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New Advertisements.
Removal—D. L. Cleeland.
List of applicants for license to sell liquor.
Administrator'* Notice —Estate of Hans
Trial List for wtek commencing Monday,
March 20.
—Mr. Ihmsen, the glass works man,
Is to be bere this week to commence work.
—Charley Grieb has just received
another large lot of those beautiful neck scarfs
for which hia store is becoming famous.
—The yard of the public school of
this town, is terribly muddy for a childrens'
play ground. We suggest that it be covered
with ashes.
—Mr. D. L. Cleeland has removed
bi* watch, clock and jewelry store to the south
end of Main street, opposite Donaldson House.
See notice.
—H. H. Goucher, Esq., was sud
denly taken sick in the Court room on Tues
day of last week and was confined to his bed for
several days.
—Another death is reported of a
ladv who had taken an excess of "anti-fat"
medicine. The nostrum is supposed to act as a
alow blood poison.
—A correspondent of the London
Suuitt shows that a pound of tea, sold in China
for less than four cents, copta the consumer in
London fifty cents.
—The West Penn railroad tracks
between Blairsville and Allegheny are being
straightened to such an extent that the distance
will be shortened thirteen miles.
Mr. Johnson Bowers, the superin
tendent of the water works, of this place, had a
severe billions attack, a few days ago, which
gave rise to a report that he had gone crazy.
—A dispatch received bere on Mon
day stated that the Supreme Court had revers
ed the Court below, Judge Henderson, of Dau
phin eounty, onjthe Legislature salary question.
—A Gorman sentinel who was an
noyed by some boys shot two of them, was
tried and acquitted. A steady tide of emigra
tion from Germany to America continues, and
facts like the above are behind it.
—The Ladies' Temperance Society,
of Butler, will have a meeting in the U. P.
Church, Wednesday. February 22d, 1882, at 3
o'clock, P. M. All ladies interested in the
temperance cause are invited to be present.
—To-day (Wednesday) is the 150tb
birthday of Washington. The Literary Socie
ty, of the Witherspoon Institute, will celebrate
the event by appropriate exercises in the
schoel hall, Odd Fellows' building, this evening.
—Mr. Frederick Berry, aged about
sixty years, dropped dead at his residence in the
north-western part of this town, last Friday
evening. He had been in town doing some
shopping, that afterneon and was then in his
usual health.
—A petit jury has fixed the value of
an eye at $10,500. The case was one where a
passenger in a horse-car had his eye put out
by a collision. He claimed $50,000, Dut the
jury evidently thought that too 'igh by about
five time*.
—Mr. Adam Troatman has had the
frame building, at the corner of Washington
and Mifflin streets, formerly used by H. Fred
rick as a carriage and wagon shop, removed to
another place, and intends building himself a
brick residence on the corner lot.
—The young man named Schwed
ering that was killed on the West Penn rail
road, a few days ago, was a son of old Mr.
Bchwedering, who Tived in Butler about fifteen
years ago. The young man was a brakeman
and intended quitting railroading the day he
was killed.
—The Norristown Herald says
that Barnum xave the keeper of his elephant
SI,OOO when he learned that "mother and child
were doing well." As the keeper is not obliged
to get out of bed at midnight to dose the baby
with paregnric, to keep it quiet, hia position
will be envied by fathers whose income is less
than five nundred dollars a year.
—The relation between postmasters
and burglars is not obvious, and yet there
seems to be some reason why thieves try to
Slander postoffices oftener than other buildings,
[ore booty could generally be obtained from
any one of half a dozen stores in a country
village than from the postmaster's safe; yet it
is astonishing how frequently this safe is the
object of burglarious attack.
—Only nine votes were given in
the House at Washington last Thursday in
favor of the new method of apportionment. The
members evidently prefer the old and simple '
method, which is easily understood, to the new,
which is apparently more exact and equitable,
but somewhat complex. The doctrine of ap
proximation is perhaps a little abstruse to the
average Congressional mind.
—The astronomers have lately an
nounced some interesting news from Jupiter,
the planet that is 1300 times as large as the
earth. The news is that they have discovered
several red and black spots on its face, each
several thousand miles in diameter. And after
much consultation, due consideration, etc.,
they have come to the conclusion that Jupiter
has the small-pox. This is the latest news
from Jupiter.
—At this season foul chimneys
often take (Ire and burn out. When such an '
event causes danger, an effectual remedy is in <
reach of every prudent house-wife. Though it ,
is familiar to maay, it needs repetaiing. Sprin
kle common salt on the fire, in the stove, in
such a manner as to burn the salt. If done I
wisely, a large amount of chlorine gas will be
generated, filling the pipe and chimney, ex- j
pellmg the air and extinguishing the fire. A
diligent use of this will avoid all alarm and re
move all danger from this cause.
—Daring leisure time this month
make a simple hot-bed, even if it is no larger
than a large dry .good* box from which the
bottom ana top have been removed. This, if
■awed in a diagonal direction, will make two
frame* one foot in height on the front side and
twenty-four inches on the rear side when placed
at the south side of a building or high plank
fence. If no old sash are at hand, ootton cloth,
saturated with boiled linseed oil, will answer a
very good purpose. No manure will be needed
within the frames, but the fresh stable manure
should extend one foot beyond the frames on
each side.
—The Democracy, of this town, at
their meeting Saturday evening, nominated 8.
P- Irvin, Esa., for Justice of the Peace; Joseph
L. Purvis and Philip Weisner, School Direotors j
J. R. Pringle and Matthias Buechle, Overseers
of the Poor; Chai. Crouse, Assessor; John Groh
man and Joseph ;Niggle, Assistant Assessors :
William Williamson, High Constable ; A. N.
McCandless and Champ Dewolf, Constables;
Geo. W. Ziegler, Burgess; Harry Kearns. As
sistant Burgess, and Amos Kearns, Auditor.
For Town Council they nominated Al. Relber,
3 years; George Walters, 3 years, and Jacob
Ziegler, 1 year. Reiber refused to serve and
Jacob Keck was put on in his place.
Post, of Wyoming Ter
ritory, has introduced a bill in Congress whioh
it is to be hoped will not be passed. It is call
ed "a bill to reduce the internal revenue tax
on cigarettes," but a more appropriate title
would be "a bill to make lunatics and idiots
and for other purposes"—the "other purposes"
being to fill up the cemeteries and make mil
lionaires of the undertakers. Mr. Post must
be an enemy of the human race. He could not
If be tried hit upon a more certain method of
killing off a large portion of the rising genera
tion and of making idiots of the one that is to
follow it. Th« cigarette annually kills thous
ands and thousands of children and voung men,
and those whom it does not destroy physically
It mentally ruins. The tax on it should be in
creased, not reduced. It would be well to
place it so high as to put these poisonous pack
ages beyond the reach ofth« iwall boy.
—A bill la now pending in Don.
grew, introduced by an Ohio reformer which
iteruly provides the severest penalties against
•very candidate for the national legislature
who 'treats' either before or after election. In
a financial point of view this bill, if it shall be
come a law and be (July enforced, will reduce
election expenses by nearly one-half, not only
in the bucolic regions, but in the 'centres of
civilization.' What effect it may have on can
didates and parties is an interesting political
problem which the future must determine. It
U an accepted canon with a certain school of
Sllticians that of all means and methods yet
vised to bring out a full vote a free supply of
Bourbon is the most effective. When all other
arguments fail they say it invariably succeeds.
If the Congressional elections of the future shall
be conducted on the proposed prohibition plan
it is probable that between Bourbon candidates
and constituents there will pass
and pensive reminders of wnat on a celebrated
MMMion the Governor of North Carolina said
to bis brother ruler of the Palmetto State,
—Mr. Samuel Richey, of this place,
bat who has lately been working for the
Cambria Iron Works Co., at Conemaugh sta
tion of the Pennsylvania railroad, was killed
on the railroad last Friday evening. He and
Mr. Adam Weber were walking along between
the tracks when they saw a train approaching
them. Mr. Weber stepped aside upon the oth
er track and walked on, supposing that Mr.
Richey had done the same, but looking back
aaw that Mr. Richey had not done so and had
been struck by the train and thrown down.
The train struck his right arm, breaking it in
two places, and threw him violently across one
of the rails of the other track, breaking his
neck and causing instant death. His body
was brought to town by the Saturday evening
Thomas Carlin vs S D Hazlett, assumpsit ;
verdict for the plaintifl for $304.25. Motion for
new trial made and entertained.
John H. Williams vs B F Hitchcock, as
sumpsit ; verdict for plaintiff for $124.62.
J. C. Wallace, for use, vs Wm. M. Abraras
and J. Y. Foster, feigned issue; verdict for
plaintiff for $258.27.
All other cases on the list were continued.
Letters of administratiou were granted last
week to Lucinda and Reuben Byers on the es
tate of Wm. Byers, late of Marion township.
Also, to Robert Trimble on estate of H. Baker,
see notiee. Also, to Jacob Niblock on estate of
Margaret Newel, late of Connoquenessing twp.
James M. tialbreath, a student at law, has
applied for admission to the Bar. Petition re
ferred to the Board of Examiners, according to
Rule of Court.
Centrevllle Herns.
There is talk of a musical convention for
aezt month, to be conducted dy Prof. Leason.
Miss Lccca Morrison, of Harrisville is visit
ing friends in town.
Protracted meetings will be held in the M. £.
Church for two weeks.
H H Vincent and Jesse Keister are the two
Republican candidates for Justices ot the Peace
in Slippery rock township.
J. D. Kirkpatrick, Esq., and "Tom" Coulter
have been out together for a few days securing
coal leases on the proposed S. A A. extension
to Butler.
The literary association of our public schools
will give a publio entertainment two weeks af
ter the close of school. To accustom the young
folks to performing before an audience visitors
will be admitted to occasional weekly meetings.
The old U. P. Church has been decided un
safe, and measures are taking for the erection
of a -new one. The cost will be about thirty
five hundred dollars. The location has not yet
been decided upon.
A grand ball will be given on the 22d at the
Chriatley Hotel. As the affair will be under
the same general management as the last 4th
of July celebration, we are confident it will be
a complete success.
Mr. Milton Covert has recently purchased a
new solo alto horn. They say it's a daisy. The
band boys are practicing right along now and
hope in a short time to regain their old reputa
Of the different young ministers who have oc
cupied the pulpit of the O. P. church since Mr.
Menaul left it, Mr. Hacket, who is yet a stu
dent at the Allegheny Seminary, seems to be
the favorite. The congregation at North Lib
erty which will unite with that of this place in
the support of a pastor, also expresses a decided
preference for him, so that it is not improbable
that a call will be tendered him by the church
The young fellow who slid oat of the
'Squire'* office while the papers were making
out for his committal was seen in town on Sun
day. Wonder if he's back for the second in
stallment of the fund raised by the other boys
to take hitn out of town and to keep him from
'Squire Coulter was engaged on Saturday af
ternoon in taking testimony in the case of
Wick vs Ramsey. The suit is for the recovery
of amount of note given by Ramsey to Wick
several years ago for about S3OO, in settlement
of balance of a lumber bill. Ramsey claims,
and it is said proyes, that Wick agreed to can
cel the note if Ramsey would secure him a pur
chaser for his farm, and that he had secured
him a purchaser in the person of Malachi Ea
gle. The case will come before Court.
Much sympathy is expressed here for Lewis
Owen, whose store at Forrestville has been
closed by the Bheriff. The failure was brought
about by the uncalled for action of a Pittsburgh
Jewelry firm in filing a note which they had
received from Mr. Owen in settlement of a
balance. Should time be given, Mr. Owen can
save $2,000 or $3,000, otherwise he will be left
without a dollar. BILLY WILLIAMS.
Pursuant to notice the members of
the Butler Bar convened in the Court
room on Wednesday, February 15th,
1882, at 2 o'clock, P. M., for the pur
pope of taking action upon the death of
the Hon. Samuel A. Purviance, a for
mer member and citizen of Butler,
who died in Allegheny city, Pa., on
the morning of the 14th inst.
Lewis Z. Mitchell, Esq., called the
meeting to order, and on whose motion
his Honor Judge £. McJuukin was
requested to preside and John 11.
Negley, Esq., to act as Secretary.
On motion of Mr. Mitchell a com
mittee of fire, to be appointed by the
chair, was chosen to prepare resolutiens
expressive of the sense of the members
of the Bar on the death of Mr. Pur
viance. The chair appointed the fol
lowing as said committee: L. Z.
Mitchell, E. R. Eckley, T. C. Camp
bell, J. M. Greer and W. H. Lusk,
During the absence of the commit
tee remarks were made by Samuel P.
Irvin, Walter L. Graham, J. D. Mc-
Junkin, J. H. Negley and 11. P. Scott,
Esq'rs, all bearing tribute to the
memory of Mr. Purviance.
The committee reported the follow
ing :
Resolutions of respect in honor of the mem
ory of Hon. Samuel A. Purviance, deceased,
passed by the Butler Bar.
WiIKKKAS, It has pleased the great Jddge of
the universe, to remove from this world one of
the oldest, ablest and purest members of our
Bar, H»n. Samuel A. Purviance.
Rtsolvcd That the life of the deceased affords
an example of noble, upright and virtuous
conduct, as exemplified in hit every act, public
and private.
Resolved, That our deceased friend, during
his long and useful active life, extending over
a period of more than forty years as a member
of this Bar, and from time to time as a publia
officer, was faithful and efficient in the dis
charge of bis duties, deservedly enjoying in
the highest degree the confidence and esteem of
his clients and constituents.
Retolved, As a member of the Bar Mr. Pur
viance was able, industrious and honest; faith
ful iu the discharge of his duties to his clients,
and meriting and enjoying alike the confidence
of the Court and the respect of his colleagues
at the Bar.
Retolved, That the proceedings of this meet
ing be embodied in the minutes of the Courts
of Butler county, and be published in all the
papers of the county.
T. C. CAMPBKLL, f Com.
Further remarks were then made by
T. C. Campbell and L. Z. Mitchell,
Esq'rs, relative to the character and
worth of Mr. Purviance both as a
lawyer and as a man.
On motion the resolutions were
unanimously adopted, and with re
quest that they be presented to Court
and ordered to be entered upon the
minutes of the Court, and also publish
On motion adjourned.
E. MOJUNKIN, Chairman.
JOHN 11. Secretary.
—W. Aland, Merchant Tailor, is
now prepared to take your order for
early spring garments, offering forty
styles. New designs in fine suitings
at $25 for suits. These goods are
equal to the best French makes. Also,
fine French worsted iu black, blue and
fancy styles at equally low prices.
—See prices on carpets at Heck &
Patterson's before buying.
ffjpt Jftsil** Ci£ias#tt: |3«. t #jebfet*«rgr 22, tߧ2.
Tribute of Respect.
Tribute of respect by the officers,
directors and stockholders of the Cen
treville Savings Bank, to the memory
of Austin T. Bard, Esq., late cashier
of said bank.
WHEREAS, God in his all-wise providence
has seen fit to remove from earth our esteemed
friend and associate, Austin T. Bard, Esq., the
faithful and efficient cashier of this bank, from
its first establishment until his death; there
Retolvrd, That while we sincerely mourn his
loas, we recognize in this providence, the hand
of our all-wise and tender heavenly Father,
who "doeth all things well," and we bow in
humble submission to His holy will.
Retolved, That we hereby express our hearty
appreciation of his ability, integrity and efficien
cy in the discharge of his official' duties, and
his successful management of the affairs of the
bank, from its organization until the time of
his death.
RttoJrtd, That we bear our cordial and
earnest testimony to the worth and consistency
of his character, and to the uniform dignity
and courtesy, which, as a man, he exhibited in
all the relations of life, public, social and do
Retolvrd, That we tender our earnest sym
pathies to his bereaved wife and children, in
this deep affliction, and commend them to that
Heavenly Father, who alone is able to bind up
their hearts. COM.
Educational Convention;
An educational convention will be held at
North Washington, on Wednesday and Thurs
day, March Ist and 2nd next, to which all
friends of education are cordially invited. On
Tuesday evening, February 28th, Col. Cope
land will deliver his lecture on "Handsome
People," which he thinks will be the best that
he has delivered in the county. Prof. L. H.
Bugbee is expected Wednesday evening, and
S. F. Bowser, Thursday evening. Col. Danks
will be present during the convention and de
liver his lecture on "War and its Remedies."
County Superintendent Murtland will be pres
ent at both sessions. The convention is ex
pected to be a great success. All are cordially
—Carpets, oil cloths and mattings,
cheapest in Butler county, at Heck <fc
One of the youngest babies in
Minnesota has a mother who is eighty
three years old.
I had Chronic Catarrh badly. I
took Peruna. lam very much better.
J. Williams Medway, Pa.
A full line of all kinds of Dress goods,
Trimmings and Notions of all kinds
very low at the store of L. STEIN & SON.
—Men's, Boys' and Childrens' over
coats, at less than cost, at Heck &
Jones says that he used to be pro
ficient in half a dozen languages, but
since he was married he is not even
master of bis own tongue.
I was miserable with Chronic Ca
tarrh. Peruna is my remedy and no
other. Wm. Brown, Pitsburgh.
—The Pearl shirt, the finest dress
shirt in the market, only sl, at Heck
A Patterson's.
Commander Cheyne seems sanguine
of obtaining $40,000 in America to
ward the expense of reaching the north
pole by balloons. Sir Hugh Allan
and other residents of Montreal have
undertaken to obtain a subsidy of $20,-
000 from the Canadian Government.
(Ciucinnii 1 ish Citizen.]
Mr. Thomas Lewis, 62 Butler street,
informs us that for seven years he was
afflicted with that dreadful malady,
Sciatica, and being induced to try St.
Jacobs Oil, found almost immediate
relief therefrom, and is now perfectly
A Brooklyn medium was about to
'materialize' two spirits the other night
for the delight of a circle of spiritualists,
when some one inconveniently turned
on the gas, and the circle were dismay
ed to see the medium with one mask
on her face and another at arm's length
enveloped in illusion—as the company
would have been but for the unmateri
alizing gas.
—Heck & Patterson are closing
overcoats out, at less than cost to
Saltsburg has had sixty cases of
small-pox in a population of 900.
—Fine Accordians at J. F. T.
—Fine neck wear, large stock and
low prices, at Heck & Patterson's.
A presbyterian missionary at Fort
Wrangell, Alaska, writes to the ' St.
Louis Board of Missions that persons
accused of witchcraft Dear her station
are punished with death. An old wo
man, whom the natives charged with
being an agent of thetfevil, was tied to
a'tree and left five days without food.
Her thirst was aggravated i with salt
water, and at last she was hacked to
pieces with knives.
Brain and Nerve.
Well's Health Kenewer, greatest
remedy on earth for impotence, lean
ness, sexual debility, &c., sl. at drug
gists. Prepaid by express, $1.25, 6
for $5. E S. WELLS, Jersey City,
N.J. _
William P. Ridgeway of San Fran
cisco fell in love with the Widow Forbes,
and engaged to marry her. He wan
about 70 years old, and bad a valvular
affection of the heart, besides being a
sufferer from paralysis. His physician
assured him that marriage would be
speedily followed by death. Unwill
ing to take that risk, he broke his
promise. These facts were presented
in his defence to a suit of damages, but
the jury did not deem tbom material,
and gave the widow & verdict of $5,-
Big Rules Fvom Little Causes.
'I)o you know?' remarked a man
to his friend on Chestnut Street, a day
or two since, 'I believe both Conkling
and Piatt bad a bad case of skin disease
when they resigned!' 'What makes
you think so?' inquii%d the listener in
astonishment. 'Well, you see they
acted in such an eruptive manner so
ranh— ly as it were. Save ? 'Oh!
yes, I save,' replied the other, 'tbey
were boil —ing over and merely re
signed to humor themselves, I suppose.'
If such be the case, the National diffi
culty might have been averted by ap
plying Swayne's Ointment for skin
(.'OX- WELSH—On February 14th, 1882, by
Rev. S. L. Johnston, Mr. James C. Cox, of
Bueiiavista, Chaffee couuty, Colorado, and
Miss Mattie Welsh, of Connoquenessiug town
ship, Butler county, Pa.
February 16th, at St. Mary's Church, Kittan
ning, Mr. Frank Kerner, of Butler county,
and Miss Mollie McPherson, of Kittanning.
BERRY—In this place, oil the 17th iust,
Mr. Frederick Berry, in the 60th year of his
BARRICKMAN—On February 16th, 1882,
in Butler township, George Eewis, sou of
Abram and Annie Barrickman, aged 2 years
and 7 months.
This family has been severely afflicted with
whooping cough. There are still two more
children iu a very dangerous condition. We
sincerely sympathise with the pareuts.
A Card.
I take this opportunity to thank my
friends and the public for their liberal
patronage since I started in the mer
cantile business in Butler, in 1840
Having taken my son W. A. Stein in
to partnership under the firm name of
L STEIN & SON, I respectfully solicit
for the new firm a continuance of the
patronage so liberally bestowed upon
myself during the jjast 42 years.
Louis STEIN.
Butler, Pa., Feb. 4, 1882. febß3t
—Gents' fine white and colored
shirts, low prices, at Heck & Patter
At 10 cts., half wool dress goods.
At 10 cts, double fold brocade dress
At 10 cts., good ticking.
At 10 cts., genuine Columbian che
viots, at L. STEIN & SON'S.
According to the census report, Cam
bria county produced 590,075 tons of
coal in 1880 ; Westmoreland county, 3,-
297,390, and Somerset county, 285,456.
Catarrh of the Bladder.
Stinging, smarting, irritation of the
urinary passages, diseased discharges,
cured by Buchupabia. sl. at drug
gists. Prepaid by express, $1.25,6 for
$4. E. S WELLS, Jersey City, N. J.
The man who expects to adjust the
rope around Guiteau's neck is named
Robert Strong. He has had enough
practice to make him proficient. He
says that, although Guiteau seems
brave now, he expects to see him die
like a cur.
—Carpets, a fine stock, at low
prices, at Heck & Paterson's.
—Some three or four farms in this
county can be bought at present on
reasonable terms, and of which partic
ulars can be had by enquiring at the
CITIZEN office.
At 5 cts., good dark Calico.
At 5 cts., good light Calico.
At 7 cts , fine sheeting Muslin.
At 8 cts., heavy sheeting Muslin, at
Farmers I,ook Here,
The undersigned are now taking or
ders for fruit trees for spring planting.
We represent one of the most reliable
nurseries in Rochester, N. Y. Please
send your orders in immediately.
—Wall paper and window shades
at J. F. T. Stehle's.
All wool dress goods, from 20 cents
up, at L. STEIN & SON'S.
—Gents' Furnishing Goods, full
stock and low prices, at Heck & Pat
—To men desiring permanent em
ployment we would refer them to D.
H. Patty & Co.'B advertisement for men
to sell trees, which appears in another
column. Ifeb6
To all who are suffering from the errors and
indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness, ear
ly decay, loss of manhood, <kc., I will send a
recipe that will cure you, FREE OF CHARGE.
This great remedy was discovered by a mission
ary in South America. Send a self-addressed
envelope to the REV. JOSEPH T. IKM AX, Sta
tion D. New York City. [9n6m
5,000 yards of new Embroideries and
Insertings from 1 cent per yard up to
finest qualities, at L. STEIN & SON'S.
—Clothing for Men's, Boys' and
Childrens' wear, cheap, at Heck &
—Drums, fifes, mouth organs and
jews harps, at J. F. T. Stehle's.
—FOR RENT A house and lot in
Butler, north-western part of town, can
be rented now on very reasonable
terms. Has two rooms and kitchen,
with water etc. For particulars en
quire at CITIZEN office.
—When you want anything in the
line of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Sil
verware, Spectacles, <fcc., do not fail to
call in at K. Grieb's and examine the
stock ; no trouble to show goods.
—Buy the Eighmie patent shirt at
J. F. T. Stehle's—best in town—fit
—Ladies' and Gents' Gossamer Gum
Coats, cheap, at Heck & Patterson's.
—Blankets, Flannels and Yarns,
wholesale and retail, at Union Woolen Mills.
Butler, Pa. octl2tf
It TellM ItM Own Slory,
LANCASTER, N. 11. Dec. 3, '79.
By the way I will say that I think
Downs' Elixir the best cough remedy
that I can find at our Druggist's. We
always use it.—J. S. Peavey, Pub.
All diseases arising from Biliousness
or Torpid Liver, are quickly cured by
the use of Baxter's Mandrake Bitters.
See notice Arnica and Oil Liniment
in another column.
BY order of Court, tlio undersigned Receiver
of the Fir»t National Bank, of Butler, Pn..
will offer at public sale, at the Court House, in
Butler, on
Thursday, March 16th, 1882,
at 1 o'clock, p. m., the undivided three-eighths
(%) of the following d ascribed tract of land, of
said bank, to wit : Situate in Concord township.
Butler county. Pa., bounded on the north by
McClelland fun, east by Wiek farm, south by
land of Byers and others, and west by Kepler
farm; one-story frame house, log house, log baru,
and orchard thereon, coiitaiuirg tbirty-threo
acres, more or less.
TERMS—One-half cash on ('.ay of sale, and the
other half within six months thereafter, with in
terest, and with such security as shall be satis
factory to the Recoivor, and no deod to be made
to the purciraser until tho consideration shall
be fully paid.
(4 times) Receiver.
Butler, Feb. 14, 1882.
Dr. Frease's Water Cura.
A health Institution In Its 2Sth year. For
nearly all kind of Chronic diseases, and espe
cially the diseases ol Women. Invalids are In
vited to correspond wiUi us. Circulars free.
Address, 8. FKEASK, M. D., New Brighton,
Bsaver Co., Pa. lyjuneiii)
ACi We sell Sheet Music (no difference
iwhere puhltohe.l)at a reduction of -Hi
|H-r cent, from Publishers or Import
er* marked pric e. Orders by mall ac-
T), ir leompaiiled by cash promptly tilled.
x el We nave a flue stock of Musical In
struments, Tri miuings and Music
, Rooks at low pi ice*. A No. I Violin
Pnnt Strings a speel. Uty. Send for cata-
Jlogue. Address
KNAKK & CO., Music Publishers,
Pitts) lurgli, Pa.
tXate of Wlllfa.m Ehcrf.
Letters of administration liav.'tig been granted
to the undersigned on the estiite of William
Ehcit, dee'd., late of Sax on bur j;, Butler Co.,
Pa., all persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate are hereby notified that immediate
payment is required, and those having claims
against the same to presi ,-ut them duly authen
ticated for settlement,
ttaxoubtitg p. 0., Butler JJo., Pu.
List or Applications for
THE following applications have been filed in
the oftl'-e of the Clerk of Quarter Sessions,
and will l>e presented to the Court for action
thereon, on FRIDAY, MARCH loth, I*B2 :
Tavern—J J Feidler, Geo W Campbell, Henry
Eitenmiller. Charles lioyle, A Lowry, Leonard
I Ri staunint .Jordan hytli, Geo J Smith, Gabriel
K oilier. Geo I. Rr.se, Samuel Sykes,.John M Smith,
Robert s Milliliter.
Merchant -Geo & Jacob Reiber.
Tavern—Henry I-ock.iart, Johnston & Campbell,
Jonti Glass.
Restaurant—James Cogan.
Tavern—Ed O'Donnell, J L Clark, J B Dougher
ty, W H Jellison.
Tavern- John A Richey, John McGuire.
Tavern—Henrv S.okev, James Oesterling, Jacob
Merchant—George Stahl.
Tavern—Beam & Dindinger, Jacob Feidler.
Merchant—Jacob F W'se.
Restaurant—Peter Otio.
Tavern—Francis Laubie, E F Muder, Jos Kohn
Tavern—J X Miller. Henry W Stokey.
Tavern—James T. Wilson.
Tavern—Sophia Reith.
Merchant—George Moon.
Tavern—Lafayette Kelso.
Merchant—John Higgins, John Sherman.
Tavern—John Scott.
Tavern—William Wahl.
Tavern—Charles Pfabe.
Merchant—Wm S McCrea.
Tavern—Michael J Mcßride, Bridget Gatens.
Tavern—Lewis Weidliaas.
Tavern—Michael Shields.
Tavern—lsaac Hepler.
Tavern— Thompson Cumimugs, John A Harding.
Tavern—Albert Smith.
Tavern—C M Burnett.
Tavern —O D Ad?ms.
Certified from the Re 'ord, Feb. 21,1882.
W. IS. DODDS, Clerk.
Road Keports.
Notice is hereby given that the following road
reports have been confirmed nisi by the Court,
and will bo presented on the first Wednesday of
March term, being the Bth day of the month,
A. D., 1882. If no exceptions are filed they will
be confirmed absolutely:
No. 3, Sept. term. 1881, petition of citizens of
Allegheny township to vacate a road leading from
GraDt School House to James Jolly's
No. 6, Sept. term, 1881, petition of Slippery
rock township to vacate change and Bupply part
of a public road leading from Hickory Mill to
Five Points in Cherry township.
No. 7, Sept. term, 1881, petition of citizens of
Summit township to vacate and supply part ot
Butler and Kittanning road, leading from Blin
ker's Mill to the Butler and Millerstown road
where the said road passes over or adjacent to
the lands of Oeo Bartiey to a point on Butler and
Kittanning r ad where said Butler and Kittan
ning road passes over or is adjacent to lands of
George Bartiey. tho same being necessary to
supply the part of the road asked to be vacated,
reported cost of road to be borne by township,
twenty-five dollars.
No. 9. Sept. term, 1881, road in Franklin town
ship to vacate, change and supply, beginning at
the line of John St. Clair, and running through
the farm of Robert Hind man- distance of about
one hundred rods or so much of said road as
runs through said farm.
No. 10, Sept. term, 1881, road in Muddycreek
township, to vacate and supply that pait of road
leadiug from State road at or near Thos. Garvy's
to road leading from Portersville to Mechanics
burg as lies betwt en a point at or near the resi
dence of Henry Hay and a point at or near the
Southern boundary of said Hay, cost thirty dol
lars, to be borne by township.
No. 11, Sept. term, 1881. road in Muddycreek
township (private) leadiug from the farm of C
Eichoitz to a point on the public road leading
from Harn?ony to Portersville at or near the lane
leading from said public road to Niclas Banders.
Damages—John Weller, *SO, Henry Nagle <SO.
No. 12, Sept. term, 1881, road in Clearfield
township, leading from farm of James Martin to
a point in the public road leading from Millers
town to Great Belt road eastward to a public
road leading from the Carbon Centre road to
the Kittanning pike at a point on the woodland
of Marcus Brownson. Damages assessed to be
paid by petitioner—Heirs of Henry Seaton, *6,
Marcus Bronson, sl2.
No. 4, Dec. term, road in and Muddy
creek townships, beginning at a point at the
,'urn of tho road between Samuel Gill and Man
ual Burton to a point on Zion church road at or
uea.' the house of Wm Paine, in Muddycreek
towi<flhip ; cost of making, *IOO, to be borne by
towns.*up. and damages to R Stewart, .SSO.
No. 1, Sept. teim, 1881, public road in Fair
view township to begin at the end of a public
load cr street in the b trough of Fairview, being
that pa<t eatt of .Main street of the public road
leadiug from .North Washington to Fairview, the
point where said street terminates, and where
road as prayed for shall commence, being the
length of about 3JO feet east of Main street in
said borough, and to end at a public road in said
township leading from' Fairview to Petroliaat or
near the residence of It'obert Fowler.
No. 2, Sept. term, 18fe1, road iu Buffalo and
Jefferson townships to leal from a point on cor
ner of land of John Rivers, iu Buffalo township,
on Hannahstown road to a point at School house
on Sarversville and coal baiiL" in Buffalo town
ship. Co-t of road, fSO, to be borne by the
township. Damages to Joseph Wright, SSO and
to John Rivers tSO to bo borne by the county.
Certified from the Record tics 11th day of
February, 1882. W. B. DODDS, Clerk.
Tax Collectors for 1882.
The Commissioners make the following ap
pointments lor Collectors tor the ditlercnt town
ships and boroughs for the year A. D. 1882 :
Adams twp —A. Fleming.
Allegheny twp— James Blair.
Butler twp —-Joseph Crisweil.
Butlalo twp —Jacob Simmers.
Brady twp—John B. Smith.
Clay twp—R. J. Gold.
Concord twp—Peter Kamerer.
Centre Iwp— W. A. Christie.
Cliutou twp—lsaiah McCall.
Cranberry twp—Lewis Hollinan.
Cherry twp —William Mcflill.
Clearfield twp —F. P. Mcßride.
Conuo<iuencssing twp—James Welsh.
Donegal twp —Hugh McFadden.
Forward twp—Nicholas Kramer.
Fairview twp—G. H. Gibson.
Franklin twp —John Albert, Br.
Jefferson twj —William W. Harbison.
Jackson twp —Henry Zehtier.
Lancaster twp—George Mlllerman.
Middlesex twp—W. J. Whiteside.
Muddycreek twp—Jonathan W. Joues.
Marion twp —8. M. Beaton.
Mercer twp —Jonathan Bovard.
Oakland twp —F. H. Monnie,
Parker twp—Thomas Allsworth.
Penn twp—Thomas J. Graham
Blipperyrock twp -Thomas Shannon.
Summit twp—Joseph Lindsey.
Venango twp—E. F. Mcßride.
Washington twp—Samuel Young.
Worth twp—E. E. Curry.
Winfleid twp —Robert Cooper.
Butler boro —
Centerville boro—Jonathan Mayberry. i
Fairview boro —Richard Doyle.
Harrisville boro —
Harmony boro—F. M. Mitchell.
Karns City boro—D, McLaughlin.
Petrolia boro —William Glbsou.
prospect boro—Jewell Baker.
PoTtersvilie boro—John Glenn.
Suu.*>ury boro—Shryock Wick.
Saxon burg boro—Alfred Manrhoff.
MillersU>wn boro--John Myers.
Zelienople boro—Edwin Zehner.
8. McCLYMONDB, Clerk.
Commissioners' Office, February 18, IHH2.
Wo the undersigned, examined the Board of
County Commissioner* for 18*1, and they, under
oath, state-l that tiny «Md "<>t expend any of the
county's money or tlrte, whatever, for anything,
excepting for county purposes.
j. M. LoirtiKN,
Comity Auditors.
Notice is hereby given that Henry Leibold,
com mil ten of Margaret Grinder, has fllod his
partial aecouut in the office of the Prothonotary
of the Court of Common Pleas, at M's Docket
No. 7, Dec. term, 1880, and that the same will
be preset!ted to said Court for confirmation and
allowance on Wednesday, March 8, A. D., 1883.
M. N. GREEK, Proth'y.
Notice la .hereby given that the application o
W. E. Hall, of Brady township, Butler Co., Pa.,
a farmer, for .discharge from all his debts, under
the insolvent Jaws of the State, will lie present
ed to Court, on Monday, the (ith day of Marob,
next. C. WALKER, Attorney.
MARYLAHD FARMS. -Bookjand Map free.
By 0. SHAN AH AN, Att y, East on, Md.
! n Y virtue of sundty Wilts of Sci. Faiias. Fi.
D Fa Al. Fi. Fa.. Al. Lev. Fa.. Leviii Fa
cial' sod Venditioni Exponas, issued out of the
| Court of Common Pleas of Butler couiity, and
i to me directed, there wilt be exposed to public
j sale. at the Couit House, in the borough of But
| ler, on
Monday, the 6th day of March,
A. D.. 1832, at one o'clock. P. M., the fo'lowing
described property, to wit:
ED, No 49, March term. 1882. Goucher, McC.
and Lusk.
ED, No 90, March term, 1882. E G Miller.
All the right, title, interest and claim of John
SI Thompson of, in and to one hnudred and
twenty-live acres of land, more or situated
in Donegal and Clearfield townships, Butler
county, Pa., bounded as follows, to wit: On
the north by lands of Wm Richard, east by lands
of Wm Matthews et al, south by lands of W 11
Clymer and west by lands of Cathaiine Hickey;
no improvements thereon. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of John M Thompson
at the suit of Daniel Feidler et al, for use, and
Butler Savings Bank.
E D, No 72. March term, 1882. S H Piersol.
All the right, title, interest and claim of S A
Yandivort of, in and to fifty acres of land, more
or less, situated in Cranbeny township, Butler
county. Pa., bounded as follows, to nit : On the
lioitli by lands of Alex Milligau. east by lands
of John L Roll, south by lands of John Kuntz
man and west by i&nd-i of Robeit Trimble • a
two-story log house, weather boarded frame
barn and corn crib and orchard thereon: about
40 acres cleared, partly underlaid with coal.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
S A Yandivort at the suit of James A Campbell,
for use of Hugh Bjird.
ED. No 43, March term, 1882. Brandon.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Wil
liam A Iteeel of. in and to a certain lot or parcel
of iand situate in the borough of Zelienople,
Butler county, Pa., bounded on the west by
Main Street, fronting oil the same sixty-four
(i>4) feet, on tho north by C S I'assavant, a dis
tance of 20 rods to High street, on the east by
High street and fronting on the same 64 feet, on
the south by lots and tannoiy of Lewis Ueed, a
distance of 20 rods to Main street aforesaid, con
taining about one-half aero and being lots Nos.
39 and 23 in the plan of lot< of said borough, a
2-etorv brick house, wall house C other building
appurtaut and fruit trees thereon. Seizes! and
taken in execution as the propelty of William A
Iteed »t the suit of John C McCombs for uso of
Samuel McLano.
ED, No 57, March term, 1882. J B Brediu.
All the right, title, interest aud claim of John
Stock of, in and to a certain lot or paicel of
ground, situate in the borough of Batler, Butler
county. Pa , bounded north by lot of Fred Grief,
cast by Washington street, south by Wayne
street "aud west by Water street, containing
60x180 feet, more or less, a two-story frame
dwelling house, with kitchen attached, frame
stable, blacksmith shop and out buildings there
on. Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of John Stock at suit of Wm Weigand.
E D, No 56, March term, 1882. J B McJunkin.
All the right, title, inteiest and claim of V
Smith of. iu and to a certain niece or parcel of
land, situate iu Snmrait township, Butler coun
ty, Pa, bounded north by Peter Snower, east by
M Spahn, south by Jacob and west by
Peter Snower, containing twenty-seven acres,
more or less: small frame house, log barn and or
chard thereon, about 20 acres cleared. Seized
and taken iu execution as tho propel ty of V
Smith at the suit of Migdalin6 Wolf.
E D, No 73, March term, 1882. C G Christie.
All the right, title, interest and claim of J J
Kelly of. iu and to a lot of grouud, situate in
the borough of Centreville, Butler county; Pa.,
containing 65x160 feet, more or less, bounded
on the north by Edward Christy, east by an al
ley, south by a street and west by Patton, with a
tw'o-story frame dwelling house and frc.me sta
ble and "fruit trees thereon. Seized aud takon
in execution as the property of J J Kelly at the
suit of Thomas Wilson.
E D, No 55, Marcb term, 1882. C O Christie.
All the right, title, iuterest and claim of Barali
McCoy, E A McCoy and John McCoy of. in and
to a certain piece or parcel of land, situate in
borough of Cetitreville, Butler county, Pa.
bounded as follows : On the north by an alley,
on the east by an alley, on the south by lot of
Jacob Peters, and on the west by street, being
the same property upon which the said Sarah
and E A McCoy, now reside, being eighty feet
front and i Mining back one hundred and eighty
feet; two-story brick dwelling house and frame
with other out-buildings thereon erected.
Seized and talien in execution as the property of
Sarah McCoy, E A McCoy and John McCoy at
the suit of Franklin Fisher
E D, No 11 aud 31, March term, 1882. Scott and
A T Black.
All the right, title, interest and claim of -P F
Porterfield of, in and to ninety acres of land,
more or less, situated in Allegheny township.
Butler county, Pa , bounded as follows : Begin
ning at a post at the north-west corner, thence
by lands of Sloan et a), noitli 89 degrees east 159
perches to a white oak, thence by lands of Or A
W Crawford south 1 degree east 78 parches to
a stone, thence 33% degrees east, 18 jierchcs to
a post, thence by lands of Elias Osiuan, part of
same tract, south 88J-£ degrees wesi, IC9 4-loih
peiches to a post, thenco by lands of Dr A \Y
Crawford north 1 degree wost 90 8-10 perches
to a post, the place of beginning; a two-story
frame house 21x20 feet with kitchen attached,
frame stable *4xlß feet 16 feet high 45 acres
cleared and under fence, 10 acres meadow. 60
acres underlaid with 40 inch vein of coal and 4
foot vein ol limestone, both open.young orcharu
of apple and peach trees, good water thereon.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
P F Porterfield at the suit of Joseph VVeller aud
P F Porterfield, for use.
ED. No 79. March term, 1882. Eastman.
All the title, interest and claim of A N
llamor of. in and to a certain lot or parcel of
ground, situate in the borough of Karns City.
Butler county, Pa., being lots Nos. 88, 89, 90 A
91, bounded as follows, to wit: fronting on
I'arker street 100 feet, and extending l>ack to
Centra street 100 feet, on tho oast by Tot No 92.
on tho west by lot No 87, a frame or board dwel
ling house, green house thereon erected. Seiz
ed and taken and taken in execution as the
property of A N Hamor at the suit of Abdul Mc-
Clure <t Co.
E D, No 10 and 65, March torn-, 1882. Q W
All the right, title, interest aud claim of W B
Sedwick of, in and to all tho undivided one-half
interest in tho following described 3 pieces or
parcels of land, situato ui Allegheny and Venan
go townships, Butler county, Pa., bounded as
follows : Beginning at a stone, thence south,
4 degrees west, 75 percheß to a stone pile by
lands of M Andorson heirs, thence nortli 57%
east, 82 perches to a stone by part of same land,
thence north 2414 degrees east perches lo a
post by the same and thence north, 89 degrees
west, 84 perches to the place of beginning, con
taining 24 acres and 20 perches. Seized aim taken
in execution as the property of W B Hod wick at
the suit of James 8 Chambers et ux, in right of
Scott and Craig, for use.
E X), No 65 aud 10 March term, 1882. O W
AT.SO—AII the light, title, interest and claim
of W B Sedwick of. in and to the following de
scribed piece of land, known as the Mill pone,
situate m Allegheny and Venango township,
Butler county, Pa., bounded as follows : Begin
ning at tho south end of said peice at a post,
thence north, 43 degrees east. 66 perches to a
crab tree, thence east 15 1-10 perches to a Cher
ry, thence north, 3 degrees west, 35 perches to a
Cherry, thonce south. 43 degrees west, 86>£ per
ches to an Elder, thence 10 degrees west, twelve
perches to a post, thence south. 40 degrees east,
4 perches to the place of beginning, containing
6 acres and 154 perches, more or loss. Seized
and taken in execution as tho property of \V B
Sedwick at tho suit of J&mos L. Charobore et ux
in right of Scott and Craig, for use.
E I>, No 65and 10, March term, 1882. G W
ALSO—AII the right, title, interest and claim
of W B Sedwick of. in and to 3d piece of land
situate in Allegheny and Venango townships,
Butler county, Pa., described as follows : Begin
ning at the south-west corner of said piece of
land at a post, then e west, 41'j decrees east. 8
perches to a Cherry, west, % of a degree west,
10 2-10 perches to a stump, thenco west. 73%
degreeß west, 6 perchos to a post, thence south,
y. of a degree east, 17 and 19 perohes to the
place of beginning, containing 85 porches, the
aforesaid pieces of land containing in all 31 acres
and 159 iierehes, more or loss, frame grist an 1
flouring mill thereon, with all machinery and fix
tures thereto belonging. 3 frame honsos aud out
buildings. Seized and taken in oxecution as the
property of W B Sedwiok at tho suit of James L
Chambers et ux in right, Ac, and Scott and Craig
for use.
ED, No 67, March terra. 1882. Ooucher.
All tho right, title, interest and claim of Ken
nedy Marshall and Anna E Marshall of, in and
to all that certain lot of ground, being lot No.
14, in the general plan of lots in the borough of
Butler. Butler county, l'a., and situate on the
south side of tho puhllu suuare or diamond, be
ing eighteen foot front, by one hundred and
eighty feot back, bounded north by a street or
the Diamond, east by Gibson, south by an
alley and wost by Charles McCandloss ; a two
s»ory brick house and out-buildings thereon.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of
Kennedy Marshall and Anna E Marshall at tho
suit of Charles McCandless for use of, now for
use of Samuel L Biddlo, Sr., assignee.
ED, No 40, March term, 1882. McQuistion.
All tho right, title, interest and claim of Chris
tian Mechling of, in and to one hunlrel and
twenty acres of land, more or less, situated in
Jefferson township. Butler county, Pa., bounded
as follows, to wit: On the north by James
Wright, east by James Caldwell, south by Thom
as Mechling and wost by Qeorge Mechlings heirs
anil Albert Shrader; frame house, log barn,
spriug house, coal house aud corn crib aud two
story log house anil good orchard thoroon, about
80 acres cloared, balance in good timber. Seized
and taken in execution as the property of Chris
tian Mechling at tho suit of Oeorge Barr and
James Bftrr, adw'r of H II Barr. doe'd.
E I), No S'.l, March tr-ra, 18S2. E G Miller
All the ri.ht title, interest and claim of Robt
O Story, Ale* Story, Margaret Story and Sarah
A Story of, in and to one hundred and six acres
of land, mote or less, situated in Summit town
ship, Hurler ouuty, l':i , bounded as follows,
to «it. On l!ie north t>y llou E Mcjunkin, east
by E Lyon, south l>y W Steward and west by
W S Boyd. (being the .-a:iie lards eonveyed to
Koht O S:or> by Win Campbell and wife), two
frame dwe ling houses two-storys each, large
frame liauk bam, out buildings, a good orchard
thereon; mostly dear.d. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of Kohl O Story,
Alex Story, .Margaret Story and Sinh A SnJty
at ilie suit of Butler 3a\iugs Rank.
E D, No S:{, March term, McQuirtioii.
A! 1 the right, title, interest nud claim ol Fied
Grief of, in and to a cereaiu lot or parcel of
ground situ >rcd in the bjrou. h of Butler, But
ler couuly Pa , bounded north by 1 it of Jo.eph
Hunk, cast by Washiu ton street, south by
lot of .10l h Stock and west by Water street,
containing •oxlßo feet, more or a two-sto
ry frame dwelling house with kit. hen attached,
frame "table and out-buildlctrs thereon. Seized
and taken in execution a- the property of Fred
Griel at the suit ot I] II Harr, lor use.
ED, No S4, March term, ISB2 C Walker.
All the right, tl.le, interest and claim ol
Cath iriiu Hoeh, executrix o: G llocli, deceased,
of, in and to twenty acres of laud, more or less,
situated in Donegal township, Butler county,
Pa., bounded as follows, to wit: On the north
by lands of Fetzer and Myers, east by Jones
heirs, south by B J Forquer and west by Fetzer
and Myers: farm house, board stable and coal
bank thereon. Seized and taken in execution
as the property of Catharine Hoch, executrix of
C Hoch, deceased, at the suit of Joseph Gra
E L), No 84, March term, 1882. C. Walker
All ilie right, title, interest and claim ol
Catb&tiue Hoch, executor of G. Hoch, dee'd, of,
in and to two lots of ground, situate in the
borough of Millerstown, Butler eounty, Pa,
bounded on the north by l inds of Martin Hoch,
east by lands ol M Deiter, south by Main
street and west by laud of Frank Boyle, con
taining one-half ar.e, more or less ; a two story
fiatue house, frame stable aud out buildings,
a.id at.ont 20 fruit t-ees .hereon. Seized and
taken In execution a« the property of Caihar'ue
Iloch, executor of G Hoch, deceased, at the
suit of Joseph Graha-u.
E D, No 81, March term, 1882.
All the right, title, mteres and claim of A
Donaldson ot, in and to Seven (*) acres of land,
more or less, situated in Clay township,
Butler contity, l*a , bounded as follows, to wit.
On the north by Middletown road, east by
Christy heir, south by Christy heirs and Kerr
Wick aud west by John Mechliug end public
road; all cleared and fenced. Seized and tak
en in execution as the property of A Donaldson
at the su t of Mary Ellen Douuldson, or heirs
ED,No 70 and *7. March term, 18&2. Ferd
Reiber, E G Miller.
All the right, title, interest and claiui of Pat
rick Kelly ot, lu and to a vacant lot of ground
situate on the t'oruor of Main and Cunningham
streets in the borough of Butler, county. Pa.,
bounded north by vacant lof of Patrick Kelly,
east by lot of Patrick Kelly, south by Cuunmg
harn street and west by Main street, containing
21x120 lect more or less. Selzud and taken in
execution as the property of Patrick Kelly at
the suit of John Berg & Co. and Butler Savings
ED, No. 70 and 87, March term 1882. Ferd
Kciber, E G Miller.
All the light, title, interest aud claim of Pat
rick Kelly of, in and to a vacant lot of ground
adjoining the above described lot on the north
and situate in the borough of Butler, Butler
county, Pa., bouuded north by patrick Kelly,
east by lot of Patrick Kelly, south by lot of
Patrick Keily and west by Main street, contain
ing 20x120 feet, more or less. Seized and taken
In t xecutlou as the property of Patrick Kelly at
the suit ol John Berg & Co. and Duller Savings
ED,No 70 and 87, March term 1882. Ferd
Kelber E G Miller.
All the rig'it, title, interest and cHim of Pat
rick Kelly 01, in and to a vacant lot of giound,
adjoining above described 10l on the north and
situate iu the borough of Butler. Butler county.
Pa., bounded north by Uockensteiu heirs, easl
by lot of Patrick Kelly, south by lot of Patrick
Kelly and west by Main street, containing
20x120 feet, more or less. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of Patrick Kelly at
the suit of John Berg A Co , aud Butler Savings
EDNo 70 and 87, March term, 1883. Ferd
Relber, E G Miller.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of Pat
rick Kelly ot, in and to a lot of giouud situate
in the borough ol Butler, Butler cou->ty, Pa.,
and andjoiniug the 3 lots above described, on
the east, containing «0xt)l feet, mote or less,
bounded north by Rockeustein heirs, east by an
'alley, south by Cunningham street aud west by
the 3 lots above described ; Irmne tarn, with
shed attached, and frame office thereon. Seised
mid taken in execution as the p operty of Pat
rick Kelly at the suit ol John Berg A Co, and
Butler Savings Ba k.
E 11, No 70 and 87, March term, 18ri2. Ferd
Reiber, E G Miller.
All the right, title, interest nud claim of Pat
rick Kelly of, in and to a certain lot or parcel
of ground situate in the borough ol flutter,
Butler county, Pa. (.onlaiiiing 80x12:3 Icet,
more or less, bounded north by Cunuingliain
street east by other lot of Patrick Kelly, south
by Joseph (iray and west by alley; a two story
brick dwelling house and out buildings thereon.
Sei/.ed and taken in execution us the property
ol Patrick Kelly at the suit of John Berg A Co.,
and Butler Savings Bank.
E D, Nos 7 0 and 87, March term, 1882. Ferd
Ileiber, E G Miller.
AH the light, title, interest and claim of Pat
rick Kelly of, in aud to a certain lot or parcel of
ground, situate in the borough of Butler, Butler
county. Pa., containing 100x122 feet, more or
less, hounded north by Ciiuningham stroet, east
by McKean street. south by Joseph Gray and
west by above described lot ; a two-stoiy double
framo dwelling liou-e and frame stable thereon.
Seized and taken in exocution as the property of
Patrick Kelly at the suit of John B.Tg A Co, aud
Butler Savings Bank
ED, No's 70 and 87, March torm, 1882. Ferd
Reiber, E G Miller.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Pat
rick Kelly of. in and to Ave acres of land, more
or less, situated in Butler borough, Butler coun
ty. I'a.. bounded as follows, to wit : On the
not tli by lands of Thomas Martin, oast by old
Mercer road south by the heirs of Mrs. Grout
ami west by heirs of Mrs Grout ; improved.
Seized and ta! en in execution as the propei ty
of Patrick Kelly at the suit of John Berg it Co.,
and Butler Savings Bank.
E I), No's 70 and 87, March term, 1882. Ferd
Reiber, E G Miller
All the right, title, interest and claim of Pat
rick Kelly of, in and to eighty-five acres of land
inoro or less, situated in Waslrngton township,
Butler county. Pa., bounded as follows, to wit:
011 the north by lands of Francis Hilliard and
James Higgins, east by lands of Wm. O'Couner,
south by lauds of Jamos Hilliard aud west by
lands of Thomas Donnelly; about forty (40)
acres cleared, log house and log barn thereon.
Seized and takon in execution as the property of
Patrick Kelly at the suit of John Berg A Co.,
and Butler Savings Bank.
TKI'MS OF SALE.—The following must be
strictly compiled with when pro|K-rty is stricken
down :
1. When the plaintiff or other lien creditors be
come the pnrchtt er, the costs 011 the writs must
be paid, and a list of the liens. Including mortgage
searches on the property sold, together with such
lieu creditor's receipt* for the amount of tile pro
ceeds of the sale of such portion thereof HS he may
claim, must be furnished the Shcrilf.
2. All bids must lie paid 111 full.
:i. All sales not settled immediately will be con
tinued until 1 o'clock, i*. M. of next day, at which
time all property not settled for w ill attain be put
tip and sold at the e\|icuse aud risk of the person
tow III <III
•See I'tirdon's Digest. Otli Edition, page 11'!, and
Smith's Forms, page 3*4.
Sheriff of Butler County.
Sheriff's offlce, Butler, Pa., Feb. i:«th, IK*!.
Widow** Appraisement*.
The following appraisements of |H>rsonal prop
erty and real estate set apart torllie benefit of the
widows of decedents, have been Illed In the oßlce
of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Butler coun
ty, as follows :
Piicllla Moyer, widow of A. Moyer, deceased,
f I.MI.
Jane Frlsbee, widow of Wm. K. Frlsbee.'deceas
ed, SH*).
Louisa Kbert, widow of Win. Kbert, deceased,
Mary Wilson, widow of T. I. Wilson, deceased,
$3Ol .SI.
Mary Sloan, widow of (personal and real) Ben
jamin Sloan, deceased, S:soo.
Kli/.a Martlneourt. widow of John Martllicourt,
deceased, s.wm.
Catharine Regan, widow of John Began, de
ceased, snuo.
Kil/.alielh Craliam, widow of James If. Graham,
deceased, si!K).7r>.
All persons Interested in the above appraise
ments will take notice tha. they will be present
ed to the Orphans' Court of Butler county, for
continuation, on Wednesday, the sth day of
March, issz, and If no exceptions are filed will be
confirmed absolutely by the Court.
W. It. l)oi»i>s.
Clerk of Court.
The undersigned has removed his place of busi
ness to his own building one square south of Court
House, Main Street, east side. op|x>slte Donaldson
House, where he lias a full stock of
Npectaelem, ete.
Walchw, Clock*, .Icwdry, Hpectarlw, etc.,
promptly repaired and nat Inflict lon icuarantwd.
I> L; t LEELA.M),
The Hesrlster hereby giTes notice that the fol
low Ing accounts of Executors, Administrators
and Guardians have been filed in his office ac
, cording to law will l»e presented to Cotlrt
for confirmation and allowance on Wednesday,
the Bth Jay of March, A. D. 1832, at 2 o'clock
f. M of said day:
1 Final account nf Daniel Burns, Executor of
Bernard Burns, late ot Donegal township, de
2 Final account of AbfO>om and J. W. Motjks,
Executors of Robert Thompson, late ot Cllntou
! township, deceased. *
3 Final account ot John Greer, Administrator
of Willi.an Riddle, lite ot Franklin township,
4 Final and distribution account of Lewis and
Michael llotluinn, Executors of Cu»]*r Hoff
man, late ot I'rauberry township dectaaed.
5 Final and distribution account of Sarah
Jenkins, admlnstratrlx ol tbe estate of Edmond
Jenkins, late ot Parker township, deceased.
ti Final account of A Troutmnu, Guardian of
Catharine, Elizabeth and Amelia Troutmau,
minor child of Mrs. Huni.ah Tioutman, late of
Butler borough, deceased.
7 First and partial accouut of G. W. Bartley
and Robert M Thompson, Executors of Robert
Thompson, late ot Clearfield township, dee'd.
8 Final aud aisiibuliou accouut of Andrew
C. Gibscn, Admiuistr.itor of Rebecca Smith,
late of Farrview township, deceased.
9 Final accouut of Michael Kelly. Adminis
trator C. T. A. ol Eileuor Sterrett, late ot Butler
couuty, deceased,
10 Flual accouut of Authony Sehaeder, Jr,
Administrator ol Henry Scbaefier, hue of Jack
son township, deceased.
11 Partial accouut ol Dorthea, L. O. and C.
H. Seidal, Administrators or Albert Seldcl, late
ol Jackson township, deceased.
12 Fiual aud distribution account of Joseph
C. Hepler and James MeCaflerly, Executors of
Tobias Hepler, late of Buflalo township, dee'd.
18 Final account ot Johu Beam, Executor of
Ulrich Kechucr, late of Jsiekson township,
14 Final acconut of Henry Lelbold, Adminis
trator ot Frederick Lei bold, late ol Centre
township, deceased.
15 Final accouut ol John P. Roll and Chris
tian Holland, Executors of Johu L. Roll, late qf
Cranberry township, deceased.
It! Fiual account of A. Krausc, Executor ot
John G. Keeh, late ot Wintield township' (lee'dt
17 Final accouut of Marcus Reichert, Executor
of William E. Campbell, late ol Worth town
ship, deceased.
18 Final account of S. M. Seaton am", Wm.
Carson, Administrators of Alexander McMur
ry, late of Marion township, deceased.
19 Final accouut of Samuel Trimble, Guar
dlan ol George Trimble, miuor son of Samuel
Trimble and devisee ol K. F. Tumble, of Bntler
i'o Final account ol Samuel Trimble, Guar
dian ot Mirvin Trimble, minor son of Samuel
Trimble aud devisee of B. F. Trimble, of But
ler county.
21 Flual account of Samuel Trimble, Guar
dian of Nancy Elizabeth Triiubli, now inter
married with M. Marshall) minor child of
Samuel Trimble and devisee of B. F. Trimble,
of Builer county.
21 Final accouut ol Samuel Trimble, Guar
dian of William Trimble, minor son of Samuel
Tiimble and devisee of B. F. Trimble, ot Butler
23 Final accouut of John Scott, Guardian of
A.J. Brown, minor sou of John €. Brown,
24 Final accouut of John Scott. Guardian ot
L. H. Brown, minor sou ot John C. Brown,
26 Final account of Silas Miller, Executor of
Uanuab Douglass, late of Middlesex township,
26 Final and partial account of E. E. Aiken,
Administrator cu.n testamento annexo ol D.
Brernciuan, late of Portersville boro. dee'd.
27 First, tlual and distribution account of
Thomas M. Bcutly, Executor of Jobu Beatty,
late of Mercer township, deceased.
28 Fiual account of R. N. McCune, Adminis
trator of Margaret Diven, late of Contfevliie
borough, deceased, as tiled by L. L. McCune,
Administrator of R. N. McCune, deceased.
2'J First and tinnl account cl I?. D. Bell, M.
D., AdiuinUtrator of Josiah McMichael, M. D.,
late of Mllltrstown borough, deceased.
3) Firet and final account of E. R. R. Boyer,
Executor ofthe last will of Henry Bieber, late
of Lancaster township, .deceased,
81 First and final account of John Stude
baker, Executor ol J. J. Flsor, deceased,
82 Final and distribution account of James
A. Forsyth, Executor of Jobu Forsyth, ltrte of
I'eun township.
B'3 Fiual and distribution account of Robert
Duncau, Jr.. Executor ot Robert Duncan, late
of Cranberry township, deceased.
31 Final account of Pru9bey Double, Admin
istiulor ol Zcpheuiah Double, late of Donegal
township, deceased.
SS Final account ol Mary Orubb, Executrix
of Gideou Grubb, ol Marion township, as flled
by August Ericksou, Executor of Mary Orubb,
3d Final account of Charles 'M. Brown, 1 Ex
ecutor of David Reed, deceased.
Bf4t Register.
STotiee In Divorce. '
Samuel L. Strain vs Hiirriel Strain. In the Court
of Common Pleas of Bntler count?, l'a., A. 1)., No.
«», Sept. T.. iiwi. Libel In Divorce.
And now, to wit: December Sth, 1881, oh mo
tion of A. T. Black, attorney for libellant, in open
Court, and It appearing by the Sheriff's return to
suli|Mi*na and alias subpu-na in the above entitled
cause, that respondent cannot l>e found In this
county, publication Is awarded according to law,
returnable to next term. BY THKCOOKT.
You are hereby notified to be and appear In your
proiier person before our Judges at Butler, at a
Court of Common Fleas there to be held on the
sth day of March. A. I>.. 1882. next, to answer the
iH'tition or libel of the said Samuel L. Strain, and
to show cause. If any you have, why the said Sam
uel I. Strain, vour husband, should not lie divorc
ed from the bonds of matrimony, agreeably to the
Acts of Assembly in such case made and provided.
Hdiw Sheriff of Butler county.
Union Woolen Mill*
11. FCLLEKTOX. Prop'p.
Ac. Also custom work done to order, such as
cardlug Rolls, making Blanket*, Flannels, Knit
ting and Weaving Yams, Ac., at very low
prices. Wool worked on the shares, if de
sired. my7-ly
Etttato of Hans Baker.
I/(-Iters of administration having been granted
to the undersigned on the estate of Hail* Baker,
dee'd, late of Middlesex township. Butter county.
Fa., all penons knowing themselves indebted fo
said estate will please make Immediate payment
and any having claims against the same to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
Saxoiiburg, Butlir Co., Pa.
ENfate of CJeo. Wliltesldes.
Letters testamentary having been granted to
the undersigned on the estate ol Geo. White
sides. dee'd, late ol Middlesex township, Butler
county, Pa., all persons knowing themselves
Indebted to said estate are hereby uotltlcd that
Immediate payment is required, and those hav
ing claims against the same to present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
Glade Mills P. 0., Butler Co., Pa.
•Tor *lck stomach, bad twite, sinking
r> spells, and palpltatlmi. rely wholly on j
"For want of appetite, dyspepsia. Indites
-3 tlon, and liver complaint, take 1 EHUMA; It J
never falls."
r- •Those In literary, professionallor com- -
J morel al pursuits constantly need PI KPN A.
For constipation, MAMAI.IN."
C "For slelt headache, pain In the bead. C
dizziness, and low spirits, UkoTCKiNA.
r Itead nnd stnrty our book on the Ills of life, j
L follow IU tuaelungs, and you will be hap|>y.
'■sumo will lie paid for »ny case PEKUNA
0 will not cureor greatly Improve. £
I.adles, If yon wish strength, health and
- beauty, sweet breath, cherry lips and rosy -
•'O• to your nearest druggist for a bottle _
3 of I* it BIN A. Take It before each meal." £
•Tor nerrons debility, catarrh of the blad
-0 dor, or disease of the kidneys, take PIHL .NA, □
and be cured."
zimnEitnAw a wvller
myJH-ly] BUTLER, I'A.
Office on Jefferson street, opposite
Klingler's Flour Store.
.. X -
0| M WALDRON, Graduate ot the Phil-
K adclphla Dental College,is prepared
• I* sto do anything in the line of hi*
profession in a satisfactory manner.
Office on Main street, Butler, Union Block,
up stairs, apll