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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10, 1883.
New Advertisements.
Prospect Academy.
K tuffman's Clothing Store.
House and lot in Prospect for sale.
Buckwheat wanted—Wm. Ralston.
AsSignee'i Sale < f Butler Gla*s Works.
—House and lot in Prospect for sale. See
—Butler Glass works at public sale. Sc-e ad
vertisement of assignee in another place.
• -Go to H. Bi-hl A Co., f r Phosphate,
Grain Drills, Plows, Fruit E/. p /rators, dec.
U is said that ihe buckwheat-itch will be a
luxury this y<ar th: t only com try editors aud
railroad kings can afford.
\ young fellow weighing 115 pr.un Is mar
ried a fat v o nin in New \ ork, thi other da},
who weiths 517 j>ounis.
Send or ymr "rd-r for a Se-ving Ma
chine, of any make, at E. Gricb's Jewelry store
—"lt's an ill wind that blows nobody good."
Some city |>eiple who were cjuntry cousined
out of h u I-and hone while the expositi'n
was op< ii, may be glad it burned.
—Mr. David Qiiigley, of Fnirview township,
hxs been app-'iuted Oil Inspector for this coun
ty under the act of May 15, 1 "74, vice Mr. W.
H. Daugherty, whose terra expires «oon.
—The McSherrv Grain and Fertilizer Drill.
J. NMHiEi.dE BKO., AgenM.
—Some pheasants have already been brojight
to town for fale, but it seems a pity to kilj
them now, as they will be heavier, fatter and
more palatable in a month or two.
Meal or an Ojster Stew go to Morri-
Bon'b City Bakery. tf
—A man who says that he is the Rev. Chas.
Munch, a Lutheran minister of Beaver county,
got drunk in Iloboken, N. J., last Thursday,
stole a watch and chain from the hotel proprie
tor aud is now in jail.
—Wariug, Lister and Homestead Phosphate.
J. NIGGKL £ BEO., Agents, Butler, Pa.
—Mr. Steen was hung in the Allegheny
comity jail last Thursday, and yet a moat bru
tal murder occuied in Allegheny Cijy next
day. The murderer, a man named Brown, is
yet at large.
—Sewing Machine attachment? and repairs
•fall kinds, at E. Grieb's Jewelry store.
—Some parties are raid to be killing the
the fiih in Buffalo creek by using dynamite,
which kills all the fish, large and small, and
aud is prohibited by law. -
pr —Every lady should give Day's Soap one
trial. By this means they will learn of its
intrinsic value without running any great risk
(if deception,
—The burning of the Pittsburgh Exposition
will not be greatly regretted by the merchants
of this town nor of oth"!r towns within a radi
ns of a hundered miles or so of Pittsburgh.
The excursions to it took thousands of dollars
out of Butler and vicinity.
—The Lord's supper will be administered in
the Reformed Church, Butler, next Sunday,
services beginning at A. M. Praise
service at 7p. *j. T'i« pastor, T. F.
Staufftr, will be assisted by ltev. J. \y. Alspach,
of Fairview, Pa.
—The New Gastle Guardian says that since
the new stove works in that town have been
in operation they haye shipped one hundred
car )oads of «toyes, aver.iginj eighty-five stoves
to the car, making a total of about h,500 that
have been made and sold. This is a little
pointer of what a stove works in Butler might
—By notice in another place it will be seen
Miss Jenuess is to lecture iu the Methodist
Church on to-morrow, Thursday evening, in
dteaii of the Coqrt House as billed. This comes,
we learn, from the fact that the Court I{onse
had also been engaged for the same evening by
another party—this inadvertently no doubt—
and hence to avoid a collision the change had
to be made.
—Mr. D. I Inn sen, of the Glass Works in
going out to Wausau, Wis., to settle on bis
property there, which consists of ahout 1,000
acres of land in Marathon county, ahout six
miles from the county tint, lie ofi'chi any one
who will go with hira and settle upon the
same, 80 acres in, fee simple. This is. a chance
for any per*on wanting to go west and get a
homestead. Mr. I. can he seen at his resilience
in Butler.
—The Pittsburgh paper that showed the
greatest enterprise in getting out a full account
of the burning of the Exposition was the Gn
tetu, now controlled by the Heed lx»ys, former
ly of this place. By nine o'clock of the morn
sng of the fire they had Issued nn "Extra" giy*
}ttg a j'ull account ot the fire, a lis; of the a?-
liibuors and their losses, the insurance, a his
joiy of the Exposition, etp, We can all feel
proud of the enterprise of our former fellow
citizen <,
—Had the lire at the Pittsburgh Exposition
occured during the day or. evening when the
building was crowded it might have been
jnroptly extinguished, and again it might
not have been, in which case hundreds of peo
ple would likely have been burned or
tramped to death. This rapidity with
which the iUmes sproal lead some proba
bility to this opinion. There is ;:ouie iu
Pittsburgh of 6'uiTdTtig a new Exposition build
ing, of iron aqd glass, with stone or marble
floors. Sqch a building would be safe porapar
fd with HI; itqmense wooden strupti|re.
--Mr. Win. J. Mackey, who was culler for
the Hchneldeman Bros., of this town, some
years ago, aud Mr. Ladley, a former cutter for
11. O. Hale, of Pittsburgh, have formed a part
nership under the firm name of I.adley <t
Mackey, and have opened a room at So. 7>
Federal street' Allegheny, near the Suspension
Bridge, where Mr. Mackey will l»c plcttaed to
ji'ave'ljis 'Bullef cOfMjt/ ggU lii u( ,
»ud should they favor him with an order lor a
suit of clothai or overcoat, he will guarantee a
jwrl'ect fit and the beit of materials.
—The readjustment of the salaries of the
postmasters of the country as provided for by
act of Congress at last session, took effect on the
Ist inst. The only offices adjusted are those
known as Presidential offices, arc 21lM in nuin-
J»<*, a»4 weic adjusted on ti.o Laslj of the Lusi
fjcas tjope in each for the year ending 1 June 36,
Jtlti3. 'fhe salary of the post matter of Butler
continues at SI7OO per year; Pelrnlla was re
duced from SI3OO to iIOOO, Kmlentou from
SI2OO to $llOO, and Parker from SIfJOO to SI2CO
Freeport was raise ! from $llOO to SI2OO ami
Allegheny City from $2506 to S2!K>O. Pitts
burgh was retluced from $:i!K)0 to S'WOO.
—While in Pifaburgh the other day we
-.alk sl over to nee the lieiy Bn}i{ht|el«| street
bridge .over the M mongohtla, whii.h v.as con.
plctfed lately, having heard.that In design it was
Mtficthiog new in the bridge line. And so it is.
Tl|e fiver is crossed by two spans supported by
„|juins bi kithles uomposeo of immeuso iron or
steel link*, and thew chains or cables, instead
of passing over the handsome cast iron towers,
continuing to the ground and being anchored
there, as do those of those of the Uoebling sus
pension bridges, arc supported by immense
steel trusses built over the cables from tower to
tower. The cables are, HO to speak, anchored
In the air. The bridge is a very handsome
tnuCturc, is 1,221 feet long, including the ap
proaches, the two main spans are'.'MO feet each,
is in feet wide and can he widened to 04 feet if
necessary, cost $t. r >B,ooo, was built over the old
!»rjdge witboi|t interfering with travel on it,
ut)<i owned tjy a stock company of which l)r.
fjoste'tter is President. It is said to lie Urong
for a double track railroad bridge, but
*e wouldn't care to on tt(e Ijrst heavy train
that pawed om it, or to. „
—Hunter <fc Cummings are said to have strui k
a twenty-five barrel well <>n the Poiuyui farm,
about two miles east of Mil ersto vn.
—The Pittsburgh papers of yesterday stated
that the sale or lease of the P. <fc W. li. R. to
the Erie R. R. Co., was consummated in New
York on Monday.
—There will be a reunion of the old mem
bers in conr.ecti'Ui with a S-ibbath school dinU' r
at Portersville U. P. Church, on T mrsday, the
1 th; to lie followed by communion services.
All are invited.
—Loo. Stein, Jr., of the firm (f L. Stein &
Son, returned from hio eastern trip last Salur
diy and part of the goods he purchased are
already here end opened. This firm carries an
elegant stock of goods.
—"Jim Lew;?, of Petrolia," was put on trial
in the Criminal Court of Allegheny county,
l*st Friday for bis various offenses, but after
the trial had proceeded for several hours, plead
guilty to one charge and was remanded for trial
on another.
—Yesterday was electicn day in Ohio. A
citizen of this town just returned from that
Suite predicts that Foraker, the Republican
candidate for Governor, was elected, thit the
Prohibition Amendineut to the Constitution
was carried but that the legislature is or will
be Democratic.
CONCERT. —The Germania Orchestra and
Band will give their 4th concert at the Court
House, on Thursday evening, Oct. 18, lss.'l, as
sisted by Mrs. Chas'. Walker, of Youngstown,
Ohio. Three to five concerts will be given by
them during the coming season and will have
a good vocalist assisting at each.
—The G. A. It. re-union and parade in Pitts
burgh and Allegheny last Tuesday, was a great
success, although it rained very hard that
morning and the streets were very muddy. The
number of men on foot, by actual count, was
4,107, and the ambulance corps added in the
neighborhood of four hundred to the total. To
pass a given poiut took thirty-eight minutes,
but the line had diminished before the end of
the route, many of the men being unable to
stand the long march in the mud. Post No.
105, of this town, numbering thirty men under
the command of Newton Black, marched with
the Third Division, and some men from Harris
ville and C'entreviile marched with them. The
Millerstown and Petrolia posts did not arrive
in the city, via the P. & W. R. R., until half
past three, when the parade was over. An Al
legheny paper stated that a seven foot giant
from this county attracted general attention,
being frequently mistaken for a Hags tail'. We
don't know who it refers to unless it was the
man who carried the flag—a man who lives
near Harrisville, but whose name we did not
Miss Annie Jenness, the popular lady lec
turer, will deliver tier lecture in the Metho
dist Church instead of the Court House, Thurs
day evening, Oct. 11th. Subject "Everybody's
Business. '< Miks Jenness conies highly recom
mended by eminent lectures. Her lecture
will, no doubt, be a rare treat. Admission 2o
The Calf Man.
The farmers of Butler county will find the
best place to sell their veal calves, poultry and
game fur the highest cash price in cash is to the
calf man at the Williard House, I'utler, Pa.
FITS ; A 1! Kits stopped free by l»r. Kline's (Irast
Nerve IVstorer. Xo t'ils after lirst day's life
Marvelous cures. Treatise and 52.00 trial IIO:J
free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, !131 Arch St.,
I'lula, P4.
At L. Stoin & Son's,
Ludies' Gentiemcns' and Childrens'
Underwear in white, grey aDd searlpt,
all qualities.
Ladies' Gum Gossamer Ulsters, Miss
es' and Childrens' Gum Ulsters at
SI.OO, at
Rittek & Ralston's.
Fall Opening.
Our stock of fall and winter clothing
for men, youths, boys and children is
now all in and placed upon our coun
ters, and we invite the public to call
and examine the same. A visit will
cost you nothing, and we will be
pleased to show our goods if we don't
sell a cent. We guarantee better
goods and for less money than we have
ever had the pleasure of showing our
customers in the past 10 years for
suits for men, boys and children; the
best goods for the least money. Go
to the Bpaton One I'rice Clothing
House, 05 Smithlield -street.
r fitE "Htm.'!
At $1.50 Per Pair
and up, Blankets, at
Rittkii 11 Ralston 'a.
At 25 Gents,
Ladies' Hose, all Wool and extra
length, at
At L. Stein & Son's,
Blankets from $1 25 up, lied Comforts
from $1.2. r > up to finest grades,
4 1 U, Ste.in <St Sort's,
Ne\y F'all tilovos, nevy Fall Gloves,
large stock, just received.
L, Stein & Son : s,
New Hosiery, new Clovus, new Cor
sets, large stock, just received.
At L. Stein & Son's,
Just received a large line.of new Fall
and Winter .Skirts, in very handsome
4t-|4.5Q pqr PMr,
We are still selling S. Bradley and
Son's celebrated Lilly of the West
Blankets, at the above low price, at
John B. Gough
says: "Miss Annie Jenness' lectnre
was brilliant, and iu all respects an in
terestin" production, calculated to do
niuch good.'! Miss dimness will lecture
in Rutler October 11. Subject, "Every
body's Business." She is the ablest
and most successful youog lady lecturer
now before the people. Do not fail £0
hear her.
Jamestown Gassimeres.
A splendid line of styles if you want
a durable suit. Call at
The Funniest Men
iu Butler couuty have charge of the
arrangements for the Reunion, We
have just received a lot of solid colored
silks to sell at (>:> cents, at
A Card.
CoSNOUt l.N'EiiSlNtj Twi\,)
Bt.ri.Kit CO., PA., August 21, 1883. J
To Safety Fund Mutual Assessment J/lfe A;-
RUrance Society, PhilaJelpHia, Pa.
OKNTI KMICN: I take pleasure in acknowl
edging the full and prompt payment by your
Society, of one thousand dollars 011 the life Of
my late husband, Peter Staal; and I hereby re
commend'your Society to the confidence anil
patr,>na<;e of the publia ('enerally. I appreciate
the prompt payment more fiil'ly its flu; claim is
not Vet due for ninety days, And the receipt of
the jhonty at the present time 14 a great ud
vantage to me, With many thanks,
youra tiuly,
PATTERSON— WRIGHT. \t the home of
the bride's parent-*, on Sept. 11, l">v; t bv !;. v.
K Ogden; Mr. Joseph W. Patterson and Miss
A ,nie M. both of Jefferson township,
Uutler county, Pa.
SNYDER—ABERNETIIY. -On Sept. liuh,, by Rev. S. Williams, Mr. Everett C.
Snyder and Mis.; Edith L. Abernethy.
WICK— JONES.-On S.'pt. 2oth,lsv*.. by R« v.
S. Williams, Mr. Perry Campbell Wick and
Miss Savilla Jane Jones.
MILLEK —SANKEY—(»n Sept. 27, lSs.5, by
Rev. S. Williams, Mr. Coleman B. Miller and
Miss Malvina Sankey, all of Butler Co., I'a
LYTLE —McCALL.—On Sept. 27, I.SS3, by the
Rev. J&nee A. Clark, Mr. W. F. Lytle, of
Prospect, and Miss Eilen N. McCall, of
Franklin township, Butler county, P;i.
LATIIEN—DICK— On 0.-t. 4th, ISS3, by the
Rev. Jame- A. .CI irk Mr.W.t J.l.athen, of Ed
gerton, Kansas, and Miss Sur-ie A l>:ek, of
Franklin towuship, liuiJer eouuty, Pa.
VOGELEY—At his residence in Pittsburgh,
South Side, o:i September 24, lS<i, Mr, C n
rad Vogelev, aged 07 years, 1 month and I'J
Mr. Vogcley was the elder brother of Mr.
George Vogelev,of Ihii place, and the late
William Vt ge.ey. II was a man held iu high
estevm, was a usetul citizen i.nd filled various
posts of trust among tlie people with whom he
so long and honorable resided.
In memory of Jumes T. Hartley, who
died August was an affectionate
ami dutitu! .-on, a kind and loving brother and
respected bv atl v.ho knew him, and lie has
been called, we trust, to a home of happiness
and re.-t.
Our dear, beloved James was called away
From us who fondly loved, and dear
To Heavenly mansions built above the skies :
We bayeno doubt, we have no fear.
Now we, bereft must do without thee, James'
As God, our Heavenly Father willed;
There isa vacant chair and place at homo,
Which never can again be tilled.
It is so sad and lonely now at home,
For one »e loved i> absent here;
And still we think we hear thy gentle
Thy welcome footsteps; Oh! how dear
We fondly hoped that God would let thee
For many long and happy years;
But He, from toil, did kindly call thee home;
And we are left alone in tears.
'Twas hard for ire • to part flora thee, dear
Whom we so dearly, fondly loved ;
But now it sooths our aching, breakii %
To thiuk thou art at home above.
Thou art not dead, we know full well,
Though hid awhile from mortal eye.-;
We hope that we shall meet thee once again,
At horn 3 beyond the azure skies.
To be with thee forever in the land, .
Where saints and holy angels dwell,
To sing "The song of Mo the Lamb,"
The anthem of creation swell.
Andmav£the thought that thou art happy
Redeeu.ed and saved by Christ in love,
Console our aching hearts, and closer bind
Us to our Heavenly Home above.
W. E. B.
The Manner in Which Newspa
pers Obtain their Most In
teresting Reading—An
Excellent Illustra
tion of it.
Few positions in journalism are so important
to a good newspaper, yet ■ o paqily tilled in
that of the ''exchange editor.'' To those that
are unsopisticatcd into the workings of a lur;e
newspaper, it may. be statul that the "ex
change" editor is a man who 11 -< s the scissors
and paste-pot. All newspapers of metropolitan
pretentions have exchange lists of hundreds of
papers. They send their paper to all the lead
ing journals in the county, besides to a number
of country papers in the imm di.ite vicinity.
ISvcry one of these papers are rend by the ex ;
change editor, and if he linds something noyej
and interesting, he cuts it and credits to the
paper from whicli it is taken. When begets
a number of these clippings, be hands them to
the managing editor to make a selection from.
The latter elioost u the roost Interesting of them,
aud those are published in the paper upon
th/- following cay.
Some flc#spaptr.s use more clipping* than
others In a largii city, like New York, where
interestingjoews is | linty, few are needed, us
the columns are well crowded without them.
In Cincinnati, St. I.ouis and cities farther
west, the papers will be found well filled with
them, and there is no mistake but that tliey
make mighty good reading.
For instance, the following entertaining
story, which if from the Pittsburgh I
a journal which is extensively copied, has been
going the rounds of the newspapers :
''Very seldom do we read of an actual case of
recovery, where bop- had altogether been lost,
to paraile[ which was Monday investigated by
a l»ispa!"h Importer who had lizard in various
qirartiA persons talking to their friends of a
cure, sei mingly little short of marvelous, that
had beco p- rforroed. The plain facts in the
oase re fern d to, withoHt exageration ;ire tin >e
an they weio learned from the mother of the
young man, his'pkstor and other persons well
known in the community :
''William Lincoln Curtis is the nume of the
young man in question, lie is now emploped
at II K. Porter & IVs locomotive works in
Pittsbuigh, l'n. A year ago lie resided with
his mother,"on Grant, street. About that lime
he went I» bud one eyening with 11 voilent
pain in his -lionldur, the result, he thought of
act Id. l b',' next tnorning the shoulder was
greatly sw. t l'(jn, the pain wis* intense, and
ucbo-i wi ir i'. lt all through Lis system, liitf
case \v:i -|> lily developed into a violent foriu
oFchi'onii''riiMimatisni, among the fm,t nota
ble feat urn* of which was the paralysis of hi 1
left nri;t.
) He g .<iu illy grew worse, aud In a few
TU 'ii In. UJKIW and knee joints, and both
«nkb's l.«je:(iii«). engrmoiwly enlarged. In
Mart h In-t tl.i: iheek bones began to enlarge,
aud up m I'is left side praticularly, spreading
li!s faei* i'u! of all resemblance to his former
self. Tin - pain in all his jo'uts became in
tense; fi-vtr, with its deteriorating effects, was
now ai! l'"i. end iie became rapidly reduce I to
the sein'.i of n skeleton, while vitality
rta -).e<l its lowest possible condition, and Ins
sulli rii..' *• -:n of such an indiscribahle charac
ter thai '.h .-c who most loved him sot:.< tit
thoit^hj-it i.-onbl be bolter Uhf wu» culled
awaiy, \t ibis time physioians well-known in
Pittsbu ,'h informed bis parents that he was
in imini nert danger of total paralysis, and di
rectly niter yard they announced to his sor
rowful mother that they could give 110 hopes
of recovery.
The ) nil an finally commence.! taking
that wonderful mediciuc, I'l.r.t'NA, Almost
at onee th • good elfcott were perceptible. In
two w<" ks 11.iite n change, for the b.-tter, waa
percept b!c by nil tin; friends of the invalid.
In six v.dits almost all tin; enlargement had
been re.l # i ■<) completely, wtiilc in *iiritj ami
Strength t'i"' patient was unite iu. well us lie
hail <;Vi i been in his life. Ncurly lliree weeks
ngo he re.-t.med work as a machinist at his old
place, uhje lo perform as mueh luhor as ever in
liiu life.
"The mother of Willie Curtis in statin;; all
these facts, said : "Indeed, I connot look upon
the cure much less than its a uiiraele. Ido
not hesitate in bounding the praise of I'I.KI \'A,
and in tee. intending it to all my friends.
My heart is full of gratitude for my hoy's re
covery was really like that of one snatched
from the jaws of death.'"
The ] utor of the church where the young
iria.4 attended irihhaih seho .1 y»s vi. ; in,d, n'n/|
lie ftallv coAfiKmed the f.iets of the deformed
hones, t!ie emaciate I condition from disease,
aod of the dot-torn having given him up. The
young man entered the minister's' liou-c with
the report, r, and the paston, who had not seen
him since his recovery, was arcatly surpri -ed
at his impr .vi 'I i oudition. Said lie, "il lie had
not spoken I would not have known him "
In 11. to tin .of Propc.cl, l.utlcr on mty, I'n., a
largo lot o i which is erocted n.
with «.ut housOH aliio a i-p'ondld well of water.
IS.iing ~ c.nantly locate 1 it munt impro/;j in
v-tln.) ra. Idly, )L* nev. railrott ls am Mliortiuiiiit
t|i4 tliht i, ;.'H to all laf;;o bin-.{ne»i; centres. Kll
ijtliro ol "
112 Page St., Allegheny, Pa.
I'utler is to "JO cents.
Kggs l.'lto 1") cents.
Potatoes 40 to 50 cents.
Wheat, No. I, fl.ir..
Buckwheat .VJ cents.
Oats 35 to -10 cents.
Corn tiO cents.
Bye 62 cents. 4
Flour, high grade, per barrel f(> to SB.
Flour, No. 1, per sack 7">.
Bran, per toil - I s t<> >'2n.
Middlings, per ton £1 11 > $2.";.
Chickens, |>er pair olt to ♦><» cents.
Onions, new, "1 cent* per pound.
Han>, per pen 1' • ' 4-1 l.ts.
Sidi 1• r »1->i; 1;. 1 I-ten IS.
Shi.n| e p iin., cents.
Fish, Keral No. 1, llij cents.
T1 e undersigned Assignee, f> r the benefit • !'
the creditors of tl ellim-en Glai-s Mai.nfactiil
inj Company, will, 1,11 tho premises, on
wwm, OCT. 24,1
expo-eat Public \\ n.ltie, or outer;.: All tie
right, title and in! iestol'.ad Ifi:nse;i Gla 8
Mannfm tuii: g Co.. of in an l to all that certain
lot of ground situate in tlie borough of Butler,
Duller Co., Pa , bounded and do.-cribed as fo
l_iwc at the northwest coiner 011 the
lands of \\< Mt Penu railrotd t"'.,; thence south
71,'4 di g. iii-t by same 'J ifeet to a fdit;
tUence by lands of Keck .V Tr.jutman south SJ.j
d< {.'• west 55.! feel t 1 1 lis south Lank of the Con
iioqueue>s:i.g creel; to lai d of »V. S. lieiyd:
thence by same riortli 5 • dcg. H'7 feet to a po-t
011 the fcoutli bark of saitl creek; thence a:io s
said creel; by lands of ' has Duffy north 5 ; .,
dcg. east 402 feet to a post: t'.r.-i ce by same or
puvaie alley (laid out but not opener!) 71deg.
west 'JO feet: thence by said Duffy north s}j
dcg. ef.fct '-()•) feet to the beginning. Containing
one and one-half acr. 8. Having thereon erect
ed one Flint Glass Factory, with an 8 pot
stack and 1U ovens. 1 frame v.arel.o ne, 1 frame
mixing anil store room, 1 frame ohiec a-.d 1
blackrinith ihop.
Ihe same will bo sold subject lo a mortgage
for i 11.510. datt d May i4;h, 1 a'id rcoeirded
in 1 l.e elike <if ileeotderol Deee!» ol Duller Co.,
in Kuttaage Book No.. 10, page till, i.eld by
Keck A Troutman, Trustee l .
AL.SO —At the f?.n:e time tin] place the fol
lowing re'tonal property, to-wit: 4 dozen 152
cz. round bottles, 'Si boxes an; orted bottles, 4
tor.s of cullet. 75 «are boxes,l lot of »tencilnan<l
brushes, 1 lot btijaw, 1 bay fork. 5 casks of soda
ai-li. 1 lot lime, 1 lot Hand. 1 platform scale,
mixing carriages, tools, shovels, Ac , 1 bag
nitre, 10 lb. arse nic, lot manganese, 2 boxes
z.pher, 1 pair counter scales, 1 lot furnace tools,
t lot pot sotting tools, 1 pot carriage, 4C blow
pipe:', 7:3 pair furnishing tools, IHO c'amps G
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WHEREAS. In and by an Act of tin; General
| Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia entitled "An act relating fihtlio elections of
the Commonwealth, posted the 2d ilay of July.
A. 1).. it is ma le the <lutv of the Sheriff
I of eveiy county within this Commonwealth, to
: give punhc notice of the (ient-ral E cctiou.
I. THOMVS UON.VOUV. High Sheriff of the
■ e .u'-ty of lintier, do hereby make known and
' 'his public notice to ths electors of the
i ..iitv of Butler. tint on Tit sday next follosr
| ing the tirst Mondiy of November, b.-ing tiio
6th DAY OF NOVEMBER, 1883,
! : G.'nc cl Election will be held at tlie several
eli- i. n> distiicts established by law in said
onnty, at v.liicli time they will vote bv ballot
: for the Bovera! officers lierainaftor named, viz:
; Ona person for tho office of Treasurer of tiie
; Commonwealth »' Pennsylvania,
One vol's")!! for the office of Auditor General
i ol the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
| One person for the office of liistrict Attorney
! of the county of Butler.
One person for the office of County Surveyor
1 of tlie county of llutler.
The said eh ct lons will be held thronghont the
i county rs follows:
The elect"'# s of Adams township at the house
of J S DowLett.
The elect.-is of Allegheny township at School
House So. j, in said township.
Ti.o eleotois of Buffalo township at the house
of Robert Grejrg, no* George Trubv, now Rob
ert Bartley.
The electors of Butler township at tho Couit
House in U it e .
The electors of Brady township at tho School
house at West Liberty.
The electors, cf Clearfield township at tho
house of John Green.
Tho electors of Clinton township at tho house
of John C RLd e, now John Anderson
The e'ectors of Concord township at the
School Nr. 4, in Middletown.
The electors of Clay township at the Centre
School IKJUSO in said township.
The e'ectors of Centre township at the house
(formerly occupied by Jesse Harvey) formerly
owne l by W. i >. McCaiulless.
Tin electors of Cherry township at U'O house
qf Win. Linddoy.
The electors of Connoquencssing township.
Northern precinct at School house No. 7, in
Whitestown; Southern precinct at tho house of
Peter St '.ff, in Pctersviile.
The electors of Cranberry township at the
house of Frederick Mecder.
The electors eif Donegal township at the
hon.-c of Adam Sehreiber, in Mil'crstown.
Tho electors of F.iirview township at the
house of J Dickey in Fairview borough,
Tho electors of Forward township at the house
of Hobeit 11. Brown.
The electors of Franklin township at Grange
Hall in the borough of Prospect.
Tho electors of Jackson, township, Western
precinct, at the houso of Jacjb Heil in Harmony;
{•'astern precinct, at tho house of John N. .Miller
in Evansburg
Tho electors of Jefferson township, at the
house of Morris Reighter.
The electors of Lancaster township at the
Public School houso No. 5.
The electors of Middlesex township at the
houso of Peter Kramer.
The electors Qf Marion township at Jarno::
T. e electors of Murtdjcri-pk vownsjhip at the
Town Hall in Povtersville.
The electors of Mercer township in the
School house No. 4. in said township.
The electors of Oakland township, at tho
house of William McClung,
The elector# of Parker township at the house
of John Kelly in Martinsbtirg.
The electors of Penu township at the house
of D. H. Sutton,
The electors of Summit township at tho house
of Adam Frederick.
The eleetois of Hlipperyrock township at the
house of W T Ramsey in Centroville borough.
The electors of Venango township at the
house of James Murrin.
The electors of Winfield tovvivaltip nt School
house No. 5 in f&kjjtowi.ah.in-
H'iio wie.it v;'s pf Wahhington township at the
•town Hal! in North Washington.
' The electors of North Washington township at
the lioiihe of John Holland, at. Milliards Station,
now used by William Holland aa a Justices' of
yiio pipptoru «f Worth township at tiie Town
{Jail i» Mechauiesbnrg in said township.
'J'he electors of the boruugh of llutier at the
Court House in said borough,
'1 he electors of the borough of Centrovilo at
the school 1 o.ise, now ware rot in of J. 8. Wil
son, in said borough.
The electors of the borough of at
the Council house in said borough.
The e'.Sptoij of the borough of Prospect a
li.o new Schopl house in said borough.
The electors of the borough of Naxonburg at
the school house in said borough-
The electors of the borough of West Hunbury
at the public school house in Suubnry.
The electors of the borough of .Mi I lei's tow n at
the house of Adam Schreiher in said borough.
The electors of the borough of l'etroha at the
Town Hall ui said borough.
The electors of llie borough of Fatrview at
the School house in said borough.
The electors of the borough of Kami City at
the Town Hail in said borough.
The electors of the borough of Kvansbuig at
the public sciiool lioose in said borough.
Ai.d 1, the said SherilT. do fuither give notice
to all election officers, citizens, and others, of
the following provisi ins of the constitution and
laws of this commonwealth, relating to elections
—Viz :
Section 1. Every male citizen twenty-one
}vais oi age, possessing the following qualifica
tions, shall be entitled to vote at all election* :
First—He shall have been n citizen of the
United Mates at least one month.
Second —He shall have resided jii tlio Slate
one year (or il having previously hecu a uuali
(lcd elector or native lioro citizen of the State
lie shall have removed tlice and returned, then
M\ months) immediately preceding the elec
Third—lie shall have resided in the election
district where he shall ofi r his vote at lca't two
months iuiini diately preceding the election.
Fourth—lf twenty-two years or upwards, he
shall have paid within two years a State or
county lax, which shall have been a scsscd at
least two mouths and paid at least one month
before the e!eetion.
SECTION 5. Klccfors shall in all cases ex
(i ;>t treason, felony and b.cauh cr surety ol the
peace, be privileged lrom arrest during their
attendance on elections and In going to and re
turning ilierclrom.
Section <5. Whenever any ol the qualified
electors of this Common wealth shall ho ill act.
ua I military service under a requisition from
the ['resident of the United Slates, or by the
authority ol this Commouwe dtli, such eleetors
may excrcito the right of sullrage in all elee
lions by the citizens, under such regulations as
•re or shall be p resell tied by law, as lui ly as if
, hey wee present at their utual places ol elec
SECTK N7. All laws regulating the holding
of.the elections by tiie citizens or lot the regis
Iralioii if electors shall be uniform throughout
the State, lint no elector shall hi! deprived of
tl.e privilege by reason ol his i> imc not being
i cgistei ed
bci rto'f/ Hi. For tho purpose of votiig, no
person shall be deemed to have gained a resi
deiKC by reason ol his presence or lost il by
reason of his absence, while employed in the
service, either civil or military, of ttiis Slue or
ol the United States, nor wlllleengaged in the
navigatioi- ol the waters ol this State or ot the
United Slates, or on the high seas, nor while, a
student in my institute ol learning, nor while
kept in any poor hou.u or other asylum at pub
lic expense, nor while routined MI a public
4,'eciioo ctliiels will take notice that the
Aei entitled - 'A Further ."upplciiieut to the
Election Laws of the Commonwealth," dis
qualifying rie-cters from the army of Ihe
lii,ileal Statics fioin voting hit-* recently beiU.
ih el.lie 1 uneonsliiutloual liy the Supreme
Com lot I'eiius) Ivaula, is now null and void,
ai.d I hit all persons foiinerly disqualified there
unit.rare now lawful vo'cr.-, il otlnl wise qual
WHEHEAS, The fifteenth ainendliieut ol 11 M
<,' on lilutmil nl ll e Unilt d Slates Is lis follows :
> ir. I. The lijlit ol the cilizns "I I lie
United Stales shall not be denied or abridged
bj II.<• United Stales on nee' tint of race, color
or previ us condition of seivili'de.
t:r a. '''hat Congress ahull have | ower
ly«rtilo»'ce this uillt.de by appropriate legisla
AMI WIIKKEAS, The (,'ongicss of the United
Stales, On I lie 111 I ol Match. 1574, | u-se I an
ae entitled "An /el to enforce the ol citi
zen of the United States to vole, in llie several
Htitcs ol the Union and lor oil er purposes, ilie
: r-t and second sections of Which areas fol
lows I
Hue 1. lie It enacted, &c , Tliat all citizens
ol th" United Stales whoaieor shall tie ipia'i
lle.l to voir at my eUet'.oil l y tin: people of
:111y d'.ate, leri iioij, district, city, parish, town
ship, school district, miinh ipalily, or other
territorial subdivision, shall lie entitle 1 and
allowed IO vole at ail such elections, Mfl'iijul
disiiin lion of color, r ce, or previous condition
ol sei viludc, any constitution, law, custom,
u. age or i t gulatioii of any St ile or iciritory;
or nj or under jts autlioi ily, to Hie contrary
notvi p|i*lau<liug.
S;;c. 2. Ami 't further enacted, That it,
by or umb r thu (Joiistiiuii JU or lawn of .my
Stale or territory, ait) ait is or shall In! required
to h.i done us a prerequisite qualill 'iilion lor
voting and by constitution and laws persons
or officers ate or shall lie charged with the per
formance ot duties In furnishing citizens all
opportunity to perform such prerequisites and
le'comc qualified to vote, it. shall he. Ihti duty ol
wry such pel., ui and olli' c.r to give all citi-
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aens of the United States the same and equal
opportunity to perfornj such prerequisites and
to beco.i e qualified to vote without distinction
ol race, color or previous condition ol servitude
and if any such person or otliecr Miall refuse or
know in 'ly omit to give etleet to this section,
he sha'l lor every sr.eh oileiise forfeit anil pay
tile turn ol tivu hundred doilars to the person
ajfgiievcd thereby, to be recovered by an action
on tlis ease, with lull costs and such allowance
lor counsel lees as the court shall deem just,
and shall also lor every such ollence be deemed
guilly of a misdemeanor, and shall on convic
tion then of, be lined not less than five hun
dred dollars, or be imprisoned not less than
one m r <nth nor more than one year, or both, at
the discretion of the court.
AMI WIIEHEAS. It is declared by the second
section o! the Sixth Article ol the Cou-.itutioii
<>l tlit: United States, that this Constitution and
Laws ol the United Slates which shall he made
in pursuance thereof bliall he the supicinc law
of the land * * * anything in the constitu
tion ot laws ol any State ta the contrary not
If any person should prevent or attempt to
prevent any officer of such election under this
net I row holding such election, or use or threat
en any violence to any such officer, or shall in
terrupt or improperly interfere with him \n Uu>
execution ol his duty, or shall l(lo; l. up the
window or the avenue t» any window where
the sauie shall W holding, or ehall use or prac
tice. any intimidating threats, lorec or violence
with doslgh to mlhieuce unduly or overawe
any elector or to prevent him limn voting or lo
restrain the freedom of choice, tueh pern >t\ tin
conviction shall he lined in any ui;tu nut cxcee.'.
ing live hundred dolors; b«s imprisoned for
any tiui(i If'' 3 tlian one month or mo e than
«>■«<- year, and il t he shown that tliu pervou so
ollcudilig was i.ot a resident ol Hut city, ward,
district or township where the said olleuce w »
committed and not entitled to vore thcrei:',
ami on conviction lie shall he scntcnceu lo pay
a line of not less than one hundred or moro
than one thousand dollars, and he Imprisoned
not less than six months or more than two
yea rs,
S| .'_ Imtrlct election hoards shall consist nf
a Judge and two Inspectors, who shall he chosen
annually bv the citizens. Kaeli elector shall have
the right to vole for the Judge and one inspector,
and each inspector shall appoint one clerk. Kiev
tion officers shall he privileged from arrest upon
days of election and whtle engaged in making up
an i transmitting rettuns, except upon warrant ot
a en lit of ji'iainl or .1 udge thereof, for an election
fraud, for felony, or for wanton tireacli <ii the
I No person shall he tptalllicd to serve as an
election olilecr wlio shall hold, or shall within
Iwonionlhs have held an office, appoint incut or
euiplHvnieiit in or under the government of the
tinted States or of this Slate, or of any city or
county, or of any municipal hoard, commission or
trust la any city, salt only justices of the peace,
and ahlcrmiui, notaries public and persons in
militia RfrvlCll Of the Stale; nor "hall any flee
tiou officer tie eligitilc to any civil office to tie till
ed hy an election at which lie shall serve, save
only to such subordinate municipal or loyal of
fices as shall lie designated hy ijeUi'ial lav. ,
V wtv .to, IST I.
SKI' I ii iv ii. In all election districts where ava
canc\ exits hy reason of the disqualification of
the officer or otherwise in an election hoard lieic
tofore appointed, or w here any new district shall
lie formed, I lie Judge or Judges of the court of the
court of common pleas of I lie proper county shall,
ten days before any general or special election,
appoint eoiui ctcul persons to till said vacancies
and lo conduct the election in 'aid new districts :
ami in Hi.- appointment ot inspectors In anv elec•
tion district noth shall not lie ot tti,' I political
parly ; and the p dc' ,i iileotlbns shall, in till
casi s, hi t | Ihe political parly having the major
ity til Votes In aid district, as nearly as the said
Judge or judges <au ascertain the fact; and m
case of llie disagreement of the Judges as to tile
selection of Inspectors, the political majority of
till' Judges shall select one of such Inspectors, anil
tin- minority Judge or Judges shall select the
Si-.2:1. In case the person who shall have
received Ihe second highest number of votes for
Inspector, shall not attend on the day of any
election, then the person who shall have received
I lie second highest number of votes for judge at
tiic next. proceeding election, shall act as an lu
siM'ctiir in tils place ; and In case tbe person who
shall have received tile highest number 111 votes
for inspector shall not attend, the person elected
judge shall appoint all inspector 111 lie place and
In ca e the person elected ;■ Jnd *e sijull not attend,
then the in spent o t who t'ctfcTveil the highest num
ber of'Voles'siiall appoint a judge in Ills place;
and i( any vacancy shall continue
In I lie hoard for the space of one hour alter
the time i|\cd by law for the opening of
tiie election, the ipialitleil voters of the township,
uardordi diet, lor which such officer shall have
been elected, present at the place of elect 1011, shall
elect one of their number to till such vacancy.
SKI'. ti. 11l addition to the oath now prescribed
by law lo l«e taken and subscribed hy elecUoa ofll.
cei . they shall be sevcrallv «iviu> »>r attlrlncd not
til disclose how I'.py I.h.i tor shall have voted unless
rc'puii t» to «lo so a-i w itneasc:. In a Judicial pro
ccedtii'M. All judges, inspectors, clerks and over
seers of any election held under llus act, shall
lictore entering upon their duties, lie duly sworn
or affirmed In the presence of each other. Tim
lodes shall lie sworn by the lulltofttv Inspector,
ami 111 case then be no (ah.orilv inspector then
by a |n ti !',iu pea,', of aidcfiuan, and the In -
-.p i ll.is ever e'ets and clerks shall BE SWO.II hy
tin'' p.dge, eerlillcatc of such swearing or affirming
hall be duty ni'ide out ami signed by the officers
sii sworn, and alt. .led by (l|c officer Who minimis
i d the o.llh,
Ar;r .iA?»trAn\ so, is"l.
Mi'.c. R. At I lie opening of the polls at the elec
tions it shall be tin-duty of t lie judges ot the dec
tion for their respective districts to deslgate one
ol the Inspectors, whose duly It shall be to have
in custody the registry of voters, and to iimKo Hie
cut rics therein repined by law ; ai.il it shall in*
the ilu!\ ot lie. ot|(ei .i:d inspectors lo receive
.oi l iiiluibe, ill** ballots presented at said election.
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ACT JAN DA I. V 30, 187-1.
SKI? !». All tho elections h<roafter held Under
the laws of this Commonwealth, tho polls shall
bo opened ST 7 o'clock, A. M , and closed at 7
o'clock, p. M.
Rw 'I. At all elections by tho citizens shall I e
by ballot. Every ballot voted shall bo number
ed in the order in which it was received, and
the number recorded by the election ollleers on
tho list of voters, op|*>sito tiio name of the elec
tuc who |ircsonts tho ballot Any elector may
write bis name upon his ticket, or cause tho
same to be written thereon and attested by a
citi/on of the district.
ACT MARCH 30, 180(5.
HF.C. 1. He it enacted by tho Senate aud
House of Kfprosoiitatives of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania iu Oonoral Assembly mot, and
it is hereby enacted by tho authority of the
same, That tho qualilied voters of tho several
count iuti of this Commonwealth at all general,
township, borough and special elections are
hereby hereafter authorized and required to
vote by tickets, printed or written, or partly
printed aud partly written, severally ohisstird as
One ticket shall contain the names of all per
sons voted for for the Electors of President
and Vico President of tho United States, aud
sliiill bo labelled on the outside with the word
One ticket shnll contain the names of all per
sons voted for Member of Congress of tho
United States, all persons voted for for Member
of the State Senate of tho Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, all persons voted for for Member
of th Holme of Iteproaontatives of the Coiu
monwealtli of Pennsylvania, and all persons
voted for for ootyijy ofllcee of said county of
llutlor, aud to be labelled on tho outside with
tho word "County. '
Olio ticket shall contain the names of all per
sons voted for for Judge of any of the courts of
said county or of this ('omiiioiiwealth, and lie la
helled on the outside Willi tile word '•Judiciary."
One tieket sliall contain the names of all per
si IOS voted Tor for ollleers of t lie t 'oiiililou Weill 111 of
Pennsylvania, other than Judges of the Supreme
Court ol said ('oniiiioliwcallh, and In- labelled on
tin- outside with the word "Slate."
ACr.IANU.vnv -'"-o. IXH.
Skc. KI. As soon as I lie polls shall close, the
ollleers of Hie election shall proceed lo count all
the votes east fo: each candidate voted (or, and
make a lull return of lie- same ut triplicate, with
a return -licet lu addition, til all of which Un
vote. received by each candidate shall lie given
alter Ills name, tirsl In words and then lu llgures,
and shall be signed by all the said olllceis ami
by overseers, if any. or it not so certified, the
overseers and onv otlloer icfuslugto SII;II or cer
tify. or cither of them, shall write upon each or
the returns Ins or their reason for not signing or
certifying them. The vole, as soon as counted,
shall also lie publicly and fully dcc'arcil
from tin- window to the elf I/.ens present,
ami a lirfet statement SIIOWIIIK the votes
received by e ich candidate shall t«o innde and
signed by the election oilers as aoon as the
votes ire cotuitoil) anil the s:mie shall IM! Inline.
i\lntely po-ted upon the door ol He eleitlon
1 house for Information of the public. The tripli
cate returns shall lie enclosed in envelopes and
lie sealed ill the preiM-nce of the ollleers, and one
envelope, with tho uneabd leluin sheet given
to Hie, wliich shall contain one liH of voters,
Men's fine lace shoos £1 75 j2 00
Tho bent double solo boots for
'"on 2 0.)
Tho best tine calf boots . 2 .10
Heavy oalf. tap sole boots 2 50
Mens' double sole kip boots 2 50
Boys' heavy boots 1 50
Youths' heavy boots J 25
I liod top. Child boots 1 00
t-'.lly paper* and oatli of odlcerg, and another
ol said envelope* shall lie given to the minority
lm>pcctor. All judges living within tweiva
miles of the Prollionotary's olUce, </r within
twenty-lour mile*, if their rcsidcncu he in a
town, city or village upon the line) ol a railroad
leading to the county real, Khali before I//o
o'clock past mcriditu ol t.e day alier the
election, deliver sail return, together with
return B ieet, to the prothonotaty of the cnurt
of common pleas of the county, which said re
turn shall lie tiled, JIIII the day and the hour of
fll iiij; marked lhereon an I t-hall be preserved by
the prothonotaiy lor ])uldle Inspection. At
twelve o'clock on the second day following
any election, the prothonotarv ol tlia court of
common pleas shall present the said returns ti>
the said eoutl. In counties where there is 110
resident president judge, the associatejudge
shall pet firm the dulicH Imposed up«u the coirt
ol common pleas, which shall convene lor said
purpose; the return presented byJUie prothoLo
tary shall lie opened by said court and comput
ed by such of Its ollleers and such sworn a sula
tauts as the court shall a| point; In the presence
ol the judge or judges of said court, the returns
certified and ccrtillcates of election issued under
the seal ol the court as Is now required lobe
done by return judges; aud the vote as so com
puted and eeriillud shall lie made a mat ter ol r c
ord in said court. The sessions ol'snld court alml
lie opened to the public, aud in caao the return?
of au election district shall bo missing when tho
returns ant presold od, or in any case of com
plaint of a qualified elector under oath, charg
ing palpable fraud or mistake, and particularly
specifying tho alleged framl or mistake, or
whero fraud or uiutakn is apparent on the re
turn, the court, uliall examine the rntjiru and if,
in tb" Judgment of tho court, it shall be neces
sary to a just return, sai l court shall i*auo sum
mary .process against the election o'll'crs a <1
overseers, in any of tho election dtalwcls com
plained of, to bring them forthwith Into c mrt,
with all election papers in their wusetMion; a'id
if palpable mistake or fraud shall bo diiicov. red.
it snail, upon such hearing as may be deem.'d
necessary to enlighten the court, be eon - 'it
by tho court and HO certified; but all allegation*
of pa'pable fraud or mis! ake shall bo d- oided
by tho said court within tlir.-e days after the day
the returns a e brought into court for computa
tion, aud the said inquiry shall bo directed onlv
(o palpable fraud or mistake, and shad not be
deemed a judiuial adjudication t > condole any
contest now or here ifter to be | rovMed by law,
aud the other of said triplicate returi * aliall h»
be placed ill a box anil MI alod up with the tal
lots. If any of tho said judges chad lUmsulf
be a candidate for anv o.liei <>f any •lee.ioii, ha
shall not sit with the com I, or act in coniitinf!
the returns of such election, aud in such casea
tho other judges, if any, shall a ■t.
(liven under my hml at Butler, th'a Ist day
ol October, Ish:i, and in the 107 th jearof tho
Independence ot the United Stat A a
HnHvl Extract of Annatfo.
awn Col*. BriehUct
* a ™ an J Strongest. of M«r
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