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Seth Green's Ideas About the
Tribe and Some of His Varied
( Turf; Field and Farm.)
••How did you ever come to devise
this scheme ?"
"I have been working at it ever
since I was enough to bend a
pin. : '
The above remark was addressed to
Mr. Seth Green, the veteran fish cul
lurist, who is known to the entire
world, aud his reply indicates the ex
tent of his labors.
"When I was quite young," he con
tinued, "I would be on the limbs of
trees that reacted out over the water
entire afternoons watching the move
ments of the fish and studying their
habits In this way I discovered
maDy characteristics which were be
fore unknown. I saw, as every ob
server most see, the destructive ele
ments that are warring against fish,
and I realized that unless something
were done, the life in the streams of
this country would become extinct. To
counteract this disastrous end became
my life work, and I am happy to say
I have seen its accomplishment."
"Were vou successful on the start."
"No, indeed. Up to that time all
artificial attempts to hatch and raise
fibh from the spawn had failed, and I
was compelled to experiment in an
entirely new manner The work was
a careful and tediou3 one, but I finally
succeeded, and to-day I am able to
hatch and raise fully seventy-five per
cent, of all spawn."
"Enormous! Why, this is a larger
percentage than either the vegetable
or animal kingdoms produce in a natural
"I know it, but we exercise the
greatest care in the start, and guard
the little fellows until they become
able to care for themselves."
The foregoing conversation ocurred
at Caledonia where the representative
of this paper was paying a visit to the
btate finb butcheries. It Las been bis
privilege to report very many interest
ing sights within the past twenty-five
years, but the view presented here ex
ceeds in interest anything ever before at
tempted. .
"How many there in those
ponds, Mr. Green
"As we have never attempted to
count them it will be impossible to say.
They extend way up into the millions
though. We shipped over three mil
lions out of the ponds this year and
there seemed to be as many afterward
as before. We hove nearly every va
riety of the trout family and many
"You speak of hybrids, Mr. Green.
What do you mean by that
"I have experimented for years in
crossing the breed of the various fi.sh
and am still working upon it. We
cross the female salmon trout with the
male brook trout, and thus a
hybrid. Then we cross the hybrid with
tie brook trout which gives us
three quarters and one-quarter sal
mon trout. This makes one of the
finest fishes in the world. He has all
the habits of the brook trout, lives in
both streams and lakes, develops ver
million spots on his sides, rises readily
to a flv, is far more vigorous and fully
one-third larger than ordinary brook
trout of the same age '1 he possibili
ties of development iu the fish world
are great and we are rapidly ascertain
ing what they are."
As the man of news watched the
countenance of Mr. Green while he
was giving the above account, he could
not but feel that he was in the pres
ence of one of the few investigators
who, from a rich aud life-long experi
ence, bring great benefit to the world.
Let the reader imagine a strong aud
stalwart frame, surmounted by a head
strongly resembling that of .Socrates,
and covered with a white silky beard
and luxuriant jM'av hair. Seth Green,
the father of finh culture, is a pictur
ed health, and the reporter could not
help remai king so.
"If you had seen me the winter
and spring, young man. you might
have thought differently," said the
"How is that?" One would think
to look at you, that sickness was
something of which you knew nothing.
"And so it was until last winter.
I went down into Floriila in the fall
to see what kind of fi.-h they had in
State and Htudy their habits, and was
attacked with malaria in its severest
form, aud when I came home I real
ized for the fir<-t time in my life, that 1
was siek. My symptoms were terri
ble. 1 had dull, aching pains in my
head, limbs and around my back
My appetite was wholly gone, aud J
felt a lack of energy such as 1 had of
ten heard described but had never ex
perienced. Any one who Las ever
had a severe attack of malaria can tip
predate my condition. I went io bed
and remained there all the spr i and
if there ever was a sick ma'i i Wie
the one."
"It seems hardly posvMe. How
did you come to reeyver so com
pletely ?"
"My brother, vv o had been afllc'ed
by a severe kidney trouble and tii eat
ened with
pletely cured by u remedy in which 1
bad great confidence I therefore tried
the same remedy for my malaria and
um buppy to say I am u well man to
day and through the instrumentality
of Warner's Safe (Jure, which I be
lieve to be one of the most valuable of
medicines. Indeed, I see it in en
dci-ed by the Uni ted Stales Medical
College of New Yotk, aud that Dr.
Gun ti, di an of that institution, has
written a long article concerning its
"Ariel arc you now UM well us for
merly ?"
"Apparently k<>. I keep the remedy
OQ bund all the while though ami do
no licnitute to recommend it to
"One ejue.stiori more. How many
ponrnirtof llHlJ. have you here aud how
are they divided V
"Well, we have 43 pondH which
arc DIVIDED up IIH follow*: 22 p«>ndn
of brook trout, 2 pondu of nalinon
trout, 4 of M' Cloud river or rainbow
trout, 2 ponds of German trout, :{ of
California mountain trout, 2 pondrf ol
hybrids, 4 of one-quarter balmon and
three-quarters brook trout, 2 poudn of
fifth, au«J 1 pond of carp. Then
we have what we call the centennial
pond or "happy family," consisting of
crosses of different fish, including Ken
nebec salmon. Land Locked salmon,
California salmon, brook trout, sal
mon trout and hybrids. These fish range
in size from minnows to 18-pounders,
and in age from one-and-one-hali
months to eleven years. I forgot to
say, also, that we have a 'hospital'
pond, which is entirely empty, which
speaks pretty well for a community of
many millions. Indeed the whole
secret of fish culture can be summoned
op in four tbiugs. Impregnation—
using no water. Plenty of food
I'lenty of pore water and cleanliness.
The numerous fish exhibitions which
are taking place in all parts of Europe
and the unusual interest which is be
ing manifested in this subject through
out the world all owe their origin to
the process above described as origin
ated ac.d conducted by Seth Green.
It is certainly cause for congratulation
to everv American that this country
produces so many men whose genius
brings value to the world, and it is
proof positive of the greatest merit
that a remedy even with such high
standing as Warner's Safe Cure is
known to have should be so strongly
endorsed and recommended by one so
reputable aud reliable as Seth Green.
A Literary Man Went West.
The lime-stone water of Ohio disor
dered his bowels and laid him on a bed
ofsickuess with horrible cramps For
three days and nigbt3 he was wretched.
Then he said "why didn't I think of
Perry Davis's Pain Killer?" He sent
for it and experienced such prompt and
thorough relief that he was a fool for
not getting it at first.
The festive fly has flown up the
Rheumatic Syrup Co., BUTLER, N
Y.. Feb. 2"), 'B2.
GENTS —I wish to express my ap
preciation of your wonderful remedy
lor the cure of rheumatism, dyspepsia
and general debility. I have been a
great sufferer from that terrible disease
—rheumatism—for more than a year,
and could get no rest or relief day nor
night for the whole time. .Like most
everybody else similarly alllicted, I
tried" many different remedies, and con
sulted a number of physicians. But
getting only temporary relief from any
of these sources, I almost despaired of
ever again being restored to my nor
mal condition, aud once more .'ree
from pain. At this time, hearing so
many recommend your Rheumatic
Syrup as an infallible cure for rheuma
tism, and knowing that they had been
troubled the same as myself and were
uow permanently cured by the use of
your remedy, I was inspired by their
unbounded faith in its healing powers,
and resolved to test its efficacy in my
own case ; and the result of it all is,
that after taking four bottles, my rheu
matism had all disappeared, aud now,
thanks to your Uheumatic Syrup. 1
feel like a new man, aud cheerfully re
commend the Uheumatic Syrup to all
who are suffering with rheumatism.
puck characterizes the irrepressi
ble book canvassar as a wind instru
How to Secure Health.
It seems strange that any one will
from the many derangements brought
on by an impure condition of the blood
when Scoville's Sarsaparilia and Stil
lingia, or Blood aud Liver Syrup will
restore perfect health to the physical
organization. It is, indeed, a strength
ening svrup, pleasant to take ( and has
often proven itself to be the bc*ht blood
purifier eve*r discovered, effectually
curing scrofula, syphilitic disorders,
weakness of the kidneys, erysipelas,
malaria, all nervous disorders and de
bility, bilious complaint*, and all dis
eases indicating an impure condition of
the blood, liver, kidneys, stomach, etc.
It corrects indigestion. A single bot
tle will prove to you its merits as a
health reuewer, for it acts like a charm,
especially when the complaint is of an
exhaustive nature, having a tendency
to lessen the natural vigor of the brain
and nervous system.
Dr. Mott's Liver Pills are the best
Catharic Regulators.
—The voice t>f the clergy is agaiuHt
the publication of newspapers on Sun
—Why do Wilsonia Magnetk* Ap
pliances effect their marvellous cures,
where medicine f. il-.?
This is a question frequently asked.
The force supplied by Wilsonia is pre
cisely that which is lacking where dis
ease exists. Magnetism is the force
which gives life to the blood. See a«l
--vertismc rit on another page.
—The experienced philanthropist
freely gives advice and saves his
money for beer and cigars.
Strength for Mind and Fiociy.
There is more strength restoring pow
er in a bottle of Parker's Ginger Tonie
than in a bushel of malt or a gallon (if
milk. This explains why invalids find
k such a wonderful iuvigo-ant for
mind ami body.
—On a pinch, many a modest citizen
is found to be up to suuff.
Those who u e tobacco say that a
good cigar is often better then mi di
cine. Well, smoking has been known
to cure hams
' / wouldn't he without hr. liiunoii'.i
Celery ami (Jhimoimlr I'illk ij lliry
<-ont %1 a pill They cured me if neu
ral'jia "/ '.I year's ntundi /if/." Joseph
Snyder, I'axions, Pa. 51) cts per box
at druggists.
The church choir singer who vehe
mently claims to have lout his voice is
generally the chap who never had any
to speak of.
Cleanliness and purity make Par
ker's Hair Balsam the favorite for r<-
storing the youthful color to gray hair.
Consumption Cured.
An old phyiiii lan, retired from pneiiec, liavui„'
li.-ul Ilia <■'! 11l lilH bands by i*.n K ' I India mis - mi
ary lit'* formula of a HIIII|*!<- vegetable ily for
UM- sin—ily Olid |> ruiaiK-iit cure of i MIII" JMII.
ItroiK-liltlx, < iilarrh. Ahllillia and ali lliroal a*i I
|, ( 11, u Affei'lloliH, Itlt-.o u punitive aim l :ul|e.il eiire
lor Nervous ln-liiltty and all Nervous I 'uioplallit*,
all r liavlUK t.-.l their wonderful >■ iratlve p ~v-en
en 111 thoiiMUnls of i i <--. has I' lt it lit. iluly In
make it known to his sulferliiK f'-llo.\n. Arluai il
liy this motive and a ile.ire ?u relieve human nf
lerili;'. I will send live of ehartfe, to ;i.l Winnie
-HI it this rei-tpe, iii <;er:n;:u, I e 11-! lor Knj{ll h,
With fn ! iliieotlons tor i<! i-I .HI11 ami ti-inj,'
Sent by mail l>y addre.-iln;; Willi Maiiifi. r.uiie'X
th»* 111Iier, W. A. Nov*.*, li'' l o VI I s lilix'k.
I UadMMter, N. Y. Heptiz O-tJUMW
I^** Advertise in the CITIZKIT.
The difficult with most people is
that they want to sit in the sunshine
and Lave good fortune come tumbling
into their laps. Nature is an odd dame,
however, and doesn't give even half a
loaf to a man who can do his own loaf
in*. You must get your spindle and
distaff ready and then I'rovidence will
send you the llax to spin.
Xo matter what the color of a
circus poster may be, it is always read.
One hundred and seventy-five rat
tlesnakes have been kiiled this summeri
in a single township iu Clearfield coun
tv, by workmen employed iu grading
ihe Yanderbilt Railroad.
A very much mistaken philosopher
once wrote as a proverb, "A great load
of gold is more burdens.m e than a light
load of gravel."
There is both warning and en
couragement in the saw, "A man, as
he manages himself, may die old at
thirty or young at eighty."
Gone Never to Return.
GARDINER, ME.— Mr. Daniel Gray,
a prominent lumber merchant writes
that his wife bad severe rheumatic
pains; so severe as to render her un
abie to sleep. From the first applica
tion of the famous German Remedy,
St. Jacobs Oil, she experienced un
speakable relief, and in two hours the
pain had entirely gone.
Courteous florists successfully cul
tivate the pink of politeness.
—Two for assent—bride and groom.
—Always in the wrong place—a
A regular kidnapper -"-soothing
—Splendid weather for out-door
Money is the cement that often re
pairs a broken heart.
Lovers will be pleased to learn
that this is a great year for pear 3.
Confectioners are henceforth to be
known as "saccharine artists "
A ( ARU.
To all those who are suffering from the IT
rors and indiscretions of youth, nervou
wca!tnes.s, early decay, loss of manhood, &e.,
I will send a recipe -1 will cure you, I i.l>t
OF CIIAItGK. This great remedy was dis
covered by a missionary, in Soutu America.
Send a self-addressed envelope to the Kiev.
JOSEPH 'f. INMAN, Suitia* I>, New lork^.uy
Dr. Frease's Water Cure Es
Ahe dlh Institution in its SOlh year. For
nearly .>ll kinds ol Chronic disease*, and c*-
peclaily the diseases of Women. Inval.ds arc
Invited to corie.-puud with
Address, S. FKEASE, M. D.,
jylß-ly New Brighton, Weaver to, la.
Ho! for Pittsburgh Exposition
Within sight of the Expost"ion Building, facing
the Allegheny river.
Duque&ne Way between Eighth & Ninth Ste.
1»ITTS»IR«H, I* A.
Or H'J cent* a day cheaper than any hotel in
Pittisburi/h. Only ttnij.eruieo hotel in I'ittH
batgh. ' aug»,l2«r
Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Office Cor. Main and Cunningham Sts.
/. 1,. I'm vis, E. A. Helmboldt,
William Campbell, J. VV. Buikhart,
i.. Troutmaa, Jacob Schocne,
U.C. Koewint, John Oaldwcll,
Dr. W. Irviu, J. J. Croll
A. li. Kno'ic*, i H. C. Heineraan.
JAo. T» M'JUNKIN, (Jen. Ae't
J. B. Kohlmsysr & Co.
M:iin Hf root,
(Opposite Vtijj'fcby Muiim)
I'aro I.i'pi >rn f.ir lue 'leinal pmpoaei), Oiln
and I'auil •. Ao,
t;/ Dr. H / muiir'nan liai hi i ufil 'O on
the i:f.oud 11 tor of miua b lilding. J'i :1J If
Union Woolen Mills.
f w.-,ald doMlie to call the attention of the
ptll/i': to the Union VV HJIOII Mill, liutler, Pa.,
whorr- I hifo ntiu' and improved machinery for
Hie mmafs'stuiu of
Birred and Gray Flannuls,
K .iLtirjg ar J Wouving Yarns,
in'', t i. :ii r'jcoiu-iie.jd I hem at* bi:liif{ very dura
ble, vi lb »y aro fu.-iinf;wtiired of purn itutlel
Oij inty They nr.! beautiful in color, »u
--perior in texture, mid will be mihl at verj lo»
pricea. for nar-ieltn aud price* a Idrcia,
11. VULt.V.n i'OX.
pilJl. - ?* ly lin tier, I*a
132 First A vc.,PITTSBUftGH,PA.
I R (J iNT
ItriflKCM and lioolv,
nn«l I oeKiipv,
■•'roiHu, 1 oiiizniiM iV (jirilen,
MiiirtvajN uiii! I «-ni»iN,
l eneeN antl < risl 1
I Ire-l NtMpeN.
norss: \\!) LOT I OKSAM .
A VLI'.V CO/.f
Two-Storied Frame House
»l rooui« a < .11.11-, iin l i.n.i-i) mid two
i'i!> .it tfii.uud in Unit i v.,1. Ii «! Id i,n le.i on
;il k t.mi-, t.idl iiidli ' "I
.Vl .r-llir. Itutler I'a.
El liV£B! SfiBLL
Loibold & lVoiitnian
Have :t f J very Sttilile J» (TVr»oii ,
firht «l«Hir below Hicke! Sl (i.itla^hcr.
rij/n, lir-t Ha * t' .nns alwuvi oil hand.
II !'»-«! on r< u oiiaS'e term'*, al-o M t>
bought aiiJ MOM. oc'.Z 3m.
Low in i.'i* • r.r n«-«> •• ' I.IWr rul trffi.*,
A I'/< N I uuili V , l'i
NoATerm. Yr Plaintiff 7 * Attorney. Plaintiffs. Defendanii.' Attorney.
\r> i; Mar "ISS'J-L ~Z Mi'tchi-il. Eiekiel Dougherty. KA. Murtland. Vanderlin, T. and McQ.
6 1 Sent " S F Bowser. Patrick M Boyle. R Jenning. Thompson A Son.
i. 73 ' •• McQ Danna & Martin. Marv A Wilson et al. Alfred Pearce et al. Thompson,\\ alker & bcoU
« 4J Dec " McOuistion and Lyon. J W Leighner et al, Ex'rs. Isaac N Beighley. Thompson A Son.
»< " Mct'andless and Brandon. Butler Water Company. Boroutrh of Butler. j Walker ana ha*tinan.
FID •> June 1883 W D Brandon. Nancy D Kelly. W M Kellv. McQuistion and Lyon.
KI) ' 63 " 1862 Goucher and McCaudless. Mrs. Mary B. Muntz. PAW R R Co. H P Scott.
' Client lflil John M Greer. Isabella Swan. Michael Fliner et al. \\ I) Brandon,
i. " fcamc Same. Martha Matthews. Same.
" 4 : ' Mar lSsiW D Brandon. K K Aiken, Adm'r. Lucinda Brennimer. John M Greer.
47 June "ll D McJunkin. David McMillan. J< hn Maizeland. Riddle and Greer.
« 105: Dec, L Graham. Dr S H Matheaon. J M Greer et al. J M Galbreath.
Prothonotary'a Office, 25, 188*. "" M. N. GREER, Prothonotary.
Has been Eatt, the only Shoe Merchant in Butler that went East this Fall. His goods are now arriving daily, and
as usual, his Fall trade has opened with a
The people of Butler county have been imposed on long enough with high prices, and with few exceptions they are
going to the
to liuv their Fall but this is not enough I want them all to come, I have the goods and
My goods were all bought direct from the manufacturer for cash by an experienced buyer and I intend to sell them at such
That will make mj customers all happy and my competitors go mad with rage. They want me to maintain high
prices so we can all make
But I tell tfcem, NO, I can afford to sell goods on a VKRV fcMAlilj JlAßfiSi'i because I am selling more
goods than any other Shoe House in Butler county. So lam going to
And favor the people and do the trade. My Stock of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers is by far the largest that was ever
brought to Butler in one season, and I want to imprebs on the minds of the people that I will not be
But to the contrary will guarantee to save them from 15 to 25 per cent, on their Hoots and Slioes * n(l K IV «
them goods that will prove just as recommended. All I ask iB to give me a call and it will be no trouble for me
to convince you that it is
Repairing done same day received. Rubber goods of all kiuds repaired. Eight men employed in Store and Manu
fiicturing Department. " Call and examine goods before you buy.
Happy Homes! Happy Homes!! Happy Homes! U
by ihr Ttjjo ot tin. Celebrated laQfeor aod Hea.ltii-Ba»lnj{
la ktysnil innr.r off oenrpntitloi. Oar fkallltlsa tnr the pr«d«ctloß at It arc to the utmost t. rnpplr Aia ordcar*
Uut pour la upon us from this (r.«t wide and progrMtlr* country. Ill|(ht here InrouNnMl WW/
btlug umsit «xtanslvaly sad ma.f can teattfy to lis wonderful properties
,!■■■■ ll IIIIHI ll■ I ll lUIMIiniIIMI wunnmit jj —vmen.naa2nnu.-1 1 nwg *■"——
Tilt wrappers arc JSavs year keaMt.
waxed and can te f« D THE EVIDEKCE BELO«. | S a*EW»FWE. •
used fdf smoothina "nlnnm. -Huvin? be<n made acquainted v.lth tho 'nifrcdlfntsof which if uiM.. aaflaafa
u "" OHiWlllllny x; 1- . i-i ijr iti*d HAY's KOAJ-la composed,and havlnit fully tried the Soap, I tnke ij Jalß JOTi piilVICv l
(L. ...J... n | UAlaa 1 .In 1r- 1 ! iriviiik' thin us wy testimony : Int. The Hoap in perfectly Irnriu lets, fl" , J, "
file Stirrace OT your an | ..«)■ |,<| uvd with lmpulilly even in washing the most di lieiito Inlalit, or ]| Btf USiM tflll 3030*
. , , J, lilt m 'i»t f I itl.lioiiH Iwauty. al.ll is purifying. refreidiiiiK, detergent and dhln- ja *■ s ■■ I w
hand-irons, flhfing r A ,, .^o.«' , i«r^c.';:'ut ,, i SKotinpteatant odir
them a polish and I Hn .t^ N — M
■ ' . B. PRICE, M. 1>.,307 North Ninth Street. N wu »IW»W»
smoothness, tfl3t r DAY&FI'HK PHILADELPHIA, May sth, 1881. L the result of a bardl
mill 1(1 I virgin: Voir DAY"* ?OAP has been used ill my fuinily. My wife ha<t hud
Will yiCallf oaWil 111 „ ....
, , , .. b.itol ullevvr u ■.l iu our I iiilllv. Vours r«MH.'Ctfully, *
flivlnp VOUF CiOiRBS W.1..0H.VV,1».1>., Pastor Central M. K. Church, Frankfonl. „ .
_,, ~ . „ , emzaiii.tii, n. j. wo 101 wire,
a finisher? Innlr Me«>r«. DAY .t KMU k. tuM«i.iu,i .j. ■ I——
IHIIOIICU IUUH. Itr.irSim: llitvlnij tiKud your R'>a;>, wo can say It Rives Mtisfactioii, Ijcln . .._ _
«> . . .1 t much superior to others hiiherto uiied for laundry iiur|M>*«i. PSO WISH DOIIBs
nememoer tnis Your*, A. j.martin, h
Pnnn . „ T . p _ StcwarJ, EllialK'thOcn. liospitul and DS>pc n - .rjr. ClOthCS ItiCß Hfld
P Chupef *■ HOM-, und could not bo Induced to use any other jjfctihifll a n r| aa ha
llisa ami n iL a . 1— f.r any um-juit of money. I have been MUfTerliiK with »nlt rheum for a mm-. jff HUB OIIU Ma*
man any OUlcr 111 |, rof yu «, IUKI could usoii'tHoapuiitll 1 met youra, and to my great surprUo I , **
f — . ll In U'l- imy IHIIIIIH, mill now I can do a day's wiish without any »ull'erln«. It ( nranf 2S KSW 11)0 WB
the market, and wet l«w not only cure 1 me, but *ave< III!! many hours of liard work. 1 therefore 2
* w wiiilUKly recommend It toeveiy woman nx the bestHoap ma-10. hats
doet all we claim "«-«"• ' na >- L
tor It 1 I
iOT Wash-day has no terroni for tho houflehold "where DAY'S SOAP ia used, no unplraaant
and sickening odors to fill your houses, nc*2aboriouu rubbing on tho watih-board, while the
washing can be done in one-half the time necessary by following the old worn-out method.
MADAM —for it is to the ladies we desire to speak more especially—you are the interested per
son in this matter; you it is that suffers the ills arising from the wash tub and its heavy cares; you it is
to whom the perplexities and responsibilities of the household rightfully belong, and you it is that should
interest yourself in a trial of the qualities of this soap, tliat has al ways proven itself to be a boon of salvation
We do not come to you with a t)laus : blc story calculated to have you try it, simply for the tmount
of money such a sale would bring ir>; we do not come to you a; irresponsible parties, who have no reputa
tion to suffer calumny, but we do present to you tliis brand < f soap upon an ftbsoluto guarantee and
recommendation of a well known industrial'- tablishincnt t f Philadelphia, of sixteen years existence.
Do you suppose for a moment it would c jmpensate ui to make false statements to jrou and ruin our
well-earned reputation ? No, dear reader; what >vo s y about DAY'S SOAP i j the truth, and it is sus
tained by the evidences of thousands of hou iewives from ail the country, besides which we stand
ready to endorse it all with ready cauh. iXITJJA I'XSOA I' i J tho Original and Only I'a tented. "Wl
\ vvuioioan JCv.rjr body's Skin sa4 Qwfcss.
mammmmmmmmmmmaßrnrnmammaMomm- «• .MIHIISI—
11a UunMtscoDomr las tttousaof Soap tl»at will elimi.iliccl I-suiwnilnlli' olothos 1 this DaytlssptllllMnlf I
Uo. It will In no way I:ijui) the fluent f .'irini cr llie mt/1 c".oll«»tccomplexions. |
IM-.MI mill n—'un-riirrr- r - ns-.v^v.-.
Ko soda, no washing cryatals, no lyes f.ro to ho uscJ, but simply supply yourself for tho
next wash-day with a btr of DAY'S SOAP, the:: c.. nfiilly ic.vl directions and follow them te
the exact letter, and if you don't say pitch oat thut old, v/uah-boilcr, for 1 am a wiser woman, y«it
will be the first person we have yet heard of that haa been disappointed.
fly lie w remombcr —If you don't intend to foil tlx .* directions do not try the soap at all, for
unless you do this you will be disappointed, an 1 then y HI will scold us and yourself as welL
The cost of one c ike will convince you tit ;t it is the b-st and cheapest soap ever offered you,
while the smiles that will encircle vour brow will do justice to a golden sun .et.
Have you confidence ia thin newspaper ? If so, do you suppose the owner would allow u»
to swindle his readers by offering tne.n te.nptmg inducements? lie uses it in his own home, and can
certify to its merits. Now you get a cake from your grocer in timo for the next wash day, and become
acquainted with its intrinsic worth. #
Ask your grocer fur it, and do not allow him toputyo i off with anything else for a substitute, for
every dealer can obtain it, and shouid he refuse j ou, suid direct to
DAY & FIRICiC, Prop's, oi the Philadelphia Steam Soap Worfct
" 1764-56-68-60-62 Howard Street, Philadelphia.
Court circle** in England are anxicn* al out
the ijoeeu'w health. Her disease lis thought to
be of tbe kidneys. While this is difficult to reach
by ordinary treatment, which accounts for her
lingering illness, there is a sure and certain
remedy for it all ai.d kindred affections,which she
ought to know of and use. in I>H. TENNER'S ■
lowing illustrates how readily it cures infinitely
worse cases than hers:
Fredouia. N. Y.. Mar. 8, IHB3.
Dr. M. M. Feoner—Dear Sir—For years I had
been >-uffering from a combination of kidnkt
I had a heavy aching pain over my kidneys with
cramping of my limbs. I had backache' and a
scanty and turbid flow of urine; bloating of
limbs and a uenbhal dhcpsical condition: also
pain, palpatation and dhopst of the heabt.
My condition was a distressing one, and all
treatment and kids ft remedies gave little or no
I have been taking your "kidney AXto back
ache ccuk" with tiie most happy result. It has
relieved all the unpleasant symptoms that have
followed me so persistently and so long. I
never had a medicine help mo so quickly and
cure bo completely. lam doing my own work.
Yours truly, MRS. JAMES FULLER.
ant. safe, certain. Produces good rest, good
temper, rosy cheeks, energy, freuluieea, health
and vigor in the child.
purest and best stomach tonic known.
— Yellow and White —A cure for all skin
diseases. See directions wrapped around
—The best family physic known.
For full information get of your dealer a cir
cular entitled Db- Fenneu's Is jple'k Remedies,
Abe used all ovek tue wobld. An] are for
sale by J, L. Wuller and D. H. Waller, Butler,
(Continued from last week.)
How Watch Cases*are Made.
The many groat improvements intro
duced in the manufacture of the Jas. Boss'
Gold Watch Case, have led to similar im
provements in the making of silver cases.
Under the old methods, each part of a
silver case was made of several pieces of
metal soldered together, requiring a great
amount of cutting and soldering, which
softened the metal and gave it the pliability
of lead rather than the elasticity of silver.
Under the improved methods, each part
of the Keystone Silver Watch Case is made
of one solid piece of metal hammered into
shape. The advantages are readily appar
ent, for every one knows that hammering
hardens the metal while soldering softens it.
To test the superiority of the Keystone
Silver Watch Case, take one of 3 oz. weight,
press it squarely in the center when closed,
and it will not give, while a case of same
weight of any other make will give enough
to break the crystal. The Keystone Silver
Watch Case is made only with silver cap
and gold joints.
lal 1 Ml Ilia) U Witet CM FiatwH PUla
felpkU, r»_, hi Ulutrsted rM»kbt •k*»la( k»w
Jimm M aad (apUm Wilek Om in
(To b* continued.) V
The Boss watch cases with any kind »f
movement desi-ed, can be had of
Main Nl., Wuller, Pa.,
Opposite Troutmun's Dry Goods Store.
This elegant dressing
is preferred by tho*o
who Lave used it, to any
article, on ac
and purity,
contains materials
TOWS! otdy that are beneficial
to '*** hak
and always
NtttorcsflieTMtiilttl Coler to Crcy er Fatal iilr
Parker's Hair Rilsam is finely perfumed and is
warranted to prevent falling of the hair and lo re
move dandruff mid itching, Ilfscox & Co , N.Y.
SOe. and $ I •!*«■, at detlera In druf • and medicines.
A SotMrlativs Health sii Straif tfc Rtslsnr.
If you are a inarhanic or farmer, worn out with
overwork, or a motli.r run Hown t>y family or houaa.
hold duties Iry Pakkbk'* Gihcer Tonic.
If you tire a lawyer, minister or LusineMman «r*
hausu-d l>y mental strain or anxiout caret, do not take
intoxicating itunulanu, but u»c I'arker'f Ginger Tooic
If von have Consumption, Dytpevtia, Khoum*-
ism, KidneyComi>laint», oranydisorderoftheluUfi,
atoinach. l*>weU, blood or nerves, I'abkir's GiNGaa
Tohic will cure you. ItistheCreatest Blood Purifier
Aid tht Best and Surut Cough Curt Evff lind.
If you are waiting away from age* dissipation or
sny tUsexte or weakness and require a stimulant take
Cinckii Tonic nt once: i» will invigorate and build
lon up from tlie first doee but will neve* intoxicate,
t has saved liundicdt of Kves; it may save yours.
CAUTION ! R.ru-t .11 i»Lrtltul». r^k^'iOliifwTo.Uk
conipewl oi lh. tofetmwtftal nfcnl»ln tt «worUt,*nd u mUral 7
dkflrr, .t fjr'in f-rrp-vrmlloll, of ctnyer ali*i>. N-nl fur ctrvulaf te
JlUcox A N. Y. toe. A $1 iui, »l ki d/uft.
Its rich and lasting fragrance has made this
delightful perinme exceedingly popular. Tkare
Is aethlag Ilk* It. Insist upon having Flore*,
tom Cologne and look (or signature of
effisitcoTO S
ou »wy bottle, kmy dnifflit or dealer la ftrfumtry
can aapply )"<J. M an«l 11 r«at ilm.
No. D Hi mill Thirteenth ntreer, Pliiladelpliia, aud
71 Third avenue New York, cure* Itupture in 30
daya, and will pay *1,0(10 for a Uujjture they
cannot cure. l>r. Knuleman, the OlthAl Ilhlb-
NIA Huryeon, Medical ai:d Hurnlo*l Director.
Free I rial of TruiMca at Offlcon, which are ojien
day anil evening, at Hooni 45,
Hamilton Hotel, 205 l'enn Ave., t'iUnburgk, Pa
tor a abort time ouly. Call or oend 26 oonU for
bonk ou tlte cure of ltupturo,
N. 11. l'r. K. trt&iH nii<ce«ufully all Faiuala
Dmeaaee, at Hamilton llotal. Jyll Stn
Cracked Moors, Sprains, Scratch
es and Sores
Ask your Storokcepor for it, or
wnto dlrout to tho Manufacturers,
(J le vol a nil, . . . <)Uio. !
For S il« Ity J. H. KOHLMKYER &
CO., liutler, IV
8. A A. Railroad.
i Trains leave Butler at 7 K)-> A. m., and 1:07 an
. 6 :i3 i*. m., Butler or local time,
I Trains arrive at Butler, local time, at 3 \~A A* m.
and 2 :27 and 7 P. M.
Trains leave Htlliard Station at 7 K» A. M. and
12 .00 M. and 5 «) P. m., Columbus time.
| Trains arrive at Milliards at y :27 a. m. and 2; JO
. and 7 :4."i r, M., Columbus time.
Connections are made at Greenville with E. St
P , and X. V'., P. &O. Railroads. ;ir»«l ai Mircer
with the New Castle and Oil City Ball road.
P. A IV. R. H. Tline Table.
The morning train for Allegheny leaves But
ler at S:08, Butler or local time aud arrives
there at 11:45.
The altcruoon tr»in for Allegheny leaves But
at 2;2*J P. m. and arrives there at 4:32 P, m.
The evening train for Allegheny leaves at
6.08 p. m- and arrives there at 8:05 P. m,
The morning and evening trains make close
connections at Callery Junction for all points
Trains going ncrth leave Butler at 9:44 A. u.
and 2:45, and 7:32 P. M., local time.
Trnins leave Allegheny City for Butler at 7:00
and 11;20 A. M. aud 3;f5 P. M., local time.
Sunday train going north leaves Butler at
10:44 A. M., and going south at 6:08 P. M.
West Penn Time T»ble.
Trains leave Butler (Butler or Pittsburgh time.)
Maiket at 4:41 A. M., goes through to Alle
gheny, arriving at 9:01 A. m. This train, when
cn time, connects at Freeport Accominoda
tion, which arrives at Allegheny at 7:55, city
Express at 7:16 A. M., connecting at Butler
Juuclioit, without change of ears, at 8.21 with
Express west, arriviug tu Allegheny at at 9:31
A. M.. und Express east arriviug at Blairsville
at 10:28 a si., railroad time, where it makes
close connection with Mail train east.
Maii at 2.41 p. m., counectiug at butler Junc
tion without change of cars, with Express west,
arriving in Allegheny at 5.01 P.M., and Express
cast arriving at Blairsville Intersection at 0.25
p. M., railroad time, which conuccts with
Johnstown Accommodation aud Philadelphia
Express east.
Traius arrive at Butler on West Pcun K. K.
at 9.4 A. M. t 446 aud 521 P. M., Bailer time
Tiuie of Holding Courts.
The several Courts of the county of Bntler
commence on the fltat Monday of March, June,
September and December, and coutinue two
weeks, or so long as necessary to dispose of the
business. No causes are put iluwu for trial or
traverse jurors summoned for the first week of
the several terms.
EN. LEAKE, M. I).,
• Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon.
Office in Union Block, aud residence in
Ferrcro ht a te, Butler, Pa.
Oct. 25, 1882.
my2l-ly] BUTLER, PA.
Office on Jefferson street, opposite
Kline?ler's Flour Store.
o|f \VALDRON,Gr=duatc ol the Phil-
K adclphia Dentul College,!# prepared
• II •to do auythlng in the line of hi*
profession in a satisfactory manner.
Office on Main street, Butler, Union Block,
up stairs, apll
How Lost, How Restored
Just published, a new edition of DB. CUL
RADICAL rt'RK of Si'EHMatohhika or Seminal
Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Losses, Imho-
TKNCY, Mental and Physical Incapacity, Impedi
ments to Marriage, eto; also, Cohsuuptiox,
Epilei'sy and FITS, induced by self-indulgence,
or sexual extravaganco, Ac.
Tho celcLraled author, in this admirable
ottnav, clearly demonstrates from a thirty yeara'
successful practice, that the alarming conse
quences of self-abuse may be radically cured;
pointing out a mode of euro at once simp<e,
certain aud effectual, by means of which every
sufferer, no matter what his condition may be,
may core himself cheaply, privately and radi
4£TThis Lecture should be iu tho hands of
every youth and overy man in the land.
Sent under seal In a plain envelope to any ad
dress, poet-paid, on receipt of six cents or two
postage titamps. Address,
41 Ann ST., NEW YOKE, N. Y. ; P O. Box, 450.
H i Mendi Everything HOUD AS
MOCK!-&utl u Adamant l—
onEartbl A Hamioiilaa CMuit
luntmurtli amour >U otbcrOlura
andc>>n»ntiil AbMlatoiy lTn
■B breakable and Inseparable I
Ne He*ll«*!—Ko VrspwaUoti
tklia. Qlaia VfiwL
leather MUn*. Crocksrr, Bit
Cloth, M»rl>l»t
BHD| Ifstala, fitchM on LMth*r and
x ' Rubber BhoM, Brlo-a braa. Book
Backa, Wona, "Turrjitiira,
THim Jtulibar Tlrea, Oni.m- rt* or tv.-rr
kind. Jewalrr, Uoioksra' Pipe; an 9
illlf'l9 oixarlioMera, Card Hoard in Srrap
IMIIM Booka, and JtverylhlM elae wlta
XII llHiialiictirira of Gunimod La
-3 ■ 11M bnla,T»tllo Falirloa, Fln« Carrtairaa,
M KI Lm PI an OP. Artificial Flowera, Imitation
Wm Htalnwl (llaaa and Btraw Gooda.Oalit-
Maltitrs.fce.,aiipplltid byUalloa
BarreL KOc. llettle(Brush and
Tin Cover); by uiall po»t|>aid. locta
«-«»*<(>• t«nl.. aitra. Mailed only by mauufaotarara
LIT. Af.ali Wanted lUvm-ywhsre. Hold by Dr iuivl»ta.
Cruuera, blatkmeo, Uarawara audOUoerai Bturaa
South Main St., Butler, Pa,
Keepa Constantly on Hand a Full Stock #f
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
At the Lowest Cash Prices.
F1 no Wulch It ('pairing si Kp«c
Planing Mill
Lninl>ei* ard.
S.G. Purvis & Co.,
Rough and Planed Lumbsr
Brackets, Gauged Cornice Boards,
W«nr ilermmi Otlliollc CJtonroli
" ( olU'dorM Take Notice.
Y«u itn- n-ijui-xted to collect county tuxe# and
in ike |i:ivun'iit I" the Treasurer hi *|>cedi
ly a.i |i wlhl«\ iw ihe funds ol the county an low
and money U needed for current expenae*.
Countv Commihhionkkh.
He|>l. 3. .It.
Toranvaaa for tha of
farlllttvt. No»*i»rtrnf rpqttir%J._
nriueaDatd. TttiiatT-. of Fralt ati'lOniatni uUllri^a,
I fc^afSSw.W W. hT. SMITH.t«nrTa.M.Y.