Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, August 30, 1882, Image 3

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Two Pittsburgh detectives have
been charged with horsestealing.
Mr. Adam Troutman's new house
is under roof.
—John Humphrey has got back
from Texas.
\t $1 50 home-made Bed Comforts
At Niagara Falls, Willie Shields,
aged five, was choked to death with a small Tin
Waring's Fertilizers and Peruvian
Guano—for sale by J. NIGGLE & BRO
_W. A. Roebling has been asked
to resign the Chief Engineership of the big
Brooklyn bridge.
Xew styles in Collars, Ties and
Fishus, at L STEIN & SON'S
The BuildiDg & Loan Association,
of this town, have a meeting next Saturday
evening. See notice in another place.
Xew Dark Prints, in choicest
styles, at L. STEIN & SON'S.
The new leather and harness
store of Mr. C. lioessing is now well stocked.
Kead Lis advertisement in another place.
Waring's Fertilizers and Peruvian
Guano—for sale by J. NIGGLE &, BRO
A base ball club from Summit
Citv, Venango county, is expected to be here to
day to compete with the local club.
A lot of second-handed Watches
cheap for cash at E. Grieb's
—Mr. G. A. Needle, the proprietor
of the Parker Phoenix, favored our town with a
visit last Wednesday.
—The Perfection Bustle can only be
had at L- STEIN & SON'S.
Mr. I. J. McCandless baa pur
chased from Ex-Commissioner Donaldson his
house at the South end of Main street.
Bargains in White Quilts at
The creditors of Weisz, the de
faulting tie contractor, are making no efiorts to
apprehend him.
Kalsominers' Muslin for lining
bouses, very cheap, at
We are under obligations to the
Secrelarv of the Venango County Agricultural
Society for a complimentary to their 1 air, fixed
for September 20, 21 and 22.
The Borough Ordinance prohibit
ing public bathing within the limits of the
borough, has been published the egal number
of times and is now a law for the borough.
—Send or leave your order for a
Sewing Machine, of any make, at
Grieb's Jewelry store. may3l-tf
A seven year old boy named Wal
lace Chanafelt, residing at Canton, Ohio, plac
ed the muzzle of a presumably unloaded car
bine to his head and pulled the trigger. He
was instantly killed.
Rev. Henry K. Shanor, of Centre
township, this county, has taken charge of the
English Lutheran Church at Freeport, Pa. and
has removed to that place.
Bargains in Muslins, Sheeting,
Ticking, Blankets, Flannels and Yarns,
The trade dollar is now worth as
much as any other dollar. I nele Sam will at
last redeem them with the "dollar of the
daddies"—a dollar that is really and in'rinsic
ally not worth as much as the trade dollar.
—lt will be news to most people to
learn that Pittsburgh is about 135 feet higher
than Lake Erie, Pittsburgh being 700 feet
above the level of the sea, and the Lake only
Sewing Machine attachments and
repairs of all kinds, at Grief's Jewelry
store. mav3l-tf.
Preaching in the Baptist Church
on ne*t Sunday morning and evening The
ordinance of baptism by immersion will be ad
ministered at the close of the evening services.
All are invited.
Communion services will be held
at the V/. O. Spring U. P. Church next Sun
day. Rev. J. A. Clark will assist the pastor.
Services on Friday at 11 a. m., Saturday at 2
p. ui. and Sabbath at II a. m. and 71 p. m. No
services on Monday.
A large stock of Hoop Skirts,
Bustles, &c., at very low prices, at
Butler Presbytery of the TJ. P.
Church will meet at Kittanning on the third
Tuesday of September at 11 A.M. A confer
ence will be held on Tuesday evening, the
program to be prepared by the Kittanning
Remember an ounce of preven- j
tion is worth a pouud of cure, and therefore i
see that your yard and alley are kept perfectly ,
free of decaying vegetable matter. The health
of yourself and neighbor should be your first J
—At $5 Fine all wool Country
Blankets at <
—The yield of wheat in this country :
this vear will be unusually abundant. Accord
ing to the latest reports of the Department of I
Agriculture it will exceed five hundred million
bushels, and some estimates put it at nearly
six hundred millions.
One hundred and eighty-two ,
students reported at Pine Grove Academy
the first day of the fall term, being forty more
than at the opening of any previous session.
The pine Grove school is a good one and we
jjre glad to see this additional evidence of her
pros(ierit/.— Greenville Aryuf.
—A full line of Ladies' Cloths and
Sacking Flannels, in all the newest
shades, at L. STEIN & SON'S.
Tbe dwelling house of Wm-
Studebaker, in Worth township, caught fire
from a falling spark on Tuesday afternoon of
last week, and humeri down. The furniture
was mostly saved. Lous probably exceeds
SI,OOO. Insured for SSOO In the W. rth Mutual.
Farmers and property owners
should bear in mind that they are required by
law to cut Canada thistles on their property
before they go to seed. They are finable for
the neglect to do so and the complainant is
entitled to a part of the fine.
A full stock of Canvas, Zepbyrß,
Macrarae Cord and all materials for
fancy work, »t
L. STEIN & SON'-*.
The proposed fifty mile race bc»
twecn a man on a bicycle aud a well-knowu
pacing horse, that was to hove taken place
last Wednesday, was prevented by the humane
Society. Several heavy bets had been made
and there was great disapinmitment among the
sporting fraternity.
Extra values in Cashmeres and
Dress Goods at
—The crossing of the P. <fc W. R,
R. over the West Penn. R. R. at this place was
put in last Friday morning and the construe
tion train of the P. & W. passed over it that
afternoon. The worn of laying the track on
the new road will now progress more rapidly,
although, we undertand, that the P. & W. Co.
have difficulty in procuring rails, on account
of the strike of the iron workers of Pittsburgh.
tobies, enndies, peanuts, etc., call at
A. M. VIOCK'S Whitestown,
JJutlcr county, Pa.
An employee of the Olive wire
mill of Pittsburgh was oberved to fall suddenly
a few days ago, while carrying some metal
from one part of the mill to another. \N hen it
was seen that he did not arise some workmen
walked over to where he lay and were horri
fied to discover that he was dead. \Vlthout r«-
aliziug the danger he had allowed the metal he
was carrying to come in contact with an
electric light wire, and the circuit thus estab
lished caused the fluid to pass through his
body, killing him instantly.
I ---The fever patient who was in jail
has (.ten taken charge of by Countable Wil
The changes lately ordered in the
i postal Money < >rder system have not yet gone
j into effect.
Tie County Commissioners ad
vertise for bids for the building of the new
bridge over the Connoqnenessing here.
I - -If vou wan' to buy or sell any
thing let your wants l>e known in the columns
of the CITIZKN, as it is the uied'um through
wh'ch you can reach the largest number o!
*"-_-W'hen persons are bitten by dogs,
n'ik.-s or insects, tUey sh-.ul'l upy!" a JKHIIOCC
ol imunded raw onions, wh:ch w II soon draw
nil the n from the wc.und. This is an old
and standard re.ueily.
When persons are bitten bv dogs
snakes or insects, thev should apply a poultice
of pounded raw OMO.IS, which will soon draw
all tl e poison fr >:ii the wound. '1 his is an old
and standard remedy.
There is no sealer of weights and
int an;res for this county. The law authorizes
the Go .ei nor to appoint one for each county,
but either no one has applL d for the position
or else an outfit costs too much.
—Schmick's well on the Weber farm,
41 rods s ,nth-west of the Schidemantle well, is
expected to reach the sand to-day. Schmick
intends to complete his we'l, pipe line or no
pipeline, and haa erected tankage lor 1,000
—The fund now in Court to the
credit of the creditors of the Freeport bank
will pay them about twenty-five cents on the
dolla' and what Mr Maher's assignee expects
to realize rom the sale of h.s coal lands will
pay them about as much more. The ered.tors
of the Lank can therefore expect <o receive
about ti .y per cent, of their claims.
—lf a society for the prevention of
cruelty to animals were in operation some of
the heses in this (owe, which are reined up so
cruelly, would be made much happier than
they now are. Imagine a man s neck twisted
into an unnatural position by an immovable
rein, for hours, and then think how much the
j>eor animals have to endure. Such cruelty is
—The registration of medical practi
tioners in Pennsylvania shows that in round
numbers there are w'-ty-five hundred registered
physicians and five hundred who have not reg
istered. Of those registered five hundred are
graduates of colleges of the bogus kind, and
eight hundred and thwty-ejghf a»e not gradu
ates of any institution, but are pern, it Leu to
register because they have been in practice
since 1871.
A gentleman of this town who
owns sofpe houses in went there
the other day lo collect some rent. Enter
in' one of the houses, occupied by a pud
dler he found him and his family making a
meal on bread and black coffee, and nothrn
else. The puddler said they had hardly enough
to eat, let alone thinking of paying any rent.
This is the result of the strike of the Ainalga
m ted Association, which, it is hojied will soon
come to an end.
thousand bracks, iu all, to build Glass
Works. These were furnished by Mr. Stainm.
Dull. Harvey had the contract for the brick
work of the works, which is now completed,
with the exception of the lloor of the building,
and although it was the first work of the kind
he has ever done, his work is entirely satis
factory to Mr. Ilimsen and the man who super
intended the building.
The Fall term of Withertpoon In
stitute will open on Monday, Sept., -I. Mr. C.
F. Gal'aher, a gentleman highly recommended
and whose teaching capacity has been proved
by successful experience, will l»e added to the
present corps of teachers. Additonal facilities
for instruction have been provided, and the
School is prepared to give thorough training to
Students of all grades, frrtn those just entering
upon the study of the K iglish branches, to
those iu the Classics, Sciences and Higher
The new pipe line to the Bald
Ridge district was laid as far as Sunset station
last Thursday a.ternoon, but the Foreman of
tne liraach road went out on a hand car Irom
Butler with two men, and prevented the pipe
line men from laying the pipe across tne ro:>d.
The pipe line men then measured aerof* i!ic
ira< k and went ahead with their work on the
other side. There is a free pipe line law for
this county and the line will, no doubt, be laid
across the railroad, but some red tape business
may cause a slight delay.
Mr. John W. Fleming, who was
badly cut with a knife, by a Swede, on the
night of Friday the 4th inst., died at h's resi
dence in this town early yesterday morning.
His family, on Monday, thought he was ruuch
better and was getting weil. He was a man of
about sixty years of age. The Swede who cut
him gave his name as J. W. Johoson, and tlie
two men who were with him gave theirs as
John Johnson and Charles John on. J. W.
Johnson is iu jail, and the other two are under
bail to appear as witncsees.
Mr. James 11. Kibbee, al'as Dr.
Huntington, the lightning rod man, brought
suit before Esq. Walker, of this place, on the
12th inst., against John Miller, the hotel keeper
of Evansburg, for selling liquor on Sunday and
neglecting to have posted in his office and bed
rooms the hf-tel act. A hearing was fixed for
last Wednesday, when Mr. Miller appeared,
but the prosecutor failing to appear he was dis
charged. Kibbee and the woman who lived
with him at the hotel, ami who passed for his
wife, have disappeared. Miller suspected them
of having stolen his money, and from what we
have heard, they are likely the parties who got
it. The woman is said to not be his wife. She
had free run of the hotel and followed the
painters around from room to room, while they
were at work there.
—The Pittsburgh and Western
Railroad Company, narrow gauge, which pur
chased the Parker, Karns City «nd Butler ltail
road s»"*s months since, on Friday hut pur
chased a controlling interest in the Pittsburgh,
Bradford and Buffalo ltailroad, ruining from
Foxburg, Clarion county, to Kane, with a
branch to Clarion borough. The latter road
was owned principally by C. \V. Mackey, John
\V. Welsh and J. M. Dickey, of Franklin,
James Bennett and J. AY". Rowland, of Kmleu
ton. All of those named, except Capt. Mackey.
dis|K>sed of their entire interests on terms not
made public, and Capt. Mackey sold a part ol
his interest, hut will remain in the position of
President a.id soli itor of the company. The
line to connect the P., B. and B. Railroad with
the Parker and Karns City Road is graded from
Parker up the vyext side'of the rivfrtoFoxburg,
where it will cross to conneot with the former.
The link between Butler and Harmony, to
connect the Pittsburgh and Western with the
Parker, Karns City and Butler railroad, will
soon be completed. The P., B. &B. road will
be graded to Kane in a few weeks, and will
then connect with the narrow gauge system of
the Bradford oil field and thence to Buffalo,
making a through narrow gauge line from
Pittsburgh to the lake. The route from Pitts
burgh to Bradford by th'.s line will be ninety
miles shorter than by the present ra'lway lines.
The Pittsburgh and Western is also being
rapidly constructed west of Youugstown, and
will be connected with the narrow gauge
system in Ohio reaching to Toledo. The coal,
lumber agdoil regions of Butler, Clarion, Fore t
jtud MoKean counties which are traversed by
tbe consolidated lipgs of railways named, wilt
furnish a large carrying trade.— Pittsburgh
Railway Reporter.
—The Gluts Works here are so near
completion that a n te of its parts may prove
Interesting to our readers. The stack is tfcfl .
most conspicuous and most important part ot
the works. It is 12$ feet in diameter at the
bottom, 6 feet at the top and G4 feet high. In
the bottom of the stack the furnace, where the
\a melted, is located, there are eight
openings in the stack, in each of which a melt
ing-pot i:; set. These pots are each made of
three different kinds of clay. r I he stack stands
on tli'i centre of a stout building, 9 feet high,
63 feet wide and 54 feet long, called the 4 ( ave.
An arehed passage runs through the cave, in
which the ashes accumulate. A large frame
l ui'ding, feet square, has been built over
and around tho cave and stack. The Ho ir oi
this building will be of brick, sot on edge, and
will be on a level with the bottom of the stack
or top of the cave. In three of the corners ot j
this building nine annealing ovens have been j
built, three in each comer. Theoyensare heat- j
ed by small furnaces, and the glassware H
placed in them for 24 hours to be tempered. |
Ov'reach end of the cave, there will be built j
what is called a "glory h.ile or finishing
nace, where the ware is finished." This (ilass
Works is wiint is called a prescription works,
awl will manufacture nothing but bottles, pre
scription Imttles lor drugkists, pickel jars, mus
t in! b ttles, fruit jars, eto. No grejn ware «'1
be made; the bottles and jars will all be of tile
best Hint glass. From jsixteen to twenty-five
glaw-blowers will be employed in the works.
Glass blowers, as a ulass hay® a hard name, out
Mr. Ihpisen informs hk that all that he luu as
yi't employed are steady men and are with one
exceptioc. married, The works will alsoempioy
quite a number of boys a id uifn in the packing
and other departuaenw. Mr, ILmsen eg pect* to
have the works tunning by the middle ot n< xt
month, or shortly after, unless this threatened
strike of the glaHcblowers prevents.
Cftlaew: UtrfcLw, $».,
Hon. Benjamin 11. Hill, late I nited
; States Senator from the State of Geor
; gia, was perhaps the ablest and best
iof all the Senators from the Southern
I States. lie died at his home, Atlanta,
' Georgia, on the 16th in»t. of that terrible
' d'sease cancer, which was seated in
his mouth. The following is the
simple story of his li e as given by
himself and which we find in the
Philadelphia Press:
Three years ago Senator lien Hill
sent the following terse autobiography
t" his friend \V. 11. A\ bite, of Atlanta:
I was born in Jasper county, Georgia,
September 14, 1X23. I was the
seventh of nine children and the fifth
of six brothers. My father was a
small farmer, owning a few slaves
unly. All his sons, therefore did all
the farm work, and all his daughters
did all the household work. My
mother cut and made the clothes
we wore, and most of them were spun
and wove on the plantation. I work
ed on the farm from the time I was
eight years old, and black and white
came and wentjtlike in all work. My
father was a man of common educa
tion, but was extensively read, aud of
great influence in the neighborhood.
When I was ten years old (1833) my
father moved to the county of Troup,
a new county, aud his lands were all
in the woods, and I helped clear them.
I walked the entire distance from the
old to the new home, over one
hundred miles, helping to drive the
cattle. My father would always have
a school house, a church and a tem
perance society npar hi 3 house. He
was always trustee of the school, class
leader and steward in the church and
President of the temperance society.
Some of my earliest and sweetest recol
lections are connected with these in
stitutions and my father's zeal in
them. The black people always at
tended church with the whites; and all
of us, black and white, were encour
aged to become members at very
earlv ages. The rule was to work on
the farm until the prop was made, and
then go to school until it was gathered.
After the the crop was gathered, go to
schoool again until planting time for
another crop.
This was my life till I wns sixteen
years old. I was then continued at
School all the time with a view to a
collegiate education. My father was
not able to send all his children to
college; only one besides myself de
sired a college course, and I a.one
graduated. After I was pronounced
prepared to enter college, mv father de
cided he was not able to seud me. A
family consultation was held. My
mother insisted on my going. She
bad alway3 had what we called her
"patch," which was near the house,
and was cultivated by her house
hands when not needed at housework.
This patch had always been my
mother's pin money, amounting from
SSOO to SIOO. My mother said she
would contribute this to my col
lege expenses and would make my
clothes at home, besides. An old aunt
of my mother's, who lived ;n a small
house in my father's yard, and had
some means (small) and no children,
agreed to contribute as much more.
My father agreed to contribute the
balance, and I promised that all my
college expenses of any kind should
not exceed S3OO per annum. I prom
ised my mother I would take the first
honor in my class. I redeemed this
promise. The proudest day of my
life was when I wrote to my parents
that 1 had taken the first honor in
my class and all the honors of the liter
ary society of which I was a member.
Tbe cook, Mariah , came by mother,
and was near her ago. She also raised
nine children, just the number my
mother raised. One of tbe cook's
child: cn from birtb was assigned to
one of my mother's children. From
our childhood we played together,
worked together, aud would tight for
each ether agaiaat all the world.
Stronger ties than these were never
formed. It was alliance offensive and
I married in 1845. My wife had
seven slaves, large aud small, left her
by her father, who died when she was
fin infant. We thqs began life with
eight slavc3. When my father and
mother died, tUe slaves selected their
owner among the children, and I bail
to take two more, who would go with
no other child, and paid for them. My
wife had one other brother left an
orphan <vith her. He married several
yi ars after v. e tii 1, and determined not t:>
keep his slaves. They were not wil
ling to go out of the family, and I
bought them- I now had fourteen
slaves. I was a professional man
liviug in town and did not need them.
I was not willing to hire them out.
The result was, 1 bought some land
near the town and moyed on it with
tbe slaves, and told them to support
themselves under my protection. Tbe
slaved increased and married wives
and husbands, and raised children,
and to keep them together 1 bought
them all. I also bought several others
who had to be sold, and selected me as
their owner. In a few years my small
place was insufficient for them, and
yathev than part with them 1 bought a
larger plantation in the country and
placed them on it, and removed with
my family l>ack to town. I was thus
a slave holder from 1815 to 1865, just
twenty years My slaves increased
from eight to sixty-seven and during
all that time there were but two deaths
smong them. I realized my profit
from them, and all of them will testify
that I cared better for thorn than they
have been ablo to care for themselves
'since freedom came."
Farmers I.o;>k lo Your Inferesl,
By using Bradley's Fowl Peru
vian (iuauo and also Bradley's Alka
' line Dissolved Bone, you will increase
1 your crops from 75 to 100 per cent. Ji
I can be had at all times at Sarver's Sta
tion, aud also at tbe Leonard Wise, it
1 Butler. Send in your orders early.
] Agent for Butler Co.
Sarver's Station, Butler Branch R. II
june2l 2m.
Farmers Look llero,
i. The undersigned is now taking or
'jders for fruit trees for fall planting
He represents one of the most reliabli
v ; nurseries in Rochester, N. Y. Pleas<
* I semi your orders in immediately,
J Subscribe for the CITIZEN.
The frequent robberies of merely
fire proof safes, all resulting in the de
struction of the safes, should serve as a
remiuder to persous owning that kind
of propertv, to keep their valuables in
some other place and leave the tafe-!
unlo; ke l
It isn't evirv body that can play
base-ball successful.y. i» F. McClus
ky, Register and Recorder of Lid ana
county, tried it the other dav acting
as captain of the "Fats in a friendly
game with the "Leans." He overtax
ed himself, fell sick aud died.
j The Mercer Di."patch says that there
1 have been quite large sales of sheep in
that c >unty in the past month or six
! Weeks Parties fsv>m X«»w Jersey have
purchased from 2i>oo to 3000 head, at
I prices ranging from $2.50 to $3 per
: head, very few of them going at the
first price.
On the Ohio and Mississippi Hail
road, near Olney, a passenger train
broke in two. The bell-cord was pull
ed, and the engineer stopped the for
ward section. There being a heavy
down grade, the rear section crashed
into the forward, killing one person
outright, fatally injuring another, aud
giving a number serious hurts.
—The Canadian Pacific Hailroad is
actually to be constructed through the
wilderness north of Lake Superior.
Work was begun this week on the sec
tion between Prince Arthur's Landing
aud Nepigon, aud the section from Xc
pigon to Lake Nipissingis to be let
early next year. Several surveying
parties are now tramping over the
An Erie county farmer reports a
yield of 908 bushels of wheat, measur
ed from the machine, from 2(» acres of
ground. Five acres of the best was
measured oil and kept separate and
was found to yield 17 bushels to the
acre, which is certainly an extraordin
ary yield for an extraordinary year
The variety raised is the Rogers white
A war broke out in All Saints' Epis
copal Church, Cleveland, over the
communion wiue question. The Sun
day School Superintendent leads the
party opposed to fermented wine,
while the rector and his adherents
want to use the old kind of wine which
they believe Jesus used at the first
supper. The contest rages briskly,
and each party is bent on victory.
—The Meyersdale Commercial
reports several robberies in that sec
tion by a couple of gentry who appear
in the character of piano tuners, aud is
moved to remark that piano tuning is
at present uuder a very heavy cloud
of suspicion iu Somerset county.--
Genuine hand-paiuted piano timers
had better keep out of thp county for a
while uutil the misdeeds of the ebrouio
variety have faded iu a measure from
A four year old daughter of Alexan
der McGergin, who lives live miles
from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, came to her
death by a singular accident. The
little one was playing witb a piece of
twine, aud tied it to tbe latch on the
front door. In some way tbe string
was passed around tbe child's neck
aad closing tbe door tightened it, caus
ing straugulation. When discovered
Jile was exruct. Although a physi
clau came and resorted fur an hour and
a half to artificial respiration, his ef
forts tailed to restore life.
Texas, through its O overnor, asks
aid of tbe National Government for the
yellow lever sull'erers. Thirty new
cases have been reported at Browus*
v : l!e, ayd Saturday there were three
deaths. There are two hundred cases
uuder treatment. At Matamoras, tbe
same day, there were eleven deaths.
The National Board of Health is in
formed that cholera is raging at Yoho
huma, Japan, there having been 1,017
deaths since July 24th,
—lt has to be confessed that one
batch of the LLubbell assessment cir
culars was Lent where the recipients
were wholly indifferent, free from com
pulsion, and in no danger of losing
their places fur not paying. The batch
came' to the Philadelphia postofflue,
and the circulars were addressed re
spectfully and respectively to Miss
Sallie Binns, Miss Tabitha Yard, Mi.
Thomas Fentz, Mr. G. Arden W all,
Miss Sarah Nader and Miss Kale
Erwaul. It is .-ai l the puzzled deputy
pastmaster went the main cffico
and called out, "Who knows Sailie
Binns?" And the reply came from
0110 of thejauitors, "Bailie Binns am
one ob de cats in de cellar, de black
and white tabby." This let the whole
lot of cats out of the bag ; and now the
officers would like to know the name of
the wag who forwarded the list to the
Congressional Committee.
—The Pension Qflßce has been
in forced by 423 new clerks. All of
them were men, the women applicants
being totally disregarded Where
upon there was formed immediately
" The Woman's National Labor Organ
ization." and resolutions were passed
that must make Secretaries Teller and
Lincoln, who are named in them as
the enemies of woman, tremble in
their boots. "In the name of liberty
and loyalty, of sorrow and sacrifice,"
this new organization declares that
"our defeat shall be the beginning of a
warfare that shall never cease until,
we see the words posted over the
gates < r this Capitol and the doors of
these departments : 'No one-man pow
er rules here;' and equal rights under
I the American flag to tho women of
this nation." This is what it con.«js
to when women join the army of ollice
Some idea of the present and the fu
ture of the whisky trade is furnished
t.y a Mr. Girsh Martin, an old an ex
perienced distiller, in a Peoria paper,
on the present supply and the probable
fiture of the distillery business in this
! country. lie says that "there are now
ou hand in this couutry 15Q,OOP,QOQ
[ gallons of whisky, of which "J0.000,000
are in bond in the government ware-;
houses. The foreign demand has
I I fallen from 200,000 barrels in 1880-81
'| to almost nothing. The distillers,
' however, have to keep their machinery
1 in order, and the production goes on,
a iticipating an increased demand.
This Mr. .\iartin, however, claims that
the-00,000,000 American people of the
• present day drink less whisky than
the 20,000,000 people did thirty year
j ago. This reduction of the average
and the total consumption of spirits,
r ; he insists, is the result of the introduce
tion of lager beer as a general beverage
e of the Americans, and he pronounces
lager beer is the worst enemy tLal
. whisky has tocontud with.
JK-gT Advertise iu the CITIZEN.
The return game of baseball between
the Freeport and Butler nines was
played at the Fair Grounds on It st
Friday afternoon with the following
BLTI.KO. It <>' UtRrPOBT. li O
W lleine:n;i:i 1. I ;T. MeMah m <•. ... :i
11. \\ tiker _ ' 3 2JT. M»lf\ | :t
I . M.v p 1 11. I n s. s .. :i ::
M Y n„-t i». .. t ...!.• ;irdner Il> 0 •>
I . <.ne :i .i 11. 1 ong 2 1. 3 3
1! I r f 2.W. 1 i.i rton :t I. . 2 'J
I> >:i_ <• r -. s l -I. Mr.Mahan I. f 1 I
W. Zicj.kT.-t i>. . t MA. McClelland <•. f . a l
A. K in. e i l :>'J. Miller r. f o
Total 21 -C; Total ... 17 27
i a :» 4 so 7 8 ft
It tVr 0 0) 1 ! 12 12 (—2l
I-reeport 5 'J 3 J l o 2 o o—ir
Coiiri .\oirs,
Thos. I'orsey petitioned court for the
appointment of a commissioner to in
quire into the lunacy of Mrs. George
Palmer. f J he commissioner was ap
pointed, Mrs. Palmer was found to
be insane aud was committed to the
custody of the Sheriff to be conveyed
to Dixmont. Mary Luce was sent to
the hospital at North Warren
Henry James has sued Amos Mates
for slander.
R. L. Brown has brought suit against
Geo. L. Long and wife for debt.
T 11. Lyon has brought suit in
ejectment vs. John Hinchberger.
Adam Weiser has brought suit
against the township of Butler for
E A. Helmbold has attached goods
in the bauds of Wm. Criswell belong
ing to R. R. Criswell.
Three 9Keu >l«r«lered.
Details of a terrible tripple murder
comes from Mt. Pulaski, Illinois,
Charles McMahon, a farmer living
near that place, and two men in his
employ being the victims. McMahon
was a batchelor with a large fortune.
He did his own housekeeping, John
Carlock, aged eighteen, and Bob
Mathery, aged twenty, being the only
other men about the place. Both
men were quiet and industrious, and
like McMahon muph esteemed. They
were last seen on Thursday, of last
week, stacking wheat. The neigh
bors, observing'their absence, seaic'itd
for them on Saturday and Sunday, and
finally found all jhree bodies festering,
and offensively odorious, iq the rank
weeds about the house. McMahon's
throat was cut from ear to ear, the
head almost severed from the body,
the gash extending clear down the
spinal column. There was no shape
to the battered bead about which a
cloth had been tipd. The bodies of
Carlock and Mathery were covered
with clotted gore, their throats cut
as their master's had been. The limbg
were bound securely with twine taken
from the reaping machine. They
were gagged and blindfolded with
cloths. Everything pointed to the
most fiendish determination and de
liberate purpose. The house was
ransacked, and $2,000 in money taken
and household goods broken.
Don't I> Its in U't-
Ask druggists for "Rough on Rats."
It clears out rats, mice, bedbugs,
roaches vermin, flies, ants, inseeis.
15c. per box.
Tbe Butler County Agricultural As
sociation will hold their ftth Annual
Fair on their grounds, at Butler, Pa.,
commencing Tuesday, September 10
and continuing until September 21
For Premium List with rules and regu
lations, address,
W. P. ROESSING, Sec'y.,
Aug. 2, Gt. Butler, Pa.
The longest bar ot iron ever manu
factured in this country was rolled at
tbe Phcenixville rolling mills last week.
The bar measured three-quarters of an
inch in diameter and was 284 feet
Mi'(.'OILMICK.—At Homestead, Allegheny
county, on July 12, Mrs, Mary
Ann > c oriiiick, i'a 1.-htT O!' M r . James
MeCand'L-ss, of Penn township, t'.iis couuty,
about, 47 years.
NKWTON.—On July 30, 1882, a. his residence
in Portersville, Butle.* county, Pa., ilr.
James, Newton, in the 7'ith year of his age.
RANKIN.—On Ausr. 18th, of paralysis,
in Fairview tw,i., Mrs. Sarssh Rankin, wife
of Win. Rankin, i.i the 7Sth year of her a«e.
This vetjerable lady was most highly esteem
ed in all the community, hi her life she ex
hibited a ChrisL-an character nU.ve reproach
As a neighbor, sue was hospitable, help."ul and
considera.e Asa wife and mil her, she was
faithful, kind, tender and loving. Her aged
husV ud and five children, three sons and two
daughters, survive her, and are greatly com
forted with the preciovs assurance that she
bath gone to be with Christ.
Oae of her sons is a minister of the Gospel of
the Presbyterian church in the State of Ne.v
York, and all iier children arc men and women
of whom a parent may well feel proud and
they, evidently, do most g.atefj'.ly cherish her
"| The SUREST CUSE for i
H Docfi alamo back or disordered urine indt-1 _
ficatc that you arc a victim ? TII2N DO NOT ~
ElIISSITATII; use ICidney-Wert at once, (drug
£j;;ista recommend it) and it will bpcedily over- u
*|oome tho disease ani restore healthy action, v
C B For complaints peculiar >
r: kflVtvO* to youv bpz, audi aj pa.s -I
*"j ind'we:ik.nos.iefl, Xidney-'Wort Li unsurpassed, ».
r pa it will r.ct promptly an 1 safely. £.
"| Either Sex. retention cf urine, ©
IJlbrick dust or rory deposits, and dull drag.Tinfr *
OI pains, all speedily yield to its curative power. 2
I -1 1 .J- SOU BY ALL DHUOGIST3. Prlc" 81. *
Foo Cl.oo's Balsam of Shark's Oil
Posit itel'J Restores the l{cnyi»K_f, »»<t is the only
.tfsaltUt iMrefor Deafness Knou-n.
Tli's Oil is abstracted from peculiar specie of
small WHITE SIIVKK, cau jlit in the Yellow sea,
known as Careharodou Koudelclh. Every Chi
nese Ih-hermuu knows it. Its virtues aij a re
storative of hearing were discovered by a Budd
hist Priest about the year 1410. Its cures were
so numerous and mar" so seemingly m'racu
lous, that the remedy was officially proclaimed
over the entire Empire. Its u»c became so uni
versal that lor over 303 years no deafness liaa
exlsited anions the Chinese people. S.-nt,
charges prepaid, to any address at fI.CO per;
Hear What The Deaf Say!
It lias performed a miracle in my case.
1 have no unearthly noises in my bead and
bear much better.
I hive been greatly benefited.
My deafness helped a great deal—think
another bottle will euro me.
"Its virtues are unquestionable and its cura
tive character absolute, as the writer can per
sonally testify, both from experience and obser
vation Write at once to llayloek Jenney,
7 I) v y street, Ne.v York, euelosing i 1 00 and
you will receive by lt luru a remedy that will
enable jou to hear like anybody else, and whose
curative clTe.-ts will he permanent. You will
never regret doin; so." — EIHTOR OF MEUCAN
avoid lost in the Mails, please send
moijey by ltegistertd letter.
Oniy Imported by HAYLOCK &. JENNEY,
(Late II A v LUCK & Co.)
juue" ly.
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si * am. g
|| Gents' Furnishing Goods I
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i>! 0 J
| I am a rumbling wreck of nudity, 15
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Al> 4" Ma'ehls.si McDonald S Ooaohcr Adam Uitnr W C Ma6irj,ftil K P Seott
7,S " " L Z Mitchell Jarac; Do-Mi \ L Shrwler, E*'r Campbell A Braation
FI D, 2 Sept 1532-J M Greer Susan M<x,re, l.y her next frien'l Jame* E I. L Mitchell
CP, 199; june 1572 Black A Thompson M M Allen Robert Allen Mitchell
" 804 " 1 «7t» W L Graham fheo«i< re Thompson Pearl McCaadleM Kastruan A Carnpbrll
" 3i»:{ Sept. 187!' Robinson A Ooueher Jane Borelan 1, et al .f«hn YHBIIR, rt tl Met'andle*#. et al
A I), <>B Dec. 1879 Piorsol A Kastiuan W S Boyd, tor use .1 II Miller t.rner. Siilli*:u» ltn».
" 120 Sept. ISBO N. Black. .Jonathan Snyder 1. I. Karnes I. / Mitchell
" l»i Marchlßßl McQnirtion J.icph F Lytle Pittsburgh ds Western RR Co •'rvrtt
" 44 June " Brandon. Hannah Harvey James Harvey Bow«er A Greer
'• 17 Sept. " Goucher A Lowry John B Roller II \V Roenigk Mitchell awl B.>w»r
" 251 " " Brandon * Butler Water Company, for use Borowrh of Butler Ea»tm«a A Walker
" ft; " " Heetl & Br-din Chas f Stewart Samuel < Tht>inp«on Williar A Mitchell
" 3f " " Williams i Goucher NVr.i Huselton, et al H< nry Weisui.-.n
" 2.'i June ISS2 Forijuer loseph Hockenherrj I I' Ho«rkenl>erry
" 51 Sept. 18-sl L 7. Mitchell E R Brown, et at FN Hare, et al Walker
«< O.Dec. " New ton Black Jainei Douipui, Ex'r \Vm<« Smith AT. Black.
" 15! " " Thoajtifou & Scott. II ('Turk Jm UroKtan Mitchell
" l'. 1 " " Brand in Grove A: Bair «;<■<• H Graham Me< aotlleia
" 2m " " C«mp'»ell Hontel, ct a I Mellon, et al J M «ireer
" nr. " " LZ Mitchell Jul.a K Gileliiat Robert .UelH>well Flee,jrr A Brittain
" <;•> " •• J B Uroiliit A !e* Gai'roway Poor ilictrift, Winfiehl Wi D BraiKto«
" 4GMarch 1882 E fhristv, Adm'r J, .hn Smith Thompßoo A So« A RreJ
" c„, '• '• L X Miteliell K/.ckia! Donyherty . Klias Mortlaad M<H/ui«»i..n A \amlerlia
" ;; June '' Braadon NVA PaMiaiag Cowpwy H DiMfafV Mdjmtwa
I'rothotiofirv's • A:. Ji FmSL N <»™ l, Proth om+mrj.
vanji. To il Oits who have lsad exp«-ru nee nei
l ave i ecu buccewjful an i.olicitora good <0 i -
tr. ctu will ba given an Qeucr&i Aden's for r.
cu libt rol CJUI tie-. Inexpeiienccd tueu wi)' be
aided Bi:d iu.-tructe ' bv hjieeit.l Agouta.
Address, iIANA ifclt, Box il.iJ-j, V Y. Po. i
Oflke. aug.JO.lm
Webb's Eclcctric Medici ue.
Is si iiml effectual reiaedy for :ill Ner
vou ■ IMseases in every irtape of life -young or old.
male or female. Such as linpoteney. i'r<M ral I' 11,
lr. :s i>f Strength. I" s <>r \ i<n!;ty, Dcti rtlvi' Meino
r.\. Impaired I'.ialn I'ower, and <ll from
which an unnatural waste of life springs. all <r
which cannot fail to undenniii ■ the uliolc 1 '"in.
K\ erv or an is weakened, evi ry power prostrate.!,
anil 'main fori.r of ili-.'.use arc .jeiierate.l which,
ii not checked, pa\e the way to an ••svrlv ilealli. It
rettr i iiitc-i ace and reinvigorat. s yoiito.
KacM'packaic ntaltw suWcleiil f"r two «rreka
treatnieiit. Write for pamphlet, which will lie
sent free, with full particulars.
SoM bv all Uruggnt.s a' "HI cents a packai-e, or
twelve for s•".<•<». W i'i !♦< v < i»t frf6 l»y
in til on rr»<Tii>! of isionov. bv niMn-ssin^r
A enre Kuanmti' Bulfiilo. N.
( Sold hv I». 11. Wuller. lUitler. I ;t. :1 >
15V virtue of sundry writs of Sci. Fa., Fi. Fa.,
Al. Fi. Fa., At. Lev. Fa . Levin Facia* ami Ven
ditioni Exponas, issued oat of Iho CuUft of Com
mon i'li as of Batter county, a::d to in • dir. . tod,
there will bo exposed t > public nalu, at the
Court House, in tho borough of Butler, on
Monday, the 4!h day of September,
A. f>., 1882, at one o'clock, p. ni., the following
described i roperty, to-v. it:
E I>, No 1!» and 46, Sept T, 18S2. It I' Soolti
A T Black, att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of P.
F. Porterfield of, in and to nintv acres of land,
more or less, situate in Allegheny township,
Butler county, Pa., boundedjas follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a jKist at the north-west corner,
thence by lauds of Sloan, et al, n.-rth s:> degrees,
east 159 perches to n white oak ; thence by
lands of Dr A W Crawford, south I decree
east 75 perches to a stone, thence o.'ii degrees
east 18 percl..:i to a post; thence by lands <■!
Elias Osman, part ot same tract of land, s-aith
HSJ decrees West I<>9 4-lrt perches to a post ;
thence oy lands of Dr A \V Crawford, north 1
degree west 00 8-10 peiehes to a pest, the
place ot beginning; ai> ut 1"; a"res cleared, a
two story frame house, frame barn and orchard
thereon.' Seized and taken in execution as the
property of P F Porterlield at the suit of Joseph
\Vel!er, et al.
ED, No Oil, Sept T, 1882. L / Mitchell, att'y
All the right, title, interest and ciainiof Jane
Bentel, owner or reputed owner and contractor,
of, in and to a ccrtaiu piece or parcel of land
containing oue-oiiarter of a.i acre, more or !•
situate in the borough of Zelienople, Butler
cou'.ty, Pa, bounded north by It Lewis' land,
j ea-t by Main street, s utli by lands of K Ben
tel's estate and lands of E \ Randolph, aud on
the west by other lauda of Jane Bentel !>einu
lot No '217, together with a certain buildintt
being a one and a one and a I ait story brick
dwelling house thereon. Seized and taken m
execution as the property of Jane Beatel ouuei
or reputed owner and contractor at the suit oi
B F Covert.
EI) No 77, Sept T, ISB2. WII LtisV, att'y.
All the light, title, interest aud claim of
T. Wise, of in, and to 30 by l - » feet of land,
more or less, situated in the village of Evans
burg, Jackson twp. Butler county, Pa., bcund.
e<! as follows, to wit: i>n the north by Widow
Cooper, ta.it by an alley, south by Widow (jra
ham, west by Jefferson street; atwostory frame
dwelling Ivuse, frame stable and fruit trees
thereon. Hoised and taken lu exctntion as the
.perty of 7.. Wi-e, at the suit of S. N.
M ace.
E D, No (is and 74, H i t. T, r-'-. .T 11. Lyon
W. A. Foiqucr ally's.
All the ti-ht, title, Interest and claim ot
•f.ui.es Muri in, of, In and to sevi nty acres of
lr.nd,liioru or less, miu.iU iu Venango twp,
Uuil.T county. Pa., bounded as follows, t.» wii:
on the north by Samuel »im! Divld Kelly's
heirs, east by Samuel Stalker, s.xi li by Julinn
MiTip-oii, wrsl by Josej.h and John Murrin,
about fil'y acres tlcaru l, o.i l<-rl »M with coal,
a tv.t; slot v Inime ai:J h->use, frame sta'»l",
eoal house and orchard thereon. Seized and
takiii in execution as the propitly ol J»aus
Murrin, at the snlt ol Eli Va- derlin, foi n»e, el
ED.No 8, tiept T, 18H2. J C Vandsriin, att'y.
All the right, title, iidereut and claim of Abrsni
K' 'lev of, in and to twelve acres of land, noro
<r !• -s. K.tua'e in Brady twp, lt-itlcr comity, f'a.
iKvinded as follows, to-wit: Oil the north by J.
>1 Thonii s >ti. ea-t by J Newton Tliomt-son.
south by •I New roil Thompson, wist bv ttnrler
a:ul Mercer road: all cleared and f« need, a utoiy
and a calf hoard or plai.k liouso, tmall stable,
t-ptj'c bouse and orchard tlisrecn. Seized and
tal.niin i x.--ciit on as tbc property of Ai-ram
Kellv at tl;e mit cf T H I,} on, lor n-e.
ED, No 73, Sept T, IS S3- K Mai shall, att'y. j
All tl;e rii; l t, title. intercKt ami claim of Ange
lii Dol s. .i ni'd SVoui.oi I>u' son. her liuabai.d.
of. in sod to !m acre" of lan more or !»-««. sit I
into in Adr.nis twt'., Butler county Fa., bonnd- 1
ed aa followi. to-wit: On tbc north by II llal-!
liuot. eart by Ja.> Kmcaid, et ai. south Ly Tliom
Dol ton, west by Thus Del son; all cleaied and \
fi: i ed. log 1: r.so. lo 0 ' stable and orchard there ;
o:i. Si-izcl and tskoa iu ex-rutioo as !:ie prop- !
ci ty of Dubeoii and Soloman Pobson
at tbo suit of S J Marsliall Ex'r of Sam'l Mar- j
11. >.ll, de il-
E D No HI, Sept. T, IW4. Lev McQulston |
Ail the rlfth?, title, interest and claim ol I
Nancy .1 McLVuslin, "I, hi .-nd to cv. utcen
acres id land, more or siluutc is Conno-I
i:ucr.c-fii:c twp, Butler co.uity, I'a., bounded
as fellows, to wit : On tin: north by Fimlley
1 akin and Mrs Mclluin-as, cast !>y Andr. w |
Oyer, south by Andrew Oyer, wctt by Archie j
Ktev. art, alioul live aeies i loured, a one Btory ;
frame house, toy; i-table and orchard tUereou.
S'ezed and taken in i vecntion as the property ;
0 Nancy J MeCau.sliti, at the s iit of ON,
Urysou lor ti«e.
I". I). No 70. Sept T, b'tS'2. t son Llr -k. att'y !
All the light, tittle, iuttiotl a-i 1 claim of Wm
Logne of. in and to 150 ane* of lai d, more or
Icm-. s t.intu in Cherry twp . Butler county. Pa.,
bound >1 as follow!., tov.it: On tbo north by
John (la:.Susy's lu irs, et at, cast by James
K> Italian, et ai. sonih by Caleb Bussell, li Hock
ei.l-crry et ai. west bv lticLard Hamilton, form -
orlv part of fr.r..e Ira.'t most y clearediloj; iiouse,
log barn. ]>lat.K house a:i.l orcbaid thereon.
S.-zcd a:.d tiken in execution ss the projierty of
Wm I.oguc at the suit of John Hall <k Son.
EV. No !5, Kept T, 1883. A T Black att'y.
All tlie right. li'lc, interest and claim of J \V
cf. in and to cue-half acre of land more
or less, situa'e in Waeiijigtou tap., Butler Co..
I'a . hounded r.a folioas, (•» On the north
1 v r 1' Mi! aid. by railroad, south by pub
ic toal. wis: by I' 1* Milliard; it being a luai.frn
.ar pi oa of ground, a on? i-torv frame or plank
I liMii g ll.i icon. Sei/e.l sod taken in exocli
iii n as tl e property of J W niggiin at tho suit
of 1' 1' Milliard.
1". 1). No «1 Sept T IK.C 2. WII Lusk. att'y.
All tho title, iuter.nt and claim of iV:u
iii !1 of. in ai-d to thii ty-t uo seres of l.iml. m >re
or ies". lituate in Washington tap . Hit iter Co..
I'a . bounded ai follows, to-wit: On the north
bv Inine Ti ouipeon l.iiiv, c».-t bv Alex llell,
sent;, by S A C. n.,'bi-11. west be Leonard Stew
ait, all « a:ed. a one-story lo; an 1 b >ard house
and stable and orciianl th <reon. Sized
snd taken in oxesntion tho piopeity of Wm
Bell at the suit of John 1 Ooclirau.
KD, No 9, Sept T, IW2. J U D Find ley,
I All the right, title, interestand claim of John
ami Janes Pratt ot', in and to all thai certain
piece of land, situate in i'.utfil > t»w u*hip. Hat
er county, I't, h umtnl and described a* fol
low* : (»?i the «er.tb by lamb of Robert M
1 Harbison, rxl It lamb of ('ha* • Klxira aa lon
' th • west and north, west by littie Buffalo creek,
j lieing of an irrejfular anil rati, r triangular
shape; e—tiinint eighty Here*, more or
■ no imjirovi incut*. Jjciwil iixl takes m u«-
t-ut nn as the property John and James Pratt
. at the MI it of John J"hti«ton, tor n«e
K D, No !•» Sept., T, ISA R F Bowse*. m*f.
All Hie right, title, interest and cMra i»t
Mirtiwl Downey, of. is and to Sfty acres
l«4, mote or !«•*». situate in ("Wsrtkld twp_,
Hntirr couMy fa , hounded ss (allows, to wii:
On the i.i r l, l.jr J»bß Denny, cast by Wot
Daugherty ar.d T Morrow, Sooth by WUn*
; Duvmy, »r«! by Patrirk IVnny, no>tljr
dni. il, loc house, !ojf l«irn and some fruit
tries item 11. Seized at.d taken into exer*-
llon ns the prop rty ot Mkbael Downey. si th*
suit Daniel McMtlian.
EP, No 70, S-pt. T. IWI W. A. Fne»|o r,
All the title, intercut and claim of Wm
Brandon, of, in and to fifty aerrs of land, mora,
or less. situated in Venanito twp. Butler county,
I'a., »nd bunded as follows, to wit: <»n lit*
north by Widow Firming, east by Joha Hay,
south by Michael Conway, we t by Kol*rt Vas
ilerlin: alios! 40 acres cleared, lost h«u»e, low
barn. i.rcharJ ami coal bank tnereoa. >• i
and taken in execution a* the property of Wm.
Brandon at the suit of Hoffman & Jackson.
K T», No M, Sept. T. law. K D, No 6.1, SepC
IT. IJHO. K I». No i!>, Sept. T. IW2.
Williams A Mitchell, att'y.
All the right title, interest and claim of
fieor.-e >l. Fulkmsn, of, in and to six acres
and 71 perches of land, more or less, situated
iin Slipperyrook twp., Butler county, I'a..
' bonmlid m" follows, to wit: heirininc at a pest
i at the coal bank thereon, runtime br the lands
of 0.. W. Coulter's heirs and Joseph BeUler,
! «r.«t 26 6-10 |«erches to a |>o»t. thence by laods
of liars' and Cowen math 3J perches to a post,
thence by lands of John Klder 3.1 -10 |»-rebee
to a |Ki-t. the nee by same land north 27 jienhes
to a jw-st, thence west 50 perches to a )**>!,
I thence north 5 |>erches to the place of begin-
All cleand and f-nce l.als<> th right o: way
to a certain mail ler-din? from the ilutler and
Mercer turnpike road to coal bank on said
peice of lanii, said road to lie kept open for
public travel. Seized and taken in execution
Ins the property of (Jennie M. Fulkman. st the
suit of H. 11. (.told, J. E. Christy and Ephrsm
(•as toe.
ED No •>, Sept., T, IHSJ. Jos. Vanderlin
All the right, title, Interest and claiir. ol
' J W McCandless, 01. In and to one halt acre
ot land, more or less, situate in the village of
Fxnnlngtaa Venango twp., Hutler county,
' I Fa., li<>ur.ded a.« follows, to wit • Ob
r j tlio north by Klias (Taylor, east t y an
i alley, s-onth by pulille road, west by Geo. Dix
j son, aUory and halt frame house, larce frame
I tbcksialth shop, outbuildings and fruit trees
r thereon. Seised .ud taken iu execution as
< ! the property of J W McCandless, at the tail ot
. | John Blair.
1 TERMS OF S.VI.K. The following nmsl be
>trt<';i>.complied with nlien property is stricken
- ! down :
i | I. When the plnin'lff or other lien creditor* be
- i come the purchaser. U»e costs on tlie writs must
t ■ be paid, ami a list of the liens, including mortgags
scarche- on the propeitv sold. to«ether with *uen
lieu creditor's n-ei-ipt* lor the aiiKHint ot the pp>-
issmU of the h.ilc of turh portion thereof as he may
claim, must lie furnished the sheriff.
All bids must bejiald tu (ull.
B X All s;iles not s«-ttle«l iinmeiiiatelv will !»• rtm
• tinned until t o'clock, r. M.of next day. at which
i time all pro|»Tt\ not settled for will acaiu U- put
1, up and sold at lh«> expeusi- and risk of the person
. tn whom flj-t «old.
I'nnton's IWxi'st. 9th Rditioo, paice ♦*;. and
i SniUh'j Foms, uaneWi
Q | sheriff o| Butler County.
Sh'tiff's oOWe.Butler. I"*., May 15U>. IMS 2.