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    _TET B CriZEN^
FRIDAY. A I'D- 8. 16*7.
lew Aaverttements.
Dry Wvls—Ritter J: J^ton.
Bootsijd Shoes —Jobnickel.
Boots,d Shoes—B. C. uselton.
Tut.* lis. 1
Exeeut'g Notice— Est»of C. McMichael
Audit ii Report of But: boro.
Glen A i)i.
New iL^is—Removal,!ides and Bark
wanted, Hi. e s wauteJ.
—Dr. ( hsty and Jao Reibold have
lately trectt>i e w hcu%s iPetersville.
—An exchiye truthfullremarks that the
present springs |>een posoned on account .
of the weathei
—Everybody buying hges and rollers ;
for large aud ani gates of. E. Johnson of |
this place.
—An effort is >ine ma. to get a new
postoftic? in Cleijeid tow hip, to supply
the Hiekey oil fit.
—The Plate Gla Co. hatet contracts lor
the building of louses near the
—Gov. Beaver Friday the \
2'2d inst., as Arbor r, or day for planting
shade trees.
—The general parity of the farmers
is evidenced by the jrices paid at the
gale of stock this sprin all parts of the
—lt is announced t„ix collectors' war
rants, un ier the law qts, are good for two
years instead ofexpirvith the date of the
com mission of the col.r.
—Gfc from the new has been turned
into the liue=, and the teems to be of a
different color—prolm. caused by some
water in the 1 ine.
—Put a few ears of the oven, and
let thc-iu remain until to charcoal.
Feed thh to the fowls >n no tiee tue in
creased egg production.
—Mr. Henry bought the
old Wise property or >» street, now j
known as the Eitenmilkr from the
Wise giiis, for
—Twenty six cases olscar ev . er were r e- |
ported h. ami about P'lfters, week,
with lour deaths— children 'Mijam Heb- i
erlina, Jiseph Lehman, I jj ur ry and \
Btew»rt Yauarsdale.
—Messrs Ritter <fe Ralston e j us { re .
ceived an stock of Sp: aQ ,j £ um .
mer goods, and make a fine div j n their
show Windows aud on the both »of
drv good . and carpets. Read tl. Dew a j.
—Scene on the street —W hiskv to tern
perance r.ian: "Have you hearty jj ut
ler?" Teni|>erance man to wf man:
"Have you heard from Michigi They
pass on. — Neu> Cantte Aw.
—Four hundred German emiqrapajjsed
tlirotigh Pittsburg Wednesday bof or Ne
braska. They came from the Ri» front
ier, aud their long sheepskin »s aud
high boots attracted considerable •tion.
—Pittsburg now has another • story
buildioir —the Penu building i Peun
street, ab>ul two blocks above th<ti e rson
hotel. It is owned by a New (.lnuan,
and it is one of the curiosities ol tton.
—Several of the fortunate apwn for
license tn.td very happy last idf af
ternoon . The prospect ot' making ne was
undoubtedly the cause of it, andipjijess
in adult human beings, and the cas Ure
of, are the greatest wonders of therld.
—One of the prisoners sentencedst Mek
in a neighboring county said he wi nuer !
go to th - penitentiary four years tlito if to
the work-house for eighteeu moutl His
authority ou the subject and know hat ie
s talking about.
—'There is a Ciuaty Cirm«ir to t thi
year, and one announcement tor th.-ipu l )
lican ao^nini'iin ap t >}»ri in oiru nis
this week. There is also a new »uuce
meut for Couaty Com;nissioaer. Cread
ers should look over the list of aunce
ments each week.
—Mr. Edward Thorn had a leg ten by
the fall of a mass of frozen earth at exca
vation for the new building at Plate
Glass works last Saturday. Thorn mar
ried man, lives east of towa and h'amily
is said to be in distress.
—The neatly printed Constitution By
laws of the First Ward Hose Coj just
been issued in phamphlet form. ' com-
Eany now 'lumbers 30 active inemb they
ave bnh lalder truck aud hoswiage.
Their regular monthly meetings held
every first Thursday in eaoh mon This
deserves great credit for iUmpt
ness in responding to all calls.
—The new psalter for the Unitecesby
terian denomination, which has bee pro
cess of preparation for the past threara,
is completed and ready Tor sale, y of
A 'the olu, tumilliar tunes have been ined.
The new psalter will contain over 2unes,
and in Diany respects will be an rove-
V ment on the old one.
W —A curious case was tried in theiinal
f court of Armstrong county, last v It
was an action by a Washington ship
preacher against a young man foiault
and battery. The offense consisted hit
ting the minister on the head with pw of
tobacco at the close of an eveningvice.
A verdict of not guilty was rend but
each of the parties pay half the cost
—The people of Pittsburg witnesiheir
first ball match nnder the new rules Sa
turday. It way played in Union Paille
gheny, between the Allegheny amflalo
clubs, ami was easily won by the Alhies
by a sc*>re of 11 to 1. Morris nu-roll :
pitched and c \ught for the Allegbeiiand
with Grant, the colored secoiid-haa of
the Bisons, carried oft' the honors.
—A number of Warren, Ohio, mints
have adopted the very sensible plaivlis
criminating between good and ba< ter,
and pay for the article according to lue,
and not weight. This is Jright ami to
good butter makers. Let Butler mnts
do likewise and soon the unpalatabUcle
will be a thing of the past. The cion
of much butter thrown on the markelue
to neglect and indifference on the pa the
makers, and the fact that it is "all time
price," encouraged such carelessness.
—Two recent decisions on the Bian
skinless oils business are of interest oth
sides engaged iu this industry. Judijite
of the Ci mmon Pleas court of Spnld,
0., has decided that a Bohemian oati in
the hands of an innocent holder it id.
The Supreme Court of Indiana has led
the court below in a case where the ger
of a Bohefhian oats deal was conv' of
fraud and sentenced to a fine and twir»'
—A sen-ational story has been sta in
the oil c* untry that the National isit
Company lias no existence, an it
has that it has no right to pipe or riic
oil. This would be a peculiar state oirs,
that say 33,000,000 barrels of oil are o.s>
session of n:il>«dy, that 60,000 barreloil
are lieing handled daily by noho ly, mat
oertificates for about 2r,(H».(K)O barreloil
bought and paid for by somebody, wened
by nobody. What becomes of the in
such an event ?
—Jimmy Hill, of Renfrew, was c<ed
at Septemlj r Sessions of selling liquth
out license and sentenced to pay cost! a
fine of S2OO. Jimmy was the barke of
the Renfrew Fishing Club, and he ed
his time out in jail for costa On thof
March became to Butler and maddn
formation before Esq., Brown, charfSO
citizens of that- town and vicinity will
ing liquor v-ithout license. Twenty-<of
them were arrested, and had a heaon
All Fool's Day, and were discharged.
—A child of the widow Hindi of
Frankliu township, was badly ciusln a
saw log last week. Some men were ng
the log upon a wagon when it brokay
from them and rolled down, passing fhe
child's Lead aud part of his body, big
him terribly, and would, in all prohy,
have killed him instantly, had not tble
been yet under the log and the grouift.
As it was, no bones were broken, ahe
boy, who is about!' years of age, may>v
—T-he candidate must have his littlte,
even if it is a' chestnut." On Mondist
one of them met a fortunate applicior
license and asked: "Did to get that ?"
What letter?" said the liqunr man. ter
go Gallagh; r," said the candidate. Vs
I pretty good," said the liquor uian, "Uy
for somebody, see if I don't," and hn
dered oil i 't!i his head full of licensd
shortly after met an unfortflnate ap|it.
"Did yo'i %:;t that license."' said 1.
"What license?" growled No. 2. "Lejo
Gallagher," said No. 1, and was astod
that No. - didn't laugh and >ay it wasy.
—The "word contest" instituted by tf.
Y. Judge fn behalf of the Grant Morot
Fund has j'ist closed, and a check forHt j
has been mat to the monument come.
The winn 'rs of the prizes offered U>
Judge in this contest are M. E. Lyle, t- I
lyn, N. , Miss H. A. Andrews, N'ew-
H. W. Wilson, Indiana, Pa., Mrs. E. It
drewb, N w York, Charles Tarltoo, C«-
ton. 111., fsch of whom receive .$100; I.
A. Beach,. Brook lyn, N. Y., Mrs. A. Rj
iclce, Buffalo, N. V., and Alfred A.t, 1
Mattapan, Mass., who receive $-10, i,!jd
$25 respectively. The Judge has sta»
new aud eveu more novel contest for the
Court met Monday afternoon at cue o'clock
with Jtdije Hazen rn >he bench. The court
room was crowded with people anxious to
hear the result of the judge's deliberations ou
the licence question, and he promptly satis
fied their curiosity by opening the license
docket and reading his entries granting li
cets's to sixteen of the ipplicints, hoi Hag
one over and refusing the others. Those
granted were all tavern licenses, aud were to
Campbell, Sellers, Reiching, Lowry and
Eitenmullcr ot Butler, Miller and Stokey of
Evans City, Beam of Harmony. For |uer and
Harding of Millerstown, Stewart of lten
f ew, Weitzel, Mulho'.iand and Laufce of Sax
ouburg, and Stotey and Strohecker of /.-• lie
nople. The license of Gamble, merchant,
was granted later in the day.
After reading his decisions Judge Hazen
made a little speefih to the successful appli
cants, hoping they would prove themselves
wortbv of the great privilege accorded them,
that he had admini-tered the law as he uu
derstood it, that the licensed houses must
have meals at all hours for travellers, that
travellers entered their houses as a matter of
right, that the licensed houses must not keep
their bars open too late at night and must
not sell to minors or men of iutruiperate hab
its, on Sunday or Election day, that they
would be expected to aid the officers ot the
law in stopping the illegal sale ot liquor ami
place themsel ve«i on the side ot law pud or
der, and that any failure on 'heir part to do
so would tell against them hereafter.
The crowd then dispersed, some happy,
some otherwise, aud regular oart assembled
with both Judges Hazen and McMichael on
the bench, the jury list was read over, two
cases were called, JuJee Mi*Micbael aud his
court retiring to the arbitration room, and up
to Thursday Noon the following cises have
been disposed of.
Hoffman <fc Barr vs. Stalker—eonti nued on
account of sickness of Mr. llofluian.
Reiber ys. W. P. 6c S. C. K. R. Co. —con-
Rhodes vs. W. C. Jamison, Ex'r.—reported
Boro of Millerstown vs. Dr. Bell —Mr Bow
ser, the attoruey for plaiut:tf, was absent on
account ot the sickness ot his mother and the
court entered a non-suit aud entertainel a
motion to take off same.
W. C. Neely vs. The Baldridge Oil and
Transportation Co—April d, verdict for the
plaintiff for $318.75.
Riddle vs. Purviance and Brandon—contin
Bauer Bros. vs. Jacob BOOB— April 6, ver
dict for the p'aiutitf for $222.80.
Forgie ts. Greenlee—continued.
Jouas Ziegier vs. Dambach an.* /Ciegler
Bros.—April verdict for the plaintiff for
L. P. Mellor vs. X. P. Reed—April •>,
jury sworn, same day jury dismissed aud case
to be settled by ttie court uuder the act of
April 22. Case to be pat on the next argu
meat list.
Wm. 11. KiufTman vs. L°wis Greeaewalt
April 6, verdict for plaiutnF for ?20.
W. S. Waidron, assignee of S. ICirker vs.
Poor District of Winfield township—April 5
defendant confesses judgment in favor of
plaintiff for »3, without costs.
George King, tidm'r vs. Tlie Clinton Fire
In->urauce Co.—April 5, verdict for plaintiff
for $450. %
George Biudermaa vs. The Worth Mutual
Fire Ins. Co.—April »j, casi settled by the
C. A. Sullivan, Esq , vs. John A. Goetz
on trial before Judge McMichael.
Elizabeth Rice, by Jacob \V. Rice vs. The
Boro ot Butler—April o,on trial before Judge
,NOTE«. •
Chas. Geible has deeded a house aud lot in
Butler to Th »s. Alexander for $55)). B. C.
Huse'ton et al, have deeded John Younkins
a lot in Butler for S6OO, W. J. Stewart has
deeded Caroline Boggs a lot in B'ltler for
$175, Nancy Allison has deeded C. S. Allison
31 acres in Cherry for $1 and J. R. Allison i
7fi acres in cherry for $550, Jas. Beers deeded |
a lot in Adams to Wm. L >yd for SIOO, and j
Loyd deeded a lot in same to Adain Foos for !
£290, Johu Diudinger has deeded 112 seres ■
in Lancaster to Wm. Kicholtz for SBOOO, M.
j. Croll deeded 222 acres in Brady to John I
V. Shaffer for S2OOO, S White et al deeded 1W j
cres iu Butler twp. to S. Beck for SISOO.
The will of Caroline Bubsck, of Z'ilienople
Vts probated last week, an 1 letters to John 1
lubeck: also will ol John Rice of Harmony, j
ad letters to John L. Rice and G. D. Swain;
aio will of Peter Bergbuchler, of Summit, |
ail letters to Catharine Bergbuchler.
.etters of administration were granted to ]
Atvustus Acre on estate of Win. Acre of
O'the three men arrested at Ileibold for
sellhg liquor without license, but one, David
Moo ey, was held, and the ot her two were
disthrged. Mooney was taken into court
last Saturday when he plead guilty to selling
liquoi without license, for which he was lin
ed S2O aud costs, and also to the charge of
sellingou Sunday, for which he was lined I
SIOO an! sent to the W. rk-house for 60 days. !
Mat (lace has been returned to court for ]
pointin- a loaded revolyer, Thos. A. Don- j
aldsou or F<Stß, Harry Fliuuer, Margaret i
Flinnerand Pierce Flinner for assault aud |
A rep rt came to town last week that a
man uaned Moore, living near Harmony, |
Had beet, arrested for forgery, but the case I
has not b«eu returned to court.
Marriage Licenses.
John H. Drury Cherry twp |
Vina Say Cherry twp J
Charles Gunst Jefferson twp
Julia Jefferson twp ]
Sylvester A. Shaw Pittsburg
Mollie B. Schribsr Allegheny City !
Amos A. Adams...' Washington twp |
Minnie E. Greer Venango twp
—ls April fooling us again.
—lt wasn't a local option court after all.
—An old house in Sunbury owned by
John Duffy, was burned last Monday night. !
—Mr. Franklin Miller, of East Brady,
has rented the Ritter house on the hill.
—The ground for the Scheuck building ex
cavation is being used to fill up a lot near
the Pittsburg bridge.
—A new lodge of Knights of Labor was
organized at Renfrew Monday evening
whicli starts off with 25 members.
—Some I'etrolia people were in court I
yesterday trying to get a rehearing of the j
applications for license from that town.
—Stock llaisars should read Mr. Bach's :
advertisement iu auother place in this pa
—"Strawberry-tea" is the name of the new !
beverage now on tap at all our hotels. It is
warranted to impart to the nose ot the con
sumer the tint of the berry.
—The North Cemetery Association has
purcha-ied 30 acres of ground from Charles
Dully for an addition to the cemetery, aud
will lay it out in lots immediately.
—The Council of Butler haye had no
tices regarding sidewalks, served on about
two hundred citizens of the town, and we
hope they will see the law enforced in this
—The executors of C. A. MctCinney, Esq.,
deceased, will sell the personal property of
his estate at' Petersville, this county, at
public sale on Thursday, the 14th inst.
—Chas Simmons, a barber of Harmony,
was arrested last week on a charge of slan
der, preferred by Christian Sicbert, his
father-in-law. Simmons was brought to
Butler and gave bail for a hearing befire
Esq. Walker next Wednesday.
—Communion services will be held iu
Presbyterian Church coming Sabbath at II
A. M. I'reachiug on Friday evening at 7:30
and Saturday at 2 L\ M. The pastor will
be assisted by Rev. 11. T. McClelland, Prof,
of Theology in the Western Theological
Mr. Harry Graham has moved his Tea
Store to the Diamond corner, in the same
room as Hughes' grocery. As soon as the
Scbenck building across the way is finished,
he will occupy a room iu it.
—Greenlee & Semple are putting down
two wells ou the Peter Fennel I'arin in Clear
field township : also two on the James Coyle
farm, and Fisher Oil Company one on the
McCrea farm. Three weils wero finished in
that vicinity last week, and are doing about
20 bnrrels each.
—"Now is the winter of our discontent
made glorious summer." by a bigger paper
and, we think, our readers will find the
CITIZEN pretty full this week-full of inter
esting reading, both iinside and out. Once
Upon a time when Chas. Lamb stopped in a
stage coach at a Kentisfc town, a woman
asked the driver, "Are you full inside?"
upon winch Lauib put his head throu 'h the
window aud said: "l am quite full inside,"
and went on to explaiu how it happened that
he was so. With sixteen licensed houses iu
the county anybody can pick up, as he goes
along, the punch aud free lunch that made
Chas. Lamb full inside, but picking ui.
enough items in Butler to fill up a local col
umn U (juite a dilTerent matter.
New Neighbors.
—C. G. Christie, Esq has moved
into his new house at North end of
Main St—A If Wick in to his brick
bouse, near the hotel—Shry. Wick
iuto the hotel, and Mr Henry
Gumpber into the Weber house on.
Washington St., lately occupied by
Sbry. Wick aud family,which finishes
that circuit
Mr. Bobinson, the storekeeper,
has moved frotu the Rauscher house,
to rooms in the Miller store building
on Main St, lately occupied by Mrs.
Sefton.&nd will live 'hire until anew
hou-e is fiuijhed The family of Jas
T. McJuukin, dee'd, has moved into
the Rauscher house, and Mr Os
borne, the agent of the Phillips Bro's,
has moved into the Major Storey
house on Main St,
—Mr. Thompson has moved from
the Steen house to the new house he
lately bought of \\ ill on
Pehu St. Will will occupy the Steen
house until bis new house on Pearl
Si is finished, and Mr, E. P. Ham
mers has nvjted into the widow Sul
livan property on North Main St.
—Mr. A. W McCollougb has mov
ed into rooms in the house of Joseph
Vanderlin, Esq , Mr Hovis into the
Eitenmiller house at north end of
Main St., Mr. Eckelberger into the
Miller bouse on Elm St.
—Mr. A. C. Wilson has moved
from the John Lowry house to a
temporary hou-e at north end of Mc-
Kean St., and Mr. Henry Fisiiel iuto
the Lowry bouse.
—Rev. Ilotb now occupies rooms
in the church building ou Main St.,
Prot'y Sbira has moved into the Rei
ber house on west Cunningham St.,
and Mr.John McKinley of Greenville
now occupies the Ball house on south
Washington St. lately occupied by
Mr. Shira.
—Mr. B F. Crowe has moved to
South-side, Pittsburgh, N. Black,
Esq has purchased the Crowe house
on Fulton Si, and Braid Black aud
family now occupy it. Nobody has,
as yet. moved into that part of the
Scott house, iatelv occupied by Mr
Mr. W r m. >(atthews ha 3 moved
to one of John\ f-r's houses,and Mr.
Ed. Weaver has moved from the
Pape house on Jeffersou St. to the
Borland house ou Mifll in St, lately
occupied by Matthews.
—Mr Clendenen bas moved to a
house on Elm St Mr. Aily and fami
ly will move to the house on Mc-
Kean St. lately occupied by Clenden
en, as soon as he and his daughter
recover their health, and Mr. Boyer
has moved to the Henry farm. The
Haley house at Washington and
Pearl St. lately occupied by Boyer,
has been rented by two families,
named Markham and Mclntyre.
—Mr. Andrew Boggs has removed
his household goods to his new house
on West Penn St., and his family has
gone to his home in Forward twp ,
Mr. Walter Evans, of Reams A Co.,
has brought his family from Ohio and
now occupies the old B. Roessing
house on Washington St.
—Contractor Taylor has moved in
to his house on YVest Jefferson St.,
and Harvey Kirk into the Wise house
on Washington St.,formerly occupied
by Taylor.
—Wm. Martin, Esq., has moved
into the Whitmire house on McKean
St., and the Rockeustein house
Springdale, that he occupied i 3 vacaitat
—Mr. Langbein has returned from
Harmony to Butler, and is occupying
his h ouse on West North St,
—Thomas Balph has moved to the
McCrea house on Eist Jefferson St.,
E. T. Morelaud has returned to Har
mony, John Herman ha 3 moved into
his new house on E. Jefferson St.,
Miles Gould bas moved out. to hi 3
farm, Warren Albert bas moved into
the Ohl home on Mifflin St., and
Thomas Smith bas moved into his
new house on Cliff St.
—H. A. Sidler has moved to East
Cunningham St., and Cbris Harley
now occupies his house fronting on
Main St.
—John Ekas ha 3 moved to his
house on West Pearl St., and Aaron
Beighley has moved iuto the Miller
house on West Cunningham Sr.
—Mr. Thomas Brown of Buffalo
twp. has moved into the Liudsey
house on McKean St.
—Reuben McElvain has moved to
the Story house on the flat, and Dan
Yonkin into that part of the Ruff
house on McKean St. formerly occu
pied by Reuben.
—Mr. Butler, machiuist, has mov
ed to Boyd's house on Lookout Ave.,
and Mr. Dyer now occupies his entire
house on Center Ave.
—Mr. J. H. Douglass has moved
into part of Coe's bouse in Springdale.
Mr. Stehle is repairing his house on
Main St , formerly occupied by Doug
—Will White has moved from the
Diamond to bis father's house.
E. W. Kirk bas sold his house on
Brown Ave. to Mr Kelly of Venan
go twp, for SI2OO and has moved
into his house on Fairview Av e.
—Mr. Crick has moyed to Alle
—Lew Mechling has bought the
Craig house on Fairview Ave., aud
Walker Martin has moved to Martins
—S. B. Snyder's family has left
for Council Bluffs and Mr. Gearing,
the baggagemaster, is occupying that
—Henry Korn has moved from the
Stewart house to Cliff St., and John
Ililwig of Tarentum moved in there.
—Billy Williamson moved into
the George Shaffner house, and Mr.
Diil to the Wise house.
—What do you suppose is meant bsr be
ins ''bull-headed." At the trial of th»
Maiier-Booscase, Tuesday, Thompson accused
Iloos of being bull-headed, ami when it»y.
Cronenwett took the witness-chair, McQuis
tiou retorted by asking him if he were not
bull-headed in a certnin matter. Now there
is no such word in Webster's I'nabridged,
and if either Thompson or know
just what it means, either by inspiration,
observation or experience, they will con ft r a
benfit upon u benighted public by letting it
be known.
—liy the law of 1870, which went into ef
fect in 'Bl, township auditors are required
to meet on the 2d Monday of March of
each year for the settlement of Itoad and
Poor accounts. By the act of 188.'! borough
auditors meet at the same time for the set
tlement eff the same accounts, but the school
year euds on the Ist Monday of Juue of
each year, after which the school accounts
are audited. The item in the Iftr Ud of a
week or two ago regarding this matter, was
Hides and Bark Wanted.
I have purchased the tannery at
north end of Washington Stieet, But
ler, No. 64, formerly owned by Mr.
Conrad Roessing, und will buy hides
and bark delivered at the tannery.
I want No. 1 Chestnut Oak bark,
aDd all kinds of hides
For information regarding prices
call upon me at the tannery.
Mr. John Hanna is building a
new house on Brown Ave . Spring
dale— Mr*. Copley an addition to
her house—Mr. A X Dyer is im
proving his house, and Mr. Wick is
building a new house on Fairview
—Dr. JF. Moore has purchased a
lot in Spriasrdale from the Hays
Bros and will build immediately.
Mr, N, I'. Reed one of the pro
prietors of the (7aCharles A.
Sullivan and J. W. Kitker, Esq's are
attending Court iu Butler this week.
--Miss Mary McCarthy.a niece of Mrs
Mi-Sbaneoi' Pearl street,is now clerk
ing in the Danziger store, oa Sixth
street and P-JUU Ave Pittsburg
Mrs. Lusk of Buena Vis'.a is
very ill of pneumonia.
—S. B. Snyder. Esq has located
at Council Bluffs, lowa.
—The Bar Association of Pitts
burg has recommended the disbar
ment of J. H. McCreery, E.-q
—Mr. John Sumney of Mercer, B,
H. Ferguson of Ev»ns City,aud John
Hel.vig ol Tarentum, have moved to
—L H. Falkner, of Sarversville,
slipped and fell on Wednesday of last
week, biting his tongue nearly off.
It is with great effort that he can eat
or talk.
—Thpmas J. Eakin, B, Gealy,
James Patrick and W, G, Eakin have
purchased the oil interest iu the G.
W. Gealey farm, Clinton twp., from
Messrs Dennison Sc Hoyt of Millers
town, Butler cjunty, Pa., considera
tion $20,000. — brank-lin, News.
—Petey Weckbecker made two
base-bits at a game in New York,
Monday afternoon.
—James B. Mates, Esq, is on the
sick list, threatened with an attack of
—The mother of S F. Bjwser, E-q
died at her home in Armstrong coun
ty, Wedutsday.
Republican County Committee
The Countv Committee had a very
pleasant meeting in the office of S. F.
Bowser, Esq., last Monday afternoon.
The meeting was called to order by
Chairman Abrams, who stated that
its object was to fix the time of hold
ing the primary election. Mr. Mates,
the secretary, was sick, and Mr. Mc-
Pherrin was elected secretary in his
Mr. Wilson moved that Saturday,
June 4, be selected as the day for the
Primary. This motion was second
ed, add after being thoroughly dis
cussed, was adopted by a uuanimous
vote, aud the Primary for this year
will be held on Saturday, June 4.
Mr. Welsh suggested that the
County Chairman see that the proper
blanks were at all the poling places,
which be promised to do.
A motion was made that the tick
ets for the primary contain the names
of all the candidates, and that the
voter mark off all but the uames of
those he wishes to vote for. This
motion was not carried, but a com
mittee consisting ot Abrams, Hoover,
Wilson and Seaton was appointed to
consider the matter.
Mr. Feunell was in favor of prohib
iting the candidates from cauvassing
on account of their taking up so much
of the voters time, but Mr. Seaton, of
Marion, said that he was always glad
to see the candidates, and that it rest
ed him to talk to them.
Mr. Campbell referred to the fact
that Butler would probably be divid
ed into three wards aud hereafter
have three votes iu the committee
Mr. English referred to the matter
of members of other organizations
voting at our primary, aud thought
that some action should be taken iu
the matter, and it was discussed, but
it seemed to be the opinion of the
committee that the present rules of
the parly were sufficiently stringent.
A motion to adjourn tb en prevail
Rev. Haddock's Murder.
A murder trial is now ou at Sioux
City, lowa, that must attract general
attention, Johu Arensdorf, a leading
brewer of that city, aud nine others
have been placed on trial for the mur
der of Rev. George C. Haddock, a
Methodist preacher, ou the night of
August 3d last. The murdered man
had made himself conspicuous by his
efforts to enforce the prohibitory law
in that city, and being a man of cour
age and brains was making it very
uncomfortable for the men who were
breaking the law. He was waylaid
in the darkness cf the night while on
his way home and was instantly kill
ed by a pistol shot.
Arensdorf, the leading brewer of
the place, and uine others were indict
ed for the crime. Arensdorf will be
tried first, and the result in his case
will determine the fate of the others.
The prohibitionists claim the to be
able to establish the existence of a
widespread conspiracy of the liquor
dealers, culminating iu this murder.
—Greenville, (Pa.) News.
Bars to Close at 10 P. M
At the meeting of the Town Coun
cil last Tuesday evening, P. W.
Lowry appeared for John F. Lowrv
and asked the passage of an ordnance
compelling the closing of saloons at
10 o : clock P. M. On motion an ord
nace directing closiug of saloons at
10 P. M , and to remain closed until
5 A. M , was unanimously adopted.
The Butler Glass Co. was granted
permission to lay gas pipes ou street
to their works provided they bury
Mr. Peter Whitmire was notified
to abate the frog-pond nuisance at
corner of Franklin and Peuu streets.
West Clay street from Bluff to
Chestnut street was directed to be
The property owners along West
North street from Main to Bluff were
directed to build side walks.
Mr. Shields was granted permis
sion to drill for gas in the borough
An ordnance for the protection of
gas lamps and tire hydrants was read
and adopted.
Bills of John Lefever for $45,
Wm. Richev $4 25, P. 11 R. $12.85,
Jarecki M'f'g Co. $-21.53. G, K Balph
$lO, II Q. Walker $lO, Amos Kearns
10, John Smith $127, 8<» were allow
Tutt's Expectorant
cleanses the lungs of all impurities,
strengthens them when enfeebled by
disease, invigorates the circulation of"
the blood aud promotes a free expec
toration of all corrupt matter. Sold
—New Velvets, New Dress Goods,
New Trimmings at
—Hats and Bonnets re«haped at
It is Obs.ei ved:
Homes Wanted.
Four homes are Deeded fjrboysbe
tweeu 5 aud 7 years of age by the
Children's Aid Society of Butler
county. |
Also, temporary Haardinj; in a pri
vate family, in town or country, for a
little boy. Apply to.
Closing Out at Cost. i
We are closing out our Dry (Joods
at cost to make room for a large stock (
I>. T. PAPE.S.
—We are selling furniture lower
than it has ever before been sold in
Butler, and after using it you .will
say that it is what we said it was.
otherwise no sale, at MILLER BUG'S,
Xo. If -leirerson St.
—M. C. Rockenstein sells Cook
! Stoves and Manges cheaper than any
other firm in town.
Full assortment of Embroideries i
at I> T. P APE'S.
—That the Springtime is Dot here
! yet, Gentle Annie—
James A, Negle7 & Son, agents
for John Wanamaker's Wholesale
Pry Goods, Carpets and Notion
House, Philadelphia, have moved to
So. 12 North Main street, next door
to 11. Biehl & Co. They now have
a room large enough to display their
I splendid line of samples rep-esentiog
i the cream of Wanamaker's immense
wholesale stock. Butler county mer
chants, and many f.oiu adjoining
counties, are availing themselves of
; this opportunity of selecting goods
! from the finest stock in the East
' without the expense of visiting the
Eastern cities. As Butler is now
either a terminus or a centre for four
! leading railroads, viz: Pennsylvania, j
Pittsburg it Western, Sbenango &
! Allegheny and the Narrow Guage
I system, business men and others can
be assured a pleasant visit to the
! town.
—That "a fool's obeyed in of- I
j f.ce,"—
A. Xo. I all husk mattress, guar-;
anteed, not mixed with excelcer at a j
i lower figure than carr be had else ■
I where in Butler, at Miller Bros', |
j furniture-store, Xo. 19 Jefferson St
i —Lowest prices on Flannels,
| Blankets and Yarns at
—Latest styles of Ladies' Coats ;
and and short Wraps at
The highest cash price will be paid
for from 5,000 to 10,000 bushels of!
rye, to be delivered at the store of j
1-28-Gm JACOB BOOS, Butler, Pa. j
—Consult your own interests and j
examine our stock of furniture, uphol-1
stered suits, chairs, mattresses, etc., |
before purchasing. MILLER BRO'S , j
Xo. 19, Jefferson St.
—Use Double All O. K. Horse and
Cattle Powders, best in the world. A j
sure and speedy cure for heaves, j
coughs, colds, inflamed lungs, rough
ness of skin, and all kidney diseases.
For sale by J. C. REDICK,
2-18-3 m Xo. 5, X. Main St.
Butler, Pa |
—Ladies' and Misses Corsets at
D. T. P APE'S.
—That this will be a very fruitful |
—For fresh Fruits, Oranges, Lem- j
I ons, Malaga Grapes and Cranberries,
go to Morrison's City Bakery.
—Go to Horrison's City Bakery for :
fresh Oysters atid Oyster Stews.
—Our Royal Ranges arc dandies,
Our Forncliff Ranges are daisies,
; Our Home-trade Ranges take the cake
' they equal anything in the market ,
and are sold way down at
3-18-i!m M. C. ROCKENSTEIN'S, j,
—Full line of Hosiery and Gloves !
at I). T. P APE'S j
—Xew stock of Feathers and |
| Flowers at D. T. P APE'S.
—Any person needing Sewer Pipe ! 1
will save money by calling on M. C, j '
Rockenstein before buying.
—M. C. Rockenstein just received |
two car loads of Sewer Pipe for cellar
drains which he is selling very low.
—Spring Hats and Bonnet 3 at
I). T. PAPE'S, j
—Mourning Hats, Bonnets and <
veiling at D. T. PAPE'S. j '
—That the early bird catches the
last snow storm
Ready for Spring.
Charles L. Armor is prepared to j
do the best work in Butler in the !
way of House, Sign and Fresco
painting; Paper Hanging and Ivalso- j
mining. Prices reasonable. Esti- j
mates furnished. Oilice and resi-'
dencp, !)S North Washington street,>J
Butler, Pa.
—Use Double All OK. Horse Lini- j
rrtent, best in the world. For swell-1
ings, bruises, stilfuess of joints, rheu
matism, lameness, sore shoulders, j
ring bone, sweeny and spavin; it has I
no equal. For sale by J. C IIEDIOK,
2-18-3 m, No, 5, N. Main St.
Butlef, Pa
—Black and Colored Bead Trim
mings at
—Everybody will liud it to their
advantage to go to the City Bakery
for their bread, pies, cakes, etc.
• —(Jo to Morrison's City Bakery
for fine cakes and ice cream.
—Large stock of New Cloaks at
—lce Cream made to order at the
t?ity Bakery.
—That the new "Ruddy gore" i
pocketbook for ladies looks like a|
leather club —
For the next sixty days, in order
to reduce our stock, wc will quote i
special low prices on all our stock.
We have on bands thirty bed room ;
sets ranging from $lB to $l5O per;
Thirteen upholstered parlor suits .
ranging from $35 to $l5O per suit.
Parlor stands from $2,50 to $lO.
Lounces from $2,50 to $25.
Hat racks from $« to S3O.
Tabes from $1 25 to $lO
Wash-stands from $2 to SIS.
Bureaus from si> to $25.
Sets of ehaiis from $2 75 to $lO per i
Secretaries from sl<i to $lO.
Easy chairs, hamlsomo pictures, !
room ornaments, etc , auy of which t
would make both useful and appropri- •
ato presents.
No. l'.t, Jefferson St,. Butler, Pa.
—That the dandelion wauts lo j <
come up but can't.— * . n
1887(1 ft }| 1887
ill u. ili.
Spring stud Summer-
We are now ready with an
immense stock of all kinds,
qnalities and styles ol Dry
Goods, Wraps. Trimmings and
Furnishing Goods, bought for
cash and will lie s >ld lor cash,
at prices that will make it pay
you to conn 1 long d stances
to purchase the great bargains
we are now oilering in every
department. *
In all the staple styles and
latest novelties, from "> cents
to $-."»<• p>r yard and trim
mings to match A very full
line ot gloves, hosiery, neck
wear. See our embroidered
kid, silk and li-le gloves Wraps
and jackets in all grades, styles
and prices; the very best lit
ting garments in the market,
and bought direct from
the manufacturer. We can
iictnsill}' sell them cheaper
fiutn you can make them. Car
pets, oil cloths, mattings, drug
getts, rugs, matts, stair-rods
and fasteners, everything .found
in a first-class carpet store.
Good heavy ingrain at ~o
I ceil!s; best cottage carpet sit
cents, and ail new desira
! ble styles Ecru lace curtains
si per pair up. A large lot
|ot good scrim at 10 cents. We
have wonderful bargains in
domestic goods. What do von
think of a full yard wide, soft
finish, bleached muslin at 01
cents —10 yards for £1 ? Fair
quality straw ticking at So;
I extra fine brown muslin Oi
cents; ladies' hose, solid colors,
•") cents per pair; but we can
not begin tu publish a list of
j our bargains—the only way to
satisfy yourself that you can
save money and be better suit
elsewhere is to call and ex
amine the bargains we sire
now offering. All goods mark
ed iu plain figures. We cor
dially invite you to call in and
be convinced that our goods
and prices are unequaled in
this part of the State ot Penn
mm & balm
—That "perfumed toothpicks" are
now fashionable—
—Wt have now open a full stock
of latest styles of Ladies' Cloaks,
Silks, Yelvets, Dress Goods and
Trimmings for the Fall trade, Please
call and examine, at
—Tricots, Homespuns and Dress
Goods of kinds, at lowest prices at
—We have ten thousand dollars
worth of furniture iu our three ware
rooms at No. 19 Jefferson St., Butler,
Pa. The best as well a3 the cheap
ast, but all the best made for the price.
All persons will find it to their ad
vantage to examine our stock and as
certain our prices before purchasing.
—White Goods a specialty at
. D. T. P APE'S.
—That the newest fashionable col
ors of the season are a delicate shad©
of old pink, or dying rose, as it is
poetically called, and a silver shade
of green, euphoniously known as ser
pent green.
Everybody Read This.
The Spring Term of Prospect
Academy begins. April 5, ISBT, at 2
o'clock, p in. Students Reception in
Chapel Hall at 7 p.m
Boarding, room rent and tuition |
i low. Instruction thorough. Gallon
i or address the Principal,
Prospect, Pa.
—Good, heavy,honest made stoves
ore sold very cheat, at M. C. Ilocken
j stein'?, No, 17 Main St.
—Beautiful pictures at very low j
| prices at Miller Bros.' furniture store,
S No. 10 Jefferson St.
| T
—No. 19 Jefferson St. is the place j
i to buy cheap and good furniture.
—The people of California are}
| agitated just now over the discovery j
that one of her wealthiest citizens has |
been living there for vear3 under an i
alias, that he appeared some years !
ago in the criminal courts of different j
eastern states under the name of ivis- j
sane, and was charged with forgery, ;
bigamy, murder and arson, that he !
! served a term iri the penitentiary, J
! then disappeared, went to California, !
assumed another name, became very i
rich, and has at last beeu recognized
; by a man who has been hunting him
for years.
—A new and interesting road law !
I been introduced and passed the Sen- •
ate. It enables taxpayers of town-!
! ships and road districts to contract j
for making, at their own expense, the |
roads of such districts and thus pre- I
| vent the levying and and collection !
iof such taxes thereon. It providesj
: that upon S. petition being presented j
j to the court accompanied by a bond j
equal to two huudred dollars for each j
| mile of road, betting forth that the !
: petitioning tax payers ore willing to :
contract for Jv<;< ping the roads in re- i
i pair for one year, the court shall direct
supervisor to enter into a contractwith I
| the petitioners and upon sueh eon- j
I tracts being made no road tax shall i
, be levied iu the district for that fiscal i
The Eest and Cheapest Farm
Gate in the World for $1.50.
Full s j* hinge* and rollers for iar r p'an<t ! '
1 • ' 'Kflljincil. Will Miut iIM-ff. i
1"U>I "i !i c>r reaper and Wilder. (No patent .
: °:i "■'* Full directions for l)u|t.<:in ; und j ,
- With far'- Jlllii-i-s I .
I ;el I'oiiei' -. Taken -uine amount Hails a-i I'lf (
J lenu'tn common fence. L.IS' > longer, costs 1
, less Mian Uirs, works east T »vlll not aujr posts.
! eunnoi i>e drifted lu «•»'• FUOW or i., i 'ie<l by
; the wind. .*>6o.iMo now «*'•• i'ali.- i.-. fci four ,
| «fates. *5. Address J * JOHNsoN. . '
iiox ion. Bulk"*. I
! Agent for 'Olilo •f-etlcal Farmer.' o-iNtf, j,
on r> spaco when in vviil find it on file at j
the A*J g/gmc/cf LOBD&THOKAS. : :
Grand Spring Opening
,Vi the prices I iiiu in irkingmj .ds tin - spriujr 1 »<-• '. I eifr■> il> niMUi. <1 in v ill.- ;tbe L<ir**i Boom in the shoe business that vou
wit i».-—■ iiit t l»i- ]•. i - Yfai ;iiUT ye.. ln.v i .11--1 :-1 . i .• , in, !•••:!..> i - • tul ;t Hi. lif.nl without a successful competitor
at-!, v.-'. "-onply I).' .m-. I 1 >:i't want i!i world. lam~a*-.■ ■lv* M. • -t.i il' pr.»ii< rrviiv/ ,itwav>. to ,'l\p the trade (rood Boots and Shoes at
very low prices.
I Expected a Boom this Spring
Anil hotKht accordingly aivi I didn't m -s It . lther for already I can - •• *i-„-hs oi i»r. expecie.l f»..mi. The news Is spread! nir lik» wUd-tlre and It
gov trwn t<• wi: ~! 11 j > t.i toe Mklp, Iran Burner to fanner from nel rhbor to m Ighbor. in tid the whole country has beard it.
Bickei's Spring Goods , Have Come,
Ah I In* h:i> iiiark«' 1 i*li'|>*■ i* Ui.tti • \»*r; If true. «\m ii bo ;»•»-. ;»!• .mi >n\. « *».* i • ;»iui jin.l i' for out* little luoiiM-ni vou (won ilouhitMl
111;.? r.!- ktjl s thr Ullli Sll.M- llou-u- In j»UT] 'V COUTItY. \.i tj >u'»f Will :i 1 1 '> ll'sil ;!!»«i \ 0«I W* II If'UVC HIV StOH* allll tUkC ll|) tllO Cl*y
For Good Goods and Low Prices Bickel Leads,
It is mo- surely >o. can't be otliervvl.; >. Come to nickel'* al any Urn- m.-l It i:. i.,r. i.usin.«ss dolmr anv plvie. vou wtilVnd mv store thmnrnxi
nii < a ,'cr li'iy-r-.. The. • .ill-tome I),> aus ■ tiny kni.w my •-'OO.I-:liv r!* '-t ■lpi i • > the loiv.-.-t. an.l ir voii are in heed of anything In the
sh.vliti' • i-.it in .• «v this sprln,' an I yet will it. !h ,• ;• tain..: , a ml I ccpe.-r t>Ha lin a
Ladies' Fine Shoes and Slippers.
This line of Is are (Perfectly vrrand this > nr. ami I have a'liumlred <ii:i rent s;\,les :.i show uej. mnleof French Kid Am Kid Mat Kid Bright
;.nd dull I mux. das. Kangaroo, <.-> at Bird'.-. Ey-. JVhld- tioat. «Jlove Kill ete made on ill the clt£T -rent stvle lasts, from Ato KF I can tit inv
foot In Butler county. I l:r,\. 1-dle line sh«»-s made on all the different style last s from verv narrow to extremely wld« and lanre sizes. Some of
my goods running to No. 9. *
Men and Boys Fine Shoes
An Inspection of this line of -roods will pi .ve to you that they are wit a out doubt the l.«est line of >roo,is ever olTered to the trade for perfect fllttlnc
and ' >rtv t,t! •< |'li»> h.we no s'ip.ii ■-an 1 no-1 only to lie se >1 to he appro,-tat-d. And m Hne of medium and low priced iroodswas selected
i 'he .an..- .-are. No worthless she ii > is ian lie r.emd In this sto-k. and to .'aov. m. -utlre confidence la these goods. I will give a iruiran
t with e. pair I sell and cli -erfuly refund the money in case any iyiuui.l prove to he not as represented.
Mens Plow Shoes and Brogans,
lor t ais Une«t -roods 1 can only say that they are the products of the best manufacturers In the East. Ant leipatlng an unusuallv large trade this
sprliu- my onler lor t a was fully double that of any previous year ami I hive marked them to suit the times. Hariralns In Kin Calf and
a - ill -.![■■ ai:d two li-iekl-- flow Me e. >.inei ~ -h- .-s of every des. riptl- ti. Don't fall to see this line or goods Boys' Plow Shoes In irreat vaHprv
I will olfer also VEKY CHEAP, a lovelj : Ladles' aad Misses Fine Kid Slippers In #ll styles. ' .•«««» uigreananei}.
"> J. i pilrs ifm-a-i' CiO'-s. shop made, at f-'-o. This Is a \clded bar.'alii and are moving very f:ist at the altove prices*
I. vII s r„' ■ i'i I FJX.VI gi -1 lia ev -ry style, .lust the Mud of a li„iit every day shoe for summer ' *
1! i- ■is ill siii- 's for m-nan 1 hoys. Thes • shoes have become very popular and make a verv good light working shoe
1 have a full line of my own work of Boots and Shoes constantly on Jiaul. and In ease you can't wait to have a pair made I can tit von out nf mvotrvir
HEPAIHINi; (lone vvllji neatness and dispatch. Leather and Kin.l! vs. ot ..11 kinds, at less than .11 v prices. ' When In Butler Ji\-e me a
■all an l examine goods ati-1 prle-s. A bottle of Fine French Shoe I'o i -h jm-sented to every lady tairchaslDg a pair of shoes.
Auditors' Report.
| Financial statement of the Boro. of Butler.
Thos. Niggle, collector of duplicate of ISB4.
To bal, of duplicate of 'B4 $1,679 99
March 30, 'B6, credit s 2!<7 34
August 7, 'B6, credit .Sit 65
Commission of 5 per cent... *55 60
Bal. due the borough Mar. 30, : 57...$ 512 40
;j R. McAboy, collector of duplicates of 1883
and 1885.
I j Bal. due the boro, on said duplicates as
1 {per statement of last Auditors' rep't-*!2,6:58 10
■ | Mar. 23, 'B6, credit .\.s 200 00
June 23, 'B6 820 56
March 14, 'B7 616 65
Commission of 5 per cent... 81 86
, Sl 71 ;> 07
Bal. due boro. on Mar. 2!>, 'B7 $ 91!' 33
G. W. Ziegler, l>r. to am't of duplicate
of'B6 .' $5,838 79
i Credit, Sept. 29, 'B6 $1,249 32
* " Nov. 4, 'B6 440 33
" Jan. 17, '67 B_'4 63
' " Jan. 17, 'B7 60 50
" Mar. 2, 'B7 334 11
" Mar. 11, 'B7 587 71
Ral due the boro. March 29 $2,642 19
' Casper Rockenstein, Treasurer, in account
with boro. of Butler for the year end
ing March 15, 1887.
Bal due on audit of 1887 $ 264 15
Mar. 23, 'B6, ree'd from McAboy 200 08
Mar. 30, '66, ree'd from Niggle 297 34
June 26, 'B6, ree'd from McAboy. ... 820 56
Mar. 14, 'B6, ree'd from McAboy 616 65
' Mar. 7, 'B6, ree'd from Niggle 814 69
Sept. 29, 'B6, " "G. W. Ziegler.. 1,249 32
Nov. 4, '.Mi, " "G. W. Ziegler.. 440 33
Jan. 17, 'B7, " "G. W*. Ziegler.. 824 63
Jan. 17, 'B7, " "G. W. Ziegler.. 60 50
Mar. 2, 'B7, " "G. W. Ziegler.. 334 11
Mar. 11, 'B7, " "G. W. Ziegler.. 287 71
Mar. 15,'87, " " Bur. A. L. Reiberl97 75
T otal*recei pts $6,407,74
Casper Rockenstein in account with borough
of Butler.
I Teaming and stone $ 259 30
I Labor 1,657 05
IFire department 378 55
Printing 138 50
Stone 121 25
Pavejient orders 3 la
Water rent 600 00
Tax on loans >1 05
Justice fees 14 76
Attorney fees 200 00
Street Commissioner 361 60 j
i Fire department hydrants 253 ;il
! Plumbing 72
I Lumber 110 39
J Hardware 67 93
! Clerk's salary 125 00
j Int. on binds 410 00
Blacksmithing 24 48
Police 30 75
Auditing 45 00
Constable fees 174 23
| Surveying 17 80
j Eureka Hose Co 475 00
j Alldred & Troutman warrant No.
171 308 40
j Treasurer's commission 117 78
j By balance due borough 453 60
Total amount credits $ 6,407 74
j To balance due the borough $ 455 60
Audited March 29,18.57.
r .-'v- "• v \
!*. (i •v ' - ! ~ }
:■ ■ --'x- • #V\ j
v . ,'.v "■
v ■
To the pure Clydesdale stallion,
' , r,
who wllfsfai'-l for tiutri'v (Hiring flu' si'..,-..Ml ni
1,,57 i„. 1!. nin - Mini 1... and ending \ngust l.i,
;il il'ie sljOne "I I'eter.i IU. il 111 Summit to'.vn
sMji. iSull'T count . .I'u it (in- -i' wiles east o! l'.nt
-1 ;. r, ii.'.ir I!• »isitviirin»k.
(iltm Aihole i. No. L'-I.'l, registered In Seotlish
di'su. > -i*i.l book. \"II|. «.
lu'ir year-. Ui:l weighed when year.iold lSi't -.
Full pi'il>xr< found at barn m' IKHI ;s of (
Creaf Hrf! 1 i :ITIII ..an-mt.-il I<l be as goo I us t
thai hi any oilier ho -■ in (lie I oiled Stales.
I?j3 ExylM"3: k
Insurance pa;. able when mare is known v
to be with I'ial. frrr nlar ntfi'inlauee ur nait- a
iiig with a mure before known to he with foal
forf it* the insurance Wlten rea- . >bh' e ire
is-given a mure I will insure a walking colt or "
no pay. Care will he taken, but no ae<- mill •-
bißty for accidents.
I*. J, BACH. • -
4.* 4ni Butler, Pa.
Advertise iu the Cni/KN.
Reliable Boots aDd Shoes.
Please observe the daily arrivals of New and At
tractive Spring Styles in Ladies', Misses' and Chil
drens', Mens', 15o\s' and Youths' footwear, all to be
sold at the lowest prices.
We have sill our goods made to our own
order and by every pair of them; warrant
them to give you service. Please notice we sell
no auction goods, but all straight goods, "We invite
you to examine our New Spring Styles and our
new prices.
No, 4, N. Main St., Butler, Pa.
• \
—There is a proposition before the
legislature to expand $500,000 in re
pair* on that old capitol building.
That's nonsense. What is wanted is
a new building. Every dollar ex
pended on the antiquated structure is
just that much thrown away. Might
as well pour it down a rat hole.
Don't patch up the old rattle-trap
any more. It is oO years behind the
times now and still getting older.
—lndiana, (Pa,) Messenger.
—Representative Keyser, of Phila
delphia, has introduced in the House
at Ilarrisburg a bill to punish frauds
who, under the name of Spiritualists,
di'pe silly people into the belief that
they can produce the ghosts of depart
ed friends, only, however, on being
paid handsomely for so doing: Mr.
Keyserought to add a section to cov
er that other Class of frauds known as j
faith-cure doctors. They should be
prohibited in their profanations, and
punished if they persist.—(ireenville
Wh;it Made Him Sick.
"Aeb, Pismarck, 1 vos a very sick
man, don't it," remarked the Kmperor
of Germany to the Chancellor.
"Pv crashus, vot der matter vo. l -?"
asked Bismarck in alarm.
"Look at dot. And tole me no ques
tion. " And Wilhelm showed tho
! Chancellor a picture of himself which
hud bei-n printed in au American
letters testaineuUrv un the estate of j
< iirist >pher McMichael", de -'d, late of Clay I
township, Burtet cMßty, pa , • horis# l> • . ii i
«rai!t. .l t., tile uffder '-ni.l. All persons j
knowing themselves Indented to said estate, '
will please make immediate payment, and '
any having claim , against Saul "estate, will ;
present them duly authenticated for settle
.TAPirrA McMIf'II VEL F Ex'r.
EUCLID P. O , Butler Co. Pa.
TM PIES; ;• % ps ,
N. W. AYFCR 4 SON, eur wttonied (gents. 1
On anil after Monday, Dec. 13, 1886, trains
will leave Butler as follows:
MAKKKT at ti:ls a. ra., arriving atAlleghe
nv at 9:00 a. m.; connects east.
, EXPRESS ut 8:30 a. ra., arriving at Alleghe
[ny at 10:30 a. m.; does not connect for the
I' east.
Mai i. at 2:35 p. m., and goes through to
Allegheny, arriving there at 4:45 p. m,;-con
nects east. *
ACCOMMODATION at 4:55 p, ra., and con
nects at the Junction with Freeport Accom
modation, Rrri^iaft Allegheny at 7:30
"'ill umwfects east as far as Apollo.
connecting for Butler leave Alleghey
ny at 7:20 a.m., 2:30 p. in. and 5:30 p. m.
Trains arrive at Butler at 10:25 a, m. anil
4:35 and 7:35 p. m.
< orrected to fast time, 1 hour faster than
schedule time and twenty minutes faster then
Pittsburgh time.
Trains leave Butler for Greenville from
I the Pittsburgh ami Western depot at 9:13
I 'I 1 - and 12:30 and 6:25 p. - in. Trains
i leaving the I'. it. W. depot in Allegheny
city u < :00,10:20 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. fast time
connect at Butler with trains on the Si.
Trains arrive at Butler from Greenville,
fasttiuie, 9:43 a. ID. and 2:45 and 6:37 p. m.,
"'id connect with trains on the I'. & W.
arriving ut Allegheny at 11:30 a. m. and 4:58
and 8:35 p. m., last time.
I'rains U ave Milliards at 6:40, and 11:00 a.
j in., slow time, and arrive at 10:00 a.m. and
<_:2o i>. ra. Both trains connect at Branehtou
ti>r Butler and Greenville.
A. J. FRANK it CO.,
Z "Physicians'! Proscriptions carefully CO..>
pmnile.t, mill orders answered with care ana
it ; :i' ii. iisir stock of medicines Is complete,
wan-anted genuine, anil of the best quality.
45 South Main Street,
IVY jJTCdI I»J ■#'>" I)r. J. B. May
§~; u imm ™ ■ki ■*er, 831 Arch St.,
.at once.
Xoope-ratlon or business delay. Thousands of
runu. At Keystone House. Heading. Pa., ad
Saturday of each month. Send for circulars.
Advice free,