Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, August 25, 1880, Image 4

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Tbe yuong tree which receives the
bud—the slock, as it is called—should
be about half an inch in diameter,
tboagh a smaller size will answer.
In some cases trees an inch, and even
two inches in diameter, hare been
budded but tbe wurk is more difficult,
and there is a larger wound to be
healed after the bud begins to grow.
The time for budding varies with
the different fruits, and also with the
different seasons, a hot, dry summer
hastening, and a cool, moist summer
retarding it. Tbe stock is in tbe right
condition when the season's growth is
nearly completed, (which is shown by
tbe formation of tbe terminal bud,)
and while the bark sti'l peels freely.
At this time also the buds to be trans
ferred have generally grown to be firm
enough to answer tbe purpose. The
order of budding the different fruits is
about as follows: Beginuing with
plums and cherries in July; then
pears and apples in August; closing
np with apricots, nectarines (generally
budded on tbe peach) and peaches by
tbe middle of September. If however,
tbe peach stocks are of more than one
season's growth, they will not peel
freely long after the Ist of August, and
must be attended to by that time or
before. , , ,
On the other band if, instead of the
mazzard, the mahaleb —tbe French
wild cherry—stock be used to bud the
fine cherries on, it will be growing so
rapidly in July that tbe buds will not
take on it, and the work must be de
ferred nntil the latter part of August
or the middle of September. It makes
rather a better stock than the mazzard
and as the bods are more mature late
in tbe season, the percentage of fail
ures is much less tban on the mazzard.
The stocks being in tbe right condi
tion, tbe additional requirements are:
1. Buds of tbe desired kinds oT fruit.
ICthese are at band, so much the bet
ter. If not, some well-established
nurseryman of character can supply
them. Buds can be sent by mail or
express hundreds of miles, if done up
carefully in damp moss—merely damp
ana prepared (waterproof) paper. 2.
A bodding-knife, costing 75 cents or
sl. Tbe knife made on purpose is of
course best, but a good "Barlow" has
been known to do excellent service.
A thin blade with a rounding point,
and a very keen edge, are the import
ant points in the knife. 3. Some soft
material for trying. Linn bark, pre
pared by steeping in water for three or
four weeks, is tbe best material; but
candlewick or woolen yarn will ans
To prepare a stick of buds, select a
shoot of tbe present season's growth.
The more perfectly it has been ex
posed to the sun and air, the better.
Cut off a few inches of the immature
top, and of the butt or lower end, as
tbe buds on both are imperfect. Im
mediately remove tbe leaves from the
remaining part of tbe cion with tbe
knife, cutting so as to leave about one
third of an inch of the footstalk.
mast be done at once, as tbe
leaves carry off moisture rapidly, in
juring the buds beyond remedy in a
short time. The stick of buds is now
ready. Keep in a damp cloth until
The place to insert the bud is gener
ally an inch or two above tbe ground,
choosing a smooth place in tbe stock.
With tbe budding-knife make an up
right incision rather over an inch long
and entirely through the bark. At
tbe npper end of this incision make
another, crosswise, about half an inch
or less in length, tbe two cuts when
made resembling tbe letter T. Some
prefer to make this latter cut oblique
instead of square, as tbe tying in tbe
case will not fall into tbe cut, and a
more complete finish can be made.
The point now on which success
mainly depends, is raising the bark for
the admission of the bud without touch
ing tKe soft new wood underneath.
This can be easily learned by a little
Tbe tbin piece of ivory in tbe end
of tbe handle of tbe budding-knife for
raising the bark has gone pretty much
oat of use, tbe point of the knife doing
tbe same work as well, or better, and
with less tronble. Tbe beginner may
find tbe ivory preferable for a time ;
but as soon as possible tbe ability to
use tbe point of the knife should be
To cut off tbe bud (which is to be
done immediately after or immediately
before raising tbe bark,) bold tbe stick
of buds in tbe left band, tbe heavy end
pointing outward, then lot tbe knife
enter nearly horizontally half an inch
beyond the lower end of the bud, and
come out about three-fourths of an
inch above it, taking a very tbin slice
of wood with the bud and bark. The
English method is to remove this tbin
slice of wood ; but this is of no partic
ular benefit, while it increases the
labor. Tbe bud is now to be inserted
carefully in tbe opening preparedjfor it
holding it by tbe short footstalk and
pushing it down gently to tbe lower
end of the cut. Should the upper end
of the bud extend above tbe incision,
cut it off so as to make a good fit.
The incision is at once to be wrapped,
firmly but not to tightly, with the ty
ing material, beginning at the lower
end and entirely covering the orifice,
but leaving uncovered the footstalk,
and the bud especially, though wrap
ping close up to them. The intention
of this wrapping is to exclude air and
There should he aa little exposure
of the cut surfaces to the air as possi
ble ; consequently the operation once
begun should proceed without delay,
not much over a minute being taken
up in finishing one hud.
If all the work has been done pro
perly, the healing process which
fastens the bud will go on prosper
ously, and be completed in something
over two weeks, the tying: jfenerally
being taken off in about three weeks
from the time of budding. If in a
week or so after the work has been
done the footstalk remains green, it is
a good sign ; better still, if on being
touched it drops off. If it has turned
black and sticks fast, the operation has
failed. But if the bark still peels
freely, it may be repeated at once.
If it be considered important to
avoid failure at the first budding, two
or more buds may be inserted in the
same stock, one above the other, an
inch or two apart.
Sometimes when the stock is grow
ing rapidly, the tying cats into the
wood, endangering tbe life of the tree
br causing it to break off where tied.
A.3 soon as this is seen to be the case,
the tving should be removed, immedi
ately retving, but not as firmly as at
If you want good starch, mix it
with cold water; add boiling water
until it thickens, then add a desert
spoonful of sugar and a small piece of
butter. This makes a stiff and glossy
finish equal to that of the laundry.
For a damp closet or cupbord, which
is liable to cause mildew, piace in it a
saucer full of quick lime, and it will
not onlv absorb all apparent dampness,
but sweeten and disinfect the place.
Renew the lime once a fortnight or as
often as it becomes slaked.
Sheriff's Sales.
Br rirtue of sundry writa of Fieri F»ci*e.
Venditioni Exponas. Levari Farias. Ac., indued
oat of the Court of Common Flea* cf Butler
conntv and to me directed, there will l>e ex
posed'to Public Sale at the Court House, m the
borough of Butler, ou
Mondnv, Kept. Olh, A. D.. ISBO,
at one o'clock. P. M., the following described
property, as followu:
E D No 111, Sept. Term. 1880. J P Colter: Att'y
All the right, title, interest and claim of Ciark
Wilson of, in and to a certain lot or parcel of
land situate in the bcronuh of Butler, Butler
county, Pa., containing 120 by 360 feet, more or
less bounded as follows: On the north by
Mar* Heiner. east bv Main street, south by John
N PurTiance and west by Washington street :
a large two-stoiv brick dwelling house, board
stable and fruit trees thereon. Seized
taken in execution as the property of Clark
Wilson at the suit of George Parker.
ED No 95, Sept, Term, 1880. W D Brandon,
All the right, title, interest and claim of J C
Smith of, in and to a certain lot of ground situ
ate in the borough of Butler, Butler county.
Pa containing 50 bv 18S> feet, more or lew.',
bounded as follows: North by W McOarvey.
east by Main street, south bv Clay street and
west by Jackson street: blacksmith shop and
wagon shop thereon. Beized and taken in ei
ecnti n as the property of J C Smith at suit of
John Berg A Co.
ED No 95, Sept. Term. 1880. W D Brandon.
All the right, title, interest and claim of J C
Smith of, in and fo a certain lot of ground »itn
ate in the boroush of Butler, Butler county,
Pa., containing 64 by 180 feet, more or lesn.
bounded as follows : North by aa alley east
by Wm Feigel, south by Pearl street and we«t
by Gil key ; a two-story frame dwelling
house and frame stable thereon. Seized and
taken in execution as the property of J C Smith
at the suit of John Berg A Co.
E D No 9, Sept- Term, 1880. Thompson A
Bcottt attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Itobt.
McKineick of, in and to one hundred and fifty
six acres of land, more or lees, situated in Clav
township. Butler county. Pa , bounded as fol
lows : On the north by J W Christy and Re
becca McKisßick, eai-t by Rebecca McKissick.
James McMicliael and Ma'rv Grover. dee'd. south
by John Snttou A west by Jophia McMicliael and
Simon Painter, et al: log house, frame bank
bark and two orchard* thereon, about 140 acras
cleared. Seized and tak«n iu execution as the
property of Robert McKiseick al the suit of A
C Gibson.
ED No 101, Sept. Term. 1880. L Z Mitchell,
All the right, title, interest and claim of PL
O'Donneli, dee'd, of. in and to seventy acres of
laud, more or less, situated in Marion township.
Butler county. Pa., boun.led an follows : Oa
the north bv Hugh and Frank Murrin. cast by
Michaei Gormly, south by John Vanderlin and
west by Curtis Boyce i Co ; frame dwelling
house, frame stable and fruit treat) th&r&ou
about 30 acres cleared. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of P L O'Donneli
dee'd, at the suit of William Murrin.
ED No 100, Sept. Term, 1830. L Z Mitchell,
AH the riglit, title, iatere.tt and claim of John
McLafferly of, in and to fifty acres of land,
more or less, situated iu Marion township, li lt -
ler connty Pa., boiu.ded a« follows: On tlm
north by Wni Marion and Pat Logan, ea«t hy
Patrick Me»ridn, south hy Kirkpatrick and
woet hy Wm Marlon : log house, log ham and
orchard thereon mostly cleared, tseia&d i",r)d
taken in execution as the property of John
McLafferty at the unit of Joseph Bailey for use.
E D 103, 108, Sept. Term, 1880. WJ) Brandon,
W A Forquer, att'y*.
All the rigliht, title interest aiid'claim.of David
Hoover of. in and to sovonly-five acres of land,
more or lew*, situated in Yenang-j township,
Butler county. Pa., bounded an follows : On
the north hv Bay heirs, east by J T Keiley. south
by John Harper and west by Eli Vanderlin ;
frame and log lions* log barn and orchaid
thereon, about 10 acrers oleatsd. HM.'Z&I and
token in execution as the property of David
Hoover it the suit of Eathor Hntchesoii, et al.
E D, No 10», Sept Term. 1880. G A AA T
Black, Att'yu.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Carl
Lion, of, in and Un certain lot Ol ground »itu
ate In Wiufleld towotbii), Butler county, Ha-,
hounded as follows . beginning at a pin corner
of Linn Avenue and Gateway, theuce along l.lnn
Avenue 50 (cat to a pin corner of 10l No 174,
thence along the line of s*id lot No 174, 125 feet
to a pin on Tola way, thence along sold way I i't
feet to place ol beginning, being lot No 175 In
W 8 Boyd's plan of lota at or near Saxon .sta
tion. Seized and taken In execution a* the prop
erty ol Carl Linn at the sail ol Wm Schallcr.
ED, No 102, Sept Term, 1880. L V. Mitchell,
All the right, title, interest and claim of L L
McCai dies* an i L Y McCandluss of, in and to
*«veuty-Uve ncrei ol land, more or lens, situated
In Centre township, Butler county, fa., hound
ed aa follow*! oil the north hy Isaac McClung,
east hy Moore MeCundlcss, south by James
Hose and we*t by Port- r McOai.dle.s :t»:d Sam
uel ltlder; story and a half frame dwelling
house and log stable thereon, about thirty-live
acre* cleared. Seized and taken In execution
aa the property of L L McCandless and I. Y
M< Landless at the suit ol Frederick Milliard for
E D, No 79, Sept Term, 1880. Thompion A
Scott, Att'ys.
All the light, title. Interest ami claim ol Isaac
Coats of, in and to a ccilain lot of ground, situ
ate In the village of (1 real Belt, Jefferson town
ship, Bailer county, Pa., containing one-fourth
ol an acre, more or less, bounded as follows •
ou the north by lot of Mrs Suydcr, east by pub
lic road or street, south by Great Bell and drin
ker Mill road or street and west by lands of
James Uulluber. and having thereon erected a
frame or plaitk house lftx24 feet, two-stories hi
height. Seized and taken In execution us the
property of Issue Coals al the suit of IlelUrluk
Krauae it Bro.
E D, No 84, Sept Term, 18S0. O W Flee;:- r,
All the right, title. Interest and claim of John
F Crown and I.lzzle Brown 01, in and l<> all
thai certain two lots ol ground situate in the
borough ol Kairvlew, Butler county. Pa., bound
ed uiid described its follows, being numbered 111
the plot of said tmrongh No 2tf and 30: ou ll.e
north by an alley, east by a strout, south by a
street and west by lands of Augustus Grow, be
ing thereon erected three frame dwelling IIOUP.
es Seized and taken In execution an the prop
erly of John F Brown and Lizzie Bl own al the
suit of Win T McCoy and Martha McCoy, his
wife in right, Ac.
ED, No 24, Sept Term, 1880. W D Brandon,
All the right, title, interest aud claim of Geo
Kollitulrc 01, in and to a certain lot ground sit
uate in Mercer township, Butler county, Pa.,
containing W by 18" feel, more or less, bound
ed north t>y North Washington road, east by
Samuel Kerr, south by Samuel Kerr and west
by grave yard road ; a new two-story frame
dwelling house aud oul buildings erected there
on. Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erly of George Kolhmire al Ihc suit of 'I homas
E D, Nos 48 A 40, Sept Term, 1880. J I) Mc-
Junkic, Atl'y.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of L'ha*
Ilewlns of, In aud to one hundred and seventy
acre.* of laud, more or less, situated In Centre
township, Butler county, Pa, hounded OH fol
lows : on Ihe north by Blan Bros and Pine tract,
east by David and Joseph Caldwell und A lioon,
south by Leibold heirs aud west by Campbell
ct al. Two-story frame dwelling house, Irame
bank barn, orchard and cosl bank thereon, most
ly ttleared. Seized und taken in execution as
the property of Charles Hewlus al the suit of E
J Warner.
ED, Nos #4, 85 A S«, Sept Term, 1880. O W
Fleeger, Atl'y.
All the rluht, title, interest and eluirn of Sallle
C Dunkel nnd Geo f! Duiikel of, ill und to ten
acres of land, more or less, situate In Allegheny
township, Butler county, Pa., (lying north and
south ol the Farinlngton and Six Points public
road) bounded as lollows : north by Plyuu Bros,
east by Flyuti Bros, south by Thomas McKln
ney and west by Matthew Sloau and Tbos Mc-
Kinney ; a two-story frame dwelling house and
Irame stable thereon, about one acre of good
limber, balance cleuted. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of Sallle C Dunkel
and Geo 11 Duukel at the suit of M Sloan lor
E D, No 70, B«pt Terra, 1880. Jo* B Bredin,
All the right, title, Interest aud claim of Anna
Etzel und Gabriel Ktzel of, in and to a part of
lot numbered 2fi in Ihe borough of Butler, But
ler county. Pa., having » Ironl on high or Main
strict, beginning at a point on High street 4i
feet from the south-west corner of lot No 2ft,
thence, at right angles to Main street, hack lu
Utttl jwc : !BtrU*xf, fl«.» August 23, tSSO»
an easterly direction 35 feet, theuce at right an
fjlc ill a northerly direction 4 leet, thence al
right angle iu an easterly direction 155 left to
all alley, thence 22 feet foulii by an alley to an
alley, lhence west along said alley ISO teet to
high or Main street aud thence iS leet to Mi."
place of begi-ainif, upon which is erected a two
itorv brick »tore and da eliing hon*e. St-.z-*!
aud taken in execution as the property of Ann i
F.I/.el and Gabriel EIH at tl suit ot Leonard
Wise and Caseamer Wise, Ex'rs, >!(: c.
ED. No t;2, Frpt Term, I**). McDonald. Atly
All the right, title, interest and claim of John
Smith of, iu and tc a lot ol ground situate in
Kartinsburg, Parker township, Butler county.
Pa, containing 60 by 170 feet, more or les.-,
bounded norh by Daniel Byes#, ea?t by an al
ley, south by an alley and west by Main st;eet,
with a cr.e-story dwellin? house ar.d board sta
ble thereon. Seized and • iken iu execution a*
the property ol John Smith at tbe salt of J A
E D, No 115, Sept Term, 1880. T S Campbell,
All the right, title, interest and claim of Mar
garet Graham, now intermarried with Daniel T
Hill, 01. in and to fifteen ai res fifty-f >nr perches
ot land, more or les-, siluiie in Connoqucues
sinc township, Butler county. Pa., bounded as
ioMoW*: betinuiuir at a post at the corner of
lands owned by J W Brandon and B Duncan,
tlicoce along lands of B Duncan north 88 de
crees east 53 and 3-l<> perched to a po»t, Ihetice
by land-* ot Jo* j;odds' heirs sooth three-fourths
ol a decree, east 40 and 8-10 perches to a po.t,
thence by Undo ol .) VV Braudon. ?outli M de
gree.*, ue.-t .V> and 8-10 perches to a po-l and
tlienc-e aionir the same north, 3 degrees we=t, 47
and 5-10 oerches to the place of
timber. Seized aud taken in execution as the
property of Ma-paret Graham, intern .rried
with Samuel T Hill, at the suit of <£
ED, So 50, 8 pt Term. 1880. Geo \V Fleeter,
All the liiht, title, i-.lciest M.d claim of Eu
jjere Ftfero ot. In i.nd r o all that certain lor of
gronndd eiinatc in the borough ol B'.itier, Dul
ler county, fa., hounded and described as fol
lows . commencing on or Main street,
them e west by an alley 138 feet to au alley,
thence »outh along sumo alley feet to line
lot (No 1) in the plan of lots"made by Andrew
Carries and Samuel G Stewart Feb'y '24, 1847,
thence cas>t along said lot (No 1) 183 n- l to said
High or Main street, thence uorth along Main
street 55>£ leet to the place oC In-.inning, beinir
lot No 2 iu the said plan O!" '"ariies and Stewart
aud being the same which Cutnbilngs and wire
—by detd dited the 241b d;y of April, IStfS—
conveyed to laid Rugene feiero : a larje two
story "bri'k dwelling hou-e and Ir.iinct stable
thereon Seized and taken in ex -cutlon «■» im
properly of Eugene Fuvro al the i-uit of G F
ED, No 68, Sept Terns, 1880. W L Graham,
All the right, title, interest and claim of Wm
Bell and Elizabeth Bell, bis wife, of, in and to
ill that certain piece ot parcel ol land ?iluate iu
Butler tonoship, Butter coun'-y. Pa., bounded
and described as follows. ng nl a poet
at the soutli-wect corner, thence south uy I :n(l
of Jacob Fetter 88>£ degrees wfcst '!) perches
to a post at the south-east coiner, thence by
lands of the party of the lir-t part north 1 de
gree west 30 perches to a port, thence north by
lands of John Englehart 88% degrees east 7!)
perches to a thence south by (lie lauds of
the heirs or vendocs ot iCiUUa Quekhart 1 de
gree east 36 aud 5-10 perches to a pout »l tiiD
place of beginning, containing 17 acres and 124
perches, more or less. Seized and taken in exe
cution as the property of Win Bell and Eliza-
Iteth Bell, his wife, at the enit ol Harmony Na
tional Bank, of Harmony, and Tboannd Charles
McGnirc, committee, Ac.
E P, No 68, Sept Term, 1880. W L Gralnm,
All the rlabt, lilie, tnter_i.t and claim ot Wm
Bell and Elizabeth Bell, bis wife, of, in t>ud to a
certain pieoe of land situate in Butler township,
Butler county, Pa-, liounded as follows : Begin
ning at a post on the old turnpike roau, thence
by wild old turnpike road north, 5 decrees west,
43 and 8-10 perches to a post, thence by land
now or formerly by John Englehart south 86
degrees east 89 perches to a post, thence by land
of i£lisba Curkhart's heirs sooth 1 degree e >st
36 and 8-10 to a tlj" pee south 8"- <
decrees we-t 85 perches to the place of
nlng, containing 21 acres and 46 perches, more
or less. Seized and taken iu execution a-> the
property of Wm B' II and Elizabeth Bell, hi-t
wife, at the suit of U irmony National Bank, ol
Harmony, Pa, aud Tlios and Ch is McGuire,
committee, «fec.
E D, No 122, Sept Term, 1880. W H Lusk,
All the right, title, interest and claim of James
A Matthews of, in and to a parcel of ground -It
ih: iu thy bqroijgh of £ trns City, Butler coun
ty, Pa., bounded north by li Hitltn, can by Par
ker <& Kariis City Railroad, south by D Kobbliu
and west by A BUhcr, containing one acre more
or less, a two-story board or plank building
tin reoti used as a hotel bntlding. Seised and
taken In execution as tin- properly of -James A
Matthews at the suit of Ewins A Stone.
E D, No 121, Sept Term. 1880, Sullivan Bros
All (lie rijjlit, title, interest and claim of Dr
Samuel Graham and Eleanor Graham, hi l - wife,
of, Iu aud to all that certain lot of giound s'ln
ale In the borough ol Butle-r, butlor coijiity, l'a ,
bounded on the north by Poll; street, ea-t by an
alley, south bv Kev McClellan and ou the west
by the Better and Mercer turnpike r ad or cou
tinu:tion ol High street, said lot being 75 let
front and 180 leet back, and the same inter alia
which WHS devised by the lale Kohl Graham, Sr,
to Kachel and Keatu* Young, w ho conveyed the
same lo .fohn B Graham (see Will book, page
492) who by deed dated the 3Ut day of October
conveyed tli - same to ROIM rl Graham and
bis wife by <l u cd DATED August 11, 1N73, convey
ed the same to Dr Graham ; i*o-*tory brick
dwelling home and outbuihll.ig* thereon. Seiz
ed and tnken in execution as the properly of
Dr Samuel Grab iu and Eleanor Graham, his
wife at tbe suit ol E R Stayton lor use.
ED, No 121, Sept Term, 1880. Sullivan Bros,
All the right, title, intciest and c'aim ol Dr
Samuel Graham an I Eleanor Graham, Ills wife
of, iu and to nil that fertiiin tract of land situ
ate in Butler (ownsiilp, Butler county, Peniia.,
hound'd i ortli by land* < f McConiiell, ea-l by
Silitii Pearce, south by land* ol Viit'oe and west
by heirs- of Wi.i Uorulnnd and E'i Cratty, con
taining 85 acres, more or less, ji being tin: Same
tract ol laud which Dr Samuel Graliail) pur
chase I by articles of agre'-mci:l fro' 3 Thompson
McKiency, together with the .ippuru-nauco*.
Seized and taken In execution as the property
ol Dr Samuel Graham ami Eleanor G.-aliain, his
wile, at the cult ol E it Slaylon lor U'o.
E D, No «7.Bept Term. IKSO. J M Mreer, Att'y.
AH the right. til If, Intercut mid claiui ol Frank
M Eastman til, In and lo (5) live acre* of land,
more or le«f», situate iri the ol Butler,
Butler county. I'a., bounded aa billows: on tli•;
i.ortli by Prim street, east by Mr* Mitchell,
south t-y I»r Dicifeiilmi tier nnd went liy Mercer
road; cleari d and fenced, Seized and taken in
exccnli'in its the property ot F M Eastman at
li e p-ui L of Hood, A Co.
V. i' <l7, Slept, TnrtJt, ISsO. I M Greer, atty.
All tlie rii/iit, title. iocum-t and claim of
Frank M Kastinun of. in and to that oh it* in
piece or parcel of land situtlo.l in Summit town*
. hip, ler county, I'a , houn fed and deecrib'xl
aH follows : at a sto io at '.be north
«wt cOrn« r thence l<y lands of \VJIfr 8.it1.-y
(now Duffy) north OS degree* east 105 7-10
pt ieli>H to a alone l ho north-eua! corner, thence
by lands of Collens heirs noith Idecree* woat
HI 5-10 |<ercbe» to a poet the souili-«aat comor,
thefjee by landH of Jmiios Kerna north de
gree" east I'ii 2>lU per;.(ic:n to a 1-oal the Month
weat corner, tbenee by land* of (ieorjje lioiber
H.'iuth % decree went H3l 5-10 jerboa, thence
from Hum point went ward the diatanco of 20
porches to the lintler and Washington road and
from euid road back again by a parallel line to
the w«Ht boundery line of said tract, thereby
giving and hereby including a road two rods
wide and HO rodn long from said west botindety
line of the tract of land, thence by lands of
Robert Henry ("now Puffy) south 37>£ degrees
west 56 5-10 percbeu to a sto-ie the north-woHt
cornor the place of beginiiiK ; containing 110
Hires, more or lu-s ; a two-ntory frame dwelling
lioiiHe, frame bani and orchard thereon. Seized
and 'aken in execution *a the property of F M
Eastman at the Hint of Hood Bonbright A Co.
ED No 97.114. 09, Hept. Term, 1880. W J>
Brandon, O H Crosby. WillianiM and
Mitchell, attv.
All the right, titie, interest anil claim of W C
Adanm of in and to sixty acres of laud, more or
Icmm Mituated in Fairview township, Butler
county, I'a , bounded an follow* : On the north
by l'atton farm, east by McLimoudx farm. Mouth
by J B Campbell form and wont by Tack A
Moorhcad : 5 board houses, 1 board xtahle, coal
bank in good running order, 3 pro<luciug oil
welln therein. derricks, engine hotue, angina
and boiler*, tubing, casing, rods, tanks, all ma
chinery and fixtures thereto belonging, about
45 acres cleared. Seized and taken in execu
tion as the property of W C Ailama at the euit
of A C Taggart, H H (latch & Co., et al,
ED No 97, 114 , 09. Hept. Term, 1880. W D
Brandon, O H Crosby. Williams and
Mitchell, att'y.
All the right, title, internal ami claim of W I)
Adama of in and to a certain lot of ground mtu
ate in the borough of Fairview, Butler county,
I'a., containing (50 feet front by ISO foot deep,
bounded on the north by Wm l'atton, eat I by
an alley, Houth by Munbiiry atreet and weat by
Main atreet; a two-story fraino building and
frame atable thereon. Heized and taken in ex
ecution aa the property of W C Adaina at the
auit of A C Taggart. 11 II Hatch it Co., ot al.
ED No 97, 114, 69, Kept. Term, IHBO. W D
Brandon, Q H Croaby, Williama and
Mitchell, att'y.
All the right, title, mtereat and claim of W C
Adama of, in and to five acrea of laud, more or
leaa. aituated in Fairviow township. Butler
county. I'a., bounded a« follow* : On the north
by Hiinbury road, eaat by McClung farm, aouth
by McCafferty farm (now Itankin; and weat by
ed and taken in execution aa the property of W
C Adama at the auit of A C Taggart, H H Hatch
A Co., «t al.
ED No 97, IH. 69. Sept. Term. 1880. W D
Brandon, (t S Crosby, Williams and
Mitchell, 'att'y. !
All the rifjlit. title, interest and claim of W C
Adams of. in and to direa v :es of land, mora !
or '..-.as. situated in boio-igh >f F urview, Butler
county. Pa.. Winded a* follows : <> 1 the uoith j
by Unds t.ow or formerly Jitnes M Alvns, east
bv Mavrihe tract south "by graveyard lot anil
WL-.-t bv Main street : a three-ftory frame hotel !
buiMii.'it erected thereon with fiuishod attic, and j
frame l>arn excepting therefrom lot conveyed
to Mrs. Jane McMullen 60 feet by 18ftfef=t back
j also lot conveyed to A S Harrington same de
mens ions, vis : fronting 60 feet on Main street
by 160 feet back. Seized and taken in execn
i as the property of W C Ala ill.- at tho suit of A
! C H II Hatch 4 Co . et al.
ED No 119, Sept. Term. 1880. T C Caropball,
All the right, tide, interest and claim of Dan
iel Wise of. in and to 120 aeree of l md. more or
lea.", situated in Penn township, Butler cauntv,
Pa., bonnded as follows : On the north by Win
Kennedy, east by A ! ex Welsh, south by Alex
Welch aiid west bv Mrs. Mum.- >n , frima and
log house, old log house, frame barn, log barn
and onr buildings, good orchard, coal bank and
about 65 acres cleared. Seized and taken in
execution as tne property of Daniel \\ ise at tho
suit o' J -hri Berg A Co for use W H IT Riddie
iiOvV for use J L Purvis and T C Campbell, tros
ED, No i'l. Sept Term, ISSO. I.ev McQuistion
All the right, title, interest aud claim oi Ceo
Scbeu'emaotei of, in ai:d to thirty-three (33)
acres ol land, inorc or less, situate in Lancaster
township, Butler county. Pa., bounded as fol
lows : on theuortli l>y Joseph <iro:l a:id Mich-ie!
Flenner, east by Public road, sodtli hy public
road and Cli.is Warner and wcsl bv Tairirart and
Michael Fienncr ; log hou e, log '•arn, log sta
ble and small orchard thereon, mostly cleared.
SeizcJ and l iken as t!ie property >;f Geo Sebei
demantcl at the suit o» John rfeheldemaniel.
E l>, No 112, Sept Term. ISV . J N I'nrviance,
All the right, title. Interest and claim of Alex
Campbell, dee'd. with n< tiee to his leya! re)>re
eeut,(lives and heirs at law ai d W T Ccnpbell
ami A t« Campbell of, in and to those two e.-r
--tiin loti of : i-ound simile in the villiire ol Mt
Oies'nut, Franklin tp., Bu 1 r Co., PiL, bound
ed north by an alley easi by lot of Mrs John
ston. -outh by lauds ol the !r:irs o! John Ne<;-
ley, dee'd, and -west by Unionville and
Mill road. Seized and lake i in execution as
ilie proj erl} ol Alex C'ampbeli, dee'd, an,l W T
C'linpbeii tiid A <i Campbell at the suit of An
d:tw M H !iehi->oii, guardian of uiinor thil lren
of '.V n liutchi-on, dee'd.
F D No lr3. Sept TV in, ISBO. J N Purvia ice,
All the rlvrht, ll'.le, interest and claim of Alex
Campbell, dee'd, with notice to his lesral repre
sentative- and heirs at law and W T Campbell
and A f» Campbell of, in anl to all that cer
t. i'i lot of irrouu !(N'"9) situate in the village of
Mt Chestnut. Franklin twp., Butler comity. Pa.,
bounded north by the Bailer aud New Caslle
road, east by an alley, south by an alley and
•vest bv lot No 11, beins; 00 leet in front and 20-)
led bark, w i!h the appurtenances. Seized and
taken In eject):ion is the property of Alex
Campbell, dee'd, r.ml W T Campbell and A (i
Campbell at the suit ol Andrew M Hutchison,
ir lian of li;e minor children oi Wtu Hutchi
son, dee'd.
E D, No 112, Sept Term. 1880. J N Purvianee,
All the title, interest aud claim of Alex
Campbell, iiuc'o. will, notice to J.is repre
sentatives and beiisatlaw and W T Qampbell
:ind A G Campbell of, in and 10 13 acres ot land,
more or less, situate in Franklin township, But
ler county. Pa., bounded ns follows: on the
north by* lands of Henry Bright, east by the
public road, sou h by lands of John T Cranmer
and west by lands o! John T Cranmer, ii beinir
p.ut ol the .-ame tract ol land which Jos Sproll
and wife, by deed dated April 2, 1874, conveyed
to Ales Caiupbuil Qiid A G Campbell. Seized
and laken in execution us the property of Aler
Cauipbtll, dee'd, and W T Oamplx ll and A G
Campbell at the suit of Andrew M Hutchison,
guardian ot the minor children ol Wm Hutchi
son, dee'd.
E I), No 112, Sept Term, ISBO. J N Purvianee,
All the riirht, title, interest and claim of Alex
C ampbell, dee'd. with notice to !,is legal repre
sentatives and heirs at iiw «nd W T Ccrnpliell
and A G Campbell ot. in and to i 8 acres ot land
more or si.uatcd in Concord township,
Butler county, Pa., bounded as lollows : on the
north bv land- ot it W Jan ison, east by lands
of 1 lav id Morrison, south by lands of Davis el
al. and west by land.? ol W H Christy's heirs
and mill dam. Seized and laken In execution as
the property of Alex Campbell, dee'd, and W 1
Campbell and A U Campbell at the suit ol An
drew M Hutchison, cuardian of minor children
of Wllj jjljtebison, dee'd
K D, No 112, Sept Term. I*Bo. J N Purvianee'
All the riulit. title. Interest and claim of Alex
Campbell, dee'd. with notice to bis repre
sentatives aud heirs tit law and W T Campbell
and A (J Campbell of, iu and to 12 aires of land
more or less, situate in Concord township, But
ler county, l'a., bounded as follow-': on the
north by lauds of V V I[ fimblin, D Patterson's
heirs and Calvin Glenn, eist by lands of It VV
J tinlspn, couth by lauds of I) VV Book. J M
Thompson, W H Tiiubliu and Walker Christy
and we.t by Und* of Andrew Cliri-ty; ..tie.sto
ry fiame dwelling liouie 80 by 80 feet, boa id
ctable ltt by 'ii feel, apple and peieli orchard
thereon, all cleared. Seiz -d and taken in execu
tion as tbe property of Alex Campbell, dee'd,
aud W rCaiiipb.'ll and A G Campbell at the
suit of VVUJ Hutchison, guardian of minor chil
dren of Win Hutchison, dee'd,
K I>. No 120. Sept Term. Htui. W A For'pier, Ali'y.
All the rijjht. title, inl 'red and cliiliu "f John
Cress 01, 11 Kind to Ihirty-seven Cl7l iieres of land,
more or less, situate in Conno inene-siiu town
ship, liulb-r "(,ijuly, Pa.. b(>iiudei| :isfi|llowi; oil
the north Irv lauds of Win Me(!ow;u». east bv lauds
of Milton Cre; soatii by binds or Matthew I! tsley
aud Jacob Nlbioek and west by lands of lienry
Itraiidiner ; frame d;yelh:u( Innne aud fnnie sta
ble thereon, mostly cleared Seized and taken In
execution a. the property of JohnCr<;s.H at the suit
of M .1 MclJride.
K I), No 11*. S. pt Term. 1- 'o. G A & A T Black,
All the title, interest and claim of Gdrge
Gillchrlst of. In and In one aere of land, more or
lc.<;. slt iate lu Wasliln'ton toun.-liip. Ilulter coun
ty. l'a . boillided as follows : oil the north bv Pe
ter Kuiery. cast by pubile road, so'd'.i by public
road and West by pubile road and Peter Kmery ; a
one-story frame bouse.oufbulldliiKSand fruit trees
thereon. Seized and taken in exe'-iillon as the
property uf t|eo <||lloliriMt al tip) sujt of I'.pbruiu
Tbe following must be btrl ;tly complied will/
when propetly is stricken »'own ;
1. When tie? plalntlfT or oilier lieu creditors
be .'omc tbe pur"haser, the costs ou the wrlu
must be paid, and a list of the Ileus, Including
mo'tga e searches on tbe property sold, to
iretber with such lien creditor's receipt* lor the
amount ol the proceeds of the sale of such
portion thereof :n he may claim, must lie fur
nlslted the Sherllf.
2. /ill bids must hi; paid in full.
11. A!l sales not settled immediately will be
continued until 1 o'clock, r. M., ol next day,
at which time nil oiope.rtv not settled lor will
aifain bo put t|j< and sold at tbe 1 Kpcnso and
risk ol I lie |'Cr«on lo whom first sold
".-ice Puidoii's Digest. Dili edition, page 116
and Smith's Forms, pa-.'e "!sl.
myl9 "tl Sheriff of liutler Comity.
Notice to Depositors Jtnd the Public,
Mii.l.kkmtown, I!I TI.I-.K CO., PA. I
July loth, 188). |
The undersigned, eomposing the firm of 11.
L. Taylor (V < "0.. hereby give notice that they
have sold and transferred all their interest iu
the Puller County Riink and its business, to
Dorsey llros. ,t Ib-yt, and have withdrawn from
said Bank and its business.
Present depositors will be paid on demand at
the Bunk at Millerstown, until August Ist,
1880, On and after that date all unpaid depos
its will be placed to the credit of depositors in
the Argyle Having* Bank, at I'etrolla, Pa., and
paid there on demand.
The business of the liutler County Bank will
hereafter be conducted by Dorsey Itros. & lloyt.
11. L. T \ VI.OH,
T. H. M< FA it LAND.
MILLKHBTOWN, I'A., July 10, 1880.
The undersigned beg leave to announce
to the depositors and customers of the
Butler County Hank, also, Pi the public gener
ally, that they have purchased from 11. 1,. Tay
lor A Co., tbe entire business of said Itank ;
that they will continue its business at the same
place, ami most respectfully solicit the patron
age of this community.
Mr. 11. J. Hoyt, who has been so identi
fied with tbe Bank, will continue to be its Cash
ier, and will always take pleasure iu meeting
tbe banking demands of bis patrons, or any who
have occasion to do business with him.
jy2l:6t 11. J. HOYT.
JI7LY 20th, 1880.
N. B.—Since issuing the above, Messrs. Dor
sey Bros. & Hoyt hare associated with them in
the business, Messrs. A. H. Simpson, Joseph
Hartman and Owen Brady, who concur in the
above solicitation for patronage.
Manufacturers ntid dealers In Hydraulic Ce
ment and Sewer Pipe.
White Lime, Fertilizers,
White Sand, Chimney Tops,
Hand Plaster, ■ Flue Pipe,
Calcined Plaster, Ky-Lye.
juyll-oui] No. 200 Liberty St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
, # . NT MI , R . TRADE MARK,
It ««»
i> " "r,-i 1_- Self Abuse: as
Be-ore lairing, ,f Memoiy, i ni-After Taking.
versa! I-issitude. Pain iu the back. Dinininess of
Vision, rennature old age, and i.uuiy other dis
eases that lead to Insanity, (.'onsnmption and :i
Periuature Giave all of which as a rule are first
causetl by deviating from the path of nature aud
over indulgence. The Specific Medicine is the re
sult of a lite study and ina'iv years of experience
in treating these special dise;ises.
Full particulars m our paui]ihiets which we de
sire to send fre" by mail to every one.
The S;ieeilie Medicine is sold by all Druggists at
$1 p-r paekatte. or package's" for •«•.. or will be
sent by mail o:: receipt of the money by addressing
No. m Slech:uiie's Block. DETISOIT. Mini.
t®~'Sold m ihitler by J. C. UEUK K. aud bv all
Druggists everywhere.
{ »r-HAlti!ls'-<; Kwi.vc, Wholesale Agents, Pitts
burgh. iuyl2-ly.
coNsuMP riorrcußED
-it v
Crude JPetroleum
Gained 29 bs- wight in two months
POWIIATTAX C. H., VA., April, 18I?0.
Dr.. M. MII.TOX :
Dear Sir—After having been sick twelve
months, aud jtrieil the best physicians of the
country without doing me the least good, I
tried your CP.I'DK PETIifH.l'.r.M PILLS.
When I comui >nee"l taking them I coughe l al
most ii.eessantly, ha.l hemorrhage, n":al sweats,
etc., I weighed Ili j its. After taking the Pills
two months the cough and night sweats ceased
and had no he.itorrhages, and weighed 143 lbs.
Yours, respectfully, FKKD. <". Dl XX.
Thousands of eases like the above.
The Pills are also a positive cure for chronic
Bronchitis, Asthnin, Catarrh and all Luug and
Throat troubles.
Trial boxes, 2.1 ets. Lirge Inixes, (13 I pills,)
sl. Sent by mail on receipt of price, with di
rections. Address DR. M. MILTON,
may26-3m] Irving, N. Y
Kxercise your judgment.—A newer and better
philosophy.—To (mil dov.n all absurd and anti
i|ii:ited notions of diseases and its cures, ami to
establish a rational system ou the r;iii:s. lias been
the chief endeavor oi Dr. Jlolloway throtii:li life.
Jie.iee the origin of iiis celehntdii I'iils :inil Oint
ment remedies in ki e.iing with couiinon sense,
because siilMcnicnt tii nature, nil her lh".n at
vari.-.:i"e Willi IPT laws, lik" those in general use.
To tin stonuK-h we twe <lys|H*psi:i. heapache and
general debility ; to the liver, hiie. jaundice, and
yellow fever ; to the bowels, iliarrlio a. dysentary.
con"! ipal ion. piles aud Jisluly ;to the lunes, coii
suniption, etc.; to the lilood, scrofula, scurvey,
aud all cataneous ei-aptions. Hv keeping these
org PIS aud vital fluid par.-aud healthy we may
safely defy Ihe attacks of disease, and no medicine
yet prepared for tills jnirpo.se Can eipial the action
of tlje e puis Oji)ti|jept, as they dive the
seal oi- the disMrdtr, ami exllrpatiag its e.tu e, de
stroy its effect.
IMI-OKTANT CAUTIOX,—Xone are g.-n.iu. E un
less t!ie .ign-iture of J. HAVPOCK, asageut for the
f'uiled Stales, surrounds each box of Pills and
Ointm -lit. Boxes at J"> cents,ll2 cents and >1 each.
larger sizes. IIOLI»\VAV & Co., New York.
Po-itcsJw! of th s RE.MKDY, every man may be
hiso.vn Doctor. It may be rubbed mlo the sys
tem. so :es lo reach any internal comp'aint ; by
these mean< it cn.es Sores or ('leers in Ihe
parts, li is a i infailible R»ui":lv for HAD I.KGS,
»AI) liltKA SIS. Contracted Oi Stiff Join.s, GOCT.
KMIB'MATfS.M. and all Skin Di..ea-..-s.
! >IM!ITAXT C.\l• ! !«»>-.— None are genuine un
less the signature of .(. II Wll'h k. as a :, nt foy t)|e
United States, sitriuuii.Js box of fjlu and
Oliltliient. BtAiis at Si Cents, '->2 ce.i'N, and 41
. r.-l'here Is conslderabld saving b\ taking the
larg- r sizes.
HOM/V.VAV & Co.. New York.
Wholesale Agents, L' IV YORK.
Puff and Switches in stock ami made
to order 011 short notice, at
JG F. T B >-M; >•
Next <1 >or to I). 11. Wullor's Drug
Stoic, Bailor, Pa. iny2-f>in.
Lumber Yard and Planing
Do-jrs, Sash, Fra:ne«, Blinds,
Molding of ;»1! deHCiijitions,
Hnickcts, Patent Molded
Mill Iso:inls. Fioorinir, I'alingH,
Stair UaiiingK, Balusters of
every Htyle. &c., Jcc.
Circular Moldings to Order.
Lumber, Plank, Shingles, Lath, &c,
This disease like many others is regarded
as incurable. It is not so. If it is taken in
time it is as easily cured as a wai tor a corn.
We know very well that it is a fearful disease
and will eat away until it destroys life, that
i.i if it is neglei'te I, I ill il' it is attended to
when II llrst in ikes ils app.-urancc, or soon
after, there is no trouble iu eradicating it
from the sylein. I'ersor.s will have to be here
during part of tbe treatment, consequently
there is no use writing to me for information
whether it can lie cured without my seeing the
case. I also treat with mntiess, Udpture, Piles,
ristubi, I leers, I'lccrated legs, Varicose Veins,
Varicocele Tuniois, Hydrocele, aud every form
of Skin Disesi c.
Dr. Keyssr, 240 Pcnn Avenue,
Opposite Christ's Church, Pittsburgh, Pa.
is Appcll/.icg, Pul itable and Non-Alcoholic,
Dyspepsia, Rick Headache Constipation, Uil
loiisness, Sour Slo'.naeli, Liver Complaint,
Waul of Appetite, ludlsresibm. Jiuudlce, Kid
ney Complaint, Nervousness, Dl/.alnos*, fleep-
Icsb'ics", Heartburn, Colic, Debility, Kotil
lircath. Worms, Piles, Fevers, (.'olds, &c.
Tiik Tonic I.axativb retrulates tbe bowels
and strengthens the system, gives a clear head,
pure blood and elastic spirit*. Is purely vege
table, contains no mercury nor aloes. Sale at
all times Pleasant to the taste, and a substi
tute lor Pills, Castor Oil, Ac. (test family med
icine known. Adapted to strong men. delicate
females aril feeble infants, lu liijuid form.
Hold by druggists. Price onlv ,'tH cents for 11
large bottle. JIKNKY H. JADWIN, Apothe
cary and Chemist, Sole Proprietor, Carbond.ilc,
Pa. I). 11. WULLEK, Druglsl, Sole Agent for
Butler, Pa. JaniJS-ly
Livery, Sale &Eee<l
Cunningham street, near Post
office, Butler, Fa.
Stock Speculation and Investment.
Operations on Margin or by Privileges. Spe
cial busitu ss in Mining Stocks. Full particulars
011 application. JAMES ISKOWN, Dealer iu
Stocks and Bonds, 01 A 0C Broadway, New York.
Its main line runs from Chicago to Council Dtnina Can for catinepurpoßesonly. Oneotbgr
Bluffs, passing through Jcliet, Ottawa. I,a Salle, great feature of our Palace Cars is a SMOKING
Oeneseo Moline. Kock Island. Davenport, West I SALOON where you can enjoy your 'Havana"
Liberty. lowa City. Mareniro. Brooklyn. Urinrell. at nil hours of the (jay. ..... .
Dos Moines (the capital of lowat. Stuart. Atlan- Mauniticent Iron Bridges span the Mississippi
tic and Avoca: with branches from Bureau and Missouri rivers at nil points crossed bv this
Junction to Peoria; Wilton Junction to Musca- line, and transfers are avoided at Council Bluffs,
tine Washington. Fairfield. Kldon. Belknap. Kansas City. Leavenworth, and Atchison, con-
Centreville. Princeton. Trenton. Gallatin. Came- «ecti in Umon nem.ts
ron. I>»avenworth. Atchison, and Kansas City; rilK prim IPAL R. H. TON MOTIONS OF
Washington to Slgourney, Ovkalooa*. and Knox- THIS GRKAT IHROLGII LINE ARE AS
vino; Keukuk to Farmington. Honaparte. Ben- FOLLOWS:
tonsport, independent. J6ld,.n. Ottumwa. Eddy- At Chicago, with all diverging lines for the
Viii(-\Oska!oosa. Pella, Monroe. and Des Moiues: East and South.
Newton to Monroe; Des Moines to Indian. >ia and At Knoiewood, with the L. S. 4 M. S., and P.,
Wluterset: Atlantic to I>ewis and Audubon; and Ft. \V. iC. H. ltds.
Avoca to Harlan. This is positively the only At \V ABHINGTOX HEIGHTS, with P., C. A St.
Railroad, which owns, and operates a through L. K. K.
line from Chicago into the State of Kansas. At I.A SAI.I.E. with 111. Cent. R. R.
Through Express Passenger Trains, with Pull- At PjCOHIA, with P. P. * J.; P. U. & E.; I. B. *
man I'alaceCarsattached.are run each way daily W.; 111. Mid.: and 1. P. A\\ . Rds.
between CHICAGO and Peoria, Kansas City, At Rock Island, with Milwaukee A Bock
COUNCIL BLUFFS. Leavenworth and Atcui- Island Short Line," mid Rock Isl d X Peo. Hds.
BON Through cars are also run between Mliwau- At Davenport, with the Davenport Division
kee and Kansas City, via the "Milwaukee and C, M. A St. P. R. It.
Rock Island Short Line." At West liberty, with the 8., C. R. 4 N. R. R.
The "Great Rock Island" Is magnificently At QdIKNELL, with Central lowa U. R.
equipped. Its road bed is simply perfect, and its At Des Moines, with I>. M. 4 F. D. K. R.
track is la<d with steel rails At Cor NCI L BLUM'S, with Lnion Pacitlc R. R.
What win please you most will be the pleasure At Omaha, with B. 4t Mo. 11. It. R. in Neb.)
of enjoying your meals, while passing over the At Columbus Junction. with B .C. 1C.4 N.R.R.
beautiful prairies of Illinois and lowa, in one of At ottumwa. with Central lowa R. R.; W.,
our magnißcent Dining Cars that accompany all St.L. 4 Pac.. and *. B. 4Q. It. Rds.
Tlirouuh Express Trains. You get an entire At Keoki K, with Tol., 1 eo. 4 \Var.; \Vab., St.
meal, as good as Is served in any flrst-class hotel, Louis 4 Pac., and St. L.. Keo. A N.-W. R. Rds.
forseventy-tive cents. At Cameron, with 11. St. J. It. R.
Appreciating the fact that a majority of the At Atchison, with Atch.. Topoka 4 Santa Fe;
Dcople prefer separate apartments for different Atch. 4 Neb. and I en. Br. U. P. R. Rds.
purposes (and the Immense passenger business At LeavenwortU, with Kan. Pao., and Kan.
of this line warranting it), we are pleased to an- Cent. R. Rds.
nounce that this Company runs Puilman Palace At Kansas City, with all lines for the West
Sleeping Can for sleeping purposes, and Palate and Southwest
Ticket* Tin this Line, known as the "Oreat Kock Island Boute," are sold by
fa.li 'ticket Agenta In the United States aid Canada.
Kor Information not obtainable at your home ticket office, addresw,
« Qen'l Superintendent. Gen'l Tkt. and Pass'gr Agt..
Chicago, III*
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
MAIN STREET, (North of Lowry House,) BUTLER, PA.
Port Grape Wine
Used ill the prllicip il CI. arches for Communion
Etctlltnt Kor I xllei m»d Weakly
Person« anil the Ikcil,
This Celebrated Native Win*- Is made from the
juice of I lie o|»orto«;raj>e.raised hi this country.
Its I valuable
Tonic and Strungthing Proportios
an* unsurpassed bv any other Native Wine. IteuiK
the pure Juice of the Crape, produ I under Mr.
Speer's own personal supervision, lis purely and
Kciimnencss are Kiiaranleiul. The yomiKest cblbl
may partake of it m ncneroiis <|ualltles, and the
weakest Invalid use it toadvanlatfe. Ii ispartleu
larily henellclal to the a«eil aud debilitated, and
suited to the various ailments that alfeel the
weaker sex. It Is ill every respect A WINK Tl» UK
ItKI.l l-:i> ON.
M i» »•: KICH
JP. J-. SH "B ■&, JRs Y,
The P. J. HIIKItUV Is a wine of Superior Char
aeler. and partakes ol IheKolden ipialltles of lln-
Krape Iroiu which It Is made. I'or purily, Itiehiiess.
Flavor ani» Mechanical Properties, it will lie found
■£>. J~- BRANDY.
Tills IIUANDV stands unrivaled In this Country,
belne jar superior for medlcbiial purposes.
IT IS A PIIHK illstliiitioii from the urape aud
contains valuable luedlellllal properties.
It lias a delicate llavor. similar to tliiit of the
(trapes from which It Is distilled, and in iu great
favoraiiiniiK llrsl-el iss families.
See thai lie' slenaliire of Al.l'ltKl* BPICKK, Pas
sale, N. J., Is over the cork of each iMttle.
Hold l»y l>. 11. WULLGK.
parts of the Sl:ile. to s,*ll Hussell's I|"W and
elegant MAI'OK I'KNNSYI.VAMA. Kv.-rv clll
/cu should have II NothlllK lias sueeeeded like
It since war times. I'ieriil. oniamental and cheap.
A golden opportunity for energetic canvassers.
Sample foruo cents. Address.
(Juarlcr CIU I'ubllshliii: House,
723 Sansoni si., Philadelphia.
■ TrnPP Hook of nearly 100 large
A HkHH (H-lavo pages for the sick.
A JL liJjftj Full of valuable notes, by
(|r. K. 11. PoOTK, on Scrofula, Diseases of the
breathing organs; Diseases of Men; Diseases
of Women; aches and pains; Heart Troubles ;
and a great variety of chronic diseases, with
evidence that in moat eases these discuses are
curable. Send a three 1 ''-'it statnn Add res,
CO., No. IL'W Kast 2Kth pSI II Il\
street, New York city.
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure.
(Formerly Dr. Craig's Kidney Curt.)
A vegetable preparation and the only sure
remedy in tnc world for Brltflit'm I>l*ejuu'.
Di.-ibelet, nud ALL lildufj, Liver, una
Urinary DLmmum***.
tMTTestimonials of the highest order In proof
of these statements.
the cure of I>labet*s, call for War
ner's Safe Dlabotf* €'ure.
•fFor the cure of Britf-lit's and the other
diseases, call for Warner** .Sale Hlduej
und Liver Care.
It is the best Blood Purifier. and stimulate*
every function to more healthful action, und
is thus a benefit in all diseases.
It cures Scrofulous und other ttkln Kran
lions and Diseases, including laurrn, 1,1.
era, and other fium.
I> vxpepslu. Wfahnnw oflht* Klomiiph,
t'uuallpalion, Itlnlnru, Urnrml Kt-bil
>(*, etc., Kre cured by the Niife nil ■<>■->. Uis
une<iiialed as an appetizer ami regular tonic.
Bottles of two sizes ; price*, !We. ami 81.00.
Quickly gives Beat and ftlrep to the Buttering,
cures lleadaelie and Neurnlirin, prevents
Kpllpptlr Fit*, and relieves Nrrvoun l*ro«*
(ration brought on by excessive drink, over
work, mental shocks, and other causes.
Powerful as it is to stop pain and s«»otlio dis
turbed Nerves, it n«*ver injures the system,
whether taken in small or large doses.
Bottles of two slreto; prices, 50c. und 91.00.
Are an Immediate and active stimulus for a
Torpid Liver, and cure Coativeuess, Dyspepsia, Bll
■aHHßoV|W!l ft iouiness. Bilious I>iar-
F*lolASfWlLiaJ JL_ rhoea. Malaria, Fever
nfflnnlJaßfin|| and Ague, and should
luUvflwilblMS be used whenever the
bowels do not operate
■ freely and regularly.
VfW Ito oilier HIU require »arh
ftumll «l for
work. |*rlre et*. •» bo v.
MnViffipffn Wnrnei'» Ki.fr If. u <*«!1»«• nro
JLM| »ul«l liy Driu ::!-(» A Iti'.ilt n
li> IraUlm e*rr|«rt»n*.
@ r . \>
For Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera Morbus. Vomit
ing, Sour Stomach, Sick Headache, Indigestion, and
all diseases of the Stomach and lloweis.
IfAUHLS <L EWING, Pittsburgh.
A certain, Bftfo nnd euro for every
actio iiti'l pain. It Klvea Instant anil iierman
cnt relief, und may bo U»o<l n» » liniment If
desired. lIARIMH <* KWING.
Wholesale I>rugglst», I'ltUbunch.
AdiuinmiralrixN Sol ire.
Notice is hereby given that I ■!! : of admin
inlr.it •• 11 having l>ee i granted to Ihe undersign
eil un Ihe estate of James Stoop', late <>l" < 'berry
township, county of Butler, Stale of I'cimsylva
nia, di ed, nil person knowing th -m:.elves in
debted to Kuiil iMnte will ploase make immedi
ate pa* incut, ami those having* l;»it.t.H the
Willie to present them duly authenticated for
settlement. KUZA JAN'K STOOPS, Ailm'x,
jel'ijiiw] Annambilo, Ituller Co., I'a.
Union "Woolen 7*l ill,
11. FIJV,LKIITOX. Prop'r.
Manufacturer of BI.ANKKT*, FI.ANNKI.S, YAKNS,
Ac. Also custom work (lone t;i order, such a»
curding Itolto, making lilaukcts, Kl inn l> Knil
tlng anil Weaving Yarns, &e., it very low
prices. Wool worked on the s'ures. It ile
slred. IUV7-1V
TALK MM >1" I' Yi«; It
A ConiplHc (\\ elop;rt!i;i for 57.00.
Everybody, yonng ami old. learned ami un
learned, while or black, in Butler county, there
will bo a meeliug between you an 1 H. W. Moore
on or after August Ist, lHrfll. whose purpose it is
to place in every home, every oillce and every
shool roon: in I'.uller county, a c implcto Cyclo
pie lia, for only ♦7,<k). It is the greatest wonder
of the Age, and coitaius inoro us fill and more
accurate information ll.au any other book pub
lished A good map of every country is securely
hound in with the description of that country.
Kvery term and proper name is pronounced.
Any teacher desiring this work immediately
should address, K. W. MOO III'.
Wolf Creek, Mercer Co , Pa.
Special Agent for Ilutler county.
Blairsvilio < P.i,) Lidies' Seminary.
Beautiful rounds, eoitiiti<>dlnus building*, new
and Hii|H*r)or piano** for pr leilre, and mount <jm
INMTICI itioN, Ten iiiHlruetnrH. Terms moderate.
Thirtieth vear begin* KeidciulH'r K, IMHU. For Cat•
itloKiies, apply to ItKV. T. li- KWINO, rilnclpal.
JuncUH -Jin ,
Planing Mill
Liiml>ei* Yard.
S.G. Purvis & Co.,
Rough and Planed Lumber
Brackets,' Gauged Cornice Beards,
Newell Posts and Balusters
FENCE PALINGS, &0., &c ,
Barn Boards; Plastering Lath ; Ilein
lock Bill Stuff, such as Joist IJaf
ters, Scantling, <fcc.. all sizes
constantly on band.
All of which we will sell on
reasonable terms and guar
antee satisfaction.
Near German Catholic Cburch
DT? \TOrn\ T C I Every Soldier disabled
IT olAJi>i © ! ill lii.e or duty, l.y
wound, disease or injury, is entitled to n pension.
Pensions date back to time of discharge or death
of soldier. Claims of all descriptions prosecuted.
Copies of lost discharges obtained. Claims filed by
Attorneys who liave since dUd, or from other
causes nave ceased to practice, finished without
delav. Address, with stamp.
H. S. BKKI.IN & CO.. Attorneys.
my2C-3ni] I'. O. Box, fiß2, Washington, D. C.
of Syracuse, N. Y.
Are now putting on the market a Plow that
la as much superior to any Plow heretofore
made as the Plows of the past few years have
been superior to those made hiill a century
It combines all the excellencies of any Plow
in use.
It obviates all the objections made to any
other Plow.
In addition it embraces several new features
of the greatest value, for which we have ob
tained exclusive Patents.
Its Beam, Clevis, Jointer Standard and Wheel
Standard will be STEEL, and Its mold board
will be a composition of Steel a..d Iron chilled
under a process for which we have also
obtained an exclusive Patent. It will bo
Its weight will be eighteen pounds leas than
our present styles.
A tlrst-class Steel Plow, made In the or
dinary way, full rigged, retails for twenty-two
dollars. Inferior Steel Plows retail from six
teen to nineteen doUars.
The price of our new Plow wIU be but
Seventeen Dollar*, and It WIU be the
cheapest Agricultural Implement ever sold.
Its mold board will outwear three of the
very best kinds of the ordinary steel mold
It will scour In soils where all steel plows
and all other plows have hitherto proved a
• failure.
With this Plow will be Introduced a corni.
gated Plow Point and Jointer Point, on whlcH
we have also obtained a Patent, and which la
also a great Improvement, both as regards
Krength and wear.
The Jointer can bo shifted so as to tako
more or less land, and also more or less pitch,
and It can always be kept on a line with the
The wheel will run under the beam or one
Bide of it as desired, and always kept In line.
The beam la adjustable for Spring or FaU
Plowing, and also for two or three horses.
The handles can be adjusted to accommo
date a man or boy, on the same Plow.
It Is a perfect Plow.
Wooden beams are going out of use because
they shrink, swell and warp, and never run
two seasons alike.
Iron beams are too heavy.
Malleable beams become demoralized and
bend, which Is much worse than to break.
A Steel beum Is the necessit yof the day. It
la three t lines as strong and very much lighter
than any other style.
When tee say a Mold board is chilled, tho
farmers know it Is so.
We do not palm off on them a composition
Of various metals and call It chilled metal.
We want agents for this new Plow In every
town In tills State.
We can give but a very small discount to
them, but we will pay the Itallroad Freight.
We propose to place this Plow in the hands
of Farmers as near tho cost of manufacture
as possible.
It will be tho best Agricultural Implement
ever sold.
It shall also be tho cheapen.
Persons therefore who are not willing to act
as agents on the principle that "a nimble six
pence is better than a slow shilling," need not
apply for an agency.
No Flows on commission. All sales absolute,
t*" This is the only Steel Chilled Plow In
the World.
Steel costs several times more than Iron.
But this Plow, full rigged, by giving small
discounts, can be sold for Seventeen Dollars.
Compare tills price with that of any Iron Plow
ever made.
It is cheaper than any other Plow now
Hade would bo at live dollars and a half.
Where there are no agents wo will, on ro
eelptof Seventeen Dollars, send a Plow to any
Kullroad station in tho State and pay the
freight. Address,
Syracuse, N. Y»
liSf] PAD
-o]t iii ions ol I lie Public,
Tlin Pads aro soiling well, llavo several ol 1
elm nie canon of Kidney trouble uning them, and
tlu v report an improvement and think much of
tluiu. A. 1.. ROHBOCK Jt CO,, Druggists.
*our Pad has done rae more good then any
Itemedy I ever used. J AS. 1). CALLAWAY.
Yo'tr Pad has cured me of Pain it; the Back
and li:dney Trouble. M. J. HOUGH.
day kidney pad; ea..
J. C. REDICK, Agent for Butler Co.
To everv workihg agent, male of famele.
Agents are clearing from >6 to sls a day on our
goods, ill addition to alxive premium. Semi to
cent-, (or sample or 91.0i> for full outfit and secure
CO. U wlsburg. Pa. lamylm
Advertise in tho CITIZEN.