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10HN H. 4 W. C. NEGiEV. PROP'RS,
Entered at the Fost office ul Butler as
second-elcsss tfialler.
SUBSCRIBERS changing their resi
dence or. April l»t will please inform
us of their new address
THE vote 3of Mr. Greer in the Sen
nte, ou tho bill to prohibit free railroad
passes, are on the wrong side of that
question. ____
his home in Erie, Pa., on the 17th
aged 72 years. 11c was a distinguish
ed lawver and for many years a mem
ber in Congress.
ington, is said to be eighty-five, and
wants to live to see a Democratic Pres
ident. "Once a man and twice a
child." Does the old gentleman ex
pect to outlive Methuselah
TIIE remains of John Howard Payne,
the authcr of "Home, Sweet Home,"
have been brought to his own country
for interment. He died recently in
Europe. His verses, "Home, Sweet
Home," are regarded asthemost tender
and beautiful in the English language.
TUE resolution offered ia the Legis
lature, providing for. the changing of
moving day and renting day from the
Ist of April to the Ist of May, did not
meet with perhaps as much considera
tion as it should have received. A time
later, say three weeks, than the Ist of
April, wonld certainly give better
weather for moving aud be in time for
farm and garden work.
A TERRIFIC explosion occurred at
Westminister palace, London on Fri
day week la.st, and at the same time an
explosion occurred near the London
Times building. The first shattered
the windows and doors in the imme
diate vicinity of the place where the
explosion occurred, and the damage in
flicted is estimated at $25,000. The
explosion near the Times ollicc did no
damage. Dyuamite was used, and the
London papers charge that the whole
affair is the beginning of an effort to
terrorize the English people by a secret
organization of Irish agitators in order
to force concessions by Parliament to
the Irish party.
IT is to be hoped the sad .accident
happening to our Senator at Harrisburg
last week will not impair his useful
ness to his constituents or to the State-
For a time he may have one "finger'
less in any legislation before the Sen
ate, but that will be the only loss.
Prize fighting is a manly art, but when
practiced, or imitated, among our Sen
ators, they should be equally sized.
The "overgrown boy from Bntler"
should not have selected "one of the
diminutive Senators" to experiment
The following is the account of the
accident aB given in the Harrisburg
Teleyraph :
"Senator Greer, of Butler, was
sportively imitating the battle between
McKnight and Emery, with one of the
diminutive Senators, the smallest now
in the chamber, when he dislocated his
finger so badly that a physician's ser
vices were uecessary. The queer oc
currence occasioned an infinite amount
of fun."
To which the Pittsburgh Commer
cial Oazetle, in referring to the matter,
adds the following : "What is to be
come of the dignity of the State Senate
if the application of Emery ruflles the
temper instead of smoothing the rough
places in legislative life? And how
unfortunate that another Senator in
playing boyish antics and making
mockery of his brethren of that House
should break his finger instead of his
leg. His neck could not well be spared.
Another such a day would make the
institution about ready to fence in, roof
over, and exclude it as much as possible
from public observation."
To Henry Bruncrmcr, of Connoque
nessing township, wo return thanks for
a copy of the DemocraticJlerald, of
date of December 20, 184.'», sent us in
response to our request of last week.
It contains the "Trial of Samuel Mo
hawk," at December term of Court,
1843, and from this it would appear
the execution of Mohawk must have
been in tho year 1814, and not in 18 45,
as stated last week. If Mr. Brunermcr,
or any other person in or out of this
county, can scud us an old Jlerald with
the execution of Mohawk in, or con
taining a.i article from Rev. Jlasxlf.r
on Mohan;!:, wo will be greatly obliged.
It must have been published iu the
winter or spring of 1844, as the exe
cution took place about then.
Patent Issued.
The land department at Harrisburg
last week issued a patent for some 30
acres of land to the heirs of the late
William I'urviauee, Esq., deceased, of
this county. This land lays in the
Bald Uidgu oil district and is supposed
to be quite valuable at present for oil.
Two good producing wells are already
in operation upon it. It appears
Mr. William Purviance obtained a war
rant for the land in 183H, but never had
his title conipleti d by a patent, which
is now issued to itis heirs on their ap
plication. The application excited
much interest and opposition from
other parties now claiming oil rights
through other parties. Hut if these
heirs are justly entitled to this land
they should have it, and will have it.
M iss Dott Purviance, one of the heirs,
has shown gn at pluck and success in
prosecuting their claim, ar.d is highly
commended therefor. What effsci tho
patent will have on tho litigation now
pending in our Court as to this land we
cannot say. The Purviance heirs were
represented before the Hoard of Proper
ty by Senator Herr <t. Son, of Harris
burg, and the opposition to the patent
by Messrs. Thompson, It »binson and
Brandon, EMJS., and Simcox it Myers,
Phipps, Itcnfrcw and Dodds, parties
Congressional Districts.
Before the Legislature met we said
that the re-districting of the State into
new Congressional districts. as the : ;v\
requires, would be pcrhaps the most
difficult ta.-k at the present session.
Our prediction seems to be veriiied and
we think it now very doubtful if auv
bill is agreed upou. One reason is the
great number of Statesmen ambitious
to go to Congress, who naiura'.iy want
districts formed to suit them politically
One of our members of the llou.-e,
"Curie Jacob," seems to l)e iu this
clars. Iu fact from the below remarks
made bv him last week, when the bill
agreed upon by bis fellow Democratic
members was up, it would seem that
he has for a long time pas! had Con
gressional aspirations. Ibis bill places
or joins this county with Armstrong
and Indiana counties for a district. If
would be a Republican district and is
one of the few districts in that bill that
Republicans could not well object to-
But the Hon. Harry White lives iQ In
diana county, and as he is charged
with being a kind of standing candidate
for Congress, Uncle Jacob" does not
want to be in the same district with
him. So when this Democratic bill
came up our member is reported as
speaking as follows:
"Uncle Jake Ziegler, of Butler, made
a vigorous but ineffectual kick against
having his county put in Harry White's
district. 1L; closed the debate by say
ing 'I suppose I'll have to vote for the
bill, as the lessor of two evils. When
Butler was joined to Allegheny I was
iu Assyrian bondage; then I was sent
into Egyptian darkness, and now I am
to be banished into Babylonian captiv
ity by being joined to Indiana. Fll
vote for the bill, but iu the clasi-ic
words of Colonel Slote, "'Holy
Moses !' " A vote was then taken and
the House adjourned."
We regret that Uncle Jacob yields
any consent to this bill. In many of
its other features it is a clear gerry
mander, and we do not see bow the
Republicans of the Senate can ever
agree to it. Much as is the demand for
the passage of some bill in that matter,
yet we think the Republican Senate
should hold out for a more fair one
The bill offered by the Republicans in
the House joins our county with Mer
cer and Venango counties, which would
be a much more natural district. At
present it looks as if the bills re-district
ing for Judicial districts, and for Sen
ate districts, may be agreed upon and
passed, but as to the future Congress
districts there is evidently trouble
A Bold Thief.
On last Sunday week, 18th inst., Mr.
John Bortmess, who lives in Oaklaud
township, this county, about two miles
west of Millerstown, was the victim of
the arts of as bold and bad a thief as
has appeared in this county for some
time. A well dressed and genteel
looking gentleman visited that section
on Saturday, tho day previous. He
first stopped at the farm house of Mr.
Simon S. Reep, a neighbor to Mr.
Bortmess, and represented he was from
Mercer county, aud in tho search of a
couple of farms which he wished to
purchase. He showed a paper he had,
with the names of Mr. Reep and Mr.
Bortmess upou it, as persona desiring
to sell their farms. This looked like
business, and be soon closed a bargain
with Mr. Reep for the purchase of bis
farm, stock, etc., being in no ways
particular as to price, aud agreeing to
make payment on coming Ist of April,
when possession was to be given, etc.
He tben went to see Mr. Bortmess
was also pleased with his farm aud con
cluded a similar bargain for its pur
chase. While negotiating with Mr. B.
he asked to see his title papers, to show
him which Mr. B. bad to open a
bureau drawer. The scamp by this
means discovered where Mr. B. kept
his key, his money, etc. It is supposed
he saw some money that was iu the
drawer. It may be stated here that
Mr. B. is a widower and living alone.
Night coming on the purchaser of real
estate concluded to stay all night, aud
was permitted to do so. They retired
to bed. In the morning Mr. B got
up, leaving the purchaser of his farm
apparently asleep, and went to his barn
to feed his flocks. After being at the
barn for a short time his guest came
out to the barn also, and, after the
salutations of the morning, said to Mr.
B. he believed he would take a stroll
over the farm to see the most suitable
site to erect good buildings. He went
—and not returning for some time Mr.
B. began to get suspicious, but not un
til some time iu the afternoon did he
think of looking in his drawer, which,
when he did, ho found he was robbed
of his money, $25 in silver. No elue
has as yet been had of this adroit
rascal. If caught he should be hung.
His device and mode of obtaining ac
cess to the homes of honest farmers is
the latest and most dangerous that
could be designed. To ward off sus
picion for a time he left a light gray
overcoat in Mr. B.'s house before taking
his walk over tho farm. He is describ
ed as about 5 feet, 8 inches iu height,
with side whiskers and dark clothing.
Ho appeared to bo an educated man
and gaye his name as W. P. Warner.
His exploits are certainly a v:nrnin<j
to all.
Prospect Normal Academy.
'l'ln' IVospect Normal and Classical Acinlomy
will upon on tin: !'lh of April ami coutlnuo
in M-niiio eleven week*. riiorougli i;intruc
tion will be ){ivcn in all the »tu«lic< included
in a (Miniilet: N' .nu il ami .Scientific ciurw ami
also in the Latin, (irock awl Higher Mathe
matics, Millicient to enable Undents to enter
Freshman and S'i|)lioin <rc clawie* of best ("of*
Tuition very low: I'riinnry utudentM, *.l
|MT term; Intermediate, ji), awl those purnuing
the higher atudie.s, ><i. Hoarding cheap.
lioom rentextreniely low.
The airi ol'the school is to prepare young
men and woim-nTor College; to lit teachers to
,do the l>e-d work in Mm wilioolrooin, an I to
give tli Me who do not intend lo pursue a
course in College an opportunity of getting 0U
education suitable Tor all practical purposes iu
life. School huildiug very com modi ou <
The town is located in a very healthy part
o! the country. I'eople kind and very gener
ous, and their intention is to make the I'ros
pect Acad-my one of the permanent institu
lions of tin country. An assistant teacher and
also a tiint-class music tcachor will he employ
ed. School non-sectarian. For further par
ticulars address any member of the Ilo||rd of
Ti itstecs, who have m ida all necessary arrange
ment i regarding hoard, rooms ute.
N. M. CKOWK, A. l'jinclp.il,
Prospect, I'll.
C. C. Si 1.1.1 VAN, i'rospcct, I'a., I'll. \V. N.
[ OI.ABK, Whitentown, i'a.
Birth-Day Celebration.
On Wednesday March -21 st, ISB3, a
goodly number of the many friends of
Mr. WIN. Turner, of tLc Turner farm,
h- nv twp., Sutler county, repair
ed to his residence to celebrate his
sixty-sixth birthday. Iho party was
a complete surprise to the host, be
being at work when the party arrived
About one o'clock dinner was served
by the hostess and others, to which all
done honor to the many good things
set before them, and not until the sun
had set did the self-invited gmvts dis
perse, each one feeling that they had a
pleasant time and wishing the boat
many bappv returns of the day.
A Si BscitiiiF.it
The marriage season is about to
commence, but we do not know
when the harvest will be gathered.
J. T. Boyle has changed the loca
tion of bis night scenes aod bis health
is now rapidly improving.
R. C. Wilson is now contemplating
the study of law. What notion next
Robert ?
W. J. Mecomb has bought the
Campbell farm. John you must be
getting rich.
James Maxwell is talking of locat
ing somewhere in Ohio.
What our town needs is a hotel, and
a live doctor.
We would inform the people that
there is a string band in our neighbor
hood ; and we would advise them
either to keep a cross dog, or have
plenty of cakes, as it intends giving
serenades this coming summer.
Our neighbor correspondent of the
Eagle, although very young in bis
profession, has been magnifying his
mind so much that he can receive the
testimony of one or two witnesses and
without any cross-examination, give a
decisio'n iu favor of the defendant.
We will excuse yuur sophisticated
mint! f«.r its fallacy, hut next time hear
both sides of testimony, and perhaps
•'!}. EL" will come out second best.
' Sol." transcribe this in your diary:
"Relieve nothing you bear and only
half you tell." RKX.
Franklin Twp. fcoliool No. 5.
EDS. CITIZEN :—As news is a very
scarce article in Franklin township just
now, I thought if you would be pleas
ed to publish a few notes relative to
old "Hickory Tomer," I woyld ?ive
the reading public a few statistics
which, no doubt, will draw the atten
tion of those connected with tt.is dis
trict. The winter term closed on
March 19th; and owing to the new
"departure" made by the directors, the
schools wiil not have thoir usual six
weeks' vacation, but will go on till the
six month terra expires, with a reduc
tion of only 35 per cent, of the #rjuter
wages. I wish to return my sincere
thanks to all parents, pupils and direc
tors for the courtesy they have shown
mo; and I hope I have, done nothing
to hinder anyone from feeling the same
to waul me.
AH teachers, »s well an parents, should
endeavor to instill into tne minds o»
all, a desire to become useful, and a
never-flinching disgust for idleness;
and though the seed may, for a while,
lie dorniaut in the youthful soul, let us
trust it will withstand the droughty
season of youth's indifference, aua tli-t
tjje showers of life's spring and the
sunshine of manhood's summer will
expand the bidden gei-ao into a sempi
ternal flower called "Usefulness."
The average percentage of the ad
vanced spelling class for two months
past iu : 1311 a Jones 100; Clara Bark
ley, Maggie Jones, Maggie IJilliard,
Lewis Ruby, Howard Jones, Charlie
Weigle, Aggie Allbert 99; Etta Allbert,
Gilmore Milliard, Curtis Ruby, Eddy
Weigh:, ICmma Ruby, 98; James
Allbert, Miunie Allbcft Eva Olenn,
97; Willie Barkley »"•.
(J. P. Weioi.U.
Gleanings from S'x Points.
Buslne>>» is llva\y »t the Points ; the
spring trade has opened about tljfee
weeks earlier than usual and the busi
ness men and merchants anticipate a
good spring trade, dependent largely
Upon tljU rapid development and pres
ent indications that Points are
destined in the near futyre to opt-rival
and .surpass her sister city Ryrom
The stave mill is running fyll time;
every person is in the stave business ;
if the farmers would only consult their
own interests they would not cut ofr
all their timber, ruining the sale of
their farms, to patronize a monopoly
like the Standard Oil Co.
Mr. M. S. Crawford, a citizen of the
Points who met with an accident a
few days ago, is able to be around
i'erry Gilmore, our ex-constable is
moving to the Col. Iledi# farm, where
he will take charge of the farming in?
tercsts of Col. Redic.
Mr. John Durnell, who has been un
der the doctor's care for some time, is
(ibis to be around again.
Mr. Camden McKce has returned
home after an extended tour through
the West. Ho intends locating in
Indiana. Mr. M<-Kee speaks favora
bly of the farming district iu which he
has located.
Mrs. -IJ. Rosenburry has a vendue on
the 2Sth Inst. She has sold her farm
(consideration private.) We under
stand she is going West; there are sev
eral parties from the neighborhood go
ing West this spring.
Grant <V Wilson are going to drill u
well on A. J. Sloan's farm, they have
the rig and machinery on the ground
and expect to commence operations in
a few days.
Grant Bros, are going to drill on
John Durnell's farm, one mile east of
Six Points, near the old gas well on
A. It. Grant's farm.
M. Gamble has located a well on
J. P. Crawford's farm at Six Points.
There have been several parties around
trying to get leases and we e>;poct
there will be considerable drilling done
here this spring, for severable parties
have leased who mean business, and it
is the opinion of expeiicnccd oil opera
tors that there is oil near the old gas
wells. There are parties coming from
Oil City to locate several wells -busi- I
ness will fie booming here in a few
days. Come on, all are welcome.
Yours etc., J UMBO.
The Bill Pa-ned With Ameiid
U.\uitisBi;ttu. March 21.—The <lc
feat of Ex Seuator Everhart's purpose
—to jirtvcut tLe and atvcj.t
auce of free passes—wu« indicated by
the Senate's adoption of
| Cooper's ameudiu.iu to permit passes
to be issued fur charitable and benevo
lent purposes Le«j moved to strike
I out tin* word "benevolent." He held
; that this would enable tbe railroads to
; evade the law and give a to auy-
I body.
"It would give tbe Senator from
Delaware a chance to get a pass,
Id. hough he is not a proper
'subject for charity," said Stewart.
I'ooper smiled, and the smile grew
into chuckle when Lee's notion was
defeated by a vote of 22 nays and 16
yeas as follows:
YEAS —Adams, Agnew, Emery,
Longenecker, Sill, Stewart and Watres,
Republicans—7; Cose, Gordon, Hall,
Hennmgt r, Humes, Kennedy Nelson,
Sutton :ind Wallac, 1 emoeiats— 9.
NAYS Arnholt, Anil, Bogga, Coop
er, Greer. Ileir, Keefer, Lantz, M; C
farlaue, MeKnight, Myliu, lleyburn,
Smiley, Sm'ih, Stehman and L'pin.r
inan, llepiibl'caos —lfi; liiddis, Kin<j,
I'atton, 11 Shearer aad Wagner,
All tbe Senators not named iu the
above list were absent except Lee,
who was pared with Davies, and
Laird, who did not answer to his name.
Henninfrer, Democrat, although he had
voted to strike out "benevolent," now
spoke for Cooper's amendment.
"No Court," he said, "would so con
strue 'benevolent' as to include Legis
lators "
Stewart advised Henninger to study
the. mottling of the word in a good
dictionary. Stewart added that if
Cooper's amendment were adopted the
Legislature might as well not pass the
bill at all. He asserted that it was
Cooper's plain purpose to have the
free pa.-s system continued unchanged.
Stewart drew Irom Cooper the admis
sion that be, after fighting for tlje
amendment, would v >te against the
bill. He criticised Cooper (or misstat
ing facts in relation to the transporta
tion of troops during riots or war.
He ask' d Conner to give an instance
of the csrrviiir of troops without
charge. In reply Cooper mentioned
the riots of 1877, but Stewart said that
was for the protection of the railroad's
"And for the public good also," in
sisted Oor.pt:?,
"When was it donejn time of .var?"
asked Stewart.
"I said at half rates, not free," re
plied Cooper.
"Yes," said Stewart, "because the
railroad charter says so."
\fr. Wagupr t|ien amended the bill
so »s to require passes jested to officers
and employees to be tor tjiofap actually
in thu service <>f the company. This
was agreed to and the bill thus amend
ed passed third reading and was laid
over to be reprinted.
Among the petitions presented in
the Senate on the loth inst., was one
worthy of special notice. It wns sign
et] by7j(S jnd ,02 females in the
Allegheny workhouse, ajui »pads a?
We, the undersigned, prisoners now
confined in the Allegheny county
workhouse, feeling the horrible degra
dation from the use of intoxi
cating liquof#, petition iiQuorable
bodies to make an effort to save U3
from a fate from whjch we are unable
to say? ojjrgelves, and to prdtect those
who hiii-o no|i yet acquired tbp hfjbj{, of
strong drink. We petition tQ
abolish the importation, manufacture
and sab of liouors in the
State of Pennsylvania.
Iu the House, on Tuesday afternooii,
the l.'kh inst., tho bill relative to the
legibility of candidates for District
Attorney, requiring two years'practice,
pwtiiid iiualiy, jeas nays Hi.
The bill relative to the issuing of
warrant and survey for land, the .title
to which is in the Commonwealth,
was called up and passed finally, yeas
J nays 4.
A MSoluiion wai; ujso to, fix
ing a day for the Legislature to visit
tie Insane asylum at Norristown.
Some of the statesmen when they visit
tho asylum should bo careful not to
pils f>o (Vpejy the inmates, lest
the offjeers mistake them ft)r iunatfes
and lock them up
'£J)e bill extending the time for clos
ing the 8oldlPf»»' orphan schools, in
which county it? interested,
passed the ljouse finally, at the close
of a;i afternoon Hession—yeas, 147,
The bill authorizing the grand jury to
determine, iu case a bill of indictment is
returned ignoramus, whether the coun
ty, prosecutor or defendant shall pay
the cofts, or whether il shall be ap
portioned between the prosecutor and
defendant, was passed finally.
\ bill providing penalties for the in
jury and destruction of watering
troughs for the uso of horses aud cat
tle, passed tho Senate finally.
Ridge SchtX)l, Franklin Twp.
March 24, ISB3.
ME3S Its. KDITOKM: l'leauo give
space in your paper for a school report
of Hidge school for the month ending
March 221. 18M3. No. of scholars en
rolled f>(); average attendance 41; No.
of scholars that missed no day |Mj No.
that missed one day 9; No. that have a
clear report 9; progress and conduct
It is with feelings of sadness that
\VC are compelled to record the death of
one of o.'i> scholars, Melissa Adaline
Smith, aged 9 years, who wan burned
to death on Friday, March Kith inst.
The accident was as follows; Melissa's
mother left her to attend to some work
in the house, while she went to milk in
the barn, during her absence from the
house, by some means Melissa's cloth
ing caught fire, she tried to extinguish
the fire hut could not, when she rush
ed out of the house and ran to the barn,
her clothes being a mass of flames;
the mo:her tore the burning clothes
from her little daughter, but too late,
the angry lire had done its work, and
all that loving hearts and tender hands
could do availed nothing, and between
7 or 8 o'clock P. M , the spirit left its j
tenement of clay to dwell in that bright
and better world where sorrows and
troubles never come The parents
have the heart-felt sympathy of this |
community in their sad bereavement i
and doubly so because one short wctk
before tLey followed the rem iius 01
their darling infant to the grave. But
we know that the Creator doeth all
bines well.
t A resolution of respect passed by
the pupils of Ridge school to the mem
ory of J. O. Weigle, tl eir former
W HEEISAS, God in His providence
has removed from us by death our
r spe< ted teacher,
Hesolced. that we do hereby extend
our sympathies to his bereavtd pa
ren'-, brothers, sisters and friends,
knowing that we as well as they have
sustained a loss, but what ap;.c :rs to
be our loss is his eternal gain Let us
be resigned to the will of Hi in who
doeth all things well.
J. G. MCCULLOCOU, Teacher.
CUBBLSON-PAKKKR-Mareh ISB3, by liev..
J. R. Coulter, Mr. Oliver it. CubbUon aid
Miss K izilx-th J. Parker, a.l ol Veuuego
county, l'o
RKINHART HAY- March 15th, 1 at
tbe Miui»n-r* u-ridciiee, by Kc\.S. B Stewart,
Mr. Charles Kiaeliait, of Allegheny City, aud
Miss Jein.ie 3. 11 >y, of Clintou towusbip,
Butler comity, Pa.
PHIPPs—On a<bbith aanriilng, Ktidi 11,
1883. in C intoimile, Pa. Lizzie, daughter, it
Maj. a ci Mrs H.J. Phipps, agi il about .5
WRIGHT — -.t hei residence in Jcflerson twp.,
this com lj . on Saturday March 188J,
Mrs. Mary Wrmht, widow ol the late James
Wright, Sr., deceased, uged 87 years and i
Mrs. Wright was the sister ol the lato John
Kennedy E-<i dee'd , a fo.mor County Com
initio:.er, ol tliU county. ller remains were
followed to i:-o on Monday last by a
large number of relatives and iriends.
KIRK PATRICK—In Centre township, this
county, oti '.lnch 18, 188$, Mrs Sarah A,
Klikpatiick. wile <>/ Mr. J as. Kirkpatrick,
aged 5'J yea:t a:id I s
K.ir from : !ii wort J <>'. toil and strife
Sin? ! |i•.•■>:••! w.t!i tie Lord,
"I'lie lab. r >.i U,i' mortal liie
End iu a 1 re»varj.
\\ EKJI.E—J February 27. ISB3, J. O. Wci^le
01 Pianktln lowush'.p, Butler county, Pa.,
agid 18 years and 11 days.
The t.-eantilul dreaai ot life is o'er
Anil (Jod has called the dreamer tome,
Where be shall w ike to sleep no more,
But ever i.i lair paetur.s roam.
We m!i.l no! weep for von Joseph,
Ni.r wMt your h.:rc on eart'i iin;
For you will still our p.ithw »y cheer
Thoqgb fir beyoui the sight ql
Oh, blessed is ihe sig'it i)f Heaven,
And gracious is the Father's love
To you a beauteous home is given
To dwell in i>oa -c with h'ni ati >ve.
And sing the IUIUKR of triumph J'icre
And wear a robe ol spotless white
To meet and love the uugeN lair
Ai;d see the Savior's irloty bright.
O. M. A.
tr "For Si<k Stomach, bad taste, siiikli>K|£
£ spellsniitl
Q DIKESTIOA and I «inii»laiiil. L:.KE I'K-1 0
UL NA: It never r^ils. • tISHHHM
*2 "Fur Crampof the SniinarU or l olle,
9 PtitU-N \ln largediiies U infallible." HRl 9
"Thute in literary. priifes.-ilonal or roin -1 **
3 inerclalpursuits, need rBUIiNA." ■■■■.
•; "ForSlck IleAdarlie, p-i'n In the bt ail. I o
to dizziness and k>ws]>lrlt*, takt, J'kijujja.'' IS
to and sti'd> our >"» "'J' tl'?"'j od
ft ' • l'adfei, 1 f yoif w'lsii'sireniftli, 1 ..11i"i. IH
and l» aaly. tweet lireatb, cherry li|ii and I tx3
!|os i
2 No other dincaio i 3 bq provalem in Una qou:i- f|
try a • Constipation, and no remedy has ever ••
® equalled the cc!ebrated Kidney-Wort oa a c
E euro. Whatever tho cause, liowcvor o'oaUu*tc a
(0 the case thiq remotly will ovcrcomo it. i>
li Dli PA nns a.i«tr*«Mintf cau» P
® o Ekv fcO ■ plaint ia very apt to K *5
5 (3onrplicatrfdwith cio nj» ti pot ten. Kidney-tVdrt
atrcnarthena tho weakened porta and quickly to
(8 cares all kinds of Piles even when physicians J*
• arnj mcdicinoo have before failed.
6 ** f&U »rcu tiuve oi tlu»%
< PRICI sl. k USE r DrußglstTSern* |
Perry Davis's Pain Killer
Thin wonderful remedy has saved the I
lives of many, many children
who were almost dead with
H. Jl<«riry Wilson, Lawrence, Mora., says
"'1 liA Hiirt'coim iiMiiiHiiii'Dd iny fa*« J)i|»h.
tluTja, «UK] <1 fl.ut no r«-»u« rtitild
r« mil it. Ivrry lJavfM'w i'ftii* Kiiict PUVLWI |n>
TiAMib, Nsxhua, N. II , wayF. " I had
I>atii4i (•linsnil (Mi'titlu;n*tiosprothroat very
«cve£fcf> t'sii' 1 illi i. ifi'ove |x>tfi
Hop Bitlers are tho Purest and
tfe,*! Bitters Evqr M f4 (l6,
They are compounded from Hops,
Malt, Huchu, Mandrake and Dandeloin,
—the oldest, best, and most valuable
medicines in the world and contain all
the best and most curative properties
of all other remedies, bciqgthc greatest
Blood Purifier, Liver Regulator, and
Life and Health Restoring Agent on
earth No disease or ill health can
possibly long exist where these Hitters
are used, so varied and perfect are
their operations.
They give new life and vigor to the
aged ami infirm. To all whose em
ployments cause irregularity of the
bowels or urinary organs, or who re
quire an Apetizer, Tonic and mild
Stimulant, Mop Hitters are invaluable,
beintr highly curative, tonic and stimu
lating, without intoxicating.
No matter what your feelings or
symptoms are, what the disease or ail
ment is, use Hop Hitters. Don't wait
until you are sick, but if you only feel
bad or miserable, use Hop Hitters at
once. It may save your lifo. .Hun
dreds have been saved by so doing.
SSOO will be paid for a case they will
not cure or help.
Do not suffer or let your friends
suffer, but use and urge them to use
Hop Hitters.
Remember, Hop Hitters is no vile,
drugged, drunken nostrum, but tho
Purest and Best Medicine ever made ;
the "Invalid's Friend and Hope." and
no person or family should be without
tboui. Try the Bitters to-day.
-fit From Relieve* and ciir««
■951 bheijmatism '
Sciatica, Lumbago,
f iill.. BACKACHE,
Sortneu. Cut», Brui«((,
iHwtttl. B BI'BNS. SCALM,
S TiHllltoiiiJßili ■ rnrf§ And all othr-r hodily achw
rnHnl F,rn CENTS ' BOTTLE -
M Sold by all Prnggfsts and
M Dealer*. Directions Id 11
I Th * C hides A. Vagtltr Co.
|f, 'fill™ MW" M (hMMDiTouuitoai
BkllUier*, 31d.. V. >. A.
In a SOLID GOLD WATCH, aside from
the necessary thickness for engraving anil
polishing, a large proportion of metal is
needed only to stiffen and hold the engrav
ed portions in place, and supply strength.
The surplus gold is actually needless. In
J amen Loss Patent Gold Watch Cases this
WASTE •is saved, and SOLIDITY and
STRENGTH increased by a simple process,
at one-half the cost. A plate of SOLID
GOLD is soldere*! on each side of a plate
of hard nickel composition metal, and the
three are then passed between polished
steel rollers. From this the cases, lacks,
centers, bezels, etc., are cut and shaped by
dies and formers. The gold is thick
enough to admit of all kinds of chasing,
engraving and engine turning. These
cases have been worn perfectly smooth by
use without removing the gold. This is
the only case iruiile vndcr this jtrocess. Lack
case is accompanied vith a talid guarantee
siijned by the manufacturers warranting it (a
vicar 20 years. 150,000 of these Cases
now carried in the United States and
Canada. Largest and Oldest Factory.
Established 1854. Ask your Jeweler.
The Boss.' watch cases with any kind of
movement desired, can be had of
Main Sr., liutlcr. Pa.,
Opposite Troutiuan's Dry Goods Store.
Jury Liits for April Term.
|.U| (it Jurors drawn for the April Term ol
Court i'oiiiiitnclii|! the second Monday, bciui; the
Hindi day of April, I. KI,
Allen Kolil, l'.rady twp, farmer.
Alland Win. Butler bor, Ist ward, merchant
flames Alex, Slipperyrock twp. farmer.
Bingham I. I". t'cuterville boro, merchant.
Coohran J 1", Mercer twp, farmer.
('lceland Itobt. Muddycreek twp, farmer.
Cypher Philip. Winticid twp, fanner,
Davis Sam'l, Adapts Iwp. farmer.
Doets•Jp|\n, lVrview t\yp, ft,Cari>euter.
Flpmmm'e Tin" . Barker twp, farmer,
dinner Michael, Lancaster tw p, stock dealer,
(iailhaugh Jaeoli, Forward tw p. farmer,
Cilleland J A, Summit twp, farmer,
Glenn Khbt, Muddycreek twp, farmer,
limit Levi, Worth tw p, tanner.
Henderson W I'.. Mercer twp, teamster.
Hurley Patrick. Concord twp, producer.
Hays Samuel, Comio<|iiene<«liig twp, North,
Kelly Samuel, Worth twp, farmer.
McKiuuey Johu, Clay tvvp, far^e;.,
Miller <• W, ('••imo )l iicl»cssuiK twp. South,
ii mitker.
Mclntyre Mathew. Worth twp, laborer.
Meyers Jno, 1; Millerst iwn horo, miller.
Mcßride M, Clearlield twp, farmer.
Moyer Fred, Lancaster twp, farmer.
Murrin .Ino V. Marlon twp, farmer.
Moore Win S, Muddycreek twp. farmer.
McClunic Chits 11, < 'lay two, farmer.
Md lure II \\. Worth twp, farmer.
Moore William. Worth twp, farmer.
N'asli t aspcr. Donegal twp, faini. f
I'isor Oliver It, t„|i, farmer,
i'tii.t Jiiiiu, Worth twii, farmer.
Itnter Wnt. Butler horo, isl ward, merchant.
Itlder .liillli S, Concord twp, farmer.
Ijotli .Ino M. Muddycreek twp, farmer.
Iteott -lacoh, Summit twp, farmer,
l'.huilus r C, Siipiieryrock twp, harness maker,
Showaltcr J IS, Millerstown boro, gent,
Stewart t'has, Midulexex twp, farmer.
Saukcy lfoht. Cherry twp, farmer.
Stein William, Builer horo, Ist ward mer
Tuttle .lolin, Butler twp, farmer,
Turner <» Iti Ooi'Ki.rd twn, fanner.
'l lictiipnui llemV, McrOei twp, fakiuer.
Vurniiiu IVI.JX-U,' Washington tup, fanner.
Weit/ell Michael, llrady twp, hiacksuiith.
Welch Loyal Y, Jefferson twp, farmer.
List of jurors drawn for the special term of Court
commencing the thir<l Monday uf Al ,r 'l, A-!»•
ism, being The t»tji day. '
Barclay Johu. Mndilycreck twp, fanner.
Boston Sheplar, Muddycreek twp, farmer,
Buriics Jli Mercer :wp. farmer.
Black I'atrick, Donegal twp, farmer,
ItiiniH Daniel, Donegal twp, farmer.
Baird J 0, IVtrolia rmio, livery.
John, Kairview West, grocer.
Croft Ni ! wt, Cranbery twp, farmer.
Cauipliell I) K, Washington twp, farmer,
( aid well Samuel of Wm, Butler twp, farmer.
Cooper J as. Forward twp, larmer.
Duncan Nelson. KvausburK horo, farmer.
Daubenspcck Christ, Washington twp, far
I'.ndre.* Auam. .Iwks,m tup, farn,i;r.
(irallUm T.tlw'd, Concord twp, 'farmer
Cilison It B, Connoouenessing North, farmer,
liilfiiinjer Mathlas Oakland twp, farmer.
Hastings John, Adams twp, farmer.
Ilulster John, Winfleld twp, farmer.
Mains K K, Jackson West, merchant.
Ifl W I', Outer two, farmer.
Kcllermali llnull, Marlon two. farmer,
Knox I'.lKich, Jii(.(.si>n t y*|» west. lilueKsinith.
inaiuor !>lcu(|liis, KoiUaf.l twp, farmer.
Leach David, Summit two, farmer.
Shryrock Caspi r, Washington twp South,
MeKee Kob't, Butler twp, farmer.
McOulre deorgc, Jefferson twp, farmer.
Mi'darvy Jas, Fairvlew twp. West, farmer.
Nelson John, ( herry two, farmer.
Heed lycv.'ls, /.elietiipple horo, farmer.
Itusli Kiihcu, Faiplcw tyvp West, co||t raptor.
Scott lloVt, Fatrvlcw how, plerk.
Smith Win A, Barker tv,p. farmer.
Summer I'lchoru, Zeiicnopli) horo, merchant.
Stem Jno of Jno. Oakland twp, farmer.
Shaffer Henry rrospcet horo farmer,
Stalil lleorge Zellcnople horo livery.
Stiira Wm M Washington twp fani|cr
Sheeypl Joseph Clea/flpld l,vp Ulliuu.
'I lioinpseii It J Allegheny Iwp oriiicr.
Yhgelcy Ceil rue Butler horo ad ward uter
Welch .las (' JefTerson twp farmer.
Waisou 'l'lios Wuilleld twp farmer.
Wilson Scott Kairview horo hotel keeper,
Weber Adapi franklin twp |anucr.
Wiic Leonard Bullcr horo Ist ward tinner.
Yuung K C <"lay twp farnixr..
tSsialc ol H'ui. 11. Ti'ljuj.
Letters of administration on the estate of
William I! Tcliuy, dee'd, lute of Venango twp.,
Bullcr County, I'a., having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing themselves
li:dc|>tcd to said estate w ill please make imme
diate payment and any having claims against
mild estate will present them duly authenticutt'd
lor settlement. JOHN H. TKIJAY,
Mar2l Ka'j Clair I'. O , Butler Co., Pa.
KNIII(<> ol l'rt'dcrick I'caeo.
Letters ol administration on the < state of
Frederick Peaco, dee'd, late ol Middlc»ex twp.,
Bullcr Co , I'a., having been granted to the un
der sinned, nil persons knowing themselves In
debted to said estate wjll please make immedi
ate payment and any having claims against cald
estate will present Ihcin duly authenticated lor
settlement. KOB'T TKIMBLE,
Mar«l Haxcnburuli 1* O. Bullet Co, I'a.
I will send the Hussian white oats to any ad
dress ou the lollowlm; terms: bushel lor
50 cents, I bushel in i;ood cotton sack lor 91,
'i tur liels tor # 1.75 and larger quantities at SO
cents a bushel; cash to accompany order. No
charges lor delivering at ll'irttony stuti iu.
J >IIN SIKO, Middle Lancaster,
uiarT-tt, Bullcr County, i'a
Ou W ALDKON, Graduate of the l'hll
H adelphia Dental Collegers pre|tarci'
a I* sto do anything in the line of bis
profession In a -milsfactory manner.
OlHcc on .Main street, Butler, Union Block,
'i(i stairs. apll
Two-Storied Frame House
ol six rooms, cellar, out houiica and two
lots ol ground in Butler will be sold ou reason
able terms. Cull at oilicc of
Mar-Ulf. Butler I'a. 1
• Homeopathic Physician anil Surgeon.
Office HI Union Block, and residence in
Ferrero Butler, Pa.
01. 35,
All Absolutely New Styles.
Full Lines of Body Brussels, Mosquettes, Tapestry Brussels, Supers, Extra
Supers, Ingrains, Cottage, Hemp, Reg, Mattings, Rugs, Oil Cloths, and
every thing that is in the Carpet Line, and all at the very lowest
prices. Please give me a call and examine my stock No
trouble to show goods 1 also call attention to our large and
Of Lace Curtains, in Carpet lloom,
And I also call attention to my large and complete stock of
Dry Goods, Notions, Trimmings, Etc.,
Please Call and Examine.
BOOT II arln
Largest and Finest Style* nuri Lowest PriooHever shown l>y
any House In Ratter. All Fresh Goods
and warrant*!. Oar motto is FAIR DEALING WITH EVERYBODY, goods just as we rep*
resent them, .same price to all. Quick sales and small profits.
To look at my French Kid Turn Button Boot? (Cur Kid. Mat Top Cur. Kid
Fox Boots.) Gondola, (St Goat, Pebble Goat.) Serge, (Goat Fox.
Cloth top Boots.) Pebble Grain, OLD LADIES' WIDE SHOES
AND SLIPPERS. Walking Shoes, Sandals, Opera Slippers,
Ladies' Hutton Boots from SI.OO and upwards. Ladies can
find in this Stock any style and priced shoe they want.
To step in and look at my Call Boots, Calf Bala, Button Shoes London toe and
tip, Veal Ca'f Shoes cloth tops, Congress Gaiters, Base Ball Shoes,
Oxford ties strap shoes, Plow Shoes, Brogana, Hob Nail
Shoes for miners, all of these are desirable goods
from the cheapest Brogan to the Finest
Hand Sewed Boot and Shoe.
To see our School Shoes, Fiue Button Boots and Bals, Slippers, &c., all
New and Nice Styles very cheap. Infants' and childrens' Shoes
in endless variety, from 25 cents upwards.
'i'lie Lareest Stock of T.e»<lier and Findings of any House in
Itnllcr. Lowest I'rlees.
New Goods Constantly Arriving.
RHPAIHIXG. All kinds done at Reasonable llates.
B, C. HITMiSI/rOIf, Bntlcr, Pa.
Have fIU to much larger and more commodious
Nob. 238 Si 240 Liberty St. (cor. Wood St ) A large asssortment and a full
WARE. LOOSE and MOUNTED DIAMONDS, Watch Material, Ac., at
lowest New York Jobbing Prices. Wholesale exclusively.
Z:4r Remember tlie change to and 240 Liberty Si., (cor. Wood,) jiext door to Jos. Home A
Co.'* Wholesale Store. mar2l'3iu.
KM lute of Adam Kiclicrl, Woo'd.
Loiters of administration on the estate ol
Adam Kl' lu-rt, dee'd, laic <>l Jackson township,
Butler county, PH., having l>een g: anted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing themselves
Indebted lo said relate will please make Imme
diate payment, and any having claims agaiust
tin ill cMulc will present litem duly authenticated .
lor payment.
JOIIN A. EICIIERT, Administrator,
Kvans Cits, Butler County, Pa. i
i'Mlale ol John Orr, IhoM.
Letters of administration on the estate of
.loilii (|rr, 4w'd| late of Blttlcr, l'a., having
Mi'fu granted to llie undersigned, nil persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate will ,
please make immediate payment and any hay
liijr elaims against said estate w ill present them ,
duly authenticated for .settlement.
G. M. ZIMMEKMAN, A lai'r, Butler, l'a.
Application lor Chnrlrr.
Notice Is hereby given that npplliiitlou will
be made before lion E. MoJtnikin in el amtiers,
on Monday, April 'Jd, I**!, at 0 o'eloek A. M.,
for a charier of incorporation ol the Pctr.d'a
Hall Company, (Limited) in ll.e borough ol
!*< trolia Butler county, l'a
The object nl the said proposed Ineorpora- 1
lion is the maintenance ol u hall lir |'( lures,
Sabbath schools, Bcllglous services and other ,
lawf 111, public and private purposes. ,
». W. 11AKLEV, President.
Feb. 2-Üb, ISH:!. leb'iS lit. ,
Letters testamentary with the will annuxed I
on tlie estate of Jan. Hay, deo'd, late of Clinton
|«|i., Butler ooiintv, i'a., having been granted to j
the undersigned, ail persons knowing themselves j
indebted to said estate will please make imme
diate payment and any having claims araiust
said estate will present them duly authenti
cated for settlement. THOMAS A. lIA\ .
Saxonburg, Butler Co., I'a.
All persons indebted toM. Heibcr,Sr.,dec'd.,
will please call at bis former place of business
on or before April Ist, I.sk;i, ami arrange the
same. After that time ull Bceounts will be left
for collection. FEKD UEIBF.It,
Hutler, Feb. lii, K.'t. Administrator.
roit NAM:.
House and lot in Northeast part of Butler for
WELL LOCATED. Price low and terms J
easy. I mini re of
Hutler Pn.
Valuable Farm For Sale.
A farm, situated in Concord twp, Hutler coun
ty, I'a., midway between North Washington
ami Middletoivn, on the Hutler and Emlenton
road, is for sale. The farm contains about
1(H) acres, 80 cleared and in good state of culti
vation, and the balance in good tiinl>cr. The
farm is well watered; is underlaid with coal and
lime-stone; contains two fine orchards of graft
ed fruit; a two-story frame bouse, containing
10 large rooms, bank barn, large frame milk
house uud other buildings thereon. For par
ticulars, call on, or address
North Hope, Butler Co., Pa.
Pure lUlcstsii oats for sale, seed pot of John
son ,t Stokes, Phila. Tliey aro not tlie D. M.
Kerry ,V Co. oats. but ripen as early as our com
mon oats ami yield nearly dorchln Ton to twen
ty stalks grow from one grain. Olio and on©-
Intlf bushel is plenty to Hie acre Prioo $1 00
per bin-be I. For sale by Alon/.o MeCandless,
Prospect, I'a And orders received mid tilled at
Miller Bros., or A .1 11. Iteibor'a. tf
Administrator's Sale'
By virtue ol an order ol the Orpliu u'sourt
Ot Butler Co., there will be exposed at
public sale oil
at 2'clocU, I - . m ,on the premises, the following
described real estate of
to wit: FIFTY ACKEB, more or lc>s, situate
In Clay township, Butler Co, Pa., two miles
rt. E. ol Hunbury, adjoiliiliing lands ol Joseph
Thorn", Jane Button, Ht-niy Miller, et al.
about oi cha If cleared, balance in excellent
timber, one h ill underlaid with coal,
Kvh Frame Ilcuw,
stable and orchard thereon, well watered and
coiivcn lent to cl.urches.
TEH MS—One ball In band on conllrmulion
of sale, hall lice in ore year to be secured by
bono and mortgage.
Mar lit d. Administrator.
In the mailer of the assignment ol .Julia
Itoe-slu' 'Hot L. B. Kocsslng lor the beneflt of
Those indebted lo the above estates will taku
notice that the accounts are In our hinds for
collection. Prompt payment Is positively ro
~nired, or the collection ol the accounts will lie
pulorml by l«w
Agent lor A. HOESSINiJ, "
Mar l 41 f. Assignee-
in the CiTiziN.