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FRIDA Y. APRIL 15. 18S7.
New Advertisements.
Trustee's Sale—Estate of R. W. Haberling. i
Bargain Store—A. L. Robinson.
Clothing—J. Klee A Co.
Agents Wanted—P. J. Fleming A Co.
New Locals— Stock's Stoves and Ranges,
Bahny's clothing.
The birds with carols hail the dawn,
Tbe morning comes 'they say),
The goat is browsing on the lawn.
hop-scotcb school girls play.
The sun is drying up the ground,
Thdßjur's no more obscured,
The iiisball umpire's looking round
To get his life insured.
—Have you got the spring fever ?
—The new natural gas burners are a suc
—Men and brethren ! we are standing on
the brink of another base-ball season.
—The robins now begin to chirp at 5 a. m.
and day breaks shortly after.
—AH persons implicated in the Xew Cas
tle deceased meat scandal have been held for
—A number of new advertisements in our
columns claim the attention of our readers
this week.
—A bill lo remunerate school directors
has been introduced ihto the State Legisla
—The trial of Dave Kiug for the murder
J. C. Davis, will begin at Clarion next
—Messrs John Campbell. W. H. H. Riddle
and Judge Hazen have purchased the hill
side north of Riddle's place, and propose
seeding it for pasture.
—The Plate Glass Co. has purchased 11
acres of the Heim farm, east of the works,
looking towards anenlargment of their plant
in the future.
—The Butler Glass Co. proposes building
another prescription-bottle works adjoining
their present works, provided the Improve
ment Association will donate the lot.
—America ahead all round ! and or
der prevails in the South and West, and
liberty is re-established in Michigan and in
Butler county.— Kittanuhuj Globe (Dem.)
—The horse-thief is loose in south Butler
township, aud horses have lately been taken
from the stables of Messrs. Bredin and Grat
—Anybody who want* it, can get about a
thousand loads of good fertilizing dirt from
around the Court House by applying to the
—Two old gray-headed drunken men be
ing guytd by crowds of men and boys, was
"fun alive" on Main street Wednesday af
—lf you would avoid zymotic diseases
like scarlet fever, clean up your premises,
use lime freely. and above all things, be sure
that your supply of drinking water is pure.
—The weather this week has been lovely,
as we all know, but the farmers say that rain
is needed to save the wheat. The mercury
has been ranging between 70 and HO.
—The sale of the Shenango A Allegheny
railroad, which was to have taken place last
week, was adjourned until Tuesday, the 19th
—The exhibition given by the children of
the German Catholic church in the Opera
Ilause Monday evening, was well attended,
and was great ly appreciated by. tbe audience
The children all did well.
—Dr. Frank Winter, of Allegheny City,
formerly of Zelienople, has been arrested on
serious charges preferred by a German girl,
and will have a hearing to-day. The Dr.
says it is a case of blackmail.
—Mr. Mohr, the man arrested for forgery
al Harmony some days ago, is yet skirmish
ing arouod for his SSOO bail, and eveiybody
seems to be resting easy in the matter.
There is said to be some doubt of the man's
—Tbe anti Randall Democrats are having
high times over tbe rami r that Cleveland is I
is aboth to make a clean sweep in tbe Penn
sylvania offices; and that no Randall men
need apply.— Ex.
—A counterfeit on the new nickel five
cent piece of 1887 is being extensively cir
culated. It is almost all lead, and the letters
"rty" of the word "liberty" are entirely ob
"" —The new ordinance regarding side walks,
requires all board walks to to be constructed
of oak inches thick, cut in four
or six foot lenflns, According to the width ol
m the street, and laid across either three or
■ four oak stringers, each four inches square.
V —The Sunday edition of the Pittsburg
f Dinpatrti al way » consist* of sixteen pages of
" the best reading matter going, and it has at
tained a circulation of 3SOOO copies. The
Daily D.npalck is a complete newspaper, and
the publishers claim, both for it •on 'h*
Sunday, tbe largest circulation of any pa
per in tbe Sute outside of Philadelphia.
—A young lady of the South Side, Pitts-
Durg, who had a wealth of golden hair,
reaching below ber waist, was chloroformed
and robbed of it at her own home Tuesday
afternoon, by a veiled woman who pretend
ed to be peddling hair crimpers.
—The government chemists have found
fresh proof* that the world is hollow and our
spices stuffed with sawdust. Fortunately
this is a matter that can ire easily remedied.
Spice mills do not cost much; let every fam
ily get oac and grind its own spices. Only
the ground spices are adulterated.
At the quarterly examination of pupils in
Allegheny schools last week, the follow
one .)/ tbe questions: Divide .001 by
V|ll' multiply tbe result by 10 millionths;
Miv'ide by 10 millioas, add .001 and multiply
Fthe /esult by 100.00001.
—There are some Butler county names in
/ the list of the Panhandle railroad employes
arrested in I'itUburg last Saturday night, but
they may not be natives of this county. The
plunder of the gang is estimated to be worth
from two to three hundred thousand dollars,
and the stealing has been going on for years.
—MUs Mollie Gilkey has purchased t'l
feet of the property from W. C.
Thompson for S2OOO. and Geo. Kettcrcr the
other let of 22 feet between his building and
the lot for *2OOO. Mr. I.J. McCandless ha*
2a feet adjoining to the south, and the*#
l "~three parties will builJj together, and imme
diately, a two story brick business block.
—The Haley property at Washington and
W. Pearl street, was partitioned by a sher
iff's jury last Friday a* follows: The hous*
and lot Ironting on Washington street werr
aspraised nt -iW'A), the corner lot at &i r <o, and
the and lot fronting on Pearl street at
$.7)0. The farm in Butler township was ap
praised at |.VJ per acre.
—Sharpers arc traveling in some parts of
the country soliciting people to place their
signature* to a pledge not to destroy any
song bird*, the signatures are subsequently
added to promissory notes, which by some
means get into tbe banks, leaving the signer
to pay a neat little sum. It is necessary that
the peoplo should be exceedingly wide
awake nowaday* in order to avoid becoming
i the victims of the übiquitous swindler.
—There are no telescopes In Butler county,
but yet it may interest some of our readers to
know tlat Mr. H. 11. Warner, of Rochester,
N. Y., oflVrs a reward of SIOO each for every
new cornet discovered during the coming
year. The comet of 1815 is expected,
and people whose eyes are as good as tele
scope* and who know something about the
heavens, should keep this proffered reward
ID view.
—While there's life there's hope. The
following obituary notice appeared in the
Pennsylvania Gazelle, of 1 eb. 1, 17'J4: —
Klixabetli-Town (New Jersey), January 23,
1714. Last Friday departed this life Miss
Mary Kldrington, an old virgin, in the lOi'th
year of her sge, she was of an ancient family,
born at Kldrington Hall, in Northumberland
Old Kngland, and on the next day she was
decently interred It St. John's church yard
at Klizabeth-T^f n. It is remarkable that
notwithstanding ber great age, she was desir
ous of getting a husband before she died; and
not two years since, nothing would offend
her so highly a*-£> tell her that she was too
old to be marrie'P
—Mis* Ktinice Wallace, a woman over
forty year/, of sge, was arrested by Sheriff
Kramer lest Thursday ,on a charge of lar
ceny, preferred by Mr. Casper Iteichert, of
Oakland township. A week or so previous
to that, a vest in one of the pockets of which
Mr. Reichert bad placed SOO, was taken from
bis bed.room, and although be suspected
Mia* Wallace of the theft, she denied it, and
be could not prove It. On Thursday he
came to town and procured a search warrant
and put It in the bands of tbe sheriff, who
drove out and searched the bouse and premi
ses, and finding nothing, arrested the woman
and started for Butler with ber, wheu she
agreed to give up the money. They then
went to a Mr. Smith's near by, where a
niece of Miss Wallace iiyes, and got 170
which Miss W. said was all she bad, and the
sheriff brought ber to town and put her in
lail, though she was balled on Saturday by
ber brother, who lives in Karns City. The
T«t WM found la the well.
C. A. Sullivan for use vs. John A. Goetz—
April 7, verdict for the plaintiff for . J
Elizabeth Rice by Jacob W. Rice vs. The
Borouzh ot Bntler—April 8, verdict for the
plaintiff for -rllS-Tj.
John Donaldson vs. The Rorou?h of Butler
—April 'J, verdict for the defendant.
John Donaldson and wife vs. The Boro of
Butler—April verdict for the de 'eudaut.
Miller Hutchison vs. Robert A. Brown— j
April e, case settled by the partiss.
William Arthurs for use t.f G. A. Madson
vs. Jacob Eyman and Michael Gillespie, j
Adm'rs of Ann Eymau, dec'J, et n! -Sei. F<s.
Sur. mortgage—April 12, verdict for the j
plaintiff for
The oasKrs of Wm. Connelly et a! vs. James
Panton et al, were continued till the 25th
inst. at costs of defendants.
A motion for a new trial in the else of
Rice vs. Butler boro, was entertained and
ordered lo be placed on the argument li-t.
Mr. David Harbison had a Jiiearing before |
the court last Monday on a charge of surety j
of the peace, preferred by Elizabeth Harbi
son, but after hearing three witnesses the ;
court adjudged him insane, committed him ,
to Dixmont, certified him to Fairview town ;
ship, and directed a rule to issue to the over- j
saers of the poor of said township. Saeriti' i
Kramer took Harbison to Dixmont next j
Eanice Wallace has been returned to j
court lor larceny, and R. F. Mortimer for ,
Register and Reorder Byerl/ recorded
twenty-three deeds and mortgages la«t Tues
John F. Negley has deeded 7 r J acres in
Buffalo to R. W. Dawson for £5300, Andrew
Ulrich has deeded 47 acres in Forward to
John Rabeiser for S3BOO, Wru. Feigel has
deeded property in Butler to Win. Denny for
#2500, Elizabeth Ray property in Butler Jto
Sarah Ray for S6OO, Heirs of Martiu Holler
man property in Harruony to John Iloller
man for >4ll, same to A. B. Pieper property
in same for .> r .50, J. R- Suecop tt al have
deeded 100 acres in Jeffc-r»on to Earnest
Montag for j."x;so, Tho<- Critchlow has sold
property in B'itler to W. S. McCrea for
Letters of administration were granted to
Josiab Coovert oa estate of Lelanl K. Coov
The will cf Albert G. Boyd was probated
lajst Tuesday and letters to Mrs. Elizabeth
Mr. Thoa. Brown, of Buffalo township, has
beeu appointed janitor ol the Court House.
Richard Jrvit et al have deeded cjal land
in Butler county to the Mercer Coal Co. lor
$1,230,000, and tike Coal Co. has external a .
mortgage to Thos. Powell Fowler, trusted lor
J. F. Shaffer, adnj'r, has deedid property
in Harmony to Philip Kraedel for Juo.
Williamson has deeded 170 a'-res in (.'lay to
Nancy A. Sutton for $3090, B. Kost has
deeded 50 acres in Butler twp. to M. lleim
for S3OOO, K. L. Shunter has deeded 42 acres
in Summit to Anna Spiunewcaver for >3IOO.
Letters testamentary were granted to J. M.
Leighner Wednesday, on estate ol Isaac
Kelly of Prospect.
The will of John Mcßride was probated
April 8 and no letters.
Marriage Licenses.
John Adam Fisher Jefferson twp
Clardena Schroat Jefferson twp
Henry J. Lang Saxonburg
Lydia P. Dreschei Saxonburg
James 11. Gallagher Lancaster twp
Loraine SitJer Jackson twp
Walter L. Fleming and Julia '/•. McCor
raiok applied for a license last week, hut
were refused on account of Walter not hay
ing a divorce frotn his former wife, and it is
*sid they have gone to York state.
—We call attention of our merchants to
the advertisement of J. Klee & Co., 811 Lib
erty St., Pittsburg, and »iJ< and Gi), Broal
way, New York. This House manufactures
its great line of clothing, from chillreos' up
to mens'; altogether in their New York
house where its facilities for constantly se
curing new Ktyles is unequalled by any
other Pittsburg house. It is the oldest in
this line in Pittsburg, and are in fact among
the pioneers of this country. In their stock
you can find everything in the way of ready
made clothing which surpass in manufacture,
cut and trimming* any goods made in Pitts
burg. We cm recommend this house as of
undoubted reliability, and merchants will do
themselves credit to inspect their stock.
—A committee of our T.<wn Council is
now visiting every section of our town, and
making a note of every defective board walk,
and all the owners will receive due notice to
repair their walks With two suits a week
against the borough for darrnges by reason
of defective walks, this action of the Council
is taken none too soon. There seems to be
some defect in the law regarding side *alks,
which interferes with the Council enforcing
their ordinances regarding them, but by giv
ing legal notice to tbe owners of these defec
tive walks, the responsibility is thrown up in
them, and people in jured by reason of de
fects in walks will bring suit against the
owner* of the property. It is a poor rule
that don't woik both ways, and equity will
remedy the law.
—One of our citizens was caged the other
day for abusing his wife, and a contemporary
suggest* that be was celebrating the license
victory. This may have been ;the case, for
men of a naturally sour disposition are made
more sour by liquor, and in that condition,
they generally seek their best friends to
quarrel with. Men of a sweet disposition,
however, are made sweeter by liquor, and in
that condition are as full of fun as a frollick
ing kitten. They never quarrel with peo
ple, and particularly with their wives, save
when the wive* arc fractious or obstinate,
and the very worst thing a man—be he
either s-<ber or drunk—can do to a fractious
wife is to beat her. Better by far, bastinado
her with your tongue, be-thurnp her with
words—quote Shafeecpeare at her—an un
failing remedy, Quote Shakespeare at your
fractions wife and nhe is bound to become as
coy and gentle as a sucking dove.
Death of Mrs. Mathias Bowser.
We regret to announce the death of
Mrs. Mathias Bowser, which occur
red this morning at ber residence in
Manor township. Mrs. Bowser was
the relict of the late Mathias Bowser,
and the mother of Frank Bowser,
Esq , of Butler. J. S. Bowser, of this
place, Marlin Bowser, a well-known
teacher, and Dallas Bowser, who re
sides on tho farm, ifer death was
caused by pneumonia. She was an
estimable woman, and her death has
caused deep sorrow in the family.—
Kitlanninrj Free, Press.
The Tenth Annual Convention of
the Butler county Sabbath School
Association will convene at Harmony
on Monday, June fith, at 7:30 p.m.,
and close the following Wednesday
afternoon. All interested in Sabbath
School work are invited to attend and
take part, superintendents of schools
will please see that delegates and re
ports are sent to convention.
Entertainment has been provided
for all. rates on Rail
roads. I'rograms will be sent out in
due time. For further particulars,ad
Butler, I'a.
or H 8. DAUBENSI'F.OK, Sec.
IJruin, I'a.
A Strange Libel Case.
The little barber of Harmony, nam
ed Chan. Simmons, had a hearing be
fore Esq. Walker Wednesday after
noon on a charge of libel, preferred
by his father-in-law, Mr. Christian
Siebert, now of Franklin, I'a , and
not being able to secure the 0 bail
required, was committed to jail.
Simmons, who appears to be a weak
minded sort of a person, married a
daughter of Siebert same years ajro,
and has for some time entertained the
idea that his father-in-law has at va
rious times since his marriage been
criminally intimate with bis wife, or
in other words been guilty of incest,
so he sat down and wrote out bis
ideas in a little passbook and mailed
it to a Mr. A. B. Whitman, of
Creek township, Venango county.
Whitman gave the book to Siebert,
and hence the charge.
Rev. L L Luse, a former Kr.e
county clergyman, who was recently
taken to Nebraska to answer a charge
of peijury, has been acquitted, the
jury returning a verdict in twenty
minutes afrer hearing the evidence
It was developed in the trial that
Luse was being prosecuted in revenge
by a man whom he hid jailed at one
time for some offense. He will re
turn to Erie co'inty and resume h;s
charge as one of the ministers of tbe
M. E. Conference.
—Youngstown attorneys have
agreed to close their ofli-'es from July
Ist to August 15tb. A party is be
ing made up to spend tLe vaction in
a trip to Europe.
—ln Heaver county court, Satur
day, Judge Wickham decided that
the Citizens' Gas Company should
sive an indemnity bind of £5,000 to
the Rochester Tumbler Works before
they could lay their pipes in the
neighborhood of the company's fac
—Mrs W Maybray, of Xew Cas
tle, after long years of suffering with
spinal trouble, considera herself about
cured by faith. She says her pain
left herduriug a vision which follow
ed earnest prayer Rev. J. Ilerron,
of Trinity church pronounces her sin
cere and the case wonderful.
While chopping at a "wood bee"
in Summerhill township, Crawford
county, Saturday afternoon, a falling
tree struck the ax of Guerney Baker,
driving it into bis skull to the helve.
Ilia back and both legs were broken.
Deceased was a veteran soldier and
leaves a wife and live children in des
tilutc circumstances.
While in the midst of an exciting
trial in the Clearfield court, according
to the Ilajlxmen'a Journal, two tele
graph boys rushed into the court
room and handed each of the two op
posing counsel, one of whom was ad
dressing the jury, a Western Lcion
envelope. Tne learned gentlemen
(elt sure they were telegrams an
nouncing some event of grave im
portance, and began tearing them
-fjpen with the air ol men who imag
ine they have the world by the seat
of the pants, as lawyers sometimes
do. But instead of dispatches, two
hideous valentines were disclosed.
The court smiled, the jury laughed,
and the victims looked crest fallen.
—A number of Meadville specula
tors in the Chicago pork market—
James Henry, O B Terry, John
Miller, and Henry Rogers —have
brought suit in Chicago against the
bucket shop of LTrley, Strawbridge &
Co , and against their local represen
tative in Meadville, Rod. Michael, for
$7,300 which they were defrauded
out of in a recent deal in pork.
—An Oil City minister had some
cards printed inviting the traveling
men who were spending the Sabbath
in town to attend divine service at
his church. He then got the land
lords of tbe different hotels to place
one of the cards at each plate in their
dining room, and as a consequence
fortv-five of the drummers went to
hear him preach.
Straight Out from the Shoulder.
Following the granting of licenses
in New Castle last week, the Leader
says Revs. Durilap and Calkins, of
the First and Second Presbyterian
Churchs, last Sabbath preached vigor
ous and straightout sermons on the
temperance question, defining most
uncompromisingly the position, in
their opinion, that Christiana should
hold on the subject. Two of the
Judges granting the licenses are
members of Mr. Dunlap's church, one
being an elder, and an elder and dea
con of the same church were attor
neys for tbe applicants, which makes
the words of the pastor of more than
passing interest In referring to tho
license liquor saloon, Rev. Dunlap
held that no half-way course should
be taken in tbe matter of putting
down the whole license system. He
said :
"Suppose tbe pastor cf one of our
churches believes in a license law and
unholds it; a prominent officer of the
same church is a member of the same
court, and grants a license to a man
of good moral character who belongs
to tbe same church. Why not? If
it is right to license it is right to be
licensed. If it is right to authorize a
man to keep a saloon it is right to
keep a saloon. Now what happens?
Why that officer and pastor proceed
to expel tbe saloon keep from the
church, for they have no choice in the
matter, the general assembly has so
declared the rules and discipline.
That is, they as Christians excom
municate a man for doing what they
as citizens authorize him to do." He
further said: ' Thank God the liquor
license lasts only for one year. If I
knew that one of these men was to die
during this year 1 would advise him
to have his license among his choic
est treasure?; have it laid in biscoflirj
when dead; have it pressed in his
cold, clammy fingers, HO that when
called to confront his victims before
his (iod it may be his plea of justifica
tion, as he lays down at the bar of the
Kternal Judge his precious license,
duly signed by the judges of quarter
sessions. Yes, he will surely need it,
for if it be righteous hero it will be
there, but if not? Oh, repent before it
is too late."— Ex.
—lt has been demonstrated in
court that u man might be accused
and convicted of numerous crimes and
yet be a man whose character for
truth and veracity could not be suc
cessfully impeached, and it in demon
strated in hundreds of kitchens in
Hutler county every day that the Etna
stoyes and ranges are the bast in the
The highest cash price will be paid
for from 5,000 to 10,000 bushels of
rye, to In; delivered at the store of
l-28-<;m JACOB BOOH, Butler, I'a.
—Consult your own interests and
examine our stork of furniture, uphol
stered suits, chairs, mattresses, etc.,
before purchasing. MIM,EK BJIO'H ,
No. 19, Jefferson St.
Use Double All O. K Horse and
Cattle Powders, best in the world. A
sure and speedy cure for heaves,
coughs, colds, inflamed lungs, rough
ness of skin, and all kidney diseases.
For sale by J. C. REDICK,
2*lß .'Jm No. 5, N. Main St.
Butler, I'a
Ladies' and Misses Corsets at
!>. T. PAPS'*.
—For fresh Fruits, Oranges, Lem
ons, Malaga drapes and Cranberries,
go to Morrison's City Bakery.
—Our Royal Ranges are dandies,
Our FornclilT Ranges are daisies,
Our Home-trade Ranges take tho cake
th<*y equal anything in the market
and are sold way down at
<H3-2ro M. C. UO''KENHTKIM'B,
Mr. McCafferty, of Fairview,
has removed to Butler.
Mr. William Faulkner lefc town
Monday for an extended trip through
tbe West.
Mr. Jos. 15.i1i has sold bis house on
E Jefferson street to a M-. Golden
for £3500.
Mr. Lon. Shira, a son of Prothon
otary Shira, is down with typhoid
Jas B. Mates,E&q.is recovering from
typhoid fever, and is considered out
of danger.
Mrs George Campbell, Mrs. John
Lowry and Mr. Sellers' child are con
Mr. Bole, tbe machinist, is build
ing ou South Main street, across the
alley from Robert McAboy.
Mr. W. V. Hardman, of W. Pearl
street, is remodeling and building
an addition to his residence.
Seven children of Mr. J. G. Glenn,
of Portersville, are suid to have been
down with the scarlet fever at the
same time.
Miss Householder, of Spring
dale, came near ending her life last
Sunday by taking an overdose of
laudanum to ease pain.
Mr. Washington Wiles, of Fair
view township, dropped dead last
Thursday afternoon. ile was 43
years of age.
Philip Stoolfire, of Butler town
ship, fainted ou our streets last Sat
urday morning, and in falling bruis
ed his head.
Mr. Geo. Stamm has the contract
for the building of the new fire-brick
works iu the Xeglcy field, west of
town. A man named J no. For
8} the is building tLem.
Mr. Jacob Ailey and his daughter
were removed from the Henry farm
to the house on MeKLean street last
Thursday afternoon, and Miss Julia,
who had been very ill of consumption,
died next morniug. Mr. A. is im
William W. Hazlett, a sou of Capt.
S. I>. Ilazlelt, of Wialield township,
has been lying sick of typhoid fever
at the Allegheny City general hospi
tal for eight weeks, but is now con
Dr. A. L. Gibson, a dentist of Mil
lerstown, and a Miss Murphy of the
same town, are reported to have
eloped—gone to York state aud got
married—one day last week.
—The "bouncer" of tbe Glass
Works is a very affable gentleman.
—Messrs. S, M. Stewart and Frank
Bedenbaugh are building houses on
Ziegler Ave.
—The Glass Co. is erecting
eighteen tenement houses near tbe
—Harper Bro's store ia doicg a
good business.
—Mr. D. L Aiken has recovered
his health, and is building a house
hack of his store-building.
—Mr. Shields, Jr., has rented and
moved into part of Philip Dauben
speck's houee.
—Mr. John P. Denny has chnrge
of the City Drug Store. Mr. D. had
a drugstore in Butler ten years ago
in the room now occupied l>y D. A.
Both ends of the main buildinr
of the Plato Glass Works are fillelf
with immense ovens. There are two
or three dozen of them—each about
20 feet wide by 40 long—enough
oven room to bake bread for the
whole state. The central part of the
building will contain the furnaces,
part of which are under ground and
are reached by subterranean passa
ges, bricked and arched. It will be
a wonderful affair, this plate glass
works, but the "bouncer 1 ' checks all
Tho Northwestern G. A. R.
The Northwestern Association of
the Grand Army of the llepublic will
hold their annual encampment at Oil
City on August, 25th. Arrange
ments will be made with the proprie
tors of hotels for the accommodation
of soldiers and their families at re
duced rates. A transportation com
mittee has been appointed to arrange
for excursion rates on this occasion,
to and from all points within the lim
its of the organization Prominent
speakers will be present. Among
those already invited are General W.
T. Sherman, Governor Beaver, Com
mander-in-Chief Lucius Fairchild, and
Department Commander Samuel
Harper. It is one of the chief ob
jects of this association that tho old
soldiers may not forget each other.
At the meeting of the executive com
mittee a motion prevailed which re
quests nil posts to invite posts or
members of posts, in their respective
vicinities, of Sons of Veterans, the
Women's Relief Corps and Royal
League, to be present and participate
in the reunion.
Look-Out For Cranberry Town
Well No. 7 on the Markle farm in
Forward township, reached the sand
last Saturday, began 'lowing at, iho
rate of 45 barrels an hour, and was
doing 80 an hour on Tuesday and
not through the sand It is owned
by the Philips Bros.
Hirchfield & Co's well on the Hun
bar or Beam farm, three-fourths of a
mile south-west of this, reached the
sand Tuesday morning arid started
oil" at 15 an hour, and was said to be
doing 50 an hour yesterday.
Almost all the farms in Cranberry
township have been leased, and it
bids fair to be the greatest oil field in
the county.
—Don't drive too fast down hill,
but you never make a mistake when
you drive after an Ktna stove or
range and get one. Chris Stock
keeps them,
—The principal subject of conver
sation amongst all the housekeepers
of liutler is the great variety of bir
gains in tin and sheet iron ware,
Ktna C and D ranges, and Ktna K
cook stoves at Stock's.
Full lino of Hosiery and Gloves
at D. T. PAI-K'S
—New stoek of Feathers and
Flowers at I). T. PAI-E'S.
Any person needing Sewer Pipe
will save money by calling on M. C,
Roekenstein before buying.
—M. C. Roekenstein just rcoeivid
two car loads of Sewer Pipe for cellar
drains which he is selling very low.
—Spring Hats and Bonnets at
✓ D. T. Pjwk'H.
it is Observed:
—TLat the frogs are rip—
With butter and egsrs, saving
here a little and there a little, many a
good housewife is able to buy a mow
ing machine for use ou the farm. But
she won't if she needs a new stove
She will spend Ler money for an
E'na stove or range at Stock's—on
Main street, a few doors south of the
Court House.
Closing Out at Cost.
We are closing out our Dry Goods
at cost to make room for a large stock
D. T. P APE, 8.
—We are selling furniture lower
than it has ever before been sold in
Butler, and after using it you will
say that it is what we said it was,
otherwise no sale, at MILLER BED'S,
Xo. 19 Jefferson St.
—M. C. Rockenstein sells Cook
Stoves and Ranges cheaper than any
other firm iu town.
Full assortment of Embroideries
at D. T. PAPK'S.
—That the womeu are hat and
bonnet crazy—
James A, Xegler & Son, agents
for John Wanamakcr's Wholesale
Dry Goods, Carpets and Xotion
House, Philadelphia, have moved to
Xo. 12Xorth Main street, next door
to H. Biehl k Co. They now have
a room large enough to display their
splendid line of samples representing
the cream of Wanamaker's immense
wholesale sto?k. Butler county mer
chants, and many from adjoining
counties, are availing themselves of
this opportunity of selecting goods
from the finest stock iu the East
without the expense of visiting the
Eastern cities. As Butler is now
either a terminus or a centre for four
leading railroads, viz: Pennsylvania.
Pittsburg & Western, Shenango &
Allegheny and the Xarrow Guage
system, business men and others can
be assured a pleasant visit to tbe
—That brass furniture is becoming
fashionable. "It's so English, you
A. Xo. 1. all husk mattress, guar
anteed, not mixed with excelcer at a
lower figure than can be had else
where in Butler, at Miller Bros',
furniture store, No. 1!) Jefferson St
—Lowest prices on tlannels,
Blankets and Yarns at
—Latest styles of Ladies' Coats
and and short Wraps at
—Go to Morrison's City "Bakery for
fresh Oysters and Oyster Stews.
—That this is the last oyster
—Mourning Hats, Bonnets and
veiling at D. T. PAPE'S.
Ready for Spring.
Charles L. Armor is prepared to
do the best work in Butler iu the
way of 1 louse, Sign aud Fresco
painting; Paper Hanging and Ivalso
mining Prices reasonable. Esti
mates furnished. Office on Main
street, near Court House, Butler,
—Use Double All O. K. Horse Lini
ment, best in the world. For swell
ings, bruises, stiffness of joints, rheu
matism, lameness, sore shoulders,
ringbone, sweeny and spavin; it has
no equal. For sale by J. C RKDICK,
2-18 3m, No, 5, N Main St.
I Butler, Pa
■lji'lack and Colored Bead Trim
mi at
That "get up,breakfast is ready"
is rousing speech—
—Everybody will find it to their
advantage to go to the City Bakery
for their bread, pies, cakes, etc.
—Go to 'Morrison's City Bakery
for fine cakes and ico cream.
—Large stock of Xew Cloaks at
—lce Cream made to order at the
City Bakery.
—That moving time has come and
gone and there are a good many
For the next sixty days, in order
to reduce our stock, wo will quote
special low prices on all our stock.
We have on hands thirty bed room
sets ranging from $lB to $l5O per 1
Thirteen upholstered parlor suits
ranging from $35 to $l5O per suit.
Parlor stands from to $lO.
Lounges from §2,50 to $25.
Hut racks from $8 to S3O.
Tabes from $1 25 to $lO
Wash-stands from $2 to $lB,
Bureaus from s'.» to $25.
Sots of chairs from $2 75 to sl<» per
Secretaries from slfi to $lO.
Kasy chairs, handsome pictures,
room ornaments, etc , any of which ,
would make both useful and appropri
ate presents.
No. 19, Jefferson St,, Butler, I'a.
—Xew Velvets, Xew Dress Goods,
New Trimmings at
liats and Bonnets reshaped at
I>. T. P.M-K'S.
—That the straw hat is budding
and will soon bo out in full bloom
—Standing with reluctant feet at
the corner of tbe street, many signs
confuse her eyes; doubts beset her,
and she sighs. But there is no occa
sion to feel bad, young lady, if its a
good stove you are looking for, just
step into Chris Stock's, on S. Main
street anil you will see tile finest se
lection of Etna stoven and ranges in
the market.
.r .
—Wfe have now open a lull stock \
of latest styles of Ladies' Cloaks, i
Silks, Velvets, Dress Goods and
Trimmings (or the Fall trade, Please I
cull and examine, at
—Tricots, Homespuns and Dress
Goods of kinds, at lowest prices at
—Wo have ten thousand dollars
worth of furniture in our three ware
rooms at No. IJefferson St., Butler, !
I'a, The bff.t us well as the cheap
est, but all the best mode for lite price.
All persons will liud it to their ad
vantage to examine our stock and as
certain our prices before purchasing. |
M'LLEK Bito's.
—White Goods a specialty at
D. T. PAI'B'S.
—That many of the young ladies
looked "spring-like" last Sunday.
W«re you one of them, fair reader?—
k ■ '
V -- P
188?t 0 jgS7
lso 'iici fl.
Spring and Summer
We are now ready with an
j immense stock of all kinds,
; qualities and styles of Dry
| Goods, Wraps, Trimmings and
| Furnishing Goods, bought for
I cash and will he said for cash,
; at prices that will make it pay
you to come long distances
!to purchase the great bargains
|we are now offering in every
!In all the staple styles and
I latest novelties, from •"> cents
jto per yard and trim
mings to match A verv full
| . • *"
i line of gloves, hosiery, neck-
I wear. See our embroidered
; kid, silk and lisle gloves. Wraps
and jackets in all grades, styles
and prices; the very best fit
ting garments in the market,
j and bought . direct from
the manufacturer. We can
j actually sell them cheaper
than you can make them. Car-
I pets, oil cloths, mattings, drug
-1 getts, rugs, inatts, stair-rods
and fasteners, everything found
in a first-class carpet stpre.
I Good heavy ingrain at -o
cents; best cottage carpet at
| 2"> cents, and all new desira
ble styles Ecru lace curtains
$1 per pair up. A large lot
ot good scrim at lo cents. We
have wonderful bargains in
domestic goods. What do yon
think of a full yard wide, soft
finish, bleached muslin at 01
cents—l ti yards for $1 ? Fair
quality straw ticking at Nc;
extra fine brown muslin Gi
cents; ladies' hose, solid colors,
•"> cents per pair; but we can
; not begin to publish a list of
our bargains —the only way to
satisfy yourself that you can
save money and be better suit
ed at KITTKH & RALSTON'S than
elsewhere is to call and ex
amine the bargains we are
now offering. All goods mark
ed in plain figures. We cor
dially in\ite you to call in and
be convinced that our goods
and prices are unequaled in
this part of the State ot Penn
—That Piaster music goes to this
tune: Dross $, bonnet special con
tribution (for which envelops will bo
found in each pow) Si* $.
Witherspoon Institute.
The Summer Normal Term of the
Witherspoon Institute of llutlcr, will
open about June Ist. Address
Everybody Read This.
The Spring Term of Prospect
Academy begins April r>, 1887, at 2
o'clock, p.m. Students Reception in
Chapel Hall at 7 p.m.
Boarding, room rent and tuition
low. Instruction thorough. Call on
or address the Principal,
Prospect, Pa.
—Good, heavy,honest made Htoves
are sold very cheat at M. C. Rocken
stein's, No. 17 Main St.
Beautiful pictures at very low
prices at Miller Bros.' furniture store,
So. 1!) Jefferson St.
—No. li) Jefferson St. is the place
to buy cheap and good furniture.
I lorn cs Wanted.
Four homes are needed for boys be
tween 5 and 7 years of age by the
Children's Aid Society of Butler
Also, temporary boarding in a pri
vate family, in town or country, for a
little boy. Apply to.
The Best and Cheapest Farm
Gate in the World for $1.50.
!•*• i! 1 « f lilny H ami lolleni for •iiml
IrI! *ll tfat'i COllihllied. Will : liUl 11 . |>UHM
load or it ty or n-.toor arid hinder, (No patent
«>!! gate). Full dltvrllollh r« »i* hnlldlnic ft ml
1111*:<I»i;C sf&iti iti one hour wit n eat li wet hinges
jtii'f rollers. Tali< # H sunn ariiouiit or lumber mid
mills as for J'-ni'ih roiniiioii fi-n I,asf *
longer, cost.:-. J« Mian liars. works easier. will
not. H.i .; po'fi. niinifd he drifted In Willi snow
or opened by tin* wind. rmn.ooo now In use.
KUIIMCI for four FATE 15. \.i-ii. ■■■■■. J. & JOHN
ho\ Ml. llullcr.
Agent f '»r 'Ohio imm' Ib*ni Firmer.' u tr,
That we are in our new quarters—in
Main street, '■'> doors South of Jeffor
son street, we invite one and all to
rail and see what we offer for sale in
the line of
For men and boys. Wo no
vain boasts, but assure our patrons
that our goods are second to none,
and iu fact superior in make and lit,
to those usually kept in ready-made
clothing stores. As for prices we as
sure you of a saving on like goods,by
purchasing of us.
Forgot not the place.
M. BAH NY, Clothier,
m {riveSYlQS" ol ' j,t ' '■
HV 0 £.ll 8 . ■dtmilw t> „ oi.'.m „;t,m«tt •
on »<i«iti»mg »fnco when In Chicago, will find it cm lily at
Hides and Bark Wanted.
1 have purchased the tannery at
north end of Washington -tictt, JJut
!er, No. 64, ft-rimrly own«»i by Mr
Conrad Iloesfcing', uud wiil buy bides
ird bark delivered nt the tannery.
I want No 1 Cbo'cut o.»k bark
ind all kinds ot hidet<
For information regarding prices
•all apm uie ;.t tie tannery
Auditors' Report.
Financial stafeiner.t of the H.>ro, ot Butler.
Thos. Niggle, collector of duplicate of _1 884
To ba!, of duplicate of 'SI $1,079 99
March 30, ':-6, credit 8 297 I
\u<4ust 7, 'B'J. credit 814 05
Commission of 5 percent... <>o
Bal. due the borough Mar. 30, 512 40
11. ( Mc.Vboy, collector of duplicates of IS»3
and 1885.
Bal. due the boro, on said duplicates as
fper statement of last Auditors' rep'ts2,636 40
Mar. 2.!, 'S6, credit 8 200 00
June 23, 'B6 820
March 14, "8" 616 tj >
Commission of "> per cent... 81 8C
Bal. due boro. on Mar. 29, 'B7 $ 919 33
G. V.\ Zieg'er, l>r. to ain't of duplicate
of '86...". <15,838 79
Credit, Sept. 29, 'B6 81,249 32
" Nov. 4, 'B6 440 33
" Jan. 17, 'B7 824 63
" Jan. 17, 'B7 60 50
" Mar. 2, 'B7 334 11
" Mar. 11, 'B7 287 71
Bal due the boro. March 29 82,612 19
Casper Rockensteio, Treasurer, in account
with boro. of Puller for the year end
ing March 15, ISB7.
Pal due on audit of ISS7 $ 261 15
Mar. 23, r B6, ree'd from McAboy 200 0>
Mar. 'B6, ree'd from Niggle 297 34
June 26, '.yi, ree'd from McAboy. ... 820 56
Mar. 14, 'B6, ree'd Irom McAboy 616 65
Mar. 7, 'B6, ree'd from Nignle 814 69
Sept. 29, 'BB, " " («. W. ZisglW- 1,349 32
Nov. 4, 's6, " " (i. W. Ziegler.. 440 33
.lan. 17, 'B7, " " (i. W. /iegler.. 821 63
Jan. 17, '."<7, " "O. W. Ziegler.. 60 50
Mar. 2, \s7, " "G. »V. /iegler.. 334 11
Mar. 11, '»7, " "G. W. Ziegler.. 2*7 71
Mar. 15, 'B7, " " Bur. A. L. Ileiberl97 7-">
Total receipts $6,407,74
C'af-per liockenstein in account with I>trough
of Butler.
Teaming and stone $ 259 30
Labor 1,657 05
lire department 378 55
Printing 1 ; >8 50
Stone 121 25
Pavcjieut orilers 3 15
Waler rent 600 On
Tax on loans 5! 05
Justice fees 11 76
Attorney fees 200 Ott
Street Commissioner 361 6o
Fire department hydrants 253 51
Plumbing 12 72
Lumber 110 3!'
Hardware 67 89
Clerk's salary 125 00
I nt. on h >nds 410 00
Klacksmithing 24 4s
Police 30 75
Auditing 45 00
Constatfle fees 174 23
Surveying 17 80
Eureka Ilose Co 475 00
Alldred & Troutnian warrant No.
171 SOS 40
Treasurer's commission 117 78
!ly balance due Iwrough 453 60
Total amount credits $6,407 74
To balance due the borough •$ 455 60
Audited March 29,1887.
11. <2. WALK Kit,
April 4, 1887.
By virtue of an order of the Oridianb'
Court of Butler county, Pa., at (). ('. No. 49
of Dec. 'l'.. IKS 6, to mo ilirected, 1 will ex
pire to public sale on
on the premises, ill the Borough ot Zelieuo
pie, the following described tract of land, or
lot of ground, bounded and described as fol
lows: <>n the north by lot of J. C. Brown,
on the east by lot of A. E. Hcb .'rliiig, on the
south by New Castle street, and on the west
by iot of Mrs. Margaret Htrobeeker, and
having a frontage oil New Castle street ot
one hundred ami thirty-four feet, and run
ning hack from theuce a distance of sixty
six and two-thirds feet, with a
thereon erected. Sale to lie adjourned from
tima to time if no sufficient bid is obtained.
One-third of purchase money on confirma
tion of sale by the Court, and remainder in
two equal annual installments from that
date with lawful interest; to be secured by
bond and mortgage on the premises, bond
and mortgage embracing attorney's commis
sion, in case the same shall have to be col
lected by legal prncis.
Butler April 11, 'B7. Trustee.
II nil ILU I'oi.i.itk ai, nisi rssinss,
HIH.IIM vrn aii'l I'tifi i.ai:,"
Including all Ills speeches. I»y .1 \mkh<:. lli.aink.
\iiiil\ UL once fur terms anil territory .
I*. .1. I 1.1 MINI. .V (11 .
4-1.-,. 41 4, lilli Ave., Pittsburg.
On and after Monday, I'ec. 13, IMS 6, trains
will leave llutler as follows:
Mark KT at 6:15 a. in., arriving at.Ylleghe
ny at 0:00 a. m ; connects east.
Exi'UKSS at 8:30 a. in., arriving at Alleghe
ny at 10:30 a. m.; does not connect for the
Mai l. at 2:35 p. rn., and goes through to
Allegheny, arriving there ai 4:45 p. m.; con
nects east.
Accommodation at 1:55 p, in., and con
nects at the Junction with Freeport Accom
modation, arriving at Allegheny at 7:30
in., and connects east as far as Apollo.
Trains connecting for Butler leave Allcghey
ny at7:2o a.m., 2:30 |>. in. and 6:30 p. in.
Trains arrive at llutler at 10:25 a, in. and
4:55 ami 7:35 p. in.
Corrected to fast tinfti, 1 hour faster than
schedule time ami twenty minutes faster then
Pittsburgh time.
Trains leave Butler for Greenville from
tlie Pittsburgh and Western depot at 9:15
it. m. and 12:30 and 6:25 p. in. Trains
leaving the P. A. W. depot in Allegheny
city at 7:00,10:20 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. last time
connect at itutlcr with trains ou the S.
&. A.
Trains arrive at llutler from Greenville,
fasttime, 9:43 a.m. and 2:45 and 6:37 p. m.,
and connect with trains on the I*. it W.
arriving at Allegheny at I I:.'JO a. in. and 4:58
and 8:35 p. in., last time.
Trains leave Milliards at 6:10, and 11:00 a.
m., slow tini«, and arrive at 10:00 a.m. and
7:20 l>. m. Both trains connect at llranokton
for Butler and Greenville.
|)RI OS,
I ""Tli.\ leliiiis" preHcrlpMoiiM carefully <<>■
!>oiin<lcd, ami onlcri itie wcrcil Willi earn Win
Hnpaldi. our liwK of iiicdli lni'K Is complete,
ivurralitcd genuine, air. I ot tic ls-sl quality.
45 South Main Street,
Eafrns, Hottsfis and Lots For
Information can ho at the
Citizen ofli o of Hevoral flood farmH
in thin county that art! for Bale.
Also of it lot of about eleven acres
on which irt a new houye, water,
ttc., and about five miles from Hut
Alko an ofiice, two rooms, in Butlor,
suitable for an Attorney'* or other
Alho neveral lota within the bor
ough of iiutlor.
Enquire at Citizkn ofl'ice.
l I PJ. TV lihluk Am ii. v „{ M-» r«.
ti. W. «YCN A SON, vux SEJhftteiJ stfints.
m n i ipii qgSiffc I*ll AIK
! a i&; % h\ %& unit i n
2 VC- rr! i:r.;- a Pa lor, Lih.ar-, Smoltlnjr, Kfrllnlnc or In-raltd
-v VJ 9^WVDR: 7 ™• N F IIAJ::, uirscF, I::n. or COUCH.
V" 'l *-■• • fit I «:•'• ' 1 -tamp | to a!i
- •; W,.- v t? - ■ ■ ' J ••sts i.ir Catalog**. | part* of tbe world.
J — v < . : a :h" Ant:»ne«»f2c Cosch Brake, and Retailed
»' v.*' • • 1 •« j* ;fl >Li*np for Catalogue and mention carriages.
IHt LUBOrtC , : U ' . =43 W. Bth St.. Philada.. Pa-
A. L. Rcbison's Bargain Store.
Class-Wars, Queans-Ware, and Jewelry
Come and examine floods and prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Centre room of George Keiber Building.
Our Spring and Summer Slock most Complete
and Unsurpassed.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
A. Troutman & Son.
11111 1111 l <!;> 1111 mill
AY e invite special attention to our unrivaled Stock of Dry
Goods, Notions, Trimmings, Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, Oil
Cloths, Lace Curtains, Curtain Poles, Window Shades and *
We have a large assortment of Co'ored Dress Goods in all the
New Shades. Black and Colored Silks at Special low prices
Table Linens, Table Napkins,
Quilts, Muslin Underwear fur ladies and Misses,
New Kid Gloves,
New Lisle and Silk Gloves,
New Velvets,
New Braid Trimmings.
Carpets, Carpets, Carpets,
We have just received a very large stock of New Spring Car
pets in now (Colorings and Designs and at lower prices,
New Smyrna ttugs, Door Mats, Oil Cloths, &c., efce.
Lace Curtains, Madras Curtain by the yard, Curtain Poles,
Curtain Chains, Window Shades, Fixtures, &c.
Spring Jackets and Wraps for ladies and Misses.
Butler,, Pa
Reliable Boots aDd Shoes.
Please observe the daily arrivals of New and At
tractive Spring Styles in Ladies', Misses' and Chil
drens', Mens', BO3H' and Youths'footwear, all to be
sold at the lowest prices.
We have all our goods made to our own
order and stand by every pair of them; warrant
them to give you service. Please notice we sell
110 a iction goods, but all straight goods. We invite
you to examine our New Spring Styles and our
new prices.
No. I, N. Main St., Butler, Pa.
J. B. KNOX, Prop'r.
Boarding by the week or day.
; • i> - Five minutes walk from Court ll"u <■.
Homes For Everybody.
The IVopltV llulldliiir nii<l Loan Axi-ncla*
tiotl <>l Muller.- I'nr value of enrh a/mre # 100
Till* A»««m1 itlou pay* tlie borrower #IOO
fl-r »hurt>, Willi a weekly OXpMlliO lO Mill
of only <1 ei*, In addition i<» hi* regular
Uqc». Foi further Inlurumliuu call on or id-
Pre§ Duller, Pa
Bed Room Suits,
Dining Room Suits,
Kino Lino of Carpet-Seat llockors, ut
Tin' ('hcapesl Purnilare Store
al (J in* t§.
No operation or huntncnn delay. Tboux&lMjb <>t
eiireH. At Keyntone itoune, Headline. l'a.. si
Haturday of each montlt. N-ud tor circulars.
Advice free,
• <•" j'j3W