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A#*,.!. 41 P*rk How (Time. BuiMio*), No
York, in authorized to ooutraot for •dtertim
Knouts io fch® Cniziji.
Now Advertisements To-Day.
The llevealer.
Public Sale—Two Lots in Sunbury.
Executors' Notice—Estate of Jacob Smith,
de \otice to Stockholders of Building mad Loan
Local and General.
LAKE Erie is full of floating ice.
LADIES will find a cure in DAYS
KII>NIT PAD when everything else
IT is now taahionable for young
ladies to have the mumps, they are very
NEVER plant trees when the soil is
wet or cloddy, but wait until it is in a
friable condition.
MR. T. J. RCSSSLL has been ap
pointed postmaster for Holvoke post
office, this county.
MARCH Ist was the one hundredth
anniversary of the abolition of slavery
in Pennsylvania
THE Economites of Beaver county
will build one hundred new dwelling
houses this summer.
HUGH MARTIN, a highly respectable
citizen of Beaver county, was found
dead in his bed lately.
"SELLERS' Liver Pills'* uever fail
to cure biliousness, indigestion, or
headache Sold by all druggists.
SAVE your rags and waste paper.
They are now in lively demand and
are selling for more than at any time
since the war.
THERE is but one county in Penn
svlvania that has not heard the shriek
of the iron horse within her border,
and that is Fulton.
WE are glad to hear that Mr. Cuth
bert's son John is rapidly recovering.
The loss of Samuel was a very heavy
affliction to the family.
MANY a man will confess to chills
and fever who will not acknowledge
that his mother-in-law has arrived for
her annual six weeks' visit
ON Monday of this week the County
Commissioners appointed Mr. George
W. Ziegler as the janitor of the Court
House for the coming year.
"THEY cannot all lie," was the ob
servation of one while reading the
endless testimonials to "Dr. Lindsey's
Blood Searcher."' It is infallible.
THE Lefevre murder trial is said to
be the fourteenth case for murder tried
before our County Court, not includ
ing trials for manslaughter or attempts
to murder.
THE mails to and from this place are
now taken to and from the depot in a
band cart, the R. R Company finding
sl6 a month too large a sum to pay
for service.
QUIT* a number of our Methodist
friends will make an excursion to Mil
lerstown this (Wedhesday) evening,
to take part in the revival services
now being held there.
THE Connty Commissioners have
fixed the tax for this year for county
purposes at 5 mills on personal per
sonal property and real estate, and 4
mills on money at interest.
MB. WM. SCOTT has brought suit, in
our Common Pleas Court, againßt
Tbomas H Maber and James K. Dain,
for conspiracy to indict him and to
injure him in his reputation.
THOSE of our citieens who live con
tiguous to public street crossings de
serve the thanks of our church-going
people for the admirable Condition of
said crossings on the past two Sundays.
THE Court last week appointed
Reuben McElvain, Abraham McCand
less. Sr., Alexander Storey and Wm.
R. Patterson, to serve as tipstaves of
the Court for the coming year, and
James Kearns, Sr., to be Court Crier
mortem examination upon the body of
Mrs. Margaret Roach, who was found
dead at her residence in Millerstown,
on the 15th inst. The finding of the
jury was that she came to her death
from tbe effects of alcohol.
THE prospect for tbe spring session
of the Pine Grove Normal Academy
was never so encour«ging before.
Spring Session will begin Tuesday,
March 30, 1880. Send for Students'
Journal and annual catalogue.
J. C. KETLEB, Principal.
NOTHING in modern history, except
Mark Twain weeping over the tomb of
Adam, has presented more elements of
pathos than the scene described by
Gen. Brisbin of that good little boy
Ulysses S. Grant threshing bis Cana
dian cousin for speaking disrespect
fully of George Washington.
THE following is the inscription on
a letter that passed through our post
office a day or two ago:
The dominion is CANADA, the province QUE-
BEC, ■>
And SHKRBKOOKE is the name of the town.
Where this letter I wish to be safely conveyed,
Without a complaint or a frown.
To HENRY BROOK, • blacksmith by trade,
And not given to frolic or trick*,
Ilis bos in well known, so make no mistake-
MB. WILLIAM IIOWE, a brakeman on
the gravel train of the Branch road,
and a resident of Freeport, was thrown
violently from the train s and over an
embankment, between Dilks station
and Great Belt, last Monday morning.
He was severely cut about the head
and his life is despaired of." The accident
was result of the breaking of the brake
lever he was working.
The Anglo-American Cable Com
pany is not discouraged by the open
ing of the new line. At all events it
proposes to lay another wire this sum
mer, and is now negotiating for that
purpose. But what the world is watch
ing and waiting for at the present
writing is the International Telephone
Company. We must be on speaking
terms with the effete despotisms.
THE receipts of Pennsylvania last
year from ordinary sources were $5,-
392,361, and expenses, otherwise than
the redemption of loans, $4,844,111.
Taxation brought in nearly $4,000,000
chiefly from corporations, the taxes on
writs, wills, deeds and personal prop
erty, yielding less than $500,000. Li
censes, chiefly those issued to retail
store and tavern keepers, yielded $8 JO,-
TUE North Bend Chilled Plow, as
(foo.l a ebiUed Plow, and a dollar and a half
caeap 'i than auy other, M for Hale by
♦ Hi**CM
THE most significant oi recent p » -
tical "straws" is the fact that Mr.
Edward Cowles, proprietor of the
Cleveland Leader, has accepted the
presidency of a Blaine club. Only a
short time ajro Mr. Cowles was an
enthusiastic Grant man.
LAST Friday after-noon Gov. Hoyt
issued the death warrants of Henry
Wise, Israel Brandt aud Josiah Hum
mell, three of four men who employed
Charles Drews (executed last Novem
ber) to murder Joseph Raber in Leba
non county to obtain SIO,OOO insurance
on his life. The date of the hanging is
Thursday, May 13. Raber wa* mur
dered by drowning in a small creek on
December 7, 1878.
METAL Plow Points, of all kinds,
for sale at the Hardware Store of
A HOUSE belonging to Capt. J. G.
Bippus, of Oakland township, this
couuty, was burned on Friday night
last. The house was nearly a new
one and was occupied bv two of the
Captain's boys, in connection with the
care of the farm on which it was lo
cated. The boys were absent at the
time and all the circumstances point
to the conclusion that the burning was
the act of an incendiary. There was
no insurance on the house.
THOUSANDS have been cured of
dumb ague, billious disorders, jaun
dice, dyspepsia and all diseases of the
liver, blood and stomach, when all
other remedies have failed, l>y using
Prof. Guilmette's French Liver Pad,
which is a quick and permanent cure
for those disorders. • Ask your drug
gist for this great remedy, and take uo
other, and if he does not keep it send
$1.50 in a letter to the French Pad Co.,
and receive one by mail post-paid.
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AGAIN the sweet singer of the Con.
noquenessing steps to the fore. This
time with the second verse of his
renowned poem on the beautiful snow.
Here it is:
L:ust night it snowed,
An'l then it blo\vt*d,
A ii'l llii u it suow-ed,
Ami then il btow-ed.
It will be seen that his poetry some
what resembles the "Sandy loaned a
man a mule" poetry, but however, the
third verse will be looked for with in
THE Court yesterday afternoon de
ferred action on the conviction of John
Lefevre for murder, till the third Mon
day in April next. Mr. Lefevre's coun
-Bel stated that be had some matters of
business to arrange, and that they bad
concluded not to make a motion for a
new trial. It is supposed that the coun
sel for tbe defendant intend to appeal
the case to the Supreme Court of the
State on some of Judge Bredin's rul
ings, get the defendant out on bail, and
finally get a new trial.
SPECIALTIES in woolens at William
Aland's Merchant Tailoring establishment not
to be had elsewhere in the county.
WHEN you have an iuflamed eye. a
swelled head, or decayed and aching
tooth you do not lake and fill your
stomach to cure it, but ap
ply a cooling b.tion or some soothing
narcotic directly to the parts. So if
you have a week or lame back, sore
kidneys, profuse or scanty urine, or
the secretory system is clogged and
inactive you should use Prof. Guil
mette's French Kidney Pad, which is
a directly local application, which al
ways gives speedy reiief, and always
cures the disease. Ask your druggist
for it.
THE Lower House of the Connec
ticut Legislature have passed a bill al
lowing women to vote, under the same
restrictions as men, upon questions in
volving the liquor traffic. Whatever
may lie the objections urged against
women having eqnal rights with men
at the polls, there can l»e but little
doubt that the gentler sex have the
highest moral right to au effective ex
pression of opinion on the business of
retailing liquors and the privileges
and restrictions under which tbe trade
shall be conducted.
FARMERS, don't forget that the Dia
mond Iron Plow is still to the front, and for
THE Board of Pardons has fixed the
27th for hearing the pleas of Messrs.
Kemble, Salter, Ruiuberger, Crawford
and Petroff for the interposition of Ex
ecutive clemency to modify or relieve
the punishmern defined by the law for
corrupt solicitation. While many of the
pardons solicited attract but limited at
tention, tbe board must well appreci
ate the general interest felt in these
cases that call tor the exercise of Un
intended judicial attributes of that tri
bunal, and neither partisan or individ
ual favor should dictate its judgment.
SUNSET Cox and a nnml>er of other
benevolent members of Congress pro
pose to vote SIOO,OOO of tbe public
money for tbe re'ief of tbe starving peo
ple of Ireland Nothing is more beau-
I tiful than charity, but that sort which
gives away other people's money is not
tbe right kind. Let Mr. Cox and the
other Congressmen give to the suffer
ing masses in Ireland all tbe money
that they are disposed to give aud that
they can spare from their own pockets;
but there is no rule of the Constitution
which allows tbetn to vote mouey from
the Treasury for any philanthropic or
humanitary purpose.
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Children's Caps, at Charles It. (Jrieb's.
SOME curious persons calling them- 1
selves the "Salvation Ariny" have <
landed in New York from Kugland !
with the laudible intention of attack- J
ing sin and making converts to Chris- j
tianity. The "Salvation Army" is j
composed of both men and women. I
who wear a singular unifortn which
serves to make them conspicious wher
ever thov go. It is their purpose to
sing psalms and preach in the streets
and other places where men most do
congregate, with the hope of gaioiug
the attention of a busy worlding now
and then aud turning his thoughts to
higher things than earth affords.
ALL the franchises, real, |»ersonal
and mixed property of the Pennsylva
nia transportation company was so.d
at Meadville lately at Master Commis
sioner's sale for $79,995. Roger Sher
man, attorney, was the purchaser for
£emble & Wright,of Philadelphia. The
| sale includes among its property uine
' ty-one mHes of pipe line with stations,
telegraph lines, tanks, pumps and ma
; chinery for the transportation of oil, lo
' cated in Crawford, Erie, Yeuango,
Warren, Forest, Clarion, Butler and
Armstrong counties, and among its
j valuable franchises a charter for a pipe
' line to the seaboard with right of way
, secured.
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Kljr* Stttbr
THIS being Passion week, then- will
l»e divine services every morning (ex
cept Saturday) at 10 o'clock, at S .
Peter's P. E.'Chureh, with reflections
appropriate to each service. There
will be a sermon by the rector, Rev.
D I. Edwards, on Wednesday evemng
at 7i o'clock, and special services on
Good Friday at 10 A. M., and in the
afternoon at' 4P. M On Easter Sun
day there will be service and preach
ing, in the morning at 11, in the even
ing at 7£, with the administration of
the sacrament of the Holy Communion
in the morning. The subject at both
services will l»e. "The Resurrection ol
the Dead."
WORKING and Dre«s Shirts of all
kinds, from _*o cents up, at ( hark? R. Grieb's.
THE emigrants are arriving in great
numbers. During the month of Feb-
I ruary just passed the number landed
at Castle Garden was considerably
over 150,000, whereas in the corres
ponding month of last year only *2,-
000 arrived. March, April. May and
June will of course show a heavy in
crease, and durinir the summer an im
mense horde of wanderers from the
Old World will seek homes in
America. Minnesota and Nebraska
are just now prime favorites with
persons seeking farms in the West,
though other States and Territories
will in due time have their boom.
The supply of Uncle Sam's farms is
still ample to meet all demands, so the
more that comes the merrier.
THE Diamond Iron Plow will clean
in any kin Jof soil. i'or »aile ut Uie ILir-fwaiv
Six persons were lately killed dur
ing a fight in a bar-room in New York
city. While to get rid of such fellows
is always such an inestimable blessing
that the means are not likely to be
closely criticised, the personal safety of
such better men as occasionally drink
liquor demands that a different sort of
place should be selected for fights in
which bullets meander aimlessly about
from pistols held by drunken hands.
Every man who keeps a bar know
that quarrels are more than likely
to take place in hi.s establishment, aud
he should be prepared to maintain ord r
in his own house. If through weakness
or cowardice he permits fatal disturb
ances his license should be revoke I
and himself excluded by law from hi->
old business forever. A lew enforce
nients of such a rule would perm i
anently end the custom of fighting in
LADIES' Solid Gold Watches at sls
:iud upwards, at E. Grieb's.
THE reeent poisoning of a whole
family in Canada, from eating cab
bages, upon which it is supposed
Paris green had beeb sprinkled, should
prove a warning to farmers against a
careless use ~f this class of insect rem
edies. Paria green is largely com
posed of arsenic, is almost insoluble in
water, retaining its active principle
for years, and a very little of it may
prove fatal. It is well enough to em
ploy it upon potato tops, and the foli
age of such other plants as are not
used for food for man or animals, but
its use upon, or even near any other
kind of vegetation, especially in the
kitchen garden, is fraught with danger
There are plenty of useful means by
which the cabbage worm may bo de
stroyed or its ravages lessened, with
out resort to violent poisons. In the
case to which reference is made, there
was fortunately but one death, though
live persons were affected.
WILLIAM ALAND, Merchant Tailor,
hits just opened the largest line of wooleus for
men and boys wear ever ottered in Butler.
WE have received from the pub
li.slier* of "Golden Day*'' the first two
numbers of their publication. It i* a
paper for boys and srirls. We have ex
amined the first two numbers and as
far as they are concerned can say,
that it is the best paper of the kind we
have ever seen. In his circular to us •
the publisher very truthfully remarks: j
You will agree with us that one of the
most potent fountains of crime is the j
vicious literature for the young, which
is seen on every news stand, aud Hoods
the country. These papers directly
instigate crime and their extinction
would be a blessing to humanity, but
as there exists no means ol suppres
sing them, ami as our children will
read, it follows that the best antidote
is to furnish the youth with good
wholesome reading, presented in itf
most attractive form with a view of j
winning them away from the corrupt
ing papers, to that which entertains
and instructs. As the press has been i
unanimous in its condemnation of the
corrupting literature referred to, we
trust it will be equally ready to say a
good word in behalf of our enterprise.
The object of "Golden Days*' is so
clearly defined and will be so consci
entiously pursued, that we feel it i.-* en
titled to the countenance and support
of all who have the welfare of the
young at heart.
A SOLID Silver Case and a Genuine
American Movement a* l«>w as Si", at
THE will of Mr. Eugene E Keefe, the
Millerstown clothier who died lately in
Florida, is to be contested by his
father, his legal heir, a resident of
Erie, this State. The will \va> writ
ten in this county on the 27th of Jan
uary last, and Mr. Keefe died 011 the
20th of February. In his will Mr. K.
directed that his debts be paid, etc ,
j that $l,O JO be paid to a Mrs. Logau,
i who nursed him during his sickness,
I that SSO l»e paid to the priest who at
i tended him to pay for masses to be said
j for his soul, that ?>2OO a year be paid
jto his father during his life time, but
! for which his father is to give his
[notes; and that at the death of his
father these notes are to be collected
! from his estate, and the amount thus
collected with the whole of Eugene's
estate is to go to the church to pay for
masses to be said for the souls of him
self, his father, mother aud sisters.
The estate is said to consist of a large
sum of money deposited in a I'itts
burgh bank, Mr. K.'s store in Millers
town and other proper.y. A law of
this State invalidates all bequests
for charitable or religious purposes
made within 30 days of the death of
the testator. Kev. I'. J. (Juilter, who
is named as Executor in the will, has
tiiken out letters testamentary, and Mr.
j Kcefe's father has commenced proceed
ings in equity.
JUST received from the East, some
of the laK>t patterns in White ami Colored
Shirt", at CHARLES ft. GKIKB'S.
Wlmu R U !
The highest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter & Boos'
Mill, Butler, Pa. WALTEU Boos.
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(Eiii&ett z Utttler*
Miiiucxutii Flour!
Tu arrive from the L. C. Porter
M Ilinsr Co.. Winofia. Minnesota otie
half thousand sacks of flour, all to l>e
fold rapidly for cash. Minnesota Iloiir
his a reputation "f it? own. the world
over. There is uot a State in tbe
Utnou raising the quantity and quality
of wheat and possessing the facilities
"for manufacturing flour as the State of
Minnesota. It is indeed, the great
wheat Hour State of our land. Anions;
our assortment of this flour will In
found. from the fanciest article ma
chinery can produce, down to a cheap
and substantial family flour. Owing
to a redaction in freight rates west
and a slight reaction in the grain
market, we h.ive secured this ship
ment at a favorable figure, and will be
able to sell the cheapest at $1.25 per
sack of 49 pounds, or ib per barrel. 111
SOME thousands of workmen ordi
narily engaged in a single trade in New
Y'ork city are now in that unsatisfac
tory financial condition which the peo
ple in their homely phraseology des
cribe as "living upon the interest of
what they owe." About seven hun
dred pianonrikers left their labor be
cause of a dispute with their employ
ers, and a little more than three thous
and, as it is estimated, where thereupon
dismissed by other employers in recog
nition of the fact that the difficulty
over which the first step was taken is
a common one anil applies equally in
all the different shops, and that if the
laborers arc triumphant on their first
field they will demand that the princi
ple involved in their victory shall be
applied in all shops. Not far from four
thousand are out of employment now,
therefore and it is thought the number
will be increased within a few dtys by
another thousand to he excluded from
shops that have not yet acted upon the
demand of the employers' union.
\.n Hotter. It Sp3ib3 for
\\l:<T TOWXSHKSD, n.
MU. EDITOR : Having read in your paper
rep >rts of the remarkable cures of catarrh, I
I aai induced to tell "what 1 know about •• i
arri," nti 1 i fancy the '•■mulf" and
ot ie" makes 'mere dollar gra'"her-t would be
.'lad if they could eui'dazoa a similar care in
the papers. For I>> yearn I Mirlere 1 with
tarra. the nasal p i>-age Ite-rauie completely
closed. '•Snutf," ".lust," "asnes," "iuhaling
iube-f," and "otiek-,'' wouldn't work, though
it intervals 1 would suitf up the se-called ra
tarr.ili snuff, until I became a valuable tester
or such medicines. I ,'radu illy grew worse,
ind no one can know how much I suti'ered or
>aht a miserable bein,' I was. My head ached
iver mv eves so that 1 was confined to my bed
;'or many successful days, suffering the most
intense pain, which at one time lasted continu
ously for ItiS hours. Ail sense of .smell and
taste gone, sight an 1 hearing impaired, body
shrunken and weakened, nervous system shat
tered, and constitution broken, and 1 was
hawking anil spitting seven-eights of the time
1 prayed for death to relieve me of mv suffer
ing. *A favorable notice in your paper of Dr
■sage's Catarrah ltoinedy induced me t > pur
chase a package, and u-e it with Dr. Pi,-rev's
Na-il Douche, which applies the remedy by
hydrostatic preasure, tne only way compatih.e
with common-sense. Well, Mr. IMitor, it did
n >t eure me in ttiree-fourts of a second, nor in
one hour or month, but in less than eight
minutes I was relieved, and in three months
entirely cure 1, an 1 have remained-o for over
sixteen months. While usinj tiie Catarrh
itemed)', 1 used Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery to purify my blood and strengtnen
my stomach. I also k> pt my liver active and
bowels regular by the Use of his Pleasant Pur
gative lYllels. if my experience will indue.-
other sufferers to -*ei; the same means ot re
lief, this letter will have answered its purpose.
Yours, truly, S. D. RKMICK.
I*. K'M and Embroideries
At old prices, at
LET the inventors of unsuccessful
suspenders and tin underclothes, of
pumps that won't pump and pulleys
that won't pull, of impossible motors
anil incredible fly-traps, take courage.
One of the craft has found a new way
to make a market for patented wares.
Being the inventor of a certain des
cription of cotton cordage which the
Secretary of the Navy obstinately re
fuses to make use of, this gentleman
betakes himself to Congress, enlists
tbe sympathies of Southern Senators j
on the ground that this is a home man- j
ufacture of a Southern product, and :
induces the Senate to pass, as it did .
last Thursday with all solemnity, a
bill postively directing the Secretary
to test the invention. Mr. Conkling
was about right when he said the
other day that legislation of this kind
is "degrading" to Congress, if the
Secretary has declined to test the cord
age, as a friend of the bill has stated,
it was probably for some good reason. ;
The bill is therefore an argument |
against the invention, and the passage {
of the bill in necessarily a matter fori
IT can almost be asserted that ST. JACOUS j
OH. works wonders. (Shortly before tin- New i
Year, Alien I visited my family in Miteheil, 1
loutui my sou I'M ward, a lad little more than
ten years oi l, very sick, lie suffered with
Itheumatisni, an I so terrible that he was
feet I y stiff in his limbs, could not possibly
walk, and lia l to be carried from pile- • to
place. At once I sent for some sr. .IAI OH
-011., used il according to directions, nntl in a
few days coll hi see evidence of eonodertble
improvement. On the tenth of this month I
again visited my family and was astonished to
find him well and hearty, lie once more has
fresh color in his face and can go to school
again. Whenever the old trouble threatens to
return, relief is immediately secured by the
use of the celebrated Sr. ,J.u:oHs Oil.. From
I sheer joy over this result I cannot withhold
recommending ST. .IACOHS Oil. to suffering
humanity as a true benefactor.
Office of the Vvltofrrunit,
German paper of Stratford, Out.
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county are using the Diamond Iron Plow, and
will tell you that it has no et/itnl. For sale by
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The highest Pittsburgh market price
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Mill, Butler, I'a. WALTER A: Boos
THE largest Stock of Half Hose
ever offered in itutler, you can find at
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EnJenton Academy.
The Spring Term will open April
sth and continue 11 weeks. Thorough
instruction will be given in all branches
usually taught in academies. Send for
circular. Address
H. K. SIIANOR, A. 8., Principal,
Etnlenton, Pa.
Iny litidv
Can be suited in Corsets, at
Farmer**. Ta»k«* \'«»lie«»
We pav $1.40 per bushel for No. 1
Wheat at our Mill, south end of But
ler, Pa. WALTER & Boos.
\ If you are in ueed of Carpets, now
!is the time to buy. You will find an
1 immense stock at
To arrive, a large shipment of
Vmericusand Oriental Flour, all to
lie sold at the former popular prices.
Also, a larare lot of Wheat Bran.
ALL over the country str kes among
workmen areeitlier actually inaugu
rated or threatened. These were to be
expected from the rapid improvement
in business, which has raised the price
of manufactured goods from 25 to 100
per cent , and from the natural reluc
tance of manufacturer- to sliaie their
ncreased profits with their employes,
in many places wages have been
raised considerably, and it is to hoped
that some compromise may, in other
cases, be speedily effected, by which
the stoppage of the wheels, of business
may be prevented or removed.
Strikes are lamentable occurrences at
best, causing a world of sulTt ring to
the strik'-rs. no small losses to be em
ployers. and a s.ij amount of ill-feeling
between the two classes whose friend
ly co-operation is necessary to each
others' prosperity. According to the
Statistics ol the Massachusetts State
Bureau of Labor, out of 159 strikes
recorded in that State, 100 were fail
ures, lf» were compromised and only
1 S were successful—a poor show for
strikers. Vet had the employers com
promised matters, it is not improba
ble their gains would have been at
least as great, and the prosperity of
the S ate would certainly have been
greater. It is not the accumulation of
money in the hands of a few in a State
or Nation, that renders its inhabitants
happy and prosperous, hut its distribu
tion among the people at large.
STUDENTS of the IV in-ylv an: J State College
e.ij >y a summer temperature throughout the
year, l!i" entire College huildinu' being jiU-a ant-
Iv wtrned hy t!ie steam heatiuir apparatus
.itely introduce], tty tin- improvement
students occu;>v:ii_r College dormitories are
made comfortable, the charges lot
fuel it is hoped will be lessened, and the
Cucnucal and Piiy-if.il Laboratories are ren
dered niueli more complete hy makinir pc SM
ble the inlroduetion of various improved ap
pliances requiring the use of -team. Send for
Catalogue. Addres the President, Stale Col
leue, Centre County, Pa.
H titliji i'tulcriie ir
Cheaper than you can make it, at
THE surplus of imports over exports
last month amounted t<> nearly £15,-
000.000. Official figures of the imports
ami exports for the. eleven weeks of
lsso shows that the imp >rtsamounted
to $93,500,000, while the exports did
not exceed $ i 0.500.000. The only
thing likely to offset such an unfavora
ble state of things is the prospect of an
increased export of grain, with the
opening of the water carriage of the
country. A table has recently been
compile ! by the Liverpool statistician,
which shows that the Atlantic seaports
will have to ship about 1,600,000
bushels a week to meet the demand of |
the United kingdom : and if they do so j
for twelve weeks from March 1, Great j
Britain will have a stock of about 4,-
000,000 bushels left by the Ist of June j
to meet the requirements from its own
harvest. Keeping in view the fact, that
the average consumption of the United
Kingdom is about 2,400,000 bushels
per week, we see there is a fair chance j
of the whole of our stuck of grain, j
which amounts at present to 25,000,-
000 bushels, being drained much sooner \
than is generally anticipated at present, i
Should this be the ca-e, wheat is not f
unlikely to reach by the middle of |
April the price of $2 a bushel, and to j
change the present proportion between I
our weekly imports and exports.
Answer This.
Did you ever know any person to
be ill, wit hout inaction of the Stomach,
Liver or Kidneys, or did you ever
know one who was well when either
was obstructed or inactive; and did
vou ever know or hear of any case of
the kind that Hop Bitters would not
cure. Ask your neighbor this same
question — Time x.
Heller Tliuu g iiihrt-lla*. 1
Ladies' Gum Circulars, at
Dr. G. II LEE,
li 4»»MiM»(»af liie I 1 lij^icliiii.
OffieA n] rear the Wick Ronee.
North Jlain »tret. Butler. I'a. ja«7 j
Wheat! Wheal!
The highest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter it Boos'
Mill, Butler, Pa. WALTER & Boos.
If .MI niil Hoys' C'j»«i«lmeres,
Fuil line, at
T !.aro v.r. i t'."< C "st ! T h".ve v-n th'* Flexible
,1 s :.,i !i \ ry l ouO 1 C r*> r tine •i»• l: aud
r th-? Li i\ . • "i. I \ rjr I. is rt i. 1 pcrlocL
m is ill i
) J !■■ m % :
ltiTTi'Js a i: % iivrov,
JB J TLB LR6, - - - PA.
Files I Pilea ! Piles !
l)o you know what it is to suffer
with Piles? If you do, you know
what is one of the worst torments of
the human frame. The most perfect
cure evet known is Kidney-Wort. It
cures constipation, and then it tonic
action restores health to the diseased
bowels, and prevents recurrence of the
disease. Try it without delay.
All I lie ,\t'H i'SiiiiKM
In Spring Goods, at
< olored Silks, Black Satins, Colored
Satins, Striped .Silks, Strijied Satins, at
Kuxier Flower*,
Hats and Bonnets, at
And Hosiery, full line, at
At 12ic., 15c., 25c., 4Uc. and 50c. per
yard, at HITTER & KALSTON'S.
Made and Laid on short notice, at
4 oinmuiiiealionM.
Summit Tow stip-S-bo i No. 2.
BOWIE BR< OK, March 23, l^sO.
Editor* Citizen —We had the pleas
ure of attending an entertainment on
Wednesday evening last at school No. 2,
Summit township, tought by Mr. I).
S. Clark, which passed off so pleas
antly ami we hope so profitable, that a
few words may not be amis-. Mr.
Clark is a good teacher, and has the
respect of both parents and scholars of
the district. The programme was as
Music, subject "Gathered Once
Declamations by Samuel B >ren, Bar
ton Young and John GiiKland.
Select reading by John Gilliland.
lacob Criley, Samuel Boren and Ella
Dialogue, subject "Personating Old
er. "
Class reading, subject "North Amer
ican Indians."
Music, subject ' My Native Land."
by Jennie Gilliland and Nettie Boren.
Dialogue, subject "Out VI! Hound."
Class reading, subject "Orator ruff."
Dialogue, subject "That Awful
Tommv." bv and Bella Honey.
Dialogue, subject " H ejected," bv
Nettie Boren and Mary Gilliland.
Dial ><rue, subject "A Bumpus in a
Shoemaker Shop."
Dialogue, subject "Meeting of Old
Friends *'
Music, subject "Home H turning
From Afar."
The performances and order were
Oikla'-d Se tool, No. 1.
OAKLAND, March 20. 1880.
J/c.ssr.-\ Editor." —Having noticed
communications from other places con
cerning school exhibitions, I have
thought proper to give an account of
an exhibition held at Simpson school.
No. 1, Oakland township, on the even
ing of March 19th.
At an early hour the house was
crowded with attentive spectators.
The performances were exceptionally
good, and were conducted by the
teacher, Mr. Bare, in such a manner as
to call forth the appreciation of all who
were present.
The performances eon.-isted of vocal
music, reading, declamations and dia
The most prominent performances
were a class in medley reading, and
also classes in concert reading. Miss
Phillips of Millerstown recited "Cur
few shall not King To-night." in a
most admirable manner. Mr. Cun
ningham. the teacher of Herdman
school, gave a declamation, entitled the
"Sleeping Sentinel." By the manner
of Mr. Cunningham's delivery we have
reason to congratulate the people of
the Ilerdman district in their having
with them during this winter a teacher
of such intelligence and elocutionary
The teacher, Mr. Bare, declaimed
"Burns' Maniac," in a very apprecia
tive manner. A SPECTATOR.
Administrate''s Notice
Notice in h«*el>y gtv»>n that letters of almin
istratiou have been grantor! to the undersigned
on the estate of Stephen Kail), deceased, late
of the borough of [Varoli i. . Putler county.
Pa. AM persons, therefore, knowing themselves
indebted to said e«tat«. will please make
immediate pav .ient and any having claims
agnin-t the snne will pre-enf 'hem duly authen
ticate 1 to the underniiriK-d for settlement.
WM. OIRHON. Adm'r.
''etrt lia, Butler Co . Pa.
J. I>. MoJc* KIM, Vtt'y. mar!o-4t
Administrators' Notice,
Notice is hereby -riven that letters » »f admin
i-t ration havi- been 'to the undersigned
on the ciaieof M ty Elizabeth (litison. di c'd,
late ot Y!iridl"-i \ township, Bull r <• nitty. Pa.
All iitTr-t-us. therclore. knowinv thtm-i'lve- in
del.tnl to S lit! estate, will plei-ic TI ike iiumcdi
me |inviii'*t*I % *ni(] any havinir claims against tlie
s mie wjll |ni"f nt them, duly authenticated, to
lln* undesigned lor -i till*" i*ni
JOHN } . ,
mr1l)-4t Bakerstowii, Allegheny ! 'o., Ha.
1«! in i»i.ii rule s-s* fee.
Notice is hereny given that letters of admin
istration have been grijited ro tt*e undersigned
on t'ue eslate of Henry Smith, deceased,
late of Buffalo township. Butler connty. Pa.
Ml pens 'ns, therefore. knowing themselves in
debted to said e-tate. w ill plea.se make immedi
ate payment, and niv having claims stains the
Manse will present tliem. d'lly authenticated, to
the uudei>i_'iie l for -.et? lenient
mar3-4t Saiversville P. 0.. Hitler Co., Pa.
Notice Exti soidi nary.
Persons desirmsr to have their Old Furniture
repair d or New Work made to older, such as
Music St mils. Hook Cases. War Irolies. Ottioe
Desks Office Tables. A c., would do well to call on
Practical Cabinet Maker.
J hold that a j iece of furniture male by hand
is worth two made by machinery, and will cost
but little more, il any. Thoti why not have hand
ma*le ? All work made in the latest styles and
of the bed material 1 guarantee entire sat
isfaction in stvle, workmanship and price, tiive
me a call. Shop on MiClin street four doom
west of Main stroet, juid opposite A. Troutruau's
store. Butler. Pa. s«pl7-ly
Annual Finmiciiil Statement.
Receipts and o' BRAIA SCHOOL
I>li i;ICT, Huiler county, Pa., for the year
ending Jilno Ist, 187 H.
Gross amount ia- duplicate f a* school
purposes ■? 0(17 06
Exonerations •? 12 *0
Outstanding tax 132 IX— 14-1 37
Total tax recoiptu . .. S 763 00
Cash from ex-Tieasurer 50 33
State Appropriation 170 13
Cash Horn ex-('ollector 125 00
From other eonrces 2'J 00
Total receipts *1 147 05
Paid teachers' nalar.es .*j<o_'4 25
" fuel 74 47
" repairs fi fXi
•' Secretary's salary . 15 no
Treasurer and •' 'Hector. I*s .IB
'• miscellaneous espouses. ti ;~<u—1,093 14
Balance in Treasury i 51 91
■Htm* W. P HXNKS, j A x'" o ™*
i Woodlawn Academy,
j Situated 20 M «e& fron Pit'sburgh. on the
Ohio River and ?. & L. E R. R.
Every mean- have been used to procure first
cla-s Nounal Instruction Free L. ttlre will be
j delivered to the school on the theory and prac-
I tice of teaching, by promin*<i t Educators.—
Vocal Music ai d Elocution without extra charge.
Boarding and rooms reasonable
For circular addiess the Principal,
fe.bis-4t Woodlawn. Beaver Co.. Pa.
Faiiview Academy.
Tills inslitniii'li. with Hi v. H 1) Darlaker as
Principal, will open its Summer session April
Ist. A new feature of this school, which will at
ouce commend ituelf to pubic favor, will bo to
TU A' EXIT I'IENCE. YOIIHK persons intend
ing to teach shornd avail themselves of iu;-«
| advantage taai3-Jt
| T)* rViver. Stool and Book, only
I I RTIOSI to -21 a Organ-, I a Stops.
3 sets Reeds. 2 K. ee wells.
Stool, ail" Bi '!>. only . >7.50. C.;"a - op Orcati.
>*t'i"l Ho iK only A i'lrtuts, i>L N.NKLL
A- MJI>LiEK, Eewi-ton, pa. }>ui7-ftai
I *• ' I s' HliitwiiiK the Value ol KPHI and Per*
*«»: us! i*ri»p«»r;y\ sh >:qnaii/c.l l>.y the Co, Commissioners,
< < ih.- <i,'V!'P»l ToWii-ships a;iU Burouj;]|« of Bnller Couuty,
lor Oic % ci: r 1SV»«.
rr i' : n l Z ~ a H < <
Cattle over 4 § ; ss | r §. p.
: j \ j | ?£ | = 1| ?
\'i - t ih-ii 'up 7 ' -11.! ■ - ..4 s-J t-si s #273,714 # S
U T iiv t «wn>iiip. ..." _i.7•"• ■ .)1"> . ; >.non 11 <: *t 273,1,000 3,420
Butier T .ivn-h |» i;.- I ' •_» . I'.I'MI <>,-* 2 , '.'!.i;4.> ."in 703
'ir.i' 1 I I'.vn-.iiji 1/ • I.; 1 >o ' 102.2<>!> 100 1,045
T .WI: ilip _'">!>,•> >4 LL. '-' •">.!' - J.>.l'» 10,370 279,»4 375 1,655
Vw>r.l t-.w,>hip 4 11,7. 7,177 15,04t 11,<h;o 447,503 175 2(50
'."lay township 251.421 11,410 ,- j r 1,r;5 3,005 271,58S
('i. iton t'ixinhip >7. 0 11,25:' r, .c"'J 5 i»"' 2.C70 250.556 97 C 50
township 23J.s">S i 0.4 '7 5."» v 2.075 &,40C 251,920 400
('!• arlifKl townlup i 3." - 2,i*V 225.34'> 215
< ij. rry town-iiij> _.2.22' !•.;»;>:*. •». '' l.tftfl 11,080 275,0.".l 205
Conn •|• Miessiui.' t '\vnsh:p.. _ • ij.i 5 75." .",70 ' 10,157 2t 1,835 75 1,745
D int-ira! t<>wn>hip .si. 11,7*7 L-"> 7.3!> I 4*' 30.1,37 • 200 1,935
Fairvii iv r wn-!iip 512,'-. " !7,- : :•» 7,71 m 31,593 60-1.1)05 6,150 4,105
i'.irvv.irl iip 2! "ii 11,12" .74.131 C".2oy 204,721 175 2,835
FratiUiiu t• • vvii-1. j» 27">. Vv ' " 705 '.24 3,57u 13,174 25'4.410 275 1,537
Jtt''k«»n township 251,« 1.E.; ;'.217 .."J- s,<;xi 7,725 274,8*12 680
.leffers . a township. 201.571 72'.1 4.>11 4, i• > 12,050 27!>,10!» 200' 5S>7
I.mr- icor township 2 17.1 '1 12.4'" 4.-75 o,<■■*) 0,0.50 200,977 40 873
Mu lilv.-n- 'k township 25 ;l .*ss 7, • l." 1.200 1,325 204,220 100 1,425
Mercer townsl. 14 1," "' 0.07.'. 2,n00 12,72<» 7.55 105,745 50
1 t'>w:i.»liin 244 I's 11.575 ".202 1. 'su 75 202,382 125 500
MM'|V- 'x town-up 27 .54 10.20 • 5,:>22 4,4-n 7,150 299,153 23,* 890
< (aklanil township 23it,itOii .4.', • 4.' In 1 .-"»«• • 3,725 244,700 500
Parker town-hip 3-2,11- 12.404 I.ln, 30.i>0 41,850 42!',40J> SCH) 700
I'enn township 213.024 13,575 5,-1' 3.3>i0 20,100 205,80.* 1555 805
-Summit township 247. 01 1 '.4 <1 5,07- 4,'Hmi 13,250 260,500' 525
slipp.-rvrock ti vrnship 2- ! > 11."11 5.3''2 4. 10 15,010
Vi-nanao town-hip 21:',-'ol 11,702 .5,1.-0 5,495 242,344 50 307
U'a-hin/toa township 2 1 '- '• 1,01" 5,1.3. !V f 7O 18,9 AS 21(4,949 000 1,1t!5
W'nficM l >wn-' i;> ; 25.:. ; 7,5" 7 4,"12 5,020 2,70!)
VV irtli township _ .77 12,7i>5 5,'-50 5,2"' 5,211 281.037 150 1,0;i5
llarri.-ville tvu
Batter borough 898.001 5,138 1,136 41,130 10,900 945,387 1,800 750
Cer.tr.'vilh'lx.r >u,'h 0-0 1,75" 1 •:'•"< (>,(' os 0,025 75,2*4 185 530
Fairview lioroujh 01,3.-5 2,7-'5 413 0,320 O,,'HX 1 70,-43 1,015 850
Pro-p'Ot borough 07.14 '. 2,5:".1 .-1 • 6,210 3,400 70,093 100 1,005
Pnrtersv.lle b>rou','h 35.'.";' 1,200 544 2,049 1,200 39,303 225 1,1>45
Peirolia borough
"-axnnhuri; l"rni.'h 42,410 001 3.050 43,200 i 40,720 170
Stinhury borough 37.0tHi 1,0'2 37- 3.525 4,701' 42,595' 28 1
Kiirii* < itv
Z. lienople' borough 7- 772 1,575 015 7,120 7,295 88,112 400 90K
Harmony l»rotti»n r.. 7 .179 1,085 348 7,7' 1 ~,290j 88,312 3.50 405
Bv orih r of County C'omniisssioners,
Courtii -ioners' Office, I'utler, Pa., .March 15, 1880.
N " W
Main Street, - Butler, Pa*
Has received his entire stock of Fall and Winter
As 1 have an unusually large and attractive stock of BOOTS & SHOES
just opening, embracing all the newest styles, I invite the attention and close
scrutiny of buyers.
Men's Kip and Calf Hoots very cheap. Ladies', Misses' and Children's
Button, Polish and Side Lace Boots in endless variety, and at bottom prices.
Reynolds Brothers' celebrated line Shoes always in stock.
Parties wanting BOOTS <fc SHOES made to order can do no better than
by me, as I keep none but the best of workmen in my employ.
I also keep a large stock of LEATHER and FINDINGS.
£sjsp p "AlI goods warranted as represented. A l>. RUFF,
MARCH Ist, 1880.
Spring Walking Jackets
In the I'hoii'put materia h »nd .lenignn. all n>- W>H open this week the largest Btock of en
ceived within the pas» f.-.v ,lavs mi l will he Hold tir,l . v ''"T" 0oo , ,1 . B ", Forel B" "d »°-
»t pricew FLRTI v ill ,«are their rapid rale. AIHO, mannfacture wbirf» ,t }>« ever been onr
larL-e an ortment ami CLildrenV Walk- P«e»-nre to offer Rich Kove tie« iu Bewnfol
»*: 2 "■ l6 *-•" *"• uihS'st «*£. wo ?iistss:
ai ' l>re»«s Goods at and tip to the finest quali-
KT.EGANT LINF. OF NEW j ,ieß " ___
Muslin Underwear! j
New and f'ech sto. k White (toods. inclnding Slack Cashmeres
ill the deeirahle style". ISarred. Striped and
Checked Nair.so lis. at 12'- ■■ up to finebt grades. ; 45c and 50c. 44-inch Biack Casluneres. 60c ftnd
I 75c At 87*ijC and Al, the best values to be
Spei ial Attention Invited to Onr New , found in any dry goods store.
Fr c'i Jaconet & Organdy Lawns
New Mom'e new Toi'e d Alnace. new
Ma<lran Oinpfliam-* ami Z<»plivr Suitingn. Tliiw IIARE I>AUGAJNS IN
iw prohnhjv the an<l choicest »tock of /v/\Ti.fi
French W. sh in this market. HOUff keeping 1 GOODS.
OUR Sli K DEPARTMENT ; Newst(X . !;
I.ace Cnrtains, $2.50 a pair and lip.
Is especially attractive at this time. I. r«e line l inen sheeting. Pillow Linen. Table Linens,
IMack. rolored. Striped and Fancy Silks at 50c ICeaclied. llulf Bleaehod and Creair. Damask
Bargains in tin- following numbers ISlack Silks : Napkins, Towels and
A 1 25. rl 5". il ''s- T2. - 25 and N.-w h!e to eunmerato the many attractions and bar-
S-itit, .ri-vi'ii at i 1.75, *2. $2.2 >. *2 50. >2 75 gains we off. r. and would ask of the public an
and > ! 25. Brocaded Silks and Satin d'L> oil ! examination, and to parties living away would
Pekin Stupes, in 87' c.. rl, $1.25 and up. Also, say that samples and prices of anything will be
all the eiioh-e shades"Colore 1 Pekin Stripes. I cheerfully and promptly furnished.
During we will open the largest and unquestionably best selected
stock of Spring Dry Goods ever exhibited west of the Allegheny
Mountains. New arrivals of Novelties in Dress Goods
constantly receiving' at
(W" We won d call speci d attentio to ai extra tvruur I >.-pari men tin Housekeeping Goods
hartrain m Drera Goods which we are selling at has never been so complete heretofore.
HU'cents Linen Table C.oth, 20. 25. 30c.
L ( asbmere wi 1. polka Do', we off, r a do- Linen Table Damask. 50. SO, 75c
tided bar am. - Ming it a' 12- , Turkey Rei Table Cloth. 35, uO, 75c.
\t c w.- off.-r a full tine of colors in IJro- Bed Qll ts, largest i.-sortin-ut m the city,
cace I'less Goods, deci.ledlv beautiful etjl.s. Tickings, at 10. 12' V. 15. 20c.
Iu Plain ('.e-hmeres we offer the fo'loning : Tickings, best .piality, only 25c.
Double Wi.Uli C'arthuD re. good <j i iin v, 2">c. L'rilauiiaried HhirtH, at 50, 75c, sl.
(' tshmere, better gr.a-le. verr line, i! 5. 1 ic. Gents Underwear, 25. f>, .s)c.
Cashmere, all-wool, 40. 4 5-V. Ladies' Underwear, extra valuo, 59c.
Cashmere, all-wool, extra value <W. 75c, -?t. Cheviot Sliirtinrf. 8, 10, 12}<c.
j Cashmere, Silk Warp, rl $125,41.5.!. Cott n Flannel. 8. 10.12^0.
Uur sto<'k of Silks is more nmple e than Now style Chintzes, 10, Hy%e.
! ev-r. and wiU be offered at such low prices a.- l oweli-ig. 5. ««. 4 8 10e.
I will astonish the buyer. , Plaid Flannels,
1 Beautiful Silks at 55, CO. 75c. 81. Plain Flannels, 10,
silks extra good quality, -.1.25. s'.so. *2.50. We received a new and very large stock of
We liavu 1"W in stock a'full line of Tiimmiug Shawls of an entirely new design, offering at sl,
I miks sa'ms Silk Fiinger., Ac., and evervthing ?1 $2 50 Broche Shawls, at $6. SB. *l2.
offering at , rices to suit purchaser* Black Hiibet Shawis, $2.50, $3. *4, *5.
1 The movements in the East point to much higher prices, and we would ad
vise our lriends and patrons generally to save money by laying
iu their supplies as early as possible.
I lou «V lO'i lidtml street, A!l«iUeiiy.