to the anarchists lately j
hung io Chicago. The anarchists did not J
actually throw the bomb, but they were
there and encouraged it, and therefore were
held ictptnsible, these defendants wr.re pres
ent when tbn child was taken and therefore ;
should Le held responsible. Charley also j
attempted to quote>ome scripture but got it
wrong and Judge Uazen, w,io
wss belter posted corrected
him Religion is not Charley's forte, he
should stick to the ' lurid liver and shining
trail" line, in which be is so brilliant a suc
cess. Tr.e prosecution asked that the four
defendants present be cited to show cause
why thty should uot De held for contempt of
Coiut. Jndge Hazen took the papers,and at
ti:is writing, has made no order.
All the in the list for thin week, ex
cepting three, have been disposed of as fol
Hockeaberry v» Hindmans —continued at
cost of (!-:"'ciidant.
E'choltz vs Gardner-Verdict for defendant
Thorn! *>a vs McLimea'a-case discontinu
ed by p^ff.
Erurick vs Edmunds—Verdict for plff for
Harpers vs Shaw and Black, adm'rs —case
Cubhison for use vs Sowers—coutinued.
Duncan vs P & W II R Co —<v>ulidum].
Ret'! : nJ wife vs Craig ami Wife—cane dts
Mct'audlpss vs slcCandle*—continned.
Schlerter vs Balfour —Compulsory noa-suit
Dunbar vs Kvansburg—Verdict for plff for
iii.'er vs Smyers et al, on trial.
The excepti »n« to the s-ile of the H
properly were Withdrawn aud sale confirm -
Michael Wsloney was apdoiu'ed guardian
of Calv i n Wright.
Jlr. I! Leomtr resigned his position a«
Constable of Jefferton twp , and recommend
td the appointment ot Daniel VV'aliett.
Mr. Ciiri.-f»pher Bergman was appoint d
guardian cf Win., Lottie and Emma Ehlert.
E. A lleider has had summons in ejectment
it-sued Tl <has SuiilL, J. K. Bolsrd, C. I).
Greenlee and others for the one-sixteenth of
it leasehold of 8 acres iu Jeflerson twp.. and
J. M. George had summons is-.ucd vs same
pirtks for a one-fonrth iuterest in same
tract, cctiisi&icg oil well known as Bolard
No. 2.
Tboe Frazier and Wilson Gonigle have
be«n returned to Court for forcible entry on
oath of J. W.McKee and James and Robt.Gil
lespie.Thos.Tate and John Welsh for forcible
entry and fur asanit and battery on oath of
ti. W. Crawford.
A petition was presented for a bridge oyer
Anderson's Bun in Middlesex twp.
Mr. James Sellers, at liberty on a writ of
liabeu* corpus, was recommitted to the custo
dy o» the .Sheriff", and as he refused to pay
hix fine was ayain pot it jail. Judge liazen
dismissed the writ at costof relator and lipids
tbtt Sellers was legally sentenced. One of
Seller's ettorneys took the papers to Brook
ville, Wednesday, for an opiuion from Jus
tice Gordon who lives there.
Recent I'ecUions of the State Attorney Ge
neral tr.d the Snprt me Conrt make properly
held in trust taxable, and Auditor General
Xorris hi:s notified the Boards of Revision of
cilUsatid County Commissioners that s»Il
liersor.al property helu in troet, wheth j r for
the i>enefjt of residents or non-resident*,fin
eluding niorrgtges on property outside the
Slate, end blocks and bonds issued by corpor
ations of other States, is liable to taxation in
this State. <tn<l should therefore be included
in the returns of taxable property required
by law.
—Mrs. Mary A. Graham and Mrs. Ea
rth Likens, children and heir* of Isaac Ash.
dee'd. l&te of Evans City, petitioned Court
lcran appeal from the Register's Court, nod
state that the will made Aug 10. 'B7, was de
stroyed and cancelled; Sep. 2G, "47, by their
father.; iut that their,brother J.P. Ash, John
Rohner, Esq , and Dr. F. V Brooks, appear,
ed before the Register on the 24th of Oct.
and hud a copy of it probated. A citation was
granted, returnable to next term.
No ftKMs.-r.r was elected in Portersville hist
spring, and a petition was presented toCourt,
Wednesday, tor the appointment of Alonzo
The wiil of Wm. Schley of P?nn Twp. was
probated and letters to Alois Beck.
Letters of Adm'r were granted to 11. A
Double and J, 11. Stenim in estate of J?hn
IStemin, dee'd. of Franklin Twp.
letters testamentary were granted John
Rohner, E-q., in estate of Robert Forsythe,
dee'd, of Adam* Twp.
John Pnrviance has deeded 10 acres in
Marrion to W 11. Atwell for 8412.50.
Daniel McMai-kin deeded 1J» acres in Clear
field to N'sncy McVlackin for |1 and Nancy
MoM deeded 61 acre* to Dauiel McM in sirae
for Mime.
J. J. Miller deeded property in Clay to It
L. McCai.die** for sllO, and (as P. Sander
son i of an ticrc in same for $11).
Hanna H'liiuger deeded 5 acres in Alle
gheny to W. W. I.indsey et al for <3OO.
W. C. Martin deeded .'i acres in Cuunoq.
to W. H .Brandon for!?.'{.).
G. W. Zi< g!'-r et al deeded 42 acres in But
ler tp. to W. It. Errett for .510,C00, anil Jno.
X. Muutz deeded 1 ) acres ill same to same for
Jlr. Plumtner Bell is slowly recovering.
Mr and Mm. Lynk of Renfrew, both of
whom are eve-r fifty years of age, and who
have been married more than twenty yeara,
were blei-.Ked with their first child—a Hon— a
few days ago.
Will L iichaw, of Anshu'.z, Bradterry &
Co., Pittfburg.was iu towu this week ou
William McCormick was severely injure I i
at the. Piate Gia«s works Tuesday morning. I
He fell whiie carrying a large phie of gla*\ '
aud the plate cut a deep gush in his fight |
fore arm.
Dr. Ford S. Peters of Washington, D. C.,
formerly of this county, died at Baltimore on
the 24th ult.
Mr. P. R BurkeofKarns City was danger
ously ill of pneumonia, but is rec jvetiug.
Mr. Fii Gibson aged about 35 year*, a son
of George Gibson of Washington twp., died
of consumption on his ranch, a hundred
miles west of Leadville, Col , last Friday two
weeks. lie wus married some three years
ago to Miss Matilda Welch of this county.
J. H. Bowman, Esq. who practiced at Mil-
Jerstown »orne yenrs ago, was shot and killed
oy arnaa named Green, at Diugliss, Wyom
ing, Ter., a tew day* ago. His family re.si l«
iu Jackson twp., Venango county, aud hi
went west »m« mouths ago to operate for oil,
and was meeting with souio success.
Mr. Harrison Dyke fell from tho loft in
Park's Mill neir Ogle, last Ihnrsday moru
iug, and was seriously injured.
Mr. J. Nelson Fuluiu of Middlesex twp.,
liaj moved to Allegheny City, and will reside
at No. M Ledlcy street. His son William N.
is with Ortwrfght <fc Stevensou, hardware
dealers on Federal street,
* Miss Edith Hardman is attending Bowmau
Institute, Pittsburg.
—George Wolford of the firm of Wolford
and Campbell, millers ofSuubnry, got a fiu
¥er caught and crushed in the machinery ou
uesdar, wud had to have it amputated at
the middle Joint,
Marriage Licenses.
Nicholas A. Slop* Franklin tp.
Maty C. Batteufelder Sutler, Pa.
! Michael Scan lon fcutler Urn.
Elizabe'h Elliott Summit tp.
. William 3. Wr. t? P.-rry tp, Lawrence Co.
Harriett L. Peffer Lancaster tp.
| William D. McGill .... Cherry tp.
Mel! Retia Kin.' Cherry tp.
William J. Cawpbeii r-...v;0v
Bcila K«bb Oakland tp.
' John Krutnpe Ciint'.a tp.
Am-iii Kaut? Saxotibnrg.
Chas. Raibe Saxoi,burg
\rueho Ikckisan Jtiirson t;>_
Allen Ross Me-hliic Suniur.-. Pa.
EaphfinU McCandless Saubury, Pa.
Wtu. T. McCandless Mt. Pi.
Martha Jane Reed Nit. Chestnut, Pa.
—Mrs. Dr. Cartmchael ofGretvilie, is yi=-
iting Mr.-;, Dr. Wiles of Peca St.
—Mr. Amo3 Sea?on, treasurer-elect, has
rented Mr. Dyerly's vacant n»j-i ja E. OJl
nin 'ham
—The cev? pip? line to the Saxoaburg Seld
has b?en completed.
—The roads betsreen Butler and Saxon'>.irg
have been badly cu: up by the heavy haul
ing, and are in poor COR lition.
—The Town Council has secured a car
load of Greenville stone for crossings, an J are
Luring tuern pat down.
—Cleveland west oat. There are ir,-
dicati: us that the southeru (avcritc for next
year is Jc3ers.au Davis.
—lt is so odd that the anirchUts sboull
think dca'h so bad a thing for ihem and so
good for everybody else.
—Tobogging will probibly ba popular
throughout the courtly this winter. Woa
der if anybody will build a slil; ia Ba.lsr.
—Geibach, Zehner <k Co's store, and iiin
tel <fc Co's lumber yard at Ztiienople, were
burglarized ;a=i Wednesday night,
—Som<* Mormon missionaries have created
a »en:-aiion in Braver coauty by proselyting
two respectable families named-Lloyd, there.
—A family on West Pearl street is peculi
arly fortunate, according to a liuie wn >
lives on tee same street —They "havea baby
and two calves."
—The married men of a neighboring town
have organized a "spiritual circle," but the
report that it is a temperance organization is
not generally credited.
—A inan aud wife on their way to Oil City
were lately patoff the cars at Keister, aad j
walked back to Gmve City, where a purst
was raised to send them to their destina
—lt is stated that the S. &A.R. R. Co.
will build a road from Greenville to Amasa
crossing on the L. S. <fc M. S. and thus have
two direct outlets to the lakes.
—A literary lycenna in a western town is
wrestling over the question: "Is the proper
definition oS an editor a uian who puts things
in a paper or a man who keeps tilings out?"
Read advertisement in this i-aiie, of the
Chamberlain Institute, Randolph, N. Y.,and
learn the advantages offered for the Winter
Term. As will be noticed, they have a Com- I
mercial College in addition the Academic j
I —The highest record on a bicycle in west
ern ihU s-as >.i i-s credited to
C. B. fjhrom, of G.-eeuvi!!*, w;:o rode 2,430
miles Some Kittanaing feilows who were
over here, the other day, had only made SJO
The Pennsylvania Company are making
an 1 distributing along their extensive liaes,
neatly padded stretchers to be in <- .ier
«ency in case of accident for carrying injured
—Tyrone, Blair county, has an ordinance
requiring; ail boy* to b ; at their homes ti r -t
later than 7 p.m , aud t!ie constable of the
borough is enforcing it. How would this
ordinance do for Llutler?
—The exceedingly dry weather, this fail,
rn-idi it nnpieasin'. to busk corn, on ace ;uat
of the busks baint; so dry and h*rd, and some
of our farm-ri let it (-tan 1, bat the rain «.f
week and the fine weather of this, will
enable them to it aii in.
-Since (be Saxcnburg oil field has been
developed the Jarecki Manufacturing Co's
«:• te here lias been doing a business of about
$2->OO a day. The Oil Well Supply Co. of
Oil City covets a share of ihe bu*in».-!S, aud
will iurt a branch store here.
—We direct attention to the pro*pecti of
Ihe illustrated publications of Harper ic
Brothers of New York, which are conceded
to be the finest published in the civilized
—Some of our butchers arc bringing fat
cattle from the Pittsburg market, a* this
connty has bsen almost drained of heavy
—St. Peter (to applicant)— What was your
busine-r, when on earth?
Applicant —Editor of a newspaper.
St. Peter—Big circulation, of course?
Applicant—Na, small; smallest iu the
St. Peter —Pick out yonr harp.
—A Catholic priest over in Etst Maucb
Chu k. Pa., has forbidden the ladies of his
congregation, old and to wear bus
tles.—Ex. Uuules and pads ate deceptive
but harmless inventions. If the Catholic
priest* can prevent the Catholic wom. j n from
wearing corsets they will give their church a
big lift.
—A gre*t many people have 1 itelv wrest
led with the word bomb, giving it several
different pronunciations, the most of tliem
insisting on pronouncing the final b, This
is unnecessary trouble. The fiutl bis silent,
and the o has the same sound as in the word
"done." It haH exactly the same pronuncia
tion as the word '•bum," the slang term for
a vagrmt.
—At the Annual meeting ol the stockhold
ers of the Petroleum Agricultural Association
at Parker, lately. 11. 11. Say. was elected
President; J, P. Parker,Vice President; Rob
ert Ralph. Secretary; S. H. Manifold, Treas
urer and H. 11. Say, A. Tippery,K. Robinson,
Morgan Morgan, (i. A. Neelle, (J. K. Pol
lock, I Latshaw, S. K. Smith and F. M-
Sbira, directors for the ensain# year.
—-f.ook out for the new two dollar silver
certificates witti the Hancock vignette which
are hein? rained and circulated as ten dollar
cortifi.iated. A number of tiietn have been
discovered in the We it. Th L-se notes will
doubtless be shoved in all parts of the coun
try. Link, carefully a: ail c-riiii'-.iun of tha
ten dollar denomination before accepting
Rough on the School teacher.
A citizen of Cranberry Twp. writ
ing from 0«le, says:
We. the patrons of the schools of
this township, have been paying our
taxes every Jf-ar. and we do not al
ways receive the proper return for our
money. We do not tfcink this b right.
It is only about two years ogo that
we paid about §l5O to a couple of
girls, who iu actions, if not iu years,
were babies. The people tolerated
them until they could do so no long
er, and fin illy the directors ask"d the
parents of the girls to take them home.
Now, although tho Semple schorl
has only beeu in session a short time,
only children belonging to families
who are able to dress them nicely,
receive any attention.
Now we demand of tha directors
of this township that they see to it
that each child is taught alike, wheth
er they be rich or poor. I also think
the order in our schools could be im
proved considerably, us pupils can
uot study in a bedlam. If the teacher
we have cannot control the pupils,
give us one that can.
I do not think it the best plan for
directors to hire a teacher that was
seated in the water bucket iu an ad
joining township, especially when the
pupils in tho district she has been
hired in are all acquainted with the
fact. 1 have paid my tax and I dou't
care whether my child is dressed in
velvet, silk or calico, wears a blue
ribbon on her hair or a string, I waut
her to get the same amount of teach
ing as any other child, — Vallf.y News
—The School at Kdioboro hai a fiuo libra
ry of H,500 volumes.
—"Christian character and Chris-1
tiau principles wrought into tho lives i
of the young," is "the ideal in educa-!
tion," which Grove City College seeks j
to impress upon all students, More
and more la done each term to lead
young men and women to a higher
and better life.
—Stockinet, or stockings by the
yard iu all colors at
—Frank Raymond, a coal black
neirru an'i Fir.rv Bcnsiger, a white
•*ouiau, of Sut-qii! hanna township,
Juniata ct>umy, applied to th» clerk
of the Orpiiaa'o Court,ut Miifiatowu,
]a-t week, for a licence to marry.
Tfc>■ c't-rk refused 'be I h«r ti >i
so much on account of the difference
in color as for tho reason thit both
have been beretofoie marrie 1 aad
bfve a wife aud husbaud i;vi re
.When la9t h;?ard from M~. Ja?
F Fills of L<iwren •« Co who at
tempted suicide a few days ns;o was
vet Itviuaf. Tliis ia a remarkable
case. H » shot himself
rino, uuder the chin, om bill com
ing out at the left side of the n ;?e
sLd the other back of tfce forehead,
and neither shot propria:? fatal, tried
to reload his lor a third lime bat
failed, Th>.*n he walked to the hjuie
200 feet away before falling.
j —Tbe fuss ovtr tbe election in
Lawrence Co. was settled by Judge
McMichael who decided that tbe vo'es
; should staud for the meu tor wnom
thty were intended. Tbe Republi
can tickets were printed "For Au li
• tor, Jaaie3 M Sterling," whereas
' should have b;*en "Joseph M "
| Much argumt-ut and many allidivits
' were iutrodacal and the c >urt d -cid
j ed that &!i the votes should be couut
;ed for Joseph M Sterling. Not one
[correct vote cast for him in >be
j county. Tbe judges of electious and
! the election boards ia the Third ward
and in several outside precincts, it
was proven, were not sworn accord
ing to law. Such b"in * tbe lact, the
law would holl that they were not
sworn at all, and that consequently
tbe !> »Il* wire ia charge of a in ;b.
| The court over-looked this and hold
j ing that the intention of ail concern
•ed was all right, decided that the
! vote should bo couutea. It is not
i probable that tha decision will be
j contested.
—S:x inches or snow fell at Clar
ion last Friday. •
—Tbe Diebi hotel ia Parker was
badly damaged by fire a few days
A gaa explosion at New Brigh
ton last week destroyed the fine resi
dence of Cbas. Richards, aud blew
a eixtetn months old baby out of tbe
door and twenty feet into the yard,
without seriously injuring it.
i —The body ol Cbas. F. Washburn
was lately found in tbe woods in
in Jackson twp Clarion Co. a bnllet
hole w. s found in bis bead about
two iuch<-8 above tbe right ear, made
by a 32 calibre revolver", wLicb was
found lying at bis s'.de. He was 5
feet 8 inches high and weighed 140
puUDd.-\ bad da 1 k brown hair, a short
mustache, and looked to be about 35
years old. His father came from Ti
lu.ivilie and identified the mau as bis
eoa. It is fcuppoetd to be £ case of
—The health authorities ia New
Castle say that there is no cause for
alarm with regard to cholera from
Italians who • recently arrived
—Frank Lmgfriand a prominent
grocer in Greenville, Mercer county,
bns b;;ea arrested for false pretense
ia obtaining CA sacks of flour from
Thomas Moser, a Sharon miller.
—A large hawk pounced down on
a cat at lidison, Pa a few days ago,
and after flying about 30 feet high
the bird discovered that it bad tack
led more than it could mauage and
dropped its prey.
—Last week Clarence Showers, I
a well known citizen of Clarion twp.
Clarion Co was gored to death by a
vicious bull he was leading along the
road. A neighbor who lived near
spot where it occurred saw Mr.Show
ers engaged in fighting off the bull.
B»;ing iuGrm, the neigbor sent a little
boy after Mr. Collett, another neigh
bor. Collett mounted a horse and
galloped to the rescue, but when he
got to the spot he found Mr Show
ers lying up in the grouud, horribly
mangled and bis clothes almost torn
from his body wbile the bull was
down on his knees still goring bis j
lifeless victim After a severe Strug- j
y!e Mr. Collett succeeded in b»-ating
off the infuriated animal with a piece
of fence rail. The bull, known to
stockraisers a3 ' Silver King," was
shot next day.
—lt is remarkable how generous
some people are. Over at New Cas
tle a boy at the risk of his life stop
ped a runaway team hauling a load
of turnips, and received a turnip from
the farmer who owned tbe team.
The depraved boy thought he should
haye two turnips for the service.
—James Mcllenry's great $20,000
000 case against the N. Y., P. it O
R 11 ba- ju*t been settled in the Com
mon Pleas Court, Cleveland, the de
fendants paying the costs, atuountiug
to $13,480 This probably settled
Mr. Mc Henry's scheme to throw the
road into a receivers' bands.
Persons residing in the vicinity
of East Brady Lave received letters
from one C L James, of New York,
in which hn agrees to furnish coun
terfeit money of ail denomination** at
low rates He cluima that the
'queer' is made from genuine plates
stolen from the Treasury department
by a former employe,and that there is
no possible danger of detection, as
the money cannot be told from the
genuine until ihe notea are worked
back to Washington.
Peter Grove, one of tha pioneers
of Venango county, died at his home
in Plum township on Wednesday,
November 2, 1887, in tha ninety
eight year of his age.
—ln the appeal for assistance
made by Balientine Vaugbn, of Dar
lington, to Poor Director Reed, of
Beaver countv, the lact came out
that Vaughn's wife was his neioc
and his sister's daughter. The cou
pie have been married 15 years Oi
their 10 children 8 died in infancy
and the two living are idiots.
—We have ten thousand dollars
worth of furniture iu our three ware
rooms at No. ly Jefferson St., Butler,
Pa. The best as well as the cheap
est, but all-the best made for the price.
All persons will hud it to their ad
vantage to examine our stock and as
certain our prices before purchasing.
-M rr.LKK Biio'a.
Use Double All O. K Horse and
Cattle Powders,beat in the world. A
aure and speedy cure for heaves,
coughs, colds, iufltmed lungs, rough
ness of skin, and all kidney diseases.
For sale by J. C RKI>ICK,
218-iJm No. 5, N. Main St.
Butler, Pa
—A. G. Reed Post No.llor). r ) G A
11., regular meetings Island 2nd Fri
day of each mouth at 730 Sharp.
Let all comrades take notice.
—That the yard-wide Brocade
Cashmeres, in all colors, is the best
bargain in fine dress goods ever offer
ed in Butler county, at
—That if you want carpets you
can buy then} at less than city pricea
—That tbe !aror.«t assortment and
best Ftjles in VTraps are at
—Th» Norm it School ortens winter term
: Xoveuiber 2:'. Tne School aim -to give very
' b?*t instruction* at the lowe-t r:>tes. Send
: for circulars. J. Cooptr, E lin'ior i. Pa.
—N ). 19 Jelfersoa .Sr is ?he place
to buy cheap and good furniture.
Every one who contpm; 1 ttes at
i lendinar school away fro u bump,
; should send to Grove Ci'v Coliepe
for a circular.entitle.i "A I'lain State
ment of Expenses" Tbe
ai-o caa be bad upon appliciinn,
Address the President, Isaac C Ket
; ler The winter term begins Nov.
—That you ebould ebut that
—That the people have discovered
that tbuy can always secure bargains
—Beautiful pictures at very low
prices at Miller Bros.' furniture store,
No. 19 Jefferson St.
—All wool Tricots, checks and fan
cy wove Dress Goods at 50 cents a
yerd at
—lce Cream made to order at the
City Bakery.
—That tbe best liue of Silks in
black and colors at
—Write to tba Principal of Sun
bury Academy fur catalogue and cir
—20,000 Beef Hides wanted, for
which highest Cash Price will be
paid by J. IT B. KEMPER, No. 20 i
Suutb Main St., IJutier, Pa.
Bargain:* i:i libsiikiHn i«nd Flan- 1
neis, heavy all wool Gray Blankets at
$3,50 a pair at
—That next Thursday is Thanks-;
giving day—
—For fresh Fruits, Oranges, Lem
j ons, Malaga Grapes and Crauberries,
1 go to Morrison's City Bakery.
—That the prices on Underwear at
! RITTER <t RALSTON'S is away below
; that of any iuruisniug fc oods bouse
| in Butler—
—Use Double All O K. Horse Lini
ment, best in the world. For swell
-1 ings, bruises, stiffness of joints, rheu
matism, lameness, sore shoulders,
ring-bone, sweeny and spavin; it has
jno equal. For sale by J. C. REDICK,
2-18-3 m. ISO, 5, N. Main St.
Butler, Pa.
—Go to Morrison's City Bakery
| for fine cakes aod ice cream.
—That you should be temperate
; in all things—
I —That the all-wool hose at 25 cts.
! at BITTER <t RALSTON'S is the great
est bargain iu Butler—
—All the latest conceptions in
Dress Trimmings, new Bead Orna
ments and Gimps, new Braid Orna
ments and Gimps, Bead Sets, Bead
Fronts, Panels &c. at
—That the Grey Undershirts and
drawers at 25 cents are a bargain at
—We have the largest, most vari
ed and best selected stock of Dry
Goods, Notions, Trimmings, Under
wear and Hosiery in Butler county.
Polite attention and lowest prices
No. 8. N. Main St.
—That the Sea', plush Soque3 at
sls are three dollars below the low
est advertised price for such Saques
ia Butler county, at
—Everybody will find it to tbeir
advantage to go to tbe City Bakery
for their bread, pies, cakes, etc.
—That the farmer now views his
turkeys with a business eye—
—Go to Morrison's City Bakery for
fresh Oysters and Oyster Stews.
—That the Cape-wraps for child- \
reu at $1.75 is the cheapest wrap'
ever shown in Butler couuty, at
—Waldheim Saxony Vara in all j
colors, our own importation. Full
liae of all kinds of yarns at
—Consult your own interests and
I examine our stock of furniture, uphol
j stored suits, chairs, mattresses, etc.,
| before purchasing. MILLER BRO'S.,
] No. I ft, Jefferson St.
—That Sunday, five weeks is
Christmas —
Ladies full length all wool Hose
at 25 cents, Missen' and Childrens'
all wool hose from 15 cents up at
—That if you want house-furnish
ing goods, we advise vou to go to
—See our $lB Plush coat at
—We are selling furniture lower
than it has ever before been sold in
Butler, and after using it you will
say that it is what we said it was,
otherwise no sale, at MILLER BBO'S,
No. 19 Jefferson St.
—That election bets have all been
—That if you cannot buy in day
light you can buy just as well at
night, with the splended lights furn
ished by the Wheeling Co. at
Full liue of Collars and Cuffs,
Ladies Black Silk Lace Ties, Ac.,
—That tho best 50 cent Kid glove
in Butler county is for sale at
—That when people pur
chase on'-e at RITTER & RALSTON'S,
tboy invariably return, as they dis
cover they can save money by pur
chasing at that place.
—Raglaus, tho latest shape in long
wraps at
—That there was considerable
"vest-pocket" voting done—
—That the ladies hava made up
their minds that they can buy hats
and bonnets, at several places in But
ler, but that when they want some
thing real tonev, they alwavs j?o to |
—A. No. I. all husk mattress, guar- j
anteed, not mixed with exceleer at a
lower figure than can be had else
where iu Butler, at Miller Bros',
furniture store, No. 10 Jefferson St.
—That we have 3000 yards of
ritaudard prints, that we will sell at
5 cents at
—That the "He's all whis
tle is the latest—
—That ashes on the street are i
—The and cheapest Light ant
Heavy Harness, made out of the bes
oak tanued leather; also a full lice o
I Blankets. Robes, Whips, Brushes
| Trunks, Valises, Traveling Bags.&c
! The best hide market iri the eountj
at J. & B KEMPER, 20 S Main St
1 Butler, Pa
—That our business men are mak
! in*? b £ preparations for Christmas—
—Now is your cLsiuce—Just re
; ceived the largest stock of Plusfc
coats, wraps, jackets and raglan?
ever brought to Butler. Prices lowei
| than ever at
—That you can buy good Canton
flinnne! at cents at
; —That the wise business man ad
! tises now—
| —That you can save money on any
purchases of Dry Goods, Carpets, Oil
j Cluths, Rugs, Drujjifetts,
Millinery, Trimmings, by makiug
your purchases at
—That by advice, this will be con
! tinued in nest week's issue by
—That the fellow who talks the
| most on a subject generally knows the
: least about that same—
The Be.-it Recommendation.
The high rank that the students of
Su ibury Academy take at teachers
examinations is the best possible rec
ommendation for the Academy,
If ymi want the highest price for
your UI'CKVVHEA fgo to George
Waltet'j Mill, Butler, Pa,
Prospect Academy.
December 6, 18*7; the winter term
of Prospect Academy beyiDS. All
regular branches taught each term.
Seed for a catalogue.
F. W, M AOEE. Principal.
Prospect, Pa,
For the next sixty days, in order
to reduce our stock, we will quote
special low prices on all our stock.
We have on hands thirty bed room
sets ranging from $lB to $l5O per
Thirteen upholstered parlor suits
ranging from $35 to $l5O per suit.
Parlor stands from $*2,50 to $lO.
Louncres from $2,50 to $25.
Hat racks from $8 to S3O.
Tabes from $1 25 to $lO.
Wash-stands from $2 to $lB,
Bureaus from $9 to $25-
Sets of chairs from $2.75 to sl6 per
Secretaries from sl6 to S4O.
Easy chairs, handsome pictures,
room ornaments, etc., auy of which
wonld make both useful and appropri
ate presents.
No. 19, Jefferson St,. Butler, Pa.
—That when Soiomon said "Van
ity, vanity, all is vanity" he was
looking at the members of a senior
class in a college posed for their
Sunbury Academy.
A very successful term of the San
bury Academy was closed last Fri
day. The winter term begins Tues
day, Nov. 29th and will continue 13
The highest cash price will be paid
for from 5,000 to 10,000 bushels of
rye, to be delivered at the store of
7-29-tf JACOB BOOS, Butler, Pa.
Hides Wanted.
1 will pay the highest cash price
for all kinds of hidet?, delivered at my
tannery at the north end of Washing
ton street, Butler. Pa.—No. 64.
Buckwheat Wanted !
TEN THOUSAND bushels of
; Buckwheat at, George Walter's Mill,
j Highest market price will be paid.
Butler, Pa.
Buckwheat Flour
Go to George Walter's Mill if yon
waut good buckwheat (lour.
—That bricklayers and carpenters
j are rushing workjthe finishing touches
j are beitg put to many new buildings;
aiid the prospect for the erection of
many houses next spring is very
Man's best and choicest provender
is the subject of our story: —Aud it is
an article for the production of which
Butler County has as fair a reputa
tion as any county in the State. It
is rained by the fanners of the county,
and it is selected, killed, dressed and
manufactured bv the butchers. Good
judgment is required in its selection,
aud the greatest of care and cleanli
ness in its preparation for the market,
and of all the men in the business in
Butler, none so excel in these particu
lars as does our friend, Mr. H. M.
Clark, wbope market is at No 25 8.
Main St. lie buys none but the best
of live stock, he has it prepared for
the market by the best of butchers,
his market is always neat and clean,
and his prices are as low as good
meats can be profitably sold at and
as low as those of any other firm iu
His slaughter house is iu charge of
Mr. George Hummer, than whom
there is no better, cleaner or more
particular butcher in the town. Geo.
takes a great pride in his work, and
is an exceptionally capable butcher,
as is well attested by the condition of
the meat he sends to the market, and
also by the quality of his smoked and
plain sausage, his pudding, head
obees>and bologna in the manufacture
of which he is quite au artist. Thirty
pounds of his smoked sausages were
shipped to Texas lately a fact
thai he is very proud of.
The very next time you want a
juicy and tender steak, or supply of
toothsome sausages, try
11. M CLARK'tJ.
II 11 tf.
Tuesday, Nov. 20, the Winter
Term opens, aud continues thirteen
weeks. The outlook for the term is ;
very promising.
Buildings new and commodious,
Instruction Thorough,
Influence the Beat aud
Expenses Low.
Write to the Principal ior catalogue
end circulirtj in regard to stmlie#,
rooms, &c Address
R. W. Principal,
Coult'erbville, Pa.
Absolutely Pure.
This t\>« di-r hever vanes. A marvel 0!
purity, slrentrtb and wholesoniencss. Vore
jionoiun.Ml that the ordinary kinds, and cm
not be -old in competition with the tnullilue
ol low tests, short w.-iirhi.alumn or phosphate
powders. Sold only in cans.
106 Wall Street N. Y.
Estate of Ellen Kiskaddon.
Letters of ad/n'r having been granted to
the under signed un the esiat>- of Ellen Kiskad
don. late of Allegheny tp P.titler, ( o. Pa. dee'd.
all persons knowing themselves indebted 10 said
estate will please make payment, and any
claims against said estate will present tliein dulv
authenticated for settlement.
Foxburg, I'a.
Notice is hereby given that Robe rt A
Brown committee of James 11. Bartley, a
lunatic, has hied his final account as c itnmit
tee of said lunatic in the office of the Pro
thonotary of the Court of Co amia Pleas ot
Butler county at M's. D. No. 8, June Term,
ISBO, aud that the same will he presented for
continuation on Wednesday, December 7,
j ISB7.
' WM. SHIEA, Proth'y.
Prothonotary's Office, So v. 7, ISS7.
Estate of Samuel MoClintock
Letters of administration having been grant
ed to the undersigned on he estate of Samuel
.MoClintock, dee d, late of Allegheny twp., Kut
ler county. Pa., all persons knowing themselves
Indebted to the above estate will please make
immediate payment, and any lwing claims
against said estate will present them duiy au
thenticated tor settlement.
Att'y. Six Points, Butler Co., Pa.
Notice in Divorce.
Anna 1., Kerrero bv her . Com. Pleas of Butler
next friend W T Mech -Co. A, 1). No6l .luneT
ling vs Eugene Kerrero. ) 15»7,t0 Eugene Kerrero
Respondent, take notice: Whereas a sub
poena in divorce have been returned N :E .1. In
the above case, the last of which was returned
Sept. Term lw>7. You aie hereby notified ami
required to appear before the said Court at But
ler. on the Ist day of next term, being Dec. ">th,
IS*7 to answer the Said complaint or show
cause if any you have why the praver of the pe
titioner should not be granted
Sheriff of Butler Co.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate ol Geo.W.Carnahan dee'd. Where
as letters of administration have been
granted to me, the undersigned, in the above
estate, notice is hereby given to all persous
indebted to said estate to call and settle,
and all persons having claims against said
estate will present the same duly authenti
cated lor payment. S. F. BOWSEIT,
Admr. of estate of G. W. Carnahan, dec'J.,
Bntler, Pa.
Estate of H. T. Merkel, Dee'd.
Letters testamentary on the estate of 11.
T, Merkel, E.-q. late of Saxonburg, Butler
county. Pa. having been granted to the un
dersigned, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please make
immediate payment, and any having claims
against said eslate will present thorn duly
authenticated for settlement.
Saxonburg. Butler Co. Pa.
Notice in Divorce.
In the matter of the petition of Thomas Wil
liams lor divorce from Ilarilett Williams.
A. D., No. 62, June Term, 1837. Subpoena re
turned N. E. I, Alias subpoena returned. De
fendant cannot be found In my bailiwick. So
answers Sheriff Kramar. .
To THE RESPONDENT— Harriett Williams: Y'ou
are hereby notllled to be and appear In your
proper person before our Judges, at Butler, at
a Court of Common Pleas, there to be held for
the county of Butler, in December, 1887, to an
swer the petition or libel of the said Thomas
Williams, and to show cause. If any you have,
wny the said Thos. Williams, your husband,
should not be divorced from the bonds of matri
mony, agreeably to the Act of Assembly in such
cases made and provided.
Widows' Appraisements.
The following appraisements of personal
property and real estate set apart for the bene
tlt of widows of decedents, have been Hied in
the office or the clerk of the orphans' Court of
Butler County, in accordance with the Act of
Assembly, viz:
Widow of Robert A. Patterson Moo 00
" Za- liarlah 11. Conn 167 00
.. ' McCall 134 95
H He*ry ;. Miller 298 50
t- ray lor (real estate) :ioo ou
'■ Allison Thompson lao 00
" liernard McLaughlin :ioo 00
" Neal McDevitt :soo ou
" Abner Kelly 298 00
Geo. W. Caruahan(realty) :sno ou
All persons Interested In above appraisements
will take notice that they will be presented to
the Orphans' Court of Butler county, for confir
mation, on Wednesday, the 7th day of Decem
ber, 1887.
Road Reports.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
road reports have been confirmed nisi by thw
Court and will be presented on the nrst Wed
nesday of December, being the 7th day of the
month, IKS 7. If no exceptions are tiled they will
be continued absolutely.
It. I). No 1. June Session, 188", Iu re petition
for a over suulli brunch or .Slipperyrock
creek. at the place where the public road from
Cenirevllle to Sunbury crosses sai l creek,ln the
township or i 'herry, In llutler county, August
31st, lss7. viewers report tin; bridge necessary
and that the erection thereof will require more
expense than Is reasonable the township of
Cherry should bear, and dlu locate the site
thereof, and that no change Is necessary In the
course or bed of tin-public road to be connect
ed with said bridge. Sept. 7. lxxv. approved,
notice to be given according to to rules or court.
It. I). No. ■> June Sessions, i*s7, iu re petition
to vat-ale a public load running Houlu from a
road leading from the Pittsburg and Franklin
to White oak Spring road. Aug 4. ls»7, viewers
r«pori road not necessary for a public road and
hav etherefore vacated the same. Sept 7 A.l>
1887. approved.
R 1> No 3. June Sessions, 1887. In re petition
for a county bridge In Adams township, over
| Wolf creuk. In said township,at the place where
the public highway toCallery Junction crosses
the x.ild creek. July 11. 1887, viewers report the
bridge prayed lor Is necessary, and that the
erection or the same will require more expense
than Is reasonable that the township of Adams
should bear, and did locate the site thereor ror
a county bridge and that no change Is necessa
ry In the course or bed of the public road to be
connected with .said bridge. Mcpt 7, iss7. ap
proved, notice to be given according to rules of
15Y TIIK ConiT.
i HI)NoS, In re petition for public road to lead
front a point on the TUree JJegree road at or
near where the line of lands of James I'erry mid
John Hart lug Intersects with said Tlireo lie
groe road, In Adams towns nip, (o a point on
Pittsburg and Uutlcr n>acl. at or near the dwell
ing house of Win lluines, in Adams township,
Sept o, i*s7, viewers report road prayed for Is
necessary anil have therefore laid out the same
tor public use anil report the probable cost of
making said road tube tweuty-llve dollars and
that said cost should be borne by the township,
and thai the damages asses.ud should lie paid
by the county and have assessed the following
damages and none to an.v others, viz: To Win.
ilUtnoS, tin. Sept. 7, |sa7, Approved, ujj'i iix
Wit]ill of I'oad u\ ,xi f»M i. jiotl<;o to be irlven no
curding to rules of court.
„ ~ IJV TIIE COt'ltT,
Certified from the Record this 3d dav of No
vember. ls*7. K. MCELVAIN, Clerk,
•: • A* _ L ;
Tut«l for One Vear, 9157.10.
C'hainiieriain Institute, itamiilph, N. Y.
Located on th« X. Y. P. & O. It'. It."
Kfttuliliwhml 37 Yearn.
A school for both sexes. Well endowed and
equipped. Property $100,000.00. Steam
heat, spring water, perfect drainage, [elev
en teachers In addition to regular Acad
emic Departments,possesses t jjin ■■■.ervial al
lege and Musical Institute. \Vlnter teriu
Opens Dec. j;;. and at>. Mprltu
Tcru cy .ns Starch U0 and close* .(nnn u,
lev'. A (111 reus for catalogue or information.
08. J. T. KOWAUDS, Randolph, N Y.
WANTED —LADY Artlv ® m, i I'ltciiiMa, h
iwirtw.' U.IY s iiflya-,
HAUPKU'S M ACIAZIKE IS an orjran o( lirosTeS!"-
nv thought at.d movement in every depart ment
or lire. Kesldeßotberatintrtlons.lt will con
tain. during !be coming rear. important -•«
clt s. suporblj Illustrated. 111 the Great ;West:
articles on American and foreign luuu i ,;
beautifully Illustrate;! papers on -otlatid. N >'r
way. Switzerland. Algers. an:l the We.-d In
, dies; new levels by Wililum t'.luck and V> I.
; Hon ells; novelettes, each complete In a slimle
l.umlei. ly Henry .tames. Lafcadlo Ileern. and
I Ainelle Hives; sluit Merles in Miss Wools .n
i ai.d ot ;er"| o ular wr tvr ;an Illustrate 1 pa;..-
of special article und literary Interest. The
IMi'oral Departments are conducted by (ieorge
Wililom Curtis. William Dean llowells an;
j Charles Dudiey Warner.
Per Year:
| HARl'r-lt'S YOCNU I'EO.'LE 2 0-)
Postage Free lit all subscribers in the Unit
ed States, Canada or Mexico.
The volumes of the MAGAZINE begin with the
Numbers ror June an I December of eael» year
When no time is speeined. subscrlpi lons will be
gin with the Number current at t:m; of receipt,
ot order.
Bound volum -s of IIAKPEB'S MAGAZINE, for
three yea- s back, In neat cloth, will be seat by
mail, post paid 011 receipt or f:i 01 per vol'itn
C'loth Cases, for blLding, ao cents tacU—b, mall,
Index to HARPER'S MAGAZINE. Alphabetical,
Analytical, and Classified, for Volumes 1 to 7.i
Inclusive, from June. ls;o to June, ls*j, one vol,
Bvo, Cloth. $4 00.
Remittance should be made by Post-Office
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this advertise
went without tke express order 0/ iiAKPtiK &
New York.
HARPER'S WEEKLY has a well established
p. ice as the leading Illustrated newspaper in
America. The fairness of its editorial com
ments on current politics has earned lor It the
respect and contldence of all impartial readers,
and the variety and excellence of Its literan
contents, which Include serial and short stories
by the best and most popular writers, tit, it for
the perusal of people of the widest range ot
tastes and pursuits. Supplements are frequent
ly provided- arid no expense Is spared to bring
the highest order of artistic ability to bear upon
the illustration of • he changerul p'hases of home
and foreign history. la all Its features HAR
PER'S WEEKLY IS admirably ADAPTED to be a
welcome guest In every household,
Per Year:
Postage free to all s.tlscribt rs in the Un ited
States, Canada, or Me* ,'eo.
The volumes of the WEEKLY begin with the
first Number for January of each vear. When
110 time is mentioned, subscription's will begin
with the Number current at time of receipt of
Hound volumes of HAP.PEK'S WEEKLY, for 3
years back, in neat do: li binding, will lie sent
by mail, post! ge paid, or by expi ess. free of ex
pense (provided the freight does not exceed one
dollar per volume). lor $7 00 per volume.
C'loth cases for each volume, suitable for bind
ing, will be sent by mall, post-paid, on receipt of
ti uo each.
Remittances should be made by l'ost Office
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss,
Neuspaptrs are not to copy this advertise
ment without the express order of 11AKPKit ic
llltOTll KKS.
Address. JLAIIRZU 4 BROTHERS, New Y'ork
IIAKPEH'H UAXAK IS a home Journal. It coin
bines choice literature and fine art Uustratlons
with the latest Intelligence the .fash
lons. Each number has clever serial and short
stories, practical and timely essays, bright
poems, humorous sketches, etc. Its pattern
sheet ami fashion-plate supplements will alone
help ladles to save many times the cost of the
subscription, and papers on social etiquette,
decorative art. house-seeping In all Its branches
cookery, etc., make it useful in every house
hold. and a true promoter of economy, Its edi
torials are marked by good sense, and not, a line
is admitted to its columns that could offend the
most fastidious taste.
Per Year:
Postage Free to all subscribers in the United
Stales, Canada, or Mexico:
The volumes of the BAZAK begin with the first
Number for January of each year. When no
time Is mentioned, subscriptions will begin with
the Number current at time of receipt of order.
Hound Volume" of HAKPKR'H RAZAK. for three
years back, In neat cloth binding, will be sent
by mall, postage paid, or by express, free of ex
pense (provided tlio freight does not exceed one
dollar per volume), for i~ oo per volume.
Cloth Cases for each volume, suitable for bind
ing. will be seat by mall, post-paid, on receipt
of *1 00 each.
Remittances should be made by Post Ofllce
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this advertise
ment without the express order of lIAItI'KK it
Address HAKI-EK & BROTHERS, New York.
An Illustrated Weekly.
HAKPER'H YOCNO PEOPI.F. interests all voting
readers by lis carefully selected Variety or themes
and their well-considered treatment. It con
tains the best serial and ahort stories, valuable
articles on scientific subjects and travel, histori
cal anil biographical sketches, papers on athletic
sports and games, stirring poems, etc., contrlb.
uled by the brightest and most famous writers-
Its Illustrations are numerous and excellent
Occasional Supplements of especial Interest to
Parents and Teachers will be a feature of the
forthcoming volume, which will comprise llrty
three weekly numbers- livery line In the paper
Is subjected to the most rigid editorial scrutiny
in order that nothing harmful may enters its
An epitome of everything that. is attractive
and desirable in Juvenile llteruture.—•Boston
A weekly feast of good tilings to the boya and
girls in every family which It v|sttn.- Brooklyn
it is wonderful in Its wealth of pictures, infor
mation, and Interest. "Christian Advocate,'
TKBMS: Postage Prepaid, $2.00 Per
Vol. IX. begins Not cmbcr 1, ISS7.
Specimen Copy sent on receipt of u two-cent
single Numbers, rive Cents each.
Kewlttanoes should be made by l«ost ofllce
Money Order or Draft, to avoid chauce of loss.
Newtpupers ure «iut to ropy this adrerlite
merit without the exprttu order of MAlli'Klt <S
Address UAKI-KK &. HIIOTUKKS, New York.
Notice in Partition.
Ju Ue Partition of the Uoal Estato of Sara
B. fcowaer, deo'd.
O. C., No. 01, March Term, 18S7.
p1, ,3 Inquisition tiled in the
ofllce of Clerk of Orphans Court under the
baud and seal of the Sheriff of Butler oountv
reuii a.
And now to-wit; 20th, 1887, on mo
tiojj of \V ilhauiw *k Mitchell, attorney* for
Leira ot Sarah B. Fowzer, dee'd, the Court is
requested to grant a rule on the beirw of
Sarah B. Fowzer to appear on the first Moo
day of Dec. 1887, iu Butler, Pa., at au Or
phana Court then and there to foe holdeu and
uocepl or refuse the premises at the valuation
publication of thin rule to be made ON to Hen
rietta Fowaer.
Attorneys for Heirs.
And now, Sept. 20, 1887, motion granted.
To Petty Kramer, Sheriff of Butler County,—
(Jreetinij :
We command you that you make known to
James L). Fowzer, the p-titloner; Ruhuri B
Fowzer, retiding ut Butler, Fa ; Charles B.
Fowzer, residing at Butler, Pa > Sadie B.
Fowzer, intermarried wltU Newton Culhbert
residing at lilairaviiie, Pa., and Henrietta
r owzer. te.ulenoe unknown, the contents of
tlitf within order of Court aud rule them and
every of them to be aud appear before the
Judges of the Orphans Court of Huller Co.,
Pa., ou the firm Mouday of December, 1887,
being the filth day then)"!', to accept the
within premises at the valuation or show
cause why the *arii« hhould not be sold, and
make ruiurn how you have served this writ.
Witness the honorable \aron L. HKZHU,
President Judge of our s«id Courl at Butler
this l.'tb day of Octojper, 18RT.
&ICfeV'4l>'. Ci«irk.
(fine frdene getegenljeU
951 <t m ttti»t f>
Sticfcl- unb Sdjulj-j^aus.
©enn fic uir gair fotntnen, fie nid)t ootjufpred&en bei unß,
um bie grcfeen bargains racldie irtr geben in ©tiefeln unb ©d>uf)en ju
priifen. 2Nan ben nidjt, 910. 22 ©iib 2Rain ©tr. Sutler,
Tie grijfctc Stuerral)! in ©tiefeln, ©d&uljen unb ©umtni»€>c{>uf)en,
fiit }>rcife bie ©ie überrafdjen toerben. 2Bir ftnb im 6ntft.
©efdjiifte mitflTen gemadjt roerben
biefc§ ©patjaljr, bcjj[jalb ftnb bie 'iPreifen fo baft fie 9?iemanb
uDertreffen !ann, ipenn fie cin genauer Aiiufcr ftnb fiir baar fo !auft
-_oHar tttefyr in nteincm Sabctt ate in irgenb eincm aniberen in Sutler
(bounty. Um biefco ju leiueifen
£efe Die foil)end* lire is It fie
Somen finopf ©c&ufje 90, SI.OO, $1.25, u. $1.60
| tfrauen jinopf ©djube 75, 90, SI.OO u. $1.25
amber Sitopf ©cfiiiljc 10. 25, 50, u. 75 centi
i Somen SBafferbit&te ©(§ulje mit ©cfcuiiren 75, 90, SI.OO u. $1.25
tvrauen 23afierbic6te „ „ 60, 75, 90, u. SI.OO
, fiinber 88afferbic§te „ „ „ 25, 50, 60, u. 75
unfc vide
SBanner feine ©djulje SI.OO, $1.25 u. $1.50
: Snaben feine Scfntlje 75, $1 00 u. $1.25
Siiinner unb Sna&en 9Ultag3 s ©cf)u{)e 75, SI .00 u. $1.25
j sftanner Sip ©tiefe! $1.50, SI.BB, S2 00 u. $2.50
finaben Jhp ©ticfel SI.OO, $1.20, $1.40 u $1.75
j 3u*fllinge jtip ©ttefel 75, 90, SI.OO u. $1.25
Ser 9iaum tnirb eo nidit geftaticn bie an alle 3Baa«n angubeuten,
aber fonmtt ju ntir unb id) null Gudj berroeifen ba& i«b c(3 erfte ftlaffe
2£aaren uerFanfe tntb 311 sreifen »bllig s io niebriger, ate irgenb ein
sau§ tn Sutler Goutttg.
Dnujrtjiunitter fiir Pofion (summt=Sdjitlje.
SJidnner <3ttmmi=Sliefel, Softon Jvabrif . $2.35
SMwner ©djnalien SirticS, " " 1.00
2llle anbere ©ummt:3s?aat en gerabe fo biHtg.
©djufjen unb ©tiefeln rcerbm auf 33efteHung gemast.
Sine grofje Sluoroaljl uon felbftDcrfertigten Gcljutjen unb ©tiefeln imtner an sanb.
3leparirung ju majjigen sreifen. Seber uni sinbing«.
30I) n33 idte I, 22 sustain Sit., Sutler, Jin. j
B. _& B.
Sty Goods end Winter Wraqs,
Hayii>£ ?ilade recently a number of very ad
vantapoous puchasrs—closing eu\, wo
axe oflcrmff now, In our <l!fT'rt;nt
valueswbk-h hawvor been c.\ riled. 'IT. *se
anil will repav voiir examination. either person
ally or I- samples through imr M.-il Order De
part \vV foel convinced iliat your inter
ests will te advanced by an investigation before
making purchases of your Fail and Winter sup
plies. Only a very i'ew of ihe.-c extra bargains
now 011 sale can he ineniionvi' ill u ?• ini cd space
such as this card. bti? our illustrated la 11 ami
Winter fat:il(.;:u:>. iiil'.i- much valuable in
formation as lo styli k, values, etc., lor j4T.itin—
tons distribution, is now ready, and will he sent
free ttpou request i i postal ;u>y :ul I -:, it
Is gotten up for the benefit of oui- out-of-town
pal i ons.
Opened to-day—2no Kobe Patterns' line.ser
vieealde. Imported clmii. li. all color . vards
plain and ."> yards faucv stripes at ?8.:o for Hie
complete Pattern Dress. These ltobes have
been sold tills season at -*2 O.
Another lot of Fancy lioba Patterns < r Habits
goods of line Dnpoted Series, in foil iine of
colors, with elegant Krai'led I'anel and Garoi
tiite—Vest. C'nffs and Coil irs—i;riee ••s.r/j each.
Contains it yds. double-width (foods. lieal
value S-0
Both of above special offerings consist of
about 100 Suit Patterns of ea it. and th"rc will
be no more, as this closes the Importation.
too pes. Fancy Scotch Skirtings :i;i inches in
width, in large iis.-oitment .if Fancy strip*-s. at
50 cents, formerly it.so. and never sold for less
before Elegant goods.
32 inch all-wool Fancy Suitings. :soe.
36 ln'-li all-wool Fancy Suitings, :;.">c.
38 inch all-wool Fancy Suitings, 15, 50c.
50 inch Serges. 45c.
50 inch Cloth Suitings, 45c.
Kfl inch iloth Suiting, w.
50 inch Cloth Suitings, 50, 75.85 c, 51.t0.
French Suitings. 10, 50, 75, two, -1 ir>.
Sfi inch Tricots, 4".c.
50 inch Tricots, 50, use.
52 inch Tricots, 75c to $1.50.
Winter Wraps, Cloaks, etc.
Most complete nssort'iien of Laities', Misses'
and children's Wraps, in all manlier of style-,
from finest Seal Skins flown to common and
cheap grides to suit all tastes and without
question at lowest possible prices. Vour wants
and itle:is will he fully met by emiuiiinx here
for your Winter Wraps, and money .saved lor
other purposes. We lieileve Hie interests of
customers and merchants are identical,
115,117,119,121 Federal St,
Allegheny Pa.
I\ S.—Write our ?J ail Order Hcpartmeut for
samples and information.
Executor's Sale of
My virtue of a decree of the Orphans' Court
of (Sutler county, at O. C. No. .»7 Sept. term,
1887, Authorizing ujeso to do, I will expose
to Public Sale, on the premises in Jacktiou
tp., saiil uounty and Slate, a< Executor of the
last will and testament of Andrew S. /ieirler.
dee'd, on
Thursday, Nov. IJ. 1887,
At 11 o'clock a.m., the following described
real estate, viz: Bounded on the noriii l>y
lands of John llerr, Joseph Stault'er an.l
James MeCurdy; 011 the ea;t by lands of
James MeCnrdy, John (jioehring, John fore
man and Win. Lulx; ou the youth by lan Is of
C. A. Pahvant, Win. Luta and John 1 'ore
man, urn) ou the west l»y lauds of Jai-ob
Koeher, Henry Kocher and John Herr.
and 3{l perches as iier survey made l>y A
Sitler. 3
Terms of Sale—One-half purchase money
on continuation of kalo, and the balance in
one therefrom seeured by bond and mort-
11-4-.lt WM. F. WlLD,Executor.
Books and Periodicals^
Wall Paper,
Eagle Building, Main St.,
BUTLER. - - *\A. f
Wi'Uyslclans' Prescriptions carefully c 0...-
pouudei!, anil orders answered with ea:e ana
dispatch. OurstocK of liicillrlnes Is complete
warranted !_»uulno, and of the host, quality.
45 S' nth Main Street,
S CJTHjEJ £?/, ■
HOBOS;* 1 '
No oiieration or Imsini -■ ■ • Thou- ;it.d> of
cures. At Kv;.sloiie ,v.-!!sf, .'<• irll. u. I'a . I'nJ
sayinjaiy «lt «?ucb nioLfth. •■eU'l lor circulars.
A'Jvlct free.
1887 1888
Fall and Winter
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Fall and Winter.
1887 1888