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    a *s. « ?.,k 0 "S SSS^j a «^S?
Yo-k. l* *n : hon»»d to eotitr»et for «d*«rtin
in thft OiiizW-
New Advertisementa To-Day.
ft. ray CalW.
Notice in Divorce.
Noli'-.- to Farmers.
Jun* v 1 *v r^ntt.
Bur-'lary—W»ttlW Stolen-
Appeai* from ,vv>oi-ai«:ii»-
lUmV* &:><] Shoe*- B.« . Hunelton.
stock Soeculatloti and
Stat.merit -Valuation o( (ouiitv Property.
Local and General.
THE Spring Term of the Wither
spoon Institute will open next Monday.
Act wiselv—be ready—have on
hand "Dr. Relief' Cough Srrnp," *nd yna J sll
have nothing to fear—not even a doctors bill.
It is not a cure all. Bat for Diseases
of the Kidneys. Bladder or I rinary
DAY- KN SKY PAD is the first cure yet dis
IF the weather of last week was an
illustration of "winter linserinjf in the lapoi
spring," -prime's poor lap most have been
completely chilled through by the operation.
THE funeral of Bernard Roessing,
llsq.. of thin place. Who died of poeoraonia Ust
Sunday night at 10 o'clock, p. m-, w<U
place this afternoon, from nis rewuence on
Wnshinfrton street, at 2 o'clock.
THE baby elephant that waa born
la*t Thursday" in a stable th » t . tn .®
eirens that is wintering near Philadelphia, is
the onlr one ever born in ciyiliaed life, except
ing the one that ro born in this town a few
years ago.
THE little five year old girl of Mr.
Claud Girmrrl. of Penn township, whose cloth
ing took lire while she was standing near a
large brush heap, watching it burning, died a
!'ew days after tne aecident. and was bsriert in
the Catholic oetnetery at this place.
THE notorious Petroff of Philadel
phia might as well have followed the "ample
of his friend, William H. Kemble, and pleaderf
gniHr. He chose instead to Rand trial, and
the iiirv find that he did attempt to bribe two
Penn«plrania legislator*, aa charged in the in
THIS his been a remarkably open
winter, and that may account for the presence
at tbia season of the sea serpent on the New
Jersey coast Mrm.—Sixty feet long; dorsal
fin eight feet high ; color, black and white.
A little fellow, nineteen feet in length, along
side. Observed by Captain Maloney, ef the
Mihooner Frank Almwl.
IF you are trojbled with fever and
a erne, dumb ague, billion# fever, Jaundice, dys
persua, or any disease of the liver, blood or
it/'mach, and wish to get well, try the new
remedy. Prof. Onilmette's French Liver Pari.
A*k vour drnggist for it. and take no otkrr, and
if hc'hss not got it, send $1,150 in a latter to the
French Pad Co.. and receive one by mail post
THE Bth and laat lecture of Library
po'in»« for thin wilJ be delivered in the
Court room to-morrow (Thursday) evening bv
Rev H. F. Sc.veil, of Pittsburgh. Hi* wibjeci
will be- Italy." and he will illustrate with
Screi.pticari views, which are said to be very
fine. He will continue his lectnre, at #am>-
pliwon Friday evenirjg, when ,a small art
mission fee will be charged.
OHIO wants a law passed providing
that when a Judge sentences an offender to the
peniteutiary it shall be ascertained if he has a
family depending upon him for support. The
fact thall be certified to the warden, who shall
keep a record of the convict's earnings, and, af
t-r deducting twenty-five cents a day for his
f.xwl and clothing, shall pass the balance to his
credit, and apply it to the support ot' hi» legal
IT is reported that the ex-President
J* boflM irom He return* by
way of New Orleans, it seems, and he mean* to
reach hi* home at Galena early in May—
time enongb. perhaps, to be chosen a delegate
to the Illinois Republican Convention, which
is to assemble on the l'tth of May. If he
ebon Id swept that position it would five him
an opportunity to explain to his fellow citizen
win.l he wanui a third term of the Presidency
LATEST styles in Men's, Youths'and
Children'* <■*(*, at Charle* R. Grieb'».
FARMERS, we adxiw you to plant a
l>ed <>f strawberries the coming spring, if your
earden i* net already supplied with this de
liclon* little fruit. IfaTe you no time ? Pre
pare a plot four feet square, make the ground
rich and mellow. Boy or beg one doten plants
ofSharplcus Charlea Downing or other good
varieties. If the second rear yon do not en-
Urge the plot and find time to take care of it.
the 4'ITIZRX hereby agrees to pay '<you for
your lost time.
Tun latest styles in Neckwew, at
Charles R. Grieb's.
THE Clearfield (Pa.) Republican
pots it thus way :
"W hen we take into account Jnst what hap
irf-ned at the recent Htate Conveutioo and boil
it down to a pulp, we have about thi* aa the
"flrtoitred, That the fifty-eight delegates to
the National Convention from thi* State shall
vote aa one man.
"Rr*>lrt<l, That Don Cameron i» that one
THE largest Stock of lialf Hose
ever otiered in Rntler, you can find at
IT'S never to late to mend. The
Sweet Singer of the Connoqnaoeasina, who has
been promising us a poem on the "Beautiful
Snow' all winter, app«aared in onr office bright
hnd early last Saturday morning, and handed
us the following elegant verse :
I .as I night It snowed
And then it Mowed
And then if snowed
And then It litowed
To rali! To rah !
He has promised to write more, but this will
do for the present.
THOSK who have carefully looked
into the matter say that the growing pnMlicc
of drlnkinir lager heer I* causing a startling in
crease of kidney disease in this country. We
know of no remedy so effective In this disease
as the French Kidney Pad brought out by
I'rof. Guilmette, a leading French physician.
It WHS introduced by him some years ago, and
in I ranee is regarded aa a specific. In the
I nited State* its sales have been enormoo-.
and thousand* of person* in this country have
been actually cureo of some forms of Kidnev
disease* by its use. The druggists sell it.
LATHES' Solid Gold Watches at sls
and upwards, at K. Grieb's.
THE hill for refunding into 3A per
i cut., Uind*, payable in twenty and due in
(orty year*, *oS2,ooo,<Klo of the 5 and 0 per
cent " ('nited Htate* bond*, which mature in
ISHO and issi.Hudfor paying the remaining
300,000,000 in *hort-dated'Treasury notes, to
be issued against that amount of expected sur
plus revenue, ha* at last come up for considera
tion in the House of Representatives. Hon.
IVruando Wood, ( hairman of the Wav* and
Means Committee, which reported the bill, ex
plained it« provisions and advocated its pa*
lost Thursday, in a plain, bosiness-fikc
speech, the argument* of which seem to us to
be unanswerable.
MEN'S, Youths' and Children's
Hat*, from 25c. upward, at
THE last act in the Kemper county
trial comedy wa* successfully performed last
Friday. The case of the two bloodthirsty
savages. Vlrgd and Houston Gully, who were
engaged in the horrible Chisolm massacre, bad
been before the ( onrt for several days, but
were abandoned on account of failure to get a
jury. The beat citizens of Kemper county re
fused to sit in Judgment upon these red-handed
murder*, so they go free without even losing so
cial standing. Hut it is just a* well that the
dismal farce should end this way aa to have it
dragged through the empty formality of a
"trial." It save* time and in n<?respect changes
the result.
WoRKJ.to and Press Shirts of all
kinds, from 20 centa up, at Charles R. Grieb's.
THE synopsis of the amounts bc
tween thi* county and the Htate which we pule
li*b in another.place, will be found to be com
plete and full. It will be eeen by a perusal of
it, that it is impiissible to tell lust how much
money waa received by the mate from this
county, for the reasons that many corporations
whose property la partly within this county,
r>ay a general tax on the whole property to the
ntate. The only thing* that we have omitted
ars the fbreign Insurance Companies (or In
surance Companies whose headquarter* ars
ontslde of the Htate) which do business In this
county and pay a tax to the State, and the Ex
press Companies, Union and United Mates,
which do business la this eodtpaoy aad pay a
tax to the Htate.
WILMAM AT.AHD, Merchant Tailor,
hii-i Jiiit or*nH th« lurirwt liu? of woolana for
tmm W* I»'IT HP ■■■
We advise our readers to prepare a
warm reception tor a uiaa who is likely to call
on them soon to *ell small boxes of various
colored rock salt, labeled "Prof. V\ m. L. B. Mc-
Candless' Celebrated 1". B. Chemical Safetv
Saving Brilliant and Ga» Tablets. This is all
i that there is on the boxes ; no directions how
I to nse it, nor for what purp<~e the "t..oiets
are to be n-ed. This iu.'ent is an oilr-tougued
I fellow. He represents that these tablets wii
I make a quart of oil la-t iixt«en nighte, and
i render it n m-ex*»!->«?. He persuade*! a
I widow at Beaver Falls to give Kim **JO for
' thirtwn boxes. Hi 4 * stuff i« a fraud If he
i call? on you, tell him y«»u have beard of linn,
and the Mxmer he jreti* out of the way, the bet
ter. — XewCoMtle (. our a,it.
J trtT received from the East, some
!of the latest patterns in White ami Colored
Shirts. at CHARLES H. ORIEB'S.
SOME of our fancy men at Washing
ton are yet harping about the Monroe doctrine
in connection with the canal acro«* the Isth
mus ot* Panama that M. Lesser*, proposes shall
be built bv subscriptions from capitalist- of
anv and all Nations, and this in face of the
fact that there is European capital in almost
every large railroad in'lhiw <?>tuntry. We can
not see that the digging of a ship canal from
New York to Sail Francisco by European or
other capitalists would in any way interfere
with our doctrine of non-interference on the
part of foreign Governments with any Govern
ment of this" country, and if the thing were
practicable we have no doubt hut that every
Stale through which the canal would pass,
would cheerfully grant the company a charter.
Speci altiss in v« nolens at William
Aland's Merchant Tailoring establishment not
to be had elsewhere in the county.
Thk arrest of that blatant, foul
mouthed incendiary Kearny last Thnrsdav
attests the vigor which has been infused into
the administration of justice in .San Francisco
bv the "Citizens' Protective I'uion," which is
the name a*.urued by the new vigilance com
mittee. In Han Francisco a vigilance commit
tee, whatever title it may deem it expedient to
take, is a thing of power. No inhabitant of
that city i* ignorant of the trr»at and decisive
part plaved bv the famous vigilauce committee
of lfws, "whiefi quelled the elements of corrup
tion and disorder and made itself a terror to
evil doers by its intrepid measures. The mem
ory of that great uprising in the interest of or
der and justice has not died out, and a vigi
lance committee, whether under that name or
any other, is a movement to cause quaking and
trepidation through the ranks of the uucleao
Kutter |*>litictans of san Francisco.
A SOLID Silver Case and a Genuine
American Movement as low as *lO, at
E. Orieb's.
The body of Dr. Samuel Hahn, of
New York, a irentleman of Jewish origin, was
cremated at Washington, this Htate, on Tues
day evening 'if last Week. Only two months
ago Mr. Abraham Kaufmann, of New York,
said to his son-in-law, \)r. Hahn : "Promise me
to have my bslv cremated when I die." Ibe
promise was given. "But," ".aid Dr. Hahn,
though I am a younger man than you, 1 may
die first. Promise me, in turn, that in that
case you will have my laxly cremated." This
promise, too. wa« given, and the men shook
hands. Mr. Kaufmann, who is the senior part
ner of the firm of A. <te C. Kaufmann, M
Broadway, picture dealers, is about 58 years
old, and Dr. Hahn was 3!>. Recently I>r.
Hahn, in a patient who erysip
elas was infected witti the disease. The ery
sipelas gave rise to roeningit* and pneumonia,
lie wa« taken seriously ill on February 'Jo, and
he died about a week after at his father-in
law's house.
The latefit stylea in Shirts, at
Charlhb R. GKIEU'H.
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our large aod varied arisortment of
Carpets; we are positively selling
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Hitter & Halston'h.
Coneuc ption Cured.
An old physician retired from practice, hay
ing hail placed in hi* hands by an Kast India ;
missionary 'lie formula of a simple vegetable j
remedy for the sjieedy and |ierinanent cure for
Consumption, Bronchitis, 4 atarrh, Asthma, and
all Throat and Lung A Section*, also a positive <
and radical cure for Nervous liebility and all
Nervous complaint*, after having tested it*
wonderful curative in thousands of
cases, ha* felt it hi* <lutv to make it known to
hi* suffering fellow*. Actuated by this motive
and a de*ire to relieve human suncringj I will
send free of charge to all who desire it, thi*
recipe, in German, French or Kngli*h, with full \
dirtvtion* for preparing anil using. Hent by i
mail by addressing with stamp, naming thi*
paper, W. W. HiIEAKKR, 14!» I'uwer't Mori.,
KuchnUr, S. y. I
At 7 Out* Per ¥»rd,
Dark and Chocolate Prints, at ,
Auditor General's Report.
We are onder obligation* to Ffon. William
P. Nchell, Auditor General of thi* Htnte, for a
copy of hi* annual rejiort. It i* a neatly IxHind
volume of nearly four hundred iwigcs, and |
from it we gather the following ol interest to
the tax payer* of thi* county :
The receipt* of the Stale for the year ending
Nov. .'JO. Hi!*, Including a balance in th<: treas
ury on Dec. 1, IH7M of amounted
to ; the expense* amounted to
W/iZ»,0i3.24. leaving a balance in the treasury
on the J*t <iay of Dece.mlier la*t, of $1,914,-
Of the item* of receipt*, the largest is the ta*
on corporation Mock, which amounted to *l,-
(>Wt,<|H4.o2. Next come the tax on coal com
panies, jWH4,1M>2.27 ; tax in gross receipt* of
corporations, ; commutation of
tonnage tax, *4*10,000; tax on collateral inher
itances, $303, 5M0.12 j on personal property,
♦.17f,3t!#.4">: retailer* licenses, ♦.ViOJxI.JI';
tavern license*, Ml; bank *tock*,
♦310,0#4.K!»; foreign Insurance <-o.'s SIW,-
721.34. The largest Items of expenses were :
I.oans redeemed, *1 ,f>M4,S*r>2, interest on loans,
♦ 1,2441,1194 ; common schools, Mollis."® ; char
table laatitutlon*. H.TO.OS ; Jodicary, #4-1".-
074.56; House of Representatives, Wao.'Si.l.lKi; ,
Senate, i146.71W.92; Holdier> Orphan Schools,
; public printing and binding, *2*7,-
924.545 ; National Guard, #171,222.4 H.
The following are the amount* received by
the State from thi* county and Irom corpora
tions entirely with'n this county :
Hutler Water Works >. $ I'M
Karn* City <k Hutler K. 11. Co I'. l ' j
Karn* City 4 Hutler It. It. <'<>.. sv/Ki K.'i
Hutler borough .£2* /"Si
Hutler Saving* Hank .$. r >7o <*>
First National Hank Hutler 470 nO
Hutler county 71 'II*
Hutler County Hank 4 71 72
John Herir A Co 272 '<l .
Centreville Having* Hank -"si 34 j
Prospect Havings llank. 40 15 ,
Per James If. Tcbay, Protbonator •flu') 00 ,
" Alexander Russell, Protbonator *23 75 I
" J. I). Anderson, lleg. A Recorder... 24'> ow j
" H. 11. Gallagher, Heg. A Recorder . 4*>9 50 ]
Per J. D Anderson. Keg. A Recorder *127 93
'* 11. 11. (iiilhigher, Keif. A Recorder.. I2li 03 j
Hutler county $2,818 M |
Per D. Cupp*, Treasurer * s*ll i*i
" A. 1,. < raig, Trea*urer 2,'WI 25
Per I>. Cupiw, Treasurer >1,790 '«>
" A. L. < ralg, Treasurer .* 2,010 15
Per I). Cupfi*, Treiisurirs * M (i 0
" A. I<. '"raig, Treasurer 35»» 25
Per 1). Cuppa, Treasurer 50 j
" A. 1., ' raig, Treasurer 47 50
Per I'. <'up[*>, Treasurer IH<KI I H)
" A. L ' raig, Treasurer 350 00
I.Kjt'Oß I.irKXHMI.
Per I), t'upps, Treasurer v $320 .".2
" A. L. < raig, Treasurer 133 91
Per I). Cup|*«. Treasurer 'Bl
Per A. L. Craig, Treasurer M 75
THEATIIK, t'lßft'H, AC. inrKSMEM.
Per I), t'opjis, Treasurer 1 <*>
" A. L. 4 raig. Treasurer 47 50
I Tax on Karusi'ity A Hutler R. R. Co J>*> UK
, Per D. CuppSj late Treasurer.... J*l3 «)a
The following companies and «jor|K»rutions
I wboM pronr-rty is |mrtly within Hutler, |iay
| th# following t*xe» to the Sute :
. Allegheny A Butler Plank KmJ Co.. 4 48 00
i Parker k Karn* City R. R. Co 900 00
. ghananfo * Allegheny R. R. Co 727 72
Weataru Union Telegraph Co 9/W7 «4
i Wot Fann R. R. Co <513 47
Cnltod Pipe Linaa 7,500 00
', Psrker A Karus City K. R. Co I 1,2fi0 58
r I. nited Pine Lines 20,78« i 38
Weston Onion
sJp* AlnUUec (SifeUuett : ou.4JUec, 3JCxjwl| XT» 1880.
Parker Jc Karns City R. H. Co •? 37
Columbia Conduit Co
Shenango & Alleghenv R. R. Co l'j.
West Union Telegraph Co
United Pipe Liue* '
We find no reference in the report to the 1 . ,
A W. R. R. Co.
The following are the amounts paid to this :
countv by the State and to persons residing in j
this county :
E. McJunkin, from DA- Ist, I>7S to
Sept. 11th, 1579 *',H" 1
James Bredin, from Sepr. Ist, I>7S to
Sept. l«>t, ls7'.' 4,169 j
Samuel Marshall, from "-ept, Ist. 1-7"
U. May olst. 1«7!» 82" 70
Robert Story, from Sept. Ist, 1.-7S to
John M. Greer -$1,745 <ttl I
George H. Graham • 'i'J 4 ' "" i
•lanu» Humphreys I
L. <». Linn, Clerk "0 t*»
L. L. Dauljenspeek, Appraiser 3o (Xi j
J. G. Muntz, costs in suits against delin
quent Dealers 145 32
Zelennple Farm Schools S
St. Paul's Orphans Home, of IJutler... W
Co. A, W. H. Ensminger, Capt., Al
lowance, 187S ."W
Armory Rent, IS7S lUO 00
Services Inspection, *'7
I*. A- K. C. It. R. Trensportatton 41 -•">
Butler County, D. F. McKee, Sup't
for salary, from Dec. 1, '7B to 1 'ec.
j '79 1,170
Appropriation for year I*7B 12,Wi l!i
.Nrite —the iargvst amount was receiveil bv
Fairview township. > 1 ,(ll: the lowest by
Frankl.u, (Itid.; -S'JXfIS.
12 Persons in Butler county »73 00
Pilgrima«eß to Buffalo, N. Y.,
are maile by thonaan'l* of invalids annually to
consult with the medical and surtfical start' of
the World's Dispensary and Invalids' Hotel,
the largest private sanitarium in the world.
All chronic diseases are treated by scientific
methods. The practice is di vided among nine
eminent specialist*. Among the most popular
domestic medicines in the land are those manu
factured by the Association, among which are
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, the
irreatwt of alteratives or blood-cleanser*, and
Dr. Pierce's Pellet* (little pills that have •
largelv superseded the old-fashioned coarse
pills. " Com pound Kxlrait or Smart- Weed is
deservedly popular as a remedv for diarrh-ca,
dysentery, tlux, and kindred ifi-eases : also as
a 'pain-killer and remedy for cold*. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is the great remedy for
female weakness and associated
Dr.Sage'* Catarrh Remedy is the "Old Reli
able." Invalids'4iuide-Book— lo cent*, post
paid. Address World's Dispensary Medical
Association, Buffalo, N. ~or London, Kng
WE have an iiumt-nse stock of
Bleached and I'nbleached Muslin, Sheetings,
Pillow Casinirs, Table Damasks, Crashes.
White Quilts, Percale, Chintzes, Ac., which
we are selling at less than present Eaxtero
price*, at RITTEP. A RAIJSTOM'S.
Ir you want a snok of got>d Flour go
to \Valt»T & BOOB' Mill. A S AS
any city or Western flour in the mar
ket, and made out of liutlcr county
THE now Academy building nt
Pine Grove, i'a., Hill lie entirely completed
during the present month. .Spring Session will
begin Tuesday, March .'SO, 1880. Send to the
Principal for Catalogue and Students' Journal.
J. C. KETLKR, Principal.
Nlrnw Hn4l«FcallierTlcUln|{»
At old Prices, at
Emlenton Academy.
The Spring Term will open April
sth anil continue 11 weeks. Thorough
instruction will l»e given in all Branches
usually taug-ht in academies. Send for
circular. Address
11. K. SHANOR, A. H., Principal,
Emlenton, Pa.
Fine Millinery.
In passing along the street, we no
ticed the finest display of new pattern
hots of the latest Parisian styles, that
we have ever S4*en, in thi- show cases
ami show windows of Miss A. T. Mul
len's store, next door to I). 11. WUIICT'S
Drug Store. This display was only on
the out side, ami on glancing in, we
discovered a real unique display ami
assortment of all goods desired by la
dies. This is the place to call when
you wish a line and stylish hat or any
thing in the Millinery line. Ladies
switches, hair puffs, etc., made to order
on short notice-
RiiHerirk'N l*Mll«-rnM.
Spring Style. Send for Catalogue lo
n'lienl ! Whral!
The highest Pittsburgh market pricn
paid for Wheat, at Waller Boos'
Mill, Butler, Pa. WALTER A Boos.
Pteh Wardonn, Attontionl
Th<- Stale Commissioners of Fisher
ies will have ready for distribution
shortly between 100,000 and 500,000
trout for stocking streams in Western
Pennsylvania. They will Is- sent prin
cipally from the State hatchery at
Oorry, and will be furnished free of cost,
in suitable cases for transportation at
any station on the main line of rail
road, to associations or parties, who
will attend to placing them in proper
waters. It is proposed to have them
put out in March and April. Letters
j stating how many trout are desired
I and where to be placed, should be ad- i
i dre seed to Benj. L. Hewitt. Holidays
burg, Pa., or llobt. Dulzell, Box 422,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
An Editor In Luok.
HT. JACOB'S 4>II. cures Rhcuinati*ui; of thi*
I am convinced. • I or two y< ar* I suffered with
| Rheumatism in my left *houlder and right arm,
1 and la*t fall I wa* incapable of attending to my
I duties, and Inv manv a night unable to sleep
on account of terrible pain*. A few week* ago
I a severe attack of this trouble struck me, and
j thi* time I concluded to try the Sr. JACOIIH |
I tin., | inn*i acknowledge. with but little eon- ,
| fidcnee in it* merit*. I freely confe** that the !
' result ha* completely astonished me. The |
(lr»t application relieved the jmin very materi-
I ally, and the continued us>- ol only two b'lttb-s
t has completely cured mc of this chronic evil,
I and thiit, niter the most eminent physician*
I and their prescription* had been of no avail.
I therefore consider it a duty lo publish the
nlmvf for the benefit of all sufferer' with Rheu
matism and kindred complaints.
(». A Hi U.MAS,
Editor Jirpubtirrih, I'ttl, btir'fh, l'<t.
New nililitrr) (ii«»«HIM.
New Hats, New Bonnets, New
Trimmings, now arriving, at
I F you want a isitck of good Flour,
go to Walter A Boos' Mill. As good
as any city or Western (lour in the
i market, and made out of Butler county
Kltlnoy Dtnc-aeeß.
Kidney <li*ea*ci afllict the greater part of the
human race, and tlicy nre l onstanlly on lb- iu
, crea*e, but win-re the virture of Kidney-Wort
have lnwome known, they are held in check
, and Upeedlly cured. Let those who have had
( to constantly dose spirit* of nitre and such
! stuff give this «rent remedy a trial and lie
j I'HrmerH, Tiik«' Noflrs.
) Wn pay 81.10 per buahol for No. 1
1 Wheat at our Mill, south end of But
f ler, Pa. WALTER & Boos.
AI in rem*.
Double-width Black Alpacas, at
i Rmw to
Coiumniii<*al loiin.
Letter from Dakota Territory.
K'litorii Citizen —As I am a r.*a<Kr
of your paper I thought thai 1 \voul<i
drop you a few lines and let you know
what kind of weather we have out
here. We hare hail pretty cold weather
out in tbis country this winter : a good
deal of snow. I think that Dakota is
the place for young men t > come to get
a home. We have plenty of every
thing onlv wood, and that is scarce—
this i» a jrood farm country and a good
place to raise stock.
Since I came to Dakota I have got
a home for myself. There are a great
ruanv old Pennsy 1 vanians out here,
and a great many of them from Butler
countv. When I came on the Pine
River Valley, there were hut few
houses; now there are houses in every
direction. Yours, etc.,
James Mackral.
liosedale, Hanson Co., March *.
Penn Township—School No. 2.
March bth, I*Bo.
Editors Citizen —We had the pleas
ure of attending an exhibition on t ri
dav evening at school Xo. 2, IVnn
township, tougbt by Mr. H. E. Scott,
which passed olf so pleasantly and wc
hope profitably, that a few words may
not lie amiss. Mr. Scott is a good
teacher, and has the respect of both
parents and scholars of the district.
The programme was as follows:
Song bv the school, entitled "Greet
ing Glee." Sjielling then until recess.
Mr. W. W. Barclay opened the way
for the little boys by a declamation,
entitled "Pat's Excelsior " Declama
tions bv Masters (Jeorge and Albert
Harbison and A 1 tort Cooper.
Song, "Teaching Public School.
Declamation by Willie Myers, sub
ject "Watering a Mule."
Select reading by .Vli.-s Klla Bui ford,
subject "He/.ckiah Bedott."
Declamation by Chailes Kennedy,
subject "Barber Spare That ouug
Declamation by Miss R. Cooper,
subj-ct "Popping Corn."
Song by Charles Patterson.
Recitation by Miss Lula Kennedy,
subject "Independence Bell."
Declamation by Robert Patterson,
subject "Old Santa Claus."
Kdward Phillips, subject "Ja'k
Select rearling by Miss Annie Ken
nedy, f?ul>ject "lleverie in Church."
Declamation by Mr. Fitziiumon,
Huliject " I'he Troubled Dutchman "
Songs by Messrf). Ariustrong, Shul
mire, Uowun.
Uennirks by Mr. J. Sliulmire.
Cloning song by nchool, entitled
"Oood Night."
The performances and order were
first-class. A SPECTATOR.
No More Hard Times.
If vou stop «|«"nding so niueh on fine clothes,
rich food and style, bny good, healthy food,
cheaper and la-tter clothing ; get more real and
sub-tantial tiling* of life in every way, and es
pecially slop the foolish habit of employing
expensive, quack doctors or usinu so rnttch
ot the vile humbug medicine that does you
only harm, but i.ut your trust in that simple,
pure remedies, Hop Bitters: that cures always
at a trifling cost, and you will see uood time"
and hare ;food health. < lu'inir/t.
IF vrju want good Flour and a (food
turn out, go to Walter Ac Boos' Mill,
Butler, Pa.
DrTc. 11. LEE,
I!OIIMK*O|)UI Iii<* riijsiclnii.
Ollice and rrxidence near the Wick House,
North Main atreet. Uutler, Pa. ]»II7
.41 141 OlifM,
Bed Table Damask, at
M'liciii ! Whciii!
The bifrliest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter At Boos'
Mill, Butler, Pa. WALTKR Boos.
• I 20 <'('■!lN,
Jean for Pants, at
IF you want a sack of good Floor go
to Walter Boos' Mill. As good as ,
any city or Western flour in the mar
get, and made out of Butler county
A l 13 C'enU,
Cottonades for Pants, at
IF you want good Flour and a (rood
turn out, go to Walter Boos' Mill,
Butler, Pa.
niiuti tttF.N.
Hill' 1/1/ HI.A*'K March 4, |sW», bv Itev.
R. A. Oilfillnn, at his residence in North Wash
ington, Mr. Oscar l„ Sliultz and Mis< Mary F„
Black, both of North Washington, Pa.
WALI.Y SR.TII • March 11, IHMO. at the
residence of the bride's parent*, by Rev. Jus.
A. Menalll, Mr. Hiirnuel P. Wiillv, of .laek«-
ville, Pa., and Mi fc s Mary \. Melh, of North
l,il>ertv. Pa.
Ni'.I.SON STEVF.NK Marcii 11. IssO. Nt
( raw fords Corner*, Pa., bv I'ev. .1 11. * onlter,
Mr. J J Nelson and Mrs. Mary K. Steven*,
diiuirhter of Mr. John < hamber*, of Six Point*,
Butler comity. Pa.
I.ESME March 10th. IkMO, Mr. Jame* Les
lie, of pneumonia, at hi* residence in Herub-
Ifrßss township, Venfttigo county, Pa., in the
TStli year ot hi age.
ROKHH!N(»- At hi* residence in thi» place,
on Sunday nitrht last 14th ln*t.,of pneumonia,
Mr. Bernard Roe«*ing, aired year*.
Mr. Koe*sinif was one of our most respected
and useful citizen*, and a kind iieartcd and
J affable man. Mis death is the cause of sincere
j mourning among a large circle < f friends and
WII,F,H A I her residence in Arm«troiig
comity. March 6th. Mr* Klizalx'th Wile*,
wife of Minion Wile*, formerly of tlih c.iinty,
aged 64 year*. 11 mouth* and 2ft days.
She A : as a lonur and patient sufferer, being
confined to her bid for four mouths, and "iidi-r
--inif intense pain, caused from ulceration of
the stomach. She was a kind and loving
wife and mother, and the loss i* *'»relv f»*lt by
the husband and family. She was followed to
the grave on the 7th by a large crowd of morn
ing friends. W.
ITNMI,AY March 3. I • srt, at her residence
near I'rospi-ct, Butler county, Pa., Mrs. Mnrnh
Fludlay in the 77th year of her age.
The subject of this obituary wa» born and
lived in early life near Be I lint, in the township
of Knock bracken, county Down, Ireland She
I was trnin<-d under the ministry ot llev Henry
lladett, in the parish of Mrumlxi. With her
husband Mr. James Findlay, she left the
J country of her early life lor the I niteil States
on the 10th of August, 1 x 17. They came to
Pittsburgh, and remained there till the spring
I «| ixr/i when they Mine out to llutler county
i and settled on a farm. Ily diligence, economy
and gixsl mail agcine nt tliey Increased in
, worldly sulistancc and have .leen remarkably
! prosperous. They were member* o| the I nited
Prc*byterian Courch of Prospect, lirst iindi r
the ministry of Rev. William Findley, f>. It,
and then under the present pastor for over .'t
Mr*. Findlay was retired in her dispoeltlon
and never courted public 'istentatlon and hence
her virtues and excellencies were seen most in
her home and by her familiar friends. After
seven week* of great prostration and weakness
1 she departed this life leaving her husband and
j six children behind her. We trust her soul is
I happy with that Savior whom «he loved and
served, and her body rests in the I'. P. < hlircli
I grave yard awaiting the lUwu of a glorious
I naairrwttun iJ. A* O.
i^is-4 r r of jurors Mercantiic Appraiser's List for *^o.
Crawn fur April Term. 1880. Commencing
on the First Mendav, being the sth Day.
Adams-William .lolin>ton. Amos M* tz. J<>hu
Bnftalo—Sl.irrin Swcitzer.
Clinton- ■Samuel Vndersoii. riiont:L<. Kcuticdv.
( lu-r,> -Jo-,epb B : .u k. Edward l-ogan.
Concortl- h'l-fir.uiii 15!ain. ( lias. Coclirau. Tiios.
Ontrc—Abraham n^cner.
< -ariie". . F. (Jreeii, .1. M. Mcl-iughlin.
cranlx-rry .loin Ijicy. tSeorse Ziesler.
( lav -R. '.M'-Camll'-
I )onej;al I*, s. Itarnhart.
K-irwar.l—John W. Martin.
Franklin- s:ini!i.'l Mintrc. Samuel Patterson.
Fairview N'lejiolas.
Jack -on I-. \. I'. ff.'r.
l«iuc.tst*T (aci.t) ll<-iii)iliill. Michael
Marion Wm. Black, sr.
Ml.ltirCSeX W. J. Sl.'tjp.
Mioldycri'ck -.lacol* Khim-v. < 'aleb Covert.
Oakland Kudol|ih lloi-tma-.
I'arker -J. A. Ki;it< r.
Summit —Andrew Vos(.
Winficld—J. i'. Pricker.
A'euango—James Stalker. E-'i.
Butler I.or. —I. Campbell, Jo-i. 11. .Jack. 11. C.
Linn W. W. McQuistion.
Ccnlreville—Kiv.uk Bingham. S. S. Bard.
Fairview—A. C. Gibson.
Millerstown—fcter Lowry.
s ■ivoubunt— Francis l.aube. Jr.
Zellcnople John Wickhaus.
An..in- John Hartuiii:.
Allegheny— ls. 1.. Koidmyer. John Galoreath,
Jam.- M. Sc. in.
Butler John flenchberuer Ahram M-< andless.
ltri'lv —\\ illiam Staff.
( rsinberry John .Murray. W. llarvin .of Jas.i
( .-litre s>. I!. Kliler.
C!a\ Cr.ininer.
t'icarfieid Jaia.-. c. AulluiMi.
i iinton Martin Monks.
< in-rr\ Wm. Jam. ■« Stix.p-.
< oni»..|ii. ne-v-inir l»*-«.ru»' Stcvi-nso i.
Fairvie'.v W. T. McCoj. J. C. Pat.
Nel I'ti. H.'iirv Wasrner.
Jetti-rs«'ii Wm. W right. Jos.-).li Hartuson.
Jack Christian Texton.
l.aic-.Lster J..lin
Mid.de>"\ lc. ti. IMialifsou.
Parker William l>aul>ens|H ck, Dsuiiel Walker.
JoM-|.ii 11. < in.
Penn John Weber. Joseph Brown.
SliiiperyriM-k Ciitchl'iw, J. l>. stev--lison.
Summit Samuel Mitchell.
Venango Francis N. Mauree.
Wn-.hliiKton I! (>. I-ewis. Thomas J. At well.
Wmllelu Philouien lleck.
Butler lior. Philip Bauer. Jeff. Burtner, Joseph
I a!d» .-11. Jacob P.«h>S. < harles H.
t 'entieviile —liols*rt Klssock,
Harrl-v ille—S. I Israli.un.
Mlllerston i>. I . Bamhart.
Pr.vsr.ect Alnalom Sli inor.
Sniiburj li, W. Mechliliß.
Allegheny—O. 11. Anderson, \V. H. Grant, Jas.
n. M«-Mah:iii.
Adams W ilson llartung.
Krudv William Radger.
Itullalo Benjamin sarvercof John .
roiiiMxiiK'iit'ssiiiK llfii). Knlkiuali, lleorge Itoh
« Hilton James (iibsoii.
Clearfield- Thomas Humes.
Clav Samuel Sutton.
Donegal Solomon Pontius.
Forward \. .1. Kvatin.
I'alrvlew Christian (lamer..!. S. Jamison.
Jefferson I'udolph Succolp.
.Mcrcei 1.. IT. Cuiniuing-.
Middle-ex Thomas 11. I.yon.
Oakland .I.C. Hippie*. Anthony I loon.
Parker John Ullnon. W. U. shryoek.
Venango Calalii .latin on.
Wlnfleld K tell hold. Allntisn Knuiw, J.C.
(ialhrcath. Win. M. I>enuy, John Clow.
Worth John Gardner.
Butler borough—Charles Boyle, Frank Hoonan.
Jacob Keck. John O'Neil.
Kairviev Augustus (.row,
Harrlsville .1. K. flmdmaii.
Karns City .lame* Walker, 11. W. Winfleld, A.
W. Rnscoe.'J. Sanlsltnry.
Saxonbnrg -Charles Hoffman, Enill Bteubgcn,
Francis l.aubc.
Siinhnry Al. .Mechling.
Zeilcnoplc Jaeoh <H-sterling.
yV«lrn in iwtvntoix"' Hale.
There will lie exposed to Public Sale, on the
premises of tin- late Mrs. Mary Klizabeth Gib
son, in .Middlesex township, lin tier couuty,
Pit., on
Saturday, March 20, 1880,
at 10 o'clock, A. M., the following property:
One Two-llor*«» Wngon,
1 Sprint; Wagon. I ( art, 1 Windmill, I <irain
Cradle, and many other tannine and house
hold utensils too numerous to mention.
Terms made known on dav of sale.
WM. siii:RIIKKI>,
marlO-2t Administrator*.
Administrator's Notice
Notice in hereby given that letters of admin
istration h*ve been granted to the undersigned
oil the estate of Stephen Kain. deceased. lato
of the borough of Pe'rolia, Butler county.
P». All pontons. therefore. knowing them»elvow
indebted to naid estate, will please make
immediate payment, and any having claim*
agalnnt the nuoo will preeont tliem duly authen
ticated to the undermined for net tlenient.
Petrolis, Under (Jo , Pa
J. r>. Mi Jv> KIX, Att'y. m»rl0-4t
Administrators' Notice.
Notice In hereby given that letter* of admin
istration have ts-eii gn.n'e ' to the undersigned
on the e«iiiteof Mury Elliilietli IIIIIMIII. di c'd,
late ot Middles x township, Bull- r county, I'a
All person*, theielnre, know inv themselves iu
det.ied to said estate, will please n:ake immedi
ate payment, and any having claim* against the.
same will prepitit Hum, duly authenticated, to
the undersigned lor settlement.
JOHN KK||(irßl)N,).. ,
rnrlO-lt H.ikerMown, Allegheny Co., Pa.
Fairview Academy.
Tin* institution, with Itov. H I> Darhaker a*
Principal, will open tlx Hummer aexxion April
Ist. A new feature of thlx school. which will nt
once commend itself to pub'ic favor, will bo lo
Tl'AI. i;x PF.IHF.NOK. Young perxonx nil end
ing to teach xhould avail thenmclveM of thin
advantage mar3-Ht
Annual Financial Statement.
Heeeiptx and F.<pciiditures <>' lIIIADY SCHOOL
DISi IIICT. Bullet- county, Pa., for the year
etiling June Ixl, IS7!>.
Gross amoi iit tax duplicate for xchool
put p<mex it m mi
Exoneration* .....4 l!i 20
Outstanding tax IHJ II H4 M 7
Total tax receipts $ 703 611
Cash from ex-Tteaeurer. 60 88
Hlate Appropriation 1711
Cash HOIII en-Collector 126 (MI
From other source* 29 00
Total receipt* ♦ 1,1-17 '>6
Paid teacher*' xalariox 26
•• fuel 74 47
" repair* 0 60
" Kecretary'a xalarv 16 00
" Treasurer and Collector. IS 00
" mii-cellaneoti* expeuxe*. 0 jtt 1,0#2 14
Balance In Treasury t 64 PI
uiarß .Il* W. p. lIINKH, i
A«lin lii inf rn f«t pa' 1% ol
Notice !H hereby «;V(>II tint lettern of mlmln
miration have been «rn111•«>] to the undei Kilned
(111 tlio nutate nf If ««riry Hmitll, doceawed.
late of RufTalo town»hip lintlcr county. I'a.
All peraoim. Ilmniforn, knowing tln in*nlv»» in
debted to *aid eetate, will pieaen make immedi
ittx payment. and any having claim* again* tlm
xanie will preaont them. dill) authenticated, to
the underpinned for «ettlement.
HAMfJKI. NHKAItK.fI. I . . .
mahoai:f.t n. smith, t' A " mr "'
rnar.l-4t Harver»villo I'. 0., Rntler (Jo,. I'a
Life Insurance Agents
A tlref-claw" I,if" liieurancc Company in New
York want* Hl'K.rl M. (IKNKIIVI. ami I.OOAI.
AQKNTM. in nnoconpicd tcnitor* In tlm state
of |*«lTTll"ylvanla Addrcae MANHOF.H OR Autn
no. lv>% 'OO, New YOIIK poiTorri' r (f2fV-4t
Wcodlawn Academy,
Situate<l 20 Milfb from PittaburKh. on thn
Ohio Rivrr and P. & L. E R R.
gpunio rKBM ope** march um.
K vet'V mean* have been uee il to procure lir*t
c!a«* N'oiiimi liiMtrtKtion Fran Lecture will be
delivered to tlm HOIIOOI on tM tlir.oiv and prac
t»<•«» of touching. I>y prominent F,ducatori»
Vocal Mimic and Klocution without intra charge,
lloatding ami room* reanonable
For circular addret.* thn I'rliioipal,
Itr.v I'. J (T'MMINOH.
teVM-it Woodlawn. Heaver Co., I'a.
Union Woolen Mills.
I would de*ire to call th« attention of tlm
public to tlm t'liion Woolen Mill, llntler, I'a.,
where I have new anil Improved miililtt»lj for
tlm maiiufaetiire of
Barred nnd Oriy Flannels,
KnltttnK and Weaving Yarn«,
and I nan reooinnrmnd them a* being very dura
ble. a~ they are manufactured of pure llutlcr
oonnty wool. Tlicy ar« l>eantiful in color, an
terior in texture. and will he aold at very low
pneea. For earn plea and price* aildreM,
, itiUi. 7H-»y) Ituttar, f»
Class Class.
C. P. Passavant 14 I). Frederick 1:1
Henry Miller 1 1 M. R. Marks 14
Summer & Milliman.l2 Small A Bro 14
Gwrge Snyder 14 O. Feske 11
Ziegier, Siller & F. Schweiger 14
llain i 4 J. McMiehael 14
John Pinilinger 13 I*. IV Aldinger 14
Henry Belts 14 S. Fleeter 14
F. G. Kline 14 M. J. Pembroke 14
Albert Winter 14 M. R. Marks 13
Edwin '/.■ huer 14 <'. Scharbacli 14
Henrv Dinlinger 14 K. L. KloppACo 13
Geo. B. Bastian 13 G. I>eGiorgia A C 0...13
>umm'-t A Milliiuan, We«terni:iii A Bros ,it
patent medieiiie.... 4 51. J. Howes 14
Chas. Yonng. do 4R. Salva^-A Co 14
HARMONY I:T>I:. Frank Mtxon 14
Swain A. lloiiNhulder.il' 11. P. Hoskius 14
A. F'tehrinjfee 14 G. M. Glas 14
T. H.Wheeler '.4 l». S. Wakeaight 14
Frank Peplier 14 \. K. Ivory 13
Win. Stoutfer 1 } R. I'. !!■ kins 14
Zieirler, Sitler A K. S. Crooker 14
llain 13 L. A. Breunciuan 14
Lat.shaw A Staram...l3 Wm. Bowen 14
A. Latshaw 13 G. DeGiorgio A- C 0...14
Mnrphv, MeKean A A. I.uplier 14
Co., iniulier 12 C. F. Pierce 13
W. J. T. Saint 1" W. C.
LANCASTER TP. S. S. Barkley 14
A. E. Metz A Son 13 .1. M. Landers 14
WORTH TP. M. Dieter 14
X. Gardner A 50n....13 A. J. Alston 14
POitTEUNViLI.E BOR. F.Ottinger 14
Humphrey A Co 11 W. .1. < ampbell 14
Wm. William- 14 E. F. Ki-efe 14
CrookshanV. Bros 14 W. M. Kelly 14
BKAHY TP. L\ Niesen...*. 14
F. <i. Cluttoii 14, C. F. Aldinger,4 bil-
W. W. Robinson 14 liar<l tables
O. 11. Stotighton It 11. Lockhart, 3 d 0....
CKNTRKVILI.E lIOR. J.C. Gjisford, 4 do..
C. W. Coulter 14 IAIRVIKW ILOK.
W. T. Kam-ev 14 .1. A. lrvin 1 |
C. O. Kingsbury 14 W. T. McCoy 14
.1. S. Wilson 14 Win. Kelly & 8r0....14
Thomas Wilson 13 G. X. Grow 14
Baird A Sons 12, G. P. Conway 12
J. 11. Walker 14 Graham A: Wi150n...14
J. 11. Muutz 14 C. C. Alexander 14
J. P. Metjuistion 14 C. Scott I_>
I'ber A Sons 14 st SBT RY UOK.
Bingham A Sons 14 P.S. A S. W. Rhodes..ll
MERCER TP. IA. I>. Rhodes 14
Lewis Owen 14 1". P. Browr 14
W. C. Bryson 13 R. J. McMiehael 14
HARKISVII.I.K BOR. 'ConwayA Breaden...l2
Mrs. E Black 13 J. Pryor A Co 14
I). L. Cleland 14; John Mechling 14
J. E. Curry 14| PROSPECT 808.
S. Ilodil II Will. Riddle 14
S. B. BitiL'ham 13 H. Young 14
11. C. Black 12 S. S. Forester 12
J. N. Cubbinon 12 Gelb A lleisberger....l4
T. W. Morrow 14 J. 11. McClure 14
W. I*. Brown A 50n.,14 C. Sullivan 13
R. R. Walker 11 T. Critchlow 14
Joseph Bailey 14 Joseph Graham 13
Mrs. A. C. Brown it C. Nick las 14
Son. 14 P. Staff 14
Wm. May bold I ( .1. T. A \V. A. Purvt-
Patrick jifeßride 14 anee 14
John Hall A Son 14 Wm.Garvin 14.
A. W. Christy 13 I>. B. Wilson 14
W. C. McCoy A 50n..14 A. G. Hendrickson...l4
r>. C. Kohlmeyer 14 A. Hrebert A llro 14
Sloan A Blair 14 A. Slioup 14
ALI.EUIIKNY TP. F. V. Brooks 11
11. J. Thompson 14 Geo. HTi A Sons 13
M. A. Cross I I Bogg* A Cooper 13
J.C. MeKaiip 14 H. Barkey 14
I). X'oxon 14 H. C. Moore 14
C. E. Buck holder 13 Wall A Bishop 14
J. C. Wiliest A C 0...14 1). T. Kersting 14
J. E. A W. L.Coulter.l3, Lew is (iantz 14
Mrs. B. Mock 13 W. J. T. Saint 13
W. F. Harkin, 3 bil- G. G. Lot/ 14
liartl tables AIuMS TP.
J. N. Gijfer, 2 do L J. Smith 14
W. 11. Feneil 14 W. A. MeCotnbs 14
Ellas Sloan 1 1 <\ B. Irvin 14
W. Fanpther 14 W. W. Walters 14
B. Baer 14 J. A. Anderson 14
A. P. Man rose 14 Miss Nancy Adams.,,l4
J. D. Shell ACo 1" Mllil>l.i s|:x TP.
Small Brothers 11 J. J. Starr A Co 14
R.J. Flinn 12 W. T. \nderson A
11. Janowitz 1 I Marks 14
Tyrrole A Co 13 L. J. • ooper 14
Jo«iah Whitte«L. 14 J. B. Flick 11
O. Cratty 1 lißobert Anderson I I
J. A. McKallip 13! W. Woods 14
Wood A Marshall 12 Samuel Snyder 1 I
J. W. Orr 14 UI KKALO TP.
U.S. l>aubcnspeck...l4'J. M. Fleming 14
J. F. Agncw 14 G. W.Cramer 14
Martin A C< 13 Robert Watson 14
11. E. Dennison 14 cl.l vlti li:l.t> TP.
G. 11. Gibson 1 I M. J. Mcllridn 1 I
A. L. Illack 1 1 W. S McCrea 1 I
T. G. Campbell 13 E. A. Finch II
J. Cannon./ 11 WINKM I.D TP.
W. Wilson 14 O. F. Katz 14
E. J. Cross 14 G. 11. Love 13
Robinson A llick 14 11. A J. Krluise 13
John Kelly. 3 bil- E. G Leithold 14
liard tables E. G. Leithold 14
PAIItVIEW JTP. Murtlaml A' Gordon. ) I
J. L. Gilmorc 14 s YXONBTRG lioß.
Kooucc A McClel- K. I'. Milder 14
land l 4 Sci|K'lA Miturhoir....ll
W. (i. ii iys U' I'.. A lit Imholil 1.1
Taylor .V Co., "il 'John Muder, II
Well Supply l.'i Theo. 11. lml.oM 11
J. C. Whitmore 11, .11.1 I I.I:VN TP.
Waller Jackson M .1. K. A W. M0n1i1«...l I
John llnNijjer 13 llendrickn, Marten-
I'uul Troiitnmn 1.1 wtein ACo 11
I'KTRDI.IA 808. M. P. Ijjrill'h.. I-
Con nelly limtheni...l4 I>. Ilockeiwtein II
Map.-* Brother* I'J IH.VKOAI. TP.
Jam.* l.azenliy .11 Mai Miller II
(loixlnmii <V Mark*... 1.1 W. W. Ilurhiiiu II
J. It. Killroy I I I. W. Miller 1.1
.1. 15. Kilroy" II I'. I'iemier II
.1. Hum* 14 C. I*. Wilher 14
P. J. 111111 l 14 UAKI AND TP.
I.Viutiil A Steele. 14 A. ICilz»*rt .11
T. 11. drown 111 A. <>. Kepler 14
.1 It Klllroy I'.' I'INN TP.
S. K. f.enehaiu II H.Sutton H
I). ('. Itaeku- 1- .loHepli Coulter 14
.1. Itcnediet A M 011... !' I». ' Miller 14
1,. I >«jwcy I .' A. Met "amile*a 14
11. A. Cypher II M MMIT TP.
It. J. liottner II Mary Binlth 14
F. Htcinherttor 14 KIIAVKI.IX TP.
!■;. Irvine I I Flick A Allien 1 I
I". Traver*. Ill'W. Watson I I
Mrs. V. I turd.. 1-1 O. K0rnrumpf.........14
S. A Ideman 14 m i l Kit Hon.
.1. A. Foot 11 M. .1. Iteiber 1»
A. M. Kili-hi-nntlne. I I T. Stehle.. 14
S. F. tiiirady. IJ S. Syke* II
.1. Aaron I I .1. P*. McKce 14
ri. M. Hill I I'.l.ti.A W.Cainphell. IJ
11. A. Klinttenmiith..|.l t'nulter A I.inn II
John Cannon II M. Heilier.Sr 11!
,f. |till 11 Lewi* Binnop 11
Win 11 in<-lii■■({.?, I I". 1. Htehle l.'i
I.illii.nl Wilde* 11. Collier! I I
J. 11. Allen, -1 do V. M. Frederick 14
KAItVH CITY In .H. 'A. A I!. Kemper 14
J. Mii/./.y 1.1 I». T. Pape 1.1
1.. Newman II .1 F. Shaffer .14
M. 11. fiorilon II .lolin lliokcl 1-1
K. H. Harvey 14 A. Ituff 1.1
A A Wt»! II I'- H. Wilder 1.1
John Wench II 11. Nchiieidcninn I'J
O. drown II Kitter A ItaUton H
.1. Iletrlc I IIIC. lliiKcltmi 11
11. W. Koont/ II Ziin'rinaii A Hawk...l I
If, 8. Mark* 1.1 l/oui* Slein 12
W. W J'aney 14 11. Iliekel A Co II
J. Ro*cnberi(. II V. Trolitmaii II
.(. 11. Itorland 14 I. Keek I I
S. 11. Pettixrvw II ION. Rockenntein .14
P. 11. Ilurke |:i,Mr». C. Koch 1.1
E. W. Kelly 14 W. F. Miller 14
Mead <1 MeOulre, I C. Stock II
liillinrd lal.le 'Mr* K. Selton II
A. .1. Moorhead, 2do |K. f.rieh 14
CONCOIIII IP. | M. •'. lioekennieiii.... 1 1
W. C. White 1 l|<i. Keiterer II
<». M. Hunter I lif'. Inifty 11
It. X. Ke«hiit I4|lleek A Patterson I«»
I It. Matliwin 11 .1. C. It. diek 11
M. Markwell 13 Jaek*on A Milehell .il
\. I>. K uliii I t lierir A Cypher 11!
.). r I li l'ho*. IflM ...II
S. 11. Alliee, 1 l.i I - \| r«i. M K'.eken»lein.l I
liard talile 11. C Heinetnaii I t
W A-IHN'iTON TP. lA.Ktxcl .14
|[. 11, |,cwi*... I I A. N. Met Rlldle**....l I
1,. Ilentty.... II <>. W. Miller A dm..ln
I' llilliard 1 I Miller l*r..«• M
1..1i1t MeCorkell I'!'.l. Nilflfle A* I In. II
McKee .V Son I I X. II Purvl* A C 0.... N
It A. MilllinA Hon II It. II
I liirper A < iileuin . 1:: 11..1.
.1. I . 11 iimlooii'l 11! 11. Ilauer A Mr.
drown A Co I!! 11. I". Wlek 1.1
A. AM I S.
Mereantlie Appraiser.
Anv ineieliaiil wlin may l» oinltt.-il In the above
11*1. a* fnrllMli-.l l.\ tin- Men Hill 111- \ppral*er. w ill
Ink" nolT.e ami a'pplv wltnlii llilr'y .lay* fr
date ol .'omui.-ii'-liiK till-In.-**, to County I'II H
tiref, Who will Kranl orlwue mu ll a lle.-tw iieeonl
lll(J to amount of sale- II ollii.iwme lietleeleil
over ililit\ ilav*, tli.-re K .MI |M*r ei-nf. a.lie'il aii'l
lialilr to a |M-nall> if returned ami pnneeuled In
til*- rmnmoiiweallli of I■ i» 111\ Ivyinlti NV liiili-*-ile
llei iiKi-H are iliif llie Com IMOII Mi-aitli oil -full" I*l,
I**o, ami tiiiiAt l.»> paid to tlie Treasurer on or lie
loin July l»t. IMo, unim* alt» rerl ..r r«*vl«wl at lb«
appeal. Apnl wth. 1880, at, which time "O'v '"*o *iiy
revision hie A. V CltAli*,
March 4. laan. [mrio] Treawrer.
H 111-iii t WlM'iH !
lini 11 for Wln'ftt, at VN niter BOOH'
Id-tU, Dutiur, i'u- 4 JkMXh
JiCstatolisliecl in. 1836.
Hats, Caps & Straw Goods.
-fUE s TAKES pleasure is announcing to Ills friends and ta-
Crreiits 9 i lino- lioodN.
8 Doors Worth of Berg & Go,'s Bank.
To the Ladies & Gentlemen:
Prof. Ciiiiiliiiette'^
111 lilt Cases of GUAVEI.. DIARI'THR. Duoixy. Biuou's Diskasf. or tkf Kidnkvu. IXOOTintKCI ASo
Rrrrsriiw »r I iune Inflammation ok riir Kidneys. Catakrr or thf. "ladder, tluui Colohf.i>
Übink. Pain in thk Uack Side mi I,oin». N*hv ,r* Weakness, and in fact all disorders of the
Bladder and ''rinary Organs, whether contracted in private diseases or otherwise. Thin irroat
remedv has been used with success for nearly ten veai* in France, with the most won le (ill cnra
tive effects. It cure* by alieorption. no nameon* internal medicines being rorjuired. We have
bundicls of testimonials of cnres by this Pad when all nine had failed.
LVDIF.S. if yon are snfferiog from Female Weakness, Leucorrba-a. or diaoat.es (>eculi v to fe
inaleK or in a>'t any diseases of the Kidney*. Bladder or t'rinarv Organs auk vout druggist for
Prof GUILMF.TTE'H FRENCH KI'»NEY PAD, a i> take no ortir*. If lie has not j;ot it send
i 2 and you will receive the Pad by return 11. ail Address U. 8. Branch,
FUENCH PAD CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Prof. Gnilmette's French Liver Pad
Will positively cure Fever and Ague. Dunib Ague, Ague Cako. Ilillioiin Fuver, Jauudioe. LHspep
*ia a> d all dsease* of the Liver. Stomach and Woo l. The pud cure* by ataorption, Mid la |>er
maimiit. Ask your drugg'St foi thin pad and take no other If lie doe* not keen it send #1.50 to
the FKfN'CU PAD CO , (U- H Branch) TOLKDO. OHIO, and receive it by return mail,
marH-Gm Wholesale Drugirirts, Pittsburgh. General Agents.
MARCH - lit, 1880.
Spi'ing Walking Jackets
AT 8-1 AND UJr\
In the choicest materials and dei-igti*. all re- V\ 111 open this week tlie laroent stock of eil
ceived within the pant few davn. and will tie sold ' lri new Dress Goods, of Foreign and Do
«t price* that will insuro their rapid hale. Al-o, man u fact are. which it has ever been our
large assortment Misses' and Children's Walk- l'lfWiro to otTer. lilch Novelties In Beautiful
ing Jacket*, troin 2to 10 years, at $1.50 each Colorings Mid Effects. All-nool Cashmorn
WK j u « Beiges, 40 u.ehes wide, at 500 Choice styles
> Diess GtH'ds at and up to the finest quail-
Mtiwlin Underwear!
New and f>e*h stock White Onod*. including Efcliiclx f» l> Sltl 1W C WfiKt
*ll the desirable style". Barred. Striped Slid
Checked Nainsook*, nt 1 up to ttnest grades 45e and 80c 44-inch Biack Cashmeres, f.oc and
I 78c. At H7Vfc and al, the best values to bo
Special Attention Invited to Our New found in any dry good* store.
Fr»» ch Jaconet & Lnwns
New Mom'e Cloth*, new Toi'e d'Alsaco. new
Madras Ginghams and Zephyr Suiting* This RARE BAROA.INS IN
i* probably the largest and choicest stock of
j French Wash Fabrfc* in this market. j HOUFf keepillg GOODS.
OUR SILK DEPARTMENT New Stock Lace Curtains, 92.50 a pair and np.
I* especially attractive at this time. Large line t l.inen sheeting. Pillow Linen. Table Linens,
lilnek, Colored. St ri|>ed and Fancy Silks at s<>c Itlearhed. Half Bleached and Creatr Damask
Margain* in the following number* lilack Silks: Nupkilis, I'nwels and Toweling. It is impossi
if> 1 25. £ I 5". i 1 75. t'i. fil'i and 92.50. New hie to enumerate the many attractions ami bar-
Satin d l.voii at $1.75, *2. 92.2>, +2 50. ■'£'2 7. r i gain* we offer, and would aek of tho publio an
and 4"U 2.'i. Itiot-nled Hilkn and Satin d'L'on examination, and to parties living away would
Pekin Stripe*, in
all the choice shades Colored Pekin Stripes. I cheerfully and promptly furnished.
H 3
< {H
'■£ On» Doop South of th»fr Clothfirg ffouso ( b,
5 nufly'N lllock, septao-tf Bntlor. ■*». 3
> r lo r IIO iSiadHVO
m STREET, mm
Our t-ntin> virv lnrjff! stock of DRY (JOOPS to he clotted out regardless
of font. NotwitliHtandinff the stetwlv ndviuice in K<>«>dH of mII dewriptioM in
the Enstern market, we will sell everything i» our line nt former low prices.
I, re»* Goods in ifreat vaiietv «, l'» and 12e | Towelings, a great bargain. 5 «V s . 10. lj^o
|),<MS Gihml* roli.red anil lilaek. IT,. 20 and L'V Town's, with «tripe» «>j. H. 10, lIW, 150
Pr.M iide l)res» Hood*, new stvles..2", !/■'• and 15-d
l 'a*hiiisres eoloied and blnek I"i and 25e lllankel* *1 25, $1 80. 92, W
l ashmeres a gieal b«» nil. .. 25. :W and :|.V ! C .mf-rts «i 25. 91 60. 9'J
Kreneli Cashmeres, all-w-01. .P». 45 and WH) Ticking* 10. I2,'|, 160
Fn-nch Cashmeres 00. 75c, 91 T cking. satrs heavy 2«i. 250
Hilk W n» Cashmere* . 91, 91.'-'5. *1 50 Hambnig Kdgtngs and insertions 2. 3. 4. 6o
Satin colored and black *l.*l 25 lismbiirus, good quality tt, 10. 12, 16. 200
Silk Velvet " '^' r ' •' WI I."dies' llndernear, extra value ....WJu
Cloal a I'losinu out M 60, 98 50. 9 r i Gents' t'lidm wear 23. 85, 500
Sun wis ill great varielv 91. *1 50, »2 5o Grey Flannel 10.
ri,ll»et Soiiare and Long Shawls .. 92 * *' Plaid Flannel 12'J, 13. 350
iir..,-i.e Mhawl* 95.910.93" Heavv Countr* Flannel W, Mo
Scarlet Flannel ». 80c
Our motto, "Small Profit* nnd Quiek Sales." will Im< Ktrictly adhered to, and
our friends and ctintoniers will find it to their interest to call
with us before elscwbero.
100 4 lVi Wrwft iutvben^.