Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, March 01, 1882, Image 3

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New Advertisements.
Allcock's Porous Plasters.
Edison's Musical Telephone.
New book —Infidelity Rebuked.
Executor's notices—Estats of Wm. G. Bhorts
and Mary Ward.
—The New York Observer office is
now located at No. 21 Park Row, N. Y.
—At 10 cents, half wool Dress
Goods at L. STEIN A SON'S.
—Mr. Biederman, the energetic fruit
tree agent, wants some canvassers. See notice
in another place.
—R. P. Scott, Esq., has removed
his office to Ruff's bnildiag, on Main street,
second story.
—At cents tne best j wide, half
wool Cashmere ever sold in Batler county at
—Billy Mitchell set his rat-trap in
the eellar of the jail, a few nights since, and
caught a fall grown weasel.
At $1.50 Foster's Patent 5-Hook
lacing Kid Gloves, every pair warranted, at
—Considerable good taste has lately
been displayed in the draping of the show win
dows of L. Stein A Son's store.
—We are selling the best side band
suitings in the market at 15 cents.
Mr. Adsm Schenck, the black
smith, has built a large shop on Washington
street, opposite the old Mcßride residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Bright, living in the
western part of Crawford county, buried si*
children in fonr weeks, all dying from dpithe
Kentucky knows where her wealth
and reputation are located. In the great flood
at Louisville, the first thought was to save the
All the choice new styles in col
lars, ties, fischns at
—Geo. McJnnkin, carpenter, has the
contract for enlarging and remodeling the Mc-
Creary house, old Paul Troutman house, earner
of Main and West Pearl streets.
Now is the time for onr million
aires to send in their orders. A London pic
ture expert offers to make purchases "for no
blemen, gentlemen, and Amerieans."
Mr. John M. Elrick, of Harrisville,
was elected a Justice of the Peace at the late
election. Mr. E. is bat 22 years of age and is
likely the youngest J. P. in Pennsylvania.
—Professor Proctor sara the world
will come to an end in fifteen years. "A
ehanoe for three more Presidential term* in
that time," sigh all the ambitious men in the
There will be a temperance meet
ing in the Presbyterian church, of this place,
on Monday evening next, March 6th. All
friends of tnis cause are oordially invited to be
and laces at astonishingly low prices at
—Mr. Brown, of the firm of Brown
k Harvey, dealers in pianos, organs and music,
has retirea from the firm and the business will
be continued by Mr. Harvey, in the Vogeley
House block.
—4-Button undressed kid gloves at
40 cents a pair at L. BTBIH & SON'S.
—Persons who were elected Justices
of the Peace at the late election should file ac
ceptances at Prothonotary's office within 30
days from day of election, or commissions will
not be issued.
—The "cranks" who sent smallpox
crust to Guiteau in a letter ought to feel repaid
for their labors. Two or three parties in the
Jail are suffering with the disease, bat Gnitcau
Is not among them.
—Kerr Mcßride's well, which it
located about a half a mile scath-west of the
Bald Ridge wells, reached the sand last Tues
day, we are sorry to say, la dry. -We hope
Kerr wiH have better lack next time.
—There will be no service in the
English Lutheran Churefc, of this place, next
Lords day. The Pastor, Bev. Waters, will
preach in the Lutheran church at Saxonburg
on the forenoon of that day, at 11 o'clock, and
in the afternoon at Sarveraville at 3 o'clock.
—Mrs. Frederick, widow of Henry
Frederick, deoeaaed, formerly of this town,
died in Allegheny eity, a few days ago. Her
corpse was brought to this town last Tuesday
and interred in the south cemetery. She was
66 years of age.
—A Cumberland county farmer had
two hundred and fifty bushels of oats stolen
from his barn, and he is offended. When it
gate so bad that a farmer mast bare a burglar
proof safe to keep his oats and wheat in, the
profits on Carmine will be small.
—Lawrence county papers are ad
vocating an increase of the tax on dogs to $lO
each. Between two and three hundred dollars
isbelng taken from the county treasury each
veek to pay damagea for sheep killing by the
mutton loving oaalncs.
—America is a nation of inventors,
bat America seems to be .unable to invent a
comfortable and convenient cattle car. The
American Humane Society has offered a prize
ef $6,000 for an improved car, bat of the 700 in
ventions so for submitted none have been ao
—Some of oar neighboring counties
are removing their insane patients from Dix
moot to the State Asylum at Warren, Pa., and
•laim to be saving money by so doing. The
Clarion, Pa. Bepublic an GOMUU says that that
county will save 1600 per aunum on twenty
one patients.
—When a tramp tells you a word is
Tilled so-and-so, don't dispute his assertion.
young merchant oat ia Nebraska engaged in
a controversy with an itinerant painter over
the proper way to spell "peddler," and was
•hot down in cold blood because he insisted his
way was right.
—Drilling was commenced at the
MoConnell well, oa the Wm. Miller farm, 3
miles west of BatUr, a few days ago. They
are now down about 300 feet. Abeut eight
fMt from the surface they came upon a hard
•olid roek seventy-five feet thick, which they
drilled through.
—A woman named Sarah Shaffer,
of Adams township, this county, was burned to
death on the lOtn February, alt. She was
■landing by a wood Are when her clothing
•aught and before the ire could be extinguish
ed was so badly burned that she lived but a
few boars. She was about 60 years of age.
—We bear that the E. R. Co. (bat
ia now baildlng the road between Bntlsr and
Evansburg, has given ap the idea of building a
road entirely across the county, and that the
road now being ballt through this place and
down the Conaoquenessing will be part of the
main line.
—ln tbeir special report a? to bridges
the late auditors for Armstrong oounty charge
two of the Commissioners of that county for
1881, CorbettJ and Murphy, with $12,437.31.
money paid for stone work on the Apollo, and
Nulton A Oscar bridges, whieh they (the audi
tors) find was not actually furnished to the
—A contract has been made for ex
cavating *,000,000 cubic metres on the Panama
eanal, by an American firm, using American
machines. A Panama letters says over a thou
sand employes of the canal company have died.
One hundred and fifty million francs have been
sank in swamps, and nothing to show for It.
—One of our sboe dealers informs
as that ha usually bought a part of his stock
ia the town of Haverhill, Mass.. lately destroy
ed by fire. About seventy boot and shoe
factories in that town were burned in a few
hours and the towu almost blotted out of exis
tenoe. These factories were strung along the
Main strset of ths town, Just as the store build
ings are strung along oar Main street.
• —The following advertisement late
ly appeared in a Dublin, Ireland, paper:
WANTED —Strong, bumble girl to assist in
minding children and go of messages ;
age 16; Bs. per quarter. Apply at 69
Hareourt street, 11 o'clock to S, Monday.
For minding the children and running on er
rands the "strong and humble" girl will receive
$8 a year, or 67 cents a month. Happy land!
—Fine neok wear, large stock and
low prioes, at Heck & Patterson's.
Court House Notes.
The borough of Millerstown has appealed to
the Supreme Court from tne verdict of the jury
in its suit vs. Collector McKee.
IsaAc Lefevre has brought suit vs. John W.
Hay and John B. McLaughlin, debt.
Miller A Huston have brought suit vs. L.
Owens, debt.
Millerstown has appealed from the decision
of the Justice, in the case of M. E. AJ. 11.
Bole vs. the borough.
Jefferson Allen vs E. L. Courtney and others,
summons in trespass.
Levi Boyer has appealed from decision of
Justice in the suit of Reuben Shanor vs. him as
trustee of Isaac Boyer.
Wm. Purvis vs. Jaines Downey, appeal by
defendant from decision of Justice.
W. A. Lewis vs. Antony Godenger, debt.
Butler county has appealed from the decision
of Justice Keck in the suit of P. A. Rattigan
against the county.
Justice* or the Peace.
The following is a list of the Justices of the
Peace elected in those boroughs and townships
in which vacancies existed at the late election:
Adams twp., A. J. Fleming ; Allegheny twp.,
James S. Craig ; Buffalo twp., Thos. Douglass;
Clay twp., J. Kelly; Concord twp., Peter
Kamerer; Centre twp., Wm. Allison ; Cranberry
twp , Fleming West; Donegal twp., Solomon
Pontious ; Forward twp., N. Kramer; Fairview
twp., G. H. Gibson ; Franklin twp., W. B.
Curry ; Jackson twp., J. B. Knox ; Mercerjtwp.,
Joseph Brown ; Muddycreek twp., James Mc-
Geary; Oakland twp., Thos. Craig; Parker
twp., John Kelly, A. P. Stewart; Summit twp.,
Robert Gilliland; Slip|>eryrock twp., H. 11.
Vincent; Winfield twp., N. M. Kirkland ; But
ler boro., S. P. Irvin; Millerstown boro., J. C.
Gaisford ; Karns City bore., W. H. McGaflic;
Petrolia boro., R. J. Bottner ; Prospect boro.,
S. Kiddle, John Hyle; Centreville boro., C. O.
Kingsbury ; Portersville boro., Robert Badger;
Zelienople boro., E. V. Randolph; Harrisvillc
boro., John M. Elrick.
—A large audience greeted the mem
bers of the W. I. Literary Society on the even
ing of their celebration of Washington's birth
day. The entertainment was a success in every
particular, especially the musical part of it
The members, who had original performances,
are to be congratulated on the excellenoe of
their respective parts.
—A horse dealer living near New
Wilmington went to that town recently and of
fered a mare for sale, and said she was nine
years old. "Bat," said the buyer, "do you
know her to be a good animal ?" "Yes," said
he, "I have known her for over twelve years,
and " A smile that was loud and prolong
ed drowned the rent of the sentence. — Mercer
—Qen. Grant's pastor, the Rev. Dr.
Newman, suggested in his last Sunday's dis
course that "the generally accepted fiict that
women are more pious than men may possibly
be attributed to the afternoon visits of the
pastors." There is certainly no lack of cleri
cal assurance in this claim. Perhaps it makes
some difference who the pastors and the women
are, whether these afternoon visits are provoc
ative of piety.
—With a view of relieving mer
chants and others of accumulations of mutilat
ed silver coin, Superintendent Snowden. «f the
Philadelphia mint, has obtained authority from
the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase such
coins when presented in sums of $3 and up
wards. This action will enable holders of said
coins to dispose of them at the current value of
silver bullion, which heretofore they have not
been able to do.
—The bills presented to the Govern
ment for articles furnished, services rendered,
Ac., during President Garfield's illness, aggre
gate $200,000. Every person who furnished
anything appears to put in a claim. The cool
ing apparatus men ask to be paid the actual ex
penses incurred, and for the time in putting the
apparatus up. Some of the members of Con
gress presented bills for ex|>cnses incurred in
attending the funeral. The railroad companies
alone refused to send in bills.
—A fond father of this town missed
some money from his pockets a few days ago,
and soon after discovered that one of his sons,
aged about eleven, had taken it and had bought
himself a revolver. The child being questioned
as to his reasous for buying a revolver said that
one of his playmates had a revolver and that
when they quarreled, he (the playmate; always
drew it out and dared the crowd. He also said
that several of the school boys had revolvers.
This is interesting to parents of school boys,
and the parents should make it interesting to
the persons who sold the revolvers to the boys.
—At the late annnal meeting of the
North-eastern Bee-keepers' Association, the
charge that bees injure grapes was discussed
with some feeling. Two bills have been intro
duced in the California Legislature to forbid
the keeping of bees because of the damage they
are said to do to the ripening grapes. The
north-easteru bee-keepers were unanimous in
the opinion that honey bees never puncture the
skin of the grape, though they freouent the
vines to suck juices of grapes already injured
by birds or other insects. This it was claimed
has been demonstrated by careful testa. Black
ants are the chief mischief makers.
—The suit of Edward Vogeley vs.
Prof. Von Meyerhoff for debt was commenced
before Esq. L. P. Walker, of this place, last
Saturday morning, and the evidence was all
gotten in by Monday night. The hearing of
arguments by the attorneys employed was post
poned till next Saturday evening A large
erowd of men and boys was assembled iu and
about the 'Squire's office daring the progress of
thejsuit, which they seemed to look upon as some
sort of a circus or minstrel performance. To ac
commodate this large crowd the 'Squire should
hare adjourned the suit to the Court room ; or,
at least, to Wise's Hall or the Opera. House.
—As a remarkable winter is near its
close, the curious are beginning to inquire of
the weather-wise what the summer is going to
be like. The inquiry is made the more ui%eut
in that the astrologist* say that the relative
positions of the planets will be such during the
summer as to affect the earth's atmosphere, the
theory being that heat will be so reflected in
these plauets as to eva|M>rate the moisture and
preveu rain. But a signal service man scoffs
at this and maintains that there will lie plenty
of rain next summer, because the last was a
drv one. Experience goes to show that it is
seldom that one dry summer follows another.
—Mr. Lewis Anderson, of Butler
township, aged 35 years, died suddenly, on
Monday morning of last week. He had been
troubled with hemorrhage for some years, caus
ed by working in the shovel works, at Beaver
Falls, where be inhaled small particles of
steel, and on the morning he died had a severe
attack in bed at about five o'clock. He jump
ad out of bed and went to the door to get air.
and almost immediatly dropped dead, his blood
gushing out of his mouth and nose. He was a
son-in-law of Gideon Slagle, lately deceased,
and WM one of the administrators of his estate.
--At the borough eieckiuii, last
Tuesday H. P. Irvin was elected Justice of the
Peace ; Geo. Walters and Geo. ShafTner, Towu
Councilmen for 3 years, and Jacob Ziegler for
1 year ; Geo. Vogley, Overseer of the Poor for
3 years, and Matthas Buchele for 1 year : Chas.
Crouse, Assessor ; John Grohman and Joseph
Niggle, Assistant Assessors ; Wm. Williamson,
High Constable ; A. N. McCaudless and John
Kennedy, Constables ; Amos Kearns, Aulitor;
Alex. Russell, Judge of Election for 2d ward,
and John McQ. Smith for Ist ward ; Samuel
Miller and Alex. Mitchell, Inspectors for 2nd
ward, and Joseph Manny and David Cupps for
Ist ward ; Geo. W. Ziegler was elected Burgess
aod Harry Kearns Assistant Burgess,
—The latest suggestion regarding
Polar exploration is that a telegraph cable l»e
dropped as the vessel proceeds north-ward. Hy
means of this cable, says a writer in the New
York Herald, telegrams could be sent for days
at a time without disturbing the instruments;
and should destruction come to their ship as
sistance could be sent them aud they could be
advised what to do, stating their positions.
Whoever conceived this idea ought to know if
he is not one of the great ariny 6f cranks, tnat
laying the cable would be as much as the ship
could attend to without searching for the pole;
and when she reached the ice fields there are
ninety-nine chances in a hundred that cable
laying would coine to an end. And then, the
expense of such an undertaking would out
weigh the value of the whole uuexplored top
•nd of the earth
—The treatment which the Fisk
Jubilee Singers lately received from the hotels
at Washington, UIK>U their firift arrival there,
was simply abominable. They wandered about
until miduiglit in search of shelter, not because
there were no accommodations in at least some
of these hotels, but because they were colored
people. Hod they been white people, they
would not have suffered this indignity. The
Civil Rights Law of March Ist. 1876, was vio
lated by the treatment that these singers re
ceived iu the capital of the nation, and it is the
duty of District Attorney Corkhill to bring the
matter to the attention of the grand jury, that
the offenders may be indicted and punished ac
cording to law. The law was enacted in Wash
iugton and should be there executed against
every hotel-keeper that violates it. It express
ly forbids any discrimination iu hotel accom
modations against colored people on acoouut of
race or color, and it would be well to give the
hotel-keepers at Washington a law-lessou on
this subject. It seems that some of them need
fintLwe $ Snlliee, P*.. 3K*xklf X, 1882.
—According to some statistical ta
bles which have been prepared in Vienna—
Great Britain has more breweries and produces
more beer than any country in the world, Ger
many not excepted. The figures are :—Eng
land, 26,144 breweries, with an annual produc
tion of over one thousand million gallons; Ger
many, 23.940 breweries, producing eight hun
dred million gallons. The United States are
credited with 3,293 breweries and a production
of three hundred million gallons, or sfx gallons
a year for every man, woman and child in the
country. France has 3,100 establishments of
this character ; Belgium, 2,500 ; Austria-Hun
and fewitzerland, 400 each. Denmark and Swe
den have each 240. This gives a total of 63,544
breweries in Europe and the United States.
These are disheartening figures for the the tem
perance and prohibition people, but they will
serye to show them how much reform work
there is to be accomplished in the world.
—Beaver is much excited over the
announcement that Ed. Beacon, a former resi
dent of that place, has been sentenced to hang
for murder in Texas. Beacon is thirty years of
age and has a very interesting history. He
graduated at West Point in '72 and was ap
pointed Second Lieutenant to a colored regi
ment in Texas. He was expelled for drunken
ness. Through the influence of Col. Quay,
Secretary of the State of Pennsylvania, he was
appointed to a minor position in the New Or
leans postoffice, remaining there a short time
and, by the aid of Quay, was appointed an as
sistant United States Marshal in Southern
Texas, and, at the same time, it is said, was
acting as leader of a gang of outlaws assisting
to rob mail coaches and personally committing
several murders. About four years ago he was
tried for niurder and acquitted. Last Septem
ber he was again arrested on the same charge,
found guilty, aud sentenced to be Bea
con's father was a well known Methodist min
ister, now dead.
—At the meeting of the Board of
Directors of the Building Jc Loan Association
of this town, last Saturday evening, auditors
were appointed to make a report for presenta
tion at the meeting of the stockholders next
Saturday evening. We hope that the report
this year will be satisfactory. All reports that
have heretofore been made were utterly worth
less and we might as well have taken the state
ments of the auditors that everything was right,
according to their ideas, without any reports.
At the meeting of the Association next Satur
day evening men should be elected directors
who thoroughly understand the workings of a
B. & L. Association organized under so incom
plete a law as that of 1874, and who will do the
best possible for the association under the cir
cumstances. The Association now has some
real estate on hands and during the year will
likely accumulate some more, which will have
to be sold id which should be sold at public
sale, at i.ie most seasonable time. Property in
this town will likely advance in price during
the next two years.
—From the Auditor General's Re
port for last year, we learn that the receipts of
the State Treasury for 1881, amounted to $7,-
001,782.43. The bulk of this sum comes from
the taxes on corporation stock, gross receipts,
collateral inheritances, tavern licenses, per
sonal property, bank stock, coal companies,
gross premiums, liens, foreign insurance com
panies, retailers' licences and commutation of
tonnage tax. The expenses of the State, or
summary of payments at the State Treasury for
the year amounted to $6,926,810.20. The prin
cipal items of expense, were the expenses of the
State government, including judiciary, which
amounted to over one and a half millions, com
mon schools, $1.695,601.66; interest on loans,
$1,138,513.57 ; charitable institutions, $850,016.-
35, and national guard, $20!),666.38. The total
interest bearing debt of the State on the first of
December last was $20,975. 800.00. $421,801.60
of the State debt was redeemed during the
year. The appropriation for the common
schools, of this county, was $20,844.94, St. Paul's
Orphans Home, $1,951.94, and six pensions in
Butler county, $471.00.
—After working at it for about two
years Senator Logan, of Illinois, has finally
succeeded in getting his bill, pensioning Gen.
Grant, itassed by the Senate. There is not one
single soldier who fought on the Federal side
during the late war, who is not more entitled
to receive honorable and competent retirement
than is General Grant. As Senator Butler well
says, the retired list has been reserved for dis
abled officers, and not only did Grant emerge
from the war hale and hearty—not even wound
ed, much less disabled—but if any man in any
country of the globe has ever been well paid
for services rendered. Grant is that man.
Twice he was made President of the United
States in recognition of the fact that he hap
pened to be the ranking General of the army
when the war ended, and on his account special
ly the salary of that office, which had been con
sidered a sufficient remuneration for Washing
ton, Jefferson and all other of his illustrious
predecessors, wan increased one hundred per
cent. Thin, however, was but a very insignifi
cant portion of the pecuniary benefits he has
received. From the close of the war to the
present time he hag been the steady recipient
of presents of all kinds ami values, from houses,
lands and vast suuis of money down to cigars
and hall pups. This variety of gifts surely
ought to have anticipated his everv possible
wish, and placed him above the remotest
chance of want, but, besides all these, lie has
been traveled, feted, dined, wined, received
receptions,' and loaded with all manner of
honors, and it is but recently that unother
large fortune has been subscribed for and in
vested for him. Assuredly if there can be too
muuli of a good thing iu this world, General
Grant ought really to be surfeited with wealth
and gifts.
KKA—SPEER—On Nov. 30th, 1881, at the
residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. It. A.
Gilfillan, Mr. Herman G. Kea and Mis* Mary
A. Speer, both of Marion township, Butler
county, Fa.
GREEN—BAKER—On I)cc. 10th 1881, at
the parsonage, by Rev. R. A. Gilfillan, Mr.
John G. Green, of Mercer township, and Miss
Mary E. Baker, of Barkeyville, Venango coun
ty, Fa.
BOLINGER—SMITH—On Jan. 4th, 1882.
at the home of the bride's father, by Rev. R. A.
Gilfillan, Mr. O. C. Bolinger and Miss Mary
E. Smith, both of Cherry township, Butler
oountv, Fa.
1882, at the residence of J. J. Dunn, by Rev.
R. A. Gilfillan, Mr. Nels P. Pearson, of Marion
township, and Miss Anna L. Anderson, of Lyn
gen, Morup, Sweden.
1882, at the parsonage, by Rev. R. A. Gilfillan,
Mr. Jas. A. Thompson ami Miss Emma E.
Hutchison, both near Anuadale. Butler coun
ty, I'a.
COCHRAN—YOUNG—On Feb. 6th, 1882,
at the residence of the officiating minister, W.
B. Barr, Mr. Wm. B. Cochran and Miss Maggie
J. Young, the former of Butler county, the lat
ter of Cool Spring township, Mercer county. Pa.
FREDERICK—Iu Pittsburgh, on Tuesday
Feb. 21, 1882, Mrs. Dorothea Frederick, widow
of the late Henry Frederick, of this place, iu
the 66th year of her age.
The remains were brought to and interred at
this place on Thursday last, 23d ult.
LOVE—At his residence in Clinton town
ship, this county, on Tuesday, February 21st,
1882, Mr. Robert Sr., aged 82 years.
Mr. Love was perhaps the oldest citizen
living in Clinton township. He wits a man
veryliighly esteemed bv his neighbors, and
knows as one who was always foremost iu all
good works, taking a lively interest in all
things that pertained to the good of the Church
or to the good of society,
MATTHEWS—At his residence in Conno
quenessing township, this county, on Feb. 1»,
1882, Mr. James B. Matthews, late Superin
tendent of common schools, of this county,
aged about 70 years.
SARVER—At Corning, Ohio, Feb. 17, 1882,
Mr. Henry It, Sarver, in the 21st year of his
His remains were interred at Emory Chapel,
this county.
LOWRY—In Allegheny city, Pa., on Jan.
18th, IHB2, Mrs S. It. Ixiwry, daughter of Wm.
and Susan Truxal, of this place, aged 30 years
and 21 days.
HINDMAN—Of scarlet fever, Feb. 10th, in
Concord township, Sadie lilauch. child of
Stewart and Nannie Hindmau, aged 7 years, 3
mouths and ID days.
Underneath the sod low lying,
Sweetly sleeps
Our darling—who left in dying
Sorrow here; or,
Rest in peace thou gentle spirit
Throned above,
Souls like thine with God inherit
Life and love.
—Fine Accordians ut J. P. T.
—The Pearl shirt, the finest drew
shirt in the market, only sl, at lieek
& Patterson's.
A ( ABU.
To all who are suffering from the errors and
indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness, ear
ly decay, loss ol manhwod, Ac., I will send a
recjpe that will cure you, FREEOFCHARGE.
This great remedy was discovered by a mission
ary in South America. Send a self-addresiied
envelope to the RKV. JOHKI'H T. IKM AN ,Sta
tion D, Ncu> York City, [Bntfm
Concord Township Items.
Our township is having a sore visitation of
scarlet fever, diphtheria aud other disease this
winter. Manv doors have been darkened with
the angel of cleath and many homes have been
saddened. A second child of Henry Kuhn has
just been snatched away by diphtheria.
We expect a school convention in Concord
church on Friday, March 24.
Rain and mud have been the fashion of tlie
season so far. J.
Centreville Items.
We have space only for the following this
W. JIT. Sturdevant, our wagon maker, has
fitted up a ware-room aud will hereafter keep a
full stock of the Krick wagons and Youngstown
John Morrow, who has charge of the advanc
ed department of our public school has recently
purchased a number of school song books from
which he has his pupils sing selections each
The sale, by the Sheriff, of the goods *f Lew
is Owen, at Forestville, occurred on Thursday.
The most of the goods were bought by repre
sentatives of Pittsburg houses, who immediate
ly started up the busiuess of Mr. 0., with that
gentleman as manager.
Fifty-one different candidates received votes
ia Slipperyrock at the recent election. The
board were occupied till 4 o'clock the next
morning in counting the vote.
A large number of the young people who at
tend protracted meetings", do so solely for the
sake of the entertainment afforded them. While
this is to be deplored, no blame can rightfully
be attached to the young people as long as the
meetings retain the decidedly sensatioual tone
which has marked them for the last week or so.
Depositions were taken at 'Squire Coulter's
on the 23rd in the case of Scott township, Law
rence county, vs. Slipperyrock township. The
ease is to decide which township is responsible
for the expense of Alex. Ewing at Dixmont for
the last ten years.
The miner* at Coalville were out on a strike
for several days. They claimed that they
should be paid for removing . the slack, anil
that they were mining more coal thau they
were paid for. They first asked an advance of
ten cents per ton, but finally went back at the
old figures.
Lenten Goods.
Ac., Ac., Ac.
—Wall paper and window shades
at J. F. T. Stehle's.
—Gents' Furnishing Goods, full
stock and low prices,'at Heck & Pat
—To men desiring permanent em
ployment we would refer them to D.
11. Patty & Co. 's advertisement for men
to sell trees, which appears in another
colnmn. Ifeb6
The decrease in the value of bread
stuffs exported from this country in
1881, as compared with 1880, is $51,-
Brntn and Nerve.
Well's Health Kenewer, greatest
remedy on earth for impotence, lean
ness, sexual debility, <fcc., sl. at drug
gists. Prepaid by express, $1.25, 6
for $5. E. S. WELLS, Jersey City,
N. J.
It is a fact that while producing
about four-fifths of the raw cotton of
the world, the United States manufac
tures less than one-sixth of it. There
are but 10,900,000 spindles in the Uni
ted States, against 40,000,000 in Great
Britain. The United States exports
in a year $9,981,000 worth of cotton
goods, and imports three times as much
Great Britain exports $310,000,000
—Clothing for Men's, Boys' and
Childrens' wear, cheap, at Heck &
—Drums, fifes, mouth organs and
jews harps, at J. P. T. Stchle's.
—When you want anything in the
line of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Sil
verware, Spectacles, Ac., do not fail to
call in at E. Qrieb's and examine the
stock ; no trouble to show goods.
Mr. J. A. Horron, Kearney, Neb.,
commenced four years ago on a home-
Hted with four horses and a plough.
In 1880 his crop was 6,000 bushels of
Don't Die in the House.
Ask druggist for "Rough on Rats."
It clears out rats, mice, bed-bugs,
roaches, vermin, flies, ants, insects.
15c. per box.
Probably the largest hog in the
United States was lately exhibited at
Junction City, Kansas. Its length is
7 feet; girth of neck, feet; girth of
chest, feet; girth of center, 8 feet;
width across the hips, 30 inches;
weight, 1,532 pounds.
Big Results Prom Little Causes.
'I)o you know V remarked a man
to his friend on Chestnut Street, a day
or two since, 'I believe both Conkling
and Piatt had a bad case of skin disease
when they resigned!' 'What makes
you think so?' inquired the listener in
astonishment. 'Well, you see they
acted in such an eruptive manner—so
raxh —ly as it were. Save ? 'Oh I
yes, I save,' replied the other, 'they
were boil —ing over and merely re
signed to humor themselves, I suppose.'
If such be the case, the National diffi
culty might have been averted by ap
plying Swayne's Oiutment for skin
iMr. Henry Campbell, Freehold, N.
J., raised in 1880 ten acres of corn that
yielded 122 shell bushels |>er acre, ac
cording to Mr. Quinn, who says the
report was based on 'a verified state
ment, where the ground was measured
and the crop weighed.'
Catarrh of the Bladder.
Stinging, smarting, irrigation of the
urinary passages, diseased discharges,
cured by Buchupubia. sl. at drug
gists. Prepaid by express, $1.25,0 for
$4. E S WELLS, Jersey City, N. JJ
The largest tobacco-raising county
of the country is not in Virginia or
Kentucky or Missouri, but in Pennsyl
vania, where the crop is comparatively
new. Lancaster county, this Staie,
produced 23,946,000 pounds, in 1879
from 16,992 acres of laud. The entire
crop of Pennsylvania, in 18<">9, was but
3,467,000 pounds.
Wanted Immediately.
A few good responsible men to can
vass for Stone's Nurseries, of Roches
ter, New York, (jood salavy will be
paid. For particulars, apply to JOIIN
HIKDKKMAN, Hutler, Pa. mltf
Ladies' and Cents' tjossamer Gum
Coats, cheap, at Heck & Patterson's.
—Uuy the Eighruiu patent shirt at
J. F. T. Stehlo's—J.test in town—lit
—-Carpets, a. Hue stock, at low
prices, at Heck & Paterson's.
—(io to F. T. Stehlo's and see
Ole Hull Fa tout Violin.
—A lot of Becond-hauded Watches
cheap for cash, ax E. U rich's
—You can have a nice violin for
50 cents at J. V. T. Stehlo's.
—Hats, Caps and Gents' furnishing
goods, cheap, at J. F. T. Stehle's.
—See prices on carpets at Heck &
Patterson's before buying.
—Ladies' Gossamer Gum Coats,
cheapest in Butler, at Heck & Patter
Farmer* Look Here,
The undersigned are now taking or
ders for fruit trees for spring planting.
We represent one of the most reliable
nurseries in Rochester, N. Y. Please
send your orders in immediately.
It Tell* IIH Own Siory.
LANCASTER, N. H. Dec. 3, '79.
By the way I will say that I think
Downs' Elixir the best cough remedy
that I can find at our Druggist's. We
always use it.— J. S. Peavey, Pub.
All diseases arising from Biliousness
or Torpid Liver, are quickly cured by
the use of Baxter's Mandrake Bitters.
See notice Arnica and Oil Liniment i
in another column.
—My son, aged nine years, was af
flicted with Catarrh ; the use of Ely's
Cream Balm effected a complete cure.
W. E. Hamman, Druggist, Easton, Pa.
Philadelphia, March 1,1882. Messrs.
Elv Bros., Drugisrs, Owego, N. Y.—
Gents;— About Oct. 1,1881, I gave
your Cream Balm a trial with the
most satisfactory results. I was
troubled with Chronic Catarrh and
gathering in my head, was very deaf
at times and had discharges from my
ears, besides being unable to breathe
through my nose ; before the second
bottle of yonr remedy was exhausted
I was cured and to-day enjoy sound
health for which please accept sincere
thanks. C. J. Corbin, 913 Chestnut
street. Eield Manager, Philadelphia
Pub. House. Price 50 cents.
Flour, per barrel $ 6 00® 8 00
Flour, per sack 1 40® 2 00
Buckwheat flour, per hundred 5 00®
Com Meal, bolted 2 55
Apples, per bushel 1 oo
Butter, per pound 33@ 35
j>er pound 12V4
Tallow, per pound 7® 8
Kgcs, per dozen 20
Chickens, per pair .'to® 40
Chickens, dressed, per pound f#(s 10
Potatoes, per bushel 1 00
Honey, i>er pound. 20
Beans, per bushel 2 50<a> 3 00
Hams' country 12
Shoulders, country, 8
Sides, country 10
Sugar, brown 7® »
Sugar, white 10
Dried apples c
Peaches, halves, 10
Carbon oli, per gallon 12H
Salt, No. 1 per barrel 1
Coffee, green
Coffee, roasted . 15® 18
N. O. Molasses, per gallon 70® 80
Syrup, per gallon 50® t>o
Hay, |>er ton 12 00
CJRAIN—Wheat. $1 li r >asl 30 per bushel. Kye.
95e. Corn, 00c Oats, 50c.
SKKl>—Timothy, $3 oo per bushel. Clover, $5 00.
KKED-Chop, SI 40 per cwt. Middlings, ?1 40
Bran, SI 30.
I'lftMburg MnrkeU.
Fultz wheat was quoted by the Pittaburg pa
pers of yesterday at $1.33 to $1.3.1, I/ongberry at
$1.36 to $1.37. Mixed oats at 47 to 4#c ; white,
49 to 50c. Corn, mixed ear, at 08 to t»9c ; shell
ed, 07 to 6Kc. Loose hay from country wagons,
sl4 to sl7 per ton. Fair to good apples $2.50
to $3.00 per barrel ; prime to choice $4.50 to $5.
Good country butter 20 to 25c, choice 32 to 35c.
Dressed hogs Bto 9c. Fresh eggs, guaranteed
as such, 24 to 25c. Qhoice white clover honey
20 to 23, buckwheat 14 to 15c. Onions, $2.50
to $2.75 per barrel. Potatoes, prime stock,
$1.25 to $1.30. Live chickens 60 to 05c per
pair, dressed 13 to 14c. Fliuner sold 11 head
of Butler county heifers and steers at $5.30.
Hheideinan tie sold 190 fcheep at 5 to 6Jc, lambs
sold at 54 to 7e.
JLI*I of Application* for
rnilK following applications have been died In
1 the office of the Clerk of (Quarter Sessions,
and will l>e presented to the Court (or action
thereon, on KitllJAY, MAKl'll loth, 1882:
Tavern—J .1 Keldler, Geo W Campbell. Henry
Eitenmlller. Charles lloyle, A I.owry, Leonard
Kestaurant—Jordan hyth. Ceo J .Smith, (Sabriel
Kohler. Ceo I. ltose, Samuel Sykes, John M Smith,
Robert S Mill inner.
Merchant —Ceo & Jacob Iteiher.
Tavern —Henry Ixtckliart, Johnston & Campbell,
Jonii Class.
Itestaurant—James C<>i;an.
Tavern—Ed O'Donnell, J L Clark, J B Dougher
ty, W 11 Jelltoon.
Tavern--John A lticliey, John MeCuire.
Tavern —Henry Stokey, James Oesterllng, Jacob
Merchant—George Stalil,
Tavern—Beam Sc Diixllnger, Jacob Keldler.
Merchant—Jacob K Wise.
Restaurant I'eter Otto.
Tavern—Francis Lauble, K F Muder, Jos Kolin
Tavern—J N Miller, Henry W Stokey.
Tavern—James T. Wilson.
Tavern—Sophia Keith.
Merchant—George Moon.
Tavern- l.afayetto Kelso.
M<T<'hant John 11 logins.
Tavern John Scott, John Sherman,
Tavern—'William Walil.
Tavern—Charles Pfahe.
Merchant—Wm S McCrea.
Tavern Michael J Mcllride, Bridget Catens.
Tavern—lxjwis Weldhaus.
Tavern -Michael Shields.
Tavern—lsaac Hepler.
Tavert) —Thompson CiimmnißS, John A Harding.
Tavern Allx-rt Smith.
Taveru -C M liuriM'tt.
Tavern —O I> Adams.
Certified from the Record, Feb. 21, iss'j.
W. B. I)I)I»I>S, Clerk.
s|P* ww teachers, iikstm.
Young Men. Ladies and Agents, taking Orders
tkk»t!>col. ingersoll,,":,«;'k.l
linked and Truth Victorious" now the most
popular NKW HOOK In the Held. Both a
HIIIKI.I) and a SWORD. Everybody want* It.
Low l'rlce, Quick Sales. Send for circular and
term,. P. W.ZIKOLEu A CO,
lm'-J Sls Arch Street, Philadelphia. Pa.
Notice Is hereby glv<!ii that Heury Lelbold,
committee of Margaret (iiluder, has Mod Ills
paitlal a<'COunt in the <>fll<-e ol the Prothonotary
<d the Court of Common Pleas, at M's Docket
No. 7, Dec. term, I*MO, and thut the same will
lie presented to said Court lor confirmation and
allowance, on Wednesday, March 8, A. I>., IWJ.
M N. GKEEK, Proth'y.
Kfttate ol Mary Ward.
Letters testamentary having been granted to
the utiderslgucd ou the estate ol Mary Ward,
deceased, late ol Parker township, Hutler Co.,
fa., all persons knowing themselves Indebted
to said estate will make Immediate payment
and those having claims against the same will
present them duly authenticated for settlement.
J. D. HOOVER, Kx'r.
P. O. North Hope, liutler Co., Pa. lm
Instate of Wm. «■- Nliort*.
Letters ol administration having been granted
to the undersigned ou the estate of William O.
Shorts, deceased, lute ol Connoquctiessiog twp.,
Hutler county, l*a., all persons knowing them
selves Indcbled to said estate will please make
Immediate payment, and auy having claims
against the same will present them duly authen
ticated for payment. T. I*. SHORTS, Kx'r.
Counoquenesslng P. 0., Hutler Co., I'a. liu
u. rTscoTT,
Att<iniey at l.aw. Hutler. I'a. Office In Kull's
building, Main street.
BY virtue of sundry writs of Sci. Facias, Fi.
Fa.. Al. Fi. FA.. Al. Lev. Fa.. Lcviri Fa
cias and Venditioni Exponas, issued oat of the
Court of Common Plea* of Butler county. and
to me directed, there will be exposed to public
sale, at the Court House, in the borough of But
ler, on
Monday, the 6th day of March,
A. D., 1882, at one o'clock. P. M., tho following
described property, to w't:
ED, No 49, March term. 1882. Gouoher, McC,
and Lusk.
ED, No 90, March teim, 1882. E O MiUer.
All the richt, title, interest and claim of John
M Thompson of, in and to one hundred and
twenty-five acres of land,-more or le. s s, situated
in Donegal and Clearfield townships, Butler
county, Pa., bounded as follows, to wit: On
the north by lands of Wro Richard, oast by lands
of Wni Matthews et al, south by lands of ft' B
Clymer and west by lands of Catharine Hickev;
110 improvements thereou. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of John M Thompson
at the suit of Daniel Feidler et al, for use, and
Butler Savings Bank.
E D, No 72, March term, 1882. S H Piersol.
All the right, title, interest and claim of S A
Vandivort of, in and to fifty acres of laud, more
or less, situated in Cranberry township, Butler
county. Pa., bounded as follows, to wit : On the
north by lands of Alex Milligan. east by lands
of John L 8011, south by lands of John Kuntz
man and west by lands of Robert Trimble • a
two-story log house, weather boarded framo
barn and com crib and oichaid thereon; about
40 acres cleared, partly underlaid with coal.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
S A Vandivort at the suit of James A Campbell,
for use of liugh Baird.
ED, No 43, March term, 1882. Brandon.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Wil
liam A lieed of, in and to a certain lot or parcel
of land situate in the borough of Zelieuoplc,
Butler county, l'a., bounded on the west by
M>in Street, fronting on the same sixty-four
(tl4) feet, on the north by C S Passavant, a dis
tance of 20 rods to High street, on the east by
High street and fronting on the samo G4 feet, on
the south by lota and tannery of Lewis Reed, a
distance of 20 rods to Main street aforesaid, con
taining about one-half acre and being lota Nos.
39 and 23 in the plan of loti of said borough, a
2-storv bnck house, wa-h houre C other building
appurtant and fruit trees thereon. Seized and
taken in execution as the property of Williatn A
Reed »t the suit of John C McCombu for use of
Samuel MoLauo.
ED, No 57, March term, 1882. J B Bredin.
All the right, title, interest aud claim of John
Stock of, in and to a certain lot or parcel of
ground, situate in the borough of Butler, Butler
county. Pa , bounded north by lot of Fred Grief,
east by Washington street, south by Wayne
street and west by ft'ater street, containing
60x180 fett, more or loss, a two-story frame
dwelling house, with kitchen attached, frame
stable, blacksmith shop aid oat buildings there
ou. Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of John Stock at suit of Wm Weigand.
E D, No 56, March term, 1882. J B McJunkin.
All the right, title, inteieat and claim of V
Smith of. in and to a certain niece or parcel of
land, situ*to in Summit township, Butler coun
ty, Pa, bounded north by Peter Snower, oast by
M Spalin, south by Jacob and west by
Peter Suowor, containing twonty-sovou acres,
more or less; small frame house, log barn and or
chard thereou, about 20 acres cleared. Beized
and taken in execution as the property of V
Smith at the suit of Mtgdaline Wolf.
ED, No 73, March torm, 1882. C G Christie.
All the right, title, interest and claim of J J
Kelly of, in and to a lot of ground, situate in
the borough of Centreville, Butler oounty; Pa.,
containing 05x100 feet, more or less, bounded
on the north by Edward Christy, east by an al
ley, south by a street and west by Patton, with a
two-story frame dwelling house and frame sta
ble and fruit trees thereon. Seized and taken
in execution as the proj>erty of J J Kelly at the
suit of Thomas Wilson.
E D, No 55, March term, 1882. C G Christie.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Sarah
McCoy, E A McCoy and John McCov of. iu and
to a certain piece or parcel of land, situate in
borough of Cqptreville, Butler county, Pa.,
bounded as follows : Ou the north by an alley,
ou the east by an alley, on the south by lot of
Jacob Peters, and on the west by street, being
the samo property upon which the said Sarah
and E A McCoy, now reside, being eighty foet
front and running back one hundred and eighty
feet: two storv buck dwelling huuse aud frame
with other out-buildings thereon erected.
Seized and taken in execution as the pro|ierty of
Sarali McCoy, E A McCoy and John McCoy at
the suit of Franklin Fisher
E D, No 11 and 31, March term, 1882. Scott and
A T Black.
All the right, title, interest and claim of P F
Fortertield of, in and to ninety acres of laud,
more or less, situated in Allegheny township,
Butler county. Pa . bounded as follows : Begin
ning at a | lost at the uorth-west corner, thence
by lands of Sloan et al, north 8!) degroes east 159
perches to a white oak, theuco by lands of Dr A
W Crawford south 1 degree east 78 percho* to
a stone, thence 33, degrees east, 18 perches to
a post, tlionce by lands of Klias Unman, part of
same tract, south 88)£ degrees wesi, 169 4-10 th
porches to a post, thence by lands of Dt A W
Crawford north 1 degree wost 90 8-10 perches
to a post, the place of beginning; a two-story
frame house 24x20 feet with kitchen attached,
framo stable 24x18 foet 16 feet high. 45 acres
cleared aud under fenoe, 10 acrea meadow. 60
acres underlaid with 40 inch vein of coal and 4
foot vein ol limestone, both open.youug orchard
of apple and peaAh trees, good water thereon.
Seized and taken in execution as the pro|ierty of
1' F Porterfleld at the suit of Joseph Weller and
P F Porlerlleld, for use.
ED. No 79, March torm, 1882. Eastman.
All the title, interest and claim of A N
Hamor of, in anil to a certain lot or paroel of
ground, >ituate iu the borough of Karns City,
Butler county, Pa., being lots Nos. 88, 89, 90 <fc
91, bounded ax follows, to wit : fronting oil
Parker street 1(M) feet, and extending back to
Centre street 100 feet, on the east by lot No 92.
ou the west by lot No 87, a frame or board dwel
ling house, green house thereon erected. Seiz
ed and taken and taken in execntion as the
property of A N Hamor at the suit of Abdial Mo
| Clure A Co.
E D, No 10 and 65, March tenr, 1882. G W
All the right, title, interest and claim of W B
Kedwick of, in aud to all the uudivided one-half
interest in tho following described 3 pieces or
parcels of land, situato in Allegheny aud Venan
go townships, Butler county, Pa., bounded as
follows : Beginning at a stone, theuce south,
4 degrees west. 75 perches to a stone pile by
Jands of M Anderson heirs, thence nortli 57%
east, 82 perches to a stone by part of same land,
thence north decrees eaat 33>£ perches to a
I>ost by the same and thence north, 89 degrees
west.-84 perches to the place of beginning, con
taining 24 acres and 20 perches. Seized and taken
in execution as the projierty of W B Sedwick at
the suit of James S Chambers et ux, in right of
Scott and Craig, for use.
E V, No 65 and 10 March term, 1882. G W
AT.BO All tlm right, title, intermit and claim
of W B Sod wick of. in anil to the following de
scribed piece of land, known a* the Mill poim
uitiiate in Allegheny %l "' Venango township,
Jlntlercounty, fa., hounded a* follow* : begin
ning at the Mouth end of Haiti ]>eice at a pout,
thence north, 4U degree* ea*t, (Mi perche* to a
erab tree, thence oa*t 15 1-10 i>ercheH to a Cher
ry, thence ninth, 8 degree* wont, 35 porcho* to a
Cherry, thence miiith. 48 degree* went, B<;>f per
cho* to an Elder, thence 10 degroe* we*t, twelve
|ierche* to a po*t, thence Mouth, 40 degree* ea*t,
4 perche* to the place of beginning, containing
(! acre* and 154 perche*, nioro or le*«. Seized
and taken in execution a* the property of W B
Hod wick at the *uit of Jaiue* L. Chamber* et ux
in right of Hcott and Craig, for u*e.
ti L), No Gsand 10, March term, IKB2. O W
AI.HO—AII the right, title, intoro*t and claim
of VV B Hedwick of. in and to B*l piece of land
Mituate in Allegheny and Venango town*liij>M,
Butler county, Fa., tfoHcribod a* follow* : Begin
ning at the Mouth-went corner of *ai<l piece of
laud at a pout, then.o we*t, 44, degree* oa*t. 8
perche* to a Cherry, west, J4 of a degree we*t,
10 2-10 perche* to a Mtump, thence went, 73%
degree* went, (I (lerche* to a po*t, thence *ou(h,
y. of a degree ea«t, 17 anil 1!) perche* to the
place of beginning, containing H5 perche*, the
afore*aid piece* of land containing in all 81 acre*
anil 15'J pori he*, more or le**, frame gri*t and
flouring mill thereon, with alt machinery and fix
ture* thereto belonging, 3 frame houue* and out
building*. Hi izeil and taken in execution a* tho
properly of W 1J Heilwick at the *uil of Jaiue* L
Cli am Iter* et ux in riglit, 4c, and Hcott and Craig,
for u*e.
K I), No 07, March term. 1882. (louchor.
All the right, title. intere*t and claim of Ken
nedy Mar*halt and Anna E Mar*hall of, iu and
to all that certain lot of ground, being lot No.
14, in the general plan of lot* in the Imrough of
Butler, Butler county, l'a., and situate on the
Hoiith Hide of the public miuare or diamond, be
ing eighteen feet front, by one hundred and
eighty feet back, bounded north by a *troet or
the Diamond. east by Oibaon, south by an
alley and went by Cliarlo* McCain lion* , a two
*'.ory brick house and out-building* thereou.
Hei/.ed and taken in execution a« I lie property of
Kennedy Mar*hall and Anna K Marshall at the
Hiiit of Charle* McCandle** for u*o of, now for
IIMC of Hamuel I. Kiddle, Hr., a**iguee.
E I), No 40, March term, 1882. McQui*tion.
All the right, title, intoroHt and claim of Cliria
tian Moulding of, in and to one hundred and
twenty acres of land, more or lea*, situated in
JefferMon township. ISutlor county, l'a., bounded
a* follow*, to wit: On the north by Jaiu.ia
Wright, east by Jamtw Caldwell, Hoiith by Thoin
as Mochling and west by (leorge Mechhug* heir*
and Albert Hhrador; frame houae, log barn,
apriug house, coal house and corn crib anil two-
Htory log hoiMe and gooil orchard thereon, about
NO acre* cleared, balance in gi>oil timber. Heizml
anil taken iu execution a* the property of Chris
tian Mcchling at the HUlt of Ooorgo llur and
Jaiuun Uarr, a-lrn r of U U llftrr, doo'd.
E I}, No 89, March term, 1883. E U Miller
All the right title, juiciest and claim of Robt
O Story, Ale* Story, Margaret Story and Sam It
A Story of, in and to one hundred and six acre*
of land, more or less, situated in Summit town
ship, Uutler couuty, Pa , bounded as follows,
to «it. On the north !>y Hon E Mcjunkin, east
by K Lyon, south by W Steward and west by
W S Boyd. (ficiug the .»ame lands conveyed to
Knl.t O Stor> by Wni Canipliell aud wile), two
frame dwelling houses two-Horys each, large
frame lr.iok b.irn, out buildings, a good orchard
thereon; mostly cleared. Seined and taken iu
ex-eation as the property ol Kobt O s'tory,
Alex Story, Margaret Story and Sarah A Story
at the suit of Butler Satiugs Hank.
KD, No 83, March term, IS-2. McQtiislion.
All (lie right, title, interest and claim ol Fred
Grief of, In and to a ccriaiu lot or parcel of
ground situ ited iu the borou.-h of Butler, But
ler county fa , bounded north by lot of Joseph
llauck, (a»l by IVasbiu.-lon (tree!, «outh by
lot of Jo!.u Stock aud weal by Water street,
cutiuiuing ' oxlßo feet, more or less; a two-slo
ry f.ame dwelling houre with kitchen allacheJ,
frame - table and out-buildings thereon. Seized
and taken in execution us the property of Fred
Oriel at the suit Of II II Barr, for use.
ED, No 84, March term, ISSi C Walker.
A!! tin: right, title, interest and claim oi
Catharine Iloch, executrix oi G iloch, deceased,
of, iu and to twenty acres of laud, more or less,
situated iu Donegal township, Butler county,
Pa., bounded as follows, to wit: On the north
by lands ol Fetzer and Myets, east by Joues
heirs, south by U J Korquer and west by Fctaer
and Myers; farm house, board stable and coal
bank thcrcou. Seized aud taken In execution
as the property of Catharine lloch, executrix of
C Hocli, deceased, at the suit of Joseph Gra
ED, No 84, March term, 1882. C. Walker
AM the right, title, interest and claim ol
Cathatine Iloch, executor of G. Iloch, dee'd, of,
iu and to two lots of ground, situate In the
borough of Millerstowu, Butler county, Pa,
bounded on the north by lands ol Martlu Uoch,
east by lands of M Deitcr, soutli by Main
street and west by laud of Frauk Boyle, con
taining one-hall ucre, more or le&i ; a two story
frame house, frame stable aud out bulldlugs.
and about 20 Iruit trees theieon. Seized aud
takeu in execution as the properly of Calbariue
lloch, executor of G lloch, deceased, at the
suit oi Joseph Graham.
E D, Mo 81, March terra, 1883.
All the right, title, mteres and claim of A
Donaldson of, in and to Seven (*) acres of land,
more or less, situated In Clay township,
Uutler county, Pa , bounded as follows, to wit.
On the north by Middletown road, east by
Christy heir, south by Christy heirs and Kerr
Wick and west by John Mccbllng aud public
road; all cleared and fenced. Seized and tak
eu in execution as the pruperty of A Donaldsou
at the su t of Mary Elleu Doualdson, or helra.
E 1), No 70 and 87. March term, 1883. Ferd
Reiber, E G Miller.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Fat
rick Kelly of, iu and to a vacant lot of ground
situate on the corner of Main and Cunningham
streets iu the borough of Butler, county. Pa.,
bounded north by vacant lot of Patrick- Kelly,
east by lot of Patrick Kelly, south by Cuuutug
hara street and west by Mulu street, containing
21x120 leel more or less. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of Patrick Kelly at
the suit of Johu Berg A Co. and Butler Bavlugs
ED, No. 70 and 87, March term 188ti. Ferd
Kelber, E G Miller.
All the light, title, interest aud claim of Pat
rick Kelly of, In and to a vacant lot of ground
adjoining the above described lot on the north
aud situate in the borough of Butler, Butler
couuty. Pa., bouuded north by patrick Kelly,
cast by lot of Patrick Kelly, south by lot of
Patrick Kelly and west by Muin street, contain*
lug 20x120 feet, more or less. Seized aud takeu
In (xcculion as the property of Patrick Kelly al
the suit of John Berg A Co. aud Butler Savings
ED,No 70 aud S7. March term 188*3. Ferd
Kelber E G Miller.
All the rlg'it, title. Interest and cl-ilm of Pat
rick Kelly 01, In and to a vacaul lot of ground,
adjoining a!>ovc described lot on the north aud
situate In the 'lorough of Kutlcr. Butler county,
Pa., bouuded north by Kockenstelu heirs, east
by lot of Patrick Kelly, south by lot of Patrick
Kellv and west by Main street, containing
20x120 feet, more or less. Seized and taken In
execution as the property of Pairick Kelly at
the suit of John Berg A Co , aud Butler Saving*
E D No 70 and 87, March term, 1883. Ferd
Kelber, E G Miller.
All the right, title, luterest and claim of Pat
rick Kelly of, In and to a lot of giound situate
iu the borough ol Butler, Butler county, Pa.,
and audjoiniug the 3 lots above described, on
the east, containing HOxtil feet, more or less,
bouuded uorth by Kockenstelu heirs, east by an
alley, south by Cuuninghatn street and west by
the 3 loU above described ; frame barn, with
shed attached, and frame office thereon. Seized
.mid taken iu execution as the property of Pat
rick Kelly at the suit of John Berg A Co, aud
Butler Savings Ba- k.
EU,No 70 and 87, March term, 18$ i. Ferd
Keiber.EG Miller.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of Pat
rick Kelly of, In and to a certain lot or parcel
of ground situate in the borough of Butler,
Butler county, Pa., containing 80x123 feet,
more or leas, bounded north by Cunningham
street east by other lot of Patrick Kelly, south
by Joteph Gray at:d weal by alley; a two story
brick dwelllug house and out buildings thereon.
Seized and takeu In execution as the property
of Patrick Kelly at the suit of Johu Berg A Co.,
aud Butler Savings Bauk.
E D, Noe 7 0 and 87, March term, 1883. Ferd
lleiber, E G Miller.
AH the right, title, interest aud claim of Pat
rick Kolly of, hi and to a certain lot or parcel of
ground, situate in the borough of Butler, Butler
county, Pa.. containing lOOxl'i'J feet, more or
less, bounded north by Cunningham street, east
by McKean street, south by Joeoph Gray and
wost by above described lot: a two-story double
frame dwelling house aud frame atable thereon.
Seizod and takeu in execution as the property of
Patrick Kolly at the suit of Johu B«rg A Co, and ,
Butler Savings Bank.
ED, No's 70 and 87, Mareli term, 188 X Ferd
lteiber, K G Miller.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Pat
rick Kelly of. in aud to five acres of land, more
or less, situated in Butler borough, Batler ooun
ty. Pa., bounded as follows, to wit : On the
north by landa of Thomas Martin, east by old
Mercer road, south by the heira ot Mra. Grout
and west by heirs of Mrs. Grout; improved.
Seizod and takeu in execution aa the property
of Patrick Kelly at the suit of Johu Berg A Co..
and Hutler Saviugs Hank.
ED, No's 70 and 87, March term, 1883. Ferd
Beiber, K O Miller
All tho right, title, interest and claim of Pat
rick Kelly of, in and to eighty-five acre* of land
more or less, situated in Washington township,
Hutler connty. Pa., hounded aa follows, to wit:
On the north by lands of Francis Milliard aud
James Higgins, e*st by lands of Wm. O'Couner,
south by lands of Jaiues Milliard and west by
lands of Thomas Donnelly; about forty (40)
acres cleared, log house and log barn thereon.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
Patrick Kelly at the suit of John Berg A Co.,
and Butler Savings Bank.
TICK MS OK SALE. The following mnst be
strictly compiled with when property Is stricken
down :
1. When the plaintiff or other lieu creditors be
come the purchaser, the cost* on the writs must
be paid, anil a list of the Ileus, Including mortgage
searches oil the properly sold, together with such
lieu creditor's receipt* for the amount of the pro
ceeds of the sale of such itortton thereof as he may
claim, must be furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must be paid In full.
3. All sales uot settled Immediately will be con
tinued until t o'clock, i\ m. of next day. at which
time all properly uot settled for will again be put
up ami sold at the expense and risk of the person
to whom first sold.
•See I'lirdou's Digest. UtU Edition, page 440, aud
Smith's Korius, page 3*l.
Sheriff of Hutler County.
Sheriff's office, Butler, I'a., Keb. 13th, iwu.
Willow*' AppralMementa.
The following appraisements of iiersoual prop
erty ami real estate set apart tortile benefit of the
willows of decedents, have been filed lu the office
of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Hutler coun
ty, as follows:
I'tlcllla Moyer, widow of A. Moyer, deceased,
.lane Krlsbee, widow of Wm. K. Krlsbee.'deceaa
ed, *3OO.
UiuliM Kbert, widow of Wm. Kbert, deceased,
Mary Wilson, widow of T. 1. Wilson, deceased,
$3Ol .M.
Mary Sloan, widow of (personal aud real) Ben
jamin Sloan. deceased, 8.100.
Kll/.a Martlucourt, widow of Johu Martlncourt,
deceased, 9900.
Catharine Itcgan, widow of John Began, de
ceased, 9.100.
Kll/alielli tirahum, widow of Jaiues H. Graham,
deceased, SiW.75.
All |H-rsi ins Interested In the atiove appraise
ments will take notice that they will be present
ed to the Orphans' Court of Butler county, for
confirmation, on Wednesday, the sth day of
March. txil. anil If no exceptions are filed will l»e
confirmed absolutely by the Court.
W. It. Dodiih,
Clerk of Court.
Estate of llnun Baker.
letters of administration having been granted
to the undersigned on the estate of Hans Baker,
dee d, late of Middlesex township. Butler county.
Pa., all |>enM>ns knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make Immediate payment
aud any having claims against the same to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
Saxonburg. Built r Co., Pa.
Or. Frease's Water Cure.
A health Institution In It* VNib year. For
nearly all kind of Chronic diseases, and espe
cially the disesae* ol Women. Invalids aru In
vited to correspond with ua. Circular* tree.
Address, S. KKKABE, M. D., New Brighton,
lieaver Co., Pa. lyJuuoSV
The Register hereby gives uolice that the iol-
I lowing accounts of Executors, Administrators.
and Guardians have been filed iu his office ac
| cording to law nnd will be presented to Court
I for coiiEruialion ~ui allowance on Wednesday,
the Bth day of March, A. 1). 1882, at 3 o'clock
; f. m. of raid day :
1 Final at'cout,i at Daniel Burns, Executor of
Bernard Burus, late of Donegal township, de
2 Final account of Abtolom and J. W. Monks,
Executors ot Robert Thompson, Ute ol Clinton
township, deceased.
3 Fiuul account ot John Greer, Administrator
of William Riddle, late ot Franklin township,
4 Final and distribution account ol Lewis And
Michael Hoffman, Executors of Casper Hoff
man, late ot Cranberry towu.-hip deceased.
5 Final and distribution account of Sarah
Jet.klus, admiustratrix of the estate ot Edmond
Jenkins, lute ol Parker township, deceased.
« Final account of A. Trout man, Guardian of
Catharine, Elizabeth and Amelia Troutman,
minor child of Mrs. Hanuah Trout man, late of
Uutler borough, deceased.
7 First and partial account of Q. W. Bartley
and Robert M Thompson, Executors of Robert
Thompson, late ot Clearfield township, dee'd.
8 Final and dlstrbutlon account of Andrew
C. Gitwcn, Administrator of Rebecca Smith,
late of Fairview township, deceased.
9 Final account of Michael Kelly. Adminis
trator C. T. A. ot Ellenor Sterrett, late ot Bullet
couuty, deceased.
10 Final account of Authony Sehaefler, Jr.
Administrator ol Henry Sehaefler, late of Jack
son township, deceased.
11 Partial account ot Dorthea, L. O. and C.
11. Scidal, Administrators of Albert Seldel, late
ot Jackson township, deceased.
12 Final aud distribution account of Joseph
C. Hepler and James MeCaflerty, Executors of
Tobias Hepler, late of Buflulo township, dee'd.
13 Final account ot Johu Beam, Executor of
Ulrich Kecbuer, late of Jacksou township,
14 Fiual account of Heury Lelbold, Adminis
trator ol Frederick Lelbold, late ot Centre
towushlp, deceased.
15 Fiual account ol John P. Koll and Chris
tian Hollaud, Executors of John L. Roll, late of
Cranberry township, deceased.
16 Fiual account of A. Krau&e, Executor ot
John G. Keeh, late ol Wlufield township' dee'd.
17 Fiual account of Marcus Reichert, Executor
of William E. Campbell, late ot Worth town
ship, deceased.
18 Fiual accouut of 8. M. Seaton an<« Win.
Carson, Administrators of Alexander McMur
ry, late ot Mariou township, deceased. '
IB Final account of Samuel Trimble, Guar
dlan ot George Trimble, minor sou of Samuel
Trimble aud devisee of B. V. Trimble, of Bntlcr
20 Final account ol Samuel Trimble, Guar
dlau ot Mlrviu Trimble, minor son of Satnud
Trimble and devisee ol B. F. Trimble, of But
ler county.
21 Final account of Samuel Trimble, Guar
dian of Nancy Elizabeth Trimble, now inter
married with M. Marshall) minor child of
Samuel Trimble and devisee of B. F. Trimble,
of Butler county.
32 Final account ot Samuel Trimble, Guar
dian of William Trimble, minor son of Samnel
Trimble and devisee of B. F. Trimble, of Butler
23 Fiual account of John Scott, Guardian of
A. J. Brown, minor son of John C. Brown,
34 Fiual account of John Scott, Guardian ol
L. 11. Brown, mluor son ot John C. Brown,
35 Final account of Silas Miller, Executor of
Hannah Douglass, late of Middlesex township,
2C Final and partial accouut of E. E. Aiken,
Administrator cum tettamento annexe ot D.
Breuneinan, late of Porteravllle boro. dee'd.
37 First, final and distribution account of
Thomas M. Beatty, Executor of John Bcatty,
late of Mercer township, deceased.
38 Fiual account of K. N. MoCune, Adminis
trator of Margaret Dlveu, late of Centrevllla
borough, deceased, as filed by L. L. McCune,
Administrator of R. N. McCune, deceased.
3D First and fiual account ot S. D. Bell, M.
D., Administrator of Josiah McMlchael, M. D.,
late of Millers town borough, deceased.
30 First and fiual acconnt of E. R. R. Boyer,
Executor of Ibe last will of Ilenry Biebcr, late
of Lancaster township,',deceased,
81 First and final account of John Stude
baker, Executor of J. J. Plaor, deceased,
33 Final and distribution accouut of Jamea
A. Forsyth, Executor of John Forsyth, late of
Peun township.
33 Flnsl and distribution account of Robert
Duncau, Jr.. Executor ot Robert Duncan, lata
of Cranberry township, deceased.
34 Final account of Prusliey Double, Admin
istrator of Zepheniah Double, late of Donegal
township, deceased.
3ft Fiual account of Mary Grubb, Executrix
of Gideon Grnbb, of Marlon township, as filed
by August Erlckson, Executor of Mary Grubb,
38 Final account of Charles M. Brown, Ex
ecutor of David Reed, deceased.
Bf4t Register.
Road Reports.
Notice i* hereby given that the following road
report* havo been confirmed Dial by the Court,
and will be prevented on the first Wednesday at
March term, being the Bth day of the month.
A. D., 1882. If tio exception* are filed they will
be confirmed absolutely:
No. S, Sept. term. 1881, petition of citizens of
Allegheny township to vacate a road leading from
Grant School House to James Jolly's.
No. 6. Sept. term, 1881, petitim of Blippery
rock township to vacate change and supply pert
of a public road leading from Hiokory mill to
Five Points in Cherry township.
No- 7, Sept. term, 1881, petition of citizens of
Summit township to vacate and supply part ot
llutlor and Kittanning road, leading from Blin
ker's Mill to the Butlor and Mlllerstown road
where the Haid road passes over or adjacent to
tli6 lands of Geo Hartley to a point on Butler and
Kittanning r>ad whore said Butler and Kittan-
ninK road passe* over or is adjacent to lands of
George Hartley, the same being neoessarr to
supply the part of the road aeked to be vacated,
reported ooet of road to be borne by township,
twenty-five dollars.
No. 9, Sept. term, 1881, road in Franklin town
ship to vacate, change and supply, beginning at
the line of John St. Glair, and running throagh
the farm of Itobert Hindman- distance of About
one hundred rods or so mooh of said road as
runs through said farm.
No. 10. Sept. term, 1881, road In Muddycreek
township, to vacate and supply that part of road
leading from State road at or near Tho*. Garvy'e
to road leading from Porteraville to Meohanioa
burg as lies between a point at or near the resi
dence of Henry Hay and a point at or near the
Southern beuudary of skid Hay, cost thirty dol
lars, to be borne by township.
No. 11. Sept. term, 1881. road in Muddycreek
township (private) leading from the farm of 0
Kicho'tz to a point on the public road leading
from Harmony to Porteraville at or near the laue
leading from said public road to Niolas Baudere.
Damages—John Weller, *9O, Henry Nagle S6O.
No. lU, Mont, term, 1881, road in Clearfield
township, leading from farm of Jamee Martin to
a point in the public road leading from MlUera
towu to Great Belt road eastward to a public
road leading from the Carbon Centre road to
the Kittanning pike at a point on the woodland
of Marous Brownson. Damages assessed to be
paid by petitioner—Heirs of Henry Benton, 96,
Marcus Bronaon, •it.
No. 4, Deo. term, road in Worth aod Muddy
creek townships, beginning at a point at the
turn of the road between Samuel dill and Man
sard Burton to a point on Ziou church road at or
near the house of Win Paine, In Muddyereek
township; oost of making, SIOO, to be borne by
township, and damages to B Stewart, 980.
No. 1, Sept. term, 1881, public road In Fair
view township to begin at the end of a public
road cr street in the borough of Fairview, being
that part east of .Main street of the pnblio road
leading from North Washington to Fairview, the
point where said street terminates, and where
road as prayed for shall commence, being tho
length of about 3'JO feet east of Main atreet in
said borough, and to eud at a public road in said
township leading from Fairview to Petrolia at or
uear the resldeuoe of Itobert Fowler.
No. 2, Sept. term, 1881, road la Buffalo and
Jefferson townships to leal from a ooint on oor
uer of land of John Rivera, in Buffalo township,
on Hannalistown road to a point at School house
ou Sarversville and ooal bank in Buffalo town
ship. Cost of road, #6O. to be borne by the
towuship- Damages to Joseph Wright, S6O. and
to John lUveni f9O to be borne by the oounty.
Butmch Oouirrv. km :
Certified from the Reoord thia 11th day of
February, 1883. W. B DODDB, Clerk.
Notice In Divorce.
Samuel L. Strain vs Harriet Strain. In thn Court
of Common Pleaa of llntler county. Pa., A. D„ No.
M Sept. T.. tsttl. Libel lu Divorce.
And now. f<> wit: December ftth. I*Bl, on mo
tion of A. T. lilack, attorney for libel lant, in open
Court, and It apitearlng by the Sheriff'* return to
subiMciut and alias subpuma lu the above entitled
cause, that respondent cannot be found 111 tills
eounty, publication Is awarded according to law,
returnable to next term. Hv thbCodhT.
To tmk Rumi-ONDKNT, llAHKirr Htkain :
You are hereby notified to be aud appear In your
proper person before our Judges at Butler, at a
Court of Common I'leas there to be held on the
sth day of March. A. I)., I HUH, next, to answer the
petition or libel of the said Samuel L Strain, and
tii show cause, If any you have, why the said Hwu
uel 1.. Strain, your husband, should not be divorc
ed from the bonds of matrimony, agreeably to the
Acts of Assembly In such case madiMUid provided.
lidtw Sheriff of Hutler county.
Union Woolen Mill,
Manufacturer ol Blankets, Flam mils, Tami, ■
Ac. Also custom work done to order, inch aa
curding Rolls, making Blankets, Flannels, Knit
ting aud Weaving Yarns, Ac., at very low
prices. Wool worked on tho shares, 11 do
•trod. m/Mjf